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The long hiatus is over, children!

The party had a rendez-vous with the rebel they met at the castle called Spirit Fire, and with the help of another pony called Charon they ventured over to the Wasteland with the intentions of meeting Crystal Clear, their leader.
Little did they know they will also have a little get together with their good old insectoid friends, but instead of tea and cookies only pain and dismemberment was served.

Charon was injured and knocked unconcious, as the party quickly hurried the rest of the way in the hopes that they won't get attacked, and quickly arrive at a strange hill.
Spirit Fire taps her horn against a set of stones, which reveals the mouth of a natural cavern deeper inside, the inside lit by small, floating magical orbs on the sides.


I wait for her to enter first.


"Oh great, more caverns."


Walk in.


"Hm, so this is how criminals hide in these parts. Interesting.
Sergeant, take point behind the unicorn. Cleric, follow him. I'll be the rear guard."


Skip through the tunnel humming a jolly tune


"Oooh… clever."
I follow inside.


She walks inside, Colos carrying Charon behind her, as she overhears you.
"This natural cave formation was used by Wildlings before we got here, but it is totally safe, I assure you! Expect the occasional magical accidents…"

She rolls her eyes.
"We are not criminals!"

The corridor soon opens up to a circle shaped hall with multiple other openings, directions carved magically into the stone next to them. You can see some other ponies here, some of them carrying equipment from one path to the other, some of them just chatting away. All of them look up as you enter, murmuring between each other.

Spirit Fire quickly runs to an earth pony who seems to wear the guard armor from the Fortress as opposed to the mostly robed ponies, who quickly takes Charon on his back and gallops down the corridor marked infirmary.

She then turns to you.
"He will be okay now, he couldn't get better care than our healers… I suppose you want to see Crystal Clear right away?"


"Magical accidents?"
I shake my head.
"Fine, that's what we're here for."




"I operate based on evidence. For now, I have been presented more against you than for you. Do not take it personally, it is simply the creed I have chosen in life.

And yes. The sooner we see Crystal Clear, the sooner we can clear things up and reach a suitable judgement."




"Hey, I'm a healer too! Are you saying I'm no good?"


I nod my head.
"Yes, we'd like to see Crystal Clear."


I shudder as I remember her attempts at 'healing'.


It was me who kicked you repeatedly


Bitch, she has healed your ass from the brink of death twice already


"Right. Follow me then, and don't wander off please."
She starts walking down the corridor with the title 'Administration'.

"It's nothing big, just some small explosions by the light orbs here and there… and of course the sand elementals outside created by the magical backlash… but it's all because of the Wastelands and it's changed magical properties!"

She giggles.
"Don't worry, I'm only saying that we are mostly clerics and healers here, at least partially."


"Who else is here?"


I follow her and stay close to Tatanka.
"You aren't worried the bugs will burrow into your base?"


I know. Ariccia nearly gave me rust poisoning though!
"Have you studied the effects the Wastelands have on magic by any chance?"


Follow her, smiling again

"This place really messes with my magic, yeah. So all of you are healers like I am? Maybe I should stay here with my own kind!"


"Lets make this quick. Every moment wasted is another injustice upon the world left unpunished."

Check my book of the law on the severity of the crime of deception


Follow her.


"Crystal's mages that were loyal enough to follow her here mostly, but we also have a number of guards, who then mostly followed those who followed Crystal… You get it."

"We've seen them milling around outside occasionally, but they never acted hostile before! Why would animals deliberately attack us?"

"It's not something you can plan on. Sometimes it helps you, sometimes it makes your magic go crazy… but we are doing everthing to look into the subject as safe as we can."

"If you want to learn more about it and help advance our magical studies I guess you could!"

"Don't worry, we are almost there."
You pass several other openings, mostly leading to middle sized alcoves with desks and tables in them, most of them empty as the ponies working there probably finished working for the day.


"They tried to attack the fortress for one."


Check what the damn book says about deception and how severely it is to be punished

Rolled 6 = 6


For the purposes of this section "deception" means any deception (whether deliberate or reckless) by words or conduct as to fact or as to law, including a deception as to the present intentions of the person using the deception or any other person.

It's not a Fraud or anything, but you could still send a pony to jail for it.


Walk over to one of the desks and see what these ponies are working on


Hm… very well then.
Put the book away and make sure my armour is looking proper.


"Does it have a tendency to only effect certain ways of channeling magic? Does it affect any of the 'innate' magic that the other races use, like a pegasi's ability to control the weather? Have you discovered anything specific beyond how unpredictable it is?"
I take out a small notebook and start jotting down things, waiting for a response.


"Yvonne is correct. The bugs have been nothing but violent towards us."


You can see medical charts of pony body parts, calculations with magic and small scribbled notes on the 'WL-effect' before Spirit Fire sheperds you away, saying 'No lolygagging."

"Uh, you should ask Crystal about that, she knows more about that…"

"On purpose? They seem like simple animals from afar."

The corridor ends in another circle shaped 'room' filled with tables that hold magical items as well as stacks of books and papers. Some robed ponies who are working here turn to look at you, then after Spirit nods to them leave the room, leaving the party alone with Spirit and one pony in the middle of the room, who was previously holding up three books with her levitation.

She turns around to face you. The unicorn has a well kept light blue coat with a deep blue mane. Her blue eyes radiate curiosity and intellect as she looks over you, then quickly bows.

"Ah, you must be the unofical ambadassors from High Trotgar. I don't think I need to introduce myself to you, but to clarify it, yes, I am Crystal Clear, I have heard you've been looking for me. I hope we can keep this conversation as civil as possible."

Her robes look different, immaculate white instead of the normal green. It also has a relatively short metal staff hanging on the side, ending in a sharp blue crystal on top.


"Please tell us why and how you were removed from the command of High Trotgar. We have only heard Grit's side of the story so far."


I talk to the pone who led us.
"They're organized like ants."
I turn and bow to Crystal Clear.
"Me too."


"A pleasure to meet you."


"Yes. Let us hope so.
Sergeant, cleric, positions. You know the drill.

I am Judge Feldspar of the Order of Order. My duty in this world is to serve the law and see it's will done in all places. This duty has brought me here, for there are many questions left unanswered regarding the past events and current situation of High Trotgar.

For as such, I request you present your side of the story, and any related evidence, so I may see, by the law, if you are indeed the criminal you are accused to be."


Boop her on the nose swiftly!

"Hi! I'm Ariccia."


"Oh, right. Please forgive me for being impolite, but this was a difficult journey. Thank you for meeting with us."


I clear my throat.
"It is a pleasure to meet you Crystal Clear.
I'm afraid I'm not as well informed about the situation as my allies here, as I was only recently transferred here from Canterlot University."


"No, thank you for hearing me out."

She bows gracefully at you again.
"It's a pleasure to have you all here as well."

She looks confused at first, then smiles at you.
"It's good to see that there are still ponies out here that can keep their joyous nature."

