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Monster Hunter Quest #3: Tall Tale (Thread 2) Sion 437107[Last 50 Posts]

[MH information and sheets: http://goo.gl/y9CC4 ]

From the diary of a dragon orphan named Indy.

Dear Diary,
What a strange day!
It started out pretty okay. The Keeper give me a piece of meat that wasn't green. I was so happy, I couldn't hide my smile. So the Keeper gave me an extra hard beating again.
I spent most of the day in my cage after that until some strange ponies and griffons came around and took me out of there. They seem pretty nice to me, even though they killed everyone in the base. I guess they must be heroes or something? Now one of the really smart looking ones gave me a name Indy and I'm on a boat somewhere on sea and all I can wonder is, how did this happen?

Keep doing your thing ponies.
You're on intercept course for the other galleon. Reach it or do you want to RP a bit while gaining on them?

Mabel: You're still with the she-stallion.
Pico: You've got the tied up guy where?

Amber [Crystal butt] 437108

This will give me the time to calm down… can I talk to my crystal sister?

Mabel [Duelist] 437110

I remember asking something important.

Sion 437111

Sure, she's still crying though. Iron Knuckle is trying to comfort her a bit.

I remember answering
"I'm not sure what they'll find. But it seems like they'll soon take over most of the operations of the Bloodhound Gang. Those bastards…"
She grins.
"But of course, I'm sure Zephyr already knew that. What he really wants to know, and what you'll have to tell him is that the Enforcer is the guy he needs."

Shortcake [Rogue] 437112

"Can't we make this boat go any faster?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437113

Where am I/we?

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437114

Did I comb Molly this morning?

Troubles for another time.
Last thing I remember Indy was looking all proud for knocking me out.
"You feeling better?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 437116

Crying? Oh no…
"Uh… Star Quartz?"

Mabel [Duelist] 437117

"The Enforcer, right. Who is he?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 437119

I just scratch my head and try make a comforting tone.
"Snacks will make sure to protect Star."

Sion 437121

One of the sailors scoffs.
"Sure, can you make the wind blow faster?"

Long story short, the party went through the base killing everyone in sight. Now they commandeered a vessel to chase a ship.
This ship holds the last unfreed slaves.
Shortcake is on board as well.

He nods and grins.


"He used to be part of the Bloodhound gang, but switched sides right before that group of mercenaries exterminated them.
He's a very big, very intimidating earth pony, who collects protection money, and is very good at gettting it. He works for the Poison Hooves now, but is apparently a bit…dissatisfied with their rather weak leader."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sion 437122

>Snacks and Amber.
Star looks at you and nods through teary eyes.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437124

"Let's go back outside, uh?"

Amber 437126

"You don't look like it… Are you in pain!?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 437127

I grit my teeth and ignore him.

Snacks(DD ranger) 437128

I just nod at this.

I gulp.
"Perhaps we let them take a breather."
I then look at the others.
"The other dog ship might have many more, Snack suggest we go fast or they might get the wind so to speak."

Amber 437131

"We can't go faster than we already are!"

Mabel [Duelist] 437132

"So, what do I need to do? Just find him? And then?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437133

"Maybe we could use Poor Soil as a paddle."

Shortcake [Rogue] 437134

"I don't think his dragon would like that."

Snacks(DD ranger) 437135

I just breath out of this.
"Then we wait."

I then look at Star.
"Do Star pony have friends on the other ship? Snack and his friends will try their best to rescue them."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437136

"Maybe it should get out and pull."

Shortcake [Rogue] 437138

"Speaking of getting out and pulling…"

I look around. How many pegasi are on board?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sion 437139

He nods and walks with you again.

Iron knuckle puts a hoof on her shoulder.
"I'm sorry, the time in there took a lot from both of us…maybe we could get some time to recover first? Get our bearings?"

She looks at you blankly.
"Didn't Zephyr tell you?"

You are gaining on the other ship.
Slowly it comes closer until you're almost within range to jump on it.
The sailors of the other ship look at yours with a mix of confusion and alertness. Some grabbing their weapons. Still you don't seem to be attacking them and you don't look like an army boat.
They're waiting to see what happens…

Shortcake [Rogue] 437143

I hide somewhere where I will be able to jump onto the other ship when we get close enough.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Amber 437144

I take a step back
"… Right! I just- Sorry!"
Let's just prep to board the other ship then…

Mabel [Duelist] 437145

"He told me to get some information from you."

Snacks(DD ranger) 437146

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437147

I hide, too. '1d10+2'
And I try to help her out with hiding.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437149

Wait and look at this from behind the door. How many ponies?

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437150

I'll fly out a bit to the other ship, but not so far that I make an easy target.
"Ahoy there! We're part of the Dock Patrol, and you guys had left without signing something! WE need you to head back to port, get that cleared away, and then you can go on your merry way!"

Sion 437152

There are a few pegasi among the sailors.
Mwandishi has just helped Cake to hide when the other ship comes close enough to enter.
She's hidden. You're not.

"I don't know them, but please save them."

"That son of a…."
He sighs.
"Well then missy, I suppose you'll have to get to him yourself. Their main base is in the sewer. Try to get in and talk to the big guy."

There are '4d5' ponies over there.

The captain looks over at you.
"Where's your legitimation then?"

You are now within jumping range.
Be warned that boarding the ship without permission will be considered an act of agression.
The other captain looks at all of you.
"What's the meaning of this? All of you don't look like no coast guard."

Roll #1 2, 1, 2, 3 = 8

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437155

"It's right here on the inside of my cloak! I'd fly closer, but I'm afraid to be mistaken for a pirate and shot. If you can just return to the docks, we can sort this all out!"

Mabel [Duelist] 437156

"Sounds like fun… say, do you happen to know any good fake names?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 437157

"Thanks, Mwandishi."
I wait and watch.

Snacks(DD ranger) 437158

Just keep myself quiet and proper, let them handle the negotiation

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437160

Remain here and let's see what Warren does.

Sion 437164

"How about you give it now, or buzz off?"

"What about Jane?"

Mabel [Duelist] 437165

"Jane… yeah, I like that.
Thanks, sweetheart."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437166

"Put down you weapons and I will!"
I really hope those guys realize that I need them to board the other ship pronto the second they set down their weapons.

Sion 437168

"No problem sugar. And tell Zephyr I hope he dies a painful death one day."
He snaps his hooves.

"You come here, without any legitimation, in a ship unlike any other coast guard ship I've ever seen, and you think I'm going to order my crew to put down their weapons.
Come over here and show that legitimation, I can assure you, you won't harmed. Captains honor."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437170

"Well enough, but if I see one bowstring tightened or sword raised before I land, then I am authorized to use force."
And then I'll fly over the boat and look for a good spot to settle down.

Sion 437172

I don't know what to tell you, there's plenty of room, even next to the captain. Were you looking for anything in particular?
"I don't have all day sweetheart."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437174

Step out and meet up with Warren.
"Slam time yet?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 437175

While they are distracted with Warren I slip onto their ship.

Mabel [Duelist] 437176

"A lady shouldn't talk like that."

Sion 437177

He is flying and if you want to cross over to the other boat, you'll have to roll, not to mention that will be viewed as agression.


"Oh you don't know Zephyr like I do honey."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437179

I'm over the other ship. In the air.
Right. Well. I'll set down, and start rummaging around in my cloak, then my saddlebags, and my expression will start to be worried.
"Oh. Oh dear, did I… No it couldn't have fallen out while I was flying, but… did I leave it on the other ship?"

Mabel [Duelist] 437180

"Then I'll make sure to tell him that.
Thanks again, for everything."
Wave goodbye to her, and leave.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437181

No I thought he had landed. Nevermind.

Shortcake [Rogue] 437182

But I'm stealthed.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 437185

Stealthed until you do an action that isn't walking around and looking around
Such as "jumping on the other ship without getting noticed" I'd have even let you remain stealthed if you made this one.

"Boss, one jumped on ship."
3 sailors run at you with swords drawn.

The captain sees this.
"I don't care what you are, son."
He draws his sword
"But you won't get us alive."

He waves at you.
Where to now, honeybums?

Mabel [Duelist] 437187

Well honeybums, honeybutt said their main base is in the sewers.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437188

"I see. My apologies, then."
And then I'll take flight once more, and fire up Homing Magic. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Shortcake [Rogue] 437189

I blind one off them with some sand from my bag.
"Slaver scum!"

Roll #1 5 = 5

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437190

Oh, everyone's attacking!
Stand up on the deck and roar.
Cross over to the other ship.
"Is it time yet?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437191

"Yes it's time! So try not to fall in the ocean!"


"Dirty slaver jerks! Yaaaa!"
Empower my hammer and smash the captain"s head in!

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437193

"I can swim!"

Sion 437194

Roll to make the jump.

Not enough sand.
One of them nearly hits you with a sword, though you manage to avoid most of it.

That will count as a 7 on jump roll.
Your hammer is now empowered and you are on the other ship.

Can you?

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437195

I play a quick zebra war tune on my drums to inspire the troops.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Well… get on with what I was planning then!

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10

Snacks(DD ranger) 437198

And everyone attack.
Take out my crossbow and shoot one of them.
Sentried Marksman shot

Shortcake [Rogue] 437199

I get around behind him and backstab him.
"Die, slaver!"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437200


Roll #1 6 = 6

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437201

Well, one bolt isn't too terrible, I suppose. So, while I'm flying up here, I'll just take my crossbow out and shoot any archers that might be on board. I'll use some of the manticore poison. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sion 437203

How did those songs go again?
Damn you've been acting like a pony so long, you're starting to forget ye olde tribal songs.
What would your ancestors say?

Indeed you do. As the Captain tries to attack you glamourously clubber him from behind.

You should go around them, not right in their sword!
You're helpless.


One shot. One kill.

Butterhooves. As you apply it to your bolt, you accidentaly injure yourself on the sharp point.
You drop out of the sky as paralysis takes over.

Warren 0/3 HELPLESS

Snacks(DD ranger) 437206

Okay that worked.
Shoot again.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437207

Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.
Get up '1d10' and that bolt can go fly right into the captain's face. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 9 = 9


"AMBER! On Warren!"
Slam into action on the captain!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Uh oh. Heal Shortcake.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5

Sion 437210

Roll for luck in finding them!

Shortcake [Rogue] 437211

Escape Artist to get up.

Mabel [Duelist] 437213

Lucky Lady is on my side!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437216

Knowing my ancestors, they'd probably laugh at me and try to dick me over, the bastards.

I try to hide.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Sion 437223

You miss, the only archer on the other side shoots back and hits your shoulder.

You shake and manage to control your wings before you smash into the ship.
Once on the ground you fire the poisoned bolt into the captain, who immediately starts moving wonky.

The paralysed captain can't resist you as you slam him overboard.

This moment of distraction costs you a dent in your kettle helmet.

You're up, you clever minx.

You lift a sewerhole and go in.
Without searching for long, you see a patrol clad in green. You could attempt to follow them or maybe something else?

Through sheer coincidence or maybe the scorn of your ancestors, the boat suddenly bumps into the other, shocking both boats, you lose your balance.
Roll to not fall into the water.

Mabel [Duelist] 437224

Slip into stealth and follow.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437225

Okay, good. But I'm not risking more poison just yet. I'll let another bolt fly at that archer '1d10', and send the magic missile after him as well. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 5 = 5

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437226


Roll #1 2 = 2


Heal Warren instead!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Shortcake [Rogue] 437228

I try to grab him and lift him to safety with my telekinesis.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Snacks(DD ranger) 437230

Like that will tarnish me. Shoot again.
Marksman shot.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Attack the closest one!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 437234

You accidentaly hit a stone and it fall into the water with a noise.
Roll to hide.

You tumble off the boat, but, as the other one is very close, you fall right against its hull, breaking through it and losing 4 hits.
You're in the other ships storage. You see cages containing 14 slaves including ponies, donkeys and griffons.

Another dent.

You reach over the reeling to try to TK him in.
"Not so fast, darling, we're not done yet.'" The salty sailor says behind you.
You feel a dagger stabbing you in the flank.

He's dead.

The rocking of the boat suprises you and the other guy gets in a quick hit.

Mabel [Duelist] 437236


Roll #1 6 = 6

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437238

Oh, most excellent.

"Comrades! We've come to rescue you. Prepare to fight for your freedom."
Start picking locks.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Use the momentum to slam onto one of those guys that just hit me!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Shortcake [Rogue] 437240

"Don't touch me!"
I grab him by the throat with my TK and throw him into the water.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437241

Well, if that archer is already dead, then I suppose those attacks went to another slaver.

Shortcake [Rogue] 437242


Roll #1 4 = 4

Snacks(DD ranger) 437243

Looking down the water and not being able to swim, I rather be content with shooting.

Grab a rope and try to board the ship. Its go time!
Supreme survival rope swing!


"Stop that!"
Dammit! Heal Warren already!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Sion 437251

You jump and hide most excellent.
The patrol can't find a trace and continues.
You arrive at a large room in the sewers, filled with a few ponies dressed in green.
You might try to sneak through or look around from this point for details.

The picking goes well and soon the slaves are free. Most except a few griffons don't seem in any condition to fight.
And you also realize smashing a hole in a ship is maybe not a good idea, as water starts seeping in through the hole you created.

The ship will sink in '1d4+2' turns.

Slammed off the ship cap'n. Is it your imagination or is the ship lower then the other ship suddenly.

He's not touching you yet, not with his hooves at least. With a knife, yes.
You're helpless.

You climb over, quite excellently.
…Is that a hole in the other ship?

He's healed a wound, nice.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


About time! Now heal Shortcake!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Shortcake [Rogue] 437253

I try to get up.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437254

"Let's go!" Keep the griffins at the front and have them grab whatever they can find for weapons.

Go up top.


Wait, am I gaining weight?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Snacks(DD ranger) 437260

hole? Can I spot it?
Supreme survival spot

just in case you are asking for me to roll for that swinging on the rope thingy if its required.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Mabel [Duelist] 437261

Look around for details.
Do I see that big Enforcer guy?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437262

On my way, take a quick look around. Anything interesting/valuable down here?

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Sion 437266

You're up again.
But where are your attackers?
They seem to be running to the rope connecting your ship with theirs.
And was your ship always that high?
And what is this BLUBBLUBBLUB sound?

You're up top.
The remaining sailors seem to be trying to use a rope to get off the ship.

You easily hit one of the slaver trying to reach the rope and the bolt smashes him overboard.
You miss the other sailor as he tries to climb it.

As you lean over to get a good look at the hole you lose your balance
Roll to not fall into the water.

Maybe. You've eaten a lot these past days.
You see Indy on the other boat waving at you, like he wants you to get over at the other boat again.

The slaves seemed to be the most valuable. But you do find some documents regarding the slave traders. These could count as evidence!

You see a large guy moving around to one of the side chambers.
You also notice some spare green clothes close by.
The other one manag

Snacks(DD ranger) 437268


Roll #1 9 = 9


Hey, sure, let's rejoin him.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Shortcake [Rogue] 437270

I try to find the slaves.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437272

Take the evidence with me. Direct the griffins to start flying the other slaves to our ship, if they can.

Stab the sailor at the rope!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437275

I can fly, I should be fine. The slaves can't, though. Head inside and see if Ican't find any slaves. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Amber [Crystal butt] 437276

Mabel [Duelist] 437280

Can I carefully sneak over and slip away those spare clothes?

Sion 437281

You keep your balance.

You climb over the rope back to the other ship.
He looks happy you're back, but why?

They're running on deck, trying to get to the other boat, like you should be doing judging by the amount of water in the lower hull.

You stab the wounded guy and he falls off into the water
The 4 griffons make it safely as well as 2 pegasi.
The rest '7d10'

You head inside and see….loadsawater rising fast.
Roll to not get swept away with it.

She's healed up.

if you can MIN4 yes.

Roll #1 7, 7, 6, 6, 1, 6, 10 = 43

Sion 437282

Every slave makes it, except one mare who falls into the water.
Who will save her?

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437283

Oh bother. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Amber [Crystal butt] 437284

Uh oh…

Jump in the water and go after her! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437285

Well, since I'm ending up there anyway, I might as well give it a shot. Can I somehow regain my senses and save her? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437286

I dive in, hoping that I can swim better than I expect.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437287

Look at him curiously.
"What's up now?"
Plenty of other swimmers with less weight than I have.

Mabel [Duelist] 437289

I wanted to roll, I swear

Roll #1 7 = 7

Shortcake [Rogue] 437293

I try to pull her out with my-

"Wooo! Go Mwandishi go!"

Sion 437297

You are swept away by the coming waves and smashed against the inner hull of the ship. Your wings hurt A LOT. But before you can check their status, the water goes over your head.

You're a master swimmer. Doing 2 backflips while jumping in the water and easily getting into the other both swimming on your back.

You snatch it, you are a very disguised donkey.


Sion 437298

He points to the boat.

Sion 437299

You save her.

Mabel [Duelist] 437301

Well, follow burly dude to the side chamber.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437302

Blurble blurble.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Drop my shield and go after Warren!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Snacks(DD ranger) 437305

Now see whats in that hole, enter it if its safe

Amber [Crystal butt] 437306

"Why is the ship sinking!?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 437308

Amber just saved her, right?
I try to jump back to our ship.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437311

I give the slave over to Amber and try to save Warren's ass.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 437313

You don't attract to much attention.
You see him, counting some money and making notes.

Warren blubs a bit, before Soil manages to get him out.
You're both back on the other ship.
Warrens left wing looks mangled.

Entering now is suicide. Continue?

You and Mwandishi saved the slave.
She looks gratefully at both of you, coughing.

You're there, some sailors help you up.

Soil already saved him.

Snacks(DD ranger) 437315

Nope nope nope.
Swing back to my ship!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Amber [Crystal butt] 437316

"Why… why is the ship sinking?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437317

I'll cough up some water.
"Well, I guess that's what I get for playing hero…"
I'll wince as I try to move my wing.
"Ouch. Thanks, Soil."
"Because there's a hole in it? I don't know, it just started happening. At least the slaves got out alright."
I'll look over them.
"We're bringing you folk back to port."

Sion 437318

One of the slaves says" that zebra made a hole to save us."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437320

"Yeah, just learn to swim next time.
And get your wings checked."

Amber [Crystal butt] 437322

"Are you okay!?"

"That wasn't very smart of him…"

Shortcake [Rogue] 437323

I look around. Have all of us and all the slaves made it back our boat?

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437324

Oh, I get back on the boat then.

Sion 437328

Looks like it. They seem to be shaken still.

You are there.


Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437329

I'll chuckle a bit, and then wince again as it jostles my wing.
"Yeah. I'll keep that in mind."
"Oh fine, just need to get my wing straightened out and I'll be good as new."

Sion 437637

The ship is once again setting sail for the port of Tall Tale.
In the horizon the dark sky gives way for a myriad of purple and orange.
Sunrise isn't too far away now.

The ex-slaves are resting on deck. The captain and sailors are working to keep the ship floating. Soils baby dragon is sitting inside, trying to not puke his guts out in front of his peers.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437642

Well, let's talk to a few of the rescued folk.
Let's start with… that pony who got fished out of the water. How's she doing?

Sion 437643

She's lying on the deck with a blanket. She's doing very well, considering the circumstances.
She glances occasionally at Mwandishi, her rescuer.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437645

"You feeling alright? That was a rather close call we had back there."

Sion 437646

She looks up at you.
"I'll live."
She gives a small smile.
"Getting a little wet is probably nothing compared to where we were going."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437647

I'll nod.
"The ones we saved off of this ship before forcing the crew to chase the other one was heading towards changeling lands. Apparently there's a good market there."
I'll snort slightly.
"But, you're all free creatures again, and that's what matters."
I'll pause a moment.
"Word of warning, though, the zebra is a shameless rogue."

Sion 437648

In other news, as long as your wings aren't looked at, you won't be able to fly with them.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437651

I had assumed as much.

Sion 437653

She looks at Mwandishi again.
"Really now? I wouldn't have thought. Well, I suppose there's nothing to steal off me anyway."
She grins at you.
"I was just travelling around Tall Tale looking for work when those gangs caught me, they probably saw an easy target."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437657

I'll nod a little sadly as she says that.
"There is a reason there's safety in numbers, I suppose."
I'll adjust my monocle slightly.
"As for having nothing to steal, a lady's heart is always a target, miss… Ah, how rude, I haven't even introduced myself. I'm Warren, and you are?"

