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A century has passed since the Royal Alicorn Sisters defeated Discord and united the pony races.
Our story takes place on the the two shores of the great river Elin, which serves as the natural border between Equestria and the barren Wastelands beyond.
There is only one massive bridge crossing the river where it is the narrowest, and that bridge is guarded by the Fortress-City of High Trotgar.
It served as an impenetrable bastion during war times with it's three seperate sets of walls, and a castle at top, but ever since the peaceful rule of the Royal Sisters, the only purpose it serves is to keep away monsters from the Wasteland that might seek to wander into Equestria.
You wandered out here behind the beyond, maybe to seek to make a fortune, maybe to explore the wild territores of the beyond…

Repost your character sheets, just for good measure.


File: 1340558520010.png (18.63 KB, 441x446, Map.png)

Also I made this terrible map for some visual aid.


Name: Lucky
Race: Earth pony
Class: Ranger
Special Talent: Bow&Arrow
Armor: Leather armor and hood
Weapon: Bow and two daggers
Skills: Sentry, marksman shot and Self-reliant
Inventory: Arrows, rope and food.
Alignment: Neutral good.


Name: Tatanka
Race: Buffalo
Class: Knight
Special Talent: Slam
Armor: Thick iron plate (superheavy armor)
Weapon: His helmet
Skills: Slam, Superheavy Armour Proficiency, Sentry, Suppress
Inventory: Rations, water, some coins, armor oil, armor polish
Racial talent: Huge
Alignment: Chaotic Good/no deity


Name: Yvonne
Race: Earth pone
Class: Wildguard
Alignment: True neutral (worships nature)
Skills: Blast and Root, Ironbark armour
Cutie Mark: proficiency in polearms such as spears and poleaxes
Equipment: A spear and a short sword Light armour (counts as medium due to my skill)
Inventory: supplies and natural remedies.


Name: Ariccia
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Neutral Good
Skills: Heal (1), Cure (1), Compassion (1), Improved telekinesis (1)
Cutie Mark: a bent spoon (Good at telekinesis)
Inventory: Food rations, a canteen with water, a knife, a steel mace, robes
Description: Former dentist who was fired from her job after pulling out every tooth from a customer while drunk. Forced to go to a monestary afterwards to redeem herself for her shamefur dispray of incompetence and idiocy.


File: 1340558775846.jpg (81.43 KB, 320x360, feldspar.jpg)

Judge "Fudge" Feldspar
Unicorn (m)
Command (0) Word of Power (1) Judgement (1) Inspire (1)
Heavy armour
Greatsword that is blunt on one side
Lawful Neutral follower of THE LAW
Inventory: book of THE LAW, rope, several small burlap sacks with CRIMINAL written on them

A stoic follower of THE LAW who hates all things criminal or ambiguous. He prefers to see everything in clear cut black and white.


Zebra (f)
Chaotic Neutral
Stealth, backstab, commune, death puppet
Speciality: perusation
Weapon: twin daggers, throwing knives
Armour: light armour
Inventory: mirror, makeup, poison flask
Personality: quick to trust others, but slow to appease if said trust is broken. Formerly worked as a smuggler, courtesan and thief. Currently on the hunt for a certain somepone who sold her short on a deal. Has gone by many other names in the past.


You have ventured to faraway lands, and found yourself on the very border of Equestria.
You are in the city of High Trotgar, and as you were looking for a job, you were directed to the Keep of the City.
A guard lead you to a big hall, and told you to wait there.
From the looks of it, you weren't the only one, since others are present too.
Perhaps they are here for the same reason as you are? Maybe you should get to know them.


"Greetings, my name is Yvonne. I am a servant of nature. My job is to see the corruption of the wastelands doesn't spread into these forests and fields that surround this chunk of rock."


Inspect the buffalo from afar.
I hear they are good hunters.




I eye over those present, silently making notes on who seems like a possible criminal.
I say nothing, and keep my greatsword neatly balanced on the tip.


You look like a savage young mare.


"You look no better, old man."


"A pleasure, I'm Ariccia. I'm here because my colleagues wanted me as far away from them as possible. And well, this is about as far as you can get."


"What does a pony know of nature?"


"Raventail. Good ta meetcha. I came heer looking for an old… acquaintance of mine."
"Whas eetin chu, old man? Got no tongue ta speak with?"


Pfhahah thats a one!

And why they want you away?


"And for what reason would your fellow clerics send you to such exile?"
Slowly rotate the greatsword on the spot, but don't move it anywhere.
"You would be best not to try and agitate me. As much as I like your coat, your have the eyes of a troublemaker."


"Oh ummm, let's save that story for another day, shall we?"

"Are you drunk or is that how you striped fellows talk?"


"A lot more than you seem to think. We earth ponies have a connection with nature too, even if it's not as strong as yours."
"How unlucky."


"You got a good eye for someone dat old. Who are you anyway?"
"You got a problem wit de way I speak, pone?"


"I heard zebras love to rhyme."


"He must be a very good friend if you are this far away from your homeland."

"So you are a farmer? I have seen many healthy farms run by earth ponies."


"Of course not, I was just curious."


"My family used to be."


And I heard they eat colts and mares, dont beieve everything you heard lady.


"I, young troublemaker, am Judge Feldspar of the Order of Order. Protector of the innocent and foe of the guilty. I have come here to ensure The Law is upheld and revered in these lands as it is elsewhere."


"A border fortress does not seem like the sort of place where law and order would break down."


>play with my beard
There is no law in this land son.


As you spend your time chatting away with the others, one of the side doors open as a unicorn stallion in fancy clothes trots in.
He greets you with a big smile, and procceds to shake hooves with every single one of you.
"Ah, welcome, welcome! It's good to see some brave, new faces here! I am Advisor Golden Words! I work here in the Keep to keep everything stable!"
He chuckles at his own joke, then continues to talk in a cheerful tone.
"It's a pleasure to have you here, but this is no holiday resort, oh no! The Commander will sure to have some tasks for you, and they might not be without danger… and he doesn't like when others keep him waiting either."
He looks over the party.
"Don't worry though, I'm sure you can take care of yourselves and will have no trouble whatsoever!"
He claps his hooves together.
"So, shall I lead you to him right now, or do you have any questions? I'll gladly answer all of them, just be quick about it!"


"You're a funny man. I'm gonna stop listening to you now."
"Will we be working in the nature here or will we be thrown to the wasteland right away?"


"What sort of work is this?"


Are you going to feed us soon?


"Let's get on with it then."


"Dat is true to an extend. But I have long since waved goodbye ta my homelands, and along wid dem, many of out traditions."
"Les just say he an I go back a long enough way ta make de trip worth it."
"Dats good, pone. I don need any pointless trouble. De trouble I get inta on me own is often enough."
"Oh das actually quite true. A lodda us do like ta eat pones. Especially de leetle ones."
Flash a quick smile.


I guess zebra hunting season was a good idea after all.


"Is this zebra serious?"


"Oh, that I do not know! I was just told that we have work, and we have available work force! The Commander will tell you all the actual details, I'm just here to lead you to him!"

"We will be able to grant you food from the same canteen the soldiers use as soon as you are done with whatever you need to be done with!


"The law exists to apply to all. None can be above it, and none can exist beyond it. I am here, as my brothers are elsewhere, to ensure so is the case, and so it remains."
"Your words are all too common to my ears."
Rotate the sharp side of my sword to face the ranger
"And they often end up not being too far from the last ones of such individuals. You would do well not to openly disregard the law near me."
"Who is in charge of maintaining order around here? I am with the Order of Order and my first duty here is to assess the base situation. I wish to speak with the head lawpony at once."


"Food is good, but what about lodgings?"



"I just wish to get going. I don't like cities."
"Only law that matters is the law of the nature."


Well keep moving.


"Aint dat just precious of ya. I can tell we're gonna be de best of friends."
Lightly bap him on the head
"Theenk for a bit, wontcha?"
"Aint nothing much I need from ya, unless ya know who ta ask about a certain somepone who was last seen headed inta dis place."


"The only nature that matters is the nature of a pony."


And what is a pony?


He starts to lead you down a corridor

"I'm sure we will be able to find you a place in the barracks if you do well!"
He leanes a bit closer to whisper to you.
"And even if you fail, I'll make sure to speak with one of the innkeepers to let you stay for a day or two or my expense."

"Oh, that would be Commader Grit. He is in command of everything here! The leader of the keep, the hoofmen, the training of soldiers, the guards, everything! We are going to him right now, don't worry!"

"Well, the last someponies who entered are right here!"
He chuckles.
"Or are you looking for a specific somepony? I don't remember anyone new apart from you and this group entering the City in the near past. Have you checked the nearby Village already?"


"More often than not, a miserable pile of guilt and secrets."


"That is very generous of you."


"That's very nice of you. Pray tell, how safe is this place exactly? I mean with those kind of walls you must be keen on keeping something out."


"What can change the nature of a pony?"


Just keep moving lad.


"What an optimistic view of the world."
"On with it!"


"Then I will follow. This Commander shall be the rock upon which I will build this place's temple of law. And a foundation must always be inspected."
"A stronger nature, good knight. One empowered by a higher power. And what higher power is there than the power that applies to us all? In short - that which can change the nature of a pony, is me."


>that which can change the nature of a pony, is me.
Not even close.


"It's nothing really! It's the least I can do, I love meeting new people, and there are hardly anyone new here! I cheris the rare occasions when we get visitors!"
He tursn to Ariccia as he walks.
"You couldn't find a safer place than the area within this walls anywhere in Equestria! As for what they keep out, they were originally built to withstand sieges from ponies on the outside, but ever since the Great Peace, it only serves to keep the Wasteland and it's inhabitats out."

He stops at a great door, and turns to face you.
"Well, here we are!"
His cheerful tone dies down a little.
"Don't be scared of the Commander, he maybe a little stern, but he only strives to do what's best for us and Equestria!"


"You have mighty words, I'll give you that.">>22246
"Oh dear, another one like that."


"Yes, a specific somepone. Big, burly sorta pone, earthie, got dis really short mane an a big ol' scar on his face. Dunno what he called himself here but ta me he always said his name was Huge Nuggets"


What do you mean with "another one like that"?


"Lead the way."


"Nothing. I bet the judge here is gonna like this Commander character."


"Alright then, let's meet this Grit."


"I will not say I am keeping my eye on you. I keep my eye on everypony. But I will admit that you are certainly not making it easy for me to see you as being with me. That makes it all the more easier to see you being against me. And those against me, are often against the Law, and thus, enemies of all ponykind.
But I will not judge you on that quite yet."


"Loosen up."


Im pretty sure the law is a big ol´ white horse sitting in a golden throne and im sure you are not her.


"You really are a black and white kind of pony, aren't you?"


"A moment of lapsity spawns a lifetime of chaos. I cannot allow such a thought to so much as cross my mind"
"That is how the Law demands I see things. You can either follow the law, or break the law. There is no middle ground in that. The law is equal to all creatures and all situations. So must I."

Take out my book of THE LAW and silently read a few passages, then make a few notes and follow Golden Words.


"I'd say your LAW is the most gray thing there ever was if it wasn't stained brown with all the shit in it."


"Easy there little pony. Don't start a fight that I have to break up."


"And I would gladly ignore such a childish and insolent comment, were it not directed at that which I have sword to protect and uphold. I will let you off on a warning for being a first time offender, but mark my words and mark them well. I will not be afraid to judge you if you push me again."


"Wha's wrong wid bein black an white, pone?"


"You are more like very light gray than white."


"It's a very childish view to uphold, in my opinion."


"Never heard of him, sorry, and I know just about anyone here!"
He thinks to himself for a bit, then talks again.
"I'll ask around some of my friends and sources, maybe they will know more!"

