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Welcome questers to the first installment of pretty mare quest.

A few things before we begin:

>this quest is run using the D20 system

What this means is that a single 20 sided die will be used for determining the roll. I will be rolling for us with visible rolls.

>how stats will work in this quest

This quest will only have the charisma stat, however this may change depending on where you take us. Charisma is how you look and present yourself to the other ponies.

>How the fuck do stats work and what will be our starting Cha?

Stats work like this in the D20 system: Every even number over 10 nets you a bonus +1 to your roll, also known as your modifier. For example, let's say you have 16 Cha, you would get a +3 to your roll.

As for your starting Cha, it will be 10 which means you will be relying on your initial roll for a while. As you could have guessed, your quest through the world Equestria for beauty will raise your stat slowly.

Now then, time to decide on our pony. I will tally up the the first 5 posts.

Roll 1d3 for build:

1 - lanky, think Allie Way
2 - an average pony
3 - a little more plump

Pick a color for the mane, coat and eyes and a starting city. You guys can pick and choose what colors you like best, alternatively I can use a pony I've generated.


Decidin fate of all the questin.

Roll #0 3 = 3


h-here i go

Roll #0 3 = 3


Earth pony, amber coat, green mane, chocolate eyes


Roll #1 1 = 1



Mud horse
Orange mane
Lime coat

Roll #1 1 = 1



Ah yes, I knew I fucking forgot something. Do be sure to mention what race of pony you wish to play.


Yes. Yeeessss.


Neck and neck, who will we be playing? A cute lanky mare? Or a cute chubby one?


Unicorn Pony
I'm bad with colors so you guys decide

Roll #0 3 = 3



It is decided, you are the chubby mare.



3 more posts for her colors folks.


Are you sure you're not LK?



Fairly sure I'm not him. I would have liked to be for the art though.


Will we be able to get thinner during the quest?
Just asking




I will certainly allow it if that's where you folks take us. This is just a starting build.



Green what? I need 3 colors anon!

Also a race.


But we need to flaunt our curves. Get us some hotpants like Rarity's mom.


File: 1354864230535.png (18.68 KB, 483x485, god tier.png)

>implying this pon wouldn't be god-tier


I'll just go ahead and post the colors from the generator for you guys to mull over, this post will not be part of the actual 5 from you guys but it's still an option.

Her coat is sand-colored. She has a mane that is gray, and it reminds you of an elaborate sculpture. Her slitted eyes are peach-colored.


That sounds rather cute
I say we go with that color scheme.



Yeah alright, that will do.


This color scheme
Roll a dice for the race and lets get started



I'll just go ahead and post the whole thing then since you guys seem interested.

This long-legged female pony is an earth pony who is anxious and scatterbrained. Her coat is sand-colored. She has a mane that is gray, and it reminds you of an elaborate sculpture. Her slitted eyes are peach-colored. Her mark is a knot.



Alright guys, roll 1d3 for race then.

1 - earth
2 - pegasus
3 - unicorn




Roll #1 2 = 2


Come on Unicorn or Pegasus

Roll #0 2 = 2


File: 1354864953137.png (146.46 KB, 333x326, 1327411908212.png)

A minute or two more and if nothing we'll roll with pegasus.



Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #0 2 = 2


welp, guess we're a chubby pegasus. we probably suck at flying


Majority rules, we are the chubby pegasus.

Alright, throw out some cute names for our little heroine.


>Insert Name
I hate this in games so much.





Yeah, your wings dont get you very far but I'll allow flight. We just can't go fast is all.




Because it's friday right now.


Thunder Crack


Sorry bro
Too late
But we can become thinner during the quest



Hey now, I suck at making names too, hopely there are some anons that have our back in that department.


I'm afraid so anon.


Warm Front
Wind Shear
i got nothin'



Anon is right though, you have the possibility of becoming thinner, but not taller.



>thunder crack

Anon, are you suggesting our chubby pone has a ghetto booty?


Thunder Crack? More like Thunder Thighs

Not that anon but I'm all for it


How much would said booty aid us in persuasion?





>in persuasion

Now I know what you're thinking, but no, not every pony in ponyville will be a chubby chaser. I will inform you through naration if a certain pony is taken with you.



Any of these grab you guys?



I personally think Thunder crack is both funny and cute.



I like Wind Shear


That'll work.

