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Last time on Trotheim:
The party found out about a cult worshipping the mutants of the city, and discovered a cook for their camp.
They also witnessed another meteorite site and found a lair of rat-men who infest the city, bringing with them copious amounts of loot and a prisoner.
Greasy hinted that something might be going on in the monastery in the middle of the town.

Players, report in.


I eat fear and shit intimidation.
Reporting in.


Name: Aurelia
Race: Unicorn
Cutiemark: Golden flower
Class: Cleric
Skills: Detect evil, heal, cure and compassion.
Alignment: Lawful good
Weapon and gear: Chain-mail robe and spear
Any notable items: Small book of prays, food and some bandages
A short description of your personality and appearance if you want to: Healer and moralfag.


Name: Draven
Race: Earth Pony
Class: Knight
Skills: Supress(2), Slam(1), Sentry(1), Superheavy Armour Proficiency (1)
Alignment: Neutral Evil (no deity)
Armor: Heavy Plates (Superheavy Armor)
Iron Skullcap
Weapon: Great Executioner Axe (Grand weapon)
Hooked Chain (only works with 6+)
Cutie Mark: bloody executioner treestump
Talent: Cleave can't normal fail on two enemies, but has a two round cooldown
Inventory: A short rope tied in a noose, some food and water rations, a tinderbox to make fire with, an executioner's mask
a cloak, sharpening knife, wood chopping hatchet, a pretty big chunk of medium quality green stone, gas mask,




And three of those fancy swords to sell.


Name: Neith
Race: Pegasus (f)
Class: Inquisitor
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Weapon: a broken flintlock pistol, a fancy heretical pistol and a heretical longsword
Armor: nekkid
Skills: Mark for Death (Suddenly much less appealing), Unexpected (multiclass skill)
Cutie Mark: A sword (Good at stabby slashy with swords)
Inventory: Food and water, a simple knife, rope and 3 torches, Inquisitional checkbook, Inquisitional pencil and a piece of flint and steel, maybe some more shit I can't remember
Description: Dedicated to her Oath of the holy inquisition and to expose and root out all corruption.


Presuming you took the piece of green stone out of the flintlock you have one tiny piece of very exquisite green rock.



Trap (0) Cheap Shot (1) Escape Artist (2)
Cutie Mark: immunity to fails on Trap
Rapier + Cane (dual wield)
Inventory: Sparkling wine and moustache wax
Chaotic Good


After a good night's sleep you notice Fourtunes snuck into the tent during the night.
The party has meditated on their skills and as such everyone who was in the sewers gets +1 skill points to spend on new skills.
You may also roll a dice, on 1 you loose the skill point, but on 10 you gain another for a grand total of 2.


rollingRolled 8 = 8


RollanRolled 7 = 7


DEUS VULTRolled 1 = 1


You may also save the skill point for later.
tough luck.

The party awakes to the chirping of birds, something unsual to hear in this corrupted city. Draven is still chained up and tossed next to the fireplace.


"Will someone undo these fucking chains, or will I have to choke someone with them?"


Im going to save this point.

>Walk to him
Good morning! How did you sleep?


"I have no time for your silly games, knave. There's work to be done."

I walk outside and head to the shops


Also, yeah, I'm saving it for later.

"Oh just fine darling, I had a dream with little flowers and pretty butterflies and me breaking your neck if you don't undo these fucking chains."
I shake them in the face of the cleric.


Really? Im having a great day you know? I take a bath, eat my breakfast and had a delightful chat with Silver bell.


You two stay in the tent to discuss things as Silver Bell and Card Trick are still fast asleep.
The sun is shining and you can see the trade ship has brought doves in wooden cages to the piers. Greasy is just giving a parchment scroll to the ship's captain.
He turns to you with a characteristic smile.
"Morning miss Sunshine. The monastery is sending a boat to pick up some supplies today, if you want to get there fast. You can run through the city too, of course."


"Fucking great. Chains. Now."


You are not a morning pony I see.
>unlock the chains
Come on we have things to do.


"When is it leaving? I need to buy some inquisitional tools first. And what can you tell me about this monastery? I've been busy lately, and I forgot."


"Fucking finally."
I put the chains away.
"I'm going to the store. See you later!"
I head to the stores.


"We don't have a set schedule. You'll have plenty a' time to shop though, the loading of the boat will take a while."
As you leave the tent you are greeted by sunshine.


"Good. You carry on now."

I go to the stores as well.


Morning mr Sunshine.


Rolling to appear unexpectedlyRolled 9 = 9


You startle the inquisitor as you jump out of his bag of holding.




"Did you just greet the fucking sunshine?"


"The fine fine finest of mornings to you!
Accounting your ever pleasant demeanor I assume the sewers proved fun, no?"


Celestia embrace us knight.
I dont know why I think sunshine was a pony…


I let out a yelp in surprise





"Us? I'm going to the stores alone. I don't need you pestering me."


Boop the inquisitor on the nose
"I've yet to see you smile. My work here is far from done."


Im not going with you idiot but remember you live under her sun.


"Yeah, yeah, her sun, of course. I'm not into this religous bullshit."


Greasy turns to Draven and Aurelia, and for once he isn't smiling.
"you keep your ape on a tight leash, for if he's seen skulking around on his own, my militia has been ordered to attack him on sight."

The stores are all open for you to use.
That is, the general store/green stone broker and the smith.


"Do not. Touch me. I don't know where that hoof of you might have been!

Why don't you go bother someone else? I'm a busy mare."


"Aww, did I make wittwe daddy upset? I can't play around in the yard no more?"
I laugh at him.


Is not religious bullshit she is our leader now.

Dont worry mrs Greasy.
>look for Neith


"Leader my ass. I don't see her doing a very good job. Just look around this fucking city."


"I'm sure you are, loitering around the market like that"
Climb the rest of the way out of the bag
"Come, come then, if there are purchases to be made, who better to have at your side than one who knows his way in to the hearts of his fellow ponies, hm?

And don't make any implications regarding my hooves. I was not the one to spend a day in a sewer."


"I do not need your help bartering, trickster, the common rabble in this town know to aid the inquisition at all cost."

I head to the smithy first.


In this sun forsaked place maybe but you sould visit better cities like canterlot or manehattan.


Roll to disguise as the smithRolled 6 = 6


"I've been all over the country, sweetbums! Well, banned or wanted in most towns and cities, but still! And they got the same shit as this place, and always turn down my application as a professional! Fucking faggots, all of them."

I head towards the general store.


Greasy ignores you as he keeps talking to the ship's captain.
"I need this to reach Canterlot as soon as possible.
As you enter the smithy the smith gives you the long sales talk and wheezes.
"Special sale on barrel rims today…now just let me catch my breath. I really need a sign…what'll it be?"
The smith looks at you, first startled, then annoyed.
"I don't have the whole day to talk with you silly ponies, I have a shipment of flails and hammers I need to finish for the monastery!"


Bad Deal sees you coming…alone.
"Sorry we're closed today. Sabbath and all that."


