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The room is dark and acrid. The dank, uncomfortable walls of your concrete cell close in on you from all sides. You can hear the idle chatter of the guards. You're to be executed tomorrow for crimes against the state.

Your room is bare, save for a pile of moss in the corner. It'll have to suffice for a bed… you have an important appointment to be ready for tomorrow, after all.

You awaken with a jolt as the whole structure groans under stress. You know you're deep underground, but some part of the surface fortress has collapsed. There are shouts down the hall and the guards around your cellblock charge off.

After a few terrible moments of waiting, a gryphon almost entirely cloaked in cloth wrappings makes his way down the hall. He barks an order too unclear to make out, and his subordinates sprint past your cells and down the stairs into what you can only imagine is the fort's arsenal and vault.

He comes to a stop in front of your cells and mutters something completely unintelligible. Probably some foreign language.

"Want out?"


Malnourished, I try my best to stand up and look at the gryphon with a smile.
"Mind if I do."




"Beee-t on it!"


I look lazily at the loud one.
"So early, so noisy. will you calm down for a moment?"




He gives a solemn nod and pulls out his scimitar.

In a few lightning flashes, he tears through the cast-iron door and chains. You could've sworn they were stronger than that…

"Your weapons are probably in the arsenal."

He points to the stairs.

"I don't care what you do as long as you make a scene getting out, but if you need a ride off this rock, make for the Pillager's Fancy. It's the one filling the Port Authority with cannonballs right about now."

He heads back for the stairs up, not waiting for his crewmen.

Without your catalyst, you are gagged. Without your weapons, you take a -3 to combat rolls. You'll want those back.


Run upstairs and look for my warhammer and my bag.


The stairs DOWN lead to the arsenal.


"Whoa, no confrontation. Relax, we are both brothers in binds so we are on the same boat." I raise my two paws in surrender.
"Little time for chat, looks like our savior is here."

With that I stand up and look around for our belongings.


Roll #1 1 = 1


"Weeeeee- going?"
Make a run for the arsenal.


You waste four minutes looking for your gear in the cell block. Turns out, they're probably in the arsenal like he said.


Did I find my stuff?


also stairs down with that >1


Look for the pendant.
I need that pendant.
And my bandana, damnit!

Roll #0 7 = 7


You enter the arsenal. Up ahead, you see a steel door and bars. There are three obviously-aggressor ponies - the subordinates from before - engaged in battle with two armed guards. One of those guards has the key to the door. Beyond the bars, you can see not only your gear, set off to the side, but some four or five hundred bits, leaking out of sacks.


Turns out my screws are still lose, head down to the arsenal and look for my stuff in the area and grab some more if there is worth grabbing(like guns, ammo's, powder,etc)


Roll #1 5 = 5


Agility roll to bite down on the keys and steal them.

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10


Rush and attack the guard with my claws.

Roll #0 5 - 3 = 2


Punch the guard hard.

Roll #1 5 - 3 = 2


You make off with the keys while the guard is distracted, holding off his aggressor.

Each of you try to take on a guard directly, unarmed, and are rewarded with a flurry of slashes, a few of which actually catch you. You take 3 hits each.


Claw his neck.

Roll #0 6 - 3 = 3


Open the cell holding my stuff and reclaim it.
Then, laugh at the fools that attacked the guard.


With that, I try my best to wrestle and disarm one of the guards.

Roll #1 1 - 3 = -2


As you stumble past one of the guards, he uses the opening to kick you into the subordinates, knocking you and two of them down.

You are helpless.

This guard isn't playing games. He wrestles you down and physically throws you to the ground. Your head makes contact with a sicking CRACK, and he follows it up with a stab in the gut before ganging up on the remaining subordinate with the other guard, two to one.

You are helpless, and have two wounds left.

You open the cell and get your gear back. The room is also full of crates of flintlock pistols and swords, but they would take time to open. There are bags full of bits, holding one hundred pieces each, but they would slow you down considerably. You would take a -1 modifier for each bag you take with you.


Move three bags outside.
If there are flintlocks there is powder, right?
Oh who the fuck cares right now.
Tartarian Powers on myself.

Roll #0 10 = 10


Try to get up.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Try to stand up and back up a little behind the door leading to our cell.
Better live for another day.


Roll #1 10 = 10


"I love you daddy-D!"

Roll #0 3 = 3


Didn't mean to roll.


With a growl, you claw at the ground and kick up a cloud of dust, using the grip to propel yourself through a combat roll into the lockup, then to your feet. You turn back around to see most of the other suckers coughing through the dirt you kicked up. Suckers.

You are no longer helpless.

You try to get back up, but one of the guards kicks you in the head as you're bent over. Fortunately, he doesn't have time to follow it up with a stab, because the remaining aggressor attempts an attack of opportunity. They lock blades and each lay into the blades, trying to force them on their opponent.

You are still helpless.

You move the bags outside the cell, but don't start carrying them.

Then, you rub your talisman and it flashes in a most crepuscular fashion. Dark pits open up all around you, and from the deepest pits of the damned plane of Tartarus, tendrils of black power climb out and ensorcel you.

You have auto-crits for three turns.


Try again.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Let's get this started."
Touch of death on the guard.

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


Wait for the guards to be distracted and enter the cell door that the goat(who looks comically scary for some reason) has opened. I then look for my items and see what other stuff I can grab.


Roll #1 10 = 10


The guard forces the blade down on his opponent, killing him bloodily. He then sweeps his blade around and catches you in the side.

You are helpless, and you have three hits remaining.

The guard turns around just in time to get caught in the throat by a gruesomely dark hoof. He doesn't have time to cry out in warning before he's cooked from the inside out. Shadows seem to seep out of his armor.

The remaining guard, turned, takes the chance to finish off one of the gryphon's subordinates. Just one of them left, and he's reeling on the ground.

