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Sol [DM Mode] 287661[Last 50 Posts]

A great change has overcome Equestria with the ushering in of a new era of the rule of Her Majesty Princess Celestia. A devotion to fervent societal change has overcome the populace, ever refining their own social, moral and political sensibilities as their country expanded outwards, bringing civilization to the savage lands surrounding them.

Whether by fate or by destiny, you have all been summoned to the prestigious Amends Club, a gentlemares club right in the heart of Canterlot, composed of only the finest and noblest breeds to walk the city. Adventurers, fighters, detectives, intellectuals and professors, all summoned to this very club by a mysterious benefactor, with promises of riches and adventure beyond their wildest dreams.

You all are standing in front of the entrance to the Amends Club. A set of doors, carved from the finest mahogany and inlaid with the only the best choice pieces of ivory, proudly forming the initials "A.C.," stand between you and the club.

List of characters: http://pastebin.com/TtmSMeMg


I use Astral Projection to look inside. What do I find in there?

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5

Lightchaser (Pilgrim) 287681

I enter the club and give my coat to whichever servant is nearest.

"Uh, Dr. Lightchaser. I'm here for an appointment. Not sure with whom. Could you point me in the right direction?"

Crowley [Tracker] 287683

Walk in and inspect the room.

Lularia [Warlord] 287684

open the door and walk through, take a quick scan of th place '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Eira [Omniseer] 287686

"Good gods, those doors alone are worth a fortune…"

Cassie [Ranger] 287689

I inspect the doors and follow her.
"You ponies have too much doors anyway."

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 287694

I dust of my coat and arrange my hat before entering.
"Wow, I wonder who owns this place."

Dr. Giggleworth [Bard] 287695

I just walk in.

Eira [Omniseer] 287696

In take a closer look at the decorations
"Nevermind that, zese ponies are rich. They must have quite ze treasury…"

Cassie [Ranger] 287697

I sigh.
"I guess money from ponies is still money…"

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 287698

Walk in and take sight of the place, stopping just besides the door.

Sol [DM Mode] 287700

You summon up your magic and attempt to peer inside, but it all comes across rather fuzzy, and you can only make out vague images of ponies socializing, enjoying themselves over expensive drinks and food.
You all enter, stepping into the foyer, similar decorated in immaculate style, with only the most fashionable designs and pieces adorning the room.
A stallion stops you all as you enter.
"Excuse moi? What are you all doing here?"

Lightchaser (Pilgrim) 287701

"Um, I think I already answered that."

Cassie [Ranger] 287702

Point at Eira with a finger and groan.
"With 'er."

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 287703

"Why, I have an invitation! A summon! A call to harms!
And from unknown sender, at that! I had to investigate!"

Dr. Giggleworth [Bard] 287704

"I'm a member."

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Crowley [Tracker] 287705

"Im answering the call."

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 287707

I arrange my hat with my hoof.
"I've been sent here by someone who knows me."
I then look at the others.
"Well, by someone who knows us perhaps."

Eira [Omniseer] 287709

"Exactly … though I'd rather have gold and jewels than money. Value of money dropping and all zat stuff."

"Bonjour monsieur, parlez français?"
I give him a cocky smile

Lularia [Warlord] 287711

"Not getting in my way you worthless meatsack. What are you doing here?"

Jumper [Omniseer] 287714

I walk inside.

Cassie [Ranger] 287715

Roll my eyes annoyedly at her fancy.

Lightchaser (Pilgrim) 287716

"Uh, I want to stress that I'm not associated with her."

Sol [DM Mode] 287740

"Appointment? You are aware this is the Amends Club, yes? You cannot simply waltz in here, expecting to be welcomed, especially while wearing that."
He gestures with a sneer towards your outfit.
He perks up at Eira's Fancy, though his sneer quickly returns.
"That applies to you as well, madame Eira, as well as your… pet… dog."
He gives a look of disgust towards Cassie.
"You are aware this is not the circus, yes? Whatever tricks you may have her trained to do won't impress anyone. We hold all our members to a standard, and everypon- er, everyone is expected to follow it. Even dogs."
"Regardless of your 'invitation' or 'summon,' I still cannot allow you to enter dressed like that."
He looks you over,
"Pardon me, monsieur. I did not recognize you. Still, I cannot allow you admission until you return in something a little less… lower class."
He narrows his eyes towards you.
"I'm going to have to ask you to leave. All of you. Now."
You walk inside, only to catch one of the servants staring daggers at the group you came with and gesturing for you all to leave.

Crowley [Tracker] 287747

"Whats wrong with my suit?"

Lularia [Warlord] 287749

heh, Commanding stare on him '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 287750

"I do insist on keeping my hat!"

Lightchaser (Pilgrim) 287753

"How dare you! I mean, uh, well…

"Maybe I could use a visit to the haberdasher. Where is the nearest one of good repute?"

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 287754

"Same as he, I loath to be parted with my hat." I pointed to the other gryphon.

"So how do we do this by the way?"

Dr. Giggleworth [Bard] 287755

"This? This suit is the symbol of the modern society! It has brought enlightenment to millions of zebroids worldwide! But fine, let's see how you will like the army plowing this plot over to use as extra latrines for the local garrison!"
I shake my cane at him.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Cassie [Ranger] 287756

"Pet? Trained me? Choke on a pile of dirt, I'm not a pet! And I don't give a bit about those fancy clothes either, we just came here for whatever! Or, she came, to be exact."

Jumper [Omniseer] 287759

"What's the problem here?"

Eira [Omniseer] 287761

"Oh Cassie is not my pet! She's just my companion! We're here for an appointment."