Mendy lights up her horn, and tries to use Detect Alignment on Crystal Clear.
She nods.
"Yes, in just a moment. I'll let your helper do her work, but as a precaution, let me do the same. Assasination is as far as it gets from Grit's ways, but you don't seem to be simple guards either."


Rolled 1 = 1


Lets see how well that Detect Alignment went

Rolled 2 = 2


Mendy's horn do light up, but instead of using her spell she makes one of the magical orbs that serve as a light source explode, setting a table on fire in the process.

Spirit Fire quickly reacts and tries to levitate the books away before they catch it, as well as putting it out.
Mendy just gives a sheepish and embarassed look at Feldspar.

Crystal Clear looks a bit taken aback, before cleaning her throat.
"Uh, I would be grateful if you didn't do that again…"
Her magic then envelops all of you, sending a chill down your spines, as she looks over all of you.
She stops and raises an eyebrow at Timbre, but without saying anything let's the light fade.

"You seem to be fine. Now as for our main topic here… I believe what you heard about me is that I am a power-thirsty murderer, isn't it?"


"Thats what the commander said,"


"Yup! The commander said you are a jerk. But you are very nice and pretty so far, so maybe he is just talking out of his ass."


I put a hoof protectively over my saddlebag with the book in it.
"If I may, I'd like to see what research you have on the Wasteland and its effects on magic, since I won't be of much use here in the conversation. Would that be alright with you?"


"Well, the way I understood it you just showed the cocky soldiers a lesson. A bit too harsh a lesson but anyway."


Give Mendy a scowl. She will learn the price of her failure later.
"I've yet to see proof of the opposite.
Sergeant, if you would kindly list the accusations the good commander has made of our host, please."


"More or less."


He starts to list it with a straight face.
"Assasination of several ponies by poisining them, murder of the guards who were sent to arrest subject then fleeing. There have been sabotages on the Fortress and attacks on caravans that might be related to the group of ponies controlled by subject."

She patiently waits for Sergeant Colos to finish, before sighing sadly.
"So that is how I am referred to there nowadays, a monster…"

She starts to speak with a frown.
"I have always wanted the best for High Trotgar. That's why I applied for the position after the retirment of Commander Swiftwind. I might not have been a militaristic leader, but I was effective, my mages didn't disobey me and Grit kept his soldiers in check. All was good until a parasprite infection in Wheatley caused a shortage on food, nothing short of a famine."

"Of course Wheatley was obidient, the ponies there were too simple to argue with the Fortress, and gave all they got to feed us, leaving some of them starving, while we hogged all the food! Of course I was going to send some of it back, even if that meant that our soldiers got smaller portions and we couldn't afford the luxury of letting them eat as much as they liked as before."

"There were slight quarrels over it, even my own ponies frowned upon that, but they understood it. The soldiers on the other hoof still trained and fought the Wastes every day, and demanded that they are properly fed. The servants were on better terms with them than with me, and sometimes still allowed them to eat more."

"Then one day, everypony who did died. Even my clerics and best healers were too late, the poision was so strong no amount of our magic could help them. Of course I was blamed, but I don't even posess the knowledge of how to make or acquire such a thing! I wanted to stay, to prove my innocence. Then I found the corpses outside my quarters, the corpses of those guards. I had no reason to harm them, even if I wanted to get away I would have just frozen their hooves to the floor… but I knew that after that I won't be given a fair chance. I had no choice but to flee."


"After we settle these more pressing matters, I'd like to exchange some words with you as well."


"He framed you."


I frown, thinking a little to myself

"Well… I want to believe you. But you are a pretty smart pony right? I'm pretty sure you could make poison using books for reference!"


"Very well."
"You don't seem to have had a reason or motive to poison them… but you really just fled the moment you had the chance? Was there really nobody who would defend you and back you up?"


"Is claiming ignorance and a history of being nice to others your only defense? Or can you offer a proper explanation as to what occurred?"


"Sounds to me like someone usurped your throne."
I look at the judge.
"But I guess we need more evidence…"


"Do you have any idea who could have done those things?"


"That we do. I cannot simply take one's word for truth. To do as much would be foolish and dangerous."


"Possibly, but then again why would I? Why would I kill them just for being disobidient, and every right to be upset at my decision?"

"He was content with just ordering the soldiers under him, he never wanted to be the Commander of the keep, as far as I know."

"If I tried to stay behind with my mages I would have risked a fight between them and the soldiers, only resulting in more violence."

"Somepony wanted to remove me from High Trotgar, one way or another, and whoever it is with whatever reasons, it was a succes. As for concrete evidence, I have nothing. What could I even show to you?"


"But who?"


"Do you have any idea who wanted to remove you from High Trotgar?"


"I do not know. It must have been somepony who knows the Fortress well, as well as being able to send those guards for me then kill them."

"Throne is a strange use of word, it's more of a responsibility than a benefit."


"Were there any ponies acting odd or lifeless when you had command of the keep?"


"Many a thing. Reports on the poison used for the murders. Names of those killed and proof of their prior posts and orders. Incriminating conversations overheard from someone capable of doing the deed. Even pointing out a suspect beyond yourself would ease your case. As it stands, you are the only one I can lawfully blame for all this."


"What about acting strange or depressed all the time? Or focusing on their duty like they had no life outside of it."


"Its really strange."


"Stressed or depressed occasionally, but lifeless? I don't recall anypony behaving like that."


"Send those guards? So you weren't the ones who ordered them to your quarters? Hmm…"
I tap my hoof on my chin.
"Would they still have guard patrol records dating back that far at the Fort? If there was such a change in assignment, surely it must've been recorded, and possibly even show who ordered it. Maybe we should check there?"



"I didn't really have the time to check each and every dead for their names nor to eavesdrop before I had to depart from there. And if I had any idea who did it, I would have already taken the steps needed to prove that I wasn't the one who commited those crimes. I do understand your suspicion, and I can see why you think the way you do, but is it really justice that you serve if I am truly innocent?"

She thinks for a moment.
"No, I don't think there was. Everypony I knew had something to do, friends, a hobby or even religion."

"It wasn't a patrol route. They were sent there to arrest me after the deaths from the poision… which means someone knew it will happen to react so quickly against me."


"Hmmm. Have you heard about the development at the temple? It was taken over by a mad follower of the Pink One."


"I don't know any details, but I heard the Temple was…misused, making a lot of the more religious ponies leave. Why?"


"If they were sent to arrest you then there still must've been an order for the arrest, which presumably must've been recorded, no?"


"The pony that took it over claimed to be a prophet. He said that there was something wrong with some of the ponies in the keep and told us to watch out for ponies acting lifeless."


"The law cannot look at an individual, it must look at the facts present and the conclusions they lead to. Only then can it be equal to all, and only then can it be just.
Were I the kind of pony who makes assumptions and accusations, I'd know where I would point my blade. But I am not. I am a judge, not a detective.
If you cannot name a suspect or present any proof of your innocence, I can only assume you are exactly what you have been called, and as a follower of the law, I cannot allow you to flee justice any longer."


