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Trotheim Nasse-Setä 277710

You return to the temple after having killed the spawn.
Uriah is sleeping, but Peliah receives you as you return with the news about the defiling of the graveyard.
"Oh no, Master will not be very happy after he hears this…But we'll probably finally get some guards from the town here!"
She smiles at you.
"You may spend the night in the main hall if you wish. I can bring you blankets and pillows."

Neith [Inquisitor] 277717

"Good. Though we're not done rooting these things out just yet. There is still a lot of heretic blood that needs to be spilled in order to cleanse this town."

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277720

"Yay! Are they cuddly wuddly blankets and pillows?"


"Blankets, that would be great…"
How sleepy am I?

Roll #0 5 = 5

Ali [Rogue] 277726

"Probably going to be better than that fucking jail cell…"

Nasse-Setä 277731

Pretty sleepy.
"Um. I guess?"
"Oh. I thought you were headed for the military camp over yonder? Not that it's my business or anything…"
Pelia hurries downstairs and brings with her enough blankets and pillows for everyone.
"I'm sorry the benches might be a bit uncomfortable…or the stone floor…what with the window being broken and everything too…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 277734

I snag away a blanket and some pillows and try to find a private spot to settle down. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Slept in worse places. Thanks a lot." Give her a smile and find a place to sleep.

Roll #0 5 = 5

Ali [Rogue] 277743

"It's fine.
I take a blanket and some pillows and go follow Neith. She can probably find some place quiet…

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277746

"It's okay!"
Rolling for comfyness.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Nasse-Setä 277757

You find a pretty private spot, behind a pillar in one corner. The wind blowing in from the broken window doesn't reach there either.
You follow her.
You jump on a bench. They're pretty narrow and hard, not giving you much space to move, but you manage to sleep.
Pretty comfy, considering you're sleeping on a stone floor next to Fall.

You wake up next morning when the sun shines in from the broken window. Considerably well rested too, seeing the circumstances.

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277763

Morning bounce around and stretching!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Neith [Inquisitor] 277765

Wait why is Ali here?
"Dog, why the hell did you follow me here!?"


Get the hell up and do morning routine. Keep my feathers clean first of all.

Roll #0 4 = 4

Ali [Rogue] 277774

"Because I wanted to be away from the damn goat."
I get up, yawn, and stretch.

Nasse-Setä 277775

Pelia walks in with some breakfast.
Bread, water, hay, that sort of things.
"You may stay if you want to. I will keep Uriah at bay."
You can RP while I'm gone.

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277779

Well, no food before the morning fanfare!
Play a tune on my trumpeth to make sure everyone is awake!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Neith [Inquisitor] 277781

"You could've at least slept somewhere where I didn't have to catch your damn fleas!"

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 277782

"Oh skies I hear you! Stop it now! It's too early for psychological torture!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 277783

I growl and call out to her from my spot

Ali [Rogue] 277785

"Oh for fucks sake I don't have fl-"
I throw a pillow at her. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Neith [Inquisitor] 277786

"Nice shot, dog. That ought to shut her the hell up."

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277789

"Good to see you are all awa-uff… Hey!"

Throw it back!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Ali [Rogue] 277793

Catch it and throw it back at her. Harder. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 277794

Ignore those kids and eat my breakfast.

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277797

"Tee-hee! In your face!"

Show her my tongue.

Ali [Rogue] 277804

I grumble and go grab breakfast.
"So, oh mighty plan master Neith, what's the plan for today?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 277806

I grumble
"Kill everything that is evil and corrupt. Like any other damn day."

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277810

I eat breakfast too.
How is it?

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Right. And maybe try not to get innocents involved and be sent to jail like last night?"
Roll for quality of breakfast.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277814


Neith [Inquisitor] 277821

"Shut the hell up. He wasn't innocent. If those incompetent guards would have co-operated I could have burned him on the stake for heresy."

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 277823

"But he was! I read it in his mind! He got that stone just because it looked shiny! Stop judging and trialing ponies with no proofs!"

