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Unnamed Text Adventure Quest - Thread 3 Nasse-Setä 420565[Last 50 Posts]


Worry about the future tomorrow, for today we faff about.

It's noon in the city. Emily has asked all of you out for lunch in a fancy restaurant in town.
"The food's so good it'll feed itself to you!" She advertised.
You follow her on the winding streets, off the main avenue and into one of the more quiet blocks. In one of the multi-storied buildings there is a neon sign of an hamburger and the text "the grub bucket". It looks kind of out-of-place with what you've seen here so far, but Emily assures you their food might be simple, but still really good.
"And Buns said you can have your first meal for free since you helped the Alchemist!"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420566

"Uuuh, what's that ting in the sign?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 420567

"A burger joint? That's not something I expected to see here."
I go inside.

Nasse-Setä 420568

Emily giggles.
"It's a hamburger! Two buns and a steak between! Often it also has salad and cheese on it."
Emily nods.
"It's one of a kind."
The insides are nice and clean. There's a cashier, a fat pony with a bit of a stubble but an energetic expression, and no customers. You wonder if this place is really popular at all.
On the other hand, it is kind of out-of-the-way for the noon lunch rush…

Klandin [Ascendant] 420569

I look around.
"We have the place to ourselves? Lucky us."
Can I see a menu from here?

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420570

Never had one."
Look around in surprise at the lack of customers.

Klandin [Ascendant] 420571

"It's not really a pony thing because of the meat."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420572

"Right. Meat. That's… Nice?"

Nasse-Setä 420573

Emily nods with the bartender. He speaks:
"Yeah. We're a bit to the side of everyone's business, but we've got enough to keep ourselves floatin', so it's all good to me."
The menu is in large print behind the cashier.

Salad - 5
Pizza - 10
Burger n' Fries - 10
Kebab - 7
Sandwich - 5
Ice Cream - 3
Pastry - 3
-Small 2
-Large 5
Fruit Soda
-Small 2
-Large 5

"Huh. Everyone eats them around here."
Emily grins.
"Well at least here everyone's an omnivore!"

Nasse-Setä 420574

Emily talks to the cashier first.
"I'll have a pizza and a small Soda, please!"
She gives him the money and goes to a large booth off to the side.

Neith [Inquisitor] 420575

"Absolutely disgusting."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420576

Cover my mouth with one hoof and look at her in a mix of surprise and disgust, but try to hide it.
Then, look at the menù and…
Oh god, this stuff is made with meat.
"A s-salad, please…"

Klandin [Ascendant] 420577

I laugh when she says that everyone here is an omnivore.
"Finally, smart ponies."
I place the appropriate number of coins on the table.
"I'll take a burger and fries and a small fruit soda, strawberry flavored."

Nasse-Setä 420578

Emily's ears drop.
"Alright, she'll be right whitcha."
"Alright lad, comin' right up."
He walks to the kitchen and you can hear some chatter before he returns to sit by the cashing machine.
"Just wait in yer table for a while."

Neith [Inquisitor] 420579

"Ponies are not supposed to eat meat, it's unhealthy for us. Have you never opened a damn biology book in your life?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420580

"Oh, and some water."
Think nothing of it and go sit somewhere.

Nasse-Setä 420581

Emily shrugs.
"I guess our world hasn't."
She considers the subject closed.
"Right away!"
He walks into the kitchen and returns with a tray. Laying it on the table, you can see there are three small ponies on it.
One is dark brown, almost black, with a red mane. She bows to you before hopping to Emily.
"Hiya luv!"
"Hi Coke."
One is light red with a strawberry on her flank, and the other is completely clear.
"Who ordered Strawberry?"
"Who ordered Water?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420582

Blink a few times.

Klandin [Ascendant] 420583

I sit down at the table.

"That would be me."
I pick Strawberry up ad examine her.
"Is this an enchanted glass? It's very good work."

Nasse-Setä 420584

The clear pony trots up to you.
"Hello! I'll be your drink today!"
She's slightly squishy and cold.
"Hey! I'm a living being!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 420585

I shake my head.
I eye the strange ponies presented on a tray with suspicion

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420586

Look at the little pony in fear, taking good sight of her size and shape.