"Officially yes, there should be."

"Do you think there might be a connection?"

"Believe me when I say, I want this matter resolved as much as you do, but I want to resolve it peacefully."


"So we need to find some proof of your innocence. How do we do it? Or do you have any better ideas?"


"So if we can find that record, and see who issued the arrest, we'd have a lead to go on. Or at least something close to a lead.
I think that may be our next course of action."


She speaks to Yvonne, then to Timbre.
"Looks like your friend figured out a way. It's a thin lead, but still it's something to start from."


"Peace is none of my concern. Justice is. By the creed I have lived by, and which I will die by, and in the name of the Order of Order, I cannot allow a criminal to go unpunished."
"An investigation… Hm. Yes, that would be a suitable plan."


"Will you be able to provide us safe passage through the wasteland? I do not fancy being teleported in a place where magic does not work like it should."


"If you will conclude a proper investigation, I fully support you, and I am thankful for your work."

"I can grant you a place to settle down for tonight here, and yes, but without powerful magical tools I do not posess, I can't teleport you back straight to the Fortress."


"Staying here for the night would be quite appreciated. Especially if you allow me to review your research notes on what you've learned about the Wasteland."


"I'd rather just get back to the fort for the night… I don't fancy being out here with those bugs."


"An investigation will be conducted, but without any evidence or suspects, all I have here is a den of criminals offering me a place to sleep and their full support.
Perhaps I have not been clear enough to you. So long as no new proof is found, I have no option but to arrest you and every one of your followers for trial. I think."
Lets double check that from the book of the law.
Accused murderer offers place to sleep and her full support. Bribery? Coercion? Entrapment? Penance? Surely there is something written here…

Rolled 7 = 7


"Thank you for the place to rest. I do not believe I have any more questions."


"Can you give us food?"


"You are welcome to do so, but as I have mentioned, I would like to have some words with you in private before you do so."

She chuckles.
"As far as I know, the only bugs inside are bit sized spiders."

"Spirit Fire can accompany you to a place to rest, but you can explore this place if you want to, to see that me and my mages only research magic here, without any vile intent of a rebellion or attacking the Fortress."

"Of course. Not me personally, mind you, but we do have our resources."

Yes, the book says it is most certainly bribing if she just wants to send you away for a night's stay.

Crystal Clear nods.
"I understand. I will take your word for offering me a proper investigation, and as such, I will not resist. I will accompany you back to the Fortress, even if it means I will be sent to it's dungeons the moment I get there."

Spirit Fire looks shocked.
"What? You can't just -"

Crystal Clear holds up a hoof to silence her.
"Is that an agreeable term with you?"


"Ill go to the kitechn."
Go to the kitchen.


"Fine by me."
I wait for the rest of the party to leave.


"Kitchen time! Spirit, show us the way to the noms!"


"It is either that, or I can have these caves sealed to act as a prison for you and your outlaw followers.
However, I would rather keep an eye on you on my own. Few dungeons can hold a skilled mage, but few mages can hold a skilled judge."
Mendy is relieved of her duties and will be replaced by Crystal Clear.


"Thank you."
I give a polite nod of my head and follow Lucky.


I shake my head and sigh.
"I'll grab a bite too."


Let's roll that Command then

Rolled 9 + 2 = 11


Spirit Fire shakes her head, still shocked from Crystal's decision.
"uuuh, right! This way, follow me!"

She leads you back to the junction where you came from, then at a smaller corridor named 'Kitchen and supplies'.

"If I didn't want to be in those dungeons, I wouldn't go with you in the first place, would I? Now as I said, we can head back first thing in the morning."
She looks at the table, then levitates a few books over to Mendy.
"You should read some of these books, they will hopefully prevent you from making an incident like with the table again."

Mendy looks ashamed again.
Detect Alignment can now be used as an instant spell for Mendy

"Thank you for your patience."


"So what was it that you felt the need to discuss privately with me?"


I pat Spirit on the back

"Hey don't worry, we'll figure this all out!"

Glance over at Lucky, wondering if he's going to eat… that stuff again.


I make myself a salad and start chowing down.


I just take whatever's ready and eat.
"I almost miss that…stuff we ate at the fort."


Well fuck everyone is here.
Pick a salad or something.


"Well, so be it then. But if you make an attempt to escape, I will come for you. And it will no longer be this civil.

Cleric, what sort of a book is that you are reading?"


I sigh in relief and also make myself a salad


"You look disappointed. Is there a particular fruit or vegetable you are looking for?"


You all find some pretty god salads with a side dish of carrots.
Spirit Fire is still worried.

"I don't know… what if she goes back there and gets killed or something?"

"I assure you that I will try no such thing."
She then nods, and turns her attention to Timbre.

Mendy reads the cover and the first pages sheepisly.
"uh… It is about concentration and… um.. how to properly look into other ponies intentions?"

She walks back to a table and motions you over, to get some distance from Feldspar and his companions.

"You tell me… Is there anything peculiar you might want to tell me about? Anything strange happen to you lately?"


"Dont worry about it, im sure ill find it eventually."


"Strange?… No, nothing at all."
Rolling to lie.

Rolled 7 = 7


"Sounds helpful. Perhaps you can learn to better your focus and improve your grasp on tight situations. No more… unwanted thoughts at inopportune times, right?"


I talk while chewing.
"Well I assume she's gonna be disguised?"


"She is smart enough to avoid that, is she not?"


"I wont allow it, I promise!"

I give him an odd look

"It's not like the thing you like is something that's easy to find…"


"Can we stop please? What do you guys think of Crystal?"


She looks a bit suprised, as if she was expecting you to say yes.
"Oh… well then… Spirit Fire said she met you at the Castle, and that you and your party managed to put an end to it's previous owner's un-life. What caused him to go mad and massacre his own servants and family remains a mystery to this day. I suppose you didn't find any clues either."

"She's an honest pony… if she goes back, she'll go back as herself, head held high."

"She is yes, but what if she'll be poisioned like those soldiers if not outright executed?"

She blushes and looks at the ground.
"Yes… sorry… I promise to do my job better from now on!"


"Well that's stupid of her."
I finish my salad.
"We won't allow her to get arrested though."


I wave my hooves in the air with a wide grin

"Ooooooh! What's wrong Lucky?"

"She does seem nice, I think she's innocent!"


"As you had better. Failure an no longer be an option. Even now we tread the line of betrayal by allowing these outlaws to run free.
Sergeant. Your thoughts on the situation?"


She finally smiles.
"Thanks… I just hopes everything will turn out all right…"

"Sir, if we can accomplish our first and foremost goal of arresting Crystal Clear, I'm sure the rest of her lot will follow her suit and give themselves up eventually!"


Try to look away.


Boop him on the nose

"Maybe you can grab a bite off of my hoof, haha!"


"…No, nothing.
Anyways, about the Wastelands? Do you have any research notes or anything I can look at?"


