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Victorian Quest Sol [DM Hat] 311282


Eira and her partner in carpetmunching Cassie
You two were busy searching around the slums of the lower class districts, looking for a set of three stolen watches, nicked by underaged thieves.
You unfortunately have very little to go on besides that though.

Sir Gaspard For whenever the fuck Sylt shows up
After a vigorous session of buggering an innocent guard for little to no reason at all, you have made your way into the manor in search of one "Lady Chestnut," whom you have a package for, guard in tow, looking rather enamored with you.

Dr. Gigglesworth Paging Dr. Gigglesworth, Dr. Gigglesworth to quest, where the fuck are you.
Still waiting inside the club for your mysterious benefactor, you struck up conversation with two of the, in your opinion, more normal ponies of the club, who gave you a possible lead as to who the pony requesting your presence might be.

Eira [Omniseer] 311290

Dog is not for sexually you son a of a bitch!
Can I use SBS to find these street urchins? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Cassie [Ranger] 311291

Look for graffiti or anything similar that could lead us to their place!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sol [DM Hat] 311297

You summon forth your magic, and after quickly scanning the area you find what you're pretty sure you're looking for, a group of about two dozen foals of various ages and genders, gathered about in an old condemned storefront, performing various heart warming and adorable activities with one another like gambling, smoking, fighting, and one pair in a back room even looks to be-
You kinda wish you hadn't seen that now.
You find plenty of graffiti, scrawled around the various alleywways, lightposts, benches in various mediums, expositing such brilliant gems of knowledge like "Get fucked" or "Fluttershy is Worst Pony," "Get of the table," even expanding into artistry with brilliant drawings of genitalia, and so on and so forth. A veritable burgeoning library of literary and artistic brilliance.
Nothing useful to you, sadly.

Dr. Gigglesworth 311299

I raise an eyebrow.
"You mustn't be very familiar with the recent developments in Colonial Equestria then. Neither of you would know anything about the whereabouts of this Lady Chestnut?"

Eira [Omniseer] 311301

"I found them!"
Point at the store
"Right in there!"

Cassie 311302

"Nice. Do we just burst in or do you have a plan?"

Eira [Omniseer] 311303

Alright, approach that store, is the front the only way to get it? How young and old are these kids? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sol [DM Hat] 311304

"I'm afraid Colonial Equestria is not one of the topics I can say I have much interest in. The stories in the paper about it are rather uplifting though.
Lady Chestnut is usually lounging about at her manor somewhere when she's not here at the club or working, though she has been making herself rather scarce these days, outside of her appearances at the club."
The stallion taps his chin contemplatively.
"Perhaps you could find her… well, here, if you wait. She usually arrives around an hour from now.
…Though, might I ask of you a favor in return for the information?"
Without taking a long trek to find a way around, yes, the front is the only way to get inside. It's surrounded by buildings on both side, stuck in between them with no space separating them.
The foals look to be of various ages, ranging from pre-cutiemark to teenagers, all in various states of impoverishment and covered in filth.
You clumsily attempt to knock on the door, but fall through, tumbling inside and alerting all of them to your presence. Soon you find yourself surrounded by the urchins, all asking various requests and offering their services to you.

Sol [DM Hat] 311305

… '5d10'

Roll #1 6, 2, 6, 6, 9 = 29

Sol [DM Hat] 311306

Make a spot roll, Eira.


"Uh… uh…"
What are they saying exactly?

I'm an omniseer I see all!

Roll #0 5 = 5

Cassie [Ranger] 311308

Oh for the love of…

Sneak closer.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Dr. Gigglesworth 311309

"Well, what would you have me do?"

Sol [DM Hat] 311310

"Hey miss! Need your chimney cleaned?"
"Miss! Do you have any food for a poor orphan child?…"
"Miss! Miss! Can you spare some bits for a poor foal?"
"Hey you! You should hire me!"
And so on and so forth.
Amidst the flurry of hooves, all clambering to grab your attention you quickly find yourself overwhelmed, until you feel a stray hoof, coming from one of the older foals, begin slowly caressing your rear, snaking its way towards your inner thighs.
With your partner taking up much of the urchin's attention, you don't find it at all hard to sneak up closer to the store, simply walking towards it and standing outside, looking in and watching the scene unfold.
"It's… complicated and a rather private manner. I need your full discretion regarding the matter. None of what I tell you can ever get out. I need to know I can trust you before I tell you what I need done. So can I trust you?"

