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In this quest, you will be adventuring alongside Celestia (among others) while she faces a threat to herself and her friends, hopefully romancing her along the way!

Before the story begins, you must make one choice: specialization. Most player rolls during this quest will be either 1) persuasion 2) physical prowess and there is a third type of roll, perception, which will still affect the story, but I will be doing these rolls. In general, persuasion rolls will deal with conversation, determining whether or not someone takes your advice or believes what you say. Physical prowess rolls will deal with combat and other feats of strength or agility. Perception is slightly different, as the rolls are done by me, and it will make it easier for you to determine if someone is lying or misleading you. There will also be occassional spot-check rolls on surroundings (mainly in combat situations).

Not all attempts at persuasion will be rolled, as conversations would likely be constant persuasion rolls in this case. I will only roll more significant attempts. Same for physical prowess.

Specialization will give you +2 to rolls, with most rolls being d10. Cast your vote.




Perception, please.

ID: ebaba 406128



Persuasion, I guess.


Personally, I'd prefer prowess.







I thing persuasion is the trend here.

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>You are persuasive.

You pride yourself on being a fairly rational person, someone who's able to sit back, relax, and analyze a situation appropriately.

When you found yourself hurdling through a dark void with eerie purple and white streaks rushing by you, your usual composure went out the window.

"AAAHHH!" you scream, flailing about, trying to grasp onto someone solid and stop this damn ride before you puke. Unfortunately, your hands find nothing, your body's momentum building up to a dangerous pace, faster and faster as the seconds whiz by. Your coordination and balance spin around wildly with no reference or even sense to your surroundings. Just as you feel like passing out from your speed, everything comes to a very sudden halt.

An almost comical 'pop!' brings you back to the world—four feet above the ground.

With another holler, you swing your arms and legs, frantically trying to break your fall or even land on your feet. But luck is not with you today, and you slam into the ground with a thud. The sudden impact disorients you further, vision twirling senseless in loops. The image of birds and stars orbiting your head comes to mind.


A feminine voice calls out to you, though it seems strained. You give your head a good shake before looking around, searching for the source of the voice. When you find it, all you can do is gape.

"Can you understand me?"

You'd drop your jaw further, but it's currently held by the physical constraints of your body. The speaker appears to be an alabaster… unicorn? No, wait, it has wings too. Alicorn, then? Her slender legs support a sturdy, yet decisively feminine body. The essence that makes up her mane and tail flow smoothly about her, in sharp contrast to the anxious, almost angry visage upon her face. By all accounts, she is a beautiful creature… you just don't know how the hell she can talk.

"Drat. Stay there!"

You open your mouth to reply, but are cut short when a blue beam of energy whizzes over you, heading directly for the alicorn who ducks to the side and returns the aggression with a white-hot bolt of her own energy, shot straight out of her horn.

You gulp. Whoever she is, she ain't messing around. You turn to the direction of the initial attack, and find a group of four unicorns, one whose horn is still fizzling.

You landed in the middle of a unicorn fight? What in all of creation is going on!?

[first action]


Ask her what is going on.


Get behind something!


Duck and cover. But first, find cover to duck to!

Alternate plan: PANIC!

Roll #1 2, 7, 4, 7, 8, 6, 3, 9, 10, 2, 3, 4, 10, 5, 4, 5, 5, 5, 5, 7, 8, 7, 6, 2, 10 = 144


Find some big rocks to chuck at the unicorns.
Whoever that horse-type thing is, she seems nice enough, and she might need help.


oh god dude too much panic


What kind of room are we in, anyways? Or are we outside?


Attempt to stay put, as long as we aren't in the line of fire.


indeed. Still. I recommend panicking behind cover.

ID: e182d 406160

You scramble to your feet, though still woozy from the whole trans-dimensional-flying thing. As you look around the room, you find there are actually more than just four unicorns… there are at least a dozen, all focused on either you or the alicorn. None of them look friendly. You also discover there are exactly zero places to hide or take cover. You're in the middle of a wide-open cavern, the unicorns in roughly a circle around you and the alicorn. This was clearly some kind of ambush.

"Alright, what the HELL is going on?" you yell, more to the alicorn than any of the other ponies, though your question has a similar effect on all of them.

If jaws could make a sound as they dropped, the cavern would be echoing very loudly right now. Luckily, it seems the alicorn has the composure to recover quick enough to give a reply.

"I'm sorry to be the one to say it, but you've landed in quite a bind, here." She bends her legs a bit, keeping her eyes on the unicorns as she speaks. "I think these ponies will let you go, as you've nothing to do with me, correct?" She raises her voice near the end as if asking the unicorns a question.

There's no reply for a moment, then: "You summoned that thing here, didn't you? It was your magic that hit the Worldshard. You're probably trying to use him as a weapon to win this fight. Not happening, Celestia." The speaker is the same unicorn that shot magic at the alicorn, 'Celestia', supposedly, just a moment ago.

The significance of his statement is not lost on you. "Look, uh, guys, I don't have anything to do with anything. Just send me back where I came from and everything will be just spiffy." You look to Celestia, hoping she might do just that, but her face has fallen and her lips have curled into a frown.



Look around for something you can use as an improvised weapon.

