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The frontier…
A lonely place, full of lost souls and crushed hopes and dreams.
A land where legends are made, and legends are shot down and left to rot in the heat of the sun.
A land of the good and the bad, and those just trying to make it to tomorrow.
And you.

You are all standing in front a bounty board, staring at the wanted poster of one 'Billy the Unicorn'. Wanted for arson, murder, and bank robbery. An awfully large reward has been placed upon his head…

Players, please repost your character sheets here and talk amongst yourselves.


Name: Pejula
Race: Buffalo
Gender: Female
Talent: Natural Remedy
Class: Voodoo Doctor
Skills: Friends on the Other Side (0), Child of Gaia (1), Natural Remedy (1), Commune (1)
Alignment: True Neutral/Nature
Weapon: Tomahawk with Terrify, repeater rifle
Armor: Bead necklace, some feathers tied to her horns, (unarmored)
Inventory: A bag of herbs and medicines, a mortar and pestle, some bits, some colorful beads, food and water for a few days
Pejula is a traveling healer and mystic.


Sugar Puff
Pegasus - light pink coat w/sun orange mane
CM is marshmallows - gooey?
—marksman shot
==mystery of the druids
Alignment: lawful evil
-rifle w/reinforced sword blade on the bottom of the barrel
-leather scales
-small bag of marshmallows
-bag o' bits
Character traits: bubbly, bright far-shot mercenary who will work for money OR something sweet to eat.


What does your cutiemark do?


Name: Atardecer
Race: Earth pony (m)
Alignment: True Neutral
Talent: Stealth
Class: Bandito
Skills: Escape artist, Backstab, Stealth and lockpick
Weapons: two revolvers and his machete(terrify)
Armour: Light clothes(unarmoured), zarape and sombrero
Inventory: Food and water


I have no fucking clue
fuck.. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
good at.. persuasion?


So I guess this is everyone.

A stallion wearing a leather vest with a bright, shiny silver star pinned to it walks up behind you,
"So I couldn't help but notice y'all seem mighty interested in that there wanted poster. You ain't thinkin' of goin' after 'im, are ya?"


"Thats a big reward…"


I know that feeling.
"Maybe. What did he do?"


"Sure is. But it'd be suicide to go after him, mister. He's held up in an old fort a ways from town with a bunch'a his cronies. Got the place locked down real tight."
Eh. I ain't complaining. Might help for my first quest to only have a few people in it anyways. Don't have to deal with too many posts.
"You name it, he's done it. Murder, arson, rape, robbery, bank robbery, train robbery, the list goes on. That boy's got a bigger rap sheet than any criminal I've ever done seen."




"And where is the sherrif?"


"What a horrible pony."


"Well, y'got the reward money an' you'd be gettin' the gratitude of this here town of Coltico for ridding us of a federal criminal. There's that."
"You're lookin' at him. Name's Sheriff Bart."
"Ain't that the truth."


"Do you have any idea how many ponies he has with him?"


"Dont you have enough ponies to raid his fortress?"


"Could I get a warm meal to go with that gratitude~"
Rolling to persuade

Rolled 6 = 6


"Not a clue. He sometimes sends a few of 'is boys down here to 'request' supplies, but aside from that we ain't got a clue."
"We're just a minin' town. Ain't no way we'd be able to stand up against him and his crew."
"Missy, you'd be gettin' a lot more than jus' a warm meal if you helped us with this problem of ours."


"Sugary sweet! Point me to that fort!"

Rolled 8 = 8


"Thats too bad."

"Are we going to do it?"


"That pony is evil. He needs to go."
Should we know each other or did we just meet? What do you two think?


"I dunno about you but I'm going"

Rolled 1 = 1


I like the latter

"Whats your name señorita?"


"Sugar puff! Fine purveyor of sweet confectionaries while travelling this burning land! And about yourself?"


"Atardecer is my name, I born in the san palomino desert but im exploring the land and I need bits."


I smirk.
"Once again you ponies ignore the buffalo?"


"Good to know…

Want to split the rewards?"


"Oh im terribly sorry"
>hold her hoof
"Whats you name?"



"Hold your horses missy! Like I said, the place's locked down tight. Y'gotta find some other way to get in. I ain't got much a clue how, so you're on your own for that."


"Pejula. I am a traveling healer and consulter of the spirits."


"Oh hi there talking bush! Pffft"


"A healer? Thats going to be really useful yes."
Are you big or small like LSH?