>dat ass


Go with Sugarlump
That way we can fuck around with AJ if she calls us Sugarcube


File: 1354865869928.png (76.46 KB, 300x300, 1301636594166.png)

>3 way ties



I'm partial to Sugarlump and Thunder Crack


Yo lemme break it
Thunder Crack



But you must pick one!


Do one of those roll thingies?


Alright, you are now known as Thunder Crack the chubby pegasus.


God seriously Thunder Crack is such a retarded name.



Seeing as how we are a pegasus, shall we just go ahead and start off in cloudsdale? Or would you folks like to decide on a different location?

spoilers: we're moving to ponyville either way.


Lavender Breeze, florist extraordinaire
I don't know. I like Sugarlump too.



Yes not enough things happen in Cloudsdale.


Cloudsdale is fine.


Well she is a chubby pegasus which is detrimental to her natural ability to fly. Maybe she's kind of a dweeb.


Just start in Ponyville unless you want to do a "growing up" montage or something dumb like that

wait I wanted thunderlumps


>Thunder Crack the chubby pegasus mare
I can't keep a straight face when saying that




>growing up montage

That's all it is really, the starting location is purely for flavor and to build our mare.


Ah yes, her cutie mark, we haven't decided on that have we?


A thunderbolt
Between two clouds
That almost look like a butt



A shame cube.



Brilliant, lets go with this. Also it matches her mane and tail so it's cute.

And now without further fucking delay I will begin our quest in the next post!


Fuck, I like this one better than Thunder Crack. I wanna change my vote.

A fat thundercloud or something like what >>238005 said


Thirding Thunderlumps. Close enough to Thunder Crack, and still applicable with her mark.


Your name is Thunder Crack, you grew up in the plush cloud city of Cloudsdale.

Your young life was full of ridicule. In school the other fillies would tease you about your appearance, going so far as to mention how appropriate your name and cutie mark are for you. Colts didn't take interest in you, let alone eat lunch around you. You suspected that even the teacher felt the same way through that cheerful facade of hers. The flight training all fillies and colts received was especially difficult for a mare with your build. You're still not confident in your flying abilities to this day.

Now you've grown up, you've put that behind you and decided to move on. Your loving parents helped you raise enough money to move down to rural ponyville, away from the bustle of the pegasus city. They're sad to see you leave, but they know it's what you want.You've made it your quest to be the prettiest mare in the land, no longer will you suffer this cruel hand fate has given you.



Alright alright, Thunderlumps then. Ignore the name in the intro post then.



Everyone hates moving, but certainly not you. The hours seemed to fly by as you helped the mover ponies carry in your stuff. You wipe the sweat from your forehead, clearly strained after the work and look upon your new home. It's nothing fancy, a simple 2/1 with a nice view of both the street and the countryside.



Welp let's go to town and buy some food and scope out the residents.



You feel like taking a break from your move to go out and possibly meet your new neighbors. You thank the nice mover ponies and head out.

You hear a stallion humming as he does yardwork across the the street, to your left you spot a mare through her window baking.



Oh nvm. Let's go chat to the stallion.


Get us some motherfucking grub
These curves don't maintain themselves you know


Talk with the stallion first
Ask about the people in town



You decide to go have a chat with the stallion across the way, you figure you wouldn't be bothering her as much as you have the baking mare.

The gruff looking earth stallion sees you trot over and waves.

"Oh, hello!" He smiles,"so you're the one that's moved into the house across from me eh?"

"Yup, that'd be me!" you beam back at him. "I just wanted to get away from it all in Cloudsdale and ponyville sounded like just the place. I'm Thunderlumps by the way, it's nice to meet you."

"The name's Crabgrass, but most ponies just call me crabby."

You giggle at his nickname, he doesn't seem upset at all by it.

"Yeah yeah, funny I know." He chuckles.

"So tell me about yourself Crabby," you inquire.

"Well, me and the folks have lived her for generations, and we've all been skilled gardeners."

You stand there waiting for the rest of his life story.

"That's it." he reminds you.

"Oh," you awkwardly smile.

"So miss, err, Thunderlumps, anything I can help you with? Directions?"


Ask about points of interest. Anything interesting happening. Things like that


What do ponies do for fun around here?



We should ask about landmarks and important buildings we should know about.


"I'm hungry as fuck, where can I get a sandwich around here?"