Golden Words opens the large set of double doors with his magic, and steps back with a bow.
"I'll let you talk with him now, he doesn't like when I, as he says, 'babysit visitors'… Good luck! And doN't worry!"
He stays outside, and as you step inside, you take in the view of the hall.
It's a big room, and looks like a throne room, but instead of a throne, there is a table with maps on it.
A big bodied, gruff looking earth pony in bronze hued armor is standing next to it, explaining something to two younger officers.
When he notices the party, he tells something to the officers again, and sends them on they way, who in response rush out of the room, leaving you alone with him.
He steps down from the podium of the tactician table, and starts to speak.
"All right, listen up maggots! I don't know why you are here and nor do I care.
I'm short on ponies as it is, since the Princesses don't think that our work here is serious. They think we are just here to prepare for a siege from an imaginary enemy that will never come in these peaceful times.
They are wrong. The Wasteland is worse than any foe in war. Yet they cut the numbers of our forces each year.
To make matters worse, there are seeds of a rebellion in the nearby village that is responsible for making the food for us.
You are all mercenaries for me. If you do well, you get paid.
I have two tasks for you.
One of them is a routine task, you need to go out to the Wasteland, and check up on the Rock Farmers who live there.
Their farms are near the river, and not too dangerous for rookies like you. One of the families reported that they haven't seen sings of another family, but I can't spare any soldiers to check on them.
Go out, speak with the Pick family, do a recon mission to the other farm, and report what you found. If nothing is wrong, I'll need a report for why they were silent.
The other will be a bit more complex, but more rewarding if you succeed.
We have proof that there is a rebellion forming in the village of Wheatly, sabotaging ships in our docks, attacking caravans, undermining the safety of both the city and the village itself, and stealing supplies.
I don't have enough guards to send there to investigate however.
We suspect that the leader of this rebellion is the former ruler of this castle, ex-High Mage Crystal Clear.
If we get her, we can end this uprising of hers with one swing. You must go to the Village, find her, and capture her, dead or alive."
He stops pacing around, and looks at you.
"So which one will it be, maggots?"


"Eh, who's reely bein' so exact, pone? At least my black is nice an black like it should be."


"Wasteland or another town? Great. I don't really care, either one is fine with me."
"It wasn't an insult, your coat is very nice."


"The missing family sounds more urgent than a possible rebellion."


I dont know about you guys but im up for a good hunting and this Crystal lass sound like a good prey.


"The rest of you lot can decide, I'll make sure everyone comes back at least somewhat alive."


"I'll go with the buffalo then."


"Judge Feldspar, Order of Order. I have come here to account and eliminate any and indeed all possible sources of lawlessness, crime, criminal activity, law-bending, unlawful conduct, etc etc.
You speak of treason, rebellion, theft, sabotage, assault and subterfuge ahoof in the village? Then that is where my place belongs.
Provided your accusations are true, that is.
I act as the law demands, and the law demands evidence. What have you to show?"


"With de trail cold, dere are only two things heer that I care for. Money, an clues.

Good commanda, if you have any lists on pones who hav entered dis place in de last month or so, I'd be willin ta do my all ta access dem. An I do mean my all."


"Make up your frail little minds already, I don't have all day!"

"Commander Grit of High Trotgar.
If you wish for evidence you could go to the docks to see the damaged ships, talk to the merchants who got robbed of their wares or visit the graves of those who were murdered in muggings, or my Advisor to account you on missing food and gears. You could, but you won't need that. I am the Law here, and it is true, I have seen it with my own eyes."

He shouts at you
"What do I look like, a library?!
Do your jobs first, and if you do better than dog piss I may allow my Advisor to let you near that information."


"Oh my."


"We will investigate the missing family."


"Dese seem like acceptable terms, commanda. I will accompany de Judge ta help wiv de rebellion."
"I aint doin nothin ta you though. Not fer free at least."


"I have a feeling I'll come across a lot of coin in a while."


Ok im going with you guys.


"Village? Rebellion? Make up your mind already."


"You would leave a family missing in the Wasteland? Have you no heart?"


What about you? You have a brain right?


"It seems to be 3 versus one. Unless we split up."
"I'm still following the buffalo."


The Commander seems to be a bit more annoyed now.
"Damn right you should. I'm running out of patience."


At this point? They are ded for sure.


"Yeah, but I can't split myself in half."


And what are you going to do? Kick the only mercenaries you have?


"Perhaps not."

I turn to Grit.
"How long did you say the family has been missing for?"


I tense up as he calls himself the law
"I will indeed speak to your adviser and to the witnesses. And proven their testimony is sufficient to corroborate your accusations, seek out this Crystal Clear for questioning and judgement."
Take a step closer
"But were things to prove themselves the opposite, you can expect me to return here on very different business. A weak foundation is a threat to the entire house, and with a house as great as the entire border here, I cannot permit a single crack in the rock it is built upon. That rock is you. And you alone will bear the weight of this place.
I suggest you tell me anything else you can, for I will not listen to excuses made up in hindsight."
I wait for his response, head held high.
"Just don't cause trouble."


"They will surely be dead if we waste time bickering about this. The rebellion will wait for tomorrow."


"Den we will see where that gets you."
"My heart belongs to me and none other. Life has taught me well enough dat is the de way it should be."
"I don't 'cause trouble' just for de hell of it. I only do it when it serves a goal for me. You just best hang on for de ride."


"Or throw you in the dungeon for not cooperating."

"Four days. The families usually report in every second day, even if they have enough supplies, for safety measures, and situations just like this."

"You will do as I say as long as you are here in this City."
He leans closer to you too.
"And you will not question, command or threaten me again, or I will kick your ass so hard you will never sit down again. Understood?"


"I'm behind our nature friend here."


"Then there is a chance they are still alive. The farmer pony can see sense, why can't the rest of you?"


Because tracking is not as fun as hunting but I see your point.


"Those with nothing to fear have nothing to hide. I am not here to challenge you, merely to see to it that this city and indeed, these lands, remain in order. Perhaps unfortunately, the pin that seems to hold it all together is you. As such, it is my duty not to question, command or threaten you, but to observe, evaluate and judge you. You have taken a heavy burden, and I can only hope you are capable of carrying it."
Turn to leave
"And if you ever so much as imply assaulting me, either in person or via proxy, I will not hesitate to stand up to the challenge. Equestria needs strong leaders with strong minds, not brutes with thick skulls. Good day."
Go out to seek out the adviser to see if the commander's story checks out


The Commander stomps one of his hooves.
"I have more serious obligations than spending time here with you.
Recon mission or investigation of the rebellion? Or should I just throw you in the dungeon for wasting my time? Don't you have a leader to decide for you?"


Golden Words glances up from playing with a button on his fancy clothing, and asks you witha wide smile.
"Well, how did it go? And where are the others?"


"Tatanka here. No way I'm following THAT guy."
point at the Judge
"And we're taking the recon mission."




"We only met each other 20 minutes ago. I'll follow the buffalo and the nature pony, they seem like good enough sorts."


"Calm yoself, commanda. We'll be headed out to de village. At least I know I will. I hope our next meetin' will be on betta terms"
Follow Judge Fudge.


Fucking finally, lets go.


"I assume they will be along shortly. They seemed to just need a little motivation to get on with it.
Now, to business. The commander has made a litany of accusations regarding a pony known as Crystal Clear, accusing the aforementioned of treason, sabotage, masterminding assaults, robberies, murders and a plethora of other crimes. It is imperative that I see all possible evidence of such crimes being committed, and if possible, I would wish to know more of the accused, and see any you have arrested over the cases."


"Do you think you and the judge can take on the whole village by yourselves?"


"Good. Seems it will be the recon mission then."
He glances at the door, and places a hoof at his temple.
"I don't trust that lunatic to go to the Wheatly until he proves himself anyway."
He trots to the table, and starts to write something on a piece of paper.
When he is done, he hands it over to Tatanka.
"Here are your orders. Show this at the gates and they will let you out. Take the Judge with you too. I forbid him from going to the Village yet. If you need anything, just ask Golden Words. Now get out of my sight, all of you."
He turns back to the maps.


"More dan I'd trust you in doing de same. At lease he takes action, rather than bickerin endlessly."


I'd gallop out if it wasn't so impolite.
"Thank you. Finally!"
I go and greet Golden Words.


I go looking for Judge Fudge.


"There you all are. I was beginning to think you would wait for me to die of old age out here waiting."


Walk outside and wait for the party.


"We wouldn't want that, who would uphold the law otherwise?"

I follow Lucky


"There's a difference between taking action and rushing to your death. Besides, you haven't seen any of us in action yet."


"The others tasked in doing so. My death should not have any significant impact on that."
Rolling Detect SarcasmRolled 10 = 10


"Grit has ordered us to do the recon mission and has forbidden you from entering the village until you have proven yourself to him. Now follow quickly, the family doesn't have much time."


You know miss, I was in a monastery once, they are pretty uptight if you ask me.


"Oh, her yes…"
He glances down at the floor embarassedly.
"She was the leader of this place you know. And ponies loved her! Every soldier, citizen, merchant, everypony! And not without a reason, she did her job well."
He starts to make circles with his hooves.

"That is, until there was a bit of quarelling over food ratios. She said that we should cut back second helpings and spare some food, as we barely leave any for the very town and farmerponies that make it! The soldiers didn't like it, they said they had the right to eat as much as they want. The next day, everyone who helped himself for some additional food - more than three dozen ponies - were poisoned and died. Crystal Clear denied everything, slain the guards that were sent to capture her and fled the Keep. Commander Grit has been in charge ever since, and he helped very much with maintaing order after that 'little' incident! As for evidence that she did all these, we can only guess, since we heard rumors of ponies following her in the Village, and she has all the reasons to try and take back the City for herself. Such a shame that she wasn't the kind pony we were lead to believe she is…"


"Oh yes, they are. Which is why they sent me all the way out here. They never really appreciated me, which is probably why I never really appreciated them."


"Sounds like the guards got what they deserved. No discipline at all."


"That sounds almost like a coup. Her methods were extreme, but soldiers cannot be allowed to rob the people they protect."


He greets you with a big smile.
"Anything you need?"

You detect it.
And how!
Those words were oozing with sarcasm until they formed a big, mighty river of Sarcasm only to attack you and your faith in Law.
Clearly, she is testing you.


Make a note
"Very well then, if he so insists. A strong leader does look out for his followers."
Lower my voice and sigh "…but only a fool misses the bigger picture whilst looking at the details…"

"WELL THEN. Given the poor display back there, it seems some leadership is in order here. Who do we appoint?"


"Me. Now let's go save that missing family."
I make my way to the keep's exit.


Thats what I love about the wild lands, you are your own boss and you make your own rules.
You have to tell me why they send you away lass.


turn to the buffalo
"That was your name right, Tatanka?"
"I don't suppose you'd know much about the wasteland? Do we need any equipment? Do we have any money to use?"


"Yes. What is yours?"


"I vote for de Judge. If nothin' else, he seems ta have de voice of a leader."


Bow a little.
"I'm sorry, didn't I introduce myself properly the first time?"


"Now that I think about it I believe you did. Please forgive me, but my mind is on the missing family. Now if everyone is ready?"
I tap my hoof impatiently.


"I agree, the buffalo knight seems strong and sensible enough for leadership."

"Ohhh well, you know, stuff happened, words were exchanged and mistakes were made. Those kind of things.

They were quite apprehensive about my past and never really trusted me in the first place. So they were quick to discern me when they saw the chance."


He starts to lead you out of the Keep.
"I'm afraid money is not much use here. We are so far away from the monetary system of Equestria that we need to use these little tickets! I know it sound a bit immature for a city this big, but it works well! Soldiers get it weekly, and can exchange them in the canteen, or at the merchants! The merchants then give the tickets back to us for actual money, which they can spend when the weekly caravans arrive, but only the Treasure-master is allowed to handle it.
I suppose you will get enough tickets to buy yourself some food and new weapons or gear if you need!
And as it happens to be, I do know a bit about the Wasteland! What do you want to know?"


"Get rid of me when they saw the chance."*


Jut down some more notes
"You have been most helpful. Now I fear further investigation into this is pointless as your most gracious commander has barred me access to said mare. As I am given the choice between a waste of valuable time that may serve to save a few ponies, and a waste of valuable time that will get many killed, I will accompany the rest to the rock farms rather and play along rather than defy the commander.
I hope we meet again, Golden Word. You are a pony after my taste. Straight up and to the point."
Turn to the cleric and pull out a bag, then put it away again.
"Perhaps it would be best if we do not make enemies of eachother. Any of us."


