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After being tasked by the Broodmother to investigate on the northern army and being approached by Pea Shooter regarding her lost spy, the party starts to travel North once again, just to find the path interrupted by a broken bridge.
There, a whole division of the central Equestrian Army, carrying heavy siege machines, is stuck as they wait for the return of their scouts, and the party offers to help find them.
Waking up early the following day, they arrive at what looks like a perfect crossing point.
But a strange cave is there…


"We be goin' donn?"


"You first."


"Oh.. oh dear. *ahem* No problem! I, ahehehe.. I do believe that we will be alright. Mister Puli, as our resident Diamond Dog I would like to ask that you lead us, my- my navigational skills aren't the best in darkened areas"


I bob my head and head inside the cave.
Try not to trip.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Most gracious of you Mr. Puli, my greatest thanks."


You get +2 from Child of Gaia and the gem you ate earlier today.
Still, the cramped entrance makes it hard to slip inside without complications, and your movements are slow and erratic as you try to adapt to the dark environment.
There is no light at all in here….
Better hold onto the side.


I sniff the air.
"Pony scared?"


"Did we bring any torches?"


Jus' like when da stuff hits.
Shoulder the side and continue.
"It be dark here, pons… Any of ma' frens here?"
Animal Mastery, are there any bats here who could help?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Keep close to Puli
"Ahaha, well I wouldn't say scared Mr. Seekkill. But I am slightly unnerved to the manner of direction we are going."


Too dark to make sense of anything.
And if there are, you can't hear them at all.
Now the path is going downwards, and the walls start to open to more and more darkness.
Ambrosia has 3 torches listed in her inventory.


"We be goin' dunn, dunn dunn."
I chuckle and start to whistle a tune.
Keep going, a bit away from the wall, but feel it with my staff. Like blind people.


I grab one and light it…somehow
Can I see anything in the cave?

"Better now?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


I sniff again.
"Seekkill thought Seekkill smell fear. What un-nerv-ed?"
I follow behind her.


keep close to him
"I- well.. well yes 'unnerved' is a stem of fear, if I would have to admit.. However I'm really unsure about going down into a dark.. c-cave.."


Everypony knows you light torches just like matches.
By running them against the coat of your nearest companion!

The cave suddenly opens in front of you, a dozen gems reflecting light all around.
You are on a thin strip of rocks that slowly descends into the darkness below, where many tunnel entrances can be seen.
On your right, the wall Puli is leaning against.
On your left, a dozen meters jump before hitting the ground, where the turrent keeps flowing.


I tap puli on the shoulder.
"Okay, follow yer nose, boy! …towards…the smell of burning ponies…"
I turn to the rest
"You ponies sure about this again?"


"Stem? Fear not plant. Fear head thing. Fear mindkiller."

I whistle.
"Seekkill which Seekkill had place like this in forest."


feel my stomach churn
"T-thank you Miss Peg Leg"

"I must be, for the sake of the Commander and our progress to the north."


Try not to get too distracted by the gems.

Sniff at the air!
What can my delicate smelling detect?

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"Of, of course Mr. Seekkill"


"Why say fear plant?"


But you could just move your paw and pick them off one by one…
They are so juicy and inviting…
On top of that, the smell of burning pony hairs coming from the tunnels down there puts a damn appetite in you! What's one gem alone after all?


"It's, well I didn't mean that I fear plants. But I do harbor some fear of darkened places… a-and caves. Yes."


I guess there's always time to dig out a few gems from a wall!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I hear the biggest gems smell like burning pony hair. Wouldn't you like to find them instead?"
Bluff '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Time is not a matter.
You swear you can see an owl made of oak wood shake his head in resignation as you dig out a gem just for the whole ceiling to go dark once more.

You are now in the dim light of the lit torch, and cannot see the bottom of the cave anymore.
You are still midway across the entrance ramp.


"Oooh…. Dat be true! Les' go den!"

Oh well
Pocket that gem and follow my nose!
Find the burning hair smelling giant gems!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Stick close to Puli


"No. Said fear is stem, mean fear plant. Fear not plant."

I stay close behind her.


From here you cannot pinpoint exactly which tunnel the smell comes from, but you are successful in navigating down to the bottom of the cave.
With the water slowly splashing againt your paws and hooves all you can see in the scarce light of the torch are three passages, all of them are slightly damp and too narrow for more than one pony at a time, but the smell definitely comes from there.


Sniff again.
Which one?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"You know what we shouldn't do? Split up. We should not split up. Anything but splitting up is good. I've read enough novels to know where this is headed if we split up."


Which one has the strongest smell?

Roll #1 4 = 4


No die. You can't tell them apart. Are your noses failing you?
Seekkill, I would expect better from a hunter!


I rub my beak with a claw and try again.

Roll #1 6 = 6


And again, you don't understand.
Seems like it comes from all of them at the same time!


I'm gonna' need a better conciousness for this.
Natural Remedy, smoke a joint to clean my nose.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5




"Oh, hmm… W-well yes, fear is not a plant. But it's not the plant I'm talking about, when I used the word stem.

If there is a time to sit down at a more peaceful conjuncture, I will explain to you a little further about the subtleties of word use. Is that ok?"
"Of course"
"Are you sure about that Miss Peg Leg?"


Smoking hardly cleans anything smartass.
You are now too lost in your own smoke to make sense of any other smell.


It's a good smell.
Let it overtake me,

"Ah dunno."
Go right like she said.


I scrunch my face as best a gryphon can.
"Not talk so much."

I follow him.


"Who goes first? I'm sort of a scout…and I have the torch. I vote the griffon goes first."


Please roll a d10 to see what 'being overtaken' by the drug does to your brain.
Meanwhile, you are still able to stumble your way into the right passage. Lots of strange, glowing mushrooms coat the walls.
The dog seems to be walking slowly… And he's not too straight either.


Can I recognise any of the mushrooms?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Of course, my apologies Mr. Seekkill"

gulp a little
"I-I shal-l go firs- .. first. If you please Miss Peg Leg"
hold out my hoof for the torch


"The dog went in first."
I follow him.
"Sis has more torches if you need one!"


Of course you can.
Or can?
Because as trippy as you are you have an hard time remembering if these are Shrooms of Sudden Clarity or Amanitas of Terrible Hairs.



Roll #1 6 = 6


I take my water bottle from my adventuring supplies and throw some water on him.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Oh I wouldn't wish to trouble her wish such a request."


Drugs notwithstanding you manage to grab and gulp down a shroom in a single, quick motion.
Your head itches…
And now he smells like a wet dog.
And you have no more water.


"Eh, wat wa' dat for?"


