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PirateQuest: Chapter 3.4: Moon Phases Wf+6 357324

Noon has arrived. After draining the stairway of excess water, the door has been opened, and everyone heads up, Mera riding on Curry's back, and Tasia bringing up the rear.

At the top of the stairs, there is a beautiful bloom of red lilies, some beached on the walkway, but most floating in water around it. Smitts is waiting for you.

"Very good. It looks like there were no casualties. Now, if you'll be so kind as to empty your pockets, I'll get the treasure you've found processed and properly divided. Bits to doubloons, ruined treasure restored, gemstones appraised, et cetera."

He turns to Light Heart and gestures at the heart. "In the interest of subtlety, I've asked Mister Peg to wait for you in the treeline instead of on board."

You notice the ships have joined you on either side of the now-exposed temple.

Tasia [Paladin] 357325

I'm awake?

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357327

"No way I'm just hoofing these gems over."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357329

I look at him suspiciously.
"Not keep treasure?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 357330

"The tresaury burnt down.
Got some samples for you anyway."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357333

Looking at the red flowers, and then towards Felfire, I'll growl slightly.
"So, I was right. I was betrayed. I knew that Celestial hadn't wandered in here on her own at high tide."

Light Heart [Warlord] 357334

"Very well, mister Smitts. I'm afraid you will be quite disappointed by the lack of treasure however."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357336

"Yeah, betrayed, sure.
Take that up to the unicorn."

Tony [Trickster] 357337

Since I've barely participated in the temple I doubt I have anything to hand over.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357338

"You do realize he's asking you to turn over what you were promised as well, correct? As well as everything that belongs to miss Seas."

Wf+6 357340

Yes. As you emerge, Smitts remarks,

"Ah, Miss Tasia. How good of you to rescue our wayward group of pilgrims. They were going a bit over the top with the investigation of this Lunar shrine, don't you think?"

"You had no problem with it in Stonebriar, and I did see you rightfully paid, did I not?"

"Samples of what, exactly?"

"It will be returned to you in fleet currency. Something actually useful to you."

He keeps a straight face. "But the important thing today is that you've dealt with the priority."

I don't think you even went in with the group?

Tony [Trickster] 357341

I was there in the beginning, but let's pretend I didn't go, that will make it easier.

Chip(DD knight) 357342

I shrug
"I got no treasure here on my pockets, so far this temple is just too much trouble than it is worth if you ask me."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357343

"You do realize me and him are on the same side, right?"
"Flowers. I'm no botanist. You would have loved the treasury, really."

Tasia [Paladin] 357345

squint at him, then bolt-fly away '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357346

I slowly hand over my gems.
"No cheat Seekkill. Bad idea."

Light Heart [Warlord] 357347

"Indeed. I am very pleased with the matter, in fact."
Now let's go and get to Doc Peg.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357348

I'll just growl at Felfire a bit, and then back up slightly towards miss Seas.
"Ah yes, the treasury. A pity your associate burnt it to cinders."

Wf+6 357349

"Ah. Now I understand the 'burned down' part. What a shame, Miss Felfire. Well, better to have gained some than none. I will investigate the samples for anything of value."

"Oh, believe me, my wealth is significant enough that it wouldn't be worth creating a mutiny over a few gems."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357350

"One thing though. These gems are mine. I'm not sharing their value."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357351

I glare at Smitts hatefully but keep quiet

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357353

"Don't start this again…"

Felfire [Necromancer] 357355

"Mind if I keep the books for myself?"
"Just let go, he's too thick."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357357

"There's no fixing what was done. But that is the past."
And to Smitts…
"The paintings and loose coin are the property of miss Seas, as well as the recovered books and scrolls. This is not up for debate."

Chip(DD knight) 357361

Something pops in my head.
"So…. is Abilio still here? Did he seek his own fortunes?"

Wf+6 357363

You find Doc Peg at the edge of the trees looking curiously.

He nods at you, then looks expectantly, gesturing to the heart.

"I don't see why we can't share the knowledge. Keep them for all I care. I doubt I could do much to have them restored anyway."

He looks unsurprised by your statement. "I have a proposition for you, Mister Curry. You're in somewhat of a position of vulnerability, but I'm willing to give you what you want for doing something you're likely inclined to do. If you'd be kind enough to accompany me back to my chambers?"

"He hasn't left yet."

Wf+6 357364

"Very well. I will appraise them without their leaving your possession, and their value will be deducted from your hazard pay."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357365

"How do you even know how much they are worth? I want them to get checked by Topaz, just to be sure. Then, I can sell it to you."

Light Heart [Warlord] 357367

"Mister Peg. A pleasure to finally meet you."
I present the heart to him
"The heart."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357368

"So long as I have your word, and your word is kept, that the contents of the shrine are to be available to others solely at miss Seas's discretion."
After a moment, I'll add in:
"And that both her and her mother's collars come off."

Tasia [Paladin] 357369







Roll #1 10 = 10

Felfire [Necromancer] 357372

Nod slightly.
"I just want a good read through them first."
"I'm kinda sure he meant to have Topaz estimate them already."

Chip(DD knight) 357375

Follow Lightheart.

I stood there.
"Whats is so important with that Heart?" I scratch my head.

Wf+6 357376

"That's where I would have them appraised."

He nods. "The heart."

With that, he lays a hoof on it and it becomes engorged and starts to pump again with vigor.

He doesn't seem concerned as you zip away. "Goodbye, Miss Tasia."

"You will find that my word is in excellent standing. However, the matter of the collars is not up to me as of right now. Perhaps we can discuss the matter further?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357379

"…fine… but if you set me up… I'm bet they are worth a lot, so don't you pull a fast one on me and underpay me!"

Tasia [Paladin] 357380

head towards the paladin order!

Light Heart [Warlord] 357382

No you don't. Not even my minions are following me.

I smile
"Thank you, mister Peg. I appreciate your cooperation."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357383

I'll think for but a moment.
"Then it seems we will need to have words."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357385

I sit down and wait while the others talk.

Wf+6 357391

"Your paranoia continues to elude me, Miss Emrille. Perhaps that is why it took you so long to call yourself one of us."

"A pleasure."

He gives a theatrical bow.

"Very well."

Smitts collects the loot from the various party members and leads Curry back to his cabin. Once safely inside, he continues, as he lays the plant samples on his desk.

"You and I both want something from each other Mister Curry. That's a useful position to be in. I understand you're not on good terms with the Holy Guard. I could use a man who knows his way around the city, and wouldn't mind seeing them put down a peg."

Wf+6 357392

Okay, you're outside the Holy Basilica of Saint Radiant.

Light Heart [Warlord] 357394

I give him a polite nod, then head off to pick up my followers and head to the Darklantern with the heart.

Here's hoping this works out.

Chip(DD knight) 357395

Sorry for that.

I look at Smitts.
"Perhaps a rest or two is needed for me."
I look around.
"Now that it dawn to me, is there something needs repairin? I need something to take my mind off things."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357396

"We will see if my paranoia was right or not after I get paid…"

Give him the gems and loot.

Tony [Trickster] 357397

Since I stayed on the ship, I'll move out and go back to the city, to that shrine of Luna I saw.
Still bad juju I take it?

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357399

"And by put down a peg, I assume you mean plundering the city and looting all you can."
I'll remain standing, so that Mera doesn't have to move too much.
"Now, while I may not be on the best of terms with them, Autumnsreach is still my home. Seeing it burn is the furthest thing on my mind."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357400

Gee, thanks for remembering about me!
"Now, got time to talk about that?"

Tasia [Paladin] 357401

rush inside and find an official! '1d10'

tell them that there are 3 ships moored outside the sunken temple! that what I thought were converting pilgrims were pirates! TELL THEM!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357402

"About the job?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357405

I walk over too Light Heart.
"Doc Peg?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 357406


Light Heart [Warlord] 357409

You be patient.
I want this to be over with swiftly

"Yes. Ship's doctor. Now if you'll excuse me, this is rather urgent. We will have time to converse further once I have taken care of this matter."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357410

"I guess I have nothing better to do…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357411

I nod and sit down. What is he doing?

Wf+6 357414

"We briefly made contact with the temple, shaking it rather badly, last evening while traveling in the dark, and sustained hull damage. If you'd be so kind?"

It's not so much bad juju as it is in nine centuries of disrepair. It's overgrown.

You head up to the sixteenth floor and burst into the middle of a meeting of the Holy Council themselves, and are met with glares all around.

Finally, the Supreme Chancellor herself clears her throat and speaks. "Tasia…"

You're surprised that she even knows who you are at first.

"Do you think the Holy Guard has so few resources that we didn't know who these pirates were from the moment we made contact in Stonebriar? We've been following their movements for some time now."

A heavily armored pony bearing Inquisitorial signets speaks from the back, "And we would have already dealt with all of them and you if it weren't for somepony's intervention. One I am STILL AGAINST."

Off to the far right, you see the Viscountess Nihil sitting quietly.

"The Viscountess had asked us to stay our judgment until you had dealt with the conversions, but it seems the time for that is now over…"

Wf+6 357416

He heartily laughs. "We don't have the resources to burn down the home of the Holy Guard, Mister Curry. We're only three ships. We have two alternative goals, one of which probably will interest you."

You find the Commodore's cabin without delay and knock on the door.

"Speak. Who has knocked on my cabin door?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 357417

Seems Light Heart will help too."

Chip(DD knight) 357420

I slowly gather my gear and head down to see if I can repair the damages.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Wf+6 357421

Roll for severity.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357422

Oops, thought you were Wf for some reason.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357423

"And that would be?"

Tony [Trickster] 357425

Well that was a gigantic waste of time.
And here I was expecting some NMM influence.
I hit the statue with the hammer I brought in frustration.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Tasia [Paladin] 357426

my eyes grow wide as the gears turn and the realization hits me

Light Heart [Warlord] 357427

"It is me, Light Heart. Am I interrupting something, commodore?"

Chip(DD knight) 357428

Look at this RNG will give me a 10

Roll #1 3 = 3

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357429

"Yeah, let's just get this over with quickly as soon as she is back."

Wf+6 357434

No one seems to care as you smash into what little stone is left. Looks like you're not the first to vent your frustration here."

"No… your timing is good. Come in."

You hear the door latch click open.

"We are the sword and shield of the Princess. We've known for days. We intercepted their correspondence back in Stonebriar, and it was magically transmitted back to Autumnsreach then. We've been waiting for them to sail into our port for about a week."

You only manage to damage the hull of the Pillager's Fancy more.

Felfire [Necromancer] 357436

"Got any experience fighting warlocks?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 357437

I gently push open the door and enter his quarters, looking around.

Wf+6 357438

"We have a need to retrieve some of our rightful property – just paper – from the Holy Basilica of Saint Radiant, the headquarters of the organization that saw all of the Lunar shrines across Equestria destroyed. We could use your assistance."

Chip(DD knight) 357439

If this turns out bad I'll call Rusty Wrenches help.
If this turns good, well good job.
Perhaps I need to ask a few tips to that guy.

Repairing the hull.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357441

I fly over to Felfire and Emrille.
"What happening?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357442

"It's hardly 'just paper' if it's under such heavy lock and key. Why is it important?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 357443

"Discussing a hunt. My shadows are hungry."

Wf+6 357446

"If you want me to be genuinely honest, Mister Curry? I haven't the foggiest. The documentation was stolen from the quarters of the Commodore during the Battle of Stonebriar. My place is not to question, but to serve."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357447

"Seekkill join?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357448

"They bite the bullet all the same to me."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357449

"As long as you don't get in the way, I guess. It's for Felfire to decide though."

Tasia [Paladin] 357450

"So what will happen now?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 357451

"If you want. How fast can you eat a whole pony?"
"Demons don't."

Tony [Trickster] 357453

Goddamn. I hate this stupid city.
I need a freaking drink. Let me guess, no bars?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357454

"Then I'll feed them fancy bullets."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357456

I'll snort.
"I'll bet it is. I assume you were the one who provided the mushrooms to miss Heart for they hydra? And the walking flowers to Felfire?"

Wf+6 357458

The room is dark as ever. The Commodore sits behind his desk, but you think you almost make out a faint smile when he sees the heart.

"You've done well, Light Heart."

"This evening the pirates will attempt to enter the Holy Basilica, our mightiest stronghold, through subterfuge. They will fail, and we will peacefully detain them without the need for loss of life."

The Inquisitor Lord speaks up again, "And you'll be discharged for heresy."

Are you kidding? The Shrine to the Laughing One is full of drunkards. They're passing around kegs for FREE!

Wf+6 357459

"That is correct."

Tasia [Paladin] 357460


Roll #1 5 = 5

Felfire [Necromancer] 357462

"Good to know. Aim for the unicorn first."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357464

"Fast. Seekkill hungry."
I think for a few seconds.
"Seekkill no eat whole pony. Leave bones."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357465

"Got it."

Light Heart [Warlord] 357466

I nod
"Thank you, Commodore."

Chip(DD knight) 357467

Tony [Trickster] 357468

Go there and get myself a drink.
Who's passing out these kegs?

Tasia [Paladin] 357469

"WHAT!? No! Please! You can't do that! I've served gladly and dutifully under the order even when I was sent away! Please! Lord Inquisitor!"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357470

I'll frown.
"I would have preferred you hadn't, as it allowed a Celestial into the temple. Damn fool opened the door while the tide was up."
Shaking my head, I'll continue.
"However, thanks are in order, I suppose, for making the hydra such an easy opponent. Though I dare say that's 20 years of my life wasted when a simple mushroom killed it in an eyeblink."

Wf+6 357471

You do a bad job.

"Now… the heart. Put it on my desk… I will watch it die, and tomorrow, we will discuss your future with the fleet. I look forward to it."

Chip(DD knight) 357474

Nope nope nope.
Find Rusty Wrench, ask for help from him.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Light Heart [Warlord] 357477

I nod
"Very well, Commodore. As do I."
I nod politely, then turn to leave.
Let's go find my fellow partners, Emrille and Felfire

Felfire [Necromancer] 357478

"Bad. Oh well. We are taking on her soon. As soon as out mutual friend is free once more."
And then we went to the Pillanger.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357481

"Her? Who hunt?"
I follow her to the Pillager.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357482

I follow her.

Wf+6 357484

"That was not a simple mushroom. It is called Cap of Quietude. The rare specimen is native to only the deepest of the shadowbogs west of Germaney."

The Lord Inquisitor growls. "My word is final. It can only be overruled by the ruling of the Grand Inquisitor at Canterlot himself."

They appear to be Laughter Monks: ponies that have dedicated their lives to Laughter. They have given up all other earthly possessions for a life of joy.

Felfire [Necromancer] 357485

"A warlock of this fleet. My friends want her dead, and she has nopony backing her up."
Send a shadow to call for her.

Light Heart [Warlord] 357486

"Miss Emrille. Miss Felfire. Mister Seekkill. Good to see you all."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357487

"You coming alone?"

Chip(DD knight) 357488

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357489

"Yeah, nice to see you, all that crap, let's just go and kill that slag."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357491

I nod at her.

I stop dead in my tracks.
"Hunt pirate?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 357492

I chuckle
"My my, so very impatient. Very well, I am prepared to help as always."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357493

"Is that a problem?"

Tony [Trickster] 357494

Laughter Monks! I like those crazy idiots.
Go over to them.
"Hello mates, can I join the party?"

Wf+6 357496

You find Rusty Wrench chillin' out relaxin' maxin' all cool catching some Z's outside the hold.

He shakes himself up as you approach. "Huh? What?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357498

"I see."
I'll shake my head again.
"I get the feeling you would have taken the flora in the treasury as worth more than anything else in the shrine, had you come."
After a moment, I'll continue.
"Bah. But we're getting sidetracked. You want me as muscle to recover your paper from a highly guarded location, by the Holy Guard no less. In return, there are several things I would like. There's quite a list to even get me to consider it, I hope you are aware."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357501

"Yes. Metalwings pirate. Seekkill live on pirate ship. Pirates mad if pirates killed."

Chip(DD knight) 357502

I shake him.
"The Fancy will sink, I need help repairing it."

Tasia [Paladin] 357503

lower my head so I don't have to look at them anymore
walk over to the table then put the rapier and the medallion of the order down, then walk out of the room. try to hold my tears '1d10-2'

Roll #1 8 - 2 = 6

Light Heart [Warlord] 357504

I chuckle
"Please, Lady Alys shall not be missed by the fleet."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357505

Shake my head.
"Most pirates won't. If you can eat her quick enough."
"What she said."

Wf+6 357506

One of them gives you a deadly serious look and points a hoof inches from your face.

"You are already partying."

Then he shoves a beer mug into your paw.

He laughs. "I don't need you as muscle, Mister Curry. I have more than enough muscle on this fleet. Are you telling me in all your years here you've never had a look around the Holy Basilica?"

He groans. "Fine. Show me."

You're a stoic. You see the Viscountess give a disappointed look at you and shake her head quietly.


"Seekkill not sure…"
I poor a bit of dust into my dice pouch, then shake it and let the dice fall onto the deck.

Roll #1 3, 4, 3, 1, 4, 1, 3, 3, 1, 4, 1 = 28

Tela [Spellsword] 357510

I look him over, wiping some foam from my mouth
"You don't like your from around here, pal."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357512

"I spent the majority of my life learning from my teacher in the shrine. The last 20 years I have spent trying to kill that hydra. As I had considered myself the last Lunar guardian, I had no reason to give the holy guard even an inkling of my existence beyond 'that crazed loon who yells at seagulls.'"

Chip(DD knight) 357513


Lead him to it and show him the Hull crack. Help him repairing it.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Tony [Trickster] 357517

I chuckle as I grasp the beer mug and down it. '1d10'
"Life's just one big party eh?"

Roll #1 1 = 1

Tasia [Paladin] 357518

leave the temple and head to the piers, then sit down and look out at whatever ships are docked here
"Why Viscountess?"

Laszlo [Ranger] 357521

I grab a beer and try to listen in on their talk.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357522

I carefully blow away the dust then collect the dice.
"Spirits say safe to hunt this pirate. Seekkill confused, but Seekkill hungry."