If they're not gonna let us go, then we'll have to fight our way out.


Well if they aren't convinced. Try bluffing your way out of it. They think you're powerful? Let them get spooked and bail when there's an opening. Perhaps even garner the help of your rescuer.


Respectfully ask the large flying horse if she wouldn't mind flying the both of you away from the other horses that want to kill you.


"Why are you fighting? Is there no way this can be resolved without violence?"


Get them to hold their fire long enough for Celestia to charge up enough magic for a teleport.

ID: e182d 406168

"Do you guys really have to be at each others' necks? Is there nothing to negotiate here? I'm sure—"

"Shut up, foul summon!" It's the same unicorn barking at you. Taking a closer look at him, you find he's the only one actually wearing something: a cape, black on the outside and red on the inside. Probably the leader.

"I'm very sorry, dear traveler, but the negotiations have come and gone. These unfortunate ponies only wish to fight now," says Celestia.

Shooting the unicorn leader a dirty look, you walk over to Celestia. Standing right next to her, you realize how intimidating her stature really is. Her head is slightly closer to the ground than yours, but among these ponies she's a tower. It feels like there's some otherworldly energy radiating off of her, like the sun on a summer day. You're a bit hesitant to lean in, but you need to whisper to her.

"Got any sort of escape plan? Magic? Wings?"

"I'm afraid not. I would teleport, but this cavern has been magically shielded with a power that would take me too much time to break, and the only exit is blocked by our ambushers." She points toward the exit and you grimace at the sight. There are four unicorns gathered tight around the tunnel. No way you're getting through there without a fight.

"I'm afraid we're running out of time, traveler. These ponies are quickly realizing they need not give us time to think."

Attempting a bluff will require a roll. Do you want to try to bluff your way out?


Worth a shot.
Let's do it.


But keep eyes peeled for some kind of usable weapon.


Lets tell some sweet little lies.

Roll #1 5, 7, 10, 7, 9, 4, 6, 8, 1, 7, 8, 9, 6, 1, 3, 7, 8, 5, 2, 9, 3, 8, 4, 7, 1 = 145


I give up on rolling…

Roll #1 6, 8, 3, 10, 7, 7, 5, 7, 5, 7, 7, 3, 8, 9, 5, 9, 9, 9, 7, 8 = 139

ID: e182d 406173

For bluff, roll 2d10. You need a 15 or better to get out of this unscathed.

You take a quick glance around the immediate area. There are some small rocks, a couple of which could cause significant injury if thrown well.


alright, here goes nothing…

Roll #1 2 = 2


Get ready to grab those rocks if we gotta.

Roll #1 10 = 10


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son of a whore


Lets try this

Roll #1 7, 4 = 11


do, uh…do we get a bonus for natural 10s?


We get the natural +2, so that puts us at 14 (2+10+2). I really hope so.


I see /tg/'s old rolling curse has found its way here quickly.



Roll #1 7, 5 = 12


Lets do this

Roll #1 10, 7, 8, 7, 3, 7, 1, 9, 2, 5, 5, 8, 8, 4, 8, 4, 6, 9, 9, 7, 2, 6, 4, 4, 10 = 153


stop putting noko in your email, it's screwing up your rolls

ID: e182d 406184

2+10+2(persuasion) = 14

"You all really think Celestia here summoned me?"

The leader nods through a glare and several of the other unicorns follow his lead.

"Do you want to know WHERE I'm from? What terrible depth she plumbed to raise me?" You take a few steps forward for effect.

"It doesn't matter," says the leader, though his hooves seem a little less sturdy.

"I'm from a dark dimension known as Earth, where the inhabitants live for war and merciless bloodshed, where the young are gathered and fight to the death, forged in the heat of battle with powers beyond knowing."

A few of the unicorns in the circle take a step back and you continue forward.

"You don't want to pick a fight with me, you know it. Celestia would never summon—"

"What a bunch of bull!" spits one of the unicorns, and everyone turns to him. "I know of every dimension we can summon from with magic, and I've never heard of Earth!"

"Well… maybe you're an idiot."

The leader is no longer convinced, and lets you know by releasing a blast of magic directly at your face. Your reflexes perhaps save your life, but not a whole lot more. The blast knocks you back hard and off of your feet, knocking the wind out of you when you hit the ground. Your elbow lands awkwardly, making your yell in pain as you clutch it instinctively.

That yell gives your enemies all the prompt they needed, and attack, sending six more bolts at you, all of which would have connected but for a golden barrier that knocks them back at the last second. You look to Celestia in a silent thank you and grab the nearest rock.

[Combat begins]

You can ready yourself, making you harder to hit and makes your next attack more likely to hit. [the enemy gets a penalty to hit, but you don't attack yet]
You can toss the rock at a unicorn of your choice [the enemy gets to retaliate if you miss]
You can collaborate with Celestia, perhaps to break through the unicorns at the door or knock out several of your enemies at once. [she will protect you, but they will have two attacks on her. She is an alicorn, though…]

The first two options are equal difficulty. The last option will require a higher roll to succeed.


Can we run Plan 3 by Celestia without the unicorns hearing? It wouldn't be right to leave her more vulnerable to attack without her knowing.