Cassie [Ranger] 311312

I roll my eyes, then walk closer and lean to the doorframe..
"Okay, that's enough, party over, hooves off of her. We are not here to play games so stop wasting our time."

Dr. Gigglesworth 311313

"Cross my heart. I won't tell anyone of your business. This is an oath made by a royal officer."

Eira [Omniseer] 311314

Jump up and back off
"Listen, ve aren't here to ask you any favors!"

Sol [DM Hat] 311315

A few of the foals dejectedly walk off, but the rest just move to clambering around you, offering and asking you the same things.
Roll a spot check.
"Very well then."
He gestures for you to follow him and moves into a near by room, empty of other ponies. He asks the mare he accompanied here to stay outside while he discusses a private matter.
"You see, membership here requires a sort of… status, if you will. And that status is very easily, erm, revoked and ruined by a wide variety of social faux pas's. And…"
His eyes nervously dart side to side.
"I may have… taken a… 'companion' if you will from, the, erm… lower classes."
He waits for your response and reaction.
You jump away from the sea of foals and get a variety of odd, questioning looks in response to your statement.
"If ya ain't looking for someone to clean your chimney or somethin', why'd ya come here?"

Roll #1 8, 2, 5, 7, 9 = 31

Cassie [Ranger] 311316

Ranger power!
How does that MC skill work anyway?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Eira [Omniseer] 311317

"Ve are here for ze watches."
I pause, taking a few deep breaths to calm myself down
"Listen, uh… we heard you ponies sell certain things. So we'd like to check them out."

Dr. Gigglesworth 311319

I lick my lips.
"Yes, and?"

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 311325

Okay I'm awake! That buggering was more powerful than I thought!
Let's deliver this package, shall we?
"So, where does this Lady Chestnut live?"

Sol [DM Hat] 311330

I'm treating it as you autopass any spot checks, unless I specifically ask for you to roll. You can, however, roll anyways to try and crit it, which I'm going to lower the crit range to 8.
You notice absolutely nothing.
You do feel kinda funny and rather pleasurably warm in your lower regions though.
One of the foals speaks up.
"You talk funny lady. You ain't from here, are ya?"
He's quickly hushed down by one of the older, larger colts, who walks over to you with a bit of a disgruntled look on his face.
"So what? Because we ain't got any parents an' nobody will take us in you're going to start accusin' of thievery?"
"And… you really aren't one of the socialites, are you?"
He sighs in relief.
"H- They run a shop down in the lower class district. A lovely shop, staffed by a lovely pony… but I digress. Because of our respective statuses I can't be seen with h- them. So we've taken to trading letters between each other, but I can't help but feel that someone has caught on, so I've refrained . But I do miss him dear-… Oh for Celestia's sake screw it. I've already told you enough anyways. He's a stallion. A wonderfully handsome stallion… but never mind. The favor I have to ask of you is to give him a letter. Here."
He passes you the letter.
"He runs a clothing shop down in the lower class district, on Mason street. You can't miss it. The whole place has a wonderful sort of je ne sais quoi to it, a warmth you really don't get elsewhere…"
He wistfully sighs.
"The place is called 'Le Haute Couture.' A bit on the… uncreative side, in my opinion, but his clothing certainly makes up for it. Such wonderful designs…"
"She usually spends her time out in the gardens, though today I haven't seen much of her. I most definitely did not see her at the gate though, so I don't think she's left. But aside from that I have no idea where to find her."


"Well then, let's inspect this garden, shall we?"
Walk around the whole garden and check for said lady.
Spot check.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Dr. Gigglesworth 311333

I take the letter and give a small bow.
"You can count on me."
I head out and try to find this "Hat Contour" or what was it.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Cassie [Ranger] 311334

Thanks for clearing that up
Clear my throat and close my legs a bit tighter.
Come on, this isn't the time…
Keep leaning towards the doorframe and let Eira do the talking.

Dr. Gigglesworth 311335

Oh and I read the letter too unless it's sealed.

Eira [Omniseer] 311336

"Oui- I mean yes, I'm not from Equestria."
Turn to the older colt
"I did not even mention thievery. Seems like you're slightly on edge!"