Sion 437658

She gives you a sly smile.
"You're not a thief as well, are you? I'm Tullip"
She offers you her hoof.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437662

I'll accept it.
"A pleasure, miss Tulip. And I am no thief, at least not by design."
I'll smile innocently.
"I am simply a monster hunter who happened to be helping his friend with something that went a little further than any of us really expected."

Sion 437665

"Strange to see monster hunters on the sea…I thought you spent your time on land hunting Hydras and other things."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437669

"We do, usually. And it's funny you mention a hydra, as there's one in the Tall Tale sewers we were actually on our way to hunt be we caught wind of the slaving operation."
I'll chuckle slightly.
"We were quite lucky to catch up with you all so quickly, so we won't be violating our contract."

Sion 437671

Her eyes widen.
"So…they're dead? That gang?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437674

"Well, we had to go through them to find out where they sent all of you. Griff is not going to be troubling anyone anytime soon unless he was very good friends with a necromancer."
I'll frown a little at the memory of those pictures.
"Though I think we may have finished him too quickly, for what he'd done…"

Sion 437678

She frowns and looks down.
"Thanks…I didn't know their names. But their leader was a bastard. He seemed to like to touch mares…I don't know what he would have done if they didn't ship us out so soon.
There was one pony though…a big one. He gave us some food while nopony was looking. He seemed okay."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437685

"Well, for his sake, I hope he did not come to work yesterday. Most of the casualties were various dogs and a few ponies that wouldn't surrender. Though I don't recall any large ponies being there."
I'll smile a bit.
"So, Tulip, where will you go now?"

Sion 437686

"I hope he made it."
She looks down.
"I don't know…"
Then looks up with a small grin.
"But I suppose I'd like to take a nap first, there was a nice park in Tall Tale, maybe I can nap there somewhere…"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437692

"Just make certain you have someone you trust to watch over you. Last thing you need is to take a nap and wake up in another cage."
I'll smile a little at her.
"Though, traveling is always an option. The road to Canterlot should be fairly safe, if you travel with friends."

Sion 437694

"I heard the road to Canterlot got attacked actually. Even the trains aren't running anymore."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437696

I'll blink at that.
"Really? Hmm. That is troubling. I suppose armed friends would make it safer… Or finding different routes. Fillydelphia is nice this time of year, I hear."

Sion 437698

She looks down.
"I suppose…maybe I should just stay in Tall Tale, if you defeated the slavers it should be okay right?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437699

"Well, we beat up one cell of them. Who knows how many more there are. And they were fairly connected to the Arena, apparently, and that opens all sorts of nasty doors. But, if you want to stay in Tall Tale, don't forget to learn how to defend yourself. Especially if you don't have any weapons."
I'll think for a moment.
"And don't accept any drinks you haven't seen prepared or prepared yourself."

Sion 437700

"I've lost my crossbow…"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437704

"Well, I'm not quite certain mine's the right size or weight, but I can part with it if it'll help you get back on your hooves. Though do try to learn how to defend yourself without needing a weapon, or at least using a good horseshoe as one."
I'll rummage a bit in my saddlebags, and then set my crossbow and cestus on the deck.
"I can part with either, but I can't really teach how to properly use the cestus in a single evening."
I'll give an apologetic smile.

Sion 437708

She looks uncertainly at the crossbow.
"Are you sure?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437710

"Hunting monsters is a rather lucrative occupation, if you can survive."
I'll smile a little wider.
"I think I can spare a crossbow and the bolts that go with it."

Sion 437714

She grasps the crossbow.
She looks at you with a smile "Thanks."
She gets up and gives you a small kiss on the cheek.

I suppose you can spend some time giving her hints about how to crossbow properly.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437718

I think I will. Have to do something while we wait, but she seems fairly familiar with it already.

Sion 437907

The ship has been travelling back to shore.
The sun has just risen and the harbor basks in an orange glow.
Merchants are setting up their stalls and ponies try to get a quick breakfast before going to their backbreaking jobs.

The ship will be back at shore soon.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437917

Were there any healers amongst the freed slaves? I'd like not to pay a hoof and a leg just to get this wing looked at. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437919

"Trying to scam the poor slaves out of some medical care, eh, Warren? You scoundrel!"

Amber [Crystal butt] 437920

Gee, I wonder where in Equestria one could find a healer

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437921

"Scam, nothing. If any of you could fix this wing of mine, I'd ask."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437922

But does it mend?

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437923

Good. Stick close to Indy.
"Hey, what of the ponies of the boat now?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 437925

I sit quietly on the deck while looking at my knives.

Amber [Crystal butt] 437926

I do have Mend, yes.

"They… they ought to be banished!"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437928

"Did you lose any?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 437929

I shake my head.

Sion 437930

Doesn't seem like it.
Amber seems to know how to mend though.

The sailors of the boat look at you.
The captain coughs "Hey now, we've helped you guys. The ponies are free now, everythings okay. I suppose you could just let us go and you won't hear about us again."

Snacks(DD ranger) 437931

I look at Shortcake
"Cake pony knows we can sharpen those once we get back to shore." I give a weak a grin.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437932

"They're just doing their jobs, Amber. There's been enough blood today."
I'll glance at my wing for a moment.
"You… wouldn't be able to fix this, would you?"

Mabel [Duelist] 437933

"Hey there big guy. You got some free time? I want you to meet someone."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437934

"Let's say we do. And you leave.
If I hear about any of you folks going back to this kind of business, I'm hunting you all down."
Pat the dragon on the head.
"And by then Indy oughta be much bigger."
Stare the captain down.


"Their job was to send ponies to a changeling hive where they'd be worked to death and then used as… as egg-hive thingies!"
Mend his wing

Roll #1 5 = 5

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437938

"Hey, what's wrong? We won. The ponies are all free now."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437941

"That doesn't mean they have to die, or be exiled. They should just start transporting legitimate cargo instead. It can't be that hard."

Amber [Crystal butt] 437946

"Sombra died for what he did. The savior herself defeated him! What does that tell you!?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 437949

"That's not the problem."

"Before this I had only kill three people, and that was always in self defense, but when I saw the slavers I completely lost it! I can hardly even remember how I got here. I completely lost it and killed a whole bunch of people. I'm a monster!"

Roll #1 5 = 5

Shortcake [Rogue] 437951

I sniffle a little bit.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 437952

"That your savior killed an evil demon. These sailors are not demons. They are simply ponies who got into the wrong line of work."

Amber [Crystal butt] 437955

"That's… that's not true! Sombra was a pony too, a unicorn!"

Sion 437956

He looks up from making notes.
"I'm busy. Shouldn't you be working for Vilina right now? I heard everypony was called to loot the Bloodhound Gang base as quickly as possible."

Indy growls at him.
The captain is sweating.
"Of course, we wouldn't want trouble."

Your wing feels a little better and the healing process begins. Your flight rolls are -1 for the time being. The healing will be complete tomorrow. You might want to bandage it still, just to make sure you don't make wrong movements with it.

Snacks(DD ranger) 437961

"Ah, Snack just thought it has gotten dull with all the fighting and all."
I just nod at this before turning away.

Listen to their conversation.

Look around how many slaves did we free? How about Iron and Star?

Mabel [Duelist] 437962

"I guess you don't want to meet that informant then… Your loss, I think you could have gotten something real useful out of him."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437963

Laugh a bit and keep looking at him, with a grin, without a word.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437966

"Hey, listen: An injustice anywhere is an injustice somewhere. And you've got to stop that by any means necessary. You're not a monster – they're the monsters.

"I'm not going to lie, Shorty: It's not fun to do that. But the fact that you feel bad about it shows that you aren't a monster. I've done it before. Mel's done it before. We're not monsters. But it's just a hazard of the revolutionary profession.

Shortcake [Rogue] 437968

I sniff again.
"You promise?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437969

"I promise. I wouldn't lie to you. You're the same ol' Shortcake."

Sion 437972

There are roughly 20 here. Griffons, ponies, donkeys.
Star seems calmed down and talking to Iron.

He frow his eyebrow.
"Informant. What informant?"

He keeps looking at you, unsure.

The boat has reached the harbor.
You may enter the city again if you want.

Shortcake [Rogue] 437974


Roll #1 3 = 3

Mabel [Duelist] 437975

"Oh, you know, the guy who knew about this little gang showdown thing too."

Shortcake [Rogue] 437976

I give you a hug.
I sniffle again, then hold you while I cry as quietly as I can.

Amber [Crystal butt] 437979

Well Warren is gone.
Anna around here somewhere? How sparkly does Star Quartz look right now?

Snacks(DD ranger) 437980

Approach the two of them.
"Do two ponies feel better now?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437982

Time to oversee that all freed ponies leave the boat safely.
After that is done…

"We should move and take on the others."

Amber [Crystal butt] 437983

I nod
"The other gang of jerks…"

Snacks(DD ranger) 437985

"Are there more?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437989

"Yeah. The green guys.
And Enforcer!"

Amber [Crystal butt] 437991

"Are they slavers too?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437992

I hug you back
"It'll be alright.

"The first time I ever felt like that was after I left my village. A cousin of this filly I… knew… had tracked me down and was trying to force me back to the village. He drew a club and tried to hit me. I kicked him in the face, and I must have hit him too hard, because he dropped cold to the ground. He didn't move, and I ran away.

"That stays with you a long time, Shorty, but you have to move past it. It doesn't make you a monster unless you start to feel good about it. And even then, you have to remember that these ponies would have done far worse to all of us, and to those poor sods.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 437993

"Just, uh, give us some space, Snacks."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 437995

"I don't know.
They are gangs, they make all kind of nasty stuff!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 437996

I close my arms.
"Snack assumes these are slaver gangs too if Snack is correct."

I am approaching Star and Iron(NPC's). Sorry for not making that clear

Sion 437999

He looks you over then trots over to a tent bit further within the chamber.
A stallion you estimate to be 14-15 years old walks out.
"Yes, dad?"
"Finish those notes about today's earning for me, and if there's even one cent missing, break some legs."
The stallion looks at you curiously before turning back to his dad and nodding.

The Enforcer walks back to you.
"Well then, miss. I hope this is worth my time. Lead on."

They look up at you.
Star nods.
Iron gets up.
"Yes" He looks worried.

They're all off, except Star and Iron, who are talking to Snacks.

Anna stayed behind when you went on the ships. Star is looking better, not sparkly, but better.

Amber [Crystal butt] 438000

I narrow my eyes and nod.
"We have to take them out then! What are we waiting for?"

Mabel [Duelist] 438002

"I'm sure it will be, don't worry.
Just follow me."
Well, first thing first, leave the sewers.

Snacks(DD ranger) 438003

I just tilt my head seeing Irons expression.
"Is anything wrong?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 438004

"Star? Are you okay now? Or uh… more okay than before? … I mean, I understand you must be sad right now but do you feel better than you did earlier?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 438006

"I'm sorry that happened to you."
I sniff again and hold you for a few more minutes before letting go and wiping my eyes.
"There's someone else I need to talk to now, but you, me, and Melody need to talk more often.Thanks for helping me, Mwandishi."
I give you a light kiss on the cheek before walking off.

I find you.
"Snacks? It's Snacks, right?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438009

"You? Let's go back to the inn!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 438010

Just look at her and nod at this.

Sion 438014

You're out of the sewers without trouble. Once you're out you notice ponies run out of the way as you pass. Windows get closed and doors get barred.
The Enforcer seems undisturbed by this.

Iron sighs "It's Star. She's still pretty shaken up."
He looks at her again.
"I wish I could stay, so she has somepony while she gets her bearings back, but I myself have a family in Vanhoover, they must be worried sick by now. I can't stay…"

She nods. "Yes, thanks Amber."

Mabel [Duelist] 438017

Heh, I think I know why.
"Shopping must suck for you like this, huh?"
Head back to the inn.

Amber [Crystal butt] 438018

"You- we should head back to the inn!"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 438019

"I think we're heading back to the inn."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438021

Back to the inn!

Sion 438024

"I pay ponies to bring my groceries to me."
You arrive at the inn and lead him to Bedrocks room.
As you knock, a pony you've never seen before opens.
"Ah Mabel is it? Most excellent, you brought our guest, even more excellent. Please enter, mister Coral. Me and my associate Bedrock have arrangements to discuss."
The Enforcer enters.
The pony turns to you again.
"Now please, Mabel. We need some privacy. Bedrock will talk to you soon and of course, here's something for you to pass the time."
The unknown pony throws you a bag of bits and locks the door shut.
Mabel has reached Money Level 1. Same as the rest of the party.

You're heading to the Inn and have arrived. Right AFTER the Enforcer went into Bedrocks room.

Don't forget about your party Mwa.

Shortcake [Rogue] 438025

"I'd love to go back to the spa, but I need to cook things for tomorrow."

I close my eyes and take a few breaths before opening them again.
"I'm not going to apologize for being distrustful of you, especially after I learned about your past. I wasn't just distrustful of you though, I acted like a bi-jerk and I want to say sorry for that. You're a good person, Snacks. I know that now."
I hold out my hoof for you to shake.
"Can we put this behind us?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 438026

What's going on here?

Sion 438029

That's today sweetie. This afternoon in fact.

Snacks(DD ranger) 438030

"Snack see's. Better let Iron's family know that he is going back home." I smile at this.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438031

So off to find bedrock and the cop we had left here!

Mabel [Duelist] 438032

At least I got some money out of it already!
Let's head back to the inn-part, and order a drink.

Amber [Crystal butt] 438033

"So where are you from Star? The capital like me?"
Anna around here? Maybe she could look after Star while we go hunt those other gangers

Mwandishi (Trickster) 438034

"We've got that party tonight, remember? Probably need to bathe before we do that."

I don't remember if we bought fancy clothes yet for the party or not.

Uh, we saved the day.

Snacks(DD ranger) 438035

"Snack kind of deserves it." I lower my head.

Shortcake [Rogue] 438038

"Everyone's done things they regret, I just learned that. You're a good person now though and that's what counts."

My eyes widen.
Uh oh.

"Today!? Come on!"
I grab you and drag you with me.

I look for a shop or stall selling the ingredients I will need to make cakes and pastries for the party. Rolling to identify the good ones.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Mwandishi (Trickster) 438041

I look for a good haberdasher.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Sion 438042

"They must be so worried…but I don't want to leave Star like this…"

The cop is still in the dinner hall, getting sober again. Bedrock is in his room and it's locked. You meet Mabel at the door.

You meet Soil on the way.

"Agate, one of the outer cities, but I've been to the Capital. Me and my family fled there when the changelings attacked."
She shudders.

You didn't.

The party has destroyed the first gangs slaver base and freed all slaves.

You run into the first building you see, only when you're in you realize you're in another spa. You're getting tired.

Maybe you should ask for directions…

Melody Maker [Bard] 438044

"Wait for me!"
I fly after them.

Can I find a shop selling ingredients?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Shortcake [Rogue] 438045

I shake my head and go looking again. I've got to make some of the best pastries for this party.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Mwandishi (Trickster) 438046

I stop somepony and ask for directions to a fancy tailor. And also some sort of grocer.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Mabel [Duelist] 438047

Wave to Soil.
"Oh hey. I heard you had fun."

Amber [Crystal butt] 438048

"Oh that's…"
I flop my ears down
"That's horrible… Do you know anypony around here that could give you shelter?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438049

Wave at Mabel and then sit by the cop.
"Hey pal.
So where to next?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438050

"You did?"
Look at her confused.

Shortcake [Rogue] 438051

"Hey there! Can you see any stores around here?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 438052

I just nod at this.
"Thanks. Snack feels much better now. You yourself is not bad."

I cross my arms.
"Snack see's. So Star pony is all alone."

Mabel [Duelist] 438054

"Yeah. I did."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 438057

"And he was a very evil one. These ponies are just in the wrong line of work."

And then time warps forward.
Where am I at the moment, after getting a wrapping for my wing?

Sion 438058

With some help from Melody Maker, you find the market with alls sort of different stalls carrying the most rare to the most common ingredients.

You're informed to go to either the market to get raw silks and other materials or go to one of the side streets there for the boutiques and clothing shops.

"No….I only just got here when that awful Griff found me…but I'll manage."
She sighs.
"Do you ever wish you hadn't left the Empire?"

"She's here from the Empire. Sweet girl. Who's that mare?"
He points at Amber.
"Can she be trusted?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438059

"Heard about how we chased them all in a boat and slammed them off board?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 438061

"Uh… not really! I mean things aren't easy around but I like traveling and helping ponies like a real paladin!"
Do I have any money I can give her?

Melody Maker [Bard] 438062

I nod.
"Yeah, that one?"
I point over to it.

"So why are ya baking stuff for tonight again? I mean, you're cooking's great and any reason's good enough to eat it,"'
I grin,
"But you got a reason besides that?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 438064

"Let's go to the clothing district after this."

Mabel [Duelist] 438065

"I heard you cleared house, that's for sure."

Shortcake [Rogue] 438068



I buy enough ingredients to bake enough pastries for the party, and make some cakes too if I have time.

Sion 438069

At the inn. In the dinner hall with Soil and Mabel.
Snacks and Amber are just outside.

He looks you over.
"The Bloodhound Gang is defeated?"
Indy goes to sit on one of the chairs as the newly dyed Iris comes down.
She looks in surprise at the dragon.

"That sounds mighty nice. I'm not that good of a fighter…"
You have a bit.

After some time bartering and finding the best quality ingredients, you have 2 bags filled with all sorts of ingredients.
Where to next?

Mwandishi (Trickster) 438070

To the fanciest boutique!

Amber [Crystal butt] 438071

"Well uh… what are you good at? Do you have any money at all to buy supplies for yourself?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 438072

I follow Mwandishi.

Melody Maker [Bard] 438073

Following Mwa too I guess.

"So… that was all pretty intense, wasn't it?"
I smile at her.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 438075

I believe I had promised to teach Iris how to shoot a crossbow. So I think I should go out and get myself a pair of light ones. To replace the one I gave away and one for her. Also the bolts.

Snacks(DD ranger) 438076

I smile at him.
"Amber pony is a good pony if you ask Snack."
I then look at Star and to Iron giving a worried expression.
"Doesnt she have anywhere to go?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438077

"Yeah, and saved a bunch of slaves. And a dragon.
Now we gotta finish the job!"
And I will look in surprise at her looking at the dragon.
"Who is that?"

Mabel [Duelist] 438080

"A dragon?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 438081

I nod my head.
"Yeah. I hope we don't have to do that again any time soon."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438082

Point at Indy.

Mabel [Duelist] 438085

You're planning on keeping it?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438087

"As long as he's gotta heal up, yeah."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 438090

"He'll probably be staying with you longer than that, Soil. He likes you."

Mabel [Duelist] 438091

"Heh. You tame it, we find a few more guys, and we could practically start a circus."

Sion 438093

There are a number of boutiques.
You see the Rarara boutique carrying some of the very exclusive Rarity design dresses, straight from Manehattan.
The Perseus store carrying all sorts of tailor made suits and accessories for stallions.
and many more.

She thinks.
"Back at the Empire, my dad thaught me about geomancy….he said I was a natural…"
She sighs.
"Maybe I should have listened and stayed there."

You can buy a new set at the market. You have the money.
Where do you want to teach Tullip?

"No…she's a traveller. Like all of you."

She looks at you.
"Soil, it's me Iris. I dyed my coat and mane for a while remember?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 438094

I nod at this.
"So what does Iron pony propose?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 438096

"Well… if you are a traveler… why don't you stick around with us? We can provide food and shelter for you! I'd gladly help a crystal pony in need!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 438097

Well, if I can teach both Iris and Tulip at the same time, that would be great. I don't suppose the inn would let us use a few hay bales in their back area? If not, I suppose I'll have to hunt down a suitable target range. If there's a local barracks, perhaps they can be persuaded to let us borrow their range.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438098

"If he wants. I bet he eats double than me!"
"I'm not gonna have Indy do tricks!"
Blink a few times.
"You look… Different!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 438099

Mu jaws drops. Do we still have enough caps to get some dresses from Rarara?