You have all of your previous items, and turn your attention to the gold. Using your expertise as an engineer, you quickly devise a way to hold one of the bags of gold without having to weigh yourself down, by rigging up a pulley using your shoulder.

You are now carrying one hundred bits, and will not take a penalty for this bag.


get up

Roll #0 9 = 9


Taking a deep breath, I then raise my large mace and attack the remaining guard.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Touch of death on the last remaining guard.
"Laugh, it's funny!"

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


He dodges and brutally bashes you as you stumble, off-balance. You fall to the ground, yet again.

You are helpless.

Fortunately, attack left an opening for you to get up. You slide back and steady yourself against the wall. Probably should get to your weapons.

You are no longer helpless.

Just as the words leave your mouth, the black power surrounding you bursts into laughter. It seems the black demon granting you his strength has a sense of humor. The laughter is crippling, and pulls you to the ground, as your whole world shakes and your eardrums near the bursting point. You can't focus on anything and just set your head down in an attempt to steady the shaking.

You are helpless.

The guard takes the chance to finish off that last subordinate, and finally turns and notices you're covered in black shadows.


Look for my hammer and my bag.


Get up.
"What you looking at?"

Roll #0 9 = 9


Arg! Damnit!!
Stand up and back up a little, I will then attack if my footing and balance has recovered.


Roll #1 1 = 1


You've got your gear.

The guard takes another slash at you. He's about to finish you off, poised to stick a sharp piece of metal in your eye, when he hears,


Magenta stands up as the darkness around her dissipates, exploding violently as it begins its journey back through the spirit world.

You no longer have auto-crits.

Chip is helpless with one hit remaining.


"Oooooo-ne moment!"
Spin around, Touch of Life from the guard to Chip.

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


Touch of Life can only target helpless and willing characters.


Ups. Touch of death I guess.


Eat one of the arts in the mag and power attack the last guard.

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


I hold my wound trying to stop the bleeding then hold myself steady. Let them finish the job.


You press your hoof into the chestplate of the guard and empower it. Black energy courses through the platemail, and rapidly rusts, and falls off, much to his bewilderment.

Attacks against the remaining guard get +1.

Which you follow up with a crushing smash to the torso. His ribcage crackles satisfyingly, and he collapses, dead or close to it.

You have won the battle.

You are in the arsenal. There are three dead subordinates and two dead guards near you. There are four bags full of one hundred bits each near you. There are crates full of guns and swords.

Now that the battle has subsided, you can take a better look around. Roll for spot.



Roll #0 4 = 4


Jump around in a victory dance.
"Heeeeee-lp me blow this plaaaaaace up!"
Powder you said, right? Let's find it and make a trail from the boxes to the exit, taking a flintlock with me.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Taaaaaaaa-ke the moooooney! Is good to eat!"


Try to stand up, how is this old dog body doing?


Also roll for spot
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"You cant eat money, money is hard and cold, rats are soft and warm."


"Fuck you I can't eat money! Take it aaaaaaa-nd I'll show you!"


You are sure you hear something, but you can't pinpoint the source.

You make a perfect trail to the arsenal, but run out at the cage door. Looks like they've moved most of the powder up to the fort for the defense effort…

Speaking of which, a huge chunk of ceiling falls out and smashes into the floor with the latest impact. Guess the battle isn't quite over yet, though it's hard to tell so deep in the fortress.

You're back on your feet, but you're bad condition. No condition to look around at all. You just feel like laying down, but you know you've got to get out.


"Damn this place, I'll help you if I can manage.. argh" Help the goat in his righteous quest for gunpowder explosion.


You may perform non-combat skillchecks with more accuracy if you take more time on them. To determine the source of the noise, you get a +1 modifier for each two minutes you spend on the task.


Seeing the hole that the huge chunk of rock has made, I peer down and see whats below.


Not enough powder. Bah.
Take a flintlock and roll for spot.
"You alright dog?"

Roll #0 9 = 9


The hole is actually up. You've got a chunk of the ceiling on the floor.

You see a lot of action going on upstairs, but it's hard to tell what is going on. Roll to spot/decipher.


"No you are trying to cheat me!"

Rolling again.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Just get the m-m-money! I'll show you l-l-later!"


You waste your time looking for the source of the noise inside a bag of gold.

You quickly determine the source of the noise. It's coming from one of two crates set off to the side in the back. Curiosity didn't kill the goat, so you crack it open.

Inside, you find a gagged and bound unicorn. She looks to be some sort of spellcaster, and you suspect that they're not in the cells because they're destined for underground slave trade if you don't get them out.


"Just… a little scratch, one of the worst in my years, but I can manage."

Looks like I was looking on the ground all along. I then look up to the cieling and see whats happening

Roll #1 1 = 1


You look up just in time for a piece of the ceiling to collapse and hit you in the head.

You are dazed and have one wound remaining.


What the heck.
Cut her free.
"Heeeeeeelp me carry the bits!"
Throw two bags of bits on her back.
"W-w-whaaaaat's your name?"


Help her with the gold.


"Arrggg…. I had enough."
I stand up and compose myself.

"Hey what did you find there." I cover the wound on my head with my paw.




"Pony? Inside the crates?" I then cautiously follow and stand next to him to see what he is looking at.


You now have one bag of bits, holding one hundred. You'll take -1 to any physical (counting spellcasting) check until you get rid of it.

You put two bags of bits on the unicorn, though she can take them off if she wishes. She'll take -2 to physical checks.


Since Chip has one (unimpeded), there is one bag of gold remaining. Things are starting to get bad. It doesn't take a spot check to notice the fortress is shaking quite a bit more than before…


"Crazy place, right? What's next, big floating cards?"
Make my way towards the source of the noise.


The source of the noise is the floor above the cell block (two floors up). Do you want to go upstairs?


"Well thats are cue to get out of this place! C'mon!" With that I carry the tied up pony inside the crate and look for an exit.