"…if the bugs won't eat us…"


Take a step back.
"Dont do that."


"Well, we know where their hideout is. We can send others here to capture it and all those who stay behind.
My gut tells me there is someone else I should be accusing, but my gut is for digesting food, not for thinking."

I lay down my sword and open the book of law on the floor
"Though the Law is not a god in the same sense as the Sun may be, it is still to be revered and respected. Sergeant, Cleric. Join me in a small prayer would you?"


She rolls her ways.
"I cut to the case then. I felt something unnerving around you when I checked you and your friends. You'll get all my insight as soon as you answer this, but I am worried about you. Did you come in contact to any suspicious items? A weapon? A trinket maybe?"

You hear a voice in the back of your head.
She's jealous. She wants the power I can give you. If she finds out she'll try to kill you to get me. Don't let her discover your secret.

"Yeah, that too… maybe they are just confused?"

They look at each other, then back at you and nod, then kneel down next to you.




"No, nothing! You probably miscast the spell or the supposed Wasteland effect interfered in your casting of the spell and caused it to give a wrong reading."


I giggle and wave my hoof under his nose

"You smell that? Fresh hoof!"

I then put some salt and pepper on top of it

"Mmmmm, smells good doesn't it?"


Try to keep it together.

Rolled 5 = 5


I restrain myself but I take a few licks first.


I lean against Tatanka and yawn.
"Confused? I don't know really. They're nothing like I've seen in my life. We should go to sleep, it's been a long day."


"In the Law there is truth
Through truth we find justice
By justice we improve the world
And leave it better for those who come after

We give ourselves to the law
Blind as it may be
And forsake our desires
So we may best serve it

And as we pass from this world
May our deeds be remembered
So that we may live forever
In the hearts of those we left behind

In the law there is truth."
Close the book and out it back in it's pouch, then pick up my sword.
"Tell me honestly you two. Is my cause entirely lost?"


I burst out into a giggling fit


Stick my hoof into his mouth now while trying to keep my laughter under control

Rolled 9 = 9


Try to spit it and walk away.

Rolled 9 = 9


I look at Lucky and Ariccia.
"Yes, now would be a good time to leave. Do you mind if we talk while we walk?"
I get up and leave the kitchen.


I quickly take my eyes away from Lucky and Ariccia.
"Sure, what's on your mind?"
I follow him.


"Awwww, I was just poking fun. I didn't mean to be a jerk!"


"That is a possibility… still, if you do find anything like that, make sure to destroy it. Dark magic can be dangerous not only to you, but those around you as well."

Her worried look is then replaced by a more curious one.
"So, what did you want to know about the Wasteland effect?"

"No sir. You are doing a great job sir!"
"Um, I think you may be a bit rough at times, but you are a pony with good intentions!"

Spirit Fire accompanies you.
"So, you want to head to sleep now? I can show you the way to the sleeping quarters!"


"I, um, do not have as strong a connection with, uh, nature as a buffalo should. I was, er, wondering if you could maybe teach me tonight before sleeping?"


Run outside.


I grin.
"Yes, of course~"


Follow him quickly!

"Lucky wait!"


I look horrified when I realize someone else overheard me.

"Your voice sounded strange. If you are feeling very tired I can wait until morning."


Gotta go fast.

Rolled 9 = 9


"I'm old and quite alone in this world. No children or family. Not really even any friends. I've given my life to the law, and now I think I might really have to give my life to the law.
You two at least listen.
I'd be willing to promote you both to judges at my side, were I that sort of a sentimental type.

…should we find the others?"


I give the cockblocker a glare.
"No! No! I'm just a bit excited!"


Stop him with telekinesis!

"Luckyyyyy! Wait!"

Rolled 1 = 1


"Anything, really."
I take my notebook back out.
"Is there any kind of predictable pattern to it? Exactly what kind of magic does it effect? Does it have any kind of strengthened effect on particular types of magic? Or the intensity of the magic being used? Or…"
I continue rambling on about questions regarding the Wasteland effect.


I look at Spirit Fire then shrug and grin at Yvonne.
"Me too. You have no idea what it is like being a buffalo with a poor connection to the land."


"Sir yes sir!"
"I'm getting sort of sleepy to be honest…"

Spirit Fire realises her intrusion, then sheepishly backs away, while quietly speaking, dissapearing into another corridor.
"There are some unnocupied rooms at the end of the Living Quarters corridors… bye…"

You try to use your magic, but quickly feel a sharp pain in your horn.
Then in your chest.
Yep, it's your heart. Pretty sure that is a heart attack. You can feel it twisting your insides, you can't breathe for a second… so this is the end… you had so many things you wanted to try, so many things you missed… finding your very special somepony, having a family, growing old… but you can already feel the darkness overtake you… goodbye cruel word…
Wait, it was just some bad gas.
You just put too much cabbage in that salad.


"Then stay behind, Mendy.

Colos, lets go see if they still have food left for a couple of old soldiers."
Try to find some food, and the others.

Rolled 1 = 1


"Thank you."
I go to one of the rooms and sit down.


I hide in embarrassment


Rolled 5 = 5


I follow Tatanka.
"Is there anything specific you want to know of?"


"Nature can strengthen and heal those who respect it or fight for it. Can we start there?"


Im going to stay outisde for a while, taking fresh air.


She chuckles at your enthusianism.
"As far as we know, there is no prediction on when it might happen and affects most magic we know. The weather in the wasteland also manages itself, and I heard pegasi have a much harder time with making clouds yield lightening or rain or earth ponies trying to grow anything. As for patterns, there are none that we could discover so far, you can cast a powerful spell without anything going wrong or you can try to light a candle and make an explosion. There is a constant presence of it, or rather, the lack of presence of something that makes magic stable in Equestria, making alteration, conjuration and teleportation much harder and dangerous. It also seems to affect arcane magic most, as it is the closest to raw magic."

You can't really hide in an empty corridor.

Mendy heads to sleep.
The kitchen closed already by the time you got there.
You and Colos try to find your way back, but instead you get lost, and stumble into a laboratory of some sort full of vats of liquids and small vials, with a single earth pony working before a chemistry set, hiding his muzzle in a scarf, his body wearing some dirty bandages.


"Nature offers healing almost on par with the healing magic of the unicorns. You only need to learn what it can offer you."
I try to create a simple herb-based potion
[natural remedy]

Rolled 10 = 10


I sit down on my rump as my eyes start to water

"Oh no… I made him mad. That was just mean of me! Like I'm some kind of Discord follower!"

Rolled 10 = 10


"This is not where we wanted to be at all…"
Try to asses the situation. This is a criminal, but is he doing something that I should put an end to right here and now?

Rolled 2 = 2


I note it all down.
"Do you happen to have any kind of laboratory around here? A safe room, perhaps? One situated a reasonable enough distance away from anything so that any major magical mishaps wouldn't effect anyone? I have a few ideas for tests I want to run."


I'll wait for Nopony before responding.


