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PirateQuest: Chapter 3.7: Moon Phases Wf+6 364336

Curry still hasn't planted the Nook Weed edition.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364338

I go to Doc Peg's office.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364340

Hey, priorities. We're heading up there after the shopping trip.

Wf+6 364341

Doc Peg is there. So is Tasia the living doll.

Light Heart [Warlord] 364342

Right, let's go see how Wark is faring

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364343

"Doc teach Seekkill?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364344

When is the shopping trip finishing up anyways?

Felfire [Necromancer] 364346

But I think we all shopped.
If you did the book thing, at least.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364348

As soon as everyone who's here says so, I guess. I'm done, Summer's done, Emrille's done, I think. Felfire's not going to buy anything, or hasn't yet. Chip and Tony vanished.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364349

Wf+6 364353


He takes a swig of whiskey. "Nothing personal, but I don't think you've progressed sufficiently to continue training. Perhaps you should hone your craft, first. I have a few different artifacts that might be worth your while…"

You're actually caught up on skill points.

He indicates the leech pit. "Or if you're looking to breach new terrain… Work with these…"

A hoof extends to point out a dissected brain and a wooden chest with a padlock on it.

Wark seems to have come to and seems to be finishing up cleaning the blood off of his new greatsword.

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364354

Where were we?

Feed, clean and dry Nurse Heart.
"How do you feel?"

Wf+6 364357

You took Nurse Heart back to the ship and cared for her. As far as I know, you haven't tested her new anatomy.

"Alright… I'm still a little confused… but I still trust you… You wouldn't lie to me, right? I'm a mare?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 364359

I walk up to him
"Master Wark. Did you have a pleasant rest?"

Wf+6 364361

"Beats dyin'. By a little."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364362


Light Heart [Warlord] 364366

"Please, there is no need to be so negative. Your feud has been solved, has it not?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364368

So… onwards we go then?

I tug on Curry's leg.
"Mister Curry, didn't you say you had something to do?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 364369

"Are you done with the book?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364370

"I thought so too…"

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364374

I bite my lips.
"Sure you are."

Inspect her a bit to make sure she is truely a mare now, but no loving, I may bring her to Doc Peg today.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Wf+6 364377

He chuckles. "I think I may have been a bit loose with the verbiage. Not true artifacts, of course. Just trinkets. Odds and ends. Useful for a student, of course."

He shakes his head. "One more foe vanquished. The feud continues."

Oh, you get a good look. You even feel around just to be sure. Yep, she's a very, very well developed mare. If she was a cute mare as a stallion, she makes an amazing one as the real thing.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364381

"Show Seekkill?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 364385

"Oh… that is quite unfortunate to hear. How big is this feud exactly, if you do not mind me asking."

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364387

"Nice." I grin.
With that attended, I dress her up and bring her to Doc Peg's.

"Good Doctor." I knock on the door.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364388

"So, if we've all finished our purchases, what say we get this task of the Commodore's over with?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 364390

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364391

I sigh
"Sure… let's get this over with."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364393

"I wanna see what the.. Basi… Basi… Basilisica looks like!"
I hop back up on Curry's back, giggling.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364394

"We've got the materials to copy it, but we've yet to begin. Today was a shopping trip, after all."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364396

I look surprised, but don't comment on this

Felfire [Necromancer] 364397

"It'd take less to have me read it…"
Huff in annoyance, but just follow.

Wf+6 364399

She rubs against you amorously as you put her in her nurse's uniform. Perhaps you'll have to get her a nice, frilly pink dress to really do justice to her new form. She whispers in your ear, "Chip… I can't remember the last time you came in my vagina. Please, take me again soon~."

You walk her to Peg's clinic:
"Come in! I'm a little busy, but I have chairs!"

He directs your attention to the brain. "I study cognitive passages with this. I've worked out a way to break them down without damaging the body. The transfer of life – the touch of death – is a research specialty of mine. The other–"

He gestures at the box. "That's a little more dangerous. There's a genuine Gorgon eye inside. You may not be familiar with the Gorgons, so avoid looking at the eye directly unless you want to spend some time as a statue."

Light Heart [Warlord] 364401

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364402

"Then we'd best be on our way, then, miss Seas."
"True, but this way you can have your own copy to peruse at your leisure."
And off we go.

Wf+6 364406

"Ah dunno exactly. That's the rub. I know there are more out there. It won't be an issue, though I suppose if I had to choose, I would choose the feud over your problems. Ya understand, of course."

He pauses. "Speaking of keeping one business separate from another – I did NOT need yer help."

Light Heart [Warlord] 364408

"Of course I understand. However, my intervention was a necessary one. I did not wish for you to die, master Wark. Not after all you have done for us."

Wf+6 364411

He waves a hoof at you. "Necessary? Are you implyin' I couldn't have taken that miserable catterwally myself?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364412

Was Doc Peg offering Seekkill several different things in >>364353 or just they chest and brain.
I look at him quizically.
"Seekkill already know death touch and life touch. How brain help? How dan-ger-ous ye help? What statue?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 364414

"You had lost a leg, master Wark. Without miss Rosemary's healing aid, you would have died before the battle was over. That would be bad news for both of us."


Find someone in the church of deals that sells hats.
I need an inquisitor hat.
Or a a small tricorne.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364416

"What's it look like, mister Curry?"
I keep on the lookout for anything interesting.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364417

We sure do go.

Wf+6 364418

They're objects you can study in off time if you want to play necromancy minigames. I kind of wrote out the need to play with these objects as time went on because it became tedious to have people play dice games. These items are relevant to skills you can learn, but you're at skill cap.

"The brain presents a different target. The eye presents a different means. A statue is a stone effigy."

He shrugs. "I've lost legs before. And yer forgettin' she shocked me."

They're sold out.

It's the main feature of the town and impossible to miss. It looks like a cross between a Gothic-style church and an office building. You've never seen so many flying buttresses.


QUick roll to see if the have trenchcoats as seen in F2.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364422

"Why, like that, of course!"
And I'll gesture.

Light Heart [Warlord] 364425

"That was an accident, master Wark. Those happen sometimes. There is little doubt however, you would not have survived that encounter on your own. And it the end it matters little, he is dead while you are alive, no?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 364426

Looks like that's a nope, too.
Go along with Curry.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364427

Okay. Who would be his trainer for dice stuff and advanced cannibalism?
"Tell more about eye."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364429

"Well it sure is impressive, I'll give them that."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364431

I point to the flying buttresses.
"Oooh! Ooh! I know what those things are! I saw that word a while ago… uh… flying butts!"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364432

"Would they spent their tithes on more useful things, though."

Wf+6 364435

Face and you haven't met the other. But again, you're currently at the skill cap.

"Strange creatures, Gorgons. They turn their prey to stone, because they feed on rock. Left alone, they will devour entire mountains in peace, but they do not like interlopers. I've been studying how to gain access to their abilities. Particularly permineralization."

He frowns. "My honor is at stake. It's very important that I know my honor is intact. That's how our feud works. Bah! Outsiders cannae understand."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364437

I'll chuckle a little.
"Close, miss Seas. But not quite."

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364439

"…. okay.. that can be arrange. But after this." I smile at Hearts before entering the room.

"Doc Peg, I hope you have heard of Nurse Heart." I nod at him.

Light Heart [Warlord] 364441

"'Honor' will not get us to where we want to get, master Wark. Sometimes, the rules have to be bent in order for us to stay on top. I'm not one to betray somepony, but that does not mean I cannot take a cheap shot."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364442

Seekkill doesn't eat that sort of meat.
"Teach Seekkill eat stone?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364445

I smile
"No Summer, flying buttresses."

Wf+6 364449

He laughs. "I meant the ability to turn others into stone. Seems useful, doesn't it?"

He nods absently, waving a hoof. "Yes, I'll be with her in a moment. New healer hire, right?"

He frowns. "Ah can't go with you if ya interfere in my duels. This kind of honor has actual real impacts. It's not some arbitrary rulin' fer the sake of feelin' good about meself! I told ya, ya cannae understand."

Felfire [Necromancer] 364450

We are waiting for the basilica thing.

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364452

"Yes, I hope sir Abilio has informed you. We can wait however." Take a seat.

Light Heart [Warlord] 364455

"Very well then, I will not interfere anymore in the future. But if you die… I will bring you back to the land of the living."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364456

I blush and rub my leg.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364457

I spare Chip and the marestallionmare a glance before looking back to Doc Peg.

I nod.
"Useful, but Seekkill not eat stone. How use eye?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364458

"It was close enough Summer. Just remember next time, okay?"

Wf+6 364461

He shakes his head. "That won' be a problem if ya don' infringe on me honor."

The Basilica is waiting. Front doors are open. The first floor is open to visitors.

"Study its effects on the living, I suppose. You could use the paladin dummy that we set up earlier. Gorgon petrification is not permanent, so feel free to use her as often as you want."

He nods at you and adds, "Feel free to use the mannequin for your own pleasure as well."

You feel a particular unworldly sense of loathing toward Tasia, who has been paralyzed and is set up as a mannequin in the corner of Peg's clinic. Her armor has been removed, so she's a fully naked anatomical doll.

Light Heart [Warlord] 364462

"And why not, exactly?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 364463

Aaaand I guess I don't have the seeds.
Walk in, look for the vault. Discretely.


I grin devilishly and open the chest, making sure to point it at Tasia first.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364465

"Miss Spring, there is a small bag attached beneath the robe I'm wearing. It's full of seeds, and they are to be scattered over the first floor of the basilica. If you could put a small tear in the bag so that they can dribble out as we go on the tour, we won't look too suspicious."

Wf+6 364467

He rolls his eyes. "Because I cannae die, of course! Not to any but those I feud with."

It's certainly not on this floor.

You pull it out of the chest the wrong way and nearly catch an eyeful yourself!


Misread that.
I try it again, more carefully this time.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364475

I cock a brow
"Seeds? Okay I guess, though I'm not sure what on earth what this will accomplish."
Tear a small hole into the bag with my telekinesis

Light Heart [Warlord] 364476

"And why not, pray tell? It seemed as if you were going to bleed out earlier at least."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364477

"Butt-tre-sess… okay."

"Won't they see them spilling from your bag mister Curry?"

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364478

I nod at Seekkill before looking back at Peg.

"Why would I? That thing is… is… is… almost untolerable." I give a mad glare at the good doctor.

I then stand up and approach the living statue.
"Untolerable I say, not that I am saying it is not attractive."
Inspect the statue and contain my hate.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Felfire [Necromancer] 364479

Walk outside.
Find a dark alley with nopony in there.
Raise the shadow of a small critter.
Rat or bird.
Keep it flat.
Have it sneak around the basilica.

Wf+6 364481

The eye, disconnected from a living host, is not nearly as powerful as it could be, but even still, you notice Tasia's coat become more rigid and slightly shaded. She seems to have turned to stone. The effect persists for about eighteen seconds before it dissipates.

"A real Gorgon turn one to stone permanently, of course."

He seems frustrated. "I keep tellin' ya! Because my honor is INTACT. I swear I cannae make it any simpler for ya. Yer an outsider. Ya can't understand."

That's a really vague command. Also roll to raise, and specify your friend.


I want to raise only if nobody is around and if I can keep the shadow flat, just like it normally would be.
Friend is Magenta.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Wf+6 364484

Okay. Raised successfully.

I'm not hanging around foreeeeeever, got it?

Light Heart [Warlord] 364485

"Very well then, master Wark. I will not inquire any further on this matter."
I motion Rosemary to follow and head over to Abilio's cabin next

Wf+6 364486

He's not in his cabin. You wonder vaguely where he could be.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364487

"They're fairly small, and mister Smitts said that they would seek out crevices."
"Thank you."
And in we go. We'll make a circle of the room. Making sure to appreciate the place, of course.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364488

I hold it against one of her eyes and talk to the doctor.
"Seekkill use eye to turn things stone, or Seekkill use own eyes?"

Wf+6 364489

You don't do a very good job of it.

Light Heart [Warlord] 364491

Ask around the ship?

Wf+6 364495

He appears to have gone into town and hasn't returned to the Pillager's Fancy since. He could still be in town, or on another ship.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364496

Ooh! Ooh!
Can I see anything neat?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Felfire [Necromancer] 364499

Such a shame. I was having fun talking with you. Messing up the ship and learning how to call on dark forces~
Move inside the basilica with the shadow of the critter hidden inside mine.
Go downstairs. Try and find the vault. Tell me how it's done.

Light Heart [Warlord] 364501

He's probably too busy then.
Damn, let's go see if Smitts is busy too then.

Wf+6 364503

The first set of stairs has guards watching it. Roll.


Yes… enjoy the sights

Roll #1 1 = 1

Wf+6 364505

He lets you enter.

"Your check ins have become quite frequent today, Miss Heart."

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364507

I turn back from this living statue and think for a moment.

"Use it? Use it how?" I look at Doc Peg.


But it's a flat shadow! Of a critter!
As small as a small mouse!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Light Heart [Warlord] 364509

"Indeed. I hope I am not being too bothersome. I was simply hoping to converse some more… perhaps even see if I could learn a thing or two from our new commodore."

Wf+6 364514

It passes by undetected.

Now make 14 more rolls.

Be thankful you were not made to search for a critter, which would be difficult in an urban area.

"However you wish. I'm using her for training exercises. We agreed death was too good for her."

You immediately trip over Curry and end up tangled with him in a VERY compromising position. You've now drawn the attention of most of the room.

"Something in particular?"


>14 rolls
Can I just dismiss the shadow instead?

Roll #1 7 = 7


I blush and immediately get back onto my hooves with a sheepish smile on my face
"Hehe… sorry."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364517

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364518

Oh dear.
'1d10' to remove myself.
"Miss Spring, please."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Light Heart [Warlord] 364521

"The attribute of command."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364523

I blush madly as I look over the sight.

Wf+6 364526

Okay, it's gone.

You impale yourself upon his member. That is totally uncouth for a chapel.

Fortunately you remove yourself with the utmost grace.

"Of course."

"Actually, your touch, though I have been working on an eye spell… no matter. Worry about that later."

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364528

I frown.
"I wouldnt stick my cock on it if that is what you are saying."

Felfire [Necromancer] 364529

Can I ask her what she saw without having to roll again?
Otherwise, just rejoin the others.



Roll #1 10 = 10

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364532

"What brain do? Help Seekkill be better at life touch and death touch?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364533

"Ah… well."
I'll rub the back of my neck in embarrassment.
"That was… ahem, an adventure, I suppose."

Felfire [Necromancer] 364536

Trot over to him.
"What's with her?"

Wf+6 364537

Got away safely.

She only saw the bottom of the stairs.

He looks horrified. "I wouldn't be so presumptive. She's not worth that if she's not worth killing."

"Sort of… it presents a different way to go about killing a target. A more subtle one."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364538

I'll cough slightly.
"There was a bit of a misstep, and we ended up in a rather… compromising position. I will have to apologize to her later."

Light Heart [Warlord] 364539

"I cannot help but feel like I could do better. I am just not certain how exactly."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364542

I let out a long, weary sigh and wipe my forehead with a hoof, shaking in shock and attempting to calm myself.

Felfire [Necromancer] 364547

"Right. Seems like the stuff I need is deep down the stairs. No way to get there for me."

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364549

"Uggghhh… I'll just leave that thing to its misery. Let it suffer its fate I say."

Take a seat and wait for Seek and Doc to conduct their business.

Also… I take a glance at the statue. Besides hate, are there any additional feelings that I am pickin up?

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364550

I just blink in horror after seeing the events that took place, a totally blank expression on my face.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364552

"Miss Seas, are you alright?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 364553

"What's wrong kid?"

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364555

forgot to roll

Roll #1 5 = 5

Wf+6 364558

He gives a light laugh. "Well, honored as I am that you've come to me, my domain tends to be more that of management. I'd prefer to hand down orders through those that specialize in giving orders. When you become skilled at keeping an operation of many ponies running, you find the best returns come from optimizing your opportunity costs versus efficiency gains."

Looks like your hate keeps you in check enough.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364563

"Tell more?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364564

I just sort of… wave my hoof around in completely random gestures, still unable to comprehend what I saw.

Light Heart [Warlord] 364567

"Well, it is still a matter of interest to me, so please do continue."

Felfire [Necromancer] 364569

Turn to Curry.
"Did you do anything to her?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364571

"To miss Seas? No. To miss Spring? When she tripped, I think she landed in a rather… compromising position."
I'll stroke my beard in embarrassment.
"Never quite expected my first such experience to be by accident."

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364573

I then turn to Nurse Heart.
"Just do your best in healing the patients, just like what you did when the others approached you with their wounds open, understand?" I stroke her mane.

Felfire [Necromancer] 364576

"Again with the same thing. Look, I'm taking the kid for a walk, okay?"
Move closer to her and offer her a hoof.
"Wanna go see if they sell ice cream around here?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 364578

Did I see this happen?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Wf+6 364580

She nods weakly and rubs her scalp against your paw.


"Well, I am a bit busy right now. I need to take on a new apprentice. Can you stop by tomorrow?"

He speaks at length about delegation and a theory he calls 'business triage' – the process of managing the needs of your delegates in the order of priority.

Nope. You were probably not even inside. I think you were back at the Church of Deals.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 364582

Finish whatever the fuck I was doing and get there, back to the others.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364583

I nod and take her hoof, and walk outside with her, still in somewhat of a daze over what I saw.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364584

I nod.

I turn to you and smirk.
"Dog want fish again?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 364585

And I guess I run into them.
"Oh, hey guys. Is Spring inside?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 364586

On a quest for ice cream we go!
"So kid, what's got you so pale?"

Roll #1 6 = 6

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364587

I jump up and run over

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364588

And I'll just wander about the first floor, trailing seeds and not being conspicuous. Or at least trying to stop blushing as I try and focus on the displays. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364589

"U- Um, I-"

I'm quickly interrupted as Spring rushes over.

Light Heart [Warlord] 364591

I nod and be sure to memorize every last thing he says, keeping quiet with a neutral expression on my face the entire time

Felfire [Necromancer] 364592

Turn around and just look at her.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364594

I gently pick her up with my telekinesis, put her on my back and walk back off towards the ships without a word.

