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World War Pone: 2nd thread Nasse-Setä 273363

Coltville-sur-Mer, a few days later.
The crew is on leave on the account of getting their shit majorly blown up; it seems to be taking a while to get supplies ashore, and your tank's engine hasn't been fixed yet.
The army has made small camps on the nearby forests, and some of the town's inns and houses have provided shelter for the command and control.
Some of the outlaying farms and warehouses were burned down by the Germanes, but the center is largely unscathed. Civilians are carefully trotting about on the streets while jeeps carry staff personnel to the sandbag-reinforced buildings.
Most of the party is in a local tavern, where the last innkeeper serves chilled (and watered-down) drinks for rations and favors.
Everyone except mr. Clear and Walter, who are on the aid station getting their wounds checked.

A voluntary nurse removes the bandages from Walter's face.
"Looks like you're in shape to return to service!"

A rather grumpy looking doctor inspects Clear's neck wound.
"It's just a scratch. I ain't givin' you no more morphine. Lousy goodfornothing ziggers…

Shifty [Private] 273387

"I thought the alcohol over here was supposed to be good."


"Ah might have a bigga' wound hidden somewhere doc! I say more morphine's a good idea!"
Look around for drugs.

Roll #0 3 = 3

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 273394

"Just be glad you're alive to drink it, Private. And that you aren't the one I'm going to clock for taking drugs in the middle of a damned firefight."

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 273396

"Already? I can fight for my great country already then! Yeaaah!"

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 273404

I groan.
"That damn zebra… he keeps trying to steal my supplies!"
"Please, please do teach him good and get him to stop stealing my damn supplies!"

Shifty [Private] 273415

"What was that stupid zigger even thinking?"
I take a sip of the alcohol and cringe.

Nasse-Setä 273430

"Coltville-zur-Mer iz knows for itz great grapejyice."
All the boxes marked with red crosses are locked with big locks.
"Don't even think about it. Out!"
He points at the door.
A few corporals enter the tavern, clearly a little tipsy already.
"Oi! Aren't you the tankers from our landing? Great job clearing the mines!"
Both of them chortle annoyingly.
You can see a column of jeeps and lorries drive past the tavern, too.

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 273433

"It's only a shame those Germanes ran away before we could shoot'em up!"

Clear [Warlock] 273434

Roll my eyes and go looking for the others. Farsight.

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 273436

"You might have to end up doing that yourself, since I can't watch him every second."
Sighing, I'll down my mug of this… grape juice.
I'll give them the stinkeye as they come in and grip my glass a bit tighter.

Shifty [Private] 273439

I ignore them and keep drinking.

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 273441

I groan even louder.
"When are we gonna get our tank back? I'm itching to get out of here… I can't just sit in one place while there's a war goin' on!"

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 273446

"We'll get her back when the engine's replaced. That fire burnt it to a cinder."
I'll grimace.
"You would not believe the earful I got for that."

Nasse-Setä 273470

It tastes more like water.
You can see there are even some Germane halftracks on the convoy passing the town.
"Pfft, If you guys shoot like you drive, WE were better off that ya didn't!"
They keep chortling.
"Oi, barkeep, give us some booze!"
The ponies just snort at you.
A few more enter the tavern, including some oily and dirty engineers.
"If I get my hands on that driver…"
"Making us work day and night…"
"The damn thing exploded when I tried to start it!"

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 273483

Maybe I should just go check on the medical tent.
Restock and all!
I leave and check on my supplies. Are they doing alright? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Oh well. Grumble a bit and enter the inn, they have nice wine here, no?

Roll #0 2 = 2

Shifty [Private] 273495

"What the, are those Germane halftracks? Don't tell me we lost so many vehicles that we have to use the enemy's stuff."

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 273497

I'll give the jeering Corporals a sidelong glance.
"And if you lot shoot as well as you hold your liquor, I'll be damn glad to keep well away from you."

As for the engineers, I'll hope that isn't my baby they're talking about.

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 273506

"Yeah, well what did you do, huh?"

Nasse-Setä 273534

All the crates are secure and locked.
You can hear some odd scraping noises from nearby though…
They give you a mug of "grape juice".
It tastes like shit.
Some private from communications shouts over his shoulder.
"That's just prisoner transport. Dunno why they're using those vehicles, but I hear they finally got some supplies ashore."
"A-are you looking for trouble, mule?"
The larger, more drunk of the ponies goes for his holster.
The less drunk pony looks smug as he speaks.
"We cleared the eastern bunker all by ourselves!"

