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Monster Hunter Quest #1: Pilot Sion 386752[Last 50 Posts]

[ Sheets: goo.gl/gbKDc ]

Once a land of peace and harmony, but no longer.
Everything changed during the Long Night about 5 years ago. A heretical cult revealed itself all across Equestria, instigating a revolt against the Alicorn Sisters. A civil war erupted that nearly tore the country apart. After a short and bloody conflict, the Royal Sisters managed to defeat their leader Nightmare Moon.

Victory came at a heavy price. Their forces decimated, the Equestrian government no longer had the resources to keep order outside of the most important cities, such as Canterlot or Manehattan. More isolated areas were left to fend for their own and all sorts of terrible creatures roam the countryside unchecked.

With poverty at an all-time high, many ponies have decided to leave their homes and travel far and wide to find work and gold wherever they can. Whatever your reason to start your journey, you have now arrived at a small village at the edge of a grand forest. A worn sign in front of the gate says “SILVERHAZE FALLS”. You notice some other travelers are arriving as well.

Maybe this is a good time to introduce yourself? In these times you can always use somepony to guard your back.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386753

Try to find a traveler that looks smart enough and poke him.

"What does it say?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386755

I grin in excitement.

"Silverhaze Falls! The perfect place to start adventure!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386756

"Uh. Hope this Silverhaze didn't get hurt or something."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386757

"What? No, that's the name of the village!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386758

"Oh. That makes sense. Sorta."
Stare at the sign with a lost expression.
"Hey you got work?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386759

"… It's a sign. Of course it doesn't!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386760

Turn to her?
"You got work?"

Sion 386761


As the 3 of you pass the gate a donkey and a unicorn wearing iron armor approach your group.

The donkey shouts to Sweet Heart "Finally. We've been waiting for you, Mister Firethorn. You're late!"
He overlooks the rest of the party with disdain. "I take it these are your servants?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386762

"No! I'm looking for work! I just got here myself."
I shake my head
"Let's just enter before I get a headache, okay?"

Sion 386763

Seems like Sweet Heart left. He says it to Amber instead. And it becomes Miss Firethorn thus.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386764

I jump up as he addresses me
"What? No! I just met him!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386765

"Uh. Those can be nasty…"
Follow her.
Don't really mind, start picking my nose with one hoof.

Sion 386766

"Then it's just you then as expected. Excellent, miss Firethorn. Lord Regal Silverhaze is waiting for you. He's anxious for your counsel as a necromancer. Please follow me."

The donkey looks at you annoyed.

Snacks(DD ranger) 386767

Now I see the reason why the food supply has gone short in the mines, damn civil war has disrupted the caravans and cut trade of gems from the other races.
With that I kick myself off the mines in search for a better life.

I approach the gate. Seeing him addressing the group, I point a a paw to myself.
"I'm no servant to surface dwellers. Snacks is looking for food and place to stay."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386768

"My name is Amber, not Firethorn! And I'm not a necromancer! Who are you even?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386769

"Hey pal, got work?"
Keep exploring my nostrils!

Sion 386770

The donkey looks at you in surprise for a second.
The unicorn turns to him "See, I told you they weren't the ponies we were waiting on."
"Just shut up."
The donkey looks at the 3 of you.
"I'm the Colonel. And who are you, why are you here?"

Sion 386771


The donkey doesn't even look at either of you.
He's not a very kind donkey.

Snacks(DD ranger) 386772

"Looking for good work, food and place to stay."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386773

Screw that.
Lean on my bigfuckhuge shield and yawn.
Pretty shiny pony is talking a lot…

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386774

"Looking for work! Adventure! Taste the world!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386775

"And soup."

Snacks(DD ranger) 386776

"add bread and we talk."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386777

Turn my head towards him and smile.
"Of course we add bread! So soft and tasty! With cereals, or without, or with some lattuce in the middle!
I love bread!"

Sion 386778

The donkey rolls his eyes.
"Great. Adventurers. I don't have time for this."
He turns to the unicorn. "You take care of them. And if you see Miss Firethorn, call me IMMEDIATELY."
The unicorn just nods as the donkey walks off and then turns to you.
"I'm sorry about that. The Colonel can be quite uncouth at times. Let me welcome you to Silverhaze Falls. You say you're looking for work? I might have something in mind, if you can fight."
He sighs.
"I'm afraid there's not much else, Silverhaze Falls used to be a thriving mining town. But there's not much left of it."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386779

"Sure I can fight! I've known how to for over a thousand years!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386780

Rest my shield on the ground and tap on it.
"Sure can fight here pal. Jus' point me."

Snacks(DD ranger) 386781

I frown.
"So what happens in Snacks place is happening here too. Ponies not willing to trade food for gems, thats why dogs turns to hunting, fishing and adventuring for livellihood. Not saying the occasional dogs who has gone brigand."

"Lettuce? Whats that?."

"Thousand year?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386782

"Green, tasty stuff.
Real soft too."

Snacks(DD ranger) 386783

"How… tasty? Like Chicken?" My eyes widen.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386784

"Dude! Gross!
Meat is… Bleah!"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386785


Sion 386786

He simply nods.
"You're a crystal pony right? I've read about the Crystal Empire and its disappearance. I never thought I'd meet a pony from there."

"Right, but before I tell you, I don't suppose you ran into any feral animals on your way here? The animals of the forest seem to be getting increasingly hostile as of late and we don't know why."

"It is a little more complicated then that. But that's a long story, if you have some time I could show you."

Snacks(DD ranger) 386787

"What? Whats wrong with meat? It taste good." my ears go down

"Complicated? Alright Snack follows."

Follow the guard to where he will direct us.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386788

"Yup! That's why I'm here! I wanna see how much the world changed in all those years. Enjoy this freedom!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386789

"None I can think of. So, where start?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 386790

"Crystals…. wthere are always crystal gems and no disappearance. What happened?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386791

"Oh you know… the usual…"
I frown
"Evil tyrant unicorns casting curses on entire nations to make it disappear for a thousand years…"

Sion 386792

"Right, follow me."
The guard takes you to a small guard tower.
From here you get a good view of the village and surrounding area. The forest stretches on to the north as far as the eye can see. To the south you see a cliff with a magnificent waterfall and a river flowing next to the village.
The view is marred however by a few dark green plumes of smoke coming out of small holes in the cliff.

He points to those plumes. "That's the reason why mining has almost ceased here."

The unicorn points to the forest.
"As you know we are expecting a guest, miss Firethorn to arrive shortly, but with all these animal attacks, I fear she might need protection. I'd like you to go down the road and escort her here. Should you encounter any attacks, you fend them off."
He pauses.
"My father is really looking forward to her arrival and I'm sure he'll pay well for her security. He'd pay even more if you could follow and exterminate those beast wherever they come from. We've already lost 5 guards to them."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386793

Hunger check.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386794

"Can get working even now."

Snacks(DD ranger) 386795

I scratch my head in confusion.
"That is usual? Why tyrant make place disappear? What is unicorn accomplishing out of it? Is unicorn getting off with that or something?"

I then look at the plumes of green smoke.
"What is that…. "
Use supreme survivor to spot check what is the source of the smoke.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386796

"We'll deal with them! No problem!"

"Guess he didn't really like Celestia and Luna blasting him to shit!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 386797

"Eh… so he is stupid to face Alpha ponies. No wonder." I shrug.

"What is name of pony anyway?"

Sion 386798

It's too far to make out properly. You only see it comes from certain crevices in the rock. When you look down more you see what looks like mining entrances. You deduct that that parts of that mine must be flooded with that green stuff.
The unicorn looks sadly at it.
"As I said it's a long story. Silverhaze was once a prosperous mining village. About 70 years ago however, somepony in the deeper mining shafts dug open some chamber and it released an extremely poisonous gas. Many ponies died and the lower shafts and a lot of the upper shafts became dangerous to enter. Some ponies still try however, since there's still many riches down there."

He nods. "Excellent. Take the north route out through the forest and you'll run into her. One word of warning." He points again to the green plumes. "Should you find some holes with that type of smoke coming out in the forest, don't come close to it. If you do somehow end up in it, come back here immediately and go to the church. The healer there will know what to do."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386799


"Huh? Could I meet that healer? I know some healing too, maybe I can learn how to cure ponies from being poisoned!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 386800

I nod.
"Guard Firethorn, escort her here and dont go near green smoke."

Sion 386801

He points to a larger stone building that stands out, from all the wooden hovels.
"Of course. I'm sure she'll be glad to meet you."

"Yes. Do you have any other questions?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386802

"Uh. Yes. Where to the inn?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386803

I don't even wait for him to finish speaking as I dart off towards there.

Snacks(DD ranger) 386804

"Yeah, where can we stay after this?|

"Hey! Where Pony going!"

Sion 386805

He points to a rather large wooden building.
"The Red Pony Inn is down there. It's run by Golden Harvey and Summerset Red. Both distant Apple family, you should try their apple pie and cider. Tell them Swift sent you."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386806

"Thank you nice fella!"
What a nice fella.
Pick up the massive shield and head for the inn.
I'm totally not forgetting to make a plan.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386807

"Finding that healer!"
Where is she?

Snacks(DD ranger) 386808

"Be careful! Me and pony here will stay at Inn." I watch her as she heads off.

"Hey wait up." I follow him inside the Inn.
"What is name btw? I am Snacks."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386809

"Soil. Soil the Poor."
"That's why I'm always around lookin' for work."

Sion 386810


You arrive at a tall stone building. It seems a bit worn down but still beautiful. Probably a leftover from the time when Silverhaze was still prosperous.

As you go in, you enter a large hall at the end you see two giant statues of the Alicorn Sisters surrounded by candles and offerings. To the side you see some other smaller altars you can't quite make out from here. A unicorn mare sits before them in prayer. She is probably the healer since you don't see anypony else here.

You arrive at the Inn. It seems small but comfortable with a big dining chamber with a fireplace.. You see a mare near the counter arranging some bottles, she hasn't noticed you yet.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386811

Approach the counter and drop my shield on the ground.
"Need provisons for a few days. Beans, onions, stuff like that."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386812

Right, if there is a shrine to Cadence the Savior in her, make a small prayer there before going over to that mare.
"You must be the healer!"

Sion 386813

The mare turns around startled.
"Oh excuse me, I didn't hear you come in".
She quickly puts the bottles away and comes over to you.
"We can sell you some provisions." She opens a door and shouts "Dad, a customer would like some provisions."
She then walks over to you.
"Would you like something to drink while you wait?"

The mare opens her eyes and nods at you kindly. "Yes. I'm Glimmering Light, at your service. Do you need my help?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386814

I cock my head
"Oh no! I was just looking for someone who can use healing magic. I hear you are a pony like that! I'm one too and I was wondering if you could tell me something more about that green poisonous gas!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 386815

"Water for me only." I grin.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386816

Shake my head
"Swift said you have great cider, but I have no money for that.
Will come back after job is done, drink you dry!"
Laugh a bit.
That was funny, wasn't it?

Snacks(DD ranger) 386817

"You and me had the same thing in mind."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386818

"Great minds think alike!"

Sion 386819

She sighs.
"It's a terrible thing. I've treated about a dozen ponies already who ignore the warnings about the lower mining shafts and had to be dragged back here. The gas has some unusual properties, the coat of a pony instantly falls off when it touches you and inhaling it a large dose of it"She pauses. "Well it is extremely painful. If left untreated the flesh of the patient starts to decay rapidly and the pony dies. If the patient can get here in time it can take a day or even a week of contant treatment to recover."

She pours both of you a glass of water.
"So what brings ya'll to Silverhaze Falls? Are ya with one of the mages Lord Silverhaze has invited?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386820

"Sounds harsh. Do you think you can teach me how to treat and maybe even inure ponies from it!?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 386821

"Mages? Why invite mages?" I ask as I sip the water that he provided.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386822

"I'm no fancy panty!
Can't make fire out of air. I'm just lookin' for work. Got somethin' already, great place here!"

Sion 386823

"Harsh indeed. I feel the gas is magical in nature, it is simply unnatural. But nopony has gone down to the lower depths of the mine to find the source of it."
She looks you over.
"If you're a healer I suppose you know healing spells. Those are usually enough to stabilize the patient. The trick to curing it is simply how long you have to keep doing it. I've once kept healing a pony for 10 days with my assistant Sparkling before he got better."

"Nopony knows. The entire village is talking about it, but neither Lord Silverhaze or the guards or even Swift want to talk about what they're doing here. Some ponies believe Lord Silverhaze is trying to discover a way to clear the mines from the gas."

She smiles.
"I'm glad you like it here. Not many ponies like Silverhaze. Most ponies who live here only do because they don't have the money to go anywhere else."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386824

"That's awful…"
I scrunch
"Whatever could cause something like that? For 70 years long?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386825

"Sad thing.
I myself will leave as soon as the job is done…"
Pick up the shield and fly it across my back.
"Till then, I will have a pretty face to see every morning."
Smile at her and head for the door.
"Will be back later for the supplies!"

Off to… Did that sparkly mare say she was looking for a healer?

Sion 386826

She shakes her head.
"Nopony knows. At first it was assumed that it was simply a chamber filled with toxic gas that was accidentaly breached, but it has been going on for so long now, nopony can even guess. Some believe it's a curse upon Silverhaze Falls."

She did. You're in the church now and you see Amber talking to the healer.

Snacks(DD ranger) 386827

"I see…. " I scratch my head.
"Who is Firethorn?"


Oh crap the church! I totally gotta bow down and pray or something!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386829

I scrunch
"Curses… I know all about curses… But if that's true it could last for hundreds of years! Thousands even!"

Sion 386830

"I've never heard about a Firethorn. Why do you ask?"

The Alicorn sisters smile upon you, or at least their statues do.
Glimmering smiles as well. "Welcome."

"Let's hope it doesn't Silverhaze Falls was a very wealthy city 70 years ago. The only wealthy person left now is Lord Silverhaze. He tries to keep the village going but most of the safe shafts in the mine are depleted and without access to the other parts, Silverhaze will probably cease to exist in another 70 years."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386831

"Hmmm… sounds like a case worthy of investigation if you ask me!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386832

"Oh. Uh. Hello!"
Give a goofy smile.
"Uh, are you coming with us for the job or is it just me and the dog?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 386833

"Ah, just asked." I grin.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386834

I turn to him
"Yes! I will!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 386835

I look around seeing Poorsoil leaving.

"Hey wait!" I follow.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386836

"Got some provisons from the inn.
Ready to move out."

