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The party is back in town after the dragon left his old home, carrying with them the young hatchling.
Where they are headed seems to remain a mistery, as the presence of the military force on top of the mountain is yet to be explained.
But now with a direction and a cause, the party readies to the long trip to Canterlot.


is it the next day?


I'll let the others finish their lollygagging.




"Yeah, yeah we do. You do too?"


"Only recently I'm afraid. I'm still looking for her so you can help me of I can help you in such!:


"… We are talking about the same mare right? Cause you don't seem the type to hang around with her."


look around
"I'm sure I am.. I don't see many other mares with peg legs around here"


"Guess so. What's your name then? What kind of shit has my sister been up to lately?"


"I am Firmgold, pleased to meet you Miss…?"


Well I presume the 10 got us to you.
"Hey! Lady!"


yes it did


"Ah! Miss Peg Leg! there you are!"


"Firmgold? Well my na-"

Turn around as soon as I hear her voice and a crack a smile.

"Hey there sis, long time no see!"


"Hey, I—uh, I mean we need your help!"
I quickly turn my head.
"You! What are you doing here?"


"Just as well I need to talk to you and Spring Source before addressing the party"


"Aw hell, don't be a stranger now."

Draw her into a short, but forceful hug


I hug her back.
"No but seriously, I thought you were on a vacation!"
"Really? Out with it! We were having a little trouble with our future.."


"Well I need Miss Spring Source here as well"


"My damn life is one big vacation and the world is my playing ground! I heard word that you were around these parts so I decided to check on you. What's been going on?"


"But I can't leave all these ponies alone.."


"I know. However I need your aid in this endeavor. Where did you receive your cleric training?


"Where every cleric does, of course! In the Abbey, amidst the Everfree forest!"


"oh, you know… fighting dragons again and all that jazz…"
I listen very carefully


"Good. Because We are going there first. This town clearly doesn't have enough clerics in the first place. And Your aid has been far beyond my expectations. Not that I didn't expect much! However I'm afraid I'm relying on you until we return from Canterlot"


"Back to Abbey?"
"I'll meet master Candy Stripe again! And then Canterlot and then.."
Stop suddenly
Jump atop Peg
"We can still be together!"
Kiss her, rolling for that.

Rolled 1 = 1


"Dragons? Lovely."

"Hello ther-"

"Whoa! What's this?"


Try to shield my teeth from permanent damage
While still hugging her
"Benefits of the job. At least to you."

Rolled 9 = 9


I snort

"I always knew you were a dyke."


Spring Source launches herself atop of Peg to give her the most Heartfelt kiss of her life but doesn't mind the precarious position of her lover.
To stand upright, Peg shifts all her weight on the fake leg, that already worn out from the thousand dangers of the day gave way under the pressure of the moment, sending Peg and Source toumbling in the dirt, straight into the middle of the plaza, where a local bard was singing of the heroic deeds of the dragonchasers.
Yes, he was talking of you.
And yes, now you two just had dirty dirty lesbian horsesex in front of everypony in the plaza.

But that's love, right?


"It's not a bard story if it doesn't involve sex"


"Oh my!"
look away!

Rolled 2 = 2


You look away.
Away from Peg's broken leg, and right into Source's fine flank.
If only you had noticed her sooner..


"Wow, just wow sis."


"o-oh my…"
no! come on look away! get out of there or something! yea! back to the inn!

Rolled 2 = 2


I notice her peeking

"Come on, no reason to get too excited."

Drag her along to the inn

Rolled 5 = 5


After Source's done - she can take her time - I ask her to help me up and start making my way to the inn.
"Well it's not like this wasn't common back in the day…"


And that tail, so many curls, all so well defined.. And that OH WHOA THERE NICE TO SEE YOU TOO!
>Spring Source
"Now everyone will laugh at us!"
Try to grab Peg and run away somewhere isolated. And yes, my face is REALLY red.

Rolled 4 = 4


Yeah, the alcool did his numbers alright. No inn for you two, but you get to move away from all the attention you were getting in the middle of the plaza.


I shrug and go to the inn, book a room and hit the sack for today

Rolled 8 = 8


to the inn! and ask if there's a room available
how much money do i have?