"Is this about those faggot militiaponies? I just want to sell some shit to you. And I DON'T like being dissapointed. You wouldn't want to dissapoint me with closing, would you?"


"Ignore the malformed jester, he is simple of mind.

Now, I need some repairing and some new weapons and armor. More specifically, I need a broadsword, leather armor, this pistol to be repaired and the flint of this fancy pistol to be replaced."


I just want a dagger mr blacksmith.


"Most sorry for that revered artisan. Oftentimes my natures gets the better of me.
Doing the good work then, I hear? A fine batch of blessed weapons for the pious and worthy. Truly a deed worthy of note and praise.
For such remarkable customers, only your finest product will do, am I not correct? Might you permit me to see but one of your many creations so I could with my own eyes see the mark of truly skilled hooves upon mighty steel?"


>Look at his moustache
Do I know you sir?


"Pray tell who can tell in such a land where mighty heroes come and go. In the ebb and flow of time what can one truly say they know, save for quality craftsmanship when they come upon it?"


File: 1340129492786.jpg (110.13 KB, 873x627, m1760518a_99061102023_Mordheim…)

"There's a whole barrel of them over in the corner dear. Just grab one, think of it as a loyal customer bonus."
Indeed, there's a large barrel of daggers in one of the corners.
You grab a fancy looking one.
"You what mate?"
He presents to you a very fine broadsword. It's blade seems to be made of stainless steel with engravings of the sun and the moon, and with an odd looking piece of armour, seemingly made of leather belts and golden buckles.
"These are the current inquisitional favourites. Now as for those pistols…they're pretty expensive to make and maintain as you know. You could have just taken the flint from the broken pistol and put it into that fancy one, but if you insist on having a brace…the whole set comes up to 250 coins."
"No sir, It's just that my religion forbid-"
You are pushed aside by a white and red mare with a peg leg for one of her hind hooves as she enters the store and throws three full saddlebags on the counter.
"What's the current exchange rate, Deal?"
The mare and the clerk quickly change a few words as Bad Deal empties the bags of the green stone and the mare leaves with a large bag of coins, pushing you aside rudely again.
She quickly disappears into the city as you pick your jaw from the floor.


I stare at the clerk with a stern expression.
"Very funny. Now I'm going to sell you some shit, and you are going to give me a good price for it, or even your little friends in the militia won't be able to protect you, got it?"


Fortunes is that you?

Thank you very much!


"250 c-? Okay."

I take out my inquisition checkbook to pay the smith.


"…no appreciation for a fine tongue it seems. Shame."
brush up to the others
"Look I'm in a bit of a fix here. See as much as it pains me to admit this, I may have lost all my money as of since arrival, and well, quite frankly, the prospect of further adventuring in this place with little more than the clothes on my back, well, does not seem like the most well thought out of plans.
This fine fellow seems to like you two, so perhaps, if at all possible, you could secure me a few key pieces of metal and I will take care of the rest on my own. You know a gentlecolt like me is good for a loan, hm? Surely you can trust a face like this?"


"Shut up and take this rotten sword, I don't need it."

I give him the two handed meteorite sword.


The smith eyes the piece of paper for a while.
"Maybe this sharp rock and a bag of pinecones to throw would be more to your style, Inquisitor."
Bad Deal hides under the counter for a while
"Well um-uh-I-well-um-I-should-ask-Greasy about this first"
The smith's eyes widen at the sight of the sword
"That'll do for payment too."


How much money do I have?
How much you need?


>only person who actually kept track of their money is Card Trick and he isn't even here
About 50 coins, you can't count over 10 anyway. Not part of the cleric education.


"Thank you kindly"
I'll take some of the best armour you have on hand, friend. And make it light yet durable.


Welp. Ok Im going to look for Draven.


"No, you shouldn't."
I slam down the three swords on the counter.
"How much for these? And don't try to cheat me or I'll come back and sell your head to the first customer that comes across."


"Maybe I should burn down your shop for failure to co-operate with the inquisition, wastrel."


"Maybe you could use a good hug once in a while."


"I don't uh well you see um I don't d-deal in w-weapons, m-maybe you'd like to talk to the s-s-smith down on the other side of the piers?!"
Saying this he disappears through a trap door behind his counter.
The stone exchange and general store are closed for the day because you scared the clerk away.
He licks his lips as he presents you with a piece of silvery chainmail padded with steel plates here and there.
"That's the best piece of light armour I have, unless you want to commission something specific."
Greasy sticks his head in through the door
"Are these adventurers giving you trouble, old man?"
The smith grinds his teeth.
"I'll accept the broken pistol as payment for either the armour or the sword, but not both. You can replace the flint yourself."


Try some courtesy the next time knight.


"OH, you little faggot!"
I scoop up the goods, turn around, give a good kick to the counter, and leave.
Let's find the smith.


"Try minding your own business, cleric."


"How long might it take to get something that goes well with my clothing? Subtle and elegant, yet enough to keep the important parts away from har- oh forget it. Just let me try it on and the deal is done."
Take the armour and try putting it on, then wearing my clothes over it.


Unfortunately you are my business but I can let Greasy and his friends take you to the gallows if you want to.


"I'll be taking both, and you will accept my check or I'll brand you as a heretic for dealing in this corruptive green rock stuff."


"Pffft, like they know anything about running a gallows."


I give the smith a look
"That was a mighty worthy payment you just got from me. Perhaps it can cover some of your losses with the good Inquisitor's demanding nature? After all, are we not some of your finest customers?"


They know how to deal with you Meat McSlab.


"How to deal with me? Ten on one like the pussies they are? Yeah, right."


"You might have noticed miss, that the laws of the civilized world no longer apply inside these city walls. Ask Greasy, he could have you all dragged away for disturbing the peace right away."
Greasy is leaning against the doorframe, whistling.
The smith spits on the forge.
"Fine, but you won't be getting THIS armour."
He changes the inquisitional leather cuirass to a much more simple leather vest.
You also think chainmail makes everything look cooler.
You arrive on the scene.


I push Greasy a bit away as I enter through the door, then slam down the swords to the smith.
"How much for these?"


Courteously bow to the smith and thank him for his most valuable services
"So then, until we meet once more my fine fellow of the forge."
Grab the Inquisitor's stuff and rush out, hoping to distract her enough to stop her from burning anything downRolled 9 = 9


"These are some fine and exotic swords…I'll buy them all for 35 coins."


"It's okay if you throw in some javelins in there. Javelins that can support a pony head."
I give a sly look to Greasy.


"I've only got spears. I suppose they could make javelins if you cut the handles. Grab any three you want."


Play nice kid or you are going back to the gallows.


"You people are some of the most unrespectful and worthless bunch I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. I shed my own blood and ask nothing but replacements for my gear in return, even going as far as to pay for it, yet you don't comply."

I take his offerings.

"May you all die a swift death very soon. And may Discord himself suckle on your diseased, corrupted teats."


"That's how capitalism works, dear."


"Shut your mouth, wastrel. You'll get your due one day."

I trot outside angrily.