"stuff happened"
If I had a bit everytime I heard that.


"How similar is it to the buffalo homeland?"


"Maybe you are a bit too nosy then."


"Just…how is it? A bit more precise than 'dead and dangerous', please."


Maybe you are a a psycho killer then.


I guffaw
"Sorry, sorry, sorry, I couldn't help myself."


I let out a hearty laugh.

"I like you stranger, you have quick wits. What did you say your name was again?"


Brush up to the judge and whisper
"De commanda is useless. You seem like my best shot for what I need heer right now. Just say de word if ya need me. All I need in return is dat you use some of dat seeming muscle of yours ta help me track down de pony I'm here for."


>Play with my beard
I dont even remember my real name this days but everyone call e Lucky.


"You don't remember your name? That might be the first symptom of dementia, you may want to get yourself checked up on that."


Golden Words leads you down the big road leading out from the keep. The gates of the inner walls are open, but guards are next to it and on the battlements.
You can see other soldiers practicing here and there, and some other ponies that seem to be enjoy their free time.

He bows his head a bit to you.
"Why thank you! If any of you need anyting further, I'm here to serve!"

"I can assure you, it's similarites end when I say they are both deserts.
The Wasteland is harsh and merciless, full of all sorts of dangerous creatures!
Changelings, overgrown scorpions and snakes, wild pony tribes that eat pony flesh and hide in caverns of mountains - well, these tribes are ony rumored to exist, but still.
And you know Timberwolves? I heard that there are kins of them in the Wasteland, but bodies made of cacti with thorns as big as daggers, and that's not even their fangs or claws!"
He chuckles a bit
"You shouldn't worry thought, the rock farms are near the River, where it is still safe.
Every month a smaller force is sent out to make sure the area is free of monsters. You should be fine as long as you don't wander too far or linger outside too much!"


Nah, my name is irrelevant as long as I can hunt.


"You seem to mistake me for an Inquisitor. I am not one to enjoy nor desire to employ your methods."
"What can you tell us of these rock farms we are supposed to recon?"


"What do you suspect has happened to the rock farmers? Do families go missing often?"


"That all sounds very lovely."


"Good thing I have my spear so I don't have to go too near those creatures. Let's go then."


"Sounds dreadful. I am not wan for de supposedly 'great' outdoors…"
"You seem reel attached to dat long hard spear-a-yours…"


"Really? I had always heard that you zebras were nomads like my people."


"I guess they have some towns."
"Maybe, but what's it to you?"


You approach the main gate of the outer walls.
It is much bigger than you expected, and you suppose it was made so siege wagons could pass through it.
Instead of opening it, he leads you to the side where there is a smaller gate for just such an occasion as a few ponies going outside.
Golden Words nods and he guards open the gate for him without a word.

"No, no this is rather unusual. I'm terribly sorry, but I have no idea. Even if they got attacked they could find shelter in their basements. They did it before."

"Oh these are just like any other farm but they farm rocks there!
Not as in grow rocks, but collect them, rotate the best quality rocks around the field, and then exract the jewels that are inside! It's more like mining, but on the surface! Don't ask me how they get all these rocks though, for I have no idea."

"And one more thing."
He points at your horn.
"The magical fields there are wild and untamed, unlike anything here in Equestria.
It might not work how you expect it to work out there, but if you can tame it, then BOOM! Even more power for you! Be advised on the other hoof, I heard someone actually going 'Boom!' that way…"

"Well, this is as far as I can follow you.
Just cross the bridge, and head straight if you want to ask the Picks!
If you want to go for the Stone farm right away, just follow the River to the right, and you'll see their farmstead soon enough!"


"Not every zebra is de same, me shaggy ally. I am more of a city-walker"


Lets go to the stone farm.


"We should talk with the Picks first."
I start walking towards the Picks' farm.


"Is just a bit amusin is all. Ye. Nothin more to it."


"Oh dear. I'll have to watch out not to hurt someone while trying to help them then."

I follow the party.


"I don't see why not go to the farm right away. Tatanka…mind if I ride on your back? I hate sand in my hooves."
"You're a dirty one, aren't you?"


"You are a gutsy pony to ask such a thing."
I laugh heartily.
"Very well. If you can climb up then you can ride."


Turn to the guards
"You there. Prepare to answer a few questions once I return."
"Well, you seem to be the leader, as dictated by fair and lawful vote. Lead on."
I follow.


I hop onto his back.
"I feel like a pretty knight."


"Yes, wouldn't want de pretty princess of de forest ta get her hoofsies all sandy now would we?"


The guard gulps and nods at you

He waves you goodbye with a worried expression.
The party begins to cross the Elin river on the brigde.
Even if this is the narrowest point, it still takes a good fifteen minutes to get to the other side.
You can see the farm of the Picks already, another good ten minutes away.
You seem to be able to make out the other farm in the distance as well, but it looks like it's at least an hour of distance on hoof.


"You sound jealous. Don't worry, I wouldn't have let you have a ride even if you had asked first."

"Be careful that you don't fall off Yvonne."
I move towards the Picks' farm at a trot.


"Yuck, sand. Now mud. That's fun. Real, good, forest floor mud."
"Doesn't look like I'll be seeing any forests soon."


Pull out my flask and take a good drink.
Keep walking.


"What a long bridge. Purposefully so. Hm. There must be a reason as to why."
"Leave your quarrel for when we have no real problems to deal with. As amusing as you are to watch, we have an investigation to perform."


"Oh yes, don't mind us with our shorter legs and robes, it's not like we can't keep up with you deserttrotters."


"Mud? And here you were callin me dirty…"


"Then take off your robe and run. The movement and sun are good for you."


Thats what you get for wearing a robe in middle of a desert.


"Huh, yeah why the heck am I still even wearing this? It's not like anyone knows who I a- I mean it's not like I need it."

I take my robes off and put them away.


The party approaches the farm.
As walk further from the bridge you can sense that the magic and air around you is different.
The atmosphere is wild, like your very surroundings want to tear you apart.
You can see someone working on the fields, who runs to the farm as she sees you approaching.
When you get near, an older earth pony with sideburns and a hat trots out, holding a scyhte.
"What's your business here, strangers?"


"Judge Feldspar from the Order of Order. We are here to investigate a disappearance on behalf of Commander Grit."


"We are here to look for the missing family. What do you know of the matter?"


We are here looking for the missing family.


"Like the others already said. How's business?"


"We were sent by that rude pony from the stronghold."



He lets out a relieved sight and lowers his weapon.
"I was afraid that some wildlings actually wondered this close to the Elin…
Excuse me for my rudeness."
He bows and takes off his hat, only to but it back again.
"I'm Pick Axe, head of the Pick family. As for the Stones, I can only tell that they are Rock Farmers such as me and my family. They failed to do their report to the Bridge twice now, and they even delivered it in times of sandstorms and such! We only miss them when something from the deep of the lands wanders here and threatens us… I can only hope that they are safe. I'm sorry, I have no idea what could have happened. I would check on them myself, but I can't leave my own family vulnerable… You understand that, right?"


"Are you absolutely sure this is all you know? Even the smallest detail can be crucial."


"I understand. Are wildlings those cannibalistic ponies we heard talk of?"


"It's fine, it would be foolish to venture out there alone."


Anything else you can tell us?


"Right, I suppose we'll keep going."


"So you have no idea where dey could've went? No directions, ideas, nothin?"


"Yes… They only wandered this close to civilication, but that was more than enough for them to destroy almost everything we held dear…"

"I'm afraid that's all I know. We rarely leave the farm, even staying on the field can be dangerous, not to mention wandering off or visiting someplace else. We are lucky our fields are much closer to the Bridge. I always told Solid to join families and that they should move closer, but he never listened… Maybe he will, after all this is over…"

"I doubt they left the farm at all. That would be the stupidest thing a rock farmer out here could do."


"Well, what ar we waitin for den? We should be geddin to de other farm!"


If he is alive.
Hunting wildlings would be fun.


"Sounds like we'd better get going, Tatanka."


"Let's go."


I follow the rest of the party


"Onwards then. Time is being lost."


You tell your goodbyes to the farmer, and head towards the farm, following his directions.
The Sun feels like it's burning down with hatred instead of caring for you, and the air is dry.
You have been walking for more than half an hour, when you reach the edge of the rock fields.
You can make out the house clearly now.
You notice three large, dire looking vultures circling above, following your movements in the air.


"Carrion birds. This does not bode well for the farmers."


Shot them down!Rolled 3 = 3


"Hey lucky, think you can hit one of those with that toothpick shooter of yours?"


I glance at the vultures.
"This isn't a good sign. Golden Words said that they may be in the basement. That is where we should check first."


"Wildlife. I'm no good with wildlife. It is lawless and mindless, thus worthless and pointless.
We should search the building for clues."


You try to shoot an arrow at them, but it only travels a few meters before falling back.
Don't worry, the vultures got the sign.
They dive from the air with their sharp claws and beaks extended.
Roll to initiate.Rolled 7 = 7


I have sentry and a bow and arrow cutie mark
Shot againRolled 7 = 7


"Nice shot."Rolled 1 = 1


I get my spear ready to spear through any bird that flies towards me.Rolled 8 = 8


me, or Tatanka of course.


Rolling.Rolled 3 = 3


Prepare my swordRolled 4 = 4


Try to hideRolled 4 = 4


You curse yourself and shoot another arrow, this time hitting one them square in the chest.
It loses it's balance and falls straight to…

The spear if Yvonne, dying with a loud screech, falling in front of the buffalo.

As you remark the quality of the shot one of the birds striked down on your from the dive, sending you to the ground and penetrating it's claws deep into your flesh.
You are now helpless.

You await the carrion bird with your sword, but you smack it with the wrong side.
It does litte against the creature. Roll to hold it back with your sword.

Thankfully it doesn't fully concentrate on you, as it bites in the way of the zebra, who tried to hide from it. Roll to dodge.

One of them is dead.
One is clawing at Ariccia.
One is attacking Feldspar and Raventail


I'll stab at the one clawing at the cleric.


Roll to get up.



>rollsRolled 5 = 5


Attack the vulture clawing Ariccia.Rolled 8 = 8


I'll attack the one attacking the like-minded ponies.Rolled 10 = 10


If I break off, rush into the building.Rolled 9 = 9


"Dis is not what I came here for, not dat at all!"Rolled 9 = 9


Goddamit, whats wrong with this cowards?Rolled 10 = 10


One more arrow+spear attack to the back, and creature dies with a wail.

Unfortunately, it's claws are still deep inside the cleric when that happens.
Those will be a bitch to get out.

You evade the neck snapping at you.

You swing your sword and send it to the ground, then rush towards the house

You don't let it get up, and stampede over the bird as you hear every single bone break in it's body.

The vultures are dead.
Ariccia is bleeding on the gfound with the claws of one of them still inside her.


"Do you need help with that, Ariccia?"


Dont worry lass I got this.
>Remove the claw and use bandagesRolled 9 = 9


Get back up and carefully get those claws out of me with telekinesis, then heal up.

"No thanks."Rolled 10 = 10


"Alright. I think we should follow the judge, Tatanka."


"Damn. Dis is de reason I do not like de outdoors."Rolled 7 = 7


Can I fit inside the house or am I too big?


You two carefully remove them, use magic to mend the wounds and even bandage it up.
You are good as new.

You head towards the Farmstead with Feldspar already waiting at the door.

The door seems to be too little for you to fit inside.


Power Word on the door


Your words are met with silence only.


You can move my char if you want to Groves


I'll hop off Tatanka and open the door.


"They are probably too scared to come out."



The door opens with a creak.
You can see the inside of the house, a simple, farmer household.
Still silence only.
Go in?


Step inside


Lucky and I both go in after her.

"Hello? Is anyone here? We're here to help!"


"Shouldn't you enter first, Raven? You know the art of stealth."
Never mind…I'm gonna search for the basement entrance.


You step inside.
There is no one in the kitchen or the living room.
You find a stair that leads to the upper floor.

You find a door at the end of a staircase that leads down nex to the kitchen enterance.


