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Celestia and Luna have just beaten Discord using the elements of harmony and Equestria is being rebuilt.
As the whole country is busy with reconstruction a meteorite strikes the port city of Trotheim, a border town, not very small, but not big enough to be noticed in the aftermath of Discord's passing.
The impact shakes the nearby regions, sending adventures from the nearby Griffon Kingdoms and pony towns searching through the ruins for loot and survivors.
Soon the adventurers find strange green metal or mineral near the meteorite's impact crater which is thought to be very valuable, and adventurers flock to the town for this precious resource.
Theonly two spots of civilization left in the town are the northern piers and the southern gateway and the surrounding houses.
Players report in, we'll start if we get at least 4, 6 max.


Name: Card Trick
Race: Earth Pony
Class: Bard
Mark: A deck of cards
Alignment: Chaotic Good/worshiper of Pinkie Pie
Weapon: Masterwork Mace, bow and arrows, short sword
Armor: Reinforced leather vest
Items: Banjo, rations, a deck of playing cards, some coins
Description: Easily amused and good natured, his coat is lavender and his mane and tale are green.

Do I have to drop that masterwork mace and are we using the pointbuy system for abilities?


Site extension

Character sheet goes as follows:
Cutiemark or Special talent
Equipment and items (these will affect how much starting funds you will have)
A short description of your character if you want to


Yes we're using points system for skills, so you both have to choose your skills


Five points?


5 points right?


Just like in the rules.


I dont see smite in the rules, is a free skill now?


I don't think smite exists anymore if it's not in the ruleset.


Oh well

Name: Aurelia
Race: Unicorn
Cutiemark: Golden flower
Class: Cleric
Skills: Detect evil, heal, cure and compassion.
Alignment: Lawful good
Any notable items: Small book of prays, food and some bandages
A short description of your personality and appearance if you want to: Healer and moralfag.


Name: Card Trick
Race: Earth Pony
Class: Bard
Mark: A deck of cards
Alignment: Chaotic Good/worshiper of Pinkie Pie
Abilities: Inspire (1), Entertain (1), Cheap Shot (1), Bluff (2)
Weapons: Masterwork Mace, bow and arrows, short sword
Armor: Reinforced leather vest
Items: Banjo, flute, rations, a deck of playing cards, some coins, colorful clothes
Description: Easily amused and good natured, his coat is lavender and his mane and tale are green.


Name: Neith
Race: Pegasus
Class: Inquisitor
Alignment: Lawful neutral/The Vigilant Moon (NG)
Weapon: Rapier and flintlock
Skills: Mark for Death, word of power, Point Blank Shot
Cutie Mark: Rapier (Good at stabbing things)
Inventory: Food and water, a simple knife and a piece of flint and steel
Description: dedicated to destroy corruption at any cost


Pistol or rifle?




What happened to those two people Nasse found?


Apparently they weren't interested after all.


Well I suppose we could start with just three if you want to and no one's making their character right now…


Do one last call in the thread?


Good point.




Make a new character man.


You making a new character?


Name: Grip
Race: Diamond Dog
Class: Knight (Skirmisher)
-Superheavy Armour Proficiency
Alignment: True Neutral
Talent: Adaptive with weapons (or is this only for ponies?)
Weapon(s): Pelte; voulge; small clutch of throwing spears
-Leather neck brace
-5 small throwing spears
-wood chopping hatchet
-food rations
-sharpening knife




I think you still have one point you can spend.


Actually, I'd like to switch out Point blank shot with Judgment. Fits better


Multiclasses only get 3 points + multiclass specific skill for free, you know that right?

Also, if other people are making characters, make yourselves heard or I'm gonna start the quest once Neith is ready!


File: 1339268726881.gif (3.67 KB, 294x329, pelte10.gif)

I think he meant this type of shield.


Yeah, I thought so too, but his character might just be fond of jelly.



In that case:
Name: Neith
Race: Pegasus
Class: Inquisitor
Alignment: Lawful neutral/The Vigilant Moon (NG)
Weapon: Rapier and flintlock
Skills: Mark for Death
Cutie Mark: Rapier (Good at stabbing things)
Inventory: Food and water, a simple knife and a piece of flint and steel
Description: dedicated to destroy corruption at any cost


more or less like that


File: 1339269107584.png (329.22 KB, 1300x900, Shipping ahoy.png)

Don't forget: Inquisitors gain +1 to initiative and interrogation rolls

Your party is on a boat to the northern docks of Trotheim.
You may discuss with each other or inspect your gear and inventory as you get closer to your destination.


I'll tune my banjo.
If I disappear it's because I've fallen asleep.


/check inventory


Keep a watchful eye on the crew and my companions


>watch the water


You have all your stuff that you know you packed with you.
You have exactly 50 gold coins with you.
The water has a bright green hue to it. You could swear it's glowing faintly.
The crew are a mixed bunch of all races you've ever encountered.
They don't seem to be causing any trouble.

As you arrive to the docks you don't even have time to look around before you're greeted by a large earth pony who rivals even Grip in size.
He has a long, black and greasy mane and a wicked grin on his face. His left eye is blinded by a scar.
"Hello, mates. You come to the city to look for your fortune? Name's Greasy. I'm sorta the only town official left in this damned place, except for my lil' brother, Oily, at the southern gate.
We act as the town greeters, and we help adventurers such as yourselves get started in this hell-hole. Now what would you like to know? The whole package? About the DANGERS IN TROTHEIM? Or maybe about the OTHER GANGS AROUND HERE? Maybe you'd like to know more about the GLOWING ROCKS or ECONOMY around here?"
His grin widens as he waits for your answer.


"that all sounds necessary. how about you condense it for me"


Other gangs?


"Give us a quick overview, 'mate'."


"Tell me about the glowing rocks."


"Heheheh, right lads. Let's start with this city. You're at the northern docks. I've got some militia patrolling these few blocks around here, so don't go making any trouble here. There's a smith, a general store of a sorts and lots of empty houses to sleep in. We sometimes get some supplies over here too.
Now please, don't go annoying the locals here, they say living outside the pier quarters can make you a bit looney due to all that stuff the meteor brought down with it.
Like you might have seen as you were sailing over here, there's a river going through the middle of town.
There's a monastery in the middle of this river that's fulla those looneys like-"
He glances at Neith
"Hrm, Right. The closer you get to the meteorite impact zone, which is over the river and next to the town square, the more dangerous it's bound to get. Some even report mutants roaming the streets, and no one who's set to search the crater has returned so far. Now lemme get to the gangs and that glowing rock…"


We should buy some supplies.


I think he's still typing


After a fit of coughing he continues.
"About that rock. Looks like this:"
He holds out a pendant that has a bit of green rock in it.
"Looks like someone's just painted a piece of rock green doesn't it? The more transparent the rock is, the more it's worth. And if you ask me, the more dangerous. It can be a bit hard to find the further away you're from the crater, but if you find a lot of it, you can bet your ass there's another gang nearby. Now let's get to those gangs.
There are other bands of mercenaries like you in there, of course. You can probably talk and maybe even trade with them. Then there are those loony monks of the monastery. They scream curses and attack most everyone on sight. Some say there are cultists worshipping the mutants in there too, but I believe that's a load of horse apples."
"I think that covers most everything, but oh, don't forget the town billboard! It's right over there, and contains some quests and other tasks the local nobles have left for mercs like you!"


"What are the rocks used for?"


"They sound like drugs"


"Let me set one thing straight: I am not a mercenary. I don't care about some stuck-up nobles quest unless it involves rooting out evil. And keep that piece of rock away from me, it's obviously vile."


"Oh, a lot of things. I have an uncle who brews love potions out of it, for example.
Some say you can make or enchant your weapons and armour with it, others just use them as lucky trinkets, like yours truly.
But for one reason or another, the rich blokes around the country pay big bits for this stuff."
He erupts in laughter.
"Oh, you're one of them holy types? I think you might actually like it in that monastery. Just so happens the closest bridge across the river goes through it. You can go around too, of course."


"I'll take your 'merc earnings' then"


Cast detect evil on the rock.Rolled 17 = 17


"Right, young miss, the general store's right that away. Your party might want to get some mining equipment from over there too, for extracting the rock. I'm sure the clerk can help you with all that stuff."


There's a hint of evil in the rock, but it's fading.


"I'll be sure to swing by and do some cleaning."

"So you can spend it on hookers and blow? I don't think so."


I'll head to the general store

What's the story with our characters? Have we been traveling together since clearing those undead out of the fort or did we just happen to run into each other while getting on the boat?


Thank you sir.
>go to the general store.Rolled 6 = 6


"Well I guess that's that. Thank you"

"I was gonna use you for my hookers and blow, you look pretty virile"

we sound like mercs, i'm content with knowing i'm a merc


We hear about the city of the damned, you want money and I want to cleanse the city maybe?Rolled 5 = 5


"Very amusing."

I follow Aurelia and card guy


I was just talking about Card Trick and Aurelia. They were both characters in one of Nasse's old quests.

So we have been traveling together? Alright.


I was hoping the players would decide
The general store is a large tent set up in some ruins of an old factory.
Inside are some wooden shelves full of canned food, rope, lamp oil, torches, booze and other convenience items.
There's a large barrel full of pickaxes and such items next to the counters, where a normal looking unicorn is sitting.
"Hello, my name is Bad Deal, and I'm the store clerk in this town. How may I help you?"


"I'm looking for some mining equipment."


I cock an eyebrow at hearing the shopkeeps name but decide not to go into it.

"Rope. Torches. Now."


"Not tonight it won't be~"

>head to the store and check how much money i have



We need some minning equipment Mr Deal and some food and rope.Rolled 8 = 8


So everyone already knows each other then? This is a new character.


No idea but me and Card play together in the last quets so we are close


You have 30 coins.
"Okay, there's pickaxes next to the counter. Perfect for picking large chunks of the stuff off the ground. You might want to get a special saddlebag to hold it though, I hear the most expensive pieces have made adventurers sick."
"You're welcome to pick 'em off the shelves. Rope's 2 coins, Torches are 1 coin for one or 3 coins for four. Food is 4 coins a can."


How many coins do I have?



Ok give me a pickaxe, a rope a special bad and 2 cans please.


Take rope and a torch. No need for extra food

Do I even have money?


"How much for one of those special saddlebags and a canteen with good water?"


>overhearing the unicorn's words, grab a pickaxe and look around for the special saddlebag
"How much are these?"




The inquisition gave you a fancy checkbook with which to buy your purchases.
Not everyone is inclined to accept that kinda payment though.
Bad Deal grumbles at the piece of paper for a while.
"This once, but get some real coin for your next purchases."
"Right, here you go. The bag is a bit heavy, it's made of metal."
"How'd you even make it this far without basic equipment? A full canteen's 5 coins. Mind you the water at the well at the square is just fine for drinking. The saddlebag's 10."
"Pickaxe's 3, bag's 10. If you buy all that together, I'll give you three bags for 25."


Go outside and wait for my companions to finish their business


"..So 1 pickaxe and 3 bags for 25 coins?"


Thank you Mr Deal.
>walk outside.


"Throw in one more pick for me and that sounds like a good bargain."


"No, pickaxe's 3 coins, and three bags are 25, that'll be 28 bits, thank you for your purchase."
"Right, that'll be 3 more coins, thank you."

You are out at the piers.
There's the billboard, smith, some abandoned houses, a ship at the dock, Greasy, and multiple ways out into the city in here.


Can we get a listing of our inventory and coins? I'm a bit confused.


Check abandoned houses for meteor corruption


Check the billboard.


Neith has rope and three torches.
Aurelia, you and grip have special bags for holding the strange rocks.
You, Aurelia and Grip have pickaxes.
Aurelia also bought food.

Presuming you split the bag's price, you lost 11 coins, Grip lost 11 coins, Aurealia lost 19 coins and Neith is currently above such trivial things as money.

Every house has had either a window or a door kicked in, some walls have crumbled and some houses have sleeping bags or tents inside them, but there's no corruption. You presume it's because you're still at the fringe of the town.
There's three puppy lost posters, some posters for buyers of the rock, some wanted posters and a huge poster with a picture of a sun and a moon on it and the text "Riches and fame for the one who brings information about the crater to the royal authorities"
Greasy shouts at you "I don't think you stand a chance at that job quite yet, missy. You might start with getting acquainted with the city or some bounty hunting mission."


Content with a work already well done - there's no corruption to be found after all which is surely due to my mere presence - I trot back over to the group

"Don't worry, place is clear."


But I dont want money or fame I just want to clean this city.


I'll go stand next to Auerlia and check the billboard.


*check the billboard for bounties and to see how much the rocks are going for.


>wait for the party to decide on something


"Are you going to carry all those saddlebags yourself or are you going to split them them up?"


Greasy gives you a hearty laugh and pats you on the back.
"Well I heard there was a commotion at a market square a few blocks outside the safe perimeter just an hour or so ago. Heard some townsfolk were involved. You might want to check that out if you want to help the town."
"Rock to bits - best rates on this side of the griffon mountains!"
"Good Deal exchange - we have connections inside the town!"
These two seem to have the best exchange rates aside from some very specific noble's posters.
The two most interesting posters are "50 coins for Trick Shot, a marksman and a scoundrel, alive or dead" and "100 coins for Skull, a zebra necromancer, dead. Last seen at the withering heights cemetery."


"I can carry them until we start fighting, unless you want to split the weight"


"I'm an earth pony. I doubt I'll even feel the bag. Do you want to hunt a necromancer or go see what that disturbance was?"


"You can keep your lead weights, I might as well strap a cow to my back. Pegasi travel lightly packed so we can keep flying gracefully."


"We should hunt down this necromancer and purge him. I don't care about petty townfolks' problems."


We should check the market square guys.


"Sounds good to me."


"Here's your bag then"
"wanna strap me to your back?"


Greasy speaks up:
"Withering heights is a bit ways into the town, next to the ol' temple. The market square should be along your way. Can you see that hill in the distance?"
He points to a hill you can barely see through the smog.
"Just keep walking towards it along this street."
He points to a street next to the billboard.


And it's not really all that important but what was each character's gender?


I make sure the saddlebag is strapped to my back, fill up my canteen from the well, and get ready to move out.



Thank you sir you are really kind.



female, I suppose I should have mentioned that

I roll my eyes and ignore his 'witty' comeback

"Right, enough standing about."


my gender has been decided i guess

"Whenever you guys are ready"


Oh, sorry, I just assumed you were male.


You walk for a block and a half, occasionally passing a militia patrol Greasy mentioned.
The buildings become increasingly ruined as you get further along the "safe zone", until you come across another band of mercenaries.
They are led by a strong-looking mare with a peg leg for her right hind leg.
Her mane is ferocious red and her coat is creamy white.
She barks an order at one of her lieutenants and turns to you.
"Step aside."
Well there's no rule saying only males can hit on females


He's not? "wanna strap me to your back?" sounds like something a guy would say.


I'll go around the group of mercs.


Move around them.


"Your left or right side?"


I blame stereotypical male/female pairings that have poisoned my mind for so long

I go around the group of mercs, they don't seem like heretics after all


Hold on a second. You are or aren't a guy? I'm tired and having a hard time inferring things right now.