Wf+6 364595

Fortunately for you, everyone was looking at the harlot as she left, and are uncomfortably avoiding eye contact with you instead. You spread them with relative ease.

When he finally finishes his pontification, you show yourself out. On the way, you notice a piece of paper sticking out of a ledger. Not dwelling on it too long, you quickly pocket the skill coupon.

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364596

"Good girl, you will recieve a reward later." I tap her flank before standing up.

"I would like fish thank you." I nod at him.
"Wait do you mean we hunt for fish?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 364598

Look at them with a smile.
"Oh, we are done here? I had perfect timing then!"



Roll #1 10 = 10

Felfire [Necromancer] 364603

Well yeah, fuck her too. I don't care. She must have her own problems in mind.
Go back to Curry without saying a word.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364604

"No. Catch fish. Not hunt fish. Come."
I walk up to the main deck.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364605


Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364606

Well, that's that job done.
"Couldn't find an ice cream vendor, I take it?"

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364610

"Well, there's little to do on the ship for today if you ask me, why not?"
Follow Seekkill to the deck.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364612

When we're far away enough from the others, I stop and put her back onto the ground, looking mildly embarrassed
"I'm not sure what to tell you…"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364614

"I- It was just an accident! Right?…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 364615

Well look like everyone just ignored me, so I go inside the temple.
Look around or someshit.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I lean over the railing and try to spot any decently sized fish.
"In temple dog mention hunt with Seekkill?"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Light Heart [Warlord] 364617

Excellent. I like this system.
Is Terrebonne in her cabin? I wouldn't mind learning more about the ewe that can save my life.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364620

I nod quickly
"Yes! Yes it was! I just tripped and-"
I close my eyes with a sigh
"I'm really sorry you had to see that, Summer…"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364621

"So good of you to join us, miss Emrille."

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364623

I then lie on the deck.
"Its something to do at least. I'm a bit bored, there's no action save for that temple run. If we could just pillage the city."

I then glance at Seek.
"What are you looking for?"

Wf+6 364624

You're too distracted by being MAD ABOUT HORSE PRETEND out of character to notice things in character.

Too dark, even for your eyes.

It would seem so.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 364625

"Yeah, yeah, I was trying to see if I can get any cheap shit out there but can't. So are we done here or what? I saw Spring and Summer leave earlier."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364626

"I- It's okay… it was just an accident."
I give her a reassuring, if slightly awkward hug.

Light Heart [Warlord] 364627

Good. Knock on her door
"Miss Terrebonne? I'm sorry to disturb you, but I was wondering if you were willing to have a chat with me."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364628

"Yes… we should be mostly done, if miss Felfire is ready to go."

Wf+6 364629

Her door is the only officer door that's always open.

She waves vaguely at you for you to come in. She seems to be working by the only lit candle in the room on some sort of cloth doll.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 364630

"What are we waiting for then? I made a habit of not liking temples recently for some reason."

Light Heart [Warlord] 364631

"Good evening, miss Terrebonne."
I look over to what she is doing
"Are you occupied with something urgent?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364632

I'll frown a little.
"I suppose that's true."
I'll turn to Felfire.
"Did you find what you were looking for?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364633

Too dark? I look at the sky. How much time before we set sail?

I roll my eyes when he asks that.
"Fish. What is pil-age?"

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364637

I stand up and approach the edge of the deck and try to see in the depths for a large fish

"Pillage is the act of taking goods from one place and make it your own. Stealing in short."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364639

"PIl-age is theif-ing?"

Wf+6 364644

She sighs and sets down the doll. "Naught terribly."

Though the sea is deep, you see no fish. It's also really dark, though.

Tasia [Paladin] 364645

What the fuck has been happening to me? Am I awake? if not then roll to wake up '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Felfire [Necromancer] 364646

"It's deep down. I can't get to it."

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364647

"Sort off, its stealing and yes, like being a thief but without discretion and without secrecy, openly taking their stuff and attacking anyone who tries to stop you." I grin.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364649

How late is it?

I grin.
"How often pirates pil-age?"

Wf+6 364650

You're sort of paralyzed. Which made for a real good way of keeping you from not murdering anyone (yourself included) until that mark goes away.

You're conscious based on that roll, though! You're just sitting in the corner of a clinic, frozen.

Light Heart [Warlord] 364651

"I am sorry, I could come back some other time if my timing is unfortunate."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 364652

"Why, what are you looking for?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 364655

"Documents hidden in the vault of the basilica."

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364656

I shrug.
"Depends, when the captain orders it mostly. But if the crew gets hungry then pillaging becomes a necessity, or smuggling and stuff but thats another matter."

Wf+6 364659

She waves a hoof. "It does naught matta. Just a passing fancy."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364660

"Hmm. That will make it a bit more difficult. Though perhaps I can speak with mister Smitts once we return. He might be after something down there anyway, and if I can be a part of the team… Hmm."
"If we are done, though, then we may leave. Unless you'd prefer to sit around in the Celestial Basilica."

Tasia [Paladin] 364661

make a mental note to murder absolutely everyone here then

I'm out for now then

Emrille [Gunslinger] 364662

"Yeah, sure, that's my favourite passtime. Let's get out of here."

"Too bad, I guess?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364663

I weakly return the hug
"T-Thank you…"
I sniffle

Light Heart [Warlord] 364665

"Oh? Care to explain?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 364666

"Yeah, please, do that."
Just nod.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364668

My grin gets wider.
"Kill much during pil-age?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364677

I continue hugging her, now a bit more tightly.
"Y- You can cry if you want to momma…"

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364679

"If you can help it of course, kill anyone that stands on your way that is. But remember, it is all about the loot that you take that matters in a pillage. In short, the loot first, the killing second."

Look down again in the waters and try to spot a big fish.
>inb4 I fall off deck because of >1

Roll #1 7 = 7

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364683

I cackle.
"Seekkill right. This is place for Seekkill."

Wf+6 364685

You see one.

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364686

I pat his back.
"Its in your name so that explains much."

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364689

"Oh there's a big one." I point to Seek.

I prepare myself to jump and catch it.
"You or me?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364690

I sniffle again, then keep quiet for a while until releasing the hug
"It's fine… I'm fine. It was just… I was worried you'd be mad at me…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364691

"Spirits name Seekkill. Seekkill proud of name."

I look down into the water at the fish.
"You. Dog want hunt with Seekkill dog catch fish and eat fish. No cooking."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 364693

"What are we waiting for then?"

Leave that damn temple.

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364694

"No cooking… I can live with that."

Jump and catch that fish.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364697

"I couldn't be mad at you momma… especially for an accident."
I try to give her a reassuring smile.

Wf+6 364698

Got it.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364699

Yes, we'll head out. Not like anything's going to stop us, right? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364701

I watch him as he dives in and catches the fish.

Wf+6 364705

Light Heart [Warlord] 364709

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364712

I give her a weak smile back and ruffle her mane with a hoof
"Okay then… That's good. Now… is there something you want to do? So I can make it up to you?"

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364713

Climb on deck on one of the ropes and put the fish on the ground.
"Well thats basic hunting I guess, truth be told I hunt only a few times in my life."

"You're an expert hunter, any instruction that you could give me?" I begin to eat the muscle's of the fish that I caught.

Felfire [Necromancer] 364716

Go back to Terre. I have some arrangements to make.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364717

I frown slightly, and rest my head against her.
"I just want you to be happy again…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364719

"Don't swallow fish bones. Most meat past head. Claws or knife can help."
I sit down and watch him eat.

Wf+6 364720

"Voodoo… Nating ta dwell on."

Light Heart is there.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 364724

I guess I go back to the ships as well.
To do.

Light Heart [Warlord] 364725

I nod at her
"Miss Felfire."

"Voodoo… how peculiar. A new hobby of yours? Are you growing bored, perchance?"

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364727

"Thats… kinda basic."
I eat the fish with earnest, I'm a dog, nothing bad at eating raw.

I then give him a glance and look Seek in the eye.
"May I ask a question, about hunting?"

Wf+6 364729

She gives you an odd look. "I have practiced it for many, many years."

Felfire [Necromancer] 364730

Nod back.
Wait for her to finish.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364731

"I know… I'm sorry I've been so irritable lately…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364736

I pat him on the back when he finishes.
"Good. Eating raw make you stronger. Ask question."

Light Heart [Warlord] 364737

"Oh… my excuses, I must have misunderstood then."
I look at the doll she was fiddling with, what's it look like?

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364738

Well, it seems the two pegasi have gone back to the ships. I don't suppose I see Spring or Summer? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364739

Throw the fish bone in the ocean.
"Have you… ever hunted ponies in the past?"

Wf+6 364740

You don't need to roll for that.

Like a red earth pony.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364742

I slowly nuzzle her.
"I know… you should really talk to me about what's bothering you, momma… it's not good to keep all your problems bottled up…"

Light Heart [Warlord] 364744

"Who is that doll of, if you don't mind me asking?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364746

Well, I guess I see them, then.
"So, miss Mera. How are you enjoying your first trip to land?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364749

"Yes. Island ponies."

Wf+6 364752

She laughs. "I've been out of the temple before, you know. There were cracks down in the big chamber. Didn't you think it was strange I wasn't shocked to see grass or trees?"

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364753

I relax on the deck.
"Anything you can teach me about hunting ponies? You know, in case an assasination or kidnapping is to be done in the future." I grin.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364756

I shake my head
"Summer please… you've been such a brave pony so far. I don't have any right to complain…"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364758

I'll think for a moment.
"Not really. I mean, you can see those from the sea, in most cases. Even if it's usually just sandgrass and the occasional tree."
Chuckling, I'll continue.
"I had expected you to be a bit more surprised at the number of folk in the temples, though."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364759

I frown even more.
"Please momma… please?"

Wf+6 364762

She laughs. "I meant I've been outside the temple! I've seen the city before, Curry! I've just never gone up so close…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 364764

Rolling for something interesting to happen.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364765

I bite my lower lip, trying to find an excuse, but eventually just droop my ears down in defeat
"I just… I'm just worried, honey. Ever since this whole… thing happened… I've just been thinking about you and your future…"
I droop my ears even further
"I can't help but feel like I failed you… and your father…"

Light Heart [Warlord] 364766

Wf+6 364767

Your life is a bore, it would seem.

"Naught anypony ya'd know."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 364769

Anything exciting happening on the ships then?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Light Heart [Warlord] 364770

"Hm… I suppose not. What is it exactly that voodoo does? Are the stereotypes true or…?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364771

"Really? Well, this is a surprise. Well, one amongst many, I suppose."
I'll shake my head, a little bemused.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 364772

I cackle when you ask your question.
"Don't let pony see you first. Be careful of you-nee-corns. Ponies smart, may try hunt you back. May also try make traps. Watch sky for Peg-is-us-es. Kill pony before take back to eating spot. Never eat pony in place where pony killed. If attack group pick target and take away from group as fast as can. Don't let group see where you go. Don't attack group unless have to."

I tap my beak a few times in thought.
"Pony taste sweet. Diff-er-ent colors taste mostly same, but have small diff-er-ence-es."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364773

I grab her into a tight hug and nuzzle up to her.
"You haven't though! Not one bit!"
I give her a squeeze.
"You've always been there for me… a- and always are gonna be there!"

Wf+6 364774

Yes. You wish your life was so exciting.

She just sighs at you.

"You can see a lot from the coast…"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364775

I give her a weak smile
"That's nice of you to say but… I just can't shake that feeling off of me…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 364776

Ain't that fucking great.

Light Heart [Warlord] 364777

I scrunch slightly
"Miss Terrebonne, if I am bothering you too much, please do not hesitate to say so. I am simply… very interested in this magic form I never had the time to dabble into."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364780

"I've noticed, from my own experiences. Though with that pendant, I'm surprised you haven't wandered further in."
I'll rub my beard for a moment.
"But you probably shouldn't tell too many on the ship exactly what that pendant does. I don't trust quite a number of them."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364784

"Can you please try?… It's not healthy to think like that, momma…"
I nuzzle into her chest, still hugging her.
"And… can you please not hide things from me? I'm not a little filly momma… I even have my cutiemark now!"

Wf+6 364785

"A bit."

She gives you a carefree smile. "I'm sure Luna will protect me."

Chip(DD knight/smith) 364787

I just let my mouth hang open with fish meat still inside.

"Wow… I didnt expect that answer. I have little plans on eating ponies, well I do 'eat' them but that is a different kind of…"
"Nevermind, thanks for the tips, I'll watch out more on those unicorns though. Magical creatures they are."
I then think for a moment.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364790

"True, but while it is good to trust in Luna, a wise pony ties up their boat before the tides change."

Light Heart [Warlord] 364793

I look down
"I see… I wont bother you any further then. Have a pleasant evening."
I turn and leave her cabin. Dammit, too eager to ask too many questions…
Let's see if any PC's are around to talk

Campfire 364798

"If all cities like that ponies only thing to hunt. Pony hunt can be harder than animal hunt. Harder means more fun. Eat but not eat?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364799

I sigh
"I wont… and I'll try…"

Wf+6 364805

You pass Mellow Marsh in the halls.

You also saw Thirsty Umlock and Lieutenant Sunnyskies having a drink on the Seaworthy.

Wf+6 364808

She shrugs. "I don't use boats."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 364810

I continue nuzzling into her.
"Thank you momma… I love you…"
And I slowly drift off to sleep, resting against her.

Wf+6 364811


Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364812

I'll give her a little smile.
"It's a figure of speech, much like counting one's eggs before they hatch."

Seekill [Dark Hunter] 364813

Damn it.

Light Heart [Warlord] 364814

Mellow Marsh? I haven't spoken to him yet… turn to look at him!

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364816

I pet her mane softly, smiling and whispering in the softest voice
"I love you too, sweetie…"

[lemon] 364820

"Well eat but not eat, I mean play with your prey, something like that."
"And I like to play with my prey."

Seekill [Dark Hunter] 364823

I tilt my head to the side.
"Play with prey? Chip mean chase prey longer than have to, or let prey think it escape?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364825

After having my chat with Mera, I'll head over to Spring and Summer.
"Ahem. Miss Spring. If… if I could have a word?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364830

I look down at Summer sleeping, not wanting to make eyecontact
"… Is it necessary?"

Chip(DD Warmaster) 364833


I scratch my head and give a slight frown.
Has he ever touched… ?
"What I mean is 'play', you know tie them to a tree, touch their bodies then mate with them, rinse and repeat until you tire and either make them slaves or something like that."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364835

I'll shuffle uncomfortably.
"Well… I would hope… well, hope you take responsibility for that little… ahem. That unfortunate…"
I'll sit and grumble a little.
"I'm aware that that… was an accident, and I bear you no intention to make things more awkward between the two of us than they already are, but… well, that was… ahem…"
I'll be tinged a bit red.
"That was my first such experience and while it was pleasant there are times and places for such things that are not before the eyes of children and I'm sorry I embarrassed you."

Seekill [Dark Hunter] 364836

I make a disgusted noise.
"Prey not for mating. Prey for eating. Besides, wasting essence make you weak and you cannot mate outside same species."

Chip(DD Warmaster) 364840

"Awww come'n Seek. But ponies are cute and cuddly."

"Not that I am saying that fem dogs are not cute, yes they have the waist but ponies are numerous and it is rare to find a female species of ours topside."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364841

I wince, still not looking at him
"I understand… it was my fault and I'm sorry. I haven't… it's been nearly a decade for me as well and I truly wish it had never happened… like that."
I blush at that last part
"I just want to forget about it quickly so… let's not talk about this ever again."

Seekill [Dark Hunter] 364842

I tilt my head.
"Dog has sex with ponies? That possible?"

Chip(DD Warmaster) 364844

I stand up and pound my chest.
"There is nothing impossible if one has the libido. I would even mate with a mule as long as its attractive."

I then scratch my chin.
"Well, attractive to my taste that is."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364846

"Well, we can't pretend it never happened, miss Spring. And you can't just tell Summer it was an odd dream brought on by strange food."
I'll rub my nose for a moment.
"I do apologize for placing you in that… position, though."

Seekill [Dark Hunter] 364848

"Spirits never tell Sekkill that. Still, it change nothing. It make dog weak, but it choice for dog to make."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364851

"Curry please. Let's not make this harder than it should be. I don't want to talk about it, okay?"

Chip(DD Warmaster) 364863

"But I cant help it, I need some form of release and those little buggers are the only viable op…."
"Oh alright, lets just say it makes me weak, but I like pleasure too much."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364867

I'll nod.
"Then… until it is a more comfortable time to broach the subject, I will have to shelf it for now. But we will have to discuss this at some point, miss Spring. One of us is going to need to take responsibility for it."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364869

"I already have. I tripped and fell. That's all there is to it. It was an accident and I told Summer just that."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364872

I'll nod again.
"Yes, well… what of me, then? I've not… ahem."
I'll tug at my beard a little.
"I've not…"
I'll cough a little.
"Even though accidental, that was my first. I'm not quite certain how these things work outside of what I've read about ponies who are wed."

Seekill [Dark Hunter] 364873

"Dog can't use paws?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364879

I sigh
"Curry… I'm really sorry but I really, really don't want to talk about this right now, okay? Summer is sleeping right here and I don't want her to wake up to… this. Just… ask somepony else instead if you want answers now, like Light Heart or something."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364884

I'll sigh as well.
"I'm just rather adrift here, miss Spring. I'll not bother you with it again, though, at least not today."
I'll look at Summer.
"Would… would you like a hoof to get her back to the ship?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364887

I shake my head
"No that'll be fine… really. And again, I'm very sorry this happened."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364893

"I, as well. Well, not sorry that it happened, it was quite nice, but… I mean…"
I'll shuffle my hooves.
"Ah, blathering bullfinches, I'm more confused than a codfish in a tidepool. I'm sorry. I'll let you head back to the ship first."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 364896

I blush bright red and gently pick up the sleeping Summer, placing her onto my back and heading back to the ships, making sure to keep avoiding eye contact at all times

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 364912

And, after a moment or two, Curry and Mera will follow after.