Sol [DM Hat] 311343

You walk outside onto the porch, and peer out over the gardens, finding nothing but a few gardeners tending to the more complicated pieces, mainly hedged in various designs.
Valiant Hoof speaks up.
"Uh, just a thought, but Lady Chestnut sometimes spends her time at the Amends Club, though she usually leaves later than this… she did say something about sending letters out and asking people to meet her there there."
The letter is sealed, unfortunately. The seal's not monogrammed, but it does look rather expensive.
You do manage to find the shop though. You recall that some of the other ponies whom you had seen at the club went there to try and acquire clothing that will permit them access, and you remember which way they went, so you set off in that direction and found it rather easily.
You find yourself outside the store. It's a very quaint looking place, the wood on the storefront worn from years of abuse by the elements and the window looking like it's seen better days, paint having very obviously been applied and removed several times in its life, though for the time being now bearing the store's name, "Le Haute Couture," and showing off some of the designs they carry.
"We ain't got any money to buy things, so where the hell would we get things to sell otherwise? I know your type. You waltz in here all an' mighty, preaching about 'altruism' or some shit but all you really want is to throw a few bits at us and watch us dance like circus monkeys for your rich ass."
He prods you with a hoof.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Dr. Gigglesworth 311346

I knock and enter, and then quickly take a gander at the insides of the shop.

Sol [DM Hat] 311347

The warmth seems to be spreading, despite your attempts to will it down.
You still continue to watch Eira though, though you do get a bit distracted… you've never realized how nice her rear is. Gently swaying as she tries to catch her breath…

Eira [Omniseer] 311349

I cock my head questioningly
"What makes you think all of that? I'm not rich! … yet."

Cassie [Ranger] 311350

Oh for goodness's sake…
Take a deep breath, look away, calm down…

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 311356

"But didn't you say she has not left the premise? I mean, you didn't see her leave the main gate!"
But yeah, worth a look. EN MARCÈ!

Sol [DM Hat] 311366

You walk inside, finding the store to be as quaint on the inside as on the out. It is packed to the very brim, a variety of mannequins, display racks and shelves decorating the inside of the small store floor.
The owner, a rather effeminate looking earth pony stallion with an unusually clean coat and immaculately styled mane, quickly approaches you with a hop in his step, having heard your knocking earlier.
"Ah, hello there! I am Lagerfelt, fashion expert at your service! What may I do you for?~"
"Why the hell else would you come here? Nobody else does because there's fucking nothing here. So what's it to you? Why's a fancy mare like you here?"
You take a few deep breaths to calm yourself, and tear your eyes from the wonderful flank on that mare an-
Wait a minute… is that colt's horn lit up? And is that… the touch of magic you feel on your legs and rear?
That colt's feeling you up!
His eyes widen in fear as he sees you notice him.
"She could have gone out through one of the side entrances, or she could've left while we were busy with… each other~"
He giggles.
"She's been acting strange the last few days… not like her usual self at all. A- At least from what I hear from the other staff. I'm not too close with her myself."
So you head to the Amends Club?

Dr. Gigglesworth 311368

"Yes. I am looking for the store's proprietor, Ms. Lagerfelt. I have a letter for him."

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 311369

Definitely. Let's go there. This time if they kick me for the dress code I can say I'm here to make a deliver.

Eira [Omniseer] 311371

"I'm here to get those watches from you. We need them back."

Cassie [Ranger] 311374

I start to growl.
"Oh you little bastard…"
Stop leaning and straighten up to my full height to try and seem more threatening.

Sol [DM Hat] 311379

"…Ms? I'm a stallion. And store's proprietor? You're talking to him."
He tilts his head from the statement.
"You have a letter for me? From who?"
You arrive there shortly, and find a different doorpony than last time.
"Yes? Do you have business here?"
"Watches? What the hell are you talking about?"
Roll a spot check.
He whimpers and start slowly backing away.
Your size easily trumps his, him being little more than a foal barely entering his teenage years.


"Yes. Watches. Look, don't make this harder than it has to be."

Roll #0 4 = 4

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 311384

"Looking for Lady Chestnut. Special package to be delivered in her hooves only."
Motion at the guard.
"He's one of her guards, can confirm for me."