Mr. Clear [Radio Operator] 273540

They must hate soldiers. Fuck this. Are my comrades around?

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 273542

I go investigate that scraping noise. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 273543

"Oh heavens no, Corporal. Though if you're willing to start some, you'd best hope you can follow through with it."
Terrify. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 273547

"And we cleared tanks and 88s and stuff!"

Shifty [Private] 273550

"Supplies are finally ashore? It took them long enough."

I see the pony going for his holster and stand up.
"Easy there, sir."

Nasse-Setä 273572

Yes they are.
Must have been nothing.
The wind among the tents.
You can see some small figures running back towards the town though.
Too far to follow or recognize.
The pony leaves his holster be.
"Pfft, what bad-asshes"
"One ack-ack! One!"

Leftenant Sure Shot appears in the door.
"Are there any mechanics here? One of the cars broke down on the street. We might also need some extra muscle."
The engineers that entered the tavern flip their collars so you can't see their unit emblems and hide in a corner-table.

Mr. Clear [Radio Operator] 273577

"All down for manual work sir."
Follow Sure Shot.

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 273578

Can I see if anything's been disturbed? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 273580

"I've got some muscle!"

Shifty [Private] 273582

"Muscle? I can try."
I walk outside.

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 273584

I suppose I could give it a shot.

Nasse-Setä 273613

He opens a crate labeled "grenades" on the back of one truck and hands each of you two.
"Now if the nasties in those halftracks start to get antsy, lob one in. The doors should be closed with locks so they can't get out. If they try to climb, you are allowed to shoot if your conscience can take it."
You can see the gray half-tracks have had their machine guns removed and the crosses sprayed over.
"okay, follow me."
He leads you to a captured Germane lorry, which has it's engine exposed.
"We just can't figure what's wrong with it. It just stopped dead on it's tracks."

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 273616

"..uh.. what?"

Mr. Clear [Radio Operator] 273617

"Ah… Ya mean there be nazies in there?"

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 273621

Well, let's see if my repair skill can't tell me what's wrong with it. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Nasse-Setä 273640

A sergeant with 'MP' written on his sleeve and helmet trots up to you.
"These halftracks…"
He bangs on one.
"Are full of Nazi prisoners!"
He bangs on it again.
"They are locked in there for transport. If they try to escape or rouse trouble…"
He bangs on it again.
"You throw a smoke grenade in there. That should pacify them."
Someone's stabbed a hole in the fuel tank and the fuel gauge has been smashed. No one thought to check the car before they assumed control of it…

It's starting to get late, the sun is setting.
While you explain the fault to the leftenant you can hear the familiar sound of an air raid siren.
"What the hay?! I thought the Luftwaffle was annihilated already!"
The prisoners start banging on the doors of their prisoner carriages.
Civilians scurry for their homes and shelters.
A crate of bandages and painkillers has been broken open, and hidden in a nearby bush.

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 273641

Mr. Clear [Radio Operator] 273643

"Aw. Damn, smoke. They d'serve explosives."

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 273644

"Oh! I thought these were live grenades! That we can do!"

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 273650

Well never mind.
I go and grab those bandages and painkillers then return them, and attempt to flag someone down.
"Someone broke into one of the crates."

Mr. Clear [Radio Operator] 273651

"How can ya be so calm? I hate nazis. Really do. Look what they did to all those different than'em! It's why I enrolled! To teach'em one!"


"Air raid!"
I run for cover.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Mr. Clear [Radio Operator] 273666

Throw a smoke nade at the prisoners.
"Die in yer own hooves nazi fucks!"
Run for the shelter.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nasse-Setä 273677

A grumpy doctor with a captain's badge is hiding under a table in one of the tents.
"We've got bigger problems!"
Looking out, you can see a flight of maybe five or six bombers headed for the town.
The MP nods.
"Take cover!"
You run under an arch leading to an alleyway.

You can hear anti-aircraft fire from the outskirts but it's not concentrated.
Soon you can also hear the first bombs hit the ground, far away from your convoy but getting closer.
the grenade hits the side of a truck and bounces at your feet, exploding with a small blast. It throws you off balance and you fall on the street.
You can see figures climbing out of one of the halftracks.
"Achtung schütze! Angrief! Angrief!"
You can hear somepony hit somepony, and soon some fire.
Then a thud.
The rest of the prisoners are also climbing out of their halftracks. The military police quickly draws his pistol and fires onto the group, only to get swarmed.