So what now?


Greasy suddenly turns his head towards the river flowing into the ocean.
"Hm, the monastery boat is here. We're gonna start loading it, get on board soon if you want to go there."


Hop onto my cane and point… somewhere


I grab three of them.
"Okay, now give me the money and we're set."


"I'm going to the monastery."


Adjust my pose slightly so I can try again, pointing at the boat
"ahem… ADVENTURE!"


Follow him.

Pfhahaha you´re a funny man unlike this idiots.


"Monastery? More religious bullshit?"


Hop off the cane and recline on the knight instead
"Think of it less as bullshit and more of as… uh… no yeah it's bullshit. But hey. Maybe they have beer. I hear monks make good beer."


I groan and roll my eyes.

"You would do well to stuff your heretical tongue back into that pretty mouth of yours. Like it or not, but you are under my authority and that of the the inquisition now."


Im afraid they move all the brew masters to canterlot after the incident.


"They better have some!"

"OOooh, I'm super scared now. Religious. Bullshit."


"Shhh! I like my couch better when he isn't mad"


I buck him off myself.
"Get dunked."


I hope you like wine trickster.


The boat is more of a raft, as some militiapones are loading boxes onto it.
A single figure, clad in a white robe and cloak is standing on board. This must be one of the nuns of the monastery.


Good day sister.


"Good. You should be."

I board the ship and take a closer look at my pistol.


"So do I have to go there with you? I'd rather stay here."


"As fine a day as any under the watchful eyes of those above, fair and virtuous one. Fourtunes. A pleasure to share this trip with you."


Greasy surprises you by bucking you right off the pier into the raft.
"And I'd rather have you go."
It's definitely more fancy than your previous pistol.
The longer barrel increases the accuracy, and the glowing green stone has been replaced with a standard flint.
She has a veil in front of her snout. She nods at you but doesn't say a word.
The raft will soon be loaded.


"Thought so, faggot. This city can't even handle me right now.
Don't worry, I'll be back, and I will decorate your lovely city with heads."


Oh, right well bye.
>sit in the raft.


I trot over to Aurelia

"Where is your Bard?


"A servant of silence then. I can respect that."
Sit down by her, trying to figure out what she is looking at.Rolled 7 = 7


He is a little sick right now, probably the sewer water.


"Well, he took the old rat away somewhere before I got the chance to interrogate it and I couldn't find them again."


Dont worry the militia is holding that thing.


I gallop onto the raft and spend a few seconds catching my breath.
"Neith, we need to talk."


Campfire hops on board the raft as the silent sister removes the ropes holding the raft. She then starts paddling upriver.


"I thought you were si- nevermind, what is the matter, bard? Speak."


I lead you over to a corner of the raft that the farthest away from the group then start whispering into your ear.
"I need to talk to you about the chat I had with our rat friend. There's good news and bad news, but I need you to promise that you won't start shouting while I tell you, alright?"


You float upriver as the mostly intact buildings of the safe zone quickly give way to the ruins of the city proper.
Her eyes are fixated forwards, to the mountain on which the monastery is located.


"Spit it out already, it cannot possibly be worse then it looked already."


"Is this bitch mute or what?"


Try to make out anything worth noticeRolled 7 = 7


I call out to him.

"Show some respect to the fair lady, or I'll dump you in this river and let you sink to the bottom like a brick."


Watch your tongue idiot.

Leave her alone Fourtunes.


"Sorry, I didn't know this bitch was this delicate. She's probably deaf too."


I continue whispering.
"Good news first. Our rat friend still thought I was Cunning when I woke him up. He doesn't seem evil and even admitted that he doesn't hate us 'overworlders'. He could be usual if the smith will have him. Are you ready for the bad news?"


"Really? That's newsworthy? I don't give a rats ass about the rat itself. Spill the bad beans already."


"Despite what I may appear to be when so inclined, I hold nothing but the deepest of respect for those who devote their lives to a higher cause."
Nod to the nun
"I will leave you to your duties then. I trust there are no ill feelings."
Walk off to see if there is anything else worth noting here.


She seems to be an unicorn as…
The paddle flies out of the water surprisingly fast and lands a wet slap on your cheek. That smarts.
The nun then continues paddling with her hooves.

You can hear some commotion as you see a group of witch hunters battling a mutant spawn in the ruins to your right, up on dry ground.
The holy mare pays them no notice as you pass the scene before you have time to react.
You will soon arrive at the mountain the monastery is built on.


I smile at the scene.

"It is so very good to see brothers and sisters in arms fighting alongside against the corrupted."


Still whispering.
"There are well over 400 rats beneath this city alone. There are hundreds of clans of rats beneath various mountains and other cities."


"Was that supposed to hurt, bitch?"

I step away and start to sharpen the axe with my sharpening blade.


Tell me trickster, why are you here? Money? Glory?


I give the bard a look

"Impossible. There is no way such a huge presence of rats, so spread out like that, can go about their business undisturbed and unnoticed."


"Which is exactly why the rats were common knowledge before we walked right into the middle of them? They would still be a secret if we hadn't been lucky enough to escape."


the raft sails into a large basin, in the middle of which the rock-monastery arises. The nun directs the raft into a cavern in the side of the cliff.
The inside is dark and damp, save for the lights of a loading dock there. There's another raft here, which is just being unloaded.
You are waiting your turn to get onshore.


Give the cleric a sly grin and lie down on my cane
"Perhaps I am, but what is it to you? Maybe I simply came for the thrill of battle and the rush of love. The scent of blood and the taste of a lover. THE ROARING SONG OF A TAVERN OF BROTHERS, THE-"
I calm down a bit and climb back down
"-I should not get worked up like that here. We are headed to a holy place after all…"


I glance up from sharpening.
"Holy place my ass. It's just a fucking monastery, nothing holy about it."


I give the Trickster a nasty look and turn back to the bard.

"And what, pray tell, am I supposed to do about that? My job is to root out corruption and bring heretics to justice, not to fight entire armies of rats creatures."


Hey your name

Me? The will of Celestia bring me to this city.


"An Inquisitor's word is louder than a Bard's. I want you to send a warning to Canterlot and to the head of your order. We can't do much more than that."


"For all the asses I've visited, I can make an educated guess and say yours is not a holy place."


Your turn arrives as the nun takes a quick look at Draven and trots towards a small wooden elevator which disappears into the heights above. There's a nun with a blue stripe and a piece of plate armour on her waiting for visitors there. The nun who guided the raft motions something with her hooves and the higher ranking nun nods.
There's also a larger doorway, in which servants are bringing the goods offloaded from the rafts.


"Greasy has already sent out a warning to Canterlot, but I suppose I could inform my superiors as well once I get the chance. Very well, it shall be done."


Put my things away and leave the raft.


"There's no way he could have known of their numbers or how widespread they are. Another warning needs to go out."

I step off the raft.


>bow my head
Greeting sister.


Go try and see if any of them talk at allRolled 2 = 2


The leading nun meets the group half-way.
"Welcome to the monastery of the holy convent of the stallion-faced mares. Please follow me if you wish to enter."