Itch my head…
I don't feel much more clear.
Keep going anyway.
And shake off the water.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"This always worked with stray dogs…"
I try to poke my head over Puli
I want to see what's ahead!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Some water and… Wait is that some of your hairs?
What are they doing all over your face like this! You can't see anything thanks to those damn curls!
As you climb the wet, shaking dog to look over his shoulders, you feel your hooves slip, and suddenly hit the stone floor with a thud your lesbian flank.
Your belly and legs are covere in dog hairs!


"Miss Peg Leg are you alright!?"
Me and Spring Source help her up! '2d10'

Roll #1 9, 1 = 10


You are enough, she wasn't really hurt in the first place.
Just wet and covered in dog haris.


I don't need to see where I am going.
Keep walkin.
"Yah be okay back dere?"


"Ew! Let's just move! I'll jump in a river once we're done here!"
I turn to Spring
"Or maybe a hot bath~"


"Miss Spring Source if you could please, help Miss Peg Leg with getting those hairs off of herself"

"We are fine Mr. Puli, how about uh… How about yourself?"


If it's so, you might want to pay attention to the stone floor not to trip…
She rolls her eyes, but giggles a bit.
Just a bit.
"Uhm… It's a little cramped in here. I don't think I could help her… Properly."


I prod the dog forward
"Last time we let the weed head lead!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Of course.. "

"Miss Peg Leg I dont' think that's a very motivating thing to put forth."


"Ah be good!"

Smoker sixth sense

"Ah be goin', chillax!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


With a little help from your friends Peg and Weed, you make it to the end of the tunnel, where you ca- No wait, you cannot.
The others can.
See a light, like of a torch.
And hear murmurs.


I whisper
"He's probably so high he can't even hear us!"
"What makes murmurs and sleeps in the dark?"
I try to see.


The exit is still a way down. Unless you push the dog, all you can see is a faint glow.


Follow whoever gets closer to those murmurs

"Still, I would rather not hear such words against another."


Keep on truckin'


"It's all in good spirits!"
Push the dog.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Looks like the crowd asks for it!
But before you come around to pushing Puli, he moves on his own following the sound of the voices.

After a brief instant of silence, two screams can be heard coming from up ahead.


Scream myself.



"E-Excuse me Mr. Puli I need.. to…"


Roll #1 4 = 4


Pick up the pace.

I shrug.


"Who are you!"
"Shut up and hide!"
"Where? There is nothing here!"
He's a very wet dog. And you are a very armored mare. But eventually, both of you come to the room, just to find a pot on a fire and a dropped torch still burning, shedding light over the few stones in this pocket and… An unusual large, flat tablet as tall as two dogs!
Perception check.



Roll #1 2 = 2



And i could go for burning some pot right now too.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I disguise myself as a rock and try to check what's in the room.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Nope. Just the shadow of Puli's dick on the wall. Pon, naked dogs are straaaange!
I bet you could. And those two behind the stone tablet would love to share.
You disguise yourself as a cardboard rock.
Safest plan ever.
The room remains unchanged, in your eyes.


"We're just a bunch of friendly, yet rather well defended adventurers! Your turn!"


His WHAT!?
"Oh my-"
look away!

"What is going on here? What is the meaning of the scream earlier?"
WoP '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Light up a joint then.
Puff, Puff, pass.
Extend it towards them.
"Wan' sum?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Go away, there is nopony here!"
"Hey why are you answering then?"
"They might believe me!"
From behind the stone tablet, a shy voice can be heard.
"Uh… I dropped the soup."
Now you feel even more lightheaded.
This stuff might just be killing yo- Nah.
Nopony answers…


I shrug.
Their loss.
Can I smell that smelly smell from before?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Forgive me but I'm not all that accustomed to the darkness, I am Lady Firmgold and who might I be talking to?"
WoP again baby '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"I know you're there, exactly there, so just come out!"

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


You can't smell anything, too much shit in your nose.
Almost literally.
Did you try sneezing?
"We should just leave…"
Two ponies in the same uniforms you saw last night come out from behind the stone.
This room sure is cramped now.
"We are…"
"…scouts from the equestrian army, on a mission to…"
"…find new forms of civil-"
"No idiot, that's for later! We are here to find a way to cross the torrent!"
One of them rolls his eyes.
"Well duh, not like there is much space to hide around here…"


"How did you end up down here? And why can I smell burning ponies?"


One of them points at the torch, then at his friend's cut-off tail.
"We needed a light source."


"Ah! So you're a few of the scouts We've been told to look for! Great to meet you!"

"…Did you mean the torrent at the cave entrance?"


Nah, that shit's nasty.

"Were be da gems yah mentioned?"


"That's the one. It runs above ground our unit is stuck because the old bridge has coll-
Wait what do you mean looking for us?"
He gives an estranged look.


"You're the diamond dog, you tell me."
"That's rather silly."


They frown together, as if they were one.
"Not any sillier than going around covered in dog hairs."
"You smell, too."


"Ah can't see any."


"Yes, your commander… oh goodness I seemed to have forgotten his name. However he said that his scouts did not return with reports and was, to put a little graciously, worried about your wellbeing. My friends and me need to cross the bridge as well but found that we could help the commander the same as he would help us if we looked for his scouts."
smile at them


They look at each other for a moment.
"Did you warn the commander?"
"Uh… No, you should have…"
Their blank expressions turn to face you.
"We might just have worried them for nothing…"


"Oh right. Spring, how about that bath?"
I shrug.
"Know what else smells like burning pony hair? Burning pony hair."


She raises a brow.
"In a cave?"




Sit down.
"Dat be dissapointin'…"

What does the ponies look like again?


She shifts her hindlegs a bit.
"Well, there is a stream right outside…"


"Oh my~"


"…Right, well. I do believe that two things are still in the air at this point in time. One, that you still need to find a way around the torrent, and two that you haven't informed the commander. If I may be of any assistance in this manner?"


In the dim light of the makeshift torch everyone looks the same few shades of orange, and their build is not impressive, but not frail either.
One of them is a unicorn, while the other is a earthie.


She giggles a bit, but doesn't come closer.
Maybe you really smell a lot.
"A way around? Well the ceiling is solid!"
"Yeah, that's not the problem!"
The unicorn turns to the stone slab.
"This is what held us here!"
"Never before seen writings!"


"Wat that be?'"

Look at the slab.


"If we knew we wouldn't be here!"
"Yeah, I'd be in Canterlot, getting a hooficure!"
"Or watching the latest mage tournament!"


if the place is lit then look at the writings '1d10'
if the place isn't lit then politely ask for a light to look at them

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Looks jus' like a slab of stone."