Chip(DD Warmaster) 364923

"Lets say I like having someone that I can dump my essence into." I grin.

Seekill [Dark Hunter] 364929

I shrug again.
"Dog choice. Seekkill not care unless Dog waste essence in Seekkill prey. That very bad idea."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365050

'Tis a small word, and small ships, so I can run into Felfire.
"Oh, hey."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365051

Nod back.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365052

"I think we need to speak a bit more than we did, don't we?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365053

"About the kid?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365054

"No, about our deal. It was sort of important in it that you make Abilio stay if we kill that bitch. She is dead, but he is still planning to leave."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365055

"It was an idea off the top of my head. I told you it might not work."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365056

"Yeah, yeah, we all fuck up sometimes, but what's your plan now that 'amazing with demons' didn't work out?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365057

"I told you while we were ashore already. Try to convince the mare. It's not something I can do."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365058

"And what do we say? 'Hey, why don't you stick around here with these pirates instead of getting married like you planned to'? I don't really see that working."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365059

"I. Told. You. Already."
Narrow my eyes at her.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365060

"That won't really work. Not that way, anyway. But you were there when Abilio said he helped in removing the collars, so maybe we can use that to our advantage."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365061

Relax my expression and look at her in surprise.
"When? I must have been thinking about something else, I don't really remember."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365062

"You weren't? I thought you were. Back at the market square. He told them that Smitts will have tea with the unicorns and remove their collars afterwards."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365063

"Wait. What? Just like that?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365064

Mimic his voice.
"I can be very convincing when I want to."
Stop that.
"I guess he meant it as a 'goodbye gift' or someshit. Still, maybe we can use this to make the kid try and convince that mare for them to stay."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365065

"Yeah, good luck with that. I have no idea what she has on her mind. Even if I could get near the kid, and that's something I can seldom do, I wouldn't know what to tell her that could convince Cloudy to stay."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365066

Shrug with my wings.
"Got any better ideas?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365067

"Fuck if I know. I just do spirits for a reason."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365068

"And the spirits lack bright ideas too?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365069

"They just don't care most of the time."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365070

"Then we are pretty much fucked, aren't we?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365071

"Kinda? Can't you make friends with that mare?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365073

"The one time I wanted to talk with her she sent me away saying she was busy. Not likely."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365075

"Ask Spring to do the same as a favor?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365077

"The only pony who that mare really trusts is Summer, and I still don't know how she feels about me. Not so positively, probably, after she tried to shoot me and whatnot."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365078

"Don't worry about the kid. I might be able to get through to her."
Stay silent for a second.
"She took her off my hoof today…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365079

Tilt my head slightly.

Felfire [Necromancer] 365082

"The- the mother. Spring. Me and the kid were going for some ice cream, the little thing was so shaken, I don't know why.
And then she storms along, picks her with her magic and just rushes off."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365086

I sigh.
"Yeah, she tends to do that a lot. I mean, I know that she wants to protect her and everything, but sometimes she is overdoing it."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365088

"Whatever. The fuck do I care. The less she wants to have to do with me, the better. I will just find another way to talk with the kid."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365091

"I don't want to be nosing into your lifestyle and anything, but touching yourself in front of her might , might have to do something with it."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365094

"Fuck you. I told her already I can't help it. And I told the kid it's bad. What more can I do, cut it off?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365097

"Y'know, I want to do some things to, but it's not that hard to show some self restraint. I mean, I'm now walking up to her mother right in front of her eyes to smooch her or anything."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365098

"No. You don't understand. I can't help it."
Look at her with a glacial stare.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365103

Raise an eyebrow.
"Really now?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365106

Speak in a dry, itchy voice and narrow my eyes a little more.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365107

"And can't you, y'know, ask one of those shadow dudes to do that when you are not around her or something?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365110

"No, you still don't understand.
It's not something I can control. And that's it."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365112

I nod.
"Yeah, I don't really understand how can you not do that, but whatever you say."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365114

Shake my head and lean back.
"Didn't expect you to."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365118

"Seeing how I don't get turned on by corpses, yeah, didn't expect you to expect me to understand."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365120

"Less disgusting than ponies."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365124

I snort.
"Yeah, sure."
Bat my eyelashes and speak in a sultry but mocking voice.
"Rotting dead husks are soooooo much better~"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365129

Look disgusted at her for a moment, then shift back.
"Yeah. They are. There's none of that sweating and panthing and moaning, they are cold at the touch and don't move on their own.
They are better."

Wf+6 365130

I move on my own.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365136

I nod.
"That's right. You just described everything that makes the living more fun."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365137

You are an exception. The first I ever made. And you were about to abandon me.

Felfire [Necromancer] 365141


Roll #1 2 = 2

Felfire [Necromancer] 365143

Shrink back some more.
"Please, leave."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365145

"What? Why?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365149

"I don't feel well."
Stand up and shakily walk to the door, trying to open it.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Wf+6 365156

Fervored Freedom opens the door for you.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365157

"Need any help? Should I get one of the docs?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365158

Run over to a side of the ship and try not to throw up.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Wf+6 365160

You keep it down. Your shadow pats your back gently.

Felfire [Necromancer] 365163

Breathe in the fresh air and sit tight.
Look at her from my new seat, then back at the sea.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365165

And I guess I'll take this opportunity to have returned to the ship.
Have to tell Smitts I did his task, I suppose.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365166

Keep my distance, and lean against the nearest wall or pole or anything.
"What was that all about?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365176

"I told you. It sickens me."

Wf+6 365177

I wouldn't think of abandoning you. Not now.

You meet him at the door to his cabin.

"Have you finished?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365180

Roll my eyes.
"That was sort of an overreaction."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365181

"Aye. Though I'm curious what you expect those seeds to do. It's not like they can talk, or break apart the floor."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365183

I would go crazy if you ever did…
Lean over him and keep looking at the sea.

Wf+6 365186

"Nook Weed naturally seeks out crevices and expands throughout them. You'd be surprised how much structural damage this can cause given enough time. The idea being that if the most important Basilica starts to collapse as we leave, that will preoccupy or enemies enough that we will be able to leave peacefully."

A pause. "I trust you see no issue with destroying a Celestial shrine?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365187

I'll shake my head.
"No, but it does bother me that the tithes they take in will go towards rebuilding it, instead of taking care of those who need the help."
I'll tap my hoof for a moment.
"However, I would like to get into their vault. They might have Lunar books taken from other shrines, as well as things the Celestials would not like to have exposed. Like their expense ledgers."

Wf+6 365189

"I would like the same thing. Unfortunately, due to a lack of scouting information, that is impossible at this time. I will be meeting with a contact shortly to aid in that regards."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365190

"I'll leave you alone then. Don't want to infect you with my 'alive-cooties' or anything."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365197

"I see."
I'll rub my beard for a moment.
"By the way, commodore Smitts. I am placing a rather large amount of trust in you and your crew that neither myself, nor my companion Mera, are to be harmed during our stay with you. I pray that that trust will not be betrayed."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365198

"You can stay. I just-
I had some bad memory."

Wf+6 365200

"Oh, the funny thing is I did plan to kill the both of you, but your safety has been bargained for. I don't see any reason in hiding either of these facts. I am not particularly deceptive."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365202

I nod.
"Oh yeah. Those suck."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365207

"Right. They do."
Stand still, looking off into the sea.
"I'm sorry. I have no idea how to keep Abilio here."

Fervy, could you hug me?

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365208

"Ah. Then I can dispense with the pleasantries, as I've discovered that fact."
I'll shrug.
"Why, I had even assumed the tea invitation was a rather overt way of going about getting rid of the four of us. Your knowledge of poisonous fungus, and likely a wide variety of other things that could kill without a trace, would make that incredibly easy. And I dare say only misses Spring and Seas would warrant the cost of resurrection. I and miss Mera probably would have been left to rot."
I'll stroke my beard.
"Dreadfully rude, if you think about it."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365209

I sigh, then keep silent for a while.
"If all else fails… maybe we can try talking with Smitts."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365210

"Right. I doubt that would work. Abilio might be a problem for him."

Wf+6 365211

He hugs you from behind.

He chuckles. "Actually, the tea is not to be poisoned. You're just paranoid. If I wanted to kill you, there would be no reason for such subtleties. My original plan was just to lop off your head. I've hunted sea dragons for decades. I should hope I can handle a couple of ponies."

He gestures around. "Not to mention my surfeit of allies. That being said, it shouldn't be a concern for you anymore. Your safety has been bargained for."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365213

"We'll see… Anyway, I'll let you do your thing now."

Turn around and leave.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365214

I'll raise an eyebrow.
"Sea dragons, you say? But aren't those, by themselves, rather valuable catches? Why bother with piracy, then?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365215

Relax and breath out deeply, smiling slightly.

Yeah, I will stay here for a while.

Wf+6 365216

"Someone does like to pry. I hunted dragons before I was a pirate. I do think that is the extent to which I will answer your question."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365218

"I like to know who I'm working with. Haven't had much the chance for conversation, living by myself for as long as I have."
I'll shrug once more.
"But I suppose I shall not delay you from meeting your contact any longer. It is likely a time-sensitive matter."

Wf+6 365221

"Very good, then."

He heads off the ship.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365227

Once again, I'm wandering the ship until I come across Spring, lowering my voice when I see Summer is asleep.


Spring Water [Charlatan] 365229

"… Hi. Sorry I ran away like that earlier."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365232

I shake my head.
"I should get used to it… what was that all about?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365237

I will walk back into Terrebonne's room.
"Sorry for the scene, earlier."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365238

I guess I'll go show Mera that tub. It's not like it moved, right?

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365240

"I was clumsy and fell onto the ground… awkwardly."
I blush slightly
"It was pretty embarrassing on my part."

Wf+6 365243

"Dun worry."

It hasn't.

She look at it cautiously. "What's it for?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365249

"It's a tub, miss Mera. Normally, you fill it with warm water and bathe. However, once the ships set out, we can't force you to swim alongside forever, so I had the idea that, if we fill this with fresh seawater, you could soak and let your fins down, so to speak."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365251

"That's it?"
I shrug, then lean against a nearby wall.
"We all did embarassing shit. You shouldn't worry about it."
Glance at Summer.
"So… while she is asleep… want to talk a bit?"

Wf+6 365253

She nods slowly. "Okay. I do find legs exhausting…"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365255

"It was a very embarrassing position to be in… especially in front of Summer."
I clear my throat
"But sure… what's on your mind?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365256

"Well, if you like, I could carry you for a bit. You actually aren't heavy at all."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365257

"Anyway, there was something I was curious about.
They said the commodore died beyond the ability of necromancy.
I know only two things that could cut the soul from the immortal plane…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365258

"What we talked about earilier. Opening up?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365261

I run a hoof through my mane
"Can that… wait for a bit? That whole affair from earlier has gotten me flustered."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365263

Roll my eyes.
"Fine… but you can't make excuses forever."

Wf+6 365265

She blushes a little then squeaks, "Okay…"

"It's naught a matter of a soul. His insides were boiled out. Da body is unusable. I have been workin' on a method dat dun require a body, but… It isn' ready."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365266

"I wont. Now, do you have any idea when we're leaving this place exactly?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365268

"Oh. Well, I could help you. I mean, if you think I'm good enough."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365270

I suddenly perk up, yawning and stretching.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365271

Shake my head.
"No, but I hope not that soon. I still haven't got anything on how to make Abilio stay, neither does Felfire. Even after our deal."

Light Heart [Warlord] 365272

I believe I had just conveniently run into Mellow Marsh

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365273

I go to Doc Peg and check on Nurse Heart.
"How is she doing?" I ask the Doctor.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365274

I scratch my head
"Well… seeing how he does seem to care about us… I think it's a shame he's leaving too."

I look at her with a smile
"You had a nice nap, sweetie?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365275

I'll chuckle a little.
"No need to be shy, miss Mera."
And I'll hunker down next to Mera.
"Whenever you're ready, then."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365278

I snort.
"He cares more about his 'dynasty' and whatnot… bunch of crap if you ask me."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365282

"What do you mean with dynasty exactly? Just offspring?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365283

I look up at her, smiling, and nod.
"Princess Luna visited me in my dream!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365290

Raise a brow at her, but say nothing.

I shrug.
"I don't know. Getting married, settling down, having a kid. Could do it here all the same, but no. Because if he 'makes a dynasty they will actually care about him'."

Wf+6 365294

You had.

He's chillin'.

He nods. "She has proven to be an adequate nurse… though she does seem to comment on you a lot."

"Perhaps, in time, but for now, you need ta hone ya art."

She blushes and pulls herself up onto you. You feel her tail hanging off of the end of your flank.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365295

I sit down in front of her and lower my head slightly
"Did she now? What did she tell you, sweetie?"

"He feels unappreciated?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365297

"I guess? It's his own fault, that prick, it's not like I didn't appreciate what he did for me so far, even if his ways were… well, weird."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365299

"Right. About that. I was thinking to make a gift to the kid…"
Glance towards the mirror.
"I want to talk with her father through the mirror."

Light Heart [Warlord] 365302

"Greetings. I do not quite believe we have met yet, mister…?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365303

And then up we go.
"So, should we perhaps explore the ships, miss Mera? Get to know who we're dealing with?"

Wf+6 365305

"Eet's possible… but his soul would have ta be aligned on da immortal plane with da mirror. Tricky."

When you look in the mirror, you see yourself as a shadow staring back.

"Marsh. Duty officer."


Chip(DD Warmaster) 365306

I smile.
"Well I am glad to hear that, saved her in Stonebriar. She's a good fella, she healed me a couple of times and some of the lads her…"

I then try to maintain my composure.
"What do you mean 'comment on me a lot? I hope its good."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365308

"She taught me about moonfire!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365309

Yeah, fuck you mirror, I don't need something else to remind me.
"You think some memento from the kid might help?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365310

Then let's go. We'll familiarize ourselves with the ones on the Darklantern, first. Since that's where the tub is. We've already met miss Topaz, and the Keymaster. Guess we'll start from the top down. Anyone on deck? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365311

"Well… Maybe you can find a way to convince him otherwise?"

I cock my head
"Moon what now?"

Wf+6 365313

"She seems to miss you while you're away."

She's sort of whimpering pathetically as she stares at you.

"Dat's not how it works. I will see what I can do, but it may take time…"

It's evening, so a skeleton crew is running. A buffalo is at the helm.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365314

"It's, um… it's like a sort of spell thing that creates fire?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 365315

"Mister Marsh. How very nice to meet you, my name is Light Heart."
I nod curtly

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365319

My eyes widen slightly
"… creates fire?"

Wf+6 365321

"I suppose you're here to congratulate me, too?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365322

Shake my head.
"Don't stress yourself.
I can work it out on my own.
And after all, I don't even know if the kid will ever talk to me again."
Chuckle nervously.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365323

"How? You saw how that asshole ignored me completely."

Light Heart [Warlord] 365325

I cock a brow
"I am not sure what you are talking about. Is there something to be celebrated, perhaps?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365326

Well, perhaps he's friendly.
"Good evening!"

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365327

I approach Nurse Heart and stroke her mane.
"Hey, are you okay? I'm here, whats the matter?"

"…. are you always like this when I am away?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365329

"Maybe you could try apologizing first of all?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365330

"Yeah! Like… a magic kinda fire… Princess Luna said that her Lunar priestesses used it when they fought the… Schlooze!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365331

"I think you missed the part where he ignores me."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365333

"Maybe because he's mad at you for yelling at him, miss Emrille?"

Wf+6 365335

She whimpers. "I've been wanting you more lately. I don't understand why…"

"It's expected I'll be promoted to third mate soon. With the departure of Smitts from the Pillager's Fancy. And when Abilio leaves, that will put me at second mate. Quite a promotion."



I frown
Do I know enough about mythology to know what she's referring to?

I roll my eyes
"He still has ears, Emrille. It's not because he pretends not to hear you that he actually can't hear you."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Wf+6 365337

Looks like not.

Felfire [Necromancer] 365343

Yeeeah right.
Take out that book I got in the temple. Read from it.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365344

"He turned me into a kid and snapped a collar on me. I think it was perfectly understandable."

"What's the point? If I can't make him stay I can't convince him to teach me anyway!"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365345

"Fine night, is it not? Name's Curry, by the way. And you are?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 365346

"Ah… I see. Yes that is quite the promotion indeed. A certain increase of responsibilities, which may mean we will be dealing with one another more often in the future."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365347

Nothing her confused expression, I begin explaining what I saw.
"Uh… Princess Luna put her horn to mine and did a memory spell thing and showed me the battle! The schlooze was… it was this big black evil gloop thing."

Wf+6 365351

Not only is it nigh impenetrable forest jargon, it seems useless to you. It doesn't talk about death at all! It's all about life, and hippy crap like being one with the tree, or breathing with the lungs of the leaf.

"Rusty Wrench. Third mate. Repairs."

"I'm sure. I'm just surprised to see Terrebonne finally make it to captain. That will be… interesting. I wonder who will get put in for third mate? I've suspected Doc Peg, but he doesn't like talking much, and lacks the confidence."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365352

"So you're just going to give up on it?"

That still not ring any bells or am I massively disinterested in mythology? '1d10'
"Oh… So it's elemental magic mixed with the divine?"

Roll #1 1 = 1

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365354


I hug her a bit and stroke her mane, trying to calm her down.
"Relax, we will have time once you are done here for today. I'm here for now."

I then look at the Doc Peg.
"When will her break be?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365356

"Ah. And a fine job you do of it, as well. Not a leak or warped plank anywhere I can see. I'm certain miss Topaz also benefits from your talents."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365357

I chuckle.
"I had a dream once where I was trying to stop a mare from blowing up a town. I had an army of other mercs and everything. That was fun."

I shrug.
"What more can I do? I was relying on Felfire to amaze him with her demonology or what the fuck. Did I tell you we went to Tartarus to kill a warlock for that? And she still failed. So yeah, unless Summer can convince his mare to stay, I got nothing."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365358

Take the book and turn it around. What's the title?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365359

Do you mind if I meet one of my other trainers now or should I spend time RPing with the others?