Sion 386837

She looks worried
"Many have tried going down the mine, even with respirators and they all have to be dragged back here. I urge you not to go down there."

Another stallion comes in carrying a few bags. "Here are those supplies. Welcome to the Red Pony Inn, sir" he says to you.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386838

"Right! I should get some too!"

"I'll be careful! Thank you, miss!"
Rush off to the inn to buy some supplies like food and stuff.

Snacks(DD ranger) 386839

Disregard leaving the Inn and wait for them.

"Thanks." I nod.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386840

And I will trot along.
"Hey, is our stuff here yet?"

Sion 386841


You are there with Snacks and Soil, supplies are here.

The stallion greets all of you.
"And more travelers. Will you be staying for the night?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386842

"I don't know."
I turn to my new companions.
"Will we?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386843

"I figured we'd camp on the road while we get the work done?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 386844

"Here!" I showed him
"Be enough to cover us for days."

"Perhaps we should stay for the night after the escort." I smile at her.

Snacks(DD ranger) 386845

"If we got stuck or if it takes too long I guess, I could also dig an underground dwelling just in case."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386846

I jump up in the air in excitement
"Camping! Hell yes!"

Sion 386847

The escort itself will not take that long. Of course, if you choose to find the source of the agressive animals for the bigger reward it could take longer.

"Well if you decide to stay, we've still got a few rooms available. Most are taken by the guests of Lord Silverhaze and another traveller staying here."

"Ah you'll be escorting somepony?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 386848

"Yes. It should take us a couple of hours, if not days perhaps."

Sion 386849

The stallion nods.
"If you're going through the forest, be careful of all those animals. They've gone completely feral since a few weeks ago. Almost everypony who stays here told me about how they've been attacked."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386850

"Well I feel damn sorry for them if they try to attack us."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386851

"We'll just shoo them away, no problem!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 386852

"Snacks will take that in mind."

I then get my share of the packages and stand up.
"Ready to leave ponies?"

Sion 386853

The stallion face become serious
"These aren't just normal animals. There's something in that forest that drives them to attack ponies."
The mare rolls her eyes.

"Goodbye and have a safe journey."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386854

Listen closely, wide and starry eyes.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386855

I wave a hoof
"What is normal in this world anyway? everything is crazy and wild! It's exciting!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 386856

"I cant go if my companions are not ready." I frown.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386857

"Hey, I'm totally ready."

Put the supplies in my bag.

Sion 386858

The mare comes to you.
"Pay no mind to it. Dad knows a lot of old stories about Silverhaze Falls, but he's got other things to do right now."
Turns to him.
"Like preparing that large order for the Lord."
"Oh right, I need to get on that."
The stallion quickly disappears behind the door.

Sion 386859


Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386860

"Uh… But the story-"
Look a bit disappointed.
He was about to tell a tale, after all…

Snacks(DD ranger) 386861

Sion 386862

The mare sighs.
"It's an old mare's tale about an Evil Enchantress that's supposed to live in the woods. I'm sure my dad would love to tell it when he's less busy."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386863

"Hey, I'm counting on that! I love stories!"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386864


"Sounds exciting!"

Sion 386865


And all of you leave the village with the supplies, heading through the path in the forest.

Would you like to talk a bit on the way or shall we move directly to the action?

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386866

Ready to check the damn place.
"So, what you two guys good at?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 386867

I keep watch of the surroundings making sure nothing suspicious get past my sight.

I rub my chin.
"I'm good at digging, but I am a hunter of games, and with the right price, of other dogs and creatures."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386868

I'm fine with whatever

"Weapon and armor attunement and Healing magic!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386869

"A hunter? That's why the whole thing for meat, I guess?"
Chuckle a bit.
"Sounds great. I'm good at being beaten around."

Sion 386870

As you move through the path on the forest, you can't help but shake the feeling that you're being watched though you don't see any movement in the forest.

Sion 386871

>you can't shake the feeling

Would be better.

Snacks(DD ranger) 386872

"Beaten at where? Games?"

I breath in deep. then keep a watchful eye.
Use supreme survivor just in case for spot checks etc for any movement.


Spot check.
Where's the meeting point?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Sion 386874

You don't see any movement in the forest. Yet the feeling of being watched doesn't go away.

As you move further, a howl of a wolf pierces the silence. And another one, and another one. And…wait, was that a pony screaming further down the road?

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386875

"You are good at getting hurt? Guess I'll have to keep an eye on you!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386876

"If things hit on me, they ignore the others."
Take the shield out, defensive position!
'1d10' for PB on Amber!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Snacks(DD ranger) 386877

"Not good. Lets go!" I tell at the others,

Track the source of the voice

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386878

Run towards the screaming! Somepony in trouble!

Empower my weapon! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 386879

You run towards the source of the scream to see 2 armed but wounded ponies fighting a pack of wolves. "Help us!"

As you power up your protective bubble you don't notice the wolf jumping out of the bushes behind you, jumping you and pushing you over.

That is automatic.

You are fighting 6 wolves.

Amber 5/5
Snacks 5/5
Soil 0/4 Helpless

Rolling for attacks of the 2 wounded ponies '2d10'

Roll #1 9, 6 = 15


I should be at 5 wounds, Earth pone and all.
Lean on the shield!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 386881

The ponies kill one wolf and deal a hit to another

5 wolves remaining.

You are right, my apologies.


"Ah! Poor Soil!"
Heal him!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Snacks(DD ranger) 386883

"Wolves!" I shouted the obvious.
I then hit one of the wolves with my waraxe


Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Sion 386884

Poor Soil is a very healthy pony

You might have overdone that. The waraxe doesn't just make him helpless. You cut his head off in one clean cut.

4 wolves remaining.

Everybody healthy!

Rolling npc attacks '2d10'

Roll #1 6, 8 = 14

Sion 386885

The 2 guard together take out the already wounded wolf.

3 wolves remaining.


"See, I told you I'm good at getting hit!"
Slam onto one of the wolves!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Attack another wolf then! Crush it with my hammer!
"Yaaaaaa! For the Empress!"

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11

Snacks(DD ranger) 386888

I smile with glee as I go for another kill

Suppress another Wolf

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4

Sion 386889

You show that wolf the power of Love as you splatter his brains all over the path.

You're good at getting hit allright. That wolf bites you right in your leg.

As you storm a new wolf with fire in your eyes, you don't notice another wolf jumping out of the forest, taking you down. It growls as it tries to bite your neck.

Poor Soil 5/6
Amber 5/5
Snacks 0/4 HELPLESS

3 wolves remaining

Rolling for NPC attacks '2d10'

Roll #1 2, 9 = 11

Snacks(DD ranger) 386890

"Whoa now!" I try to kick the wolf and stand up.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sion 386891

One of the armed guards gets jumped by a wolf and screams as it tears through his armor.
The other one stabs it and drives it from his partner.


One wolf bite on a 5 took off 5 hits?
Help snack!
Slam into the wolf that's pinning him down!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Heal Snacks!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Sion 386894

Goddammit forgot about your 9+1 thing. Really sorry, 9/6 it is.

Sion 386895

The wolf manages to bite Snacks before
Poor Soil slams into the wolf pushing it off Snacks while Amber heals him.
Another Wolf jumps into the fight from the forest.

Poor Soil 9/6
Amber 5/5
Snacks 5/4

4 wolves remaining.

NPC attacks '2d10'

Roll #1 1, 7 = 8


Let's heal that wounded guard!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Sion 386897

The wounded guard gets severely mauled by one of the wolves and is helpless and in danger.
The other guard manages to attack that wolf and kill him

3 wolves remaining.


Protective bubble on the wounded guard!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Snacks(DD ranger) 386899

Stand up you dog,

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sion 386900

You were already up. But not any more. One of the wolves sees an opening and bites your legs taking you down.

He is healed for now.

As you concentrate on the guard, one of the wolves scratches you with its claws.

Soil 8/6
Amber 5/5
Snacks 0/3 HELPLESS

Sion 386901

NPC attacks '2d10'

Roll #1 3, 4 = 7


"Snacks! Not again!"
Heal him again!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Sion 386903

They get a heavy beating. one of the guards goes helpless.

Snacks(DD ranger) 386904

kick the wolf again in its snout and stand up

Roll #1 1 = 1


Protective Bubble Snacks!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sion 386906

The wolf gets on top of you, ready to severely hurt you.

But is then bounced of by the protective bubble created by Soil

And Amber heals you up again.

Soil 8/6
Amber 5/5
Snacks 5/4

The remaining 3 wolves gather together ready for a combined assault, when suddenly they perk their ears and run off into the forest.

Sion 386907

The one guard still standing sits next to his helpless partner and tries to help him.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386908

"What the… I was just ready to whack them! C'mon! No fair!"
Look at them run, I suppose.
And help that guard up.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Heal the most hurt guard!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Snacks(DD ranger) 386910

Stand up!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386911

You already are up.

zulu 386912

Hey, Sion – hate to post this here but no response in the /qt/ thread. How long do you plan on running?

Snacks(DD ranger) 386913

Then scare the wolves.
Though I might trip on my axe with that >1

Sion 386914

Help arrives too late. His wounds are too grave and he dies. The other guard looks at him for a second then turns "Those animals…they ambushed us and dragged Miss Firethorn into the forest…we need to get her."

I'll finish this session soon. Don't worry, I'll start running American sessions soon as well.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386915

Murmur a prayer for the dead pony.
"Why on this planet would somepony ever be so stupid as to get dragged away by a few wolves…
Which way?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


I gasp
"H-He's dead? No! He can't be!"
I desperately try another healing spell, I can't allow death to win!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Snacks(DD ranger) 386917

"What? Is she alive?"

I then try to see the mark and see if I can track them and the direction where the wolves are headed.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Sion 386918

Hmmm. Normally you shouldn't be able to do that. But it is a critheal and he is just dead for a few seconds.
Let's let RNG decide if you're a miracle worker. '1d10'

He stands up and points in the direction the wolves fled. "I don't know. I've never seen such behaviour in wolves."

You clearly see their trail leading into the forest.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 386919

Miracle it is. He gasps for air and comes to, but his condition looks grim.
The other guard goes beside him.
"Celestia, Bedrock, I thought you were gone."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386920

"Look at that… I thought you gone."


I grin and jump in the air in excitement
"Yes! Thank the Savior!"
Now Mend!

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5

Snacks(DD ranger) 386922

"To the forest, pony might get eaten." I call the others.

Follow the tracks

Roll #1 9 = 9

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386923

"You are a miracle worker, you know."
Let's follow!

Sion 386924


Are you guys okay with pausing right now? I need a break.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 386925

Snacks(DD ranger) 386926

fine by me.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 386927

tomorrow again?

Sion 386928


Sion 387040


The 3 of you head into the forest, following the trail of the wolf pack. As you go deeper into the forest the vegetation grows denser and you struggle to move through the bushes and vines.

Suddenly you notice a lone limping wolf in front of you, obviously one of your previous attackers that got wounded. He turns when he hears you and growls menacingly.

Roll a 1d10 for perception.



Roll #1 10 = 10

Snacks(DD ranger) 387042

I raise my weapon and look around then look at the wolf.


Perception? I'm too busy picking my nose.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sion 387044

Good thing you looked around instead of directly at the wolf, so you could see that giant bear running at you.

It runs at you and raises its claws to maul Soil, but Amber jumps in front and hits the bear right in the head with her warhammer.

The wolf runs off again while the bear blocks your path and shows his teeth.

Sion 387045


Soil 8/6
Amber 5/5
Snacks 5/4


"Mines are bigger!"
Bare my teeth too, and slam into the beast!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


I stick out my tongue at the bear and go in for another strike with the hammer.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Snacks(DD ranger) 387048

Help PoorSoil in his efforts, bring that bear down!

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Snacks(DD ranger) 387049

Forgot to say its suppress

Sion 387050


The bear advances on you, growling, when suddenly Snacks rushes forwards screaming. You think you see a look of surprise and even a little fear on the bears face right before Snacks grabs him with bare paws and wrestles him down with a little help from Soil who slams into the bear.

As the poor bear is down, Amber raises her hammer and slams the bear right on it's head.

The bear is helpless and heavily wounded.


"That's what you get, silly old bear!"
Another smash!

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


"Wait, he's down!"
Get a bubble on Amber, just in case.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Snacks(DD ranger) 387053

Damn bear, thinking he can bear the brunt of my bare paws! Keep the bear down.


Roll #1 6 + 4 = 10

Sion 387054

The bear trashes about but you hold him down easily.

You get hit on the head by the bears paws while it's trying to get loose making you dizzy, but doing little damage.

And another hit from Amber finishes him off.

Soil 7/6
Amber 5/5
Snacks 5/4

You're now in the forest standing next to a dead bear. The wolf is nowhere to be seen.


Heal on Snacks!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Snacks(DD ranger) 387056

Even though I am not wounded, I let the crystal pone touch me with her shiny hoof.
Smile inwardly.
"Thanks Pony!"

I then stand up.
"Come, we got someone to save."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387057

"Poo' bear. Crossed the wrong road."
Pick myself up properly and get my shield firmly in place.
"Oh yeah, make road big guy!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387058

Go and track the wolves trail again.
Supreme survivor etc,

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387059

Follow along.

Sion 387060

You healed him up completely now.

The 3 of you move further following the trail of the wolf with Snacks help. As you move further the sun goes down and an eerie silence falls over the forest.

Suddenly you reach a large clearing. There are no trees, no bushes not even grass. You see some crevices spouting green smoke scattered through the clearing.
In the middle stand the ruins of what once must have been a great fortress. The trail leads there.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387061

"That's a damn strange place for wolves to take nest…"
Look up at the ruins and take sight of them.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Snacks(DD ranger) 387062

I yelp
"Smoke! Green smoke!"

I covered my nose with my cloak.
"We should not be here."

Sion 387063

The 3 of you move closer, avoiding the crevices and hide behind one of the broken walls through a hole you can see the 3 wolves you followed and a few larger beasts, wargs, they seem to be guarding a mare who's whimpering next to a wall.


"Holy honey!
We gotta save her!"
Protective Bubble on that mare! Now!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387065

"Don't worry m'am! We'll save you!"
Empower my weapon!

Snacks(DD ranger) 387066

I frown then look at Poor and whisper.
"She is in danger, what shall we do?"

I ready my weapon.

"Lets do this then"
I then charge at one of the wolf and attack it .


Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10

Sion 387067

The mare looks up in surprise as a protective bubble engulfs her.
The Wargs roar furiously and storm at you.