It is, by both yours and their torches.
The writing comes off as entirely alien to you.


take a look around the cave, are the writings only centered here? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"And you look like a naked dog to me."
"But you have a name!"
"And a story!"
"And a thousand other things to tell!"
"Just like this slab!"


You almost fall over the spilt pot of soup, but cannot identify any other writing. Only the huge slab.


I sniff myself.
I can't recognize it can I?
"I think I'll go wash myself now, m'lady. Pick me up on your way back."

Roll #1 6 = 6


I tilt m head.
"Ah not be naked, pons. Dogs be havin' fur for clothes."


Nope. Not a language you have ever seen.
"You have-"
"-no fur."


"Well.. I'm sure the commander would be willing to assist the recovery of this slab to a more identifiable place. However for the time being I would like to ask that you accompany us back to your camp."

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Dat ain't right."
Check myself before I wreck myself.


"Anyway Spring want to wash my back sure you do let's go!"
I pull Spring away with me and go to the stream.


They look at each other, then back at you, rolling their eyes.
"Well of course we will come! It's still an order from the commander!"
"Yeah, that would be silly!"
"And this is the perfect place for the machines to cross!"
They start picking up their stuff.
You are blind and have lost the sense of smell. How exactly do you plan on checking yourself?
Do you take a torch with you?


Also, [PAUSE] because Nasse has to sleep.


And then the party made it back out of the cave.
Do you have anything to do or will you walk directly to the broken bridge?


I eat some seeds.
Maybe those will grow my fur back.
Or I will just get high, that's good enough too.
Natural Remedy

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


'2d10' to see how the bath went.

Roll #1 4, 3 = 7




And down you go, falling flat on the grass. I hope the others are kind enough to carry your unconscious hide back to the camp.
In the black of your sleep, a voice calls.
No, sure, nice going there champ.
"But I'm tired…"
At least you are clean now.


"We need to drag the dog to the camp. Could you soldier boys help us?"


Oh, hey dere mysterious voice. Watcha' doin?


They look at each other, one of them grimances and whispers something to the other, who then looks back at you.
"That will ruin our hooficure…"
Talking with a naked dog that's lying on his face.


Ah been tryin' to fix jus dat!


"I have a peg leg and she's tired from doing lewd things with me all night! Now you're soldiers, you can handle it!"


Oh dear..

"Could one of you follow whilst the other stays and keeps our friend safe? It won't be long I promise"


That's easy. Just roll over, you will be laying on your butt instead.
They groan and the one who remained behind rolls his eyes before moving towards Puli.
"This is why I hate mares!"
"Lafy, we fetting thif don'!"
They have already tied a rope around Puli's legs and are pulling him across the fresh grass on his face.
'2d10' for careful.

Roll #1 9, 8 = 17


Looks like they have a perfect harmony. They could probably carry him all the way to the camp without a problem.


Ah mean ma' missin' fur


I mutter to myself "damn colts!"
And follow.


"Well… my thanks of course."
head back to camp


The trip is as long as you did remember, but at least now your heart is light, knowing what is awaiting for you.
If only it wasn't for the smell of wet dog on the asphaltgrass…
The two guards wave at a few of their friends in the settlement and soon disappear in the camp's provison supply.
Must be angry.
Another guard points you to the Commander, who was awaiting your return with a smile.


I whisper to the lady "now why did we do this again?"


Spring moves closer to you.
"I don't like this guy…"


I whisper (imagine the spoiler tags)
"Ya mean the commander, hun?"


"I will talk to the commander, please make sure nothing happens to our Diamond Dog friend."
then politely excuse myself
Approach him
"Greetings commander, my comrades and myself have found a few of your scouts. I trust that this is acceptable?"


Gettin comfy


That's gonna be a little harder, kid.
C'mon, pick yourself up.

The voice sounds closer now.
She slowly nods, giving you a blank stare.
He grins and gives a happy nitrite before nodding you towards his map.
"So I take you have also found a way across the river for our machines?"


Can I pick myself up.
"Wat do ah need dun do?"


Yes, you can.
And that fucking wood owl is staring a hinch from your face, topaz eyes and all.
Wait six months to a year. The mushroom you ate was relly a masterwork.


"Don't worry, I'll protect you~ but what's with that look you're giving me?"


"I'm trying to look uncospicious!"
Can she pull it off?

Roll #1 4 = 4


I frown.
"Dat be a loong time."


"Who are ya talking to?"


Nope. The way her flank wiggles while she whispers make her the center of the attention, despite the long cape.
Little I can do. Wouldn't you want to go against nature now, would you?
Damn is he grinning now?
Puli is still KO


"Well your scouts reported a way through the cave, I'm rather curious as to how they thought that.."


He raises a brow.
"Through… A cave? The machines?"
He looks at you. Then at the twelve meters tall siege machines built in sturdy and massive wood with the emblems of the sun and moon resting upon it.
"Where are these scouts now?"


Nah, but ahm' sure nature can fix dis.


"Hun, you're attracting some…'attention' from the boys."
Brush against her while I say this.
"They wen't to get a hooficure."


Nature provides, but only to those who help her back.
Now, what could a naked, smelly dog do to help?

And said boys try to go back looking at their weapons and minding their own business.
Let's see how good they are at feigning ignorance.
"Uh?" Spring turns to look at them too, but then turns to you giggling.
The commander frowns and chimes in.
"A hooficure? Are they plowing each other's butt again?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Eh, some of them ain't interested, some of them are. None of them is making much of a move.


I blink.


"Well.. I… they went to talk to a few of their comrades. I apologize for not bringing them with me to speak with you on this matter.."


I shrug.
Wat Nature be askin'


I whisper to the few of the 'interested' ones: "like what you see?"


"Goddamnit those good for nothing fools!"
He turns, visibly angered, to one of the guards.
"Find them, we need to hear about this stroke of genius of theirs."
Then, suddenly turns to you with an apologetic expression on his face.
"No my fair maiden, it is I who am sorry you had to withness this. Please, do recount your side of the story.
How did you find them?"
Yeah, that's definitely smirking.
Turns out there is an open spot in nature's paybook, Puli. Take a seat.
The wild environment around you suddenly shifts to a swamp, and you are knee deep in water as a log covered in moss happears behind you.
Taken by surprise, a group of three colts look at you, then at Spring, then back at you with a slight nod.


"Too bad, she's all mine!"
I bump flanks with her and show my tongue to them, then talk to Spring; "sorry, I couldn't resist!"