Light Heart [Warlord] 365360

I cock a brow
"I beg your pardon? Miss Terrebonne will be promoted to captain? That is quite interesting indeed. Though I am quite glad for her, she must be very pleased by this."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365365

"I think… do you want me to show it to you?"

"…You went to Tartarus to kill a warlock?"
I give her a very confused look.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365369

"A warlock and her lapdog, yes. We almost got trapped there too. I hate that place. I hated even crossing it back in Stonebriar, but this was much worse. She summoned demons and everything!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365371

I scratch my head
"… Tartarus. Right."

"Uh… well… I'm not sure if that's a good idea onboard a ship, sweetie… And if Luna did teach it to you through memory… it might be awkward for you to cast the first few times."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365375

"What, you don't believe me?"

Wf+6 365378

Not only do you not know, the idea that Luna is watching over you brings a blush to your face when you realize she saw you fall onto Curry.

He shrugs. "She's not a prisoner. I don't have any patients right now. She can go for all I care."

She prances in place a bit.


The Arcane Nature

"You can do whatever you like." - Philosopher-poet T.I.

He shrugs. "I don't know. Though she's the only officer with an open door policy, she also like to keep to herself. I guess she'll be alright, though: her resurrection charges are basically charity."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365379

"Warlock and her lapdog? Who was that?"

"Oh… right… can we go outside so I can try it?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365381

Roll my eyes.
This is shit for that failed mage.
Get up and go look for Emrille.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365382

I shrug.
"I don't really care. They are dead now anyway."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365383

"What? Oh no, of course I do. But I was just thinking… never mind that though."

"Uh… with all those Celestials around? I don't know… They might not like seeing magic like that showcased."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365384

Well, he's not a talker.
"Pleasure meeting you, master Wrench. Have a good evening."

Wf+6 365385

You there now.


Emrille [Gunslinger] 365386

"Thinking what?"


I find an area lit by a lamp or torch and throw some of my dice.

Roll #1 4, 4, 1, 4, 3 = 16

Light Heart [Warlord] 365389

I nod in agreement
"Indeed they are, for which I am very thankful for. I am pleased to see her being rewarded like this."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365390

Well, I suppose the others aren't actually on the Darklantern, so I can't drop in on them…
So, let's just take a nice look over the sea, from the side of the boat.

Felfire [Necromancer] 365391

Have Fervored poke her with a hoof on the shoulder.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365392

I scoop them up and start wandering around the ship. The spirits say I should meet more pirates.

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365393

Carry Nurse Heart to the deck to have some fresh air of sort.
"So how did your day go? Are you feeling alright?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365394

Turn around slighty.

Felfire [Necromancer] 365395

Hold the book up to her.
"I have a gift."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365396


I frown.
"Wait… they were alive before? You killed more ponies miss Emrille?!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365397

Raise an eyebrow.
"A book?"

"Bad ponies don't count."

Wf+6 365399

"You play? Oh, wait… odd… those dice don't have enough sides."

An earth pony has approached you.

"I've suspected she might use the position to promote her student, Felfire. It wouldn't be the first time. There's a long history of necromancers promoting each other on this ship, you know."

It's dark and serene.

"I missed you… and… I don't understand… I feel overheating… it's confusing, and besides… I can't stop thinking about you."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365400

I shake my head.
"Dice not for play. Dice for spirit talking."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365401

"Well, miss Mera, I suppose this gives us plenty of time to talk, then."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365402

"About magic and nature. Just like the other book you showed me.
Wanna bet you can learn from this?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365403

"Never mind…"

I whisper softly in her ear
"It's not good to let these pirates know just how strong you are anyway."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365408

"I'm more of the visual type, but I guess trying can't hurt. Did you read it yet?"

Turn around to face her again.
"Spring, I hate it when you do this."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365410

I just frown in response, but perk up when I see the book.
"What book is that?"

"You think momma?…"

Wf+6 365411

"It does. What do you want to talk about?"

She slides a little on your flank.

He shrugs. "Ah, nevermind then. Sorry. Took you for a gambling… griffon. Hard to come by those on this ship."

Light Heart [Warlord] 365413

I chuckle softly
"Mister Marsh, please, I am starting to regret never studying necromancy now."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365414

I nod.
"Only see one other gryphon on ships. What gam-bling?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365415

I shrug.
"I don't know yet, I just got it. I guess we can give it a read."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365416

I'll hunker down a bit, so that if she slips off she doesn't have far to go.
"Well, we can continue our conversation that we started in the shrine. Questions for questions, if you like."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365418

"Nature and that stuff? Hek no."
Have a shadow pass on the book to her.
"Use it wisely, because that's gonna cost you the free ress."
Smile at her.
"Hey kid. Nature and magic, long and boring mumbo jumbo."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365419

I give her a dull look, then quietly motion to the wooden walls of the ship around us with a hoof

"I think so, yeah. Keep it as a a little surprise."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365423

Take the book.
"Considering you failed to hold Abilio here, you should still owe me at least one."

"Oh. Right. It's something like that."

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365426

"Oooohhhh~. So you are thinking of me." I grin.
I sit down for a moment and let her sit down too.
"Now, tell me what you have in mind? Tell me about your thoughts of me."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365427

"Abilio is your worry too. I had ideas. They didn't work. More than I saw you doing."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365429

"Only one resurrection it is then."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365433

"I'm doubling the price."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365435

"Oh. Magic?… Maybe it might be interesting!"

I give her a curious look as she gestures to the walls.
"Why'd you do that?"

Wf+6 365436

"Ah, nevermind. Probably wouldn't interest you. Dice games. For money."

He nods along. "Maybe I should've taken it up myself. I suppose things worked out for Smitts, though, and he wasn't a necromancer. Al-Jinn, too."

"Okay… Do you want to start?"

"I told you… I want you Chip. I want your big, strong paws to hold me. Your body to keep me warm… your knot to fill me…"

She edges herself closer to you, tail up.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365440

"Dice for games? Win money?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365441

"If you like. Previously, you said sea ponies could understand other ponies, but you said it was… different. How so?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 365444

"I am not even quite sure what the Commodore practices myself. He seems like quite the herbalist though."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365445

"Aww, come on, that's not too very friendly, now is it? If I'd come across any corpsery-books or whatnot I'd give it to you for free too!"

"It maybe, yeah. Unless it's the same dry crap than the previous books that uses a lot of fancy words but says nothing."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365449

"I can't tell you yet, sweetie."
I look around cautiously and get up, picking up Summer as well again, then start making my way off of this damn ship back into town.

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365453

Well its better to test her now and see if she is now a real mare.
"That is what I like to hear." I pat her flank.
Bring her below the deck and to my bunk then do the deed, not the backdoor mind you but her front this time.


Roll #1 6 = 6

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365454

Extend my wings and stretch them with a knowing smile.
"Are we going for a walk?~"

Wf+6 365467


"Really? He knows a thing or two about plants, but he's an old sea dog. They all do. Have you seen him FIGHT? Back in his prime, he'd take a dragon on alone! He still killed the one when the seaponies attacked."

She thinks hard. "It's not… It's a hard subject for me to talk about. It's my whole identity… what I am. Talking about the rest of the seaponies just distinguishes me further. I feel like I'm… less like them than I am like you. And maybe that's a good thing… but it's hard, okay?"

She seems very upset.

You take her again and again. She makes a very good fucktoy nurse. She moans with each thrust as you penetrate her new hole. When your knot finally deflate enough for you to remove yourself, she stops you, and whispers, "Please… stay inside me for a while… I get cold while you're away…"

With that, you cuddle for a bit, your little mare making cute noises as she settles under you, completely at peace with being your cocksock.

Felfire [Necromancer] 365468

"You were not very friendly."

Light Heart [Warlord] 365469

I nod
"I am quite aware he is a capable fighter, yes. I am sure he has seen quite a few things in his lifetime. And collected a few things as well."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365471

"I was just trying to conduct business. Honoring the deal and everything."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365472

"Seekkill not have much money. Seekkill never play games with others. Play game with Seekkill? Dice but no money?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365473

On our way there, can I see any like nooks or crannies or something where I could try out the moonfire uninterrupted?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365475

"I… see. My apologies, then."
I'll think for a moment, frowning a little.
"I seem to have a terrible habit of stepping my hoof into touchy subjects…"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365476

"Yeah right. And then whine about it. Enjoy the book."

Go back to my room.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365477


Wf+6 365481

He shrugs. "Okay, I'm always up for a game."

He pulls out a pair of six-sided dice. "Usually I play with these."

"No doubt, though his room is pretty barren. I've had a look."

"It's… it's okay. You're naturally curious. It's just… I haven't ever had anypony to talk to at length except Luna."

Wf+6 365483

It's a beach, so no.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365485

"Lost something?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365486

I sit down. Can I tell from here what the dice are made of?
"Only two?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365489

I'll chuckle a little sadly.
"Well, that's one up on me, miss Mera. After my teacher left, I've had very little chance to speak with others in any meaningful way. It's not like I could just walk back into town and settle down."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365494

Right, when Summer and I are alone enough, I hunker down and subtly take out the book to show to Summer.
"Take a look at this sweetie…"

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365498

Wow, did we spend that much time delving that underwater temple?
Cuddle her back.
"You're so soft, just rest for now. I'll be here."
With that I lie next to her and rest until she falls asleep. Also resist the temptation of sleep.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365499

I thought I follwed you two, though

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365502

Let's say I told you to stay behind for a moment.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365505

I give her a confused look at the book.
"What is it?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365507

I stay a bit behind then.
What's the time anyway?

Wf+6 365510

Ivory. Which is itself bone.

"Yeah, you see, the more dice you use, the more regressive your curve is."

"You're like other ponies, though… I'm not. Or maybe I'm like landponies in one way, and seaponies in another…"

She sleeps with your member still inserted.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365511

"It's… a book on Tartarus. Neither one of us can read it because it's written in a strange language. After what I've heard about Abilio from Light Heart and Emrille, I was thinking about giving it to him…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365512


Is it afternoon or night already?

Light Heart [Warlord] 365514

"Hm. As have I. I suppose he simply is a mysterious individual. He does not seem very willing to reveal much of himself either way."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365515

"Wait, a book on Tarta-"
I pause.
"…Do you think it might make mister Abilio more willing to stay?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365517


Spring Water [Charlatan] 365521

I shrug
"I don't know… but he did help us with those collars, didn't he? You know him better than I do… What do you think?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365525

"Well… we should show him anyways! He might like it!"

Wf+6 365528


"He seems oddly transparent. I've never heard him lie, and he seems always willing to let other peruse his cabin. I don't how how he would keep secrets."

"Game theory. The more dice you have, the more you tend toward the middle."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365529

"What's wrong with that? You could walk into town if you like, or live in the sea."
I'll chuckle a little.
"If you had wings, then no place at all would be closed to you."
I'll fold my front hooves over each other.
"But why does it bother you if you're like one or the other? Why not be glad you can combine the best of both?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365531

"Middle bad?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365532

Sit down while I wait for the unicorns, and look at the sky with a smirk..
Hey, Luna? How does this work exactly? Do you answer just about anyone or only the priviliged?

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365534

I nod
"That's what I thought… Let's keep it a secret for now though, okay? Don't tell anypony about this. I'll tell Curry about it later today."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365535

I nod.

Felfire [Shadows n' Stuff] 365539

I suppose I could go talk with Smitt if he's still on the ship.

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365540

Spend a little time keeping Nurse Heart warm. Then stand up(put some cover to warm Nurse Heart and clean myself up) and go see if Abilio is still on the ship.

Light Heart [Warlord] 365542

I shrug
"Perhaps he has secret compartments where he stores his personal items. Frankly, it is none of my business. If he is unwilling to speak of it, he must have a personal reason."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365546

"There's something else I need to tell you…"

Wf+6 365547

She sighs. "Because it means I don't belong with either."

"Sometimes. Other times it's good. Say you roll three dice and one twelve-sided die. In fair dice terms, there's an equal chance the twelve-sided die will turn up any number, particularly the ends. By comparison, the middle four digits of the four-sided dice will turn up most often – Six through nine each have about a one in seven chance of appearing, as opposed to the one-in-twenty chance of rolling a twelve or three. Also note that a twelve-sided die could roll a one, whereas three dice can roll three at the lowest."

No answer. You get angry at their Lunar privilege. And unicorn privilege. And straight privilege. And cis privilege.

He's not.

"Maybe you're right."

He's in his cabin.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365548

I give her an inquisitive look.
"Huh?… What else do you need to tell me?"

Felfire [Shadows n' Stuff] 365549

"Hey Terre, how is it gonna be now that you are captain?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365550

Keep sitting around.
"Yeah, fuck you too. It's not like I wanted to talk with you or anything!"
Flap my wings.
I have that over the unicorns!

Light Heart [Warlord] 365551

"It isn't a matter of being right or wrong, it is a matter of whether or not you are willing to dig into business that may or may not be dangerous to dig into. It all depends on the amount of risk you are willing to take to learn something new. Mister Smitts is our commodore now, it would be unwise to potentially upset him."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365552

I slowly nod my head.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365553

"It's about the fleet… I…"
I sigh
"I know this will sound crazy, honey, but… the walls have ears and eyes."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365554

I'll nudge her slightly.
"Well, that's just a silly way of thinking. You get along fine with me. And miss Seas. It'll just take a little work to win the others over."
And it'll take even more to make it up to you and your kind for what I've done against them.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365556

"What…? Ears and eyes? That's just silly!"

Wf+6 365559

She shrugs. "I get da big cabin."

He shrugs. "I don't think he cares. Or maybe he does and just doesn't let on. He seems to know everything, so he knows I've had a look around before I'm sure."

"Good! You understand."

She just sighs.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365561

I shake my head
"It does sound silly, doesn't it? But it's the truth. Everything you say on those ships can be heard… so any secrets you tell… will be known."

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365562

Knock on his door and peek inside.
"Sir Abilio?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365564

Well, take out the book Felfire gave me while I wait.
Start reading.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365565

My expression falls as I realize she's serious.
"B- Bu… so… everything? Everything we say?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 365567

I nod
"He does have a knack for gathering information, yes. Either way, you will be getting your promotion, so I suppose you do not need to worry."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365568

I'll give her a little smile.
"Come now, cheer up. You're more than any seapony, more than any land pony. You are a follower of the Moon, and able to do something I could only dream of doing. If nowhere else, you belong with those who share your faith. Not all Lunar followers were ponies, after all."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365569

I nod
"I don't know how… but it's how it is. So be careful okay? You don't need to be afraid but… just choose what you say cautiously."

Felfire [Shadows n' Stuff] 365570

"Meh, I liked this one. But I was talking about time. Will things change?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365571

I hold out a claw.
"Seekkill look dice?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365572

I sadly nod.

Wf+6 365574

"Come in."

"I s'pose not."

It's even more impenetrable than the books on the elements. And yet somehow… you get the feeling that it is about the elements.

"Luna says she used to talk to all her followers when the prayed… but now she doesn't even talk to me. She only talks to one pony."

"I imagine dat's up to Smitts."

He shrugs. "Okay." With that he passes them over.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365577

What sort of book is this… Huh… Keep trying I guess?

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365578

"Miss Seas?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365579

"Hey now…"
I pull her in for a hug
"Don't be too sad, sweetie."


I roll them around in my claws for a bit before rolling them.

Roll #1 4, 4 = 8

Felfire [Shadows n' Stuff] 365582

"Right. I'm just gonna go ahead and keep my studying up, I guess."
I should have a talk with Moonbeam…

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365583

"It's… but now they'll know everything we talk about.."
I sadly sniffle and return her hug.

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365585

Go inside and smile.
"Looks like Doc Peg now has a good Nurse on his side."

Wf+6 365586

"That's a good roll."

Light Heart [Warlord] 365590

I smile
"Very well then. I will leave you be. You have my congratulations with your promotion, mister Marsh. I look forward to speaking with you more in the future."
I bow my head slightly, then leave him be.
Let's go find mister Curry

I walk up on him and Mera
"Good night to the both of you. How are you faring?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365591

"How good? Which rolls better?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365593

"It's only inside the ships, sweetie. And I'm sure they don't care about listening to everything."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365598

"You sure?…"


I toss the dice again.

Roll #1 5, 6 = 11

Wf+6 365602

You almost fall asleep.

"Dat's good."

"So it would seem. Something you needed?"

"You rolled doubles. That means both faces are the same. The best roll is double fives."


Seance on the brain of Moonbeam.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365604

Shake my head, concentrate, and read!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365605

I'll turn my head slightly to look at Light Heart.
"Good evening, miss Heart. Significantly better after having a rather… illuminating chat with the new Commodore. I suppose you and miss Emrille are to thank for our heads not rolling about the deck."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365606

I nod
"Pretty sure."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365607

"Not double six?"

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365609

"Nothing much, I just came here to thank you. I hope its not much of a bother." I scratch my head while giving him a grin.

"So… not that I am pushing for it, but when will you two leave?"

Wf+6 365615



A slow rhythmic beat starts in the background.

Pfff Pfff-ch Pfff Pfff Pfff-ch.

Yo, wassup. My necromance.
I see you've come back
For another dance.

"Double five is the calling card of the King of Games, the God of Good Fortune. His high priest, Patrick Bateman, was notorious for searching for signs of doubles in the natural universe. But I don't want to bore you."

"When we make port in Reptil, I believe. A few days."

Light Heart [Warlord] 365617

"You could say that, yes. I felt it was appropriate seeing Doctor Spring's and her daughter's affection towards you. As for miss Mera… it would have been quite the waste."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365619

Do I at least see Luna too?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Wf+6 365620

You do, but you're pretty sure you're just dreaming about her.

Felfire [Shadows n' Stuff] 365621

But I'm taken my dear. So tonight, seat back and play some music, because me and my love will dance.

Raise my shadow with Fervored.

Do you know the steps?