Klandin [Ascendant] 420587

I look between the restaurant owner and the drinks.
"How are we supposed to drink from these, er, them?"

Nasse-Setä 420588

Emily is too busy kissing the small coke pony passionately. She breaks it momentarily, leaving the small glass pony looking distraught.
"Um, there's something I might need to explain…"
Coke grabs her cheeks before he can continue and locks their lips together again.
"Pizza and Salad's here!"
Two ponies, one green, one cheesy yellow, walk into the room, straight to the table. "Pizza" lays her rump on the table in front of Emily.
"Hiya Emi!"
Salad walks up to Klandin and Mercury.
"Hello! Did one of you order a salad? I Apologize for Fries and Burger, they're having another relationship problem!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 420589

I point at Mercury, speechless.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420590

Mouth open wide, I'll look at this whole situation.
Run for my life.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nasse-Setä 420591

Mercury runs straight into the hooves of Salad, who locks her lips with Mercury's.
It tastes salty, almost like…french salad dressing?
"Now calm down luv, you'll scare the customers~"
Emily looks incredibly embarrassed at this.
"I'm sorry…this is…um, their specialty."
Pizza shakes her rump on the table.
"Emilyy~! I'm getting frustrated here~!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 420592

"Enough of this!"
Get out of this insane place.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420593

"This is crazy!"
Yep, smart thinking. Follow the inquisitor out.

Klandin [Ascendant] 420594

"Oh. Well, I trust that no harm will come to us here, although you really should have warned us first."
I try to pour some of Strawberry into my mouth.

I watch the two of you go.

Nasse-Setä 420595

You're in the street.
Emily looks like she wishes she could shrink under the table.
"Um… yes…"
You hold Strawberry above your mouth, and some soda does trickle out of her mouth into yours.
"You know, stud, there's a better way…"
Meanwhile, Emily has to get started on her pizza.
She bites off a piece of her tail before lifting it and licking Pizza's clearly slick folds.
"Mmm, you're delicious as always~"
She kisses Coke after each bite before looking at you, blushing.
"I'm sorry!"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420596

Look at the inquisitor.
"What the hell was that?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 420597

I put Strawberry down once I see Emily get started on Pizza.
"I'm sorry, but I cannot be here. I am going to need a refund for myself and the two mares that left."

Neith [Inquisitor] 420598

"I have no idea and I have no intention on finding out. These ponies are absolutely insane."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420599

Nod, speechless, and sit quietly beside her, looking at my hooves.

Nasse-Setä 420600

The cashier looks sad as he hands you your coins.
Emily quickly takes a few more bites and looks at the food ponies sadly.
"I'm sorry, I should have thought this out better, girls…"
She raises up and walks to the street, hanging her head.

Neith [Inquisitor] 420601

"It's like they can't have anything normal around here. Just what the hell happened to this place for it to be so different from Equestria?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 420602

"Different worlds, Emily. From now on it might be prudent to tell us about things before they happen, if even they seem normal to you."
I take my coins, apologize again, and leave.

I give you both your money back.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420603

"H-ah… No! There is no need! The food… We ordered it, they s-should keep the money!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 420604

I didn't even order anything, so no problem there.

Klandin [Ascendant] 420605

"No, we never ate our meals. Keep the money."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420606

Look down again.
"Y-you went out because of us?"

Nasse-Setä 420607

She shakes a little.
"W-well…um…maybe you'd like to visit the fruit farm outside the town? T-there shouldn't be anything weird there!"
She smiles meekly.
You can see a single tear rolling down Emily's face.

Klandin [Ascendant] 420608

I look sideways at Emily.

I pat her back.
"That sounds like a good idea, and we can get a meal there. Everyone likes fruit."

Neith [Inquisitor] 420609

"Hmph, the farm will do."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420610

"It wasn't your fault Emily! Just… It's so strange for us. What were those things?"
"N-no please!"
Look at him in distress.
"Go back in, we c-can wait!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 420611

"No, it would be impolite to make you two wait like that."