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 273684

What the…
"What's going on around here?!"
Look for co- look for wounded! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 273685

Grenades at them!
"Oh no you don't!"
Terrify with explosives?

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Pick myself up damnit!

Roll #0 7 = 7

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 273695

Mother of damnation, they probably let themselves get caught on purpose.
"Fall back! Find a hole and get in it!"
I'll pull my pistol and provide cover fire for the Zebra '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I start shooting at the ones farthest away from the hafltracks.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Nasse-Setä 273717

You are farthest away from the action.
A young looking medic is in the medical center, starting up a jeep loaded with supplies.
"Hop in! We need to check on the wounded!"
You lob a grenade on the street, effectively provinding the Germanes with cover as they hide themselves between cars and alleys.
You can hear constant gunshots.
And the bombs are still getting closer, 2 turns until they are on top of you.
You climb up as >>273695 fires blindly into the smoke.
"Aaaah! Sani! Hilfe!"
You hit one square on the head, causing him to slump on the ground and drop a stolen rifle.

You are on the "tavern" side of the convoy, meaning the Germanes are closer to the end of it. They are trying to make it there and steal a car to run away.

about 20 of them are slowly making their way, a few cars at a time. It will take them four turns to get to the end.
They are pulling a wounded comrade with them, slowing them down.
It seems they have managed to kill a few guards, as some of them are armed with weapons and others with knives.

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 273723

I hop in!
"Let's go then!"

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 273724

Blew them out of cover then!
Throw another grenade!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Take a weapon and shoot at them.
"Those are not explosives! You'll just give'm more cover!"

Roll #0 6 = 6

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 273732

"Clear! Grab that rifle, and fall back to cover! We don't have long until those planes get here and level this place! Everyone fall back to cover!"
I'll continue firing in the general direction while falling back. '1d10'
Are there any wounded lying about that need some help back? 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 8 = 8

Mr. Clear [Radio Operator] 273736

"Ay ay sir!"
Get in cover asap.


I take aim at one of the armed ones and shoot. Marksman Shot.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12

Nasse-Setä 273755

The bombs get ever closer. You can even see some rock flying onto the street already. The Germanes advance up the convoy, though they are rapidly thinned by the armed guards on their way.
You throw another smoke bomb, allowing the nazis to escape a turn faster: only 2 remain.
You both reap some more nasties, receiving only light return fire.
The ponies lying on the street are already dead or beyond help.
You drive overspeed to the eastern section of the town, which was hit first. You can see an undetonated bomb in the middle of a street in a crater, causing the young pony to almost top the car over.
He hops off and runs down the street.
"Try to look for civilians! I'm checking the officer's mess!"
You can see a young Prance mare wobbling on the street.
You have all the supplies you could need, so you get +1 to treating ponies.
You fire the weapon out of his hooves, and a guard quickly knocks him unconscious.

The bombing will be upon you next turn.

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 273764


Roll #1 5 = 5


So, run for that bomb shelter, shall we?

Roll #0 6 = 6

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 273769

I rush over to the mare.
"Are you alright ma'am? Uh… uh… shit I can't speak Fancy!"
Look her over! Is she okay? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 273772

"Cut and run, Corporal! Back to the Tavern!"
Tavern's got a basement, right? That should work as a bomb shelter.


I'm in cover, right?
I shoot at one of the vehicles they are running towards in an attempt to disable it.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Nasse-Setä 273793

You run to the tavern, where a familiar leftenant is guiding civilians to.
"Down! Down! Don't stay in the wine room, the bottles might explode!"
She wobbles to you.
"Zank you, but I think…"
A trail of blood runs down her face.
She falls over.
You lob a grenade under a truck, which explodes and kills some Germanes.
Since most of the soldiers are running away, the Germanes have basically a free pass to the trucks and quickly start driving down the street.
Their escape is aided by the bombardment that just hits this area.
Your rifle jams and the arch you're under starts crumbling.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 273799

"W- What… no!"
Heal! Heeeeaaal! '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Nasse-Setä 273800

One of the two trucks is hit by a bomb directly, not even leaving ashes behind.
But your arch also crumbles on you, roll to dodge.

Mr. Clear [Radio Operator] 273801

Always follow such nice orders. Run inside and into the basement, past the wine room.



