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Monster Hunter Quest #1: Pilot (Thread 3) Sion 403621[Last 50 Posts]

[Sheets: goo.gl/gbKDc]

A new day dawns in Silverhaze Falls.
A town filled with secrets, murders, heresy, pancakes and gold.

Our heroes sit in the Inn enjoying their breakfast.

Sion 403622

What are you doing? Eating vegitarian food? Your stummick grumbles in protest and you run outside to barf it out.

It feels better. Strangely enough the worst of the pain was only when you prayed to Celestia.

You're eating your pancakes.
Swift comes in.

Zona [Preacher] 403624


Bah, go downstairs.

Shortcake [Rogue] 403625

I stand in front of the room's mirror as I finish putting my mane and tail into braids.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403626

I don't like him… keep eating!

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403627

Look up from my plate and answer with a full mouth.
"Hey there!"

Snack(DD ranger) 403628

Clean myself up and return inside, instead focus on the bear meat.
"Does Red has anymore bear and water."

I just nod to Swift.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Sion 403629

And oh shit I almost forgot.
For Amber, Snacks, Soil and Warren

You realize that all your life you have been coasting along as if you were in a dream. Suddenly, facing the trials of the last few days, you have come alive.
All of you get one skill point to be used as you like.

You see a lot of ponies downstairs.
You see a group of loud ponies sitting on one table.
You see a guard you recognize as Swift, coming in.
And you see a table where Glimmering sits enjoying some carrot pancakes.

Looks good. You could wait here for your friends or go downstairs for breakfast.

Swift approaches both of you.
"Bad news, we've searched the entire town but no sight of the zombies."

"We're all out of bear sugarcube. You might have to hunt some more…"
She gives you a glass of water.
The remaining bear tastes pretty fine.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403630

Look perplex.
"Isn't this good news?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403631

I sneak up behind her and give her a pat on the rump.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Zona [Preacher] 403633

Hmph, go over to sit with my fellow sister.
"Good morning, sister Glimmering."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403634

Wait, Glimmering is here?

Wave at her and go over there!
"Miss Glimmering!"

Snack(DD ranger) 403635

I nod to Red then turn to Swift while sipping my water.
"Why is that Bad news? Isnt that good news?

Shortcake [Rogue] 403636

I see your reflection in the mirror and turn around.
"Missed your chance when I was drunk a couple of nights ago, I'm afraid."
I snort.
"Shortcake fever. It's a wonder you don't constantly have a mare under you with lines like that."

Melody Maker [Bard] 403640

Where am I?

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403641

"Well usually the animal magnetism and revolutionary spirit is what gets them."

Sion 403643

He snorts.
"It's good that whatever it is, isn't in town anymore. But now there might be a murdering zombie walking around everywhere and we don't now where it is."

She looks up.
"Ah Miss Zona, I hope you had a good night sleep."

She sees you and waves back.
"Why don't you come over here for a second?"

Last time you were in the inn.
We can say you're in your room near Shortcake and Mwandishi, close enough to walk in on them if you wanted.

Zona [Preacher] 403644

"Bah. This wound is bothering me. I think it's trying to turn me into a heretic."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403645

Stand up.
"If it is in town, we are gonna get him. Right Snack, Amber?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403646

Run over there

Snack(DD ranger) 403648

I stand up.
"So where do Poor Soil, Amber and Snack start searching?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403649

Shrug at her running. Oh well.
"I still have to carve a new shield. And fix the manticore's mane on the armor.
Then… We could go to the ruins we saw the other day."

Shortcake [Rogue] 403650

"Riiiiight. Is that lump in the bed Melody or is that a pile of blankets?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403652

"Probably Mel… unless she went out last night to make another try at the innkeeper's daughter."

Melody Maker [Bard] 403653

"Don't I wish…"
I yawn and get up.

Snack(DD ranger) 403654

"Oh yes the ruins! Snacks is excited to go visit it. Well after you finished your armor first."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403657

"We could just stay keep watch in town, you know. Get some rest."

Shortcake [Rogue] 403658

I laugh.

"Hurry up and make yourself look pretty, Melody. I'm starving and whatever they have downstairs smells great."

Snack(DD ranger) 403661


Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403662

"You want to go back killing stuff right away? I'm kind of beat!"

Sion 403665

"It's a wound made by unnatural forces.
Have faith sister. We'll find a way to end this heresy. Now I would like to indtroduce you to somepony." She nods at Amber.

"This is Amber, a talented healer. Amber, this is miss Zona."

Swift nods.
"There is one trail we haven't followed yet."
He points to Zona. "Last night she found some dust on the corpse indicating the victim has been in the mines. We'd like you to check out the mines, once you're feeling rested, of course."

Melody Maker [Bard] 403666

I sit up in bed and rub my eyes, run a hoof through my hair and then jump out.
"Ready to go."
I walk out the door, putting on a sly grin and giving her a squeeze on the rear as I walk by.

Zona [Preacher] 403667

I nod at her
"A pleasure to meet you, sister Amber."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403669

"Can do."
Walk up to Red.
"Now, this gonna be my first whole day in town…
You got anything special for lunch?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403670

"Uh… heya! Are you new here too?"

Snack(DD ranger) 403671

"Snacks likes hunting stuff if Snacks given time. But Snacks need to make bits first than hunting, thats why we take hunting for bits as job." I smile

"I have to visti somepony first." I smile at hi,

I stand up, perhaps I'll visit Firethorn in the town and see if she is alright.

Zona [Preacher] 403672

"Yes. I arrived yesterday."
I look her over
"A crystal pony, I see. Hmph. Well I suppose that makes you one of us."

Shortcake [Rogue] 403674

I roll my eyes and follow you downstairs.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403676

I puff my chest proudly
"Yup! From the Crystal empire, serving the Savior!"

Sion 403677


You go downstairs.
There are still a few tables open.
You see the adventurers you met sitting at one table, talking to one of the guards.
You see Zona talking with a priest and a paladin.
You see Red serving carrot pancakes.

Glimmering smiles.
"Zona is a travelling priest of Celestia, spreading Her Word to all corners of Equestria."

You arrive at the Silverhaze Mansion.
You see 2 guards looking angrily at you.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403679

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403680

"Ooooh! You must see a lot of neat stuff then if you travel often!"

Snack(DD ranger) 403683

I stare at the guards.
"Is pony Firethorn inside? Snacks want to see hows the ritutal for the manticore blood is going."

Sion 403684

"We've got apple pie, apple tarts, apple cake, apple fries, apple fritters, apple bread, applesauce,…"

Zona [Preacher] 403685

"… The Savior. Of course."
I shake my head

"Yes. And lots of misery, heresy and decadency as well."
I give her a patronizing look

Melody Maker [Bard] 403690

I grin as I notice Zona.
"Oh my, what might we have here?~"
I slide up beside her and give her half lidded eyes and a suggestive grin.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403691

"Uh… right…"
I look at Glimmering questioningly

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403692

"Let's say you choose then. See you in a couple of hours!"
Off to the leathercrafter I go! Gotta make this shield!

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403693

I sit down next to Melody and signal Red for some pancakes.

"Hahaha she sounds like a keeper, Mel!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 403694

I roll my eyes and follow Melody over to Red and get some pancakes.

Zona [Preacher] 403695

"This world is dangerous, child. I hope your crystaly brain realizes that!"

I do a double take as I see her.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403696

I scrunch
"Hey, you're one of those bards from the other day!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 403698

"Yes me~"
I try to keep the facade of suggestiveness, but crack a teasing smile.
"It's been so… lonely without you, you know… That night was so wonderful~"

Sion 403700

The guards look at each other, but Lord Silverhaze seems to have seen you and tells them to let you in.
You go into the garden, Regal greets you.
"Welcome friend, what brings you here?"

"Miss Zona has seen a lot. It is hard being a priestess in these times. But nothing can keep us down."

You arrive at the supply shop.
Bedrock grins. "Bright and early. I like it. Ready for some work?"

You sit down at the table. Close to Zona, Melody and Amber.
Red brings you some carrot pancakes with a smile.
"Hey where have you 2 been? I missed your music."

Sion 403701

You sit down at the table. Close to Zona, Melody and Amber.
Red brings you some carrot pancakes with a smile.
"Hey where have you 2 been? I missed your music."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403702

"Of course! I like my shields like my pancakes, warm, large and strong!"
"Where do we start?"

Zona [Preacher] 403703


"Sister Glimmering, call the town guard! This degenerate is harassing me!"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403705


"She is?"

Snack(DD ranger) 403706

I scratch my head and bow.
"Snack just want to see what the pony mages has find out. Have they used manticore blood to see the cause of the smoke?"

I then look down.
"Snack is just worried what happened to diamond dog mine nearby, that is why Snack is here."
"And Snacks just want to see Firethorn if she is fine."

Shortcake [Rogue] 403708

My eyes widen.
"Is this another one of your conquests, Melody?"

Zona [Preacher] 403709

"You! Take her in! Remove her from this area!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 403710

I let out a small giggle, trying to force my facade but fail completely, collapsing in laughter.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403712

"But… she's a guest here!"

Sion 403714

Glimmering looks at both of you confused.
"You two know each other?"

Lord Silverhaze nods.
"Of course, of course, let's go see if she has some time."
You walk with him through a few corridors until you enter a room.
"Wait here a few seconds please, I'll see if she's available." He leaves again.

He throws you a big axe.
"Go out there and get me the best chunk of wood ye can find. Den we talk."

Snack(DD ranger) 403716

Wait for him.
Anything of interest nearby?

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403718

With a song in my heart and a axe on my back, off to find a big tree I go.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Zona [Preacher] 403719

I glare down at her

"I don't care!"

"This whore of Tirek is not to be trusted! She is tainted with the gay and has led many lambs astray!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 403720

"They've been asleep is where they've been. Lazy bums."
I give each of them fake glares.

"But seriously, what's going on here?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403721

Can I do better?
Can I take 10 and just say I find a big enough tree?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403722

"Tirek? Gay?"

I poke her with a hoof
"Uh… miss? Are you a Tirekian?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403724

"Can you keep it down? Some of us are trying to eat, you know."

Zona [Preacher] 403727

"Have you no ears, fool!? She's tainted! Corrupted! Decadent! Deceptive!"

"Watch your tone, zebra."

Shortcake [Rogue] 403728

My eyes go wide as my tired mind process's what it heard. I try to grab your head with magic and force you to lean forwards and look at me. [1d10]
"Melody Maker and a few others saved my life, and the life of my village. Don't ever let me hear you call her a whore again."

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sion 403729

Red looks at the whole thing between Melody and Zona with some concern, then turn backs to you two.
"I heard you had some trouble with the Colonel."

There are hundreds of trees here outside. Finding a big enough tree classifies as easy thus MIN4. Get hacking.

The room is very luxurious.
You notice some parchment with a map on it laying on one of the desks.

Glimmering grabs your hoof.
"Now Miss Zona, I'm sure you're exaggerating."

Shortcake [Rogue] 403730

"And none of those other mean words either!"

"Some poor guy got murdered and he thought we did it."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403731

And whackin' and spankin' that meatwood.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Snack(DD ranger) 403732

Just look at the map, perhaps I can figure it out and take it to memory while I wait for them.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403733

"What was that? Did I just hear what I think I heard? Because what I think I heard was some pony mare who's about to get smacked in the face if she keeps talking imperialist trash."

"Yeah, he came by and tried to pin some nonsense on me. I showed him, though."

Melody Maker [Bard] 403734

I finally stand up, wiping the tears from my eyes and getting my breath back.
"No, I'm not… And it's Melody. Yours?"

I blush from her so vigorously standing up for me, but refrain from saying anything.


I try and slap her with my own telekinesis

I pull my hoof out of her grasp
"Do not question my judgement, sister!"

"Do not try and get uppity with me, zebra. You would do well to know your place!"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403737


"Hey! Calm down miss Zona!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 403738

Looks like my magic is stronger.
"Apologize and I let you go. Keep acting like that and we are going to have to go outside and settle this."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403740

I throw my pancakes at her face.
"Eat justice, imperialist scum!"


Roll #1 5 = 5

Melody Maker [Bard] 403742

I prod her hard in the chest.
"Don't. Ever. Insult. My. Friends."



I can't move, so I can't even try and dodge that


Roll #1 9 = 9

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403745

Grab some more pancakes and stuff them in her mouth to shut her up.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 403746

Zonas Telekinesis fails and Zona gets leaned forward forcedly by Melody.

"I'm glad he let you go. He probably didn't have a shred of evidence but that doesn't usually stop him." Red frowns.

Swift and a few guards step forward.

You see some tunnels, when suddenly Lord Silverhaze comes in with Firethorn.

You work with a happy heart. And soon not only do you have a great chunk of wood, it might be even bigger then your old shield!

Shortcake [Rogue] 403747

I try to pick you up with my magic and carry you out back.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403748

Oh joy! Bring it back to Bedrock.
"Got the plates ready?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 403749


I let go of Zona.
"This nag was insulting me and my friends for no reason."

Sion 403750

Oh no you don't.
Guard blocks your path.

Zona [Preacher] 403751

"They assaulted me! I demand you arrest them all this instant!"


Snack(DD ranger) 403752

I smile at Firethorn and approach her
"Hello pony. Is she feeling well? How is ritual going?"

Zona [Preacher] 403754

"Anarchists! The lot of them!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 403757

I frown.
"This… she was insulting me and my friends. And threatening violence."

Shortcake [Rogue] 403758

"Mwandishi has a big mouth, yes, and it is a little offensive, yes, but deep down he is a nice zebra."


"You were harassing me first! Trying to spread your gayness! Bah!"
Cure the gay out of her!

"Around zebras, never relax!"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sion 403764

Swift shouts.
"I don't care who begun, what I care about is that it ends, right now.
You,Miss Melody was your name, go sit over with your other friends, I'd like to talk to the 3 of you and after that I'll talk to Miss Zona. Nopony gets arrested, unless one of you starts fighting."

Silverhaze looks at the map.
"Ah, I must have left that there, I'm not surprised you're interested in it, Mister Snacks. It's a map of the Silverhaze Mine."
Firethorn offers her hoof.
"It is going great, mister Snacks. Our progress has been remarkable."

"That looks great, mah man. Let me get these plates on it." He starts working on the shield.

Shortcake [Rogue] 403765

"If you want to take issue with a race, take issue with those slaving diamond dogs."

I return to my seat and continue eating.

Sion 403766

It's not a disease, so it can't be cured.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403768

Look around the shop in the meanwhile.
"Say, do you have a crossbow or something? Maybe a repeating crossbow! Or a hoof mounted repeating crossbow!"

Zona [Preacher] 403769

"They are all the same! The world would have been much better if those non-ponies would have never dragged themselves from their primordial muck!"


Snack(DD ranger) 403770

"Map? Can Snack have a look at it?" I smiled.

I look at her hoof and reach for it.
"Any specifics that Bark needs to know? Have Firethorn stopped the smoke? What is inside.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403774

"What a spaz."