Sit down on the log, and lean slightly back while supporting myself with my paws.
Ah be listenin'


"*ahem* Of course, well. we came upon a large cave. Our friend Mr. Puli led us down there and that's where we discovered your scouts. However within that cave are a few noteworthy items. One, a waterfall of sorts that was explained to 'lead to the other side' of the river, and a stone slab of questionable writing. I'm sure your scouts can further explain the significance of these two however."
I got it right didn't I?


The lead colt makes a serious effort not to cry.
Imbalance, my friend. Can't you hear it? It's all around us. It screams.
That cave you went in just a few hours ago? It's been sealed for a thousand years. And there was good reason…

I screwed up this whole river thing. Basically, the 'waterfall' was just the same river running now underwater because of the earthquake. The way to get past it is simply to have the machines walk above the cave's ceiling.
"So… You found those two holed up in a cave looking at old writings?"
Hooves are approaching.

Roll #1 5 = 5


5 is not a serious effort.

Roll #1 6 = 6


He can manage.


Ah been tryin' ta talk to nature but she be silent fo a while. Wat be up wid da cave?


"In a manner of speaking, yes. But I should mention that this might not be all to their story!"
the scouts can tell them this right? right


"Don't feel bad, I'm sure y'all find someone!"
I turn to the lady.
"So now what?"


"Well, we might have found a way around. And I'm sure we helped the commander out as well so now we can press forward."
Smile at her


All around the world things are waking up. And not just those dragons so dear to the equestrians, no.
The cave is Nature's cry. Her warning to her children.

Of course.
And there they are, galopping through the door, curlers still in one's mane.
"But yeah, about what she said. The machines can go over."
The other stallion teases him on the side.
"Oh yeah and… We kinda found something down there. A tablet."
The commander looks just pissed off.
"What of this tablet?"
He sticks out his tongue to you, Spring just laughs.


I nod.


Wat da danger be? Sumethin' unnatural?


Everything is natural, kid. Everything.
But even Her perfect mind has a heart.

Scenary change once more, you are free. Free falling.
The owl seems unfazed, mostly because he has wings.
You want your hairs back. Soon. Nature needs a vassall. What's your choice? Think quick.


Spread my arms.
I had this one time with that mushroom that had a similar trip and I totally freaked out so I woke up in my own vomit.
I just chill this time.

Nature be a good gal'. She be providin' me with everythin' I be needin. She be needin' help, Ah be willin' to help 'er.


"It's one that seems to have importance to it, as it has a rather clean finish along with intelligible writings on it. Your scouts have remarked on the possibilities of sending word to researchers to take it to canterlot for further studying. Surely such a find would have large and possibly good connotations tied to it?"


"You should listen to her. She leads an order in canterlot. A very powerful order!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Plus two…


Ah yes. Vomit.
That's what you wake up to. And a bunch of new, rasta hairs dangling off your head, as if they never went away.
The rest of your body is still naked though.
The commander raises a brow.
"Wait, you guys want to bring this thing out of the cave?"
They look coily at their own hooves.
"Ehm… It's kinda big."
"And the cave might collapse if we bring the machines over. The entrance surely will."
The commander looks baffled.
"So I should stop the convoy for a stupid stone tablet?"
Very useful, uh?


I just shut up before I offend anyone.


Okay, wipe that away.
And speak up.
"Dat cave be important."


Wise decision. Good thing they really don't care about your credentials.
"Cool story bro."
Says the nurse from last night.
This camp infermery really likes you, you always wake up in it!


"I Do understand the importance of 'making time,' as it were, however I must urge my support in diverting a few days, at most to recovering this artifact! Please commander, I share these two's interest in the tablet and I should think that any who express an interest in recovering ancient or older relics would be recognized in a positive light."
Persuasion roll? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Shake my head.
Let those rastas flap around~
"Nah, I be tellin ya' pon! Da owl be sayin' Momma' Nature be needin' help! Sumthins' be wakin' up, and not jus da dragons!"


"Are you seriously…"
He groans.
"They will have my head in Canterlot for this."
One of the scouts interjects.
"Well… We could say the passage is not safe…"
He keeps dealing cards to himself.
"Care to tell what on heart is going on with your head?"

Roll #1 1, 4, 4, 6 = 15


"I be jus' goin' with da flow… but da Owl said Nature be needin' assistance. An' Nature be a good gal, she be givin' me loads a love."


He turns to you, his face looks like he could burst a vessel at any time.
"You mean that freaky hair stuff… All your fucking drug induced allucinations?!"
And hastily, he points to a bunch of plants that have grown at the head of y our bed.


Start carefully picking the flowers and put them in my pouch.
Can I recognise them?
"Nature ain't be lyin'. She be just tellin' me a different truth wid da plants."


"Yes, of course!"


Not a single one, mate. But that's done. A bunch of herbs and even a flower or two.
The nurse on the other hand, narrows his ees.
"Out. Now."
And with a hoof points you at the door.
He shakes his head sadly.
"I seriously hope you know what you are asking of me, Lady Firmgold."
Then, nods at the scouts.
"Very well. I will send you t-"
He narrows his eyes.
"No, I will send somepony to Canterlot, to warn them."


"Warn them 'bout what?"


"I do commander, and I'm truly grateful to be speaking with a reasonable leader of Equestria's military such as yourself."


Spring moves closer to you and whispers.
"The tablet they have to study. Where you thinking about butts again?"
He nods, trademark smile back on.
"If you need to rest for one more day feel free to do so here."


Looks like I'll have to test the later.
Tilt my head.
"Did ah say sumthin' wrong?"


"You are one walking medical disaster waiting to happen, that's what! And you ruined the one bed I had, damnit!"


"You're always on my mind. But you said there's something weird about him."


I shrug.
"I be feelin' good. Nature be fixin' me up if ah get hurt. Sorry 'bout da bed."


"I guess… It's just a feeling, don't mind me."
He snorts and goes back to his cards, dealing another hoof.
"Yeah sure. Nature."

Roll #1 11, 6, 6, 11, 10 = 44


"My thanks commander."

turn to those with me

"So! Would you want to take another night here or continue on?"


"Dun' believe it?"
Paw at my hair.


"Anything you want lady."
"Of course~"


"I had to study medicine all my life to save ponies, dog. Nature never provided for me, if now I'm stuck with a smelly bed with a bunch of soldiers that spend their days combing each other tails."
He's still looking at the cards.


Do I have anything in my pouch that could be used as an air freshener if he plants it nearb?

Roll #1 1 = 1


Yes of course you do.
This perfect streak of garlic will also double as vampire countermeasure!
Look at that pony, he's so thankful his eyes are watering a little!