Your weapon is empowered.

You surprise him and kill that wolf before he even had a chance to turn around

You are fighting.
2 Wolves, 1 wounded
3 Wargs.

The mare stands up emboldened by your help and fires a magic bolt '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sion 387068

Forgive me that's one healthy wolf. and that wounded one was killed by the mare now.


Slam onto the incoming Wargs!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Smash one of those Wargs with my hammer!

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11

Snacks(DD ranger) 387071

Help PoorSoil and hit that Warg hard in the body with axe

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4

Sion 387072

They swiflty change direction at the last second and you smash into a wall.

You hit one of those Wargs hard with your hammer. That one is not getting up.

The other Warg runs right up to you and you are the one taken down.
The Warg agressively bites into your torso.

Soil 5/6
Amber 5/5
Snacks 0/4 GRABBED (DC8 to get up)

The mare tries another attack '1d10'
"Thank you, heroes!"


Roll #1 8 = 8


Hit the Warg that is biting Snacks!

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5

Sion 387074

The mare strikes the remaining wolf, leaving him helpless.

2 Wargs
1 wounded Wolf remaining.


"You bastards!"
Slam the Warg grabbing Snacks!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Snacks(DD ranger) 387076

I try to kick the warg and try to get up!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sion 387077

In a heroic rush, you slam right into the Warg tearing him off Snacks and sending both of you tumbling forth, you end up on top of him and bash him repeatedly with your shield until he doesn't move anymore.

You run for Snacks but the Warg has the same idea and is faster. He bites you as he moves past you.

Relieved that the Warg is off you, you try to get up only to have that final Warg bite you in your throat and take you down again.

Soil 5/6
Amber 4/5
Snacks 0/3 GRABBED (DC8 to get up)

Rolling for the mares attack '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 387078

The mare conjures little more then a spark.


Heal Snacks!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Snacks(DD ranger) 387080

Kick the warg off me and stand up
>inb4 a >1 again RNG Iwarn you.

Roll #1 8 = 8


While still standing on top of the Warg, throw a PB around Snacks!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 387082

You kick him and throw him off you.
You're up.

The Warg, annoyed at the hit, goes for the neares target, you. He bites your leg again.

Seems like that Warg underneath you still has a little fight in him. He bites you while you're distracted.

Soil 2/6
Amber 3/5
Snacks 5/3

One Warg left.

Rolling for the mare '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sion 387083

Well 2 actually, if we count that near dead one underneath Soil.

The mare hits the healthy warg good.


If that mare doesn't kill him, headbutt the Warg and be done with it!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Ah! Hit him back with my hammer!

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Snacks(DD ranger) 387086

Help Amber and hit the Warg hard!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Sion 387087

He bites into your neck, intent on dragging you with him to death. You are helpless!

Good hit. The Warg is helpless and heavily wounded.

And you finish him off. Bravo.

1 near-dead Warg remaining.

Soil 0/5 GRABBED (DC8)
Amber 3/5
Snacks 5/3

Rolling for the mares attack. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Heal Soil!

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


Break off this damn animal! Shove his face into the ground and get up!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 387090

The mare charges forward and hits the Warg with a magic bolt. He's tough, he's not letting go.

Snacks(DD ranger) 387091

Help the mare(which I presume is fire…. whatever her name is) and hit the warg again.


Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Sion 387092

You shove him off you and get up.

This Warg sure seems to like your leg.

Soil 10/5
Amber 2/5
Snacks 5/3

The Warg, alone and heavily wounded tries to run off into the forest.

Sion 387093

He doesn't get far. As you smash into him and make him helpless.


No he doesn't!
Chase after him!

Roll #1 1 = 1


I yelp and heal myself

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Snacks(DD ranger) 387096

I hit the warg again.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Sion 387097

You stumble over your own feet,fall down and hit your head right on a rock. Good thing Snacks already got him.


This is really a tough bastard. He goes for your throat and grabs you.

Amber 5/5
Snacks 0/2 GRABBED (DC8)

Rolling for Firethorns attack '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Heal Snacks!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Well that was silly, wasn't it?
Get up.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Snacks(DD ranger) 387100

Smack the Warg head to make him dizzy then get up.
>inb4 a >1

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 387101

Snacks get a surge of new energy and easily throws off the Warg.

You're up you klutz.

The Warg once again tries to make a break for it. Roll higher then '1d10' to catch up and kill him.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Charge at that fucker! Slam!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387103

He has it under control
walk up to the mare
"Are you okay, miss? Are you hurt?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387104

I smile back at Amber as I head out to stop the warg

Attack it again.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Sion 387105

You slam into him and finish him off.

Fight over, silence falls again, only disturbed by the hissing of the crevices nearby.

Snacks(DD ranger) 387106

I head back to the mare.
"Are you okay pony? Are you hurt?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387107

Grab his body and bring it back to the others before sitting near the mare we just rescued.
"You alright mylady?"

Sion 387108

Warg already ded.

Sion 387109


The mare looks pretty shaken.
"Yes, I'm fine. Oh Celestia, if you hadn't arrived when you did…."
Roll not to cry '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Snacks(DD ranger) 387110

I kneel down.
"What is pony name btw?"

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387111

I smile and give her a sparkly hug
"All in a day's work!"


"It's alright pretty face, we are here to protect you now."
Protective Bubble around her.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sion 387113

"Firethorn…I was invited to Silverhaze Falls to meet the lord there when these things ambushed us."
She looks up.
"Oh no, my guards, are they safe?"

She is very protected.

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387114

"Yes! They're both safe!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387115

"Both are, yes. The sparkly mare here works miracles."
Nod towards Amber.
And then poke her with a hoof.
"Little help?"
Point at my cuts and bruises.


"Oh! Sure, sorry!"
Heal him

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387117

Grin back.
"I said it, miracles."

Snacks(DD ranger) 387118

"Its good we found you. They will eat you if we havent got in time." I frown. at Firethorn.

I then stand up and look around.
"We must get out of here."

Sion 387119

"Thank you. That's a relief."
She shakes her head.
"I thought I was done for when they dragged me into the forest but they just took me here.
I've never seen wolves behave like this."

Sion 387120

As you look around, you notice something odd.
The architecture of the walls isn't like that of ponies.
This structure was made by Diamond Dogs.

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387121

"Huh? They dragged you here? That's kinda strange for wolves to do…"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387122

"Maybe they got a place around? Wanted to share a meal at the light of a candle?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387123

"This is a dog site, a place for us." I look in amazement as I tell both to FIre and Amber.

Look around to and see if I can see any passage leading down or inside(but dont follow/go in it).

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387124

I scrunch
"Wolves don't do that stuff!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387125

"Oh. Maybe wargs do?"
"Wait, here be dogs?"
Raise a brow and follow him.

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387126

"Dog site?"

Sion 387127

The mare simply shakes her head
"I don't know. I just don't want to stay here for much longer. Can you help me get back to the road?"

You notice several passages down, some caved in but others useable. They seem to go down very deep. You don't dare go in.
You also notice a few ruined towers, but you could still use them to climb.
In the middle of the structure you see a statue.

Snacks(DD ranger) 387128

I nod.
"Perhaps the wolves and wargs are pets or hunting packs for their Dig or diamod dog masters. Look at these parts, made by paws, not natural structire." I pointed to both of them.

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387129

"Yeah! We were supposed to bring you to town!"

I cock my head
"Why do Diamond dogs want ponies?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387130

"You say dogs wanted to eat that pony over there?"
Look perplex, than brace my shield.
"We might just want to go in…"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387131

I nod to Firethorn.

"We are tasked to bring you little pony back. We do that first."

Sion 387132


She nods.
"I'm ready to go."


Snacks(DD ranger) 387133

I gulp at the question.
"Uhhh… most diamond and dig dog dont eat ponies. Some dogs are slavers that capture ponies to be used for labor and other things."

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387134

we should go back to town and make sure this mare is safe first

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387135

"Snack, you should lead the mare back on the road. I'm sure that's gonna be easy for you, no?"
"Bad. Dogs."

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387136

I stomp a hoof
"Like that scumbag Sombra did to us!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387137

I lower my ear and avoid their gaze for a moment.
"Uhhhmmm.. hehe.. we should head back now then ponies." I give a grin.

Go back and track the way back to where we left the guards, see if they are still there.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387138

"I'm not leaving until we go down this hole!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387139

I look at him.
"Why? Firethorn needs help and we get bounty after this."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387140

"You said it yourself. There might be slaves down there!"

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387141

"I don't think we're prepared for that yet…"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387142

I scratch my head.
"There might, or might not be.But we are not getting paid to rescue them." I sternly look at Poor Soil.

Sion 387143

Firethorn looks shocked.
"Slaves? My goodness. You really think so?"
She thinks for a second.
"I could try to take a look down there. I know how to astrally project."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387144

"Tell you two, leaving'em like this doesn't feel… Right to me.
It's not what a pony should do…"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387145

"Look at that, some fancy magic."
Smile a bit and sit in front of her.
"Go on, please. You should be safe while the bubble holds."

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387146

"Of course not!"

"Is it true that you're a necromancer, miss?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387147

I frown.
"Snacks….. dont know. Snacks can try to track down in the cavern but it wont be safe for you three,"
I look at them.
Then think of how much the three of them will fetch a prize. Perhaps the dogs might forgive me for killing their pet wolves.

No no… I shake my head, dont think of that.

"If all three poneis want to go down, I can try and act as a guide, but 'only' if you three agree." I close my arms.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sion 387148

"I've studied both magic and necromancy, yes."

"If there are slaves down there, we have to know."
She sits down and closes her eyes '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Sion 387149

She stays silent for a while.
Suddenly you hear a terrifying screech coming from the tunnels.
The mare opens her eyes again and gets up.
"There are no slaves down there. We need to get out of here NOW."

You hear movement coming from the tunnels.

Snacks(DD ranger) 387150

"Alright lets!"
Go and guide them out of this place.

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387151

I shudder slightly
Take her hoof and run!

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387152

"Uh. Right?"
Pick up the pace and leave.
"Mind telling what happened?"

Sion 387153

You lead them out of the ruins back towards the forest. You notice a pony standing near the edge, who swiftly vanishes into the forest.


You run out of the ruins.
The mare turns to soil while running.
"Zombies. Undead dogs….and something else, I could feel it and it somehow saw me."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387154

"Whoa hold back a minute.
Undead dogs? That's some sick stuff! At least there are no slaves. We get you back in town now."

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387155

"U-Undead dogs!? That's creepy!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387156

I look at the pony and stop the party.
"There is a pony there watching at us!" I point at where she vanishes.

What does the pony look like.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387157

Grunt and raise my fucklargehuge turtle shield in front of me.

Sion 387158

The pony is long gone.
Your trained eyes did notice it was a mare though. The pony had nice curves.

Nothing there captain.

Firethorn stops but worriedly looks behind her..
"We need to get out of here. Maybe they won't follow us into the forest."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387159

"Won't it be easier to make it to the road?
You studied necromancy! Can't you like… Control them or something?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387160

I nod at her.
"Lets get out of here then, I agree."

"she's…. curvy…" I smile.

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387161

"Let's just run back to town please! This is creeping me out!"

Sion 387162


"Something else is controlling them.
Something big. Wherever we go, I don't want to be here."

There are some shapes moving in the ruins.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387163

We still in the ruins?
Oh hell no.
Off to the road, lead everyone back.

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387164

Take her hoof and sprint back towards the town, through the forest!

Snacks(DD ranger) 387165

"Ack, lets get out of here fast!"

Guide them to the forest and back to the place where the guards are.

Sion 387166

Roll for luck in the forest.
a 1d10



Roll #1 3 = 3


Don't fail me now, dice.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Snacks(DD ranger) 387169

Oh shit now now.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 387170

16/30. So close yet so far.
Luckily Snacks wilderness instincts kick in and you safely make it back through the forest with his guidance.

You meet the 2 guards again. The wounded one is patched up and the other supports him.
"Thank the Sisters, we feared you got eaten or something."
"I didn't, no thanks to both of you." Firethorn frowns at them.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387171

Look nervously behind us.
'1d10' spot check.
"Look, can we have this discussion when zombies ain't on our tails?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Throw another Mend at the wounded one!
"Can we please get back to town!?"

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Snacks(DD ranger) 387173

"Snacks, agree we must get out of here."

Sion 387174

No zombies captain.

The 2 guards look at you with open mouths.
Firethorn groans. "Yes, zombies. Now let's move before they or any other crazy animals in this forest attack us again."


Snacks(DD ranger) 387175

Guide them back to town.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387176

Sion 387177

To town we go.
I'll wait a few minutes since this might be a good opportunity to add some new people.

Snacks(DD ranger) 387178

While looking smooth pone crystal plot

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387179

pls, she's just a teenager!

Sion 387180

Has she ever taken the knot before?

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387181

no, you asshole!

Sion 387182

And she's in a quest with lemon, this will be interesting.

Snacks(DD ranger) 387183


Are we at pause or are waiting for the others to come?

Sion 387184

Waiting for others but I won't wait much longer. I'll ask again in meta.

Leon [Shaman] 387185

Nature has a name, a defender, defilers be shunned

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387186

But we are here to kill animals…

Snacks(DD ranger) 387187

Lets be nature buddies.

I am here for the plot

Leon [Shaman] 387188

Only so that we can survive, in the end we are animals too

Leon [Shaman] 387189

Aw yea, nature buddies

Sion 387190

Read the OP too just for a bit of clarity. This isn't show Equestria. It's an alternate take on history. Many show elements are here but they might be a bit different at times.

Leon [Shaman] 387191

Should be fun

Sion 387192

Allright. I'm dropping another last fight on you guys before reaching town. Around turn 2 or 3 I'll give the newcomers a sign, you're travelers who happen to travel here right now and hopefully feel generous enough to enter the fight.

The party moves out with Firethorn and the guards, moving back to Silverhaze Falls.
You're slowed down by the one wounded guard who needs to be supported by his partner.

Suddenly movement comes from all direction. Looks like your troubles aren't over.

Out of the woods and blocking your way come 5 bears, one truly immense. Looks like they don't want you to reach the town and the smaller ones storm for Firethorn.

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387193

And ready to go.

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387194

Conjure Firethorn some armor!
"Don't worry miss Firethorn! We can handle this!"


PB still up on the mare?
Slam onto the first bear that dares moving in close!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387196

I meant Empower her armor

Sion 387197

Empower Armour is not automatic. It is instant which means you can use another action at the same time.