ID: e182d 406186

"Hey, Celestia!" you call out.

She looks to you, but only for a moment as she is forced to dodge two more unicorn bolts sent her way. "I cannot talk at the moment!"

You'll need to succeed at one of the first two options in order to give yourself an opportunity to speak with Celestia and go over option 3.


Fuck. Get us up off the ground, then. [Option 1]


Get ready to throw.


Ready ourselves. One good smash against a pony should take them out, but we'll need to wait for the right time.
Option one.

ID: e182d 406190

Option 1 will be 2d10, a 7 or higher is required to succeed.


Third option.
Sans noko

Roll #1 10, 6 = 16



Roll #1 1 = 1




Roll then.

Are you using the 1d1 noko trick?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Using the what? My e-mail field is empty.


you only need to roll one, anon. the second roll is for someone else


ca-lose enough!

ID: e182d 406198


Scrambling to your feet, you make a desparate jump backwards, narrowly avoiding another unicorn blast. Celestia is busy darting around the cavern with agility you'd never expect from a pony of her size. The wind hardly affects her main and tail, something she even uses to her advantage a couple of times, blocking the enemy's view and playing with their aim like a matador taunting a bull. She even manages to connect with a couple of shots herself, though the enemy still vastly outnumbers you.

The rock feels good in your hand. You take a look and figure your best targets are either the leader or one of the ponies around the exit. You could also try to use it to distract the ponies and give Celestia and you time to formulate a more complex plan.

Looking at her fight, though, you get the impression she doesn't need your help at all…

[All options are the same difficulty. A hit will knock out your target]
1: Hit pony by exit (there are four there, remember) 2d10, 10 succeeds
2: Hit leader 3d10, 17 succeeds
3: Do something more complex 3d10, 20 succeeds

Mention which option you are rolling for!

ID: e182d 406199

disregard the [All options are the same difficulty.] I messed that up.


Do we only have the one rock? How many others can we easily access?


I put on my robe and wizard hat :3

ID: e182d 406204

There are two more decent-sized rocks around you that would knock out a pony with one hit. There are also some smaller ones, though you doubt they'd be useful for much more than a distraction. Maybe take out a pony's vision if you had really, really good aim.


I go for Option 1! If we can take out one or two with our rocks, hopefully Celestia will catch on and help us break out of here.


Roll #1 6 = 6


Try distracting the ponies so we can get a word in edgewise

Roll #1 10 = 10


I agree. Taking out a couple of them will make whatever we do next less risky even if it eats up precious time

Now isn't a very good time to talk, anon.

Roll #1 10 = 10


ID: e182d 406215


You grip the rock firmly, lean back, then launch the rock at one of the exit guards, stepping through your throw. The rock sails fast and true, connecting with your target's head with a thud and he goes down hard. You pump your fist. "Yes!" Your celebration is cut short by three different bolts coming from the fallen ponies' brethren. You throw yourself to the side, effectively avoiding the bolts, but when you look up you find yourself face-to-face with a glowing blue horn.

Your breath leaves you for a second as you contemplate your doom, only to cringe back at a brilliant flash of gold that takes your attacker full in the face. He crumples, unconscious. At least, you think he's only unconscious. Celestia packs a damn scary punch.

You look back to where the golden bolt came from, expecting to find Celestia smirking at you, but she has taken no time to celebrate and continues to hand the unicorns' asses to them. Locating another rock, you start toward it, but freeze when you feel a horn on your back. You stiffen.

"Tell Celestia to stand down, summon. She seems to care for you and I can assure you: I don't miss at this range."

Your moment of victory, stolen from you in an instant.


Roundhouse kick to the face!

Roll #1 4 = 4


grab his horn


What kind of expression does Celestia have?
Is her horn still ready?

ID: e182d 406226

You briefly consider turning thing around on this guy, but you're waging your life against his reflexes. Not a bet you're willing to take.

You can't really tell, she's looking at the other unicorns. Her horn certainly looks ready, she's firing it off at will.




So she's still going. I'd say we wait a bit and make him warn us again. That might give Celestia the time she needs to down a couple more unicorns.


Call out for Celestia, quietly enough that she won't be able to hear it the first time. Buying a tiny bit of time isn't a bad idea.

ID: e182d 406238

Still stiff as a board, you watch Celestia dart around the cavern, taking flight at times to dodge and counterattack. Even when the occassional bolt connects, it only hits a shield that hugs her body. Right now, she seems pretty much invincible—but you don't know how long she can keep it up.

You survey the area, finding five—oh, wait, make that six—unicorns down and seven still up, including the one right behind you.

"I won't ask again." This time he definitely means business. You're done pushing your luck.

"C-Celestia…!" You put a tinge of urgency in your voice, hoping she'll get the message.

Her head spins around, eyes locking onto you with a razor glare you imagine she'd been holding the entire fight. They instantly soften just a bit, noticing your stance and the unicorn behind you. A pang of regret hits you as you realize you're the weak link here and couldn't do more to help.

Celestia, however, has said nothing, and in fact is concentrating, her horn glowing much brighter than normal. She's got something up her sleeve, but you can tell it'd probably drain her significantly if she tried it.