As you start passing them, the mare prods Grip with her forehoof
"You know what we do with puppies who don't shut up ar-"
You can hear a cough. You notice militia members appearing in the windows.
"Don't be starting any trouble in the safe zone, people."
The mare snorts and pushes Grip aside as her gang continues on their way.
You can see an unicorn tied up and being dragged with them, you can only presume it's Trick Shot.


Let's keep on going until we reach the Market.


"Don't let me catch you at night"
>follow the party


Whats her problem?
Lets go.


Keep following the party, ignore pesky mercs


You continue along the street, sometimes sending Neith to check that you're still getting closer to the hill Greasy mentioned.
As you get further away from the safe zone the air gets greener and you can see little green bits of rock on the streets sometimes, though they crumble when picked up.
As you arrive to the square you can see a few ruins of booths, a well and a lot of empty space.
There are red stains on the rocks, and you can see a lone figure on the middle of the square.


"Aurelia, check and see if he's evil."


"check the red stains"Rolled 4 = 4


Cast detect evil.Rolled 8 = 8


"See? Nothing to do here. We could have already taken down that zebra if it wasnt for these useless detours."

Spit on the ground

"This place makes me sick."


You wonder why someone would spread so much tomato sauce around.
And why someone puts ribs and assorted pieces of bones in tomato sauce.
If you had to take a guess, you'd say the person over yonder was of a good alignment.
You spit out a bit of that green stuff. Celestia knows how it got there.


"You wanna go hunting? Lets go hunting then"Rolled 9 = 9


Hey, are you ok?


I check the ruined booths.Rolled 5 = 5


"Gah! See that? Every second I spend here shortens my life by a year."


"We're already here, might as well do whatever you want to do.

I'll be over here developing space cancer."


We are working for her grace Neith.


Upon closer inspection it seems to be a townsmare.
She has a deep cut on her shoulder.
She whimpers something about monsters and running.
You find a loaf of bread and a cleaver in one of the booths.
You think the bread is edible but the cleaver is pretty useless.
As these two turn to leave there's a blood curling growl from nearby.


>Get into a ready stanceRolled 5 = 5


"Indeed we are, that's why I haven't taken the boat back yet. My life is nothing if it means evil gets purged in exchange."

Unsheathe my rapier and prepare for battle


I ready my mace and stand next to Aurelia and the pony.


Hide behind the booths.


A nearby wall bursts open as a wicked creature burst out to the square.
It seems to have five tentacles, two mouths and one eye and it's running on four legs. As far as you can see it's slimy skin is grey and covered in twists and mutations.
It rushes past you to the back streets while howling.
you get +1 to stabbing the creature as it runs.
You drag the half-conscious mare behind a booth with you.


>A nearby wall bursts open as a wicked creature burst out to the square.
I guess I'm getting a tiny bit tired too


I use Entertain to try and get information from the mare about what happened.Rolled 17 = 17


"What kind of vile creature was that!? Kill it!"

I take out my pistol and try to shoot the creature as it runsRolled 5 = 5


"Protect the cleric!"
>try to implant the monster with my voulgeRolled 8 = 8


Cast heal on the mare.Rolled 10 = 10


wait so are we using a 10-sided or 20-sided dice?


Shit I forget about that.Rolled 5 = 5


Wasn't it a d20 in his last game?Rolled 9 = 9


We're using d10
You shoot the creature at it's back but fail to make any significant impact on the creature's run but…
Grip takes his voulge and cuts one of the creature's legs off, making it stumble into the blood-stained ground.
As you cast heal on the mare she starts coming to despite the impressive wound and blood loss she had suffered, as…
Card Trick soothes her panic and asks what happened.
"My family…we were living in that house…My father was a stubborn mule, he wouldn't go back to the safe zone or leave this damned town after the meteor hit. Some ponies just suddenly burst in our house and dragged my family out to this square.
There were other captives too, but I'm not sure what happened"
Despite Aurelia's impressive healing skills she falls unconscious from the exhaustion. You'll have to get her out of here if you want more answers from her.


I think so, but i was only around when you started into the cave


Not wanting to bother reloading, I take out my rapier again and charge at the creatureRolled 1 = 1


Let the mare rest for now, we have ti kill this monster.Rolled 5 = 5



>impale the creature with my voulge
Rolled 4 = 4


Rolling to inspire. I'll stay next to the mare.Rolled 6 = 6


You're not sure what goes through your head as you start very, very carefully reloading your pistol. You presume you'd better take one turn making sure the firing mechanism is clean.
No action for you next turn.
You flail at the monster with your cleric's staff, making it irritated.
The creature writhes on the ground, dodging your otherwise fatal blow, as your voulge sinks into it's back, letting a stream of black blood out.
The whole party gets +1 to their next actions.


The creature rises up on it's three feet, supporting it's impressive mutated body up with a tentacle. He has four attacks next turn from his four remaining tentacles.


Inspire again.Rolled 9 = 9


>first roll to dodge his attack
>second roll to slash at its tentacleRolled 9, 3 = 12


Smack one of the tentacles with my staff.Rolled 10 = 10


Do I get a +1 from my own inspire last round?


Yes.Rolled 7 = 7


You make an impressive roll on the ground to avoid a slashing tentacle, but the voulge is just a bit too large to use properly after such a motion, and you miss.
You play the song of your people with such an impressive solo that everyone gets +2 to their next actions.
Your staff rips flesh as you send one of the creature's tentacles flying into the air.
The monster recoils from the impact and misses it's two remaining attacks.

Neith makes sure there's not a speck of green dust on his pistol and is now ready to act.
The creature has three attacks from it's tentacles left.


I use Inspire again.Rolled 9 + 2 = 11


I will deal with you later, Nosso.

I charge in to attack the creature with my rapierRolled 5 = 5


>throw one of my smaller spears
>take another swing with my voulgeRolled 18, 8 = 26


Smash another tentacle.Rolled 9 + 2 = 11


We are using d10 Grip.


how did that happen?
re-rolling from my shameRolled 2, 6 - 1 = 7


You play a very famous marching tune, inspiring your allies further.
+2 to next actions.
Honest mistake
You drive your rapier down one of the creature's mouths, causing it to spit blood.
You start to get to the taste of blood as you rip two of it's tentacles right off as they were trying to slash at the inquisitor.
You fumble with your spear as the mutant slaps you with it's tentacle, making a nasty dent on your armour.
The mutant has one tentacle left as it's eye slowly turns to blood red. It spews a horrid amount of black, bubbling blood upon the inquisitor who's still retreating to a safe distance (roll to dodge the acid blood) and jumps on top of the cleric, other mouth screaming vengeance. (roll to dodge too)


I rush in with my mace to save the Cleric.Rolled 6 + 2 = 8


Roll to dodge

And roll to bring down the might of my pistol onto this beastRolled 3, 7 = 10


Duck and cover.Rolled 4 + 2 = 6


>throw my voulge at the creature and charge with 2 small spearsRolled 3, 8 = 11




You barely dodge the acid, draw your pistol and take a shot at the lunging beast, scraping it's flesh.
You easily dodge the huge monster as…
the bard smashes the mutant aside with his mace.
Grip throws his voulge at the beast, managing to impale it on the ground, as he proceeds to pound it's ugly face (or what you presume to be it's face) in.
You are rather sure the beast isn't getting up any more.
Upon closer inspection it had a sizable chunk of the green stone stuck on it's back. As you look at it you notice it's almost clean of imperfections, and it's almost transparent.
This is grade a quality stuff, sure to net a nice amount of money at the exchange if you decide to bring it along.


I dig it out with the flat end of my pickaxe.


Someone take the rock Im a little busy with the mare.
>levitate the mare and put her on my back.


>pull out my voulge and collect my spears
>roll to scan the surrounding areaRolled 5 = 5


I sheathe my weapons and trot over to the slain monster, looking at it in disgust


The magnificent piece of rock doesn't seem to have a smudge on it.
Surprising, considering how much the creature bled during the fight.
She's a bit light, you think.
Must be malnutrition.
You can see a group of ponies running off in the distance, way too far to follow.
Yep, that's a mutant, just like the inquisitor's handbook says.

Do you take the mare back to the safe zone?
Do you want to continue looking for the zecromancer?


I put the stone in my special saddlebag.

"We should get that mare back to safety."


We have to go to the safe zone.


"Really? What a waste of time. We should be taking down that necromancer this instant, it's not that far away."


"You remind me of a mare I used to know. If you want to run off by yourself and fight that Necromancer be my guest."


"i'm with you on that"Rolled 6 = 6


No we have to save this mare first.


"Fine then, let's go drop your pet off fi-"

I smile at Grip

"You surprise me, dog. To see that you're the only one with some initiative."


I'm going back to the safe zone to sell that rock and find a safe place for the mare. Whoever is with me gets and even share of the cash."


Lets go.


You decide to split up for now as
Card Trick and Aurelia head off back into the safe zone with the mare.
You quickly walk through the abandoned blocks, passing militia members on the way.
As you arrive at the piers Greasy trots over to you.
"Oh dear, dear, dear. What's happened to her? Do you want to set up your camp now? If you haven't got any camping equipment I've got blankets and sleeping bags I can loan you.
And you two continue towards the hill, coming to an old temple without much interruption. There temple's doors are open and there's a light inside, or you can just go around straight to the graveyard.


>scan the cemetery
"Your call inquisitor"


"What's the lone going to cost us?"




What camp?
Cast heal on the mare.Rolled 4 = 4



I frown as I look at the intruded temple
"Only the vilest of individuals would defile a sacred place such as this. Let's go destroy this profligate scum, he must be inside the temple doing Goddess knows what."


"Oh don't be like that. I'm a city official, and the city helps it's folk. I've got a few good camping spots I can rent you for very cheap though. Or you can just go and search for a house to camp in if you want to, as long as there isn't a camp inside there already."
The mare is still unconscious as Greasy speaks:
"Well I presume your party isn't gonna sleep on this opening right here. Like I said you can find an abandoned house to set up as a camp or I can rent you some good spots that are guaranteed to be safe."
You silently trot over to the door.
There are two figures in red robes harassing a zebra wearing black robes and waving a shovel at them.
It looks like no one's done anything to defile the place…yet.


"You're call, Aurelia."


I need some coffee or something.


That would probably be good.
Or we can just stop for today after you get that necromancer.


"if you're gonna attack, let me get the first shot"
>ready a throwing spear


Fine we are renting the space, free sleeping bags right?


"It appears the culprits have began squabbling amongst each other…"

"Feel free to."

>Ready my pistol and take aim at one of the robed figures
Rolled 7 = 7


"Yes, that'll be 5 coins a night for the spot right next to the general store, inside the old factory. Guaranteed to be warm too. I'll have someone set up a tent for you. Now, I notice you have some ore there, bard…"
+1 to your next action if you throw the spear.
+1 to your next action if you fire the pistol.


"I noticed some fliers talking about nobles wanting some rocks. Do you think this is good enough?"


>silently push through the door and throw said spearRolled 2 = 2


Ok 5 coins.

Maybe we should keep the stone in secret


Fire my pistol at one of the robesRolled 7 = 7


Alright, fine. I whisper that to him and let him look at it without taking it out of my bag.

Is that good?


He takes the bag from you and inspects the piece of rock.
"Oh my, this is quite exquisite… wait a second."
He takes a small book from his bags and starts flipping through it.
"You may take the mare to your camp now, I'll have to check through my connections book to see about this. What happened to your friends by the way?"
You make quite a ruckus when you stumble through the door, throwing the spear at one of the long benches in the main hall.
You hit one of the red robed ponies, making him fall on the ground. You're not sure if he's dead or just severely wounded.


"They're around."



>Draw my rapier and charge in to stab the zecromancer
Rolled 5 = 5


They are busy at the moment.

Do you think we can let the mare alone? I want to go with our friends.


>charge with my voulgeRolled 7, 7 = 14


"If you can get her to wake up I can leave my old sword with her. The militia should also keep her safe."


You just barely make it to the zebra, stabbing at his leg.
You hear him yelling "SONUVA"
Whatever zebra curse that may be.
You hit the other red robed pony, causing him to stumble a bit.
He tries stabbing at you with a crooked dagger, but misses.
To the best of your medical knowledge, she will live.
She's also snoring. Probably sleeping off her exhaustion.
You decide to drop off your old sword next to her bedroll with a little note about what happened and where she is, as you rush back to the square.
"Good news lads, that piece of ore was quite valuable. This one noble is ready to pay you a hundred coins for it, once he receives it. So here's the deal: I'll give you 75 coins now, and handle the shipping and posting of this rock, and give you the rest when the noble's payment arrives. Sound good?"



>Stab zebra again
Rolled 7 = 7


Maybe we should bring the stone to canterlot.


"How long would it take for the other 25 to get here?"


"Such a small stabber.."
>slice at the robed ponyRolled 6 = 6


The zebra mumbles "Hey man not cool" as you stab at his chest.
You take a huge swing with your voulge as the robed pony's eyes roll into his head and he slumps over, dead.
The Zebra chants something and the pony Neith shot jumps at his back, apparently trying to eat her ear.
"I reckon at most a day or two."


"Sounds good."


"Get it off me!"

Roll to throw the zombie horse off my back.

And then roll to slash at the zebra againRolled 4, 9 = 13


"Right, here's your coin, run off back to your friends now."


Are you sure? Celestia want information about this place and the rock may prove some.


"Oh boy"
>root the dead (unraised) pony with a small spear
>bring the voulge down on the zebras neckRolled 6, 2 = 8


"We can find some more. Do you want your share now or when we head back to camp?"

I say this while heading towards the cemetery.


Oh well! Take care of our friend please.

Later lets go.


The pony at your back bites down on your ear. This roll is for how severe the damage will be.
You impale the freshly dead pony to the ground, but miss the zebra, who gives you an evil look.

Card Trick and Aurelia will arrive in 1 turn at full gallop.


hurf durf derfRolled 7 = 7


"Hey Aurelia, do you trust that guy? I don't think I like him."


>thrust at his center
"My apologies for not introducing mYSElf, I'm Grip. and you are?"Rolled 8 = 8


He looks like a good pony to me.



I scream in pain and try to throw the pony off my back again using my wingsRolled 2 = 2


"If you say so. I'm still going to keep an eye on him though."


The pony manages to take a little bite out of your ear. there will be a notable notch in it now.
Having tasted blood he decides to try to bring you to the ground.
You sprain your wing.
"They call me skull."
The glaive is quite firmly planted on his chest but he doesn't even flinch.

Aurelia and Card Trick arrive at the doors.


I'll smash the pony on Grip's back.Rolled 5 = 5


I help Neith, beating the pony with my staff.Rolled 3 = 3


"Nice to meet you"
>pull out another spear and root his hoof to the goundRolled 5 = 5



>roll to try and shake the pony of my back
Rolled 7 = 7


Your combined effort sends the pony careening through the air and against a wall.
He's not moving anymore.
He deflects the spear with a motion of his hoof.
He then removes the glaive from his chest and uses it to swing at you.
Your next roll must exceed mine to block it.Rolled 1 = 1


What's the situation look like? The Zerbra's the only one left, right?


I point at the Zebra with my front hoof, seething with anger




>Mark for death
Rolled 1 = 1




>first roll to dodge
"Hey that's mine!"
>second roll to punch him in his stupid zebra faceRolled 8, 4 = 12


I attack the Zebra with my mace.