Sion 403777

Your cure failed, probably because you haven't been praying to Celestia enough.
Swift looks at you angrily for that comment.
"One more word, miss Zona, and I'll send you to the slammer. No matter what Glimmering says."

Zona [Preacher] 403778

I huff and turn away, walking back over to my table and sitting down.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403779

"… Miss Zona?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 403780

I frown and go sit down.
I wave Red down and order some breakfast.

Zona [Preacher] 403782

"Yes, child?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403783

"What's primordial mean?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 403784

I look out of the corner of my eye at the guards then lean over the table to whisper in your ear.
"Maybe she has zebra fever."

"What is the story between you two?"

Zona [Preacher] 403785

I roll my eyes.
"Think it over for a moment. It'll come to you eventually."

Sion 403786

And you all have carrot pancakes now.
Swift comes over to you 3.
"Now, let's talk about yesterday.
As for your innocence, I believe the 3 of you had nothing to do with the murder."

"Sure, right after we talked." says Silverhaze.
Miss Firethorn smiles.
"I fear this might be beyond your knowledge. Suffice it to say, we've acquired a catalyst strong enough to allow us to penetrate even the deepest chasms of the mine. A few days and it's ready."

"We've got crossbows and bows and stuff."
You see some crossbows hanging around.
"Give me that skull will ya?"


I frown

… Do I know what it means?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Shortcake [Rogue] 403789

"Thank you, sir. Did you catch who did it?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403790

I guess I have a rough idea.

I'll just sit with Glimmering, a little uncomfortable after that whole event.

Sion 403791

Glimmering tells you what it means.

"Not yet. And that's why I wanted to talk to you. You see, I believe you are innocent. But the Colonel seems to have gotten the idea, that your zebra friend here is the murderer."

Snack(DD ranger) 403792

"Thats great, just tell Snacks what to do next, Snacks might want to see whats inside the mines and the riches that it store." I smile at her.

I then look at Silverhaze
"What do we need to talk about?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 403793

"Met her a while back on… some crazy job. For a dragoness or some shit. Bailed before anything really happened. She's an uptight bitch and a half."
I dig into my carrot pancakes.

"Wait, the shit? Mwa? Mwa hasn't murdered anyone!"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403794

"Heheheh. She could probably use a good tumble."

"Well he's wrong. All you really have to do is talk to the innkeeper. I was here all that night."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403795

I wonder if that could be fitted on top of my right forehoof…

Give him the skull and try the crossbow on.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403796

I whisper to her
"Miss Zona seems really angry for some reason…"

Shortcake [Rogue] 403798

"How did he get that idea? Me and Melody can both guarantee you that he was here."

Sion 403800

"About this zombie business, I've heard you were involved. Please tell me what happened last night."

"I talked to Harv. But the only thing the Colonel said was something about evil voodoo mojo zigga powers. But he doesn't have any proof. And I ask you 3 to not give him any reason to put you away while we're searching for the murderer.
Like fighting with Miss Zona."

You give the skull and pick up the crossbow.
You try and accidentaly shoot an arrow into your chest. You fall over in pain.

"I don't think I understand it myself, dear."
She coughs. >>403785
"Miss Zona, let's talk about the events of last night. What should be our next move?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403801

I'm sure it's just a scratch! Stand up!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Zona [Preacher] 403803

"Wasn't the 'great colonel' on the case?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403804

"That's really dumb."

I lean over to Melody.
"Maybe we should just skip town tonight, you know?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 403805

"I don't think Mwandishi has a drop of magic in him. So long as she doesn't attack us we won't fight her."

"Right, guys?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403806

"Yeah, I won't touch the mouthy bitch unless she tries something."

Melody Maker [Bard] 403808

"The hell? Mwa isn't even magic!"

"We skip town, that might be all that jackass needs to 'convict' you and send you to the gallows or some shit."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403809


I bite my lower lip and inch closer to Melody, Mwandishi and Shortcake.

Snack(DD ranger) 403810

"Uhhmmm.. to be frank, Snack is too confused. First we got to town and we got told to head to church so we did. Then me, Warren and Soil follow Swift outside. Swift told us to wait so we did until Warren told us to follow him and we gone to forest and to some house in where a family of ponies lived. After that Swift told us that he can take care of it so we have gone to…. inn and rest."

Suddenly remembers Amber, I wonder how she is right now.

Melody Maker [Bard] 403812

I perk up.

Shortcake [Rogue] 403814


Mwandishi (Trickster) 403815


Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403818

I smile at the three of them
"I just want you to know that even if miss Zona doesn't like you, you're always welcome in the church to pray and get your wounds treated!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 403820

"Wait, she's religious? Who's she follow?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403821

"Great. Thanks.

"So what's with you? Why do you travel around with such a dumb square?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 403823

I return her smile.
"Well… thanks. Always nice to receive some actual kindness from a religious pony. Especially one so cute~"

Sion 403825

You can't stand up.
But Bedrock comes over. "Don't sweat it, happens to me all the time. There's nuthing vital in ye chest."
He rips out the arrow and helps you up.

Glimmering frowns.
"Come on miss Zona. We both know he won't find anything. Sparkling was sort of right. This is a heretic cult and we're the priests in town. Either find a way to end this or we'll call in the Inquisition. And it could take weeks before they arrive here."

Swift nods.
"Glad to hear it. Now I was going to ask if you might want to help me catch the real murderer. But since I'm going to ask Miss Zonas help as well, I'm not sure if that is a good idea. In any case wether you want to help or not, stay out of trouble and the Colonel won't be able to do you anything."

"And did you see this zombie?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403826

"Sister Shimmering says she's a wandering preacher of Celestia!"

"Oh I only met her today! I arrived here myself just a few days ago to help the ponies here with their problems! We went hunting for manticores yesterday! So exciting!"

I frown
"We are supposed to be kind and compassionate… I don't know why miss Zona isn't…"

Zona [Preacher] 403827

"Hmph. Our primary suspects are those guests of the lord. And we can't touch them! Would Sister Sparkling have found something out already?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403828

"That thing must have hated me."
"I just wanted something to hit those birds…"

Snack(DD ranger) 403829

I think for a moment.
"Nah ah. Snacks didnt see one. Why is Silverhaze ask? Is there something wrong?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 403830

"Helping would give us something to do, and I'm sure there is a reward involved."

I scrunch.
"If my sister saw her behaving that way she would have beaten the tar out of her in here for shaming Celestia."

Melody Maker [Bard] 403831

"Helping would clear Mwa's name, even if it means working with that bi-… her. Sure, I guess."

"Some ponies are just jerks. I don't think I ever caught your name, by the way. Amb- something?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403832

"Your sister is a priestess too?"

"Amber! And you?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 403833

I nod my head.
"Well, half priestess half fighter now. After helping save me and a bunch of other townponies from diamond dog raiders she said she realized her calling to keep our town safe both spiritually and physically."
I reach out a hoof.
"My name's Shortcake, by the way."

Sion 403834

"Glad to hear it. And of course, there would be a reward. We're putting together a team to explore the mines, where we suspect the victim was murdered. Once that team gets going, you can join if you choose, until then feel free to do as you please.
As long as you stay out of trouble. Goodbye."

Glimmering frowns.
"It's pretty early, maybe we should-"
She is quiet when Swift approaches.
"Now Miss Zona, those 3 have said not to couse you trouble anymore. I'm sure a priestess like you is not going to trouble them?"

"It is odd having a zombie in Silverhaze don't you agree? I'd like to know what's going on."

"Birds? Whe birds?" Bedrock says.

Snack(DD ranger) 403835

"Is there a way Snacks can help?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403836

"Birds following us all over! They look just wrong!"

"Oh yeah, and flying manticores too."

Zona [Preacher] 403837

I huff
"If they keep their filthy little hooves to themselves I suppose I could tolerate them, yes."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403838

"Ooooh, I do the same!"
I swing my warhammer through the air at nothing in particular
"I'll beat the crap out of anything that threatens the innocent! In the name of our princess and Savior!"
I then shake her hoof as I settle down
"Nice to meet you, miss Shortcake! If you're ever hurt, just gimme a shout!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 403840

"Melody. Amber? Cute name~"


I giggle.
"Ha! I like you."

Shortcake [Rogue] 403841

"Where can we find the team and when will it be ready?"

"Alright. Tell me if you want something sweet to eat."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403844

"Thanks, Melody!"

"Sweet? Oh right! I heard you were like… a baker or something?"

Sion 403846

"It's a small town, you'll hear us when we call.
And some members are still making preperations, when everyone is ready you'll leave if you want"

Now Miss Zona, Lord Silverhaze speaks highly of you and your detective skills.
We're putting together a team to explore the mines and find out where that victim was murdered. We ask if you'd like to join."

He laughs.
"Meboy, crossbows and all weapons have a mind of their own. You just gotta b nice. And they'll be nice to ye. Watch."
He shoots the crossbow and misses one of the birds on the church by an inch.

"You've heard we want to explore the mines right? take this map. It guide you."
You get the Mine Map.

Zona [Preacher] 403847

"Very well. I will."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403848

Look at him and then at the hoof.
"Say, could you fix one to my hoof? Like this…"
Show him.

Shortcake [Rogue] 403849

I nod.
"Yup! Cakes, pies, those little things with the cream in 'em. I make it all!"

"Okay. Thank you, sir."

Snack(DD ranger) 403851

"Ooooh thanks. If me, poor and Amber will explore it then this is of great help thanks."
Take it and head for the door.

"Its good to know manticore blood is of good use. Snacks will go back to Inn." I smiled and head back to the Inn and greet Amber there.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403854

My mouth starts watering
"That's… great! So… can you make them like… right now?"

"Hey Snacks!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 403855

I shake my head.
"I'd need a kitchen and ingredients."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403857

"Not even an icebox cake?"

Sion 403858

"Good to hear. Of course, you and the church will be rewarded for your actions."

He binds some ropes to your hoof and there you go. A nice crossbow fixed to your hoof.

When Soil is ready we can begin the Mine Dungeon. Be sure to buy any weapons you might need or any supplies you might want because this might get messy.

Snack(DD ranger) 403860

Go near her.
"Hey, Looks like Firethorn pony has succeeded in using manticore blood. Perhaps she and other mages might clear the smoke coming out of mines soon."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403861

I will have to use leather straps. Later.
Are the shield and armor fixed?

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403862

"Maybe you could ask miss Red if you can use the kitchen here?"

"That sounds delicious!"

"… Right!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 403863

"Preparations… should we get some stuff?"

"Could ask Red to use the inn's kitchen."

What equipment shops are there around?

Shortcake [Rogue] 403865

"I'd need ingredients and a bunch of ice or and ice mage for that. Hmm. Maybe I should learn magic."

Do I have much money?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 403866

The shield is fixed. It doesn't spout fire yet though. "If ye ever get Fire Elemental Essence, we'll talk about that."
Your new armor will be ready when you get back. Cost a lot of money, but it will be worth it.

Red tells you the way to "Suplies and other Stuff" The only supply store in town, there you'll find what you need.


Snack(DD ranger) 403868

I look at her.
"Whats wrong? Are you still thinking we made wrong decision on giving it?""

I then look at the other ponies with her.
"Cooking food?"

Zona [Preacher] 403869

"I didn't become a priestess for the rewards, sister!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403871

Well I'm rich, am I not?
And more work! Whoho!
Go back to the others. They are still at the inn, right?
Wait. Am I going on a mission without armor!?

Shortcake [Rogue] 403872

"After we go on that investigation thing."

"Melody, Mwandishi, I'm going to go buy myself some gear for the investigation. Want to come with?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 403874

"Was planning on it."
I follow behind her and take a look around. What kinda equipment does this store have?

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403875

"Sure. Might need some new equipment anyways."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403876

"… Yes."

"Great! Thanks! See you there!"

Sion 403879

It's a new armor you're getting.
All shiny, since you've got money and you want to show it.

Swift said that. He's a guard.
But Glimmering "I agree, we simply do this because it's the right thing Swift."
"About that, Miss Glimmering, I'm afraid I can't allow you to go there. You're the most competent healer in town, we can't afford to lose you."

Zona [Preacher] 403880

"That's understandable."

Snack(DD ranger) 403881

Perhaps what I need are torches, candles, digging tools, rope, nails, water, food and compass.

"…. Snacks should have not given in to greed, but Snack needs money and Snacks dont trust that forest pony. She is too…. fishy for Snacks."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403882

I was okay with stampling the Manticore mane on top of the old armor actually, but that's fine too.
It's seen one too many uses, I admit.
I will leave my lance behind for this mission, the shield and the crossbow should be enough.
And pomf, I'm back.
"Who were those ponies?"

Sion 403883

You're at the store.
It's a dirty mess, filled with all sorts of animal parts and other things you don't want to name.
There are lots of weapons, armor and other supplies on the wall thoguh. Not exceptional quality, but if you need something new now is the time.
The shopkeeper is bedrock, an earth pony with several scars on his body and one eye is smaller then his other.
"Greetings customers, how can ah help ya?"
He says while tearing some flesh from a Manticore skin.

Snack(DD ranger) 403885

I look down.
"They are the ponies who does not like Snack."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403887


"What sort of swords do you have? Short ones – for thrusting."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403888

"She seemed nice!"

"They're those bards, they're really nice and friendly to me!"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403889

"And throwing knives. I'm almost out."

Melody Maker [Bard] 403890

…Maybe I should get something ranged.
Do they have any guns?

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403891

Look between the two.
"Wait, they are nice to you but bad to Snack? Why didn't you scold them?"

Snack(DD ranger) 403892

"She 'seems' nice. Well she will be more nicer if she introduce herself. Snacks dont want to put trust on someone Snack dont know."

"… Snack just dont feel like trusting her. she can reanimate rock, perhaps she reanimate the zom…. " I then quiet myself.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403893

"They don't?"

"I didn't know!"

"I don't know… if she was bad, why didn't she attack us?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 403894

"What sort of armor do you have? I need a knife or two too."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403895

"You still talking about that? Uh."
Drop my shield.
"Maybe we will meet her again, now that we go to investigate."

Snack(DD ranger) 403896

I tilt my head.
"Well one of them is so angry at Snacks when she was drunk and last time. Her eyes is burning if Soil looks at them. Snacks know you are there."

"Perhaps she cant handle all of us thats why she tried to trick us. When her spell fails, she ran."

"I hope we meet her again and straighten things out."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403898

I nod
"Right. Well, I'm ready!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403901

"Don't take it personal.
I think you are great!"
Smile and pat him on the back.
"So am I! Ah!"

Approach Red.
"Looks like we won't be here today. Got a few apple pies we can carry with us?"

Sion 403903

Bedrock points to a collection of swords and knives to the side.
You see a few iron and steel shortswords hanging around and a giant bag full of throwing knives. A sign next to it says "CaReful Sharp knifes."

There are 2 types of guns.
Standard guns [Single]
double-barrel hunting gun [Dual]

You see different types of armor. Light leather armor, steel cuirasses, shields.
And a few knives.

"Sure" she gets to work packing it for you

Snack(DD ranger) 403905

I grin to Soil before rememberings something.

"Oh! I also got a map for the mines,: That will make things easier."