Should you tell her off, try to find a different solution? Try to get this unicorn off your back alone? Duck out of the way? Or maybe something else?


>behind you


Duck out of the way of what she's doing, in the direction of some of those big rocks, if possible.


Kick him while his attention is on Celestia!

ID: e182d 406253

While it usually doesn't have much force behind it, a rear kick would come out very quick and strike that unicorn's snout directly, given where his horn is touching your lower back. You jerk your head back at the unicorn, trying to let Celestia know what you're planning. Her horn powers down to the milder glow it used to have and she nods.

In one swift motion, you jerk your right leg back and you heel connects with his snout. An errant blast of reflex shoots off of his horn, but strays away from you and hits the ceiling. You duck to the side and not even a second later Celestia's magic finds the unfortunate hostage-taker and he goes down.

Getting to your feet, you scrape off some dirt and wince when pain shoots up your right elbow, the one you landed on poorly earlier. You cradle it with a hand as Celestia lands right next to you. She looks concerned, though not much of it shows through her hardened battle stoicism. You try waving her concern off, but when you take your hand off your elbow the pain only returns and you're forced to hold it again. Celestia frowns, then turns to your remaining enemies.

They're close to each other, split into two groups of three, the exit visible through a small path between them. Straightening her neck, Celestia takes a step forward as if to intimidate them, but none run, though some are looking mighty shaky.

They likely wouldn't fear her so much if they could hear the heavy breathing coming from her right now.

Their leader is, in fact, one of the ponies still up, and you doubt the rest will flee with him still conscious. You look down and see the two sizable rocks in front of you, as well as a handful of smaller ones. Your throwing arm was only good for one throw, it seems, so if you want to throw again, you'll need to do it with your left arm.


Maybe we can charge through them to the exit?


I'm for this: >>406256 .
Pick up a rock to swing at a unicorn as we run by. Fight through the pain.

ID: e182d 406283

"Hey, Celestia, you think you could take the both of us out of here through that gap?"

"Hmmm," she says, scruitinizing the gap, then looking up to her glowing horn. It brightens for a moment, then calms back down. "I believe I could gallop past them and provide us with a shield. Your quick thinking is to thank for that. If I had done what I first planned for taking down that unicorn, I would not have had sufficient energy for a shield. I will caution you, however." Her voice goes low and quiet. "If all of them fire upon the shield at once, it will not hold. We'll need to keep them from coordinating."

You look down to the rocks. "Yeah. Yeah, I think I can handle that part."

You consider asking Celestia to numb your elbow with magic, if such a thing is even possible, but she's tired enough as-is and doesn't need to spend more energy on you. Gritting your teeth, you let your injured arm hang limp and grab the larger rock with your left hand. You walk over to her side, ready to hop on her, but hesitate. She's actually a very dignified creature, and you feel… wrong just climbing on her, especially as dirty as you are. Horses are one thing, but this…

"We have no more time!"

Crap, the unicorns must be sick of staying on the defensive. Putting your concerns aside, you get on Celestia's back and hunker down. The moment you're steady, she takes off at a gallop toward the entrance, bringing up a golden shield. It feels like a buildup of static electricity all over your body. Squinting through the air that rushes by you, you focus on the leader pony, homing in on his head. The unicorns seem to be going off his attack, just as you thought. Right before they strike, though, you release the rock and it sails true.

The leader goes down with a whump, and the other two ponies of his group are too busy staring at his unconscious body to attack. The other three unicorns launch their magic bolts at Celestia and you, but the shield absorbs them with ease, even going as far as to send a bright flash back at your attackers, blinding them temporarily.

You burst through the exit, met by an evening sky and fading sun. The air outside the cavern feels much more refreshing, and you finally allow yourself a smile, clutching Celestia's neck for stability as you learn forward and offer her a thumbs-up. She nods in reply, but keeps her attention focused on the road ahead.

That's how you travel for a few minutes, and eventually Celestia comes to a halt, letting you hop off before speaking.

ID: e182d 406285

"We need to continue down this path for another half-mile before we reach my camp. I'm sure our… friends are no longer chasing us." Her lips curl into a sneer as she says, "friends" but it only lasts a second. If you didn't know better, you'd say she was more than a little ticked by the whole situation.

Of course, that doesn't even come close to how you feel, and now that the immediate danger is gone…

"What the FUCK is going on?!" you yell at the sky.

And while you expected many reactions from Celestia, be it anger, silence, understanding, or even a harsh, "Suck it up," what you got was something else entirely.

Laughter. Lots of it.

You turn to Celestia, finding her in stitches on the ground, holding her belly as she rolled back and forth on her back, tears of laughter streaming from her eyes as she breaks down into fits of chuckles. Every now and then she'd pause to catch her breath then return to laughing, slamming a hoof on the ground as she tried in vain to stop.

This alicorn is well and truly fucked up.

[End Session]

ID: e182d 406287

I had fun with this session, so I'll plan on doing another at 1pm UTC-5 this Sunday (28th).


Awesome! I'll be there for part of it, at least.
Thanks for the quest!