"I'm probably gonna need help here."
Knock on the door.


Lucky and I check the the upstairs area


"Well well, de princess has some awareness to de situation."
Stealth up and sneak into the houseRolled 9 = 9


I search around the outside of the house for an entrance to the basement. If I can't find one I start looking for tracks or signs of a scuffle.


You are hidden from sight as you walk up the stairs before the others.
None of you find anything.
No living , no bodies, no blood, no nothing.



"Though I appreciate it, you don't need to call me a princess."


You find a trap door that is big enough for you to fit, but it has a padlock on it.


"Strange, no signs of battle or struggle at all."

We go back downstairs to check on Yvonne


"Thanks for the help guys."
I'm gonna open the door a little.


Follow Ariccia.


"Yeah, descending in a possibly dangerous basement without checking the rest of the house first sounds like a great idea."


Ariccia is behind you as you open the door a bit.
You can see the wall of the basement.
Open more?


I tap a hoof against the door.
"Hello? Grit sent us to investigate the silence of this farm."


Well it seems that you have found it, since all you get is silence.
No one answers.


Open the door.


Knock on the walls, see if I can find any hidden spots


You open the door, and see that the basement is in ruins.
There is a giant hole where the floor should be, that leads into a dark tunnel.
There is debris from the basement down there, and the mangled corpse of a colt.
There is a stair that leads to a trap door outside.
There is only a narrow ledge that didn't collapse into the tunnel.


You balance on the ledge, and tap the walls, but it's just walls.
The giant hole in the ground might be a better clue.


I bang on the door this time.


"Oh horseapples."

Levitate the corpse of the colt out of the tunnel and investigate it.


Inspect the corpseRolled 9 = 9


Gaze into the pit
"This is most unusual. Yet from here it hard to tell if crime is to blame…"


Also, rollRolled 5 = 5


The others can hear Tatanka banging on the trap door down there.

You levitate up the corpse.
The boy seems to be somewhere around twelve years old.
It has deep slashes all over his body.
One of his hindhooves is missing, as it was cut off.




"How awful, who or what would do such a thing to a child?"


Attempt to determine the likely source of the woundsRolled 10 = 10


"Stand clear!"
I Slam the door.Rolled 2 = 2


Monsters or wildlings.Rolled 5 = 5


Cover my mouth
"How horrible…well, it appears cut, so I'd think the wildlings did it. This truly is a wicked place."


You slam into the door, but it holds.
Try again.

You inspect the wound and with your sharp eyes and years of inspecting corpses in the name of LAW let's you conclude that the wounds were not caused by steel, or any pony weaponry.
Probably some sort of creature, with some very sharp appendages.


I Slam it again.Rolled 1 = 1


"AHA! Fret not. This was done by no pony or blade. Indeed the wounds point to some sort of monster or beast."
Look at the pit
"Judging from that thing, possibly a burrowing beast. This would explain why nobody has been seen leaving, though they are all gone."


You shake your head and charge at the door again, but it still manages to whitstand your charge.
You bounce off of it, and headbutt the stone wall of the house.
You feel a little dizzy.
The padlock sits there atop the closed door, almost mockingly.


I slam the door again.Rolled 9 = 9


"What shall we do with the body? We can't just leave it here to rot…"


You decide that you won't take the mockery from a simple lock, and charge at the trap door again.
You smash through, but with the headache still present from a closer meeting with the stone wall, you forget to stop at the end of the stairs, and almost fall into a pit.
You are very sure that it's not supposed to be there in the basement.
Roll to regain your balance and not fall in.


Burn it.


"Bag it. It is evidence."


Rolling.Rolled 6 = 6


Go help Tatanka with his balanceRolled 3 = 3


"We should give it a burial…I wonder if this was done by one or multiple creatures? We need to warn the other family."
"And I assume you're gonna carry it to the city?"


"Better than nothing, I suppose."

"Evidence against nature?"

Also, I make sure no one falls in the pit using my magicRolled 7 = 7


Are you sure? Because you are afraid of vultures.


"We should give it a burial, but after we follow this tunnel. The dead can wait."


You try to step back and not fall in, but the debris of the doors is still on the stairs.
Raventail tries to grab you, but only manages to push you into the hole.

Thankfully, Ariccia is quick to react and cathes you with her magic, levitating you back up to the stairs, since you can't stand on the narrow ledge.


"I will carry it if I must. It is proof that indeed there has been a disturbance here, and that it is natural. That evidence should free up a lot of resources in the fort, as well as prove the innocence of any possible suspects."


I ask the dead child what happened hereRolled 8 = 8


"Very well, we should see if we can find any more of the family members then."


"Is it not common practice to leave a crime scene undisturbed until local authorities can investigate it? Besides, how would you react if a pony walked up to you with the maimed corpse of a colt on his back?"


The body of the colt spasms a bit, then looks around with wide, worried eyes.
"Wh-Who are you! Where is ma' and pa'? We heard this rumbling noise from under the house in the middle of the night, then pa' went down to see what it is! We heard him scream, and ma' told me not to leave my room and went down too! I waited there for them to come back, and waited and waited, but they didn't come back! So I knew I had to save them, and I got down here, but the basement was no longer there and I didn't see them anywhere, then I heard this hissing! I was very scared and tried to run back but I fell down and my leg started to hurt! The hissing got closer and I cried, and saw something dark with lots of legs and arms that looked like the scyhte pa' made, and I cried more and closed my eyes and didn't dare to look, and then it hurt very much! But now it doesn't hurt at all, but I still don't know where my parents are and I'm scared!"


"But we know it was done by nature so we can just tell that to the commander and he'll believe us, there's no real reason to disturb this corpse."
"If you insist."


"It's happened a few times. Once said pony was innocent to boot.
As for the crime scene, you are technically correct. However, accounting the local wildlife, it seems likely that the body will be eaten or at least torn apart once we leave it.
But, you are the leader here. It is your decision, but also your responsibility. If you order me to leave the body here, and it later causes a problem with proving what we found here, I am holding you accountable."


"Necromancy is truly a marvel of this world. It both frightens and astonishes me, but please let the colt back to rest."


"We leave the body here. Our word and the known danger of this land will be our proof if the body goes missing."


"It's ok, we are here ta find your ma an pa. Now tell me, where did de monster come from? Did it deeg up like a prairie dawg from the de basement?"
Pat his head a little.


"So be it then.
For your sake I hope all turns out well. Where to next? Down the hole?"


"Necro-what, miss?"

"You don't just want to leave me here are you! I have to find ma' and pa'!"

He seems to be a bit calmer after that.
"I don't really know… The hole was already here, it didn't dig anything, but I didn't see where it came from. I should have listened to ma' and stayed up in my room. That scary monster didn't attacked me there! It's like it was defending something down here!"


"Don't worry about it. We'll take care of it, promise."


"The foal has told us all he knows. Please let him sleep now."

"That seems like the best course of action. Do we have any torches? If not someone should check the house for some."


"I heard unicorns have flashlights in their horns."


"Don listen to de cleric. She jus wants me ta keel you again. She theenks bein' undead is a curse or a bad theeng.
Now did ya see or hear anythin else at all? Leetle monsters? Eggs maybe?"
Cradle the dead kid in my hooves and keep my voice calm and soothing
"You can tell me. We can den make it all right again."


Zebras can see in the dark.


"I'm not sleeping until I know ma' and pa' are safe…"

"Kill me? Again? Undead"
He starts to sound very scared again.
"But I'm not dead, I can talk to you! What are you talking about? Dead ponies can't talk!"


"An' earth pones can move dirt around. I hear it's amazing.
But ye, I can take point if dats what ya need."


"Okay, you just keep on being creepy, I'm going down there."

"Really? Remarkable species then."

"Well, we can produce some light yes. Very useful when you're looking into someone's mouth."


Is not really amazing you just push the dirt, you can do it too.


"Kid, I…um. I'm gonna go find your ma and pa, and be right back."


I follow Yvonne.


Im going to luck around.Rolled 5 = 5


Roll to climb down.


I use telekinesis to get myself down safelyRolled 6 = 6


"Was anyone going to look for torches? I'm too big to navigate around what is left of this basement."


"It was de cleric who wanted so much ta bring it up, I'm sure if ya ask her nice she'd love ta explain it to ya."
I untie a strap from my armour and make a sling to carry the kid in
"You can hang there if ya don' feel like walkin'"


You levitate yourself down with ease.

You aren't called Lucky for nothing.
You spot some torches among the debris on bottom of the tunnel.
Now you only need to find some tinder.


Oh no I need some tinder!
Look aroundRolled 2 = 2


"I can take the front, behind the zebra. We stick the other unicorn at the back and we should have even lighting with our horns."


I light the area to help him lookingRolled 10 = 10


He tries to move the stub of his hindlegs, and other parts of his body, but the deep slashes make it impossible for him to do any kind of movement that's not just spasming.
"I..I can't move very well… and what will that miss tell me again?"


"Very well. I will stay behind you."


Rolling to get downRolled 9 = 9


Rolling to climb down.Rolled 4 = 4


You start to look around but can't find anything in the darkness, until

The horn of the unicorn makes it look like you never left the desert in the first place.
It's perfect daylight down there now too.
You also found some tinder.
You can now light the torches.

You hop down with the agility of a cat or some other agile creature of the nature you like.


"This is an acceptable plan."
Hop downRolled 7 = 7


Thank you lad.
>Light a torch and get down.Rolled 9 = 9


I wait for the rest of the group to get down the hole and help them if needed with my magicRolled 2 = 2


"Jus' pay no mind ta her. As long as you are wid me, you will be fine. If ya want ta take your mind off it, try ta listen around if ya can hear anything dat sounds like da monster or your ma or pa, ok?"


You try to climb down but your heavy armor plates make it impossible.
You fall down, but the plate also protects you from harm.
You were lucky.

You hop down on some depris that form small platforms.

You ligth a torch and pocket two more for the others, then climb down.


"You know, I had a cat once…Anyway, someone give me a torch."
Turn to Tatanka
"Looks like this place will be a bit too tight for me to ride you."


"Okay, I will try to listen! Do you promise we will find them?"


I wait for the group to start going and take up rearguard.


Roll to Inspire before we try heading deeper


"Just stay behind me. I want as few ponies between me and whatever monsters we run into down here as we can."

"We'll find them."


Shut up.


"Good boy"
Hop downRolled 10 = 10


Your words fail to amaze the group.

You jump down with grace, while still holding the kid in the makeshift sling.
He looks at you with amazement.
"That was a sight to behold, miss!"


The group is equipped with torches, and the light from the horn of Ariccia still shines.
The tunnel looks straight.
You can go two ways.
One of them should lead towards the River, the other deeper into the Wasteland.


"I know kid. Ees wat I do."


"I'd prefer to go towards the river."




Lets go to the river then.


I check for tracks in the tunnel.Rolled 5 = 5


"If my sense of direction is right, the one leading towards the river could well go under the river and into the fort itself. It seems like a much greater risk. If this is some sort of nest or other similar network of a bunch of monsters, we need to make sure the primary settlement is not in danger, and if it is, warn them so that precautions can be taken."


"You know, you're not half bad when you're not jabbering about the law."


"I do as my post demands of me. I represent the law to those around me, but you know that well enough by now and I need not focus on it. Indeed focusing on it would be a hindrance.
Zebra, lead the way into the riverways tunnel!"


Some of the older tracks are unusable and you can only see that the freshest tracks lead towards the river.

The party decided to head towards the river.


"Weel do.
Now keed, keep dem ears open for anythin' useful, ok?"
Head into the tunnel that goes to the river.




To quest or not to quest, that is the question.
Players, report in.
And post your armor type again for good measure because I was too lazy to write it down the last time.




Name: Yvonne
Race: Earth pone
Class: Wildguard
Alignment: True neutral (worships nature)
Skills: Blast and Root, Ironbark armour
Cutie Mark: proficiency in polearms such as spears and poleaxes
Equipment: A spear and a short sword Light armour (counts as medium due to my skill)
Inventory: supplies and natural remedies.




Judge Fudge (heavy) and Ravenmane (light) reporting in.


Oh we're still pretending you're both of us?
Ok. Sure.