"Thats not nice Sugar."


"I didnt ASK you how to get in I ASKED you where hewas!"


"How amusing. The four-legged bird thinks it is witty."

Big. I think female buffaloes are just a tad smaller than the male ones, but not that much smaller.


"Ugh, no one Likes a comedian. FINE I'm sorry and niceto meet you Pejula"


Spread my wings and take tothesky.


Rolled 6 = 6


"That's better, it is nice to meet you too."

"Shall we set out to the fort now or wait until sundown?"


"Y'can find the fort to the north."


"We could wait and sneak around in the night."


Roll to see if I heard that

Rolled 9 = 9


You're acute pegasus senses let you hear him, even after flying off into the sky.
"How're ya gonna get into the fort? Climb over the walls or somethin'?"


"We should use the time to prepare and purchase supplies. Do you have a spyglass?"


Take off and head north

Rolled 9 = 9


"Climb the walls or maybe act like one of them looking for a new gang."

"I dont. Where is the other lady?"


"The fool seems to be flying away towards the fort. Should we go after her or leave her?"


And you get there in record time. Don't even hear the sheriff calling after you.
You are now flying above the fort. Roll to not be seen.
"She just flew off towards the fort…
Lady's got a death wish or somethin'…"
"I'd say go after her, but by the time y'get there she'll probably have already been shot down.
There's a reason why I kept sayin' those boys are bad news."


"We cant rush just to the base…"


I sigh and head north at a steady trot.


Follow her.


Fuck that use marksman shot on one of the out post sentries!

Rolled 9 = 9


The sheriff shouts after you,
"Err… good luck!"
He walks away and shakes his head.
You fire a shot and it hits. Straight in the head.
Also alerts the rest of the fort to your presence.
Roll to dodge their shots.


Yes! And fly higher!

Rolled 3 = 3


One of their shots hits you in the wing.
Roll to make an emergency landing.


Make another marksman shot first
>1st to shoot
>2nd to land

Rolled 1, 7 = 8




Rolled 9, 2 = 11


You grit through the pain, take aim, an-
You notice your rifle was jammed, so you clear it and then take the shot, hitting another one of the tower sentries right in the head.
Unfortunately, you were so focused on making that shot that you forgot to get into a good position to land. Or find a decent spot to land, for that matter.
You crash into a cactus, nearly breaking your wings in the process. No way you're going to be flying again until you get some medical attention.

Pejula and Atardecer, roll to see if you noticed her being shot down.



Rolled 8 = 8



Rolled 5 = 5


"Hey assholes! Can you shoot a little wider!? You shouldn't rape bullet riddled bodies!"
Roll to persuade

Rolled 3 = 3


Thanks to Pejula's keen eyes, she notices Sugar Puff being shot down.
You both rush over there and find her caught in the middle of a cactus, her wings looking very bruised and sprained.
You shout at the cactus.
It moves slightly.


"Not you cactus you're cool…

Try to persuade again

Rolled 5 = 5


Try to pull her out the cactus.

Rolled 5 = 5


I try to pull her out of the cactus then treat her wounds with my herbs.

Rolled 9 = 9


You're too far from the fort for them to actually hear you. Probably should've made that a bit clearer, sorry.
You continue shouting at the cactus.
It moves a bit more.
You attempt to pull her out of the cactus.
You manage to shift her a bit, but not enough to fully pull her out.
Using your knowledge of nature, you successfully pull her out and start treating her wounds. You close most of the wounds she sustained from falling into the cactus, and applied some ointment that will speed up the recovery of her wings.
Roll a d10 to see if you can fly now, Sugar Puff.



Rolled 6 = 6


"Good job, little bird. You just alerted them to our presence. Were you at least able to get a count of their numbers?"


"We should wait for the sunset now."


Hurray! Thanks to Pejula's herbs and ointments, all the injuries you sustained to your wings near instantaneously heal. You can now fly again!

The party is in a clearing a ways away from the fort. Nothing around you but dust and cacti. You think you can hear some people from the fort shouting something, but you're not quite sure what.


Roll to see if I saw their numbers before falling

Rolled 1 = 1


Try to hear what they are saying.

Rolled 9 = 9


Rolling to listen.



Rolled 3 = 3


Numbers? Of who?
You really can't remember anything through the massively painful headache you got after crashing into a cactus.