Tela [Spellsword] 357523

"Pfah, can't hold your drink too well, can you?"

Wf+6 357524

He sighs, disappointed. "Then I suppose you are useless to me. How disappointing, Mister Curry."

Something was in that drink, and it hits you like a ton of bricks. You think you might be blind, and you're having a hard time keeping your balance.

The pirate ships are gone. You know them to be moored outside the temple.

He makes quick work of it. "You work?" He grunts. "Well, work."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357527

"I never said I didn't go around there. Just that I never gave them reason to suspect I was more than an old loon."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357528


To Emrille, LH and Seekkill.
"We go when you are ready."

Raise two of our shadows.
Go look for Alys.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357529

"I am. Just don't forget our deal."

Light Heart [Warlord] 357530

"I am prepared, miss Felfire. As are my companions, no?"
I look at Wark and Rosemary

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357532


Felfire [Necromancer] 357533

Tasia [Paladin] 357534


well, better head back home and gather my stuff how much currency do I have? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Chip(DD knight) 357535

"I work…. yes I work on the ship as one of the repairers."

"Come to think of it, are we the only builders and repairer of the ships here?" I look at him.

Wf+6 357538

He grimaces. "Well, perhaps even an old loon can be useful."

He produces a bag of seeds. "If you can sow these, I can gain the intelligence on the locale that you can't provide."

But both of their shadows were closed when you fought the Fire Aspect, right?

Wark shrugs.

Rosemary nods tentatively.

Your life savings is 175 bits. Stupid low pay.

He shrugs. "Others died. For good."

Tony [Trickster] 357539

I wave my paw in front of my eyes a few times.
"Woow, ya gabbersh don't messh around eh?" I say as I try to keep my balance.

Felfire [Necromancer] 357540

You never said which shadows were closed actually.
But any shadow can do in this case. Wark's and Emrille's would be preferred.

Tela [Spellsword] 357541

I shake my head
"What a goddamn lightweight."

Wf+6 357542


You proceed to Aly's room and knock on the door. Sandor answers: "Yes?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357543

I perk up from my presumably contemplative pouting and look around. Where am I?

Tasia [Paladin] 357544



go back to the pirate ship then?

Tony [Trickster] 357545

I don't take that comment well do I now RNG?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Felfire [Necromancer] 357546

"The Commodore asks for Lady Alys."


"Indeed, she is to be escorted by us immediately."

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357548

"And of course, my terms. They are as follows: firstly, miss Mera's pendant requires repair. You do have an enchanter aboard, do you not? Secondly, the paintings recovered from the temple require restoration, as they were damaged when we had to burn away a brain-controlling fungus. Third, the books, scrolls, and loose bits recovered from the temple are to be the sole property of misses Spring and Seas, and as such to be kept safely by them and in a place they will be able to reach at any time. Fourth, this armor requires some repair, as it was damaged when Emrille torched the treasury. It feels… hurt."
I'll consider a moment.
"And lastly, miss Mera will require a tub of seawater to rest in. She's coming with me, and I am accompanying misses Spring and Seas until they are free mares again."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357549

With me somewhere, probably aboard the fleet

Tony [Trickster] 357550


I stumble and look around.
"Ey, who said that? Shtop hidin in the dark and say that to me mug."

Chip(DD knight) 357551

I fold my arms.
"I am not that good of a repairer come to think of it. Well rusted I might say after being in prison for some years. Perhaps you could teach me some pointers, remind me of the basics."

Tela [Spellsword] 357552

I tap him on the shoulder
"And then what?"

Tony [Trickster] 357553

I jump surprised, get one of my daggers out of my pockets, turn around and hold it in front of him
"Or we's going to have a very different kind of partay mate." I growl at him.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357555

Guess Wf isn't gonna say anything.

I tug on Spring's leg.
"Momma… are you still mad at me?"

Wf+6 357556

You wandered back onto the Pillager's Fancy. Nice boat.

You return to the pirate ships.

"I see. Let me inform her."

You hear the sounds of light discussion.

You hear a feminine noble voice now: "What's this about?"

"That's quite a tall order, Mister Curry. I think I can do most. The seapony…"

He gestures to the pony on your back, "Will have to die, of course, before she kills the crew. And I did promise those to allow Felfire to share in the knowledge of the scrolls recovered. The rest should be fine."



You find yourself shoved down the gangplank, off the boat, and onto the shore. You don't put up much of a fight in your current state.

"You're done, Petty Officer. I'll see that you never find work in the Equestrian Navy again. Go drown your sorrows at the Shrine of laughter."

You have to peel yourself out of the sand as you see the Lieutenant Commander pull back the plank in disgust. Looks like you got drunk on duty once too often.

Tela [Spellsword] 357557

I push the dagger aside with a hoof
"We don't wanna create a mess here, do we?"

Wf+6 357560

I did say something! You're on the Pillager's Fancy. see >>357556

Felfire [Necromancer] 357561

Nod over at Light Heart for her to deal with this.

Light Heart [Warlord] 357562

"The Commodore did not specify. But he was rather insistent."
I wink at Felfire and back away from the door so they don't see me when they come out.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357563

Let the others do the talking for now.

Chip(DD knight) 357564

Am I being boring this part?

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357565

"I'm not mad at you Summer, just very disappointed."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357567

I back away too and pull a seashell from a pouch.

Laszlo [Ranger] 357568

"–the hell he think he ish, I was sinking ships when he was still learning to breathe!"
I wander into town and ask some nearby pony.
"Exchuse me, but is there a shrine of slaughter or something in the town?"

Wf+6 357569

"Could. Look. Not normal."

He gestures at the wood. "Fused. Water-tight. Not sealant."

Tony [Trickster] 357570

I keep staring at him menacingly.
Stare at the dagger, then back at him.
Then I start laughing and put the dagger away.
I slap him on the back.
"Of course not mate."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357571

I'll shake my head.
"She is not only intelligent, but friendly to miss Seas and myself. She has been guarding the Lunar temple along with the other seaponies, if I'm to understand her correctly, and once her pendant is repaired, she will be able to defend herself in her own words. You will take her over my dead body."
I'll sigh.
"If a compromise can be reached, then she is completely my responsibility. Any actions against your crew, outside of self defense, shall be answered to by me. Is that acceptable?"

Tasia [Paladin] 357572

head to Alys' room

Wf+6 357574

"Hmph. With jokes that tasteless, you'd probably be more at home in the Shrine of Laughter."

He points up the hill where ponies are getting drunk and struggling to stand.

Tela [Spellsword] 357576

I grin and fill up my mug again
"So what brings a sailory fellow like you to this temple?"

Wf+6 357579

"Very well. If that's the case, then I won't delay him with an escort. My Master would be pleased to know I'm practicing my Tartarian Gate."

You hear the terrible sound of ripping inside the cabin. You've only heard one other spellcaster create that sound with a spell: Abilio.

He sighs and throws up his hooves. "Fine. But if you want your scrolls back from Felfire, you're going to have to take them yourself. I promised her I'd let her read them, and I've already made one concession in good faith."

Laszlo [Ranger] 357580

I go to the shrine. What's happening there?

Chip(DD knight) 357581

I look at the hull.
"You mean…. this ship is made of whole wood and not made of planks?"

Study it to see what Rusty Wrench means, is this ship constructed in a way that I am not familiar with?

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Wf+6 357582

You see the drunkest diamond dog you've ever laid eyes on: >>357570
And his newfound associate: >>357576

The priests are making sure the wine flows like water.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357583

You posted right after I did!

I guess I take a look around. Where specifically am I?

I sniffle and drop my head again, staring at the ground.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Tony [Trickster] 357584

I'm too drunk to see shit.
I chuckle.
"I came to drink away the taste of this shit town."
Take a look at the buildings outside and sneer.

Light Heart [Warlord] 357585

I look at Felfire
"That is quite troublesome."

Wf+6 357586

It's very strange. There are planks, but they seem fused… like they've been welded together.

"Whole wood? Yeah."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357587

Mutter the word FUCK and widen my eyes.
Turn to Emrille.
"Blow up the lock."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357588

Won't help you dodging bullets…
I'll know when I'll have to start shooting I guess, so just wait for now.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357590

I'll nod.
"That's fine. Perhaps she would be agreeable to making a copy or two."
I'll take a look at the seedbag on the desk.
"So I just take these and sprinkle them about the outside of the basilica?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357591


Tasia [Paladin] 357592


am I there?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357593

"What is tearing?"

Wf+6 357594

"Preferably inside, if you can. The seeds will naturally seek out crannies. This is Nook Weed."

Chip(DD knight) 357595

I back away from the hull, my eyes wide open with a frown on my face.
"What… sorcery is this?"

Wf+6 357598


He shrugs. "Just fix. Watch."

He shoves another plank into the hole. After a minute it fuses into place. He flicks it with a hoof.


Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357599

"Harrumph. And here I'd hoped it would be easy."
I take up the bag of seeds.
"Now, where might I find your enchanter, so that miss Mera's pendant may be fixed?"

Wf+6 357600

On the main deck.

Tasia [Paladin] 357601

then walk up to the door and blow it open '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Felfire [Necromancer] 357602

"The lock! Blow up the lock! We need to enter the room!"

Tela [Spellsword] 357604

"You and I both. Too many goddamned temples in this place. And nopony willing to hire me either. Bunch of goddamn distrustful pricks…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357605

I'll just stare in confusion for a second

Felfire [Necromancer] 357606


Light Heart [Warlord] 357607

I look at her in mild surprise

Tony [Trickster] 357608

"Amen to that." I chuckle.
"So you're a mercenary?"

Chip(DD knight) 357609

I touch the part that has been repaired.
"Interesting…" my eyes wide open.

I then turn to him.
"Tell me, is this some sort of magic that came from you or is this the magic of Ms.Fancy's herself?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357613

I sigh and pick her up, putting her on my back
"Let's go find Curry, we have to talk."

Tela [Spellsword] 357616

"Aye, one of the best I might say."

Wf+6 357618

He shrugs again. "Whole fleet. Don't complain. Makes easy."

You Shatter the enchanted door and find Sandor following Alys into a portal to the Tartarian Plane.

"Miss Topaz can be found in the hold of the Darklantern. It's the ship that is made out of dark wood. The hold is rather deep, past all of the gun decks. Take this."

He writes a short writ and passes it to you. It has his signature and is underscored: Repairs covered

Laszlo [Ranger] 357619

"Your friend is pretty out of it."
Try not to smell too drunk

Roll #1 5 = 5

Tasia [Paladin] 357621


Roll #1 10 = 10


Send both my shadows after Alys.

Roll #1 9, 2 = 11

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357623

"Thank you, mister…?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 357625

Move in and Cheap Shot Sandor

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357626

Try to get off a Frost Shot against Alys if I still can!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Wf+6 357627

"Smitts. First mate and quartermaster of the Pillager's Fancy."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357628

I perk my head up, but frown even more.
"You aren't going to yell at mister Curry again, are you momma?…"

Tony [Trickster] 357629

"Really now." Take a look around.
"You know I know some people who might be interested in those kind of skills."

My finely tuned dog nose smells it anyway, not that I really care.
I start laughing.
"She's not the only one."


I hit the male with a Cursed Arrow.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357632

I narrow my eyes
"I'll try my best not to after what he pulled on me."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357633

"Mr. Smitts, then. One further note. Those paintings haven't seen the light of day for nearly nine centuries. They are likely priceless, even with the smoke damage. Your restorer may keep the one they fancy most as payment, but the others should be returned to miss Seas and Spring."

Tela [Spellsword] 357635

"That so? Because I had half the mind to leave this damn town tonight, 'cause I haven't found a single damn person here willing to pay me."

"You're telling me."

Laszlo [Ranger] 357636

"Skills like being very, very drunk?"

Chip(DD knight) 357638

"Oh… alright. Thanks for letting me know this is some sort of a breathing and living ship… I guess."

After repairs… perhaps go up the deck and just look around
Or perhaps go to Smitts, I need to know if this ship is haunted or not.

Tony [Trickster] 357639

"Well, they might be interested, I'll have to ask.
Tell me a bit about yourself."

"You're not making much sense mate. are you sure you're not the drunk one here?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357640

I drop my head and continue frowning, fearing the inevitable argument.

Wf+6 357641

He waves you off. "Very well."

You close with them quickly. +1 to next action.

Fervored Freedom outright vanishes when attempting to enter the Tartarian Plane. Surrounded on all sides by a burning void, there is light everywhere and nowhere for a shadow to be cast. Magenta seems to maintain her form through sheer force of will, though it won't last long. She gets in a brilliant hit on Alys, slamming into her with rage.


The frost shot melts on its way into the realm, and the bullet goes wide. Sandor hits you with a glancing blow as you close.

You nail him with a particularly crushing arrow.

You enter and shoot Sandor in the leg, causing him to crumple.

Alys just smiles at you. "You're out of your league."

The portal back to the ship vanishes, sealing all of you inside. Six Tartarians appear from the nether, bound by chains, around you.

Death comes for ye!

Light Heart
Fervored Freedom
Mocking Wark

Target: '6d9'
Attack: '6d10'
Sandor Recover: '1d10'
Alys attack: '1d10'

Please wait to reply until after I've dealt damage for the round.

Fervored Freedom: 1/5 wounds
Emrille: 4/5 hits

Roll #1 3, 2, 8, 8, 4, 7 = 32 / Roll #2 1, 4, 3, 9, 3, 7 = 27 / Roll #3 9 = 9 / Roll #4 8 = 8

Tela [Spellsword] 357642

"Name's Tela. I'm a bounty hunter and merc or a soldier of fortune if you want to be real dramatic about it. Been doing this for over 10 years now, but I've never seen a town this shallow and holy before. Coming here was a goddamned mistake."

Laszlo [Ranger] 357643

"You said 'those kinds of skills'. What kind of skills are ya talking about?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357644

And I make my way to this "Topaz" character on the Darklantern.
However, en-route I bump into Spring and Summer.
"Ah, miss Seas. And miss Water. I was hoping to speak with you both."

Wf+6 357645

You find him in his room as Curry is just leaving.

The first Tartarian vanishes immediately, breaking free of its chains.

The second, third, and fifth do little to turn the tide of battle.

The fourth and the sixth, though? Crushing blows dealt to Seekkill and Mocking Wark.

Sandor is up, and a terrible Energy Orb tears through everyone in your ranks except Magenta.

Felfire: 2/5 hits
>Magenta: 5/5 wounds
>Fervored Freedom: CLOSED
Emrille: 1/5 hits
Light Heart: 2/5 hits
>Rosemary: 0/2 hits 4/5 wounds
>Mocking Wark: 0/7 hits 4/5 wounds
Seekkill: 2/5 hits
Tasia: 2/5 hits

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357646

"Yeah, I imagine you've got some explaining and apologizing to do after what you did."

Wf+6 357647

Seekkill: 0/5 hits, 2/5 wounds

Tony [Trickster] 357648

"Well there might be a place for you. I'll have to ask and you'll have to convince them.
Still…" I make the universal sign of money with my paws. "it pays well."

I chuckle.
"I wasn't talking to you mate. But the kind of skills to get the job done no matter what. You get me?"

Tasia [Paladin] 357649

Word of Power '1d10+3'

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9

Tasia [Paladin] 357650

on Alys I mean

Light Heart [Warlord] 357651

I shoot Alys with both pistols '2d10'

Rosemary and Wark attempt to get up '2d10'

Roll #1 3, 7 = 10 / Roll #2 1, 2 = 3


I try to stand up.
I should still have Vantage Point active.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357653

Time to put your magic to the test, Emrille…
Earth Shot on Alys!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Your occasion Magenta.
She and I both attack Alys.
I use the Nemesis scythe.

Roll #1 3, 6 = 9

Laszlo [Ranger] 357655


Tela [Spellsword] 357656

"Good. Maybe this whole thing wont be a complete waste of my money and time then."

Chip(DD knight) 357657

I look at Curry.
"Fancy meeting you here?"
I then whisper.
"Do you got scolded or something?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357658

I wince and give Curry a 'look', pleading him to not aggravate her further.

Tony [Trickster] 357659

"Oh indeed. If you can wait a moment here, I can go ask."

"So I don't think that's anything for you. Just grab another pint."

Tela [Spellsword] 357660

"Sure, ask away. Not like I got anything better to do in this hellhole."

Laszlo [Ranger] 357661

"Bah. There's nothing I can't do!"
I take another pint though.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357662

"Just a little talk, is all. Mr. Smitts was most agreeable."
I'll look between the two of them, and then sigh.
"You are completely right, miss Water. I chose my words poorly, even though it was obvious you were already at your wit's end. For that, you have my sincerest apologies."
I'll bow my head slightly.
"As such, I have talked with mister Smitts into letting you both have custody of the bits, paintings, and written material recovered from the temple. I could make no headway in getting your collars removed, but there is time yet for that."

Tony [Trickster] 357663

"I meant I'll go ask the guys. I can't just tell you everything here."

"Is that so mate? Really now, and how did you end up here then?"

Chip(DD knight) 357664

I stand for a moment and look at how this encounter from the Lunites will end.

Tela [Spellsword] 357665

"Yeah, I know you will. Like I said, I got all the damn time in the world while I wait."

Laszlo [Ranger] 357666

"I like the drinks."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357667

I narrow my eyes at him
"Can we make it clear that my word overrides Summer's? That when I say to keep your hooves off of her next time you'll actually listen?"

Tony [Trickster] 357668

I chuckle
"Me too. We can drink some more when I'm back."

"You just wait right over here mate. I'll be back soon."

And off I go back to the ships. Occasionaly checking behind me if one of those 2 isn't following me.

Wf+6 357669

You open with a crippling shot, knocking Alys to the ground. You feel strong, like a rock.

You can almost hear them calling. It's not your time, Seekkill.

That doesn't dull the blows, though. One of the Tartarians cuts into you.

Roll 2d10.