Light or medium leather?


Reporting in

I'm naked


There is no law against that. Carry on.


Wasn't it Raventail last time?


I have no idea how I fucked that up. I blame my notes.


Last time the party ventured down an underground tunnel found under the basement of the Stone farmstead.
They found the dead kid of the Stones, and with the help of necromancy brought him back to life for information.
The tunnel is four ponies wide and four ponies tall.
Tatanka takes up so much space only one pony can fit next to him comfortably.
You can only see a short while ahead with your torches and the light from the horn of Ariccia.
Last time you started to head to the direction towards the River Elin.

What do?
Venture deeper?
Pussy out and turn back?


Yes please


Venture fucking deeper.


Let's move on.


"There can be no doubt or hesitation on our part here. If these tunnels go deep enough to get under the fortress, everypony there will be in danger. We cannot allow that. We must make sure that the tunnels end before the fort, or kill everything that lives deep enough to be a threat, then collapse the tunnel."


"We came dis far. Dere is no reason ta turn back without seein' one of dese monstars eye ta whatever they see wiv."


Venture deeper.>>30621


"Sure, let's move."


The party heads deeper into the tunnels.
It is still dark, but quiet as the grave.
The tunnel starts to cuvre lightly to the right - probably right where the Fortress is supposed to be.
There is a track of dried blood on the ground that ends abruptly.


I get my spear ready.


I look around to see if I can figure out what the track of blood suddenly ended.

Rolled 2 = 2


Inspect around.

Rolled 5 = 5


"I feared as much. If these tunnels do not make any sudden shifts, the entire fortress is in danger, from the monsters AND potential structural problems. I wonder if we can find any way to be sure we are under the fortress…"
Rolling to remember potential underground landmarks.

Rolled 10 = 10


I turn to the kid
"Keep dem ears open now, boy. De monsters could be near."


Try to figure out from which species the blood is from

Rolled 10 = 10


You have no idea. Maybe the source ran out of blood. Probably not.

The blood looks like it's source was dragged on the ground for a while, but it ends after a while like it never even started.

The tunnel is too dry for you to have reached even the river.
You are absolutely sure you are not even near the fortress yet, and must be a good 10 minutes away from where you came down. From the curve you predict it is headed right towards the fortress.

"Okay! I'm listening! Will you kill the bad monsters?"

It is most definately pony blood. Type B. High cholesterol. Traces of alcohol and nicotin. Possibly from a male.


"Let's keep moving. I want to get out of here."


"Pony blood for sure."

Turn to the undead colt.

"Did your pa drink and smoke a lot?"


"Let's get going. Keep your eyes peeled."


"There is ill time to waste. I am almost certain this tunnel indeed does go under the fortress.
We can determine the best plan of action once we've encountered and killed one of them. Then we will know how to best deal with any others."


Thats weird.


"Well pa' drank one beer every day when he could get some from the ponies from the dock, and he had this pipe made from the bone of a Sea Serpent, and he said that when I will be big and strong and take over the farm I can have it! Why?"


"That confirms it then, this blood right here is from your father. We're on the right track."




And they said the clerics are compassive.


"You aren't very subtle."


"See keed, I toldya not ta listen to de cleric…"


"What? From my pa'? But where is he? Is he all right?"
He starts to panic and trash around the best he can with his slashed body.


Whisper to him
"Explains why she was thrown out her monastery"


I chuckle at that.


"He's dead, nothing more than an animated corps. A puppet for the necromancer dog."


"Calm down keed. Just rememba you got a job ta do here, like we all do. We'll find your ma an pa, but ya need ta keep dem ears open, ok?"


"Please stop. All you are doing is scaring the foal."


"Oh he aint no puppet, doll. But give me half a reason an I'll be glad ta show you what kinda puppet I can make outta you."


"That's pretty cold."


He tries to breath to calm down, which only makes blood seep out from his chest and some strange gurgling noses.

"I'm a wha-"
Before he can finish it, the party can hear something in the darkness before them, like something small scurrying around the ground.
You can not yet see what it is.


Like hell I can't
Roll to see what it is

Rolled 5 = 5


Throw a rock in the darkness.


"Ariccia, make yourself useful and shine a light down the tunnel."


Put my spear defensively in front of me and try to see what it is

Rolled 1 = 1


"That thing is not a pony… not anymore."

"The only thing that is cold here is the foals body."

"Am I supposed to be scared now, is that it?"

"On it."

Light up the night with my horn.

Rolled 2 = 2


I lower my head and get ready to charge.

Rolled 7 = 7


"Push me and you will be, doll. Trust me on dat one."
Get ready for trouble.

Rolled 4 = 4


Part of the sounds stops, then continues again.

There is pretty dark where you stand, and you can only see some small forms.
Maybe you should move closer?

You raise your spear but then your nose starts to itch and you want to scratch it.
You do, with spear still in hoof.
You punch yourself in the face with your spear and drop it.

You try to make more light, but it only gets darker.
You turned it the other way around.

You are ready to charge at whatever is hiding in the shadows.


"Keed, do ya want ta be really helpful? Because dere is a special mission I got for ya. What do ya say?"


Light one of my arrows with the torche and shoot it.

Rolled 9 = 9


"Hang on, I just need to heat it up a little."

Try to light up the night again.

Rolled 1 = 1


"Get your shit together, mare"
Roll to inspire

Rolled 10 = 10


I wait and see what happens.


Pick the spear up and get ready for trouble

Rolled 6 = 6


"Anything for my family! What is it?"

It completely turn out.
Now only the light of the torches remain.
And those aren't too much.
Thankfully >>30710 the words of the Judge inspire to light it right back up.
It's as bright as you started out.

You light an arrow and shoot it in front of the darkness.
It lands in the ground lighting a small area.
You can see some sort of creatures there.
They are foal sized bugs with round bodies and soft flesh, without any chitin.
Some of them are sweeping dirt away from the tunnel placing it to the side, some of them are spitting some goo on the wall and spreading it around. They seem harmless.
You can see that the tunnel continues beyond their work.

You pick it back up, your nose still hurting and itching, but you are ready.


"I hope none of you are afraid of bugs."
I continue forwards and do my best to avoid stepping on them as I pass.


"Sorry, I guess my horn isn't cooperating today. What should we do about those bugs?"


Shoot the drones!

Rolled 2 = 2


"Drones of some sort perchance?"
Turn to Tatanka and Yvonne
"You seem to the best ones for the task. Perhaps we should try killing a few, to see if they act as an early warning mechanism of sorts.
Also, we cannot let them continue building this tunnel."


"Jus be ready when I give de signal, ok?"


I stab one

Rolled 10 = 10


-very stealthy like


He nods.

Luckily they try to avoid you as well.
You pass some of them.

You impale one of them with an arrow.

Yvonne lines up her spear, killing three of the drones with one stab.

As the drones die, they let out loud screeches, and the ones that remain start to run down deeper into the tunnel.
There are still 19 drones, running away from you.


Well that was easy.


"I expected as much. Kill as many as you can but expect the larger ones to be here at any moment. Cover all angles. DO NOT LET THEM TAKE US BY SURPRISE. WE CANNOT AFFORD THAT."
Attack the fleeing drones

Rolled 3 = 3


"Good going, now they are off to tell their brothers that we are her."
I charge after the drones and try to crush as many as I can.

Rolled 7 = 7


"Well, so much for the stealthy approach."

Try to catch up to them and smash them with my mace

Rolled 3 = 3


"Well that was just clever as hay wasn't it?"
I try to impale more of them.

Rolled 7 = 7


"Keep safe, keed. Dis ride is about ta get bumpy."
Attack the drones

Rolled 10 = 10


Dig my face up from the floor after tripping over myself
"Had we not done that, we'd be facing them at our rear. At least now we know they know we are here."


You catch up to some of them, smashing them with your hoof.

You try to hit them, but they slip away to the dark.

You finish off more of them.

You jump in front of the others and start to cut them down with your twin daggers.

You manage to kill more than a dozen of them, but the rest are too fast and they dissapear in the darkness.
You can hear some of the screeching for a while, then everything goes quiet again.
Too quiet.


"I suggest we all hold onto our butts. We should soon enough be seeing what exactly lurks down here."

Rolled 7 = 7


Get my bow ready.

Rolled 8 = 8


I get ready to charge at anything coming my way.

Rolled 10 = 10


"Get ready keed. We might soon need ya. Can ya hear anythin'?"


"We should back the heck out but maybe that's just me"
I get ready.

Rolled 8 = 8


Ready my mace.

"Let them come."

Rolled 10 = 10


You words steel the hearts of the group
+1 to all rolls once the combat starts.

The two of you are absolutely ready.
+1 to you when combat (plus the inspire)

You ready your mace like never before.
+2 to clobber down anything coming your way.

You hoof at the ground and prepare for a charge.
+2 to your next slam roll.

"No, I don't think I- wait…"
He listens to something, then starst to get scared.
"It's the monster! I can hear it again!"

Indeed you can hear a hissing sound coming from the dark.
You can soon enough see them too.
Black insects with heavy chitin, that look like praying mantises, their limbs looking like scythes, and an additional set of smaller limbs below that that end like sharp daggers.
The eyes are much smaller too than a normal mantis, and reflect the light of the torches and the glow from the horn of Ariccia.
Since you are so prepared, you get the first move.


I charge in and Slam one of them.

Rolled 3 + 3 = 6


I throw the kid at the bug, then go for a backstab

Rolled 10 + 1 = 11


Use marksman shot in his face.

Rolled 8 + 2 = 10


"Face the light, creature!"

Charge in and smash one of the creatures' head with my mace

Rolled 10 + 3 = 13


Word of Power

Rolled 9 = 9


I blast them.

Rolled 10 + 2 = 12


There are no brakes on the pain train as you charge, taking on of them with you and launching it in front of you, and down to the ground.
You are now in front of the others, with the other two behind you.

You throw the little colt at one of the creatures, and he slices him in three midair, but that gives you more than enough time to get behind it and plant your daggers deep within it's abdomen.

As the creature the zebra stabbed let's out a pained scream, you shoot an arrow right into one of it's eye sockets, making it half blind.

Your words shake the still standing bug, making it disoriented as
Charges in and swings her mace at the bug with such force that half of it's face dissapears into the head itself, and the neck gets loose, barely being attached to the body.

You stab the bug with the smashed face with such force that part of it's abdomen explodes in gore.
It falls down to the ground.


blast does AOE damage on a crit


Back out and prepare a healing spell, no need to get cocky.

Rolled 3 = 3


Keep shooting.

Rolled 6 = 6


I root one.

Rolled 10 = 10


Death Puppet the dead bug

Rolled 1 = 1


"Remarkable performance, the lot of you! Keep it up!"

Rolled 3 = 3


I slam the one on the ground in front of me.

Rolled 1 = 1


You see the opportunity to finish off it while it's still on the ground, but as you are right next to it it raises all of it's limbs.
Thankfully your armor breaks on of his small limbs, and averts one main, but a small dagger limb penetrates and stabs you and the schyte cuts your shoulders.
Roll to get free from the small limb.

You retrieve your daggers with the plans to use the bug for your own necromantic ways, but it's not quite dead yet.
It turns around with one quick motion and slashes at you cutting your front legs deeply as they instantly give away under you.
You are now helpless.

You quickly root the bug before it can lunge on the zebra for the kill.
+2 for all rolls next round on this target.

Your arrow penetrates the chitin again, making it screech.

Your words fail to inspire anyone.

You luckily step back, just as the bug on the ground slashes wildly in the air blindly. It's still not finished.



Rolled 4 = 4


Roll to get up

Rolled 7 = 7


Use Marksman shot.

Rolled 6 = 6


Attack the rooted one

Rolled 5 + 2 = 7


Attack the rooted bug with my mace

Rolled 1 = 1


Fuck the easy target, I smash at the cretin attacking Tatanka

Rolled 2 = 2


You back away but it's stuck between two plates of your armor, and the creature is starting to get up.
Try again for your own good.

You manage to get up, but your front hooves are still weak.
You can only use one dagger until they are healed.

You bring down your greatsword on it, severing one of it's slashers.