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387198

Oh, well okay then!
Empower my hammer too then!

Snacks(DD ranger) 387199

Holy shi!

Attack one of the bear and suppress it, bring it down!
>inb4 a >1 rng

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11

Sion 387200

You still have to roll for the Armour.


this is weird

Roll #1 2 = 2

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387202

Oversight when designing it. I will check it later.

Sion 387203

I don't make the rules.
Your weapon is empowered.
But while you try to cast Armour on the mare, one of the bears mauls you.

Once again the bear wrestler in you comes out, as you hit him and take him down.

You slam into one of the bears causing him to fall back.

Amber 1/5
Soil 10/6
Snacks 5/5

The Giant Bear lets out a terrible roar.
Roll to not be intimidated.

Firethorn, who still has a shield attacks '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sion 387204

And lucky she had that shield to protect her.


Like I'm afraid!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Mylady! Stand back!"
Protective bubble on myself.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Snacks(DD ranger) 387207

'rolling not to be afraid.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Also, intimidation prevention roll!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sion 387209

Both of you have -1 for the next turn.

You don't. The protective bubble goes into effect next turn.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387210



Good thing my weapon isn't afraid!
Smash that bear's face in with my hammer!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Snacks(DD ranger) 387212

Steel myself and try to Suppress the bear.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Sion 387213

You are a very protected pony

Your iron resolve shakes away the fear and you hit one of those bears where it hurts. He falls over in pain.

In your moment of distraction the bear hits you with it's claw and escapes your grasp.

Amber 1/5
Soil 10/6
Snacks 5/5

You are fighting 4 bears (1 helpless) and one Giant Bear

Rolling for Firethorn '1d10'

Andy and Fidget
As you travel through the path of the forest you hear a terrible roar in the distance, you hurry along to see a group of ponies fighting some very aggressive bears.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387214

Sneakity sneak into the bushes. Only an idiot rushes in. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Sion 387215

She hits the helpless bear.


Heal myself!

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


Slam, finish off the helpless bear.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Snacks(DD ranger) 387218

Hit the bear with my axe

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Leon [Shaman] 387219

"So, they are acting up here as well?" I go into stone form and approach the group. "The world is off balance, I shall help correct it."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387220

Keep slamming.

Sion 387221

Bears are noble and smart creatures, they do not take kindly to your feeble attempt at deception and make that clear with their claws.


He finally gets his shit together and hits you.

Bear wrestler, what can I say? Soon these beast will know to fear you.

Amber 5/5
Soil 10/6
Snacks 5/5
Warren 4/5
Leon 5/5

Rolling for Firethorn '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387222

Ugh. Well, let's take to the sky and fly up into Far range. And then maybe hit the biggest bear with an ice shot. Bolt going out. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sion 387223

She hits the bear Snacks took down hard, it stops moving.

You are fighting 3 bears and 1 giant bear.


Time to get hammering those bears again!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Turn to the giant bear.
"It's your turn now!"

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Leon [Shaman] 387226

I attack a bear. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Snacks(DD ranger) 387227

Seeing the new arrivals, my resolve strengthen and try to gather my courage and see if I can get a good vantage position.

Regain vantage point.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 387228

It hits, and some ice spots form around the giant bear. The giant bear growls at you annoyed.

Giving Soil the opportunity to slam it.

Sometimes you hammer the bear, this time the bear hammers you.

Good hit. You hit one of the wounded bears

While you look around for a good spot, the bear slashes you with his claws.

Amber 4/5
Soil 10/6
Snacks 2/5
Warren 4/5
Leon 5/5

Rolling for Firethorns attack '1d10'

If you're wondering what happened to the 2 guards, they took shelter since they're in no shape to fight.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sion 387229

She hits that wounded bear.

3 bears and one giant bear.


"C'mon! Look at me! Me! Not the others!"
Slam again!
"Good boy!"

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Shake it off and go for another strike!

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Leon [Shaman] 387232

I have 7 hits in earth form
"Poor beasts, simply looking for more territory.." '1d10+1' attack another bear

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387233

I'll just keep flying around up here. Quite nice, these thermals. If there are any clouds nearby, I'd like to hide in one. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Sion 387234

Correct. I missed that.

Sion 387235

Enraged by your arrogance he attacks you with all his might, only bursting your bubble.

You hit the wounded bear making him go helpless.

There are lots of clouds and it's easy to hide.

Poor beasts indeed. Enraged by its inability to hit soil the Giant Bear goes for you and hits you HARD. You go down.

Amber 4/5
Soil 10/6
Snacks 2/5
Warren 4/5

Firethorn '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 387236

One of the smaller bears manages to get to firethorn and hits her.

You are fighting 3 bears (1 helpless) and 1 giant bear.


Bubble myself again!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Leon [Shaman] 387238

Get up. '1d10' turn 3/4 of stone

Roll #1 1 = 1


Heal Leon!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387240

Well, let's sit for a moment. Briefly regret the decision not to purchase a crossbow.

Sion 387241


The Giant Bear cares not for your peaceful ways as it hits you again.

You heal her and she gains the energy to escape the Giant Bear.

Maybe you should buy one next chance you have?

Amber 4/5
Soil 10/6
Snacks 2/5
Warren 4/5
Leon 7/4

The Giant Bear lets out another terrible roar.
Roll to not be intimidated.

Sion 387242

Rolling for Firethorn '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 6 = 6


Intimidations bounce off my bubble!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387245

I probably should.
'1d10' to keep my wits.
'1d10' to launch another pair of frost bolts at one of the smaller bears. The helpless one.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 3 = 3

Snacks(DD ranger) 387246

"Yeouch! Damn bear!" I then try to Suppress the bear that attacked me.


Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Sion 387247

Those 2 attack will count next turn.
Waiting on all intimidation rolls.

Leon [Shaman] 387248

'1d10+1' of course not, I'll have to end its misery now. Last turn of stone, I guess I'm up since I have hits now? If so hit the bear in the jaw

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Snacks(DD ranger) 387249

'1d10' on intimidation roll
Also my net goes down for a minute there.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sion 387250

Not intimidated.

Your last turn is after the intimidation. Please roll for intimidation


Great! Attack one of those bears then!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 387252

This has become quite a soup.
After Leon has rolled for intimidation, only soil seems to still have to attack for this turn.
I'll count your attacks then.

Leon [Shaman] 387253


Roll #1 2 = 2

Sion 387254


Leon and Soil have -1.
Soil please attack so I can start figuring this out.



Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Leon [Shaman] 387256

'1d10-1' get up already

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6

Sion 387257

Your attacks miss their target entirely. But you're too far up for the bears to counterattack.

You take him down.

You get slightly hit by one of the bears and your stone form ends.
no need, you were already up because of the healing last turn and you already attacked this turn. Sorry for the mess, I'll indicate more clearly when I'm doing these rolls next time.

He dodges your attacks and hits you back.

You charge at him with fire in your eyes, unfazed by his roar. You slam into him and push him over.

Amber 3/5
Soil 10/6
Snacks 2/5
Warren 4/5
Leon 5/4

Rolling for Firethorn '1d10-1'

Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7

Sion 387258

She hits the helpless smaller bear Snacks took down and finishes him off.

You're fighting 2 bears one helpless giant bear

And Leon should be 4/4


Raise my shield high, and then slam it onto the face of the giant bear!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387260

Alright, let's scoot that cloud closer to the big bear. Sneaking, of course.

Snacks(DD ranger) 387261

"Help me take down this bear!" I shouted at the others(you get a +1 to hit since crit).
Hit the downed bear


Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11

Leon [Shaman] 387262

Okay, attack one of the active bears with my staff. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387263

That bear is already dead, read the second post.


Strike down the big bear!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Snacks(DD ranger) 387265

Ack my bad.
Hit another bear(perhaps the bigger one) with my roll then.

Sion 387266

You hit the helpless Giant Bear, causing him to bleed.

You don't even have to sneak. It's not like they can hit you.

Together with Snacks. The Giant bear remains helpless and is close to death.

You hit one of them with your staff. The bear grunts in pain.

Before you even get to him another bear mauls you down and slams you on the ground.

Amber 0/4 HELPLESS
Soil 10/6
Snacks 2/5
Warren 4/5
Leon 5/4

Rolling for Firethorn '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


it had to happen some day…
get up!

Roll #1 9 - 1 = 8

Sion 387268

The bear attacking Amber sees a clear shot, runs at Firethorn and takes her down.

"Aaah, help."

You are fighting 2 bears and one close to death giant bear.

Snacks(DD ranger) 387269

Hit the bear again, helping Poor Soil in his endevour

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387270

Dive out of the cloud and deck the helpless giant bear with my pair of Cestus. '2d10'
Hopefully that will be enough to take care of it.

Roll #1 4, 8 = 12


Finish it off!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Leon [Shaman] 387272


'1d10' keep attacking, help these ponies out

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sion 387273

The giant bear tries to get up, but your combined attacks strike it down and kill it.

You're up.

At the death of the giant bear, the two bears left run back into the forest, but not before giving you hitting you down on the way.
In their you can see they're hurt at your decision to fight them.

The bears flee. The day is yours.

Firethorn gets up again. Hurt but not too bad.

Sion 387274

>in their eyes.


Heal Firethorn!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Sion 387276

Yes,yes she's healed.

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387277

I guess I'll just sit on the giant bear, a bit away from the mess.
"Well, that was rather easy, don't you think?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387278

"I'm totally making a new coat out of this!"
hold the head of the dead giant bear up and look at it.


Now myself.

"Too easy!"

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


"I think it was just a few scared and hungry animals." I say as I try to stand

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sion 387281

That last hit hurt you bad.
You have trouble standing.
Maybe you should seek a healer?

Snacks(DD ranger) 387282

I look at the newcomers.
"More ponies! Thanks for saving us."

I then lean to my two companions and whisper.
"They wont get a share of the reward right Poor? Amber?


And now Leon then.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Anonymous 387284

"The claws might go nicely with something as well, don't you think?"
"Pleasure was mine. Why, I don't think it fitting to leave the errant traveler to the whims of bears."


Try and help him up.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"All to bring balance friends. What brings you this way." could my TK help me up?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 387287

Wounds are a little bit too deep for you miracle worker.

As you walk over to her to help her up, you accidentaly drop the cut off head of the giant bear on her.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387288

Well now, good thing the bubble was up and unharmed!


Mend instead then!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Anonymous 387290

I'll flutter over to Leon, and help him up. '1d10'
"You took quite a few hits there, I see."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Snacks(DD ranger) 387291

I extend my paws.
"Let me." Try to help her/him up.

"Whats pony's name btw?"


Roll #1 10 = 10

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387292

Sion 387293

You do something horribly wrong and Leon screams in pain as the wound tears open.
She needs professional help PRONTO.

Together you support her and help her up.


Recover the head.
Could make for a good helmet.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sion 387295


it's a HE.

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387296

Not anymore, probably.


"Uh… Uh…"
Bite my lower lip and try again, determined to set this right.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Leon is a carmel furred unicorn male with a brown mane, greens eyes, and a green tree cutiemark. "Thanks for the lift up, and yeah those bears were angry. "

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sion 387299

I'm not DM
And not on the first session

Sion 387301

It feels a bit better.
Still it doesn't look completely fixed.


"I'm known as.. " I pause as if I had forgotten my name "Yes, Leon, that's the way you say it"

Roll #1 8 = 8


I bit my lip in agony. "That's maybe enough help for now.."

Roll #1 8 = 8


I can do this! This is my talent! Mend the shit out of him!

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12

Snacks(DD ranger) 387305

I nod.
"Yes, forest has been riled up by something…. unknown, even wolves and wargs are getting more aggresive." I frown.

"Leon? What an odd pony name, never heard of pony using names out of carnivorous animals."

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387306

"Name's Warren, a fair hoof at ice magic."
I'll adjust my monocle slightly.
"And, of course, discretion."
Now that Leon's up, I can take a loot at that huge bear. Those claws probably look right nasty. Or the teeth! Oh wait, the head's gone. Claws it is! And th fur might make a nice new cloak…
How's the condition of those claws? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sion 387307

And you fix him up.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387308

Do I have that head?

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387311

Victory through persistence!
how much longer are we running, I'm tired as hell

"Hi, mister Warren! I'm Amber!"

Sion 387312

Yes, and you can be proud to walk around with a decapitated bear head.

They don't look good at all! The frostbite has done serious damage to them.

Leon [Shaman] 387314

"Odd? well, I gave myself that name when I was a youngen' I don't think I'll be changing it now"
"thank you for that, I feel like new now."
I nod. "Nice to meet you Warren"

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387317

"A pleasure, Amber."
I'll nod.
And then I'll frown. What about the coat? The hide should still be good, right? It is a bear! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387318

Giant Bear.
Let's not forget that.
And I'm probably heading to sleep now.

Sion 387320

If people want to stop, we can stop.
I was hoping to still get you back to town, get your reward, and pause back at the inn. It gives you a proper place to after-RP for those who want it. This won't take long.

It's okay. You'll need to take the skin itself to somebody who knows about tanning.


Leon [Shaman] 387321

"If you're chopping up the big one, I'd like to take a pair of the paws."

Snacks(DD ranger) 387322

"Uhmm.. well most ponies name themselves on fruits and plants. First time hearing a pony whose name is that of a proud beast." I grin.

Help Warren on skinning the bear.

I look at Firethorn.
"Are you okay pony? We will head back to town after this."

We can pause if the other wanted too.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Amber [Crystal Pony Ascendant] 387323

I think I'll just head to bed. 2tired

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387326

"The paws are a lost cause, I'm afraid. Or at least, if you're going for the claws."
I'll watch as Snacks really leaves me nothing to do. So nice not to get my hooves dirty!
Well, what better way to start the next session than by rolling into town to see a tanner and get rewards?

Leon [Shaman] 387329

I nod "Alright, when you're done I'll take the body and bury it, return it to nature…"

Sion 387331

We'll divide the spoils next session.

Pause now.

Also since it's night, you'll have to stay at the Inn for a little while before going to the tanner. But fear not, you'll get those paws and those skins.

Sion 387334

Or to be more precise, you'll have to wait till dawn to talk to the tanner. If you want to sleep outside that's fine by me.

Snacks(DD ranger) 387336

More time to be bro's with Leon and get near Amber then.

Sion 387640

So who wants which part of the bear?
I also like to think that Snacks might want a part of the bear meat, since he'd know there is little meat to eat in pony settlements.