Melody Maker [Bard] 438100

I grin.
"Long as you got me and Mwa you ain't got anything to worry about!"
I throw a hoof over her shoulder and give her a squeeze.

"So… is there a theme for tonight?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 438104

"I think the theme is 'rich.'"

I go into the tailor's shop and see if they have anything in a traditional zebra style.

Mabel [Duelist] 438105

"Why not?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 438106

"Of course she does, Soil. She's in disguise."
I'll smile.
"And even more charming than before, somehow."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438109

"He's smarter than that!"
Just nod along.
"Uh uh."

Shortcake [Rogue] 438114

I throw a hoof over your should and squeeze you back.
"I plan on staying with you two for as long as I can."


I nod my head.
"Right. We need to look fancy."

Mabel [Duelist] 438116

"If he's smart then he can do even smarter tricks, can't he?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438118

"Sure. He can talk!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 438119

I stick out my tongue.
"Bleh. Fancy… 's just a synonym for the most uncomfortable clothing ever."

Sion 438122

He thinks.
"I'll have to talk to her. Maybe she can come with me. We've got some extra room in Vanhoover, she can rest there for as long as she'd like."

"That's….that's very kind of you, Amber. But I'm not a fighter like you…I'd just be a dead weight."
You remember about the Runed Crystal you've got in your inventory and the Mysterious book related to it.

You can practice in the back.
Iris is still talking to Soil though.
"Hey, Warren."

"Well of course, that's the whole point of dyeing your coat. But I still know what Daring-Do likes best on a saturday night."
she grins and looks at the dragon.
"Hello, who are you?"
The dragon stand up and points at himself "Indy."
Iris beams. "Oh he's so cute."

For the moment your pimp I mean friend Mwandishi has yes. Dresses and more.

They have all kinds of suits. Equestrian, Trotantine and even some very delicate Zebra style robes.
The clerk walks over to you.
"Can I help you sir?"

She blushes.

Mabel [Duelist] 438125

"Really now?"

Wave at Iris.

Shortcake [Rogue] 438126

"Come on, Melody. Don't tell me you don't want to dress up every now and then."

I go into Rarara's.

Amber [Crystal butt] 438128

"But… oh!"
Take that stuff out.
"Look at all the neat things we come across! Crystals with markings on them!"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 438129

"I need a traditional robe. Something stately and elegant that says, 'I have more money than you.'"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438131

"He was in one of them cages. Gotta take care of him till he's better.
But first, we take on the other gang, so you can go back to your house safe."
"See? He just did it!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 438134

I just smiled.
"That is a good idea, after resting then Star pony could be back to exploring or could go back home."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 438135

Alright, well, then that just leaves me the gathering of things, and then we can get to practicing. I'll need to spend a day off the wing regardless if I expect it to heal properly.
"I'll be back shortly to start your archery lesson, Iris, and you'll have someone to keep you company as well. Miss Tulip needed some help shaking the rust off her aim, so she'll be joining us for practice."
I'll clean my monocle off for a moment.
"Did you have any requests for the type of crossbow you want? I'd assume something light, but I don't want to leap to conclusions."

Melody Maker [Bard] 438136

"Nope. Never."
I pause for a moment, then sigh.
"…Think they'd pitch too much of a fit if I showed up in a stallion's suit? At least those let you breath…"

Mabel [Duelist] 438137

"That's pretty cool.
You sure you don't want to teach him tricks then? We could do pretty good shows."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438138

"Have you seen ho big these guys get?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 438140

"Of course they would. Besides, I think you'd enjoy seeing me try on dresses more than you would enjoy watching Mwandishi try on suits."
I grin a little.
"But if you really do want to watch him I'll tag along."

Mabel [Duelist] 438142

You could even do an act!
Defeating and taming the wild and fierce dragon! When he grows up."

Melody Maker [Bard] 438146

I perk up, smile turning into a grin.
"You know me too well. Lead the way~"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 438147

"That's hardly better than what was probably planned for him if he had been sold, Mabel. Him being reduced to a curiosity and paper dragon probably won't do much for his self-esteem."

Shortcake [Rogue] 438148

A blink a few times.
"Wait, you really want to watch Mwandi put on suits?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438149

"I'm not gonna ask my friend to put up a act!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 438150

I smack my face.
"No! I mean, let's go so I can watch yo- I don't want to watch Mwa put on suits!"

Sion 438151


The dragon looks at you, points at himself.
"Indy." Then he points at you.

A pink mare comes over to you.
"Welcome to Rarara's boutique. We carry only the most exclusive dresses. How may I help you?"

Star picks it up and looks at them intrigued.

"Of course sir."
He leads you to a rack with mannequins showing a few different colored robes.
One looks quite fancy, woven in silk with intricate patterns. This one won't impact your money
The other looks truly majestic. Woven in the finest silk, with intricate embroiderery and even some small diamonds woven in. With a complementary hat. This one will bump you down a money level, BUT while wearing this you'll always look like a noble at first glance, no need for bluff.

"We'll see what she thinks. What are you going to do now?"

Iris nods. "Something light, I don't think I could handle the heavy equipment."

Sion 438152

You're with Cake in the Rarara shop

Mabel [Duelist] 438153

"Where I come from, every animal was respected in the cicus. There was a manticore called Leo who did 'tame the wild dangerous beast' shows with this old pony, Fred and they were lifelong friends."

Mabel [Duelist] 438154


Amber [Crystal butt] 438155

"… They are? I thought they were just like… decorative or something."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 438156

Definitely. Gotta have them threads.

How much money do we have right now, anyways? Before we buy anything.

Snacks(DD ranger) 438157

"Stick with my friends…"
I then look at the sky ominously.
"and report about the dragon that escape a gem mine."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 438158

And with a nod, I'll head out to pick up those crossbows.
I'll wave to Amber and Star as I pass by.
Now, let's see if I can't find a good deal on crossbows and their ammunition. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Shortcake [Rogue] 438159

I giggle.

"My friend and I are going to a very fancy party today and need a dress. Will you show us Rarity's designs?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438164

"What about the last gang?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 438165

I nod.
"And uh, is there a changing room where we can try them on by any chance?"

Sion 438170

The dragon grins.

She looks them over.
"As a geomancer, we learn how to charge simple gems with magical essences for a variety of purposes. But usually even the best gems lose their potency after a while, even if that is a 100 years.
But this gem….it's the most stable one I've ever felt. The aetherial frequency must be staggering, my dad would probably faint if he saw this…where did you find it?"

You have enough to buy your ho's some dresses and yourself some fine threads.
Should you decide to buy this fancy one, I'll knock you down to Money Level 2 which means no special weapon (this permanent dress that makes you pull noble automatically counts as that). You'll still be richer then the rest of the party for the moment and be able to buy fancy things.

You haggle for a good deal at the market.
Curiously, you notice Bedrock isn't at his stall yet.

"But of course, right this way."
The mare leads you past all kinds of mannequins with the most unique dresses.
"This blueish design is said to have been made by rarity especially for one of her friends, the candy gives it a playful and youthful tint.
To more simple ones.
"These are called Full spectrum fashions. Ideal for friends to wear together…."

There are few changing rooms behind delicate curtains, with a set of mirrors of course.

Iris looks at the Indy.
"Soil, can he talk properly?"

The cop looks at you.
"Before that, let's talk about this gang. Did you find any evidence? Something we can use to show who funded them."

Mabel [Duelist] 438172

Talk to the dragon.
"So, you wouldn't mind doing shows for fun, would you?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438173

"He can say a few words. Learnt them all today!"
Grin at her.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 438174

Curious indeed. More curious is that he'd leave it unattended. Probably paid off the guard to keep a solid eye on it, though, so I can't get a look at that map.
Can I notice any extra eyes on the stall, guard or otherwise? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Amber [Crystal butt] 438175

"In some mines in Silverhaze… I had no idea they were that special!"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 438176

I buy the robes and have them tailored appropriately.

Melody Maker [Bard] 438177

I nudge Shortcake.
"So… anything catch your eye?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 438178

Are there any dresses like the candy one, except with cakes, cookies, or pastries?

"Still looking. What about you?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 438179

Perhaps after speaking with Iron, check out on Amber and Star.

"What are you talking about?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 438180

"I'll just get… something that matches yours I guess?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 438181

"The gems we found in the mines, remember? With the markings on them!"

Sion 438182

He looks at you confused.

She gasps.
"Just a few words?"
She grabs the dragon and hugs him
"Oh you poor thing. I'll teach you how to speak and read right away."
Indy looks confused for a second but eases in the hug.
"Are you hungry, Indy?"
The dragon nods.
"I'll get you some food right away."
She trots off to the bar, but not before setting Indy back down next to you.

"I've never heard of that. What dragon?"

They're not too far away.

Sion 438183

Posted too soon. More coming.

Shortcake [Rogue] 438184

"Why not look for a dress that fits you? Maybe one with musical notes."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438185

"She really likes you, pal!"

Mabel [Duelist] 438186

"Entertainment! Fun!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 438187

I look at him.
"A large dragon that we witnessed escape the mines of Silverhaze."
I then grin.
"Iron shouldnt worry too much, we will try to take care of it."

"All of us have that kind of gem right?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 438188

I nod
Don't I also have a book?

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438189

"I don't think he knows what that is.
You should show him!"

Mabel [Duelist] 438190

"Fine, just this once!
This, for example, is sword swallowing, a type of show! It amuses ponies, and they like to watch it because it's hard and dangerous!"
Okay, let's do my act with the short rapier for Indy.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Melody Maker [Bard] 438191

"I guess?"
Are there any dresses that don't look harebrained stupid that are music related?

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438192

Clap a bit.
"But can you eat up other ponies' swords?"

Mabel [Duelist] 438193

I chuckle a bit.
"As funny as you worded that, yes.
Unless it's a claymore or some sort of bastard sword. If it's a regular one, I should be able to, but I like to work with my own rapiers. I keep them clean."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438194

"So, like, in a fight, you can eat their weapons!"

Mabel [Duelist] 438195

"It's just for show. I can't actually eat swords.
It's not very clever to try and bite the weapons of the opponent in a duel."

Sion 438196

You walk over to the stand. There's a sign saying "Be Right Back."
At first sight there's no guards or nothing.
You reach over the stall for a closer look, leaning on the table, when you suddenly start to feel a bit tingly.
Roll for damage.

"Was there anything else with them?"

It takes some time to get the robes stitched appropriately. You grin as you look into the mirror. You look like one of those kings your fellow villagers back home never thought you'd become. If only they could watch you now.
"Anything else sir? Any accessories?"

Let's see '1d10'

Indy smirks.

The guard facehoofs.
"You mean you haven't collected any evidence like I asked you to?"
Warren got that corpse…Pico got some documents. But of course, you might have never noticed that.

"There are strange things in this world."

You do.

You do so.
The dragon looks scared.
You don't want him to do that too, don't you?

"Not with music notes. But we have an assortement of fine clothes befitting the style and elegance of a bard.
She leads you to a number of very elegant and chique dark dresses. They remind you of some your family used to wear.


Roll #1 4 = 4

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438197

It would have been so cool though."
Nah, Soil just had no idea what Evidence meant.
"You mean the papers?
The bird got them!"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 438198

"Let's see. Robes, hat. The only thing missing is the ceremonial dagger, and I don't expect you to have one of those."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 438199

This is a good tingling, right?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Amber [Crystal butt] 438200

I take out the book
"There's this!"

Mabel [Duelist] 438201

"Don't worry, I practiced this a lot. And it would be a boring show if we both did the same thing, wouldn't it?"

"I learned fencing. That is cool too, I can assure you."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438202

"And you use that small thing?"
Point at her rapier.

Snacks(DD ranger) 438203

I look at the book dumbfounded.
"Have you read it?"

Sion 438204

There's one that looks similar with a few cakes, but the candy one seems to fit together a tiny bit better. Your call.

"The pegasus or the griffon?"

"I'm afraid not, sir. But may I recommend the market down the street, to the more eastern side they sell many antiques from many parts of the world. I'm sure you'll find something suitable there."

You pull your hoof away from the table before a small electical discharge pushes you away. Seems like there's some sort of protection spell on his stall.
It didn't hurt you though.

She looks over the book.
"I…..I'll have to think about this."

He nods looking a little better.
Iris comes over with some gems.
"Here you go, I read dragons like gems."
Indy eyes it curiously, licking one of them, before charging in and devouring them in record tempo.
Iris smiles. "I think he likes it."


Mabel [Duelist] 438205

"I use this with this."
Show him my parrying dagger.
"I have a longer rapier too."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438206

"The gryphon! Warren was carrying that loud guy…
Grin, Grizz, something!"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 438207

"Good luck against something like this."
Nod towards the huge shield on my back.

Shortcake [Rogue] 438208

I'll take the cake one. There's a big difference between bakers and confectioners.

Mabel [Duelist] 438209

"There's a way around everything, you know."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 438210

Well, that's good. And I'll head back to the inn.

Sion 442446

"Griff…You got him alive? Excellent!"
Iris seems to be teaching Indy some simple words.

Consider it done, qt.

Welcome to the inn. You see Soil talking to Root about Griff. You still have Griffs corpse stached in a safe place. Better get it resurrected before it starts stinking.

Sylt 442447

Shake my head.
"Uh uh.
Pretty dead last time I checked."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442448

Oh! Oh right.
Actually, I can bring Soil and that officer with me.
"Soil, officer Root! I couldn't help but overhear you discussing Griff. I can lead you to where he's being… held."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442449

Raise a brown at that.

Snacks(DD ranger) 442451

What am I doing again?

Melody Maker [Bard] 442452

Me and Shortcake are still at the shop, right?

Shortcake [Rogue] 442453

I wait for Melody to pick a dress so we can try them on together.

Sion 442454

Root mouth falls open.

"Celestia preserve us…"mumbles Root as he follows you.

You were talking to Star as she was examining the mysterious book.
She's overlooking it critically.

Yes, you are.
You have just been shown a collection of very chique dark formal dresses. Most interesting if you want to go for the dignified musician look.


Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442456

And I'll lead the two of them to a very specific barrel out in a shady area that doesn't have much traffic.
"He didn't exactly… go quietly. And seemed to be convinced even if he was arrested, he'd be out in a twinkling."

Snacks(DD ranger) 442457

Stay beside her and look to the book too. What is written/inside? Can I even read it?
"Found anything pony?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442458

"He wouldn't stop shoutin'!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 442459

I guess I try one on then?

Sion 442463

File: 1372789174252.gif (20.37 KB, 680x502, weird symbols.gif)

Root nods "I guess he was right about that…I was still wondering where we could hide him for a while…"

Star looks at it.
"I….can't make any sense of this. Are you sure you found it near these crystals?"
She nods at the Runed Crystal.

You try one in a dress room.
The dress needs a little tailoring, but it fits you nicely. In contrast to Shortcakes colorful dress, this one is dark and formal.
You are reminded of the dignified concerts you saw in Canterlot. If you styled your mane a bit, you'd easily look like a royal bard in this dress.

Shortcake [Rogue] 442464

"You look great! All we need to do is get your mane fixed and you will look just like a noble mare."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442465

I'll pop off the top of the barrel to expose Griff's not-quite-fresh corpse.
"I'd suggest somewhere cold if you want him to keep until the necromancers get here for questioning."
After a moment, I'll remember something.
"Ah yes, and evidence of wrongdoing was needed, right?"
I'll hoof over the incriminating photographs.
"Honestly I think we killed him too quickly."

Mabel [Duelist] 442466

I forgot what I was doing


Try to look over at the pics.
"What's that?"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Snacks(DD ranger) 442468

I nod at this.
"Snacks and group found it there. All Snacks can say is that the place used to be a dog fort but was abandoned. It releases some type of gas and green goo when the ponies take over, some found source of green gas and it came fromm a very large dragon. It just escape recently and we are going to report the incident to the pony capital."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442469

"I wouldn't look if I were you, Soil."

Sion 442470

He just stares at the pictures.
"Absolutely disgusting."
He turns to Warren again.
"And necromancers…yes, I can see why you might think that but there's only a few necromancers in town. 2 I know work for the Poison Hoofs, so they won't coorperate. The other, she's a bit weird and lives on the edge of town. I suppose she might help, for a price."

You were talking to Soil who has now left.
You're in the dinner hall.
Iris is teaching Indy some words.
Bedrock is coming down from the stairs.
Star and Snacks are talking outside.

The pictures seem to show various mares including Star naked. They don't look too happy, even though Griff seems very happy with his paw around their shoulders.

Sion 442471

"Strange….I'm curious about this…maybe I should go visit the library."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442472

"Well, as long as we know she isn't working for any of the gangs, then she's our only option, isn't she?"

Mabel [Duelist] 442473

Let's waltz over to Bedrock nonchalantly.

Melody Maker [Bard] 442474

I stick my tongue out.
"Bleh… I hate this stuff."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442475

"I don't get it."

Shortcake [Rogue] 442476

"Aww, but the dress looks so much nicer than what you normally wear."
I spin around for you.
"How about mine? Does it make me look fat?"
I giggle.

Snacks(DD ranger) 442477

"Is pony going to translate it? I fos perhaps Snacks may coem if Star likes,"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442479

"Be glad you don't."

Sion 442481

Root gives you a costanza face.
Maybe if you take another look, you'll see more?

"Ah Mabel, care to join me to my stall? It's time for another day of sales."

The clerk fits the dress nicely.
"Don't undersell yourself, you look marvelous. Like the star of a concert, the whole audience in awe of you."

It looks very nice. Very playful, very silly and yet the assorted colours, materials and tiny accessories come together to form something very elegant. Gone is the little baker, you'd look right at home at the Grand Galloping Gala."

"I guess. Just put him back in the ton and we'll go find her quick."

"Okay…do you know where the library is?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 442482

I look her over. chuckling as she twirls.
"No… not at all. Makes you look… good~"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442483

"You don't want to roll him along with us? I don't want to risk him being found, or being smelled, for too much longer. And she'll probably have expected us to bring something of his anyway. Might as well save the walk back."

Sion 442484

"I meant put him in the ton, so we can roll him with us."

Shortcake [Rogue] 442485

I smile as big as I ever have when I look in the mirror.
"Miss, there are some things I need to do today before attending the party and I don't want to risk getting this wonderful dress dirty. Do you have something I could carry it in to keep it safe?"

I hug, but gently so that I don't ruffle the dresses.
"Thanks! It makes you look good too!"
I smooth out your mane a little with my magic.
"Although I was serious about your mane."

Snacks(DD ranger) 442486

I shrug.
"Snacks dont but we can ask around."
Go to the Inn-keeper and ask him if there is a library in town.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442488

Eh, who cares, let's get this over with.
Uff a bit.
"We should be going."
"Can't we just… Sparkle some smell on him or something?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442489

"Ah. Well, let's get to it, then."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442490

"Do you have any sparkles that smell nice, Soil? I sure don't."

Mabel [Duelist] 442491

"Of course."
Follow him.

Melody Maker [Bard] 442493

I pause for a moment, realizing where I am.
"It's just that I find them rather uncomfortable, is all."

I smile a little at her excitement.
"I like my mane the way it is!"
I ruffle her's a little bit.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442494

"We could ask the girls for those… Smelly things of theirs."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442495

"Probably best not to get the ladies involved in this, Soil."

Shortcake [Rogue] 442496

I laugh.
"Fine, but at least comb your tail."
I flick at it with my magic.
"When was the last time you combed it?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442497

"If you say so."

Melody Maker [Bard] 442499

I tilt my head at her.
"I don't comb my tail. Or my mane."

Sion 442500

There definately is. In no time both of you arrive at the library.
"Can you look around for some books on history of the Smokey Mountains, Snacks? I'll look for something on crystals."

You arrive at the edge of town. Having Roots with you allowed you to get the barrel around without too much trouble.
"She should be around here somewhere. She's got a cabin a bit further in the woods."

You follow Bedrock to his stall.
While he is getting out his wares, you look around and see that same clown from yesterday performing his tricks.
He's dressed even more bright and colorful then yesterday. And his acrobacy is astounding. You've never seen anything like it…

"We could tailor the dress just right for you…or might you be interested in a simpler dress maybe?"
She points to a very simple dress that looks more like a simple sheet of silk with hoofholes in it.
"It's all the rage in Canterlot."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442501

Well, let's take a look around. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Mabel [Duelist] 442502

Hmmm… competition.
Can I 'learn' (totally not steal) some tricks from that for later shows?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442503

"What's she called anyway?"
Let's start snooping around.
I like woods!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Shortcake [Rogue] 442505


I roll my eyes.
"Fine. If you want to look like a ruffian I won't offer to comb your tail."