Both of your minions get burned as they tumble through the void, away from the group.

You get off one shot on the downed Alys, but get slashed up from the side. Clever girl.

Magenta gets blown back by the terrible fires of the realm, but you close and get in a slash on Alys before being shoved back yourself by Sandor.

+0 to next Scythe attack.

Felfire: 2/5 hits
>Magenta: 2/5 hits
Emrille: 3/5 hits
Light Heart: 0/5 hits 4/5 wounds
>Rosemary: 0/5 hits 1/5 wounds
>Mocking Wark: 0/5 hits 1/5 wounds
Seekkill: 0/5 hits 0/5 wounds
Tasia: 2/5 hits


Sandor helps up Alys: '1d10'
Alys gets up: '1d10'

Roll #1 4, 4, 1, 4, 4 = 17 / Roll #2 3, 2, 7, 9, 7 = 28 / Roll #3 9 = 9 / Roll #4 9 = 9



Roll #1 8, 3 = 11


Raise Alys' shadow, Magenta attacks her again.

Roll #1 5, 5 = 10

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357672

I'll think for a moment, then look to Summer. Then back to Spring.
"If I agree with it, I will accept your word over hers. However, the second I cannot completely agree to, as there is always the chance that something may happen to one of us that will be harmful to miss Seas. Were you ever successfully impersonated, and I gave miss Seas to the false you without a thought, I would fail in my duty as her guardian. The same is true for me. If I am ever replaced or otherwise controlled, I expect you to do everything in your power to keep miss Seas safe."
I'll sigh again.
"However, miss Seas had a short talk with me the other day, and I will… try to be more gentle with the enforcing of my duties."

Wf+6 357673

The couple manage to get Alys to her feet.

The second Tartarian breaks free of its bindings and vanishes.

The third Tartarian swings at Felfire, knocking her down.

The fourth and fifth lash out at Emrille, knocking her down and dealing damage.

Felfire: 0/5 hits 5/5 wounds
>Magenta: 2/5 hits
Emrille: 0/5 hits 2/5 wounds
Light Heart: 0/5 hits 4/5 wounds
>Rosemary: 0/5 hits 1/5 wounds
>Mocking Wark: 0/5 hits 1/5 wounds
Seekkill: 0/5 hits 0/5 wounds
Tasia: 2/5 hits

Tony [Trickster] 357674

I guess I'm back at the ships.
Before I go to Smitts to tell about our little mercenary, is there any way I could possible notice the fight with Alys is going on right now?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Ops. I had forgotten this.
Rolling to get up.
If I fail, Magenta helps me up.
If not, she attacks Alys.

Roll #1 3, 10 = 13

Light Heart [Warlord] 357676

All of us, get up.

Roll #1 2, 10, 10 = 22

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357677

Get up, get up get up!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Tasia [Paladin] 357678

shoot one of those tartarians demons! '2d10'

Roll #1 8, 9 = 17

Chip(DD knight) 357679

Stand there and watch.

Wf+6 357680

It's in another dimension to which the portal is closed.

You hold on to your life. As your vision fades, you tumble through the plane of fire, but you feel at peace. The spirits comfort you in your unconsciousness.

You utterly blast it out of existence… or at least out of corporeal form. It dematerializes and rejoins the nether.

Rosemary and Wark struggle to their feet and regain their bearings, only to notice you sinking further into the flame realm.

You roll to your feet, and try to avoid thinking about how you just 'rolled' on air. Or how you're standing on it without flapping your wings.

You struggle to regain your head, but Magenta drags you up.

I thought weeeee were planning to WIN.



Alys imbues Sandor with Tartarian Power. '1d10+2'

He swings at Tasia with a cleave. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #4 8 + 2 = 10

Tony [Trickster] 357681

Too bad. Have fun.
I go to Smitts.
"Good afternoon, gov'ner."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357682

"I don't think you understand, I'm not negotiating. What I say when it concerns Summer, goes. I don't want you taking her away from me. Ever. Understood?"

Laszlo [Ranger] 357683

I look around the temple. Is anything interesting going on?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357684

I guess that I cannot make any rolls to wake back up?

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357685

This place creeps the fuck out of me, so just kill that cooze.
Distant Shot on Alys.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Wf+6 357686

Felfire: 5/5 hits 4/5 wounds
>Magenta: 2/5 hits
Emrille: 5/5 hits 2/5 wounds
Light Heart: 0/5 hits 4/5 wounds
>Rosemary: 5/5 hits 1/5 wounds
>Mocking Wark: 5/5 hits 1/5 wounds
Seekkill: Unconscious
Tasia: 2/5 hits

There were two more Tartarians left. My bad. The first one breaks free and disappears. The others?


Tartarian Power succeeds on Sandor.

Autocrit boosted crit cleave on Tasia. Damage assignment finished next round.

He nods. "Something you need?"

Roll #1 3, 4 = 7 / Roll #2 10, 1 = 11

Tela [Spellsword] 357687

I guess I'll just keep drinking and grumbling until that dog comes back.

"So what's your story, pal?"

Laszlo [Ranger] 357688

"I got thrown outta my ship after a disagreement with the first mate. I guess it's back to merc work for me now."

Wf+6 357689


Felfire: 5/5 hits 4/5 wounds
>Magenta: 2/5 hits
Emrille: 0/5 hits 1/5 wounds
Light Heart: 0/5 hits 4/5 wounds
>Rosemary: 5/5 hits 1/5 wounds
>Mocking Wark: 5/5 hits 1/5 wounds
Seekkill: Unconscious
Tasia: 0/5 hits 2/5 wounds

The second Tartarian hits Emrille with a particularly crushing blow.

The final Tartarian also breaks free and disappears.

Alys has only one Tartarian minion left.

Tela [Spellsword] 357690

"Ain't that a sob story. What's your name? I'm Tela."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357691

Get up.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357692

I'll look Spring square in the eye.
"Miss Water it is not my intention to separate you from your daughter. If you become agitated to the point of lashing out at your daughter, as you did at the temple, I will stand between you if necessary."

Tasia [Paladin] 357693

get up
Get Up
GET UP! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357694

"Sh- she won't though! She won't mister Curry!"
I give him a very worried look.

Tony [Trickster] 357695

"Gov'ner, while I was in town, I met a mercenary who was anxious to get some work.
She seemed like a capable pony and not afraid to get her hooves dirty, so I told her there might be some work for her.
Now I know we're incognito here, so I decided I'd first check with you to see if it's fine if I bring her here.
She doesn't know anything about us yet."

Laszlo [Ranger] 357696

"My name's Lazlo. Some people called me dagger."
I grab my hidden knife and throw it at a nearby wall as fast as I can.
Marksman shot '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357697

I growl at him
"She is my daughter. She did something I never hoped to see her do and was punished for it. Don't you dare question my judgement like that."

Wf+6 357698

He nods vacantly. "We lost a few against the seaponies. We can take on another as long as they're not terrible out of head. Bring them aboard."

You miss and it flies into the ground. At least it looks like you did it on purpose.


It's all about us now.

Send Magenta to attack Alys 1st roll.
Nemesis scythe on Alys.

Roll #1 2, 10 = 12

Light Heart [Warlord] 357700

I get up '1d10'
Rosemary heals me '1d10'
Wark attacks Alys '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 4 = 4

Tony [Trickster] 357701

I nod.
"Very well, gov'ner."
I go back to the shrine and grab another pint.
"Hey, I'm back. Sounds like you might get lucky today."

Chip(DD knight) 357702

I just frown, being split on this statement.

I scratch my head.
"You two kind of get cranky down that temple, cranky to the point of almost killing me and the kid getting anger issues."
"Whats the reason behind that?"

Laszlo [Ranger] 357703

I pick up my knife and hide it.
"Oi, I am looking for work too."

Tela [Spellsword] 357704

"That so huh? You're a dagger donkey?"

"Yeah? Enlighten me then."

Tony [Trickster] 357705

Take a look at him again.
"Really now? Because you don't seem like the type of guy I'm looking for."

"Not here. I'll explain on the way."

Take a smaller sip this time of my pint. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357706

I snap at him
"Those were accidents. Magic outbursts from overuse and exhaustion."

Wf+6 357707

The two of you use each other as leverage to pull each other up. Teamwork!

With an imperious blast, Alys lashes out and vanquishes Magenta's shadow, but you use the opening to strike a crushing blow, knocking her down once again.

-4 to next scythe roll.

You get to your feet, but Rosemary looks to be overheating something fierce. She's panting, and can't focus on the spell.

Wark tries to close, but Sandor knocks him aside.

Felfire: 5/5 hits 4/5 wounds
Emrille: 5/5 hits 1/5 wounds
Light Heart: 5/5 hits 4/5 wounds
>Rosemary: 5/5 hits 1/5 wounds
>Mocking Wark: 3/5 hits 1/5 wounds
Tasia: 5/5 hits 2/5 wounds


Sandor helps up Alys: '1d10'
Alys gets up: '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3 = 3 / Roll #3 9 = 9 / Roll #4 5 = 5

Wf+6 357708

Alys is once again on her feet. The last Tartarian swings at Light Heart, but misses.

Tela [Spellsword] 357709

"You beter, I hate not knowing what's to come. I need details."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357710

"Magic outbursts! We were both tired a- and out magic wasn't working a- a- and…"
My eyes slowly widen from the panic of another outburst from Spring.

Tasia [Paladin] 357711

Shatter Alys '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Raise the shadow of Alys' pet, Sandor!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357713

Let's end this already, Wind Shot, aim at the head of that bitch Alys.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12

Felfire [Necromancer] 357714

With Magenta in it.

Laszlo [Ranger] 357715

"Nah, I use a pistol anna sword."
"Stop talkin' shit. I was sinking ships while ye were just a twinkle on your dad's eyes. I was a petty officer aboard the Seadragon for five years just until today!"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357716

"Miss Water, your daughter needs to learn to defend herself, and safely express her anger. Otherwise there will be a repeat of what happened the other day. This is a fact."
I'll sigh.
"I do not know why you wish to shelter miss Seas from such things, but she's already finding them out. She is still your daughter, and she still loves you more than her own life. That is why she did what she did. She bought the gun because she wished to protect you, and the bottled anger she had up to that point simply exploded."

Light Heart [Warlord] 357717

I shoot Alys, Cheap shot to hit her where it hurts '1d10'
Rosemary heals herself '1d10'
Wark attacks Alys '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 8 = 8 / Roll #3 5 = 5

Tony [Trickster] 357718

"Relax, pony. All will become clear in due time."

"Well that's more what I like to hear. Maybe you're right for this after all. What kind of ship was the Seadragon?"

Chip(DD knight) 357719

I raise my paws and back a step away.
"There it is again, there's no need to be angry."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357720

"I'm fully aware of what happened, Curry. You don't need to give a a exposition on it. But you've only known my daughter for two days, so don't pretend to know what is best for her, because you don't know."

Laszlo [Ranger] 357721

"A warship."

Tela [Spellsword] 357722

"I better not regret this whole damn thing…"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357723

"That I do not, miss Water. However, there is one thing that is constant to all ponies and other folk: bottling up anger is not healthy."

Wf+6 357724

You pile on Alys, and in a shattering and enough bullets to turn her into Swiss cheese, Alys is dead. The last Tartarian vanishes.

Rosemary does manage to fix herself up, though.

In these circumstances, it would normally impossible to raise a new shadow with all the fire about, but by combined force of will between you and Magenta, you pull her back out in time to see Alys fall.

Sweeeeeeeeeeet victory.

Felfire: 5/5 hits 4/5 wounds
Emrille: 5/5 hits 1/5 wounds
Light Heart: 5/5 hits 4/5 wounds
>Rosemary: 2/2 hits 2/5 wounds
>Mocking Wark: 3/5 hits 1/5 wounds
Tasia: 5/5 hits 2/5 wounds

Sandor cries out.

"My lady! You will all regret that!"

He pulls out a stolen four-chambered gun from the Stonebriar Academy of Combat Butlery and opens fire. Prefers Alys attackers (Tasia, Light Heart, Emrille, Wark).


Roll #1 3, 10, 8, 4 = 25

Tasia [Paladin] 357725


Roll #1 10 = 10

Wf+6 357726

He makes contact with Emrille and Light Heart in a terrible display of Tartarian marksmanship.

Felfire: 5/5 hits 4/5 wounds
Emrille: 0/5 hits 1/5 wounds
Light Heart: 0/5 hits 4/5 wounds
>Rosemary: 2/2 hits 2/5 wounds
>Mocking Wark: 3/5 hits 1/5 wounds
Tasia: 5/5 hits 2/5 wounds

Felfire [Necromancer] 357727

She attacks him.
I try to help Emrille up.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 6 = 6

Light Heart [Warlord] 357728

Get up from that '1d10'
Rosemary Heals Wark '1d10'
Wark starts attacking Sandor '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 10 = 10 / Roll #3 5 = 5

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357729

"Duly noted. I'll be sure to follow up on it. Now do we have a promise or not?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357730

I really wish Spring was here…no… that I was there with her now… I feel like shit.
Stand up again.
I will make it out of here.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Tony [Trickster] 357731

"Well, just a piece of advice, you might want to mention that to the gov'ner."

"You like money don't you. Trust me, you won't."

And I take them with me away from the shrine
On the way, I turn to them again and say
"Now how would both of you feel about a high risk high pay job on our fleet?"
Put inside my coat and grab a dagger, but keep it hidden.
Just in case.

Tela [Spellsword] 357732

I give him a skeptical look
"Your fleet? High risk high reward? I'm listening. Tell me more."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357734

"You have my word that I shall not pry your daughter from you by force. However, if she is in danger, I will do my damnedest to save her, so don't be too surprised if I get to her first."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357735

I give him a hard look
"And in the end, it's my word that counts highest, got it?"

Wf+6 357736

You cripple him, knocking him to the ground.

Magenta piles on, and you pull Emrille up.

You pull yourself to your feet once again, and Wark is now feeling tops. What a shame he can't get in close enough to hit with the others.

You marksman shot instead, for Terrible, Terrible Damage.

Roll to get up: '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357737

"If I agree with it."

Wf+6 357738

Sandor is up.

Felfire: 5/5 hits 4/5 wounds
Emrille: 5/5 hits 1/5 wounds
Light Heart: 5/5 hits 4/5 wounds
>Rosemary: 2/2 hits 2/5 wounds
Tasia: 5/5 hits 2/5 wounds

Tasia [Paladin] 357739


Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Laszlo [Ranger] 357740

"Ya have a fleet?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357741

Should have stayed down, buddy.
Distant Shot.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357742

"No, even if you disagree with it. Summer is my daughter. Not yours. Not by a long shot."

Light Heart [Warlord] 357743

Shoot Sandor '2d10'
Rosemary heals Emrille '1d10'
Wark attacks Sandor as well '1d10'

Roll #1 8, 1 = 9 / Roll #2 7 = 7 / Roll #3 7 = 7

Tony [Trickster] 357744


I chuckle.
"Well it's not my fleet, of course.
But we've lost some ponies during the latest trip here and we're looking for replacements.
Don't worry, you won't have to scrub the deck or anything. We're more interested in your combat skills."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357745

I start breathing faster, still deeply scared this is going to turn into a shouting match and looking at Curry with a absolutely pleading look.

Chip(DD knight) 357746

"Looks like she won this." I look at Curry.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357747

"I am, however, her guardian. If you ever break down into hysterics, I obviously cannot place your word over miss Seas's. That is why I said 'if I agree with it.' I assume you will more often than not be of sound mind in your decisions?"

Tela [Spellsword] 357748

"Good, I'm not a goddamn scrubber. What kind of pay and jobs are we talking? What do you ponies do?"

Laszlo [Ranger] 357749

"Aye, then."

Wf+6 357750

Aaaand that's enough to finish it. Sandor's dead, pistol slipping from his grip into the void as he gives his dying breath.

It seems to very explicitly vanish into a conveniently placed pocket of void. Something tells you that you haven't seen the last of that gun.

For now… how do you plan to get out?

Felfire: 5/5 hits 4/5 wounds
Emrille: 5/5 hits 2/5 wounds
Light Heart: 5/5 hits 4/5 wounds
>Rosemary: 2/2 hits 2/5 wounds
Tasia: 5/5 hits 2/5 wounds

Chip(DD knight) 357751

I look at Summer and give her a re-assuring smile.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357752

"I am always in sound mind, don't you worry. And you are not her legal guardian. I am her legal guardian, understood?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 357753

Rosemary starts healing herself '1d10'
"That was quite nasty indeed."

Roll #1 8 = 8

Felfire [Necromancer] 357754

Commune with Magenta.
Can you track Alys' spirit and force the spell to the tartarian gate out of her?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357755

Am I still falling?

Felfire [Necromancer] 357756

"Good thing she was a sloppy fighter."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357757

"At least they went down… but where are those doors?"

Tasia [Paladin] 357758

"One last act of my duty to the Order"
spit on the bodies

then shoulder my rifle and look around for a way up '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Tony [Trickster] 357759


"Well it's very simple.
You see there are a lot of ponies who have lots of money.
Too much money in fact.
They don't even know what to do with it.
While we, on the other hand, do.
So we make sure that money gets put to good use.
If you understand me."

Wf+6 357760

I think you're thinking of the Immortal Plane, not the Tartarian Plane.

Falling is a state of mind, here. You're peacefully floating around the battlefield.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357761

Am I still unconscious?
Do I roll to wake up? How does this work?

Wf+6 357762

Up is kind of a strange concept on this plane. You THINK you're looking up.

You can wake up now for free!