Newcomers will be given a sign when you can enter

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387641

I'm totally keeping the head.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387642

The rest can have their stuff.

I have crystal armor! Why would I need pelts?

Snacks(DD ranger) 387643

I then look at Leon and the others.
"Do any of you need the fur of the bear? How do we split these?"

Leon [Shaman] 387644

"I don't need the fur, if the paws are salvageable I'll take two."

Sion 387645

Noted. Have fun walking around with a giant bleeding bear head.

To be exact you're wearing a "Steel cuirass and oversized kettle helmet" But no pelt for you.

There is enough fur on the GIANT bear for 2.


The 2 wounded guards come out of their hiding place and join you, as does Firethorn.


Snacks(DD ranger) 387646

I nod. "Yes lets go|

Get some bear meat too for my cooking later."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387647

that must have been a mistake on my part then, she was supposed to wear crystal armor like a proper crystal pony

I turn to the Firethorn and her guards
"Are you all okay?"

Leon [Shaman] 387648

to town we go

Sion 387649

You're dirt poor, you're not getting crystal armor for now.

Firethorn looks a bit shaken.
"Yes, I'm fine. Let's go before more show up."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387650

a goal to work for then, I like it

Pull them along back to town!

Snacks(DD ranger) 387651

I smile at Amber.
"See, they're fine. Lets go crystal pone." I then stroke her mane.

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 387652

"Whats with all this commotion? I get back to town and the place looks even more beat up than usual."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387653

I'm already walking around with a giant shield, no big difference.
"Right. Back to town, get paid. You help us kill zombies, later?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387654

I scrunch as he pets my helmet

Sion 387655


"I'm afraid I have more important matters to attend to with Lord Silverhaze."

All of you arrive back at the gates of Silverhaze Falls late at night.
There is a large group of ponies waiting for you, some carrying torches, you notice the Colonel, Swift (the friendly guard from the beginning) and another big Unicorn.

The Unicorn approaches you flanked by the Colonel and Swift.
"Thank Celestia, we were about to send another search party after you. Are you allright Miss Firethorn."
She nods and points to the rest of the group.
"Yes, thanks to these warriors here. I owe you my thanks, Lord Silverhaze."

He turns to you.
"Great work, all of you. This means a lot for Silverhaze Falls."

Sion 387656

Just a little bit longer and you can come in.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387657

I salute the colonel with a grin
"Not a problem!"

Sion 387658

The unicorn Lord Silverhaze, is talking. The colonel just looks annoyed at all of you

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387659

Well I'll still salute him!

Leon [Shaman] 387660

I shrug a bit "Just some upset bears."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387661

Look back unfazed, even slightly bored.
"Just a few wild critters. Got our money?"

Sion 387662

The Colonel looks even more annoyed.

"Even so, not everypony is prepared to get out there and do something about it. I'd like to speak more with all of you tomorrow over breakfast."

He grins and gives all of you a bag of bits.
"There's more where that came from. I can always use able fighters."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387663

Take said bag.
"That's all I wanted to hear. Steady work. Sounds good to me."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387664

Bah, what a massive jerk.

"We also found diamond dog ruins full of zombies!"

Leon [Shaman] 387665

"Coins huh.." I count them up how many days of meals and bed will it last me?

Sion 387666

I'm not keeping count of dosh, unless all of you want a small economic system in this game. Let's say it's enough for food, bed, and some standard weapons for you to buy for a few weeks.

Lord Silverhaze, the Colonel and Swift take a concerned look at each other before the Lord speaks up again.
"I take it you've been to the Old Fort, was that the source of the wild animals?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387667

"Well that's where we found miss Firethorn…"
I frown
"Those wolves drove her there!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387668

Sounds perfect to me.
You could have various missions unlock new tiers of equipment, either bought or crafted.
"That was where they went, yes. And zombies."

Leon [Shaman] 387669

Whatever you want to do
I remain silent for this.

Sion 387670

That's exactly the idea.

Firethorn nods in agreement.
The Lord replies "The Old Fort has a long history tied with Silverhaze Falls. But I'm afraid I'd rather talk with Miss Firethorn and the other mages right now and explain to them why I've invited them.
We shall talk more of this tomorrow. I usually have breakfast at the Red Pony Inn so we shall meet there.
And if you want, Golden Harvey, the innkeeper knows most of the stories about Silverhaze Falls, he can tell you about that fort and a lot more."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387671

"Gotcha! Thank you, sir!"

Leon [Shaman] 387672

"Sounds bad.."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387673

"Uh uh."
Take my money and off to the inn I go!
I wonder if that beauty from last night is still around…

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387674

It's late, so I should follow him

Sion 387675

"It is a bad place. Very old. Most ponies avoid it. There are all sorts of terrifying tales surrounding it. But let's not dwell on that now."
He turns to Swift.
"Swift, I can count on you to make sure they get settled in?"
Swift nods "Of course, dad."

Lord Silverhaze, Firethorn and the rest leave.

Swift takes all fo you with him to the Inn.
The beauty of last night is still there.
Swift calls to her "Red, can you make sure all of these ponies have a room and some food."
She smiles and nods "Of course, Swift." and points to a table big enough for all of you.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387676

"Maybe tonight I can finally try your cider."
Smirk at her and sit down, laying the severed head in front of me.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387678

Hop over to a chair and sit down.

And promptly make a disgusted face as he puts the head on the table

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387679

"I think of making a mug out of it."

Leon [Shaman] 387680

sit down and buy a pint and some lettuce.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387681

"But… it's all bloody and disgusting and stuff!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387682

"That's why you dry it. And then you empty it and fill the holes. Or would it look better as a helmet?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387683

"That's still really dirty…"

Sion 387684

Red smiles at you. "It's a special kind. Our cousins over at Sweet Apple Acres send us a few barrels every once in a while."
She gives you a pint of cider.

You get a pint as well.

And you too. "We'll bring dinner shortly. My dad makes great lettuce."

Some other travelers enter the inn.
Red hurries over to welcome them.
"Welcome to the Red Apple Inn. How can I help you?"

Newcomers now.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387685

"You can wash it like any other mug!"
"I might just buy the whole deal if it's tasty!"
Taste it.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387686

A pint? … of beer? Cider?

Sion 387687



"But… it's like… a piece of a animal!"
I shudder at the thought

Oh okay! Down it!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387689

I walk into the tavern and look it over. Is there an innkeeper or something?

"Looks like as good a place as any, Mel. And I don't see any other bands… Maybe we can make some quick cash while we're here."

Leon [Shaman] 387690

I smile. "I hope so, it will be nice to have a good meal."

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 387691

"Those guards were right. Looks like this is a place I might be able to find some work in. But first, let's look around and check who else might be interested in the trade."

Melody Maker [Bard] 387692

I nod.
"Mmhm. Looks like it."

Ooh… how's this Red look?
I move over to her.
"Heya there sweet… don't suppose you're looking to hire any entertainment for the inn tonight?~"

Leon [Shaman] 387694

When the innkeeper comes back I want to ask him about stories.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387695

"Exactly. A piece of animal that wanted to eat us!"

Sion 387696

It tastes okay.
You do feel the need for a little bit stronger maybe?
You notice some other barrels behind the counter labelled "Cider 12" and "Cider 20"

You notice a table with a Giant Bear Head on it. Surely those ponies might know something about hunting.

She's a mare with a red coat and green mane.
"Entertainment? That would be wonderful. What sort of music do you play?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387698

I don't smile.
"Revolutionary music."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387699

I wipe my mouth and set down my mug
"But… But… that doesn't even make it remotely less… icky!"

Hold on, there's alcohol in this?

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387700

"But it looks so cool…"
Puppy eyes.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 387701

"Amazing. Sorry to intrude, but tell me there's a story behind felling this massive creature."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387705

"Well… I'm still not gonna drink from it."
I shudder at the thought

I perk up
"Yes! We saved ponies from certain death!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387707

Look at him for a second with a lost expression.
"Uh? Oh, this? We were hired to protect a few ponies, critter was in our way."
"Well it was my personal mug!"

Leon [Shaman] 387708

I roll my eyes "Keeping trophies isn't going to help you in the long run, only keep what you can use."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387710

I just stick out my tongue at him

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387711

"Well I can use a great new mug! Got nothing on me to begin with."
Take another swing of cider.

Melody Maker [Bard] 387712

I nod.
"What my… associate here says. And for someone as cute as you, we might even be willing to do a few requests~"
I give her a sly smile.

Sion 387713

What you're drinking now is just cider. Those other barrels are alcoholic drinks. If you want it of course.

Red cocks her eyebrow.
"Uh…I don't know. As long as it's not too uncivil, I guess it's okay."

Red has heard your question and will go fetch her dad as soon as she's finished here.

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 387715

"It's still hard to believe that beasts like this roam the pony lands. I was always told about the Equestrians here tried to keep the creatures controlled, but it seems impossible in retrospect. Where there any other terrible beasts?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387717

"Well hard to keep creatures in check when you can't keep ponies in check to begin with, no?
There were wolves, wargs… I think our friend saw undead dogs, too."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387718

"Yes! There were wolves and wargs and undead dogs and zombies and diamond dog ruins and poisonous gas and all kinds of spooky stuff!"
I wave my hooves in the air for extra effect.

Leon [Shaman] 387720

"They're been cropping up all over lately. The balance is off, too many beasts.."

Melody Maker [Bard] 387722

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387723

"Excellent. We'll set up and get started."

I find the stage or a good corner or whatever and set up my drums and put out the tips bucket.

Sion 387724

She smiles at you.
"Ah okay. Please go sit near the fireplace then.
I'm sure you would like some dinner as well?"

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387725

And I'm here. Always was. Got my money, in the inn. Doing stuff. Like eating. Love eating.

Snacks(DD ranger) 387728

Shit Fallen asleep.
What reward do I get.

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 387729

"Undead dogs? What terrible magicks must have been unleashed on them, even if they had stayed protected underground.Killing beasts and monsters is one thing, but even coming up with such terrible things."

"Wars tend to do that to everything. At least you are still able to pick up the pieces. From my lessons, there are places that can never be put back together, no matter how hard anyone tries."

Melody Maker [Bard] 387731

"Maybe afterwards… I'd definitely like to talk to you a bit more. Maybe over drinks?"
I give her a wink and a smile then walk over to Mwa and set up next to him.
"So what should we start with?"

Leon [Shaman] 387733

hell yeah, food.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387736

Poke him as he eats.
"Where you from anyway?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387737

"How about 'Not in My Name'? And then we can just jam a bit while we wait for that message to sink in."

Sion 387738

Let's sort this out for a second.

Amber, Snacks, Warren, Leon, Pico and Soil are at the table discussing monsters.
Red has left for the kitchen and Golden Harv came out with your plates of delicious lettuce and that piece of bear meat Snacks gave them, now roasted.

Mwandishi and Melody Maker are next to the table setting up their instruments.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387740

I frown
"It was so weird… the wolves brought miss Firethorn to those ruins but didn't hurt her… Somepony must have instructed them!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387741

Look curiously at the ponies setting up instruments.

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387742

"Me? Why, I'm from nowhere, really. Some podunk out in the middle of it, in fact. As that wasn't a fate for myself, living out in the middle of nowhere, I decided to move about in the world, see where life takes me, with just my wits and my magic to protect me."
I'll shrug a little.
"They've served me well enough so far!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 387747

"Sounds good to me."
I grin.
"And hey, try to make us look good this time man. That mare over there is pretty cute and I don't wanna disappoint her. You wanna start or should I?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387749

"Uh. Magic. Freaky. Thanks for the help in the forest! I'm Soil."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387750

I smirk and shake my head a bit.
"…you're the one who really likes the red ones."


Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 387751

"That… Makes it worse. I've fought beasts and ponies before. I'd rather deal with the beasts. Far more predictable, and less likely to come up with new way to get you."

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387752

I'll nod.
"A pleasure. As I believe I said earlier, I'm Warren."

Snacks(DD ranger) 387753

Watch Amber at the discussion table then.

"No! no.. no.."
"Look at me.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387754

"I know, right? I mean… who could be controlling them? And why collect ponies? That's just… weird!"


Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387757

"You fought in the war?"
"Musn't have been listening. At times I tune out."
Give him an embarassed grin.
"Maybe the zombie-dogs did!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 387758

I count off and start into the song.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387759

'1d10' since I know nothing about music.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Melody Maker [Bard] 387760


Roll #1 5 = 5

Leon [Shaman] 387761

"So.. Red? You know any stories about this place?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387762

"zombie dogs? You mean there are Zombie dogs?""


Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387763

I'll wince slightly.
"You know, there's something about bad music that's appealing. It makes you try to remember all the good music you've heard so you can drown it out."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387764

I start banging on my drums and sing the lyrics
"No, not in my name, not in my life, not by my hands, that ain't my fight. Not in my name!"

"You built your empire on the backs of natives and slaves like the truth won't resurrect waging war from the grave!"

'1d10' to entertain and REVOLUTIONIZE

Roll #1 9 = 9

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387765

"You don't remember? The mare saw them after we rescued her!"
"My ears hurt… Is this art?"
Flop them slightly.
Listen at that and talk to myself.
"I don't understand the words…"

Sion 387766

That is….not good.

And the show must go on. But it doesn't get better.

This is better.

Red nods at you. "I don't. But my dad knows a lot I'll get him."
Golden Harv comes out the kitchen.
"So I heard you wanted to hear some stories?"
He looks curiously at the 2 performers.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387767

I'll just cover my ears here…

I perk up
Empire? The Crystal Empire?

I scrunch
"I-I think they're insulting the crystal empire!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387769

"Oh. Sounds bad. Want me to stop them?"
Reach for my shield.

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387770

"Probably. You can never really tell… though I do wish it'd be more pleasant art."
"Are you sure? Could be talking about any empire, really. I suppose Equestria itself would count."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387771

Okay just jam a bit.

Do we get any cash?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Leon [Shaman] 387772

"Yes, I'd like to hear some more about your town."

Snacks(DD ranger) 387774

"Ah yes, now I remember. they didnt follow us up to this village right?"

"Is the crystal empire shiny and full of gems?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 387775

Mind if I come in now?

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387776

"Well… they're free to sing what they want… it's just a little sad."

"I guess… but it's still a mean thing to say!"

I grin and nod eagerly
"Yes! It's really pretty!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 387777

U- Uh
I stop and try to retune and then hop back in!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387781

"Sounds bad to me."
"If they did, they won't last long."
That's a bit nicer…
Sit down.
"Okay. Tell me if they bother you."
Back to my drink!