It is pretty chilly, but refreshing.
The stars are beautiful in the sky.
You can occasionally hear some sort of unidentifyable Wasteland creature in the distance which is pretty unnerving.

You create the best healing potion ever created by using only natural resources.
In fact, it is so good it could not only bring anyone back even from the brink of death but empower them.
You know have one Full Restoration potion, that grants immunity to helplessnes for two turns after it's used.

You almost start to cry but quickly realise that it's probably that he was just tired from the events of the past few days and he just wanted some solace but you are totally A-ok.

Seems suspiscious as fuck.
Maybe he brewed the poision that killed all those soldiers.
He is probably making more now.
He probably wants to kill everyone with these foul mixtures.


Word of power

Rolled 4 = 4


I just shrug and return to check up on Spirit

"I'm sure I can talk to Lucky tomorrow."


"Amazing, truly amazing, but I have heard that nature will heal some of its warriors directly, or aid them in battle when they are outside of cities."
I'm going for the Landkeeper skill and Child of Gaia, Nopony.


I need my character sheet already
Do I even know Child of Gaia?


Go back inside and look for my bed.


Nope, but I figured talking with the only shaman in the party would be a great in game explanation as to how Tatanka is suddenly a Landkeeper.



You wander around a bit, but find her chatting with a pony in the main junction.

He jumps to turn around, dropping two vials he was working with, both of them shattering on the ground, shizzling on the stone.
"What is the meaning of this?"
He speaks in a very annoyed, deep voice.

No, but you don't need to.

You head back inside and find one of the 'guest' rooms provided with a comfy looking bedroll.


"Hey Spirit! Did everyone go to sleep already?"


Finally a decent bed.
Roll for good dreams.

Rolled 9 = 9


I lean against him again, but a bit closer this time.
"Well, to gain such powers you need to have a connection with the nature…"


"The meaning of this is that I am here to investigate grave crimes against High Trotgar, and through that, endangerment of Equestria, treason against Canterlot, betrayal of all ponykind and the grandest of heresy against the very gods themselves.

Rolled 6 = 6


Uh… >>134151


"What sort of connection? I am already a buffal-oh! Of course! My armor must be getting in the way. I had heard that unicorns were inhibited by armor, but I did not know that it affected nature the same way!"
I jump up and take off my armor. Once that's done I sit back down in front of her.

"Okay. What now?"


"We have laboraties, yes as well as a testing site both outside and inside. Is it small scale enough to try in an enclosed space?"

"Hi! Some of them did, yes! Also, Charon will be good as new, I just visited the infirmary!"

You have sweet dreams with lots of beer, food, and hot mares.

He furrows his eyebrows, and raises his voice as well.

He points at the two broken vials on the ground.


"Yes. Just going to try some simple fire spells in various intensities to see for myself first hand, possibly make new observations. Could you point me to where they are?"


"A shame indeed. My apologies for that. What were you working on? A poison to kill off more hungry overworked soldiers perhaps?"


I clop my two front hooves together excitedly

"That's great! I was really worried about him! I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help, but… well I was kind of having trouble myself."

I look around me

"Say, is there a bar around here? Fancy some drinking? It'd be fun!"


I look at him quizzically for a while.
"Yes, indeed, some think clothing is against nature."


"Yes, most of my tribe holds that view. My armor is useful though, so hopefully I will be able to continue using it once you have taught me. Speaking of teaching, is there anything else you can tell me?"


"Well…you still seem to be missing that emotional connection you need."
I nuzzle him lightly.


"That, or I could accompany you there, if you don't mind. I do know some ponies get nervour before others, like that poor mare with the Judge."

"What in the Goddeses name are you talking about? Reading too much criminal stories lately, if you can even read? That was some internal medicine for Lazy Trot's kidney! And now I can start again from scratch because of you!"

She raises an eyebrow.
"We don't really have any… except for you know, pure alcohol for medical reasons."


My expression changes into one of sheer horror

"W-what? You don't drink? At all?"

I think for a moment, still in shock about this revelation, then take out my bottle.

"Have you ever tried drinking?"


She looks around uncomfortably.
"Well, no… my mother always said that it does nothing but corrupt the brain…"


"Fine by me, as long as we get there."
I make my way out of the office and wait for her lead.


I let out a giggle

"Oh my, she must have been quite the comedian."

I wave the bottle in front of her

"Care to share a drink with me? All the others in my group are… kind of boring. Yvonne is too busy with Tatanka, Timbre is too busy with his books, Lucky is too busy acting weird and the judge is too busy being a jerk. So what do you say?"

Rolled 1 = 1


"Emotional connection?"
I stare down at her with a puzzled expression.


"What sort of a pharmacist fails to keep notes of his work to lessen setbacks such as these? Short-sightedness can be a disease of the mind as much as it can be of the eyes.
And looking at the effect it had on the floor… I'd hate to know what his kidneys must be like.
Sergeant, shall we leave?"


I look up to him for a while.
Is he really this thick?
"You need to be willing to protect the land. To give a little love."
I rub myself against him a bit.


She motions you to follow as she leads you to another section, much deeper inside the hill.
The test site has much more room, and seems that it was artifically expanded so.
It is barren of anything , but has scorched bullseyes painted on one wall.

"Are you trying to make me drunk? Are you trying to make me pass out then rape me? I heard of these tactics before! I thought you were a better pony!"

"Usually I don't have to deal with an old fart interrupting me and I can do my work in peace! And have you heard of the thing called kidneystones? Maybe you have one lodged in that simple brain of yours?"

"Sir, I don't know sir! Probably!"


"I'm not quite sure what you mean. Do I have to make an offering? Spirit fire could tell us if there is a shrine to nature here."
I pause for a few seconds.

"Why are you doing that? Do you have an itch?"


"I suggest you stand back, in case anything goes wrong."
I tear out a blank piece of paper, walk back, and try to light it on fire.

Rolled 10 + 2 = 12


"Terribly confrontational, this one. And not very sound in a medical sense. A solution capable of dissolving granite is overkill for calcium buildup.
…forensics. Some new-fangled thing I learned about at the Order.
We shall take our leave now, sergeant. This criminal will be dealt with along with the others, in due time."

Lets go back to Mendy then if we can't find the others.

Rolled 5 = 5


I look taken aback at her outburst

"What? No! Why would you even think that!? I just want someone to get drunk with! I'm not into mares!"

Rolled 4 = 4


"Nature doesn't have shrines! Nature is the shrine!"
I stand up.
"But I know a very basic ritual we could try right now…"


I excitedly jump to my hooves.
"What is it? Do we need any special components?"


You levitate it up and light it up flawlessly.
It is a very pretty fire too.

As you walk away, he yells after you.
"Yeah, I'm sure you are such a good chemist, I bet you can't even stir your tea!"

You don't find her, but you don't get lost either.
You are back at the main junction, where you can see Ariccia talking to Spirit Fire, who seems creeped out.

"You don't sound very convincing! Who knows what other reasons you might have!"