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365623

Isn't that the same?
At least is the dream exciting?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Wf+6 365624

They may be a bit out of date…

Narrow Moonbeam starts a slow jam with a love rap.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365626

I nod.
"Tell order of winning rolls?"

Wf+6 365627

You imagine yourself seducing the Princess of the Night, getting close enough to taste her royal cunt, and as your tongue is inches away, she shoves some papers in your face and tells you to write some romance reports.

She's just like Abilio. Sigh.

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365628

"Sounds like a lovely city? What kind of place is it?" I then cross my arm.

Felfire [Shadows n' Stuff] 365629

Giggle like a filly.

Doesn't matter honey.
Doesn't matter at all.

Wink at him and let go of the shadow.
Another day perhaps, Moonbeam.
Lie in front of the jar with a smile on my face.
How is everything on the other side?

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365630

I slowly settle into the hug, perking up slightly as I remember something.
I take the book out of my bag.
"Do you wanna read this now momma?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365631

I'll nod to Mera.
"Well, at least she spoke with you at all…"
"Indeed. Though hopefully that's in the sense that there's much we could learn, as opposed to just viewing her as a curiosity.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365632

Ah come on!
Seriously now?
No wonder everyone hates you!

Wf+6 365633

"In Virgin's Dice, it's pretty easy. King of Games – double fives – wins it all. Any doubles are a small win. Everything else is a small loss."

"It's not. It's a lawless place in constant chaos. But it is a good place to disembark. We certainly won't be staying."

You callin' me dead?

Rimshot. Bum dum pish!

Light Heart [Warlord] 365634

"A bit of both, really. How is she, exactly?"

Felfire [Shadows n' Stuff] 365635

Please. I can be a more convincing dead spirit than you.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365636

I look at it and nod
"Sure… why not?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365638

"A charming mare in her own right. I was taking the chance to get to know her better."
I'll gesture slightly to Mera.
"You could just ask her yourself, instead of going through me."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365639

I nod.
"Seekkill maybe come back when have more money. Thank you for explaining."
I go back to wandering around the ship.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365641

I happily nod and begin reading.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365642

"I see, the perfect place for you two to go and disappear on the map so to say."
I then think for a moment.
"I hope you two have a safe journey and many sons. If there is anything that I could do to help, just dont hesitate to ask."

Light Heart [Warlord] 365643

I look her over.
How attractive is she? '1d10'
"Indeed. Miss Mera, how are you doing?"

Roll #1 1 = 1

Wf+6 365646

It could be arranged.

She's currently in seapony form which is a big turnoff for you.

He nods vacantly.

You literally can't read a single letter of this. It is in a completely different language and has no diagrams or pictures.

He nods and sees you off.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365649

The one about the Light spell.

Felfire [Shadows n' Stuff] 365650

Better later than sooner. Got any great insight for me?

Light Heart [Warlord] 365655

I don't care how attractive she is to me.
I want to know how attractive she would be to other ponies.

"Miss Mera?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365656

Does the dream get better after the paperwork at least?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365661

And I join her in that endeavor



Roll #1 2 = 2

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365665

I take flight and glide around above the beach.

I catch sight of the two doctors and dive down, landing a few feet away.
"What doctors doing?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365668

"Oh, hi mister Seekkill!"
I wave to him.
"We're reading a book."

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365670

With that, I exit the cabin.
Now what to do.
Visit Smitts perhaps and see if he is brewing anything?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365676

I walk over to her side and look down at the open book.
"Seekkill not know these runes."

Wf+6 365677

The position of Jupiter says that you should spend the rest of the week face down in the mud, but I don't think that's a good suggestion.


By: Doctor Light
It follows from these two principles that the image of any visible point lies at the intersection of the extended incident visual ray and the cathetus of the reflection. But this intersection-point is not yet fully determinate. A third and even more fundamental principle is necessary: name, "that the disposition of the reflected ray connecting pupil to visible object and visible object to horn is such that each of the ray's two branches joins at the point of reflection and that both form equal angles with the normal dropped to that point". This principle of equality between the angles of incidence and reflection completes the determination of image-location by specifying precisely where the point of reflection must lie and, therefore, precisely how far below the horn's height the image must be situated along the cathetus of the reflection. Yet, in order to give that determination as much rigor as possible, I make explicit a crucial underlying assumption that none of my predecessors seem to have recognized. All of the aforementioned ray-segments and normals lie in one plane and this plane is normal either to the plane of the horn or to the plane tangent to the horn at the point of reflection.

She looks at you expectantly.

So-so. She massages your special region a little but makes you fill out a survey while she does so.

He's not on the ships.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365678

I nod vacantly as I read
"Equestrian alphabet."

Felfire [Shadows n' Stuff] 365680

So I guess nothing fun will happen, uh?

Wf+6 365683

It's more fun if you aren't lying in the mud, at least.

Light Heart [Warlord] 365685

"Did you not hear my earlier question? I was wondering how you were doing."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365686

Right. Got any words on what happened to the Commodore?

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365687

"You don't know how to read mister Seekkill?"

Do I understand any of that?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365691

Try my best to enjoy it.
It's a little sad I only get dreams though.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365694

"Eh-ques-tree-an-alf-ab-et runes? Not pony runes?"

"Seekkill read spirit runes. Spirits not teach Seekkill other runes."

Wf+6 365695

"It's an odd question to ask. I never thought about it… Um… by sitting?"

Afraid my hooves are tied at the moment. Suffice to say? Cannibalism is out, vegetarianism is in.

A little later in your dream, Luna disappears, and a huge version of Chip arrives. It's then you realize that he's not huge, it's that you've been turned into a filly again. You run and even try to fly, but you can't seem to escape.

Some of it… maybe.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365696

Wake up!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365697


Am I paying enough attention to absorb any of that or am I still distracted? '1d10'

"Letters, rather."
I write my name in the sand with a hoof

Roll #1 8 = 8

Wf+6 365698

You can't wake up, but you do hover just above his reach. Your filly wings can't keep you up forever, though.

You think you got most of it…

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365699

This isnt good…
Wake up, wake up, wake up!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365700

"I'm confused…"

"No, not runes mister Seekkill! Letters!"
I write my name in the sand next to Spring's.
"See? It's easy!"

Wf+6 365703

Just as he leaps and grabs you, you wake with a start.

Light Heart [Warlord] 365704

I cock a brow
"I think you are still misunderstanding me… are you settling in quite well? Not feeling homesick?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365706

I will be sure to tell Seekkill that…
I will be back for some dancing lessons.

Let go of the connection and go look for Curry.

Wf+6 365708

"Oh, I'd never be sick of my home. It's a little dangerous sometimes, but I feel at home there."

He's on deck.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365710

Look around!
Am I still on the shore and everything?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365713

I nod.
"Ponies use letters. Seekkill see. Write Seekkill's name?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 365716

I chuckle
"Okay… never mind. Just know that if you need something, you can ask me."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365725

I nod and write his name in the sand as well

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365726

I change the dot on her 'i' to a heart, giggling.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365727

I'll nod to Light Heart.
"Or myself. I may not have as much clout as miss Heart, though I can offer what aid I can."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365729

And then I approach you.
"Got my book?"

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365733

Go around the ship and see where the others have gone too. Perhaps find Curry and the rest?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365735

I copy what they wrote.
[1d10] to see if this sticks and I can remember how my name looks in the equestrian alphabet.

"What change mean?"

Roll #1 8 = 8

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365737

"It does take time to copy things down, miss Felfire. We only bought the supplies this afternoon."
I'll cock my head for a moment.
"Though I suppose it would be best if I started working on that as soon as possible. I'll need to find miss Spring, though."

Felfire [Necromancer] 365741

"I'm coming with you."

Wf+6 365746

Yes you find them

Wf+6 365747


You see some more tracks, but that's all.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365748

I remember how it looks and manage to not get thrown off by Summer changing the dot to a heart.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365749

"It's just a little decoration mister Seekkill!"
I smile at him.
"See? It's easy!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365750

I nod.
"Seekkill like decorate den on island. Not know can decorate words and letters."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365753

"Thanks a lot…"
Put the book away and fly back to the ship.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365754

"It's done sometimes. In religious texts and whatnot."
I fish out my book of prayers and hoof it to him, showing the decorated initiums.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365756

I tilt my head.
"Why write like this? So many decorations waste of time."

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365757

Go to the beach then.

Stand there for a moment before approaching the two.
"Good day on the beach? So what are you fine gent and ladies doing today?" I cross my arms.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365758

"Because it looks pretty mister Seekkill!"

I wave to him.
"Hi mister Chip!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365759

"They take a lot of time, yes, but they are a nice touch to the texts. Makes them appear better than they are."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365760


"Seekkill see."
I write my name a few times and try decorating it. Let's see if it looks good or becomes illegible.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Felfire [Necromancer] 365761

Go to one side of the ship from which I can see the shore and look at the kid.

Look for the shadow of a little bird and raise it with Fervored inside.

Do you like that kid, honey?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365762

Pretty good. Made a few of the letters look like gryphons and a few look like bones.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365763

"Good. Though really, I don't think you need to worry about that stuff just yet. If you want to learn to write, then start doing so by learning all the different letters in the alphabet."

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365764


"Pff… !" I cover my mouth.

"You're teaching him?!" I try to hold my laughter.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365765

"Uh, that looks… good, mister Seekkill?"

I start jotting down all the letters in the alphabet on the sand, saying each aloud to him as I write them down.

"…What's wrong with reading, mister Chip?"
I frown.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365766

I look up at him.
"Dog think something funny?"

"Thank you. Seekkill like how it look."
I watch her write down the letters and try to memorize what each one is.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365767

I got this.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365768

"Now you try mister Seekkill!"

Wf+6 365769

She tries to do good. I think trying is the most important part.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365770


"Looks like you're a quick learner."
Show him the difference between vowels and consonants

Felfire [Necromancer] 365771

Are you gonna do a favor for me?
Fly to her ear. Ask her if she still wants that ice cream.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365772

I try to write the vowels on one side and the consonants on the other. Am I getting this?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365773

Nope. The letters are all just letters to me.

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365774

I turn my back for a moment, take a deep breath and look again.

"Dont mind me friend, I just… look just concentrate on learning from a little filly eh?"

"No nothing nothing, nothing bad in reading stuff…" I wipe some of the tears that formed from my eyes.

"So hows you and your mother? Do you both have plans to go down that temple again I suppose?"

Wf+6 365775


The bird shadow flies over and perches on Summer.

"Do you want ice cream?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365776

Let's try this again.
Be sure to pronounce every vowel and consonant to make the difference between the two clear.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365777

Since you are here

Fuck this.
And fuck Spring too
Knock on Abilio's door, then enter.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365778


I try again.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365779

Can I try and slow it down and teach him any better?

"No… we're not planning on going down in that temple again."

I look at the shadow bird perched on me.
"Who are you?"

Roll #1 6 = 6

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365781

Seekkill's got mostly got it. With a bit more practice he should be good.

Wf+6 365782

"Fervored Freedom. Felfire wants to know if you want icecream."

You can't enter until the door unlocks! But it does.

He doesn't look up from his work.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365785

"Look, I was an idiot, I know, but I really want to learn."
Take out the book Felfire gave me.
"And I got this. I tried to read it, but I can't do it on my own. I mean, I can read it and everything, but I need your help with it."
Take a deep breath.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365787

"Hurray! You got it mister Seekkill!"
I clap for him.

"Oh! Uh, hi mister Fervored! I do still wanna get ice cream with miss Feelfear."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365788

I smile slightly

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365789

I scratch some random letters into the sand.
"Any more letters to learn?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365791

"Well, letters do form words. Maybe we can start forming some words?"

Wf+6 365792

He gestures at a chair in the corner and continues reading his book.

He nods and flutters off.

She does.

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365794

Sit next to Seek and just observe.

"Good to hear that, I would'nt want to risk my life, nor yours on such a place." I scratch my head.
"Makes me wonder why the "Luna'tics ever built it in the first place."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365796

"Uh, no, there's no more letters. But you can start using letters to make words!"

I frown.
"Lunites, mister Chip. And they built all those traps because they were scared of Celestials!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365797

Walk over there and sit down.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365798

"How letters make words?"
I point at my name.
"How those letters make Seekkill?"

I nod.
"Lunites strange."

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365799

"Excuse my language, sometimes I talk too much." I look at Summer and Spring.


Off I go back into town. Find someplace that sells ice cream.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Wf+6 365801

He holds up a hoof and continues reading.

It's hard to find your way in the dark.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365803

Tap the wall with my wings a few times.
"Y'know, I'm not really in the mood for waiting some more now."


Oh right. Dark. Night.
I guess I will just have to do this tomorrow. Or stop somepony and ask.
But no, I doubt there would be an open place selling ice crem at this hour.
We have fruit on the ship?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Wf+6 365805

You trip and fall in a ditch. Roll for damage.

"So you really only came back because you were impatient."



Roll #1 3 = 3

Emrille [Gunslinger] 365807

"No, I came back because I want to learn from you! With you! And your way too, I even got a book!"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365808

"Well… it's how the letters are pronounced!"
I write a few letters down.
"They each make a sound. And… when you combine them, the sounds make a word!"


Can I guess which letters of my name make each sound?

Roll #1 7 = 7


I get confused a little bit by the double-e but figure it out myself.
"Sekkill? No, Seekkill."

Roll #1 9 = 9

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365811

I nod
"Right. Now try our names again."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365812

"Right mister Seekkill!"
I applaud him again, smiling.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365813

"How you say your names?"

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365814

"Makes me wonder of what the Lunites are thinking while they are building the temple. They didnt even make some secret passage or something to make the entry of their fellow brethren safe." I shrug.

"But still, the length that the Lunites had to go through to make sure no Celestial can enter shows how much they want to keep their secrets safe. I got to admit that their work is…. magnificent."

"Curry can be at times, but present day Lunites

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 365816

"And the altar. No purpose."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365818

Show him

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365820

"… present day Lunites appears to have cooled down?" I think for a moment.

"Well, the altar can have its purpose. But it makes me think of idea's. How kinky can you get." I grin at Seek.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365822

"Kinky? What does that mean?"

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365828

I bite my nail.
"Aahhh… errr… its when someone wants to do something to you that you find kind of weird but astonishing at the same time."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365830

"Oooh… how come I don't hear it used more? That sounds like a really useful word!"

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365836

Oh no.
"Ahh.. err.. its a word that is out of… style. Only old folks like meself use those words in the open. If you want to commit social suicide, then be my guest and use it." I fold my arms.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365837

I arch an eyebrow at him, but say nothing

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365839

"But it's a fun word! It's all… it's like papaya! Or… melon! It's just one of those words that's really fun to say."

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365845

I look at Spring and give her a grin.

I frown a bit.
"Is it now? Then say it." I fold my arm.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365846

"How about no? Summer, 'kinky' is a rude word. One of those rude words."

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365850

"See, even your mother dont find it a cool word. Better listen to her eh?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365851


I blink.

"That's not what she means, mister Chip."

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365856

I shrug.
"I told you."

I then relax on the sandy beach.
"So what are you two up too? Mind telling me?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 365859

"Well we were teaching Seekkill how to read and write. Two of those very important Equestrian skills."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 365860

I nod.
"And he was picking it up very well!"

Chip(DD Warmaster) 365866

"Nothing in particular then? Well at least Seek can get some free tutorial from you two unicorns."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365923

And then I came back to existence.
"As you like, miss Felfire. Miss Mera, would you like to join us, or would you like to speak with miss Heart for a while longer?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 365933

I'm in a ditch half dead right now. Time went on.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365934

Well, shit. Maybe I can help pull you out of the ditch. You didn't get far, did you?

Felfire [Necromancer] 365935

No idea. I was looking for ice cream in the middle of then night. Ask Wf.

Light Heart [Warlord] 365937

Hey there~

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365939

I suppose we can continue our conversation. Though I had thought you were talking mostly with Mera.

Light Heart [Warlord] 365942

Not like I've got much better to do.
With Mera being as simpleminded as she is, I turn back to Curry.
"So, mister Curry… I understand you will continue following miss Spring and Summer?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365947

"Until they have no use for me. Hopefully by then miss Seas will be a great mare, and Moon Priestess in her own right."
I'll rub my beard for a moment.
"Fullmaster Abilio's idea of a family does sound fairly appealing, especially since I'm nearly over the hill as it is."
I'll chuckle a bit.
"I'm swiftly approaching the point where I'm a catch not worth the effort of fishing for."

Light Heart [Warlord] 365956

"Yes… a family… A prospect that has reared its head lately in my own life as well."
I look at Rosemary for a moment, then back at him
"Either way, your dedication and sense of loyalty to little Summer is admirable and perhaps one of the main reasons why I personally bargained for your life as well. I do hope I did not make a mistake by doing so."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365963

"So long as miss Seas and her mother are not harmed, I will have no reason to betray that trust. The same with miss Mera."
I'll give an off-hoofed gesture.
"I, currently, am expendable, but if miss Seas is harmed, then the last Lunar Priestess will be gone from the world. That's something that I cannot allow to happen, even if I were to die."
I'll raise an eyebrow.
"Though, if something were to give me cause to believe her life is in danger, I would stop at nearly nothing to make certain that whomever brought her to harm was made to pay in many creative, and possibly painful, ways."
I'll smile at Light Heart.
"So, yes, you should have no fear of having a mistake with bargaining for my life. I will not raise hoof against any except those who give me reason to do so."

Light Heart [Warlord] 365987

"This does put me in a rather uncomfortable position, mister Curry. No matter how you look at it, this remains a pirateship and a piratefleet even. In return for sparing your lives, I was given responsibility over your well-being and the continued… imprisonment of both you and the doctors. Seeing the knowledge you possess over both the fleet and its members, it would be dangerous for you to escape with said knowledge."
I consider my next words carefully
"I understand your plight to defend Summer from harm, it even overlaps with my own agreement made with miss Spring in fact, but please do not let brash actions jeopardize the safety of us all. I very much doubt anypony would ever lash out at Summer or Doctor Spring but… in the event that it does happen, please try to let me handle it without violence first."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 365998

I'll nod.
"It will certainly depend on the severity of the offense, if any such offense does occur at all. Any intentional bodily harm will be met with swift, but adequate response. I will let you have the chance to ask why anyone would take such a course of action, of course, but if it was just to prove a point, then I will have to make three points of my own in return."
And I'll gesture to my trident.
"I will, however, endeavor to not bother the crew beyond their tolerance, and peaceable, if not an affable traveling companion."