Sol [DM Mode] 287815

"The shoulders are far too wide, the waist is far too large, the hem on your left sleeve is uneven, your waistcoat is missing, and your tails are too long. Need I go on?"
>commanding a servant of a prestigious club
DC 12 bro
He glares at you even harder.
"Leave, or I will be forced to make you leave."
"The hat is… acceptable. Certainly leagues better than the rest of your attire."
"For someone of your status? Probably… 'Le Haute Couture,'"
His face turns to disgust.
"It's a… I hesitate to call it a boutique. A 'store' run by a stallion by the name of Lagerfelt."
"Acquire some proper clothing, and then, and only then, will you be allowed entrance. Invitation, summon or whatever your excuse is, we still expect everyone to follow our standards."
His composed posture falters under your threats.
"They wouldn't! Our members are the ones that pay their salaries!"
"Companions, siblings, lovers, whatever you two may be that does not exclude either of you from adhering to our clubs rules and standards."
"Your… traveling companions, are acting rude and barbaric."

Cassie [Ranger] 287826

I fake a gagging sound at his listing.
"Whatever, but we don't have to pay for those clothes, right?"

Sylt 287831

"You mean the glasses? I'm naked save for them!"

Lularia [Warlord] 287833

"A courteous please would've done wonders"
walk out and take a view of what else is here

Crowley [Tracker] 287835

"Look idiot i'm here for a job not to learn about your stupid fashion rules."

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 287836

Dr. Giggleworth [Bard] 287841

I poke him with my cane.
"I am the pony who discovered Celestian Falls! I discovered the sources of river Nile! When I say this place gets ripped down for dishonoring the army, It will!"

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Lightchaser (Pilgrim) 287842

Alright. Bid the doorpony good day and go on down to Le Haute Couture.

"Good afternoon. I need a suit in the latest fashion."
etc etc etc

Roll #1 2 = 2

Eira [Omniseer] 287843

"Can my companion come in too once ve get our clothing?"

"That's how it works, doesn't it?"

Dr. Giggleworth [Bard] 287845

I also hit him in the knee with my cane.

Cassie [Ranger] 287851

I cross my paws.
"Told you this was a waste of time. It still is. Waste of time AND money!"

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 287854

I sighed, perhaps a little stroll around the place would do.

"Care if I tag along, perhaps on the way we can pick up some clothes or something." I asked.

Eira [Omniseer] 287856

"Non non, don't vorry. Zis will be vorth it, I just know it!"

Lularia [Warlord] 287861

"Very well, maybe once we look fashionable enough I'll get a chance to geld that worthless frump"
look for a clothes shop, fancy one '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 287872

"I have little knowledge on this high-minded fashion thing by the elites, perhaps we can ask the experts right?" I followed her.

Lularia [Warlord] 287875

"I would hope that the 'experts' don't include that future gelding back there"

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 287877

"Madame, might I follow? Seems like the gentlestallions in this club do have a particular… Dress code. I might carry your bags, in return for your guidance."

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 287881

I laugh a bit covering my mouth with my hoof.
"Whats your name by the way?"

Eira [Omniseer] 287882

I sigh and motion Cassie to follow as I follow the loudmouthed lady

Cassie [Ranger] 287885

"Did your pony sense tell you that?"

Follow her as well.

Eira [Omniseer] 287887

"Um… I suppose?"

Lularia [Warlord] 287890


…Luli for short. And yours?"

Cassie [Ranger] 287894

I shake my head.
"Don't tell me we'll be working with these other ponies."
Point at the others.
"I prefer working alone. The fact that I need to babysit you is bad enough already."

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 287896

"You can call me Tails." I extend my hoof.

Lularia [Warlord] 287903

shake said hoof
"I'm sure we won't have any trouble finding anything to suit you, Crystals are always naturally fashionable!"

Sol [DM Mode] 287904

"How else are you going to acquire them? Stealing like the ruffians you are?"
He scoffs.
"That's precisely why the hat is better than the rest of your 'outfit.'"
"These 'fashion rules' are the only thing that will allow you in here."
"As long as she behaves, yes."
His eyes widen from your threats, and he begins shivering. He doesn't even flinch when you swing at him, your words deeply terrifying him, that he just drops as your cane connects with his knee.
You walk outside and take a good look around. You see that there are several high end stores, selling everything from tailored clothing to playthings for the rich.
No sign of that shop he was talking about though.
You walk outside and similarly take a look around, seeing all the same things and also similarly not finding "Le Haute Couture."
You find several.
None of which even allow you to step inside.

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 287908

I look at Lularia

"Can you believe this? They wont even let us in the buffoons." I smiled sourly.

Dr. Giggleworth [Bard] 287913

"I am going in, and I am going to have a word about your damn dress code with someone! Who is in charge?!"

Lightchaser (Pilgrim) 287914

Ask around.
"Excuse me, do you know a tailor called 'Le Haute Couture.'?"

Roll #1 4 = 4

Eira [Omniseer] 287917

"Listen, uh… Cassie, don't you like money? Gold and all of zat other stuff? That's worth it right?"

Can I find this shop the stallion mentioned? SBS '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Lularia [Warlord] 287922

"I know. We'll need to do something about it though, did you catch where the others went? Maybe they'll be of some help"
look for one that'll allow our company in then '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Crowley [Tracker] 287923

"Your boss is going to hear about this."
Go to a cloth shop.

Cassie [Ranger] 287926

"Money is good, yes. Spending time with more ponies than I ever even cared to remember the names of, not so much."

Come on, how hard can it be to find a lousy shop?
Supreme Surivor.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Urgh. Fine. I shall find a shop."
Look for one.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 287929

Perhaps we could ask some other pony on where to find a good dressing place that would allow us.

rolling to do just that.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Eira [Omniseer] 287933

"It cannot be zat bad right?"

Cassie [Ranger] 287934

"I hope… Not that I have a choice in the matter anyway."

Lularia [Warlord] 287936

"You are right, and if it comes to it… We'd..

probably have to exert some lady-like mannerisms"

Eira [Omniseer] 287937

"I'm not forcing you to follow, remember?"

Cassie [Ranger] 287939

"The contract binds me to you, remember?"