>inb4 a >1 rng I dare you


Roll #1 8 = 8


drop those bags
"Ugh! How dare you! Sándor Dear where are yoU!?"


You, and you alone, know he is being quiet inside the crate next to you, though he may make some noise now.

She's not tied up now.


Is that the way out?
Also, pick up the two bags Alys dropped.
And make it for the exit.
"Eeeeeeveryone out!"
"Pff, you could be more grateful!"


Rolling to make noise.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Rolling to hear the noise.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"There you are! Quit being useless and get out of there already!"
use Unicorn Telekinesis to break the crate and binds my Sándor is in

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Moar pony?"
Open/destroy/burn down whatever made the noise.


You take the -2 penalty.

It is the way out.

You are on the first floor of the fortress. There are ponies in uniforms running left and right, and huge sections of the fortress have collapsed, but there's a straight path to the door. As long as you don't start attacking anyone, you suspect the guards won't have the time or spare attention to notice you.

You hear him alright.

Your telekinesis has seen better days. You manage to get a few nails out.

You're upstairs!


Follow her upstairs.


Oooops. Oh well. Run for the door.
Do I have to roll?


You're upstairs.

No need to roll. They're all busy.

You will need to roll outside to spot the docks.


IMPROVED Unicorn Telekinesis then!
"Ugh! These damned things!"

Roll #0 2 = 2


Try to get out somehow.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Follow the group outside

rolling to spot the docks

Roll #1 8 = 8


Right. Keep running for the docks them. Roll to spot. Otherwise, follow Chip.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Follow her again.

Roll #0 5 = 5


File: 1355526301972.png (35.85 KB, 1350x836, Port Southridge.png)

You manage to get the lid open…

But Sándor, ever eager to help his mistress, bursts out of his rope bindings! He climbs out. You'll both want to collect your gear as you leave.

You can't make heads or tails of the town's layout, so you follow Chip.

Right away, you spot the Port Authority by the seaside. It's being turned into laser cheese by a ship that you remember must be the Maiden's Fancy. Hopefully all that gold will buy you a ride.

You follow Chip, too.

You may follow Royal Boulevard for an easy slope, or head straight down the mountainside and use the coast.


Bow before her.
"Thank you for your generous rescue, M'Lady. Should I find your equipment for you?"

Roll to find both of our gear.

Roll #1 5 = 5


It's in plain sight on the table. You both equip your gear.


Follow the coast. Too much risk with the money.
"Goat stronk!"


The Pillager's Fancy***


Gear up then give her what's hers.
"Do you need help, Lady Alys?"


"Mhmm.. Hurry and lets go already! those ruffians earlier wanted to use me as some awful packmule!"
head out and spot shit

Roll #0 7 = 7


"I have your gold but I cant eat it."


"Well, who thought this scoundrels are being pummeled to dust by the Maidens Fancy. Cmon boys, lets stick to the coast, we dont want the patrols spotting us in our situation now are we?"

With that I follow the group to the coast.


"Of course not! I'm not some helpless mare! Watch!"

Roll #0 5 = 5


Neither of you know about the option of using the Pillager's Fancy as a ride as I recall, so you should hurry if you want to follow them.


"You know I'd never let that happen to you, M'Lady."

"Lead the way, M'Lady."


Agility checks to get down the cliffside.

Rahjak takes -1 for his gold.
Chip takes -0 for his gold.
Magenta takes -2 for her gold, plus +1 for Goatcraft.


"despite their outrageous behavior, we should follow them!"
follow! rolling if i need to!

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Why would you eat gold? You crazy pony!"
No way? Goat makes way!

Roll #0 3 + 1 = 4


-1. that's a 2.

Roll #0 10 + 1 = 11


"Do you want me to teach them a lesson in 'politeness', M'Lady?"
Rolling if needed!

Roll #1 2 = 2


'1d10' agility check

Roll #1 6 = 6


Throw the monet away and do it!

Roll #0 2 = 2


Look around the cell we're in. What can I see from here?

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Lets see if they're useful first, then you can reeducate them."



You don't need to to get to the cliff. Now that you're at it, you need to roll to get down.

You stumble down the cliffside, sliding and rolling. You can't seem to maintain your balance with all your gold. You finally dust yourself off at the bottom, one wound worse for the wear. At least the gold made it.

You drop off the gold, but it doesn't do you much good. You take one step and then roll most of the way. You take one wound.

You expertly navigate your way down to the coastline.


I huddle up closer to Spring Water.
"I wanna go home…"


"Yes, M'Lady. Just say the word."


Roll #1 4 = 4


"Daddy send me a sign…"
How far is the boat?


The wood of the Darklantern is mahogany, ebony, and plated with lead. Even with the torches around, it seems like one big black hole.


I look at her with a sad smile
"I know sweetie… I know. We'll go home once mommy finds a way out of this mess. You just have to be strong right now, okay? Everything will be alright…"

I sigh


rolling to navigate

Roll #0 9 = 9


Help the others to get up.
"Lets hurry, that ship might scuttle and flee. I dont want to spend another night in that god-forsaken fortress.


It's a considerable walk. It'll take ten minutes.

By moving slowly, you are able to carefully make your way down. You stare on in awe as

Alys expertly hops rock to rock, elegantly landing at the bottom without breaking a sweat.


"It's dark in here a- and there's all that noise outside… it's scary."


"Graceful as always, M'Lady. Should we catch up to them now?"


Another volley goes off, to the sounds of shouting and cheering. The Darklantern is really pounding the coastline.


"Of course, they might be our way off this dreadful rock"
hop on his back or stay with him as we follow


Let's make it faster.
Drop the money for a moment.
Tartarian Blessing on myself.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Take the money back and run with the force of Discord pumping through my veins towards the ship.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Carry her on my back and go where she says.
"I'll make sure you won't be stranded here, M'Lady."