Felfire: 5/5 hits 4/5 wounds
Emrille: 5/5 hits 2/5 wounds
Light Heart: 5/5 hits 4/5 wounds
>Rosemary: 2/2 hits 3/5 wounds
Tasia: 5/5 hits 2/5 wounds

Felfire [Necromancer] 357763

"Tartarian gates. Don't you remember what Abilio did in autumsnreach?"
I meant from your side. From outside the shadow. Otherwise, I will have to commune with her body.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357764

"Did I ever say 'legal guardian'? I made no such claims. I am, however, the guardian of the last, or perhaps first, Lunar Priestess in a long, long while. So I shall be working with you, her mother and legal guardian, until she is of age to make decisions on her own. And she's fast approaching that age, so we had best not waste our time bickering over semantics and teach her something useful instead."
I'll give a small nod to Spring.
"Now if you'll excuse me, miss Water, I've an appointment with someone named Topaz on the Darklantern to get miss Mera's pendant fixed. You are welcome to join me if you wish to continue this conversation, though I would prefer you instead find miss Felfire and tell her that I would like to make a bargain with her."

Tasia [Paladin] 357765

then pull back my rifle and shoot into the 'ground' '2d10'

Roll #1 1, 7 = 8

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357766

Well then I wake up and start awkwardly flapping my wings as I try to fly around.
"What happen!? Where Seekkill!?"

Tela [Spellsword] 357767

"Hm… pirates. Not really my usual kind of occupation, but it'll do if it pays well."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357768

"Calm down, we won."

"Yeah, but Abilio is not here, now is he?"

Wf+6 357769

Look, weeeeeee're not in some kind of fancy dress party in the afterlife, and we go schmooze with whoeeeeeeeever we want. It doesn't work like that.

Felfire [Necromancer] 357770

"Tartarus. Wait before you start eating. We might need their corpses one last time."

Wf+6 357771

The bullet yawns off into eternity.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357772

"And as a legal guardian, my word overrules yours. No discussion."

Laszlo [Ranger] 357773

"Buccaneers? Privateers?"



Walk up to Alys' body.
Take all the time I need to get a +8 modifier, if I can.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Tasia [Paladin] 357775

point at the party
"Do any of you pirates know how to get out of here!?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 357776

"It's over mister Seekkill. We have finished what we started."

"I'm certain miss Felfire has a plan. This is her domain after all."

Wf+6 357777

You succeed, but she's not interested in talking to you.

Tony [Trickster] 357778

"Well it's not up to me wether you can join.
But of course I can put in a good word for you, since you seem like such a capable mare."

"Your comprehension skills are amazing. I hope this line of work isn't below you?'

Chip(DD knight) 357779

I yawn for a moment.
"You two stop it, you're scaring her."
I pointed to Summer.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357780

"So long as you are of sound mind, then that shall hold true. Now, is that sufficient, or would you perhaps like to add in a flogging to soothe your temper?"

Chip(DD knight) 357781

I grumble.


Can't I push a bit harder on the connection?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Wf+6 357783

Let's clarify. Your connection is great! She doesn't want to chat.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357784

"Where we are?"

I right myself and make my way over to them.
"How she chain evil spirits?"

"Make doctor help Seekkill."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357785

It seems I can't.

Magenta, this is your field. How do we leave?

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357786

I shake my head at him
"I'll tolerate you. But don't think I'm happy at all with the way you acted. Summer, let's go. We have to talk."
Turn and leave

Laszlo [Ranger] 357787

"'There's a first time for everything', said the hedgehog mating with a hairbrush."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357788

"…She better have. I didn't like this place when I only had to cross it, and I would hate to be stranded here."

Wf+6 357789

I don't know anything about creating gates. There is a way, though…

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357790

"Huh? W- Where are we going?…"
I gulp and whimper.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357791

"We are in Tartarus. Hell. Bad place with bad spirits."

Light Heart [Warlord] 357792

"Right, my excuses."
Rosemary can keep healing everyone '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Felfire [Necromancer] 357793

"Wait, so these were your spirits?"
One way is more than I have, talk away.
"Working on it…"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357794

"Don't worry sweetie, I just want to talk things out with you. You're still in trouble though, missy…"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 357795

"Stay safe, miss Water."
I'll sigh a bit, and then turn to Chip.
"It seems I've a bit of temper of my own. Thank you for trying to stop me, at least, mister Chip. And my apologies for delaying your business with mister Smitts."
And with that, I'll head out to the Darklantern.
Need to run a quick errand, back in a little while.

Tela [Spellsword] 357796

"Damn right I am. Surprised you haven't heard of me."

"How poetic."

Wf+6 357797

Emrille: 5/5 hits 3/5 wounds
>Rosemary: 2/2 hits 4/5 wounds
Tasia: 5/5 hits 3/5 wounds
Seekkill: 5/5 hits 1/5 wounds

You could ask one of the Tartarian Overlords for passage… Simply call their name. I recommend Azazeeeeeeeeeeeel.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357798

"Talk about what?…"
I gulp again.

Felfire [Necromancer] 357799

What's the catch?

Light Heart [Warlord] 357800

Rosemary may keep at it '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Chip(DD knight) 357801

Stand there.
*wind in the hallway.*

I then scratch my head again.
Alright, no more distractions.
Head to Smitts room.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357802

I sigh and settle down in front of her
"About what happened down there."
I frown
"About that gun."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357803

I shiver.

"Maybe? Remind Seekkill of bad spirits. Not all bad spirits. Some."

Wf+6 357804

Everyone takes a wound this time instead, including Seekkill, which puts him back at 0 wounds.

Nice job. I'll let it slide this time and put everyone at full.

Laszlo [Ranger] 357805

"It is, isn't it? I heard it from a zebra."

Wf+6 357806

You'll have to ask him.

Chip(DD knight) 357807

Tony [Trickster] 357808

"Glad to hear it."

"Well, maybe we can talk about that later."

I suppose we're at the ships by now.
I lead them to the cabin of Smitts.
"Hello again, gov'ner. These are the 2 I was talking about.
This is Tela, a mercenary who knows her job."
I point to the donkey.
"And that's Lazlo, he says he's worked as an officer on a ship called the Seadragon before."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357809

Thaaank you.

"Damn right… I don't like this place either. Not in the least."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357810

Why Azazel?

Light Heart [Warlord] 357811

Don't act like it's my fault!
I pat Rosemary and Wark on the shoulders
"Excellent work the both of you. You have made me very proud today."

Wf+6 357812

Smitts awaits.

"Yes, Mister Chip?"

He's the Overlord I always asked for. He's The Scapeeeeeeeegoat.

Rosemary beams.

Wark grumbles something about it being a pretty good fight.

Felfire [Necromancer] 357813

Does he like you?
And I mean as, will make your name get all of us killed?

Laszlo [Ranger] 357814

What's this Smitts look like?

Tela [Spellsword] 357815

I give this Smitts fellow an apprehensive look but let the dog do the talking

Light Heart [Warlord] 357816

"It simply had to be said. Killing Alys wasn't just a matter of business, it was also a favor to the world. We all did good here today."

Wf+6 357817

I don't know! He's very businesslike. He put up with my laughs so I didn't complain. I think heeeeeeeee gets whining and insults a lot.

"I'm a bit preoccupied at the moment, Mister Tony. Why don't you get the two of them settled in? Meet with Mellow Marsh, our duty officer."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357818

"What about it?…"

Chip(DD knight) 357819

I approach him.
"Sir." I bow down then look at him.
"If you could spare the time, can I continue that training that you gave me last time?"

Tony [Trickster] 357820

"Okey then."
Motion to the both of them to follow me and we go to Mellow Marsh.

Felfire [Necromancer] 357821

Round up everyone.

"Okay here's the thing.
To get out of here, we have to make a deal with a tartarian overlord."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357822

I give her a cross look
"Bag of candy, huh?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357823

"Oh-ver-lord? Seekkill has bad feeling about this."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357824

"Biggest of the spirits."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357825


Light Heart [Warlord] 357826

"He sounds lovely. What can you tell us about him or her, miss Felfire?"

Laszlo [Ranger] 357827

I follow.
What's Mellow look like then? What part of the ship are we in?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357828

"Very bad feeling."
I poke at Alys's body with a claw and look at Felfire.
"Still need body?"

Tela [Spellsword] 357829

I follow him, checking out the ships

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357830

"I… I…"
I frown and look at the ground, avoid her gaze.
"I'm sorry I lied to you…"

Felfire [Necromancer] 357831

"The scapegoat of tartarus. Businesslike for what the goat tells me."
"Let's wait until we are out of here, okay?"
Grin at her.
"Today might be a good day to definitively die, no?"

"I'm gonna call him, alright?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357832

I put a hoof under her chin and gently lift her head so she looks back at me
"You better be sorry. Do you have any idea how it felt to see you draw that thing and use it?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357833

I throw her body over my back and my minion stands in front of me.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357834

"No, no day is good to die… but I guess a try is better than being stuck here forever."

Light Heart [Warlord] 357835

"Businesslike? Good, he must be reasonable then. Perhaps a deal can be struck."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357836

"Azazel, I beseech thee."

Wf+6 357837

Mellow Marsh is relaxing in the hold. He's a gray pegasus.

"New hires?"

Tony [Trickster] 357838

I point to the pony.
"This is Tela, a mercenary. She's good."
I point to the donkey.
"And Lazlo. He worked on a warship before."

Chip(DD knight) 357839

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357840

I sniffle.
"I- I didn't wanna use it… but miss Emrille just… she just made me so angry a- and…"

Laszlo [Ranger] 357841

I nod.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357842

"So you decided to try and shoot her. Is that how I raised you, Summer? To start shooting at your problems? I'm angry at Emrille too, but shooting her or any of the other pirates at this time? You know better than that…"

Wf+6 357843

His voice, seeming to be perpetually spewing smoke, echoes from all around you as his form materializes before the party. He is represented by a towering, dead goat hanging from a noose that seems to extend upward for eternity.

Welcome to the realm of Tartarus. You look lost, pony. This is not a place to be lost.

"So can they fight? That's the question."

He shrugs. "I had greater plans for you than learning from me, if you're interested. I notice a talent in you, Chip. Would you like to make use of it?"

Tony [Trickster] 357844

"Of course they can."
I look at them expectantly.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357845

Rolling not to be too scared of this shit.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357846

I stay quiet.

Tela [Spellsword] 357847

I snort
"That's what I'm best at, pal."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357848

Keep looking dead ahead of me. He's not really there, after all.
"We need a mean to return our world."

Light Heart [Warlord] 357849

I cock a brow, mildly impressed, but stay silent.

Laszlo [Ranger] 357850

"What d'ya need for proof?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357851

"N- No… you didn't raise me like that…"
I sniffle and start slowly tearing up.
"I- I did know better… b- b- but I was just so angry and mad a- and… and scared…"

Wf+6 357852

"Well… there's two of you. Why don't you have a skirmish? One round, 'til one of you's down. Nothing fancy, just some friendly combat."

Simplified PVP. No talents, skills. Just rolling.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357853

I sigh and pick her up to give her a hug
"I don't blame you for that sweetie… I should have been more careful. I'm also to blame here… But I'll be more careful in the future."
I give her a expectant look
"Will you be completely honest with me as well in the future?"

[lemon] 357854

I sit in a corner while watching the two new recruits duke it out.
"Make use of what?" I then look at him.

Wf+6 357855

Your fear is obvious, but he doesn't comment on it.

Interesting. I can create a portal for you, of course. What can you give me in return?

Wf+6 357856

They're in the hold, not here.

"You seem to have a talent for figuring how things work, no?"

Tony [Trickster] 357857

I go take a seat and watch the show.

Chip(DD knight) 357858

Laszlo [Ranger] 357859

"Fine then."
I grab my knife and throw it.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Felfire [Necromancer] 357860

"What could an overlord ever want?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357861

I'll just scoot a bit closer to Light Heart now and look away…

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357862

I enthusiastically nod.
"I- I won't lie to you ever again! I'm so so so sorry…"
I hug her back, burying my face in her chest and crying, softly whispering 'sorry' over and over.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357863

I keep quiet.


oh crap
I nod and unsheathe my sword

Dodge and charge at him to stab him as well?

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Chip(DD knight) 357865

I relax myself.
"If given time, I do. Perhaps part of what I learned as a pirate and shipbuilder while the other part is instinct."
"What of it?" I tilt my head.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357866

I sigh and softly pet her mane until she calms down

Laszlo [Ranger] 357867

If there are no skills or talents, where is that +1 from?
I try to get up and fire my pistol

Roll #1 6 = 6

Wf+6 357868

Well, there is a perpetual shortage of souls here… Let me take a look at your file. Interesting. Yes… This will do. I understand your little friend has a necklace with a particularly potent soul in it. How would you feel about parting with it? I'm sure Celestials are no friends of yours.

You don't benefit from your talent in simplified PVP.

Crit does deal 1 extra hit, though.

Lazslo: 3/5
Tela: 8/8

"I was going to ask Miss Topaz to teach you to put that to use…. if you're interested."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357869

"The kid? No. I have a counteroffer.
Do you have a shortage of… Vessels?"


alright, alright, sorry

I try to kick off his aim and slash at him

Roll #1 10 = 10

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357871

I eventually calm down and look back up at her, sniffling.
"Um… I- I tried apologizing to miss Emrille, a- and… she didn't want me to apologize."

Chip(DD knight) 357872

I grin.
"Could you remind me who she is?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357873

…he's got to be kidding…

Tony [Trickster] 357874

I clap my paws at that hit.

Wf+6 357875

In another brute strike, you push him back further and crush him with another slash.

Lazslo: 1/5
Tela: 8/8

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357876

I scratch the back of my head and continue to stay quiet.

Light Heart [Warlord] 357877

I cock an eyebrow in surprise
How unfortunate

Tony [Trickster] 357878

I turn to Mellow.
"I told you she was good."

Wf+6 357879

"Quartermaster of the Darklantern. She forges the doubloons of the fleet."

"So it would seem…"

Laszlo [Ranger] 357880

"The hell was that?"
I draw my sword and charge at her.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Felfire [Necromancer] 357881


"It's called fighting, jackass."
parry and counter with another stab

Roll #1 6 = 6

Wf+6 357883

What exactly did you have in mind?

And with that, the ranger rolls to a defeat.

Mellow Marsh claps a few times. "Handily fought, Tela, was it?"

Chip(DD knight) 357884

I look at him wide eyed.
"Is she now? Dont tell me you have plans to make me a smelter of gold here in the ship."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357885

I sigh and carefully wipe away those tears
"I'll talk to her… okay?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 357886

"My meddling to bring your power in our world. Just like the goat did."

Tony [Trickster] 357887

I clap and walk over to Tela.
"I knew somepony who could her liquor like that, was somepone we needed."

Tela [Spellsword] 357888

I help the donkey up and pat him on the back
"Yeah. That's right."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357889

"She just kept telling me that I should 'thank her' when I said she should apologize too for causing that fire…"
I frown and look back up at her.
"Can I come with you when you apologize to miss Emrille?"

Wf+6 357890

He chuckles. "I don't think I trust you with the gold. But I think you would make a good smith, if it interests you."

A dark chuckle. That was a privilege purchased in pacts. If you are thinking to cheat me, we can end the dialogue here…

"Very well. We could use you in the next bit. We have a little bit of a raiding party headed into the Holy Basilica soon."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357891

"If you want… and if she's okay with it. You did try to shoot her after all…"

Laszlo [Ranger] 357892

"We're gonna have a rematch later."

Tela [Spellsword] 357893

"Understood. Just point me in the right direction and stay out of my way."

I nod
"Looking forward to it."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357894

I inch closer to Light Heart again.
"I don't want to be stranded here…"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357895

I drop my head again and fold my ears down, sniffling still.

Tony [Trickster] 357896

Light Heart [Warlord] 357897

I chuckle
"Neither do I. Not much opportunity to expand influence in hell after all. We'll get out of here, miss Emrille. I trust in miss Felfire's abilities."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357898

"I'm no adept of tartarus, great one. No idea what might be your taste.
What her soul?"
Point at Alys' corpse.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357899

I hold up Alys's body and offer it to the hanging goat.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357900

I gulp.
"W-What if we don't?"

Chip(DD knight) 357901

I then relax my back and look down for a moment.
"That would be a good opportunity and I would gladly take it."
"But why a smith?" I ask him.

Felfire [Necromancer] 357902

>what about*

Tela [Spellsword] 357903

I chuckle
"It's not about holding liquor, it's about holding a sword."

Tony [Trickster] 357904

"Well, if somepony can hold her liquor, they can definately hold a sword. That's always a good sign."

Light Heart [Warlord] 357905

"No need to despair, miss Emrille. Have some faith."

Tela [Spellsword] 357906

"Whatever you say, pal. So, let's talk payment, shall we?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357907

"Y-Yeah… right… We'll get out…"

Tony [Trickster] 357908

"Well you usually get a cut of everything we plunder.
It's a really good system actually.
Get more loot, you get more pay."

Light Heart [Warlord] 357909

"You've done well in my books so far, miss Emrille. I am not somepony that gives up hope quite so easily. And neither should you."

Wf+6 357910

Unfortunately, again, nothing to offer me. The souls of mortals that die in Tartarus belong to President Haagenti. What of this? Perhaps instead of a tribute, you will pay me in service. I am the bearer of all Guilt. Though all Guilt would easily rip through a mortal, my subjects bear part of the weight to lift it from my shoulders. I will offer you the option to bear my mark for three days, and carry the weight of the Scapegoat.

He shrugs. "Not many have the aptitude for the forge, and you would learn valuable combat skills. Your weakness seems to be comprehension, but you can cover that weakness by learning a craft. I only wish to make you a stronger crewman, Mister Chip."

He chuckles. "It's going to require a little subterfuge. Being from this town, I trust you understand the consequences of trying a frontal assault on the Holy Guard."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357911

"I just… hate this place! I hated crossing it in Stonebriar and now we're stuck here!"

"What does that do to us?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357912


Light Heart [Warlord] 357913

"I understand, miss Emrille. I dislike it as well. But do try to stay strong."

"And what does this mark mean to us, exactly?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 357914

"Three days, feeling the Guilt of the world? It's gonna rip my soul asunder, isn't it?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357915

"Now… what do you want to do, Summer? We finally have some free time again…"

Wf+6 357916

To those that bear the mark of Azazel, the world is cold and hateful. You will find no quarter from friends or enemies, and be turned out for crimes of which you are innocent. You will turn against yourselves: such is the Guilt that will cause you to self-loathe. This is my eternal struggle. I ask for you to lift it for only three days.