"I don't think so… Now, have you ever heard of the birds and the bees?"


I note that down, then extinguish the paper.
I now take a combat stance and form a fireball in front of me, then fire it at the target.

Rolled 3 + 2 = 5


I frown.
"Please don't mock me. Of course I know of birds and bees. I also know of grass and trees, fish and water, and all other basic parts of nature. I know I am not the best student, but there is no need to be rude."


"Sergeant, remind me to have the incompetent doctor arrested for defamation and attempted murder later.

You two. What is going on here?"


I grab him and press my snout against his and then kiss him.

Rolled 1 = 1


"I can't believe you would think that of me! I thought we were friends! I've always treated you nicely, just think back to when we met in the castle!"

Rolled 3 = 3


You manage to form a weak ball that simply falls apart halfway to the target.

"Sir yes sir, I will!"

"She tried to make me drunk for whatever vile reasons!"


I note that down as well.
Now to try out that Fire Spray spell the book taught me about.

Rolled 2 + 2 = 4


"I… I'm sorry… I guess we aren't friends then"

Sadly walk off and find someplace to sleep

Rolled 10 = 10


I pull her head out of my mouth.
"Do I have something in my teeth? It this another pony custom I haven't heard of?"


I clean myself a bit and try to collect myself

Rolled 9 = 9


"Forcibly? That'd be quite something indeed."


"No, w-wait! I'm sorry!"
She stops you.
"Okay, sorry for freaking out, it was silly of me… we are friends! Please don't be sad!"

The magical fire wildly appears before you, and would have burned you if not for the quick response of Crystal Clear who extuinguishes it with her own magic.

"Careful there!"


I turn my back to him.
"S-so have you heard of stor-ohwhathehay"
And try to kiss him again

Rolled 10 = 10


I keep jotting notes down.
I try to just create a ball of fire.

Rolled 1 + 2 = 3


"I just make everypony angry for some reason. It's probably better if I don't ruin your life or something."


"Ah, the fickle feeling of the young. Such… a long forgotten concept to me."


"It's okay! I was just being silly! No crime here!"

You create an explosive ball of fire.
Right under yourself.
Before it can explode however, you feel a sharp pain in your as well as your magic involutary launching it it away, right at Crystal Clear.
She is so shocked she barely has enough time to erect a barrier of mist and ice, still burning her muzzle.

"No wait, really! Want to hit the books in the library together or something?"


>you feel a sharp pain in your
In my what?

"O- Oh sweet Celestia I am so sorry about that!"
I run over to her and check to see if she's alright.

Rolled 6 = 6


"One more crime in a den of outlaws would hardly even make a difference."
Sigh and search around inside me a little.
I have devoted my life to the law.
Is it ok to take it easy every once in a while, or should I remain hardened to the end of my days?

Rolled 2 = 2


In your horn, derp.

She is standing up, her legs a bit shaky.
"I am fine, thank you for your concern…"
She has some minor burn marks on her muzzle, but nothings she can't heal herself. It won't even be visible by tomorrow.

You do not rest.
There is no such thing as a small crime, and there is no sin that will go unpunished.
You may be old, but the Law keeps you strong and moving every day.



Rolled 5 = 5


I wipe my eyes

"Read together? But… wouldn't it be more fun to hang out and get some laughs together?"


Lex Vult
"Carry on you two. Councils on friendship are not territory of the law. Marriage is, but I doubt that applies here."


"Maybe we can read something fun!"

"Uh, thanks?"


"I suppose that's enough testing for today…
I think I'm just going to retire now. Can you point me in the direction of a bed?"

Rolled 10 = 10


I cock an eyebrow


"I don't know, reading is something I always do alone… are you sure you don't want to drink with me?"


Am I supposed to say something, is Nasse going to do something, or is Nopony going to do something?


I'm waiting for your reaction
I kiss him more


I'm waiting on you. I'm not getting involved with your shipping.


What if I got involved with their shipping?


"I really shouldn't… it's bad for the body and the mind…"

She smiles at you.
"Yes, do not worry, accidents happen. And there should be one in the Living Quarters."

She leads you to a simple and small alcove like room with a comfy bedroll in it.


DM pls


I remove my stuff, disrobe myself, and bid her goodnight.
Then take out my book and read more.

Rolled 1 = 1


>DM not getting involved when there's rolling involved
poor form.


"It's just plain old fun… but okay, I wont force you!"

I think to myself for a moment.

"I know Timbre has lots of booksmarts… Want to go find him?"


Anyway, since Campy can't be here Yvonne's gonna spend the night teaching Tatanka about nature.

I'm out of the quest for now.





Yeah, she's gonna teach him good


Well if you insist~


You start to read it again, and feel that strange sensation of the book's influence spread over your mind again.
Thankfully, it stays silent, no pain or manipulative words this time.
Just a distant longing… no.. a craving to see the blood of another pony. Not only see it… you want to draw blood. You can't settle down until you do, you won't be able to stop thinking about it… you need to let the blood of somepony!

"Sure! He's that mage friend of your's, right?"

Roll to see if you can find him.
DC4 since he's must be in the Living Quarters.


Quell these desires!
This is unbecoming of a scholar!

Rolled 3 = 3


"Yeah… he's a little weird sometimes and kind of serious but still an okay guy."

Find him!

Rolled 3 = 3


"Enough time has been wasted.
Sergeant, with me. We shall sleep guarding the chamber of Crystal Clear. We are her jailers now."

Rolled 4 = 4


You manage to find her quarters, and sleep on the ground before it awkwardly.

You wander around a bit, but no luck yet.
"You sure he is here already?"

You can't.
You want nothing more now than make someone's warm, crimson blood flow by your doing, be it magic, steel, or your teeth even.



Keep looking some more

Rolled 1 = 1


I draw my sword and nick my hoof.
Does that sate this bloodlust at all?
also if possible rolling to resist again.

Rolled 5, 7 = 12


Rolling to dream of the law being done in this land and the lands beyond it.

Rolled 1 = 1


You have a terrible nightmare of an Equestria where criminals do as they please and law is non-existent. You have this same dream of chaotic criminal scums all night. You can't wake up from it either.

"Uh….that's my butt… I doubt he is in there, you can stop looking now…"

You manage to hurt yourself, but the effect is not really satisfying. You still want to draw blood. Somepony else's blood.
Nah, you beefed it.


"What? Oh right! Well you never know!"

Keep looking for him in non anal related places!

Rolled 10 = 10


I close the book and retire to bed then.
Maybe I'll have a clearer head in the morning…

Rolled 8 = 8


Rolling to see if it shakes or reinforces my faith in the law

Rolled 3 = 3


It doesn't really help your faith in it, that's for sure.

Yes, probably everything is going to be fine, you just need some rest to forget about -

Oh look, Ariccia and Spirit fire just entered!
Spirit waves at you.
"Hey there Timbre! Hope we are not bothering you or anything!"


"…I was about to go to sleep you know."