Rolled 2 = 2


I try to wobble up on on three legs.
"Source, would you support me a bit? Now where the heck did Ambrosia run off to, when I'd actually need her?"

Rolled 10 = 10


You fast asleep and dream of real nice fluffy pones in a kingdom of crystal. How cozy.
You. Are. Broke.
Beign the embodiment of law you are, you didn't take anything from the dragon's cave. Or from the precious the townfolks where showering you all with.
Yeah, you regret this now, especially because the inn has no more free rooms. Maybe you could try Ambrosia's one.
She helps you on your feets and you two make it back to the inn
>Spring Source
"I- I think she's at the inn. Must be that! Or maybe we'll just get more booze!"
I like booze.


Sigh wistfully and try to get comfortable somewhere in the corner

Rolled 5 = 5


"I-I think you've had enough for tonight! We should get to sleep!"
I try to find Ambrosia's room.

Rolled 1 = 1


NO! You are in da Inn now! We Party HARD!
Bards and entrateiners everywhere are singing and playing music of all kinds, some ponies are even dancing on the tables.
It's the power of hope, you guess.
But yeah, no sleep here.
Spring's alcool levels are not those you should be worried about.
Wobbling on your three legs, you get up to the first floot of the inn, leaving all the chaos behind, and actually accomplishing the incredible feat of knocking at a door.
And what do you know, a mare answers.
The same mare Epona met just yesterday, but you are a bit too drunk to notice she's not your sister.
And to refuse her inviting you in.



can I see the barmaid from last time?

Rolled 1 = 1


"A-ambrosia? Is that you?"


I have Source with me, right?


Yes, of course you can!
She's kicking it on the barcounter, and she's noticed you as well.
Oh look, she's not on the counter anymore!
And what's she doing with you right in front of everypony? Oh well, looks like she's enjoying it! Are you? Roll
The other patrons, maybe to drunk to even process what's happening, are not minding you.
Too much.
"Sure, if that's what you are into! And don't worry, for the heroes today's on me!"
You see purple coming your way,
>Spring Source
Do I notice anything or am I too drunk?

Rolled 10 = 10



Rolled 3 = 3


Maybe you are tired, maybe is all the eyes watching you, maybe is the fact you didn't ask for this. One thing's sure, you won't be looking at a mare's flank for a loooong time.
Spring Source realizes what's going on and quickly applebucks the everloving Sun out of the dildo-wearing impostor. AH! She tried to pass for the sister of your beloved Peg! What was the purple thingy for, anyway?

She's fast asleep, you can close the door and sleep here if you want.




Get up and put my armor back on, grab my gear and go downstairs, tossing the key of my room over to the bar.

"Thanks for the room."

Go outside, take out my knife and start sharpening my halberd while waiting for the rest to wake up.


I wake up.
Is Spring Source awake yet?


Groaning beside you, stirring myself up, I look into your eyes with a soggy gaze and smile.


I wake up.
And what a night it was…
Did they bring me breakfast to bed?

Rolled 8 = 8


I boop her in the nose and get up.
"I hope the nice mare didn't get too upset about you bucking her in the face… Let's go downstairs and eat!"


You know it.
Because you, you are the pony.
The one mares will do anything for.
And the warm smell of Colitas, coffee and fresh hay wakes you up.
She snuggles a bit closer to you and follows.
Her face is dreamy and her smile wide.
Must have been a good night.


Awww yes.
Eat my breakfast, and make sure to compliment all of them again of how beautiful they are.


Apologize to the mare from last night then get ready and join the party

Rolled 6 = 6


Wonder if she remembers something I don't…
I get a cup of coffee and a sandwich and go out to eat it.
How's the weather?


She should be the one apologizing, but well, that's cool anyway. She makes some nice waffels, sure you don't want some?
Nah, you better hit the road.
They know it.
You know it.
But now it's time to part ways, and you meet the others in the plaza

The whole party is in the plaza of town, is the break of dawn.