Ali [Rogue] 277825

"That doesn't change the stone being fucking evil."

Roll #1 5 = 5

Neith [Inquisitor] 277827

"Clearly, you read his mind wrong. You've already messed up several times, didn't you? Anypony handling a stone like that is corrupted and wicked."

Ali [Rogue] 277829

"Bleh, it's all cold…"

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 277830

"What, does the stone make them istantly evil? he was just a pony!"
"Not this time. Not this thing."

Neith [Inquisitor] 277833

"A pony that could have been easily corrupted already. Best to take him out before he became a real threat. Because that's what that rock stuff does, it's vile and corrupting beyond anything!"

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 277837

"You held the rock too. Are you corrupted?"

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277839

Play the Jaws theme on my violin to add to the drama!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Nasse-Setä 277843

Pelia comes up again.
"I hope you liked your breakfast. Is there anything I can help you with now?"

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277844

"It was pretty icky…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 277852

"I didn't get exposed to it as much as he did, idiot. Why are you even talking about something you clearly never saw before?"

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 277854

"Because I know what I saw in the mind of that pony and it was not an evil soul!"

Ali [Rogue] 277855

"'s alright. Bit cold."
"Oh yeah,"
I take the rusty blunderbuss out of my pack and offer it to her.

Neith [Inquisitor] 277861

"Like I said, your judgment has been wrong before. As has mine. So the safe route is to just burn things when you're in doubt. Now shut the hell up."

"About time I got something with some damn range."
Take it and inspect it closely '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277864

"It seems pretty rickety… Are you sure you want to use that, Neith? Ooh, Ooh, we should invest into a party cannon instead!"

Nasse-Setä 277865

The stock is cracked, the mechanism is rusty and the barrel is slightly bent.

Ali [Rogue] 277868

"Invest what? We're kind of, y'know, fucking broke."

Neith [Inquisitor] 277869

"Maybe we can use you as ammunition, goat. Or target practice, you choose."

It will do for now.

"Bless our weapons. That's all you seem to be able to do anyway."

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277873

"OOh, like how Ali pretended I'm a pegasus on the boat and carried me around in the air? That was fun!"

"How expensive can a party cannon be, duh?"

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 277875

"As much as a real cannon plus the confetti."

Nasse-Setä 277877

"That's pretty rude."
She makes some motions with her hooves and mutters a few words.
"I'm sorry, I guess I've gotten used to it…"

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 277879

"Ignore her. She can only spout sentences without caring for ponies."

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277881

"No problem!"
I bounce around her.
"Wasn't there something about instruments? Can I get one?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 277884

"Write a complaint to my superiors, see if they care."

Ali [Rogue] 277887

"So that's it? Thanks."
I examine my dagger. Does it look any different? '1d10'
"So what the hell do you do around here? None of those chucklefucks in town looked the religious type, so who actually comes here?"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nasse-Setä 277894

"W-we have a few visitors every weekend. Celestia herself visits us during the spring festival sometimes!"
She waits until you turn your back to her and shows her tongue to you.
She sighs and points to a cabinet behind the preacher's booth.
She nods and gives you a smile.

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277902

"Yay! Thanks!"
Give her a hug, then bounce over there!
What sort of instruments are there?

Nasse-Setä 277908

A tuba, some trumpets, a guitar, a fife…

Neith [Inquisitor] 277914

"Well isn't that just peachy. Princess Celestia herself visiting this place."

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 277916

"She could have really spared herself the trip…"

Ali [Rogue] 277920

"The fuck do they even come from? Town's a bunch of assholes, and I can't imagine the camp being any better…"

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277922

"Ooh, Ooh, how many can I take?"

Nasse-Setä 277926

"One, of course."
She looks down on her hooves.
"The town's full of really nice ponies! The guard captain himself comes here every now and then!"

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277930

Take the fife then, and give it a try!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Neith [Inquisitor] 277931

"It's not that bad. At least She shows some initiative."