"Actually, yes, I'd really like some directions," you answer promptly. "What is there to see and do in Ponyville? Anything fun?"

The stallion thinks for a bit.

"Well I don't know what sort of fun you're after but there are a few places I like to visit in town. There's the stalls of salesponies in town, I always like heading down there, you'll never know what you might find. Or possibly the library if you're one that can't keep your nose out of a book. Other than that, well not much else in the way of "fun"."

"What about landmarks? Or any other exciting places?" You ask further.

"Well miss, I quite like taking a walk out to the countryside and getting a view of our beautiful orchards, Sweet Apple Acres has been the best producer of apple products since I can remember. Or you could head over to town hall, it's lookin a littler spiffier since the renovations, you could probably even have a chat with the mayor."



Welp, let's go for a walk to town. Thank the nice colt and we'll be on our way


Do we need anything? New cloths, food, books whatever?



[taking inventory]

You have not fully unpacked, you carry nothing at this moment.


Shopping is always a decent choice.

We need to see if there are any plus size outlets.



You smile a last time and thank the stallion for his time.

"Any time miss, it was nice meeting you."

You decide to head into town, you hope there will be someone selling some sort of items of beautification. Possibly some cute clothes or the like.

As you enter the market, lines of ponies and stands stretch all throughout the streets as far as you can see. You try to make out what each of the vendors is shouting but it's all just one big noise to you and you don't pick apart anything that grabs you.


Try to ask a pony if they know any place that sales cloths and makeup or something along those lines


>Browse stalls
>Acquire Sandwich
>Locate dressmaker



Maybe there is a map in the library with info on what sells what.


Seconding this




You work your way through the crowds over to a pony standing in line for some vegetables. She doesn't seem to notice you. You give her a soft tap on the shoulder and she turns her head.

"Uh, hi."

"Yes? Can I help you?" The mare asks.

"Yeah, uh, I'm kind of lost. You wouldn't happen to have a map or anything would you? Or maybe you know where I could get one?" You timidly ask.

The mare sighs at your question, as if she's heard a million times before.

"Just head down to town hall and pick one up."

"Um…And where's that exactly?"

"It's just up the road, big building, you can't miss it."

You thank the mare multiple times as you noticed someone cut in front of her while she was talking. She hasn't noticed yet, perhaps now would be a good idea to start walking away.


Go to the town hall, get a map and go to buy some new clothes



With your new knowledge you hurry down to town hall. It's a rather large building, and quite busy with activity. All kinds of ponies enter and exit, it's a little frightening to even try to get in through the front door.

You politely move past the ponies coming out and walk up to the front desk. A gray mare sits at the front desk, probably the receptionist. She didn't seem too busy so you took the opportunity to speak with her.

"Hello miss, how may I help you today?"

Her quick greeting startles you a bit.

"Oh, hello. Yes, I'm new in town and I'd really like a map of Ponyville if that's not too much trouble."

"Why yes, we do have maps, there right here on the reception desk."

You turn your head to find a stack of maps labeled "map of Ponyville", you feel silly for heading up to the desk when they were right here.

You thank the receptionist and hurry out of the building to avoid further embarrassment.


How much money do we have?



[all of your belongings are at home]


Let's check out dis map then


Not to be a critic, but you need to give us more points of interaction.

Let's find a cafe or restaurant.


Aw butts. Well then let's plan out what we want to do with the map and then head home and see about carrying money with us



[Well now, let's not get too crazy with the interactions. But yes, I do agree I could have a bit more in there.]


You open your trifold map of Ponyville. After surveying the town you gather enough information to properly find your way around. To your dismay however, the stalls in the market do not have permanent locations for each vendor. On the bright side, you are quite excited to know there is in fact a clothing store called "the carousel boutique"!

You can't wait to see wait cute dresses and other articles of clothing they have in stock. You're stricken with the realization you have no cash on you though.

Oh well, I guess it doesn't hurt to windowshop does it?

Should you head straight down to the boutique? Try your luck in the market again? Or perhaps head back home and get situated proper?


As much as we need money, I guess a little peek in the boutique wouldn't hurt.


Take a quick peek first to see what there is



Yes let's go into the boutique and then head home for ponegold if we see anything we like.