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 287940

"Yes, lady-like." Follow her suits by acting lady-like. Well from what I know whats lady-like. Being a soldier and a shut-in would do a number on one mare pony.

"Wait, I know a gryphon ask us if he can tag along?" I look around.

Eira [Omniseer] 287941

"It's a piece of paper!"

Cassie [Ranger] 287944

"It's not just the paper! Even if that was burned, the contract would still apply! That's not how it works, it's more than just a paper!"

Eira [Omniseer] 287951

I scrunch
"I still don't understand vhy you insisted…"

Cassie [Ranger] 287957

"Because you saved my life. You have a head harder than diamonds if you still can't get that into your brain."

Eira [Omniseer] 287966

"And still you seem to dislike me…"
I tap a hoof against my head.
"Ils sont fous ces chiens de diamant!"

Cassie [Ranger] 287976

"It's because you speak like that! What's that? Seriously? Can't you just speak like a normal person?"

Eira [Omniseer] 287981

"But… zat is my native language! Don't you have a native language or do you only speak pony?"

Cassie [Ranger] 287984

I give her a deadpan look.

Eira [Omniseer] 287986

I cock my head
"Mon dieu!"

Cassie [Ranger] 287995

"I hope you know I was joking."

Sol [DM Mode] 287997

"It's a gentlemare's club! If you wish to take up an issue you must discuss it with the club members!"
He tries to stand back up, a noticeable limp on the leg where you hit his knee, and gestures for you to move inwards.
You ask around on the street for directions, coming across several ponies dressed in only the most fashionable attire available, and wearing only the most fabulous accessories of gold and gems, but none seem to know where it is.
You search the area with your magic, but you find nothing.
You, however, are much smarter than that. Or at least have a much better memory.
You realize that the store is probably in another part of town, going off of how the door attendant talked about it, so you head to one of the more lower class parts of town and find the store with no trouble. It's a very quaint looking place, the wood on the storefront worn from years of abuse by the elements and the window looking like it's seen better days, paint having very obviously been applied and removed several times in its life, though for the time being now bearing the store's name, "Le Haute Couture," and showing off some of the designs they carry.
You search every which way, your keen eyes darting to and fro trying to find any sign of the store you're looking for, but your search comes up with nothing.
You wander around and- hey! Whaddya know! There's tons of shops here!
You attempt to walk into one and-
what are you doing
a window is not a doo-
…Looks like your birdly instincts got the better of you. You're now sitting in one of the fashion boutiques sitting in a pile of broken glass and knocked over display mannequins.

Eira [Omniseer] 288000

I blink
"Uh… of course! Very amusing!"
I chuckle awkwardly

"Ah… Where is zis place?"
Try to find it again '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Dr. Giggleworth [Bard] 288001

I push the doors aside and enter.

Cassie [Ranger] 288004

"I think we got set up so we would go away."

Lularia [Warlord] 288005

follow Tails in
"Thank you, I don't think I'd have found it without your help."
look around who's the pony in charge?

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 288006

"Le Houte Couture, lets go in shall we?" I motion Lularia.

I knocked on the door and peer inside.


"My glasses betray me!"
Get up and estimate the damage done. Nothing too serious I hope?

Roll #0 9 = 9

Crowley [Tracker] 288008

Did I find a store?

Lightchaser (Pilgrim) 288012

I'm going to just ignore the fact that I have no reason to follow Triple because I REALLY REALLY don't want to spend the next hour rolling to find this thing, okay?

Follow Triple to the store and look around for some new clothes.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Lularia [Warlord] 288014

"It's a store, not a house. We should be fine entering as customers"

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 288017

"Oh of course, what am I thinking?" I smiled back.

Eira [Omniseer] 288019

"Vell help me at least find zis place!"

Cassie [Ranger] 288022

Look again.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sol [DM Mode] 288072

There it goes, fluttering away!~
Fly butterfly, fly! Be free!~
You move inside and your senses are immediately flooded by the sight.
The room you find yourself in is exquisitely decorated and designed, functioning as the central focal point of the entire building, the upper floors all surrounding this main area, allowing the ceiling to stretch to the very height of the building itself, with a staircase leading upwards to the upper two floors.
You peer inside and find the interior to be as quaint as the exterior. A variety of mannequins, displays and clothing racks scattered around the store's small interior. You also notice a… very, very feminine stallion earth pony, with an immaculately styled mane and a shiny coat darting around the shop and fixing the various displays and mannequins, and muttering to himself.
That would be the stallion darting to and fro, straightening out and fixing everything. He notices you entering, and turns to face you, a look of delight on his face and in his inflection as he notices you, calling out to you in a feminine twinged voice.
"Hmm? Oh! A customer! I am Lagerfelt, fashion extraordinaire, at your service! What may I do for you?~"
Lucky for you, you barged into one of the smaller side windows, so the damage is rather small, and even the mannequins you knocked over are perfectly unharmed, their dresses and outfits remaining in pristine condition.
That's fine. Y'can just assume that you followed her because she looked like she knew what she was doing.
You walk inside the store, the bell attached to the door ringing to announce your arrival. The shopkeeper gasps.
"Another customer? Oh praise be the da- erm, I'm Lagerfelt, fashion extraordinaire, at your service! What may I do for you, handsome stallion?~"
You spot the butterfly that Eira noticed.
It's a really pretty butterfly…

Lularia [Warlord] 288083

"Hello, My friend and I were told to go looking for you. Something requiring fashion sense. Can you help us or is this all one big wild goose chase?"

Lightchaser (Pilgrim) 288084

"I'd like a new suit, in the latest fashion if you please."

Eira [Omniseer] 288086

I gasp and follow it!
"Butterfly! Zat's beautiful!"

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 288088

Well I must excuse myself with the owner and pay back the windows!
Walk in!
"Excuse me? I'm mighty sorry for what happened!"

Dr. Giggleworth [Bard] 288089

Are there any ponies there? How are they dressed? How about servants?