"Alright lets go now we… "

"Daddy?" I look at the goat in confusion as he drops the gold and run.
"Hey! Hey the Gold! Hey wait for me!!"


The spirits of Tartarus are feeling ill-inclined to join you for long walks on the beach.

The core rules don't say you can Tartarian Blessing yourself, but I allow it at a DC of 8, and you get one additional turn of autocrit for each over 8. e.g.: 10 = 3 turns, 9 = 2.

You're not encumbered by your gold at all.


I took the gold back. And a demon from Tartarus just possessed me.


Follow the goat with the best that this wounded body can follow


Roll #1 6 = 6


I pull her a little closer
"As long as I'm here nothing can hurt you, okay? Mommy's here to protect you."

Aw ponyfeathers… Sounds like they're winning…


"Those are canons, aren't they? Why are they firing canons outside?"


With that, I do my best to follow the goat.

"Hey! I didnt know your name! Mine's Chip! Whats yours!"


Oh well. Keep walking.


"I-I don't know sweetheart… But don't worry, you're safe here."


You are eight minutes away. You can now clearly see three ships nailing the coastline. One of them is actually docked, while the other two are pulled back and firing from a distance.


Follow from a distance with Alys still on my back, reading a book or whatever.


The yelling gets louder for a moment as someone opens a door to the outside, then it returns to a muffled state as a diamond dog walks into the room, closing it behind himself.


I frown and stand up, moving in front of Summer Seas while glaring at the dog


I hide behind Spring Water and peek out from behind her at the dog, shaking slightly in fear.
"Wh- Who's that?"


Walk(or run whichever mode of travel is preferable) with my companions to the said ship.

Now to think about it, what kind of ship is the Maidens fancy?


Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


I like booms.
Keep walking.


He waves his hand in front of the cage. "Unicorn. Fix my hand."

It's all kinds of bloody. It looks like it was crushed by something, but it's hard to tell what.

I am really regretting that typo now. It's the PILLAGER'S Fancy.

Nonetheless, the Pillager's Fancy is the smallest of the three ships. It's an old Galleon, which is nearing ancient in age. It's a brighter wood than the other two as well, though you can't tell which kind.

You're six minutes away, and you can see small figures boarding the Pillager's Fancy as the other two ships start to pull out to sea.


I blink, then nod. Heal his hand '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Keep walking.
"Hey dog, wanna hear a joke?"


Keep up a pace so I can be there too before it sets sail.
Wouldn't want the Lady to be stranded someplace she doesn't like.


I whimper and bury my face in Spring Water's tail to hide from sight.


Walk to the pillagers fancy, hoping my expertise is enough to hitch a ride.

I look at the goat, then remembering the kinds of magic it can do I back away a little.
"If it involves me then I dont want to hear about it. If not then go ahead."


He gives a toothy smile. You notice he has golden crowns on pretty much everything in his mouth. Even his tongue has a stud.

"Maybe Cap'n was right about you. You ain't so bad. Good thing we kept you 'n here 'n not with Redcoat."

Four minutes away. You can see tethers being cut, and anchor being drawn.


"Too bad. Your funeral pal!"
Crap. Can't I go any faster? I wonder how well the dog can float…


Can I get there with just walking or do I need to run?


"Redcoat? Who is- ah never mind, none of my business."


"How far are we Sander? I dont' want to be left behind"


I peek out again, then my eyes widen as I see all the gold in his mouth.
"Why's your mouth all golden, mister?"


You should probably hurry. Two minutes, and the stream of figures has stopped. They're about to shove off.

He smiles. "It's fine o' you t'be curious, sweetie. Redcoat was one o' us, and he decided he wanted a promotion, the 'pirate way'. He's in the brig 'til Commodore decides wha' t' do wi' him. He likes to cut things."

Still with the grin, he gingerly moves his claw from left to right along his neck.

"See? Y'don't wanna be with Redcoat."


Got to get to the boat faster. This goat gives me the creeps.


Yeah right.

Roll #0 4 - 1 = 3


"Such barbarity! We'll have that changed quickly enough!"
get off Sander and HAUL

Roll #0 10 = 10


He nods sympathetically.

"I didn' ea' ma' fruits 'n' veggies."


I turn to her and pet her name softly, whispering soothing words in her ear.

"That's… that's horrible…"


"Not to worry, M'Lady, I'll get you on that ship whatever it takes."

Start running.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Run for the ship


Roll #1 1 = 1


I soflty smile and nuzzle up to her.
"Did you eat too much candy, mister? Mama always tells me that if I eat too much candy all my teeth are gonna fall out and then I can't talk anymore because you need teeth to talk!"


You perform a splendid faceplant as

Sandor and Alys charge past you, seemingly charged by some telekinetic force urging them on. It's so powerful, in fact, that it causes you to roll along on the ground.

Even you're caught up in the rush. You feel a little bit faster.

You arrive at the ship and it's already parted from the dock. You see the gryphon that freed you with a claw on the forecastle. He waves.

You can make it if you jump!

He waves a finger warningly. "It's the tongue for talking, not the teeth."


Well damnit jump!

Roll #0 2 - 1 = 1


"Hold on, Lady Alys!"

Go for it!

Roll #1 2 = 2


are we on the ship then?
"Whew! My goodness.. Remind me not to exert myself like that next time…. oh… my.."
rolling to keep standing

Roll #0 8 = 8


That roll should be a jump-bolster I think. I'm not sure. And you rode me all the way!


Stand up and join the ship! Even if I got to jump to a ledge and grab a rope or swim to it, it doesnt matter. I dont want to spend another day in this fortress town.


Roll #1 6 = 6


You miss the jump absolutely miserably, but as you're about to hit the water, a pegasus hits you in the side and propels you up onto the deck.

"Nice haul. That was to save the gold, though, so don't get sentimental."