You're so giddy with excitement you can't think of doing anything other than gawk at cute clothes. You follow your map down the road and eventually find yourself standing in front of a large, baroque white building. A sign outside confirms that you are indeed in front of the boutique. Surprisingly, the building doesn't seem to be that active.

You push the door open and a bell jingles. Before you can close the door a white unicorn appears from around the corner, startling you.

She greets you cheerfully and approaches.

"Welcome to The Carousel Boutique!"

Her flowing purple curls intimidate you a little, you don't think you could ever get your mane to look that good. Regardless, you muster up the courage to ask this mare about her wares.

"Hello…You sell clothes here?"

The white pony grins and brushes her mane out of her faces.

"Only the best my dear! Shall I help you try something on? A new dress maybe? A new hat? Hmmm?"



Ooh gosh

Ask for recommendations to look fabulous


"Please oh please tell me you have something in my size"



You really don't know what to ask of her, and the fact she's assaulting you with questions doesn't help you make up your mind any quicker. What would I look cutest in? You think to yourself.

You honestly can't decide what to ask for, so you just ask the mare what she thinks would look best on you.

"Oh darling, I've got so many new things up for sale that I've just made. You just HAVE to try them all if you can't decide."


You're still amazed the unicorn hasn't even noticed your size, being a seamstress and all.

"Umm…Well, I'm not sure all of those would even fit me." You inform her.

The unicorn stops jabbering suddenly and quickly faces you.

"Oh dear, you may be right. Well have no fear, I'm sure I've got SOMETHING in here that you'll just love."

You remind her that you're really not after anything specific but before you can finish she's already dug out a dress, a hat and a scarf.


Oh gosh we need a scarf


What does the dress look like?



You trot over to the dress and scarf, both are sitting on a table next to the mare digging through her clothes.

The dress is a cool grey with cute light blue buttons ordaining it. The fabric is unlike anything you've felt back in Cloudsdale. Upon closer inspection you're sure this dress will fit you pretty well. The scarf is the same light blue as the buttons, the mare obviously picked it out to match the dress.

"Cute, aren't they?" The unicorn asks, catching you by surprise, "and just in time for the cold season!"


How chubby are we exactly?


Enough to get teased for it and require a nonstandard size of clothing, apparently.


Ask her how much they cost



[your gut doesn't hit the ground if that's what you're asking. You're just a slightly plumper pony. Think mrs. cake, or the chubby nurse.]



You inquire about the cost for both articles of clothing.

"Hmm, well I don't get too many ponies in here that are your size. As a result I don't really make too many dresses that fit them. I do need to get rid of the thing though."

The unicorn think to herself for a bit about what to charge you. You spend the time idly glancing over at the beautiful dress on display.

"All right, how does 30 bits sound darling?"

30 bits? That sounds totally doable.

"Wow that sounds great, but how about the scarf?"

"The scarves will be hot again when the season gets here, but if you buy it now I'll give it to you for 15 bits. How's that sound darling?"



Well okay let's go get some money and pay for that stuff


Oh great, she's just giving it to us for clearance.

…Well, don't look a sale horse in the mouth. Let's promise to return ASAP once we can unpack our purse and return with the cash.



"I…uhh, actually don't have any money on me right now," You timidly admit, "but I'll be back! I just forgot to bring my bits into town with me."

The mare sighs, but smiles and nods.

"All right dear, I suppose I can wait for you to run home and fetch your money. I wouldn't worry too much about another mare snatching your clothes while you're gone."

You thank the mare for her time and fly off home as fast your wings can carry you.

Your home is still a mess from the move, you haven't totally unpacked yet. Boxes liter the floor. Thankfully your parents didn't pack your things for you so you know right where your saddlebag is.

You open it up to find 40 bits.

[you Equip your saddlebag]
[you add your map and bits to your saddlebag]

Now that you've got your cash, you wonder if you really should spend your money on the first thing you see. You still haven't fully explored the market, but seamstress at the boutique is currently holding clothes for you.




Clothing time.

Also we should maybe find a job whilst we're in town.


Fuck. Well, it's not like we're ill-equipped for the cold. Buy the dress only and save the ten bits for a meal in town. We haven't eaten yet.


Is there any way to get some extra 5 bits
We get those clothes and we'll be fabulous


Blowjob in a back alley?
Fat girls love to eat.


I say that if we can't make 5 bits then we should just get the scarf. If we only have 40 to our name, I would rather spend 15 instead of 30 before we have a job.



