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Welcome again to Pretty Mare Quest! If you're new, well, you really didn't miss too much last session.

Previously on Pretty Mare Quest:

We made our pony, a cute chubby pegasus named Thunderlumps. Her coat is a sandy brown, her mane is gray and her eyes are peach colored.

We moved down to ponyville and visited with one of our neighbors who gave us some general directions to get us started.

After wandering around the market like a fuckstick, we decided to just go ahead and pick up a map of Ponyville from town hall.

We hurry down to Carousel Boutique to check out the merchandise, ultimately buying our first cute dress.

We succeeded on our first charisma check and bought some bread at a reduced price, went ahead and bought some apples from a cute orange earth pony too while we were there.

Our home isn't very tidy at the moment, your shit hasn't been fully unpacked.

You had your first meal last night and reflected on your first day in Ponyville.

[Our Charisma is now 11]

[You have 4 bits in your saddlebag]
[You have a map of Ponyville in your saddlebag]

[You are still wearing your cute grey dress]

[You're still a jobless bum]


Spend a short amount of time unpacking and taking inventory!


This, and then maybe see about finding a job somewhere


>finding a job
>not finding a handsome stallion to court


Like a sugardaddy?
I like that idea too


>not a mare


That may not work in Ponyville, we should just use this as a training ground for when we take Canterlot

A very good point


The sun creeps through the window, its warmth wakes you from your sleep. You let out a small yawn and stretch out your forehooves and wings before stepping out of bed.


After rubbing the sleep out of your eyes you look over to your saddlebag on the floor by your bed, after a quick peek you notice you're pretty much broke. You still have some leftovers from last night though, atleast you'll start the day off with a full stomach. With that in mind, you make yourself another apple sandwich and scarf it down.

Your room is pretty barren right now, all your stuff is still in boxes in the living room/kitchen. You figure now would probably be a good time to start moving in proper.

You spent the next 2 hours putting away your things and even moving your large chestnut armoire into your room. It's really a sight to behold, it was your mothers, a gift from when you were younger.

[you'll be storing most of your clothes in here, jewelry will require another piece of furniture.]

Phew, all done. You would pat yourself on the back if you weren't so lazy. Laziness is something you really don't need to be right now though, bits won't just fall out of the sky. You step outside to check if the newspaper arrived, perhaps there'll be some want ads.


>Get paper
>Greet any neighbors warmly


Wanted section is probably a good idea
(btw what's our cutie mark / what are we good at?)



You plop down on your rather plump hindquarters and flip through the pages.

"Wanted: bits for jewelry! We'll buy your old jewelry and give you cash today!"

"No experience? No problem! Make deliveries for the Ponyville Post Office."

"Help Wanted: in need of another secretary for Town Hall, please stop by for more details."

"Need someone to go back in time with me. Will pay well. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before."

"In dire need of a personal gardener, please stop by for details."


I vote for secretary, fuck manual labor or deliveries
Time travel would also be a good option


Going back in time sounds like the best option here.



[Our cutie mark is a pair of dark rainclouds with a lightning bolt in the center of them.]


secretary might be nice, but boring

I kind of like the sound of personal gardener.


the post office job sounds like a good opportunity to get some exercise



Manual labour? Time travel? Bit scams? Those really don't interest you, one of those options even sounds completely bonkers. You figure a deskjob would be nice.

[You fold up your Newspaper and put it in your saddlebag]

After a last look at your furnished home you fly off to town.

You arrive in front of town hall. It's still rather early, so it's not really busy like it was yesterday. The same grey mare we spoke to is right where we last saw her. You trot up to her to inquire about the job.

The mare looks up from her paperwork. "Hello there miss, what can I help you with today?"

"Uh, hi, I'm here about the job?"

A smile starts to spread on her face.

"Good good, we've been in need of some extra hooves around here! I actually managed to persuade the mayor to hire on some extra help, I'm happy the position is being filled so quickly."

You start to lose your steam, you've never done work like this before. What kind of workload is she talking here?

"So, are you going to be interviewing me…or something?"

The mare laughs at your assumption. "All right, sure. I'll interview you right now. Do you know how to read and right?"

Is she serious?

"Of course I do."

"Great, you've got the job!" She laughs once more. Clearly she's having fun.

"That's it? No prior experience?" You ask in disbelief.

"Nope, you'll mostly be filing papers to be honest."

Well, sounds like an easy job. We'll see how it works out. It's not like we can't play the field later.

"Okay, cool! So when do I start? What are my hours?"

"Well,some time today would be great. Are you free to start today?"

What time would you like to start working?



[>and right. Well I clearly don't. Homophones are a bitch]


No time like the present. Might as well get to know her and the nitty gritty of the job.



[To clarify, I'm not asking a specific time, just a vague day/night thing.]


Let's start as soon as possible. We need the bits.

I hope we get another opportunity to lose our pudge.


The night shift is an option? Let's do that. That way we can work on losing weight during the day.


Maybe. We might be filling out papers mostly, but in a small place like Ponyville, we'd be expected to get them to their proper destination on our own every once in a while.


what about sleep?