Hit the zebra with my holy staff.Rolled 8 = 8


>>9390Rolled 3 = 3


You easily dodge his slow attack, but when you hit him squarely on the snout it feels like you're hitting a stone wall.
You foam at the mouth and the zebra laughs at you. You're at a -1 to your next action.
You bop him in the head, causing him to become a bit dazzled.
He won't attack this turn.
You miss.


I use mark for death again, this time trying to keep my spaghetti from spilling all overRolled 6 = 6


I attack him again.Rolled 6 = 6


>grab the voulge and yank it from his graspRolled 7, 3 = 10


I hit his leg with the staff.Rolled 4 = 4


He shudders a bit at the impact but doesn't seem to pay any mind to you.
You grab the voulge firmly, and he starts flailing you around like a ragdoll.
You miss your swing, chipping your wooden staff at the hard stone floor.
Next turn: Everyone gets criticals!
You shout every possible obscenity you know at the zebra, leaving him open for attacks.


I mace him.Rolled 6 = 6



Stab him with my rapierRolled 5 = 5


>let go and throw a small spear at his headRolled 4 = 4


Stab him in the leg with my new spear-staff.Rolled 9 = 9


Your mace finally lands home as you can feel his spine crumbling beneath your mighty blow.
Your rapier pierces his throat as
Grip's spear only nearly misses your head and
Impales him on the ground.

The Zecromancer starts aging visibly before you.
His colours are fading as the life he has stolen from others slips away.


Rolling for loot.Rolled 1 = 1


>loot the body


Purify his remains with a pray.Rolled 5 = 5



Someone check out the other robed pones


Im here!Rolled 1 = 1


The dust of his corpse blows out the broken window as you mutter your prayers.
There's the tattered robes, guaranteed to have you mistaken as a necromancer, and a skull badge with some inscriptions on it.
Remember you need to present some evidence to greasy that you killed him.

The bleeding from your ear has stopped.
The robed ponies had jagged and crooked ceremonial daggers on them.
Startlingly what you presumed to be a sneering mask on one of the ponies seems to be his actual face.


How's my wing? I assume I won't be able to fly for a while?


Cast cure on her ear.Rolled 3 = 3


I'll examine the robed bodies to see if they have anything that can identify them.Rolled 6 = 6


>fold the robes up and put the skull badge neatly on top
>then gather my spears and voulge


It still aches so much you won't be able to fly back to the safe zone, in addition it will hurt to fly for a day or so.
The scar looks much prettier now.
They only have some scrolls full of ugly runes on them.
You have the Necromancer's stuff and decide to head back to the piers.
On your way back you can see the peg-legged mare's party running deeper into the city.

Greasy is still standing at the square.
"Hello my friends, I see you made it back from day one in town! Your little marefriend has come to in your tent. Did you get the Necromancer?"


"these were what the necro wore before turning into dust

..also would you know where the peg-mare makes camp?"


"Of course we did, you think we're some kind of amateurs? I'm going to go have a little chat with our new pet and get some answers on what happened."


Im going to talk with the mare.


"Pet? I didn't know you were in to that sort of thing."

I'll head back to the camp with her and Aurelia.


"Right, you may keep 'em or I can dispose of them for you. And here's the 100 coin reward, straight from the city treasury.
Capn' Redhead? Huh, now that you mention it… I think it's somewhere far off thataways."
he waves his hoof towards the eastern living quarters.
"Why do ya ask?"

Greasy guffaws at Neith as you leave the square.
At the tent the mare has made some food from a can of beans and some bread.
She recognizes Card Trick and Aurelia as the ones who healed her and hugs them.


I ask her how she's feeling.


Are you feeling better? By the way my name is Aurelia.


That's not a bad idea. I introduce myself too.


inquisition time

I stomp one of my hooves on the ground



"I'll keep them for now.

eh? …entertainment"


Please remove yourself from my tent inquisitor.


"I'm feeling fine now, thanks to your help. My name's Silver Bell, my family used to make bells and whistles and all kinds of little decorations for living before… before the meteor."
She's silent for a while.
"I just hope my famil-"
She is interrupted as Neith stomps in.
Her lower lip is trembling a bit as she shrinks into her corner of the tent
"I'm not sure! They were wearing red robes and masks! Their words didn't make any sense, they were either mumbling or screaming in some language I didn't understand!"


"Good idea."

I go outside, pushing the mare along with me.


"How many were there? Did they have a leader? How quick did they act? How many got killed? Did any of them get killed? Did you notice any strange objects they were using?"


Its ok, just tell me if you remember anything else.

She is my guest and she can stay here.


"Relax and let the mare go."


"head towards the smithy"


"I don't know, dozens probably! One was really big and loud, wearing a piece of armour over his red robes…they just stormed our house and brought us to the square. I could only understand words 'feed' and 'gift from the gods' from their mouths. Then I heard some shuffling from behind me and next I knew I was lying on the pavement!"
The smith is a lanky earth pony.
"And what can I get for you today laddie? I've got some swords and spears at the ready, but I'm afraid anything else will have to be made. You know, if you brought me some good quality green ore, I'd bet I could make even better weapons and armour for you!"


"Relax, you're safe now."

I put a foreleg over her shoulder and lead her back into the tent.


Dont worry you can stay here now.


I spit on the ground, looking disgusted

"Filthy heretical pagans!"

I storm off and go look for Greasy



{"I need a knife that can be easily hidden and easily brandished"


Hey Trick can you give me my cut? I need a new weapon.


You lead the slightly trembling mare back into the tent and start enjoying your meal.
Greasy appears from his hut at the edge of the piers.
"Hum, yes?"
"Hm. So a knife. Right, I can make one. Come back tomorrow and I'll have it ready for you. Costs 10 coins.


"Here you go, 38 bits."


>pay the man and return to the party



I sigh starting over again without shouting

"What do you know about a those red robe cultists?"


Thank you lets eat now.


"Huh, you mean you actually met 'em? Some say they worship the crater and the mutants spawned by it. They have those hulking things as pets. Or rather, the mutants have the cultists as pets."

Alright assuming Neith doesn't want more info we can stop now and continue whenever we can get the people back together


We're stopping already?


I want to do something at night, is that possible next quest?


Awwwww, just when things were heating up

Good show though Nasse, you've done really well.


Weren't you the one who was about to fall asleep?
It's getting three in the morning over here and I kinda would like to sleep.
I'm glad if you liked it. You can post some feedback on the metathread.
You all should.


Oh well!
New nasse quest when?


Well on monday night at earliest, if we can get everyone together.
Or tomorrow if DM can't run his quest after all.


I got my second wind, but if you need to stop that's fine. I just wanted to try a softer approach with the mare and see what I could learn.

I fine with either of those times.


So either way we get a quest tomorrow? I'm happy.

As for Monday, when would this be exactly?



We should let her rest for a while.


New players post your character sheets here and everyone report in


Name: Draven
Race: Earth Pony
Class: Knight
Skills: Supress(2), Slam(1), Sentry(1), Superheavy Armour Proficiency (1)
Alignment: Neutral Evil (no deity)
Armor: Heavy Plates (Superheavy Armor)
Weapon: Great Executioner Axe (Grand weapon)
Cutie Mark: bloody executioner treestump
Talent: Cleave can't normal fail on two enemies, but has a two round cooldown
Inventory: A short rope tied in a noose, some food and water rations, a tinderbox to make fire with, an executioner's mask


Im here.
>tfw no Card Trick


Skills: Cheap Shot (1) Escape Artist (2) Trap (free)
Talent: Trap cannot fail (represents masterful parrying skills)
Weapons: Cane and Rapier (dual wield)
Armour: Unarmoured (swanky clothes)
Inventory: Moustache wax, wine bottle, eyepatch
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, no deity


Reporting in


Was anyone else coming right now?



Rolling on Grue LoreRolled 16 = 16


>Alignment: Neutral Evil
Oh dear…


You two are going to destroy this city.


Don't worry, not senslessly evil, just a bit not right in the mind.

Also, do we have any females in the group?
This is important.



The party wakes up to their second day in Trotheim.
Grip seems a bit jaded, but he claims he's just a bit drowsy and will clear up once you get going.
Card Trick is still snuggled next to Silver Bell, and both are fast asleep.
Neith is the first to wake up, as she trots out to the pier square.
Greasy is of course already up and gives him a hearty smile
"Good morning, lil' miss sunshine. How was your first night in town?"


It does say he's an executioner, which is something Neith would love


I wake up.
Looks like I got home just in time. Is Silver Bell that mare we rescued?


Im going to visit the smith.



"About as great as a night can be sleeping near a corrupted meteor that spawns the vilest beasts I have ever seen.



The whole party is in the square as the ship that brought you in arrives bringing more supplies to the ruined town.
A figure jumps down from one of the masts, lands on a supply crate and jumps down on the pier with a remarkable show of agility.
DM, your cue


"A fine morning to one, to all."
I take a deep bow, allowing my mane to flop over my head, then swing it back up again
"Fourtunes is the name. I see I am not the only adventurer in this once fair city. Do tell, do tell, what is it that brings you all the way here, hm?"
Lean on my cane and wait for an answer.


Oh hi, my name is Aurelia and im here to cleanse the city.


"Well met"


"Did you really think you were going to be the only pony around here? Just look at these poor, simple folk, one promise of wealth and they all flock here hoping to strike some coin.

Just like you, I presume."


Greasy greets you.
"I'm the only city official 'round these parts. Kind of like a city greeter. You came here alone?"
He turns to the party.
"So, you gonna go campin' in the city or do you want a job? I've got something simple for a bit o' coin. Would help the city too."


I look around and twitch my moustache
"I can see that will be… quite a task"
"Perchance. I've heard great many tales of this place, and indeed could simple never let such wonders go unwitnessed."
Brush up to the inquisitor
"And who knows, this might just be the catch of a lifetime for us all!"


I grab a bit of food and walk over to the group.
"Someone said something about a job?"


Where is the smith? I need a new weapon first.


"Then a greeting to the greeter is indeed in order. I travel alone, but the world is my audience, friend and hostess.

Now of this job, and of the coin to be had, hm?"


"I have something personal I need to take care of first"
>take my leave and head to the smithy


"Don't waste your time, wastrel. I have no time to deal with the likes of you. I know your type and you would do well to steer clear from me if you don't want to get caught in the crossfire."

"Just point me to the mutants and heretics and I'll take care of the rest."


Greasy points to a shack at the edge of the square
"Right that-a-way."
"My little militia's mostly caught up in a little dispute between two merc groups and some residents just told me there was a major cave-in in the south-eastern living quarters inside the safe-zone. You wouldn't mind checking it out for survivors and what caused it?"


"Sounds good. Do you know anything else about the cave-in?"


I walk and talk with the smite.
Hello im looking for a spear.


>rap on the wood post
"Is my blade ready?"


"Sounds like a complete waste of time. But I'm sure I'll find some kind of corruption to purge along the way, there's enough of it around these parts."


"Oh don't be so glum old chum, no need to be down even if the world is a bit gritty. Sure you can't spit-shine the soul of a pony, but at the very least you can do is let them die with a smile"
Push the inquisitor's face into a smile, then spin around on one hoof to face the greeter
"A cave-in? My oh my how terrible and tragic. How may caught and of what creed and status? Elderly? Young? Ill? Fair and of rich stock luck be?"


"Not much. Three or four houses just completely ruined, and a resident told me some refugees might have gotten stuck there. It's the old merchant's quarter of the docks. Ya can take what ya find but I doubt it's much."
The smith throws the dagger at you.
"Here ya go laddie."
Then he turns to Aurelia
"Spears? Spears! I've got spears. I've got rusty spears, bent spears, pointy spears, spears that are just knives taped to broomsticks, halberds, glaives, polearms, pointy sticks, lances, pikes and throwing spears."
He inhales loudly.
"Now what kind of a spear did ya want?"


"Yesterday you said there was a temple or monastery of sorts in this city. Are they sending healers to help or are we the only ones helping those ponies?"


I… I want your best spear? I dont know much about weapons but I have money.


I give the fellow Pegasus a stern look but decide not to bother going into it any further

"I'll be taking some lifes, most likely. I'm ready to go whenever the rest of you lot are."



"…I'd suggest a durable spear instead"


"I'm waiting for Aurelia and your Diamond Dog friend to get back. I imagine a healer and a digger would be pretty helpful."


Cock my head and wink with my remaining eye, then turn my focus to the rest

"Well what wait we for then? A great many might be there, waiting for our air with prayer on their lips and ~generous~ gratitude in their hearts"
Hop onto a crate and point in a haphazard direction


"Well, we don't talk to them very much. They only send some people over the docks every now and then to pick up supplies every now and then. We have no idea what they do in that monastery o' theirs."
"Well I've got this spear with a tip made of the finest green stuff you can find in this city. Stays sharp by itself and some say these cause extra damage. I just think it's purdy. That'll be 200 coins, this stuff ain't cheap. Though if you'll bring me a good chunk o' the green rock I can make you one at the cost of a normal spear. The rest o' these pointy spears are just the same, 20 coins a pop."


>"Well, we don't talk to them very much. They only send some people over the docks every now and then to pick up supplies every now and then. We have no idea what they do in that monastery o' theirs."
Look at who's reading what he's writing!


"You are actually joining u- eurghhh… This is going to be one of those days."

"Yes, we would need the cleric and the dog for this little excavation.

By the way, did your little pet say anything more after being completely useless in providing us with information?"


Give me a point spear then
>take the spear and give him the money
Bye thank you!
>run to the party


Here's a good drinking game: drink every time I make a typo.
Drink twice when my overt eloquence hinders the message.


>wait for the cleric


"Have patience, my young friend."

"Just her name, Silver Bell. I think your little interrogation tired her out."


Leap down from the crate with a flip


Your party quickly trots to the merchant's quarter.
Some houses still have their signs on them: Food store there, an armoury here. Most doors are kicked in and the stores ransacked.
Somewhere in the distance you can hear a door being shut, and some second floor windows have lights on them.
The ruined area is at the end of the main street, though there are multiple side passages between the houses.


I head to the ruined area.


I walk with him >>10603.


scan the area
>roll to listen for anything suspicious Rolled 2 = 2


Take out my pistol and follow the Bard and Cleric


"My my, what have we here. What say, friends? Should we investigate this heinous lack of hospitality?"

Roll to spot anything worthy of investigatingRolled 10 = 10


You start trotting down the main street.
As you hear a strange sound at the nearest alleyway.


There's definitely a shadow on that alleyway…


I spin around and shush this loudmouth.


I give "really, faggot?" look and motion towards the alley with my index winger.


>remember the area but follow the group


Throw a rock in the ally.


I keep my pistol pointed at the allyway, ready to shoot whatever comes out.


I get my mace out a slowly walk towards the alley.


You can hear "Ow! SONUVA" and some mumbling as the shadow Fourtunes saw disappears.
You all tense up a bit.


Grin silently and stand up
"Perhaps I should go first, hm?"


Im sorry, are you ok?


I wait and keep my pistol pointed


"Be my guest."


"you're an odd one. right behind you"


No one answers Aurelia as the party starts sneaking into the alleyway.
It's dark, wet and there's rats here.
There's a hoofprint on the ground but nothing else that you can see right away.


Take a bow and creep up to the alleyway
Roll to set up a trap on myselfRolled 5 = 5


Cast detect evil.Rolled 7 = 7


>roll to get ready to fightRolled 5 = 5


I lean over to Grip.
"Don't take this the wrong way, but do you think you can follow the scent of whatever was watching us?"