You look at the bits in your saddlebag. You're really gonna have to kick it into overdrive tomorrow if you spend all this money.

You fly back to Carousel Boutique and grace the doorway with another ding of the bell. The same mare from earlier perks up at the sound and is delighted to see you return.

"Oh wonderful, you've returned! You have the money with you this time?" She asks.

"Yep, it's all here!" You grin while eying your new dress.

The unicorn waves you over to her register and rings up your purchase.

[30 bits lost]

Before you can even say thank you she begins begging you to put the thing on

"Oh please put it on before you leave! I just absolutely HAVE to see you in it!"

You eagerly oblige and dash into the nearest changing room in the boutique. After a couple minutes of squeezing into the dress you emerge.

"Oh gosh~" You say aloud.

The mare levitates a mirror over to your face so quickly you thought it was going to strike you in the face.

"Well, how is it?! It's great isn't it?! I knew you'd love it. I do amazing work after all."

You blush at yourself in the mirror, so caught up in your cuteness you've tuned out the seamstress.


"Oh! It's great!" You reassure her, "I love it."

"Splendid! Please come back again, I'm sure I've got a few other things lying around that you might like."

After exchanging goodbyes you step out onto the street. The dress really was the right choice you think to yourself. It hugs you, but not in a way that makes you feel gross, and it's comfortable to boot.

You're content with your purchase but your stomach is not. It growls loudly.


Okay first we need to eat
Then we need to find a job or something to get some dosh


10 bits for food, so we should do fine. Don't eat some place fancy, just get a quick bite. McPonalds if we have to.


But take the dress home first!



You bust out your map and look around for a nice place to eat. There's a place called "Sugarcube Corner", but it's without a doubt a sweets shop. There's a nice restaurant close by too, but you're really unsure if you've got enough to pay for a meal there. Or maybe you could just lurk around in the market for something.


We can get a bag of apples for 4 bits, I don't think we're in any danger.


Yeah let's go to the market and see if we can find any good deals



You would rather not take a gamble at eating at a fancy restaurant and decide to head back to the market.

The same vendors shouting from earlier fill your ears, but it's not as loud as it was before. Probably because it's getting later in the day. You can actually understand what some of them are saying now.

"Carrots! Cabbage! Fresh Produce of all kinds!"

"Ripe apples of all varieties! Come and get 'em before they're all gone!"

"Pastries! Baked goods! The softest rolls in Equestria!"

It all sounds so good.


We heard about Sweet Apple Acres. Let's try some of that local product.


Let's get some veggies and some baked goods


Let's see the prices first. We don't have that much money for now. We need something that will last us some time



It all sounds heavenly. You follow the voice of mare selling apples as it seems closer.

As you approach the voice you notice it belongs to an orange mare with a blonde mane and a brown hat.

"Well hey there sugarcube! Interested in buyin' some apples?"

You can smell the "country" on her from where you stand. The natural smell is quite nice you think.

"Hi, how much do your apples cost? Not too much I hope."

The earth pony laughs.

"Well they're none too expensive, don't you worry. 1 bit an apple or 3 bits for 4 if you please."

You take note of her prices. There are a couple other places here that are selling food too.


Too bad no one is selling wraps.


Apples are alright.
Best not spend too much on food and instead spend that time on… whatever it is we need to do.


Still can't believe you faggots were trying to get her when our main goal was Rarity


We should check the other products
The prices are great tough


Check prices.



You tell the pony that you're really considering her offer, but you'd still like to shop around a bit.

"That's fine sugarcube, just know that we're just about out. I'd do your shoppin' while you had the chance."

You trot off and wander around some more, this time you can hear the baker's voice. You follow it over to his rather robust section of the market.

A large selection of pastries, rolls and loaves of bread line his table. A large selection yes, but the quantity is smaller than it probably was earlier today.

You don't notice the baker standing in front of you as you browse his goods.

"See anything you like miss?" The large unicorn asks. "I've got all manner of baked treats like you wouldn't believe.


Rolls and bread are nice. How much do those cost? If it's cheap enough, we could have apple sandwiches or something.


Wouldn't it be better with vegetables instead of apples?


We're a pony. I doubt we care too much.
Apple sandwiches are alright. Let's do that.



The rolls and loaves of bread interest you.