You are not so lucky. When you fail, no one seems interested in your lack of gold.
Alys tries to support you with improved telekinesis, but it just slows the descent to a stop. You're hanging mid-air as the ship pulls out into the harbor, but it's still close…

You grapple onto the side of the galleon, and get a round of cheers from the smarmy lot. The gryphon pulls you to your feet.


hell yea it should!
>inb4 we weren't supposed to be on that ship


"Yeah, but the teeth are important too! They let you enu… enu… enunciated things!"


Wave my limbs around in the air.
"A little assistance, M'Lady?"


"W-wuoooooold nevaaaa!"
Drop off a bag of coins.
"T-t-thiiiis' for the ride o-o-out of here!"


bring him back.
>using Improved Telekinesis to hold him up
well fuck
"It seems we'll need to find that ship and kill everyone on it. Remember the name and description Sander."


I grab the griffon on her talons and get aboard.
"Ha.. God am I glad with that. I am at your service." I then bowed.
I then look around.
"Where's the goat?"


I chuckle, despite the dire situation we are in.
"That's right."


"Of course, M'Lady. Or maybe you could use your undenyable feminine charms to ask for some further assistance, M'Lady?"


He points at the goat. "Over there, with Mellow Marsh."

There's a gray pegasus standing next to Magenta, appraising his haul. It's the one who saved her.

They all cheer and chuckle, "Well have some fine ale tonight! You won't believe the haul! This town was fat."

The gryphon gives a serious look. "Hey, are they your friends? We could stop for them."

He points at Alys and Sandor, still suspended mid-air.


"Of course~"
look around for something to use

Roll #0 5 = 5


He nods. "Keep th' work comin' and you won' have a thin' t' worry ab't from ol' Keymaster. I dun much like Doc Peg."


"Yeah, sure, why not."
Then, chew on a bit. One of mines, of course.


"Can't you just let us go?"
I look over at Summer Seas sadly
"This is no place for a filly like her to be at…"


They stop the boat and idle back slightly by oar. Then they throw a rope down to Alys and Sandor.

You're too pre-occupied staying out of the water! You're riding him, remember? You can climb out now, though.

You eat it. Tastes metalic, but it's definitely genuine.

He laughs. "The Commodore 'd have me 'ed!"


Get Lady Alys safely on the boat before boarding it myself.

"Do I still have to do as you have asked earlier, M'Lady?"


"Ah, I see well no worries then, he helped me back there in the prison. I thought he got left behind."

I then held out my paw to shake hands(or talons) with the gryphon
"I am sorry for not introducing myself, I am Chip. A ship builder back in Torrolund and I am offering my services to you Ms?(or Mr.)"


"S-s-soooooooo, whaddya do here?"


My ears droop a little
"Well… can I speak with your Commodore? Please?"


[Gotta pause fast!]

Going to dinner. I think this is a great time to pause EuroPirateQuest. Feel free to continue to roleplay. Next time I'll introduce you to the crew. And of course you can rejoin us for American time later when I get back.

Thoughts on the quest so far?


yea, climb down then
"Thank you dear… We'll see"


Very pirate-y, keep it up.
When next session?



We'll we haven't done much yet, but I'm really looking forward to the next session.


RNG hates me
All in all its good.


I like it!
Thanks for running it for us!

Stand beside her.
"In any case, I won't let any of those ruffians as much as touch you, M'Lady."


"H-eeeey. You the unicorn in the box?"


I had fun!
Wish I could'a done more though…


I snark at her.
"Show proper respect when speaking to Lady Alys, you fool!"


Laugh at this.
"Foooooooool. I liiiiike that word!"
Roll not to lose it totally.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Okay I'm rolling on the deck


Unseathe part of my claymore threateningly.
"Your head will roll unless you stop that, goat."


Look at him.
Am I calm now?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Nope. After a long moment of silence, I explode in a louder laughter.


I let go of my weapon, then snarl.
"I'd gut you here and now but I don't want Lady Alys to see such a gruesome sight."


I look at his unsheate sword, then take a swig of my wine to reduce the pain.
Well whatever, let those who want to die, die I guess. As for me I need a healer.

Damn, he is a creepy one.


"And, I paid for both your rides. You w-w-weeeelcome, by the way!"


I sigh.
"In the name of Lady Alys, I thank you. Satisfied?!"


Creepy…. and a little cute I guess now that I look at her flank, I smiled underneath while drinking my wine.


Nod and pick myself from the floor, then trot off.


I look at him.
"Where are you and your lady headin after this ride?"


"That's not for me to decide."


"That pony was kinda nice! Though why was he standing on two hooves? And why were his front hooves so weird? And why was his face all funny?"


"I see." I drink on the wine, seeing its empty I put it down.
"It will take us a month at best in this ship. Five months if the weather is cruel to us, better to know one's neighbors now dont we?"
I try to stand up.
"Whats your name guard?"


"That wasn't a pony, honey. I think… I think that was a diamond dog. They're like doggies but… bigger and smarter."


"Heeeeeey dog, you got better?"


Stay where I am, not offering a hoof.
"Name's Sándor."


"That's a funny name… are there diamond ponies too?"


"Not better, got to find some medicine in this ship or I wont be able to sleep with the pain that this wound will cause when it touches the salty air in the sea."

"Well met, I am Chip. I hope our sail in this ship be…. pleasurable." I smile.


"That depends. Just don't get on Lady Alys' bad side and we won't have trouble."


"They haaaaaave medics heeeeere!"


I shake my head, before remembering something and putting a hoof on my chin.
"Well… there are legends about crystal ponies. When they're happy, their coats and manes gets all crystally. They are supposed to have really strong magic too…"


I look at the pony he is guardin.
"….. may you two have a safe voyage."

I straighten myself and bite my lips as the wounds flare a little.
"Aaah at last. Most ships have one who knows how to close these wounds up. Do you know where the healers are?"