All you manage to hear is Sugar Puff shouting at a cactus.
You, however, manage to catch some snippets of conversation,
"-he fuck did she go?!"
"We shot her down!"
"Well go fucking find her and make sure she's dead! Bring me her fucking head! Nobody fucks with the Billy gang!"


"Sorry peju, I have a headache…"

Rolled 3 = 3


"The bandits are looking for you Sugar."
Roll for stealth.

Rolled 7 = 7


"That headache is to remind you to think before you act."

"Oh goodie."
I take out my gun and try to find a place to hide.

Rolled 6 = 6


"They better be"
"I WAS thinking. To act! Now HIDE"

Roll to fly away from the two

Rolled 8 = 8


You all manage to successfully hide as you see three bandits approaching the clearing, looking for Sugar Puff.


Shoot them.

Rolled 6, 4 = 10


I shoot one of them.

Rolled 8 = 8


What's the second roll for?


Use marksman shot on one

Rolled 9 = 9


testing because I cant post in the other thread.


I have two guns.


You shoot him and manage to land a hit in his shoulder. It explodes in a mess of gore, and he screams and clutches it before falling to the ground.
You fire and hit him straight in the head, exploding it into a shower of blood and bits of brain.
Right, you have two revolvers.
You draw your revolvers and shoot them. The first shot hits a bandit in the stomach, but he quickly draws his own weapon and shoots back at you, hitting you in the side.


I charge out with my Tomahawk and try to Terrify them.

Rolled 2 = 2


"Please die"
Persuade the pony

Rolled 1 = 1


Finish him!

Rolled 8, 1 = 9


You put on your sweetest look and ask the bandit nicely to please die.
He responds by shooting you.
You are now Helpless.
You let lose a warcry and charge forward, preparing to strike, when the bandit on the ground shoots you mid-charge, hitting you right in the chest.
You fire your revolvers, one hitting the standing pony and killing him. The other, however, exploded in your hoof, mangling your hoof and knocking you to the ground.
You are now Helpless.


Try to get up.

Rolled 9 = 9


Roll to get up

Rolled 4 = 4


I bury my tomahawk in the neck of the pony that just shot me.

Rolled 10 = 10


You get up, albeit now short one hoof until you can get it healed.
You try to get up, but the pain proves too much and you fall back down.
You do more then bury your tomahawk in his neck.
You cut his entire head off, sawing through his feeble neck with absolute ease.
You now have (1) Bandit Pony Head.


We already kill the 3 bandits right?


I take out my herbs and try to mix up a brew to heal myself with.

Rolled 1 = 1


Get up COME ON

Rolled 8 = 8


All three bandits are dead.
You take out some herbs and get to work mixing up a medicinal brew, downing it once your finished.
Unfortunately, you must've mixed up some of your herbs because you're pretty sure that the brew you made wasn't supposed to break out sweating and feel sick.
You are now Poisoned.
You grit your teeth and bare through the pain, finally getting back on your hooves.


>wasn't supposed to make you break out sweating and feel sick.


Loot the bodies looking for another 1hoof gun.


I try to make myself an antidote.

Rolled 7 = 7


"Get yourself together boofy I'm bleeding to shits here!"
Rip some cloth from thedead and wrap my injuries

Rolled 9 = 9


You managed to find one, though it looks to be in pretty poor condition (-1).
You make yourself an antidote, using the ancient technique of emptying your stomach by vomiting in a nearby bush.
You're no longer poisoned.
You make yourself some makeshift bandages and manage to stop a majority of the bleeding, though your wounds still hurts quite a bit.


Trying again to mix up something for my wound.

Rolled 5 = 5


Fly up above the fort and scan to see who else is in there
and then roll to not be seen

Rolled 6, 5 = 11


Throw it away and ask the buffalo lady if she can heal me.


You take some more herbs out of your bag and once again try to mix something for your wounds. It works, though it feels like fire on your wounds, stinging like crazy.
You take to the sky again, and, with a bit of difficulty, fly over the fort. You notice that there are roughly ten ponies still hanging around the fort, though you don't know how many left to look for you.
Unfortunately, one of the ponies who left the fort to look for you also noticed you.


"Eat this."
I mix him up something.

Rolled 8 = 8


"Thank you very much! What now? Should we take them clothes?"


Drop from sight! Dive! Dive!

Rolled 5, 2 = 7


>in charge of using 1d10
tis one doesn't count

Rolled 10 = 10


"None of them would fit on me."