Cassie [Ranger] 288092

"…meh. Not bad."
Look at the butterf-NO

Roll #1 8 = 8

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 288116

Stand next to her.

Sol [DM Mode] 288120

His eyes light up even further, becoming noticeably more excited.
"Yes yes yes, of course I can help you! Please, please come here!"
He picks up a piece of rope marked off with length measurements and immediately sets to work, getting down on his knees and measuring the three of you, caring little for personal space as he noses around your body and legs, taking mental measurements of your various dimensions and muttering potential designs.
"Yes yes… hmm… maybe if I cut the shoulders like that…"
Mere minutes later, he pops right back up, grinning at the three of you.
"I have the perfect ideas! A few modifications to some of my existing outfits and they should be perfect for you two! Though tell me, what kind of budget do you have? Fifty bits? A hundred?"
…Looks like everyone's been staring at your ever since you barged in.
"…Sorry? You think you can barge into my shop and just apologize?"
A mare walks over to you, glaring daggers at you.
It looks pretty deserted, all things considered.
You don't even see any servants. They must be concentrated elsewhere.
You grab Eira and drag her off in chase of the others, finding the shop.

Eira [Omniseer] 288124

"But the butterfly!"
I let out a defeated sigh and walk inside the shop with Cassie

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 288126

Bow my head in front of her.
"Of course no madame, that would be the minimum.
I fully intend to repay you. And, to show my appreciacion for your work, buy a suit too."

Dr. Giggleworth [Bard] 288130

I start wandering around, checking my alignment.
Cocky sonuvamule. Maybe there's something no one will miss here…
I look for something valuable to pocket or ponies.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Lularia [Warlord] 288132

I dunno how do I measure this?
roll? '1d10'
simple talking?
"If this isn't enough I can guarantee you a few errands run without much problem"

Roll #1 10 = 10

Cassie [Ranger] 288134

"You can stare at butteflies when you aren't wasting my time. Now get those clothes. I have no idea what I need to get in. Noone ever had a problem with my stuff before."

Eira [Omniseer] 288139

I grin
"We can dressup togethzer! Get matching clothes!"

Cassie [Ranger] 288145

"That's a terrible idea. I'm not wearing anything pink or with frills."

Eira [Omniseer] 288152

"I don't know, I tzink it would look very good on your coat…"

Cassie [Ranger] 288155

"On a second thought, nevermind, I'll pick my own clothes…"

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 288156

"Hmmm.. " I look inside my bag and see how many bits I have.

"How much does it cost?"


Roll #1 4 = 4

Eira [Omniseer] 288177

"But… pink frills are ze latest fashion in Prance!"

Cassie [Ranger] 288186

"Then they don't have any taste.
Or they are just colorblind.
Or both."

Sol [DM Mode] 288192

The shopkeepers eyes light up even more. You're pretty sure that if he keeps this up he might just outright burst with happiness.
"More customers? Oh praise be to Celestia! How many I help you two?"
"Matching outfits between a dog and her pony companion? Oh, how romantic~"
"And pray tell, how do you intend to do that?"
You find tons of valuable things.
The only problem is they're all inlaid into the walls.
You do manage to find a pretty nice set of silverware though.
Of course you have enough!
What are you, a plebian?
"Yes, yes, what'll it be? Do we have a sale?"
He looks at you, beaming with happiness.
"For you… I'll give you a good deal! 60 bits. How does that sound?!"
He looks at you expectantly.
That's… still pretty expensive.
Fashion's costly. Who knew.
Looks like you probably don't have enough.


"Uh… Money?"
I do have money, right?

Roll #0 1 = 1

Cassie [Ranger] 288196

Speak quickly before Eira can.
"I need something formal and cheap. No frills or bright colors."

Lularia [Warlord] 288202

"Of course, I expect something maneuverable but with good taste still in it."
show him my sword when I say maneuverable

there wouldn't be too much indent on my salaries if I helped out Tails would it?

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 288203

"Well.. I dont have enough. Is there a way to remedy this situation or shall I head for the door this instant?"

Eira [Omniseer] 288205

"Oh no, ve aren't… ve're just frie- companions!"

I chuckle

Cassie [Ranger] 288211

"Hey, when someone says something like that, you ignore it out of courtesy because they probably have something wrong with the head. I mean, a female diamond dog with a female pony? Romantically? Who would even… blergh."

Dr. Giggleworth [Bard] 288220

I'm above petty silverware.
Try to find Somepony or Something

Eira [Omniseer] 288224

I scrunch
"Maybe zat's normal in zis place? I'm not from here either."

Cassie [Ranger] 288226

"I really hope it isn't…"

Sol [DM Mode] 288231

You pull out your bits bag and open it to check on your wealth, and…
You find half a sandwich. And a dead fly.
The sandwich's gone moldy too.
…Yeeeah. Now you're starting to remember why you decided to take on this quest in the first place.
The mare clears her throat.
"Well? Where's this… 'money' that you said you had? Am I going to have to call the police?"
"Only simple? No frills or bright colors? But that simply isn't style, my dears. Are you sure?"
"A fighter… I'll try to accommodate your requests, madame. May I have a name from you for my ledgers? I know every face that steps through my door, so that is not at all a problem! Especially for one as pretty as yours! But it is nice to have for record keeping."
He takes out a thick book and blows the dust off it, panicking and flailing his hooves in an attempt to wave it away when it approaches his wares.
To pay for Tails outfit as well would definitely put a dent in your money.
His expression falls.
"Oh… so you won't be able to pay?"
He scrunches his face.
"I… suppose I have a few errands that require someone to run them. That might be enough to pay for your dress."
That would require either a roll or a more specific action.

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 288234

"For such a trivial accident? Oh c'mon. I'm sure we can find a gentle…bodies agreeement! Any work you need done to repay the broken glass?"

Eira [Omniseer] 288235

I tap my chin
"I tzink… sometzing not too expensive, d'accord?"