Snacks(DD ranger) 387783

I grin.
"Snacks can tel its a very pretty pony placel just be looking at you.."

Sion 387785

Golden Harv claps at you.
"Wonderful. Now that's a good jam. I'll make sure you get some gold for that."
He chuckles. "Don't let the Colonel hear you though. He would lose it completely."

"What would you like to know? There are many stories around here."

Go ahead.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387788

"Colonel? Is this some sort of military camp? Or just another high-handed military dictatorship?"

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387790

"Well, considering we ran into a group of bears just outside the gate, one would assume they're guards."

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 387791

"If the Zombie dogs followed you, but didn't come in to the village… Maybe they are planning something? Or maybe the noise of the town scared 'em away. They are undead. Who knows what bothers 'em now."

Melody Maker [Bard] 387792

I give a exaggerated bow, frowning as I pull back up and hear him speak.
"Colonel? Who's this Colonel dude?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387793

"What's a hand?"

Sion 387794


He laughs.
"No. The Colonel is the donkey in charge of Lord Silverhaze's guard. Lord Silverhaze is the owner of the mine and therefore the most powerful pony in this town.
The Colonel was a veteran of the Long Night and he really doesn't like revolutionary talk. Not that I mind though."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387795

"Something monkeys have. I'm not surprised that they keep you ignorant of the civilizations to the south."

Snacks(DD ranger) 387796

"What does the town mine? Gold. Salt, Gems?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387797


"You think… you think they are smart enough to plan bad things?"
I gulp

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387798

Look at him with a lost expression.
"Uh. Monkeys. Is that some new kind of critter?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387799

"Lord? Colonel? No revolution?"

My eyes sparkle at the prospect of fighting the power.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387800

"Yes. It's like… a large squirrel. But different."

Melody Maker [Bard] 387802

"Real freaky thing. Kinda… it's like this thing monkeys have, with… these little bendy things comin' off of it. Real freaky."

I bump Mwa.
"Psst. Hey. Calm it man. This guy's paying us remember? We can plan after we get the dosh."

Shortcake [Rogue] 387803

I poke my head into the inn and look around. I could have sworn that I heard some familiar music…

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 387806

Try not to look worried.


"Actually, I'd doubt it. They'd have had plenty of opportunity to come into town if they were smart. Probably just following old smells and sounds."

Roll #1 5 = 5

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387807

"Right. Right. Bide our time. Don't get thrown out like in Bridlesville. Or Coltsburg."

Snacks(DD ranger) 387808

I tilt my head at the side.
"Did Snack say something wrong? You said crystal empire is beautifull yes and Snacks can tell by looking at you." I grin.

Sion 387809

"Gold and gems. The mine is still operational even though most oof it is flooded with the green gas. The safe parts are mostly depleted and officially nopony is allowed in the other parts. But…Lord Silverhaze doesn't enforce it and pays for any excavated gems, so many poor ponies buy respirators and try their luck."
He frowns. "Some of them are not so lucky."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387813

"Well… if they do try something we'll just have to fight them off!"
I perk up and grin confidently

"By… looking at me? How? Are you a mage?"

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387814

"Well, hello there! Another late arrival, I take it?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387815

"Uh. Freaky. Sounds about right. Is it magic?"
Scratch my head and nod.
"I think I got this."
"But… Didn't you want to run when we were in the forest?"
Look at her confused.

Sion 387816

You notice a zebra and a pegasus playing the music.
A red mare approaches you.
"Welcome to the Red Pony Inn. Can I help you?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 387818

"It was pretty fun getting chased outta Coltsburg though… Especially the look on that dude's face after I told him I slept with his daughter."
I chuckle.

"I don't think they're a magic… doing race."

Snacks(DD ranger) 387819

I frown,
"There must be some way to clear out gas. Has anyone sent experts on caves like these to know the cause? Many ponies might die if left unchecked."

I then grin at her.
"No… Snacks not mage, but he is good at examining beautiful stuff." I stare Amber in the eye.

Shortcake [Rogue] 387820

I distractedly nod my head.

I smile at her.
"You already have."
I walk over to where the zebra and mare are performing.

"Hello there, you two. Still surviving?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387822

Droop my ears.
"What a shame."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387824

"Uh… I… maybe? But I wouldn't run away from protecting a town!"

"Oh… Okay! … I guess."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387825

"Shortcake?" I trot over and extend my hoof for terrorist-hoof-bump action.
"What are you doing all the way out here?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387826

Keep staring at her while lying my head on the table. Its like staring at one big moving and talking gem.

Melody Maker [Bard] 387827

I look at her in surprise, then rush over and grab her into a hug.
"Long time no see! Oh man… what are you doing here?"

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387828

I'll look between the two, then chuckle to myself.
"Now, that," I'll say quietly, "is one bad case of puppy love."

Sion 387829

"There have been a few who tried to reach the lower depths. But none have returned.
That's why everypony is talking about all the mages Silverhaze has invited. We hope he might be looking to clear the mine once and for all."

He takes a look around.
"It's been a long time since there were so many customers here, all of you and…oh that reminds me."
He turns to Red.
"Red, can you bring dinner to that mare in the upper room?"
"Yes, dad."

Shortcake [Rogue] 387830

I bump Mwandishi's hooof and hug Melody.
"What am I doing here? I'm looking for the zebra that owe me several years of foal-support."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387831

"Uh… I…. see…"
Oh jeez

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 387832

"That sounds great. Quick question, was the gas released as a result of the war, or was it just another accidental discharge?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 387833

I look at her shocked.
"Bu- I… w- wha…"

Shortcake [Rogue] 387834

I shrug.
"That happens sometimes when you don't use protection."

I nod.
"He's such a handsome little colt. It was a shame to leave him with my sister, but I couldn't raise him on my own. His name is…"
I lean in real close.
"His name is You Should See The Look On Your Face Right Now."
I double over, laughing.

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387835

But this is too interesting to ignore.
It's like one of those trashy romance novels that I totally never readin public.

Snacks(DD ranger) 387836

I lift my head from the table.
"When wll mage arrive? I think it will be a good idea if mage do not go there alone. They need escort of sort yes?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387837

I bite my lower lip and look around uncomfortably as he stares at me

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387838

"Ha ha ha very funny, Shortcake."
I stop looking around for a quick escape route.

Melody Maker [Bard] 387839

I stare at her dumbfounded, then give her a push.
"Oh come on! Not funny!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 387840

How hard am I laughing?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 387841

"It's been here for the last 70 years.
The Silverhaze Mine is rich in gold and gems, so ponies dug new tunnels all the time.
We even found other older tunnels, probably dug by Diamond dogs, such as our friend here.
They seem to be everywhere underneath here.
The story goes that at a certain point 70 years ago one of the miners accidentaly breached a chamber filled with the gas. It quickly spread throughout most of the mine and many ponies died that day.
Even to this day, the deepest mine shafts are sealed since a pony wouldn't survive for 10 seconds there."

"Firethorn was the last one. You'll have to talk to Lord Silverhaze about any escorting."

He takes a look at the Giant Bear head.
"Now that is a worthy trophy. Who slew it?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 387842

I don't say anything. I just fall onto my side and start rolling on the floor while roaring with laughter.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387843

I perk up and look at her curiously
"… Miss? Are you okay?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387844

Motion the mug of cider around.
"Me and my friends, of course."
Grin at him.

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387845

"I believe she's just had great fun at the expense of these two."

Snacks(DD ranger) 387846

"I see, then that makes things a bit harder." I frown.

"I give her a worried look.
"Is gem pony okay?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 387847

I sigh and let out a small grin.
"Oh you…"
I prod her flank.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387848

"Yes! Of course!"

Sion 387851

He takes a good look at it.
"What a specimen. Red, give all these ponies some of that Cider 12 to celebrate."
Red fetches some Cider 12 for everyone (Alcoholic Cider) and sits on the table.
Harv looks at Soil
"You thinking about making it into a trophy? You should talk to Bedrock. He can help you with that sort of stuff."

Shortcake [Rogue] 387853

I nod as I keep rolling around.

I stop rolling a reach out a hoof so you can pull me up.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387856

"Yeah, good one, chubby cheeks."

"So did you get tired of life down on the farm? Wanted to track us down and fight the good fight on the road?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 387857

I reach down to pull her up but instead drop down on top of her and start prodding her sides.
Rolling for tickling

Roll #1 6 = 6

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387858

"Ah! You can read my mind!"
Smile brightly.
"I wanted to make a mug out of it!"
Take a swing of cider 12.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387859

"Okay then…"

I frown
"I'm not sure if I should drink alcohol…"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387860

"Ah thats good to hear. Snacks will take care of gem pony if she become sick."

"Let snack polish you" I cover my mouth.

"Where is Firethorn btw?" I ask

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387862

"You are gonna be cold tonight if you don't drink something."
Think about it a second.
"Can you get cold?"

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 387867

"Now this is an Inn I could get used to."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387869

"What? Of course! Why wouldn't I?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387870

"I think gem pony can get cold." I scratch my head.

Shortcake [Rogue] 387872

I somber up a bit and look at him from the floor.
"The town was doing great after the diamond dogs got cleared out. It grew big and strong on gems and timber. Of course, now that monsters are roaming the land unchecked there isn't much ca-"

I try to tickle her back.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387873

"You may have just played into their hopes, my shiny friend. Now they can imagine keeping you warm on cold nights."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387874

"I dunno, gems are pretty cold already."

Sion 387875

He chuckles
"He can help you with anything. He also sells supplies and weapons.
A bit of a strange guy, but he knows his trade, I can tell ya that."

Red smiles.
"I can get you another pint of regular if you'd like"

"She's probably with the Lord right now. All mages are staying in the mansion. Still I get double orders for food to be delivered now."

Harv smiles. "We treat our customers right here."
He turns to Red.
"Maybe that one mare would like to join as well?"
Red responds "I don't think so Dad, she said she wanted to be left alone."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387876

"But… don't we have blankets for that?"

"Hey I'm not a gem! That's like… racist!"
I poke him with a hoof
"See! I'm fleshy like you!"

I smile
"Yes please!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 387877

I giggle as she tries to tickle me too.
"F- Fiiiine…"
I crawl off of her and stand up, offering her a hoof up.
While doing that, I look towards the rest of the group.
"So what are all of you doing here?"

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387878

"You're far too innocent, I'm afraid. It seems innuendo flies right over your head."

Snacks(DD ranger) 387879

"I see."

I frown.
"But you look like a gem."
I stroke her mane and poke her flank.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387881

Shrug again.
"As long as I have my shield I'm good."
Then, take note of their conversation.
"What mare are you talking about?"
"Hey, hey, fine! You fleshy enough!"
Look with an irritated expression at her hoof as she pokes my heavily armored chest.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387882

"Help ponies! We fought wolves today!"

"Hey! I'm an adult!"

"But I'm a pony!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387883

"What's 'innuendo'?"
Look curiously at him.

Sion 387889

There you go.
Red takes the Cider 12 herself.

Red turns to you.
"A mare who arrived a week ago. She said she's here to write a story and stays in her room all day. I've never seen her come out.
A bit curious for such a sweet girl, but she's paid in advance for a month, so we can't complain."

Harv looks at you.
"Exchanging stories. I'd love to hear how this bear got taken down. But if you'd like to talk about your travels, feel free to do so.
We haven't had this many visitors in months, so I feel like having a little party."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387890

"It's like… an insinuation."
I scrunch
"I still don't get it though…"

Shortcake [Rogue] 387891

I take you hoof and stand up.

"Where was I? Oh, right. My town grew rich and strong off of trade once the guard cleared out the rest of the mines, but after the war trade dried up. Ravenous monsters roaming the land meant ponies weren't willing to pay the price to import gems and timber from far away. The trade coming into town dried up too, and before long it became impossible for me to run my bakery. It was hard, but eventually I chose to close it, say goodbye to my sister, and set out with one of the caravans leaving town."
I take a sip from my mug. [1d10] to see how I handle it.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387892

"I never said you weren't. You're…" I'll think a moment. "Ingenuous. I think that's the right word."
"It's a play on words. Usually when someone implies naughty behavior, but keeps it clean enough for mixed company. For example, I could say that diamond dog there would really like to polish her gems, if you catch my meaning."

Shortcake [Rogue] 387893

I handle it very well, it seems.

Snacks(DD ranger) 387895

"You are a 'crystal' pony, yes? It really makes you look like a gem." I grin back.
"Well… not a gem literally of course."

Snacks(DD ranger) 387896

I blush hard.
"Wha.. Snacks just want to brush her mane thats all!"

"Can I get a drink? Something strong yet calming?" I called the bartender(whats his name again?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387897

"Thank you."
I start drinking

"Pffff… you and your silly words…"

I look myself over
"Well… I'm just shiny! Because I'm happy!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387898

"Wait, she, like, writes stories you read at night before bed?"
Starry eyes: activate.
Shrug and go back to my cider.
Shake my head calmly.
"I don't."

Melody Maker [Bard] 387899

I take my mug and take a drink from it. '1d10'
"I'm always down for a party."
I wince.
"That sounds rough."

Roll #1 7 = 7

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387900

I look a little disappointed that she wasn't looking for us.

"As usual, the government fails to protect its people while greedy people like this 'Lord Despotism' and 'Colonel Tyranny' swindle the people for all they're worth."

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387901

"Not one for words, I take it? It's actually quite fun, you know, reading a dictionary. Learn the most interesting things. Sometimes they even forget to take out the swearing."

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 387902

"Have you heard any news from Canterlot? Securing a place like this and getting funds coming in is a pretty high up objective in any military campaign, let alone after it has been won."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387903

"Dictionaries are boring."
"I like storybooks though. I always read them at night."

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387905

"Well, can't win 'em all. At least you read. That's the important thing."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387906

"Hey me too! I love stories about big shiny knights and dames!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387908

I give her a curious look with a bit of awe in the mix.
"So if Crystal pony is happy, that is where they shines the brightest."

"They dont need polishing?"

Sion 387912

You already got a Cider 12 (Alcoholic cider) right in front of you. On the house. If you want something else you'll have to be more specific

"No she writes, well I don't know which stories. But I think it's about animals or maybe the forest. She had a bunny with her."
She giggles "Isn't that cute?"

"Sit down then and tell us a bit about yourselves. You seem you've travelled far and seen a lot."

Harv chuckles "The Lord is a good guy in my book. He comes here every day to get breakfast and talk with us, he even helps us when money is tight. His son and daughter are very friendly as well. His daughter helps out the healer in the church."