"Why are we all in this small dark alleyway at the same time?" I whisper

Keep my pistol ready


"…I don't know about you but everything smells disgustingly the same, I can't find a difference anywhere."


Everyone's as tensed up as they can be, as Grip literally jumps in the air when something grabs his money pouch.
A pegasus clad in a short brown cloak and normal citizen clothes is hanging on him with his teeth.
He mumbles something along "let go you idiot!"
As he starts to panic and fly upwards with Grip still in tow.
He's already two stories high and flying towards the top of the nearest house.


Give chase to the pegasus, shooting him could be dangerous.


>stab at the pegasusRolled 9 - 2 = 7


Pull the pegasus with my magic.Rolled 1 = 1


Roll to catch up to them.Rolled 10 = 10


I stand there agape and watch things unfold.


You both are at grabbing distance shortly as…
Grip takes his new dagger and stabs at the pegasus's leg, hitting a nerve.
"Are you stupid, are you trying to get us BOTH killed?"
You are almost on top of a three storey building now.
You attempt to pick your jaw from the ground as it's dirty.


>grab at the pegasi's wings
"NAH JUST YOU!"Rolled 1 - 1 = 0


I run after the flying group.


Cheap Shot on the pegasus
"Friend, wait, I do think you left something of yours back there. THIS!"Rolled 8 = 8


Ouch! Get up and try to follow.Rolled 10 = 10


Keep trying to reach the Pegasus and grab GripRolled 9 = 9


Both you and the pegasus are sent spiraling to the ground as his wings lock up, and you're still firmly tangled to you.
The pegasus is pretty helpless, and still plunging to the ground.
You both are with the group.
You get tangled into the mess that is currently Grip and the pegasus thief.


Break free, then attempt to swoop Grip up with meRolled 1, 1 = 2


I try to figure out where they are going to crash and look for something soft I can use to catch them.Rolled 4 = 4


>start punching the thieving pegasusRolled 8 - 1 = 7


Pull them back with magic.Rolled 3 = 3


Shrug, fly down and ask the audience who the heck the diamond dog even is.


He is our friend and he need your help.Rolled 2 = 2


"Reason enough for me then"
Roll to find something or someone soft to push under themRolled 9 = 9


Aurelia causes the group's fall to accelerate as…
Grip punches and kicks at the pegasus with a wild abandon until
Neith just makes the rest of the fall uncomfortable to the group and
Card Trick comically runs back and forth saying "Icancatchthem,Icancatchthem!"

The group lands on the ground, Grip first, with a sickening crunch.
Neith flies off from the tangled mess that used to be Grip and the pegasus, stunned and bruised but not dead.
You can hear the pegasus whimper, but Grip isn't moving.


I grab the pegasi's mane with my teeth and yank him off of Grip.Rolled 9 = 9


Cast heal on Grip.Rolled 9 = 9


Not much I can do to help them now it seems. Put the large pile of soft pillows back where I found them.


I groan and try to stand up, but decide the ground is mighty comfortable around now and just stay where I am as I rub my aching head


Go pat the inquisitor's head, and give a friendly smile


I look up to the Pegasus and let out a deep sigh as I hang my head down again.

"This really IS going to be one of those days…"


As you yank the pegasus off Grip, you can see a dagger has pierced Grips throat.
Also his body is twisted in an unnatural position; his spine must have cracked.
Well, at least the body will look nice for the funeral.

You can hear rumbling coming from somewhere close to you, almost like hoofsteps, as one of the storefronts just collapses, making way for a huge earth pony clad in steel armour carrying a massive axe steps out into the street.
You view is instantly fixated not into his angry face, but to the spiky shoulderpads he has.
Radiant, your cue


"My oh me oh my. What… impressive mass"


Whos that guy?Rolled 6 = 6


I keep holding on to the pegasi.


I get up quickly, drawing my rapier and ignoring the pain.



"Well well, what do we have here…"
I slowly walk towards the pegasus on the ground, not caring at all about the debris that falls down from my armour.
"Seems we have a rat here… your crimes are theft, attempted murder-"
I glance down at the dog, and give it a little kick.
"okay, not attempted."
I put on an executioner mask, and raise my axe.
"Your name? You know, what, I don't give a shit about your name. Any last words? No? Okay."
I bring it down, decapitating him with one motion.

I take the mask off, then glance up at the group.
"Was he a friend of yours? PFhhaha, sucks to be you? What are you doing here anyway? Looks like a stronger wind would wipe all of you off your hooves."


Give the inquisitor a nudge
"Now, we watch in silent awe and let the good sir have his dramatic entrance"


I drop the severed head and spit until the taste of his mane leaves my mouth.


Not even your strongest blow can move my faith monster.


Lift an eyebrow
"Eh. A brute. Such a pity, brutes are not my type."
Hop on top of his massiveness and poke him with my cane
"And who might you be hm? Friend, foe, or hapless mass of muscle with no thought to lead it?"


"You can keep it if you want to!"

"Monster? And who said anything about your faith, dear?"



I scoff at the executioner.

"Oh I get it, am I supposed to be afraid now? Because of the oversized hatchet? Or because of your mask? Executioner? Only a coward would hide his face when bringing down judgment on a scoundrel like that."


I look up to him on my back
"I am Draven, the executioner of - well crap, I've been that for a lot of towns and cities, but they always run out of meat so fast. I've heard about the accident, and I knew I had to be here. The filth gathers up quickly in times like this, I came here to sort it out."
I shake him off.
"What about you?"

"It's better if they don't see my smile. They usually crap theirselves, and who would want to clean that up? You?"


So dark and edgy!


"You have a big mouth, honey. I know just the right use for it."


"Careful with that tongue of yours."


"So you haven't come here for wealth like the rest of this lot? A pony who finds his reward in justice rather than coin? I think we'll get along just fine then."


Smack his head with my staff.Rolled 5 = 5


A militia member trots down the alley
"Uhh, we solved that prob with the mercs already and boss sent me to ask you if you'd rather just have a picnic and let us handle the cave-in?"


"I'll let that slide, but just because I don't want to ruin your cute little face."

"Yeah, justice… That will fly."


"Picnic? Surely you are kidding? We've got a dead companion here and a whole city filled with corruption. We're losing daytime dammit!"


"Why don't you find a pair of graves for our friend and a mugger instead?"


Land on my head and stay that way.
"Fourtunes. Bard, dancer, singer, entertainer, lover, scoundrel, what have you~. I came here to seek ADVENTURE-"
Hop back up and land balanced on my cane
"-that only a time and place like this may bring"
"…right to the business with you then. Not one for a little play beforewing, hm?"


See? You can learn manners.


"Oh I'd love a picnic."


"Oh… bodies. We usually let the rats handle 'em. Just pick what you want from the bodies, and fast. I think they've got the scent of them already."
That cat in the alleyway did look kinda odd…
"Well, no matter what you do, our normal patrols will continue in 60 minutes."
Saying that he trots off.


Just let me give the last rites to our friend.


"There's only so many hours in a day to spend fucking. Why spend it with talking?"

See what I can find on them.
Both of them.


"We bury our brother in arms first. He assisted the inquisition take down a heretic and deserves a proper burial."


I grab his coinpurse.


"If you say so deary."
Help with the corpses


"You just gonna' bury him with his stuff? Are you dense?"


You can loot the pegasus but you are not touching the dog.


Whoever rolls higher gets 15 coins.

In addition, the pegasus has a moldy loaf of bread and his tattered clothes.
He must have been trying to steal to live.
Grip has…anything he had on him.
You don't think trying to open the street pavement is a very good idea.


Big money!Rolled 6 = 6


"Help yourself to his gear if you must, I don't care."

"We burn his body then, everything is better than leaving it to rot."


I'll take his tent and voulge.


Rolling for loadsamone

"Why not? Was he a friend of yours? For how long? Huh? Did you love him or what? Did you want to try it doggy-style? Spare the bullshit."
What did he had on him?Rolled 4 = 4


Roll to assume making a grave in the pavement is a perfectly good planRolled 5 = 5


I'll take his food, cloak and sharpening knife.


"Always so damn protective over earthly possesions. What matters is the body."


Yes he was my friend and you are not taking his clothes little colt.


"I agree. If we burn his body and scatter his bones a necromancer won't be able to use his corpse."

"Careful what you say to her, you haven't seen that mare in a fight."


You quickly grab the coins, tent and voulge.
After Card trick quickly takes his share, he has a pickaxe and a bag for holding the green stone.
You get 'em
You could swear a very small rat spits at you as you set the naked bodies aflame.


"I don't want to strip him, jeez, just his cloak and some other stuff!"

Can I quickly grab the wood chopping hatchet too?


"Let's get out of here."

Move out of the alleyway


"I truly fail to see why anyone would wish to touch those clothes with anything other in mind than destroying them."


Horrible ponies like this knight or grave robbers.


You realize you're still in the middle of the street where the pegasus managed to fly to.

You're in the main street of the merchant's quarter.
You can go to the ruined part or back to the square.


"Do you want his voulge? You should be able to use it like your staff."


I look around, then point at myself.
I start to laugh maniacally, and after wiping away some tears, look at the cleric.
"Wait, you were serious."
I laugh even harder.


"Now if what I've heard of this place and past events is correct, the landscape should have undergone some remarkable changes ever since the impact. If we can find a way underground, the things we find could be out of this world!"


We should go to the ruined part.

I think thats a little too heavy for me.

So, what are you?


"Oh be quiet, you laugh like a cow that needs milking"


Voulges are two-handed weapons.


"And corrupted. And vile. And evil.

Believe me, if I were a unicorn, I would just torch the entire town to ensure all of it would get destroyed.

Alas, I have wings instead of a horn."


"I already said it, an executioner, nothing more, nothing less."

"Sorry to dissapoint, but I'm not into other stallions."


"I kinda like your wings~"
"To me that is ill a loss, big guy"


"Now what did I say about wasting your time with me? Shut up."


As the party approaches the ruined buildings there's an T-intersection here: the four or possibly five houses ruined had almost no space between them, like they were built together to form a square block. Most of the outer walls are still intact, but it would be hard to distinguish anything actually inside the ruins.
You can already spot a hoof sticking from inside the rubble.
You are pretty sure this pony died in the accident.
No way to tell if there were any others there though.


"I don't know, Neith. You have been pretty tense lately."


"This place sure is shit. What are we doing again?"


"My work here won't be done until I've seen a sincere smile on that face."
Spin around my cane and then sit down on top of it
"You brought that much upon yourself.

Now then. We have a city to explore!"


Looking for survivors but I think we are late.


I start looking through the rubble for survivors.


Fly over and inspect the other side


"Look for survivors so they can die days later of starvation? Ain't you a hypocrite, sweetie? We might as well just leave them there under the rubble and spare them the suffering."


There's a large bit of wall still standing almost in the middle of the ruins, but the only way in is from the second floor.
What little floor there remains.


"I'm always tense, there is not much time for rest or relaxation in an inquisitors life, only for purging and destroying."

"Leave forever and I'll smile for at least a minute."

"This is a waste of time, once again."


"Do you think you can levitate me through that wall?"


Is there anything amongs the rubble that looks worthy of taking?Rolled 8 = 8


Yell over from the other side of the building


They can live in the safe zone and I dont mind sharing my bits with them.

Rolling for this.


"All I'm saying is that I remember when you still had a sense of humor. If you feel like sneaking out of camp in the middle of the night I promise I won't tell a soul."


"I wouldn't mind sharing my bits with you either, sweetbutts."


There's a pretty big chunk of medium quality green stone in there.


I'll take that then.



I sit back on my haunches and clean my pistol while my companions waste their time


I would be surprised if there is anything behind that armor.


Rerolling for thisRolled 7 = 7


You quite easily levitate to the upper floor of the ruins.
Through the doorframe you can see what caused the houses to crumble.
There's a pony-sized glowing hole in the floor.
A smaller rock must have landed here.


I look through the hole.


Roll to vanish from this plane of existence due to player needing sleepRolled 1 + 9 = 10


I levitate Card trick with me to the upper floor.Rolled 1 = 1


Just smile at the comment, and say to myself.
"Oh you are just BEGGING me to rape you."


I crack a smile as I see the Trickster disappear

"I already don't miss you."


Seems my planet did not need me after all.

I go see what the commotion up on the higher floor was about






The air quite quickly turns green around you as you look down the tunnel. The meteorite must have scattered in the city sewers.
It doesn't seem safe to explore right now; maybe you ought to wait a while for the air to clear.
Like a night or two.


Give him a friendly hug
"I fear there is a lot more in this world waiting for us to witness it."
Roll to grab his hat.Rolled 7 = 7


I look down at the rest of the party and let them know what I saw.


"Well this was a waste of time."


"In two days we'll be rich ponies."


"Why are you tugging my mane? What are you talking about?"


Well that now?

Neith is a mare.Rolled 7 = 7


"You can either levitate us back down, or we can watch and see what Neith does when she realizes what happens. I'm voting for the second option."


"I guess I'll stick around you lousy lot.
Seemed to me that you four had problems with catching a starving thief."


Pull out a fancy hat
"Every inquisitor should have a fancy hat"
Put it on her, then take it back
"…this felt all too unrewarding. Feh."
Fly up to the second floor and peek in
"And what pray tell is going on he- oh my…"


Lets wait then I have some bread.

You can go if you want to.Rolled 5 = 5


"If you stick with us for two more days you'll get an even split of whatever is down that hole."




You can spot a few militia members in the streets.
They peek their heads in the ruins
"So…uh…we're here. Did ya find out what caused the collapse? Any survivors?"


"Oh no, I'll stay and 'watch over' you."


"Fair enough, could use another meat shield to aid in the inquisition."

"Why- how- wha-why whom ho-"

I sigh and lay down on the ground, suddenly feeling very tired.


Put the hat back
"Keep it. Every proper Inquisitor needs a fancy hat."
Roll to find a suitably show-offy place to sleepRolled 9 = 9


"Nope, all dead. And nothing of value was lost."


Dont worry Card is a better watcher.


"Looks like either a smaller meteor hit or the previous meteor weakened the ground under these structures. It's hard to tell which."


"Are you scared of me, little filly? Just don't piss yourself, that would ruin the mood."


I nuzzle her.


I try to take off the hat


The younger of the militia pair gets excited.
"Oh man that's quite a find! A fresh meteor!"
The older, bearded militiaman coughs.
"I suppose you'll want to keep your find? Better make camp here. I'll tell boss you'll be staying here for the night. Would you still like to pay the 5 coins for that tent next to the general store?"


Scared? Pfhahahaha you are just annoying little colt im sure someone else need a edgy "executioner".


"Yes. Would one of you down there mind paying him?"


"Perish the thought."


Fourtunes find a ruined couch balancing a top a second floor plank, lands on it and immediately falls asleep. Somehow the couch doesn't fall back to the first floor.


"I can still stuff your big mouth if you want to."

"Oh wait, I get it, you are already giving her the dick, aren't you?"


Are you jelly? Im sure you can find a nice dark hole back there.


Throw a rock at the executioner
"Pipe down, proper ponies are trying to sleep"


I grin.
"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. She'll hang you out to try if you can't keep your mouth shut though."


"I hate you more than anything right now. I'm almost tempted to renounce my Oath and murder you.

Not worth it though…"


>hang you out to dry
You guys and your quests keep eating all my sleeping time. I wouldn't have it any other way.