Lularia [Warlord] 288238

give a bemused sigh at his flailing
not outright pay for it but help her

Cassie [Ranger] 288239

"Absolutely sure. And cheap too, this is important."

Lularia [Warlord] 288250

anyways pay for mine, if it doesn't make too bad of a dent then help Tails with hers.

later Solly

Dr. Giggleworth [Bard] 288261

I try to find somepony or something that talks back.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Triple ponytails(Crystal tricskter) 288262

"Well a little work here and a favor there can go a long way. How can I help?" I smile at him.

Sol [DM Mode] 288271

"What do you take me for, a harlot?! What work would someone like me have for the likes of you?"
"Yes yes, d'accord. I'll find something that isn't expensive for you two. Just… let me take a few measurements so I may be able to fit them to you better, especially for your dog companion. That may take some work."
He sighs and gives both of you hopeful looks.
"Are you two capable of paying?"
"Lularia. A beautiful name for a beautiful mare~"
He jots it down in his book and writes the date, his last sale having been quite a few days ago…
You try several doors around the place, find various rooms until you eventually stumble into what appears to be a library, where you find three elegant mares, two unicorns and a pegasus, talking to each other.
His expression picks up again as Lularia offers him partial payment for your attire, and he perks back up.
"Well… perhaps it'd be better if I just showed you what I need done. See me after I'm done helping the other customers."



Commune on her shadow.
Did you lose anything recently? Things you really missed? Also, what's your name and where can I read it?

Roll #0 1 = 1

Sol 291696

Eira, Cassie
You two are still in the tailor's shop.
He's looking at the two of you hopefully.
"You… are capable of paying. Yes? Yes?"

Dr. Gigglesworth
You have brute forced your way into the Amends Club, and after some exploration have stumbled upon what you assume to be a library, what with it being filled with many shelves, lined with many books.
Despite it being a library though, the three mares you find inside are chatting up a storm.
They sound quite annoying, too…

Sir Gaspard
I'm gonna give you a choice. That 1 came after I officially paused. Do you still want to take it, or do you want to pretend it was non-canon?

Nasse-Setä 291702

I tap my cane on the floor a few times and give a curt bow.
"Top of the afternoon my ladies. Would any of you know how this place has come to be so deserted?"

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 291703

Cassie [Ranger] 291706

"I guess. It will be cheap, right? I don't want to waste too much."

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 291707

Let's pretend.
I have no idea how to pull myself out of this mess.

Eira [Omniseer] 291708

"Uh… uh… Right now? Maybe?"
Can I?

Sol [DM Hat] 291736

Their conversation abruptly stops.
One of the unicorns speaks up,
"Why, it's barely time for brunch. There's always almost nobody here this early, aside from the staff. Don't you know?"
Her two companions, the other unicorn and the pegasus, nod.
"It's quite common knowledge. Are you new here?
…Judging by your… shall we say 'rough' apparel, it's a wonder they let you past the door in the first place. And a male at that! Shouldn't you be at home, cleaning or working in your wife's shop?"
"And a gryphon at that… I thought your kind all lived up in the mountains like barbarians, and hunted your food! Those poor creatures…"
The pegasus' mention of gryphon society piqued the other two mare's interest, and they launch into a conversation on the subject.
"It will be a bargain! As far as fashion goes at least. Only fifty bits per dress, a hundred total!"
He beams at the pair of you.
"…You probably can't pay that, can you?"
He deflates and sighs.
"I suppose I can offer you the same thing I offered the other pony. I have a few errands that need running that you can do in exchange for your dresses."
Works with me
The mare impatiently taps her hoof.
"Well?… Are you going to clean this up? Or am I going to have to call the police?"

Eira [Omniseer] 291740

"… how much for a pink frilly dress for my friend?"

Cassie [Ranger] 291744

"I'd sooner cut my own wrist before that!"

"Yeah, yeah, at least that's cheap. What's the contract?"

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 291749


"I don't have a wife. I am an officer of the army, a decorated veteran AND MY UNIFORM IS NOT ROUGH! It is made of finer material than any of your frilly underwear!"
I tap my cane on the floor to make my point.
"I was sent to this cess-pool of a club because one of your members had need for a daring, cunning and intelligent adventurer such as myself."


"Uh… Sure madame! It'll be my pleasure!"
Let's get to work.
Do I know any songs about cleaning?
That's not very gentlegryphon-ish, uh?
Just clean it up.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Eira [Omniseer] 291758

"Well I think pink would really suit your coat well. It even goes well with your eyes! Everypony will look at you in awe."

Cassie [Ranger] 291761

"Yeah, you ponies freak out over anything pink and frilly. I still won't wear anything like that!"

Eira [Omniseer] 291762

I look her over
"How about a purple dress… with pink outlines?"

Cassie [Ranger] 291764

I facepaw.
"Just forget those colors? Please?"

Eira [Omniseer] 291765

"Oh fine… the frills too?"

Cassie [Ranger] 291767

"Especially the frills."

Sol [DM Hat] 291783

Confused you and Gaspard. To be fair both your names start with G and have some kind of title!

"My, so rude."
"Yes, very rude."
"He's a male, what do you expect?"
"That's true."
"That's very true."
"You say you were sent here by invitation?"
"That doesn't sound like something I'd request. Nor do you even look like the kind of stallion I'd request either."
"Nor I."
"I certainly would never request for something as brutish as an adventurer. But… do you think it might have been her?"
"Her? Wh- Oooh, that her."
The pegasus looks you over.
"No, it can't possibly have been her. She only associates with nobles! This riff raff probably isn't even a baron!"
"Yes, but don't you remember what she was talking about? That bizarre thing that she's recently become obsessed with?"
"Oh, yes, that thing… you don't think…?"
They start talking amongst themselves again, though with less volume than before.
He chuckles at your back and forth.
"Never mind that you two! I shall make only the most suitable outfits for the two of you, that shall make everypon- err, everyone you come across jealous!"
He grabs his tape measure and begins nosing around the two of you, mentally taking measurements of the various parts he's going to have to modify to better fit you, taking particular note of Cassie's Diamond Dog body.
"And may I have a name for the two of you for my record books?"
Singing may be un-gentlegryphonly, but you still hum a small tune to yourself as you sweep up the shattered glass with your wing, pushing it all into a neat pile, picking it up, and depositing it in a nearby bin.
As you were doing that, the mare -who is now the only one left in the shop, the other customers having left after your little 'incident'- goes into her back room and returns with a package, shoving it against you with her magic.
"Here, you can read can't you? Take this to where it needs to go, and return with something that proves to me you took it there. Otherwise, I will report you to the police. They punish vandals very seriously, you know."