Snicker at the stallion-faced part.


"Greetings, esteemed sisters, we are travele-"

"Ah, I see. Very well, lead the way."


Card is everything ok?

Follow the nun.


Do my very best to ignore my deity telling me this is a reference to another questRolled 10 = 10


I follow the mare.

"No, but there's nothing we can do about it."


About what?


"The rats."


You just have to believe.


"I know. I once had rats in the pantry. Bastards ate three whole loaves before I got them all out. And then I realized they had damned babies too. Took months to clean up."


See? Everything is possible.


The nun brings her face uncomfortably close to yours as her whisper drips venom:
"We're still more woman than you could ever hope to handle, boy-o."
The party is quickly taken to the uppermost floor, which is the courtyard of the monastery. You can see the road leading outside the walls, eventually forming the bridge connecting the two halves of the city. Another thing of notice is there seems to be green grass here, even some gardens and clean air.
"Our monastery is so high the corruption of the city never reached us."
You arrive at the door to the main building as two ponies wearing full blue robes and golden plate armour stop your way with crossed halberds.
"Who goes there?"
The nun steps forward.
"Sister superior Martha. I bring travelers from the northern piers. We require a cleric."


"I wish. At the end of the day I had to call in a favor from a shaman I knew.
Those rats? They are now diamonds."


Im a cleric sister.


Raise an eyebrow at the statement of the nun.
Try not to express my boredom too much.Rolled 3 = 3


I jab him with one of my hooves.

"Show some respect, knave."


"If he's too much trouble we can gag him."


I ruffle her mane

"Show some patience, grumpyguts"


"Yeah, or what?"

"I don't think so, bard."


"Maybe you'd make a good pet for them instead. Do you know how to play fetch?"


"Or I'll turn you back in to Greasy to get executed. You are under my authority, remember that well."


"If I cut your head off and throw it away will you get it back? Wanna' try?"


"Oh, right. I'm so afriad of him and his militia. And you too. I'm shivering in my armor. Don't make me laugh."


Martha gets a grim look on her eyes.
"We'll have to see if that's enough…"
You sigh and whine like a little girl.
How demeaning.
You just couldn't stop yourself.
The guards look irritated, at least from what you can tell, their veils are made of chainmail.
"I have noticed that, but we require a member of the convent…you might be eligible for entry if you would so wish, though."

The doors open as a large, robe-clad figure carrying a large hammer with the image of the sun imprinted on it trots out.
She doesn't have a veil on hi- her.
She looks a bit masculine, but you wouldn't notice it if you weren't staring.
Her eyes flash blue for a while as she looks at each of the party members.
She then mutters something to Martha, who quickly suppresses Draven with the help of the guards. A few sisters rush to the scene with chains and his legs are quickly bound up.
Martha then turns to the rest of the party and gives the leash to Neith.
"I will ignore that you tried to bring a creature of evil into our sacred halls if you take responsibility of this vile creature during your stay in here."


"Are sexual insults and violent threats all you know? Maybe Fourtunes can give you a lesson on creating proper insults some time."


"Didn't take much to take you down, it seemed. You're lucky to not get executed like the profligate you are."


Dont worry about him sister he is nothing but words.


"My, my, that's what? The second time that happened today? Are you into bondage, executioner?"

"Destroying the vile and rooting out the corrupted is my job, sister. Just point me in the right direction and it shall be slain."


Try to resist the chains
"Hey fuck you all! Every single one of you! Stuck up virgin cunts!"


"If I may play Discord's advocate for a moment, you do hold that leash rather well."


Rolling not to vanish into a time paradoxRolled 9 = 9


"People are afraid of me. And they should me. But these chains won't hold me for long, don't worry… fucking cunts…"


Looks like Pinkie was trolling me again. I narrowly avoid addressing the new arrival as Goldentail.

Instead, I lay down my weapons and bow.


"Perhaps, there are things about me you do not know of yet, Bard.

"Shush now, I'm not the one who put on those chains. I see your potential, executioner, it's just that you lack a certain subtlety."


"There are things about yourself not even you know yet, good Inquisitor."


"As funny as this is we should probably stop now. We are in a monastery after all."


A heavy warhammer drops in front of your face. It seems to have an aura that burns your very soul.
The cleric speaks down to you.
"You should be glad you weren't dragged straight to the chambers of purification, knave!"
She then kicks you in the side, somehow lifting you up to your hooves. You won't get far without tripping with those chains in your hooves.
The cleric picks up her hammer and bows towards you.
"Holy Wrath, at your service. Everyone calls me Holly though."

Martha speaks up:
"You may now enter the grand hall."


Thats what I said the last time


Thank you.


"Thank you."
I enter the grand hall.


"I'm honored."


I grumble to myself.
"You may now all go and fuck yourselves. Fucking cunts."


"I fear that I am not worthy of these halls. I am not a follower of Celestia, and do not seek to defile the realm of her devoted with my presence."


The great hall is divided into two parts; in the first is a great feast hall, lined with dozens of tables and chairs. There are stairs leading up to the rafters of the second part, which is a large chapel devoted to the gods. The walls are made of white stone and the floor is of marble. The benches are made of rare woods and the preacher's booth is adorned with silver- and golden decorations.
The whole main building is bustling with nuns.
Martha bows to you. "I respect your choice. You may go and rest in the barracks. They're to the right as you leave the hall."
A guard hurries past you and mutters "who says we don't?"


"An impressive setup you have here, sister."


I go to the chapel and look for a section of it that is devoted to Pinkie Pie.


Bow and take my things, then head to the barracks to rest.


I hope the new grand church in Canterlot look like this.


Roll my eyes.
"What are we doing here again?"


Martha speaks to you.
"Thank you. You might want to follow me, inquisitor."
There's a basin of holy water with a few balloons over it. Except the water is more like raspberry soda. Not a lot of the sisters worship Pinkie.
You find the barracks and reserve a room for your party.
Martha turns to you and speaks:
"you too, unless you want to pay homage to your gods. Oh and bring that…thing with you."

You approach the end of the feasting hall as you see a larger table, positioned differently from the others. There, upon a throne sits the grand matriarch of the monastery. On both of her sides sit three figures clad in black robes, lined with fur and wearing familiar pointy hats.
It's an inquisitional retinue.


Dont worry about this thing.
>follow Martha


I take a biscuit out of my rations pouch and dip it in the raspberry soda before eating it. After that I rub a balloon against my coat until it builds a static charge, then stick it to the wall. Once that's finished I rejoin the group.


I make a polite bow in front of the matriarch.

"I'm honored to be here in your presence, your excellence."


"Nopony expects the inqusition…
Do we get to kill something soon? I'm getting really bored."


The laughing god is pleased with your proceedings.
The matriarch sneers at you:
"I can throw you into the pit to be used as a training toy by the sisters right now if you should so wish."
He- She turns to you.
"As am I, fellow sister of the faith. Mr. Greasy informed us of your coming. These gentlemen will want to speak with you."
She motions to the 6 inquisitors. You can see one of them is wearing a bright red robe under his black one, the sign of a high-ranking officer.