You ignore the one on the ground, and try to charge at the rooted one.
You run right into the trashing claws of the one in front of you.
It's blind attacks are more than enough for your unarmoured body to get full of wounds, and you fall down helpless, thankfully out of it's reach.

You try to help your buffalo friend out, but the thrashing one cuts at you as you try to rush past it.
Your natural armor protected you from the worst of the cuts, but you still get quite many.
Roll to get past it to be help Tatanka or to try and finish it off.

You lick your hoof and place a well aimed shot right into the torso of the rooted one, and it's stingers fall limp.


Trying again.

Rolled 8 = 8


I rip it apart with roots
"Feel the wrath of nature, hellspawn!"

Rolled 8 = 8


Roll to get back up and heal myself

Rolled 10 = 10


Help Ariccia to get up.

Rolled 8 = 8


to be able to help*


Backstab the grounded one to kill it off.

Rolled 6 = 6



Rolled 8 = 8


You manage to get free, the stinger dripping with your blood.
The creature gets it's legs back under it, getting up, it's height rivaling even yours.
It hisses you with hatred and raises it's slashers in a threatening pose.

Raventail lunges over to the downed one the best she can and stabs a dagger in the hole that was created from Yvonne's blast, as gnarled roots rise from the ground, ripping the rest of the weakened bug apart.
It's body twitches a bit more but it's dead.

As Lucky helps up the unicorn she focuses her magic healing all the wounds she just suffered.
She is good as new.

You clear the minds of the party, they can focus on the foes ahead of them now.
+1 to all rolls next round.

There is a rooted and heavily injured mantis left near you, and one with only a missing stabber in front of Tatanka.
Remember, only one of you can fit next to him to battle it.


I roar and Slam the mantis.

Rolled 2 + 1 = 3


Shoot him.

Rolled 10 = 10


"Dere, maybe dis will work better now"
Death Puppet the dead one

Rolled 4 + 1 = 5


Attack the rooted one, maybe I can finish it off

Rolled 9 + 2 = 11


I use heal on the zebra

Rolled 2 = 2


Attack the one in front of tatanka.

Rolled 6 = 6


You don't feel threatened at all, you would describe it more as 'mad as fuck'.
You slam the bug right into the walls of the tunnel as it tries to slash and stab at you but your armor protects you from it's deadly limbs.

The dead body spasms a bit, then raises itself on shaky legs.
It still has it's weaponry, but it's far from perfect condition.
It will only last until the end of the combat.

You shoot at it's head again, this time not only taking an eye as the arrow passes through.

You slice it in half before it can even collapse from the arrow wound.

Seems like you exhausted your healing reserves all on yourself just now.
You need to concentrate to actually heal her.

You manage to get past him and he steps away a bit so you can stab at the creature, drawing ichor from it's abdomen.


I tell my new bug pet to go hug the other bug and tell it that we just want to be bros with them.

Rolled 4 = 4


Not enough space for me to be of much use against the surviving bug

Rolled 6 = 6


Beat my hoof against my head

"Focus brain, focus!"

Try to heal the zebra again.

Rolled 10 = 10


I'll BLAST it apart.

Rolled 2 = 2


If the bug in front of me is still standing I slam it again.

Rolled 5 = 5


As you prepare for the next stab, the bug ducks under the buffalo with unexpected speed and agility slashing your face and neck.

Tatanka quickly fixes the situation by slamming into it again, sending it flying and on the ground.

The puppet uses it's slashers to drag itself towards the living one, lungit at it, getting impaled in the process.
The bugs start to battle between themselves, the living one getting the upper hand against it's totally wrecked brother, but it is so engrossed that all rolls against him will have a +1.

Your words boom throuht the tunnel, and it seems using threats works well as a motivation.
+1 to all rolls.

Oh right, you remember how you did it.
It's simple as a wedge.
Her hoofs are good again, and she can stand on them and use both of them again like those cuts never happened.


I slam the living one.

Rolled 7 + 2 = 9


Now use heal on Yvonne

Rolled 2 = 2


Try to get in there to help him

Rolled 4 + 2 = 6



Rolled 10 = 10


Seeing as others will finish the bugs, I clean the blood from my face.

Rolled 6 = 6


Attack the bugs with my daggers.

Rolled 2 + 1 = 3


You slam right into it and trample over them, and you can hear the chitin break and it's goo splatter.

Darn, you forgot how it's done again.
You slightly remember something, but no healing comes.

You wipe the blood away, but it's still flowing.
You should see a cleric about that and stop it.

You are truly one of the most inspirational ponies the Wasteland ever heard.
If they could vote for a president you would surely be elected.
+2 to all rolls.

You are too far away and it's too crowded for you to get there.

You jump there with your freshly fixed legs and start stabbing the living one.
Leave no bugbro behind!
Sadly, the slashers that impaled your puppet only got stuck deeper within him when Tatanka ran them over, but it didn't re-die in vain, as he impaled the other bug as well.
They are both dead, limbs in each other, laying on the ground, seeping ichor.
Truly, this is the closest and warmest hug either of them ever got.

All three mantises are dead.
Tatanka has a wounded shoulder and stab wound.
Yvonne has a deep gash on her face and neck.
Ariccia and Raventail were healed.
The tunnel still continues to darkness if you want to go ahead after patching yourself up.


Apply pressure to the neck wound

Rolled 3 = 3


Cast heal on Yvonne and Tatanka

Rolled 3 = 3


I roll my shoulder.
"I may need a healer once Yvonne has been seen to."


"Good job everypony. Now we know what these things are capable of, and how to kill them. Our top priority is to ensure that the fortress is informed of this threat. The secondary priority is to collapse these tunnels. Even if they do not reach the fortress yet, they are inevitably expanding, as proven by those drones."


You press your hoof against it.
It hurst like a son of a bitch, but the bleeding eases a bit.

You try to heal both of them at once, but only manage to stop their bleedings.
You can heal each of them without a roll, one by one though.


Commune with Bugbro
Ask him what the bugs are doing
Surely he will tell me. We are bros after all.

Rolled 8 + 2 = 10


We dont have explosives.


"Uh, judge, the tunnel still continues onwards, we don't know how far it goes."
"Would you just give be a bandage if you've forgotten how to heal?"


Cast heal and focus on Yvonne this time.

"Hold on."

Rolled 6 = 6


"Thank you Ariccia. Yvonne, are you still capable of fighting or do you need to fall back to the rear?"


"That much is true. This leaves us with a few options.
For one, if we can gain control over one of the bugs, we can try to use it to collapse the tunnels by digging. Or one of us can make their way back to the fortress for reinforcements and ordnance. Or we can keep going in deeper and wish really really hard that the bugs stockpiled explosives down here on their own."
"And what is the point of caring about that? The fort needs to know, and it needs to know as soon as possible. Hundreds of lives are in danger. If this tunnel reaches the fort, and these things break through by burrowing under the walls, everypony there could die."


"I'll just need a mirror when we get back to the city, I'm fine."


"If this tunnel runs under the fort then it should run under the tunnel as well. Wouldn't it be simpler to just flood the tunnels?"


But how?


You manage to restore her, but a slight scar remains.
Don't worry, it will probably fade with time, or when it gets prim and proper cosmetic treatment.

It can only move it's head, and faces you with it.
It speaks to you in deep chirps, hisses and other stange bug noises.
You don't understand shit.
He probably says they are making a tunnel.
And that he was a guard.
Or at least you assume he said that.
You don't speak bug.


"They same way we would collapse the tunnels: Explosives or controlled insects."


"We need to digga tunnel"


"Cool story bugbro"
Go to check if anything remains of the dead kid


"Good thinking, knight."
Pick up a bug limb and strike a nearby wall to check how hard it will be to break them
"Simple. We find the point where the tunnel runs under the river, and then we fall back as someone stays back to collapse the ceiling and flood the tunnels.
Unless we just go get explosives for that instead."
Motion at the zebra


You trot over and inspect the remains.
He was slashed into three parts, his rear legs and half of his body, the other half and one front legs, and his head with neck and a small part of it's right shoulder.


Heal Tatanka now.

Rolled 2 = 2


>You can heal each of them without a roll, one by one though.


"Ah can't promise nothin'"
Try to get at least one semi-decent death puppet out of the mangled bug remains.
Put the head in bag. I can commune with it in a moment.

Rolled 7 = 7


Didn't mean to roll there

"You sicken me."


For the good measure, you try both a slasher and a stinger.
The stinger impales into the dirt.
The slasher is knocked away.
Neither of them are good digging tools.

You step over to the buffalo and mend his wounds.

One of the bugs is slashed in two, and only twitches at your try.
The others are still firmly attached and stuck to each other in an eternal bug-hug.
You are able to make the one that wounded Tatanka standing, but it's limb are useless and it drags the other bug with it.


Why do you want his head anyway?


"I hope you do not plan on keeping that."

"Are we all ready to continue? We still have a job to do."


"Eh, a bit awkward, but ees good enough."
Mount the head on my new VW Bug and commune with it
"Wakey wakey keed, ees time ta go find ya ma an pa"


"Are we going to go deeper or back into the city? Technically we did our job here."


"I trust you were put in charge here, so you should know. Shall I return to the fortress for reinforcements and demolition equipment, or would you prefer to headbutt the walls down so we can let the river in?"


You place the head on top of the nasty bug pile, and the colt opens his eyes, gasping for a bit before talking.
"Wh-what happened?"


"We keelled some monsters, but we didn't find ya ma an pa yet. So we still need dem sharp ears of yours.
And you deed really well on ya special mission. Ya really saved our hides."


"I fear that there is no chance of us accomplishing what we originally came down here for, but these tunnels are much more dangerous than any of us could have guessed. I say we put it up to a vote. I vote in favor of continuing until we find the foal's family."


Turn around and walk away from this disgusting work of body defilement.


Why? They are already dead.


"I… I did? That means we can find them now?…"
He thinks very hard on something for a moment.
"Something is not right… I can't move… I can't even feel… What is happening to me?"

Which way?
Back of further down?


"Your body is in pieces in that corner there."
I start trotting further into the tunnel.


Further down, light up the tunnel to see if I can see anything ahead

Rolled 4 = 4


"The family is dead and our mission is complete. The fortress is at risk and staying down here fighting impossible odds will do nothing but get us killed. We had problems with just three bugs. If there is a whole colony here, we have no hope of victory. We cannot collapse the tunnels on our own, and we cannot kill the monsters without reinforcements. Staying here is a waste of time and lives.
I vote we head back, and send a better equipped team to deal with the problem."


His eyes widen.
"That's not possible… am I d-dreaming?"

You continue down, and can see that the sides of the tunnels are not as flat and even as before.
The drones probably couldn't patch it up yet.
You must be getting nearer to the end.


You shouldnt go down there.

He is right.


"That is two votes for returning to the fortress and one for staying down here until we discover that fate of the missing family. What do the rest of you say?"


"Ees just a leetle side effect of de special mission, keed. Now rememba, your ears are what we need."
"Smooth, princess. Real smooth."
"I'm with de Judge. These bugs are givin' me de creeps."


Go back to the group.

"Let's leave this place. It's too dangerous."


"I'm not the one who had no qualms about hitting these creatures with his corpse in the first place!"
"I don't know anymore, let's head back, I want out of here."


"Very well. We leave."
I turn around and wait for the others that are ahead of me to start moving.


The dead colt faints.
You may try to commune with it later, but he can't be used now.

Does the party move backwards where you came from instead of advancing further then?


"De radar just passed out. If we go in, we go in blind. An I don like dat idea."


That's what we voted for.


"Well then. You know the results. Lead on."


The party starst to head back towards the enterance.
It is still pretty dark down here, but quiet.
You pass the spot of blood after a while.
You are getting out of the curve and into the straight part of the tunnel as you can hear drones ahead.


"Make way to I can get passed all of you."
I start moving to the front of the group.


I send the VWBeetle to tell them that the queen has ordered the tunneling process to be moved to the south end of the tunnel.


I keep advancing up the tunnel.
"A thought just occurred to me. If the tunnel was still being dug in the direction that we were just going, then the chances of us finding any more guardian insects in that direction is low."