"Finally we found you! Spirit and I were talking about things we could do, and since she wants to be a partypooper and not get smashed with me, we decided to read instead! You know a lot more about books than I do, any recommendations?"


I sit up and pause.
"I mostly read magic tomes. Not much one for casual reading."


"It might still be fun! We could share spells or something!"

Her blood must be delicious


"Oh goodness yes! I've been wanting to learn new spells since I arrived here! That and meet new people!"


Shut up!
I sigh.
"I guess you could look through them. Please do be careful though."
I levitate the books out of my bag over to them.
They're just magic theory books. I guess maybe one or two of them could have a focus on fire magic if you are gonna let Ariccia maybe learn something from it Nopo.


Spirit Fire claps her front hooves together.
"Oh this is so exciting!"

You feel a sudden, very agonising pain in your mind.
Do it! Make them weep crimson tears! Let their lifeforce flow free!


See what these books are about


No! I refuse!

Rolled 6 = 6


And on that note, I really gotta go, so that'll be the last response from me.



We'll sort this out next time


Yeah, I should go to. We'll continue this next time for sure though


Im sleeping and stuff.



If ya'll want to, that is.



On the bright side, you just finished drinking your fifth beer with a hot mare in your dreams.


Magic theory books.
They contain some words that are fancy even for you.
They don't really have anything about the sort of healing magic you know either.

Spirit peeks over your shoulder.
"Anything good?"


So do I get anything for >>134572?
It's a successful roll after all!


"Uh… This seems a little complicated, Timbre."

Try to understand some of it anyway, I'm a smart pony

Rolled 9 = 9


"I'm a scholar. I work for the Bureau of Magic. My job is to develop and test spells, spell related components, and magic related phenomena. Did you expect that my books would be anything easy?"


"Hey, I'm not stupid! I can handle some advanced stuff, just not this advanced!"

Stick out my tongue at him

"I bet my telekinesis is stronger than yours!"


Oh it would be so easy if all you had to do was spam resist rolls until you succeed. The first one could have saved you but alas, it didn't.
You still want to see their blood.

Oh wait, on a second read, it's not that hard at all. It describes how magic works and how the horn of a unicorn is a very complex magical catalyst.
You'll get a +2 to your next magic related roll for this moment of clarity.


My eyes go wide, but I don't try to pull away from the kiss.
This is going to be so awkward.




"I wasn't implying you were stupid, Ariccia. I was just saying that scholarly texts are often boring, and written in the most obtuse way to possible.
also i'm rather tired so please take the text elsewhere and read it. away from me. so i can sleep. please."
I rub my eyes.


Spirit chimes in teasingly.
"Aww, come on, you're not going to send away two pretty little mares at night, will you?"


"You can sleep when you're dead, can't you help us? We could share some spells!"


I pull away from the kiss.
"…catch the drift?"


I half cough, half sputter.
"I- I'm afraid I am not that kind of pony miss!"
"…I suppose, if you're going to be so insistent about it.
Though… there is one thing I must request of you."


Spirit giggles.
"Don't worry, I'm not that kind of pony either, but come on, we so rarely have any new faces to chat with! And what is it?"


I prance in place excitedly



I lick my lips as I speak.
"Um, uh, I, uh, wow, uhm, I do not think so? We are not not the same species so it cannot be, er, that, can it?"


I lift a hoof up to scratch the back of my head,
"I- I do hope you know that by… 'not that kind of pony' I was referring to… my… 'preferences', per say, being… well, the more masculine gender. So there is no possible chance of me being… interested in you?"
I cough and clear my throat.
"A- Anyways! I have been keeping up a correspondence with another fellow researcher who happens to specialize in more natural forms of medicine and spellcraft, and he was mentioning how… useful, blood is. In particular, there is a herb native to the area that, when combined with the blood of a pony, creates a highly potent magic catalyst. I was hoping to try this out, but he was very specific that it was not to be the pony's own blood, but that of another. So… would it be possible that I may collect a sample of blood from either of you?"
I groan and rub my forehead with a hoof.


I rub myself against him and nuzzle him.
"You aren't a racist, are you?"


"My… blood? Are you sure? We have some blood packs in the infirmary…"


I tense slightly when she rubs up against me, but try to relax.
"N-no! I'm not a racist, I love pon-I mean I like your species! It's just, uh, I didn't know two different species could, uh, um, were compatible."


"Oooooh, experimentation? Sounds dangerous… but fun! Let's do it! How will this work?"


"Yes! I- He mentioned that it must be drawn in a very specific ritual, you know how it is with natural medicine and all that. I- If I recall clearly… it must be drawn at midnight, to be inline with the proper… something or other, with… a heated sword to cleanse the wound as it creates it, and then allowed to flow naturally from the wound. Very specific. I'm afraid just blood packs won't do."
"Good to see you're so enthusiastic about it!"


I boop his nose and keep petting his coat.
"Well, It's all about the experience…"


"At midnight? What time is it right now? How big does the wound have to be? I can easily heal it shut afterwards!"


She looks concerned.
"That doesn't sound like a very good idea… and it sounds painful too."


"I'm not quite sure what the time is at the current moment, but the wound must be large enough that blood is capable of flowing from the wound."
I also check the time with my magic. What time is it anyways?
"Such is science. 'No pain, no gain' as they say.
If you feel that it is too dangerous, you're more than welcome to opt out, but I assure you, it is more than safe. There is absolutely no chance of infection, Ariccia will immediately heal the wound, and the amount of blood lost will be such a small amount it won't be detrimental to your health in any way. Though it may be a good idea to eat something high in sugar afterwords, just in case."


I scrunch when she boops my nose.
"The experience? I do not think I would mind the, uh, experience. Especially if it was with you-I mean especially if you were the one experiencing me-I mean teaching me."


It will be midnight shortly, in about twenty minutes.

"I don't really want to get hurt because of that, sorry… I prefer safer experiments."


"Oh you little scaredy-cat! I'll do it, I can handle some pain. In the name of SCIENCE!"


"Perfect. Enough time for me to find a vial of some kind.
And that is more than alright miss. Would you point me in the way of where I might be able to find a clean vial though?"


"Don't worry, I'll get one real quick, if Ariccia is sure about this."

She runs off, leaving you two alone in the meantime.


"You ready for this Timbre? You excited? Nervous? Tense?"


I nuzzle him again and try to get my hoof around his neck.
"Hmm~ let's get started then, shall we?"


I blush and shift my weight.
"How should we, uh, get started? I have never, I mean I don't know much about s-nature.""


"I suppose I am a bit nervous… n- never mind that though! I'm sure nothing will go wrong!
And besides, if something does happen you can always heal yourself, right?
Now where is that mare… time's ticking! The midnight hour is close at hoof!"


She returns soon with a small vial.
"Sorry for taking so long! Singed said some old fart messed up his latest work and he was pretty angry…"


"Hey, relax! You'll do fine, you're smurt!"