File: 1367036517138.png (74.57 KB, 141x226, Celestia 229.png, IO Google TinEye)

oh Celestia, you so crazy

thanks for the session, that was fun

ID: e182d 407144


After what seems like minutes of laughter, Celestia finally exhausts herself and rolls onto her belly, panting. While you can tell she's trying to straighten her face, a snort escapes every now and then followed by a brief smile. You cross your arms and frown at her.

"Care to share what was so funny?"

"Sorry, truly, I am—" Another chortle interrupts her and she takes a deep breath before continuing. "Sorry. It's simply that I have had a very long, demanding and now exhausting day, not to mention a week of stressful planning to get this far, and I found it amusing that, at the end of what has been a very upsetting encounter, you choose such strong language in your outburst. My subjects would never use lewd language like that, and as such, I have not heard a word like 'fuck'—" she allows herself another giggle, "—for many centuries. Goodness, the last time I heard it was even out of my own mouth! So when you said it, I could not help myself. This entire situation is simply too absurd."

"I'd certainly agree with you on that last part."

You watch Celestia get up, brushing some dirt off her coat with a "Tsk."

"I take it you're alright after that whole ordeal with the unicorns, then."

"Yes, quite alright, if a bit tired." She gives up cleaning herself off and points at your elbow. "Is that going to be fine? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with your physiology."

"My elbow?" You tentatively bend your arm and wince when the pain returns. "Ah, it's probably going to hurt for a while, but I don't think anything is broken."

"That is good to hear, though I still feel you should get a doctor to look at it. Shall we continue on to the camp?"


"Sure. Some R&R sounds pretty good right about now."
"So, who were those unicorns, anyways? What exactly did I land myself in the middle of?"

ID: e182d 407155

"Ah, yes. Them." Her voice darkens at the mention of your ambushers. She starts walking down the road and you match pace, listening intently. "I do not know how politics work in your world, but here I rule along with my sister and, more recently, my student. The last of Equestrian royalty is Princess Cadence, who rules the Crystal Empire to the north. However, some are unhappy with the heirarchy of power, and have made themselves known. Those unicorns were members of a group that seeks to remove me from power."

"Oh." She's royalty? Why couldn't you have landed somewhere else? Maybe a nice, quiet summer home? Someplace that might not kill you? "So this is some sort of revolution?"

"For lack of a better word, yes. I know you are likely concerned with how to return from where you came from, and I assure you I will work as hard as I can to get you out of this dire situation. I can understand if you aren't exactly enjoying yourself."

You grimace at the statement. "You read my mind. I'd love a little R&R right now. Away from here." Looking over to Celestia, you add, "No offense."

"None taken."

The two of you continue toward the camp, walking side-by-side for several minutes before you sight what must be Celestia's camp

It's a decently-sized camp, a little less than a half-mile from one side to the other by your estimate and in the rough shape of a rectangle. The largest tent grabs your attention first; over twice your height and towering over the others, the white circular tent sits in the middle of everything. You also spot out a grid of tents, all uniform in size and shape, though that's all you can spot out before you—well, Celestia, to be exact—are greeted.

"Princess! It is good to see you back!" An armored pony, you assume a soldier of some sort, salutes Celestia while glancing back and forth between you and her. That's the second time you've seen ponies freaked out by your appearance. It must be your size.


Wave at him.

ID: e182d 407161

"Uhh…hi?" You offer with a wave, though your greeting doesn't exactly have the intended effect. The guard takes a step away from you, still desperately trying to face Celestia and give her his full attention.

She looks at you and then the guard, a small smile growing as her gears start turning. You hope she's only thinking up an introduction.

"Silver Shield, it isn't nice to treat strangers so coldly." She steps back, removing herself from between you and Silver Shield. "Now introduce yourself."

"H-hi," he says, voice much more shaky and unsure than yours was. "I'm S-Silver S-Shield." Slowly, he lifts a forehoof toward you. "Pleased t-to meet you."

And he's supposed to be a soldier? You give as comforting a smile as you can manage and shake his hoof, giving him your name. "Pleased to meet you, too." The shake is weak and he pulls his hoof back the second you release it, but at least it doesn't look like he'll fall over any more.

"Excellent!" says Celestia. "Now, Silver, return to my tent and let my sister know I've returned. I'm going to introduce my fellow traveler to some ponies who might help him."

With another salute, Silver takes off toward the large white tent you noticed before. Touching your back with a hoof, Celestia directs you to a slightly shorter tent not far from the white one. "Come."


fuck yes Cequestia

Follow Celestia, keeping an eye on the other ponies. See if they're as freaked as Silver Shield was. Maybe he's just not good with new people.


Follow her.
"Guess I'm gonna have to get used to that sort of greeting, huh?"

ID: e182d 407164

Walking alongside Celestia, you survey the camp, trying to gauge other ponies' reactions. Most are too busy with their own duties to notice, but as time goes on, more and more are stealing glances at you or outright staring. Maybe it's because you're walking with their leader, but you know that's just wishful thinking.

"Guess I'm gonna have to get used to that sort of greeting, huh?"

"I wouldn't worry too much about it. While my little ponies may be cautious and even sometimes scared around things they do not understand, the great majority of them are open-minded and will come to accept your presence, especially if you're seen with myself and my sister. These ponies trust my judgement."