"Right… well I wouldn't want to wear out our hospitality. Come, lets find our Diamond Dog friend and be ahead once more."
go find Puli


Smile and hang it around somewhere.


Utterly defeated, the nurse just holds his head between his hooves and stares with a broken expression at the cards.
Not like you notice any of that, of course.
And he is in the medical tent, just where you left him.

Pause here?


I'm cool with that.


"Ah, Mr. Puli it's good to see that you're awake. I do believe that we should press forward soon if not now."
then turn to the surgeon
"My utmost thanks to you for taking care of my friends.. here, as recompense. I know it might not be entirely luxurious but I do wish to thank you."
give him a couple of those exotic liquors

how many do I have left?


Now? Just one.
The label will change depending on who drinks it.
He takes a look at the bottle.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I nod.
"Yah… where we be goin'?"


Well shit, I'm gonna need a delivery bird soon.

i'm fine with pausing now


"North my friend, so we'll need to gather some warmer attire in that event."
smile at him as he gathers his things


His eyes immediatly brighten up as he slides the dark green concotion under his medical supplies.
And with a happy face and a few nice thoughts, he kicks you and the garlic out of his infermery.


Also, [PAUSE]


After leaving the inpromptu camp behind, the party reaches the town of Stronghoof, main port for what is left of mercenaries and venture soldiers.
Each of the five armies has some sort of rappresentative here, be it a single pony or a whole battallion working on recruitments.
The town is bare, lacking even walls of solid stone like you would expect from a military-focused town.
The tallest buildings are no more than two stories high, and the first snows can be seen on the sloping roofs and on the soft, green grass around town.
There seems to be only one entrance to the horseshoe-shaped conglomerate of buildings, well guarded by at least a dozen amongst ponies, griphons and buffalos, but they ask no questions and raise no problems at your weapons and demeanor as you happily stroll into town.
A simple plaza made of little more than dirt greets you, and in the middle ponies are sparring and training and working on their irons.
The less industrious or the more tired ones are all gathered inside the only inn around, from which a quick music plays…
>Bubbly Water
You too are here, be it as a passerby or as one of the many who look for emplyement under a new banner, the inn gives the first night for free to ponies like you.


Do as I must.
Smoke a joint.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Rusemaster here


Sit here and drink some water.
Surely there must be adventure to find around here '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Would you stop smoking all the time? It's unhealthy!"


Wave a paw and smile.
"Nah pon, id be healin.
I wouldna' be doin' it if id be bad."


Quality stuff.
Now the honeyed smells and dim lights coming from the only inn around seem much more inviting that they did just a moment before.
Smells like a cake is baking.
Do dogs eat cakes?
Or are you?
A few ponies sitting nearby start eyeing you and whispering between themselves, with the occasional snicker here and there.
Your drink is rather bland but yet again, that's water for you.


"Oh my, well! Everyone, I trust you not to create that much of a problem here; Remember that we are here on business concerning that of Canterlot and her Northern armies."

Now, head over to find somepony that looks like they have information necessary to our cause! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Whatever nature provides.
Cakes are somewhere along that line.
And they be sweet for some munchies!

Sniff at the air and follow the cake's scent!


This nine-years-old squire surely must know everything!
"Yes ma'am?"
He looks at you with a wide smile while resting on top of his shield.
You are high. But are you a high enough dude to make it to the inn without tripping on somepony?


I'm high, not drunk.


Oh well. I must stay in top physical and mental shape to be a hero.
They just don't know how nice this water is.
Rolling for water '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"it's smoke! It's just toxins and…stuff!"
"Yes, about that. Where do we start looking?"


The young are so knowledgeable these days!

"Hello young sir. Could you tell me, if at all possible, the nature of the recruiting armies here?"

WoP '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Puff some smoke at her.
"Dere be nuthin' toxic in dis pon."


"It's smoke! Do you inhale a campfire too?!"


"My suggestion would be to ask around. If something does come up then all the better, however it would be.. sensible to glean information from the local tavern."


"Dis be a differen' kind'a smoke."


And so the naked dog walked with sure foot inside the inn, slamming the door open with a single motion of his paw.
Whoa, the whole inn is looking at you!
It's water, clean water, nice water. They must be making it from the snow for it to feel this fresh, since there are no rivers nearby.
But suddenly, a naked dog with rasta hairs slams the door open!
Using mind control on a child? That's evil!
He frets to his hooves, dropping the shield and quickly trying to pull it up again.
"You must be a newcomer! I should show you around!"


"I guess I'll follow the dog for a while…Hey Spring, are you coming?"
See if Spring will follow me or not, and go to the tavern.


Wave my paw.
"Hello dere pons."


Oh my. What a ne-er-do-well. Let's hope he goes away fast and doesn't disturb this drinking establisment any longer.
I stare at my water.


Words of Authority have no resemblance to mind control, mind you.

"Oh my, how gracious of you! I appreciate your help in this manner, Mister….?"


Spring looks unsure.
"We should all stick together…"
And then looks up to Firmgold for guidance.
They don't say a word. A few turn around and go back to their food, but many keep staring at you.
The innkeeper speaks up, in a monotone, annoyed rythm.
"Hello there dog. What will it be?"
That's water alright.
Not even bubbly.
Maybe you should try something stronger?
"Ah'm Gitenpon Gudirton the Fifth, ma' lady!"
He takes a deep bow.
"Frens' call me Git Gud."
Looks like Spring wants to go with Peg…


Walk up to the bar.
"Ah be smellin' cake."



Roll #1 3 = 3


Nah nevermind. I look up again at what these ruffians are doing.


"The dog is gonna hurt himself if we don't watch after him."
I go to the tavern


"Cake costs. We give bread, water and bunk for free if you look for a job on your first day, but cake is a luxury for important clients."
He slowly cleans a big mug.
"Are you an important client?"
They are up, nodding to each other and grunting in the direction of the dog.


Just in time to see the dog standing in front of the bar, talking to the bartender.


"Well.. Yes Miss Spring Source, sticking together would allow us all to know information all at once.

….Although I do worry about our Diamond Dog friend. Well Miss Spring Source, I trust that if you wish to follow Miss Peg Leg then be sure to keep her and Mister Puli out of trouble."

"Well Mister Gitenpon Gudirton the Fifth, I am at your service for the time being."
Smile at him



Roll #1 8 = 8


"Ah be on an important mission, mon."


Oh….these ruffians might be trying to rob this poor innkeeper…
I grab all my courage together and go sit with my water at the bar, to keep a closer eye on them.