"Excellent! This shall do nicely."
"Yes, you're right!"
I retrieve my sword, take a few deep breaths, and try to heat it to the point that it will be disinfected.

Rolled 8 = 8


My eyes go wide.
"Oh, oh my… Well don't you worry, I'll show you how it's done!"
I get up and lead Tatanka to the bed.


You manage to conjure a fire and heat it up to sterilize the sword.


Sterilize! That's the word…

"Are you ready Ariccia?"


"Alright, no sense in waiting, do you have the other stuff required ready?"

Approach him and lift gesture to one of my legs


I follow her.
"S-should I take the lead or let you, uhm, teach?"
I think you should wrap this up soon.


File: 1349032569585.png (175.32 KB, 706x645, 1338383926675.png)

You can continue on Steam


Nasse started it.


I tip him over the bed.
"I like being the leader."



"I still need to gather the herb, -who's name I've forgotten- but my friend mentioned that as long as it's properly contained, the blood can sit for as long as need be long as the ritual is fulfilled."
I lift the sword and vial up to her leg,
"And, I do owe you one for this."
I try to cut her and sate this fucking bloodlust.

Rolled 7 = 7


Be sure to post the logs in the meta!


You cut into her leg, the blade drawing fresh, crimson blood.
You feel more complete, more relaxed at it's sight.
Your longing for blood is sated.
For now.

Spirit Fire just looks at it with wide eyes, shuddering at the thought.

Ariccia, roll not to scream in pain. DC8.


I'm not a little bitch!

Rolled 8 = 8


That you aren't.
You take it like a mare, without a word, just squinting your eyes and gritting your teeth.
You can feel your warm blood slowly flowing down your leg, into the vial.


I retrieve a piece of clean cloth and press it into the wound, and cap the vial and put it away in my bag in a safe compartment.
"Are you okay Ariccia? I wasn't the most gentle with that cut and for that I do sincerely apologize."


I shrug indifferently

"I'm fine! Hardly felt it! Isn't this exciting Spirit?"

Heal myself

"So what's next? How do we continue from here?"

Rolled 5 = 5


"Well it looked terrifying… didn't it hurt?"

You manage to do absolutely nothing with the wound. It stays as it is.


"Well… that's it, to be honest. The only other component I need is a herb supposedly native to this region, but I'm not quite sure where to find it or what it's even called, and it's much to late to try and contact him again.
I guess we could try and trade spells, I owe you at least that much."


I try to heal myself again, squinting my eyes in concentration

"No, no…"

Rolled 7 = 7


"We could find our herbalist tomorrow, maybe she knows about, or even better, has a sample!"

You manage to close it up and heal yourself.


"There, like nothing ever happened!"

"Sure, let's try!


Uhhh what spells do you have?"


"Perhaps… I need to check to see if there is a particular ritual regarding the harvesting of the herb as well though. He is very, very particular about that stuff. A bit crazy, if you ask me, but who am I to judge."
"Mostly fire related spells, particularly ones with a combat focus. I do have some experience in ice spells, but that's mostly to extinguish my mistakes so I'm not as practiced in them as I should be."


"Mmmmm… what about you Spirit?"


"Oooh, I have some arcane orb spells, and some fire spells of my own, some healing, and my very special unique spell I call Spirit Rush!"

She giggles after saying that.
"Though I never shared a spell…"


Rub the back of my neck uncomfortably

"Neither have I, I heard it's pretty hard to do it successfully and requires quite some practice afterwards. But you made your own spell? That's so impressive! What kind of spell is it?"


"Created your own spell? Why, that's incredible! What is it?"


"Yeah, I did it to compensate for my inability to learn how to teleport… It's almost like a blink spell, but I don't actually dissapear, just rush forward with the help of a magical surge. The best part?"

She grins widely.
"I can envelop myself in fire during that, combine that with homing arcane orbs, and boom! Any Wasteland badguy that I rush past is toast!"


I let out an impressed "Oooooo"

"That must have been hard to master! Must be tricky spell!"


I perk up considerably.
"That… sounds incredible! Do you mind teaching it to us?"


"It is! It took me so long, you can't even imagine."

"I can try!"


"Alright, try then! Maybe I can teach you prayer of healing!"

Move up to her and bring my horn up to hers


"Oooh, this sounds exciting!"
Rolling to see how she fares.

You need to roll as well.

Rolled 8 = 8


"It is!"

Rolled 9 = 9


There are some small sparks between your horns, which then form a line, and both of you concentrate hard on sharing the spell.

After some seconds, both of your horns flare up, and Spirit breaks away.

"Wow! It actually worked! I feel like I know it!"
She tries to cast it.

Rolled 8 = 8


She envelops all of you in a blanket of warm, healing light.

She squeez and giggles like a little filly in excitement.


I hug her excitingly

"Awesome! That worked so quickly!"


I smile at her glee.
"You feeling well enough to try and teach me your spell?"


She returns the hug.
"Yes, thank you so much!"

"I do, yes! This is easier than it sounded!"


I walk over and put my horn up to hers.

Rolled 6 = 6


She tries to concentrate as well.
Roll another dice to see if you can contain the book

Rolled 10 = 10



Rolled 5 = 5


Your do your best to contain it's influence, which hinders your concentration, but she aces the transfer again, and soon you can feel the new power surge into you.

Before she can complete it though, she jerks her head away.
"Whoa! What the heck was that?"

You can feel a small pain build up in your horn.
You opposed me for the last time without consequence…

The transfer was a succes, but the book holds back onto part of the spell.
You only learned Spirit Orbs : You can summon three magical orbs of fire that orbit you, attacking the first enemy that comes near.
3 turns cooldown.

You may try to read the book later to learn the rest of the spell with a stacking DC of 15.


"What? What's wrong?"


I jerk back my horn and cut off the magic flow.
"What was that?… Another unpredictable effect of the Wasteland or something?"

Rolled 9 = 9


"I felt something… terrible…"
She shudders.

"I don't know! It felt benevolent! I feel… v-violated…"


"Violated?… Perhaps we should just call it a night then. I profusely apologize, had we not gone through with the spell transfer I'm sure this wouldn't have happened."

Rolled 6 = 6


"Violated? Oh dear!"

I look over to Timbre and eye him carefully

"Did you have mindsex or something?"


"It's okay… at least did it work…"
She tries to keep cool, but she is visibly shaken.


"Hey, calm down… I'm here for you!"

Give her another comforting hug


"I- I already told you! I prefer the company of stallions i- in that manner!"
"I am really, really sorry miss."
I shuffle in place and look away, ashamed.


She breathes heavily, then let's out a weak smile.
"It's okay… but now I'd go to sleep if you don't mind. Thanks for the spells and…uh… everything."

With that, she bids farewell and trots away, leaving the two of you alone.


"Well that ended on an awfully sour note… perhaps it would be best to follow her lead and retire to sleep?"



I look over to Timbre and cock an eyebrow, then walk off to go sleep as well





"Goodnight, I guess?…"

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