Melody Maker [Bard] 442506

"Wait, you were offering?"
I perk up.
"In that case, go for it!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 442509

I smirk.
"I thought that would change your mind. If we have time after I finish the pastries I'll do it."

Snacks(DD ranger) 442510

"Book about Smokey mountain. Ah yes." I grin at her.

Head to the geography and history sections of the library and look for some books regarding about it.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Snacks(DD ranger) 442514

Also while we're at it.
Just browse some books regarding crystal ponies.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Melody Maker [Bard] 442515

"Erm… I think I'll just stick with this one."

"You know me too well."
I grin and move up besides her, leaning in to whisper in her ear.
"Maybe… I could help 'groom' you too?~"

Shortcake [Rogue] 442518

I blush.
"M-maybe if there's time."

Sion 442519

You accidentaly bump against the barrel, it falls over and the top falls off.
Some guards look curiously in the distance.
Roll for how much they saw before you covered it up.

You study the acrobat extensively and are amazed by the speed, the dexterity and sheer skill of the performer. It seems like he's giving everything from himself without breaking even a single sweat.
As you ponder if you would even be able to reproduce those acts, you notice something…
In that building behind the pony, a glimmer of something, in the window.

You sniff around in the woods and comb the bushes.
You see an older mare in the distance, plucking some mushrooms.

"But of course." The clerk gets some very strong, woven bags. "Waterproof."
She starts carefully folding your dress and puts it in there.

The clerk nods, tailoring the dress until it fits just right and puts it carefully folded away in another bag.
"Thank you for your patronage."

You find a book called "Mysteries of the Smokey Mountains."
You also find a book "A Short guide to the Crystal Empire."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442521

Please be swift, Warren. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Mabel [Duelist] 442522

What is that?
Can I make out what it is?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442524

Walk closer, raising a hoof as to ask permission.
"Ah, miss? We are looking for the necromancer of the woods, you know where she at?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 442526

Head over to Stars location and wave back.
"Snacks found one book about it." I smile as I hand it to her.
"Snack has to go and find some more books about the mountans. Tell Snacks if Star pony found something new." I grin then head… to a place in the library where I think she will seldom go.
With that I then fish out the guide from my vest and read it.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Shortcake [Rogue] 442528

"Thank you so much. I'll go get the money."
I go and get the money from Mwandishi then return and pay the clerk.

Sion 442547

Too bad Root is out looking for a moment.
They come over to you, as you close the barrel.
"What are you doing out here, citizen?"

You can't see it very well. It seemed to be there one second, now it's gone.
Maybe you should see if you can enter the building?

She looks up.
"That's me. And if you're another missionary trying to convert me to the true faith, don't bother."

You go sit in the "Prench Mathematics" section.
You open the book and see a picture of the Crystal City and its palace.
[The founder of the Empire was a powerful Unicorn mage named Aragonite. He gathered a great group of ponies, promising them shelter, security and prosperity near the northern mountain range during the Age of Discord. Upon the highlands there, combining the crystals from the nearby mountains and great magic, they erected the Crystal City.-]

You know now everything I've stated in the MHlore about the Crystal Empire.
Anything else in particular, you'd like to know?

It's paid.
The clerk lets you out with a bow.

Mabel [Duelist] 442551

Turn to Bedrock.
"Be right back, sweetheart."

I sure should.
Avoid the crowd by the clow, and circle around.
See if there's any way in.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Melody Maker [Bard] 442552

And so I guess we depart then.
"You said something about baking pastries before?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442553

Alright, keep cool.
"Transporting a barrel for guardspony Root. He's stepped away for the moment, but I'm certain if you can afford to interrupt your own duties to wait for him, he will return shortly."

Shortcake [Rogue] 442557

I leave and head back to the inn with my ingredients. Once I get there I start looking for a kitchen.

I nod and give you my dress.
"Can you take this to our room? I've got a lot to do and I'm not sure how much time I have to do it."

Melody Maker [Bard] 442558

"Are you gonna need any help?"
I take the dress from her.

Snacks(DD ranger) 442559

Well at least Snacks has a bit knowledge of their culture in-game.

Browse through some pictures for crystal butts before putting it back in the shelf. I then head back to Star and look at her.
"So does Star pony find anything new? Snack thinks that the past fort there has a connection about the mysteries surrounding that place." I look at the book.

Shortcake [Rogue] 442560

"Do you know how to cook pastries? If you do I'd love your help. If you don't you can watch, but please stay out of the way."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442561

"No, we just have a corpse that needs working."

Melody Maker [Bard] 442563

"Uh… it can't be that hard, right?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 442570

"Oh, and can you get my things from my bag? It's the one with the pans and molds and whisks and stuff."

"It's not like making a cake from one of those boxed cake mixes."
I scrunch derisively at the thought of those insults to cake making.
"Do you think I should make a cake or two or are cakes commoner food?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 442574

I nod.
"Alright, alriiight! I'll just… stand by and watch then. And uh… long as it's a stupidly fancy cake with like, frosting roses and all that shit on it."
And with that, I go drop off the dresses and pick up her stuff, and bring her it.

Sion 442578

You wurm yourself through the crowd with some trouble.
The building has a sign that says "The Hayfever Pub." Yet as you enter the open door, there doesn't seem to be anypony there, the whole place is empty.
Wait, you hear something…a whisper…it's coming from upstairs.

"And what are you transporting? Mind if we take a look?"

You are a very well paying customer. You may use the hotel kitchen as long as you don't bother the ponies working there.

"Could you tell me a bit about that fort? It was near Silverhaze you said?"

"That will cost you. 1 Gem."

The dresses are safely in the room.
You're in the kitchen with Melody.

Shortcake [Rogue] 442581

Let's start things off with a nice big Tiramisu.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442585

"One what? I carry bits, not gems!"
"Well alright, follow."
Back to Warren!

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442586

"Do you have a warrant, Guardspony? Without one, I'm afraid I can't let you have a look with Guardspony Root giving the go-ahead."
I'll shrug a little apologetically.
"Terribly sorry, but you know how things go."

Melody Maker [Bard] 442588

Do I pick up anything by watching her?
And not get distracted by her butt?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Mabel [Duelist] 442589

Can I sneak up the stairs?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Snacks(DD ranger) 442601

I nod at her.
"Silverhaze as Snack recalls. They named it Silver haze mines after the ponies took over it. Lots of nasty critters inside if you ask Snacks, but the gem is of highest of quality." I smile.

I fish out one of the multi-colored gems(one the non-magical ones) and show it to her as I put it on the table.
"Fascinating isnt it?" I grin.

Sion 442607

That looks delicious, but isn't it a bit…small for a formal party? You're here to impress right?

"Do I look like the type of mare that needs bits? Now gems, can be used for anything. Get back here when you've got that corpse and that gem."
You see Warren and Root.

The guards look suspiciously at you.
"It's allright sirs. He's with me." says Root as he comes over.
The guardsponies walk off.
"That was close." says Root.

She has a very soft, squishy butt.

As you walk very sneakily up the stairs, the last one creaks so hard, you fear they might even have heard you outside.
As you nervously take a glimpse to see who's whispering, you see to your astonishment there's nopony in the room.
What you do see is a large hole in the wall opposite of you. But what should be a view of the outside is merely a soft pink reddish glow. You can't make out what's behind it.
You feel attracted to the strange portal, as if it's calling it for you.
There are a few whispers coming out of it, you can't make out what it is, but it sounds awfully familiar. And even more quiet, you hear a soft continuous laughter.

"It's a beautiful specimen, but just another gem. Those runed ones are amazing. Tell me Snacks, was it a fort inhabited by DDs?"

Mabel [Duelist] 442609

Glance around!
Are you sure noone is here?
Take a few cautious steps closer…

Shortcake [Rogue] 442610

Of course! That's why I'm making lots of things.
Time for some fancy éclairs with a variety of fillings.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Melody Maker [Bard] 442611

Pay attention!
I wanna at least try and be useful!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442613

"Yes. Luckily I have some experience delaying guards. And telling them nothing despite saying a bit."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 442615

"Staring at all the tasty treats, huh?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442618

"Hey you two.
I've found the mare we are looking for."

Sion 442621

You don't see anypony.
The whispers get a bit louder as you come closer.
You hear….somepony who sounds a lot like you and another voice…fussili?…saying goodbyes? It's so very faint.

Dayum girl. You should send these to the Royal cooking contest. Definate contender.
You see some of the cooks looking eagerly at those eclairs."

While you can't help but keep thinking of a certain butt as Cake kneads the dough, you do manage to pick up on how to make those delicious eclairs and help finish a few.

"Handy." He looks at you curiously.

"Great. Let's go. Take that barrel, Warren."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442627

"Oh, I'm completely candid with guards I trust, Root. Why lie when I've no reason to?"
And I'll trundle along with the barrel, following the others.

Shortcake [Rogue] 442628

I gasp.
"Take that gorgeous thing off before it gets dirty!"

"Sorry, but these are for a party. I can bring back the leftovers to share, okay?"
I make a bunch of mille-feuille, some sweet and some savory.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Mwandishi (Trickster) 442632

"Why… Miss Shortcake… I didn't know you felt that way~"
I take off my luxurious clothes and hum a little tune while doing so.

Melody Maker [Bard] 442635

Butts can come later.
Now I gotta focus on helping her cook, so that butts can come even sooner.

I wave.
"Hey Mwa. Nice getup you got there."

Mabel [Duelist] 442638

What! It's been years since I last saw him!
Take a few more steps towards that thing!

Mwandishi (Trickster) 442640

"Thank you, thank you. I think they'll be pretty useful.

"Also they look very slick."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442641

"She wants to be paid in gems though."
Off we go, back to her.

Shortcake [Rogue] 442642

"That's the most gorgeous robe I have ever seen on a stallion. A kitchen is no place for fancy clothing."

"Thanks for your help with those eclairs."

Snacks(DD ranger) 442650

"It looks like it does, in the past. There is a statue there of dogs… worshipping some winged creature Snack dont know. Snack also can see it is dug by dogs based on its architecture, hooves cant make that kind of tunnels if you ask Snacks. But as of now, it is filled with Spiders and other… nasty creatures."

Sion 442656

She looks at the 3 of you.
"So who's the subject?"

You make a variety of delicious mille-feuilles topped off with some sugar and strawberries.

You better put those safe in your room maybe? If they get dirty, it will be a bother to wash them out.

The portal beckons you.
You still hear it.
"You sure you don't want to stay, Mabel?"
Do you dare leap in?

She nods, "it says here there's a legend about that fort and how it is haunted. It says that a group of adventurers a very long time ago defeated a monster there and locked it away….but it doesn't say where they came from…"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442659

I'll tap the barrel.
"One slaver in a barrel."

Mabel [Duelist] 442660

I don't even know what…
"What's this?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442661

Look blankly at her.
Aren't necromancers evil anyway?

Shortcake [Rogue] 442662

Time for a few genoise cakes.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Melody Maker [Bard] 442663

"Welcome. How much more cooking do you have to do?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 442664

"Monster? Does it say anything about it Star? Any specific detail? " I move closer and look at the book she's reading.

Shortcake [Rogue] 442669

"No idea. I have no idea how many ponies are going to be at the party so I'll cook for as long as I can. I'm going to give myself enough time to shower and get all of these things ready to move, plus a few minutes for wiggle room."

Sion 442682

"Slaver? Show him!"

"Are you scared, little Mabel? Uncomfortable?" An unknown voice comes out of the portal, as if from far away.

You're getting pretty tired. Maybe you should get your friends to help you a bit?

"It doesn't say it clearly…Just that it was a group of shamans, and they charged nature with protecting the prison…"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442688

Pop the top of the barrel.
"Here he is."

Mabel [Duelist] 442690

Ooookay, this is starting to get creepy.
Take a step backwards.
"Who are you? What do you want?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 442692

"Aw… that leaves no time for having a bit of fun though!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 442695

"After the party. Maybe Mwandi can brush my tail while I brush yours? Sorry for earlier, but could you please help me with these?"

"You too please."

Let's try some gougère now. Make a bunch of them.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Snacks(DD ranger) 442700

"Snack thinks we kind of know what that evil is.
I frown then look at her.
"Its a dragon. A very large one."

Melody Maker [Bard] 442705

I guess I also try to help?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sion 442716

She looks in.
"That's that creepy gang dog?
That will be 2 gems then."

"I've had so many names. And I don't want anything…merely give you a chance to see things in a new way…Just enter….or don't…It matters little…."

It's been a long time since you've cooked so much, you forgot how intensive this really was.
That gougere doesn't look like it's supposed to.

"It must have been that…if we only knew where those shamans came from…"

Butt ButtButtButtButtButtButtButtButtButt

Shortcake [Rogue] 442718

I set them aside for the cooks and keep trying.

"Are you feeling okay, Mel?"

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442719

"Warren, do we really need this idiot alive?
I mean, he said he'd get out of jail, so we would have to kill him again."

Snacks(DD ranger) 442725

I scratch my head.
"Snacks dont know about shamans but our group met somepony who kind of guards that place. She help us escape the mines when it began to collapse with the help of her large spiders."

Melody Maker [Bard] 442726

"Uh… y- yeah… just fine."
Stop that
Right now
Help her cook!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Mabel [Duelist] 442728

"This looks awfully lot like a trap.
Why should I trust a talking portal thing?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 442730

I help too!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442741

"Well, it really depends. I mean, all we need at the moment is him to talk. I'm certain prying information out of him would be a simple task for her."
I'll nod slightly to the necromancer.
"I assume simply speaking with him has a lower cost than bringing him back?"

Sion 442745

"It makes little difference in the big picture wether you enter or not….you are free to leave if you'd like…"

Together you manage to make okay Gougeres.
It's the magic of friendship.

"I don't do resurrections..I thought you merely wanted to talk to him."

She sighs "I guess we won't find out then…for now."

"2 gems for speaking. I know that one, he's one of those big gang leaders. I might get in trouble for this, that's why it's more."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442746

"What are you, afraid of a few ponies? We killed all his gang anyway."

Shortcake [Rogue] 442747

Now just a few opera cakes and we'll be finished.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442748

I'll nod.
"I see."
I'll turn to Root.
"I don't suppose we can have this as a 'work expense' for the guards?"

Mabel [Duelist] 442754

Ah, what the hell, I'm only young once.
And adventure is the whole reason I left the circus.
Not to mention I got out of worse situations.
Clench my eyes shut and leap in.

Melody Maker [Bard] 442756

I'm just gonna… stand back for this one.
And sneak a peak.

Snacks(DD ranger) 442757

I look at the book that Amber got.
"Snack wonders where we can translate this. Perhaps if we got to Pony capital we can."

"Perhaps Star wants to eat, or grab a drink?" I ask her as I close the book .

Mwandishi (Trickster) 442760

I brush out her tail a bit.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 442777

"…You killed those bastards?"
She shakes her head.
"Fine…1 gem but no less."

As these are the last cakes, you put all our effort in it. And it pays off. Even you have trouble not taking a bite right now.
And look, you've still got an hour before the party begins.

Root frowns. "Unfortunately, we pay in bits, not gems…I can refund that gem though."

As you enter you suddenly feel lifted up and fly through the pink miasma at amazing speed.
As you toll around you suddenly find yourself lying still.
As you open your eyes again, you're laying in front of a big circus tent.
The sign says "The Great Fussili and His Loony Goons"

Would it move like jelly if you smacked it?

"Sure. Where would you like to go?"

I don't even know where you got that brush but you brush that tail with a finesse and consideration rarely seen in zebras.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442782

Did we have any gems aside from the runed crystals?
I'll dig through my saddlebags a moment, and then recall my payment from Bedrock. I'll fish out a gem, and hoof it over.
"Here you are, madam. One gem."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442784

"What do you have to ask him anyway?"

Mabel [Duelist] 442785

Long time no see…
Feels like home already.
But I doubt this is this simple.
Get up on my hooves and glance around.
Any other living soul around? What about the circus stands, carts, caravans, and other small details?

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442787

"Mostly for a confession. It's easy to say that someone is evil after they're dead, but it's better if you have a complete list of crimes so that you know for a fact how evil they might have been. I don't even want to think of the number of murders and slave trades this bastard has been an accomplice to or responsible for."

Shortcake [Rogue] 442789

I sigh happily as I look at the cakes and feel Mwandishi brush my tail. After he finishes I levitate all of the things we have made out of the way and give let the cooks know they can have my first batch of gougère and one eclair each if they can help me carry the things to the party when I leave.

Melody Maker [Bard] 442790

Definitely gonna have to test that later~

I walk back over to her.
"They look great!"

Sion 442799

You did.
She concentrates on the corpse.
What? What's going on? Where's that crazy chubby mare?

"What do you need to know?" the necromancer says.

"Who protected him, where he got his money…"

All the stand, carts and caravans are mostly the same, some seem new, others you remember are missing.
You see a poster for the performance. It lists all the acts. It used to be your name was there and a cartoonish drawing of you on the poster.
But not anymore.
What worries you is that you don't see any pony out here…

The cooks are very grateful.
"You should teach us some
tricks sometime, miss Cake."

Shortcake [Rogue] 442802

I nod then start laughing and giddily dancing in place.
"Thanks! Oh Mel, you have no idea how great it feels to finally be back in my element! I haven't cooked anything more than a loaf of bread for way too long. I'm going to go get a shower, mind if I brush your tail after that?"

"I'd love to."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442805

"As guardspony Root said, we need his contacts, who protected him, names of guards on the take, where his funding came from, names of his gang members, any intelligence he's gathered on the rival gang, and a complete catalog of all his crimes. Especially the ones that were covered up.

Snacks(DD ranger) 442806

"Hmmm." Perhaps go around town and find a good casual place. A food stand or a diner, one that serves corn and juice would be nice.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Melody Maker [Bard] 442808

I chuckle and give her a suggestive look.
"Why don't I just… Join you in the shower?~"

Mabel [Duelist] 442815

I really liked that drawing of me.
Well, slip into stealth and enter the main circus tent.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Shortcake [Rogue] 442818

"Are you sure it's-"
I scrunch and blush.
"Oh, right. Well what they hay. You were a good helper and deserve a reward."

I go up to our room.

Melody Maker [Bard] 442822

I perk up and follow her up.

Shortcake [Rogue] 442823


Roll #1 1 = 1

Mwandishi (Trickster) 442825

"Hey, I was a better helper!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 442830

"I'm with good friends, making good food, and my future looks brighter than it has since the war."

"I don't think the shower's big enough for three ponies."
"That means you're going to have to squeeze in real close~"

Melody Maker [Bard] 442833

I just stand there, grinning and waiting.

zulu 442834

"Mmmmaybe later."

"You two have fun. I'll go take my own bath."

Sion 442835

The necromare nods and makes a motion towards the corpse. '1d10+2'

There's a street vendor selling corn and juice.

You walk into the tent and are surprised it's completely empty.
You walk into the ring itself confused.
When suddenly the lights go out.
One light shines in the middle of the ring, and there you see, even though a second ago there was no one, Fussili himself in his fabulous ringmaster outfit.
He looks at you with a smile.

You're in your room, have fun in the shower.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Mwandishi (Trickster) 442836

Sion 442839

Like I'm going to say that…you don't know me ponies. You need a lot more then death to kill my spirit!

The necromare looks at you calmly. "Shall I apply pressure?"

Mabel [Duelist] 442840

"Long time no see.
Where's everyone?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 442845

"I helped more!"
"Enjoy your bath! I know I'm gonna enjoy mine… er, my shower at least."

Shortcake [Rogue] 442848

I frown.
"You tease."

I take off whatever clothing I still have on, untie the ribbons from my mane, and hop into the shower hot shower.

"Waiting for something?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442849

"If it is necessary. The photographs and documents can only condemn him for so many crimes. There are likely hundreds, if not thousands, of others that he's committed and gotten away with."