I approach my fellow Inquisitors

"It is good to see some fellow brothers and sisters in this city. What is it you require of me?"


"Am I allowed to part their heads from their necks if they fail?"


Stay back and whisper to Card: I dont like the inquisitors.


"They're nice enough as long as you don't have anything they want and aren't standing between them and their target."
As I say this I step away from Draven.


If you said so.


The largest of the ponies, who has impressive waxed mustache, motions you to one of the side rooms.
"You. Alone."
"If you can do so with bare hooves. I doubt you'll get the chance though."
The five remaining inquisitors don't seem to care.
The matriarch speaks up:
"Was there anything you wanted? Food? Drink? Weapons, armour, any equipment? Our stores are open for you good travelers."


I follow him into the room, a little concerned.


"I've not had much to eat today. A meal would be nice if you are willing to provide one."


"Little Guil won't get from this action, huh?"
I motion to my axe.
"Whatever. Bring it on cunts."


Go with them.


"The kitchen has prepared soup and stew for today, just ask one of the serving sisters and you will be provided."
You are quickly drawn off from the group by a few strong sisters, stripped off your possessions and thrown to a large pit with a sand floor. There are a few teeth lying around on the floor.
Martha appears above you on a booth.
"The prisoners aren't normally given a chance, but since you're considered to be the pet of our esteemed guests, you can choose between a duel and a swarm."
The inquisitor removes his black robes and locks the door.
"We were informed that you have come to contact with some rat creatures?"


I go to the kitchen and ask for some soup.


I would like some stew please.


"I… Why yes, how do you know this? That only happened yesterday. They are holed up in underground fortresses, forging weapons using that corrupted meteorite ore."


"A swarm of cunts of a big fat one huh? Whatever, just bring it on!"


A very tired looking cook gives you two dishes and some water to drink.
"The inquisition has known of the rat-men for years. We were sent here to map their fortress."
Martha speaks up.
"A death in the pit is considered a murder, no matter who dies. Just you remember that. Oh, and no biting, or she won't play nice either."
She then disappears and a huge iron door is opened, revealing a mare rivaling you in size. You can see each invidual muscle in her body as she charges towards you.
Roll for iniative.


Thank you maam. Do you want some bread?


"Damn you're ugly!"
Break her charge with a kick to her face.Rolled 3 = 3


"What does the Inquisition have to do with this though? Isn't this more of a job for the Royal army? Also, why wasn't I informed of this any time sooner?"


"Problems sleeping?"


The mare lights a cigarette on the main fireplace.
"I'm fine thank you. The guests have been keeping the kitchen staff busy."
"It is not for a mere ranker such as you to know. Suffice to say we're not letting this information out to the public to avoid mass hysteria. Now, what did you find out about the fortress?"
She knocks you face first into the sand, but you get back up before she strikes again.


Supress her.Rolled 4 = 4


Oh sorry for that miss?


I start eating my soup.
"How are six of seven inquisitors keeping the kitchen staff for such a large monastery busy? Not to be disrespectful, but they don't seem the type to have you all preparing meals for the poor."


"As I said before, the rats in there are mass producing weapons made out of that meteorite ore. There were hundreds of them working in one of the caverns we saw alone. They are using the sewers to move in and out of the complex and have a lot of explosives at hand. They also seemed to have some kind of mechanical creature at their disposal that used the meteorite as fuel."

I sit up proudly and beat one of my hooves against my chest.

"We actually managed to capture one of the smiths that worked in the armory there."


"Not you exactly, sugar, but the damn inquisitors, they can be so needy at times, acting like they own the place…and other adventurers, from the city, eating and partying like there's no tomorrow, never leaving even a dime in the collection boxes."
"Why you insolent brat, I ough-"
The cook is interrupted by a younger sister galloping past.
She turns to you:
"Did you hear? They found a new monster to fight in the pit, want to have some fun while eating? Follow me!"
"Hm, good, good. We'll still have to scout the place. You know the inquisitional code for prisoners. Now let us return to your party."
As you try to overpower her, she headbutts your chest, causing you to struggle to maintain your balance.


Try to regain my footing and slam into her with my shoulders.Rolled 9 = 9


"Yes, let's."


A new monster? Run behind the mare.


"A monster? Oh that sounds like fun."
I follow the sister.


You see Aurelia and Card Trick galloping off after the sister.
The lord inquisitor speaks to you:
"You may go if you wish."
You slam into her with all your might, causing her hooves to dig into the sand floor. She'll take a while to recover.
+1 to your next action.
You arrive at the pit.
The sister looks disappointed.
"Oh, it's just another of the "vile" townsmen. How disappointing, I was hoping for an actual spawn for once."


"Could you point me in the direction of the donation box and the armory?"


Rear up and bring my hooves down on her spine.Rolled 7 = 7


At least he is doing fine.


"Before I leave, why is it that inquisitional checks are generally not accepted?"


"It's right next to the armory door. Just go through that door and past the champion changing rooms."
She points to a door in the direction of the large metal gate in the pit.
You bring your hooves down on her back, but she doesn't budge. You know it must have hurt as she's muttering something under her breath.
"That's the worst part about it."
Lord inquisitor smiles.
"All the local banks are destroyed, there's no way to cash them in. Just give it to me, here's a pouch of 70 coins, courtesy of the inquisition."
He then trots off to the barracks.


"I see, thanks brother."

I turn and take my leave, searching for the nearest nun and ask her if I can retire somewhere for the time being.


"Playing though, heh?"
Kick her in the face.Rolled 5 = 5


"Thank you."
I drop 15 coins in the donation box then enter the armory. Once I'm inside I start looking for some chainmail that would fit comfortably over my reinforced leather armor.


"I believe your friend already reserved a large enough room for your whole party at the barracks."
You miss as the nun rises her head.
She spouts some words in a foreign language which sends a blast of holy power from her body outwards.
You are thrown across the pit, a bit scarred. You quickly get up but your vision is a bit blurry.
There are a lot of chainmails there, and all of them have either the image of a sun or the moon of them. Finding something fitting for the laughing god might take some time.


I keep looking.


Act like I'm stunned and lunge at her when she attacks.Rolled 4 = 4


Get your shit together knight.


There's a fine chainmail vest with colourful fur lining there.
You lunge in the wrong direction.
Your pride took a hit, if nothing else.


Face her and slam into her again.Rolled 10 = 10


I put that on and leave my reinforced leather in it's place. After that I go back to the pit to watch the fight.


You spin around and slam into her defenseless flank, sending the pony careening through the air. +2 to your next action.
You trot over to witness the fight. A sister offers you a piece of cornbread and some wine.
Martha watches the fight, looking a bit worried.


I thank her and accept the food.


Jump on her to supress, and grapple her neck with my hooves.
"You're done for, cunt!"Rolled 10 = 10


As you jump on her, grabbing her neck, Martha screams from above.
"Enough! Cease at once or you will be punished!"