The drones arrive at your sight.
There must be at least three dozen of them.
As the puppet bug starst to gurgle to them, the drones stop, then chirp confusedly between themselfes.
A bigger drone, probably leader chirps back to your bug puppet, and waits.
You have no fucking clue what it said.


You are stopped by the wave of drones.
You don't think you can pass them without stepping on any, unless they pass you.


Order VWBug to convince them that this is totally legit and that the foreman drone is being ableist for questioning it.


I wait for Raventail and her pet to clear the bugs away.


I ready my spear.


Wait and see what happens


It shakes it's body a bit, then uses it's sweeping limb to motion at the ground like digging, then spits some some ichor on the ground and spreads it.
After that, it points in the direction you came from, and waits again.


"This is so wrong on so many levels, it's indescribable."


Ask VWBug to point back towards the river, then motion at the ceiling for dinning, as to imply the drones should dig through the ceiling and into the riverbed.


I know but stay quiet for now.


"You dislike necromancy?"


"Necromancy is interesting to a certain degree. But to use it in such a matter like our resident zebra does? Disgusting. I don't care if he raises bugs, but dead ponies should remain dead ponies."


Hold a hoof to my mouth
"Who doesn't?"


The drone leader shakes it's body again.
It tries to claw to lines in the ground with some effort.
He spits the goo on one line, and makes a tidy little tunnel, then points at the drones, then at the river direction.
After that he makes a spitting motion but doesn't actually produce goo, and shakes itself.
Then it sweeps the non-goo reinforced line away.
He then goes to a near by wall, stands taller than usual, and makes big, clawing, digging motions, and points toward the river again.
He looks up at the puppet afterwards, like it's waiting for it to comprehend these simple guides.


"The shamen in my village occasionally commune with dead elders when seeking advice. Warriors will sometimes volunteer to have their remains reanimated to guard sights of spiritual significance. What the Zebra did with the colt was wrong, though."


"I think they know that digging near the river will produce a flood."


Tell VWBeetle to make it very clear to the drones that they are to ignore all previous orders and focus all efforts on digging through into the river.


Then we need explosives.


The drone leader shakes itself violenly again.
He then motions towards the river again, and some of the lesser drones start to move in that direction.


"Did you have a nice chat?"


Tell WVbeetle to escort the drones to their new job.
Wait for them to pass, then motion an all clear to the party.


Once they are clear I start walking forwards.


Two-thirds of the drones already passed by you.
The rest seems to be waiting with the leader for the puppet bug.

The leader drone nods, and procceds going towards the river with the puppet bug scuffling behind them.

The party continues down towards the basement enterance.


Follow him.


"Let's hoof it and fast!"


"Well that was remarkably simple."
Jut down a few notes, follow the others to the basement.


"About time."


Make sure the puppet is doing that it is supposed to be doing, then catch up with the rest.


After a bit of a walk, the party arrives at the ruined basement.
The trap door is still broken down as you left it, and you can see that it's still light outside.
You can hear two or three drones scurring about where the basement is still standing.

What do?
Check the other way?
Climb up to the basement remains to get out?


"I volunteer to return to the fortress and get us reinforcements. All who wish to join me are welcome to do so."


Im with you.


"We should all go."
I climb out of the tunnel and basement.


"Splitting up is a bad idea."

Climb out of the basement.


"If they're gonna flood the tunnel this basement is gonna get wet too. We should all get back into the city."


Your armor is pretty heavy.
You should roll if you can get up without help.

You manage to climb out with a bit of an effort.


"I don't wish ta stay down dere any longer dan I have ta."
Pull out the kid's head from my bag
"Should I keep dis just in case?"


I climb out and give a hoof to Tatanka.

Rolled 3 = 3


Climb out the basement.


Rolling to climb out.

Rolled 2 = 2


"Need a hoof?"

Use telekinesis

Rolled 1 = 1


"He should be buried."


"Leave it here!"


Climb up over Raventail and try to inspire
"C'mon, it's just a basement, we just survived bug monsters!"

Rolled 3 = 3


"But I kinda like havin' 'im around"
Stash the head again, then climb up


Ooopsie daisy.
Didn't you left it on top of your bug puppet?
It's way back there.

As Tatanka is trying to climb out Yvonne reaches down to help him, and Arricia tries to levitate him up bot only manages to slam him back into the ground with full force, and he grabs Yvonne down with him.


"Uh…should I push you from down here?"


"Sorry about that, Yvonne. Climb back out before I do, I wouldn't want to fall and crush you."


The basement is a grave danger to all.


I climb back up and try to pull him again

Rolled 9 = 9


"Sorry! I guess magic really is unpredictable around these parts…"


"I trust one of us had the sense to bring proof of the bugs? A severed limb? A dead drone? Something?"



Rolled 1 = 1


Our word is enough.


"My armor is coated in dead bug."


I should be able to get one of the dead drones from the tunnel. Be right back.
Quickly head back and see if any of the drone corpses might be there.


You manage to climb out, and with some effort get the buffalo up to the ledge.

You are already up silly.
You fall face first on the stairs tough.

The party is all up on the reamains of the basement.
There are three dones here, that scurry around, and seem awfully confused that this upwards hole is even here.


Try to catch one of the drones

Rolled 9 = 9


"The drones act confused. Is it possible that a different species is responsible for this hole?"


"Whatever it is, it'll drown with the rest of these creatures."


You manage to catch one.
It trashes around a bit and tries to get down at first, but subdues a bit later, only ocassionally trying to get away.


"Fine, we have the evidence, let's get out of here."
I walk out to the desert.


"Or perhaps they are simply not very clever things and failed to understand the difference in structural integrity between the plains and a basement floor.
Now. ONWARDS. We have much to report. Like the fact that if all goes to plan, there might not be a river soon."


"Thank you for helping me get out of the tunnel. Would you care for another ride?"


"I wouldn't mind a ride"


"They might get a little angry at that."


Eww gay.


"You didn't help me climb out of the tunnel."


The party leaves the basement using the stairs and the trap door.
The sun is burning down on you mercilessly.
You can see some strange cacti on the rock fields, you were pretty sure that was not there when you went down.
Start to head towards the Fortress?
Follow the riverside or pass throught the rock fields?


"Sacrifices must be made to ensure the safety of the many."


Head yowards the fortress.


Ignore cacti
Get to the riverside


I walk towards the field, but do not enter it.


"Dems sum funky plantlife"
Roll to see if I can spot anything in particular about the cacti

Rolled 3 = 3


"We should stick to the riverside."

"That's exactly what they'll be angry about. Creatures will be able to freely pass through if the river runs dry, allowing them access to Equestria. But hey, I'm just a doctor, what do I know?"


It's green.
And it has some thorns.


"Hm. Indeed, indeed. How very tragic. Tragic indeed…"
Head to the riverside. Keep an eye out for danger.


You head towards the riverside glancing at the rock field ocassionally, but keeping your distance.
It is strange indeed, but motionless.


Rolling to inspect the cacti.

Rolled 9 = 9


"I wouldn't mind a ride, but you hurt your leg, and I don't want to be a burden."
"Didn't they say something about cacti creatures or am I remembering meta?"


It is standing in a very awkward position.
It's thorns are pretty big.
It seems like it's not even rooted to the ground, only standing there between the rocks.


"Do not worry. If I were too hurt to carry you I would not off you a ride. I also believe your memory is correct, those only appear to look like cacti."

Rolled 2 = 2


I know I cleared the email field.


I hop onto Tatanka's back

Rolled 6 = 6


The party follows the river and head towards home.
You occasionally glance back.
Seems like the cacti stayed in the rock fields.
You reach the bridge after a good hour of walking.


I cross the bridge and approach the gate guards.


"Shame we have to come back empty handed…"


Keep moving.


I cross the bridge behind Tatanka. I'll wait to see what he has to say to them before doing anything.


"I got a bug at least"


"I hope you get arrested and thrown into the oubliette."


"The family was most likely taken beyond our reach. Those bugs did not seem like the kind to take prisoners."


"Ah crap we should have warned the other family!"


You cross the bridge and soon end up at the base of the wall.
You can see that sentries are standing watch up on the wall.
There are two guards outside the small door that you used to come out, the large gate still closed.
One of the guards opens the door and gets inside while the other orders you to stay there.
He soon returns with a mare behind her, dressed in robes.
She turns to you and orders you nonchalantly.
"Line up in a single row, will you?"


Do as he says




Do as told

"Nice robes."


"May I ask why? We have an urgent warning for Commander Grit. A pegasi should also leave for the Pick's farm and warn them to flee to the keep."


She doesn't really care about your comment.

"You'll have to tell that to someoen concerned about that kind of stuff. And don't ask stupid questions, just do as I say so I can do my job too."


"And what is your job?"
I get in a line with the others.


"I am Judge Feldspar of the Order of Order. By what authority do you command me and those among who I serve? We need to speak with the commander, as >>31119 the good knight explaine-
-well so be it. But I expect an answer afterwards."
Line up. Keep my eyes peeled.


"Ya ya. No need ta be rude."


"No, really. I like your robe, what order are you from?"


After you are all lined up, the robed mare steps in front of each of you, as blue light shines from her horn, enveloping you, one at a time.
You get a strange sensation that she can see into your very soul.

When she arrives at you she sights, then speaks in a bored tone.
"You can get one like this at the armory. It's a simple uniform."

After she is done with all of you, she steps back, and looks you over.
"Okay, you are clear. You can enter now."


Thank you.


"Checking us for enchantments?"
I wait a few seconds for an answer, and if one doesn't come then I continue towards the keep.


"Is Detecting Evil on all returning arrivals standard procedure?"


"Thank you."

Enter the keep.


"No. For changelings."


I hop off of Tatanka and rush to the keep


"Yes. And it's not a simple detect evil spell. It's supposed to uncover transformed changelings."


"Chengelings… Oh brotha… I don like de sound a dis…"


"And how many have you discovered thus far?"


Quickly scurry back to her.

"How hard is it to learn that spell? Where can I learn it?"


"Another threat to the ponies here? Oh well, now is not the time."
I run after Yvonne.


"I'll catch up once I'm done here. Inform the commander the river might go missing soonish. He should probably know that!"


"Go bother someone else with the questions. I don't have time for this."
She turns to leave.


"I hope it doesn't disappear completely!"



Catch up to the group




She glances back at you, still calm and bored.
"We don't have a problem with it. We just check everyone not to have it. And Crystal Clear was the high mage here, but she is gone as you might know."
She turns around do go again.


Run after her
"I will give you one more chance at this. Who is ordering the changeling inspections, who has a catalog of discovered changelings, or at least who do you answer to so I can go speak with someone more competent and cooperative?"


How many turns does it take to reach the keep?


The rest of the group starts to head up towards the keep.
After they reach the second ring, you can see that a crowd has gathered on on side of the wall next to some training grounds.
Investigate or carry on?

She sights and rubs her forehead.
"There are no catalogs. We simply kill any that we may find. they are mindless monsters, like the rest of the Wasteland, nothing more. And I served under Crystal Clear before she went cuckoo. Golden Words took over the inspectors and seers after that. He's not even half the mage she was, but he's not half bad either."




I spare the crowd a glance as I pass it.

Rolled 6 = 6


I wish I could but we must keep going until we find either Golden Words or the Commander




"See, a bit of cooperation goes a long way. You may go now. If you see mr. Words tell him I need to speak with him."
Turn to the gate guards
"You two!"


The two of you go ahead to the keep.
You can't make out much from here, except that they are standing in a circle, watching something.

The two of you break off to see what is going on.
As you get closer, you can hear someone shout numbers and cracks of a whip.


Stay out of the way, but keep near the Judge


Ask one of the pones standing about who is getting whipped


I enter the keep and go to the room where we met Commander Grit.


"He's probably up in the keep. Go see him yourself."
She trots away.

The guards look at you.
"Yes sir?"


Keep watching.


Try to find Golden Words.


They tell you that it's just a cadet that was caught red hoofed while trying to steal desserts from the food storage but is getting severe punishment because it's the worst possible time, as some supplies and weapons have gone missing in the near past.