I disguise myself as a noble.
"Oh there you are, servant."
Turn to the innkeeper.
"I'm terribly sorry, we sent him to get some cake for the vicecount's birthday party, but as you can see, he's a bit of an airhead."
I knock Puli on the head a couple of times, lightly.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"Eh, pon, wh-"
I guess you didn't hide the peg.
Can I see that?


Oh a noble…surely he will have work for me…
"Excuse me.."


"Yes, hello."


"Uh…a-are you maybe looking for a bodyguard or somepony…"
Oh now you've done it bubbly. what are you thinking.

I just stare awkwardly at you


"Yah be on good terms with Motha' Nature?"


I bat my eyes and try to look Firmgold-esque.
"Well, a maybe a handsome stallion like you~"
Try to hold a giggle

Roll #1 6 = 6


She giggles and nods profusely.
"Thank you thank you!"
And off she is, rejoining Peg.
The small colt raises a brow and then laughs.
"Mylady you are ever the kidder.
Where shall we start?"
He's finally managed to pick the shield up and is now wearing an oversized helmet.
"It's my duty to show newcomers around!"
"Important mission, very interesting."
He talks without a hint of emotion in his voice.
"Got coin to back that up?"
They are moving closer, one of them standing in front of the others, restlessly moving his head with a cocky grin on it, staring down the dog from behind.
You kick open a barrer without anyone noticing, throw the iron ring behind your back, one of the curtains over it and as if by miracle, everything comes together in one of those dresses you saw the snotty ponies in Canterlot wear.
With a single motion of your hoof across your makeup bag and over your face you are able to draw entirely new features in the matter of second, even remembering about the correct shade of lipstick and the beauty moe.
As a final touch you tie your mane up with an elegant motion of the neck, before replacing your peg leg with a high style black ca- Nah, it's still the same leg, just painted black.
Spring comes in, looking around confused for you.
Yes, you can. But she's got a whole other face!


I blink
"Uh….yes…no…wait what?"

I'm a mare.


Spaghettiroll '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I try to keep a straight face, while inside I'm wondering wether I really look like a stallion.


You emit the appropriate level of giggle required to pass off as a proper gentlemare.
The bartender just nod, trying hard to hold his stupor, and now the whole inn is looking at you and murmuring.


Poke the fancy peg.
I can recognize that wooden peg anywhere.
Okay, not that, the wood.
"Yah be not nice ta' be demeanin' like dat, pon."

"Yah kno', Motha' Nature!"


"I think..mother nature…is…okay?"


"If you're looking for a job, I might have something. And I meant to say mare~"

Even better, I'm a lesbian
I whisper to Spring
"Come closer hun, It's me, Peg!"
"So can you give us any cake, or not, mr. Innkeeper?"


Same thing happened to mewith weirder results

"Oh you.

Well.. First I would like to inquire what the armies here are? Then possibly, if you have the time, to see who among these armies has officials who are residing here at the moment?"
WoP '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


I smile a bit.
"Yes? I promise I won't disappoint you."
Get out my sword.


Shake my head, rastas flailing around.
"Jus' okay?"


"……I…think she's very nice."


I smile and pat her back.
"Then yah be a sista!"


"You see, me and my group of ladies are out on a mission, and we're always looking for extra hooves to help us."
Bat my eyelids again.


Raise a paw in protest.
"Ah be no bitch."


Encouraged, I smile "I'm a sister!"
Then realisation dawns "Uh…sister of what?"

Eye dilates
"I'm ready to help! What sort of mission are you on?"


He nods and grunts, coming out of his little nest behind the bar and dusting off a table on the back where a pony skinny looking is sleeping, throwing him and his whole chair out of the window in a single motion before pulling a few more from nearby tables.
"Sure thing m'lady.
Just a minute.
What's your fancy?
Strawberries? Cucumber? Oranges? Or maybe more exotic stuff like… Tomato and cheese?"
Spring is bewildered at your change in appearence, and opts for the silent approach.
"Oh! Well that's easy! I…"
He pulls out a long sheet of paper from behind his armour.
"Let's see…"
He's trying to hide the fact he reads from it… "There is the Cinders, but those don't take ponies…
Then the Fumes, but they only want fliers…
The Streams, if you are a good swimmer or like boats!
And the Braciers, they live up north, those take everypony who can stand the cold!
Haven't recruited much lately…"
He then starts thinking hard.
"I'm forgetting someth-"
He snaps his hooves.
"Of course! The Canterlot army! But that's all special, they don't even recruit!"


"A sista o' me, pon!"
Let out a laugh.


"Right." Laugh too.
What a funny dog.


Knock you on the head again.
"Yes, you're a servant. Now run back to Lady Firmgold, please."
"Strawberries, please."
Turn to Spring
"I think we got a new member for our group! And some cakes too!"
"I had best let the leader of our order talk with you about that."
I lean in closer
"It's a bit of a secret, you know~. But I can promise you adventure and treasure!"


"Well.. I see. Thank you Mister Gitenpon Gudirton the Fifth, However I have just one more question I would like to reaffirmation: Would you be so kind as to tell me if you know who any, officers, of the Canterlot and Braciers who may be here that I can inquire from?"

WoP '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"Oh, I'm down. And I won't tell anypony. Who's the leader?" Eye-wink


"She is just outside, last I saw her talking to a squire. She wears a dress of chainmail and wields a spear. You can't miss her."


Pat her back again.
"Yah smoke?"

Look a bit hurt.
"Ah be no servant to anyone but 'er. Yah kno who."


"Right." Blissfully unaware I smile.

"Oh…I'm sorry but I need to talk to your leader for a second."
I hurry off.

Where is this pony




"Go back to Firmgold you mangy mutt, you're blowing my cover! I'll bring you a cake!"


Roll please.


"Ah be havin words with yah, pon.
Yah wasn't be nice."

Leave and find FancyPon

Roll #1 8 = 8


Happy roll, because I'm on an adventure. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


The innkeeper nods and is off in a hurry.
From the back you can hear him shout something about 'not the usual shit' and a mare shrieking scared, sound of pots falling follows.
"But I thought it was a secret mission!"
"Whadda.. Sweet voice you have mylad-"
He catches himself.
"Uh! Ah meant, commander Pea Shooter is the overseer o' the whole town, mylady! She also works for the Canterlot army, but it's hard to have a cha-"
You see his expression change as a mare clad in iron armor with long, straight brown hairs runs past the both of you in a hurry, and storms inside the inn.
"-t… That was her, mylady!"
You both leave a moment before an angry mare storms in and starts shouting.
Hey, there she is, talking with a young colt in a ridicously big armor.

Meanwhile, inside the inn…
"Alright who of you lowlife will I have to kick out of town now?"
A unicorn mare stormed in, almost breaking the door, and now all the patrons are looking at her with eyes full of fear.