Tela [Spellsword] 357917

"Hmmm… I guess that'll work."

"It'd be one hell of a fight."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357918

"Any one of us can take this mark to allow us all passage, is it right?"

Chip(DD knight) 357919

Have steam acct. Wut do?
"Thanks… that is a good opportunity and if this will benefit the ship and its crew then who am I to deny my services." I then stand to leave.

I then stop at the door.
"Where do I find this Topaz by the way?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357920

"You only need one pony for that, right? Right?"

Tony [Trickster] 357921

"It's better then working for a bunch of miners who give you a weekly low pay regardless what you delve, let me tell ya that."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357922

"How many us?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357923

I perk back up, still looking sad.
"Um… m- maybe we can go visit mister Doc Peg? He's nice…"

Tela [Spellsword] 357924

"True enough. Not that I mind a good fight."

Wf+6 357925

"The hold of the Darklantern."

Link it in the meta.

The quantity of guilt would destroy one pony… But if that is not an issue for you, then I do not care how you distribute it.

You can each take 20%, force one person to take 100%, or whatever. Just tell him what you want.

Wf+6 357926

>Each take 20

How did I get that number? There are 7 of you here, counting minions.

Felfire [Necromancer] 357927

"Wait. What if we just go outside and kill a few ponies to give you their souls?"
Raise a brow questioningly.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357928

I shrug
"We can, if you want to."

Chip(DD knight) 357929

Head out to her place of work.

Tony [Trickster] 357930

"You certainly look like you don't."
I take a look at Mellow.
"So if that's everything, I should give the lady a look around."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357931

"Do you wanna do something?…"

Wf+6 357932

That would only work if you got them to agree to give up their souls before killing them. Innocents are out of the reach of Tartarian Overlords… except those cast into Tartarus, who lie in the realm of President Haagenti.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357933

"Summer I… I don't exactly have any appointments or anything. Whatever you want to do… I'll follow you."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357934

"Well? What think?"

Wf+6 357935

"Go ahead."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357936

"Innocence? Does such a thing even exist?"
"You can take the mark. Or we go on a hunt for evil ponies."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357937

"I don't really want to take this shit…"

Felfire [Necromancer] 357938

"Wanna kill the soul of that poor kid then?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 357939

"I believe we should make a choice. We could always use that soul little Summer carries around, no?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357940

"M- Maybe mister Doc Peg might cheer you up!"
I perk up and set off for Doc Peg's clinic.
Rolling to find it/get Wf's attention

Roll #1 2 = 2

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357941

"…What was that thing about hunting evil ponies? We could do that. All in a day's work anyway."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357942

"Seekkill like hunting."

Tony [Trickster] 357943

I motion Tela over and lead her over to the place where we got all the food.
"Well here's where we keep all the food.
I'ts probably one of the most important places of the ship."
I chuckle. "Except for the vault of course."

Light Heart [Warlord] 357944

I nod
"I would prefer not upsetting little Summer. So that is indeed a option I would not mind pursuing."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357945

"We still don't know if he will accept."

"What is your answer, overlord of Guilt?"

Wf+6 357946

Okay you're there. He's inside.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 357947

I knock on the door and wave to him.
"Hi mister Doc Peg!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357948

"If he doesn't, I'm not taking any mark. This wasn't in the deal that I will have to bargain with demons."

Tela [Spellsword] 357949

I nod
"The mess hall… good to know."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357950

"You could always stay here."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 357951

Go in after her

Wf+6 357952


Family dragging me to dinner. Roleplay!

Tony [Trickster] 357953

I sit down and grab a pint.
"Well, I'm sure it's better if you learn part of the crew by yourself, I fear most of them are busy planning the coming raid.
But I was thinking maybe you could explain me why I should have heard of you? Or do you want to know something else about this organization?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357954

"No. You are taking my part of that mark if you choose that. I don't even care for your free resurrections or anything."

Tony [Trickster] 357955

Wf+6 357956

I'll be back in an hour or two. But night if you're going to bed.

Tony [Trickster] 357957

i'll see if I'm still awake then. I can't guarantee that.

Chip(DD knight) 357958

I stand on the ship for a moment.
Where is everybody??! I scratch my head.


Tela [Spellsword] 357959

"I've been in the business for a while. During that time, I've been involved in some of the best known and some completely unknown military operations all over Equestria. It ain't perfect, but… it's a living."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357960

"Getting out of here is a right you have to earn. Either by taking part of the mark, or by taking that soul.

Tony [Trickster] 357961

I cock my eyebrows.
"So you used to be a soldier then?"
I offer her a pint too.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357962

"Fuck no it isn't! If you told me we are going to be stranded in Tartarus I wouldn't have agreed to your deal!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 357963

"Just how many times did I say the word 'warlock'?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357964

"That doesn't mean we were going into this realm with her closing it on us!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 357965

Give her a flat stare.
"Seriously? After what you saw me and Abilio do?
You are dumber than you look."

Tela [Spellsword] 357966

I grab it and take a swig
"For a year or three… That's where I picked up my magical skills. My parents were officers in the royal navy too. Aside from that, I've been all over, doing all the kinds of jobs others don't want to risk their hooves on."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357967

"Yeah, but not with no fucking way out!"

Light Heart [Warlord] 357968

"Come come now miss Emrille… there is no point in panicking. Let us use our time to come up with an alternative solution instead."

Tony [Trickster] 357969

I chuckle.
"I take it working freelance is more enjoyable?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357970

"Like what?"

Tela [Spellsword] 357971

"The army had its charms… but it wasn't for me. I don't regret spending my time in there, but I sure as hell wont go back."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357972

"Think of a counteroffer."

Light Heart [Warlord] 357973

"He is clearly a businessgoat, all we have to do is find a different offer. One that is less harmful to us, yet still as pleasing for him."

Tony [Trickster] 357974

"Hell, I can believe you.
I wouldn't be able to live one hour taking orders from the army.
I got enough of that back in the Old Country."

Tela [Spellsword] 357975

"The old country?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357976

"I'm not really versed in what-demons-wantology."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357977

"Anyway, I never asked you. What was your beef with Alys?"

Tony [Trickster] 357978

"The mines near Trottingham.
I'm actually a bit glad you can't hear I'm from there.
I've been working on getting rid of that accent.
Ponies don't take you seriously when you go all Oi, ya cheeky cunt u"

Light Heart [Warlord] 357979

"Now, miss Emrille. He simply likes souls just like you like money. Different format of currency, yes, but still similar in some way."

"As I mentioned before, she sees me as a rival ever since I started growing closer to Landgrave. Quite unfortunate, but I cannot say she was a pleasant pony to begin with."

Felfire [Necromancer] 357980

"I might have an idea…
One of us could take it. The entirety of it. Then, we'd kill him and keep his body safe for three days, after which I would bring him back."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357981

"Yeah but we can't get… that soul to him."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357982

"I don't really want to be dead for three days either, but that could work. Just not with killing me."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357983

"What if he take it?"
I point at my minion.

Felfire [Necromancer] 357984

"I doubt undead qualify."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357985

"I don't think an undead can."

Tasia [Paladin] 357986

"There are no other options?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 357987

"Ask other overlord?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 357988

"Yes actually. If we had somepony capable of binding souls to objects…"

Tasia [Paladin] 357989

"You better not be talking about tartarian magic"

Tela [Spellsword] 357990

I snort
"Trottingham… I remember this one time where I was assigned to a team of mercs tasked to take out this cult of discord somewhere in Weston-super-Mare. Nasty business. To make things worse, I couldn't understand a damn word of what half of the team said because of those accents. Me and this scrawny colt with a harelip were the only ones who made it out."
I take another swig from my mug
"I later heard he's a priest in some middle-of-nowhere town now…"

Felfire [Necromancer] 357991

"Did you have a look around?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 357992

I give her a look
"Miss Tasia, we are in Tartarus."

Tasia [Paladin] 357993

"We got here because of a heretic who played with tartarian arts!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357994

"As you can see, now she bit the bullet and can't get us out."

Tasia [Paladin] 357995

say between gritted teeth
"Then how do we get out again?"

Tony [Trickster] 357996

I take another good sip of my pint.
"I think I heard something about that raid.
I heard none of the cultists got out alive.
You sure got them good."

Light Heart [Warlord] 357997

"Heretics… of course."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 357998

"Don't ask me…"

Tela [Spellsword] 357999

"And I got good money out of it too. Taking out those cottoncandy-sucking screwballs was damn worth it. What about you? What brings a miner like you here on a ship like this?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 358000

"There… could be a way. One of us should sacrifice herself, and take on the guilt for the whole world.
Just for three days."
Roll my eyes.
"Or we could use heresy!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358001

"Or we ask other Overlord."

Felfire [Necromancer] 358002

"Do you think they would offer us a sweeter deal?"
Smile with contempt at him.

Tasia [Paladin] 358003

"…I'll do it. Lets just get out of here already."

Tony [Trickster] 358004

"Well I wasn't just a miner.
I used to be.
But the wages we got were pathetic.
It was close to slavery really.
So I turned to alternative ways to get money.
I used to be part of a gang and we robbed all places of value near Trottingham.
One day the law caught up with us and I boarded the first ship out of there and ended up in a shithole named Stonebriar.
Then these fellas came along and burned it to the ground, so I hitched a ride with them."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358005

I let out a relieved sigh.
"Oh, thanks…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358006


Tela [Spellsword] 358007

I cock a brow
"Stonebriar… I heard about that place. That was your handiwork? Goddamn, that was a mess from what I hear."

Tasia [Paladin] 358008

"I'm not doing this for your sake, pirate. Keep that in mind."

Felfire [Necromancer] 358009

"Hey, we're gonna make sure you get through these three days."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358010

"Yeah, I'm still glad I don't have to go through with it."

Light Heart [Warlord] 358011

"Very well miss Tasia. That is quite noble of you."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358012

"Brony brave. Maybe stupid. Thank you."

Tony [Trickster] 358013

I chuckle and take another chug.
"That place was a mess allright.
But nothing we couldn't handle.
I'm glad it got burned to the ground.
So what happened to your mate, the haze-lipped one?"

Tela [Spellsword] 358014

I shrug
"Tried to sweettalk me, I punched him, he became a priest later, haven't spoken to him since. Don't really care to. It was just another job. A bloody job, but a job nonetheless."

Tony [Trickster] 358015

"He sounds like a huge faggot to me.
Becoming a priest of all things.
But you're right, as long as the pay is right,
it doesn't matter what you do.
After all money makes the world go round."

Tela [Spellsword] 358016

"I'm no heartless bitch, don't get me wrong. As long as the pay is good, I'm willing to go far. But I've got my limits. Some things I wouldn't do for any money in the world."

Tony [Trickster] 358017

I cock my eyebrows.
"Like what?"

Tela [Spellsword] 358018

"I've done a lot of bad stuff, but I draw the line at harming kids. I hate watching one cry, that shit gets to me. Call me soft if you want, but that's how it is."

Tony [Trickster] 358019

I wave my paw dismissively.
"Meh, that's not soft.
Why, you'd have be borderline psychotic to do things like that."

Tela [Spellsword] 358020

"Exactly. Anypony like that deserves a knife in the spine. Nothing more and nothing less."

Tony [Trickster] 358021

"That happens to be my specialty, actually."
Take out one of my daggers.
"Nothing sweeter than the silent kill."

Tela [Spellsword] 358022

"Not a huge fan of that silent shit myself. When I fight, I like going in spells blazing, sword swinging and with a good battlecry."

Tony [Trickster] 358023

"Too noisy for me.
But brute violence is needed from time to time.
Especially in this type of work.
I probably said this before,
but that was a pretty nice job you did on that donkey."

Tela [Spellsword] 358024

"Eh, sometimes you get lucky. I'm good with a sword, I've had a lot of practice. Still, I like having some spells up my sleeve when the going gets tricky. Just in case steel alone doesn't cut it."

Tony [Trickster] 358025

"I'm looking forward to seeing it.
You attack the guys in the front and I'll stab all of them in the back while they're not looking.
I chuckle.

Tela [Spellsword] 358026

"Damn right, looking forward to it too."
I look around
"Now how about those mates of yours you were talking about? They sneaky types like you? Tell me about 'em."

Wf+6 358027

It is decided, then? You will bear the Mark of Azazel?

Tasia [Paladin] 358028

close my eyes and scrunch my face in readiness

Tony [Trickster] 358029

"They come from all walks of life.
I'm sure you'll meet 'em soon enough.
I'm wondering where they've all gone myself.
We've got mercenaries, necromancers, even a family of Lunites. Imagine that."

Tela [Spellsword] 358030

"Sounds like a riot. Wanna try and find 'em? I'm done sitting around."

Tony [Trickster] 358031

I go with Tela to look around for the rest of the PC's.
That aren't in Tartarus.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358032

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358033

By this time I've made my way to the Darklantern, and down to Topaz inside.
"Are you Topaz, then? I've something that needs repair."

Wf+6 358034

You feel something on your face… like a brand, but not hot like the rest of the realm. It's cool to the touch. Not physically painful. You know that a complex rune has appeared on your cheek.

You feel self-loathing crush in from all sides: how you failed your order, how you failed yourself. How you're unworthy to serve the Order. How right for you to be cast out. You feel unworthy of even the lowly presence of pirates and heretics, like they're doing you a favor just by not spitting on you for being filth.

Everyone Else
You feel overwhelmed with an unnatural feeling of hatred and contempt toward Tasia. Realizations come out of nowhere that she is totally to blame for your predicament. That she is responsible for all your suffering back in Stonebriar. If not for her interference, you'd be living the easy life. She even ruined your relationship with someone you care about! Insert Spring Water, Terrebonne, Smitts, etc. here

Wf+6 358035

Doc Peg is sequestered in his quarters, you find him sitting in front of his little shrine.

He nods at you as you approach.

She boredly examines your writ and nods.

"Let me see it."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358036

I snarl at her but speak lowly.
"Fucking cooze… I knew she was just trouble…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358037

I punch her in the face.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358038

"If you'll beg my pardon, miss Mera."
And I'll gently levitate the pendant from her to Topaz.

Tasia [Paladin] 358039

try to keep from breaking down right then and there '1d10-5'

Roll #1 3 - 5 = -2

Tony [Trickster] 358040

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358041

"Are you busy mister Doc Peg?…"

Light Heart [Warlord] 358042


I nod in approval
"Well done, mister Seekkill. Somepony had to do it."


What kind of shrine is that?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Felfire [Necromancer] 358044

Stay silent in my corner and glare daggers at Tasia.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358045

Are we still in Tartarus or did we get dumped out when Tasia took the mark?

Wf+6 358046

It's a pretty tame shrine to Grogar. Just candles and incense.

He looks uncomfortable at first, then retrieves his whiskey and takes a swig.

"Sorry about that… Autumnsreach just brings back bad memories for me."

With that, a new Tartarian Gate rips open neatly back into Alys's old room.

She examines it a moment.

"Just some simple reforging and recharging… it won't be an issue with that writ. I'll need time, though…"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358047

I look at it in sheer disgust

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358048

"How long, do you wager?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358049

Exit to the ship.
Get as far away as that piece of shit mare as possible.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358050

"Bad memories?… Do you want us to come back later? I just wanted to talk to you a bit, it's nothing important…"

Felfire [Necromancer] 358051

Step outside and keep my head low, thinking hard and long about how Tasia just ruined my life.

"Seekkill, you can eat her now."

Search Alys' room for any valuable.

Felfire [Necromancer] 358052

I meant books and casting items.

Tasia [Paladin] 358053

wait for everyone to leave through before going through myself..


Chip(DD knight) 358054

>Fell asleep

Go to Topaz bunk or area of work and find her.

Light Heart [Warlord] 358055

I hop out of the gate
"Do try to stay out of my way, miss Tasia. I would rather not see you near me, lest I lash out."

Follow her

Tela [Spellsword] 358056


Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358057

"Eat terrible mare?"
I make a gagging noise.
"Eat corpse instead."
With that said I drop Alys onto the floor and dig in.

Felfire [Necromancer] 358058

Watch at him dig in and imagine that the corpse is Tasia instead.
Sweet retribution…

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358059

Forgot something.
As I clear bones of meat I toss them through the portal. Don't want to leave any evidence, just in case.

Felfire [Necromancer] 358060

"Leave a bone for me.
A very small one."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358061

I toss her one.

Felfire [Necromancer] 358062

And I promptly poket it.
"Thank'ya kindly."

Wf+6 358063

She's in the hold of the Darklantern. Curry is there.

He doesn't comment on it.

He manages a weak smile. "I always have time for a protoge. What can I do for you, Summer?"

"An hour or two, if my attention is undivided."

Mera seems relieved.

Looks like she didn't have much time to populate it since arriving.

Tony [Trickster] 358064

Let's just say I meet Emrille on her way to Topaz.
"Hey, Emrille."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358065

"We can wait here, then."
And then I'll get out of her way and settle down in one of the corners.


I inspect the rest of the room as well

Roll #1 8 = 8

Felfire [Necromancer] 358067

Not even a book? Fiiiine.
Leave this place. Go back to Terrebonne. I have a odd feeling. I can't remember what is that Tasia did to ruin my relationship with her…
Dismiss the shadow, of course, and then raise it again in mine.

When are we gonna start tartarian training?

Chip(DD knight) 358068

"Hello there, surprise seeing you here."

I approach the smith.
"Topaz?" I bow a little.
"Smitts sent me."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358069

"Hey Tony… What a fucking terrible this has been."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358070

terrible day*

Light Heart [Warlord] 358071

"Mister Tony, good day to you too."

"All that matters is that things are better now, miss Emrille. Take heart in that."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358072

I'll nod to Chip.
"We seem to be running into each other quite a bit."