The medicine you gave Atardecer worked, and he can feel his wounds closing and healing. It tastes absolutely terrible though.
He draws his rifle and takes a shot at you, but you prove to be much quicker and make a dive to avoid his shot.


I take out the head and use Commune.
"How many ponies are left in the fort?"

Rolled 1 = 1


Use marksman shot on him

Rolled 7 = 7


You move your head closer and attempt to communicate with the deceased pony, asking it how many are left in the f-
It screams at you and wriggles around in your hooves, trying to get closer to you so it can bite you.


"Maybe you should talk with the other dead body."


I drop the head. If it doesn't stop shouting I hit it with my tomahawk.

Rolled 7 + 1 = 8


You bring your tomahawk down on the head, killing it instantly.


I Commune with another body and ask it the same thing I asked the head.

Rolled 5 + 2 = 7


"There were about… twenty of us, I think. I can't remember. Maybe more."


"20 more? This is going to be hard."


"Are there any ways for us to sneak into the fort?"


"Why should I tell you? You did fucking murder me after all."


"Because you have no choice."

Rolled 2 + 2 = 4


"There's no way to sneak in. Fuck you."


"Have fun in hell."
I let go.


"We are going to defile your body unless you talk."
Try to scare him with my machete.

Rolled 2 = 2


Never mind.


"What, you mean like you did with my fucking frie-"
The life again fades from his eyes and his body falls dead.


"That was useless."
I drag the bodies out of the clearing then settle down under a tree to wait for evening.


"Are we going to sneak in?"


"Either that or attack in the middle of the knight. If I have to I can just try breaking down the gate."


"What if they have a really sturdy door?"


"Ram it harder. I know it's a bad idea but that pegasus screwed us out of a chance to prepare."


"I dont think you can ram harder when they are shooting at you."


Look around town to find a deputy of sorts to see what's what.

Rolled 8 = 8


"Do you have any better ideas?"


The town of Coltico is a fairly small town, consisting mostly of a few houses and a few businesses, and you find the sheriff's office immediately. You enter, and find a stallion wearing a leather vest with a bright, silver star pinned to it, asleep in his chair.


"Sneak in is my only idea but something tell me you are not good at sneaking."


I slam the door shut loud enough to wake him up. Then claw They aren't exactly hands, right? him a note with the word work written on it.


"Then if you don't have any ideas let me rest."
Rolling to get some rest.

Rolled 1 = 1


Im going to wait.


"Huh? Wha-!"
The noise from you slamming the door was enough to wake the sheriff up, and he falls out of his chair as a result of the sudden awakening.
"What's the big deal here?"
He notices your note,
"Oh, you're lookin' for some work? You new here? Don't think I've seen your face around before."
Sleep does not come to you.
As you close your eyes, the events of the day finally catch up to you. Not only did you brutally murder some ponies, you sawed off the head of one of them, while he was still alive. You don't think you'll ever forget the expression he had as you went to work sawing off his own head.


I nod slowly and tap my claw on his desk, making it clear that he should get on with it quickly.


Rolling to come to grips with what I did.

Rolled 3 = 3


"We're a simple minin' town. We ain't got any work around here unless y'wanna work the mines."
He pauses for a moment and taps his hoof against his chin,
"There is a fugitive taking shelter nearby that y'could go for, I guess. Got a pretty penny on 'is head. A few ponies turned up earlier and tried goin' after him, haven't seen hide nor hair of them since though."
You try to come to grips, but fail. It was just too horrifying. Every time you close your eyes, you flash back to those few seconds. You see the fear, the sadness, the anger, the life in his eyes fade away as you saw your way through his neck, until they're just empty shells of their former selves.


I assume there would be a map of the area in here right? I'll just walk over it and motion him to show me where this fugitive is supposed to be hiding.

If there isn't a map, just hand him a note saying where


I wait without rest, content that at least I'm not a maniac with a blood fetish.


He follows you over to the map and points to an old fort,
"Him and a bunch'a his cronies went and took over an old fort up near here. Got the place locked down real tight. Might have to blow your way into it or sneak your way by. Someone around town might be able to help ya with that."


I shake my head slowly and show him a stick of dynamite. I then walk back out of his office and fly over to where the old fort is supposed to be.

Rolling to get there in sanic mode

Rolled 4 = 4


"Y'might ne-"
You leave and fly off before he finished his statement.
Flying at sub-sanic speeds because you're a sandraker the wind, you notice a buffalo and two ponies resting in a clearing a ways away from the fort.