Walk over.
"Ey dere pons."


I run over to the mare.
"Hello. Your collegue said I should talk to you about our mission."


"O-Oh my! Well thank you greatly Mister Gitenpon Gudirton the Fifth, as compensation for your time."
Give him a small bag o' gold.

Head towards that inn!


Puli and a stranger are here for you!
And just where did you take that gold from anyway! You have an open tab in Canterlot, not infinite founds!


"Mister Puli! I trust you have information to our current predicament?"
"Ah- Yes hello! I'm Lady Firmgold, and by what mission are you referring to Miss…?"


Now that the others are gone, I can talk a bit more freely.
"It can't be that secret! We know about it, right?"
>Mare stormed in
Try to look as important as possible

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Bubbly. Bubbly Waters. And…"
I start looking uncertain again.
"and your friend told me I should talk to you about it."


Last of a family stipend when I left for adventure. I'm running on empty anyways so if not that then give him something of value. Like my spear is necessary.


"Dere be cake, yah. Peggy will be gettin sum."

"Yah. She be a sistah."


Oh she notices that.
And narrows her eyes at you, coming straight for your table.
"What are you doing in my town?"
Let's say you have that gold.
He looks at it bewildered.
"W-what? No! This is wong! Ah'm… It's mah job to show ponies' round! You need this to actually fight!"


"Well Miss, Bubbly Waters, I do trust your word and I'm more than willing to divulge information. However I must ask who this friend of mine you spoke with? Forgive me, of course, however previous events have led me to not… readily… trust others in this line of work."


I scratch my head.
"She..she didn't say…."
I turn to Puli.
'Can you tell me her name?"


"Mister Gitenpon Gudirton the Fifth, I have all that I need should I readily enter a situation necessary of combat. And!

It wouldn't be very honorable of you to deny a Lady's gift now would it?"


It be Peg."


He gulps down, and looks ready to cry.
Can he hold it?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Well, I'm here on a mission for the Order of the Ladies, a very important Canterlot-based society for fine gentlemares."



I nod. "yes, it's Peg."


"I.. understand. Thank you Mister Puli"

"Well Miss Bubbly Water, I trust that you will adhere to a vow of secrecy to keep the contents of our mission; yes?"


He's bawling like a child. Guess that's what he is after all.
Immediatly he drops the shield and the helmet comes down on his eyes as he plants his little rump on the snow and starts sobbing.
"Ah-ah'm so sowwy!
Ah just didn't know!"
She stomps a heavy armored hoof on the table.
"Yes. And what the hell is some Cantelot based order doing in my. Town."
Beware, she's squinting so much she looks like Clint.


Smile at her.
"Yah be welcome."
This calls for a celebratory little spliff.
Just a tiny one.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


I raise my hoof.
"Of course. It would be my honor."


Out cold, good job.
You feel tapping on your left shoulder.


I squint back at her.
"Not causing trouble."
Whisper to Spring
"Get Firmgold, fast!"


She's talking low and fast.
"I made it clear to the fatflanks above I didn't want to see a single one of you fuckers anywhere near this town."


"Oh dear…"

Sit down next to him and draw him in

"Now now Git Gud, it's quite alright. You did nothing any other gentlestallion wouldn't do given the circumstances. Now look, I'm entirely sure about giving you this. Ok? I would not give gifts to my friends if I didn't care about them and their wellbeing."


I take out my saber and stab it on the ground.
"Who do you even think you are?"


Don't get up.
But wave.


"Well then Miss Bubbly Water. We are here investigating a, discrepancy of sorts, about the northern Equestrian army. They seem to be amassing dragon eggs as well as other items of necessity for a possibly devious act. Now currently we must find a spy captured and left in the dungeons of a stronghold; somewhere in the north. And our best bet is to gather information about any possible strongholds in the north from here first."


"Dragons… I'll be sure to help. Where do we start?"


"Initially I would ask that you keep an eye out for anypony bearing the marks of the northern equestrian army and immediately relay this to me. From there we will gather knowledge necessary and form a plan of action around that."


He sniffs up and look at you.
Then pushes away.
"Ah will use this money to… To learn how to fight. And to become a real knight!"
Now you made her angry.
She lets out a roar and in the back you can see patrons fleeing the inn, before raising a hoof and smashing the saber's hilt, breaking it a thousand pieces.
"Out. Of. My. Town!"
You wave at nothing.
Freefall, as per usual.
From behind, the owl's voice comes across in a thick souther accent.
"Puli, Nature is kinda worried for you."


Spread my paws then as I fall then.
"Nah, ah be good.
She be givin' me da stuff ta be good."


Move towards the door.


Smile brightly at him

"No, Mister Git Gud, you don't have to be sorry for anything"

Pull him into a gentle hug

"You'll be a wonderful knight, I just know it."


Spring Water comes looking for you, extremely worried.
"Please! Peg is in danger with some brutish mare!"
"Dude, there's a balance to things. You keep coming here, one day you will never come back!"
Oh you do that.
She throws a chair at you.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Shed my disguise

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'll try my best. I'll follow you then."


"I be jus' havin some innocent fun, mon! Da whole island does, an ain't nodoggy go' sick of it. Da oldest dogs wid da longest 'air do, and dey be prancin aroun' like dey were pups!"


"Oh my.. Excuse me Mister Git Gud, I must attend to urgent matters!"

Follow Spring!


I follow her.


"I wholeheartedly understand however I must ask you to keep watch over Mister Puli forthetimebeingMyapologies!"


He smiles.
That probably made his day.
You try to wave the dress around to DEFLECT THE CHAIR!
That did work much better in your mind though, since now you are leg in the air on the other side of the dessert bar.
The mare cracks her head.
"You. Just called me. A street tug?"
The mare leads you to the now empty inn, where a very beat up Peg is hanging upside down against a wall with a chair and a few broken bottles of alcohol on top of her, as the brown mare the colt identified as Pea Shooter approaches her with a mask of anger on her face.
The owl shakes his head.
"I had something for you, but if that's your attitude, so be it."
He comes closer and snickers.
"That was damn wicked stuff though."
Back to the real world you are!


Sit up then.
"Dem trips, mon, dem trips."


"Oh gracious… Miss Spring Source please attend to Miss Peg Leg.

Excuse me! Miss Pea Shooter? Could I have a word with you?"

WoP '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"You stay o-"
She turns to you with the same raging expression as before.
"You know her?"