Eira [Omniseer] 291790

"My name's Eira. Try not to make my butt look too fat okay?"

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 291792

"Good riddance. I've had more intelligent discussion with the Zebras of Zanzibar."
I look for something else that speaks back.

Cassie [Ranger] 291795

"It's Cassie."

I snortle lightly.

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 291797


Roll #1 7 = 7


Roll my eyes around.
"Mylady, if I told you it was an accident a thousand times over would you believe me?
I will take care of the package, don't you worry."
Read the adress and be on my way.
Also, commune on the shadow of the package.
What's inside you?

Roll #0 8 = 8

Sol [DM Hat] 291813

"Eira and Cassie…"
He picks up his quill and jots down entries for the two of you, looking a little more cheerful as he looks over his records book.
"And done!~
Now… for the favors I asked of yo- well, it's only one really."
You leave the room in an annoyed huff and start searching the rest of the premises for someone to talk to.
Unfortunately, it appears that the three mares really are the only ones here, who aren't servants that shrug off all attempts of conversation as they rush around, preparing the club for the arrival of its members.
She glares at you again and forces you out the door.
You're now standing on the street again.
The package reads:
'To Ms. W. Chestnut,
525 S. Neighsborough
You attempt to commune on the shadow of the package, but you find it has nothing to say.
Because it's a package.

Eira [Omniseer] 291814

"What's so funny?"

"Let's hear it then."

Cassie [Ranger] 291815

Keep smirking.

"Let's hear it."

Eira [Omniseer] 291818

I scrunch
"You making fun of my but!?"

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 291819

I find a bench and wait for the rest of the ponies and things to come back.
If a servant rushes past trip them up with my cane.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 291821

Okay let's make way for this place.
What a silly silly name.

Eira [Omniseer] 291822

Cassie [Ranger] 291823

"Oh, I would never!"

Sol [DM Hat] 291838

You commune with the package's shadow and you find that all it contains is a rather pretty dress.

He looks around for a loose piece of paper, and upon finding it, writes down a loose set of directions and hoofs it to the pair of you.
"Go there and tell the pony who's running the place that I sent you."
You sit yourself in the main common area.
Unfortunately, it's out of the way enough that the only pony you see walk by is the door attendant, who, still deeply frightened by his previous experience with you, ducks away as soon as he sees you.

Eira [Omniseer] 291844

I look at the paper
"It's not a brothel is it?"

Cassie [Ranger] 291846

Read over the paper.
"So this is the contract? No small-worded parts, right?"



Roll #0 8 = 8

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 291855

Are there any newspapers around?

Sol [DM Hat] 291867

"…No? Why would I send you to a brothel?"
"That's… directions. To get to the place I'm sending you."
He gives you a look of confusion.
You find the place easy enough.
It is a giant manor, after all.
Like, giant. This Chestnut must easily be one of the richest ponies you've seen yet.
Unfortunately though, in addition to being so large, it is also rather well secured. A wrought iron fence surrounds the entire perimeter of the place, and a locked gate prevents you from traveling further along the road towards the house.
Why, yes actually!
The presses have yet to officially start selling today's issue of the Canterlot Times, but apparently this club gets advanced copies or something.
You pick up a copy and begin flipping through it, seeing a variety of headlines.
"Foals in Factories: A Lesson in the Value of Hard Work or a Crash Course to Death?"
"Will We Be Wrapping Up Winter Early This Year?"
"The Coal Crisis: Are They Really Harming Our Health?"
"The Dangers of the Occult: Is Your Significant Other Trying to Summon a Demon?"
"This Spring's Newest Fashions!"

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 291872

Pcht. Pure drivel. Let's see about these demons. I know a few and they wear dresses…


Well there has to be a bell to ring! A chain to pull! A guard to bugger!
Or I could always shout.
I'm doing a delivery here, after all!

Roll #0 1 = 1

Eira [Omniseer] 291876

"It was a fair question!"
Turn to Cassie
"C'mon Cassie, let's get moving! show me those tracking senses!"

Cassie [Ranger] 291879

"Now hold on just a second here, let's make sure nothing is too shady or something I'd really don't want to do. Sending us where, why, and what to do, in exchange for the clothes. That's how contracts go."

Eira [Omniseer] 291882

I roll my eyes
"Pfff, you and your business attitude…"

Cassie [Ranger] 291883

"Better safe than sorry, right? I'm not going into a contract that makes me wear pink frilly dresses, for example."

Sol [DM Hat] 291888

You flip to the page and begin to read.
"IT is a cold morning. Your cozy in your study, and your significant other is reading a book. Now… you might think nothing of this perfectly normal sight. But there's an evil menace lurking beneath this picturesque scene. Demons.
Demonology and interest in the occult has been on the rise in recent times. Experts estimate that one in every five ponies have at least some interest in the otherworldly…

Oh, you see a guard to bugger alright.
You walk over to him and pull him into a deep kiss, a talon trailing south as you feel blood rushing somewhere in particular.
He gives you a deadpan stare and sighs.
"I'm sending you to a pony who I owe a favor… in addition to other things."
He blushes slightly.
"He's a bit of a ponce. Very full of himself. Hate dealing with him. I'd much prefer for you two to deal with him than I. Is that enough information for you, miss Cassie?"