"Don't you worry your little head about it."


"Much better."
Give her a kind smile and tap my hooves with the melody.
What city are we talking about? I missed a whole session. The same one we came to after the naufrage?

Roll #0 8 = 8

Ali [Rogue] 277938

"Eh, 's not a bad place. The town's a shithole, but this place is pretty nice. Fuckin' great stained glass window, before it… well, got destroyed."
"For fucking once you don't make me want to cut off my ears. Congrats."

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277941

"You really… l-like it?"
Try to contain pure joy!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277943

Start giggling and bouncing around the room!

Nasse-Setä 277944

You play an inspiring marching tune.
Yes, you haven't even visited the army camp next to Port New Hoofen yet.
Pelia ignores you.

Neith [Inquisitor] 277950

I shake my head.
"Well let's get on with it. Damn heretics wont kill themselves… Thanks for nothing."
Leave the temple

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277952

I wave goodybe.
"Thanks for the fife! Bye-bye!"

Hop next to her.
"Did you like it? Did you?"

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 277953

"You know the captain of the guards wanted you out of the city by… Yesterday, right?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 277954

"Shut up."

Neith [Inquisitor] 277955

"The only reason why I would go back there is to burn the place down."

Ali [Rogue] 277959

I turn to Pelia.
"Thanks for the food and letting us spend the night. Blessing too, I guess."
I walk outside.
"Shut the fuck up."

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277960

I grin.
"Is that a yes or a maybe?"

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 277962

"Everypony happy then. Where are we going then, my mighty cunt?"
Thank Pelia for the Blessing and the meal before leaving.

Neith [Inquisitor] 277968

"To that damn army camp, that's where."
I try to fly up and scout out the immediate area '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277969

"That's not very nice! Don't make me ask for soap the next time we get something! You are really really really working your way towards that mouth washy-washy!"

Nasse-Setä 277974

You are standing outside the temple.
You think you sprained that wing. Can't fly now.
Thankfully you can see multiple pillars of smoke in the distance, behind a hill. Must be the camp.

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 277975

"Oh well that's easy then."
Go for the camp thanks to the info the night guard game me last time.

Neith [Inquisitor] 277976

I caress my wing for a moment, then start walking my way over to the camp.

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277979

I bounce along the others, practicing a marching tune on my new instrument!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Nasse-Setä 277985

Sounds like a cat being strangled.
You see a wooden sort-of-like-a-fort on a valley between two larger hills. Banners with the symbol of the sun and the moon are hanging by the guarded gates. The smoke you saw is coming from multiple tents, and what looks like a forge.

Ali [Rogue] 277989

I take the fife from her. '1d10'
"The. Fuck. Up."

Roll #1 7 = 7

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 277993

"Hey! Give that back!"
Try to take it back from her!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Neith [Inquisitor] 277995

I grit my teeth in anger, but stay quiet.

Well then, approach it.


"Urgh. More sun and moon."
"Give her back the fife."

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9

Ali [Rogue] 278005

"Fuck, fine…"
I throw it at her head.
I go over to the forge and look inside.

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 278007

Catch it and put it away.
"Is there a time when you aren't a grump?"


Nasse-Setä 278008

You are stopped at the gate by two guards wearing normal armour.
"Halt! State your business!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 278011

"Inquisitor Neith. On official inquisitorial business."

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 278012

"Her entouragè."

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 278013

I just bounce in place and grin.

Ali [Rogue] 278015

"With her."

Nasse-Setä 278022

"Yeah, and I'm the Kaiser of Germane. Next time at least get a hat."
He turns to the other guard
"These peasants get worse by the day."
The other guard just snorts.


"You should let us talk with somepony in charge."

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 278027

"Come on, we really really need to get in, mister guards! I could play you a song!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 278028

I frown.
"I have a message from the mayor too, if that's enough evidence for you."
Hoof him the paper

Ali [Rogue] 278029

I try to stop him before he speaks. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Nasse-Setä 278032

Ali grabs Fall Harvest's snout with lightning speed before he utters what a tosser the guard is and how his mother is a mule.
The guard grabs the paper, and then hands it to the other guard.
"uh, can you read that?"
"Something something…camp…something…guard…commander…"
He hoofs back the letter.
"Well it has the mayor's autograph. Go in then."