Tela [Spellsword] 358073

I do a double take

Felfire [Necromancer] 358074

Hey Wf, can we say I went with them to Topaz for my pay?
So yeah I'm with them to topaz for my pay.
And I did NOT buy the corpse the other day.
So I'm still at 13.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358075

"Well, um, I would ask how you are doing or feeling, but… are you sure you don't want some time alone, mister Doc Peg?"

I gulp and lean in closer to him to whisper while she's distracted looking around the room.
"Um… my momma's been really mad because of… things… I don't want her to get mad and blow up again…"

Tony [Trickster] 358076

"You tell me.
I hate this goddamn town.
But things I got a better with our new recruit here, Tela."

"Hello, miss Heart."
I take a look at both of them.
"What happened to both of you?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358077

"Not entirely, there's sti-"

I pause as I look at her with realization.
"…Tela? Is that you?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 358078

"Unspeakable things, mister Tony. I am quite relieved to be back here on the ship."
I nod at Tela

Tasia [Paladin] 358079

I'll just sit in a corner and try not to be of any problems to anyone


Chip(DD knight) 358080

"It seems so."
"What are you doing here?" I look at him

Tony [Trickster] 358081

"Back here on the ship?
I thought you left the temple a long time ago…"

"You know each other?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358082

Once I finish my meal and toss the rest of the bones through the portal and have my minion jump through too. After that I follow Felfire to Topaz's room.

Tela [Spellsword] 358083

I frown at her
"I thought your stupid wop ass would've gotten yourself killed by now."

Felfire [Necromancer] 358084

"We went hydra hunting."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358085

Ignore him for a moment.

Take a step closer toward her.
"The only thing really killing me inside is that I didn't take that job to blow your brains out for a single bit."

Tony [Trickster] 358086

I look at her questioningly.
"Yeah, but that was some time ago…
Was it that upsetting?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 358087

With a frown of anger, look towards the door.
"Some ponies don't know their place."

Tela [Spellsword] 358088

I take a step closer as well
"A single bit? I'd gut your ass in the blink of an eye as community service. No payment required."

Wf+6 358089

It otherwise seems sterile and nice. Nothing particularly threatening or weird.

"I'm fine… though I'm not sure I'm the best one to get your mother to be happy with you. I'm not much of a role model… she didn't seem enthused last time we met. But my best recommendation is just to forgive and forget. It's always more important to have others you care about than to win an argument."

We can do it now if you have the time.

This will preclude resurrection training if you take it.

Chip(DD knight) 358090

Felfire [Necromancer] 358091

First let me finish a thing with Terrebonne. We are in the middle of some complex stuff.

Can I finish Resurrection and then move onto this, no?

Approach Topaz and get my pay. I have to visit Smitt later.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358092

Good. At least he knows his stuff as a doctor.

I just watch Summer and Peg whisper to each other with a cross look.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358093

Keep removing the distance between us.
"Yeah, but bullets cost money. I don't want to waste one just to put you out of your misery."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358094

"Getting miss Mera's pendant fixed. It should allow her to speak with us."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358095

"I have… b- but it was something I did that made her so mad… a-"

I perk back up as I notice Spring watching us.
"Um… mister Doc Peg said he has some things to attend to. Do you wanna go visit miss Cloudy Skies instead momma?"

Chip(DD knight) 358096

I stand there dumbfounded.
"I see…"
I then look at him seriously.
"Just tell me. What is inside that temple that you three are finding? Who is this Luna… or Nightmare moon God that you three worship? She does not seem to be a… healthy God."

Tela [Spellsword] 358097

"Bullets, of course. Wouldn't want to get all close and personal with me so I wreck that pretty face of yours with my hoof, now would you? But you're right, you're not even worth bloodying my sword for. I'd have to wipe it off and that would take take and effort you're not worth."

Light Heart [Warlord] 358099

I watch the two of them in slight apprehension
"Miss Emrille, I presume the two of you aren't the best of friends?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358100

"Setting you on fire would be worth it for me. Fun for everypony involved."
Narrow my eyes at her as I get close.

Ignore her as well.

Felfire [Necromancer] 358101

Have a shadow jab at her with a hoof while the other places herself on the opposite side of the room, near the newcomer.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358102

"She probably wont want to see me but… okay."

Tony [Trickster] 358103

Tired of being ignored, I simply walk off, off the ship, away from all this shit.
Fuck this town, fuck everything.
I walk around the city, mad at everything, especially Tasia for some reason.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358104

I nod and give Doc Peg a quick hug, whispering back to him,
"I hope you feel better soon mister Doc Peg…"
I then depart to Cloudy Skies room.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358105

I watch Emrille and the other pony fight.


I let out a low growl and raise my hoof as if trying to punch her, but instead wrapping it around her neck and pulling her closer for a noogie with my other hoof with a laugh.
"Hah! Still a goddamn comedian I see!"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Felfire [Necromancer] 358108

Look flat at both.
"Fuck you. Especially you Emrille."
Recall my shadows at my side.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358109

Let her try and do it, then hug her.
"Your hoof got a lot weaker though!"
Let out a chuckle.
"I sure as shit didn't expect to see you here!"

Giggle at her and stick out my tongue.

Felfire [Necromancer] 358110

Roll my eyes.
"That's going on your resurrection tab."

Light Heart [Warlord] 358111

I give her a surprised look
"My my… such amiability."

I chuckle softly.
"Well played, miss Emrille."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358112

I cock my head to the side.

Tela [Spellsword] 358113

"Me? Better question is what the hell are you doing here!? It's been a long damn while since I last saw you around. Figured you died or some shit!"

Tony [Trickster] 358114

Do I find something interesting while I'm aimlessly walking through the city?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358115

I speak up softly
"… that was an awful lot of whispering you were doing there Summer…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358116

"What can I say?"

I wave my hoof around.
"Me? Dying? Don't be ridicolous. I just roamed around, trying to land a sweet deal, then Bam! Luck hit me like a speeding bullet back in Stonebriar when I found this crew! The jobs ain't easy and I got pretty beat up once or twice, but the pay is amazing!"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358118

"Oh, um… he… he just told me what he was feeling so bad about. His 'bad memories' of Autumnsreach…"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358119

"Luna was the sister of the sun Princess, Celestia. She was the goddess of the moon, the night, and all that goes with it, including the sea. As I said in the temple, nearly nine centuries ago, she was consumed by jealousy against her sister, who was more revered than she was. Ponies went out to play in the sunshine, and slept through her night. She had thought all her work wasted for hundreds of years, and tried to plunge the world into eternal night. That was the rise of Nightmare Moon. Celestia was forced to imprison her sister in the moon, lest the world be covered in night forever."
I'll shrug.
"This just serves to point out that the divine sisters are not infallible, despite their power to raise and lower the sun and moon."

Wf+6 358120

"Ah. About the smith training?"

You can today, yes.

Gives a smile and nods.

"Thank you. You, too."

Tela [Spellsword] 358121

"Ah hell, I'm gonna have to ask the boss of this place for hazard pay for working with your stupid ass again."

Light Heart [Warlord] 358122

I deadpan
"Gee, I wonder why the Celestials wouldn't like a Grogar fan."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358123

Erm, wrong name

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358124

"Pft, you speak like I haven't watched your flank so you won't get gutted and stabbed from behind while running into everything like a reckless madmare!"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358125

I give him a soft smile back and start walking off towards Cloudy Skies.

"I- It's… I promised mister Doc Peg I wouldn't talk about it, but… it's nothing bad. It's just the Celestials being mean again…"

Felfire [Necromancer] 358126

Well take my doubloons for one.
Then wait the others.
"She is the one who doesn't think? Grogar saves us all."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358127

I go to Doc Peg's office.

Chip(DD knight) 358128

"Isnt it a bit… unwise to praise her at this state? Everyone would think of you as lunatics."

"Yes, he told me about it." I stare at her as I talk to Curry.

Tela [Spellsword] 358129

I grin at her
"You 'accidentally' shot me once! I was damn lucky to have my shield up at the time!"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358130

I sigh
"Like they ever do anything else to ponies they don't agree with…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358131

"Oh, you know how it works, bullets go stray in the wind after somepony managed to count the payment wrong!"

I take a step back and motion with my hoof.

"Hey, I want you to meet Felfire."
Lean closer to Tela and whisper.
"She's sort of a whackjob, but generally okay."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358132

"What I praise is what she used to be, Chip. Goddess of the Moon, Tides, and Stars. She placed the stars to guide sailors at night, when the world is nothing but blank sea. Her moon raises and lowers the tides."
I'll sigh a little again.
"All anyone remembers is the great Darkness she became, instead of what she was before. Not that they gave it much thought even when she still walked the earth, I suppose."

Wf+6 358133

It's Cloudy Stripes! She's in her chambers.

"I hope you're up to snuff. Are you ready for an entrance exam?"

He's there by the shrine.


Tony [Trickster] 358134

Tela [Spellsword] 358135

"Right, right. Buy me a goddamn calculator if your so concerned with details like that."
I nod at Felfire
"Name's Tela, good to meet you."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358136

I knock on the door.
"Um, miss Cloudy Skies?"

Wf+6 358137

There's a small shrine to the Changer of Ways. It looks unoccupied, but someone must be taking care of it, because it isn't overgrown with weeds.

There appear to be offerings of yarn and cabbage all over it.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358138

"Still busy?"

Wf+6 358139


"I have some spare time. What did you need, my fine, feathered friend?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 358140

Nod slightly.
"If you need me, I'll be at Terrebonne's."
Go see Smitt, with the flower samples I've gathered from the sealed treasure room.
Knock at his door.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358141

"Are you busy, miss Cloudy Skies?"

Wf+6 358142

"Ah– a little."

Chip(DD knight) 358143

"Harummphh.. if you three see something good in worshipping such a jealous God then who am I to interfere." I look away.
"I just fear that what she is now… is slowly being reflected to you three worshipers." I then turn to Topaz.

"I am ready."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358144

"Nah, it's okay if you can't count."
"Never liked you for your brains, y'know."

"Yeah, go ahead! Tartarus was fun, in a sick, fucked up, no fun at all way! Just remember you owe me."

Felfire [Necromancer] 358145

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358146

"A little? Are you too busy to talk?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 358147

I extend my hoof to her
"Miss Tela, my name is Light Heart. It is such a pleasure to meet a friend of miss Emrille."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358150

"There is always that fear, Chip. Everyone has a darkness to them, just as the moon has a face we cannot see. It's simply how we deal with it that makes us who we are. And I daresay I've been dealing with it poorly lately…"

Wf+6 358151

She pulls out a piece of paper and a piece of charcoal.

"Sketch an exact replica of a doubloon. Don't take it out of your pocket."

"I– I can talk through the door."

He nods as you enter. "Yes, Miss Felfire?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358152

"Doc know poisons?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 358153

Place the samples on his desk.
"I take these are of some value to you?"

Tony [Trickster] 358154

I freeze in my tracks.
A shrine to Him. Here?
I take a look around to see if there is anypony around and approach the shrine.

When I'm at the base of the shrine, I take out my flask with chocolate milk and place it at the base of the shrine, before kneeling on one feet.

Tela [Spellsword] 358156

I watch her go

"Mine are better than yours, featherbrains."

I turn to look at her and frown, then shaking her hoof
"What a dainty dove you are."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358157

"… right. Summer? I think we shouldn't bother her."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358158

I wonder what she's so busy doing…
Maybe a little peek wouldn't hurt?
I try to open the door as silent as I can.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Can I pull her away from this disastrous idea?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358161

"I'm pretty sure there is nothing but mud in there, earthie."

Chip(DD knight) 358162

I look at Curry then to Topaz.
"Well there are two sides of a coin I guess, and if this moon goddesses mood wax and wane like her cycle then you guys really are in one heck of a ride. Emotionally that is."
"We'll talk later, I need this exam."

I frown.
Welp here's hoping I remember it.
I begin to draw.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358163

I'll nod to Chip, and just relax with Mera for a while.

Wf+6 358164

He raises his brows. "What makes you think that?"

He nods. "Quite a few. I have to be able to cure them, after all. Have a question about one?"

You hear a little laugh inside your head… you think.

Spring successfully pulls away Summer before she can look inside.

You create a replica so perfect, the image looks real. Blue Topaz is very impressed.

"I shall never again doubt Smitts in his judgment. Smithing is in your blood, diamond dog."

She offers you a weak smile and presses a hoof against yours.

Tela [Spellsword] 358165

"High quality mud, you little squirt!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358166

"Seekkill want learn more poisons. Have hydra poisons."

Felfire [Necromancer] 358167

Start packing them away.
"Oh, sorry, I thought the guy who deals in strange plants that walk out of the mouth of a pony would know something about this.
I guess I'll just use them for my salad."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358168

I blow a raspberry.
"High quality my ass."

Tony [Trickster] 358169

I perk my ears.
Did I just hear a laugh or did I imagine it? Where does it come from?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358170

Right, put her on my back and walk away from there
"Come Summer… let's find something else to do… maybe we can go see that seacreature we rescued…"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358171

I'll return her smile, and then get an idea.
"Actually, while we wait I can find you a nice tub to soak in."
After she's made her way back onto my back, I'll cart her off in search of a good tub. How's my luck on the Darklantern? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358172

"I just wanted to see what she was doing…"
I frown and sigh.
And I guess I also look around for Mera.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Wf+6 358173

Hm. Maybe you imagined it.

He shrugs. "I wouldn't do that. Lampweed contains a high concentration of phosphorous, which is what causes it to glow. It will give you phosphorous poisoning."

He nods a bit. "Let me see what you have, there…."

He gestures for your seashell full of poison.

You find Curry and Mera on the Darklantern.

Nonexistent. You trip and Mera rolls across the deck into the sea.

She gives you a surprised look as she topples off the deck.

Light Heart [Warlord] 358174

"Miss Tela please, your words wound me greatly. I am merely trying to be polite to what is clearly a capable mare."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358175

I'll return the surprised look.
"I swear, that never usually happens. Are you alright?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358176

I give him one full off poison from the hydra meat and one full of poison from the Hydra's mouth.

Tony [Trickster] 358177

Mmmmh. Maybe, but you can never be too sure with the Changer of Ways.
I take another look around. Someone is maintaining this shrine. Any clues on how to find him?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Tela [Spellsword] 358178

"Yeah yeah, laugh it up. Let's talk business instead. What are you workin' on?"

I snort
"At least you got good eyes."

Felfire [Necromancer] 358179

Stop packing and look at him.
"So, are you interested or should I start my little private garden right outside of our third mate's cabin?"

Chip(DD knight) 358181

I just look at my work dumbstruck.
"Wow… I have my doubts on myself but this…. "
"Perhaps the Diamond Dog blood in me runs farther than that of my…. I mean yeah!" I avoided her gaze for a moment before returning it.

Wait… is she a looker?Secret butt fun stare.

Wf+6 358182

"This isn't a safe method to carry them at all… you're going to spill it all over yourself. Here… let me show you…"

Want to learn Poison trick shot?

She gives you a wave from down in the ocean.

She looks embarrassed for you.

Guy like that probably has to be low key in a city like this, even if the shrine is tolerated.

"I don't think Mister Al-Jinn would appreciate that."

Wf+6 358183

She's an ugly old Jew Pony. Imagine Granny Smith.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358184

I look at them in surprise
"Curry? What are you playing at?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358185

"Uh… mister Curry? Why did you drop miss Mera in the sea?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358186

Speak with a grin.
"Forgive her, she's just a terrible person."

"For these pirates, some assorted jobs, really. Most of them involve shooting things and getting paid. Got a big heist in Stonebriar then, cleared out a Temple…sort of thing…"
I sigh.
"All the same to me, aim and pull the trigger, but the payment is just orgasmic."

Tony [Trickster] 358187

But he has to come here sometime.
I hide myself near the shrine and wait.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Felfire [Necromancer] 358188

Well shit, I was talking about my third mate, on the Pillanger.
"What if I turn the whole fleet into a floating garden?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358189


Chip(DD knight) 358190

"Wait… what do I do next Ma'm?" I look at her.

Light Heart [Warlord] 358191

"Indeed I do. I have an eye for talent, more specifically."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358194

I'll blush a little and scratch the back of my neck sheepishly.
"I, ah… I tripped. Luckily it seems miss Mera is no worse for the fall, and she seems to be enjoying herself down there."
I'll look at her down in the water for a moment.
"You two wouldn't happen to know where I could find a decent-sized tub for her, would you?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358195

"Um… ooh! Maybe mister Keymaster would know where we can find one?"

Tela [Spellsword] 358196

"Spare me the damn details of those orgasms of yours, please."

"That so? You some kind of pirate officer or something? You don't sound like a damn pirate to me."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358197

"Uh… I can't say I do, no. Maybe ask the quartermaster?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358198

I give him the rest of my poison filled shells.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358199

"Perhaps miss Seas."
I'll look down at Mera.
"Are you comfortable waiting there, or would you like to come with us and go tub shopping?"

Wf+6 358201

"We set to work at the forge. I'll have you running smelting drills until you're so calloused you won't even need armor."

Accept multiclass training?

He is your third mate. Terrebonne is your second mate.

He chuckles. "Too late."

With that, the Doctor shows you how to use proper, water-tight seals and how to handle poisoned weapons without poisoning yourself.

"You could even get those gauntlets fitted with poison reservoirs…"

Eventually a rabbit comes to the shrine and bends down, seemingly in prayer.

She waves comfortably and flits about in the shallows.

Light Heart [Warlord] 358202

I chuckle softly
"I am indeed part of the crew, yes. Miss Emrille is a partner of mine."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358203

I fake a pout.
"Aww, but I was just going to get to that!"
Take out a pure gold doubloon and show it to her with a grin.
"This will speak instead of me then! This is what we 'pirates' get paid in!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 358204

"You did that already? Subtle."
Smirk at him.
"This would explain why you know so much…"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358205

"It seems she's quite fine down there for now."
I'll turn back to Spring and Summer.
"So! Tub shopping."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358206

"How. Who do it? How Seekkill become immune?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358207

"Let's go find mister Keymaster first!"
I set off and start searching the nooks and crannies of the ships looking for Keymaster.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Chip(DD knight) 358208

I then stick next to her and watch how the expert ponies do it here aboveground. Also help a bit if called or needed.