Neith [Inquisitor] 420612

"If you are concerned with hurting my feelings, don't be."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420613

"But it is m-my fault, not yours! Please!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 420614

"You are solid ice, sister. I do not worry about your feelings."

"No. If I return it will be on my own time."

Nasse-Setä 420615

Emily starts trotting off, half mumbling to herself.
"Yes, yes, the farm is a nice place…Sunny and smells nice…"
You leave the town and head around the walls to the eastern side where you can see a small hill raise above the woods. After following a small road you come to a quaint lil' farm. There's a stone main building and two wooden barns, cordoned by a wooden fence. A tall Capra lady holding a pitchfork meets you.
"Hiya! Terribly nice to finally meet the heroes everyone's been talking about! Name's Bonnie!"
She holds out her hand.

The area of the farm is surrounded by different vibrant colours, apple trees, strawberry bushes, oranges, pears…
A sweet smell hangs in the air.

Klandin [Ascendant] 420616

I shake her hand.
"Nice to meet you, miss Bonnie. My name is Klandin. This is a nice place you have."

Neith [Inquisitor] 420617

Well this is nice.
"Sister Neith of the Holy Inquisition."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420618

Oooh, fruits!
Shake Bonnie's hand.
Those fingers are so cute!
"Hello Bonnie! I'm Mercury!"
Smile broadly at her.

Nasse-Setä 420619

She beams back at you while gripping your hoof tight.
"Well hello there!"
"Hullo thar too. Never been big for them church fings. But you help people, right?"
"Thanks! It's a tough job, workin' outside the city. Lotsa stuff to worry about."
She wipes her brow before starting to walk towards the farmhouse.
"Now y'all come in and I'll get ya some juice while you can tell me what brings you here!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 420620

"As long as they don't get in our way, yes."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 420621

Look around the farm, is there something to eat?
"Well this is a nice place to live in. Say what do you guys grow in these farms?" I smile at them.

I then inch a bit near Neith and whisper.
"What are we doing here? I thought we are on a grand mission but a farm??"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420622

Follow her in.
"Emily brought us here!" Smile and trot happily.

Klandin [Ascendant] 420623

I follow her.
"Emily mentioned that this would be a good place to see."
I look around as I walk.
"Do you work here by yourself? How do you keep the demons and monsters away?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 420624

"We are waiting for that scout to return. Or not return at all."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 420625

I nod at this.
"Well at least this is a relaxing plae to wait. Plus we can eat." I lighten up.

Nasse-Setä 420626

"Oh, the city guard protects me, especially during the harvest season. And I've got my cowgirls too."
She sighs.
"But now a nearby Centaur tribe has been giving me trouble…"
She pours each of you a glass full of berry juice.
"how nice."
"All manner of fruits. Pine Apples are our specialty."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420627

A normal glass? Oh my, finally! I was dying of thirst!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Klandin [Ascendant] 420628

I take a sip.
"Thanks. What are centaurs and would you like us to help?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 420629


Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 420630

Perhaps mangoes? If not Pineapples are fine." I smile and sit down.
"Centaurs? I think I heard of them before, they are cousins of minotaurs right?'
"Or maybe not."

Nasse-Setä 420631

It tastes wonderful. You can taste grape, raspberry, apple and blueberries in it.
"They're like a cross-breed of Humen and Ponies. Of course if you suggested it to them, they'd kill you. They're a proud and stubborn race. Worse than donkies. And yes, I might need some help…"
She nods.
"The local tribe got a new leader. A real idiot, stubborn, over-confident…"
She shudders.
"Not pineapples, Pine Apples! Apples that grow on pine trees! They're our most outlying plantation and the centaurs have been raiding it non-stop for almost a month…no one has been able to form a party to stop them or even negotiate with them…"
She leaves the pitcher of juice on the table.
"Well drink up! I'll go fetch some fruit cake!"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420632

Finish my drink and shoot a shy look at the inquisitor.
"Are we gonna help her?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 420633

I pour myself another glass and start to drink it.
"What sort of help do you want? Should we give them a warning or rough them up?"