Light Heart [Warlord] 366049

I nod back
"I suppose that is about the most I could ask of you. I am placing a great deal of trust into you by not disarming you mister Curry, so please do not betray that trust."
I take a moment to look him over
"I am not a unreasonable mare, and I am more than willing to help make your stay on the fleet as pleasant as possible. I do not, however, do charity work…"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366054

I'll wave my hoof dismissively.
"Yes, yes, I remember. A businessmare at heart. A wonder you never started a business of your own. Though if you had, you would not have been here to save our necks from the chopping block."
I'll nod slightly.
"For that, I am thankful fate has led you here."

Light Heart [Warlord] 366071

I smile
"I am indeed not a pirate at heart, mister Curry. I only joined this fleet two weeks back myself, after all. My talents allow me to quickly adapt to many new situations. The only reason I came to Equestria was because matters were starting to become unpleasant in my homeland. I am not a religious pony, neither do I hold much to matters such as fate, I am here by mere coincidence. A chain of unfortunate events triggered by a bad businesscall on my part, more specifically."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366080

"Fate's only what has happened in the past, miss Heart. The future is an unchartable sea, and we all are just sailors on it, making due with what we have to stay afloat. Needless to say, I am glad your wrong turn ended up being a right one, even if by odd circumstance."

Light Heart [Warlord] 366097

"That is one way to look at it, yes."
I look him over again
"Mister Curry, would you mind it if I were to pose a rather personal question?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366110

I'll sit up, and turn to face Light Heart fully.
"Depends on how deep you plan to pry, miss Heart. Ask away, but I don't guarantee answers if they're too personal."

Light Heart [Warlord] 366114

I smirk slightly
"Seeing your close involvement with miss Spring and her daughter, I am curious to hear if you intend on pursuing a romantic relationship with the good doctor. Be honest, I promise I wont tell anypony else."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366124

I'll fiddle with my hooves.
"I… don't know? She's charming, certainly, and a fine mare that any stallion would be proud to call wife… but I get the feeling that pursuing that course would be treading into waters that are concealing a great many dangerous things."
I'll stare at the sea for a moment.
"Another misgiving is that, as I was not raised in the most traditional sense, I fear that I would be an ill fit to be miss Seas's father."
I'll frown slightly.
"There are other concerns, of course. Miss Emrille has made her affections quite known, and I'm loathe to wake up with a few extra holes."
I'll sigh.
"And even if I were to pursue her that way, it would be as if I were hounding a trapped mare, since we can't leave the ship. Or at least, not for long. And though I may enjoy the sea, a pirate vessel is no place to pursue a mare, or to raise a child."
I'll rest my head on the siderail.
"Truthfully, miss Heart, I fear I may be doing more harm than good by trying to cheer the two of them up. That shopping trip earlier must have simply reminded them of what they no longer had, to say nothing of what happened with miss Spring…"

Light Heart [Warlord] 366135

"I see. Those are indeed valid concerns, some of which I indeed share when it comes to miss Rosemary. I myself will not concern myself with neither discouraging or encouraging you on this matter, as miss Emrille would most certainly be upset if I did so."
I look out over the sea as well
"As for their loss… I understand miss Spring lost her clinic and most, if not all, of her financial assets. A situation I can easily relate to, seeing how I found myself in the same one just a few months ago. I believe however, that loss is a part of life. I myself have gained and lost a lot throughout life, but every time I lost, I managed to pick myself up and start over with strong resolve. Miss Spring on the other hand… she is visibly troubled by both hers and her daughter's course of life."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366139

"The purpose of the shopping trip while fulfilling the commodore's task was an idea made with the intent to remind them that, though things are difficult, they aren't all bad."
I'll frown a little more.
"I don't think it worked quite the way I'd hoped. Miss Seas seemed to enjoy herself, though. Miss Spring, however… I don't really think she enjoyed it much. She didn't really smile, even to her daughter."
I'll sigh heavily.
"I'm starting to fear that my actions are simply setting them up for a harsh fall at some point down the line. And that there's nothing I, nor miss Mera, can do about it. I couldn't even keep my promise to find a way to get them out of their collars, and it fell to you and miss Emrille to shoulder that burden. For that, I'm sorry."

Light Heart [Warlord] 366167

I smirk
"Well… perhaps I could aid you, mister Curry. I am quite certain there must be a way to cheer her up somehow…"
I take a deep breath, enjoying the seabreeze immensely
"Everypony has a certain thing they want, mister Curry. I for one, know that miss Spring wishes to escape from this place with her daughter. This, of course, is not something I cannot support or even allow. However… it would surprise me greatly if this was the only wish miss Spring has right now. If you dig and inquire enough, I am sure you would find other matters that interest her and her daughter greatly. Talking about her life before this may be painful for miss Spring, but I am afraid there is little choice to be had if you wish to make her lighten up somehow."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366169

I'll raise an eyebrow at this.
"Nothing's ever easy, is it?"
I'll sigh a little as I return my head to the rails.
"Now, I'm fairly certain you aren't offering me this advice out of a love of romance, miss Heart. I hope this does not offend, but what, exactly, did you want in return for lending me an ear and a suggestion?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 366179

I chuckle
"All I wish of you, is to inform me of what you may learn about miss Spring and her daughter. Or rather, all that you wish to share with me about it. Doing this would of course allow me to accommodate better to them. A happy doctor is a better doctor after all."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366182

I'll give a small grin at that.
"So they are. I can't promise you anything, though, miss Heart. At least, not anything she hasn't seen fit to share with the rest of you already. But, so long as she does not demand my secrecy, or otherwise forbid me to speak of things we may talk about, I can give you the important bits. Or at least the ones she feels like letting go of."

Light Heart [Warlord] 366184

I give him a pleased nod
"Excellent. I look forward to your findings."
I then clear my throat, averting my gaze from the sea and returning it to look at him
"As for your own history of life… why don't you tell me a bit more about yourself, mister Curry? If you wish, I could give answers to any questions you have as well, just to make this more fair."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366193

"There's not much to tell, really. About the time I was eight, it seems my parents grew tired of me and, when swept up by the surf one day, did nothing to save my life. Were I not found by my teacher, I likely would have either drowned, or been eaten by…" I'll shoot a small glance at Mera. "…a shark."
I'll shake my head.
"But, found I was. My teacher raised me for the next twenty years, taught me everything I knew."
I'll give a small laugh.
"Seems she forgot to mention miss Mera, or the finer points of the trap layout. If she even knew, of course."
I'll sigh a little.
"For the last ten years before you and your ships arrived, and even a decade before that, I'd been fighting that hydra down in the shrine. Most days it would chase me off before I could hurt it, though some days I at least made a dent before I was forced to retreat to the surface. All to see if the legend about the Lunar Shrine was true."
Resting my head on the railing, I'll continue.
"Which, of course, it was, as miss Seas demonstrated. Seems that male followers of Luna are less capable of speaking with her, as throughout my entire life, I'd not heard a peep from her. So, I had to have faith… and wait."
I'll close my eyes for a moment.
"The last ten years… were not good, I suppose. I lived, certainly, but… it was rather lonesome. I didn't feel I was ready to teach another to follow me, as my teacher had done, until I had found the library."

Light Heart [Warlord] 366211

"My my… what a story. And to think a mere mushroom was enough to kill that which you hunted for so many years…"
I chuckle
"I do not believe I envy you for even a moment, mister Curry. It seems to me that being a Lunite is… rather unrewarding, no?"

Wf+6 366212

He sighs and levitates the book over.

"Let's see here…"

After a moment of browsing, he closes it and sets it on his desk.

"I had hoped this question wouldn't come up. I don't have time to explain this properly before I go."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366213

"Aww, I'm sure you can squeeze in an extra day or two, can't you? You make it sound like it's worth it."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366214

"It would seem. But there are so many things that she's done that make it worth it."
I'll gesture to the sea.
"What do you think makes the tide go in and out? The Moon. What guides navigators and seafarers at night, when compasses and maps are useless? The stars."
I'll sigh a little.
"What shines gently onto the earth and sea, softly embracing two ponies who love each other, giving them just enough light to see, but never enough to burn?"
I'll shake my head.
"It is only unrewarding if you are looking for material gain. Or if you were born anywhere after she fell to the Darkness."
I'll chuckle slightly.
"Though that does cover a fair stretch of time."
I'll look out over the sea again.
"Though, Smitts tells me that was no ordinary mushroom. Found deep in the darkest bogs and fens, far away and prized for its poisonous traits. Judging by what happened to that gryphon when he tried to take a bite from the dead hydra, I dare say the mushroom was powerful enough to taint the entire beast. One would think that's how the previous commodore died, but who would be fool enough to eat a hydra's heart? Especially one so heavily poisoned?"

Wf+6 366215

"The short version is that there are traditionally four elements each with two modes each. You are familiar with the water/ice dichotomy already. I am certain you've heard of the lighting/fire relationship. That leaves earth and wind. Those are perhaps easier to understand than the remaining elements. This book is about the often ignored element of plant, which lies within the sphere of life, with earth. It is ignored because it is difficult to master and often left to the shamans."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366217

I continue reading that book!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366226

Raise an eyebrow.
"Plant is an element? I thought plants were, y'know, flowers and shit."

Wf+6 366227

You don't get anything out of it. For a unicorn your age my flank!

Light Heart [Warlord] 366231

I cock an eyebrow
"That seems like a strange train of thought, mister Curry. It seems rather implausible for one to actually eat a hydra's heart, no? As for mister Seekkill, hydras are inherently poisonous. I believe miss Spring warned us all that much. But to fall back on the subject of Luna… I don't quite see the reason for worship. The moon and stars were not created by her after all. In fact, the unicorn tribe was responsible for its regulation back in the olden days, yet they are not worshiped today."

Wf+6 366232

"There's not a very good word for it. A better translation would be biological, or perhaps a variant on life. Cellulose? Equestrian is a restrictive language in this regards. But yes, it falls into the domain of movement related to wind as well."


What about me? I understood a whole bunch of it earlier, surely I can help out!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366235

Maybe the next page might be easier to understand?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Wf+6 366236

You are a very good teacher pone.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366238

But is Summer a good learning pone?

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366239

I nod.
"And if you wanted to avoid it… I guess you expected to teach it. How could I utilize this?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366241

A- Am I?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Wf+6 366243

I guess so.

"It's very useful, but very difficult to master. You don't have the patience for it."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366245

So does that mean I've learned it?
Can I now make my horn a candle?

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366246

"That's because the unicorn tribe was, as I understood it, a bunch of snooty nobles who only cared for what they could get from the other tribes. They depended on the Earth tribe for food, and the Pegasus tribe for protection and good weather, yet they did not see fit to meet either of them halfway on anything."
I'll shake my head.
"Not that the leaders of the other tribes were any less pigheaded. Or so the story goes, anyway. The Sisters represented the balance of the three races, and between them, the balance of Equestria itself. When Luna fell, that balance tilted along with it."
I'll frown deeply.
"That her own Sister would not curb her followers' zeal in the destruction of what remained of her sister's effects is beyond reprehensible. She acted, dare I say it, like one of the old Unicorn tribe leaders. Though the same could likely be said of Luna, when the Darkness took her."
I'll shake my head a bit.
"I suppose that's why none of the tribes are worshiped, miss Heart. They acted too much like we do. Petty, selfish, greedy… fallible."

Wf+6 366248

File: 1362899993706.jpg (25.51 KB, 286x320, wow kobold papercraft.jpg)

You are a very (candle) horny pone.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366249

"I had the patience for everything else so far, haven't I?"

Wf+6 366250

He gives you an incredulous look.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366252

I try to light my horn up!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Wf+6 366254

It's a free action

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366256

"…okay, not everything, but most things!"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366259

I run around with my horn lit up then, giggling.
"Hehe, it's fun!"

Light Heart [Warlord] 366260

"I personally can't see anything that makes the alicorn sisters worth worshiping as if they were gods if their abilities were practiced by normal ponies before. I believe they are merely well-practiced mages with powerful spells at their disposal."
I chuckle
"I am sure you can tell I am not very fond of either one of them. No offense, of course."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366262

I chuckle as she trots around the place
"Well done sweetie, that will make things easier at night for us."

Wf+6 366268

"Understanding this element requires the patience and form of stone and the willingness to change and flow as the wind. It was a simple matter to teach you wind because you understand it innately. Earth was simple because I made you small, so that your magic reservoir was large in comparison to your body – regardless of a perception that I did it to berate you. You need both from this, it's not something you can learn by gimmick."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366269

"No offense taken, miss Heart. Religion isn't for everypony, and some simply choose to live life regardless of who does what. Though, I don't worship Luna herself. What I pay respects to are the things she represents, and embodies. The Moon, stars, tides, the night in general… All things that were given to her to oversee by whatever power created them. The Divine Sisters are just speakers for forces beyond them."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366270

I nod.
"Ooh! What if we can enchant something with this?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366271

"Hey, we can at least try, can't we?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366275

"Maybe… That could be handy, like a torch that never douses…"

Wf+6 366277

"Then sit quietly until I finish reading, or we'll have to find a way to make you patient."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366278

I nod.
Try to stay quiet and patient.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366279

I start doodling ideas in the sand on how to enchant it!
Do I get anywhere?
Or do I just get distracted and start drawing silly pictures?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Light Heart [Warlord] 366282

"If that is what you choose to believe in, then I cannot do anything but accept your beliefs. In the end I do not quite care either way."
My face lightens up as I remember something
"Ah… something slightly unrelated to this but… I don't believe I have informed you of this matter yet, but I have decided to remove the altar from the temple and move it onboard this vessel."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366284

"The altar? Whatever for? All it does is change genders for priests who decide to become priestesses so they can speak with Luna, and back if they choose to."

Wf+6 366287

You're distracted by horrific thoughts of what probably happened to Nurturing Heart, the nurse pony from Stonebriar that is probably dead now because of all of that cannonfire.

He turns another page. Just a few hundred to go.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366288

That motherfucker better read quick then.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366289

I suddenly stop the light and start whimpering and shivering.

Light Heart [Warlord] 366291

I smile and turn to look at Rosemary
"Miss Rosemary? Whatever do we want that altar for?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366293

"Summer? What's wrong!? Did you hurt yourself, sweetie?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366299

And then it'll click.
"Ah. Aha. I see. So who's carrying who's child, or plans to?"

Wf+6 366301

There's still a lot to go, but you manage to keep quiet for a generous number of pages.

She tries her best pokerface. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366303


Come on Emrille, you can do this without getting bored to tears!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366304

"N- No…"
I run and hug Spring.
"D- Do… do you remember mister Nurturing Heart? That nice nurse… I- I don't think I saw him when we went and rounded up all the ponies… I- I…"
I whimper and bury my face in her chest.

Wf+6 366305

She keeps a pretty straight face. "Well… as Miss Heart's doctor I don't think it would be appropriate to let her risk pregnancy, but I could…"

You lose your patience and throw a book at him again. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366307

Try to look innocent!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Light Heart [Warlord] 366309

I chuckle
"I simply could not decline her request when she asked. Mind you, we are not planning to have it done just yet. That is why we wish to take it along with us. When times become calmer and more stable however…"

Wf+6 366310

He gives you a are you serious look.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366313

"I was trying to motivate you to read faster? You said we don't have much time yourself!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366314

"Oh sweetie…"
I wrap my legs around her and give her a kiss on the head
"I'm sure he made it out alright…"

Wf+6 366315

You don't even look remorseful. He zaps you into a schoolfilly.

"How about you spend the night like that, and in the morning I'll consider giving you one last lesson before I depart?"

She averts her gaze. "Well, whenever you're ready, I'm ready…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366320

"Not the whole night! Come on, do you know how boring it is to watch someone else just read?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366324

"D- Do you think?…"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366325

"Is there to be a marriage, then? I'll admit my knowledge of such ceremonies is most likely out of date, but I could certainly oversee it. Or, if my knowledge of how things work on boats is correct, the captain of any ship should be able to stand in."

Wf+6 366326

"Fine. If you can bring me another doctor's note before morning, I'll let you off the hook."

He floats a piece of paper over to you.

"One more thing. It has to be from Miss Water's daughter. The little one. Summer Seas."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366327

"I'm sure of it, now there's no need to be sad, okay?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366328

I sigh.
"Fine…and you'll consider giving me a lesson in the morning then, right?"

Wf+6 366329


Light Heart [Warlord] 366330

"We have not thought of such matters yet. I myself don't particularly care about marriage, but if that is what miss Rosemary wishes…"

Wf+6 366331

She turns red. "I mean… if you asked, of course…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366333

"Fine, I'll get the note then."

Leave the ships.
I can't believe I'm trying to make this guy stay.
Do I see the unicorns?

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366334

I sniffle.
I guess I try to go back to what I was originally doing then.
Drawing little diagrams or notes or whatever in the sand on how to enchant objects with that spell.
I mean… Enchanting's not that hard, is it?

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366335


Roll #1 4 = 4

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366336

"Splendid. Though I'll have to get a book back from miss Felfire, though. We found it on the altar itself, and I thought it would quite useful to miss Seas, even if it is damaged. Should be entries on marriages in there somewhere."

Light Heart [Warlord] 366337

I chuckle
"We have plenty of time to consider it, I suppose. But if she asked, I would be inclined to accept. Though again, I feel like it is unwise to commit to such things at this time."

Wf+6 366338

Yeah it is. You're hopeless. What are you even drawing? What does an enchanting diagram even look like?