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 291895

"I don't even! That was most unprofessional of me, sir!"
Pull myself away and straighten up.
"Eh-ehm! I do have a package to deliver thou!"

Sol [DM Hat] 291896

>implying you can save yourself from a 1 just like that


Let's hope he likes gryphons.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 291900

Going on…

Cassie [Ranger] 291901

"Yeah, that'll do. Let's go, pony."

Follow the directions from the paper.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Eira [Omniseer] 291902

"See Cassie, you're being a butt over nothing. It's fine, we'll be on our way, miss. Thank you for the offer."

Cassie [Ranger] 291904

"I'm just cautious, is that so wrong?"

Sol [DM Hat] 291923

"And what does this mean for society? Atrocity! Anarchy! Ponies are losing faith in Her Majesty Princess Celestia! Soon, they'll start arguing that she doesn't even raise the sun!"
You find the place easily enough. It's a small cart in the marketplace, occupied by a stallion with a peculiarly bright sage green coat. He's selling watches.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Eira [Omniseer] 291928

"Or sir! Same thing!"


"Good morning, good sir."

Cassie [Ranger] 291932

"Yeah, morning. We were sent from the guy with the boutique. You know the one."

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 291938

Nonsense. What's this about winter wrap-up?

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 291940

So…. Am I ded yet?

Sol [DM Hat] 291949

Looks like you could not have picked a better guard to bugger.
The pair of you duck off into some bushes, and after a brief acclimation period the pair of you are screwing like rabbits.
Looks like he's really enjoying those barbs, just based off the noises he's making.
You're now lying in a bush in post-coital bliss, cuddling with him and covered in various fluids.
"…Boutique? You mean Lagerfelt sent you? That rat bastard…"
He says a few more curse words under his breath.
"Well, I suppose I have a few things you can do… Tell me, what are you two good at?"
"THE perfect winter morning. A kettle of delicious tea brewing, the fireplace burning bright, and a sense of festive cheer in the air.
Unfortunately however, it looks like the good times are going to have to end early this year. Experts estimate that with the amount of smoke put out by the factories, the snow will become dangerous to our health within a matter of days…"

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 291956

But… But…
At least the package is still relatively dry, right?
"Well that wasn't gentlegryphon-like in the least. And now I really need to take a shower."

Eira [Omniseer] 291957

"I'm a mage, specialized at tracking down valuable items as well as other things. On top of that, my telekinesis is very advanced!"

Cassie [Ranger] 291961

"Meh, depends what you need."

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 291962

Sigh and keep on reading.

Sol [DM Hat] 291965


Roll #1 9 = 9

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 291974

What he's not had enough?

Sol [DM Hat] 291981

Lucky you.
Looks like you managed to keep down the guard's… essence, well enough when you decided to return the favor.
He cuddles up to you a bit more.
"Mm… I don't care if it wasn't gentlegryphon-like. It was wonderful~"
"So tracking… perhaps you could find some of my wares that were stolen from me?"
"The snow will blacken from all the soot in the air, and melt into a watery slush from the heat. It will definitely not be as pretty a sight as winters past, and indeed even the government is considering skipping Winter Wrap Up for the year because of all the potential hazards."

Cassie [Ranger] 291983

"Yeah, we can do that. Some more details then?"

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 291986

You'd think our goddess could do something about it…what of the coal?

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 291988

This is disgusting and revolting and I'll play with a dictionary besides me from now on.
Cuddle him up.
"So, got a shower around here?"

Eira [Omniseer] 291989

I nod
"We can do that."

Sol [DM Hat] 292019

"About two weeks ago, some street urchin thieves stole a few watches from me. Three, to be exact. One was… a standard watch. Nothing particular fancy. The other two though… they had a unique engraving on them. One had an engraving of a winter scene, the other a fall scene. Easily two of my best ones, if I do say so myself."
"There's one in the servants quarters we can use. And… there's nobody around, either~"
He grins at you and gives you a quick peck on the beak.
"IT is a common sight among the skyline of the lower class districts of Canterlot. Towering chimney stacks, reaching hundreds of feet in the sky and spewing in black soot and ash.
They have generally been an accepted, if complaining about, eye sore because of what they're for and what they do. But what if they're actually slowly killing us with every puff of smoke they spew?"

Cassie [Ranger] 292024

"So the contract is to get the watches back, and Lagerfelt no longer owes you, right?"

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 292025

"Well then you wash me and I wash you. I still have a delivery to make.
And this stays a secret to everybody!"
Let's get this shower done with, shall we?

Eira [Omniseer] 292031

"Huh. doesn't sound too hard. Any idea where these urchins might hang out?"

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 292040

I lay down on the couch (I presume there's a couch) and put the newspaper over my face.
"Drivel…pure drivel."

Sol [DM Hat] 292055

He looks at you strangely.
"You get me the watches back, Lagerfelt no longer owes me a favor and you get whatever you're trying to get from him."
"How should I know?! Ask around! Say you're looking to buy a watch or something. You're the ones looking for it."
He stands up and helps you up, but pouts.
"Does this mean I'll never see you again?…"
You start to slowly relax into the couch and drift off to sleep, but the sound of a clock chiming brings you back to reality.
You can hear the sound of a mare and a stallion talking to each other walking by.

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 292064

Maybe finally someone with something between their ears.
I quickly get up and check that my uniform isn't dirty. I then assume a commanding posture and locate the source of the sounds

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 292065

"My work brings me all over the word, this might just be our goodbye..
Unless you want to follow me."

Cassie [Ranger] 292066

"So no written contract? If that's the case, I'll go by this contract in word. No right to change the terms by either of us. Anyway, how did they look like?"

Eira [Omniseer] 292074

"Not even a description of how they look like? Ah, fine."