As the Sun slowly rises acroos the treeline you are reminded of the journey laying ahead.
From the distant mountain of Canterlot, atop the shining white palace peacefully resting beside a waterfall, the Princess of the Sun is toying with the dawn, as to invite you to her domain.
But you won't be meeting her today, for today, you are not ponies, but messages of something that might reveal itself to be much greater.




nope, not denying those waffles, thank her kindly for them before heading out to the party

Rolled 8 + 2 = 10


I continue to wait for the party


Meet up with the others with a huge smile on my face.
"How is everyone doing on this beautiful day?"


Cock my only visible eyebrow

"Who the hell are you?"


"Not as well as I would like to be, unfortunately. However it is a new day and we must be off! Who has the map?"
"Er, a comrade at arms. To say the least, Miss Ambrosia"


"Why, your manners are almost as bad as everyone else from what I could expect!"

I bow my head.
"Shaky, at your service."

"I… don't. Somepony!"


I eye her carefully

"Damn, you look like you had a nice night."

"Charmed, I'm sure. I'm Ambrosia, I'm sure you've met my sister."


"Oh dear…."
search myself, do I have the map?

Rolled 5 = 5


I whisper to her
"He's a dick. I need to get revenge on him some time."


Oh she does, her face is proof enough.
But for whatever reason, the only thing she says when you ask her is "Cuddles!"
You thank the both of them. Very kindly, might I add.
If only you didn't have to go so soon..
And meanwhile, birds are singing and flowers pringing all around you, you little adorable pony.


"Oh, the most wonderful Peg is your sister? I should have known from the missing body part!"


"Yes I am rather.. ill suited for the wear of today. However I trust you had a good sleep? as for all of you?"



I snort.

"It kinda runs in the family, yeah."

"Yup. Slept like a baby."


"Sleep? Oh I haven't had much of that with all those mares keeping me up, hehe~"
I chuckle.


"That is very good to hear Miss Ambrosia"
"I.. see…"

look around
"Uhm, has anyone seen Miss Epona?"


I wave my hoof around.
"Oh she ran off or something. She was no fun anyway, worrying about everything."


"There's a crab on your flank."
Rolling to bluff

Rolled 1 = 1


"She… she what? W-without my knowledge?"
try to contain my sad

Rolled 9 = 9


"I think she said something about her family in Canterlot…shame she had to leave in such a hurry."


"Yes, I would liked to have wished her a farewell at least though.."


No peg, you are crab.
I mean, the crab is on YOUR flank!
Don't even think that! She came by to tell you, and you two shook hooves and sang song and danced to celebrate the meeting and sudden departure.
Or that was some other mare and this is the alcool fogging your mind, but DOESN'T MATTER!


I laugh at her.
"You must be confusing me with yourself. I'd have that checked if I were you."


Make a disgusted face
"Aw come on sis! You gotta be more picky with whom you sleep with! That's just messed up."


right well

pull out the map, how large is it?
"Ok everyone. As I mentioned to Miss Peg Leg and Miss Spring Source last night, we are going to head into an abbey in the middle of this 'everfree forest.' I would like to think Miss Source knows the way to help in directions if need be. After we settle the matter there we will then make our way towards Canterlot. Are there any questions?"


"And what's there for us again? What do we gain by going there?"


The map shows little more than the surroundings of the village, and is actually accurate enough to show the roads up the mountain, but everything from there on is just arrows leaning off the various corners of the map.

But one of those, in big, red and golden colors, points to "Canterlot", while a more anonymous one reads "Everfree".

They are both pointing east.


I get it off!

Rolled 1 = 1


"Everfree? Are you shitting me? Are you suicidal?"

I sigh and try to help her

Rolled 9 = 9


No you don't! The crab is there, you are sure of it!
And is smiling at you with that malevolent grin! And the top hat, and the monocle, and the cane! That crab will drive you insane!
You try to help the panicked mare, but realize there's no crab there. It's all in her head.


"Yes well, this town needs more clerics. It's a wonder Miss Spring Source could handle the task here all on her own! This is more for the town's benefit, though small; it will undoubtedly be a great aid. You may head to Canterlot yourself however Miss Epona was the one who could relate with the little dragon, and since she is… no longer here much care must be taken to get it there safely. Remember, in Canterlot we are to speak with this 'broodmother' about the dragon archives and present her with the baby dragon. If I remember correctly this is what we are to do and relay what we learn from there back to the dragon on the mountain."
"My life for the lives of the town is a worthy enough trade. As I said, you don't have to go, but Miss Spring Source must come along and argue to get more clerics to this town in the event I do not reach there. Commander, Engineer, I trust you will stay and protect her."