The party makes a camp on the safe side of the wall separating the meteor impact site from the rest of the ruins. The tunnels ought to be safe to search by tomorrow or the day after.
You also fashion some ladders to the second floor entrance so everyone will have easy access to the meteor site later.

'till next time.


"No thanks, you can keep your nice dark hole to yourself.
But others do wipe their asses after taking a shit. You should do it too, then it would be so dark."


I lay down the cloak I got from the diamond dog, and lie down on it.


This was fun. You handled DM's absurdly high rolls pretty well and we got some good roleplaying done.


Poop jokes? Really what are you 12?


"Oh, quickly, run and tell me on your mommy! I'm sure I'll be grounded for at least a week!"

Laugh at the mare, then lie down and try to sleep.


Pull my eyepatch over my good eye
"Just keep telling that to yourself. Maybe it'll come true one day"
Aaaand fall asleep.


Talking about projecting.


"Oh stop responding and come to bed. All that armor he's wearing just screams 'I'm compensating for something.'"


"Try it on, and see how far you will get, weakling. You couldn't even take a step in it. Do you even lift?"


"You mirin my relationship brah?"
Oh God make it stop.


"Thought so. Now rest, you will need your voice tomorrow to sprout more bullshit."


Wake up and stretch my legs in the armor.

Reporting in.


Ready when you guys are.


I'm ready.


Aurelia is lucky I'm watching NCIS, or I'd have called this off already.


Are we going to play without our battle cleric?


Im here




Now that you're all here, I'm gonna go take a leak, and we'll start.


Morning guys.


Aren't we supposed to be asleep?


Wow I was expecting you ran away in the night.


Oops, we are.


Sorry I just read that.


The party has made camp in the merchant's quarters' ruins, where apparently a new, albeit a much smaller meteorite has landed.
The crash site is separated from the camp by a two-storey wall that only has one door in it, up on the second floor.
It's about 2 or 3 in the morning.
Fourtunes, Draven, Aurelia and Neith are still fast asleep as Card Trick is awakened by a sound, like stone thumping on metal.
He can also hear some mumbled speaking, coming from the crash site.


I nudge Aurelia to wake her up and put a hoof over her mouth so she doesn't make any noise. I then motion towards where the noises are coming from.


There's a loud thump, smack and "idiooooooooooooooooot!" from the other side.
Characters still asleep can roll whether they are awakened by this sound.


Nod and follow Card in silence.


Rolling for waking the fuck upRolled 5 = 5


"Quiet you fools, I'm trying to sleep here!"Rolled 8 = 8


I investigate the noises.Rolled 9 = 9


You get up from your bedroll, much drowsier than your inquisitor training ought to make you.
You try, but you just can't get back to sleep anymore.
You and Card can see four figures scurrying around the crash site.
At first glance they seem like diamond dogs, only smaller.
Only their apparent leader is larger than you, but even then only by his head.
You can't see very well in the darkness, though at least one of the strange creatures is carrying glowing green stone, and the leader has a wicked whip on him.


Shit. So much for sleep.
"Which one of you woke me up? Report for your ass-kicking! Was it you, bard?"


I knock an arrow and call out from the shadows.
"Who goes there?"


Shhhhhh! Look.


I let out a loud yawn and mumble something about heretics disrupting my beauty sleep, I look around to find the source of the noise.


I take a look where the cleric is pointing.


Card Trick can see the leader's face turn towards the second floor door, though you aren't sure if they've noticed you yet.
The large creature lets out a high-pitched screech as the small creature carrying the glowing stone disappears underground and three more black figures take their place.
One of them throws a black ball at your feet. You can hear a hissing sound.
Well there's nothing to find anymore.
You see what they see, hear what they hear.


I shoot the big one then jump away from whatever is hissing.Rolled 5, 7 = 12


Throw the black ball back to the dogs wit magic.Rolled 3 = 3


Jump from the hissing ball and try to land on one of the creatures.
I'm sure they'll make nice pillows to break my fall.Rolled 5 = 5



I take out my pistol and shoot the one who threw the ballRolled 1 = 1


I'm thinking I should disallow combos…
The leader doesn't seem to care about the arrow protruding from his shoulder as he screeches again.
3 more balls are thrown at the second floor, though gladly none fly in from the door.
You dive back through the doorframe.
You fumble with your magic, though you manage to turn the ball around a bit: there's a burning fuse there, and it's almost burnt up.
You land on the smallest of the pack, crushing it's arm.
It starts clawing at you madly, and in addition it's not easy jumping around in such a heavy armour: you're at -2 to your next action.
The expensive flintlock explodes in your hoof as the charge was prepared incorrectly. Your hoof is a bit burned, but you'll be fine with time.
The flintlock will need to be taken to the smith for fixing, though.

The leader shouts at the newcomers:
"Sssshorter fuuses idiot-IDIOOOOOTSS!"


I use Inspire.Rolled 2 = 2


"Enough of this mockery!"

Draw my rapier and chargeRolled 8 = 8


Mobility is a bit of a problem, yeah.
Try to stand up.
Make sure to roll over that thing while doing so, crushing it with my weight as I get my footing.Rolled 2 - 2 = 0


Try to throw the bomb again.Rolled 3 = 3


No one can hear your song as…
The bomb Aurelia is handling explodes, triggering a chainreaction.
The ruins are wracked by a series of explosion as the whole second floor is destroyed along with most of the wall separating the camp from the crashsite.
Aurelia is a bit shocked, but fine.
Except for the piece of shrapnel stuck on her chest.
The frantic little creature chips your armour as you are quickly swarmed by three new creatures emerging from the sewers.
You are helpless.
You charge blindly into the settling dust as you drive your rapier through something.
You're not sure what it is, but it doesn't look like one of your party members.

The big boss of the enemy group seems to be content staying on the back row.

There's 3 grenadiers, 5 small creatures (swarming Draven) and the leader against your gang.


Shake off those fuckers!
"Get away from me you little shits!"Rolled 7 = 7


Attack one of the small creatures.Rolled 2 = 2


I point a hoof at the leader of the group.

"I will deal with you in time, wastrel! Stay there!"

I charge and stab one of the grenadiersRolled 10 = 10


I use Inspire again.Rolled 1 = 1


The shrapnel twists on your chest and you wince in pain. Luckily…
Draven has the attention of most of the group as he throws the creatures off him.
He's quickly circled again by the 4 unknowns. The one with the crushed arm finally seems to have died from bloodloss.
With the first creature still skewered on your rapier you pierce a grenadier's throat. He drops an unlit grenade on the ground from his claw.
In addition, the grenadier standing next to him starts scurrying away from you.
You play the worst song ever written.
Everyone is at -1 on their next actions.
In addition the grenadier who still has his wits about him takes two grenades with very short fuses and throws them at your feet.

Neith seems to have the group leader's attention.

there's 2 Grenadiers, 4 smaller creatures and the leader still active.


Remove the metal and cast heal on myself.Rolled 1 = 1


I leap at the grenadier who threw those at me and hit him with my mace.Rolled 10 + 1 = 11


"Come to papa!"

Cleave the heads off of two of them that are in front of me.Rolled 5 = 5


Use my flint and steel to ignite the grenade and hurl it at the leader.

"I'm right here! Haul your corrupted ass over here and fight! What are you waiting for?"Rolled 1 = 1


What the hell?


I had a 5, so the dice is not broken.
We are just having some rotten luck.


I was trying to figure out why it added a one instead of subracting a one. Turns out I was supposed to use +-1 instead of -1.


You manage to push the piece of shrapnel even deeper into your chest.
Oh gosh, that's a lot of blood…
You start feeling light-headed.
You jump away just as the grenades on your feet explode and reach the grenadier, who's scared shitless by your magnificent show of agility. You hit him in the head with your mace, making him stumble a bit.
The agile creatures easily dodge your slow attack as one of them stabs your back with a spear. You can feel a sting, though your armour absorbs most of the damage.
The fuse was shorter than you expected as the grenade blows up on the ground.
In addition to being hurt as fuck, you fall through the ground to the sewage tunnel.
The air is thick with green smoke and dust, forcing you to cough. A bit ways forward you can see the first hole made by the meteor.
You also scared the little creature carrying the piece of rock senseless by falling through the floor.

The leader can't stop laughing at Neith's misfortune as he cracks his whip at Card Trick.
He doesn't come anywhere close to hitting him, but Card can feel electricity in the air.


I attack the leader with my mace.Rolled 6 = 6


Remove the shrapnel and cast heal on myself.Rolled 8 = 8


Ignore the little shit and grind my teeth as I try to fly up out of the hole.

"I-if you're going through hell, keep fucking going…"Rolled 10 = 10


"Come back here!"

Slam into one of the smaller ones.Rolled 3 = 3


The leader quickly draws a short sword in his other hand and parries your blow.
"Not sssooo fasst, my little pony!"
From up close the creatures don't remind you of diamond dogs as much as they do of…rats.
You can't be sure as this one's wearing a leather mask with two large glass circles for him to see through and a big metallic filter on the end of it.
The piece of shrapnel comes off and you stop the bleeding.
The world still looks colourless to you and you feel weaker than normal.
You fly out of the hole at a remarkable speed, considering the hundreds, maybe thousands of pieces of shrapnel embedded on your body.
The ring of creatures quickly divides as you run straight into a wall.
You can feel a dagger find a weak spot in your armour; you have a small cut on your side now.

The leader cracks his whip at Card again. This time he can feel the pain as electricity runs through his body.

The two grenadiers regain their senses, though they are too occupied preparing fuses and choosing targets to attack this turn.


I cave a grenadier's head in.Rolled 2 = 2


Use mark of death on the leader.



Cast heal on NeithRolled 1 = 1


"You want to play, you shits? Let's see what you do without your pimp!"

The rage train has no brakes.
Charge at the leader and Supress him.Rolled 1 = 1


You miss your mark by a mile as you find a live grenade on your hooves.
The leader gives you a quizzical look as a familiar foam starts forming on your mouth.
Which isn't helped by the fact that your whole face is painted red by your own blood as Aurelia somehow manages to increase the blood flow to the shrapnel cuts on your forehead.
You start feeling light-headed too.
You scream very loudly and charge at the leader who decides the party just got a little bit too hot for him.
You can't even see the end of his tail as he disappears into the sewers
"next tiiime!"
Oh and look, the other grenadier threw a grenade at your hooves too.

There's 2 grenadiers and 4 small rats left in the combat.
You can not pursue the leader into the smoke-filled sewers.


I toss the grenade at on of the grenadiers.Rolled 6 = 6


Cast heal on me again.Rolled 6 = 6



Cleave the nearest two targets.
I want their blood.Rolled 8 = 8


The creature is engulfed by the flames of his own device as his life quickly ends.
Colour returns to your life and you feel like you're at the peak of your life.
Neith passes out on the ground though.
You decide to ignore the grenade at your feet as you just take a mad swing, decapitating two of the lesser rat-creatures.
in addition, one other seems to have had it for himself and starts running away.

Then the grenade explodes under you.
Your heavy armour absorbs most of the shrapnel, though one bit finds a space in your armour and it lands uncomfortably close to your private parts.
Feel the pain.


I shoot the fleeing creature with an arrow.Rolled 3 = 3


I pass out in styleRolled 7 = 7


Cast heal on Neith.Rolled 5 = 5


If there is any of the creatures left near, that wasn't foolish enough to run, then Power Strike the shit out of it!
Slice it in two!Rolled 3 = 3


Your shot misses as the rat disappears into the night.
If someone was to pass by, it would look like you were just sitting on the ground, thinking about your lifes' choices.
Colour returns onto her coat as you stop the bleeding.
She's gonna need something to eat and to rest though, after the combat.
She'll wake up in a turn or so.
The last small rat jumps onto your axe, mocking you.
He also pokes you in the eye. You're at -1 to your next action.

The last grenadier throws a grenade at the back of card's head and runs off into the sewers too.
You're in luck as the fuse isn't ignited.


Headbutt it.
Break his skullRolled 4 - 1 = 3


I stick the grenade in my saddlebag.
"What were those things? Is everyone alright?"


He jumps on your head and does a tapdance.
The rest of the party is at -2 to their action as they have to watch out for Draven…if they want to.


Cast heal on Draven.Rolled 5 = 5


Grab it's tail and smash it to the ground!Rolled 9 - 2 = 7


If it's not dead, pin it down.
He'll never escape.


Do I have to roll again? because you ignore this one >>11562Rolled 4 = 4


The rat's lucky streak ends as you grab it by the tail, crack it's skull on the ground, smash it's brains to pulp with your hooves, grind his teeth into dust and decapitate what remains.
Draven is not bleeding anymore.


You realize Nasse posted before you rolled, right?Rolled 10 = 10


After I'm done, yell up.
"Anyone died?"


"I'm still here."
How dark is it? How well can I see the others? During the fight I was assuming that I couldn't really see much.


Yes but that was my action before that.

Stay still
>cast heal again try to fix his blood eye.Rolled 2 = 2


After checking the bodies you find three unlit grenades and some fuse, enough for five grenades, some pouches, hooks, crooks and knives, a vial of unknown elixir and three gas masks fit for equine heads.
They smell a bit of rats and sewers but they make the green dust safe to breath.
It's 4 in the morning, the sun is peaking above the city buildings.
I would have said if he was injured.
Or made him roll for the severity of it, like with Neith and the zombpone eating her ear.


"Ouch, hey, fuck! Careful! If you do this to my eye I don't even want to think what will you do to remove that sharpnel that almost hit my dick!"


I take a mask and put it in my saddlebag.


I take the hooks and crooks.
Only need to find some chains now, and it can be fashioned into a fancy little present.
Also take a mask.



Thank Celestia you have a small one.Rolled 3 = 3


"Are you hurt?"


Only the ringleader's mask would fit your enormous form.


I get back up on my hooves.

"Ouch, even my flank hurts…"

I pick up my pistol and slide it in its holster again.

"Hope they accept Inquisitor checks at the smithy…"Rolled 6 = 6


Im fine now, what about you, do you need some heal?


"Keep on insulting me an I'll carve out your cunt."

But I got the hooks, right?



"It looks like you're going to get that purge you were looking for after all."

"Couldn't hurt."


Snicker at the hurting flanks comment.


Be quiet now.

Cast heal.Rolled 1 = 1


"This is not the time for jokes! How dare those wastrels cast me aside just like that! This rotten, corrupted city brings nothing but bad luck."


"I wasn't joking. Those rat creatures need to go."


You return to the camp, hoping you might still get a few hours' sleep after all this extravaganza.
As you get back to your campsite, which got a little dirty when the wall blew up, you notice Fourtunes apparently didn't wake up even when his couch fell down from the second floor right into your fire pit.
You have three gas masks to distribute so you can explore the sewers as much as you like, and maybe even find the source of these rat-creatures.
Until next time.


"Oh, don't you worry. I'm going to find that big fucker, and peel the flesh off his bones."


"Seriously now, cleric, do your damn job and heal me. My groins hurt in ways it shouldn't."


"Go? I will destroy them! Wipe them off the face of the earth! Mark my words, they just messed with the wrong bitch"


Shut up and wait until we reach the campsite.Rolled 5 = 5


Report in.
And post your character sheets if you'd be so kind.