"Silverhaze Falls had little involvement in the Long Night War. Ever since the mine got flooded and practically unuseable nopony seems to care about us."

Shortcake [Rogue] 387913

I nod sadly.
"It was. My sister and her priests are keeping order though. I'd have never known it before, but she's a real fighter. Working with you two must have woken something up inside her."
I take another drink [1d10]

I frown at him.
"The government is the one that sent the royal guards to clear out the rest of the diamond dogs. The government is also the one that crushed the cult uprising. Without them my town would be a small, moonlit spot on a map."

Roll #1 7 = 7

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387914

Smile at her, excited.
"Really? I have them all! The one about the big green buffalo, the one about the seapony princess… Or that one about many little pony toys!"
"A lil bunny?"
Flush a bit and try to avert my gaze.
"Totally strange."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Melody Maker [Bard] 387915

Seems I take it alright.
I turn to Red.
"So what's your name? Mine's Melody."
I give her a grin.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387916

"Oh well if this Lord Despotism comes by and patronizes your shop and talk with you and his kids support the religion keeping you all enthralled, then he must be some sort of hero, right?" I roll my eyes and down my drink.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Snacks(DD ranger) 387917

Lets see how I handle my alcohol.

"Book contains stuff, that Snack knows. But like PoorSoil. Snack find it tedious."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387918

"But I like stories!"
Frown at him.
I always read before night time!

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387919

"No we don't… when we're happy, we shine bright! And… when we feel sad, we lose our shine and glimmer…"
I frown at that last part.

"Huh? I never heard of those…"

"Maybe we should go meet this storywriting mare!"

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387921

"Well, that's because you're not using your imaginations, of course! Seeing with your mind's eye."
I'll take a swig of my cider. '1d10'
"You've got to visualize what you're reading. Pretending you're actually there, watching the gallant knight fight the firebreathing dragon is quite a bit more exciting than just looking at words, don't you think?"

Roll #1 10 = 10

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387922

"You… Never have?"
Gasp in surprise.
"Then maybe you know stories I don't!"

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 387923

Let's drink and try out that lettuce they brought out earlier. Maybe it will taste better with alcohol.


Roll #1 8 = 8

Sion 387925

"Summerset Red. Nice to meet you Melody. Me and my dad run the inn for years now."
Takes a nip from the Cider 12 herself '1d10'

She giggles "But I like bunnies."

He shrugs. "We've all got to make a living. And there aren't many ponies who help us around here."

"She asked for privacy so I'd rather you wouldn't disturb her."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387926

"Well they're really old books… from before the curse… like the story of the knight that fought windmills! And the knight that followed the floating chessboard!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387927

"Ahh… is that so? Snack dont know about books about knights and dragons because all we got are books about architecture, engineering, hunting, mining and other books about practical stuff."
I then rest my head on the table.
"Its just good to memorize content then let it go."

I give her a sad expression.
"Did Snack say anything wrong?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 387928

I still handle it, but not quite as well.

I walk over to her.
"Now now, Melody. Don't tell me you are having thoughts about this mare because she looks like my sister."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387929

"I suppose they are fit for a mare…"
Keep looking away.
"I never heard any of those! It's so strange…"
Look at her, lost in thought (ahah, right) for a moment.

Melody Maker [Bard] 387930

"Mm. You must get a lot of travelers, yeah?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387932

I deflate slightly
"Okay… never mind then…"

"No, it's just some bad memories about… home."

"They can be silly, but really fun!"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387934

"Snerk. She totally is."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387935

"Okay, what if I give you my books and you give me yours then? Or maybe we can read them together!"

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387938

"You should expand your horizons! Books can take you anywhere, anywhen. All you need to do is imagine."
I'll perk an ear to that.
"Ah, the knight tilting windmills… that was… Donkey something. I think he was a donkey. It's been some time. Traveled with a trusty companion, ended up dying in the end, if I recall. But not before being quite the hero."

Snacks(DD ranger) 387940

I take a swig of my drink.

"Uhhmmm… sorry."
I look down then at her.
"Snack dont want to make Amber sad. She dont shine well."

Roll #1 7 = 7

Snacks(DD ranger) 387941

"If you let me borrow some books from you or from anyone here, then Snack might start reading." I then relax on my chair.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387943

"I don't have them with me, they're all back home in the empire. Sorry."

I grin and nod eagerly
"He sure did!"

I grin again
"Well I'm still happy! We saved lives today!"

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387945

"I'm afraid I don't quite carry my library in my saddlebags. But I can be sure to point you to some good ones if we happen to stumble across them."
I'll smile a little at her and then take another swig of cider. '1d10'
Charming girl, really.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 387946

She giggles, abit tipsy. "Not really, this has been the busiest it is in weeks. Always nice to meet new ponies though.

Harvey, her dad, is keeping an eye on all of you.

Snacks(DD ranger) 387947

I smile.
"Snack is happy at our accomplishment.

I then held my drink at her and to PoorSol

"Cheers to our achievementl."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387948

I raise my mug as well
"Praise the Savior!"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387949

Look greatly disappointed, but say nothing.
You know, if you want to read, we could do that together sometime. It's more fun in two!"
Lift a mug and drink again.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Shortcake [Rogue] 387950

I take another drink [1d10] and walk over to you.
"You were talking to me earlier, right? Sorry about being so rude. My name is Shortcake, what's yours?"

Roll #1 4 = 4

Shortcake [Rogue] 387951

I felt that one.

Snacks(DD ranger) 387952

With that, I tap their drinks lightly then drink.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387953


"Huh? Oh hi, I'm Amber! It's okay, you were kinda… busy."
I giggle

Snacks(DD ranger) 387954

With that drink I rest my head for a moment.

Shortcake [Rogue] 387956

I giggle back.
"He had it coming."
I snicker at that and take another drink.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Shortcake [Rogue] 387958

Nice and smooth.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387960

"So you're a cook?"
I cock my head
"What kind of pastries can you make?"

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387961

"Forgive me if you've answered this before, Red, but how familiar are you with cider?"

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 387962

"There were a few rumors of mercenary work going around in the area. It's what got me here. Keep an ear out and see who else might drop by."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387965

"So. What did you think of our music? And what's with your sparkly coat?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 387966

"All kinds, so long as I have the ingredients and a place to bake."
Take a sippy.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sion 387967

"Apple family, boy. I've been drinking this stuff since I was 12."

Harv nods. "It's your lucky day it seems. The Lord will drop by tomorrow to talk with these ponies here. Maybe you can talk to him as well. What's your profession?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 387970

I bet they watered this stuff down.

"Started off bad then got good, just like I remember it."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387971

"Hey! We're always great."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387972

I scrunch
"I dunno what to make of it… kinda sounded like you were insulting the empire…"
I frown at that last bit.

"Oooh! Do you make sweets too?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387974

"The words were strange…"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 387975

"And some things just take time to get rolling."

"We stand in opposition to all established power structures, regardless of name or origin."

Shortcake [Rogue] 387977

I roll my eyes.

I shift to show her my cutiemark.
"Sweats are almost all I do. Unless you meant candy. I'm not good at candy."

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387978

"Then you likely know your limits better than I. You just seemed to be feeling it a bit. Concern for our hosts is a politeness, after all."
"Could have fooled me. The way it started out, I've heard better catfights."

Snacks(DD ranger) 387980

I raise my ale.
"Its good music." I smile.

I then stare at his/her flank, lost in thought for a moment before shaking my head.

Shortcake [Rogue] 387982

I grin and take another dink.
"That they do. At least you admit it this time."


I scowl at him.
"Looking at something, mutt?"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387983

"I bet you haven't seen the Crystal Empire then! You'd change your mind in an instant!"

"Oh… that's too bad. Candy is really important back home. We use crystal berries to make them! They're amazing!"

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 387985

"I'm actually a professional hunter. Mostly freelance. Most of the family doesn't care for it. It's been steady work, and I don't mind facing off with the beasts, since I was raised as a soldier and most of that training applies rather easily to bringing down the brutes. If they're going to be hiring, I wouldn't mind a stable job for once."

Snacks(DD ranger) 387986

"At your flank, whats wrong?" I raise my eyebrow.

"Crystal Berries? Can you eat them?"

Sion 387989

She winks. "Don't worry, I can handle myself."

Harv smiles. "I take it you heard about our little problem with crazed animals we have here?
These aren't just regular animals, let me tell you. There's an evil pony in this forest who controls them, drives them wild."
Red rolls her eyes again.
"And she does evil dances and makes evil brews. Come on dad, it's a story to scare to little foals."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 387991

I nod quickly
"Sure can! They taste so good too."

I frown
"Mister Snacks saw a mare watching us in the forest… but she fled too quickly."

Shortcake [Rogue] 387992

I shake my head as my vision blurs a little.
"There we go."

"I don't like your kind much, and I really don't like your kind looking at me like a piece of meat."
I take an angry sip.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Shortcake [Rogue] 387993

I take it well.

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387995

I'll tip my glass to her slightly.
"Never said you couldn't."
And with a little smile, take a deep swig. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 387996

Oho, there's that Apple Family Cider kick.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 387997

"C'mon saying something like that is just offensive.
Snacks here helped us out a lot in the forest!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 387999

"Aye I saw her staring at us, then she ran off immedietely."

I whimper.
"But Snacks like your kind."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Shortcake [Rogue] 388001

"Slave taking is also offensive."

"Yeah, for doing your work."
Another angry sip.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Mwandishi (Trickster) 388002

"Just leave her alone, dog. She's got pretty good reason to not trust you."

Shortcake [Rogue] 388003

Five is not an answer.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 388004

Harv widens his eyes in excitement.
"See, I knew it. I told you there was more to it.
Where did you see her? What did she look like?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388005

"He ain't took no slave I know of."

Shortcake [Rogue] 388006

Yes, this has definitely been watered down.

"His kind does."

Sion 388009

Give them a break, shortcake, they're poor and they only get a few of those barrels every once in a while.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388011

"Only mister Snacks saw her…"

"That's a little racist… not all unicorns are bad either even though one enslaved us for a thousand years…"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388012

Lean slightly forward on the table.
"He's not his kind. He's a friend 'o mine!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 388013

That went smoothly.
I think for a moment.

I look down for a moment and avoid her gaze.

Then nod.

No comment.

I breath in deep.
"She… wait… "
What does she look like? Use Supreme survivor to remember.

Shortcake [Rogue] 388014

I down the rest of my mug.
I'm not saying it out loud.

"Oh? I've never heard about that."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Shortcake [Rogue] 388015

I sit down quickly and gently say along with the spinning room.

Sion 388017

It was dark and you only got a glimpse of her.
But you remember those curves and she had long hair.

That one hits you hard. You stumble for a second and bump into Snacks.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388020

I slam an angry hoof on the table
"That jerk Sombra! The princesses beat him but he put a curse on the empire to make us disappear for a thousand years! Then the Savior came along and defeated him once and for all! In return, she now rules the Empire!"
I slump back
"Things changed so much in one thousand years…"

Snacks(DD ranger) 388021

"Uhhmmm… its pretty dark and I just got a glimpse of her. Snacks thinks its a she cause she got a very toned and curvy body and a long mane. What I am sure is that she is an equine of sort." I then drink but.

Try to catch Shortcake as she falls.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388022

"Was anything different a thousand years ago?"

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 388023

"Well, there's a saying, you know. 'The more things change, the more they stay the same.'"
I'll shrug.
"Perhaps things aren't so fundamentally different as they were a thousand years ago. After all, you're currently sitting, surrounded by friends, after a good adventure, aren't you? Seems to me something like that would stand the test of time."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388025


"Yeah well…"
I cross my forelegs
"Some of my friends from back then didn't…"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388026

Look even more confused.

Shortcake [Rogue] 388029

"So…You're a thousand years old? Does that make you a prinshess?"

I shrug away from his paw and fall over.
"Shtay away from me."

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 388030

I'll nod solemnly.
"Ah, yes. Old friends, especially good ones, are hard to see off. But so long as you remember them, they're still alive, in a way, right? Right."
Take a swig of cider. '1d10'
"It's all about how you think about it."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Snacks(DD ranger) 388033

I let go of her as my ears flop down.
"But pony will hit her head from the side of chair."

I smile at this. Such strong words.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388034

"Am I?"
I tap a hoof against my chin
"I don't remember much… it was like… going to bed, then waking up in a completely different world. A thousand years gone in what felt like just a day!"

"It's still sad… and all because of that massive jerk Sombra."
I scrunch angrily
"It's a good thing he was purged!"

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 388038

"The librarian there might be having a field day. 1000 years of history to catch up with."

Shortcake [Rogue] 388039

"I'llll hit choo if you try an lock me in another pantry."

"Reminds me of the firsht time I really drank."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388040

"Yeah… They really had to expand the imperial library because of all the new books and texts that were needed for the collection."

I cock my head
"You slept for a thousand years too?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 388041

"You need to sober Ms.cake." I give a weak grin.

I stare at the shiny pony.
"If Snack may ask…. but what did this Sombra do?"

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 388042

Oh dear, I think I'm going cross-eyed. It takes a bit, but it really gets to you eventually.
"I'll have to visit some day. Ssounds like a lovely place."
I'll look into my cup. Would be a waste not to finish it… Down the hatch, all that's left. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388043

"Enslaved us and forced us to work hard labor! Then when the princesses defeated him, he put a curse on the entire empire to make it disappear."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388045

"Disappear… Where?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 388046

I laugh.
"Felt like it."

"I need lots of shtuff."

Sion 388049

Harv turns to Mwandishi.
"I think this might be the first time we've had a zebra visiting here. What brings you all the way out here to Equestria?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388050

"I don't even remember! We didn't even believe it at first! We thought only a day had passed! It's all just a big black hole in our memories!"

I scratch my head with a hoof
"I dunno… To me it felt the same like sleeping a few hours…"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 388051

I giggle at this.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388052

"No harm done then, no?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 388055

"I thought you aid you were 'sleep for a thoushand yearsh?"

"It'sh not funny, Mwa. I woke up on a roof in a rainshtorm."

Snacks(DD ranger) 388056

"Snack heard a lot of stories like that. If Crystal Ponies are angry at this Sombra then this unicorn is a bad master." I shrug before drinking again.

"Some are tough, some are not." I clear my throat afterwards.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Snacks(DD ranger) 388057

Okay put my head on the table and clutch my head.
"Enough drinksh for now."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388059


Approach the red mare.
"Where's the room?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388060

"Of course there was harm done! We all felt awful! Confused! Lost all of our non-crystal pony friends and relatives in the blink of an eye! Completely lost track of the social and political situations in the world!"