I roll on the ground, that'll get the fucker off!

Rolled 1 = 1


"Miss Peg Leg Please Contain Yourself!"

Rolled 1 + 2 = 3


"Hmmm.. are you saying I can take the baby dragon to Canterlot by myself then?"

I grin.


"Well gosh, if you ask this nicely.."
"…we sure as hell are not running off now."
He's enjoung it. You have gained a new familiar, the relentless crab in a top hat.


Rolling to see how much I laugh.

Rolled 10 = 10


Slap her to bring her out of it


Rolled 2 = 2


"Provided others accompany you. I certainly do not trust your presence around the dragon, myself.. My apologies. But the dragon's safety is a matter of grave concern."


You shout so loudly she falls on the ground, and the peg leg shatters.
Also, everypony has been awakened and is now giving you real mean looks.
You go for a slap, but Firmgold's shout takes you down with your sister, and you are both on the ground atop each other.
Oh laugh away, nopony cares, there's enough noise on this goddamn dawn already! Not like everypony stoop up till a few hours ago drinking and is now hungover! No no!


"Oh.. oh no my.. my sincerest apologies! Uh.. here"
pick peg leg up and put her on my back
"We should be off regardless"

Rolled 7 = 7


Roll my eyes and get up

"Why are you being all weird? What happened to you?"

Rolled 8 = 8


I hop back to the tavern and steal a chair leg for a peg leg.

Rolled 7 = 7


She's up, but she stills believe the crab is there.



Rolled 7 = 7


"Oh my, what a little pesky criminal you are!"
Yeah, the crab is talking.
But hey, the chair leg fits!
Yuo up miss!



Rolled 8 = 8


"There's nothing there, goddamn you've become such a weirdo!"

Rolled 1 = 1


You gained it as a familiar, only way to remove it is through mental teraphy.


"Miss Peg Leg, I am truly sorry for that outburst earlier. If there was a way I could make up for it I would. But there is nothing on your flank, ok sweety?"

"Now, we must be off."
head out of the town, and east as the mapp says

Rolled 8 + 2 = 10


This is just too much.
I keep laughing at them.


Okay. I take my pistol and whip >>157163 in the jaw as hard as I can.

Rolled 6 = 6


Stop her!

"Hey now, calm the hell down!"

Rolled 3 = 3


You can easily make out the path into the forest, it's gonna be an hard and streo..
Oh wait, it's the same forest you almost burned to the ground yesterday!
How convenient!
But at least you stop thinking about crabby.


Cheap Shot gives me initiative and I just smack her back on the ground to be helpless.


I get up and shoot him.

Rolled 5 = 5


Rolling to dodge.

Rolled 1 = 1



Push her to the ground

"What in the fuck is wrong with you? Calm the hell down!"

Rolled 7 = 7


I need a DM here.

Rolled 7 = 7


You WOULD shoot him, if he wasn't so damn quick! In a few motions
Is atop you, pinning you hard on the ground. Normally, he would have you immobilized, but thanks to a faulty move at the very last second, he's on his back too, helpless.
She already is.


"Off we g- "
"Oh dear.. Please everyone stop! We have a lot of traveling to do here and time cannot be wasted on petty differences!"

Rolled 6 = 6


They hear you, and feel a bit ashamed. -1 to all their rolls while pvp'ing for this battle.


I get up and stomp on his nutsack with my peg leg.

Rolled 10 + 1 = 11


Ahh, get away before she does that!

Rolled 9 = 9


"Hey I'm all for keeping the peace within the group, I don't know why my sister is so fucking vivid."


"Well.. unfortunately Mr. Shaky hasn't been the most pleasant pegasus to be around. and his antics have… well not been the most generous lately. However it is no reason to fight over!"


I'm sorry

No, you can't. She's too fast for you. Just one instant later, maybe even less, and you'd have been saved.
But your trusted friends, the helpers, the very reason d'etré behind many one night, are betrayed by the rest of your body.