Zona [Preacher] 403906

Guess I'll get ready at the rally point?

Melody Maker [Bard] 403907

…How much does the double barrel hunting rifle cost?
Can I even afford it?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403908

"That's smart thinking! You should be brains of our group!
So, what are we waiting for?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403909

"The others!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 403910

We're going to be in some mines, right? I pick out the suit of leather armor that looks like it would blend in the best and take a couple of knives as well.
"How much for these?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403911

"What others?"

Sion 403912

There's no real rally point. You'll hear them shouting when it's time. You could check out the shop for supplies.
"Well, I guess I'll stay here then. Please be careful Miss Zona. I'll pray for your safe return."

Money is not really a big issue in my quests. Right now everyone has the ability to buy any non-boost weapons plus normal food and room without extravagance.
So yes, you can buy these if you want.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403913

"Those musicians! And sister Zona!"

Snack(DD ranger) 403914

"Hmmm… Snack think no one in…."

"They're coming?"

"Yes, right. Snacks will go and buy items first."

Zona [Preacher] 403915

"I will. And you stay vigilant, sister Glimmering. You never know when those heretics may try something again."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403916

"Wait, why are they coming? They are just musicians! And their music is terrible, too!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 403917

I'll take that double barrel the-
"…Can you cut down the barrels of this, shopkeep?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403918

I buy some throwing knives. My current sword is fine.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403919

"Well they said they wanted to help…"

Shortcake [Rogue] 403920

I buy those, a strip of leather to tie my mane braids together, and a leather hood of the same color as the armor to protect my head. Once they are paid for I tie my braids back and put my armor and knives on.

"How do I look?"

Snack(DD ranger) 403921

My list to buy so far.


Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403922

"They better not sing anything against the princesses. Or Snacks."
Then, sit down.
"And who is Zona?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403924

"She's a wandering priestess of Celestia!"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403925

"Cute as ever."

Sion 403926

He stops his work, gets a saw and it's done.He gets some blood on the barrel from the blood he has on his hooves, but he doesn't seem to notice and gives it back to you.

Consider it yours.

Bought. I'll add all these things to your sheets soon.

All right, I need to get some stuff from the nightshop before I can comfortably start the dungeon. If you want to buy anything, now is your time.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403928

Leather straps for the crossbow, instead of the rope.
I didn't know we had guns though. I love me some guns~

Zona [Preacher] 403929

Also, I want that double barreled gun

Snack(DD ranger) 403930

After getting everything, go back to the Inn.

"Is food Red pony preparing ready? Snack got his gear ready."

Shortcake [Rogue] 403931

"Awww, thanks stripey."
I do a little spin for you

I also buy some bandages.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403932

I'm ready and don't need anything.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403933

"Yeah, I bought a pie for each one of us."

Sion 403934

For Warren.
After she told you to investigate the mines and find the place where the victim was slain. The writer also gave you a little bird. It sits still, very still, very tame. She gives it to you and tells you that if you got in any real trouble to release the bird and it will come get her. Now you're getting ready to leave for the mines.

Melody Maker [Bard] 403935

"Adorable. And sexy."
I grin at her.

And then excitedly take the shotgun and pay for it, as well as ammunition.
Can I load more different types of ammunition in this? Bullets, a bunch of ball shot, etc etc?
Or is it just 'it shoots two bullets'?

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 403936

And now I'm lost. And need to pick something to spend that point on.

Shortcake [Rogue] 403937

I pout.
"I bet you say that to all the mares."

Sion 403938

Uh…if you want some special ammunition you should say, though the rolling mechanism will stay the same, in this case [Dual]

Shortcake [Rogue] 403939

Is everyone else in the same shop that we are in?

Snack(DD ranger) 403940

"Then all we need to do is wait for other ponies. Snack will do his best to be good guide in DD tunnels." I smiled at the two and sit on a table.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 403941

Ah. Quite nice.
Lovely little fellow.
I'd like some sort of breath mask or air filtering doodad, as well as rope, birdseed, and another pair of bottles.

Sion 403942

You 3 are in the shop.
Zona too, since she's coming for one of those shotguns as well.

Zona [Preacher] 403943

I glare at the three of them but pay them no further heed as I go to the counter to buy that gun.

Melody Maker [Bard] 403944

Well, it's less special ammunition and more like…
Could I use this as a Great Weapon and use Cleave (ball shot)/Power Attack (bullet), etc etc. Or is that going too far?

"Well… maybe sexy… but not adorable! You're one of a kind Shortcake."
I give her a grin.

Shortcake [Rogue] 403945

I ignore you.

"Thanks, Melody."
I look at your mandolin.
"Is that the same one as last time?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 403946

Oh, and a short blade of some variety. Perhaps a dirk.
Once I've everything, I'll meet with the others.

Sion 403947

Done. Except the mask. You'll get one.

You've got it.

It's a cool idea. And I always try to implement good ideas. I'll give it some thought, but let's just go with the 2 bullets for now. Maybe I'll add special bullets in the future.


Snack(DD ranger) 403948

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 403949

More or less.

Zona [Preacher] 403950

As ready as I'll ever be.
A prayer to the Sun for good luck… '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Shortcake [Rogue] 403951


Zona [Preacher] 403952

Fuck you too!

Melody Maker [Bard] 403953

"My old one, yeah. Had to sell the weird ghost one…"

Alright then.
I'm also gonna get some leather or something to use as a holster for this.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403954

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 403955

"Oh, hello! You're the mare from the church, are you not? You're joining us?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403956

Stuff the pies for my friends in the backpack I hide on the inside of the shield and grunt as I stand.
Great morning for a hunt.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403957

Shortcake [Rogue] 403958

"Sorry to hear that."

Zona [Preacher] 403959

"Of course I am. There are heretics on the loose and I'm here to support those who hunt them."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 403960

"Lovely. Might I have the pleasure of your name? I believe I didn't quite catch it earlier."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403961

"That's nice. We heard there might be many undead."

Snack(DD ranger) 403962

I nod to Soil.
"Snacks will do best to guide all."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403963

"We had to sell most of that stuff a while back.

"Manehattan can be a tough town."

Zona [Preacher] 403964

"I am sister Zona. Priestess of Celestia."

I look disgusted at that

Shortcake [Rogue] 403965

"Even your sword? That's terrible!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403966

"I know you can!"
Grin and clench my ho- no wait, that doesn't work.
Grin and give him a determinate stare.
Cock my head, curiously.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 403967

"Ah, I see. Lovely name, that."
And that's good to know. Now I know who she was talking about. She seems fine, so I suppose that offer of healing can wait for now.
"Zombies aren't a pleasant thing at all, Soil. Stands to reason a holy mare would find them reprehensible."

Sion 403968


Swift leads all of you to the entrance of the mines and leads you through.
As you go through the dark tunnels lit only by some torches and gas lamps, you occasionaly pass some earth pony miners, digging away.

Swift stops at a large split. Both ends lead deeper into the mines. But one has a gate in front of it and 2 guards.
Swift points. "We believe that if the victim has been killed here it must have been in the more unsafe parts of the mines. Somepony would have noticed if a murder happened here in the safe parts.
Not all those parts of the mine are flooded with gas, but please be careful when you go in there."
He gives all of you some small primitive respirators.
"This will hold back some of it, but I still don't recommend going into the midst of it, if you find a flooded passage, turn back.
Any questions?"

Zona [Preacher] 403969


I put it on and nod.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403970

Fiddle with the respirator, confused.
"How do I put it on?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 403971

I levitate my respirator over to myself.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403972

"What kind of stuff should we expect?"
I put it on

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 403973

I'll turn the respirator over once or twice, to find all the proper buckles and bands.
"What if someone paid the ones in the safer parts to look the other way? I don't doubt the quality of your guard, of course, but it's a possibility."

Snack(DD ranger) 403974

Take the respiratory mask and pull out my map.
"Where do we go from here? What party must find in the deep parts of the mine?"

"Here, let Snack help."
Help him put it on.

"Snack hope we dont meet something."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403975

Put on the mask, I guess.

Melody Maker [Bard] 403976

I fiddle with the respirator and try to put it on.

Sion 403977

He grabs you and puts the strap around the back of your face, forcing your nose into the primitive bag filled with filtering herbs.
"And don't touch it anymore."

"Normally there shouldn't be anypony in there, except some miners trying their luck. Be careful though."

"You are free to investigate the safer parts as well, should you desire."

Snack(DD ranger) 403978

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 403979

"Then we might as well begin there, and then work our way deeper."
I'll nod to the others.
"If that's agreeable, of course."

Sion 403980

"Try to find the spot where this pony was murdered. It should be a place filled with rust. If it was murdered by the zombie, you might find traces of that as well."

"Suit yourself."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403981

Recoil in stupor for a second, blink a few times, then grin.
"Hey! Thanks!"
"You do that, uh?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403982

"If we do, we can handle it!"

"Huh… okay!"

Snack(DD ranger) 403983

I nod.
"Lets go to….." consult my map and look at it.

"So shall we go through the gated on or the one without a gate?" I look at the other party members.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403984

Sion, we could use an actual map here.

Zona [Preacher] 403985

"A dog? Are we really letting a dog take the lead?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 403986

"In a mine? I thought it a natural choice."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403987

"No beast knows the ground better than a dog, ma'am."

Shortcake [Rogue] 403988

"I'm ready."

"I don't like it, but I guess his kind knows their way around underground."

Sion 403989

give me a sec and I'll produce a map.

Snack(DD ranger) 403990

I just frown at this.

Zona [Preacher] 403991

"Those mudcrawlers aren't exactly known for their smarts. He could lead us straight to our deaths! Can he even read a map?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 403992

"Miss Zona, that's not nice at all! Snacks is smart and he helped us a bunch already!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 403993

Try to pick my nose through the mask.
"Uh? Did you say something?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 403994

"Priestess, that is a most unkind thing to say. Surely your god would frown on you for having such a… biased way of looking at the world. Especially when he's offering his paw to help."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403995

I raise my hoof to talk to Swift.

"So… wait. You think that the sod who was murdered was killed in the mines?

"So someone killed him here and then dragged him up to the surface to throw his body in the town square?"

Snack(DD ranger) 403996

I look at her and frown.
"Snack has been part of a Dog fort in past and has helped in mining and catching…. food in the past."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 403997

"Food? What do you mean, dog?"

Snack(DD ranger) 403998

"That is what other guards say so." I scratched my head.

Zona [Preacher] 403999


"Don't be ridiculous. Clearly some necromancer animated the corpse and walked it out of here."

"Yes yes, just… go on. Quickly."
I shoo him to hurry up

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404000

"Like, bears and stuff."
Turn to Snack.
"You eat bears, right?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 404001

I roll my eyes.
"Right. Food. Sure."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404002

I'll roll my eyes a little.
Underground's no place for a crossbow, especially in tight quarters, so my dirk will be tested here.
I'll look to the bird I brought with me.
"Now, little bird, you'll have to stay out here. I don't wish to risk you taking a whiff of poison underground."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404004

"What's that bird doing here?"

Snack(DD ranger) 404005

Step away from Zona.

I avoid their gaze.
"We hunt for food like pigs, bear, birds and…. other.. stuff. Sometimes Fort has low supplies if caravans dont come to trade for gems, metals and salt.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404006

"The bird is simply a tagalong, really. And it would be unkind of me to take it below ground when there's somepony waiting for it back in town."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 404007

"What other stuff?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404008

"Is it one of those birds that followed us the other day?"
I'll narrow my eyes at it.

Melody Maker [Bard] 404009

"…Other stuff?"

"…Why did you bring a bird then?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 404010

"I think I know what that other stuff is, mutt. Keep your paws off us, you here!?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404011

I'll think for a moment.
"Because I'm a pegasus? Birds always get along with Pegasi."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404012


Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404013

"Hey! Don't be so mean to him! He protected us a bunch!"

Snack(DD ranger) 404014

"Many stuff for fort to survive."

Smile at her with wide eyes.
"What does Cake pony mean?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 404015

I narrow my eyes.
"You know what I mean. Now are you going to lead us into the mines or not?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404016

"Yeah, he's our friend!"
I will step between them.
"Cut that off."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 404017

"You're not making me feel very safe, dog. Just keep a safe distance and don't try to enslave us."

"He's not making it easy to trust him, Amber."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404018

"A bard that sings such terrible songs is harder to trust than a dog I went hunting with."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404019

"He more than proved his intentions when he saved Amber from a giant squid, and protected us when we fought the manticores."

Sion 404020

File: 1366848534853.png (39.36 KB, 1360x926, Crappy map.png)

The bird refuses to fly away.

Allright here's a map quickly put together.
It gives you a general overview of the area.
The party is at the deep red circle.
The red X next to them is the gated area.
All red X's mark danger to proceed.
All "P"s mark Pits, these are very deep areas where wooden bridges are used to go down. These go down but do not lead to lower tunnels, there might be other things down there.
The "S" marks an older storage area.
The "T" marks the entrance to the lowest part of the mines, these have been sealed.

Mind you that the map is out of date, so certain details might have changed and will be added as you proceed.
Sorry for the crappiness of the map, it was extremely hastily put together. I only had one on paper.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404021

"I'll believe he's a good dog if i see it with my own eyes."

Snack(DD ranger) 404022

I just frown at her and look at my map for the guide.
"Snack…. is not here to do that, Snack has left… " I just let it trail off
Sion pls.

I gulped at that.and look at my map harder.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404023

"Whatever. Lead the way."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404024

Let's go for the gated area.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404025

"Might as well check the storage area first. I'm certain there's at least something rusting in there."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404026

"Just… wait to judge him before you know him better. It's really not fair to assume the worst just because of his race!"

Snack(DD ranger) 404027

Just frown a bit more,

"Alright then." Open the gate.

"Snack is thinking of that too, perhaps there is something important there to see."
Guide the party to the storage area.

Sion 404028

You reach the gated area.
The guards look at you.
"You're aware that the parts beyond this gate have been deemed unsafe and Lord Silverhaze can't guarantee your safety in there nor will he send rescue parties in there?"

Zona [Preacher] 404029

"Be on the lookout for heretics."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404030

And I'll follow behind.
"Of course."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404031

I wave a hoof dismissively
"We'll be fiiiine!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404032

"Are you gonna open that gate or not?"

Snack(DD ranger) 404033

"Lord Silverhaze pony sent us to investigate, Snack thinks that he trust us to be capable of defending ourselves." I grin at the guard.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404034

"Yes, yes! Hurry up and open the gate!"
I shiver with excitement.
"I can't wait! This is going to be my first real dungeon!"


Riiiight… Bubble myself.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Melody Maker [Bard] 404036

I frown.
"Sorry for being such a pessimist sister, but when you've had to deal with a pack of dogs that nearly enslaved an entire town and worked them to death, and then using necromancy shit to revive their corpses so they can do even more fucking work, your outlook tends to… change."

"We'll be fine."

I lighten up as I see her so excited.
"Found that you liked the excitement, eh?"

Sion 404037

They open the gate and let you proceed without trouble.