"What, afraid that I might break your little toy? You'll have to do better than that to convince me!"
Squeeze her neck a bit, but do not kill her.


The grand matriarch appears at the metal gate, in full battle garb, wielding two blessed hammers and countless little trinkets bearing the insignias of many gods.
"I don't think you want me to 'convince' you.


I throw her on the ground, kick her sides, and step away.
"Yeah, full clown suit against me unarmed, fucking fair play. Does your so called god approve of that?"


"Our gods don't require us to reduce ourselves to your level to fight you. You should be glad we didn't just confiscate your equipment. It's in your party's room in the barracks. There will be more fights if you should so wish."


"Will they be as weak as this dog faced cunt, or will they acutally prove a challenge? Now where's that room?"


She stops you with a hammer.
"I assure you, we can provide you with any challenge you wish. And even if it is great, our patience with your kind is not unlimited. I'd watch your mouth around here if I were you."
The rest of the party meets up with Draven and everyone hits the hay at the barracks.


"Well this has been a fun day. Goodnight."


Heal Drave.Rolled 2 = 2


"Damn, that armor looks gay."


"I don't need to cover myself in armor and spikes to convince the world that I like mares. You need some sleep if you plan on fighting like that again tomorrow."


"You don't cover yourself in armor and spikes because you couldn't take a step in it."


"True. Now goodnight."


>you couldn't take a step in it
That sound familiar.


"What are you yapping about?"


You know what im yapping about.
Other than a swollen face you are ok now.


"Well, whatever, I'm going to sleep now."
I go to sleep.


The party awakens in the monastery barracks to the sound of rumbling.

Players, report in.


I'm here.







The rumbling continues as you can see and hear nuns running around in the courtyard.


"What the hell is going on?"


Wake up and check the courtyard.


Get up and check on one of the nuns to see what's happening.


I put on my armor, grab my equipment, and run to the courtyard.


As you get out of your room a couple of nuns in their underwear rush past you.
In the courtyard you spot Martha, who looks at you worriedly.
"Apparently there's been an earthquake in the eastern part of town! Follow me to the battlements."
She then rushes to the stairs leading to the monastery walls.


I follow her to the battlements.


Are the ponies in the safe zone ok?
>Follow her


"Why do earthquakes always happen in the morning when I'm sleeping?"

I follow her up to the battlements


I follow them.
"Yes, we should totally kill the earthquake! That will show him!"


"We wouldn't know of the safe zones…suffice to say they probably woke up to this too."
She takes out a copper spyglass from the folds of her robes and eyes the distance.
"Oh…oh dear. This is not good."
All you can see in the direction she's looking at is some gray smoke or dust.


Whats wrong?


"What is it, sister? Heretics?"


"What do you see?"


"What's it? Spit it out!"


"Most of the old temple district has crumbled in to the crypts below, I need to tell this to the matriarch right now!"
She drops the spyglass on the ground as she gallops off.


Pick up the spyglass.
"Guess she doesn't need this anymore."


Pick the spyglass and check the safezone.


"So do we go back to bed?"


Whoever rolls higher gets it.


Gimme'!Rolled 1 = 1


Back off!Rolled 5 = 5


"Sounds good to me, what are we supposed to do? I'm not a aid worker."


You stumble and fall off the battlements into the gardens below head first, roll for damage.
You quickly grab it and check the temple district and the safe zones.
The piers seem fine, though you can see the earthquake has exposed some of the ancient crypts and catacombs running below the temple district. You can see movement in the ruins, but there's something wrong with the ponies there.
You two start walking back to the barracks.


"Fuck!"Rolled 9 = 9


"When you're done with your gardening, fetch us some coffee, executioner."


Try to levitate him.Rolled 5 = 5


"Do you see anything urgent, Aurelia?"


"I'm not your slave, you holy cunt!"


The temple district is ruined and some weird ponies are walking around.


You manage to come down with your shoulder first, only bending the spikes in your shoulder guard a bit.
You're stuck on the ground until Aurelia >>23714 manages to levitate you to your feet.
As you walk down from the battlements the nuns have stopped running around.
They are gathered into small groups and are whispering to each other, while those who ran out of the barracks without their robes on look embarrassed.
Martha opens the large doors to the chapel and shouts to you:
"Bard and Inquisitor! The matriarch wishes to speak to you and your party!"


"You head the lady! Let's go."
I follow Martha.


"And that's where yo-"

"Weird ponies? Expla-"

"Right, we're co-"



Climb out of the gardens and head towards the others.
"Anyone knows where can I find a smith around here?"


Follow her.


You walk through the feasting hall which is unsurprisingly empty right now. Only the tired looking cook is standing in the doorway to the kitchen. She's smoking a cigarette again.
Martha turns to Draven:
"If it's absolutely important, we have forges and smiths built in the rock this monastery is built on."
Then she speaks to the whole party:
"You may have breakfast when we get back from the meeting. I presume the matriarch will want you to recon the ruins."


"Well, since you are not ordering me around, I'm going to go there and get these spikes fixed. Later."
I turn around and head to those forges.


"Are my fellow inquisitioners still present?"


And where is the matriarch?


"Lead the way."


"I wouldn't know of their comings and goings. They don't report anything to us."
"We'll get to her soon, don't worry."
"You should attend the briefing first, but if you must…"
She whistles, and an impressively sized mare trots into the hall.
"Helga, look after our guest. He wants to visit the forge."
The mare nods and begins leading you to stairs marked with a sign that reads "to the Rock".


"Helga, huh? How come all of you are this fat and big? Were you the same one that I pounded yesterday? Or was that your mother?"


"Please don't hit on her until you two are out of earshot."




"Not like the two of you ever do that."


"At least me and Aurelia are attractive."


I snort.

"Talk about argumentum ad hominem."


Thats a big word for someone like you.


Helga laughs out loud as she keeps leading Draven down the stairs.
Draven quickly learns the Rock is a maze, as Helga takes a left turn, right turn, down the stairs, left…left…right…left…or was it right? You're sure you couldn't make it out on your own anymore. The air is getting hotter the more you walk forwards.

Martha stifles a giggle as she leads the rest of the party up some stairs into a long hallway, in the end of which is a door made of some expensive looking wood.
"You may enter."


Walk inside.


I enter.


"I'm a well educated pony."



"Are we there yet?"


I find that hard to believe.


"Is that so? You think I'm some kind of simple minded idiot? You know better than to say that."


Well I just did.


"She can be a bit cranky when she's tired."


"So it seems, so it seems."

I pat her on the head

"Don't fret, when the executioner comes back we'll send him to fetch some coffee for us."


the Matriarch is sitting on her table with a cup of tea on her hooves. Before her is the Lord Inquisitor, also drinking tea.
The Matriarch turns to you:
"Ah, Finally!"
She takes a sip of her tea
"Sorry, I'm just a bit ann- tired. Sit down, have some tea and biscuits, and we'll get to business."
The Lord Inquisitor seems to be ignoring you.