Dr. Gigglesworth 311386

I shake my head.
"Apologies. It's from a gentlecolt at the uptown gentleponie's club. I presume he wants to order some clothing."
I wink at him while offering him the letter.

Cassie [Ranger] 311388

Narrow my eyes at him.
"I give you one chance to tell me everything you know about those watches or I'll make sure you'll enter a world of hurt because of this."

Eira [Omniseer] 311391

"Cassie? What's the matter?"

Cassie [Ranger] 311394

Point at the colt with a finger.
"That bastard felt me up with his magic!"

Eira [Omniseer] 311397

I frown
"That's kind of rude…"

Cassie [Ranger] 311401

"And maddening…"

Sol [DM Hat] 311402

"Don't make this harder than it has to be? So you are fucking accusing us of being thieves!"
He prods you in the chest more forcefully.
Out of the corner of your eye, however, you can see a few of the foals trying to make their way outside through the back door, and-
Wait a minute…
They have your stuff! And Cassie's!
"Lady Chestnut doesn't have guards accompany her. I'm going to have to inquire about the supposed package you have for her."
"Hmm? A letter from a gentlecolt upto-"
His eyes widen and a giddy smile appears upon his face.
"You mean Shady Daze? Oh happy days, happy days! I was afraid I'd never hear from him again… please, please! Let me see it!"
"I- I-"
His knees shiver and he starts to panic.
He darts out the back door, bowling over the foals trying to stealthily leave, and takes off running down the back alleyway. The rest of the foals quickly regain their senses and start to leg it outside as well, the sudden commotion sending the rest of the foals into a panic, and they try to follow suit.
"Oh for fucks sake!"
The older colt groans and attempts to throw Eira to the ground, then take off as well.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 311403

"A dress. Pretty, at that."

Sol [DM Hat] 311404

He does little more than grapple you.

Cassie [Ranger] 311405

"Want to play like that, huh?!"

Take out my rifle and fire a warning shot in the air.
"Stop or I will aim next time!"

Roll #1 4 = 4

Eira [Omniseer] 311406

"Ugh… listen can't we ju- HEY!"
No way! Grab him and our stuff with my improved telekinesis! '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Dr. Gigglesworth 311408

I hold the letter up.
"Uh, yes, it's right here."

Sol [DM Hat] 311412

"…A dress? Yes, that is totally specific and not at all vague!"
He groans.
"You know what? Sod it, I don't care about this job anyways. The ponies are all snooty as all fucking hell and I hate them all. Go inside."
Your rifle jams.
The sight you pulling it out, though, puts the foals into even more of a panic, and they start tripping over each other as they try to all funnel out through the back.
You attempt to grab your things with your magic, but a punch to the face interrupts that and gives you a rather nasty bloody nose to boot.
The colt lets go of you and tries to run.
He gratefully grabs the letter and holds it close to him, a look of elation on his face.
"Oh how I miss you…"
He quickly opens it up and starts reading, the occasional giggle escaping his mouth.
Soon he finishes reading, and he turns back to look at you, grabbing you into a hug.
"Oh thank you! Whatever can I do to repay you?"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Cassie [Ranger] 311413

"Oh for…"
Snarl try to trip the colt!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Give him a strange look but honestly, why bother.
This is the second guardspony who hates his job thou.
Must be really boring.
Okay, walk inside and let's see if I or Valiant Hoof can find this lady.

Roll #0 4 = 4

Dr. Gigglesworth 311415

"Oh. Well. I was actually doing this for a service to Mr. Daze. I am not sure what I could ask for."

Sol [DM Hat] 311419

Gonna assume you mean the one who just punched Eira.
You do manage to trip him and send him careening to the floor. Three of the other colts attempting to flee see this, however, and run back to help him.
Combat has begun
The club seems much more busy compared to earlier, various mares and a few stallions occupying the main room as more bustle about, servants weaving in between them carrying all manners of items.
Amidst all the activity though, Valiant manages to find her and points her out to you.
She's wearing an absurdly intricate and complicated dress, her mane done up in a similarly absurd fashion. She's surrounded by several other mares, entertaining them but never allowing the focus of the conversation to shift from her or her stories.
"I insist regardless!"
He holds the letter against him and sighs again.
"Oh how I wish I could see him again… but yes, yes, about you. Is there anything, anything I may be able to do for you?"

Dr. Gigglesworth 311421

"Are you perhaps trying to imply something?"