My eyes light up and I smile.
"That sounds soooo cool! Can I be a crystal pony when I grow up? Can I?!"


Start jumping around.
"Leeeeeet's find!"

Look for healers.
"Heeeeeealeeeeers! Doooooooctors!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Doc Peg is on this ship. He'll patch you up.

The unicorns are on the Darklantern.


I chuckle and ruffle her mane
"You are much more magical than any crystal pony, honey. I don't think you need to worry."


"Alright, lets *ow okay that hurts* find if there is a doctor here."


"Ah Doc." I smile.
"I need some patchin up."

Roll #1 6 = 6


Oh I thought Sol and Groves where on this ship, that's why I was making all this ruckus.


I'm on my phone so I can't really post reliably. Crew will appear when I return from dinner, promise.


How long?


Doc Peg is a creepy guy. You can go visit the Darklantern for heals.


Hard to say

>having family

Holidays are a curse!


"Yeah, but they're crystal! Crystal mama! Do you know how cool that'd be to be made of crystal! It'd be like, really really really cool!"


Oh you…~

If its becoming a hassle we can continue this later.

"Black lantern? Thats the other ship right?"
If it is another ship, I'll visit it if it is made available.


10 minutes? An hour? Several hours? Just curious.


"A maaaagical p-p-plot device took us here! Dog is bad off, can yaaaaa help?"


"Well… maybe I can get you some crystal armor when you grow up? How about that?"

How many of these darn dogs are there!?
"… Right."

Heal her/him '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


1 hour probably


I'm a female goat, Chip is a male dog, he's the one injured.


"That'd be so cool! Thanks mama, you're the best!"
I give her a big hug, then meep and duck behind her as I see the newcomers.
"A- Are you two nice like the other diamond dog was?"


I'll be here in an hour I guess but I may leave also because of the holidays.

I look at the unicorn healing the goat. I then approach.
"I'm the one who needs healing."


"Nice? No I'm Magenta."
Chew on my beard.


Stand in front of Summer Seas
"Well here you go." Heal him.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


"O-kay… That's nice."


Move around her as she heals the dog.
"Whaaaaaat are you?"


"S- So you're not nice?…"
I whimper and pull on Spring Water's tail.
We're in a cell.


We are in a cell.
I look back at Summer Seas
"… my name is Spring Water. And you're scaring my daughter."


oh fuck oh fuck!!

Let the unicorn do her job, ah I remember this feeling after a good fight or pillage back then.
I then give the unicorn a look, sizing her up.
"… I wonder what you two are doing here in this ship Ms." I put my paw next to her hoof.

I look at the filly.
Control yourself.
"…. yes, both me and the goat are… good. Sort of."
I then size her up.
"Depends on what kind of good you mean also."


"Nope, I am goat."
"No I told you, I am goat!"

Okay, roll not to lose my shit right here.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I'm snickering loudly and a shit eating grin forms on my face.


There she goes again, that angry look.
She looks…. cute in that look.

"As you say, we are 'good' at many things."


Roll to catch his glimpse.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I'm oblivious as fuck.


"S- So you're good, mister diamond dog?"
I slowly move out from behind Spring Water.


Disturbed, I back away a little, gently pushing Summer Seas along.


Oh… this filly, this is a cute one, just looking at her brings back memories…
"Yes… we are 'good' at many things little one, whats your name?"
I then look at her flank, seeing if she has that… cutie?? Oh Buttmark.


"Um, I'm Summer Seas, mister diamond dog…"


I was lost, lost in my own world of desire, my focus on that little thing in front of me when I was suddenly pulled out of my trance by her mothers voice.
Damnit, calm yourself now, I look at the mother. Summer seas, thats a name alright.
"… well well, thats your daughter I suppose. Nice to meet you Summer seas."

I then look at the goat.
"She's a good healer I tell you."


Keep munching on my beard.
"You like healer?"


"Yeah, my daughter."

Why are there no ponies? Why are all these pirates so… so… crazy!?


"Why in prison, pony?"


"Yeah… she's my mama. What's your name mister diamond dog?"



"I like healers. I really like 'them'."

"Well just as you say." I then inch a little closer to Summer.
"Are you done healing us?"

Calm yourself.
"My name is… Chip. Whats yours?"


I frown again
"We got captured by you pirates… and now they wont let us leave."


"Though luck. Do you blow up? Are you murderous clerics? Can you turn into dragons?"


"My names Summer Seas mister Chip, just like it was before! And I can heal ponies too!"


Look for rats on the ship.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"We're not murderous. And we're certainly no dragons. All I want is for my little Summer to be safe."


"Bheeee. Boring."
Turn to Chip.


You find some rats on the deck. That wasn't hard.

Keymaster gives both of you the once over. "'Nuff smalltalk. Ge' back t' yer ship. Co'd're's comin' by soon, and you don' wan' t' be 'ere when 'e shows up."


"Wh-wh-o's that?"


Uggh.. this is getting creepy even for me.
"Summer seas, what a beautiful name."
I look at her taking everything in memory, I then stand up.
"One day maybe we can play sometimes, would you like that?"

"No worries. Both of you are safe in this ship. Well, safe within our standards of course but safe nonetheless." I give the mother a smile.

"Im done here. Lets go."

"Who do you mean?" I give the keymaster a look of disdain, being distracted.



This Dog's name - or nickname, at least - is literally Keymaster.

He coughs a bit. "Serry 'bout t'at, I mean Commodore Tallow."

He carefully pronounces each syllable of that one.


"Aaaaand I asked whooooo's that!"


Yes, yes put them on my bag.


"I'd like that a lot! Nobody else wants to play with me…"


He grunts. "Fleet head. You don' wan' t' meet 'im… less you talk t' th' Eye."


Make my way back to the other boat.