She opens a door to a large balcony overlooking an hall. Down in the hall there are four large forges billowing smoke, and you can see dozens of ponies walking around.
"Not them, HERE."
To your left, on the balcony is a smaller forge.
There's a very muscular mare working on it. You can see the sweat in her coat as her robes are thrown to the ground
Helga shouts at her: "OLGA! Wear your robes, you know we have guests!"
The mare looks irritated. "I'd invite you to try and work here all day and wear those. Now whatcha need?"


Whats the problem matriarch?
>grab a biscuit


"I'll be fine without, I don't like tea. What's going on?"


"Oooh, tea."
I pour myself a cup of tea and grab a biscuit.
"What's up?"


I get my shoulderpads off.
"I need to get these spikes fixed. And a sharpening couldn't hurt them either."


"You may call me Bertha by the way…Where'd you leave that gorilla of yours?"
She shakes her head
"None of that is important now. You probably know of this already, but most of the old temple district has collapsed into the catacombs below. I need a group to search the ruins for holy artifacts, and to just recon the area. Would you be willing to do this? We can compensate you for your efforts."
She glances at the Lord Inquisitor nervously.

She takes your shoulderpads and starts hammering at the bent spikes.
She's muttering to herself:
"Damn it, I should be down there making whips and hammers and armours for our sisters, not slaving for any idiot who happens to come across our monastery…they know I'm the best smith we have, I didn't cause the explosion!"
She hands the first shoulderpad to you. The spikes are considerably shorter, but pretty damn sharp.
"Gimme the other one!"


What kind of artifacts?


"Alright. Which temples were destroyed?"


I give her the other one.
"Idiot? I'm not the one who blow up her little 'sisters'."


"Retrieving holy artifacts? Of course. We'll get right on that Matriarch Bertha. What can you tell us about the area already?"


You can move me if you want to campfire.


"Anything from swords to rings that have the engravings of the sun and moon on them. Or possibly balloons."
"At least both the temples of the sun and the moon. I'm not sure of any others. You should check our archives before leaving."
"The collapse seems to have originated from the temple of the sun. Not much more, the temple was located 'smack dab' in the middle of the district. Most of the roads are either rubble or just catacombs now. You'll have a hard time navigating. There"
She throws a hammer at you and takes out a whetstone, sending sparks flying from the spikes of your shoulderpad.
"Interfering outsiders…"
Roll to dodge the hammer.


"Catacombs? What are the chances we are going to be facing the restless dead instead of just grave robbers?"


"Either way works for me, they'll both face judgment by fire and sword."


"Aww, did I hurt little Olga's feelings? I'm sure your sisters didn't mind that you helped them becoming flying body parts!"Rolled 7 = 7


Temple of the sun and moon?
I should check the archives.


You dodge the hammer as Olga stares at you.
She then throws the shoulderpad into the fires of the forge as it starts to melt.
Helga quickly jumps towards her.
"Olga! What are you doing?!
"Undead? Oh, no, it's not very likely at all. Not at all."
She flashes an unconvincing smile.
"Now, uh, off with you, Holy Wrath will guide you to our library and archives. You may also use our armoury should you wish so. The priestesses will also probably gladly bless your weapons."
A familiar cleric steps inside the room.
"This way, if you please."


I finish my tea and biscuit then follow the priestess.


I bow towards the Matriarch and the Lord Inquisitor and follow the Cleric


I get my axe out.
"Best smith my ass, repair it now or I'll throw your head in the fire after it!"


Take more biscuits and follow the priestess.


She quickly takes you to a large room filled with shelves which are packed full of scrolls and books.
"You may help yourselves, I am not unfortunately an archivist."
Roll for searching.
Olga draws a whip. It's long and made of some sort of chain with barbs around it.
Before she has a chance to act however, Helga suppresses her.
"Stop it! Do you want to be thrown out of the monastery!?"
She then turns to you.
"Step outside, outsider. Now."
You can see the ponies in the floor below you have stopped and are now staring at what's happening.


>>23820Rolled 8 = 8


GOD WILLS ITRolled 4 = 4


"No fucking way! Not until I get my shoulderpads back! I didn't come down here to ruin them!"


Let's see what I can find.Rolled 3 = 3


File: 1340741624309.png (2.36 MB, 1400x1050, Trotheim map.png)

You find some doodles made by a four-year old.
You shuffle through the same doodles and notice this on the flipside of one of them.
You find an interesting book on the undead.
"You'll get a replacement, step outside now!"


File: 1340741743917.png (1.88 MB, 1400x1050, Slaying the undead page 312.pn…)

The book seems to be centered around vampires and their minions.
In an section about vampires living in catacombs is an footnote.
Most of it seems to be torn off as you can hear a sound coming from a few shelves away.


"It's better be good! Crazy cunts!"
I spit on the floor, sheathe my weapon, and step outside.


I show the book to the party.


"Laughing Vampires? Have I heard of those before?"
Rolling to see if I've heard of them before.Rolled 6 = 6


"A map of the area huh? Very useful."

"Vampires? Nothing a stake to the heart wont solve."


Read the note is something about silver.


Of course! Laughing Vampires, how could you forget, they are-
The shelf the book was on is suddenly thrown on top of you.
Roll to dodge.
You walk out of the room as a few other mares come to subdue Olga.
After a few minutes your old shoulderpad is thrown out, seemingly hammered to it's old shape. The spikes are dull as ever though.
You can hear the door locking behind you.


"Silver is a so called metal of purity, which should work well to fight vile creatures such as vampires. I'm surprised a cleric such as yourself doesn't know this."


Dodging and trying to get a look at what threw the bookshelf at us.Rolled 5 = 5



Im a priest not a paladin.Rolled 10 = 10


Equip them, but bang on the door.
"Fuck you, worthless cunts! You call this smithing? A one legged homeless cripple could do better!"


"What on earth?"Rolled 2 = 2


You both make it out of harm's way as you can see a red-robed pony cackling maniacally on top of one of the older shelves.
As you stand there wondering, you're hit by the full force of the wooden shelf and all the books and scrolls on it.
Thankfully it's not much, you're just gonna miss your next action.
No one answers your cries, but a nun walks down the hallway.
"I will now take you back to your party. Follow me."


I throw a book at the ponies head.
"What the hell was that for?"Rolled 9 = 9





"Pffft. You call this hospitality? Ruining the gear of your guests? Some 'holy' ponies you are!"


Bring him down with magic.Rolled 10 = 10


You bop him in the head as he draws a long sword.
"It's time to die, my little ponies!"
He then jumps down, trying to land on Neith, as
Aurelia's blast hits him straight on, sending him flying into a row of bookshelves, which come crashing down. Behind them, another three robed assassins were waiting, swords drawn.
Roll for iniative against mine, you have +1 for the surprise.
The nun sighs. "The archives are just down this hallway…what the blazes?!"
You can hear the sound of those bookshelves crashing.Rolled 2 = 2


Ready my axe.
"Sounds like someone needs a head removal!"
Rush in the archives.