My body is ready


Name: Draven
Race: Earth Pony
Class: Knight
Skills: Supress(2), Slam(1), Sentry(1), Superheavy Armour Proficiency (1)
Alignment: Neutral Evil (no deity)
Armor: Heavy Plates (Superheavy Armor)
Weapon: Great Executioner Axe (Grand weapon)
Cutie Mark: bloody executioner treestump
Talent: Cleave can't normal fail on two enemies, but has a two round cooldown
Inventory: A short rope tied in a noose, some food and water rations, a tinderbox to make fire with, an executioner's mask
a cloak, sharpening knife, wood chopping hatchet, a pretty big chunk of medium quality green stone, hooks and crooks.


Name: Card Trick
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Class: Bard
Mark: A deck of cards
Alignment: Chaotic Good/worshiper of The Laughing One
Abilities: Inspire (1), Entertain (1), Cheap Shot (1), Bluff (2)
Weapons: Masterwork Mace, bow and arrows, one grenade with fuse
Armor: Reinforced leather vest
Items: Banjo, rations, a deck of playing cards, 76 coins, pickaxe, colorful clothes, canteen of water, special saddlebag for green rocks, tent, gas mask
Description: Easily amused and good natured, his coat is lavender and his mane and tale are green.


please respond


Name: Neith
Race: Pegasus (f)
Class: Inquisitor
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Weapon: Rapier and a flintlock pistol
Armor: none (This has got to change)
Skills: Mark for Death, Unexpected (multiclass skill)
Cutie Mark: A sword (Good at stabby slashy with swords)
Inventory: Food and water, a simple knife, rope and 3 torches, Inquisitional checkbook, Inquisitional pencil and a piece of flint and steel
Description: Dedicated to her Oath of the holy inquisition and to expose and root out all corruption.



Please autopilot me or something


Name: Aurelia
Race: Unicorn
Cutiemark: Golden flower
Class: Cleric
Skills: Detect evil, heal, cure and compassion.
Alignment: Lawful good
Any notable items: Small book of prays, food and some bandages
A short description of your personality and appearance if you want to: Healer and moralfag.


Looks like we have some CASUALties.



Following the little skirmish last night the party had trouble sleeping, being anxious to explore the sewers beneath the city.
Everyone except Fourtunes, who is still sleeping on his couch when dawn breaks.
The campsite bathes in yellow sunlight as the sun's sphere rises over the old castle hill in the distance.
Checking the bags on the camp you see there are three unlit grenades and some fuse, enough for five grenades, some pouches and a vial of unknown elixir there, along with some food and a few torches, in addition to each character's personal inventory and equipment.
The party may either go straight down to the tunnels or visit the piers for equipment and to fix Neith's broken flintlock.


"Let's go already.
I want to find that little fucker, and when I do…"
I make a motion at the neck.


I'm ready if everyone else is.


Are we going to the piers or down the tunnel?


"It doesn't mater to me so long as we go down the tunnels eventually."


"Sewers. Now. We've got a lot of cleansing to do today."


Ok lets go.


"Lead the way."

Wasn't Groves going to make a character for this quest?


"I will enjoy gutting those little faggots!"


He's neith



"The sewers? How terrible. Truly unsuited for one such as myself."
The trickster hops up from his sofa and lands balanced on his cane
"As much as I will miss you, go on ahead. I will find other adventures in this town as I wait for your return."
He kicks the cane from under himself and lands on a headstand
"And who knows, maybe you'll learn to appreciate my company when you're deprived of it for a while."
He winks, kicks himself back upright and wanders off to find something to do that has less to do with being knee deep in shit.



I head back to where those rat things disappeared to


I hope you dont trample yourself this time.


The party heads down to the hole in the sewers: As excepted, the green smoke and dust has cleared, leaving behind mud, rocks, rubble and small to medium holes where the rat-creatures have mined out all the valuable stone.
The sewers have crumbled down near where Neith was struck through the floor last night, leaving only one way to go, into the darkness.
The air is safe to breath, save for an incredibly foul stench.



"You just watch your tounge, sweetie."


Im going to miss that weirdo.

As long as you watch your legs.


A rock lands on the knight's head.
From a few streets away you hear a shout


"If only I had the tools to set this entire thing ablaze and let those rats perish in the flames and smoke… I guess the rapier will have to do, onwards!"


I light a torch, cover my muzzle with the cape I got and start to go down the way.


>I light a torch, then fasten it to one of the spikes on Draven's armor
"This should help us see where we're going."


Light my horn.


"What, you can't even carry a torch yourself?"


"Torches taste nasty. Why should I carry one around in my mouth when I have a perfectly good piece of metal next to me?"


"You could just, you know, carry it by holding it in your hooves. It's not arcane science."
I roll my eyes and continue to walk.


"But then I wouldn't be able to use my mace."
I follow him.


"Would you two stop yapping? I don't want those rotten things to hear us coming from afar."


The torches burn exceptionally brightly with a loud fizzing and crackling sound, illuminating the sewer for as almost as far as you can see.
These smaller tunnels are made of metal, which has thoroughly rusted from years and years of filth once draining through them.
As you move along the mud on your feet gets more and more wet, clinging to your hooves, and the smell is almost unbearable already.
You come to an T-shaped intersection, you can proceed onwards or to the left.


"The stories say you should always go left."


"Yes, you can't just throw it on the ground and pick it up later."

"Then what? At least if they come to us we can leave this damned sewer sooner after killing them!"

I turn to Card Trick.
"Wher to, smart guy?"


"Cleric, make yourself useful and see if you can detect any evil from either ways."


Oh Celestia this is worst than the canterlot public bathrooms.

Ok, roll for detect evilRolled 7 = 7


"And then get overrun again like yesterday? No thank you, I'm fighting on my terms this time, one way or the other."


Draven is a pretty big black dot on your vision, but you can't see anything in the sewers, yet.
As the party decides to follow Card Trick you see your way is blocked by a large metal grate before the ground under your hooves disappears and you all slide down a wet slope in to a larger sewerway.
The whole party is up to it's necks in liquid filth, with pieces of wood, grime and animals floating in it.
Well, except for Draven, who is only in it up to his neck.
The torch's flame now has a green tinge to it, and the flames shoot upwards as if fired from a flamethrower.
The air has a small amount of green in it too.


I shake out my mask, slip it on, then start looking for a walkway.


"I… HATE this place. Give me one reason, ONE REASON not to not just torch the entire city and be done with it."


"Because we are still in the city?"

"Awww, fuck this."
Try to keep my head out of the stuff and crawl out of this shit.


I create a magic bubble around me and Card.

Is the will of Celestia.


"A small sacrifice to ensure that this corrupted place is cleansed to the bottom."


hurp durp, Draven is up to his shoulders in the filth.
The stone tunnel is lined with walkways on either side, but they are only half a pony wide: you need to roll to stay up on them, and even then there's always the danger of falling.
The mask alleviates the foul stench a bit.

The party may make rolls to get up on the slimy walkway.
Draven needs 6x due to his extra large size.



"Fuck this crap. I'm going to gut that little shit rat if I find him so hard."

Rolling.Rolled 10 = 10


"It doesn't look like we can fit on those. Aurelia, how long do you think you can keep this magic bubble up?"


Rolling.Rolled 5 = 5


I jump up the walkway carefullyRolled 6 = 6


I dont think I can carry us.


As Card starts talking the rest of the party is already on the walkway.
The stone tunnel continues both ways into the darkness.


I try to climb up onto the walkway.Rolled 4 = 4


I try to hold him with my magic.Rolled 3 = 3


As you try to climb up, despite Aurelia's help you get submerged, pulling her with you.
The water is brown and you can't see very far into it, but in the darkness is an submerged hole in the wall.
There's an eel swimming around.


"Stop fucking around and let's go!"


"Whenever you're done playing in the water, bard…"


I swim back up and try to get on the walkway again.Rolled 1 = 1


Swim back.Rolled 4 = 4


I shake my head sadly at my companions silly endeavors before I try to help him get up the walkwayRolled 3 = 3


Your hoof is trapped underwater.
You'll pass out from lack of oxygen in three turns, and drown in 5.
You barely make it to the surface.
You grab hold of Aurelia.


I free my hoof and swim up.Rolled 6 = 6


Ignore Neith and pull Card with magic.Rolled 1 = 1


"Someone should help him. No way I'm going back there."


You're safely above the water and regain your footing.
You struggle against Neith's grip, drawing her into the water with you and submerging yourself.


"Fine, do it yourself then."


I pull Aurelia up so her head is above the water, then try to climb up on the walkway again.Rolled 5 = 5


"For fuck's sake…"
I facepalm.


Hue hue, swim back.Rolled 6 = 6


"You idiot!"

Try to get back up the walkwayRolled 1 = 1


You're both up at the walkway.
You slip and hit your head underwater, drinking a good mouthful of the filthy water.
You are submerged and the party can't see you, except for a few bubbles on the surface.


"Damn. At least die in a place where I can loot you!"
I keep standing there.


"Aurelia, grab her with your magic!"


Why Celestia?
Pull her up with my magic.Rolled 7 = 7


Get back to the fucking surface

Use my fucking wings

And get on that fucking walkway

And then try my hardest not to punch the cleric in her faceRolled 4 = 4


The whole party is up on the slippery walkway.
The tunnel still continues to both directions, and you can see a spot on the wall where some guidesigns should be, but aren't: they must have fallen in the murky waters.
Gratefully Draven didn't get wet, so both of the torches are still burning, and they're burning bright.


"At least they won't be able to smell a group of ponies coming. Let's go forwards."


"I am breathing shit air into my lungs and I drank some of it too thanks to you cleric. It is being absorbed into my bloodstream as we speak. I am literally full of shit right now."


Follow Card.

>I am literally full of shit right now."
Pfhahaha you can be funny when you want to
>Cast cure on herRolled 4 = 4


"That was good for a laugh, good show!"


Aurelia is not sure if it worked yet but at lest Neith feels more energetic.
Forwards is which way, left or right along the tunnel?




"Right. Last time we went left we took a bath is shit. Not again."


"If we go the same direction each time it's a lot hard to get lost."


I follow him >>18291


You walk forward as the white stone wall turns more and more brown.
There are a few dead rats floating in the water, and there's a few splotches of red on the walkways.
You can hear something moving in the darkness in front of you.

If you've got your bearings right, left takes you further in to the city and right takes you closer to the piers, eventually ending up in the sea.


"Fine, I see how it is."


Rolling to try and see what is it.Rolled 2 = 2


I get my mace ready and wait for the others.


Cast detect evil in this thing.Rolled 5 = 5


I take one of the torches from his spikes and throw it in front of us


Well he is right about this "If we go the same direction each time it's a lot hard to get lost."Rolled 5 = 5


Roll for it to not fall in the water.


It's a sewer, of course it'll fall in the water. It'll just give us a momentary field of vision.Rolled 9 = 9


Must have been one of those beardy humans you've heard about.
There is nothing but dark grimness ahead of you, but the sound is getting closer as you inch forwards.
The torch falls into an ancient torch holder and illuminates the hallway in front of you.
A very surprised squad of spear-wielding rat-men are staring at you.

there's two rats on the left side of the tunnel, where Aurelia and Card Trick are situated in. There are three rats on the right side, where Draven and Neith are situated.
There's a good turn's distance between you and the rats.


oh u

Mark for death on one of them.Rolled 3 = 3


I shoot one of the two with an arrow.Rolled 3 = 3


Blast on of the rats with my magicRolled 8 = 8


"Oh I'll have you now!"
Slam into them.Rolled 10 = 10


The ratmen don't seem to understand your frothing and you become unbalanced. If you fail your next action you'll fall into the water. You'll automatically regain your balance the turn after that, provided you don't fail next turn.
The arrow disappears into the darkness. You can hear a splash.
You drop one of the spear-rats on your side of the tunnel into the water. His coat is singed but he regains his footing, seemingly not caring about the water.
You splatter one of the unfortunate rats on the walls as the two remaining rats on your side fall into the water, splashing for their lives.
The air is greener here where the rats stand, as the torch on your armour burns so bright the heat is almost uncomfortable to you. The flames shoot right upwards, only stopping at the ceiling.


I shoot at him again.Rolled 7 = 7


Stab the rat man with my spear.Rolled 4 = 4


Run over to where the rats fell into the water and take out my rapier to stab them as they try to come outRolled 10 = 10


If any of the rats try to climb out, I-
Well, that seems to take care of it.
Make sure that I can drop the torches if they get too uncomfortable.


The rat lets out a blood-curling screech as he clutches his wounds, falling on the water, dead.
The two remaining rats are quickly made into kebab by your swift sword, as the water gets a red taint to it.

The air certainly is green now, Aurelia and Neith start coughing without their masks on.
Draven is still protected by his incredible physique, at least for now.


"Aurelia, put your mask on."


Oh shit I equip my mask.


"You sure this shit is healthy?"
Carry on.


I quickly put on my mask too.

"Payback time, you licentious scum."


As you continue onwards, the torches blow up in balls of flame; the green smoke must react with fire.
Draven's coat is painted partly black, but otherwise the explosions don't hurt him.
You can see a large hole in the wall after a bit of walking in the dark. A cold draft is blowing in from there.


"Hold, I will investigate."

I carefully trot over to the hole and see what I can see




I motion towards the tunnel with a hoof.
"Armored berserkers first."


>Light my horn
Ok stay close to me.


You can see a tunnel dug into the soil of the city.
It continues onwards, where there is a faint light coming from behind a corner.


"Ohh, if this is the base of these craps I'm going to have so much fun now."
Prepare my trusty hand-held guillotine.


"Lead the way, executioner."


I follow behind the group.


Stay behind.


The room has a few boxes and a lantern on it.
On the lantern is a large stick of the green stone where the candle should got, and it's glowing brightly.
There's a rotten wooden door here.


I check that door.
And by checking I mean kicking it in.


Right behind him, rapier drawn.


Take the stone powered lantern.


I ready my mace.


Behind the door is a cavern; a humongous cavern, larger than you could have ever thought possible to be built under a city.
You're near it's ceiling, as the door leads to a shaking wooden structure lining the side of the cavern. It reminds you of scaffolding.
Beneath you, on the cavern floor, a huge brown river is running, with pools of lava, stockpiles of the green stone and forges blowing green and black smoke into the air.
And as appropriate, hundreds, if not thousands of the rat-folk, scurrying around the factory-, or perhaps merchant floor of the underground fortress.
Thankfully they haven't noticed you as your party might be immediately swarmed at the current time.
There's a single door at the far end of the wooden structure, a good 500 meters away from your position.




"I really wish I had my flintlock about now. Let's get to that door. We should find some explosives and blow this entire place up."


"Or flood it with the ocean."


I turn to the others.
"Okay, that's a bit too much to take on."
I back away from the door so we can't be seen.
"Let's blow up this place, shall we?"



"The fuck do I know, I'm not an engineer. But if we get enough juice we can collapse this whole place. Maybe the City too, but who the fuck cares?"


"We get out of here, explain what we found, then let Greasy find a team of engineers or sappers to take care of this while we enjoy our reward for bringing this problem to light. We just need to grab a dead rat creature on our way out as proof."


"That might be a little extreme…"


You tip-toe to another wooden door. Someone seems to have written "military forge XXVI" on it with a claw.
You're surprised the rats seem to speak your language.


We are not going to blow the piers and I fucking care.


I open the door a crack and look through it.