You raise an eyebrow at her. "I can't help but find that a little surprising. Back where I'm from, an alien would be met with fear and a strong need to control it. The understanding ones are in the minority."

She nods, acknowledging your reply and thinking on it, but offering no reply of her own. Her attention is now focused on the tent flaps before you.

"Wait here a moment, I will let them know you're coming and ask you to enter when we're ready." She ducks her head to make it into the tent, though you stop her by laying a hand on her back.


Smiling, she says, "The Elements of Harmony," and enters the tent.

That's a fantastic non-answer.

You listen to the sounds coming from inside the tent, mostly muffled, but you can make out a few distinct voices. You wonder if they're regular ponies or alicorns like Celestia. Wait, it's 'Princess' Celestia. You should start using her title—that might help you fit in a bit better. Putting your hands on your hips, you keep watch on the camp, nodding or smiling occasionally to staring ponies. Unfortunately, all they do for the most part is turn away and busy themselves with something. Some even ignore you completely and just keep staring.

"You can come in now!"


Just be cheerful and friendly
they'll come around eventually


Enter the tent.
Make an effort to be friendly and casual with whomever these Elements of Harmony are.


Well, here goes something…
Let's go in.


Go in, slowly. If Celestia holds them in high esteem we'll want to earn their favor.

ID: e182d 407187

Taking a deep breath, you straighten your back and walk in with a smile. You're greeted by the sight Celestia standing next to four ponies, two of which have wings, one has a horn and the other, while lacking both, makes up for it with an explosively pink mane and tail. The tent feels a little cramped to you, with the roof scraping your hair, but you imagine it's fairly large as pony standards go. It seems each of these ponies sleeps here, as there are four beds, most with what you figure to be their personal belongings.

You wave to the group with your good arm, giving them your name and an enthusiastic, "Hi!"

Pink immediately fills your vision, with the offending pony bouncing up and down in front of you, speaking every time her face levels with yours. "Hi—I'm—Pinkie—Pie—and—it's—really—nice—to—meet—you!" Thankfully, she stops bouncing after her energetic greeting, though the ridiculous smile stays plastered on her face. A hoofshake seems like the proper greeting here, but this pony looks much more enthusiastic and informal than the guard. You reach out and pat her fluffy mane, surprised with how poofy and soft it really is.

"Nice to meet you, Pinkie Pie."

The next pony steps forward, a white-coated unicorn, and gives a curt bow, greeting you with a much more refined tone. "I am Rarity. Pleasure."

You return the bow. "Pleasure to meet you."

The third, a blue pegasus, hovers over to you and extends a hoof. "Rainbow Dash." You gasp the hoof to shake it, but she pulls back. "Nah, not like that, like THIS!" She pounds her hooves together, then extends the hoof again. "Try again."

Curling your hand into a fist, you bump her hoof. She lets out a hoot, pumping her hoof in the air. "Yeah! You're alright, dude."

The last pony, however has not come forward for an introduction. If anything, she's only backed up, peeking at you from behind her mane. You'd go up and ask her name, but you're not sure if that would help or simply scare her further. You could try asking for help, too…


Ask Pinkie if she can introduce you to Fluttershy


Try not to stare at her. Too much.
"So… who's the last one?"


Kneel down so you're at eye-level with her.
Hold up your hand in greeting.
"It's nice to meet you too, Miss."


Confront her head on. Just be sure to seem friendly, not aggressive.


Confront her? We don't want to frighten her, anon…

ID: e182d 407215

Figuring Pinkie would probably better at introducing you to the last pony, you bend down and whisper in her ear. "Who's the last one?"

"Oh, Fluttershy? She's a very kind pony and great with animals!" Her volume renders whatever kind of secrecy you were attempting moot. "Just give her some space, talk soft, and she'll warm up to you for sure!"

"Thanks, Pinkie."

Fluttershy, anticipating your approach, backs up even further. You glance over to Celestia, wondering if she is planning on helping, but all she does is jerk her head over to Fluttershy and smirks. Great. You're on your own.

Calming yourself with a breath, you walk over to Fluttershy, getting as close as you dare, then crouch down to her eye level, offering a warm smile. "It's nice to meet you too, Fluttershy." You offer your hand as a gesture of peace and wait.

For a few seconds, all she does is look back and forther between your hand and face, wondering whether or not to accept your greeting. It occurs to you that there's a possibility she never warms up to you and you'll just have to live with being awkward around her. You'd really hate to do that, though, as Celestia—'Princess' Celestia—said these ponies might be able to help.

Your fears turn out to be unfounded, as Pinkie's advice holds true. Fluttershy meekly extends a hoof and lays it in your palm, allowing you to shake it gently. She offers a cute little smile as well. "Nice to, um, meet you."

"I'm glad you all are able to get along so well!" says Princess Celestia, grabbing your attention. "I brought you here because these ponies have proven themselves most reliable in times of crisis in Equestria, and I believe they might find a way to help you as well. I also consider them my friends, and you can trust each of them as you would me."

You open your mouth to ask exactly how these ponies might help but are interrupted by a shout coming from just outside the tent. "Sister? Are you in here? I'm coming inside!"