"How about these right here?"

The baker grins. "Ah, my usual loaves of bread, excellent choice. That will run you 5 bits."

5 bits for bread? yikes. It must be pretty good though if it's that much. It is a whole loaf too, and it's pretty sizeable.

You do feel a little more confident with yourself while wearing your cute dress, you think you might be able to jew him down a little.


Sure, let's waggle and haggle.

End-of-day breads might get marked down since they're not as fresh. Bakery shit is best in the morning or noon.


Jew him and then get an apple or something
It should suffice for now


>trying to negotiate lower prices with a filthy stallion
We're a proud lesbian mare who don't need no stallion!
DEMAND he lower the price!




Roll #0 13 = 13


tumblr pls. If we bring privileges into this…


We didn't even roll for orientation…


Doesn't the dress give us any bonuses
I mean it is a fabulous dress




You throw on your swag and proceed to talk him down.

"Please sir, don't you think you could lower the price just a little?"

The baker seems taken by your charms.

"Well…I suppose. It is getting late after all, and you can't advertise your bread as fresh if it isn't baked the same day it's sold. All right miss, how about 3 bits?"

Roll #0 1 = 1


Well let's!
1-Superior Lesbian Race

Roll #1 3 = 3



[woops, forgot to clear email field]





[I failed to mention the dress has boosted your charisma to 11. No bonuses yet anon, but we're getting there!]


Clearly we need that scarf to bump it up to 12


No, we need to put out


You buy the loaf of bread while you have the chance. You can't help but notice the stallion oogling you as you exchange bits. You're feeling the giddiness return to your body as the bits leave your hoof. A stallion is interested in me? For real? Am I dreaming?

"Thanks…" You tell the baker before running off into the crowd.

[3 bits lost]

You stand there amongst the ponies. Could it really be that you're being noticed? Maybe moving here was the right choice after all. Or maybe this really is one of the greatest dresses ever crafted. Your pone stomach grumbles once more, reminding you that you need to feed yourself. You have enough to feed yourself for tonight, but you could go ahead and buy those apples while you're here.



[yeah, the scarf would bump you up to 12. jewerly and other things will also be present so keep an eye out for that shit too.]


Yep, go grab some apples.
Give ourselves a little feast!


Aww yeah, time for apple sandwiches. And looking for a job.



Might as well pick up some apples. And with that you find your way back to the orange mare.

"Hey there, change your mind sugarcube?" She laughs.

you're so full of warm feelings right now you can't help but giggle with her.

"I sure did, give me 4 of those apples please."

"Alrighty, thanks for your business! We're usually around this spot every day if you want to hunt us down again."

[3 bits lost]

"We're?" You ask.

"You know, the Apple family, I run this stand as does my brother. This is our business, and business is boomin'. Excuse me if I toot my own horn but I'm not surprised, our apples are the best in Equestria."

"Is that so? Well we'll certainly see about that when I eat this for dinner." You smirk back at her.

The earth pony waves you off.

"You'll see, and when you do, we'll be waitin' to have you back down here tomorrow."


So do we have time to still wonder a bit in the town and look for a job?



You fly off home with your saddlebags full of food. Your house is pitch black now since it's night, you totally forgot to set up some candles for you to see. No matter, you work your way to your room in the darkness and plop down on your bed.

It's certainly not an elegant first meal, but you really don't care, you're starving. You pull out your loaf and apples and divvy up half for tonight and half for breakfast tomorrow. Without hesitation you gorge yourself on an apple sandwich and reflect on your day. You're really happy with your dress and don't ever feel like taking it off. Maybe if you can land a job tomorrow you can go back to buy more things from that boutique with any money you earn.

After you finish your meal you lounge around on your bed for a little while before falling asleep in your dress.


>falling asleep in your dress
Isn't that kinda bad



And with that, I'm going to call it tonight.

Thank you very much the few of you who stuck around. I hope to see you back for day two when our Thunderlumps gets her first job.



She really likes the dress anon, it makes her feel pretty.


Well it was fun. Hope I can be around


Just as I notice this quest is running it pauses

Just my damn luck


What were her colors again? The tan listed above?



Sandy colored coat with a gray mane and peach eyes.


I really liked it! it was fun and I'm looking forward to being cute some more. Hopefully I can catch more sessions. Be sure to say when you're starting them in the general.

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