Roll #0 5 = 5

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 273806

Down we go, civilians first though.

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 273815

Okay, don't panic!
Assess the situation!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Nasse-Setä 273844

You limb into better cover after a rather large rock hits you in the leg.
Everypony is in the basement as the bombs drop. You can hear the thuds and see the light flicker.
After some long agonizing minutes the leftenant deems it safe to return topside.
"Okay, every soldier, follow me!"
Okay. There's a piece of shrapnel in her scalp. You remove it and sterilize the wound.
She must have gotten a blow to the head from something for being so dizzy. You lay her down on a blanket you got from the jeep and check that she's breathing. Okay. Whew. She should be fine when she wakes up. You leave a bottle of painkillers next to the blanket in case.

Mr. Clear [Radio Operator] 273849

Get my weapon ready and follow him.


I try to limp to cover.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 273851

Making sure my pistol is loaded, I follow the leftenant up.

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 273858

Alright, now, uh…
L- Look around! Poke my head in the doors!
"Is anyone wounded?!"

Roll #1 8 = 8

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 273859

Follow him!

Nasse-Setä 273881

You follow the leftenant out. You're greeted by a sad sight: The town's clock tower was demolished and it fell on the street. The convoy is one black, mangled, smoking wreck. Bodies litter the street after the prisoners escaped.
You can also see Shifty limp on the street. >>273850
"Damn! What the hay was wrong with our anti-aircraft?! Where was the air force?"
The houses (those that aren't demolished) are empty, thankfully. Families appear on the streets from their shelters. Some foals are crying, and everyone is looking dirty. You mend some cuts and bruises, but nothing major.
The young pony however returns carrying a large pony. He looks like a major.
The medic offers you a grim smile.
"I guess…people are gonna get promoted soon. C'mon, help me with this 'un."

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 273892

"Do we even have AA?"


Rush over to Shifty and try to help him up.

Roll #0 4 = 4

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 273907

"O- Oh no… what happened to him?"
I look him over and attempt to heal whatever happened to him if… he isn't dead. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 273909

"There was a smattering of AA fire, but it wasn't enough. Don't know what they were doing down there."
I'll head over to the Private and give him a hoof as well. '1d10' to assist.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nasse-Setä 273924

"of course we did! I just don't understand how those damn things got under our radar! And now the prisoners escaped too…"
You help him up.
You check him up. Looks like blood loss induced coma. The medic throws him on the jeep.
"I'll drive him to the aid station and come back if ya need me."
The prance mare is finally waking up.
"My head…"

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 273944

"Are you alright ma'am? Here, take one of these…"
I offer her the painkillers along with my canteen.

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 273947

"Give us a tank and we'll hunt them down!"

Mr. Clear [Radio Operator] 273948

"We oughta go after them! With the bombs, they can't be far!"
Farsight, can I see them?

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 273954

"You alright Private?"
"It's not that easy, Corporal. But there may be an airfield nearby if they were able to scramble that quickly and get under our noses like this."

Shifty [Private] 273968

"I wonder if me and a few other sharpshooters could hide in some clouds next time those planes come around."

Nasse-Setä 273972

"Get a jeep and go to engineer's camp. If they didn't get hit they might have fixed your tank."
The leftenant snorts.
"You can try."
"Thank you…"
She quickly takes a pill.
"Feels better already."
She gives you a weak smile.

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 273977

I'll toss a salute to the Leftenant.
"By your leave, then."
Let's see if there are any intact jeeps left, after that little bombing run… '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Shifty [Private] 273981

"I bet we'd do better than those fools controlling the AA."

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 273985

I smile back at her and give her one more look over. She gonna be okay? '1d10'
"I'm Rosie, what's your name?"

Roll #1 5 = 5

Mr. Clear [Radio Operator] 273986

"Nice eye."
Jump in the jeep and be ready.

Nasse-Setä 274002

"Well I'll give ya that."
After a bit of searching you find a jeep still intact, hidden in an alley.
You find a garterbelt on the back seat.
You're pretty sure she will.
"Mon name is Blossom. Thank you for saving me!"
She gives you a hug.

Cont. tomorrow given that we have the players.

Nasse-Setä 282804


Nasse-Setä 282808


Corporal Walter [Gunner] 282813

What was I doing again?

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 282820

I return the hug.
"You're welcome, dearie. How are you holding up?"
I also take a look around. Anyone beef attention or has everyone been tended to? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 282821

Tossing the garter out of the vehicle, I'll hop into the driver's seat.
"Alright, everyone pile into the jeep. We're going to pick up our tank."