Sister? That must mean…

The pony that steps inside is indeed another alicorn, though colored in sharp contrast to Princess Celestia. Her coat drinks in the light, a navy blue that matches her mane and jewelry. Just like her sister, this alicorn carries an aura of power, though while you felt only gentleness from Celestia, this pony radiated business and formality.

"Did the exchange go as planned, sister? I was hoping to see—" Her statement stops in its tracks when she lays eyes on you. "Who are you?"

Blunt. Very blunt.


"I'm a human."
Introduce yourself and give her a bow.
"Pleasure to meet you, your majesty."
I bet she'd like a formal greeting like that.


ID: e182d 407246

"I'm a human." You stand up, turning away from Fluttershy and taking a step toward the newcomer. Giving a deep bow, you introduce yourself. "Pleasure to meet you, your majesty." You hope she favors formal.

Looking up from the bow, you find her face curious and calculating, obviously trying to take in all of this new information as best she can. Princess Celestia certainly had an easier time with her greeting, though those were slightly difference circumstances.

"Come now, little sis, introduce yourself," says Celestia. You're relieved to finally get some backup.

"Sister! I would appreciate you not referring to me as such in front of our subjects!" The way she says it with that blush, it's almost like she's pouting.

"Then stop standing there like you've just seen the sun explode and say something."

"Hmph." She turns back to you. "Greetings, human. I am Princess Luna, ruler of the night and co-founder of Equestria. It is a pleasure to meet you."

So many pleasantries these last few minutes, you feel like gagging. You aren't really one for so much formality. Finally, you straighten back up from the bow, finding Luna had already walked over to her sister. She's clearly eager to know what happened. You can't help but feel a little awkward, as the context of Celestia's excursion is completely lost on you, and you still just met all of these ponies, not to mention you still have no idea where the hell you are.

You'll just have to take things as they come, you guess.

[End Session]

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I'll aim for an evening session next time, likely later this week. I'll say tentatively Friday evening, same time as the first session (7pm UTC-5), though I might try to fit one in earlier. I'll post it here if I do.


Thanks again, smutanon!


I just caught up, with any luck I'll be able to play along on friday

You'll link this in the general when you start, right?

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ID: e182d 411545

File: 1367626201957.png (501.24 KB, 1024x1024, Picture001.png, IO Google TinEye)


You straighten back up from the bow, finding Luna had already walked over to her sister. She's clearly eager to know what happened. You can't help but feel a little awkward, as the context of Celestia's excursion is completely lost on you, and you still just met all of these ponies, not to mention you still have no idea where the hell you are.

You'll just have to take things as they come, you guess.

Celestia seems to catch on to your uneasiness, looking between you and her sister.

"Excuse me, traveler, but I wish to converse with my sister regarding recent events. While I do not object to you listening in, as you had a part to play yourself, I do not know how much further you wish to involve yourself. The more you know, the more danger you may be in, and I realize you probably only want to return home. Therefore, if you would like to distance yourself from this conflict, I suggest you wait outside. One of my guards should be stationed out near my tent, you can wait with him."


"In for a penny, in for a pound."
Let's listen in and find out as much as we can.
We also might want to inquire about that "Worldshard" that one unicorn mentioned.


Gimme a sec to reread the whole thing then I'm all yours.


This, we might as well stick around and see what we can do to help
it's not like we have any plans for getting home anyway

ID: e182d 411608

"I think I'd prefer to listen. I'm already in this far, might as well see how deep the rabbit hole goes."

Celestia raises an eyebrow at your expression, but says nothing of it. "If that is what you want." She turns to the Elements and her sister, gesturing to an open spot on the ground. "Everypony come take a seat and I will describe what happened at the exchange."

Exchange? Hmm, so she was trying to get something there? Whatever it was, it didn't go as planned. You take up a spot next to Celestia, with Pinkie on your other side. Pinkie seems concerned; a much different sort of aura than you felt from her a moment ago. Celestia keeps her face fairly passive, much as you would expect from a ruler, but there is some gloom peeking through.

"It was an ambush."

Luna is the first to react, putting a hoof on her sister's side, checking for bruises and cuts but keeping an eye on Celestia's face as well. "Were you hurt?"

Celestia shakes her head. "No. I came out of the ordeal a bit worse for wear, but if a few thousand years are unable wear me down, an evening skirmish certainly won't. In fact, I would say your appearance was a bit lucky, traveler. If all of those unicorns had been able to focus on me, I may not have made it out in quite the same condition. You split their attentions between us and even took a couple out yourself."

The circle of ponies turns to face you. You try to hide your smile as a burst of pride wells up within you, but something of a smirk makes its way to your face. "Just glad I could help."

"And I appreciate it very much." Taking a deep breath, Celestia collects herself before continuing. She isn't looking forward to the next part, you can tell. "Twilight was not there. The unicorns' intention was to take the offering, kill me with it, and leave. Two birds with one stone, as it were."

Rainbow Dash bounces up, grabbing everyone's attention. "Are you kidding me?! Those rotten little worms! If I ever—"

"Rainbow Dash!" shouts Luna. "That is not helping. We want Twilight back as much as you, but clearly we will need to find a different approach instead of simple negotiation."