I land near the group gracefully and casually walk up to them, handing them a note that says help

Rolled 5 = 5


"You don't look hurt. Is it a friend?"




Shake my head slowly and point at myself, then at them, then at the fort.


"You are going to help us raid the fort?"


I nod and show them a stick of dynamite

Is it still dark out? Or is it morning already?


"How many sticks do you have?"


"Oh good. We were going to wait until nightfall and sneak into the fort or break down the gate."


It's dusk. The sun's nearly finished setting.


Hold out 5 claws

So it's still day then? Good to know.

I give him a thumbs up


"That should work very well. It shouldn't be much longer until the sun finishes setting."
I wait for sunset before moving out.


"We should use the dynamite as a distraction."


"Why not blow up the gate?"


"Because 20 ponies are going to charge at the doors."


I nod and point at myself as I hover over the ground and drop the stick of dynamite under me, then landing and picking it up again.

I point at his horns and massive size, then punch a nearby object like a tree or a rock.


"Which is when he throws in the rest of his dynamite."


"It's worth a shot."
What is the DC for me to break down the gate by charging it?


"Right we should use one for the door then he drop the rest at them from the sky."



What now?


Well, you guys could wait until night then begin your assault on the fort.


Yes we should wait for that.




You all wait until nightfall, and set out towards the fort.


"One last time. The plan is for me to break down the gate and the gryphon to bomb them?"


I nod slowly in confirmation




I lower my head, hoof at the ground a few times, and charge at the gate.

Rolled 3 = 3


You slam into the gate and make a lot of noise, but the gate doesn't even seemed to have budged. All slamming the gate did was make you a bit dizzy.
You can hear shouting inside the fort, and hear ponies running around.


Take to the air and light a stick of dynamite, dropping it somewhere randomly in the fort

Rolled 6 = 6


Try to climb the wall.

Rolled 3 = 3


I ram it again.

Rolled 5 = 5


The stick of dynamite falls and lands in the middle of the fort, where it explodes, injuring a few nearby bandits.
You attempt to make your way up the wall, but as you climb you quickly find that the wall is just a little too smooth to climb and you fall back down.
You back away from the wall, kick up a bit of dust, and charge at it again. It still doesn't open after you hit it, but you can definitely feel the lock starting to give. (DC6)


I bellow and charge again.

Rolled 10 = 10


Roll for stealth.

Rolled 7 = 7


Is there some type of weapon stockpile I can see? Something that'll create a big boom? If so, drop a stick of dynamite on there

Rolled 1 = 1


You back away, let out a fearsome bellow, and charge straight for the door. As you hit it, you do more than just break the lock. You knock it straight off of it's hinges, falling back into the fort and on to three very unlucky ponies, who are promptly crushed by the door. 17 bandits left.
You successfully manage to find a place to hide.
Outside of the fort.
You notice what you think to be a stockpile of ammunition crates, and reach into your sack to retrieve a stick of dynamite. As you take it out and light it, however, you accidentally impale it on one of your sharp claws, causing it to explode and knock you out of the sky and into a bunch of water barrels in the fort, leaving you Helpless.



Rolling to get up and back into the air

Rolled 10 = 10


Sneak in and shoot someone.

Rolled 7 = 7


I take out my repeater and shoot the nearest bandit.

Rolled 4 = 4


Do forts count as a Natural Environment? If they do that should be a five.

Rolled 8 = 8


Lucky for you, the water barrels cushioned your impact enough that you didn't sustain any injuries in your crash. In fact, the impromptu shower only seems to have reinvigorated you. You take to the skies feeling nice and refreshed. +1 to your next action.
After breaking down the doors, you retrieve your rifle and take a shot at a nearby bandit, just barely missing him.
Using the chaos of Pejula breaking down the doors and Mus crashing, you sneak your way inside and take a shot at a nearby bandit, injuring him but not enough that he isn't able to stand.


I move to cover and shoot again.

Rolled 8 = 8


Take cover and shoot again.

Rolled 10 = 10


Try to drop another stick on that explosive stockpile

I should have 3 stick left

Rolled 5 + 1 = 6


Just in the nick of time, you somehow manage to find a pile of crates large enough to cover your enormous frame right as the bandit fires at you. You peek out and shoot back, hitting the bandit and dropping him to the ground, injured but not dead.
You duck behind a nearby pillar and take a shot at the bandit, killing him instantly. 16 left.
You light a stick of dynamite and let it fall onto the pile of ammunition crates, blowing them up and taking four nearby ponies with it. 12 left.