Melody Maker [Bard] 442852

I shake my head and quickly follow suit and join her in the shower, all with a very wide grin.
"Nope. Now what do you think about… relaxing?~"


"Oh, you mean he can feel it?"
Give him a kick!
"That's for what you did to Indy!"

Roll #1 10 = 10

Mwandishi (Trickster) 442857

I grin mischievously before going off to my bath.

Shortcake [Rogue] 442861

I undo my braids and start scrubbing myself off.
"You've got more experience. Why don't you take the lead?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 442864

"With pleasure~"
And then I fade to black

And also I'm out for a bit. Wanna finish some stuff up before Crypt. Thanks for running Sion! Later!

Snacks(DD ranger) 442865

Buy 2 corns and juice then hand one to her.
"So what is Star pony's plan after this." I just look at her curiously.

Sion 442868

"Where's everyone? Why, we're right here!"
The light go on again and you see all your former friends and colleagues sitting front row…
"But where are you, Mabel?"

Corpses don't feel pain.
However Soil kicks him right in the soul, the balls of his soul.
Don't ask me how.
Aaaaaah, stupid pony, fine fine, Zeb was the zebra who financed me, he worked for other ponies, a middle pony.

Let's see how she likes dat corn '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Snacks(DD ranger) 442870

Do I even like corn

Snacks(DD ranger) 442871


Roll #1 9 = 9

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442874

"Keep talking."

Shortcake [Rogue] 442875

"Mmmmm~ Make sure you see you later.

Once we've both helped each other relax I finish washing off. Once I'm dry and my mane is braided and ribboned I check the clock.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442878

Lean in and grab the body up, holding it real close.
"Now you gonna tell us the rest.
And who's Zeb."

Mabel [Duelist] 442881

"In some sort of weird creepy portal that tries to look like the place I'm most familiar with?"

Sion 442889

It's not that good old crystal corn, but it acceptable.
"I don't know yet…Iron invited me to stay in his home for a while…but…"

Dat's sum gud corn.

He supplied us with the money and he paid off the guards when necessary. He does the same for the Poison Hoofs, he thought I didn't know that but I do.

A zebra who runs a private bar.

He cocks his head.
"How was journey, ever since you left?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442891

"Who's on the take? I'm sure you knew which guards were in Zeb's pockets."

Shortcake [Rogue] 442892

Mabel [Duelist] 442894

"It had it's ups and downs.
I never stopped thinking about the circus though.
And how was business?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442895

Let go of the corpse.
Corpses stink.

Snacks(DD ranger) 442896

"But? Is there something wrong? " I stare at her as I eat my corn.

Sion 442905

hehehe. A lot of them…I don't know how Zeb did it, and I don't ask questions.

Just enough time to get into your fancy dress and make your appearance dear.

"Ups and downs.
Isn't that just how it goes?"
He points again and now you see a Diamond Dog sitting on the second row, and Slim Cat

Sion 442906

"I don't really want to give up on adventuring just yet…but I don't think I'm strong enough for it."


Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442907

"Names, Griff. A complete list."

Shortcake [Rogue] 442908

I get my dress on.

I knock on the door to your bathroom.
"Hurry up in there, it's almost time to go!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 442910

"Snack thinks Star can handle herself. Star pony handle's herself…. with those slavers…. "
I then look down and avoid her gaze.
"Snack is sorry for bringing that up. If Star needs protection on her journey, Snack can help her." I smile.

Mabel [Duelist] 442911

No rushed movements just yet, but I do hope my rapiers are still on me.
And keep my voice level and chatty.
"Yup… got some new talents?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 442917

"Alright, alright! Jeez I thought you two would take longer than that!"

Get my fancy new robes on.

We're waiting on the party until next time, yes?

Sion 442923

You really think I kept a complete list of names in my head? I made sure that list got burned first. Next time, don't alarm the whole base when you're trying to get in.
I guess if you want one, you'll have to ask Vilina.

You look fabulous darling~

"But I want to make myself useful somehow. Do you think you'll need a below average geomancer?"

"Lots more…"
He points again, and now you see a few slavers very familiar to you and some thieves.
They all stare at you silently.



Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 442925

"Or we could lean on Zeb. I'm sure he'd be easier to get to than your rival in business."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 442928

Sit on the corpse and break a few bones.
"Okay, and who is Vilina?"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Snacks(DD ranger) 442935

"Geomancer? As in one who can control earth? Most likely since our source of living is hunting monsters as profit and it will be useful underground or on monster who dug deep. If Star pony wants to explore more she can come with us, Plus Amber pony is with us too so you have another crystal pony to be confidant with." I grin at her before taking a bite on the corn.

Sion 443485

Good luck getting him.

Leader of the Poison Hoofs. That slut is probably taking over the town as we speak.
He looks at the necromancer.
And you, don't be surprised if you get in trouble for this.

She takes another bite of the corn.
"It's not really earth magic. We crystal ponies have a special affinity with crystals. We can use them to channel arcane, elemental and even holy or demonic magic. We call it geomancy. Others can do it too. But it's a true art in the Crystal Empire."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443487

Reply with a smug grin.
"Just means we gotta kill the poison hoof ponies then, easy."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443492

"I'm sure there are ways."

Queren Pico 443495

Since I still have the Prisoner, let's try to find that Officer pony. They can interrogate him and get more details out of him.

Use Hawkeyes to try and locate him from above. [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 443496

Easy as pie indeed. Now could you stop kicking my legs, I don't feel a thing anyway

Whatever you say

You see them in the nearby forest with an old mare and a corpse in a barrel.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443497

"Isn't now the moment when you tell us about how we are doomed to fail?"

Queren Pico 443498

This was not what I was expecting. Land some distance away, make sure he can't see the criminal tied up.

"I hope you have a good reason why you are out here with an old mare and a corpse."

Sion 443499

You read too many puppy stories. How about I tell you to go eat shit.

The old mare looks back surprised and Griff falls silent.
"Who are you?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443500

"If you'd like to apply pressure, now would be a lovely time."
I'll think a moment.
"Ah, there you are. We're simply getting a post-humous confession for dark deeds performed by this dog. Guardspony Root has photographic evidence of wrongdoing, and I assume you had the paperwork?"

Queren Pico 443504

"I have the papers in a small box. I want to split some of them up so we don't risk losing it. I'm still trying to find that officer I met earlier, you haven't called them in yet?"

Sion 443506

Root's here I should have mentioned that
"Ah yes, you've got the papers? and I heard you got a prisoner?"

The mare nods.
"You want the names right?"

Queren Pico 443509

"I have the prisoner, but now that he isn't much of threat, I'd rather keep him alive. The police might be able to use him to point out any other members that weren't down there with them."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443510

"Names, faces, any connections tying them together… Where they live and what they do, if possible."
I'll shrug.
"And, of course, where we might find more evidence of his crimes."
"He's right here, in fact."

Queren Pico 443511

I'll point to the cart.

"Prisoner is in there. When we're done here, I can fly you anywhere else you need to go."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443512

"Where did ya find him?"

Sion 443513

"We're not here to kill him. I won't allow it. And I wouldn't hold your breath for my colleagues. It seems these gangs have their contacts everywhere. But if we've got solid proof…."

The mare closes her eyes and focus.
There come some unsettling sounds from the corpse before you hear the voice of Griff again.

In a monotone strange voice, you hear a few names, those he knows of the guard, Root looks unsettled when he mentions a certain White Flag.
Most evidence should be destroyed by now he says, as per the agreement with the Poison Hoofs.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443514

"Agreement? What agreement?"

Queren Pico 443515

"He was one of the dogs I rushed trying to save the papers. Put him out while I tried to save what evidence I could so we could try and save others. Went back to make sure he got tied up and treated, don't want him dying on us when he hasn't made himself useful yet."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443516

Stare blankly for a second.
"Smart thinking!"

Sion 443517

The monotone voice continues.
Zeb helped both of us. Only me, Vilina and a few other know about that. The whole war between us was a farce. Zeb wanted it that way, we got the slave trade, the Poison Hoofs the drugs. We sometimes fought against each other, but that was more to keep the soldiers sharp than any real war.

Queren Pico 443518

"It would throw off the Police too. They'd be hard pressed to explain why some evidence showed they were working together while others would show they were killing each other's families."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443519

"Where can we find enough evidence to bring down Zeb? Or does he not leave a solid trail?"

Sion 443520

I never really cared why. He had the connections needed, that was all that mattered to me. He just said to keep it that way, and to never operate outside of the slums.

Maybe in his club. Or he might have hidden it somewhere else. He's clever.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443521

"This is too hard.
Can't we just kill them all?"

Sion 443522

You're a genius.


Shuffle around of top of him and break a few ribs more.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Queren Pico 443524

"No. Otherwise, others might come in thinking that this is virgin territory, ripe for their crimes. If you put many of them in prison for all to see, that deters others."

"Besides, we need that evidence to save ponies. That is what we must aim for."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443525

"Unfortunately, that would leave a rather large power vacuum. Even worse gangs would drown the streets trying to assert dominance. And with that many guardsponies on the take, they wouldn't really try to stop them."
"Did you have any other bases of operations? Ones the Poison Hooves didn't know about?"

Sion 443526

I already told you I don't feel that.
How many times are we going to have this conversation?

Root listens to what Griff has to say amazed.

Sion 443527

I did have a home where I took the mares once in a while. hehehe. But you already know what I did there. No real evidence there, except of my legendary stamina.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443528

"And the not-so-real evidence? What is it? More photographs? Maybe a backup ledger?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443529

"I just like to hear the cracking of your bones."

Sion 443530

I think some photographs. hehehe. You think we keep a backup ledger just so punks like you can find it and use for evidence?

Queren Pico 443531

"I'd like to know where that one is. You may have known not to bring evidence, but your underlings may not have cared all that much about a few pieces here and there."

"I'd think you would keep one to make sure you aren't being cheated. It wouldn't be smart to just have one someone could sneak into and change."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443532

"Usually? Yes. It's bad bookkeeping to only have one copy of your finances. How else can you blackmail guards or random townsfolk if you don't keep a ledger for it?"

Sion 443533

That's not very heroic.

Oh aren't you smart. Very well, I did hide a copy of it there…underneath a loose plank in the cellar. It's a small house near the harbor. But I'd be fast if I were you. As I said, we had agreements.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443534

"Who cares. It's fun."
Stand up and turn to my companions.
"To the harbor then?"

Queren Pico 443535

"I can fly everyone over there."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443536

I'll nod.
"Guardspony Root, I'm sure you can take it from here?"

Sion 443537

"I will. Meet me back at the inn. I've got a lot to think about."

"Mister Pico" says Root "Woud you mind giving me those papers? I'd like to study them."

Queren Pico 443538

"I trust you, but not necessarily the rest of the force based on what we learned here. I'll give you half now, and I'll transcribe the rest for myself and send you the originals as we go."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443539

Ready to go! To the docks!
Is Indy with us or still with Iris at the inn?

Sion 443540

"If you think that's best then."

Pico can carry Soil to the harbor if he'd like.

Right now he's getting some lessons in words.
You better get him soon though, she might start dressing him up.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443541

I am kinda too heavy to be flown anywhere.
Can I keep up just by running?

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443542

And my wing's still roughed up… Can I make it to the docks without crippling myself? '1d10-1'

Roll #1 4 - 1 = 3

Sion 443543

Seems like Warren will have to go on hoof anyway.

Queren Pico 443544

"I'd rather have both of you rest a moment in case we have to fight our way to that ledger. Besides, carting two ponies isn't going to bother me, I'm sure I've lifted heavier hammers during my training days."


Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443545

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443546

Sion 443547

All of you hop into Pico's cart. Leaving the prisoner with Root.

The load is heavy, but Pico manages to slowly fly you towards the harbor.

But from a distance you can see it already.
Smoke rising from a certain house, and orange flames peeking from the windows.
You see a bunch of ponies around it, trying to douse the flames with buckets of water.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443548

"What foul luck! Just the day we need that place!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443549

"Well, they certainly work fast."
I wonder if I can just glide so that Pico can go faster?
"Pico, can you go faster if I lighten the load?"

Queren Pico 443550

"Nothing noticeably."
That's a lie. Keep a straight face. [1d10]

I'll park us nearby if unless you have any other ideas."

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sion 443551

Roll for it. Since it's not really flying you don't have to apply your -1 here.

You have a very straight face.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443552

"Park us and use the cart to dump water on that burning house!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443553

Well, out and down we go. Let's hope I glide better than a rock. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 443554

You don't feel comfortable with it and wait till Pico sets both you and Soil down.

You're down next to the house.

Queren Pico 443555

"Can this cart even hold water?"

Try to be careful and use the cart to firefight.


Roll #1 10 = 10


Step up and help the ponies already here sooth the flames!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 443557

That work very well. The flames lessen, but the fire isn't over yet.
It might be slightly easier to risk getting through the flames.
Or you can try to douse it more.

A bucket of water doesn't do much…


Use my shield like a spoon to scoop the water up and throw it at the house!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Queren Pico 443559

I'll keep pouring. I can't very well try to find a ledger to save ponies and bring them back to a burned down house.


Roll #1 9 = 9

Snacks(DD Ranger) 443560

"What do Geomancers do in Crystal Empire? Carve Mountains on one spot? Make cave in another?" I look at her curiously

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443561

Well, let's add a bit more ice to the situation. Homing Magic for the moment. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sion 443562

Such determination!
This will make it somewhat easier to get through.

The fire isn't out yet, but it's getting manageable. The other ponies renew their efforts seeing your determination.

You focus your mind, as usual trying to form the Ice. You feel the power flow through you like never before.
You open your ice expecting to see 5 Ice motes flying around you but nothing.
Confused you look around and see to your embarressment you've frozen all the water around, including part of the harbor and the water in the buckets.

The water around is frozen. The fire itself however has gone to manageable levels, you can try to douse more for MIN 7 or enter the house and get the ledger for MIN5


Me, I'm a sturdy bastard enchased in armor. Run in and get whatever looks like a book.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sion 443564

"Have you ever seen a picture of the Empire?"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 443565

I scratch my head.
"Snacks didnt. Snacks just know of Crystal Empire from Amber." I grin.

Sion 443566

You storm in there.
Using your shield to protect you from the flames.
As expected you find the book underneath a wooden plank.
Now roll to get out safely.

"The crystal palace and all the buildings there are made out of giant magical crystals. Bigger then you can ever imagine.
Geomancers' primary task is take care of those, and create new ones. The best of them tend to the Crystal Heart itself.
As a side job they charge smaller crystals and gems with magical properties.
Making for example a sword produce fire."


First put the book under my armor, that should be safe enough.
Just there with Molly.
Now storm outside!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443568

Whoops. But, problem mostly solved? I'll- >>443563 well, never mind.

Queren Pico 443569

Keep an eye out for Soil. Don't need the smell of BBQ horse keeping me up.

Sion 443570

You storm out of there with that book.
What a hero!
If Daring Do were here she'd say "not bad, kid"

He gets out safely.
The building seems lost though as the flames flicker up again. Without any fluid water to douse it, it will collapse soon.

Snacks(DD Ranger) 443571

I took a bite of my corn.
"Snacks dont know ponies have that kind of magic, Able to make house structures out of crystals, we Dogs just plan to make our building underground and some of us just hope for best. If that is Star pony's magic then she can really help us along the road Snacks think."

Queren Pico 443572

Keep helping the firefight. Pour more water on it.


Roll #1 3 = 3

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443573

Hmm. Is it any danger of spreading to other buildings?

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443574

Trot up with a smug grin and rejoin Warren and Pico.
"So, what we do of this book now?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443575

"If it's real, we hold onto it until we can bring it to Root."

Sion 443576

She giggles nervously.
"I can't make houses out of crystals. But I know a little bit about charging gems."


You have to fly way too far to get fluid water again. This isn't going well, even if you can throw a lot at once.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443577

"Well, gotta go back to the inn anyway. I miss Indy a bit…"

Sion 443578

It's already spreading to other buildings around.
Too bad there's not a lot of fluid water around right now…

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443579

Just break the ice with a good measured slam.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Queren Pico 443580

Keep carting more water.


Roll #1 3 = 3

Snacks(DD Ranger) 443582

I scratched my head and look sideways.
"Ah, Snack presumes too much ahaha."
"Charge gems?" I finish my corn

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443583

Dang it.
That's no good… if only there was a fire mage to melt the water!
I guess all I can do is throw chunks of ice into the fire. I'll focus on the building around the wreckage. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sion 443586

You all throw some ice at it. But only manage to douse the fire when part of the neighbouring houses are burned. You see a few mares crying next to their stallions nearby. No doubt wondering where they're going to sleep tonight.

"Yes…you know what, I'll show you. Do you have a gem?"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 443588

"Snacks like to see. I smile and hand her one of the multi-colored gems that I got

Queren Pico 443590

"Whatever doesn't burn falls into darkness, is this what happens when the Princesses are no longer looking over Equestria?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443591

"Those damn gangs!"
Stand on the ruins of the burnt house.
You know who did this?
Those bloody gangs that have been stealing and murdering and imprisoning ponies in this city for all too long!
Are you gonna stand there and take it?"

Sion 443593

She holds the amulet between her hooves for a while and it slowly starts glowing…
"What weapon do you carry? Do you have a knife or some melee weapon?"

1: time for guards
10: Revolution baby

Roll #1 10 = 10

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443594

I'll sigh a bit.
And then look at Soil like he's mad.

Sion 443595

The ponies all turn to Soil. Looking in surprise, but you see a spark of determination in their eyes…

Snacks(DD Ranger) 443596

I nod and hand her my axe.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443597

"And that's not all!
They are so vicious and poisonous, the very guards that should protect you are under their control.
This ends now.
It's a time for heroes!
It's a time for action!
It's a time to FIGHT!
Kick them back to the dirt they belong into!"
Slam my shield to the ground and let out a strong battlecry.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Sion 443598

She attaches the gem to your axe and looks around.
"You see that barrel over there? Hit it!"

You attract a large group of ponies.
"Those monsters"
The crowd is getting roused.
"Let's kick their flanks!"
"Where to first?"

Looks like you're rebel leader now. Where to first?

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443599

But that's obvious.
We all go to the inn!

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443600

I'll just shake my head.
"Pico, we need to get back to Guardspony Root. Fast. Any good guards are probably going to get lynched alongside the bad."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443601

"Oh right.
And bring me my dragon!"

Queren Pico 443602

Let me flick through ledger and notes. Any obvious addresses or hideouts?


"Keep the crowd here then. We've already had one fire to deal with, I don't want any more."

Roll #1 8 = 8

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443603

"You overestimate my ability to talk to ponies. There's no stopping them after Soil's gotten them riled up like that. They're out for blood."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 443604

I look at my axe and to her a bit worried.
"Is pony sure about this?" I scatch my head.

Queren Pico 443605

"I'm trying to find a place we can send them, becuase they're likely to explode if they stay here. At least try to keep them guided, or try to get ahead of them and get ponies inside their houses."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443606

"I suppose that's the most I can do."
I'll turn to Soil.
"I'll meet you back at the inn. Please don't let them burn down any homes."
And then I'll run off ahead, warning passers-by on my way back to the inn. How crowded is it? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443607

"We are just gonna get the bad ponies!"
Smirk at him with a confident expression.

Sion 443611


You lead your people to the inn.
Not all can fit in, but those who can are ordering large quantities of alcohol. No doubt to gather some courage.
Some of the ponies crowd around you.
"Where shall we start? We should hit those bastards right where it hurts. At the barracks!"

Indy and Iris are here. Looking very uncomfortable. Indy runs over to you, happy to see you.

The Zeb registry directly links the gangs activities to Zebs nightclub.
There's also a "Heart" with some amount of moeny next to it.
But no mention of who or what "Heart" is.


Snacks(DD Ranger) 443612

Sion 443613

"Just do it."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443616

"No that's stupid! We should take out the gangs! There is no way to tell good guards from bad ones, so we let them be!"
Pet Indy over the head.
"The red guys are all dead already.
There's just the green ones left!
And those that pay them!"
Turn to my companions.
"Where to?"

Knight 443617

"We can go straight to the source with this, but we might risk losing evidence if we just end up torching the place down. Do you think you can get the crowd to just make sure no one gets in or out while we go in?"

Sion 443618

Iris walks over to you.
"Soil what's happening?"


Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443620

Answer with a huge smile.
"We are taking on the evil ponies! These are all heroes!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443621

"They're a mob is what they are. No organization, nothing but their hooves and their anger… A lot of ponies are going to be killed, especially if that gang retreats into the sewers. We still haven't killed that hydra."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 443622

Hit the barrel with my axe

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443623

Mumble this over.
"We can have half the ponies stay outside their house, and half outside the exit of the sewers, then we kill the hydra, kill everypony in the gang, take those boring 'evidences' and tell them it's all done!"

Sion 443625

She looks worriedly at you.
"Do you need my help?"

The crowd shouts.
"No mercy."
"We'll get all of them"

It catches on fire immediately. It never did that before! The crystal flickers and stops glowing again.

"Let's just get them!"
"It will be faster!"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443626

Look from them to Iris.
"Uh… I think this might be a bad idea but I don't know exactly why…"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 443627

Stand back and look at it with amazement.
"That is a really powerful spell little pony. Snack is amazed, is that what they teach Star pony in the empire?" I grin at her.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443628

"The evidence is no good if all the gang members are dead. We could have them wait outside the sewers to help the guard catch any fleeing gang members while we strike at their heart. Taking out the hydra along the way."
"But it won't be right! Then you'll be criminals too!"


"Do any of you have any training or experience in combat, because now is NOT the time to learn. Help us make sure no one gets out and we can put down their Hydra and lead the gangsters to traps like the rats they are."

"Help us, and you save your city and your families!"

Sion 443630

Iris looks distressed herself.

Let's see if the crowd listens to reason.

She blushes. "My dad taught me that. And it's not that powerful. Look the gem is already depleted."

Roll #1 9 = 9

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443631

Turn to Iris and smile.
"Hey it's alright, after this you can go back home!"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 443632

"Trust Snack, it is a helpful spell if you ask Snack. One can gem enchant an arrow and set things on fire on a distance!" I smile at her
I look at the gem curiously.
"What do we do with it now? Snack thinks its a waste to throw it away." I frown.

Sion 443633

The crowd starts to calm down and put down the beers.
"Okay. Let's think of a plan then…"

Once the crowd calms down, Iris smiles at you and gives you the H '1d10'

"You shouldn't. It's worth a lot of bits still. If I charge it too much it might break though. And I'll need to practice…if I want to help all of you."
She looks down. "Are you sure it's okay if I join all of you?"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 443634

It's a bit an awkward hug.
She blushes.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443635

"We'll organize with Guardspony Root. We know he's clean. He can help mobilize the other guardsponies he trusts, and we can get you folks a purpose."
I'll shrug.
"Without him, my best plan is having you all wait outside the sewers to catch any runners."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443636

Raise a brow but think nothing of it.
Pat her on the.. Back?
Then, the crowd.
Better let Warren talk the plan.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Snacks(DD Ranger) 443638

"If its up to Snacks Star pony is certainly welcome." I smile.

I look at her and use one paw to raise her chin a bit higher.
"Dont be so glum little pony, Star think too little of herself. You are more stronger than you think you are." I smile.


If we know they are heading to the sewers, is there a map? Can the ponies procure anything that can double as weapons?

"A simple, efficient plan. We go in, and most likely get a couple of the gangers to flee for their lives and towards any awaiting guards. I trust the ponies here will do everything they can to safeguard their homes and not leave where they are ordered to protect. Any spare pegasi can work with nets and keep an eye out for ones that come out of the hidden holes they no doubt made."

Sion 443644

You give her a pat on the back like you'd give Warren or Snacks a pat on the back.
Meaning she hits the floor.

She blushes. "Thanks Snacks." She gives you a hug '1d10'

The ponies sure can. They'll send the lesser fighters back home and get some weapons.
As for maps, they know a few entrances…but not what's down there.


Roll #1 4 = 4

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443645

That's gotta hurt.
Grin sheepishly.
"Sorry for that…"
Offer her a hoof up.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 443646

Well, there's a hydra down there. We'll probably have to go through it to get to the gang members. Just have them watch as many entrances as possible.

Queren Pico 443649

"I wonder, if the gangsters are controlling a Hydra, all we have to do is stop the ones doing the controlling and we remove the hydra all-together. Even if they just set it loose, that means we only have to focus on the hydra since they should be running away."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 443650

I hold my ground while raising my arms, taken a back by her sudden hug. With that I lightly hug her in return.
"Thanks." I smile.
"So lets head back to Inn if Star wants. If there is something needed to be done, just tell Snacks."

Sion 443654

She gratefully takes your hoof but you squeeze that hoof, really, hard as you get her up.
She grimaces and rubs her hoof.
"Wow, you're…strong. I think I need to sit down for a minute."
She walks away to her room.
Out of nowhere, Bedrock is right next to you whispering "You got to be a little more careful when handling mares, Soil."

You're back at the inn.

Sounds like plans.


Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 443657

"Not like I meant that!"
Look at the crowd.
"Was it my fault?"

Sion 447040

A few ponies think it wasn't so bad.
The majority however are booing you.
"How could you do that to such a sweet mare?"
"She just wanted to help!"
"Are you out of your mind?"

The crowd seems to be getting second thoughts about wether following Soil was a good idea.

Indy himself looks at Soil and then point towards where Iris went. "Not good."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447041

"Soil, perhaps you should go apologize to Iris? I think Queren and I can take it from here."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 447042

I look at Star.
"Does Star pony need anything?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447043

"Fine, fine. Don't get touchy!"
Stand up and go after Iris.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447044

"And remember! Be a gentlecolt!"
And then I'll turn to the mob.
"Alright, so we've got the general idea laid out already. The ponies keeping the homes safe should also be on firewatch, because these sorts of riots inevitably end in a fire of some kind."

Sion 447045

"…It's been so long since I've got a good nights sleep."

You walk up the stairs.
Indy follows right behind you.
You find Iris in her room laying on a few cushions on the bed. She doesn't say anything as you come in nor turns towards you.

"Sounds like a plan."
"What will you ponies do in the meantime?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447046

Step inside and drop the shield at the entrance, scratching the back of my head awkwardly.
"Are you… Like, did I hurt you?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447047

"Well, if everything goes according to plan, we'll be helping Guardspony Root round up the guards that are on the take, and bring down Zeb as well, since he's been playing for both gangs. Then we sweep into the sewers and, if they surrender, arrest the gangmembers down there. We may or may not have to go through a hydra first, though, so that's why we wanted you all to stay out of the sewers and catch runners. You're brave folk, but a hydra is something that should be dealt with by professionals."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 447048

"Ah." I exclaimed and approach the Inn keeper.
"How much does it cost to have room?"

Sion 447049

"I'm fine…really. I know you didn't mean it."
She tries not to move too much.
"You're really…strong."

Root nods.
"We've got enough evidence to convict a number of guards. The officers will be different tale though. We've only got the testimony of a corpse against Officer White Flag.
We need more than that."

"What kind of room? Economy, Comfort or Luxurious?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447050

See if there is a mark, where I touched her.
Without touching her or moving from here.
"I… Sorry. Does it hurt?"

Roll #1 6 = 6

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447051

"Corpses generally can't lie, when you lean on them. As we've seen. White Flag's probably covered his tracks pretty well, so we might need to make a small deal with Zeb. He names names and testifies against them, and he gets a lighter sentence, maybe."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 447052

"Eco… "
I look at Star first then scratch my head.
"Comfort is good." I grin, then lean next to the inn keeper.
"Make sure room is clean and not bug ridden. kay?" I give him a serious look.

Sion 447053

She's wearing a blouse and you can't see her back underneath. She bites her lip.
"I feel okay. I'll just lay a bit and I'll feel better I'm sure."
Indy tugs at your leg, climbs up your back and whispers in your ear "Ask how help."

"It's worth a try."

"Please sir, we are a respectable establishment, all our rooms are top notch and cleaned every day.
He leads both of you up to a room.
It looks okay.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447054

This nigga.
"H-hey, maybe I can help."

Melody Maker [Bard] 447056

We're just about ready to head off to the party, right?

Shortcake [Rogue] 447059

I'm ready for the party if everyone else is.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 447060

I'm here, as well.

Sion 447062

Right the 3 of you have set off to the party.
Please all 3 roll a 1d10

She looks up.
"Uh….well…could you go get some ice, for my back?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 447063


Roll #1 10 = 10

Mwandishi (Trickster) 447064


"Remember, I'm the Effendi Hakuna, not the Revolutionary Vanguard Mwandishi."

Roll #1 7 = 7

Shortcake [Rogue] 447067


Roll #1 10 = 10

Mabel [Jenny] 447069


Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447072

Nod firmly and rush back downstairs, find the innkeeper with a concerned expression on my face.

Shortcake [Rogue] 447073

"Effendi Hakuna, got it."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 447075

I then look at Star.
"This room is good enough for rest? Just tell Snack and Snack will leave."

Sion 447084

You all arrive at the party without any trouble and you can already see your new suit and dresses already draw a lot of attention.
But amongst all the faces, one seems to grab your attention. The face of an older looking grey mare amongst the crowd, you don't know why but the way she looks at the 3 of you gives you the creeps.
Silver Coin comes to greet you flanked by one of the most beautiful and elegant unicorn mares you've ever seen.
"Ah, mister Effendi, such a joy to see you again"
And he turns to kiss both Melody and Cake's hooves.
"And ladies, it is an honor to welcome you to our garden party."
He waves to the mare next to him.
"Might I introduce Valentine, my lovely wife."
"So wonderful to have you here." She says with a practiced tone.


She yawns.
"You've been very sweet, Snacks. Thanks."
She gives you a hug. '1d10'
"But, if you don't mind, I'd like to catch some sleep now."

See >>442923

Roll #1 8 = 8

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447085


Snacks(DD Ranger) 447086

"Sleep well."
I nod at this and leave.

Perhaps find Poor Soil and Warren? Where are they?

Snacks(DD Ranger) 447087

Go ask Bedrock for their whereabouts.

Shortcake [Rogue] 447088

I smile a nice big smile.
"It's a pleasure to meet you two."
I assume the cakes and stuff made it here?

Mwandishi (Trickster) 447094

"A pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Valentine."
Greet her in the traditional Zebra manner, with a polite kiss on the hoof.

"Thank you, both, for hosting us."

Mabel [Jenny] 447097

"Are they any good?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 447098

Put on a smile.
"It's.. a pleasure to be here, and a pleasure to meet you as well."

Amber [Crystal butt] 447104

Good god.
Where am I?

Sion 447109

"Okay. For a drink or for what?"

She closes the door with a grateful smile.
Soil is downstairs, you can see him from here.
Do you still want to talk to Bedrock?

Of course they did. You had all of them packed in a big crate you're wheeling behind you.
"Pray tell miss, why are you towing such a large crate with you?" asks Valentine.

"It would be a crime not to introduce an important zebra like yourself and your lovely entourage to our friends. In this world, our contacts are the most important resource we have. Please enjoy yourselves and don't hesitate to talk to either of us if something troubles you.
And don't forget to visit the hall inside the mansion, we've displayed a lot of interesting curios. Why, we're the only person for miles around that owns a phoenix."

The mare looks at you curiously.
"Pardon me, but have I met you before by any chance?"

"You tell me. You met them."

Uuuuuuh. Let's say you're with Soil, Warren and Snacks in the inn.
Soil has riled up a large group of citizens and warren not here right now was busy conducting a plan to capture Zeb and the remaining gang.

Amber [Crystal butt] 447112

Oh good! Zeb was bad too!
Um… what about Anna? And that crystal mare?

Melody Maker [Cleric] 447113

"Met me before?… Uh… Erm… Have we met before?"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 447114

Approach Soil
"So what have you been up too?" I grin at him.

Mabel [Jenny] 447115

"Not up for any good at least."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447119

"For a hurt."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 447123

"A phoenix? How interesting. And how did you come by such a creature?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 447129

"I made all sorts of things for the party. i love to bake, you see."

Sion 447130

Snacks already told you as much?
And the rest are all mutants from another dimension!!!!
No, Star is sleeping in her room. Anna is among the crowd, getting a drink.


"They certainly weren't good honest circusfolk. But then, when you met them, neither were you."

"A hurt, right."
He comes back with a sack of ice.
"You know how to work this? Just put it on the "hurt" and it will stop swelling."

"It was a gift from the Doge himself for all our years of cooperation and friendship."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sion 447131


She shakes her head.
"I'm sorry, it seems to escape me. It's probably nothing, forget I mentioned it" She smiles her practiced smile.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447132

Don't even answer to him, grab the bag between my teeth and run up the stairs again.
Is Iris still okay?

Mabel [Jenny] 447134

"I was in a pretty rough spot, you know."

Melody Maker [Cleric] 447136

"Ah.. what a shame."
I continue smiling at her, though reduced in size.
"Do you think we may get to tour your hall? Your collection sounds very interesting."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 447138

Perhaps Soil is busy, approach Bedrock.
"Good business?" I sat next to him.

Amber [Crystal butt] 447139

Can I get a drink too?
Alcoholic drink?
See what they have.

Sion 447152

She's laying on the same spot where you left her.
She manages a smile "Thanks."
She then tries to undo her blouse.
But that's pretty hard when you're trying to not move your back too much.
Help a bit?

"Is that an excuse? It was you, who ran away into the unknown. Nopony forced you.
So the results of those actions are your responsability."

"Why, of course dear. I'd be my privilege."
She turns to Mwa and Cake.
"Would you like to see our collection as well?"

"Every day, Snacks. New contacts, new opportunities.
How was your day?"

All sorts of liquors, wines, beers and non-alcoholic drinks.
How strong do you want it to be?

Mabel [Jenny] 447155

"I didn't run away, I told you all I just wanted to try out other things.
Maybe it was a mistake, maybe it wasn't.
I learned new tricks, at least."

Amber [Crystal butt] 447157

Well I managed those drinks in Silverhaze pretty well… but I shouldn't take something so heavy!
Just something strong, but not over-the-top.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 447158

"Yes, of course. It sounds most interesting."

Melody Maker [Cleric] 447159

I nudge him on the shoulder.
"You thinking what I'm thinking?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447161

But I hurt her when I'm near…
If it's something simple, I could try…
Otherwise, stay back.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Mwandishi (Trickster) 447162

I smile mischievously

Shortcake [Rogue] 447168

Shortcake [Rogue] 447172

"Yes, please."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447184

Okay, where did I leave off? I believe somewhere around getting the honest guardsponies and going for Zeb, so we can go from the head of this downwards.

Sion 447191

"You wanted to try new things
And I suppose you thought the same thing when you ran away from home or when you ran from those thieves or that caravan.
For a donkey that just wants to try new things, you sure run away from a lot of ponies."

There's some Laurenian wine, made from grapes on mount Laurenia itself, the holy mountain of Canterlot.
You also notice Crystal Genever, a stronger liquor made of crystal berries far away in the Empire.

"Follow me then."

While you're walking, the beautiful mare walks next to you.
"Excuse me, I didn't get your name?"

It's quite easy to help her a bit.
You notice Indy bites his lip, but Iris doesn't seem to notice.
There seems to be a large bruise on her back, where you hit her.
When you put the ice on there, she sighs in relief.

"Of course, maybe you could put them next to the hors d'oeuvres so they won't spoil."
Silver Coins drops in
"And I certainly would love to take first bite."

See >>447053

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447194

I did that?
Stay silent and apply the ice carefully for a while.
"I'm sorry.
I walk in on the road, get beat up, and then you go through hell because of me.
It's not fair."

Shortcake [Rogue] 447195

"Please help yourself, Mister Silver."
I levitate the things I made over to the hors d'oeuvres if I am close enough.

Mabel [Jenny] 447197

"You sure learnt to use 'run' pretty liberately while I was gone.
I don't think it means what you think it means."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447198

Alright then.
"Guardspony Root, I'm trusting you to not only get a warrant for Zeb's arrest, but also to keep it quiet and only bring along guardsponies you trust above all others. Also maybe a mage who's good with stunning spells or something. I might accidentally kill him if I try."

Amber [Crystal butt] 447199

Crystal Jenever! No contest! It just has to be good!
Once I got my drink, join Anna.

Sion 447228

"It's fine." She chuckles. "I shouldn't have hugged you out of nowhere, you must have been startled. I think we both acted a bit silly."
Rolling for feeling better '1d10+2'

He takes a dignified bite from one of the éclairs.
After a few seconds of chewing he says
"Miss Shortcake, allow me to say these are the finest eclairs I have ever tasted.
Simply sublime. I tip my hat to you. Where did you master this fine art?"
Other ponies come and take a bite as well, and it's raining compliments.
You notice that grey mare that gave you the creeps earlier, taking a bite as well.

"What would you call it then?"

"I'll do my best, mister Warren. But please hurry, I don't think this Zeb character will wait for us to come arrest him."

She's among the crowd.
"Hey, Amber. Looks like we're going to fight the other gangs soon."

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Sion 447230

She relaxes a bit.
"Thanks Soil."

Mabel [Jenny] 447234

"Series of unfortunate occurances."


"I heard about that!"
"Isn't this crazy? We were just fighting each other in the arena the other day… now look at us!"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Shortcake [Rogue] 447239

I blush and little.
"Thank you, Mister Silver. I picked up the skill here and there, you know. Everypony needs a hobby. Please, excuse me."

I walk over to the grey mare.

"What do you think of them, miss? I made them myself with a bit of help from my friends."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447241

"No, no, really! The hug was nice!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447244

"He most likely won't. Or at least has already taken steps to escape. Speed is of the essence, Root."
Now, I need… Ah, there's Amber.
"Amber! I'm going to need your help with taking out Zeb."

Amber [Crystal butt] 447249

"Oh, hey Warren! I know, I'm coming for sure! Take down all these jerks!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447257

"Wonderful. But if he's still there, we need to take him alive. We're arresting him, not lynching him."

Melody Maker [Cleric] 447259

I follow her.
"My name is… Melodic Harmony."

Amber [Crystal butt] 447261

I scrunch
"But he's a slaver!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447267

"Even so, we need him alive to give us a legal reason to take down the rest of the gangs. Otherwise we're no better than they are. It's how the Law works. Root's already off working on getting a warrant for Zeb, so we need to be ready to bust in there. Soil's a good pony, but he's not exactly too smart. That's why I'm coming to you for this."
I'll nod to her friend.
"You're welcome to help as well, though I won't lie he's probably got plenty of guards and will know we're coming, if he hasn't checked out of Tall Tale already."

Amber [Crystal butt] 447269

"… Okay! I'm smart!"

Sion 447273

His eyes change ever so slighty from color.
They become a little bit darker.
"A foolish point of view. You think that by convincing yourself you just had bad luck you can avoid your responsability, but it only weakens you, and worse, it invites only more unfortunate occurances, as you call them."

"It's a new adventure! I love it!"

"They're nice."

She blushes.
"You think so?"

"Lovely name."
You enter the hall. At the far end you see a big golden cage, housing the most magnificent of birds, the phoenix. It sits quietly in the middle, preening its feathers.
In the hall you see a few unusual things on pedastals, behind glass
Among them a piece of paper with music notes. A elegantly designed bottle containing water, glowing ever so lightly and a bit further some more tribal artifact, at first glance from the zebra lands.
"Which would you like to see first?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447274

Somehow I'm beginning to doubt this…
"You might have to stop drinking for the day, though. At least until we're done. After we take care of Zeb, we're going into the sewers. We'll probably run across that hydra on the way to the gang's hideout, but the townsfolk will be circling the sewer entrances and be on the lookout for anyone that runs."
I'll look at her friend again.
"I'm thinking of having you stay topside to help the guards and the townsfolk if the gangmembers try to fight their way through. Barely any of them know how to fight, so you'll be one of the few who do. Is that okay?"

Mabel [Jenny] 447275

Make sure to be ready for some acrobatics if anything bad happens.
"On the contrary, I learned from all of those lessons."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447277

But they're better without armor."

Shortcake [Rogue] 447278

"My name is Shortcake. What's yours?"

Melody Maker [Cleric] 447281

"Is that a score?"
I move over to the sheet music.
Do I recognize it?

Amber [Crystal butt] 447282

"Gotcha! No problem!"

Sion 447297

The light seems to grow dimmer.
"And what did you learn?"