"But it felt like it was just hours that had past… or barely a day…"

"And now he's dead! That'll teach him to mess with us!"
I beat a hoof on my chest proudly

Sion 388061

That's good cider.
And damn, all these mares look good, especially the sparkly one.

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 388062

I'll chuckle a bit.
"Certainly sneaks up on you, doesn't it?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 388063

"Pushy. can't hold her boosh?"

"Sound like it wash magic."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388064

"More like a terrible curse…"

Sion 388065

Red gets up.
"Follow me please."
She guides you upstairs and opens a room.
It's pretty simple but has a bed and a small table next to it.
"I hope you like it. Also please don't disturb the last room in the hall. I already told you about that writer right?" she giggles.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388067

"Writer girl and her bunny, yeah. I could ask her what she writes about…"
Dump my shield somewhere.
"Do you think she'd mind?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 388068

I'm a little tipsy. Hard to get the words out.

"I'm… here to spread the gospel of re- revo-

I'm here to speak truth to power."

"Oh that's not what was so funny."

Snacks(DD ranger) 388069

I then give her a slow clap.
"Good pony, that shows what happen to bad masterssh hic."

Shortcake [Rogue] 388070

"No shuch thing as curshes. My magic book shaid sho whe I wash lerning."

"Then what wash funny?"
I blink.
"Shtop moving your shtripes."

Sion 388072

She looks over for a second.
"I don't know. She's a rather quiet type. We could go over and ask her…."

"Really, could you tell me more?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388074

"But that's what it was… I think."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388075

Perk up and smile.
"We could."
And still covered in armor, I'll set hoof out of the door and walk towards the last room with Red.

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 388077

I believe I'm quite finished with my alcohol. Too much blurries the mind something fiercely.
So, up we get, shaky legs or no. Time to find my room. Let's head up those stairs."

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388078

And I will join

Shortcake [Rogue] 388079

I shrug.
"That'sh what my book shaid. It wash written by that puple unicrn. That one wish the crown thing."

"Goodnight, pony."

Snacks(DD ranger) 388080

Follow them, shpecially the shiny pony one.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388081

"Goodnight miss Shortcake!"

Sion 388083

Red follows you to the room.
"Let me do the talking okay?"
She knocks on the door.
"Miss Cloudy?"
After a few seconds a mare with a pink mane and yellow coat opens the door a bit.
"Yes?" she says in a low voice.

All of you go upstairs and see Red and Soil at the end of the hallway.

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 388085

I love doors at the ends of hallways! Especially the rooms and soft beds inside. Let's head down there."

Snacks(DD ranger) 388086

Follow the shiny gem to wherever room she might go.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388087

Okay, she talks.
I smile.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 388088

I'll take this as my own opportunity to go to bed.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 388089

"'Oh there's some stuff I neeeed' hahaha yeah of course there is"

"Um, basically, all hierar- all bossses and stuff are bad. Yeah."

Shortcake [Rogue] 388091

"What do you need, Mwandish-deesh-Mwandy?"

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388094

"Miss Red? Can we have rooms please?"

Sion 388097

You follow the conversation between red and the mare.

I don't think Amber would appreciate you going in the same room. But you get the room next to hers. Roll for how thin the wall are.

She points you one. "Goodnight"

Another room for you. Sleep well.

Your drunk smile is downright creepy.
The mare shrinks back a bit.
"Uh..Miss Red, I believe I asked to not be disturbed while I'm here?"
Red looks nervously.
"Uh yes but this gentlecolt here was interested in your work and would like to ask what you were writing about."

"That's an eternal struggle my friend.
Some things just don't change."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388099

But I drank only a little…
"Yeah, I love books!"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 388100

"Heheheh talk to me later, my little pony mare."

Where's my room?

Snacks(DD ranger) 388102

This better not be as thick as a mountain.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388103

"Thank you miss Red!"
I wave goodbye and head for my room
How's it look?

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 388105

I'll perk my ears up a little.
"Wait, I may have missed it in the hubbubble down there, but there's a writer here? How lovely."
I'll waver a little.
"A pity she didn't join us for drinks."

Shortcake [Rogue] 388107

I tilt my head to the side.
"Why can't we talk now? Ish been yearsh shince we lasht talked and Melody already wandered off shomewhere."

Snacks(DD ranger) 388108

Is it really that thick, I then try to see and measure it.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Mwandishi (Trickster) 388109

"What I've got to say should be said in private, Shorty."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388110

Aren't you guys still downstairs? I'm talking to her in front of her room.

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 388112

I went upstairs. Walked right up to you three because drunkenness and fondness for rooms at the ends of halls.

Shortcake [Rogue] 388114

I try to move closer but stumble and lean against him instead.
"Are you shick? Is it cansher?"

Sion 388115

"It's more scientific literature. I'm writing about the plantlife here in Silverhaze Falls.

She shrinks back even more when she sees you approaching.
"Miss Red, I paid you ample in advance. My only condition was that I got privacy. I would like you to respect that. Please do not bring any more ponies here."
Slam shut.
Red sighs and walks back and shows you your rooms.

Sion 388116

A bed and a little table next to it.
A little window to look out.
Not too fancy, but clean.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388118

Look a bit bummed.
"Damn, it's not stories…"
Okay, get to my room and check it out.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Snacks(DD ranger) 388120


I frown at the walls thickness, then head to my room.

Is there a place where I can wash my face?

Mwandishi (Trickster) 388121

"I've got a fever"

"The only cure is… Shortcake"

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 388122

"Ah, plantlife. Fascinating subject, if you've got the mind for it."
I'll chuckle to myself as I'm led to my room.
"Will have to apologize in the morning, though. Seems I may have gotten you into trouble."

Sion 388123

Sounds like whoever is sleeping next to you snores like bear.

There's a sink at the end of the hallway.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388124

Good enough!
Clean my gear, then gently lay down my warhammer in my bed and hop in, cuddling up to it
"You did a good job today~"

Snacks(DD ranger) 388125

Head there and wash my face first to clear my mind.
Are there still ponies left in the hallway?

Sion 388127

She sighs.
"It's okay, it was stupid of me."

Uh…I think Warren isn't in his room yet.

Shortcake [Rogue] 388128

"But I don't have any Shortcake an' all the shops are closhed. I can make you shome in the morning though."
I lay a hoof across your forehead.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388130

This won't do.
Walk over and knock on his room!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Snacks(DD ranger) 388131

I then wave at Red, signaling that I will sleep now.
Then head to my room and dream of better days.

Sion 388132

Whoever it is, he/she sleeps right through it.
Maybe you could ask for earplugs?

Good night.
Maybe you'll dream of crystal ponies.

Snacks(DD ranger) 388133

Lets see.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Mwandishi (Trickster) 388134

"Damn, girl, you really are drunk."

"I'll be fine. I'm going to bed. Bring me some water in the morning. For the fever."

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388135

Sigh and go down once more.
Are Red or her father here?

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 388137

I'll shake my head and smile.
"Mishtakes happen. We've all been into the sauce tonight, so judgement isn't quite up to snuff."
I'll chuckle a little myself again.
"'Sides, lovely mare like yourself is suited more by smiles than sighs."
I'll teeter a moment.
"Though I think I'm more suited for beds, at the moment. Good night."
After a try or two, I'll get the door open and head into the room.

Shortcake [Rogue] 388138

"Okay. You aren't shleeping with Melody, right? Wouldn't want her to cach you fever too."

Sion 388140

In your dream you're the boss of a big mine. All sorts of crystal pony mares work for you diggin up precious gems. You don't even have to order them. They do it for you. Next to your throne is a certain crystal mare feeding you treats.

Red is upstairs, next to you and ask if you need anything.

She giggles. "Good night."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 388142

"They better be giving us separate rooms, yeah."

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 388144

Ah, comfortable beds, how I've missed thee.
Down I go, not to rise until morning.

Amber [Crystal pony Ascendant] 388145

Dreams? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388146

Sigh deeply and look mortified, but turn to Red.
"The guest here snores a little bit. Do you mind if I slam down the door and wake him up?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 388147

I giggle.
"You mean to shay that she doesn't share all her caches wich choo?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 388150

"Only sometimes. Hey! And sometimes they're my catches!"

Sion 388151

You're back at the fort without your armor or weapons running from shadowy beings that try to capture you. In panic you run into the mines. You see decaying undead Diamond Dogs working, mining, digging. You keep running in panic as they chase you until you reach a large chamber. A giant winged shadow rises up and you freeze in fear as it grasps you.
You wake up from this nightmare next session.


"I think it's one of your companions. The gryphon. I'd rather not disturb another guest right now. Maybe you'd like earplugs?"

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388153

Look bewildened at her.

Warren [M Pegasus Arcane Blade] 388154

'1d10' for dream quality.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Snacks(DD ranger) 388155

I smile at the crystal mare next to me, then a sudden realization dawn slowly and the smile fades to a frown.
I didnt ask for this.

Shortcake [Rogue] 388156

I nod.
"Coursh their your caches, Mwa."
I pat him on the pat with a bit too much force.

Do I have my own room here or somewhere else or have I been paying night to night?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Shortcake [Rogue] 388157

I don't think five is an answer.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Shortcake [Rogue] 388158

Fuck you.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 388160

She takes 2 soft looking plugs and says "Put these in your ears. You won't hear a thing."

You get a room, silly.

It's jsut a dream. It means nothing.

You are walking through Silverhaze Falls when the ground suddenly cracks beneath you and green smoke pours out, filling the city. As you try to get away th ground gives way beneath you and a giant creature rises from the depths.
You wake up next session

Melody Maker [Bard] 388163

Where am I?

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388164

Try it right now!
"Hey! Thanks!"
Trot off with a happy smile and go to my room.
Am I alone here?

Sion 388165

Still downstairs with the zebra and shortcake.
Red is upstairs showing the others their rooms.

You are alone.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388166

Take off my armor.
And finally, pick up Molly.
And a story book.
"Now, what do we read tonight…"
Lay on bed with both doll and book and try to immerse myself into a story!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sion 388167

It's a good story, you are pretty immersed.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388170

And finally fall asleep.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 388171

What do you want to dream about?

Melody Maker [Bard] 388174

Alone where?

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388175

The great misterious stories that sparkly mare told me about!

Sion 388177

No that's poor soil.

You're downstairs next to Mwandishi and Shortcake.

Melody Maker [Bard] 388179

I shake back into consciousness.
"Huh?… Sorry about that. Spaced out."

Shortcake [Rogue] 388181

"Mwash got a fever. Are you shick too?"

Sion 388183

In your dreams you find yourself in a giant city made of crystal. You cannot believe what you see. Shiny crystal ponies everywhere. House sparkling and in the middle of the city a crystal palace grander then anything you've ever seen.
As you come near the giant crystal palace you notice a bard telling a story to a group of crystal ponies.
It is a story about the great hero, traveller and hunter Poor Soil.

Poor Soil [Spellsword] 388185

Hey, that pony must be a real badass.
I wanna be like him one day.

Hug Molly and fall asleep for now.
We playing the day after? I got a head to turn into a mug!

Sion 388187

I'll see tomorrow. Saturday is always a busy day

Sion 388188

Oh sorry. You mean right now? No I'm too tired I'll go to bed soon.

Melody Maker [Bard] 388189

I don't think so?… You drunk, Shortcake?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 388191

"Yesh, finally."
I turn my cup upside down.
"It all shettled at the bottom."

Sion 388195

Do you both still need the GM for something or can you guys handle it from here?

Melody Maker [Bard] 388196

"…You could've at least waited for me!"
I start downing my cup.

Roll #1 10 - 2 = 8

Shortcake [Rogue] 388197

I think we're good.

"Shlow down, gurl."

Melody Maker [Bard] 388198

Should probably be good.

"This stuff ain't even that strong… you still look just as pretty regardless though~"
I giggle and drink whatever's left.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 388200

Allright have fun. You've both got a room, similar to the others upstairs. And if you need more booze just pretend Red gave it to you.
Don't do anything with her while I'm awake or I'll drop rocks on your head

Sion 388202

Awake should be away

Mwandishi (Trickster) 388205

I pass out at the table.

Shortcake [Rogue] 388206

"Yoursh musht of ahd more water than mine."
I try to strike a pose but fall over.
"You think sho? I've been trying theshe little braidsh for my mane and tail. They help me keep my telecineeshish in pratish."

The same room?

I grab him with my magic and carry him upstairs. Let's see how often I accidentally knock him against a wall or the floor.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Shortcake [Rogue] 388207

Not too often.

Sion 388208

If you want to sleep in the same room or seperate rooms that's okay.

Melody Maker [Bard] 388209

I nod.
"Mmhm… or maybe you're just a light weight."
I give her a playful little poke and down a few more cups before we head upstairs.

Roll #1 2, 7, 5 = 14

Shortcake [Rogue] 388211

The depends entirely on how devious Melody Maker is.

"Which one ish hish room?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 388215

There we go! Now I've got at least a bit of a buzz going on.

"Uh… I think we're all in the… saaame room."
I try to lead her up to it.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Shortcake [Rogue] 388216

I follow her as she stumbles around.

Melody Maker [Bard] 388222

"No… this isn't it…"
I give it one more try.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Melody Maker [Bard] 388224

"Aha! Thissh is definitely it… c'mon Shortcake…"
I enter inside.

Shortcake [Rogue] 388225

I follow her in with Mwandishi and set him on the bed.

Melody Maker [Bard] 388226

"Sssooo you wanna take the other bed?…~"
I give her a tipsy grin.

Shortcake [Rogue] 388229

"Of coursh. Mawndishisis got a fever."
I try to climb into the other bed.

Shortcake [Rogue] 388232


Roll #1 8 = 8

Shortcake [Rogue] 388233

And in the bed I get.

Melody Maker [Bard] 388235

I hop in with her and cuddle up to her.
Rolling to keep things clean '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Shortcake [Rogue] 388238

I push you away and fall out of bed.
"The fuck er you dooin?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 388242

"Ssorry… jusst kinda… pent up…"
I sheepishly rub my leg.

Shortcake [Rogue] 388244

"The go doownshtares and find a mare. I'm not no husshy."
I try to get back in bed.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Melody Maker [Bard] 388247

I climb into bed next to her and keep my distance, then drift off to sleep.

Shortcake [Rogue] 388250

I fall asleep too.

Sion 388311


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