Adjust the schedule to fit a nighttime workload. Maybe we'll meet some of Luna's guards patrolling the streets?



You've decided to just come to work in the morning.

"I think I'll start right now."

The secretary perks up at your answer.

"Wonderful! Come around the desk and I'll set up your work station with you in the other room."

You follow the mare further into the building. You can't help but glance into the rooms as you pass by, watching the bureaucratic ponies at work. Almost everyone is wearing work attire. You feel a little out of place but your cute dress should suffice. The secretary didn't really comment on your attire either way so you're probably in the clear. However, if you're going to work here for a long amount of time it would be a little more professional of you to buy some work clothes somewhere along the line.

The secretary opens up a door at the end of the hallway to reveal an empty little desk.

"This will be your workstation miss. I'll bring you a load of papers and all you have to do unless directed otherwise is sort them into their appropriate bin."

"That's all?"

"That's right."

You catch her as she's about to leave for your work papers.

"Wait, we never did talk about how much you guys will be paying me!"

"Oh dear, we didn't did we? Well you'll be earning 15 bits a day if that's all right."

15 bits? Hmmm, not too bad. A boring job but atleast the pay isn't so bad.

You agree with your pay and begin working.


>15 bits a day

That's not much


Let's keep an ear out and see what news and gossip we can catch.

But it's a start. With a consistent source of income, we can plan ahead on things that really matter.

Like a nice hot cup of cocoa.

Roll #0 2 = 2


It's enough for 20 fancy fruits, or a very nice scarf.



After several dreadful hours of work you work your way back up to the front desk. The grey mare is filling out some paperwork but acknowledges your presence.

"Hello again, I see your shift is over."

"Yeah I'm beat." You admit.

"Hehe, well you'll get used to it. You are allowed to decorated your workspace too, I forgot to mention that before I left. Maybe if you personalize it it will help you get through the day."

"I'll keep it in mind. So, how do I see about getting paid?" You eagerly ask.

"Well I don't do the accounting, but I do hand out the pay over the front desk if an employee wishes me to do so."

The mare pulls out a lockbox full of bits and withdraws 15 shiny bits for you. She then marks it down on another sheet of paper labeled "payroll".

[You now have 19 bits in your saddlebag]

"There you are my dear, I'll see you tomorrow!"

Wow, our first payday! Should we blow it all right away?



[Do keep in mind this is unskilled labor, and these are ponies. Most of the stuff we need, like food, is rather cheap too.]


Sure let's go out and celebrate
Where do ponies in this town go for fun?


No, we should save that money for groceries and work clothes.

Let's go find a way to burn off our fat.


File: 1355120313731.jpg (16.86 KB, 372x500, f2ced45c-587d-4e2d-913b-60a93b…)

How about we just get these things? A nice set of scarfs to look work presentable and some food?

If we have any spare money afterwards, this.

Roll #0 61 = 61


Let's invest our money in apples


Seconding Scarves
Also a nice hat


That's right, we should see if Rarity will still give us that scarf for the price she quoted yesterday.

we can only afford one scarf



Before stepping out the front door you feel like asking about proper work attire. The grey mare gives you a quick inspection over her desk.

"Hmm, you look presentable to me, but if you're looking for other clothing options you could try a tie or a scarf. If you're looking for more work dresses, I'd get things in black or grey."

You thank her for her time and head out onto the street.

I think I might just do that. Some new clothes would be great.

You could fly off to carousel boutique or maybe look around the market.


Let's go to Carousel Boutique. We want quality, not quantity.


Let's go talk to that pretty mare at carousel boutique
She's a pretty mare, we're a pretty mare, it's perfect.


Go to the Boutique and find out if she needs any help around the shop
Unless we already asked that, I had to leave pretty early last time


Yes! We can totally get her talking about fashion or whatever, then find out if she knows the best place to get drunk and hook up



What sort of question is that? You ask yourself. Of course we should go to Carousel Boutique! You bolt off the street and fly your way over to the boutique.

You're once again at the entrance to the Carousel Boutique. A familiar bell dings as you step through the doorway and into the beautiful clothing store. A loud "Wahaha!" is heard coming from the other room, you have a pretty good idea who that was.

The pristine white mare parts from her work to come over and greet you.

"Well I remember you! You were here just the other day. Marvelous, I knew my work would enthrall you~"

It's a little flattering that she even remembers you.

"Hey again! I just got paid and I just had to come down here to take a look at what you've got."

She seems ecstatic with your decision.

"Oh my, you came straight here? To look at MY clothes? I don't even know what to say, I'm so excited!"

Without warning she jets off to her line of clothing that you haven't seen before.

"I haven't officially put these out on display yet, but since I'm in such a good mood I think I'll let you take a sneak peek."

Out on a table are neat rows of scarves, she's obviously been preparing for the winter crowd like she mentioned yesterday. While they're all very nice you still haven't seen the other pieces of clothing she might have packed away.


She's focusing on us. So focus on a nice scarf, and let our focus redirect her focus, and maybe she'll let us try out her prototypes.