Neith [Inquisitor] 278036

Take the paper back.
"Hmph. Where is your commanding officer?"

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 278039


Nasse-Setä 278067

"The biggest tent. Should be wearing golden armour and a red cape."
" 'scuse me?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 278068

Walk in, look for this individual.

Ali [Rogue] 278069

"…Golden armour? Are you shitting me?"
I let go of her mouth.

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 278071

Keep my head low and walk in, following Neith.

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 278072

Keep bouncing.
"I'll still play for you two!"

Play a short tune on my violin then follow the others!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Nasse-Setä 278082

It's an inspiring tune, one that fits the military atmosphere.
The guard shrugs.
"It's the standard for Celestia's royal guard."
The tent is large and tan-coloured. The insides look fancier than the temple back in town; there are ponies running around.
"The commander wants a map of the coast!"
"Where is my armour?"
"Who did what?"
You can see the commander himself in a smaller back room of the tent, discussing things with some other ponies, and a griffon.

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 278085

I hop around, looking around curiously.
"Oooooo, army ponies!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 278086

I walk up to him and hoof him the paper
"Are you the pony in charge? My name is Neith. Part of the Inquisition. Me and my entourage were attacked in a pirate raid and stranded on a nearby beach."

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 278087

"Don't get too far. Army ponies are not a nice kind."

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 278088

"Army ponies are supposed to be the good guys, silly!"
I giggle.

Ali [Rogue] 278089

I nod.
"Yeah. Fucks started firing on the ship we were riding and sunk us."

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 278090

"Supposed to."
Keep my face low.

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 278091

"Oh, and all our stuff was gone too!"

"What do you mean?"
I tilt my head.

Neith [Inquisitor] 278093

"What she means is shut the hell up, goat."

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 278094

"Most of them are here because they are too stupid to go after the real bad ponies on their own…"

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 278095

"But at least they help catching the bad ponies! That means they can't be that bad!"

"Make me, Miss Grumpy pants!"

Nasse-Setä 278097


The commander doesn't raise his head from his map.
"Maybe around here?"
He motions his hoof towards a square on the map.
"And what do you suppose I should do about it?"

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 278104

"Give us instruments!"

Ali [Rogue] 278106

"…Something? Aren't you the fucking army? Don't you have naval forces or fucking something you can order or ask to kill them so they don't, y'know, pirate more?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 278107

"The Inquisition requires your help in getting rid of this vermin. It doesn't look like you are doing much else anyway."

Nasse-Setä 278108

"What makes you think we aren't?"
He grabs the map given to him by an assistant and spreads it in front of him.
"We need a scout on this area."
"The inquisition can contact my superiors about it then. We aren't at war, so I don't have to listen to some low ranking scrub."

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 278110

"B-But my silver flute got lost! Among other things!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 278111

"I already contacted them, don't worry. What is your purpose here? Protecting the town? What makes you think the Inquisition wont just burn it down as an easy solution? That is, unless you put all this ponypower to use and take care of this problem before they arrive."

Fall Harvest [Charlatan] 278112

Turn to the goat.
"And this is why I don't like the army and the Inquisition."

Ali [Rogue] 278115

"And how long is that gonna take?"
"…Are you fucking serious? We got attacked by pirates and you're crying that your silver flute was lost? Holy fuck, you really are a child."

Buttermilk Sky [Bard] 278119

"I kinda' see why now…"

"It was the best silver flute ever! And it sounded great! Losing it was the worst thing to happen to me that day!"

Nasse-Setä 278120

"I'm here because I was ordered. We are currently investigating recent disappearances and rumours of piracy."
"I don't care."
"I do not know yet."


Neith [Inquisitor] 278129

Thanks for running

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