Sol [DM Hat] 292093

You rush to get up to greet the pair, but as you get up you trip a waiter passing by, spilling the tea pot he was carrying and soaking your uniform.
The pair of ponies stops to give you a queer look.
"They did it behind my back! You really think that they'd let me see them as they stole from me?!"
He huffs.
"All over the world?… So you're an adventurer?"
He lets you in and leads you to the servant's quarters. and true to his word, the place is deserted. Everyone must be inside the house cleaning or cooking.


"I'm a detective my dear. A famous one at that! I can deduct just about everything! For example…"
Commune with his shadow.
What's your name?

Roll #0 7 = 7

Eira [Omniseer] 292104

"… then how do you know they were street urchins? You know what? Nevermind. Let's go Cassie!"
Leave the store and try to find the poorest district '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Cassie [Ranger] 292106

"That's not much to go on. Oh well."

"Right behind you."

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 292107

"Damn servants rushing everywhere! This is all your fault!"
Rolling to bluff the couple and see who they are

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Sol [DM Hat] 292130

My name's Valiant Hoof
You wander around for a bit, but you don't really find anything that screams 'poor' to you.
…In fact, you're not even quite sure where you are now.
"But I-… Sorry, sir! It won't happen again!"
He rushes off.
The pair approaches you.
"Such clumsy servants… they really have let this place go. So, who might you be? I don't think I've seen you around here before."
He lifts a hoof to shake to you.
"Neither have I. Certainly not that clothing before. It looks… interesting. Moreso than the usual affair of dresses and suits you see around here..

Cassie [Ranger] 292132

"Bah, why did I follow you?"

How do I track urchins I don't even know how they look?
By smell?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 292136

I huff.
"It's like none of the ponies haven't seen an army uniform before! But I digress. I'm here on the behest of a…pony I suppose. Said they were looking for an adventury sort. You wouldn't know anything about that?"


"Your posture, the shape of your cutie mark, and the way you approached the building all tell me your name is Valiant Hoof. And all this just from a gaze!
Now let us take that shower."

Roll #0 4 = 4

Eira [Omniseer] 292138

"Because of that contract silliness?"

Cassie [Ranger] 292142

"Not in general, right now! You had no idea where to go and, where are now!"

Eira [Omniseer] 292143

"I said I was sorry! Quit being a butt about it!"

Cassie [Ranger] 292149

"Yeah, that'll get us un-lost…"

Eira [Omniseer] 292152

I telekinetically pull her tail '1d10+2'
"Hey! Unbutt yourself!"

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Cassie [Ranger] 292155

"Wha-Hey! Stop doing that! What's wrong with you?!"

Sol [DM Hat] 292160

You however, being much more skilled in tracking, manage to at least suss out a general area where you assume the street urchins might lurk.
It's a slum through and through. The place stinks, reeks even, of garbage and fecal matter. The buildings are decaying and falling apart, and because of the area's proximity to the factories there's a thick presence of soot and ash in the air that makes you want to gag.
The stallion, who you now see is an earth pony, speaks up.
"A pony look for adventurers?… You don't think this has anything to do with Lady Chestnut, do you Melody?"
He looks to the mare, who you also now see is a pegasus.
"Her silly bet? No… she'd never resort to something like this. Hmm…"
The stallion looks back to you.
"Could you by chance tell us more, Mr…?"
He looks at you in awe.
"Just from that?… Wow…"
He regains himself as he feels you starting to wash him. Somewhat roughly, though, given your talons.
As soon as you finish, he gets to work washing you as per part of the deal. '1d10'
You get too distracted by the thought of butts and you accidentally end up just copping a feel on her butt instead of yanking her tail like you planned.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sol [DM Hat] 292161

What a wonderful shower it was indeed. Looks like Valiant has some very talented hooves.
You certainly felt his skill as he gently, but firmly cleaned your fur and feathers.

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 292164

Well he does wash rather well.
"It'd be a real shame to never meet you again…"
Give him a quick kiss and take my package to the owner of this mansion.

Eira [Omniseer] 292165

I laugh
"Not so funny now, is it?"

I start walking about indifferently
"Oh pone I could sure use a watch right about now! I wonder if somepony around here sells any!?"

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 292168

"Doctor. Doctor Gigglesworth. I am the pony who discovered the Celestian falls, civilized the zebras of Niskahiki and pacified the Sepon rebellion."
I do a bow.
"At your service."

Dr. Gigglesworth [Bard] 292170

"And unfortunately it seems you know more of this bet than I do at the moment."

Cassie [Ranger] 292173

"Yeah, a watch would be nice. I'd know when I could finally get away from the pony molesting me…"

Sol [DM Hat] 292201

"Maybe… maybe I can come with you! I just need to see if I can quit my job, and… will you let me?"
He follows you inside the house.
What a large place… you're not even quite sure where to begin looking.
You try to act as naive and subtle as possible, but all your efforts are for naught as the street is completely empty.
Looks like the street urchins might have some place they gather, or at least some place besides the streets where they hang out.
"My my, quite the history. Though… I must say, I'm not terribly familiar with many of those events."
"Ah yes, right, sorry about that.
You see, Lady Chestnut cares very much for being the 'lady of the hour' as it were. She's constantly on the look out for the next popular thing, be it style of dress, manor decor or even just topic of conversation. And in this particular instance, she somehow came across a legend of a… she was never quite specific what it was, but she just kept speaking of how it gave the user 'magic that can rival that of even the princesses. Both of them.' And well, nobody believed her, of course. But she was gravely offended, and made a rather serious bet. Something like if she couldn't prove the existence of her artifact, she'd donate her entire estate to the club."

Eira [Omniseer] 292207

"These darn kids…"
Sight beyond sight. Look around for smaller ponies. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Cassie [Ranger] 292208

"Once again, your plan failed miserably. Good job, pony."

Look for possible hideouts.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sir Gaspard [Voodoo Doctor] 292210

"Well of course, why would I not. Got an invitation, presumibly a new case to work on, is what got me into this mess in the first place you see.
Now, where is your lady?"

Eira [Omniseer] 292211

"Hey, no need to rub it in…"

Sol [DM Hat] 292213


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