This corridor is much smaller than the main tunnel, darker too, but your torches keep you lit and you do see the occasional gas lamp around.
You reach the first split. One tunnel goes to your left. The right opens up into a large chamber. The ceiling reaches high and in the middle you see a large chasm so deep, you can't see the end.
Wooden rafters have been attached to the sides for those wanting to go down.

Sion 404038


Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404039

"You think ponies don't do that stuff? Sombra nearly did the same to us!"

Sion 404040

That chasm is the "P" btw.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404041

"I might just fall, with all this stuff on me…"
Let's go right, for the Storage area.

Zona [Preacher] 404042

"Be careful. No amount of healing will save you if you fall."


Snack(DD ranger) 404043

"Isnt that too early."

my eyes widen and frown upon hearing that..
"What kind of dog fort is that?! Those are Bad dog masters."

If my map is right, we go right and into the storage room right?
Supreme survival etc.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404044

"Not like it goes away."

Snack(DD ranger) 404045

I nod to both of them.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404046

"It's just like my adventurer stories, only this time I'm the adventurer!'
I hop up and down a few times as I walk along.

I follow Poor Soil.

"It's a dead dog fort now."

Snack(DD ranger) 404047

I walk slowly on the tunnel as I guide them(and also follow Poor Soil) along the way.
"….. that is not our way in our dog fort. We take care of our… helpers."

Sion 404048

File: 1366849475225.png (27.48 KB, 1360x926, Crappy map.png)

The party turns right and goes towards the tunnel for the storage and…..
reaches the first deviation from the map.
The tunnel seems to have collapsed and partly filled with rocks. There's no way through.
You notice a new tunnel to the side. Dug recently. There are some markings next to it.
And a bucket, filled with something green and slimy.
The tunnel seems to have some kind of stairs and goes down deep.

Melody Maker [Bard] 404049

"Yeah well… Sombra wasn't a normal pony."

I follow Poor Soil as well.
"Stick with me and you'll be alright sister~"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404050

"Is this on your map, Snack?"

Snack(DD ranger) 404051

"We've seen this slimy thing before in the church riight?" I ask the party.

Is it acidic?

"No Soil pony, its new. Look." Show him the map.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Shortcake [Rogue] 404052

I spin around and draw my knife.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404053

I'll take a look at those markings. Mask on, of course. And avoid the bucket.

Snack(DD ranger) 404054

Step back and raise my paws in the air.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404055

"Huh… that's weird… Who dug that tunnel?"

"He was a massive jerk alright…"

"It's poiso-"

I jump between her and Snacks
"What's wrong!?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404056

Turn away from her.
"Shut up already."
"Uh… We gotta check!"

Shield first, take a step into this new tunnel.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Shortcake [Rogue] 404057

"You heard him! You heard he says his pack keeps slaves!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404058

"I heard nothing like that. Hard to hear with you shouting."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404059

"Slaves? He didn't say that…"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404060

"He also said that he left that life."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 404061

"What else do you think "helpers" means? Don't be stupid, girl."

Melody Maker [Bard] 404062

"The hell else could 'helpers' mean? It's fucking slavery…"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404063

I look genuinely confused
"Like… workers?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 404064

"Helpers, slaves; same difference!"

"Forced workers!"

Snack(DD ranger) 404065

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404066

I turn to Snacks
"… Snacks?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404067

"Warren's right. Snack's not with his pack anymore. I don't care what his old pals do.
He's not with them anymore!
"Dude, I'm glad you left those suckers."

Melody Maker [Bard] 404068

I continue frowning.
"…Snacks. Why'd you leave?"

Sion 404069

It doesn't seem acidic. But it still has the same color and end even the stench is remarkably the same as the tainted river you found on your hunt. Why anyone would put something like that in a bucket and put it here is beyond your comprehension.

It seems to depict 2 reptile wings with 2 eyes. Next to it it says "6"

You step into the tunnel. And slowly make your way down. The tunnel is steep, very steep. You wonder why a pony would make it this dangerous to traverse. You trip on the last stair and fall but don't hurt yourself. The echo seems to go on.
You're in an unmarked tunnel.
Incoming map.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404070

Take a look around or something.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Shortcake [Rogue] 404071


I keep my knife raised.
"Is it true? Did you leave? Why did you leave?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404072

Step in front of her, shield raised.
"Put that thing down. Now."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404073

Hmm. This might relate to that dragon the druid was talking about.
I'll glance at the bucket.
What if they sealed it under the mine? And this foul substance is just runoff from it?
I'll shake my head.
"We shouldn't split the party. I suppose we should catch up to Soil, though this tunnel can only be trouble."
"Could you contain yourself, please? There are more pressing matters at hoof than finding out Snack's motivation for traveling."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404074

It's obvious I won't have left the group, not in the middle of a situation like this. I'm still with you guys.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404075

"Not until I get my answer."

Snack(DD ranger) 404076

I look down, avoiding her stare.
"….. Snacks just dont hunt for food, we hunt for ponies and other races if fort needs it. We take them for work like finding gems or growing mushroom underground."

I shiver.
"B… but our pack take c.. care of them. We give them food, shelter and protect them. W. we teach them how to mine, m.. make gem shiny."

"Snacks left because they are ev…. "
I then look down.
"Snacks cant dishonor his dog friend with lies…. Snack left because fort cant support its growing population and trade is slow. Snack volunteered to leave and find his own fortune."

I just look at the bucket and stare at i.t

Mwandishi (Trickster) 404077

"It's a good thing to ask, pony. We need to know if the dog's going to try to kidnap us and do who knows what to us. So let the dog answer her questions."

Sion 404078

Then where did you take a look around? In the lower tunnel I take it?

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404079

You went down the tunnel. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
"And now that he has, can we please focus?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 404080

I spit.
"Abject tyranny. Stay away from me, dog. You're lucky we don't gut you right here."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404081

"I won't let you hurt my friend. You try something, this shield comes down right on your face."
Nowhere if they didn't follow me down.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404082

I spit on the ground when I hear him admit it.
"Would that fortune include ponies, dog?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404083

"You were lucky I didn't gut you in the tavern for insulting the princesses!"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 404084

"I'm not scared of you, punk-ass pony."

Sion 404085

You're not avoiding that 1 though. It will be there when you go down there. Or I'll keep it in my pocket to unleash one day.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404086

My mouth will drop as I hear that. And there goes the last of my coats shinyness too!

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404087

I will just take that 1 on looking around once I'm down there.

Sion 404088


Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404089

"Neither am I, earbreaker. Now back off."

Snack(DD ranger) 404090

"It is our way for thousands of years and is a necessity underground, even before the magical kingdom of Equestria is even born."
I gulped.
"But Snack kind of see that such thing is not fair to other races."

I stare at her hard.

I then look down at her.
"……. sorry."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404091

"… You're no better than Sombra…"

Shortcake [Rogue] 404092

"After the shit I've seen you won't be able to stop me."

I stare you in the eyes a few seconds longer.
"Good. Make sure it stays that way."
I sheath my knife.

"He's stopped doing it and left his pack. That's all that matters for now."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404093

"You too now? What's gotten into everypony? He's not enslaved no one!
He's our friend, Amber!

Mwandishi (Trickster) 404094

"I haven't threatened you, retard. Step off and keep to yourself."

Melody Maker [Bard] 404095

"Still fucking slavery. Still fucking awful and deplorable."
Fuck this shit.
I walk off to the stairs and look down them.
Can I see anything from up here?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404096

"I don't want to. I just want you to leave my friend alone. He's done nothing wrong."
As she sheates her knife, I will lower my shield.
"Quit yappin. You menaced a friend of mine."

Snack(DD ranger) 404097

"…………. "

Start to walk slowly and follow the tunnel. Follow the trail of the green slime and see where it leads too(While reading map).

Roll #1 8 = 8

Shortcake [Rogue] 404098

I follow you and look down them too.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404099

Well, time to go down and suffer that 1 to look around.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404100

I just sadly follow the party at the back

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404101

I'll drift to the back as well.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404102


Sion 404103

File: 1366851246883.png (7.54 KB, 1360x926, Crappy map level 2.png)

Both of you look down. The stairs are steep and go down for a while.
It doesn't seem to be made by Diamond Dogs, but at the same time, it seems too steep for ponies to comfortably go through.

You go down. No map will help you here. All unmarked but you see 3 passages in the distance.

And there we go. You go down and look around as your torch hits one of the walls, part of the slime ignites and a trail on the wall ignites all the way through until it dissapears into the right passage.
The entire passage is lit up for a turn.
You hear a shriek coming from deep with the right passage where the flame passed through.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404104

"Want to talk?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 404105

I guess I'll fly down and investigate, look around and stuff.
Is it lit?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404106

Rush down, towards the scream.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I gue-"

I perk up! A scream! Somepony in need!
To the right! Hurry!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404108

Though it seems that'll have to wait. Let's see what that scream's all about. Dropping into Stealth. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Shortcake [Rogue] 404109

"This wasn't made by diamond dogs, and I don't think was ponies either."
I follow Melody down and keep my eye open for anything.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Snack(DD ranger) 404110

Hearing the scream I followed the rest of the pony as they rush to it.
Supreme surviro
>rng pls..

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sion 404111

The Right passage and yours are lit. You can see everything.

You see this passage is marked with dragon wings and a "5". You look inside.
And you see 4 ponies, at first glance they look normal, until they suddenly hiss, drop their mining tools and run at you unnaturally fast. One jumps you and bites you in the neck.

You see the same. Another one attacks you but you quickly use your shield to block it before they can really hurt you.

Same fate as Melody

It would be easy to stealth in these caverns if they weren't lit up. Another one of those ponies hits you with his are hoofs. Goddamn he is strong.

You both see this happening.

Snacks 5/5
Shortcake 5/5
Warren 1/5
Amber 0/4 HELPLESS
Soil 6/6
Melody 0/5 HELPLESS.

And then the fire goes out again.


Slam one of the fuckers right into the ground!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Melody Maker [Bard] 404113

Son of a-!
I try to throw it off me and scramble away and back up into the air!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404114

Help Amber. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I scream and try not push that pony away!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Snack(DD ranger) 404116

"Amber!!" run to her and hit the pony who bit her.
>pls rng

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404117

that's a 5

Shortcake [Rogue] 404118

As soon as I see Melody get free I try to disappear into the shadows.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sion 404119

What is it now? You start with 10/6 and you just took 4 hits. Oh wait fuck you were bubbled. Okay. 9/6

Mwandishi (Trickster) 404120

I try to hide.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


The bubble RAI is meant to block 3 failures, or 1 critical, whicever comes first.
Not the sheer number of hits.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Sion 404122

You slam against the one keeping Melody down.

You're up.

Then it should have been worded better.
RAW 3 hits or 1 critical hit.

You surpress one of the ponies. Taking him down.

She's up

Both of you are hidden.

Melody Maker [Bard] 404123

Now let's try out this gun…
Take aim and fire at two of the… whatever they are!

Roll #1 7, 9 = 16

Mwandishi (Trickster) 404124

Nothing special for the 12? Okay.

Backstab one of the ponies.

Roll #1 9 = 9



Empower her Weapon!
And Heal Warren!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Shortcake [Rogue] 404126

I drop out of stealth behind one and kick sand in its face.

Roll #1 3 = 3


>RAW 3 hits or 1 critical hit.
But there is no such thing as a critical hit, while suffering counterattack. It's just a critical failure spelt wrong.

Grind said pony all over the floor, and slam his head against the walls of the cave, bashing once more with my shield.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Snack(DD ranger) 404128

Seeing blood in its snout I gulped.
"What kind of pony are you."
Beat that pony for biting Amber.
>rng pls.

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404129

I'll nod to Amber, and then set to work Freezing the nearest of the enemy. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 404130

You hit 2 of them. One of them shrieks and green blood start pouring from his leg.

you're very well hidden?
You wait in the shadows until one of them passes. With one hoof you grab him by the neck, while the other slides your short sword between his ribs.
As you twist the knife you cracks his neck and drop the body. This one is not getting up.

Warren healed.

You stomp sand but it doesn't seem to disturb the pony. He hits your head with his hooves pushing you against the wall.

You hit him in the head while he's down. Green fluids spill from him.

You try to focus your spell but one of the ponies bites your legs as you focus.

Snacks 5/5
Shortcake 2/5
Warren 3/5
Amber 5/4
Soil 6/6
Melody 5/4

3 creepy ponies left, 1 helpless.

Sion 404131

Sorry Soil 9/6

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404132

Roll away and Backstab the helpless one with my brand new dirk. Coup de grace.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404133

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404134

Also, whatever happens, keep Slamming.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Heal myself next!
Empower Armor on Shortcake!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Sion 404136

You do just that. Grinding him into the floor. Once you're done there's not much left but a green goop and some brains.

2 ponies, 1 helpless.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404137

I pull a knife out of its sheath with my magic and stab him in the side of the neck.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Melody Maker [Bard] 404138

Is 'reloading' is a free action?

Snack(DD ranger) 404139

Bring down another swing to the creepy ponies head.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Sion 404140

Yes, you don't have to reload. Just keep firing.

Melody Maker [Bard] 404141

Keep firing then!
Aim for two more!

Roll #1 6, 9 = 15

Mwandishi (Trickster) 404142

I bang out a rhythm with my hooves to inspire everyone.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 404143

You slam into the final standing pony crushing him against the wall. He hisses at you as you pin him down.

She's empowered.
Your healing failed but there's no enemy standing to counterattack you

With a final crush, you break the ponies neck beneath you with your bare paws.
The ponies head falls down lifeless.

And you fire your gun at the pony Soil keeps pinned. Blasting his brains out.

Would you like to stash that one for the beginning of the next fight?

Fight is over.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404144

"What was wrong with those ponies!?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404145

"Now we gotta find the pony that screamed."
Spot check.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Mwandishi (Trickster) 404146

>Would you like to stash that one for the beginning of the next fight?
Yeah sure.

Melody Maker [Bard] 404147

Right right.
Go and search!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404148

"Undead, maybe. Check your wounds! Clean them!"
Look for whomever screamed. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Look for the source of the scream!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Shortcake [Rogue] 404150

"What were those?"

Sion 404151

File: 1366854545752.png (8.68 KB, 1360x926, Crappy map level 2.png)

In your haste to search and with the darkness, you run right into each other, falling over on top of each other.


The tunnel seems to end a short bit further.
Maybe it was one of those ponies that screamed?

Nothing to see here. The tunnel ends a bit further and there's nopony there.


Snack(DD ranger) 404152

Go and spot for the pony that scream.
"Pony where are you?"
Use supreme survivor to track her down?

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404153

Groan and try to get back to my hooves.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Snack(DD ranger) 404154

"I dunno, Snacks havents seen pony wanting meat.:" I frown.

Help him to get up.
"Up we go."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Snack(DD ranger) 404155

Fuuu fall down instead and try to stand up.
>pls rng

Roll #1 4 = 4

Melody Maker [Bard] 404156

"H- Hey! Woah woah woah! Don't like stallions that close!"
I try to push my way out from under him.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Shortcake [Rogue] 404157

"What's the mater, Melody? Don't want to try taking a walk on the straight side?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404158

"It's too damn narrow in here to carry this shield.."
I'll move a few steps forward.
"And what's that mean?"
Cock my head.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404159

"It means she prefers the fairer sex, Soil."