"Of course."

Neith [Inquisitor] 420634

"… Humens and ponies? How does that even work?"
I shake my head
"Don't answer that."

"If they are causing public unrest, yes."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420635


Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 420636

"Oh, that is quite new… Pine apples." I gulp take a glass of juice and wait for the fruit cake.

"We can spare the time. As much as I want to avoid trouble but it is ultimately more tiring to wait for a group than going around and doing something about that centaur problem."

Nasse-Setä 420637

Bonnie brings in a small cake decorated with cream and strawberries.
"Oh, if you want to help, it's all up to you! I can tell you where the pine apple plantation is or you can even walk straight for their tribe."
"I think they're an original race. Like Capras and Ponies and horks…"

Klandin [Ascendant] 420638

"I want too help, but I need to know what you want us to do, first. Do we give them a stern talking to or rough them up?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 420639

Oh!" I go grab a a knife and cut the cake into set pieces before grabbin my part and put the cake in the middle of the table in case anyone wants a slice.

I nod at this too.
"I also want to help, what time do these 'centaur' usually come here to steal your produce? Perhaps we can ambush them." I then take a bite of my cake

Klandin [Ascendant] 420640

I take a slice and eat it.

Nasse-Setä 420641

Bonnie shakes her head while munching on a slice of cake.
"It's all the same to me. You should do what you know best. We used to do some minor trading with them but it's nothing we can't lose."
"During the night usually. They aren't afraid of being ambushed in the dark woods, since they're usually the ones doing the ambush."
Tastes fruity.

Klandin [Ascendant] 420642

"Then lets pay them a visit. Where is the tribe?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 420643

"Then we should attack at day and not give them the advantage of skulking in the shadows."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420644

"Do we just have to use violence?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 420645

"We can give them a warning first."

Neith [Inquisitor] 420646

"Using diplomacy would only mean they would have more time to prepare. We should hit them where it hurts and not give them the chance to prepare."

Klandin [Ascendant] 420647

"One warning. If they try anything we get violent."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 420648

"Yeah! I agree!" I take a bite of cake.

"Yeah!" I take another bite of cake."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420649

Echo him.
"One warning."

Neith [Inquisitor] 420650

I roll my eyes
"Very well."

Nasse-Setä 420651

Bonnie nods.
"Very well…the tribe lives in the woods. You can either go there through the plantation, or follow the road. The road entrance is guarded, at least usually."
Mercury chimes in.
"I know the way!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 420652


Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 420653

"Well. we better go off road if we dont want to get detected aye? Into the plantation route we go." I finish my cake and get ready.

Neith [Inquisitor] 420654

"We'll go to the plantation."

Nasse-Setä 420655

"Well if you wanted to negotiate, the road might've been a faster and safer option…"
Bonnie shrugs.
"Just follow the road north. You'll walk past the normal apples first, then some blueberry bushes and finally you'll be by the pines."

Klandin [Ascendant] 420656

"The negotiations will have more force if we show up in the middle of their camp. Thank you for the cake and juice."
I leave and follow the road through the plantation.

Neith [Inquisitor] 420657

"I am not a diplomat."

Tag along.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420658

"W-what should we say to them, when we find them?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 420659

"We tell them to stop raiding the farms and causing unrest in town or suffer the consequences."

Klandin [Ascendant] 420660

"Tell them that if they want things from the plantation they will need to buy or trade for them fairly. If they don't agree we beat on them until we do, but try to keep the beatings nonleathal."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 420661

Follow along Klandin

"That I agree." I smile.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420662

"Yes but… What stops them from saying no? We are not exactly offering them anything better…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 420663

"My sword, for one."

Klandin [Ascendant] 420664

"The beating part should hopefully stop them."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 420665

Give both a nervous smile and look back at my sword.

Nasse-Setä 420666

The edge of the Pine Apple plantation is dark green. Most of them have low branches and thick sprigs and twigs. In their scent you can tell something sweet, and if you look hard enough, you can see some small, dark red apples in the treetops.
You can also see wood splinters, a broken cart and a hatchet struck in a nearby tree.


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