You find him there.
He looks up at you.
"Where is the left of your group? Don't you tell me they died on a simple recon mission!"

You find an office with his name on it.


"You probably heard me the first time so I doubt the need to reintrodice myself. I am here on official business by order of both the Order of Order and Commander Grit. I need able bodied and sharp minded escorts to accompany me, and you two at least seem to have good reaction time if nothing else."
Eye the two over, see if they seem like worthy soldiers


Knock many times and loudly


"How many whips? This seems a bit extreme."


Life is hard in this place.


"You may come in!"

They exchange some glances, then one of them speaks up.
"Sir we are not allowed to leave our guard posts for any reason until the end of our shifts. The lower gate is the most important part of the fortress. Maybe you could find others at the barracks?"

"35. Poor bastard, always told him that his addiction to sweets will get him into trouble."


"They are all elsewhere. When we arrived at the farm we found a hole and a slaughtered colt in the basement. The hole led to a tunnel which led into the wastes in one direction, and towards the keep in another. We found blood in the tunnel belonging to the colts father. The tunnel was inhabited by an inspect species that we believe responsible for the missing family. There is some good news though: The zebra was able to take control of one of the bugs and used it to command to others to dig into the river by the walls. The bug problem will hopefully solve itself."


Open the door
"We might have just made the river's water level drop a bit. There were creatures who had slaughtered the rock farmer family, and we kinda sorta forgot to warn the other one about them, someone should get over there immediately"


"You have passed the test well. This gate is indeed important, and not to be left undermanned. I will remember this if we ever meet again."
Smile at him
"Carry on."
Head to the barracks to find some proper escort troops.


"Not to mention the cavities he'll get from eating all those sweets, that's the real punishment you know!"



I doubt it


"-and what's going on at the second ring?"


He looks at you with frustration.
"The loss of the family is bad, but the discovery is even worse. What sort of creatures were they? And if they are digging towards the Fortress, this can't be handled light heartedly. What do you think this is, kindergarten? 'Hopefully solve itself?'?! Did you check the end of the tunnel? And how could leave without being one hundred percent sure that we are safe? Do you even understand you are playing with the fate of Equestria here? Will I have to send ponies there because of your incompetence? We are already short on good ponies, that's why you were sent down there! You had one task!"

"Whoa, slow down miss, what is this all about? What creatures? Where?"
"Oh, and that's just a punishment of a voracious soldier."

You head towards the barracks.
There is one in each ring.
Which one will you visit?

The crowd starts to perish after the punishment is over.
You can see a slightly fat pony lying there on the ground, covered in small cuts from the whip.


The innermost ring should house the most battle ready ones, as they are posted closest to the bridge.
Head there.


Walk away I want food.


Keep trailing the Judge, since the others are far away already



Trot over and cast heal on the pony

Rolled 2 = 2


"The Zebra we had with us captured one…they were like huge praying mantises, they were digging a tunnel under the fort, but we flooded it, I think. The tunnels started under the house of the farmers we were sent to check on. But someone needs to warn the other family, the creatures might return!"


"Three insect warriors, shaped like large mantises, nearly tore us all apart. They have blades for limbs and can survive having most of their body destroyed. We left as soon as we were sure they were all dead. This problem cannot be solved by the river then it will need a military solution, not a mercenary solution. If you want to inspect one, however, the zebra was able to catch a small drone and bring it back. I believe she is with the lawpony, who was harassing the unicorn that checked to see if we were changelings last time I saw him."


>If this problem cannot be solved by…


You find the barracks soon enough.
You can see ponies outside in the yard playing ball games, running and excersising, or simply enjoying the their free time.
There are probably ponies inside as well.

As you try to walk up to him to heal him, a gruff looking guard stands before you.
"And just what do you think you are doing?"
You can see that he has the whip on his belt, and his voice is the same that counted.

"A tunnel? Underground? Heading this way?"
He looks worried for a moment.
"And you flooded it? Did it reach under the fortress? If the bedding of the walls are underwashed we might be in serious trouble. Are you sure about this? And yes, of course, I'll send someone to warn the Picks."

"Why is that damned pony troubling my troops? Doesn't he have anything better do to?"
He trots up to the table, and looks at some scrolls.
"We got orders from Canterlot again today. They want us to withdraw a hundred more ponies, saying they aren't needed here anyway. There is a reason your group was sent there. We can't afford the ponies here to get killed, and you handled yourself fine if you are still alive."
He sights.
"Get me that zebra with the bug, and get my Advisor here as well. And gather the rest of your sorry group here!"


Ask the closest one who is in charge of the barracks


"You have need now."
I turn and leave for the group of ponies outside.


Watch the situation as I hear the guard.


"Why, treating this pony of course. It's my job to do so after all."

Cast heal on the pony again.

Rolled 2 = 2


"Someone should check on the dead family's basement. We aren't completely sure if the bugs had reached the fort yet, or even the river, but if the basement is flooded, so is the whole tunnel system."
I turn to leave
"I need to find that damn Zebra with the bug. Don't tell her I said this, but she kinda creeps me out."


Slink up to the judge and whisper a little something into his ear


"Hm. Yes. I understand your proposal. I will keep it in mind, as should you…"


"Uh, it's Captain Pommel, why?"

He stands before you again.
"Those wound will remind him not to steal from the Fortress ever again. Who are you anyway? Identify yourself!"

You find the office of Golden Words with Yvonne inside.

"You will have to talk to the Commander about the troops you see."
He chuckles at your other comment.
"Yes, I have heard some zebras have uniquely charming ways…"


"Grit wants us all to meet with him. That includes you, Mr. Words."
I leave the keep and go to where the crowd is.


"Ah. Good. Now we're making progress.
I am Judge Feldspar of the Order of Order, here by order of the Order of Order to assist in maintaining order as ordered by commander Grit.
And in order to maintain that order I will need some escorts to help me in dealing with dangerous suspects and other things an older pony like me is not suited to taking on alone. Can you take me to this captain of yours? I feel the soldiers here would be best suited for my needs."


He nods, and turns to Yvonne.
"Shall we?"
He then motions towards the door for her.

You find that the crowd has dispersed, but a wounded fat pony is still there, as well as Lucky and Ariccia, in fron to of a big earth pony staillion.


"My name is Ariccia, and I'm a monk… kind of. This stallion has obviously suffered enough already. So please, allow me to heal him. If you don't, then I'll just do it behind your back."

Try to cast heal again.

Rolled 3 = 3


"Lucky! Ariccia! Grit wants to see us all about the bugs? Have either of you seen Feldspar and Raventail?"


I'll follow Words for now.


No but give her a minute she is about to fight with this guard.


"Grit dislikes us enough already. The two of need to follow me."
I go back to the gate to the wasteland.


"Well, okay I guess."
The pony stands up and leads you inside tha barracks, to a door with a plaque saying 'Officer's Quarters'.
"I can only lead you this far, privates are not allowed inside there. Don't worry, you can't miss the Captains room."

He pushes you away.
"You want to taste the whip too? Go away why you can. He deserved what he got."
The pony on the ground just let's out a pained moan.

He leads you to the room where the Commander is.
They greet each other and Grit just nods as you enter.
Golden Words turns to you.
"I belive we want to wait for everyone before we start?"


You arrive at the gate.
The guards are still there.


"Where did the loud pony and the Zebra go?"


"Have it your way then. I'll be back"

Follow Tatanka


"Good work. I'll be sure to request you personally."
Knock on the door
"Judge Feldspar of the Order of Order. I am here on official business."


Follow them.


The guards look at the three of you.
"I think they went to one of the barracks for something."

Someone from the inside tells you to come inside.


"Where are the barracks?"
Once they tell me I get going.


I sit down on my flank and nod at Words.


Step inside, assess those present. Address the captain.
"Good day. As stated I am here on official business by order of the Commander and the Order of Order. I am tracking down a number of notable criminals and other threats to this place, and require escort troops. I trust you can spare a few of your officers and their subordinates to my command for the time being? This is an important matter after all."


I let the Judge do his thing with the officers and instead go check out some of the guards outside.


"Well, there is one in every ring. They are the big buildings left of the gates, with the sportsfields before them."
You get going to check the barracks of the first ring.

Golden Words and Commander start to discuss the situation between themselves.

The captain looks at you with suprise, then looks at the other officers.
"He's kidding, right? Are you guys trying to pull a prank on me? Because this isn't funny."

Most of the ponies here don't wear their armor off duty.
There are ponies inside that are sleeping on bunk beds.
Some ponies are eating outside.


"I assure you this is no joke, and indeed no place for general hesitation. I require those escorts and I require them now. How many can you spare?"


Do I see Raventail from where I am? If I don't then I go inside the barracks.


Try to find someone who looks like they might know some details about ponies going in and out of the fort. Like a sentry.


"Oh right, I, um, know this sounds vain, but do you have a mirror somewhere nearby?"


Yes you do.
She is standing out there.

"Escorts for what? We don't have any ponies to spare! We were working tightly even before, but since the last months we lost so many ponies that I can't even keep track of it! The deserters after she was gone, the religious forces after what happenet to the Temple and the constant orders from Canterlot! I can't spare anyone, especially not without orders from the Commander!"

That chick has the eyes of an eagle.
He must be one.

Golden Words smiles at you and levitates a small mirror from her robe to you.
"Here you go dear."


And all this time I thought it was a he.
I check my scars.


"Raventail! Commander Grit wants to see you and your bug immediately. Where is Feldspar?"


I'm getting tired a bit.


The scars are on your rigth side, and run from your cheeks to your neck.
Thankfully Arricia healed it quite nicely.


It might have been fun if he was a she
Well I'll still check my scars.


"The commander is not off my list of suspects. There are simply too many unanswered questions here, and with every last one of the answers seemingly mired behind some draconian chain of command, my position and creed will not allow me to idly stand by and watch this entire fortress and border self destruct due to the incompetence of a few key figures.
For the time being, I am assuming command here, effective immediate. By order of the Order of Order, and as witnessed by THE LAW, I hereby command you to serve me in any and all ways possible, until the buried crimes of this place have been unearthed and resolved."

I use my specialty - Command - on the Captain and whoever else is in the room.

Rolled 2 = 2


I swipe my face with a hoof
"Well, I guess it's only natural…"
I hand the mirror back to Words
"Thank you."


"De Judge is eenside. Shouldn't be hard ta find.
Wat does de commanda want of de bug?"


"He wants to see it and he wants to speak to all of us about what we saw in the tunnels. Either fall in or go to the room where we first me him."
I enter the barracks.


"Such a hurry all of de sudden. Sheesh."
Wait for the judge by the door



I go back to the room where we met the Commander to meet up with Yvonne


"You are welcome. It's a shame that such a pretty face was violated in such a manner. If you want to, I can arrange a rendezvous for you with a cleric that specialises in fixing such problems as this!"
The Commander rolls his eyes.

The Captain and two other officers just look at you and nod.
"Of.. Of course sir. Our lives for the Law!"
The other officers just look at the scene with shock and incomprehension.
Captain Pommel and two other officers are now following your orders.

You enter and can see that a door at the other end of the main hall is wide open, and can see the Judge in there.

You arrive there shortly, and find Yvonne, Golden Words and Commander Grit there.


"Feldspar, Commander Grit needs to see us all about what we saw in the tunnel. He's waiting for us in the room where we first met him."
I leave the barracks and go back t the room where Grit is.


"The rest should be coming shortly."


"Maybe, let's just see where this meeting will lead us."


I walk to the commander room.


"Good. The Law watch over you, and us all. For now, stay put as you are and proceed as normal. I need to go have a little chat with the Commander so that I can be sure of the next course of action. You, big fellow, with me. I could use some sturdy company, not to mention a messenger who is not as old as myself.
I will be back shortly. Carry on, but remain vigilant for my return.
You are a good pony, Pommel. I want to make sure you have a good city to serve. We will make sure of that together."
"Ah yes, the commander. Indeed. On my way"
Head for the commander's seat of power, with Raventail in tow.


You join the others in the room.


As we head to the Commander's room, whisper a few key things to the Judge.


The Captain and the other officer bows to you as the big stallion follows you to the place where the rest of the group is.





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