She looks a bit disappointed.
"Fine. But the moment I hear you scream, I'll run in there to help!"

She giggles.
"Yes, that's true."

"Briar Gloom, mage in the employ of Lord Silver Coin. How can I help you?"
You feel unnerved as if she looks straight through you.

Of course silly, that's a page from the famous composer Triangle Tune, who composed a number of classic works a few centuries ago. Every good musician know them.
Wait, these look old, could they be..
Valentine comes with you "Yes, that's an original page, written by the Triangle himself."

"Whenever you're ready, we'll get them."

Pause in about 25-30 minutes.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447302

Take a few steps back.
"I'm happy you are okay.
Trust me, we are gonna kill all the evil ponies and you will be able to go back to your house to sleep tonight!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 447303

"Um. I, ah… What sort of mage?"

Mabel [Jenny] 447304

Start slowly backing away to the tent-flap/exit.
"Not to get into corners."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447307

"Hopefully it won't come to that. And don't sound so disappointed! You're really a big help."
And I'll nod at Root.
"Just need to get Snacks, and Tulip, and then check in on Soil and Iris. Then we can go."

Sion 447310

She smiles, not as much as earlier though
"That would be lovely. But I've been talking to Bedrock." She pauses. "Soil, do you do you think I'd make a good adventurer?"

"I advise my lord in any matters regarding the arcane, whatever that may be. I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades."

"Interesting what else?"
He doesn't seem to make any attempt to stop you.
Light gets a little dimmer again, it becomes hard to see the audience.
Fussili himself is still easily visible with the light shining straight at him.

"Just hurry."
Snacks is gone.
To Tulip? She's amongst the crowd.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 447311

"That appears to be a zebra work. How interesting. May we take a closer look?"

sorry had to take a call

Mabel [Jenny] 447313

"Not to jump into weird portals without asking?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447314

Blink a few times.
"Sure you would! You know even more about Daring Do than I do!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447315

Alright, let's find her. She can help Anna Apple with keeping the townsfolk from getting themselves killed if the gangmembers get violent.

Shortcake [Rogue] 447316

"Oh. Well I'm glad you like what I made."
I sample a bit of everything then go look for Melody and Mwandishi.

Snacks(DD Ranger) 447320

"Not much, I put somepony to sleep." I just sigh.

Sion 447328

You walk over to the pedestal, it shows a number of wooden masks and tools you've seen a lot at home but must seem very exotic to these Equestrians.
One item draws your attention. A gold bracelet delicately decorated with shamanic inscriptions and some of the biggest emeralds you've ever seen.
You remember how only the most accomplished shamans among zebras wore bracelets like these.
"These are artifacts, given by some of the zebra tribes to Silver Coin's grandfather who traveled there as gifts. Remarkable aren't they?"

He scratches his chin.
"I suppose you learned that right now. But if those 2 things are all you've learned you'll admit that is pretty meager."

She's sitting among the crowd.
"Hey, Warren. Will you give me crossbow lessons now?"

You find them in the hall.
Mwandishi is looking at some zebra artifacts with Valentine, while Melody is looking at a piece of paper.
You see the phoenix at the end of the hall and a very elegant bottle with lightly glowing water on a pedestal to your right.

"What's that? I thought you helped defeating those slavers?"

Final turn.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 447331

"Very. I understand that the rural tribes use them to curse their enemies most terribly."

"Of course, we from the cities don't believe in such old superstitions."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 447333

What are you rolling for?

Mabel [Jenny] 447334

"An entertainer must have her secrets too."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447335

"Seems as good a time as any. It'll just be a quick refresher course, though, since we seem to be wrapped up in something quite big. There was another student, but it seems Soil put her out of commission for the day. We can use the yard out back."
I'll think a moment.
"Would you be adverse to working together with Amber's friend over there on helping keep the mob in line while the rest of us go into the sewers? I know it's a lot to ask, but they need someone who knows how to fight if it comes down to it."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 447336

To make her believe that they're cursed

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447340

Snacks(DD Ranger) 447342

I just smile.
"THat is what we did, and one of the freed prisoner is coming with us and is now sleeping upstair."

Shortcake [Rogue] 447345

I go and look at the bottle.

Sion 447352

She nods.
"I've heard some of those stories myself. But I don't pay too much attention to them. Some ponies here think every zebra is out to curse them. It's been here for years and has never caused trouble."

He is silent.

"I'd love to help catching those villains!" She scrunches.

She giggles.
"I'm sure that's not enough. But…I'd love to see some of the world, and Bedrocks says he needs an…egghead like me to do some research when he needs it. So I was thinking, if I trained a little and all of you are there to help protect me…"

The bottle is very richly decorated ending in 2 swans.
The emblem of the Sun and the Moon is engraved in it.
There's a sign that says "Do Not Touch"
"Fascinating isn't it?" says a voice behind you.
It's Silver Coin.
"That bottle may look beautiful, but it's what's in there that is truly magical."

"That's a good thing then right? You seem so down, Snack. What's the matter?"


Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447397

"What, Bedrock insulted you?"
Grunt and stomp in place.
"I'm gonna make his head square!"

Sion 447556

She smiles.
"Calm down, hero. He didn't mean it bad. He was just teasing a bit."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447557

"Good. Then let's get that lesson started right away."
And we're out the back door. There's a haybale or fence we can use for target practice, right?

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447558

Sit down.
"I bet Indy would love to know you are coming!"

Amber [Crystal butt] 447559

Warren told me not to drink anymore, so I guess I wont do that anymore
Uh… oh, where is Star Quartz? What did she say about those crystals?

Snacks(DD ranger) 447561

I shake my head.
"Snack is just new to these… feelings. Snack wants to get close but she seems distant. Perhaps Snack has to work harder though."

By the way, what is Bedrock doing?

Mabel [Jenny] 447562

"Soooo…. yeah."

Sion 447564

There is. One you placed there a little bit earlier in fact.
Fuschia hold her crossbow with her hooves and tries to aim.
Her stance is '1d10-1'
"Is this okay?"

"Oh that sweet dragon. He is really cute…wait, where did he go?"
She looks around a bit.
He's not in the room.

Star Quartz is resting in her room.
You may either disturb her or go talk to Snacks, whom you know had a long talk with Star.

"Things like that take time, my two-legged friend. You can't expect the mares to just drop head over hooves for you the very first day, and show it to you. They've got to warm up to you a bit. Give it some time, besides Star probably hasn't ad a good nights sleep in months, you can't blame her for wanting one."

He's sitting and drinking some wine.


Roll #1 3 - 1 = 2

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447565

"Must be looking for something to eat.
I know I would, after being locked up that long."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447566

I'll shake my head.
"Not quite."
I'll take up my own stance. '1d10' Hopefully it's a good one.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Snacks(DD ranger) 447567

I fidget and look at him surprised.
"H.. how did Bedrock pony k.. know?" I bite my lips in embarrassment.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447568

"Well, this isn't quite the right hoofing to have either, but it's closer."

Amber [Crystal butt] 447571

I don't want to disturb her… as much as I'd love to talk to her.
Ah… where is Snacks?

Mabel [Jenny] 447575

It's been a pleasure seeing you all again, and that everyone is fine and dandy, nothing crepy going on at all."

Sion 447583

She frowns
"He didn't say anything about that. Where did you find him?"

It looks better then hers at least, even though you might want to train sometime as well.
She tries to copy your stance as best as she can and fires a bolt at the hay stack '1d10'

"I've got eyes in my head, you know."
He points to his eye. "But don't worry, your secrets safe with me. And look out here's another crystal pony to see you.
Amber approaches.

With Bedrock, who waves at you.

"We never met before now."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 447584

It misses.
"Darn it."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447586

"It's alright, that's what the lessons are for. Now, let's try again. Take a stance, '1d10', then breathe out as you fire. Keeps it from going a little wild."
And I'll shoot the haybale as well. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 10 = 10

Amber [Crystal butt] 447587

Trot over there.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447588

"Oh? He didn't tell you?"
Shuffle closer.
"We found him in a cage the slavers kept."

Snacks(DD ranger) 447589

I just give him the look.

I grin at her presence.

Mabel [Jenny] 447592

"You look like someone I used to know.
That must be it."

Sion 447597

You fire a fast volley of bolts right at your target.
Fuschia whistles.

Bedrock nods.
"Hello there Amber. How are you right now?"

She gasps.
"Those evil gangs kept dragons?"

"Indeed. I look like the great Fussili right now. But the "real"…" he chuckles "…Fussili is near Cloudsdale right now. I'm not him, I merely took this form to facilitate our communication."

Mabel [Jenny] 447600

"Oh, really?
I wouldn't have guessed.
I actually believed for a minute that the dead guy joined a circus too."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447602

Well, I wasn't trying to show off, but it happened.
"Well, that's basically the gist of it. Get your hoofing down, your breathing, and your aim, and then it's just point and shoot. Care to give it another go?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447603

"Even big ones.
Those didn't listen, though.
But enough of this!
Are you well? It's time to take on the other ones, finish the chapter!"

Amber [Crystal butt] 447604

"I'm… fine. Uh… I kinda zoned out the last few hours, so what's the plan? Are we going to take on more slavers? Warren told me about some gang but…"

Snacks(DD ranger) 447605

I scratch my head.
"Snack does not know much of slavers for today but Snack has plans on looking for jobs, specifically that of hunting monsters roaming the countryside. We need to get work fast to cover finances, if Amber wants she might want to accompany Snack on job hunt."

Sion 447609

"Smart girl. Now are you going to indulge my curiousity or are you going to test my patience with this pointless banter?"

She takes aim and shoot '1d10'

She feels her back.
"I think you'll have to finish this chapter without me, I'd just be in the way."

"I believe Warren intends to first fight Zeb, the zebra and than the Poison Hoof gang."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 447610

It misses again.
She stomps her hoof and scrunches angrily

Amber [Crystal butt] 447612

"Monsters? But… what about those gangs Warren was talking about?"
I sit down and scrunch up
"I'm confused…"

"Oh right! … But where are they?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 447614

I look at her surprised and confused.
"Snack didnt know anything about more gangs."

I look at Bedrock.
"Ha? Warren has not told Snack a thing."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447615

"Don't feel too bad. Patience is key here too. You've got to wait for the right moment. Take a deep breath, let it out, and then let's try again."
I'll smile reassuringly.
"Let the bolt fly out with your breathing."

Sion 447617

"I believe the Poison Hoofs are in the sewers. And Zeb in his club, maybe?"

He cocks his head.
"Well you were a bit busy with some other things, Snacks. I don't think he wanted to disturb you."

She takes a deep breath and fires '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Amber [Crystal butt] 447618

"… What are we waiting for!?"

Sion 447619

She scrunches even more if possible.
She stomps her hoof and fires again '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sion 447621

She jumps up.
"Yay, I got it!"

"Warren maybe? I'm not sure really."

Snacks(DD ranger) 447623

I just lower my head at this.
"So, what will gangs do?"
"Will take over that abandoned diamdond dog hide out?" I look at him seriously.

Mabel [Jenny] 447624

"What are you curious about?
And you can cut the crap too, ask it straight away."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447625

"There we go!"
"You did, indeed. Good shot."
I'll think a moment. Is this really enough? It can't be, but should I put her in danger for that?
"Do you think you're ready to go, or do you want to take a few more shots to make sure you've got it?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447626

"Sit tight, we go in, kill them all, and be back before dinner."

Amber [Crystal butt] 447628

"Well we better leave soon!"
I gallop off to find Warren.

Snacks(DD ranger) 447630

"Hey wait!" Follow her.

Sion 447633

"They probably already did. But I'm not an expert on these things."

"I already did. What did you learn?"

"I'll learn it on the way there"
She smiles.

She pauses for a second.
"Allright. Stay safe."

Sion 447634

You're with Warren in the garden.

Mabel [Jenny] 447636

"It's a long list, and you know it."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447637

"Alright. Let's gather the bolts and get going."
"Ah, there you two are. Good. Snacks, I take it you've noticed the angry mob in and around the inn?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 447638

"I will! Bad guys are out of luck!"
And now, back to the room with the angry mob.

Snacks(DD ranger) 447639

"Snack thought they are there protesting or something."
"They are not there to attack the Inn is Snack correct?" I frown

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447640

"You're right, they're not here to take over the inn. They're fed up with the gangs running their town, so they've decided to strike back. We're going to take out the head of the operation, Zeb, and then head into the sewers to deal with that second gang. We're going to try and arrest them, if we can, but don't hesitate to defend yourself. While we're in the sewers we'll also probably run across that hydra we originally came to town to get rid of, so we can nab that while we're down there too."
I'll gesture towards the mob.
"They're going to be ringing as many sewer exits as possible in case any of the gang members run away."

Amber [Crystal butt] 447642

"That's so smart! Why didn't I think of that!?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 447643

"Alright, Snacks wll help with the best he can. Lead the way Warren pony."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 447644

Alright, that's that. We'll rejoin the mob.
Now begins the battle of Tall Tale.

Sion 448420

"I don't think you learned anything actually.
You keep making the same mistakes."

You gather them up.

All of you are in the room with part of the mob.
Should they take up positions by the sewers while you leave for Zeb?

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448425

I trust Warren entirely.
I trust him '1d10' out of 10.
Because fuck the birds thing.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448426

That would be best. We'll just send a small team of us after Zeb, and then join up with the rest of the mob before heading into the sewers. The majority of the honest guards should be with the mob, in case the gangmembers try to fight their way out while we're dealing with Zeb.

Mabel [Jenny] 448428

"Name one."

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448433

"Most of the logistical matters have been taken care of, let me know if there is anything else that you need me to deal with."

Snacks(DD ranger) 448434

Whatever is needed to be done.

Sion 448438

That's not much trust.
But you've got to catch the bad guys, and zeb is definately a bad guy.

"Joining your new band of friends. You'd think that after all that time, you'd be more wary, but alas you keep ignoring things that are right in front of your nose."
The audience disappears.
It's just him in the spotlight, you at the edge, and darkness all around.

Leaving for Zebs place once everyone has said AYE. or READY.

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448440

Ready for actrion.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448442


"Hey Warren, what's the plan?"

Mabel [Jenny] 448443

"They seem okay.
None of the bad stuff I've done before either.
Honest work, this monster hunting."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448446

"The plan is pretty much to present our warrant for his arrest, and if he comes quietly, well, then we can get to smashing in the gang. If he doesn't, well… try not to kill him."

Shortcake [Rogue] 448449

"What's inside it?"

Sion 448450

You arrive at Zebs club.
You knock at the door and the bouncer seizes you up.
"Club is full, nopony gets in."

Now the spotlight seems to dim as well.
And Fussili(?) seems to be fading away.
"Suit yourself Mabel, just know that one of them is deceiving you."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448455

"We have a warrant."

Sion 448458

"Show it."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448459

Ooooh we have a warrant.
Do we?
Well I hope this goes smooth.
Would be a shame if Indy had to see violence around so soon.

Mabel [Jenny] 448460

"Which one?
Could you at least drop that line?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448461

I'm assuming/hoping that Root came with us, and had the proper paperwork.

Snacks(DD ranger) 448463

I whispered
"Who's Zeb?"

Just stick close.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448471

"He's the one who's playing both gangs, and setting up the slave channels. I think."

Sion 448476

Fussili fades away.
Out of the darkness you hear
"No spoilers for you, Mabel. Seems you prefer the hard way of learning instead."
One second of nothingness when suddenly darkness around you turns inside out and you're back in the attic.
The portal is gone.
There are boxes here you didn't see before. And noise coming from downstairs.
Music and ponies talking. And ponies drinking.

He is getting some guards together as you asked.
You show him the paper Root gave you though.
The bouncer inspects it closely.
"….Allright. Must be some kind of misunderstanding. Try to not make too much fools of yourselves.
And if you harrass our guests, you'll be in trouble, warrant or no."

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448478

In the meantime, I'm going to fly up and make sure he doesn't try to run while we are at the door.

Mabel [Jenny] 448479

Do a reality check.
I'm back in reality, right?

Also, check the boxes.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448481

Can I follow them while watching from the windows, or do I have to come inside?

Shortcake [Rogue] 448483

Snacks(DD ranger) 448491

Just follow Warrens game.

Sion 448505

It seems quite real, as real as it's possible to determine.
You check the boxes and find they're full of glasses and snacks.
As you ponder what's going on, some stallion comes up the stairs.

You can see '1d10' well through the windows.

Fidget is gone. Let's assume you all went in.
The bar is full of ponies and all sorts of races.
There's a fight going on in the small arena.
Some guests are looking surprised at all of you.
The barkeeper looks at you.

"My dear, I'm sure you've heard of the Laurelia river. The holy river that flows through Canterlot, through the royal palace and throne room of the Sisters even. and then it runs down flowing through Equestria until it finally flows into the sea near Los Pegasus.
That much is known to every equestrian, but there is a part of the legend only very few ponies know."

Roll #1 9 = 9

Sion 448507

You see very well through the windows.

Mabel [Jenny] 448508

Turn around quick.
"Oh.. hey..
I.. uh..
Isn't this where they called for the show?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 448510

"Oooh, tell me."

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448511

Look for doors or any other ways to get in or out. We can't let him get away so easily.

Snacks(DD ranger) 448512

I look at Warren
Seriously this is not a quest I am familiar since I am with Star.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448517

Go to the barkeeper.
"You Zeb?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 448522

Follow Poor soil
Also supreme survival spot the area, anything suspicious going on?

Sion 448525

"No, it isn't. Now get out of here before I call the guards!"

You found out the zebra running this place is in some way connected to the gangs.
In fact, he may be financing or running them.
So you're here to take him in, if possible.

"Most ponies seem to assume that the river is holy because it flows through the throne chamber of the Sisters. I've even heard they bathe in it. But that's only half true.
The river has its source at the very top of the mountain. Where the peak, touches the very sky itself. It's said that it's so close to the Sun and the Moon that some of the holy power of them flows right in it directly.
Some even claim it is there the Sisters came to Equestria, though I'm not sure about that."
He touches the glass.
"This contains some water of the river, before it flowed to Canterlot and lost most of that essence."
The water shines very subtly.

"Who's asking? Zeb's busy."

You notice a waitress walking into a private area. Seemingly nervous. You lose sight of her as the door closes behind her.

Mabel [Jenny] 448529

"I must have gotten the bad adress then.
I'm here for the party, you know, entertainment and all that."

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448530

"Nervous little thing, maybe she doesn't like one of the patrons. Or maybe, she's trying to hide something."

Get up close to the door and try to listen in.

Shortcake [Rogue] 448532

"Wow. I've love to visit that peak some day. What does the water do?"

Sion 448534

He just points down the stairs.
"You're not moving."

Aren't you outside?
Do you want to smash through the window or something?

"It's not open to regular visitors and the source itself is virtually unreachable unless you're a godess. And the water…it's said to have special properties, but I mostly have it here to gaze over…it relaxes me."

Shortcake [Rogue] 448536

"It is nice to look at.''
I stare for a few minutes before going to look at something else.

Mabel [Jenny] 448537

Start walking downstairs.
"Okay, okay, jeez, are you in a hurry or something?"

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448539

Whoops, read the wrong post.
Make a mental note about that room, and let's go to the roof for the moment. Any sentries or door ways?

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448542

"He doesn't know me."

Snacks(DD ranger) 448546

"Somepony are already hiding, be careful"
Just keep on the look out.

Sion 448554

Just the sight somehow fills you with a sense of calm and at the same time makes you feel like you're ready for everything.

There's the zebra stuff, where Mwa is, the music page, where Melody is, the phoenix cage and a few other things.

"What is this about?"

You get down and see what was previous just an empty room is now filled with ponies. It's a bar. And a full one at that.
The pony grumpily closes the attic hatch before returning to the bar.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448556

"We have a warrant for him. We can do this politely, or we can make a mess. Which would you prefer?"

Mabel [Jenny] 448558

Hey, at least I don't have to give a free show.
This is pretty strange though…
Let's leave out to the street.
Is Bedrock still there?

Sion 448561

"I'll see if he's available."
He picks up a horn with a cable on it and waits.
"Just a minute."

He's there in the distance on the marketplace.
If you look to the right you see Pico flying around a few buildings further.

Not really.
You may spot check

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448563

Look strange at the horn.