Most likely yeah.

Tela [Spellsword] 358209

"That so? Partner in what sense exactly?"

I eye the coin critically
"Very shiny, I'll give them that."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358210

Put it away.
"Worth a lot too! This is it, Tela, gonna' make my fortune with this one!"

Tony [Trickster] 358211

A rabbit?
Move closer while keeping hidden.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358212

I mumble something incomprehensibly and follow them

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358213

And I shall follow after.

Light Heart [Warlord] 358214

"In the sense that we help one another with various tasks, free of charge… in a sense."

Tela [Spellsword] 358216

"Or get your ass killed. Good thing I'm here to keep you alive."

"I don't work for free, lady. Friendship alone wont feed my belly."

Wf+6 358217

He feigns innocence. "Impossible. You see, being able to speak to trees is one thing, but talking to the sliced up boards of wood that have been reshaped into a ship? It requires something outside of the shaman's repertoire. Restoring life to plants."


By the time you're done with the forge for the day, you feel as if your whole body is one big callous, but your heart, it seems to have swelled even more.

Acquired: Heart of Iron

You find Keymaster in the hold. His arm is extended, holding out a lantern, as he leans against a wall. He appears to be pretending to be a support.

You trip, and the rabbit sprints off.

Tony [Trickster] 358219

"Hey wait."
Chase the white rabbit.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Felfire [Necromancer] 358220

Lean forward across the desk.
"Now, now I am interested…"

Wf+6 358221

He chuckles.

"Blue Topaz can get your gauntlets modified. As for immunity? I doubt you'll become immune to hydra poison in this lifetime, but perhaps some weaker poisons…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358222

"Yeah, that and… they have a little trick. These pirates are crafty, y'know. They have a resurrectionist. They can bring you back if you die. Felfire? She's one too, and she owes me some freebies. I got my bases covered."
Let out a quick laugh.
"Learned to do that from you."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358223

I look at him curiously, slowly approaching him.
"Uh, mister Keymaster?… What are you doing?"

Wf+6 358224

"What more is there to say, Miss Felfire? It can't be done."

You find yourself chasing the rabbit through a strange cloud of smoke near the Laughter Shrine. Pretty soon, you're totally whacked out.

You follow the rabbit through a rabbit hole, and find yourself at a table with two pills: one red, one blue.


Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358225

"Seekkill already immune one. Eat until not make sick. Same way for other poisons? Where Blue Topaz?"

Wf+6 358227

He nods at you.


Light Heart [Warlord] 358228

"It would not be for free, miss Tela. All we do is simply agree to help each other and cover for the other in times of trouble."
I motion over to Emrille
"I'm certain miss Emrille will agree that it is indeed quite profitable."

Chip(DD knight) 358229

"Whew." I wipe the sweat that forms around my nose and paws.
"Thank you, I will remember to make it red hot first before dousing the hot steel in water to make it stronger."
"And also to use metal thongs to grasp it."
"And to avoid standing near the flames."
"Thank you… Master." I then bow to Blue Topaz.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358230

I give him an estranged look

Felfire [Necromancer] 358231

"We should find a way, don't you think?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358232

"Shit needs to be worked out on my end, but yeah, pretty much."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358233

I'll raise an eyebrow, but no more.
Perhaps he's more than he lets on, if he is their keymaster.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358234

"Part… part of the ship? You're trying to be part of the ship, mister Keymaster?…"
I give him an even stranger look.
"Um… if your part of the ship, then can you tell us where we can find a big tub that we can fill with water?"

Tony [Trickster] 358235

Take the red one of course.

Tela [Spellsword] 358236

"Resurrection? That so? Well that's pretty damn handy. Good on you, kid."

"I'll give it some thought and scope out the rest of the crew first. Working for free… it just doesn't come natural to me."

Wf+6 358237


She nods at you. "You did good."

He nods and returns to an upright position.

"Th'way." He gestures to follow and leads you deep into the hold. Eventually he settles in front of an ivory bathtub. It's so dust covered, it looks like it has been totally forgotten about.

He raises a brow. "What do you mean we, Miss Felfire? I can't imagine how plants would be useful to a necromancer. And surely no shaman would violate the circle of life so brazenly."

Light Heart [Warlord] 358238

"Very well, miss Tela. But rest assured it would be a profitable agreement for all parties involved."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358240

"It's more of working for favors. Things you can't normally buy. And we get paid from the Quartermasters of the ship, really, so we are just making our lives easier. Though it will be definitely harder with you around."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358241

"That is a lovely tub, mister Keymaster."
And it looks like it weighs a ton.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358242

I stare at it in amazement. It looks so fancy…
"It's.. it looks so expensive! How come nobody's used this mister Keymaster?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 358243

"I can imagine more than a way. Like raising a tree and having it fall on top on an unfortunate bunch of enemies, or opening a path over a cliff with a bunch of dead vines…
As for the shaman, it just depends upon which kind of shaman you are…"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358244

I cock a brow
"What's is that thing doing here?"

Chip(DD knight) 358245

I then slumped down to rest.
"If you would mind me, I just want to ask. How did a BlackSmith like you end up in the High Seas?"

Tela [Spellsword] 358246

I think for a moment
"Ah hell… why not? If it's kept Emrille's ass alive for this long, it should cover me fine too."

Wf+6 358247

You feel like you're inflating like a balloon. Eventually, you get too big, and burst. Somewhere, you feel certain Tom Preston is jerking off.

When you come to, you're back in the Laughter Shrine laying on the ground.

"Pr'b'ly f'g'b't it."

He sighs. "It was just a matter of time, I suppose. No doubt those brains made it harder."

He gestures at the samples you've collected, and they spring to life.

"Only necromancers find success on the Pillager's Fancy, it would seem, Miss Felfire."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358248

Wf+6 358249

"I was born into a clan of accountants and clerks. It bored me. I was betrothed to another accountant. So I left. Simple as that. Lived my entire life as a pirate, but now I am too old to fight. I can still contribute, though."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358252

"Um… mister Keymaster? Can we use this?"
I turn to Curry.
"And, um… mister Curry? Can… can we and my momma take a bath in it first?"

Wf+6 358253

"Blue Topaz is aboard the Darklantern. As for immunity… yes, but your body would have to prepare itself with weaker poisons first. Trying hydra poison first, even in small doses, would kill you."

Felfire [Necromancer] 358254

Smile as I see the flowers come alive.
"This is why I love this boat and everypony in it.
How did you come up with it?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358255

"You won't regret it. At least I can trust you. I don't want to work with people who would slit my throat while I sleep. I know you'd only do that when I'm awake."

Tony [Trickster] 358256

Aargh, what just happened?
Look around, do I see the rabbit anywhere or the cloud of smoke?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358257

I look at her in surprise.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358258

I'll nod.
"Certainly. Though I'd advise against using seawater. It tends to itch if you aren't used to it."

Light Heart [Warlord] 358259

I smile broadly

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358260

I take out a shell full of my Touch of Death poison and hand it to him.
"Immune to this."

Tela [Spellsword] 358261

I snort
"Wouldn't want to miss you begging for your pitiful life first, yeah."

"Hey don't you give me the creepy 'I'm-going-to-fucking-murder-you' smile all of the sudden! "

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358262

I give her a sheepish look.
"I… we haven't bathed in a while, ever since the pirates took us… can't we just do it this once?"

Wf+6 358263

He shrugs. "I d'n'see wh'not."

"I was a necromancer, first, with a dabbling hobby for plants. I would collect them in all of my voyages as we hunted dragons. I did this for thirty-odd years, and was exceedingly skilled at my craft. I was exiled for my necromancy when I was finally found out. That's the only reason to give up talent like mine. Moral codes. How I've grown to loathe them. And so I keep my own, in grim remembrance. To remind me of why I am here."

You clutz your way back through the cloud and get strung out again.

He examines it. "There's no poison in here. This is muddy water."

Chip(DD knight) 358264

"Ah I see, I owe you one Ms. Topaz. If there is anything you need done just ask me." I give her a grin.

Light Heart [Warlord] 358265

I chuckle
"Miss Tela please, I assure you that I would not benefit from such things in the slightest."

Tony [Trickster] 358266

Just give me one more chance.
I try again '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358267

"Hey, you wouldn't believe how fast I could draw a revolver since we last met, if for some reason I didn't have my sweet baby sitting on my back!"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358268

I perk up.
"Can we… can we get some hot water somewhere too?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358269

"Well… I guess we could? But where are we going to find clean fresh water?"
I look around in mild disgust
"These pirates don't smell or look like they would know…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358270

"Then how it kill?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358271

I'll nod to the Keymaster.
"So, where would one find the supplies to clean it?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358273

"They have fresh water! Me and mister Chip used to when we helped miss Cloudy Skies clean up for her date with mister Abilio… I just dunno where we can get some warm water."

Tela [Spellsword] 358274

"Yeah, okay. I'd gut you before you get the chance anyway."

"That's real goddamn cute, Emrille. You were always a terrible shot, maybe that'll improve your aim."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358275

"I could always hit a target as chubby and big as your ugly mug! With closed eyes!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 358279

Start taking out all the samplings.
"Here. They are all yours if you want them.
Can't really help a broken spirit, I have no right to even try. But I could do something to see you smile."

Wf+6 358280

"Do you remember earlier when I made contact with your Bethany Point? I was able to teach you about how to leech life because I sensed a native understanding of the Touch of Death. That is, the ability to imbue decay without the need for poisons."

"C'd j's c'k some."

He rolls his eyes. "Let's try not to get too touchy feely. Are you going to break into a big hug, like with Terrebonne?"

He holds up a mizzenmast mop.

Looks like you lost it in the smoke…

Wf+6 358281

She nods absently. "Sure, sure. Just don't die. That would waste my time."

Light Heart [Warlord] 358282

"Of course."
I look between the both of them and give them a polite nod
"Now if you would be so kind as to excuse me… I have business to attend to."
Let's go find Landgrave

Felfire [Necromancer] 358283

"I'd rather avoid touching. Oh, and I guess you know what happened a few minutes ago…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358284


Spring Water [Charlatan] 358285

"Cook it? I guess that could work…"

Tony [Trickster] 358286

No I just wasn't thinking straight. Please Lord.
Try one last time.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358287

I sit down and look at the shell, then toss it aside.
"Spirits trick Seekkill. Doc have poison for Seekkill try?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358288

"Aha. I see. Well, may I borrow that, then? I doubt the ladies would mind holding off another few minutes while I clean that up so it's fit to use."

Wf+6 358289

"You were in the room minutes ago, Felfire. But I presume you mean about the Tartarian Gate? I'm afraid that what went on inside is outside of my view."

He hands you a syringe. "Not necessarily tricked – maybe your old language didn't have a word for what I'm referring to? I ran into that situation quite a bit myself…"

Okay, fine. I really shouldn't let you after two critfails, though.

You eventually collapse back at the shrine, and the rabbit comes back and kicks you in the head.

He's in his chambers.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358290

"…Oh yeah! Of course!"
I take the mop from him and set to work cleaning the tub!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Tela [Spellsword] 358291

"Sure you could. From point blank… maybe."

I watch her go
"She's just too damn friendly and polite… you trust her?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358292

I open my mouth and squirt a bit of the fluid in the syringe onto my tongue.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358293

"Now miss Seas, perhaps you and your mother should work on getting that fresh water while I do the grunt work?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 358294

Knock on his door
"Landgrave? May I enter?"


I roll my eyes with a smile as she clumsily gets to work, and start helping out

Roll #1 10 = 10

Chip(DD knight) 358296

"I dont plan too oddly.Haha." I chuckle a bit.

I then stand up and began to elave the door. Find LightHeart or the others, where in the Equestrian seas have they gone too?

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358297

I shrug.
"She's just like that. Has her way with words. At least she is reliable."

Felfire [Necromancer] 358298

"Right. Silly me."
"I should probably go back to Terrebonne. Gotta finish my studies on resurrections and all that…
If you ever want to talk, just- let me know."
And with this, I'm leaving.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358299

Well, I guess I can't do anything else but pitch in. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Tony [Trickster] 358300

I look up at the rabbit.

Tela [Spellsword] 358301

"Yeah well she seems like a tricky vixen to me. But whatever."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358303

"She's pretty useful as long as she is on your side, so it would be dumb, even for you, to make an enemy out of her."

Wf+6 358304

Okay, you're gone.

"Of course. Come in."

Doc Peg looks concerned. "That is really unhealthy."

You start to feel pretty queasy right away.

He frowns at you and kicks you again.

Tela [Spellsword] 358305

"Whatever you say kid. Now, what the hell do you even do around here in your free time except for trotting around like you own the damn place?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 358306

Train in resurrection, how much time will that take?


"How else Seekkill learn?"
Do I throw up or tough it out?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Light Heart [Warlord] 358309

Enter his mansion and look around for him
"I was hoping to speak to you regarding that certain position."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358313

"Shit… I guess you could start meeting some of the pirates. There's this Gryphon, he can fucking catch bullets in his beak! There are really all kinds of crazy around here."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358314

So… we all succeed I'm guessing.

"It looks clean enough to bathe in… should we bring the water here, or bring the tub to the water?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358317

"Well, miss Seas, if you would like your privacy, I would suggest bringing the water here. Though it might cool during that time."

Tony [Trickster] 358318

I groan.
"Yes, rabbit, I know I failed the test.
I should have just taken both of them.
But can you blame me?
I've been surrounded by Celestials, Lunites and Discord knows what else.
And everything I do fails, since I've come to this rotten place.
So yes, I've failed the test but I need Him right now, more then ever."

Tela [Spellsword] 358320

"Catching bullets with his beak? Well that's just all sorts of crazy!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358321

"I shit you not! Wanna' meet him?"

Chip(DD knight) 358322

OOC: to be honest I really have no idea what to do for now. Everyone is busy doing there thing now.

Go around the ship and ask where LightHeart is. If not search for something to do besides repairing the ship.

Tela [Spellsword] 358323

"Sure, why the heck not?"

Wf+6 358324

You don't just throw up, you crumple to the ground and start heaving. Your vision goes dark, but Doc Peg heals you and brings you to your feet. "That was dangerous."

"Dealt with Alys already? You're quite expedient."

End of day.

Light Heart is in Landgrave's manor.

We're pretty much waiting for the day to end. So you can go collect your compensation from LH.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358325

Turn around and motion for her to follow.
Let's find Al-Jinn or what'shisname

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358326

"Can't we heat it up here?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358327

I'll chuckle a little.
"Miss Seas, the boat is made of wood. If we start a fire here to heat the water, then the boat will burn down."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358328

I cough a few times.
"How else Seekkill become immune?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 358329

"I'm afraid lady Alys experienced difficulties in Tartarus and will not be joining us again the future, yes."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358330

"Can't we heat it up with magic?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358331

"Don't we want it to cool down slightly? I mean I don't think sitting in a tub of cooking water is really … pleasant."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358332

I'll rub my beard for a moment.
"Well, it's not beyond the realm of possibility. I mean, anyone with a passing knowledge of fire elements and magical training should be able to do it. They might want to take a bath as well."

Felfire [Necromancer] 358333

End of day it is. Find a moment to talk with Terre once I'm done.
"So, now Abilio wants to leave.. Do you think it's even fair to try and stop him?"

Wf+6 358334

You find him in his cabin after knocking.

"Well, maybe smaller doses… and something less lethal…"

"Very good, very good. Well, we're having another breakfast tomorrow morning, why don't you share it with us?"

Chip(DD knight) 358335

I enter LandGraves room and wait for LH to finish her discussion with him.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358336

"Hey! Are you busy?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358338

I look at him crossly.
"Why not give Seekkill less deadly poison first?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358339

"Well… let's go get the water anyways!"
I head off to one of the other holds to find where the fresh water pump is.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358343

Follow her

Light Heart [Warlord] 358344

"I would be delighted. Although the commodore may require my presence at some unknown point in the future. I'm sure you understand I would need to seek him out swiftly if that is the case."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358345

I suppose I'll trail behind. If we're to get lost, we'll get lost together.

Wf+6 358349

"Simply meditating…"

Let's just say you wait outside the door so he doesn't flay you for being lower class.

"I thought you wanted it for combat! You didn't say you wanted to ingest it! That's crazy."

You can't find it, and given that you're surrounded on all sides by water, it's particularly annoying. The only pump you locate is the bilge pump.

Wf+6 358350

He nods politely. "Of course, of course. Duty first, guests second."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358351

"Can we bother you for a few?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 358352

"In any case, I will not uphold you any further. Have a pleasant day."
I bow and take my leave, let's go find Smitts

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358353

I found it before!
Keep looking!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358354

Help her look! '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358356

I'll assist. '1d10'
"So what's it look like?"

Roll #1 8 = 8

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358357

"Seekkill ask how become immune. Doc gives Seekkill poison. What Seekkill supposed think? Can Seekkill become immune poison?"

Wf+6 358358


He's in his chambers inspecting plant samples.

"Yes, Miss Heart?"

Bad bad bad

How did YOU find it? Luck.

Tela [Spellsword] 358359

"We could go someplace else, you know."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358360

Obviously my cock-and-bull story about Dowsing Unicorns with an affinity for water wasn't such bullshit after all!
"I believe this is it, isn't it?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 358361

"Mister Smitts, I'd very much like to thank you once more for providing me with those poisonous mushrooms. They proved to be very effective, just as you predicted."

Wf+6 358363

"You also asked to learn how to handle poison like a weapon! And yes… you can learn, but it will take time."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358364

"Eh, just wanted to introduce a friend to you. Nevermind."
Turn to Tela.
"We could always just go to Abilio. He's a fancypants mage and all that. Showed me a few tricks already."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358365

"Looks like it…"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358366

"It is, it is!"
Just to speed things up, I look around for buckets and then try to transport some back to the tub.