I tighten my grip on my axe.

"Cry me a river."


Stay behind.



Inside is a small, surprisingly tidy forge and a metal door on one of the walls.


I put my ear up against the door and listen for anything on the other side.


I take a look at the workers down the cavern. Are they wearing gasmasks or not?


Inside is a small, surprisingly tidy forge and a metal door on one of the walls.
Well, that's what you can see with just a peek.
You can't tell from this far away.


Stand at guard.


I open the door a bit wider.


The walls are made of dirt, and there's a stairway down.
The two other walls are lined with weapon racks, shelves and boxes.
You can see an old, gray-furred ratman next to the forge.
He has a white beard and is wearing a blindfold, a smith's apron and some tools on a belt. He speaks with a raspy, low voice:
"I-is that you, grand-grenadier Cunning? I have your batch of grenades ready. The pistol you ordered is at the forge rim."
Indeed, there's a fine looking pistol on the forge, which is not currently on.


I walk up to him, and Cleave off his head.Rolled 1 = 1


I motion for the others to stay quiet, then start talking with a raspy voice.
"Yes. How are the preparations coming?"


Gasp and fly the fuck inside, stab the old coot in his throat and take that fucking pistol and inspect itRolled 3 = 3


Stab the old rat man with my spear, in the troath.


hue hue hueRolled 3 = 3


You stumble and hit your head on the forge. You are unconscious.
"I haven't received the green ore for the swords yet."
The wing hurts again as you stumble to the ground, dropping your rapier.
"Did you b-bring someone with you, Cunning?"

The rat is clearly blind.


"It's just a clumsy assistant, pay him no mind. What are your thoughts on our plan for this pony city?"


You miss him by a mile, stumbling very audibly.
The rat-smith is clearly blind.


Sigh, take the pistol and knock the rat unconscious with the buttRolled 8 = 8


I ignore the rat man and pick two grenades.Rolled 6 = 6


"I'm not high-ranking enough to know of any details, but e-everyone knows we are to wait the Great Rat's-"
You knock him out mid-sentence with the pistol.
Inspecting it, you see it's an even greater piece of craftmanship than your old flintlock. The flint is replaced with a piece of shimmering green rock, the barrel is longer and it has copper decorations on it.
There's a roll of fuse in one of the boxes, and the shelves are lined with different grenades; large ones, small ones, ones made of green stone, some made of glass with an ominous black smoke in them…
There's also a wide range of weapons on the shelves, ranging fro a very, very long, two-man operated rifle to just daggers.

Draven grunts.


I motion to the rat as I look to Card Trick
"You wanted your proof? Here you have it."


"You stupid nag, I was getting answer from him!"
I walk over to him, then bind and gag him with my colorful clothing.


I pick the small grenades.

Rolling for wake up DravenRolled 4 = 4


"Stop whining and take him with us. I'll interrogate him properly once we get back to the surface."


"No, I will. With any luck he'll still think I'm Cunning and I can convince him he hit his head and passed out."


The rat won't be going anywhere when he wakes up.
You kick him in the groin, but he doesn't even budge.

Draven will wake up next turn, feeling an odd tingle in his private parts.


"Go right ahead, I'll still do it once you are done.

Is Sleepyhead awake yet?"


I sling him over my back then start looking for any arrows with green crystal arrowheads.


Whats the plan guys?

>Give Draven a good shake with magic.
Rolled 1 = 1


"Once sleeping beauty wakes up we leave and look for a way back to the surface. Let's try and find some of those rats we killed. Maybe Greasy knows a necromancer that can get some answers from them."


There are no arrows. The rats seem to only use explosives and guns.
You give him a good magical bitch-slap just as he wakes up himself.


"Good idea, I can kill those necromancers afterwards and kill two birds with one stone."


"Hey, what the fuck?"


Sounds good to me, we should alert Celestia.

Draven, what did I tell you about trample yourself?


"If we are all awake and ready?"
I go back out the door we came in.


"I was just taking a nap is all!"

I look around for some chains.


I follow the bard.


You have a nasty bruise in you little head.

Follow Neith.


I grumble
"You'll have a nasty bruise in you when I'm done with you…"


As you are about to open the door it slams to you face.
"Aaarre my grenadesss ready, you uselessss blind man?!"
A familiar, large rat appears on the doorway.
He quickly grabs a green grenade from a pouch on his belt, and draws his whip.
Roll for iniative, roll to beat: mine.
There are some chains on the walls.Rolled 2 = 2


I smash his face with my mace.Rolled 5 = 5


I'll take some of those chains after the combat, but first.
"AHAHHA, now you fucked up!"
Roll to supress.Rolled 7 = 7


Use my magic and take away his grenade.Rolled 3 = 3


Take out my rapierRolled 7 = 7


You swing at him, hitting his shoulder. He doesn't seem to mind, but…
Draven runs him to the ground.
He is helpless, but will get up next turn.
You are at a +1 to your next move against him.
Your horn sparks but it doesn't work.
+1 to your next move.


I stab him in the throat.Rolled 9 = 9


I crush the claw holding the whip.Rolled 3 + 1 = 4


Stab him in the shoulder.Rolled 10 = 10


Power Attack him.Rolled 10 = 10


You notice he's wearing an impressive copper cuirass and a neckguard under his normal rat robes, as your rapier bends against it.
You miss as he throws the green grenade in the forge.
You incapacitate his throwing arm, and he cracks the whip at you. Roll to dodge.
You crush through his neckguard, but don't do any real damage.
The rat jumps a bit further, out of your reach, but within the reach of his long whip.
You need to use the next turn to get closer or you will be at a -2 to hit him with any normal attacks (or skills that don't involve charging, such as cleave, powerstrike, etc.), except for Aurelia, who has a long spear. She's only at -1.

The grenade will explode next turn.


Rolling to dodge.Rolled 3 = 3


Charge and Slam into him.Rolled 9 = 9


I dive forwards to get away from the forge.Rolled 7 = 7


Take out my Death marker and mark that fucker.Rolled 10 = 10


The whip slashes across you back, leaving scars on your back and your robe in ruins.
You slam him backwards onto the scaffolding outside. he lands on his back, and the whole wooden structure shakes. No one seems to have noticed the commotion…yet.
You, Aurelia and Neith get out just as the grenade explodes in a ball of green flame, much larger than any grenade you have seen before, sending mortar and bricks flying in the air. The crowd still hasn't noticed the battle; they must have come to expect explosions in the forges.
You scream bloody murder at the rat as he becomes visibly afraid of you.
Every hit is a double crit next turn.
Every fail is a crit fail next turn.


I smash the whip from his hand with my mace.Rolled 8 = 8


Cleave at his neck.Rolled 7 = 7


Stab his whip shoulder.Rolled 2 = 2


"This ends here!"

Stab him in the eye with my rapier.Rolled 1 = 1


You smash his hand to smithereens, but not before
Aurealia tries to stab at his shoulder, only to get her spear tangled in the whip, which shatters the wooden handle.
You snap his head clean off, sending copious amounts of blood flying in the air, and his head stumbling down to the factory floor below.
On his body is the whip which can break weapons, a bag of grenades (almost empty) and a copper cuirass fit for humanoids.
As you notice you were too slow you snap your rapier in half in a spout of rage. A shrapnel of the blade lands on your neck, and it hurts like a bitch.

You may now leave or investigate the metal door, search the shelves or go down the stairs in the forge.


Go back and get the chain, and see if I can fashion them together with the hooks and crooks to make a weapon, so I can grab and pull enemies close with it.


Oh my dont move!
>Cast heal on Neith.Rolled 4 = 4


I grab his bag of grenades, make sure that rat is still on my back, then open the metal door a crack and look through it.


"That… that son of a heretic…

D-do me a favor and get me a new sword. I seem to have misplaced my old one."


Hey Card can you pick a sword for her? Im not good with weapons.Rolled 3 = 3


"The whip seems like it would fit her personality better than a sword."


You add some large grenades and fuse to the bag from the shelves that weren't ruined in the explosion, making the bag half-full.
You try to move the door but it won't budge, must be locked. Someone could try kicking it in.
You heal the flesh wound, and Neith is good as new.
Glancing over the shelves, there are two long swords made out of transparent green metal, some normal iron swords and some copper short swords there.
There are also spears ranging from stone-tipped to green metal -tipped there.
Notably there is also a brace of pistols; less fancy than Neith's but equipped with green rock instead of flint all the same. There are also pouches of green rock ammunition next to them.
After a bit of searching through and armour stand, there seem to be mostly humanoid armour here, except for a copper-chainmail robe which could be worn by a pony too.


Probably but is her call.


"Do I look like Indiana fucking Pones? Get me a damn sword."


Oh Nasse you card
I take one of the metal tipped spears and the copper-chain mail.
Hmm how do I look guys?


"Grab some of that fancy weaponry too, you can probably sell it for a coin or two."

"Thanks, Cleric."


Is there a good helmet here?
Also, what about that chain weapon I tried to make?


Thats my job.


"Someone kick down that door."
I take the brace of pistols.




"On it."
I try to force it open.Rolled 4 = 4


Thank you~

You are such a pig.


I take one of the iron swords, it'll have to do for now.


You fashion a crude weapon out of the hooks and the chain, making a curious weapon for yourself. It seems like it's hard to use right (only counts 6+s as successes)
There are quite a few different helmets there, most made of copper or iron.
It moves a bit but is still locked. You may try again.
You take a brace of pistols and explosive green rock shells with you.


Is there an iron helmet that fits me?

Try to open that fucker again.Rolled 6 = 6


I look for a helmet that would fit me.


There's a skull cap large enough for you.
You kick the door open to a long corridor, lined with green ore -made weapons, most notably rifles. There's also a morbid construct at the end of the hallway, made of bones, wood, flesh, ore, metals and fur.
It has two wicked cannons on it's arms as weapons, and it's appearance reminds you of a large diamond dog.
Thankfully it seems inactive, for now.

There are quite a few, ranging from chainmail and leather coifs to iron kettle helmets.


Sweet Celestia what the fuck is that?


Take the skullcap.
Look around for something very fancy in there that I could sell.
"Whoa, what the fuck is that?"
Investigate that thing.


I put on an iron kettle helm and examine the construct.


"I think we should get out of here and interrogate the old rat."


Well, the rifles are something you haven't seen before at all… and there's a two-handed sword made entirely of transparent green ore, save for the pommel and handle. Probably much more too, if you'd just search properly.
As you inch closer to the construct, you hear a loud, A VERY LOUD, scream from outside the forge; someone has found the grand grenadiers' head. The fortress is alerted to the presence of the intruders, and Neith can hear something running up the stairs.
Draven grabs a large gas mask from a shelf in the hallway.


I start stripping the crystal flints from the rifles and putting them in my special saddlebag.


I have to say you have some good moves when you dont crap all over yourself Knight.

Should we use this machine against them?


Quickly drop my iron sword and pick up one of the two-handed swords.

"I claim thee in the name of the holy inquisition.

Now let's get the heck out of here!"


I take that fancy two handed sword and put it away, maybe some more smaller weapons too.
I can carry a lot of stuff, since big earth pone, right?

"Fucking damn it"
No big fancy sword then. Still pocket the things that look valuable.

"I could show you some of my even better moves later, baby!"

Get ready for a fight.


I dont think you are ready for that kind of performance.

Get ready for the fight.


>Suddenly Dawn
Thats weird.


"I'm not using these vile weapons to fight, that would be an insult for everything the inquisition stands for. We should get the hell out of here."


You pocket five pieces of high quality ore from the rifles' flintlocks.
You see there's a slot where you need to put a large chunk of green ore to work as the construct's heart.
You grab a few valuable looking short swords on your belt.
There's also a glaive with the cutting edge made of the green ore but you can't carry it that easily.

As you look out the door, there's at least 200 hundred soldiers running inside the fort, no doubt soon rushing up the stairs.
You can hear a loud metallic voice on a speaker in the construct hallway.
"Akthhhhchte tce chonkhrtsss"


"I just want to sell it, it looks like good money. I wouldn't abandon my trusty little 'Guil'."


"Okay, bye."

I start running away, over the bridge where we came from.


"Well shit. I think we should use this shit. Maybe it will kill us, but we'll die anyway if we don't try it."


Can I just Draven sword to power this machine?

Do it.


I follow Neith.


I use the large chunk that was in my inventory, then I leg it out of there too.


You two are already halfway there as
You see a metal claw bring a medium sized chunk of low-quality ore and place it into the machine. It starts shaking.


Okay, not wasting the big chunk then.


"Aurelia hurry up!"
I keep running.


Oh fuck I run following Neith and Card.


You and Neith are already at the door, while Aurelia and Draven are in the middle of the scaffolding, as a dozen grenadiers burst up the stairs, soon to be followed by more.
The construct's eyes turn red as it charges out of the forge room and shoots a cannonball at Card and Neith. If my roll is higher than 5, roll to dodge.Rolled 10 = 10


Rolling to dodge.Rolled 2 = 2



Try to dodgeRolled 10 = 10







You escape the explosion without a scratch, but Card Trick isn't as lucky as the force of the explosion sends him flying to a wall. He's stunned and damn glad he didn't get hit by any shrapnel.
Aurelia and Draven reach the other side with the construct hot on their heels. You won't have any time to destroy the bridge or you'll have to fight the construct first. The construct won't fit in the tunnels you came into the fortress through though. The grenadiers hesitate to step on the bridge, and you can see the forge is now packed with rats.





Pick up Card and run into the tunnels.



I haul ass into the tunnels


I keep running with the group.


You quickly disappear behind the curve in the tunnel, as Card rises up on his own to hooves. Even the forge-rat seems to be alive, if a bit permanently scarred for the rest of his life.

There's no rest for you though, as a wave of grenadier-rats is still on your heels.


"We are going to have words if we get out of this alive."

Continue running the way we came from


Run Run Run Run


Keep running and I drop one of my grenades.


I keep on running.



As you run in to the sewers, Aurelia drops a live grenade on the walkway, where it drops into the water, exploding and igniting the murky water into flames! the fire spreads slowly across the water's surface in front of you as you pass the hole where you fell into the larger sewer tunnels. There's another T-intersection as you can see more grenadiers in front of you, only leaving a right turn in front of you, as you can hear the familiar hiss of a fuse burning.


Go right!


"Good job! Fuck!"
Keep running!


Go right.


I follow the bard while shouting out every derogatory term I have at my disposal.


You instantly come to another tunnel, when you can hear a series of explosions behind you, reducing the way backwards into rubble.
The rats won't bother you in a while, until they find a way around. In front of you is a sign pointing downwards with the word "sea" on it. It clearly should be pointing either to left or right, but you aren't sure which way it should be pointing.


Rolling to see which way smells like the sea.Rolled 6 = 6


"Shit, where to?"


Letf or right guys?


Even if the sign is turned downward, you should still be able to see by the letters which way it was supposed to point.


Realizing all this, you decide to head left, just on time as the construct breaks through a wall on your right, jumping into the puddle, shortly followed by some rats.
The construct's other cannon has been replaced with a mining drill.
A few grenades are quickly tossed your way.


Keep legging it!


I dive away from the grenades and keep running.


Run like the morning wind


Keep running.