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448566

Have to keep an eye out and make sure no one tries to run.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Mabel [Jenny] 448569

Well, go over to him.
"Hey… say.. how much time passed since I left?"

Sion 448571

"It's a new magic device. The sound somehow travels through the cable to another horn at the other side of the cable…."
He keeps waiting.

You don't see anything here.
You do see Mabel in the distance.
Her help could be useful here…>>448569

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448574

"Freaky mages…"

Shortcake [Rogue] 448576

I go look at the few other things.

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448579

Fly to her.
"Sorry, I only caught glimpse of you for a moment, you'd be better off asking one of the others serving Zeb with a warrant. Actually, we could use the help and I'm sure the others wouldn't mind having an extra pair of eyes and ears to watch them."

Snacks(DD ranger) 448582

Supreme survivor spot check if anything funny is happening.
or should I roll for that.

Mabel [Jenny] 448583

"Oh, hey!
This is not about the…"
Lean closer.
"Gang thing, right?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448585

This is taking too long…
"I may need you to make a distraction. Zeb might be using this time to destroy evidence. Do you think you can take that guy out along with the door?"

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448587

Nod accordingly.
"Yes Ma'am. We found a few slavers and tracked one of their supporters as being Zebb. We're serving him with the warrant now, hopefully nothing will happen. Most likely, I wouldn't mind more help when things get bad."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448592

Point at the bartender.
"This guy?"

Mabel [Jenny] 448594

Chuckle awkwardly.
"Hehe, yeeeaaaaaaaaaah, I didn't really sign up for playing cops and robbers, right? I don't really want to get involved in that kind of stuff…"

Sion 448599

There's a purple slab of some sort of crystal, a book with a cherry on it, and a black cube.

Now, not really. The fight is pretty cool though.
nope, you've seen all you can see.

"Just a moment…"
The barkeep keeps listening.

Shortcake [Rogue] 448604

I go look at the book.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448609

"We're through waiting, I'm afraid. Either you let us up, or you're going in for obstruction of justice. Your call."

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448610

Smile at her.
"You're probably the first little pony I've met in a long while who wants to stay out of fights. Unfortunately, this whole town has mobilized itself and there's a risk that you might run into some rather angry mobsters. You'd actually be safer with us."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448612

"Warren, I'm sick of this."
Turn to Snacks.
"Pal, let's move."

What doors are there around here?
Any zebras I can find?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Mabel [Jenny] 448613

I'm a jenny, silly.
"I know my tricks how to avoid angry mobs, don't worry about me."

Snacks(DD ranger) 448617

Follow him.
Also keep on the eye for anything suspicious.

Sion 448620

"I'm sure he'll pick up.
Just a few minutes sir…"

It is an old tome.
The tag next to it says.
Tome written by Creme Fraiche. Dating back to the Age of Discord, it is one of the oldest cooking books ever found.
Written by the cook of the Lord of Chaos himself."

"Just a minute, sir.." you hear the barkeep calling as you ignore him
You walk into one of the private area doors.
There are not too many doors. You see one marked "Manager" at the end of the hall.
It is locked

Shortcake [Rogue] 448624

I look around where are the people hosting the party?

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448630

Slam it open. I'm done waiting.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Snacks(DD ranger) 448633

"What? Hey pony."
Just stand there for a moment and look inside the mangers door. Anything to be seen?

Sion 448641

The beautiful mare is talking to Mwandishi.
Silver Coin is talking to a few of the guests.
There are a LOT of ponies around though.
In case you have any naughty thoughts, the tome is behind glass.

You slam it open, just in time to see a zebra laying on the ground bleeding and a mare in waitress clothing, ready to give the final strike.
Roll higher then '1d10' to stop her.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Shortcake [Rogue] 448643

I walk over to Silver Coin and wait for a chance to speak.

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448644

Shoot an arrow ringht amidst the eyes of that motherfucker.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Snacks(DD ranger) 448647

Tackle her down

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Sion 448663

He turns to you.
"Yes, my dear?"

With a seemingly physically impossible speed she stabs her dagger into the zebras body.
The body starts smoking and decaying rapidly.
As your arrow hits her right between the eyes, she scream unlike anypony you've ever heard scream.
Oh shit her eyes start glowing, you've never seen a pony do that.

The pony screams and her hoof turns to a black tendril going straight for you and hitting you with impossible force. You are helpless.

The "pony" turns to a black mass with glowing eyes and slithers underneath the bookcase.

Shortcake [Rogue] 448668

"Where oh where did you find that book by Creme Fraiche?"


"Not this again!"
It's just like those bastards in Silverhaze!
Take out my shield and help Snacks up.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Snacks(DD ranger) 448682

I nod at Poor Soil in gratitude.
"Snack didnt know." I grit my teeth.

Also speed up to the book case and see if there is a path behind it. Perhaps hitting it with my axe or pushing it down.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448694

Well shit.
Homing Magic, then. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sion 448698

He grins.
"I came across it many years ago at an old antiquary. A marvelous piece of work, I just had to have it, at any price."

You're up and together tear down the bookcase.
Surprise, surprise there's a secret passage behind it.

One molt coming up.


"Down we go! Indy! To adventure!"
Jump in and rush down the hallway with Indy!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Snacks(DD ranger) 448704

Follow it.
Oh and also watch out for mechanical traps if I can spot it.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448707

1. follow soil
2. secure whatever physical evidence might be left

Roll #1 2 = 2

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448711

"You two go ahead! I'll see if there's anything left up here that we can actually use."
And time to rummage through Zeb's pockets for keys and things. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Shortcake [Rogue] 448715

I look down at the ground and shuffle my hooves a bit before looking back up at him.
"I don't suppose i could read it?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 448725

"You be careful!" I shout as we follow pursuit.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448726

"You too!"

Sion 448743

Indy sits safely upon your back, holding on to your neck.
He holds his nose however as you arrive down there. You're in a tunnel, in the middle is a stream of dirty waste.
The sewers. No sign of your unholy assassin.

You don't see any for the moment.
As you are down in the sewer, you do see small traces on the ground, like something slipped by here, going to the right.

Zebs body is decaying rapidly.
you manage to snag out a small piece of paper before his body dissolves to a pool of black sludge.

He is taken aback for a second.
"..I'm not sure if that would be a wise idea, Miss Shortcake. The recipes in there were designed for the lord of chaos himself…it might be dangerous."

Snacks(DD ranger) 448748

I look at Poorsoil and point to the right.
I also signal him to keep the noise down as we follow the sewer.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448751


I'll blink a few times.
"That's certainly not natural."
Investigate the paper.

Shortcake [Rogue] 448753

"Oh. You mean I would go mad?"

Sion 448782

You follow the sewers reaching a larger tunnel.
In the distance you see green clothed ponies, manning barricades, they seem to be relaxed.

Above it says "From Heart, potential new leaders to resurrect opposition to the PH"
It then lists a number of ponies you don't know.
Below it reads
"Termination of previous controlled opposition is suspected to be influenced by CA. Tracking down CA is of vital importance."

Sion 448785

"We don't know that…but it might drive you insane…or worse, the ponies eating your cookings."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448788

This place stinks!
Shout to the ponies down there.
"Hey! You! Did you see a thing run down here?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448789

Pocket that. Maybe Root can make sense of it. PH is probably Poison Hooves, but who is, or who are, CA?
Alright, let's go picking through the office. There's got to be something in here worth breaking into. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Snacks(DD ranger) 448790

I just facepalmed at this and ready my weapon.
Do I see anything out of the ordinary from these guys?
"This is not a place for ponies to stay."

Shortcake [Rogue] 448793

"That's not good. Thanks for telling me."
After making a bit more smalltalk I go look at that slab.

Sion 448798

The slab of purple crystal.
A card next to it says
"Fillilonian Catalyst.
Found in the desert wasteland of Vilitus, these ancient crystals are used by the Changeling Triumvirate to artificially control the weather."

You notice Silver Coin is talking to his mage.

They all look at you like you're a ghost.
"What in Tartarus?"
"The feather?"
"Hey you, scram. You don't want to come close here."

You find a stash of '1d3' gems.
But no papers. It seems Zeb covered his tracks well.
You hear movement in the hall.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 448799

They look armed.
And they look like a gang.
All dressed in the same color, just like the Bloodhound gang. Only this one is green.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448801

Pocket the gems, and then go into stealth. '1d10+2'
They might not be the guard.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Snacks(DD ranger) 448803

"Something pass here, a monster of some sort. If you ponies saw one we want to know."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448805

Step forwards.
"Are you stupid or something?
We asked you a question!
It's important!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 448810

Can I overhear what they are saying?

Shortcake [Rogue] 448811

I mean without them noticing.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 448819

No, they aren't the guard.
It's the barkeeper.
"What's going on here…"
He then sees the puddle.
"What the feather is this?"

"You better scram. Or we'll show you a real monster."
"Say, Paper, Functional Strenght is a minotaur, not a mo…"
"It's all the same to me."

"I think you're the stupid one around here. Walking all over, talking to us like that, with a sad looking puppy on your back."
Indy snorts.

You walk closer but they notice you.
"Ah miss Shortcake, say I was still thinking about what you asked about the book. Maybe we can give you a chance to read it after all."

Shortcake [Rogue] 448821


Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448823

"While you stalled us, your boss was murdered. That goo is all that's left of him, and my friends are currently pursuing the culprit."
I'll step out from behind the door, shutting it as I do.
"Now, you're going to tell me who that mare was who came up here, and right quick."

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448824

"I am asking you just once more.
Did a pony come through here?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 448825

I just stare at them

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448827

"You asked me earlier if I knew how long it's been, are you sure you are alright? If you lost track of time like that, I can take you to a hospital if you don't want to come with us."

Sion 448828

"Of course, it would have to be under the guidance and supervision of my mage of course."

He stutters
"Dead? I didn't know anything about this. And that mare…that was Long Legs. She's worked here for a long time, almost since the bar opened."

"No. They. did. not."

They stare back.


Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448831

Good enough for me.
What other ways does the sewer go to?

Melody Maker [Bard] 448832

What's going on?

Mabel [Duelist] 448833

I chuckle.
"No, no need for that.
I just came across something… strange, that's all."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448835

"Are you certain that's really who she was? She took an arrow to the head and walked it off like it was nothing. We both know Zeb was up to his eyeballs in illegal matters, least of which keeping the two gangs in town in a very profitable deadlock. Who's to say a changeling hadn't come to keep an eye on their food supply? Because that's where those slaves he was selling were going."

Shortcake [Rogue] 448836

"Of course."

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448837

"Very well, but if you would like to help, look for a Pony Officer and tell them that Queren Pico sent you. Even if you can avoid the mobs, it might be safer to be in one against any escaping mobsters. Safety in numbers and all that."

Snacks(DD ranger) 448838

Look for other area's that monster could have gone too.

Mabel [Duelist] 448839

"Right, I'll be sure to remember that!"

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448840

"Be safe."

Let's go back to Zeb's and try to find the other hunters.

Mabel [Duelist] 448842

"You too!"

To Bedrock then.

Sion 448843

The other way.

You were studying a music page of Triangle Tune with Valentine.
Shortcake is talking to Silver Coin.

"I don't know anything about that. I know he had contact with the gangs…he financed them, helped them.
But he was only the middle-man. He never spoke about who was at the top.
It must have been them who killed him."

"You must do whatever she says though. Your security if of the utmost importance to me."

There's no mistaking it, the trail leads towards the barricade

You smash in the window and go to the office where Warren, the barkeep and a puddle of black sludge are.

He's over at his stall convincing 2 ponies that 400 bits is an excellent price for a set of 2 small diamonds.
He grins as they walk away.
"Glass" He whispers to you.

Shortcake [Rogue] 448844

I nod.

Mabel [Duelist] 448845

"You think they'll notice?"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448846

"Hey Snacks!
Let's charge that way!"

Amber [Crystal butt] 448847

Somebody stop me.
Where am I?

Melody Maker [Bard] 448848

Right right right.
"This is… an original sheet? But… how? I wasn't even aware there was anything left of his original manuscripts!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448849

"Did he keep a ledger of those finances? Which money went where? Any banknotes? Secret vaults built into the basement of the arena?"
I'll raise an eyebrow.
"You had best spill all you know."

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448850

Clean off the bits of glass stuck to my feathers and just have Warren give me the details about what happened.

I already know, just keep going.

"The faster you talk, the faster you can get out of here. Unless you want to stay here when the killer comes back to make sure they covered their tracks and jams their knife into you to make sure."

Snacks(DD ranger) 448851

I look at Poor Soil
"But the trail leads past those ponies." I grit my teeth,

Sion 448852

You're with snacks and Soil.
In the sewers, staring down a bunch of the Poison Hoof gang members.

She nods.
"It is a true miracle. This was found in the inheritance of an old musician from Tall Tale. Nopony even knows how it got there. But once I verified its authenticity, I just had to have it.
Things like these should be kept. No matter how many times something is copied.
The original always has a certain…aura around it, I'm not sure how to descibe it."

"I don't know that much…I'm just a barkeeper. There was somepony who ran his bank affairs. He works in the bank of Tall Tale, but I do'nt know his name, some sort of red pony with 2 hooves rubbing each other as a cutie mark.

Amber [Crystal butt] 448853

Oh great.
Empower weapon.


Turn to those ponies and raise my shield intimidatingly.
How many of them?

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Sion 448855

"We can start whenever you're ready, Miss Shortcake. Maybe you'd rather enjoy the party now?"

"Who cares? We'll be gone by then."

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448856

"I actually believe you. Lying now would be dangerous to your well being. We're still not letting you go so easily."

Find some ropes and chains with Survival and tie him up. We won't let another lead escape.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448857

"Big nose, right? Maybe a beard?"
I'll shake my head.
"Nevermind. Escort the patrons out, this place is a crime scene now. Just say you're closing early today, boss's orders. One free drink and then shoo them out."
I'll turn to Pico.
"This is making itself harder and harder to wrap up…"

Melody Maker [Bard] 448858

I take another look around at the collection.
Does she have any other animals besides the phoenix?


And I guess I ought to follow that example and strike one of them down with my hammer!
"For the empire!"

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 448860

"If it was easy, they would have been caught by now. Hiding two gangs in a pretend deadlock and shipping out ponies by night isn't something that they would have come up with in a fortnight."

Hold the guard and be at the door to make sure everyone else leaves quietly.

Mabel [Duelist] 448861

"That wasn't too nice either."

Shortcake [Rogue] 448862

"Yes, thank you."
I go and ook at that one thing none of my trio has looked at yet.

Snacks(DD ranger) 448863

Whip out my crossbow and Sentried Marksman shot on one of the guards.
Specially the one who called me a sad dog,.

Sion 448864

You run towards the barricade at massive speed.
The '1d5+2' guards there are in shock.
"Should we call Functional Strenght now?"
"Yes, now is a good idea."
You slam into the barricade and waltz over one of them.

He's tied up with some rope you tied together from the carpets. very thight even, you know your job.

Not visible.
"We have a few other animals in the garden. More to the back, a lion and a tiger."

And you go behind strike and turn the other into mush.

Another one starts shouting for help.

No one dares question your authority.

Depends on how you look at it.
Those ponies over there, don't know that it's glass, all they think is that they bought 2 very valuable looking diamonds for cheap.
So they're happy, and even if they did find out, they could still pretend to others that it's real, who will ever find out for those few minutes they'll show it?
everyone is happy."

The black cube or the Phoenix?

You shoot down the shouting one.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Shortcake [Rogue] 448865

Sion 448866

The guards are gone.
You hear thumping as a massive minotaur approaches.
"Functional Strenght would like to know what fools want to challenge him."
He strikes a pose.

Melody Maker [Bard] 448867

"In the garden you say? Might have to visit that once I'm done touring this."
I guess I go check out the black cube.


Oh I know this game! Strike a pose myself!

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Amber [Crystal butt] 448869

"… Also I'm not a fool!"

Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448870

"We are chasing a monster and we are getting to it, no matter what!"

Mabel [Duelist] 448871

"Might be just my bad experiences with forging fake things speaking then."

Sion 448872

It looks creepy.
It's a perfect black cube, completely smooth.
Not much bigger then your hoof.
The sign next to it says.
Found in the Vilitus desert, this 5000 year old cube has been constructed with a precision unmatched even by modern technology and is impervious to most forms of magic.
Many questions remain about it."

He strikes another pose '1d10'

"Incorrect assessment of the situation. You will go no further or you'll face the might of

"It's an art. A hard art. Keep practicing."

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Indy, Burn him to a crisp!"

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Sion 448874

He poses far better than you.
"HAHAHA Foo, you will never defeat me. I am FUNCTIONAL STRENGHT"

Shortcake [Rogue] 448875



Oh come on! They always one-up me!

I scrunch as hard as I can.
"I'm Amber! Hello!"

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Melody Maker [Bard] 448877

Just looks?
There's no weird vibes coming off of it?

Mabel [Duelist] 448878

"I'm done with that type of work, mostly anyway, remember?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448879

Right, well, Pico's got this well in claw.
"If you've got things handled up here, I'm going to go check on the others. Who knows what they ran into down there."
I'll pass over the Suspicious Note.
"Make sure Root gets this."
And down the secret passage I go.

Snacks(DD ranger) 448880

Shoot another one '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Sion 448881

Let's see if Indy's instinct have kicked in yet.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Sion 448882

You slam the minotaur right as he does his best pose, with a speed and strenght similar to a heavy tank crushing an animal underneath it.
When you're over him.
Functional strenght lies on the ground, helpless, wondering what just happened, you see your hoofprints over him.
Indy looks confused by what you mean by that statement.

You hurt him, in the face!

Not really.
It just seems…very very creepy, like it doesn't belong here, in this time or world, somehow.
But there's no weird energy coming from it right now.

"Of course, of course." He grins.

You enter the sewers, you hear fighting to your right.

You shoot the minotaur.

Mabel [Duelist] 448883

How long was I gone?
Just a question."

Melody Maker [Bard] 448884

I poke it then.


"Indy! Fire! Like a dragon!"
Rear-buck the minotaur!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448886

Right, head towards the fighting. Lucky for me that little missile is still floating about, so I can open the fight with something good.
Though I think I'll slip into Stealth. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Shortcake [Rogue] 448887

"What do you think about it?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 448888


Melody Maker [Bard] 448889

"It just feels… wrong. Like it shouldn't belong."

Snacks(DD ranger) 448890

I nod at this.
"Do that if not!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 448891

I nod.

Sion 448892

"Uuuhhhh. A few hours. Why?"

It is behind glass.

You give him a good kick in the butt.
Indy '1d10+2'


"FUCTIONAL STRENHT NVER SURRENDERS" He says with a few theet falling out.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Sion 448893

Suddenly Indy gasps and burps a giant red flame into FStrenghts butt.

Indy has learned "Weak Fire Breath"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 448894

Right, let's keep moving until I see the fight.


Ya try calling that weak!
Slam the burning butt. Keep him pinned.
"Surrender already!"

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Slap him.
"Do it for your own good! You're lucky you're not a slaver!"

Roll #1 4 = 4

Mabel [Duelist] 448897

"Just asking…
Say, what do you know about portals?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 448898

And I guess I go look at the phoenix now.
Does it look upset to be here?

Shortcake [Rogue] 448899

I will look at the phoenix too.

Snacks(DD ranger) 448900

"Help in pinning it down"

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Sion 448901

You're right in time to see.

Soil stomping the already down minotaur into the ground. As the minotaur tries to get up, Soil grabs his head, slamming it into the floor again.
He says as he tries to get up again.
Another hoof to the face makes him eat dirt.
The minotaur is defeated.

You slap his unconcious body.
Good going.

"What kind of portals?"

The truly majestic bird sits in a grand cage preening its feathers, it seems rather unconcerned with you mortals. Spending more time to look at it's feathers, only occasionaly looking at you.
The cage does seem a bit too small to be optimal for a phoenix.

You pinned down a defeated minotaur.


Poor Soil [Dragonkeeper] 448902

Grunt and get up from him.
Turn to Amber and Snacks.
"Now we find the tracks."

Snacks(DD ranger) 448903

I nod at this and stand up.
Supreme surv. can I still track the slime it left?
If it needs a roll

Roll #1 5 = 5