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 282832

stupid swype

Private Shifty [Sniper] 282837

I hop in.

Nasse-Setä 282845


"I…I think I'll be fine. It was only the roof of my house zat fell on me."
She gives you a weak smile.
You can't see anyone else in need of assistance right now.
Well except for maybe clearing their houses but you're sure the other guys will handle that.
You all get in on the jeep and drive off.
You quickly pass the green fields and the khaki tents of the medical staff and drive down on the sandy beach, where they're just continuing to offload supplies, ponies, and vehicles.
A rather tired looking staff sergeant holding a writing board in his magic grip walks up to your jeep.
" 'lo guys. What can I help you with?"

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 282849

Get in!
"Just they wait until I get my baby back!"

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 282853

"We're being sent out to check where those planes came from. You know if the engineering field's been hit, and if the tanks are still in good shape?"

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 282880

"The roof of your house? Jeez…"
I take a seat next to her.

Mr. Clean [Radio Operator] 282881

I'm on the jeep, toying around with my spyglass.

Private Shifty [Sniper] 282890

I sit in the jeep.

Nasse-Setä 282898

"I don't think so. Think only the town was hit. God damn Nazis targeting civilians. Drive down the beach, when you smell oil and hear cussing you're there."
"Well it was not my house per ze. It was just abandoned and I lived there."

Mr. Clean [Radio Operator] 282902

"Thank you sir!"
Use that damn spyglass!
Astral Projection! Look at the beach!

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 282903


Rosie [Medic] 282914

"Was your actual home destroyed by the war?"

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 282915

"Roger that."
Taking a quick headcount, I realize we're missing our Driver.
"Ah, dammit."
Remembering the medical tents we passed, I get the feeling that would be a good place to start looking for her.
"Seems we're missing our driver. You want me to call you in a relief while I go back into town and look for her, Sergeant?"

Nasse-Setä 282936

"Oh, I hope not!"
She fiddles with her hooves, looking around awkwardly.
"Mind if I tell you a secret?"
Clean can feel that the engineers are just 200 meters away, the view to their camp is blocked by a rock jutting out of the sandy beach.
He spits on the ground.
"They're bringing the rest o' my company in a couple of hours. No need. And it's SIR Sergeant to you, Sergeant."

Mr. Clean [Radio Operator] 282942

"Sergeant! That way! We can approach from this side and be covered by a huge rock!"
Motion him towards the engineers camp.

Rosie [Medic] 282944

"Of course. Doctor patient confidentiality, you know!"
I smile at her.

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 282948

I'll give a good-natured huff.
"Yes sir, Sergeant sir."
"That's well and good, Mr. Clear, but they're on our side, so there's really no need to be hidden."
And with that, we'll set back towards the medic tents to see if anyone has seen our driver.

Nasse-Setä 282984

"Okay. Listen carefully, I shall say this only once! I'm a member of the Prance resistance!"
A young looking medic is just about to set off in his jeep.
"Yeah, sure, me and Corporal Rosie went to the first part of town that was hit. She was there tending to the civilians when I returned to bring a wounded pony back here."

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 282991

"And she hasn't returned yet? Which part of town did you see her in last?"

Rosie [Medic] 283009

I gasp.
"The Prance resistance? Wow… that's very brave of you, Blossom. Fighting for your country like that when you face almost certain death if caught…"

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 283015

"And where is she now?"

Nasse-Setä 283074

"Well she was okay last time I saw her. Just go east. Actually I'm going there now, you can follow me."
"Yes…zat is it. I was trying to hide because I was so afraid…"

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 283077

"Lead the way then! Can't have our tank without our driving damsel!"

Rosie [Medic] 283083

"Nothing wrong with being afraid, dearie. In fact, wanna know a secret?"
I lean into her and whisper.
"I'm afraid too. I saw combat for the first time barely a few days ago! I don't even know what I'm doing out here…"

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 283085

"You might as well hop in, and point the right direction. Pretty sure there's enough room in here for you and her to squeeze in on the way back."
I'll gesture for whomever's in the passenger seat to move to the back.

Mr. Clean [Radio Operator] 283086

"East you say?"
Take out my spyglass.
Astral porjection, do I see her?
Nod at this.