Now that you are far out to sea, the Southridge Port is a tiny dot on the horizon. The ships are running steadily longside each other, with gangplanks set up for easy transport. The sails are down: no hurry to get anywhere from here.


I whisper to her, nudging her in the side
"Sweetie, these are all mean people. You can't trust them, they might try to hurt you."


Take a tour of the ship. Any colorful induvidual?


"Uhhrrmm.. the ships heirarchy, understood then." I then head back to the other ship.

Looking back.
"Dont worry we have a lot of time here. I can teach you a lot of things about ships, their names and how to board them."
With that I leave.


"But he seems nice mama!…"
"See? He wants to teach me about ships!"


Relax for a bit and look at the horizon. Clear your head.
This ship is in a mess when it comes to bombard that outpost, perhaps I could check it for damages.

Inspecting the ship if its holding alright.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


I give her a stern look
"Summer, these poni- people are bad. They're not good examples for you."


Adding a roll to that.

Roll #0 4 = 4


When you arrive on the Pillager's Fancy, Mellow Marsh ushers you all to one side. It seems most of the crew has gone back to their various tasks.

"So here it is. Part of the crew, yeah? Good, good. You'll be here on the Pillager's Fancy. Three of our number didn't make it back, and you did, so that means you're solid enough with your wits to take their spots. Until you make a name for yourselves, you're bilgerats, but that'll change if you keep your wits on. Let me point the big figures for you so you know your way around."

"I'm Mellow Marsh, duty officer on this ship. You get your assignments from me. The doctor on this ship is Doc Peg: he'll cure what ails ya, and he has glass eyes and pegs for what he can't fix. Kinda creepy fellow, though. "Tough Guy" Salty Slugs runs the cannons down below, which is a cushier, more desirable job than what you've got. Big wigs are Al-Jinn, "The Unscarred" — third mate and jack o' swords."

He indicates the gryphon that broke you out.

"He's undefeated. That's how he got the name. As for second mate…"

He points to the aftcastle, "Miss Terrebonne. Stay on her good side. She's the crew resurrectionist. As long as you have doubloons and your corpse is mostly in one piece, she'll bring you back. First mate is—"

He's cut off by a miser-like goat that came up behind him.

"Me. Quartermaster Smitts. And our captain on this vessel is the 'Fullmaster'. Abilio. Don't make jokes around him."


Raise my hoof
"Can i get transferred under captain with a sense of humor?"


I sit down and frown.


Smitts raises a brow, but Mellow just chuckles.

"I dunno, Smitts, what do you think? Which one of the two has a better sense of humor? Thirsty Umlock or Commodore Tallow?"

Smitts thinks about it for a moment, then replies, "Thirsty Umlock."

Marsh gives him a dry look and replies, "You're no fun."


"Objection whitdrawn. I like you."


"Glad to be in this ship."
I then glance at the spokesperson.
"So where we headin?"


I let out a weary sigh and pace around the cell.
"Don't worry sweetie, I'll at least try to make it more comfortable in here for us."


"Like I said. Bilge. Unfortunate work, but someone has to do it. Unless you have some other marketable skills. If you're a blacksmith, Blue Topaz might use you for minting our doubloons with all those bits you made off with. If you've got carpentering skills, we've gotta repair the hull…"


"When will they let us go?"


I stop pacing and sit down in front of her.

"Soon enough."
Luna give me strength…


"I can blow stuff up. And kill ponies real good."


"I could help with the ships stability, was a ship maker in the underground city of Torrolund back then. With that I can help and I could start anytime if you wish and as long as parts like wood and bits of metal are available."


The door of the brig opens. A hoof reaches out and quashes the lamp by the door. Something big makes its way in and closes the door. Shrouded in shadow, it asks,

"What did you want from me, Unicorn?"


I hide behind Spring and bury my face in her tail.
"Wh- Wh- Who's that?!"


I nearly topple over in surprise.
"L-L-Luna? W-wait no that's ridiculous!"
I squint and try to make out who's standing there '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Unfortunately, that's a skill we have in surfeit. Looks like you're in the bilge until further notice. Grunt work, but it's easy and repetitive. We'll have you at a proper station next time we stop in a town."

"You, however, we can use. The Darklantern took some canon fire, but she's a brand new ship-of-the-line, and coated with lead and steel plates. She can take it. We're not so lucky. We docked and they got some potshots. Our prow a bit out of shape, and it needs fixing, but Rusty Wrench is over on the Darklantern. Fix it, and the job of engineer is yours. It's a good position. Lucrative. Important."

You can't make out anything between the darkness and the dark wood. It's definitely big, but you can't even tell what race the thing is. You are inclined to think this is the good Commodore Tallow, though.


"Are we going to kill and steal other ships?"


"If we see them. Not many ships out here, but when we run into them they're usually fat merchant ships that ain't ever seen a day of fight in their lives. They're easy takes. Gotta use a little restraint or you'll blow all the precious cargo to the bottom of the sea."


Climb the mast instead.

Roll #0 10 + 1 = 11


"Uh… hello? Are you the Commodore?"


"Consider it done." With that I then go around and inspect the ship a second time and analyze whats needs doing.


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


You quickly ascend the mast. Up in the crow's nest you find the corpse of a lookout. Looks like that job needs replacing. Fortunately, his spyglass looks to be in one piece.

"I am."

You're having a hard time getting a good look at the front of the ship, even from the edge of the forecastle. You nearly loose your balance, but Al-Jinn is perched nearby and grabs your shoulder when you nearly go over.

"Keeping busy?"


"C- Can you let us out then? I promise we'll be good!"
I peek out from behind Spring Water.


You can feel a palpable glare from the darkness. It is '1d10' levels of intimidating.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Does he sound male or female?

I clear my throat.
"Mister commodore, I was just wondering if maybe you would consider letting my daughter and I go."