Thank Valiant and warn him.
"Okay, stay behind, you could lose your job if this goes sour and she sees you."
Then, walk over to Lady Chestnut.
"H-hem, m'lady?"

Roll #0 9 = 9

Cassie [Ranger] 311425

"You asked for it!"
Try to punch one of them in the face.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Eira [Omniseer] 311428

"Ah non!"
Tackle him back! '1d10'

Wait, did they steal my ring as well?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sol [DM Hat] 311448

"Implying somethin- no no nooo! I'm a dedicated stallion in a committed relationship. I couldn't and I simply wouldn't regardless. I'm just asking you if there's any favor that I can do for you, in exchange for your service of delivering the letter. Payment? Information?"
He nods and stands back.
You approach the group and clear your throat, drawing their attention towards you. Lady Chestnut speaks up first, rather annoyed at the interruption.
"Yes? Do you have any reason for rudely interrupting our- wait a minute… are you…"
She digs through her small sidepouch and retrieves what you can only assume to be a list.
"Are you… Sir Gaspard? One of the po- er, people I requested for?"
The one you punch barely manages to dodge it as another one comes up and headbutts you in the stomach, knocking the wind out of you.
I don't see anything about a ring mentioned on your character sheet.
Just as he gets up, you come rushing at him and tackle him, though because of your small frame he manages to stay standing, pushing you back even.

5 remaining.
Eira: 5
Cassie 4
I'm assuming you aren't going to be murdering underaged kids, so it's just until helpless. No wounds.

Cassie [Ranger] 311450

I snarl.
"Don't make me use my claws!"
Regain my balance and kick back at him!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 311451

"Well now, this is a fotuitous coincidence."
Take out the letter.
"I do assume so, mylady."
Bow in front of her.
"How might I be of assistance?"

Eira [Omniseer] 311454

She has a golden ring she wears on her horn.
Oh yeah? Mind over matter! Shove him down onto the ground with my telekinesis! '1d10+2'
"I really don't want to hurt you! Just stop!"

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Dr. Gigglesworth 311457

"Did a group of ponies and other creatures happen by here some time ago, by chance?"

Sol [DM Hat] 311462

She lets out a refined chuckle and gestures towards you and looks to the group of mares surrounding her.
"This gryphon is one of the adventuring team that I have assembled. And they will be successful in finding it, too!"
She turns back to you.
"Though tell me, where is the rest of the ponies I invited?"
"They did, actually. Many of them put in orders for suits and dresses… rather unusual, but I'm not complaining. Why?"
You kick back at the colt who hit you, but he manages to dodge your foot in time.
Does it do anything, or is it just decoration?
You attempt to try to drive him to the ground with your telekinesis, but as soon as he sees your horn light up he flicks it.
"Fuck you! We don't have to shit!"

5 remaining.
Eira: 5
Cassie: 4

Cassie [Ranger] 311465

"You don't have a chance, give up!"
Try to punch the one that dodged me again!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Dr. Gigglesworth 311466

"I wouldn't mind finding them. If my guess is right, I will soon have to work with them. Does my outfit look scruffy to you?"

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 311468

"I must confess, my fear is that the guard shooed them away because of the dress code of this place.
I myself could only get inside with a pretest, a rouse, or, well, a fortuitous occurence."
Take out the package.
"This belongs to you, I've been told."

Eira [Omniseer] 311469

Just decoration. A personal little trinket
"We can work this out! There's no need to fight!"
Try to tackle him to the ground again '1d10'
"Just please calm down!"

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sol [DM Hat] 311478

"Work with them? And… your outfit isn't bad, per say, though military dress isn't too highly regarded outside of the, well, military. For certain formal occasions it's appropriate, but for virtually everything else it's laughably inappropriate. Why, if you tried to show up at any of the upscale social clubs uptown you'd be turned down at the door, and probably laughed away.
"Hmm? A package?"
She takes it and begins slowly untying it and opening it.
"Ah! The dress I ordered! Lovely. Though, why were you carrying this?"
Absolutely nothing happens.
He doesn't respond to your pleads, merely gritting his teeth and kicking you in the stomach, then headbutting you and sending you flying to the floor, the air knocked from you and more blood on your face.
You are now Helpless!

5 Remaining.
Eira: Helpless
Cassie: 4


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