And all Peg Leg sees, while stomping on Shaky's most intimate memories, are the tears in the eyes of his opponent. Not even a sound is drawn from is open, trashing mouth, as foam comes out of it instead.


"Laugh some more and I'll rip them off!"
I turn to Lady Firmgold and Ambrosia.
"There, I'm done, let's move on."
Oh shit, I quickly look for Spring Source
How did she take this?


Try not to pass out from pain.

Rolled 2 = 2


"Miss Spring Source would you please heal the poor pegasus?"
heal/mend, whichever

Rolled 1 = 1


I just shake my head at her very disprovingly.

Help him up.

"Hey buddy, I'll get ya to a doctor."

Rolled 4 = 4


Black, and blue, that's all you can see. And the image of a pony in white robes, rushing to you.
She's not even giving you a thought.
As she rushes towards the injured pegasus, determination is on her eyes.
I'll roll that for you, for everypony's sake.

Rolled 2 = 2


"Don't waste time on him! Let's just move!"


can I roll again?

Rolled 10 = 10


I'll just wait for the inevitable damage.



"Miss Peg Leg he is a member of this party and can carry a blade. That much is still needed. I'm sorry that I can't agree with you on leaving him here but despite that fact, Miss Spring Source who you show a rather public affection for sees her duty to heal this pony. For her, you should respect that."

Rolled 9 = 9


Not everything magic can solve, and maybe Shaky just lacked the faith.
As Spring Source raises, tear in her eyes, she pays an extraodinaire amount of care not to even glance towards Peg.
As the mayor said, Spring is the only cleric in town, so you can't find any doctor, just some farze to patch you companion up.
Oh god. Let's
vote for this. yes or no. the 1 would count as a critfail, Shaky would lose both nuts, then regrow them with the 10, and lose all his interest in mares forever. Otherwise, he'd just lose 1 nut and have the same sexual preferences.

Rolled 3 = 3


>the 1 would count as a critfail, Shaky would lose both nuts, then regrow them with the 10, and lose all his interest in mares forever.
Voting for this


I just want to stay hetero

Get dunked


I don't care

Nopo should decide



"After Miss Source is finished we will head out. I'm sorry but I'm not waiting any longer for you all"

Rolled 1 = 1


Like we all should get to decide what happens on our critfails?


2 to 1, I'm sorry nopo.
As the energy fades for a second time, you can see your old parts are all there.
But you are sure, you can swear on the sky, the sea and celestia herself, there was just a gaping hole for a moment.
You are not too sure about mares anymore.
This doesn't make you gay or asexual. Just a bit less likely to jump in bed with two mares at once.

The party is at the edge of the everfree, and a sign reads "Abbey", while a larger, more elaborate and better lit road spots the sign "Canterlot".


take the road to the abbey

Rolled 1 = 1


I look at Spring Source worriedly.
"I guess we were going to the Abbey first."
I follow >>157297


I follow the party a large distance behind, not saying anything.
Oh I'll get that bitch to regret this.


Follow her.

"You okay buddy? What in the fuck did you do to piss her off THAT much?"


I snarl.
"That's just it! I did nothing! I laugh at ponies every now and then, but last time she tried to throw a small dragon at me for fuck's sake! Not to mention she always tries to shoot me, just because I'm not sympathetic for her tastes!"


"Miss Source how do you feel about the past events?"

Roll 2d10 for the Commander and Engineer to scan for shit

Rolled 6, 6 = 12


The path ahead is pretty easy to follow. Oh wait, that's a mud puddle you hadn't seen! And also, bees!
With a few more stings on your face, you are now in the proximity of Abbey.
She is not answering you.

The party comes in view of Abbey.
The massive white building, made of what looks like marble, is adorned by red drapes boasting the insigna of the Sun.
Off the bell towers on the four sides of the squared building, a pony can be seen looking at you. And then, the massive doors of the Abbey open to reveal a counteryard filled with white-dressed ponies of all ages and races, milling about reading and praying, reciting hyms to the sun and gardening.
And some, some are closing in on you.


"I.. I just want this trip to be over. He did not deserve that."
The two ponies find nothing strange, in fact, the area seems safe enough.


Dsty's gone isn't he
I stand behind the group.



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