Nasse-Setä 283096

"I'm taking these medical supplies with me, follow me or not."
He points a hoof at a few crates on his jeep and speeds off.
he shouts as he goes: "I ain't waiting no more!"
"Really? But I heard you people had been training for zis for years!"

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 283103

Wasn't aware he had his own jeep. Away we go, then.

Mr. Clean [Radio Operator] 283110

"What was he even meanin by that?"

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 283117

"He's a busy guy. The wounded don't get better on their own."

Mr. Clean [Radio Operator] 283121

Sit back and keep looking around with my spyglass.

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 283147

I shake my head sadly.
"Try a few months… we were all rushed out into the war."

Nasse-Setä 283161

Rosie is sitting by the road with a civilian mare.
"Oh. Want to-"
She droops her head.
"Oh, right, my place was destroyed. And I'm sure you've got other ponies to tend to."
She gets on her hooves.

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 283165

I wave at her.
"Oh Miss Rosie! We got germanes to fry and you got a tank to drive!"

Mr. Clean [Radio Operator] 283167

"Beee boop miss Rosie!"

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 283171

"Corporal! We're moving out! We've been assigned to see if there isn't an airfield near here where they might have launched those bombers."
Noting the scruffed up mare, I'll continue.
"Madame, avez-vous besoin d'aide?"

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 283175

"Want to what?"
I tilt my head at her.
"Oh, coming!"
I hop up as well and give Blossom a quick hug.
"I hope we meet again in the future, on less… painful, terms."
I chuckle.

Mr. Clean [Radio Operator] 283177

"Was dat pony hit?"

Nasse-Setä 283182

"I had a bottle of wine in my house but it's gone now."
You hop on the jeep.
"Merci, I'm fine."

You drive back to the beach and soon can see the sand-coloured center of engineering on the beach. An oily earth pony with a sweet mustache walks up to you.
"I take it yer the crew to get their tank back?"

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 283187

I'll climb down from the jeep.
"That we are. How is she?"

Private Shifty [Sniper] 283188

I hope out of the jeep.

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 283189

"That we are! Ready to blow all the nasties up sky high!"

Mr. Clean [Radio Operator] 283192

"Can't wait pon! Safer in there than anyplace else!"

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 283197

"Yeah. Took a bit of shrapnel to the head after having her house collapse on her. Poor thing…"
"Of course."

Nasse-Setä 283228

The pony whistles and another Engineer drives the tank to you.
After hopping out he ogles you all for a while.
"Well whoever is the driver, if you drive into a mine and the engine catches fire again, leave the fucking wreck back there, don't bring it back to us."

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 283230

I'll shrug.
"Well, look at it this way. If it happens again, you can probably still salvage her good parts for the other tanks. Though," and I'll eyeball Corporal Rosie, "that shouldn't be a problem. Right?"

Mr. Clean [Radio Operator] 283231

"See sergeant? Ah was right wanting to leave last time!"

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 283232

"We were in the heat of battle for our great country! We didn't have time to dodge mines!"

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 283240

"Hrumph. You were also whacked out of your skull on Celestia knows what."

Mr. Clean [Radio Operator] 283241

"Dat's not me sergeant! T'was just the heat of battle!"

Corporal Rosie [Medic] 283245

"N- Not at all sir!"

Private Shifty [Sniper] 283259

I fly up to the hatch and climb inside.

Nasse-Setä 283260

You hop into the tank.
The commander of the Engineers whistles to Walter.
"By the way, if you do well enough in the field, we're authorized to give you certain upgrades to your tank."

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 283265

"Awww right! More firepower?"

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 283267

"Sounds nice. We'll bring her back in one piece and see what those might be."
Settling into the commander's seat, I'll have everyone sound off once they've settled into their position.

Mr. Clean [Radio Operator] 283279

"Ya mean a bigger pewpew for cappin' nazis? Can Ah get a flamethrower like they have?"

Sergeant Bernard [M. Dnk. Mechanic] 283285

"Flamethrowers would only be good against infantry, and the range would be too short for anything other than charging in headfirst. I wouldn't mind a mine flail, though."

Mr. Clean [Radio Operator] 283290

"Can work with dat."

Nasse-Setä 283302

"Something along those lines. Now git going!"

Corporal Walter [Gunner] 283305

Get in my seat.


Get comfy near the radio and turn this baby on!

Roll #0 10 = 10

Nasse-Setä 283347

>2 people respond

Private Shifty [Sniper] 283379

Keep going. There is nothing for me to do until a fight starts.

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