Melody Maker [Bard] 404160

"Not even interested."

"What you think it me-"

"What he said."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404161

Look around a bit confused.
"I dunno. Might mean you think I smell or something."

Shortcake [Rogue] 404162

"She likes curtains more than rods."

"Your loss, Melody."

Melody Maker [Bard] 404163

"Nah. You seemed to like it plenty."
I give her a grin and throw a hoof over her shoulder.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404164

"Shouldn't it be the other way around? This is confusing…"
Stare blankly.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404165

"Mares, as a rule, generally are, Soil. It's best not to think too hard on it."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404166

"I still like books more."

Shortcake [Rogue] 404167

"Some ponies are like that."

I grin back.
"If I remember right I was the one doing most of the work. You just stood there while I helped Mwandishi with his balancing act."

"We only do it to mess you you handsome colts."

Snack(DD ranger) 404168

I just look at them from a distance sitting down.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404169

I'll nod slightly.
"Flattery will get you everywhere."
And then head over to Snacks.
"So, what do you think? No way those things were natural."

Melody Maker [Bard] 404170

"Well then I guess I'll just have to show you how much you like it again, later~"
I give her a pat on the head and a peck on the lips.
And I'm out now.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404171

Oh right, I will follow after him.

Snack(DD ranger) 404172

"These are ponies that Snacks havent encounter before.Perhaps they are made of magic since …..uhhh.. unicorns talks about such things."

Shortcake [Rogue] 404173

My eyes go wide as you kiss me and I blush, but try to hide it.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404174

"Perhaps. But they felt real enough to me, and they bleed. And die. So there's that, at least."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404175

"And talk little."

Snack(DD ranger) 404176

I nod and grimace.
"But why did it bit Amber and Melody? Ponies rarely eat meat."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404177

I'll shrug.
"They bit me, too. They might be undead, and that green goo we saw earlier in the bucket, that they bled, might be what's keeping them going."
I'll look over at the mares for a moment, and then back to the other two.
"Can you two keep a secret?"

Snack(DD ranger) 404178

I come closer to Warren and scratch my head.
"Snacks can try"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404179

"Guess so. Why?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404180

"Because this is important."
I'll lean in.
"So I ran into that 'witch' of the forest you were looking for, Snacks. Turns out she's a druid, and part of an order that sealed some horrible dragon under the earth a long time ago. You remember the old fort we passed on the way to the Manticores, right? Used to be full of diamond dogs, kept as slaves by the dragon who made them worship it as a god. At the time, the druids didn't have enough strength to do more than trap it underground. The strange happenings around town, as well as the lord's insistence on fiddling with things he shouldn't, means that it's starting to wake up, and she was the only one around who could report on the situation."
I'll take a small breath.
"Of course, it being still alive at this point means that it's likely some kind of undead itself. Which means it's a very powerful, very old, very dangerous dragon. And we're expected to help fight it. And kill it for good."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404181

"Are we gonna get paid?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404182

"In parts, most likely."
"I mean, haven't you ever wanted to make something out of bits of dragon before?"

Snack(DD ranger) 404183

I frown.
"we… we shouldnt have given the vials is that it? Snack is wrong on giving that Manticore blood if it will unseal it here.

I then think for a moment.
:"Warren want to hunt the dragon here? That will be hard, if the stories are true."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404184

"Rotting old dragon?"
'1d10' for ideas.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404185

Break out in a savage laughter.
"Sure I do!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404186

"What's past is past, Snacks. And, well, it's going to be quite the story to tell your pups, don't you think? Fighting alongside friends and companions, against a horrible evil dragon, and then you come home and drink out of one of its claws that you turned into a mug?"
Oh I see the glint in those eyes. I know you're hooked.
"Shhhh!Remember, secret for now. We can't let our current employer know about it yet. Since he's probably the one working to wake it up."

Snack(DD ranger) 404187

I nod.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404188

Smile happily.
"Only thing that could make today better would be another bubblebath!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404189

"We might need one, by the time we all get out of here."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404190

"I have like the sensation I'm forgetting something about the one I had last night…"

Snack(DD ranger) 404191

:What do you mean Soil pony?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404192

"I dunno, was pretty drunk last night.
It feels like Red wanted something from me while I was in the bath…"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404193

I'll blink and adjust my monocle a bit.
"You mean… she was in the same room… while you were bathing?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404194

"Well duh, she was the one preparing the bath!"

Snack(DD ranger) 404195

I sit down and relax.
"Now now, this is something Snacks want to hear in detail."

"Snack this its what Soil said."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404196

"No, I meant while you were actually bathing."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404197

"Nah. Why should she?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404198

I'll just look at him for a moment, and then shake my head.
"Never mind. For a moment, I thought you must have just missed a very overt attempt on her part to get to know you in a more intimate sense."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404199

Crane back my head, raising a brow.
"I understood half those words."

Snack(DD ranger) 404200

"aww.. she was there. Didnt Soil ask her anything after bath?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404201

"Why? I already had my towel!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404202

I'll roll my eyes a little, and pop out my monocle to clean it.
"I think she may have been trying to join you in your bath to bone you."

Snack(DD ranger) 404203


"That yes." I nod.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404204

"Oh that's silly I'd real-"
Would I?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404205

I will just black out for a moment.

Snack(DD ranger) 404206

I stand back and look at Warren.
"What happened to Soil?!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404207

I'll raise an eyebrow.
Put my monocle back in and wave a hoof in front of his face.
"Soil? Snacks, I think we lost him."


Does this wake me up?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Snack(DD ranger) 404209

I put a paw on my snout.
"What does that mean?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 404210

"What happened to him?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404211

Shake my head.
"What happened?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404212

"He tried to think really hard, I think."
"You sort of… stopped for a minute."

Snack(DD ranger) 404213

I just look away from her.

"Pony just sleep out of the blue."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404214

Blink a few times. I got thi-
"About what?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 404215

"Oh. Sorry. I didn't know he was…um…simple."

Snack(DD ranger) 404216

I nod.
"Its sudden."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404217

"Nothing important."
"I don't think he knows, either. Best not to make a point of it."

Shortcake [Rogue] 404218

"Isn't not being able to know you're simple part of being simple?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404219

But then, frown.
"I still feel like I'm forgetting something."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404220

"Doesn't mean you should point it out too often, though."
"Well, why not ask Red when we get back to town?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404221

"Right. I should."
Look confident, a small smirk on my face.
Then turn towards him.
"Ask her what?"

Snack(DD ranger) 404222

I think for a moment.

…. !!!!!!
"Oh no…"
"Dont tell Snacks you forgot the applie pies."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404223

Shake my head.
"Those are here buddy!"
Tap on the huge shield.

Snack(DD ranger) 404224

"Phew, at least all of us has foods down here."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404225

"Just gotta figure how to eat with these masks on…"

Shortcake [Rogue] 404226


"You put pies in your shield?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404227

"If you forgot, obviously."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404228

Turn it around, revealing the backpack strapped on the inside.
"It's just so big it fits!"
"Makes sense!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 404229

"But they'll get broken."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404230

"It"s at least ten inches of wood covered in metal, if it breaks I'm gonna die. Pies are safe as long as I am."

Snack(DD ranger) 404231

I glance at her for a moment before looking away.

"Its good shield." I smiled.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404232

"I cut the three down myself, just this morning!"

Snack(DD ranger) 404233

"Indeed, pony strong." I grin at him.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404234

"But the shock…Never mind."

"I see you looking at me."

Snack(DD ranger) 404235

I look down.
"Is Short a slave in past?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 404236

"Diamond dogs kidnapped me and a lot of other ponies to replace some of their slaves that died from a plague. Melody, Mwandishi, and a few others saved us all and the donkey slaves they had gotten from somewhere else."

Snack(DD ranger) 404237

"Snack see's you escape.. thats good to hear."

Shortcake [Rogue] 404238

"With their help, yes."
I look at you.
"Why do you dogs do it?"

Snack(DD ranger) 404239

I look at her for a moment then stare at the walls of the cave.
"Fort grows in size at times… Fort where Snack belong need workers. Unicorns can find gems, ore easily and can levitate items if needed. Earth, donk and zeb can grow plants underground without sunlight, Peg and Gryph can fly and get stuff done same with flight."
"It becomes a necessity for a fort to run." I give a weak smile.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404240

"If the fortress is so big why can't diamond dogs do the work? You don't see us taking diamond dog slaves in the big city!"

Snack(DD ranger) 404241

"Because other races can do much better work… and more."

Shortcake [Rogue] 404242

"So? It's still not right! People aren't tools to be used up and thrown out!"

Snack(DD ranger) 404243

I look down.
"We take care of them and try to be kind unlike the fort that Cake has gone through….. "

"Snack and other dogs in our fort try to be reasonable…. masters for our slaves…"

I then silence myself after that.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404244

"But you still keep them as slaves. What happens to the ones that don't want to work or the ones that try to escape, hmmm?"

Snack(DD ranger) 404245

I then fidget to that question.
"…. d.. discipline."

"We dont kill them if that is what Cake is thinking."

Shortcake [Rogue] 404246

"It's still evil."

Snack(DD ranger) 404247

With that I avoided her gaze and look away.

Got to sleep, either continue tommorow or finished now.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404248

I give you a mean look and walk away.
It's finished.

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404249

And then I will approach Snacks, scratching the back of my head.
"So… Uh… Hey buddy."

Snack(DD ranger 404250

I look back at him while cleaning my blade from the green goo that came from our downed enemies.

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404251

Sit near him.
"So, I heard some other dogs have been bad'n stuff, right?"

Snack(DD ranger 404252

I put my blade in its scabbard.
"Soil… dont view it being too evil or bad. We care for our… slaves. Unlike from the stories that Mwazandi and Shortcake has told Snacks." I grimaced for a bit after saying that.

"Do Poor think that Snack is an evil dog that came to drag everypony here to slavery," I look down.

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404253

Shake my head.
"No way. you helped us plenty already, you know. It's just… Strange. I would not want to be a slave."

Snack(DD ranger 404254

"Well Snack think slavery is something that must be handled with care and finesse. Our… slaves in our fort are property… property yes but property has importance and has worth that is why they must be respected and taken care lest they lose their value…. and its bad to see someone lose their sense of valie."

I then laugh a little.
"Truth be told Soil pony, Snacks has been born with such condition. The very first female that Snacks remember suckling milk from is to a pony nurse and she has taken care of Snack because Snacks mother is too busy in carpentry and repairing other stuff."

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404255

Frown, a bit disgusted.
"Dude, I don't know… If you really think ponies are property I might just… You know, maybe stop saying that?"

Snack(DD ranger). 404256

I look down again.
"Snacks dont want to bring up such topics in frotn of ponies. That is why Snack keeps quiet about things in front of others specially since Amber told us about Sombra pony."

"Mwazandi pushed the topic and… Snack rarely lies to anyone. Snack dont like lies and since everypony wants to know Snack has no reason not to say truth….. " I then start to cover my face.

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404257

"They hate your guts for that, buddy.
If you are not with your fort anymore… Well, maybe you should think again about this whole slaves thing.
We don't use slaves and can do just fine, after all."

Snack(DD ranger). 404258

"Snack is not at fault for thinking of slavery today since it is Mwazandi zebra who pushed the topic very hard in the light after Snacks tell his past as a hunter in a fort."

I then frown and clench my fist.
"Snack is not here to take slaves nor want any slave since Snack dont deem that Snack need it here outside since Snack is capable enough to take care of himself. Snack just cant deny his past and tell other lies about what he is. Snack dont like to lie and they will hate Snack for being honest.. … "

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404259

"Slow down. Answer just this.
You like having slaves?"

Snack(DD ranger). 404260

I look down for a moment.
"If a Fort can stand on Diamond Dog labor alone or can pay for work labor to outside sources, Snack cant see any need for slaves. Being self-reliant is taught to me by friends in the fort."
"But taking slaves for the sake of taking slaves and let them do job that one can do, then that is something bad… Snack thinks."

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404261

"Well alright. Just don't talk about this anymore then. You are still okay in my books."

Snack(DD ranger). 404262

"Snack dont plan to talk about this if no one pushed for it."

I then laugh a little clenching my fist.
"What will Amber think of Snack after this. Snack bet she will look at Snack as a terrible monster after this."

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404263

"Most likely, yes.
And it kinda makes me angry. You did nothing wrong, but I can't… I don't find the words to say it. Like I can't think hard enough.
So they just keep thinking you are a monster or something…"

Snack(DD ranger). 404264

I just let that sink in and try to focus on something else.

Sion 404407

we're still in a deep dark mine underground.
In a tunnel marked "5"
>see >>404151
There are still 4 pony corpses rotting on the ground.

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404411

The screams?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Zona [Preacher] 404412

Take out my bottle of holy water and spray some on the corpses.
"Bah. I knew I smelled necromancer filth the moment I stepped into this town."


Yeah, what about those screams?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404414

I'll investigate the bodies. Did they have anything on them other than pickaxes and goo? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Snack(DD ranger) 404419

Find the source of the screams, can I identify it where it came from?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sion 404420

You scream as you see something move in the distance. Oh wait, that's your shadow.

There is nothing in these tunnels besides you and those corpses. Still the screams came from in here, when Soil accidentaly lighted part of the slime. Maybe these things are afraid of fire?

When Soil starts screaming, you scream as well and draw your weapon.

There is nothing in these tunnels besides you and those corpses. Still the screams came from in here, when Soil accidentaly lighted part of the slime. Maybe these things are afraid of fire?
You also notice mining equipment. And recent digs. These things were mining.


Good thing Molly is here.
Bubble self.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404425

"Oooh! They're afraid of fire!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404426

I'll frown a little at Soil.
"Don't scare me like that."
Now, bodies. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Snack(DD ranger) 404429

I slowly approach the party, avoiding their stares.

"Snacks think these are miners, perhaps stuck because of a cave in. though Snacks dont know how long they are in here."
"Their scream Snack thinks came from here. in this very cave."

Check the recent digs, can I see anything.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404431

"Okay. Do I have to scare you some other way?"

Sion 404432

You're shaking too much to not-magic properly.

Besides what Snacks and Amber found, you notice the corpses are dirty, their coat filled with dust. These things must have been here for long…maybe years.

There are some gems sparkling down there. Just a bit more digging and you've got them.

Snack(DD ranger) 404433

"Why did you two scream? Something wrong?" I look around alerted.

Oooh! Shiny!
Dig it.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Snack(DD ranger) 404434


Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404436

But I'm not the one doing that not-magic.
Molly is! And she's just so much braver than me!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404441

"These corpses are old, by years even. No rust, though."
I'll open one of their mouths with the dirk.
"Wonder how long they've been undead? And mining?"

Zona [Preacher] 404443

"We should gather for a prayer for these poor unfortunate souls."


"We should… yes. Pray."
I sit down and close my eyes, muttering some prayers to Cadence.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404450

"We should move before more come."