Maybe I should help her out here…

Roll #1 7 = 7

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366341

Walk up to the unicorns then.
"Am I interrupting anything?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366343

I plop down on the ground.
"I forgot the enchanting lessons they taught us at school…"

Wf+6 366345

What are YOU drawing? You're not an enchanter.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366348

Flap my foal sized wings to get some attention.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366349

I snort
"What did you do now…"

I pat her on the head
"That's okay sweetie… it's been a while."

Well you're a butt!

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366350

"Huh? Oh, hi miss Emrille."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366352

"Books… I guess I got tired of waiting 'behind'."

"I need your help, Summer."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366355

I roll my eyes
"You really need to learn some patience Emrille…"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366357

"You need my help? With what?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 366359

"Good. Who knows, it may even happen at some point in the future."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366360

Roll my eyes.
"Y'know, I waited here on the shore for you until I fell asleep. I guess you forgot I left the ship with you two."

"I need a doctor's note. From you."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366361

"Oh… I'm sorry for that. I didn't mean to leave you behind like that but… it was something private."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366362

"No sense being half-hearted about it, miss Heart. Either it will, or it won't. It all depends on how much effort you put into making it happen. I wish the best of luck to the both of you. And many strong children. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've been remiss in my duties for far too long."
Getting back down so that Mera can easily climb back up on my back, I'll collect her and I'll go look for Spring and Summer. And Felfire along the way, if I can see her.

Wf+6 366364

"Ok." - Donkey Kong, 1999

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366365

"Sure, no problem… just makes me wonder if you actually give a fuck about me."

Light Heart [Warlord] 366366

"Mister Curry, would you mind it if miss Mera stayed behind? I would like to speak with her more."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366368

"A doctor's note from me? So mister Abilio will turn you back into an adult again?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366369

"Of course I do care!"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366370

I'll look to Mera.
"Do you want to stay for a moment longer?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366372

"Yeah, I can't really have this conversation seriously, so let me turn back into a mare before we talk about this."

I nod and show her the paper.
"Exactly. Clever little filly, are you?"
I chuckle slightly.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366373

I'll look to Mera.
"Do you wish to stay a while longer, miss Mera?"

Wf+6 366376

She shrugs. "Okay…"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366380

I'll let her down, then.
"Guard your words carefully, miss Mera. Miss Heart is shrewd."
And then I'll head off in search of the doctors.

Wf+6 366383

Not wanting to be stranded, she shakes herself, and by the time your eyes can refocus on her tail, it's two legs again.

Light Heart [Warlord] 366388

I smile at her
"That is quite impressive, miss Mera. It must be quite something to be at home on both land and water."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366391

I give a small smile.
"…Why should I sign it miss Emrille?"

Wf+6 366392

She gives you an odd look. "Well, I consider it to be in water."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366394

I blink.
"Uh, you said it yourself, so Abilio turns me back into a mare again."

Light Heart [Warlord] 366395

"But clearly, with those legs you can navigate around land just as easily, no?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366396

"I mean… maybe this might do you some good miss Emrille! Maybe you'll stop being such an angry pony all the time!"

Wf+6 366398

She rubs her mane with a hoof. "I don't think I'd call it a home…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366399

I pause for a minute, before starting to laugh for a bit.
"Haha, good one, Summer! You almost got me there! Heh, didn't take you to be such a joker."

Light Heart [Warlord] 366401

"It was figure of speech, miss Mera. I meant that you seem quite able to adapt quickly."
I smirk
"You seem quite eager to adapt to mister Curry's presence as well, I must say."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366404

And then I'll run into the unicorns and Emrille.
"Good evening! I trust you're all-"
And then I'll spot Emrille.
"Why, miss Emrille, did you throw another book at the master Abilio?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366405

I smile, crossing my hooves
"I don't know Emrille… maybe she's right."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366406

"I mean it!"

Wf+6 366408

She cocks her head a bit. "He's the other temple guard. If I knew he was nice, I would've tried to meet him years ago…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366410

"I swear I didn't want to this time, it just happened, but it was so boring!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on for a second… really now?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366412

"What was so boring that you'd assault him with knowledge?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366413

"Watching how he reads a book."

Light Heart [Warlord] 366416

I nod in agreement
"He is quite nice, is he not? And I do not just mean his character. Although you seem to have noticed this same thing yourself, from the looks you have been giving him."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366417

I'll nod slightly.
"Ah. And it didn't occur to you to simply come back in the morning, well rested and ready to demand things of him?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366418

I look away.
"The point was sort of to watch him read patiently…"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366420

"I mean… for just a single night? You did say you wanted to spend some more time together right?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366422

"Aha. Which book? I take it was a rather long one if it forced you into action."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366423

"You've been a really angry pony miss Emrille! Maybe… maybe being a filly might help you calm down and relax?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366426

I nod.
"That's right. As an adult. Especially now that you offered it."

"How am I supposed to know what he was reading?"

I shake my head.
"No, not really. The opposite. It makes me feel vulnerable. And I miss my rifle too… I can't relax like this."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366427

"True enough, I suppose. It's not like you gave him the book he wanted to test your patience with. You never did seem the literate sort."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366432

"Oh Emrille… you wouldn't need to feel vulnerable. You have us, right?"
I smirk
"I'll even give you your revolver back, if that makes you feel safer."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366434

I frown.
"No guns!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366437

"Hey! You don't seem that sort either!"

"Yeah, I'd have you and everything, but still… I'm used to fending for myself!"

"It's just a little revolver!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366439

I roll my eyes
"You wouldn't have to fend off anything, we'd just be sleeping."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366443

Glance towards the ship.
"Oh believe me a filly has to fend off things on a ship like this…"
Look back to Spring.
"Or anywhere. I learned that pretty quick when I was younger."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366444

"Still no guns!"
Groves has to leave for no more than 20. Shall we continue without him or should we wait for him?

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366446

I'll chuckle.
"Looks, and attitude, can be deceiving, miss Emrille. While I am quite fond of a good punch up, one cannot deny the usefulness of information that is stored in books. Had I found my way to them earlier, I likely would have read whatever had survived in the library."
I'll rub my beard for a moment, before muttering mostly to myself.
"And if I'm lucky, the basilica vaults will have a few extra copies of books that may not have survived."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366447

I guess it's just small talk so we can continue
"Not even with safety on?"

"Books are boring. It's much faster and easier to just pass it on if you want to learn about something."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366448

I firmly shake my head.
"No. Guns!"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366451

"Tut tut, miss Emrille. Some things can't be learned by demonstration alone. If they could, I would be a master healer, thanks to the number of times my teacher had to patch my up after my tangles with the Hydra."
I'll sit down.
"Though I can see why master Abilio would get rather short with you. You've no patience."

Wf+6 366452

She scrunches. "I don't know what you mean."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366453

"Aw, come on, that's like saying you can't heal or something!"

"Gee, you think?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 366454

I chuckle
"Oh please, miss Mera… there is no need to be shy about it, but I can see you are quite interested in mister Curry."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366460

"Strange as it seems, I do. I also think that, perhaps, you should work on your patience. Miss Seas withholding your gun seems like a decent way to test that."
I'll give a small grin.
"So let's make a bet of it. If you can patiently wait until noon tomorrow, and not whine or attempt to cajole your gun back from miss Seas or miss Spring, then I will give you something of value to me."
I'll hold up a hoof.
"However! Should you fail, then I will ask of you one thing. Could be a favor, could be an item. Or it could be nothing at all. So, what say you?"

Wf+6 366462

She shrugs. "He's interesting, but there are a lot of interesting ponies. I just talk to him the most because we both serve Luna."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366463

I roll my eyes
"It's hardly the same at all, Emrille."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366464

"So shooting ponies if the only thing you can do miss Emrille?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 366466

I shake my head with a smile
"Of course you do."

Wf+6 366470

"You sure talk to him a lot for a pony that doesn't believe in Luna."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366471

"Your cutie mark is healing, mine is shooting. I don't see why it's different. And just so you know, ponies are not the only things that can be shot at!"

"I say no because there is no way I'm staying like this until tomorrow noon! And I'm not whining, I'm complaining!"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366474

"I never said you had to stay a filly. Just not have your guns. That should be easy enough for a mercenary of your caliber, should it not?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366476

"I'm not falling for it. Not a chance."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366478

I'll shake my head.
"It's no trick. This is an honest bet."

Light Heart [Warlord] 366479

"Talking to ponies is my special talent, miss Mera. Seeing both you and mister Curry are my responsibility, I have to ensure I know the both of you sufficiently."
I smirk
"So quick to change the subject… why, a pony would get suspicious!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366480

Shake my head.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366481


Spring Water [Charlatan] 366482

"Well… I suppose you'll have to stay like this for the rest of the night then."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366484

"I… but… what would you two do without your horns and magic! Feel naked, that's what!"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366485

"Well, that's what makes life difficult. You still have your wings and your hooves, miss Emrille. And you also have us to call on if things get dangerous."

Wf+6 366486

"Even if he was more interesting than other ponies, why do you care?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366487

I gently pick her up with a smile
"Come on Emrille… show us some more goodwill here. You still have your wings!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366489

Ignore Curry as Spring picks me up, and flap my wings a bit with a pout.
"Yeah, but… that's not the same…"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366490

"Nothing's going to happen, miss Emrille."

Light Heart [Warlord] 366491

"The same reason why I cared enough to save you from execution, miss Mera. And the same reason why I wish to help miss Spring and her daughter."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366492

I keep smiling at her warmly
"Do you trust me?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366495

"It's not that, but without a gun, my cutie mark is pointless!"


Wf+6 366497

Glancing briefly at your flank, you realize you are too young to have a cutie mark. It has vanished from your flank.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366498

I'll roll my eyes at that, but keep silent.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366499

"Then do you trust me to keep you safe for one night? Without your pistol and like this?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366500

"You don't even have a cutiemark miss Emrille."
I giggle.

Wf+6 366502

"What was the reason? I think I lost you…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366505

I hesitate for a bit, then sigh.

I frown and narrow my eyes.
"Oh that damned prick! This isn't fair! I earned that!"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366507

"Then one night of patience will earn it back, miss Emrille. Hardly a terrible cost, don't you think?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 366510

I smile
"Because I wish to ensure that the ponies I have been given responsibility over are as happy as they can be, given the situation. If you truly do like mister Curry… I could help you."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366512

My smile broadens
"… Thank you, Emrille."
I gently put her back onto the ground in front of me

Wf+6 366513

She blushes. "I'm not sure I do. You landponies sure move fast in relationships… It's just interesting to me because we have a lot in common."

She pauses. "Seaponies sing to each other. The tunes are subtle and carrying many different tones and rhythms. Some are poignant, and others bombastic, and they call together like souls to mate. It takes a lifetime to find two songs that make harmony together."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366514

I sat down on my flanks and stare at them with a frown as she puts me down.
"I didn't even notice that turning into a filly takes it away…"

Light Heart [Warlord] 366517

"I see… I admit that is quite the cultural difference. But perhaps we can work together to find a comfortable solution for the both of you. Followers of Luna are quite scarce and… the two of you have a few things in common."
I smile
"I would love to hear you sing some day in that case, miss Mera."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366518

"You'll have it back soon, Emrille. I had the same happen to me back in Stonebriar."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366519

"But didn't you feel… y'know, robbed or something?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366520

I shrug
"I was too busy feeling frustrated that I couldn't find a way to escape…"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366521

"Can't you just try and stay a filly miss Emrille?…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366522

Smile slightly.
"If you did I never would have met you though!"

I shift my weight around a bit before speaking.
"…fiiiine, but you write me that paper first thing in the morning!"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366523

"Only if you've been a good filly~"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366524

"I guess not…"
I frown
"But I'd be a free mare at least."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366525

"We'll work on that, don't worry."

"Wha-… what?!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366526

I chuckle softly

"I nod. With Luna's guidance… we'll pull through."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366527

Well I didn't botch that response at all

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366528

"Spring! Tell her that's not funny!…"
I smirk.
"Though yeah, about Luna, I had a dream with her too."

Wf+6 366529

She smiles a little. "Maybe."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366530

I give her a surprised look
"You did? Luna? Really?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366531

I nod.
"I'm not even kidding! In all her royal alicorn glory!"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366532

'You heard me! You have to be a good filly to turn back!"

"Wait, you had a dream with Princess Luna too? What'd she say? What'd you do?!"

Light Heart [Warlord] 366533

"I certainly do look forward to it. And I am sure mister Curry would very much enjoy it too."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366534

"What did she say to you? What did you see?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366535

"I'm a good filly! Always! Just look at me!"
"And Luna made me fill out some forms… among other things."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366536

"What other things?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366537

I cock my head
"What other tings? What forms?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366538

"Romance reports, surveys, stuff like that."

Chuckle awkwardly.
"Uh… thing-things."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366539

I cock a brow
"Romance reports?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366540

"…Romance reports?"
I raise an eyebrow at her.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366541

Flutter my wings to stay up as I raise my hooves.
"Hey, I'm not going to question a Princess!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366542

I cross my hooves and give her a questioning look
"So… who were those reports about? Because if there were multiple ones…"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366543

"What even is a 'Romance report'? That's a really weird name…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366544

Chuckle again.
"Oh, no, it was just about different topics and everything! Nothing like that, I swear!"

"It is, but I was sort of distracted at the time, y'know."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366545


Summer Seas [Cleric] 366546

I scratch my head.
"That sounds weird… are you sure you Princess Luna visited you in your dream?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366547

Pout at her.
"No, really!"

"Tall, blue pony with wings and a horn, a splotch and a moon on her butt? Got a flowy mane that looks like the night sky? Pretty sure that was her."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366548

"… You probably just dreamed about Luna, Emrille… I don't think she actually visited it."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366549

"I don't think Princess Luna visited your dream… I still wanna know what else you dreamed about! That's weird that you dreamed about Luna!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366550

"Isn't that the same thing?"

"That was mostly it. There were some other minor details, but those are not that important."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366551

"Like what! What minor details?"
I walk up to her and press my face against hers, looking at her intently.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366552

I roll my eyes
"No, it isn't. Luna has the ability to enter somepony's dream and influence it, even talking to said ponies! Your dream was just purely your own imagination. I mean if you dream about princess Celestia, that doesn't actually mean princess Celestia entered your dream."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366553

I pull my head backwards slightly.
"Like she wasn't speaking much?"

"I know, but Luna is the Princess with the dreams,not Celestia! I don't think I just imagined all of it!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366554

I give her a dull look
"Emrille, you don't even worship her. I haven't had a single dream where she actually visited me for example…"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366555

"And what else? And what eeeelse?!"
I give her a pleading look.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366556

Chuckle at her distress.
"We were having fun?"

"I've been trying to talk to her, but she never responds! And she's wondering why she has no worshippers!"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366557

"No… I just wanna know what happened in your dream! You're not telling and it's making me all… frustrated!"
I stomp my hoof and whine.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366558

Smirk even wider.
"See, being a filly is more stressful!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366559

"She was banished, Emrille… I didn't even know she could still communicate with ponies before we entered that temple…"
See y'all later

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366837

"Oh… I was starting to get happy that Luna chose me personally."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366838

"Sorry that got your hopes up, but it is how it is."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366839

I shrug, then giggle.
"A mare can dream, right?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366840

I groan and whine again.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366841

Grin deviously.
"I just told you!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366842

"True, I guess."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366843

"It's just that, y'know, your daughter is ten years old and she's talking with dream walking Princesses and whatnot, and meanwhile, what did I do so far in life?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366844

"You're being a very bad filly miss Emrille!"
I slowly grin at her.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366845

I smooth a patch of sand and roll my dice.

Roll #1 3, 1, 2, 2 = 8

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366846

I move closer to her ear and whisper
"You can always redo it, you know…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366847

"Thank you for teaching."
I pick the dice up and fly back to the ship, then track down Felfire.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366848

"What? No I am not!"

I tense up slightly.
"I told you already, I'm trying!"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366849

"Wait, mister Seekkill!"
I wave after him to try and get him to come back.

"Are too."
I stick my tongue out at her.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366850

I smile
"Good to hear that."

"Oh, that's okay. I'm glad to see you want to learn at least."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366851

Looks like I never make it to the ship.

I swing back around and land in front of her.

"Learning good."

Felfire [Necromancer] 366852

And let's say I'm on the Pillanger's, looking at the kid on the beach with the shadow of a small bird nested on my shoulder.
If you are coming.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366853

"That's why I'm trying to get those darts from Ruxiang too! I don't know why didn't I think of it sooner."

"Am not! You are just trying to blackmail me!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366854

"Be sure to come back for more then, this should be interesting."

"It is a start I suppose."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366855

"Do you wanna have any more lessons in the future, mister Seekkill?"

"Am not! You're just being a bad pony!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366856

"Seekkill already speak rose pony about learning reading. All three teach Seekkill?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366857

Annnnnd if Rosemary is still here I point at her.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366858

"Don't expect me to start shooting bandages though, I'm not sure that would even work."

I speak in an offended voice.
"I didn't even do anything now! I even agreed on not getting my gun back until morning!"

"You are learning to read?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366859


Summer Seas [Cleric] 366860

"Oh… yeah! All three of us can teach you!"
I smile at him.

"Yeah… but you're being a bad pony now!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366861

"Oh, Rosemary too? That's good to hear. I'm sure we'll manage to work together."

She's not

I roll my eyes
"Yes, of course not."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366862

"I can heal my own bruises with shooting now though!"

"So you only knew how to read in gryphon so far or what?"

"You're just saying that! What am I even doing to make me one?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366863

"Good. Many teachers good."

"No. Only read spirit runes."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366864

"Spirit runes?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366865

I nod.
"Spirit runes. Runes spirits make."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366866

"You mentioned that before…"
I shake my head

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366867

"You're being a bad pony! That's what! And… you know… I did say that you had to be a good pony for me to sign that note~"
I giggle and give her a grin.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366868

"I haven't seen that many of those, to be honest."

I nod.
"Yes, 'gunmagic'. Y'know, the thing that allows me to shoot fire and ice."

"That's not fair! 'Being a bad pony' is not even a reason!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366869

I nod again.
"Seekkill only know one spirit place, but spirits left. Seekkill must go now."
I take wing and fly back to the Pillager's Fancy.