"A ruffian! You're gonna pay for that sword you… you… rapscallion!"
Get up

Roll #1 4 = 4


No can do.
But Spring, as Firmgold ordered, tries to help you up.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You are stuck! The chair actually pinned your dress to the back of the bar!


I stay with Lady Firmgold, I don't even know this pony without her disguise.


sigh a little

"Yes I do, and beside inquiring things of interest from you; I would also like to request that you do not direct any anger or frustration towards my companion. Please."

WoP '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3



Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 3 = 3


She punches you so hard you fly on the other wall of the inn.
"So, you are one from that Order in Canterlot too, uh?"
She's moving slowly towards you.
Even though both you and Spring try your hardest, nothing comes out of it.
Still pinned, still stuck in the dress. And the make up is coming off.

By now a small crowd has gathered outside the inn, watching the scene.


Wait, where did the pons go?


Da pons?
All at da inn, m8.



Roll #1 3, 1 = 4



Roll #1 1 = 1


Go to da inn, then.


slowly get up
"Order… ngh.. Miss Pea Shooter, I am Lady Firmgold. And… I am here by the request of one who would want to see political disharmony.. undone. And you are the pony I know who is.. necessary at the moment"

WoP '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Not gonna get up any time soon.
Even Spring falls exhausted at your side.
3 attempts left for you, Spring is helpless till helped up.
A big crowd stops you, some ponies in the same golden uniform are standing watch.
"Wait. No coming closer."
Inside the inn you can see your friends, old and new, and a mare you had never seen before.
You can't use WoP, you are helpless!
She steps a little bit closer.
"You have one shot at this. Talk."


I help Lady Firmgold up '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"You stay there and rest a while luv, I'll make sure nothing happens to you…"
Draw my pistol as I get up.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Shake my head.
"Nah, ah be goin' ta stop da trouble."


In complete disregard for both the crowd outside and the mare towering over Firmgold you jump to her side, using a rapid sweep kick in reverse to put her on her hooves once more without faltering for a single instant.
THe mare shoots you a glare, but nothing more.
You are up with a drawn gun aimed at the mare's back, away from sight by anyone outside.
Firmgold, Bubbly and Spring can see you perfectly though.
Two of the oddly identical looking stallions cross their spears in front of you.
"Not a problem, the commander is there. Just stand back and enjoy the show."


Get up '1d10'

"Miss Pea Shooter.. I must ask you about a particular acquaintance of mine who is under the careful watch of the Equestrian Army of the North.. Their employ.. I do not currently know. But please could this matter be discussed in private?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Shake my head.
"Dis be no show.
Dis be not peace, an' peace be wat we mus all be followin'.
I jus' wanna try an' talk wi'dem."


Okay. Firmgold's talking. Try to calm down.

Roll #1 3 = 3




You were already up.
Now she's just plain confused, and her face shows that clearly.
She starts hinging closer and closer to your face.
"Your order strolls into town, acts all mighty, insults me of all things…"
She recoils.
"And then you ask me for a favor?!"
The guards look at each other.
"Did you understand a word of what he said?"
Then to you.
"Sir, we will have to ask you to stand back, please."
You could do it even now.
A single clean shot to her head and she would be dead.
What's the worst that could happen?


Spring would probably hate me for it…
Help her up.

Roll #1 8 = 8


She's really tired, but smiles as you pull her up, sharing your anger towards the newcomer.



Oooooh…what should I do…what should I do.


Make a peace sign with my fingers.
"Peace! I be makin' peace!"


"You came to the one place in the whole of Equestra not meant for that, big boy."


Disguise myself as a guard.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4



Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Roll my eyes.
"Dem ponies be me friends!"




You lack the needed armor.
And the coat color.
And the penis.
One of the guards turns angered towards you.
"Dem ponies just attacked our Commander, freak!"


I speak up.
"Uh miss, I can vouch that this all some misunderstanding. These ponies aren't here to cause trouble."


Okay that's it.


take a few deep breaths and slowly massage where I was punched

"Miss Pea Shooter, I did not give credence for any from this.. Order of mine to act inhospitably, and for that I deeply apologize. However I do request that we, yourself included if conveniently possible, gather some information necessary to the cause and benefit of Equestria. Please"

WoP '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5




An' neither me nor yah need da conflict, do yah?"


"You two…"
She holds a hoof up and rapidly moves it to both of you, motioning to follow before groaning in anger and trotting outside.
Here, she picks up one of the guards.
"Escort them to my office. As guests."
They ignore you.
Well trained officers and all that.
Spring cowers against your side, she's really scared from all this.
The guard grunt, then moves close to Pea Shooter.
"Commander? This dog says he's a friend of…"
The guard gestures towards Firmgold and the others.
Pea Shooter turns around to them.
"Is the dog with you?"




sigh in relief
"Of course. And yes, Mister Puli is with us."


I put the pistol away and put a hoof over her.
"It's fine, let's just get out of here."
I trot out and take whatever's intact on the counter with me.


I follow.
Oh Celestia, please help me… '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


She waves to the guards that quickly move around you.
"Your weapons please."
Then, she adresses the crowd.
"Nothing to see here, go back to doing absolutely nothing at all like usual!"
And trots on ahead of you all.
Two guards stop you.
"We have orders to escort you to the Commander's office."
You can try to sneak out stuff at DC6


I groan and take a bottle of liquor with me. I'm going to need it.

Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 6 = 6


I follow.


I have no weapons.
Just a piece of wood.


Relinquish my spear
"Thank you for assisting us."


I give my shield and my sword.


Recharge 4.
They both look stern at you.
"We are gonna need you to put that bottle back, miss."
One in the back mutters something to himself.
DC4 to hear it.
"And good luck paying Pride back…"
What a good dog. Still counts as a blunt weapon.
"The stick, please."
The guards proceed to gather the rest of the party's weapons and stash them away before guiding you in front of the one building that oversees the whole town, taking you up a flight of stairs into a warm but bare wooden room, with a few benches under the windows and a stone chimney burning softly on the opposite wall.
"Wait here till the Commander calls you in."
The guard points at a heavy wooden door at the left of the room, and then leaves back from the opposite end.




I growl at them loudly.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Wa' dat be all about, pons?"


Yes. I'm just waiting for Nasse to be there with you all. You are alone in that room and free to talk as much as you want.
They take a step back and draw their spears.
"Ma'am don't make us subdue you!"


"I hope your commander's wealthy. She's going to be the one paying for this hell!"
I walk out towards the guard station.


The guards escort you there and ask for your gun before letting you in.


I slam the pistol on his hoof.


"I don't know." I look at Firmgold


He winces at the tone of your voice, but says nothing and stashes it away with the rest. You and Spring are now in the room with everyone else.

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