Join her.

But one to Celestia instead.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404452

Turn to Warren
"What are they doing?"

Sion 404453

You suddenly hear cracking and rumbling.
You know what this means, you've heard it a thousand times before.
Tunnel collapse!

You focus, but the rumbling gets louder and you look up again to see a stone cracking off the ceiling.

Good prayers. Now might we turn our attention to…

Tunnel collapse.
Roll to get out of this tunnel before it collapses.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404454

"We can do both."
I'll look along the corridor.
"These tunnels are going to be too narrow for all of us to fit side-by-side. We need to arrange a marching order."

Snack(DD ranger) 404456


Lead them to the storage room.

Snack(DD ranger) 404457


Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 7 = 7

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404459

Oh bother. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I get up with a gasp and start running as well

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 8 = 8

Snack(DD ranger) 404463

No, try to cover her from the rocks.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sion 404468

You're out.

Both of you roll for damage.


p-pls b gentle

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6


Bubble Snacks!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Snack(DD ranger) 404471


Roll #1 7 = 7

Sion 404474

You get hit by a few tumbling rocks on your back and your back legs, but you manage to get out. Your kettle and armor took most of the damage.

You grab Amber and help her out. You get hit by a few tumbling rocks as well.
Your arms and head hurt like hell but nothing seems broken.

He's bubbled now.

Sion 404475

File: 1366922334349.png (11.75 KB, 1360x926, Crappy map level 2.png)

You're now at the split again.
You see two tunnels marked with 2 dragon wings and 2 eyes. marked 12 and 7
You could also go back up the way you came.
Tunnel 5 is collapsed.

Snack(DD ranger) 404476

Pull Amber out and help her stand up.
"Is Amber pony okay?" I look at her worried.

"Now where to go…" I frown.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404479


"I'm fine…"
I run a hoof over my helmet

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404480

Look down tunnel 7.
"You two okay?"

Roll #1 8 = 8

Zona [Preacher] 404481

"You are the mudcrawler here, not us. Don't you have like… some sort of doggy sense?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404484

I'll make a small huffing noise.
"Now you want to let him take charge?"
"Well, drag out the map, Snacks. Where are we on it?"

Sion 404485

There seems to be some light and a chamber further ahead. As far as you can see, no movement.

Snack(DD ranger) 404489

I just lower my head seeing her lacking the luster from before.

I nod to Soil.

"This area is not part of map Poorsoil, diggers like those ponies or even DD like me have created this recently so its not part of old map."

"Hmmmm…. wait pony. " Can I smell anything from tunnel 12 and tunnel 7? Can I spot anything unusual?


If not I will scout ahead to tunnel 7.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Zona [Preacher] 404491

I huff
"Well he could at least make himself useful."

Sion 404495

File: 1366923115968.png (13.39 KB, 1360x926, Crappy map level 2.png)

You don't.
You continue and after some darkness you reach a chamber. There seems to be light coming from a crevice near the ceiling, though it's…green?
When you look closer you see that from the tunnel on opposite side of the chamber seems flooded with green gasses, they rise and exit through the crevice on top.
You seem safe here with your respirator but don't come to close.
Next to you is a pool filled with dark green water, it seems to rise from the ground.
There is something written on the walls.

Snack(DD ranger) 404498

Spot and see if I can read whats written on the wall.

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404499

Hey, stuff on the walls!
My super-brain will totally understand that!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Shortcake [Rogue] 404500

I go into Stealth and follow the party.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Melody Maker [Bard] 404501

Woah woah woah
Back the fuck up
A cave in happened?
The hell am I?

Sion 404502

Once again, 2 dragon wings, 2 eyes and the text underneath seems to be written in pony.
[Drink and be reborn]

No real place to hide in this chamber.

You're with the others in the chamber of Tunnel "7" don't go further to the opposite side for now. The opposite side is filled with gasses.

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404503

Raise a brow.
"I don't wanna be born again.
I'm good as I am!"

Snack(DD ranger) 404505

I called out to the others.
"Snack can see green goo and green cloud from this part. Also there is something written on wall saying "Drink and reborn.".

"Dead end if ponies ask Snack."

Or is it? Are there any alternatives to go besides up and down? Look around.

I nod to Soil.
"Snacks too dont want that."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404507

"It probably makes you into one of those… whatever they were."

Zona [Preacher] 404508

"Drink and be reborn? Drink what? That filthy goop?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 404509

Wait, gasses?
Are they coming this way?

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404511

I stick out my tongue in disgust
"Ew, I don't wanna drink that stuff…"

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404512

"Maybe that made the zombies."

Sion 404514

The draft makes them flow straight up to a crevice in the ceiling leading to the outside (yellow on map) and your respirator takes care of the little that's here.
Don't come to close though.

Snack(DD ranger) 404515


I nod to Zona and Amber.
"Snack is against it. looks icky and is not part of undersoil water current."

I look down as she ask.
"No, gasses escape to that vent up." Point my paw up.

"Maybe, Snacks not sure."

Shortcake [Rogue] 404516

"It looks like we should turn around."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 404517


Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404518

"At least until we get stronger masks."

Snack(DD ranger) 404519

"This is dead end, Snack suggest we go to tunnel with dragon wings aye?" I look at them and proceed slowly. to room 12.

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404520


And do so!
Go down tunnel 12.

Roll #1 3 = 3


follow at the tail of the group again

Roll #1 6 = 6

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404522

I'll keep near the back of the line.

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404523

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404524

"So, Amber, before we got interrupted by those things… you were about to say something?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 404525

"'Prolly… shit."

I guess I fall back to her.
"Hey… you alright?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 404527

I go back with the group.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404529

I shrug a little
"I just don't know what to think…"

"I don't feel so sparkly."

Sion 404530

File: 1366924278876.png (18.66 KB, 1360x926, Crappy map level 2.png)

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404531

"About what? Snacks? Or something else?"

Sion 404532

And somehow my description went away. just a sec.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404534

I try to Stealthy examine the pit.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Snack(DD ranger) 404535

"Another chamber…" my eyes widen.

will wait.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404536

"About Snacks. I mean… he's… bad."

Melody Maker [Bard] 404538

"Hey now… cheer up! It ain't all bad, is it?…"

I wince as I watch her go.

Sion 404539

You enter tunnel 12, which seems to go downhill and is long.
It gets darker, the deeper you go, your torches being the only light.
On your way you notice mining equipment and recent digs.
Something has been mining here recently.

You arrive into a giant chamber with a chasm in the middle. There are wooden rafters and stairs to support a climb down.
You notice a tunnel going uphill to you left.

You stealthily do so.
And lucky you are so stealthily. It is dark but you see all sorts of shadows move down the pit. They don't seem to come up.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404540

"Is he really? He's done us no harm, and saved your life on several occasions. Does that sound like something a bad dog would do?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 404542

I go back to the others and let them know what I saw.
I'm still in Stealth, right?

Sion 404543

Yes. I counted that as a stealth roll.

Snack(DD ranger) 404544

Just ready my weapon just in case, go around and investigatet the recent digs sites and area's.

Also lit up any of the died down torches that was left by the old miners here if possible.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404545

"No but… I just don't feel very happy right now."

"Well no but… I just don't really feel comfortable with the whole slavery thing…"

"Shadows? M-More zombies?"

Snack(DD ranger) 404546

I lower my gaze.
"W.. what shadows?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 404547


"Shadows in the pit."

Sion 404548

You find a few torches. And see some recent excavations near here. Most of the chamber seems deserted though.
You don't dare come to close to the pit itself, given what Shortcake just told you.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404549

"To be fair, he's getting less comfortable with it as well, after getting to know us. And you."
I'll give her a little nudge.
You've got to meet him halfway, though. He said that if a fort could run purely on dog labor, and anything they can't make they buy or pay for, he'd be happy."

Poor Soul [Spellsword] 404552

I'm kinda lost. Where we are now?

Melody Maker [Bard] 404553

I roll my eyes and frown.
"Yeah. Sure. Reeeal fuckin' sure. 'Oh but there's no other way! We simply have to enslave innocent ponies and rip their free will from them and work them until death!'"
I spit on the ground in disgust.

Snack(DD ranger) 404554

"This is new to Snacks, perhaps more deranged miners down there, Snack speculates."

I look at Cake and Soil.
"Want Snack to check it? Snack got good eyesight."

Sion 404556

See the last map, the blue circle.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404557

"You go in pal. There's a bubble 'round you. That's gotta keep you safe!"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404558

"I just don't want to think about it… it makes me sad."

Snack(DD ranger) 404559

Go down to a crawl and peek at the edge of the pit. Can I make out those shadows that Shortcake is telling us?

Spot supreme survivor etc.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404561

"I'm willing to forgive him if he proves he's put his slaving ways behind him. I still want to kill his old packmates though."

"If you want to."

What's down that path on the right?

Zona [Preacher] 404562

"Yes, go dog."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404563

"His fort, or so he tells us, did not work them to death. According to him, his group treated them with a fair amount of respect and care, since if a tool isn't maintained, in their eyes, then it loses value."
I'll shrug.
"And to be completely fair, Snacks didn't have to mention it. At all."
"Then don't. Judge Snacks by what you've seen him do, not by what his race has done. He's not going to start keeping slaves, nor is he planning on selling us out either. He's no different than myself, or Soil, or anyone else in this group. At least in intentions. That should be enough."

Sion 404564

How should I know? You haven't checked it out yet?

You can see them crawling down there.
Still haven't noticed you. It's too dark to see properly.
You could climb down or throw a torch in there to see better

Shortcake [Rogue] 404566

That question was code for "I go down the tunnel on the right to check it out".

Sion 404567

Sorry, this is exactly why I'm not running long today.
It goes up. You can't see the end.
No movement as well as far as you can see.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404569

I go up it.

Snack(DD ranger) 404570

>Climb down.
No… No…
Perhaps Illuminate it with my torch, can I see it from where I am?

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404572

"… I just don't want him near me for now. It's bringing back awful memories…"

Sion 404574

You bravely go up for a while alone. The climb goes very steep at times.
Until you come out again at another tunnel. To your left you see a collapsed tunnel. To the right you see a closed steel door marked "STORAGE".
Seems like you passed the collapse and are back in the first tunnel.

You could illuminate it with your torch, keep in mind that would draw their attention…

Sion 404575

File: 1366925715355.png (28.93 KB, 1360x926, Crappy map.png)

Melody Maker [Bard] 404576

"I'll do it when he admits that slavery is fucking atrocious, none of this 'Oh but it was necessarrryyyy' bullshit."

"So he's daft and didn't want to lie. Yep.Total saint.
And I guaran-fucking-tee you that they didn't treat the slaves who 'disagreed' with having their fucking freedom taken and being turned into tools with respect or care.
But whatever. Keep being cool knowing that we have a fucking slaver in our midst."

I go join Shortcake.
"Woah woah woah, slow down Shortcake. Don't go off alone."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404577

I'll nod.
"Just don't push him away completely, Amber. He's still a friend."
And then I'll wonder if it's safe to move forward a bit.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404579

I go back and tell the others about the path to the storage area.

How did you see me when I was in Stealth?

Snack(DD ranger) 404580

Hmmmm…. naahh.. best not poking into trouble though and try to follow Shortcake, where has she gone?

Also climb up to the tunnel where she has clumbed up.

"What did you see?" I whispered.

Melody Maker [Bard] 404582

Ignore that. I don't follow Shortcake.

"Path to the storage area? Did you see what was in the storage area?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404583

"Good. That's where we have to go."
"What's down there bud?"

Snack(DD ranger) 404584

"Trouble, best not for ponies to stir it."

Ambrosia 404585

I frown.
"And a slaver."
I'll follow him

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404586


Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404588


Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404589

I'll just stay silent for now.

Sion 404590

I suppose you're all at the Locked steel door marked STORAGE then.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404591

"The door to the storage area."

"No. the doors were shut."

"Come on."

After talking I go back to the storage area.

Snack(DD ranger) 404592

Help them climbed up the tunnel going there of course.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404593

Tap on the door a few times, then lean a ear against it.
Do I hear anything?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Sion 404595

You don't hear anything behind the door.
But you do notice something as you touch it.
Slimy stuff, not like the slime from the zombies.
More sticky, like remains of a spider web…

Snack(DD ranger) 404596

Is there a way to open it? Like a door knob or a lever?

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404598

Yeah… I've never met giant spiders before.
I will have to make a roll to connect the dots here.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404599


"Nothing behind it."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404600

>nothing moving behind it*

Zona [Preacher] 404601

"I'll believe it when I see it."

Sion 404602

Yes, but it's locked.
It seems pretty weak though.
You can probably bash it open.

Melody Maker [Bard] 404604

Is there anything in the room that looks like it's connected to the door?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404605

"Want me to slam it open?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404606

I grasp my hammer
"Should I bust it open?"

Snack(DD ranger) 404607

"Shall we open it? Snack can destroy the lock." I ask the others.

Snack(DD ranger) 404608

I step back.
"You two go for it." I readied my weapon.

Zona [Preacher] 404610

I ready my gun

Sion 404611

The door is locked. You can't see inside.
You do notice the spiderweb strands hanging from it.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404612

I step back and lower my hammer

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404614

I suppose I'll be ready near the back. Closed doors always mean fun in a mine, right?

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404615

I'm gonna take a loooong distance charging up for this slam…
Bring the shield in front…
Lower it…
Waiting on Melody reaction. Gonna slam if nothing happens.


And SLAM! Right on the door!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Melody Maker [Bard] 404618

Go for it.

I just stand back and ready my gun.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404620

Go into stealth, by the way. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Shortcake [Rogue] 404621

I watch from the shadows.

Sion 404623

You charge at the door with your shield smashing it open.

the door slams down and you step a few steps in before you come to a halt.
You lift your torch high and see a number of crates, mining equipment, a crate with some gems and a desk with some old papers and a set of keys on it, all covered in large amounts of webbing.
In the webbing you see corpses of zombies, miners and some animals hanging.

You're hidden.

Snack(DD ranger) 404625

Go inside the room and…

"Gems!" I then go and check out the gem crates.

Sion 404626

Anything you want to check in this room will need to be rolled for to avoid the webbing.

Snack(DD ranger) 404627

"Wait… Snack thinks this is spider room right?" I look at Poor Soil.


"Don't touch that stuff!"
Bubble self.

"We should burn the webs."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Snack(DD ranger) 404629


Roll #1 7 = 7

Melody Maker [Bard] 404630

Can I grab the keys?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Shortcake [Rogue] 404631

I go in, get the papers and the keys, then leave.


Grab those papers and keys with telekinesis.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404633

I'll just sit in the back and wait for the spiders, because there's always more than one, to make their appearance.

Sion 404635

You make it through the webbing to the gem chest.

You're bubbled.

You try carefully but get one hoof stuck to the webbing. Roll to get it off without too much trembling.

You try but doesn't work.

You are completely safe from view from any enemies, they can't attack you.
But that doesn't mean you can just traverse these webbings without problems. You must roll as well if you want to try.