I spot you and land next to you, then look you over.
"Metalwings hurt? What happen?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 366870

"Nothing big bird. I went for a walk in the dark. Not a smart move."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366871

"Yes. Hard to see in dark. What metalwings think about extra hunter?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366872

"Right, that stuff. So you just shoot yourself with magical bullets?"
I cock an eyebrow

Felfire [Necromancer] 366873

"A new hunter? Who?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366874

I shake my head.
"No, no, I don't shoot myself, I have to hit a targer. Uh, do you know about the elements and stuff?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366875

I nod
"Of course I do!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366876

"Big dog. Chip."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366877

"Yes it is! I say it is!"
I giggle again.

Felfire [Necromancer] 366878

"He doesn't seem the hunter kind to me. Not the true hunter, at least."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366879

"Yeah, well, Earth is connected with life and rejuvenation and whatnot, and Abilio taught me how to imbue my shots with it, so I can be connected to the earth and stay strong… Now tell Summer to stop that! She is abusing her powers!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366880

I shrug.
"Dog show some skill. Catch fish well, eat raw."
I get a disgusted look on my face.
"May try play with catch. Waste essence, but it Dog choice."

Felfire [Necromancer] 366881

"Yeah, no. I don't like the dog. I don't like ponies that… Play with catch. If he does that, I won't come."

Tela [Spellsword] 366882

Wondering where Emrille is hanging out, I search the pirateships while shouting out to her
eventually spotting her small self on the beach, I guffaw and trot over
"Emrille, what the hell happened!?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366883

I facehoof and sigh.
"Crap, just what I needed right now…"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366884

I smirk
"I'm not sure if-"

I interrupt myself, shifting my gaze over to her.
"Tela… do you really have to be so loud and rude like that?"


"Seekkill understand. After dog mention it Sekkill not think hunt must be for food, but Seekkill not want hunt for Dog reason. Seekkill not try bring dog on hunt with metalwings."
I look over the side of the boat and try to spot a fish.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Tela [Spellsword] 366886

I keep laughing as I reach her
"You're so fucking adorable! I could just eat you right now!"

I'm laughing too hard to care right now

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366887

"Oh I bet you would… and stop laughing, it's not that funny!"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366888

"Mm… naaaah. I'm not abusing my powers!"
I giggle a bit harder.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366889

Nope. 2dark4me.

Felfire [Necromancer] 366890

"He can come, you just gotta tell him to keep his paws off living catch."
Turn back to look at the sea.
"So, how did you like our last hunt?"
And then I whisper something to the bird, and it flies towards Summer.
"Hey kid, it's me, Felfire. I was worried last time. What had happened in the marketplace?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366891

I narrow my eyes at her.
"I'm soooooo going to get back at you for this somehow!"

Tela [Spellsword] 366892

I nod and stop laughing… then snort and start laughing even harder a few seconds later.
"You sound… so goddamn ridiculous! Hah!"
I try to pick her up and throw her in the air like a babby

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366893

I chuckle
"Oh don't be so sour, Emrille. Let her have some harmless fun."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366894

"I'll get mine too, mark my words!"

"He– Hey!"

Flutter my wings and stay in the air when she throws me up.
"Stop it Tela, you're not amusing anypony! This is serious!"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366895

"I'd like to see you try!"
I collapse on the ground, giggling to hard.

I perk up as I hear the bird speak, ears falling slightly and a blush forming on my face.
"U- U- Um… i- i- it was something… just an accident! Nothing happened! Nothing at all!"


I nod.
"Seekkill do that. Dog be good to hunt with. Big. Strong. Not afraid of fight. Might not be afraid eat raw. Last hunt was…diff-er-ent. Good to hunt again. Good to eat fresh kill. Meat taste fine. Seekkill not like Tar-tar-us. Seekkill not like chained spirits, even if spirits bad spirits. Seekkill wish hadn't poisoned stallion."
I try looking again. Maybe the moon is brighter now or something.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I fly up and dive down to grab the fish.
+1 for diving.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Tela [Spellsword] 366898

I laugh as she flutters above me
"Awww, c'mon Emmy! This is golden!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366899

"You'll see! Just wait until I figure something out…"

Land on her back.
"If you like it so much I can arrange you to be turned into a filly too! It would reflect your intellect allright!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366900

I snicker
"Of course you will… but not tonight."

"Summer? What's wrong."

Felfire [Necromancer] 366901

"You poisoned w- Oh, you mean your minion."
And then I try to send my shadow to save your ass.
"I was worried when your mother took you away like that."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366902

Look at her from Tela's back.
"When I'm a mare again, I'll have my fun…"

Tela [Spellsword] 366903

I snort
"I gotta admit… whoever did this to you is a miracle worker. You're actually looking cute now instead of like a clown!"

I pick her up again, smirking
"Little fillies should not go around unsupervised."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366904

"Nothing bad happened! She was just… she was just under stress! A- and embarrassed!"

"N- Nothing's wrong!"



Do I see this happen and can I help him with my telekinesis?

Roll #1 9 = 9


I cough up some water.
"Thank you."
Did the fish get stuck to my claw while I was thrashing around in the water?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366907

"You'll never see it coming! Then I'll have the last laugh!"

Roll my eyes.
"Don't make me kick you in the shins!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 366908

"But I was talking about you, not her. How do you feel, kid?"
Shout over to him.
"Everything alright?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366909

"Why are you so flustered all of the sudden, sweetie? And who are you whispering to?"

I chuckle
"Come on Emrille, Tela is just worried about your well-being!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366910

I swim back over to the ship and use my claws to climb up the side.
"Metalwings afraid eat raw catch?"

Tela [Spellsword] 366911

I tap her on the nose
"Little fillies should not be aggressive!"

"Yeah! Of course I am!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366912

"I think I can tell when somepony is making fun of me!"

Try to bite her hoof as she boops me.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366913

"Suuure you will…"

"How do I feel?… I don't feel bad or anything. It was just an accident!"

"U- Uh… I'm just whispering to… myself! Yeah!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366914

I frown
"Are you lying to me, Summer?"

I shake my head
"That's just rude, Emrille."

Felfire [Necromancer] 366915

"I don't eat catch. I just kill them. Is a sacrifice to the spirit that leads me."
"I will go now, they are getting suspicious. I don't want to get you in troubles."


"Haha- Owch! Hey! Bad filly!"
I try and push her over onto her back with a hoof

Roll #1 9 = 9

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366917

"Your spirit eat flesh?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366918

"She was asking for it!"

A pegasus filly doesn't have much chance against a grown up earthie it seems.
Shake a hoof at her.
"You deserved that!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 366919

"No. Grogar asks for souls of the catch."

Tela [Spellsword] 366920

I cross my forelegs and smirk
"Maybe I should put you on timeout!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366921

Get up on my hooves, lower my head and spread my wings with a smirk.
"Try me! I can take you on even like this, you wuss!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366922

"Then eat flesh. Spirits teach Seekkill try not to waste what Seekkill kill."
I gesture towards your skinny body with a claw.
"Eat kills make metalwings strong. Metalwings skinny like Seekkill, but metalwings eat much more for longer timne."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366923

"…I- I'm talking to miss Feelfear, momma."
I fold my ears down.

Tela [Spellsword] 366924

I guffaw
"Oh please, that's just embarrassing!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 366925

"Meat is not good for ponies. And I don't eat if I can avoid it. I get the spirit, you get the flesh.
This way nothing is wasted."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366926

"You two kids…"

"Felfire? How? What about? Why were you blushing?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366927

Lunge at her and try to 'tackle' her.
Or at least make her move.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366928

"She had a shadow from a little bird fly over to me and talk to me like that. And… she thought that you were mad at her when you dragged me off away from her. She was gonna take me to get ice cream…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366929

"Meat not good for ponies? Island ponies ate fish. Fish put much meat on Island pony bones. Metalwings ever try meat?"

Tela [Spellsword] 366930

I snicker and put up a protective bubble around me.
"Real crafty of you Emrille."

Felfire [Necromancer] 366931

"Not of pony, no. What it tastes like?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366932

I stomp a hoof in the sand.
"That's not fair! Take this then!"

Get in front of her, rear up, and start flapping my wings to gust up some sand in her face.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366933

"Oh… well I was just… embarrassed, sweetie. I don't think there's any icecream available in this town though…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366934

"Sweet. Island ponies tasted very sweet, but ate lots sweet fruit. Other pony not eat much fruit, but still little sweet. Ponies have other flavor too. Flavor always small. Coat color tell type of flavor."


I hold up a hoof to shield my eyes, using the other to topple her over again while she rears up

Roll #1 10 = 10

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366936

"That's what I told her!… I think she might still think you're mad at her… should we go tell her?"
I look towards Emrille and Tela fighting.
"…I think they're a bit busy right now."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366937

"I still don't get what's the big deal about falling on your face."

Perfect execution it seems.
Glare at her from my back.
"Damnit Tela!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 366938

"uh. Would you see that…"
Sigh, then lay on the deck and keep looking at the kid.
"Maybe I will try pony meat, next time we hunt. Okay?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366939

I sigh and whisper in her ear
"The way I fell… revealed some of my more private parts, Emrille."

I look at them and nod
"Okay then… why not?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366940

"Try is all Seekkill ask. Sekkill want best for Sekkill friends."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366941

I perk up my ears, but then grin and whisper.
"And I wasn't there to see? Now that's a shame~"

Felfire [Necromancer] 366942

Actually give off a laugh.
"Alright friend. But I doubt I could stomach it raw.
I'm just a weak little pony after all."

Tela [Spellsword] 366943

I keep laughing at her
"You're a riot, Emmy!"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366944

"What are you whispering about?"
I tilt my head.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366945

I roll my eyes and leave with Summer without another word.

"Just Emrille being a child, Summer."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366946


"Wait, where are you two going?"

Roll over and stand up.
"This isn't over! I was just regaining my strenght!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366947

I laugh with her and sit down.
"Spirits say Seekkill not take meat well as chick. Not keep meat down always. Seekkill keep trying, and Seekkill stomach get used to it. Kept Seekkill alive and strong, do same for you."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366948

"Oh… should I count that against her too?"
So we're off to Felfire now?

Felfire [Necromancer] 366949

Give him a sad smile.
"Yeah but you know Seekkill, I'm not too sure I want to live."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366950

"We're going to meet with Felfire. Don't worry, I'm sure Tela and Curry will keep you under their reins until we get back."

"No… It's fine."
Yup, we are

Felfire [Necromancer] 366951

Look surprised at them and stand up.

Tela [Spellsword] 366952

I smirk at her
"Of course you were, lil' miss sunshine."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366953

"Hurry back, Tela is a crazy bitch! I'm afraid for my safety with her!"

"Don't make me bite you again!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366954

"Metalwings die when metalwings die. Metalwings should keep living until metalwings die."

I stay sitting, but turn to face them.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366955

I shout back to her.
"Good little ponies shouldn't swear like that!"

I wave to her and Seekkill and nudge Spring.

Tela [Spellsword] 366956

I snort and move closer to whisper in a conspiratorial tone
"Hey kid, you wanna feel big and grown up again?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366957

I sit down in front of her, a few meters between us.
"Summer told me you thought I was mad at you earlier in the temple?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366958

I raise an eyebrow at her, and take a step back.
"What are you planning, Tela?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 366959

"Well… I was worried. That's all. You just took her and run."
Motion awkwardly at summer while rubbing the back of my head.
Make a 'later' motion to him with my hooves.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366960

"… So? I'm her mother, no?"

Tela [Spellsword] 366961

I snicker and pick her up, putting her on top of my head like a hat
"There you go, you little shit."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366962

"My momma wasn't mad at you, miss Feelfear! She just… she was just embarrassed!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 366963

"Y-yeah. I'm not saying anything. I just wanted to ask the kid what had happened!"
Wait a second.
"And you know, it should be her wish to be where she wants to be! She's old enough!"
Relax and deflate.
"I'm happy to see you two are fine."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366964

I roll my eyes
"It's funny that you should say that, because I'm pretty sure my daughter and I wish to go back home."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366965

I giggle at that.
"Not high enough, loser, call me when you can fly!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 366966

"For all I remember you two were here already when I came on board."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366967

"We were… because they kidnapped us from our homes…"
I frown.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366968

"You think we wear these collars for fun?"
I sigh
"We were taken from our home… after it burned down."

Tela [Spellsword] 366969

"Whatever, wings are for chumps anyway. I'd rather have earth pony strength instead of being a frail little pegasus like you."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366970

"What are collars for? Do they show Doctors are slaves?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 366971

"Yeah I mean, I could see that. But don't take it up to me, what th-"
Wave my hooves in front of me.
"Screw this. It makes no sense."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366972

"Yeah, but unlike you I'm more clever than to run headfirst into swords and shit like you do!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366973

I nod
"Yes they do. They're going to be taken off thanks to Abilio though. Guess he's not as bad as I thought."

"I'm just saying, if you want to care for my daughter and I then help us."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366974

"Ab-ill-oh? What is slave mean?"

Tela [Spellsword] 366975

"Yeah of course, wouldn't want that pretty face of yours to get skewered. I've got my bubble spells to keep myself safe!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 366976

"Actually, I don't really care much for you. Just for the kid.
As for help, I'm just a scarred corpsedancer who can't even fight on her own. What do you want from me?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366977

"Too bad they couldn't save you from being ugly as a mule, ain't it?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366978

"Yes, Abilio. that unicorn necromancer. Slave just means that we're prisoners here…"

I narrow my eyes at her
"Of course you don't, you heartless marauder."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366979

"It means we have to do what they tell us too…"

"Wait, you… you only care for me? And not my momma? Why?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 366980

Give a wet, sick cough.
"Yeah, right. Whatever. Watch out, I'll come and gobble you up at night!"
Spooky motions too.
But then go back sitting, and sigh heavily.
"It's a long story kid. Let's just say I don't like ponies. But kids are fine."

Tela [Spellsword] 366981

"Laugh it up, squirt."
I look down, letting her slide off of my head and back onto the sand
"At least I'm not so desperate as to go hunt after a lone mother."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366982

Wave a hoof around.
"Please, if I wanted a quick fuck I would just go to Light Heart."
Let out a chuckle.
"This is different."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366983

I shake my head at her in disapproval
"What an example you are."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 366984


"Slaves must do what pirate say? Things make more sense now."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366985

"A long story?"
I scoot a bit closer to her.
"Do you wanna talk about it?…"

Felfire [Necromancer] 366986

"Really? Because I'm not the one that just called a pony she never talked to a heartless monster."

Fidget 366987

And then I'll pop back into lucidity. I'm somewhere near Spring and the others.

Felfire [Necromancer] 366988

Shake my head vigorously.
"I don't even remember all of it, kid.
And I don't want to."

Tela [Spellsword] 366989

"How's it different? She even has a kid to make things even more complicated. Why the fuck would she fall for a clown like you?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366990

Summer Seas [Cleric] 366991

I sadly nod.
"Yes, mister Seekkill… the pirates are making us stay here, and won't let us go home."

"What happened that was so bad that you don't even want to remember it?…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366992

Roll my eyes.
"Because I have more charms than you ever will. Trust me, I got this, okay?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 366993

"I don't know, I can't remember!"
Smile wide at her, trying to be as stoic as possible.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 366994

"It's likely best not to pry until she wishes to speak of it, miss Seas."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 366995

"Oh I've seen and talked to you before. Exploding corpses like a maniac. Not to mention the stuff you did in the temple. You betrayed us, don't think I don't remember that."

Tela [Spellsword] 366996

"Suuure, whatever you say Emmy. Might be a little hard when you're about as big as her daughter though."

Wf+6 366997

GM's note: smaller than. Emrille isn't even old enough for a cutie mark.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 366998

"This is just until the morning! It's not like I'm going to stay like this forever."

Felfire [Necromancer] 366999

"At least those corpses are dead already-"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 367000

"Well, don't expect me to let Summer get close to your poisonous lies then, you traitor. You don't even have the decency to apologize for what you did, do you? Not even pretend you're sorry?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 367001

"Miss Spring, that is quite enough."

Felfire [Necromancer] 367002

Narrow my eyes and open my mouth, unable to understand.
"What are you even talking about? I should apologize to the corpses I blew up?"

Tela [Spellsword] 367003

"I dunno, I kinda think you're cuter like this."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 367004

"I kinda' can't work like this either."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 367005

"How about you apologize for selling us out to the pirates back at the temple? For threatening our lives?"


I shrug
"Not like you were any more competent in mare form, Emmy."
I try and topple her over with a hoof again

Roll #1 2 = 2

Summer Seas [Cleric] 367007

I slowly duck under Spring and give Felfire a pleading look, not wanting her to further upset Spring.

Felfire [Necromancer] 367008

"Selling you to the pirates? Girl, the dog, the whore and the dyke where there, we are all pirates!
It was obvious from the start we would be reporting back to them!
I thought you were playing this guy along!"
Make wild gestures with my hooves as I speak.
"And when on heart did I treathen you? I can't even remember talking with you!
You know what I remember? Telling the kid not to run while we were in a city that would have been bombed to the ground a couple of hours from then!"
But as I see her run scared, I back down.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 367009

"Miss Spring, miss Felfire, I believe both of you need to calm down."
I'll place a hoof between them.
"Firstly, both of you are scaring miss Seas. Secondly, this is not productive."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 367010

Seems like I can stay on my hooves this time.
"Say that into the muzzle of my gun and see what happens!"
Raise a hoof in the air like I was aiming at her with a smirk, and say "Bang!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 367011

I shake my head in disgust
"Unbelievable. Either you are so wicked that you can't even see your own faults, or you're just blind."
I pick up Summer and walk away
"Don't let me see you get close to my daughter without at least an apology."

Felfire [Necromancer] 367012


Roll #1 7 = 7

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 367013

I'll look at her go.
"Well, miss Felfire, it seems I owe you an apology for miss Spring's behavior. There were certainly better ways that could have been handled."

Felfire [Necromancer] 367014

Sit there and don't say a word.
"I don't care. Why the fuck should I. Get me that book, and do it soon."