You take a sharp turn and can see daylight again.
Curiously you don't hear or see the rats anymore. Instead there is another sound…like a sound of a mass of water moving behind you.
The rats have opened the floodgates somewhere within the sewers.
You are quickly enveloped by the water and spewn out into the sea.
The party wakes up a few hours later, seemingly intact.
The unconscious rat, Card and Neith are on the beach and can see the piers to the right of them.
Aenoi and Draven are also on the beach, and can see the piers to the left of them.
Surprisingly, you didn't loose any items, but the Aurelia's grenades got wet.
The grenade pouch Card got is apparently water-proof.


Wake up and look for Card.


I look around.
"Aurelia? Aurelia! Where's Aurelia!?"


"Hey, wait up!"
I get up close to her.


"Maybe the rats got to her.

Speaking of rats, we still have our prisoner! Alive too, that's handy."


Not now I have to find him.


"Fly up and look for her! Quickly!"
I start scanning the surface of the water.


I stand in her way.
"Not so fast honey, we have ALL the time in the word."


Poke him with the spear
I dont have tim for your games.


"Sorry, don't want to risk spraining my wing and falling to my death. Already risked enough of that.

There's enough mares out there, don't worry, I'm sure you'll find a replacement, maybe even a cleric too."


"Oh but you have! What? Worried that your itsy-bitsy wittwe boywiend got lost?"


"She's been traveling with us for a long time, don't you care about your friends!?"
I start running towards the pier so I can get higher and get a better view.


There are a few seagulls, but nothing else.


As you get up to the piers, you can see a few militia members enjoying beers there.


>pass aside
Yes same thing for Neith.


"Well, she did almost kill us… twice even. Hey wait up!"

I take the unconscious ratman on my back and follow the Bard


Stand in her way again.
"Oooh, how cute. What if I got lost?"


I run up to them and try to catch my breath.
"Have any of you…seen…a unicorn mare on…the beach? We got washed out…of the sewers…and now I can't find her."


>Keep moving to the piers
I cant believe you dont draw with that armor.


"Wot the bloody hell were you doin' in the sewers matey? And the beach ain't our responsibility, they're outside the city borders.
If you'd just gazed over yonder, ya might have seen those two figures over there though."
You look where the pony is pointing, and can indeed see two figures on the beach, a good 4 turns gallop away.


"Curious how Draven is nowhere to be seen either. Hopefully they'll still have eachother."


I gallop off towards the two figures.


Stand before her again, and with a darker expression, but a hoof to her chest.
"I've been wanting to talk to you, sweethearts. Keep on with your cheeky insults and you are going to enter a world of pain, got it?"
I don't let her move away with my hoof this time.


"You'll have to excuse the bard, he's madly in love you see. Could you look after my rat friend here for a moment? Thanks."

I drop the rat on the ground and run after Card


3 turns to go.
There are some crabs moving on the beach sand.


Just move before I do something I will regret later.


I keep galloping.


"Oh yeah? And what will that be? Shutting your whore mouth?"


>Shut his mouth with magic
No im shutting your whore mouth.


2 turns.
The waves are splitting against the piers.
Card can see that the figures are indeed Aurelia and Draven.


Give her a slap on the face/horn with the back of my hooves, and try to say.
"I'll teach you respect if you want me to!"


I pray to The Laughing One for speed as I keep galloping towards them.Rolled 7 = 7


Stab him with the spear.Rolled 7 = 7


Dodge and laugh.


Let's try that again…
If the roll will fail because of a fucking capital letter…Rolled 3 = 3


Card trick arrives to the scene aided by the gods as he can clearly see what is going on.
Aurelia only manages to cause a flesh wound on Draven.


I keep trotting over to the scene


"Aurelia! What happened?Are you hurt?"


**Only a flesh wound?[/spolier]
You are too slow and stupid Knight maybe you will learn some respect.Rolled 2 = 2


"Your fucking bitch attacked me! Get her on a fucking leash before I do!"

"Say that to my face without your friends helping you and see what happens."


Dont worry the little colt is trying to be a stallion but hes just not ready.


…and Neith is there too.
You can see the two militia members trotting over with the prisoner.
Superheavy armour.
If I translated that table correctly.
might have been a complete miss too.


"I've heard how you talk to her. If you tried to do what I think you did then you're lucky she didn't geld you. Go sell some of your loot and find a brothel where you can blow off some steam."


>Point the wound with my spear
I think I already did.


Once I say this I hug Aurelia.
>posting only half of what I wanted to do


"I just wanted to have a little chat, and she fucking stabbed me with a spear."

"Yeah? Fight me then you cunt. No faggotry."
I throw my axe on the ground.
"I won't even use my weapons."


"When will you three stop acting like a bunch of foals? We've got more important things going on then this love triangle. An entire underground fortress full of rats using evil weapons for example."


"Why don't you go and question that rat while we settle this, huh?"


The militia members arrive at the scene.
"Well, we've got this…friend of yours here. What's going on here? Greasy interrupted our lunch break to check on you guys. I'm afraid we will intervene if you're trying to cause a ruckus."


Im sorry but like I said you are not ready.

Hey is this idiot fault.


"We'll deal with this ourself, we don't need you here. Shoo"

"Are you scared that I'll break your pretty little face?"


"That reminds me."

I walk up to her and smack her in the face with one of my hooves.

"You almost killed us twice in there, you monumental idiot."


The sergeant whispers something to the recruit who quickly gallops off.
"Are you sure about this, sir?"


"Go back and tell Greasy that there is a major infection of those rat creatures living in the sewer. Keep an eye on meathead over there while I go have a chat with that rat."


"I'll take my friend, and I'm going over to Greasy, there's a lot to be done."


"Yes I am. Now fuck off."


You already try and fail colt.

Bah you guys are idiots, come on Card lets go visit Silver Bell.


I pick my axe up, and spit on her.
"Fucking coward."
I turn around.
"Now where is that fucking rat?"


As you start heading back to the piers you are confronted by a squad of 10 militiamen led by the recruit and Greasy.
He seems to recognize Draven.
"Well if it ain't Meat McSlab. Didn't I tell you to piss off once already? I don't want troublemakers in my already troubled town. I see you've made some friends too."


>Meat McSlab
Pfhahahahha oh Celestia my sides!


"Pfah, like I'm going to listen to a faggot spewing orders around. You should be thankful instead, I don't make trouble, I end trouble. I killed off more than a dozen and a half of thieves and muggers, something you and your little milita couldn't."


"You've got bigger problems than him."
I gesture at the captive rat creature.
"There are hundreds of these things living under the city and they're gearing up for war."


Greasy's expression darkens even more.
"And you've murdered dozens of innocent refugees on the side."
He turns to the rest of the party
"If you can keep him on check, you can have him, but if you won't, I'll kick and keep him out of the city. And you too if you keep hanging around with him after that."
He gazes at the creature
"Hmpf, I've heard reports of those…things from around the country. I'll have to send a report in to Canterlot. That one doesn't seem to be causing any trouble. We need to get back to the piers."

He turns around and starts walking back to the pier, the militiamen covering his back.
The sergeant trots next to him and starts chatting with him.


We can keep him on the leash.
>Look at Draven
But only if you apologize.


I take the rat and start looking for an empty building. Is the rat awake or is he still unconscious?


He's lying on the ground.


I shout after him

I look down at her.
"Only if you lick my balls."


Alright. I sling him over my back and go find that empty building.


Too bad, take him out Greasy.


I go after Greasy.

"We have to act now, this is a threat that must be purged as soon as possible. There's no time to wait on what Canterlot says, they have their own problems right now."


"You talk like that faggot could do anything to keep me out."


>Walk away
Good luck with the whole militia though guy.


"Yeah, right."
I go to where Card Trick went with the rat.


Greasy halts the squad and motions towards Draven.
"Chain him up."
The squad quickly works to overpower Draven with only a few broken teeth and assorted cuts. He's tied up and being dragged towards the piers.
"The situation ain't in your hooves lady. I'm not allowed to say more but…"
he lowers his voice to a whisper
"You might want to visit that monastery next time they come to get more supplies in a day or three."
"We'll see."

You arrive at the piers. The shops are open as it's still afternoon.
There are a lot of empty buildings to interrogate the rat in.
Greasy has 7 militia members stay and guard Draven in the square.


I drag him to the one farthest away from any noise or commotion. Once we're there I start trying to wake him up.


I call out to the nearest militia guard.
"Hey, hey dude. Come here, I'm gonna' tell you a secret."


"Fine then, keep wasting your troops on chaining up ponies, but don't come crying when people start dying… Heh, that rhymed. As usual, the Inquisition is ignored by you idiots. Pity."

I turn and head over to where we made camp, find the nearest bed in the tent and settle down for some sleep.


You aren't going to take a bath first? Just because we got washed out into the ocean doesn't mean we're clean.


Greasy draws a flintlock pistol, similar to what Neith used to have before it blew up.
"Shut up, cunt."
"We've had no reports about rats killing people in the safe district. What happens beyond is anybody's guess. I notice the knight had some fancy loot on him. Now officially you're not allowed the possession of it until he's de- I mean sent off, but did you want to sell some of it?"


It's Aurelia's bed, I doubt she minds


"Cunt? Oh that reminds me, I was having such a good fuck some days ago. That bitch was wild! You can't even begin to imagine the things she did! You've got one strange mother…"


I check what Draven has on him.


>Sit beside him
So, did you learn the lesson?


He fires the pistol at your feet, causing the green ball used as ammunition to explode on your hooves, and draws another pistol from his belt.
Three high quality swords and a large chunk of green stone.


"Boy, did I! MILFs are crazy!"

"Wait, was that supposed to hurt? Ouch? If this is the best you can do against the scum around here it's no wonder the filth roams the street. Release me and I'll make your jobs easier by taking care of them proper.."



Greasy reloads the other pistol.
"Oh and ms. Inquisitor? I'll buy his armour too, he won't need it where he's going."


Look colt I can feel your black heart even with out proper magic.
Ill let you go if you promise me you are going to behave and you can even keep what you find in our travels.


"You know what Greasy? I claim this prisoner in the name of the Holy Inquisition and shall use him in my future endeavors to rid this town of all corruption and evil."


You slap the rat a few times, waking him up.
"Great-grenadier Cunning? Why am I t-tied up? W-were the grenades duds again? I told you even the grenade bag won't work if it's submerged for too long!"
Greasy quickly hides the pistols into the folds of his clothing
"And I was looking forward to shooting him too…fine, a deal's a deal. You may keep the chains."
He then motions the militia back to their regular duties.


"You're going to just shoot me? Afraid I might cut your balls off?"

"I can keep what I find? How fucking generous.
On the condition that you will hea my wounds that you did, and later too. The three of you look so puny you couldn't even take a harder beating. You would probably be dead if I wasn't there to be your fucking meat shield. Now release me from this cunt here."


"Hah. If you see some heads on spikes that was just me saying 'Hello!'"


"Be quiet wastrel, there's no need to get excited now."


"One of my underlings caused an explosion in the forge. I was impressed with the pistol you made for me so I had your wounds treated. You are tied up so that you don't hurt yourself by moving and drugged so that you don't feel the pain. However, the explosion may have damage your head and I need to know if you can remember enough to still be useful. Are you ready to answer my questions?"


Even Celestia can use monsters like you and as long as you keep proving yourself useful im going to heal you but If you try to play with me again im going to cut your mutilated dick.


"I can give you the dick too if you want. I'm not picky."

"Next time it won't be just playing, don't worry."


"Yes-yes, whatever you would have me do!"
Greasy speaks to the rest of the party.
"Oh, and the rent for your camp is now 10 bits. Inflation, you know."


I peer your heart knight I know you fear fire and explosions.


"Yeah yeah, they'll pay, don't worry."


"How colorful. Now that we are all good friends again, we can finally focus on the task at hand."


"Fear? Bullshit. I just don't think blowing your fucking hooves off with a grenade is a good idea."

"I'll take that as a maybe. So, where is that rat?"


"Good. Roughly how many of us are there beneath the city? What is the green crystal and what is its purpose? How are the constructs made and how do they function?"


"I think the bard is having a lovely chat with him. You're not coming near him though. You're an executioner, not a interrogator. Once the bard is done I'll have a chat with the rat as well to squeeze out every bit of info out of him, don't you worry your pretty little head."


Dont worry colt your secret is safe with me.


"I don't know! Your grenadier corps alone number at over 400! Anywhere between that and…some really large numbers!"
He calms down a bit when it comes to engineering.
"Wyrdstone sir, wyrdstone! It's everywhere as you know! It makes the sharpest blades, the most poisonous of daggers and the shootiest of guns! It's also a great source of power. It's the main generator for the constructs. It's not my clan's job to build them though, we only maintain the mechanical parts."


"your mother called me a stallion when I stuffed my dick up her ass. Stop calling me a colt, you cunt."

"I just want to have a 'friendly' talk with him, maybe introduce him to my pal, Guil' too."


"So far so good. How many clans are there and how long have we been living beneath this city? Do we live beneath any other cities or only beneath this one?"


"You really hate those rats then, hmm? Fine, I don't care. I'll talk with him first though… tomorrow after some rest."


I guess you can only fuck dead ponies but dont worry one day we will find you a nice stallion.


"H-hundreds of clans, sir! under the mountains, under every city on the borders! You know the plan better than I, there's nothing I could tell you about it!"


I trot back over to the camp, actually go inside this time and settle down on the bed once again to take a nap.


"If he lives that long."

"I will feel terribly sad when I'll finally have enough of your bullshit and you'll have to part ways with your pretty little head."


"Most excellent. Just a few more questions. What our our thoughts on the ponies and other species that live above ground?"


Oh you are going to miss me?


"I-i-i-i-i Don't know about you sir, or anyone else, but I don't hate the overworlders-no, not one bit. Can I go back to my forge now sir, this infirmary is so cold…and I don't even remember the fortress having one."


"I can carry your head along until it starts to rot if that would make you feel better."

I trot in where the rat is being held.


"You can go back later. I have a female friend that may want to 'speak' with you either tonight or tomorrow."

Do you know where that is? You were pretty busy with the others when I dragged him off.


How is the interrogation going?

I still cant believe you can swing that axe in the first place.


Well I guess Aurelia knows so I can follow her. Also, your name.

"I'm not a weakling like your little boyfriend."


The rat sneezes and falls unconscious again.
good point
You realize the chains are still tightly around you as you fall over head first.
Greasy lets out a long and dirty laugh.


I pick myself up.
"Cunt, you forgot the fucking chains!"
I look at Greasy.
"What's that? I can think I can hear a fucking faggot militiapony who can't even keep a fucking town in check!"


Remember, left hoof, right hoof that way you are not going to trample.

I go away and visit Silver Bell.


"Hey, you can't just fucking leave! Undo these chains first!"


I drag him as far back into the building as I can so that he's hidden from sight, then I bed down in a corner where I can both stay hidden and keep an eye on him.


You enter the tent just as Silver is preparing a dish.
"Oh hello, you've been away for quite a while! The inquisitor just walked in and fell asleep…you all smell awful!"
Greasy shouts after Aurelia.
"Allow me miss!"
He then removes the skull cap from Draven, draws his pistol, clubs him in the head with it until he's unconscious and drags him to the tent.
You prepare a simple camp for you and the rat-person.


Maybe later, bye!


Oh sorry I had an accident in the sewers, how are you?


"oh, Greasy and the general store clerk have been keeping me company. Did you know the clerk's brother buys and sells that green stuff you find lying around? Bad Deal is the local broker for it."

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