R- Rolling not to cry '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"At most, got to prove myself before I get my meal right?" I give the griffon a smile.
I then get made my way to more steadier grounds.
"So what got you into this ship?"


The voice is incredibly raspy. You can't make it out.

"What's the magic word?"


Shout to those on deck:
"Dead ponies up here!"
Well now. Take the spyglass and spy on the other boats.

Roll #0 8 = 8


While Lady Alys does her Lady things that cannot be interruped, I look for some sort of drink.

"Someone, get me a drink."

Roll #1 10 = 10


I hide back in Spring Water's tail and cry from the scary glare.


I quickly turn to her and pull her close
"Don't worry sweetie, he can't hurt you. No need to cry, mommy's here to protect you."

"Uh… pretty please?"
I smile weakly


Mellow Marsh flies up to inspect the damage. "Yep. Saw that one coming." He grabs the corpse and throws it into the sea. "You want his job? He was out of money. Beats bilge work, and you look to be a fast climber."

You see nothing particularly strange. You get a return stare from the crow's nest of the Seaworthy. There's a pegasus up in that nest with only one wing, also equipped with a spyglass. He looks pretty foreign.

You search the cargo hold and find some sort of cask of special reserve. This looks like pretty valuable fortified wine, probably looted from a merchant vessel or shop.

He nods. "I was to be executed, like you. I was freed, and killed twenty guards on my way out. They offered me a job. Now I free prisoners when I go into town. Feels right."

You can almost feel the smirk.

"That's right."

Lightning fast, a hoof shoots out of the dark and smashes the lock on your cage. In seconds, he's gone entirely, door slamming behind him.


"Yeah. Like it. Who's that?"
Point Marsh at the pegasus.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Ruxiang. They call him 'the Eye'. Best lookout I've ever seen. Best shot, too. I've never seen someone handle a gun like that. He always hits. Spends all his time in the nest. He also has has magic dust, if you're a buyer."


Huh, open the door of my cell and carefully inspect the surroundings. '1d10'

"Are you okay Summer?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Y- Yeah… what was that noise?"


Wine is wine.
Start drinking.

Is there enough for me to put some away from Lady Alys?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Fuck yeah. Next port I'm getting stoned."
Keep watching the others, spy on unsuspecting cloppers.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Then we are both in the same boat, brothers of the sea. You watch my back and I'll watch yours, thats the only right thing to do during our voyage."
I try to check again the ship for damages.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


With the lantern out, you've adjusted your eyes to the dark. Looks like you're the only ones in the room, save for a pony chained up against the wall in the corner. He's not moving, and looks savagely beaten. His coat looks red.

The door to the brig has a lock on it, but you examine the crack and determine that it's not locked.

You can't seem to find anything that will hold it. You might end up having to invite her down. It's a big cask, though, no one will notice the small amount missing. You notice there is a separate part of the cargo hold that needs a key to gain access to. They must not consider protection of the wine a high priority.

You see a buffalo on the Darklantern navigating the edges of the boat with unnatural agility. He pounds away at edges and is repairing dents from the battle.

Your attention keeps being drawn to the place you KNOW there are issues: the prow. Still, you're having a hard time getting an angle on it. You feel slightly embarrassed when you notice over on the Darklantern, there's a Buffalo practically running circles around you doing repairs on ridiculous extremities of his own ship.


"Not.. to… Kill… Check!"
I like that guy.
Keep looking around. No better idea. Take a nap.
Rolling for dreams of Discord.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Time to step up.
Get my tools and start repairing.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Only the best for M'Lady.
Gotta test it first.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Cloudsian Red. Goes down smooth.

You give up on the prow for the moment and instead patch up a much easier to reach hole in one of the jibs.


Drink some more, then head back to the deck.
Anything going on?

Roll #1 4 = 4


In your dream, you are falling, but you don't know from where.

You see a whale, and it stares at you unblinkingly. You stare into its eye, and pull a letter out of it. It reads:

"Some stay dry, and others feel the pain. -D"

You examine the D more closely, and realize it's a pit, which you have fallen into. You try to climb out, but just as you get to the lip, it becomes an oubliette, and it starts to fill with water. You'd be in trouble, but you now know how to breathe water, and you swim deeper and deeper into its depths, until you come out of a forest of hair. You're a fly on the face of that knight. He offers you to his Lady, and she declines. You're almost smashed by a swat, but fortunately the knight seems to be dissolving in a pile of magic dust. It has eyes, and it reaches up for you with its hand, picks you up, and tries to swallow you. You'd be in trouble, but when you go down the throat, you come out of a cloud, and fall into the ocean. It's made of chocolate.

The duty officer ushers you back down to the bottom of the boat, and puts you to work on the bilge pumps. You protest, but he says it's you or the unicorn.


Anything for M'Lady.
Cannot have her work in such filth.

Start working I guess.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Between the labor and the nap, time passes quickly.

We can either pause here and continue next session, or we can move on to the next encounter. Since I think we only have two left here, might be best to pause.


I'm okay with a pause.


"Alright, lets see what you got."
Try to repair again

>inb4 a >1 RNG you


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4




You get distracted by a gash in the rope hoisting the third jib and decide to replace that instead.


You can perform some non-combat checks with more accuracy if you take your time. You can get a +1 modifier for each additional ten minutes you spend on repairing the prow. If you take an hour, you auto-crit.


With the rope now repaired, lets get on repairing that prow with the spare iron and wood that I got.

>inb4 a >1 rng


we can pause if you like.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


And also take my time, patience on my part.


You finally work out a pulley system to lower yourself down in front of the ship and fix the prow. With a little hammering, the ship is now moving forward with much more aquadynamic ease.


With that fixed, I can rest at ease. I then find a comfortable spot on the boat and close my eyes.
Whats her name? Ah yes… I remember, time to rest then.

We can pause if you like.


Okay, it's real pause time. We will continue our adventures NEXT TIME.

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