Pull Melody out!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Grab melody by a back hoof and pull her away from the webs.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Snack(DD ranger) 404638

Examine the gems, are they made of high quality?
Also look at the webbings, where does it lead too? Can I spot on the ceiling if there is a big nasty creature looking at me?

Spot S.S etc.

Melody Maker [Bard] 404639

I dammit.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Shortcake [Rogue] 404641

Never mind. I try to use my magic to get the keys and papers out instead.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 404642

She's out.

As you try to move there, you get stuck.

But Melody already free, safely rescues you from the webbing. You're still not anywhere near the keys though.

Excellent quality. They shine in all colors.
The fellas at home would be celebrating if they found these.
You notice a big hole in one of the walls higher up, the spider must be waiting there.

You do so, very well.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404644

"Walk out, I'm gonna set fire to this place with a torch or two."

Zona [Preacher] 404645

Step out.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404646

And I'll be waiting near the door.

Shortcake [Rogue] 404647

I let everyone know that I have the keys and papers then start reading the papers.

Snack(DD ranger) 404648

Shiver at the sight of that fucking hole. Get as much gems that my bag can carry and back out

"There is a big hole on wall ponies, Snack thinks there are cave spiders here."

I nod to Poor soil as I get back to them.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404650

"Or we could just let the spiders rest and walk away."

Melody Maker [Bard] 404652

I guess I step out after seeing Shortcake get the keys.

Snack(DD ranger) 404653

I nodl.
"In forts we root out spiders if we can with… help, . But for now, its not our mission to root out spider but find murderer aye?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404655

"Stop talking about forts, really. Never do it again."

Sion 404656

The papers contains mostly gibberish, written in a terrible handwriting, something about being trapped.
You do see the number 2 repeated over and over again. and 4 and 8.

Snack(DD ranger) 404657

I look first to Poor Soil for awhile, then nod slowly.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404658

Well, as everyone is out, we will just walk away.

"Where haven't we been yet?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 404659

I follow the group away from the spider webs.
"Whoever wrote these kept talking about being trapped. He also repeats the numbers 2, 4 and 8 over and over again."

Sion 404660

File: 1366928093656.png (29.16 KB, 1360x926, Crappy map.png)

If you're not going to burn the storage I suppose you could go back to the pit in the beginning.
Fast-travel? Or manually?

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404661

I'll leave stealth nearby.
"And the tunnels are numbered. Perhaps that's a list of either the safe, or the venting tunnels."

Snack(DD ranger) 404662

Pull out map.
"We can go back to gate and navigate ourselves to other area's since its the hub."

I slowly look at the written word.

Perhaps fast travel.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404663

Back to the purple circle. We gotta check 2 pits.

Sion 404664

File: 1366928289427.png (28.79 KB, 1360x926, Crappy map.png)

You are now back at the circle.
You see the giant chamber in front of you and the chasm is right in front of you.
There are wooden ladders and rafters to support you, should you want to go down.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404666

Can we check that tunnel on our left first?

Snack(DD ranger) 404667

"We can do that." I nod as I guide them to the tunnel to the left.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sion 404670

File: 1366928852707.png (29.15 KB, 1360x926, Crappy map.png)

You leave for that tunnel to your left. After a little walk you enter a chamber.
You notice a pony miner here, when he sees you, he gets up in stands in front of his mined goods. Trying to look menacingly.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404671

"Hey buddy. You crazy too?"
Strat to reach for my shield.

Snack(DD ranger) 404672

I look at him and scratch my head.
"Pony, this is not a place for you. Get out right now."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404673

"Are you a zombie!?"

Snack(DD ranger) 404675

"Pony doesnt look like one."

Sion 404676

He shakes.
"T-that's funny. I was going to ask you the s-same thing."

He rises his mining pick.
"I'm not leaving, and don't think about stealing my gems. They're mine, dog."

"Of course not, I'm just a miner from Silverhaze."

Should we pause, most people seem to have left.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404678

"Oh, okay."
I cock my head
"Are you hurt? What's your name?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404679

"We looking for rust. Not gems."

Snack(DD ranger) 404680

"Snack is not here to steal what pony has mined. Snack and company is here to investigate."
Still can play here if you want.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404691

"Anything odd going on in the mines lately? Strange noises? Slime?"

Sion 404696

He looks dusty. But not hurt.
"I'm not hurt. The name's Smoky."

"Rust? Listen, it's only my second time in these parts of the mines. I don't know much more than this place. There are other miners here. Somepony I know works in the pit up ahead. He knows a lot more then me."

"Good. Cause you're not getting it."

"There's always strange things here. I try not to look at it. As long as you don't go into the marked passages it seems okay. Of course, they come out sometimes, I heard."
He shudders.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404699

"They seem to be mining for something as well. We ran into a few of them, and they were chipping away at the rocks before they attacked us. Any idea what they might be looking for? Can't be gems, since what use do the dead have for gems?"
Outside of feeding their sealed god dragon, of course.

Snack(DD ranger) 404700

I tilt my head and approach him,.
"Can Smoky explain the markings? Snack cant understand it. What does the dragon wing mean? Or the eye? Snack is confused at that."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404702

"Oh, alright."
Wait for the others.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404709

"Okay, just making sure!"

Sion 404717

"Listen, I don't know much. I've heard stories from some of the other miners here.
Apparently the markings have been made about a year ago when new tunnels were made by certain miners here. Like the Embers brothers, they were full of gems, these tunnels here are almost empty you know. They and their friends can come in and out without trouble, the others don't return."

"Nopony knows. They've been here forever. The story is that they're victims of the first gas explosion that happened all those years ago."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404722

"So who's that friend that knows everything that you mentioned?"

Sion 404723

"He doesn't know everything but he's been here much longer then I have. He might say more."
He starts looking around nervously.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404725

"That may be close to the truth."
I'll think for a moment.
"Yesterday a pony was found murdered in the town square, yet it had rust that came from this mine. Where might one find large amounts of rust in the mine?"

Snack(DD ranger) 404727

I look around, anything suspicious nearby?

"Why is pony nervous, we are not here to hurt you?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404728

"Where is he?"

Sion 404733

"I told you, I don't know."
He's sweating profusely.

"If any of those Embers ponies or their friends are nearby, they'll kill me for this."

There isn't for the moment.

"The first pit. The one you saw when coming in. There's still a good amount of gems there, so all the veterans claim it for themselves, leaving newcomers like me to sit here."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 404734

"Thank you. If it comes up, we never met."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404736

"Hey, what's your problem? Why so nervous?"
Move closer.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404738

"We could protect you!"

Snack(DD ranger) 404739

"Kill you for what? Is pony stealing gems? This is open mine is it not?"

I nod to Amber.

Sion 404742

He nods.

"Or you could leave quickly and not get me in trouble."

"Didn't you hear those ponies might kill me."

"No, everypony can keep what they find, as long as they give a share to Lord Silverhaze. But those ponies don't like me talking about their tunnels."

Sion 404744

See >>404670
There are 2 ways to proceed up or down.
You come from down.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 404748

Go Up and reach the first P.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 404749

I wince
"Sorry… Uh… what's your friend's name again? We'll just go find him…"

Snack(DD ranger) 404751

"Be careful pony, shout if pony need help."

Follow poor soil.

Sion 404760

File: 1366931179317.png (28.91 KB, 1360x926, Crappy map.png)

"Grovel, he's a donkey. Now go."

Before you reach the pit, you reach a split.
You want to go right but notice a sealed iron door, not marked on your map to the left.
To the right: the pit
To the left: a locked door.


Sion 408047

You're at an intersection.
Behind you is the chamber with the Earth pony, who informed you of a donkey named Grovel, who might have more information.
To your left you can see a closed metal door (green rectangle).
To your right you see the pit again in the gigantic middle chamber, Grovel should be somewhere in there.

Sion 408053

And the purple circle is the party.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 408055

"Talk with Grovel they say."
Wait for the others.

Amber [Crystal pon Ascendant] 408057

"To Grovel!"
Go right!

Shortcake [Rogue] 408060

I follow the party.
Am I still stealthed?

Sion 408066

I suppose you are

You go right and arrive again in the giant middle chamber.
You look down the chasm to see it going down for what must be at least a few hundred meters. To the side hang all sorts of old wooden platforms, ladders and ropes, allowing miners to excavate its walls.
There must have once been hundreds of them but now you only see 3 figures with a small latern spread across the pit.
You can use the old wooden ladders and platforms to navigate your way down.

Shortcake [Rogue] 408067

I go down into the pit.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 408069

"Uh. Didn't we see bad things down this pit?"

Sion 408070

That was the one pit in tunnel 6. You're way somewhere else now.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 408071

I know. Soil doesn't.

Amber [Crystal pon Ascendant] 408076

Go down then!

"No silly, that was someplace else!"

Sion 408081

The 3 of you go down the wooden platforms.
The wood creaks beneath your hooves but seems to hold.
Some meters down you reach a platform with a small bridge to other platforms at the same height and some ropes dangling further down.

You can use the bridge and platforms to reach the miner on this height. [Roll for wood holding.]
Or you can go further down where the other 2 are.
You can


"I'll… go check on him! I don't weigh much!"
Cross that bridge! Savior help me!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 408085

Look at her and then at the bridge.
"I'm full of stuff. Can't make it."

Shortcake [Rogue] 408087

Rolling for nonsexual wood holding.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 408093

You cross the bridge without problems.
You see the pony sitting about 10 meters further, he hasn't noticed you yet and keeps working.

I might have worded that better, now I think of it.
As you cross the bridge, one of the planks snaps underneath your back hooves. You manage to grab the bridge with your front hooves. But your flank is dangling precariously above the abyss.

Shortcake [Rogue] 408097

I Escape Artist my way back up onto the bridge.


Protective bubble her. Shortcake, that is.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 408101

You're safe. Both you and Amber are on the other side, near the working pony.

She's bubbled.

Amber [Crystal pon Ascendant] 408104

I gasp as Shortcake falls

"Are you okay, miss Shortcake?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 408105

I'm there. Stealthed. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 408106

"I will go down."
And down I went.

Shortcake [Rogue] 408109

I position myself so that I can jump out at the pony if he tries to run.

Sion 408127

You're at the platform with the ropes and the bridge.

You use the ropes to climb down towards one of the other small lights.
You come down near another pony. As you come down near the other pony you see he's not moving and there is a large pool of blood besides him.
The last miner is further down these platforms.

You position yourself close to him. He couldn't go anywhere if he tried.
He still doesn't seem to have noticed either you or Amber though.
He just keeps hacking at the wall with his mining pick. He looks dirty and thin.

Amber [Crystal pon Ascendant] 408130

I poke his flank with a hoof
"Mister Grovel?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 408131

I try for a sneaky closer look. Is he a zombie?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 408132

I'll glide down towards Soil. Shouldn't split the party too much, and wandering off alone in here is bad news.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 408133

Wait, so there are two ponies here, one of which is dead, and one even further down?

Sion 408150

File: 1367269501107.png (11.55 KB, 792x628, lel.png)

The pony turns around and swings his mining pick in the air. "THIEVES, ALL THIEVES."
He swings the pick at you '1d10'
Roll higher to block

He looks alive. But he has a crazed look in his eyes.

You're with Soil and the dead corpse.

See this real quick drawing.
The red circle is the other donkey. It's on the same level but you'll have to run a bit further to reach the last guy.
You could go further down as well. But you don't see anything to suggest there are more ponies there.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I shriek and jump away!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 408155

Reach said donkey.
"Are you Grovel?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 408158

Sneaking along as well.


I try to pull the pick out of his hooves with my magic.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sion 408178

You skillfully evade the mining pick.
The look on his face shows you that he might not listen to reason.

The donkey looks up.
"Yeah, what you want? You're not looking for trouble?"

The pony swings the pick wildly around hitting you in the face. You bite the dirt.

Shortcake 0/4

Shortcake [Rogue] 408182

But muh bubble.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 408183

"We are looking for rust."


"Miss Shortcake!"
Heal her, backing off from the crazed miner still

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Sion 408185

Right the bubble. Forget it you're safe.

Sion 408187

I'll take that roll for an attack then?

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 408191

Slipping out of stealth next to Soil, I'll speak as well.
"Would you perhaps be the one called Grovel?"

Amber [Crystal pon Ascendant] 408192

No, just to back away from him
"We're not here to steal!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 408193

"Calm down!"

Sion 408200

He breathes heavily, looking at both of you, holding his pick defensively.

"I am."

"Rust? What do you mean rust? You mean Rusty Spike? He usually works in one of the other pits."

Shortcake [Rogue] 408203

"No, we only want to find rust. A bunch of rust."
Try to calm him down.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Uh… try to heal him? Maybe he hit his head or something…

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 408206

"We're investigating a recent murder, and the victim had some rust on him that came from these mines. How he got to the middle of town from here is what we're trying to figure out."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 408207

Look at Warren. Then at the Donkey.
"Just what he said."

Sion 408215

The pony starts giggling.
"Looking for rust? Liars, all liars. You want to know what I did to the last pony who tried to steal from me?"
He suddenly springs in action hitting the surprised Amber with his mining pick, she goes down.
He then tries to stab Shortcake as well. Luckily the armor blocks some of the damage.

"Ah yes. I heard about the poor bastard. Who was it? There are some old iron deposits deeper inside the mines. Anywhere near them should be covered in rust."

Amber 0/4
Shortcake 1/5

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 408221

Look down, inside the pit.
"We go there from here?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 408222

"Thank you kindly."
I'll think for a moment.
"What was with that corpse back there a little bit ago, by the way?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 408227

Blind him!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Aaaaa! Stop! I'm sooooryyyy!"
Get up!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 408237

He shakes his head.
"I've never been to the iron deposits myself. Supposedly you can reach them through one of the northern tunnels, but those are so filled up with gas, I don't know how anypony could have gotten through it."
He scratches his chin.
"If you really wanted to, you could try the tunnels of those crazies. I know where those are. I could mark it on your map."

You kick some sand in his face. He flinches and rubs his eyes.

You try to get up, but your legs hurt soo much.

"That other guy who works up there killed him. He lost it some time ago, after looking into one of those crazy tunnels. Everypony knew not to come close to him. But the guy down there." Nods towards the corpse "he wouldn't listen."


Tough it out! I'm a tough and strong pony!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 408240

"Wait, who killed him now? Up where?"
Bring up my shield.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 408241

"Oh dear. Two others of our group headed up that way."
I'll look to Soil.
"Get those tunnels marked on the map, and then we'll meet back up where we split off from each other, alright?"
And then I'll fly up after Amber and Shortcake.

Shortcake [Rogue] 408243

Take his pickax and hit him on the side of the head with the handle.
"Calm. Down. Now."

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Sion 408257

File: 1367272240977.png (32.96 KB, 1360x926, Crappy map.png)

You grin in determination and jump up.
The pony still rubbing the sand out of his eyes, looks in surprise at your sudden recovery.

You capitalize on his surprise to grab his mining pick and start smashing on his face.
"Calm." Whack. "Down." Whack. "Now." Whack.
He falls down on the ground, unconcious.

You arrive just in time to see Shortcake calming the pony down.