Roll #1 4, 3 = 7

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358367

I'll help Summer with that. Carrying things is what I'm good for, after all… '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Tela [Spellsword] 358368

"A mage huh? What kind of mage?"

Chip(DD knight) 358369

Seeing that she dont take notice I follow LH to Smitts quarter and wait.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358370

"Seekkill have time. Seekkill visit Topaz first?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358371

I shrug.
"Fucked if I know, see it for yourself."
Let's head to Abilio's office.

Wf+6 358373

He nods. "Yes, and I see you managed to avoid poisoning yourself. That's good."


"That would be best, I think…"

Abilio doesn't appear to be in his cabin when you knock…

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358375


Roll #1 9 = 9

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358376

Knock harder!
"Seriously, I'm going to throw a shit fit if he's off fucking his mare…"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358377

There's got to be decent buckets around here somewhere… '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358378

"Thank you for poison and healing."
I go to the Darklantern and visit Blue Topaz again.
Does she also do the payments for missions or is that someone else?

Light Heart [Warlord] 358379

"Of course. I am a very careful pony, mister Smitts. It is quite the shame the temple wasn't quite as fruitful as we expected. There was very little of value to be found unfortunately."

Wf+6 358380

Looks like that's the case. He's not here.

Okay, you got it.

She is that one.

Tela [Spellsword] 358381

I snort
"Wouldn't blame him…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358382

I take off my gauntlets and show them to her.
"Doc says you can make these poison."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358383

And then we take our time going back and forth filling the tub with buckets.
Summer can ride on and direct whomever she likes.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358384

"I know where that cabin is. Old coot wants to leave the fleet anyway and we can't have that. Come on, I'm sure he won't mind."
Motion with my head and head to the cabin of that blind mare.

Wf+6 358386

"Ah, yes. Anything of interest to report other than your loot?"

"I can, given some time."

You knock on the door and Cloudy responds.

"Ah– Who's there?"

Tela [Spellsword] 358387

"Right. Whatever you say."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358388

I alternate between the two of you on each trip, giggling and generally having fun.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358389

"Emrille. Looking for your dashing little stallion, who isn't in his office. I'm sure he got his funtime already, there is work to be done!"

"Don't worry, he has a pretty lever head."

Light Heart [Warlord] 358390

"We found what appears to be a friendly seapony in there. I must admit I am quite curious to see what we can learn from here. Aside from that, there were a lot of traps present. And an altar which changed the gender of anypony who touched it."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 358391

"Seekkill have time. Smitts take gems from Seekkill. Say he pay later. Not see Smitts since. Where Smitts?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358392

"Well, miss Seas, it seems the tub has been filled. Now we just need to warm it. Your orders?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358393

"How do we go about that again?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358396

"Well, if there is anyone inclined towards fire magic, they should be able to heat the water without either boiling it or burning the ship down."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358397

I sigh

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358399

"Or her teacher! There's more than just one magically inclined pony. Perhaps even miss Felfire would help."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358400

"Well… I sure haven't seen all that many ponies wielding fire magic around here…"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358401

"Uh, maybe mister Bounda-"

"Mister Abilio? Uh, I think he's busy at the moment…"
I plop down on the ground and start thinking, perking back up when I have an idea.
"Ooh! Why don't we just make a fire pit?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358402

"Because the boat would burn. Though Bounder is as good a suggestion as any. I doubt Emrille is in a helpful mood."
"Well, it's a perfectly good time to find out who can, then."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358403

I flatten my ears
"I don't think the pirates will be happy when they learn what we're doing…"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358404

"They won't be happy to learn you're borrowing the tub I plan to let miss Mera use while we travel?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358405

"No, they wont be happy about us starting a fire on their ship."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358406

"Mister Keymaster said we could use the tub though…"
I perk up and look back to him.
"Mister Keymaster, do you know where we can go and heat up some water?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358407

"Which is where the magic comes in. Or the kitchen galley."

Chip(DD knight) 358408

I look outside and watch the sun.
This is taking too long.

Tela [Spellsword] 358412

"It's not polite calling a pony away from his or her lover, Emrille. Didn't I teach you to be a proper lady?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358413

"Hey, he's planning to retire. He'll have all the time in the world to woo mares after that."

Tela [Spellsword] 358414

"Just so you know, you ever try to pull that shit on me, I'm going to start punching you."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358415

Smirk at her.
"Seeing you all hot and bothered would be worth it."

Tela [Spellsword] 358416

"You'd be the one to like that kind of stuff, wouldn't you you little pervert?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358417

Shrug, still smiling.
"I guess we'll never find out until it happens."

Tela [Spellsword] 358418

"For your sake, it better not. You know I have more than just my hooves to hurt you."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358420

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be waiting on a comfy little cloud while you throw your temper tantrum."

Tela [Spellsword] 358421

"You don't need a gun to shoot things, you feathered jackass. I know spells to shoot your sorry ass out of the sky."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358422

"Ah-ah-aaah, don't you need to be able to concentrate for that?"

Tela [Spellsword] 358423

"I think the reward of seeing you fall back down to earth with your tail on fire would make for a pretty damn good incentive for me to aim straight."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358424

"We'll see, cupcake, we'll see~"

Tela [Spellsword] 358427

"Oh you'll see alright."
Is Wf+6 going to come back?

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358428

Nobody knows. He disappeared.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358430

He sort of just disappeared without warning

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358434

You know, you two could meet with us.

In the future after that bath is done, so to say

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358436

Can't be sure how Abilio will react though

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358438

Let's say this is after that

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358439

Why not just do it while he's busy then, while you're all waiting outside for him?

Tela [Spellsword] 358441

sure, might as well kill some time

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358445

I'll handle this
"…sure are taking their free time… urgh, let's just go and get you familiar with the ship, okay? I'll let you meet with him later."

Tela [Spellsword] 358447

"Whatever you say, Emmy."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358450

"Let's do some sightseeing then. Took me a bit of time to get used to these ships myself."

And with that I start to show the various parts of the shop to her, like the main deck, belowdecks, and so on and so forth.
Wonder if we run into anyone…

Chip(DD knight) 358452


OOC: naahh going to rest good night

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358453

… and eventually you run into us.
As relaxed as I am after that warm bath, I can't help but tense up as I see Emrille approach, looking at her apprehensively

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358454

I stop in my tracks, the smile on my face probalby disappearing.
"Oh… you. Hi."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358455

Deciding to break the ice before unkind things are said, I'll speak to the newcomer.
"So, who's this young companion of yours, miss Emrille? I dare say we've not met."

Tela [Spellsword] 358458

I look between the two of you
"More old friends of yours? Drop the act Emmy, I ain't falling for it."

"Oh good, another dainty dove. Are you related to that mare we saw earlier?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358459

"Oh, yeah, right."
I point at Tela.
"She is Tela, an old friend of mine. Used to do jobs together and everything."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358460

"No, she's sort of a new… friend."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358462

"I see."
Turning to Tela, I'll answer.
"And which mare would that be, miss Tela?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358463

I cross my hooves
"Jobs, huh?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358464

I noticeably tense up on Spring's back from the tension in the airr, barely peeking out past her at the newcomer and Emrille.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358466

I roll my eyes.
"Yes, Spring, jobs. And yes, they involved dispatching of certain individuals at times."

Tela [Spellsword] 358467

"You were always one of the amiable sorts."

"Light Heart. The one that acts all overly polite and nice. With the constant shit-eating grin she wears on that pretty face of hers."

"A filly? You've got a family on board, Emmy?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358469

"No relation to her, miss Tela. I just find it better not to start off on the wrong hoof if I can help it."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358470

I roll my eyes
"Of course they would."

"My daughter and I are prisoners. We're doctors."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358472

"That's a bit of a strecth, but yes, there is a filly on this ship."
I glare towards Summer.
"Watch your language though. Wouldn't want her to learn and use any swear words."
Make sure it drips of sarcasm.

"Not everypony can live off of charity."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358474

"Well, miss Emrille, I doubt she can learn any you haven't already taught her."
I'll glance towards Tela.
"That wasn't to be taken as a challenge, just so we're clear."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358476

"Yup, all my fault. Just like how I taught her to shoot, right?"

Tela [Spellsword] 358477

"Right, how about you remove that stick from your butt and act like a real stallion instead of some prissy noble? I'm not going to get offended if you don't act polite enough."

I shake my head slightly
"Bah… Enslaving kids…"

"Right. I see you're all great friends here, so I'll hold my tongue."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358478

"You could say it's complicated."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358479

"Had you taught her to shoot, we likely wouldn't be having this conversation."
I'll wave my hoof dismissively.
"Holding grudges is for ponies with too little to do."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358480

I frown and fold my ears down, choosing to remain silent.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358482

I roll my eyes again
"Just when I was starting to relax…"

"Yeah… complicated."

Tela [Spellsword] 358484

"Isn't it always?"

"Says you!"

I walk around her mother to face her
"So what's your name kid? No need to be shy. I wont bite."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358485

"It is. Damn well it is."

I wince.
"I'm terribly sorry that I tried to help you two out. You seem to be doing great on your own."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358487

I'll just keep my mouth shut.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358488

I tense up even further as she approaches Summer, but keep quiet and just observe.

I glower
"That doesn't excuse you from everything else you do. You haven't even bothered to say sorry yet, have you?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358489

"Um… Summer Seas, miss."

Tela [Spellsword] 358491

"They treat you well in here? How long have you been aboard?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358492

"I fucked up, okay? And I'm sorry for it. I really am. I know you got hurt because of it, and you think I wanted that? Getting caught by a plant then getting spat out with burning acid goo sort of clouds your judgement, y'know? I almost died there too. Your daughter surely would have liked that."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358494

I'll grimace, but remain silent. Keep an ear and an eye on Tela and Summer, though.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358496

"Oh now you're sorry. First you just had to ask Summer to apologize to you, didn't you?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358498

"Oh, I still think she should, but at least I am able to admit my own errors."

Tela [Spellsword] 358499

I snort
"A plant, Emmy? You getting beat up by plants now? No wonder they asked me to join!"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358501

I'll snort.
"It just took you a while is all, right?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358502

I frown
"She's a child, Emrille. You're supposed to be the better of the two. I'm really disappointed in you right now…"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358503

"U- Um… they've been… they've been kinda nice…"
I fidget and start nervously rubbing my leg.
"They… they make us wear these collars though, that… they enable to pirates to make us do whatever they tell us to. And… and they won't let us go back home."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358504

"I showed that plant in the end all right, don't you worry."

"You stay out of this. I'm not talking to you."

"Oh, it's all right, she's just a child. That makes it totally okay if she tries to shoot me, and then she is the victim!"

Tela [Spellsword] 358508

I pull up my nose in disgust
"Damn pirates and their lowly ways. What'd they make you do around here?"

"You better. It'd be a shame if you got killed by a piece of garden decoration and I wasn't around to see it."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358511

I sigh
"Emrille… I already talked this over with Summer. But weren't you one of the ponies that supported her owning a gun? This is what happens. She's too young for that stuff."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358513

"To my knowledge, they force her to study textbooks."
I'll raise an eyebrow at Spring once she mentions that last part.
"For once I agree with Emrille that your daughter must be taught to defend herself. Which is why I suggested starting small."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358514

"Should have seen how accurate I was though. Nopony even noticed that precision."

"If she is going to shoot at me, then yes."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358518

"Duly noted. I'll think about it in about 4 years from now."

I roll my eyes
"Oh please."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358519

"Well… they… they don't really make me do anything. We just… we just have to heal the pirates. And mister Landgraves makes me study by myself, because the Commodore wants me to have an education."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358521

I'll grump a bit.
In four years she'll be dead if she's not taught to fend for herself. We're on a pirate ship for Luna's sake.

Tela [Spellsword] 358526

"Really now? Well… it could be worse I guess."
I nod and pat her on the head
"Don't worry kid, you look pretty tough to me. If anypony ever tries to hurt you, yell very loud okay? I'd hate to see a filly like you get harmed by some jackass who thinks he's tough for threatening children."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358529

I frown as she starts swearing
"Could you please not do that around my daughter?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358531

"Or maybe if I taught her to shoot she wouldn't be so ungrateful to try and kill me after I went out my way to help you two."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358532

"Spring, calling someone a male donkey is hardly swearing."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358534

"Yes, you did. But so did we. We've both patched your and the pirate's wounds plenty of times already, no?"

"Maybe not, but it's not a polite word…"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358536

"Just… yell?"
I look up at her, still nervous, but curious.

"It's okay… I know better than to repeat those words, momma."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358537

I'll put on a look of mock disdain.
"Luna forbid someone call a male donkey a jack, or assume the title carries a negative connotation. Perhaps miss Tela was just concerned about any male donkeys we had on board."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358540

"I doubt all the pirates you patched up went ahead and got themselves into debts of favors with the first mates of two ships to try and make your lives better."

Tela [Spellsword] 358542

"Yeah yeah, fine, whatever."

"Yell, scream, whatever you fancy to catch my attention. If you're lucky, I'll be around to gut the bastard trying to mess with you."

"Stop that."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358545

I smile and pet her mane slightly

"I know you've been doing that, Light Heart told me. Still, that doesn't mean I can't be disappointed in you. Because I am."

"You know what I mean…"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358546

"Bah. No fun, the lot of you."

Tela [Spellsword] 358548

"I meant the whole 'miss Tela' crap. Just Tela. Nothing more, nothing less, got it?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358549

"No, you are just annoying."

"So how do I make up for it to you? Unless mistakes are unforgivable crimes."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358550

I giggle from his sarcasm.

"M- Maybe the, um… gutting, is a bit… far, but you'd… you'd help me, miss?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358552

I'll nod slightly.
"If you prefer."
I'll roll my eyes a bit at Emrille.

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358556

"I need some time to repair the damage. Once that's done, we can talk about how to this disaster… if you're willing to."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358557

"Of course I am… but yeah, sure, take your sweet time…"

Tela [Spellsword] 358558

"I'll be damned if I don't try to help a child in need. I can't say I'll be around all the time though. I've got my own business to take care of after all."

"Good, you remember that. Next time I'll start punching, okay?"
I chuckle

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358560

"As long as you don't mind if I punch back."

Tela [Spellsword] 358561

I grin
"If you want, we could fight some time. Just a friendly one on one."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358562

I'll chuckle.
"I could always use the practice."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358563

"Good to have that out clear and open."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358565

"Sure is. Now you can give me the cold shoulder with a clear conscience."

Tela [Spellsword] 358566

"Good. You just hit me up whenever."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358567

"I'll try not to hit you up too hard, of course."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358568

"I don't like this Emrille. But have some patience. You messed up and have to bear the consequences. Just like Summer will."

Tela [Spellsword] 358570

I snort
"Yeah yeah, dream on beardy."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358571

I nod.
"Yeah, mommy is sending me to the time out corner, I get it…"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358572

"Well, we could always see. Unfortunately, I'm otherwise engaged. Perhaps sometime in the future."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358573

"Don't be so childish, Emrille."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358574

"We could ask that wizard to make it literal."

Tela [Spellsword] 358575

"Yeah sure, of course you are."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358576

"Enjoy it while you can, since Abilio is planning to leave."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll just leave you alone to do… whatever you do. I would say that you can come to me when you think it's time but that never really happened before."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358577

I'll slightly gesture to Summer.
"I am miss Seas's guardian. As such, I cannot take leave of my duties until she and her mother are safe. Or at least as safe as they can be on a ship full of pirates."
"Unfortunate. I had hoped to speak with the wizard who amused himself by turning you into a child."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358578

"Huh? Abilio is gonna leave? Why?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358579

"Abilio's leaving?"

Tela [Spellsword] 358580

"Her guardian? Like a butler or something?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358583

"Because of some mare he wants to retire with."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358584

"Miss Cloudy Skies? He wants to… he wants to retire with her?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358585

"If she asks. Mostly I'm to stand between her and anything that would seek to do her harm."
"Well, that's as good as any to retire. Starting a family is a great way to spend a life."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358586

"You heard me right. And he was the only one not outright laughing in my face when I tried to ask the first mates to convince the Commodore to remove your collars."

"Sure, but it also means losing the only decent leaders in this fleet."

Tela [Spellsword] 358587

"Riiiight… so you're a merc like me?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358588

I'll perk up when she mentions he supported removing their collars.
"Perhaps, with the right words, or the right pony, he could be convinced to stay."
"No, I am not. I'm duty-bound to guard miss Seas's life, and those she wishes me to protect. And we're currently floating over my home."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358589

"Yeah, I tried reason, but he didn't really listen. Smooth talking won't win him over, especially not from you."

Tela [Spellsword] 358590

"… Right. You're secretly a mermaid? Is that it?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358591

"When have I ever struck you as a smooth talker?"

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358592

"I don't think he'll listen to you, Curry."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358593

"By the tides, no. I just live in a building beneath the waves. Can only go in or out at specific tides."
"I'm wounded. I've never met the pony before, so how can you say that with such certainty?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358594

"Never, really."

Spring Water [Charlatan] 358595

"Okay then, how will you convince him?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358596

"Either by asking politely, or going through the mare he wishes to leave with. If miss Cloudy Skies wishes to stay, what can he do but stay with her?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358598

"If you know her well enough… Felfire had an idea of trying to amaze him with some fancy Tartarian magic to try and make him stay."

Tela [Spellsword] 358599

"Right, building under the sea. Understood."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358600

"He's not joking. That place was a damn death trap."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 358602

"Maybe I can ask?…"

"It was a whole temple under the sea, miss. Full of traps and dangerous monsters and plants and… it was scary."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358603

I'll shuffle my hooves a bit.
"It was rather… dangerous. Far more dangerous than the previous owner had outlined to me."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358604

"You could certainly give it a shot, miss Seas."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358605

I snort.
"If you think you can…"

Tela [Spellsword] 358606

"Dangerous monsters? That sounds like fun. Shame I missed it."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 358607

"More like traps, more traps, and brain eating mold."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 358608

"To be fair, the traps were more dangerous than the monsters. Even the plants turned out to be more dangerous, thanks to that mold infestation in the gallery…"

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