Roll #0 19 = 19


Let's see, we're a Mayor Mare-colored pegasus in a grey dress. What color scarf goes with that?

Let's ask Rarity.



Eh, she's already showing us her new line of scarves, why pull her away? We could use one for work anyway, or for leisure. You haven't quite decided yet.

"Oooh, those are lovely."

"Aren't they just? I'm hoping to really pull in the ponies with this line. Not everyone can afford a dress, so scarves bring in even more ponies." She explains.

You don't hesitate to jump on her deal from yesterday. "Sooo…does that deal still stand today for the scarves?"

"For you? Of course darling, if you see something you like, don't be afraid to speak up."

You browse the large assortment of neckwear. There scarves of all colors and some even have cute patterns. Black, grey or black with grey stripes are present if you're really that set on buying work clothes. That light blue scarf from yesterday is also sitting on the table.


You decide to ask the seamstress about what sort of colors you should work with.

"Well dear, that scarf I picked out yesterday would look cute on you I think. Alternatively, a nice peach color would look great with your eyes, not too dark though as it would blend with your coat. If you're looking to match with that color I feel like white would get the job done."


Let's go with peach. Wouldn't white just make us look TOO much like Mayor Mare?

Roll #0 9 = 9


Forget that, go with light blue



[Reminder, the options I present aren't set in stone. You're free to pick whatever you want, red, purple, whatever. This is true for every option I present in this quest.]


Let's go with the scarf Rarity showed us yesterday. I like blue.



That professional scarf can wait, you'd really like to get your hooves on that cute scarf to match your buttons.

"May I try on that blue one you showed me yesterday?"

"Of course! I did pick it out for you specifically after all. Let's see how it looks."

You take the scarf in your hooves and wrap it loosely around your pone neck. It's unbelievably soft and cozy. The unicorn levitates a mirror up to you for you to examine at your new look.

"Wow, I don't want to come off as a big head or anything but I'm looking great!"

The mare giggles at your approval of her work.

"Oh I agree, you're looking fabulous dear. So will you be taking it home this evening?"

[While wearing this scarf in the store your charisma has increased to 12]

[You have a +1 modifier to your charisma checks while wearing the scarf]

[You don't own the scarf yet]


Yes, we'll only have enough money for 5 apples or 1 apple and 1 not-so-day-old-bread after this, but we need to lose weight anyway.


>trying to kill the delicious chub

I feel like we should get a stallions opinion before we go making such drastic moves



[So no second opinions on the situation?]


Buy the scarf!

I'm out for the night


We must be presentable at work. Get the scarf and then enjoy the apples. Besides, as chybby as we are, we are a LITTLE pony..

Roll #0 83 = 83


I say buy the scarf. Increased fabulosity is a long term investment.



You take advantage of the deal and decide to buy the scarf for 15 bits. The unicorn leads you over to the register for a second time and rings up your purchase.

"Thanks again for your patronage!"

You smile and wave at her before being on your way. As you fly over the market you remember you still haven't shopped for your dinner. You land amongst the crowd and pick apart the familiar voices of the baker, the various vegetable vendors and the mare selling apples.


How many bits do we have now?



[You have 4 bits in your saddlebag]


You push through the crowd and step up to the apple stand you visited yesterday. This time however a large burly red stallion is managing the apples. This must be that mare's brother she spoke of.


Flirt. Flirt. Flirt. Flirt. Wink.



[Oh sure, you guys use your charisma when there's a stallion around but it doesn't cross your mind when it comes to other pones]

"H-Hi…" You manage to say after a couple seconds of awkward silence.

He doesn't say much. The price being advertised on the wood signs seems to be all the talking he needs.

"Could I possibly purchase those large, ripe apples you've got there?"

[DC = 12]

Roll #0 5 + 1 = 6


This isn't just any stallion, this is Big Macin—

>spaghetti spaghetti, mom's spaghetti



[Haha oh wow]


Well, that definitely didn't turn out like expected.

"Err…Okay, I'll take the 4 for 3 then please."

[You lost 3 bits]
[You have 1 bit in your saddlebag]

You blush at your awkwardness and fly off with your apples in your saddlebag.

Roll #0 14 + 1 = 15



[Damn it, keep forgetting to empty the fucking email field.


We should go back home and finish unpacking.



You bolt into your house and shut the door. Was he oblivious? Or were you unappealing? You slump to the floor, still blushing from your encounter with the stallion.

You take out an apple and munch on it on your way to your bedroom.

Well, that was a productive day at least. And I've got myself a cute new scarf for work tomorrow.

You fluff your pillow and blow out the candle in your room before easing into bed and drifting off to sleep.



[you're, for the most part, completely unpacked. I wouldn't worry about it from here on.]

Anywho, thanks guys, but that will be it for tonight! Thanks again for joining and I hope to see you next time. Another reminder though, charisma is your force of personality, not purely your sexual orientation. While having that +1 in rarity's store you had a nice shot at jewing her down!


Yeah, I guess we should be using our charisma more.

Thanks for the session.


I can never make it to the scheduled hours, but it's still nice to read afterwards. Thanks!

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