He points above.
"So shall I mark those tunnels then?"
He takes your map and makes some notes.
"They all have numbers, don't ask me why. I once heard it said in town that there's some significance to it, but only the miners who know the right ponies, know it and I don't want to be part of it.. And get in there unharmed. There are also a few metal doors, locked for years now. You'll need the right keys to open them.(green squares)"


I go over and check on him to see if he's badly wounded or sick or something.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 408267

I'll land lightly behind the three of them.
"Well, I can see I shouldn't have hurried. We met Grovel down below, and he's updating the map. Once he said that this pony up here had lost his mind, I got a little worried."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 408268

"Keys'n tunnels. Boring."
Take the map and go up, see if I can find this murdermurderpony.

Shortcake [Rogue] 408272

I slip his pick through a loop on my saddlebag.

"You okay?"

Amber [Crystal pon Ascendant] 408273

"I'm fine! I was just a little surprised…"

Sion 408275

His face is badly wounded and some blood drips from it. He'll survive though. No doubt about it.

Who cares right?
You're back up there with the rest.


I should Heal him…

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 408283

"Hey everypony.
This one here is the murderer."
Walk over to the unconscious pony and poke him with a hoof.

Sion 408285

You focus and heal him right up.
He opens his eyes. And jumps up immediately.
"THIEVES." he sits on top of his small bucket with a few nuggets of gold. "YOU WON'T GET MY GOLD." He looks at all of you angrily.

Amber [Crystal pon Ascendant] 408287


Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 408288

"We're no thieves, sir. We're simply investigating the death of someone who might have worked here. Or was at least killed in the iron pits here."
"A murder, not necessarily the one we're looking for."

Shortcake [Rogue] 408289

Does he have a bunch of rust on his coat?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 408290

Bring my shield up and bubble myself.
"You stand down or I'm gonna paint the walls with your brain."

Roll #1 9 = 9

Sion 408292


He has dirt, dust, all sorts of rocks and what you assume to be fleas on his coat. but no traces of rust.


Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 408294

"And the pony that you threw down there because you thought he was a thief?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 408295

Snort and rasp the ground, ready to charge at him.
"Stand. Down."

Sion 408297

"That's not murder."
He shakes.
"I was protecting myself against thieves."

"You won't get my gold."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 408298

"We don't want your gold, miner."
I'll think for a moment.
"But have you seen anything suspicious while protecting your gold? Aside from thieves, of course."

Sion 408299

"No I was just working here. All day, all night."
He grinds his teeth.
"Give me back my pickaxe."


Shortcake [Rogue] 408301

I hover it over to him.
"Hit me again and I'll stick it somewhere you won't like."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 410144

Something something rust.

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410147

And Warren is here too.

Snacks(DD ranger) 410150

recap of what I missed?

Zona [Preacher] 410152

"Why would you give that back to him? Are you dense?"

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410154

"So long as he doesn't attack us with it, it won't matter, will it?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 410158

We are -see map above- and found a guy who allegedly should be the killer, but has no rust on. I got lost on the rest of the details.

Snacks(DD ranger) 410160

I nod at this,
"Pony doesnt look too dangerous."

Snacks(DD ranger) 410162

Oh shit.
"On second thought, Snack think we must get all suspects that we can find and tie them first before we round them up for questions."

Sion 410165

He looks at all of you nervously, gasping the pickaxe fiercely.
"I told you I'm no killer. What are you looking for? If I help you, will you go and leave me with my gold."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 410166

"Yes. Rust. And a way to get down there fast."

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410167

I'll nod slightly.
"Grovel mentioned something about iron deposits being full of rust. Would you happen to know the way there?"

Sion 410168

He starts sweating profusely.
"Rust…Iron. There's no iron down there, you idiot. It's in another part of the mine. One of the northern tunnels can take you to it, I don't know which one exactly.. But all of them are collapsed or filled with gas. Only the Brotherhood can get in."
He points to the upper tunnels on your map.
16 and 9

Snacks(DD ranger) 410169

"Snack and others want to make sure."

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410170

"The brotherhood? Who are they?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 410171


I then list the number 16 and 9 on the map where he pointed.
"Whats 16 and 9 mean?"

Sion 410172

"You saw those markings? And those numbers? That's them. They drink that stinking stuff in those buckets and they can suddenly go through even the worst infected parts of the mine and get the most gems.
They tried to recruit me once, but I don't trust them. Filthy bastards, they think they're so tough. My neighbour was once a good friend of me. And now that he joined them, he won't even look at me!"

"I don't know. They use it as a guideline to the best gold deposits and to their meeting place. If you know which numbers to follow you can't miss."

Snacks(DD ranger) 410173

I smile at this.
"Pony can guide us? Then lead the way."

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410174

"We might have already run into four of them. They attacked us on sight. And they don't like fire."
I'll think a moment.
"Our masks won't save us from the fumes, will they?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 410175

"So.. That green stuff don't turn you into zombie?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 410176

I nod at these.
"They dont act like ponies because they bite."

Sion 410177

"Did you listen to what I said? I'm not part of their group. AND I'M NOT LEAVING MY GOLD."
He gets antsy again.

He shackes his head.
"I don't know for sure what those things are. Zombies, supposedly some of the first miners from long ago during the first incident. They attack everything and sometimes even come out of their holes to attack us. But they don't attack any Brotherhood ponies."
He takes a look at your mask.
"That thing won't even hold back the smell from my toilet. Who gave that to you? There might be other ways to avoid the gas if you look around though."

"It does, but not a regular brainless one. It makes you stronger, quicker, immune to pain and poisons. And maybe other things but that's all I could see from ponies drinking it.
Brotherhood ponies that is, for some reason, if a normal pony drinks from it he goes crazy and becomes a regular zombie."

Snacks(DD ranger) 410179

I look at my mask,
"What a waste."

Snacks(DD ranger) 410180

I then look at the pony.
"Does town know of this brotherhood?"

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410181

"The town, actually. Perhaps they were trying to get rid of us."

Snacks(DD ranger) 410182

I look at Warren in disbelief.
"Impossible, why would Warren pony say that?"

Sion 410183

"Most of the miners do but nopony talks about it openly, maybe even Lord Silverhaze knows. Bad things happen to those who talk too much…."
He looks around again.

He shrugs.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 410184

"Bad things? Like… bad luck?"

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410185

"Well, think about it. The leader of the town is trying to raise some horrible dragon god thing that managed to make an entire tribe of diamond dogs worship it, and then it turned them all into zombies so they could keep worshiping it. Maybe they're just trying to tie up loose ends and getting rid of ponies who ask questions?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 410186

I look down.
"Snacks… cant believe ponies can do that."

Sion 410187

"Like a mining accident."
He grins at you.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 410188

"You're supposed to wear helmets to protect you from those!"

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410189

"Ponies aren't all gumdrops and rainbows, Snacks. Especially politicians."

Snacks(DD ranger) 410190

"Snack is no stranger to that."

"Snack is skeptical but we will see if we got back alive."

Sion 410191


He just rolls his eyes.
"I meant them killing you and pretending it's a mining accident."

Snacks(DD ranger) 410192

My mouth hangs wide open,
"What? If that is so why send us to investigate mines? Are we at a fools errand?"

Sion 410193

"You told me you were here to investigate a murder and find rust. That's why I guess."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 410194

"W-what- that's horrible!"

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410195

"My guess is they send us into the mines, we run into the brotherhood, and either they kill us, or we kill them. Either way it benefits the town's leaders."

Sion 410196

"Would be very smart of them. If I were you I'd just leave Silverhaze and never return."

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410197

"Can't do that, of course. Just like you don't much care for thieves, I don't much care for being a patsy."

Sion 410198

"Suit yourself. Now that is all? Go get yourself killed somewhere else then."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 410199

I scrunch and slump down
"This is not what I wanted…"

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410200

"No, but it does mean we've got some more things to think about. And maybe we can talk to this brotherhood. Get them on our side, and stop what the leader of Silverhaze has planned."

Sion 410201

"And I never wanted to sit deep inside a cave full of thieves, digging gold for some shit greedy town lord. But hey, that's life."

He chuckles.
"Good luck with that."
Friendly reminder that Fluttershy asked you to find the place of the murder and has given you a messenger bird to call help when you found it.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 410202

I sigh sadly, my coat losing the last of its sheen
"Well… now what?"

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410203

"Now? We find the murder site. Or at least get to it. Then I'll return this bird to its owner."

Sion 410205

"You either get out or take one of those northern tunnels I told you.
Though I'm not sure how you'll get past the smoke. There are other passages that might get you past that but they're locked iron thight. Nopony went in there for ages."

"Heh. Nice bird."

Snacks(DD ranger) 410207

I frown upon seeing this.

"Where do we find this bird owner, she can be anywhere."

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410210

"The bird will know the way back. Once we find the murder site, I can just tell it to fly home and it will."

Snacks(DD ranger 410211

"If thats that, then should we finish investigating rust mystery or should we make our escape now?"

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410213

"I am curious as to how that corpse ended up in the middle of town, apparently. And what killed it."

Snacks(DD ranger 410214

"Snack find it a mystery too…. "

"Is Warren pony saying it is an inside job? Their own doing?"

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410216

"I'm not ruling out the chance, but it's a possibility."

Snacks(DD ranger 410218

I then slump on the floor and stare blankly in the air.
"Then what are we gonna do now?….. "

Sion 410219

File: 1367445111427.png (33.05 KB, 1360x926, Crappy map.png)

Allright where to next? Or more talking with the pony?

There are many different routes for you to take.
-the northern passages are 9 and 16
-Notes mentioned 2,4,8
-There might be other passages allowing you to circumvent the smoke.

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410222

"We keep looking. Maybe some of those doors lead to passages around the smoke-filled walkways."

Snacks(DD ranger 410223

Look at map.

"We can go to route 9 and 16 if ponies still want to check it out. Snacks want too since there maybe something worth in there."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 410224

"You guys can lead the way, I'll follow…"

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410226

"Hey, now, cheer up. Once we find the truth, we'll be able to look at things rightly. If I'm wrong, and just paranoid, then all the better."

Snacks(DD ranger 410227

"Snacks vote we check out passage 9. You ponies follow."

I then stand up and follow the map and go to passage 9 first.

Sion 410230

Is the rest coming to passage 9 as well?

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 410231

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410232

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 410233

Snacks(DD ranger 410235

I think so, along with short cake, mwazandi and the other one.

Sion 410241

You enter the tunnel marked "9" next to 2 eyes and 2 dragon wings.
This tunnel seems remarkable larger then the others. There's even a track in the middle with the occasional abandoned mining cart.

After a bend in the passage you arrive at a large chamber. The tunnel ends on an elevated position, with a ladder down into the chamber and a bridge with tracks leading directly to the tunnel on the other side, that tunnel seems collapsed however.

In the chamber itself you notice a number of ponies working. They don't look like normal ponies though, bigger, stronger, some ooze seems to drip from their coats. They're mining and haven't noticed you yet.
A few of them are talking and heading towards your tunnel.

Sion 410242

File: 1367446176149.png (40.08 KB, 1360x1451, Crappy map.png)

And map.

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410243

And I'll drop into Stealth. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Uh oh… retreat and find someplace to hide!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Snacks(DD ranger 410247

Oh shit, hide.

Also spot, what do they look like? Are they armed?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 410250

Both of you scramble around looking for a hiding place, luckily for you the 2 ponies are still a bit away and haven't noticed you yet. They're coming closer though.

You nimbly jump into one of the mining carts on the bridge, they won't notice you here. It also provides an excellent view of the area. There are 6 ponies working, armed with pickaxes and oozing some fluid from their coats. They work terribly hard though, even the best dig dogs in your old mine couldn't hold a candle to them.
You see some of them occasionaly return to a circular pool of green fluids in the middle to drink.
Most importantly, you don't see any rust here.

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410252

No scrambling! Hide, and take Amber with me! '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


No! Hide!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Snacks(DD ranger 410254

Its the pool again.
I then ready my weapon just in case those ponies got near, can I hear what they are saying, if they are talking at all that is.


Roll #1 7 = 7

Sion 410257

You take Amber with you to hide behind a very thin rock. You can just slide behind it and remain unnoticed when you're pressed really tight against each other.

The ponies come close now and wait before the entrance of the passage, talking a bit further.

They seem to be talking about how much it sucks working down here. But fear not says the other. All hardships will be over soon and we'll be rewarded by the Winged God himself.

Sion 410258

Rolling for behaviour of the 2 talking ponies. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sion 410259

Reroll '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Sion 410261

You're lucky after standing around for a couple of minutes, they decide break is over and return inside the chamber.

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410262

"Just… don't move, okay?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 410264

Snacks(DD ranger 410265

Winged God…..

I then look at my two companion and signal them if we get out of here or confront them.

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410266

And after they're gone, I'll let her go and break from the hiding place.
And I'll wave Snacks over with a wing.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 410267

"I'm not good at being sneaky…"

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410268

"It's fine."

Snacks(DD ranger 410269

Slowly crawl to them.

"Snack thinks this is not a good place to go to, too many of them. Should we check route 12 or try to sneak past them? Snack thinks there is a route still at the end."

Sion 410270

You saw the passage on the other side was collapsed, in the beginning.

Snacks(DD ranger 410273

"Well the route is collapsed so it is a dead end." I scratch my head as I make that mistake.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 410274

"Whatever you think is best…"

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410275

"Too many for us to walk through, anyway."
I'll think a moment.
"What about that door that was near this route on the map, or #24?"

Snacks(DD ranger 410278

"24 sounds good, Snack will guide you through it then."

Guide the group to number 24 of the map and keep watching out for any more zombie ponies or what not.

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410280

I'll nod and follow.
"Could you make out anything they were saying?"

Sion 410281

Roll for luck.

Snacks(DD ranger 410282

"Hmmm.. miner pony didnt mention 24 for having any zombie ponies in it right?" I look at Warren and Poor soil.

"They are complaining of hard work but green water makes them strong and they must keep on mining because of a…. winged God." I mention gloomily."

"Isnt your pony God winged too?"


oh dear…

Roll #1 8 = 8

Snacks(DD ranger 410284


Roll #1 8 = 8

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410286

"I think they're talking about the dragon."

Roll #1 9 = 9

Snacks(DD ranger 410287

"Dragon…. "
"Is it still alive?"

I then look at my gems inside my bag…

Warren [Male pegasus arcane blade] 410289

"It probably hasn't been 'alive' for centuries."

Sion 410292

File: 1367448257074.png (41.19 KB, 1360x1451, Crappy map.png)

You shine your torches well before going in, and rightly so. The passage is completely flooded with gas. Any pony who would go in here would certainly be dead in seconds.

Snacks(DD ranger 410293

"Dragons, as far as Snacks hear are fond of gems…."
I then show the others one of the multi-colored gems that I found in the mines.

"They are mining for this Snacks think."

"Eep, Dead end."

Snacks(DD ranger 410296

I look back at Poor Soil, Amber and Warren.
"This is no good and a dead-end too, we should head to number 16 and go there instead. What ponies say?"

Sion 410300


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