"Uh, sorry for asking, but who is Twilight and what was the offering? I'm assuming she's some kind of hostage?" you ask.

Celestia is the first to answer, though not without some vitriol in her voice. "Yes, a hostage. She is the fourth princess of Equestria, the newest member of the royal family, and dear friend to all of us. She'd be with us now on this excursion if not…" Forcing herself to stop, Celestia closes her eyes and looks to the ground. Her sister gives a supporting rub on the her side, opening her mouth to speak, but Celestia resumes first. "Yes, sister, I know I should not blame myself. Still, it is much easier to."


"So…if negotiations won't work, how will we get this 'Twilight' back?"


"That offering…was that the 'worldshard' the group's leader mentioned?"


Any more information you have on the 'negotiators'?

ID: e182d 411628

"So… if negotiations won't work, how will we get this 'Twilight' back?"

Luna answers you this time. "We find where our enemy hides, and take her back. They have proven they can be trusted as much as a changeling."

"Excuse me, princess, as I am merely a citizen and no tactician, but won't they use Twilight's life as leverage should we start searching for them? And if we find them, how can we get her back before they hurt her?" Rarity asks.

"We must use stealth, speed and cunning, Element of Generosity. Our Worldshard will buy us further time. They still want it, so we will act as though we might still part with it."

"So this 'Worldshard' was the offering? What's so special about it? Why do they want it?"

Celestia straightens her neck back up, returning from her somber state. "The Worldshard is an old object of power, a relic from the time when the world was still young. A time before even my sister and I. In the right hooves—or wrong, depending on your point of view—it could wreak havoc."

You rub your chin in thought. "Then they're after it for it's power?"

"That is my assumption, yes."

Crossing your arms, you let out a deep breath. Sounds like just another crazed grab for power, hardly a revolution, unless the enemy was much stronger than Celestia let on.

"What do you know about this group, other than they don't want you in power?"

"Their leader is a former advisor of mine, one who left when my sister returned. We did not always agree, but he was oft a wise voice at my side. As of late, I listened to him less and less, and when I decided to bring my sister back, he could not handle our differences any further. He quit and left, though I wished him the best on his travels." She frowns. "This is not how I envisioned he would spend his time and knowledge."


"Maybe your old advisor isn't entirely in control of his own mind. These sort of tactics hardly seem fitting of someone who you valued for his wisdom."


Volunteer to help getting Twilight back.
If we're getting into this for the long haul, we'd best make ourselves as useful as we can.


If you knew him so well, did he give any hint at where he might be heading?

ID: e182d 411657

"Maybe your old advisor isn't entirely in control of his own mind. These sort of tactics hardly seem fitting of someone who you valued for his wisdom."

Rarity murmurs an agreement.

Nodding, Celestia replies, "I agree these tactics are quite out-of-character for him. And, as cruel as it may sound, I hope he is not in control of his mind, that I might find cause for mercy. He was always very adamant about his thoughts, and put the well-being of Equestria above all else. I only hope he has not taken his conviction to an extreme."

"If you knew him so well, did he give any hint at where he might be heading?"

"He did not. While I did not wish him to depart and still held respect for his knowledge, I regret to say the feeling was likely not mutual. He left 'in a huff', as it were."

Nodding, you think on all Celestia and Luna have told you. The mere idea of a kidnapper sickens you, a hate for this fallen advisor already burning up within you. It also pains you to see Celestia so saddened by the kidnapping of her friend Twilight. Maybe you haven't known Celestia all that long, but she saved your ass back in that cavern and has been nothing but kind since. Her sister may be a bit blunt, but she's alright by you, too. Really, all of these ponies have been welcoming, albeit some more than others. They don't deserve to go through this, and as out-of-place as you may be…

"I'd like to help. I can't sit here, being useless, while your friend is out there, captive."

Pinkie scoots over to you and nuzzles your shoulder, surprising you a bit with the sudden touch, but you pat her mane once you recognize what she's doing. Luna seems a little suspicious, but doesn't voice any objection.

"I can hardly ask that of you, traveler. While I appreciate your help back in the cavern and your openminded-ness at greeting my friends, this is still a matter very beyond you and, as demonstrated today, quite dangerous."

"Consider it payback for saving me back there, then. I owe it to you."

"There is no debt between us. Do not do this out of some sense of duty."

You frown, crossing your arms. She's being awfully stubborn on this. "I'm doing it because I hate ass—er, punks that kidnap people. Well, ponies, in your case. I want to do this."

Sighing, Celestia shakes her head, but you can see a smile beneath that exasperation. "If you are determined, I will not be the one to stand in your way. But it is late now, and I must retire. My sister can answer any further questions you have, though I think it would be best if you rested as well." Celestia stands up, signalling for everyone else to do so as well. She makes her way to the tent exit, but pauses before leaving. "Luna, please make sure our new friend sees a doctor before retiring for the night. And," she says turning to you, "thank you."


It's my privilege.

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Seeing as the responses are pretty slow, I think I'll stop for tonight.

Next session will be TOMORROW, same time (7pm UTC-5).



ID: e182d 411714

With the sub back up, I'll aim for another session on Friday, a little earlier this time so europeans can join.

3pm UTC-5.

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