I look for an uninjured one and shoot him.

Rolled 2 = 2


Roll for stealth and try to move forward.

Rolled 2 = 2


I suppose there should be a guard tower or something of sorts in this fort? If there is fly over there and slash up any ponies there with my khukuri knife.

If there isn't keep dropping dat dynamite.

Rolled 8 = 8


As you look for another pony to set your sights on, you fail to notice one of the bandits sneaking up behind you until he reaches out and stabs you in the back with a knife.
You attempt to run and hide again, but trip midway and land on your face. Lucky for you, however, most of the bandits are too preoccupied with taking care of the massive buffalo and the griffon dropping dynamite on them to notice you, so you manage to recover and make your way to a shadowy nook.
You fly up to the guard tower and slash the pony occupying it in the back while he's occupied with trying to figure out where you went. He lets out a pained scream and quickly turns to face you, still barely standing.


Attack the stabbing bandit.

Rolled 7 = 7


I take out my tomahawk and attack him.

Rolled 7 + 1 = 8


Lunge at that motherfucker and slash his throat

Rolled 6 = 6


Ack, sorry for taking so long with this, but my connection's crapping out big time. Can't even fully load the page anymore.
You take a shot at the bandit who just stabbed Pejula, hitting him in the back and staggering him, just in time for-
Pejula to take out her tomahawk and slice him with it, dropping him to the ground bleeding heavily, but still alive.
You lunge at that motherfucker going for his throat, but he blocks your attack with his arm, injuring himself further but still leaving himself able to stand.


The site is not properly working right now
Shoot another bandit.

Rolled 4 = 4


I kick his knife away and go back to shooting ponies.
[s]What was you answer about fort? Do I get my +1 CoG bonues here or not?[]s

Rolled 6 + 1 = 7


Oh, whoops, right. You do get you +1 bonus.


I shake my head sadly and continue to assault this poor soul

Rolled 6 = 6


You bring your gun around to find another poor bandit to shoot, but as you try to find one a bandit instead finds you and takes a shot, hitting you in the leg.
Being more in tune with the nature that has slowly been reclaiming the fort, you notice a nearby bandit stumbling around trying to find someone to shoot. You take a shot at him, hitting him in the side and nearly knocking him over.
Already severely weakened from the blood loss from your previous two attacks, he tries but fails to block your next one as you lunge at him and stab him with your khukuri, dropping him to the floor as you withdraw your blade.


I look for another.

Rolled 5 + 1 = 6


Charge with my machete and try to terrify him.

Rolled 3 = 3


Take out my rifle and start looking out for targets from up there

Marksman shot

Rolled 2 = 2


You move your sights from the one you just shot to another, cowering behind a nearby group of barrels, just barely leaving himself open to gunfire. You take the shot, and hit him in his undefended rear, producing a loud yelp from him as he jumps up and tries to nurse his wound.
-1 when switching weapons mid combat, remember?
You move to re-shoulder your rifle and pull out your machete, but with your injured hoof all you manage to do is trip yourself and leave you open for another attack from the bandit, who shoots you in the back, causing you to fall to the ground and become Helpless.
As you draw your rifle and look down from the watch tower for any possible targets, the downed pony crawls over to you and stabs you in your hind leg with his knife, making you lose your balance and causing you to fall down the open ladder hatch in the tower. You are now Helpless.


Sorry I forget about that
Try to get up and take cover.

Rolled 4 = 4



Get back up there!

Rolled 5 = 5


I shoot at another uninjured pony. How many are left?

Rolled 10 + 1 = 11


You try to get up, but with your wounded leg it's proving quite difficult and all you accomplish is getting a bit of dirt in your wound.
You, however, manage to bare through the pain and get yourself back up. Very shakily, but you're still standing.


Try again.

Rolled 2 = 2


Right, get back to picking off targets again using Marksman shot

Rolled 7 = 7


I mix myself up something to heal the wounds I've taken.

Rolled 1 = 1


Gonna have to call a break until I can figure out what the hell is going on with either my connection or mlpg.co, because I seriously can't load anything atm. Sorry guys.


Have you cleared your cache?


Several times. Works for a bit, then it craps out again.


Hum. See you tomorrow.


If you don't mind, I'll be heading to bed now… if you somehow fix that shit and you need a player, just autopilot mine

Not like he says anything anyway!

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