Attack with my spear.Rolled 7 + 1 = 8


"Save the one with the longsword for questioning!"
I attack one of the three waiting assassins with my mace.Rolled 6 + 1 = 7


"More of you craven heretics who seek death!"

Draw my sword and chargeRolled 8 + 1 = 9


You rush in spear first, wounding a cultist.
As he turns to you, Card >>23858 hits him in the back of the head with a mace, sending him head first to the ground. He's helpless.
You take a wide slash, almost cutting one of the cultist's heads open.
For now, an impressive scar will do.
You arrive at the scene.

The cultist whom Aurelia neutralized whimpers.


Attack another cultist.Rolled 8 + 1 = 9


Cleave off the head of the nearest cultist.Rolled 9 = 9


I play an inspiring tune on my banjo.Rolled 9 = 9


"Don't be alarmed, that gash won't leave a scar! You'll be dead before it heals!"

Stab the cultist in the throat.Rolled 2 = 2


Everyone gets +1 to their next rolls.
You finish the helpless cultist off.
"What an impressive miss, haven't seen one since cadet school!"
The Cultist laughs at you until…
You rush at the cultist Neith wounded, driving your spear into his chest.

The cultist who was thrown into the bookcases seems to be moving.


Slam into him with the spiked shoulderpads.Rolled 8 = 8


I break one of his legs with my mace.
"Stay down if you know what's good for you."Rolled 2 + 1 = 3


Keep him in the ground with magic.Rolled 5 + 1 = 6


[specify target]


The one that got thrown into the bookcases.


Anyone who still stands.
If no one stands, then the one who is moving amongs the bookshelves.


Attack the cultist thrown into the bookcasesRolled 8 + 1 = 9


The one I slam with magic.Rolled 6 + 1 = 7


"Not so…"
He inhales. An impressive feat considering Neith's sword has pierced his throat.
One of his eyeballs pops out as his skin seems to start bubbling.
His back explodes as three spikes and four tentacles burst out from it, and his teeth extend into fangs and his skin rips as he gains more mass from his mutation.

You are now fighting a spawn.

You slam the final cultist against a wall.


Decapitate him.Rolled 10 = 10


Get cover.Rolled 3 + 1 = 4


I jump back and play another inspiring tune.Rolled 4 = 4


"Of course."

Slash one of the tentacles off.

"What are you doing, coward? Get back here!"Rolled 8 = 8


You finish off the last cultist swiftly, and jump against the spawn.
You only barely dodge the black mucus spewing out from the spawn's body. Some of it gets on your chainmail armour and it starts to corrode.
Your song inspires the monster. The party just holds it's ears.
You manage to cut halfway into one of the tentacles.


Power Strike my axe in it.Rolled 10 = 10


"That's not how that tune's supposed to go."
Rolling to Inspire again.Rolled 9 = 9


"I'll give you a quicker death than you deserve, beast!"

Charge at it and stab it with my sword.Rolled 4 = 4


Attack with my spear.Rolled 6 + 1 = 7


You chop off two tentacles and your axe ends up embedded into one of the spawn's bony spikes.
The creature screams in agony.
+1 to everyone's next actions.
You miss as the beast's head turns to you and it releases another burst of acid.
Roll to dodge.
You hit it squarely on the chest, but the beast doesn't mind; it's like it doesn't have internal organs to crush anymore.


DodgingRolled 3 + 1 = 4


The creature has two tentacles and three spikes it can use as weapons left.
Not to mention it's bodily fluids are now acid, and who knows what it's skin is made of.


"Keep on fighting!"
Inspiring again.Rolled 1 + 1 = 2


Stab the head.Rolled 5 + 1 = 6


Pull it out and strike in the same wound again.Rolled 10 = 10


You barely dodge the splash as your robes get a few holes in them from the acid.
The creature slashes at your banjo, snapping it in half.
You will also have a nice scar to show to the ladies in your chest now.
You drive your spear through the creature's head, severing the eyeball that had popped off. The creature turns it's attention towards you now.
You hack down at the creature, almost slicing it's body in half.
Acidic blood gushes out of the wound.
You severed two spikes off it's back too.



Hack 'n slash into the creatureRolled 4 = 4


"Oh it's on now you fucker."
I smash it with my mace.Rolled 4 = 4


Stab him again in the face.Rolled 10 + 1 = 11


Cleave at his neck.Rolled 9 = 9


It binds both of your weapons with it's remaining tentacles and sends you flying through the air.
Roll for damage you'll suffer upon landing.
As the creature screeches at you, you drive your spear through it's skull, cracking it open, smashing it's brains out and rendering the creature limb.
You then cut it's neck for the sake of it.
You notice some of it's blood is on your axe's blade and your armour though.


Crap.Rolled 4 = 4


Try to clear it off.


"Wings save me!"Rolled 7 = 7


Run and heal Campfire.Rolled 7 = 7


You manage to stabilize yourself mid-air. An impressive feat.
As you're about to hit the cold stone floor neck first, Aurelia >>23924 saves you with her telekinesis.
You take a few pieces of paper and quickly rub most of it off.

As you turn around you can see Martha at the door holding a hoof before her mouth. There's an passed out nun behind her.


I collect the pieces of my banjo and try to fit them back together.


"Do not be alarmed sisters, these were merely heretics intended on killing us."


Let out a hearthy laugh.
"You can keep the heads. I want fresh ones to give to that faggot back at the port."


Check if Card is ok.


"I'm fine I'm fine, thanks for the save."
I keep trying to fit my banjo back together.


I dont think you can fix that and the scar is just a fleshwound.
your name




It's dead Jim.
"I…I was gonna bring archivist Scrolls to help you search information about the town catacombs when a sister rushed to us telling something about noises and combat…"
You can hear another scream as the mare behind Martha falls over unconscious again
"These were her personal archives."
"I ought to give you a mop and a bucket and not let you go before this place is clean again."


I slowly collect the pieces of my banjo and turn to face Martha.
"Are you doing alright? When you were briefing us it seemed like you were afraid of the Inquisitor sitting next to you."


"I suggest you secure your monastery better. I apologize for the mess sister, but we had to fight for our lives."


"What? I wasn't in the room, you must have me mixed with the Matriarch."
Another scream from behind Martha
"Take Scrolls away already, for Celestia's sake!"
Martha then turns to you
"This worries me…We need to find the breach in the chapel. You should go to the armoury to equip yourselves or to the feasting hall for breakfast, I'll try to find something that'll help you meanwhile from this mess."


"You have my thanks, noble sister."

I go to the feasting hall to finally get some damn coffee.


"I'll take a bite. Killing always makes me hungry."


"I'm sorry, my mind's a bit occupied. Do you know anything about Laughing Vampires?"


I need some food.

What happened with your armor?


You trot over to the kitchen.
The same tired earth pony cook greets with you.
It looks like she never stops smoking that one cigarette.
"What'll it be, hon?"


"Something sweet and some breakfast food."


"Coffee. That is all I wish."


"Some crazy bitch who made her friends explode throw it in the fire…"

"Give me something filling. Also, do you have any beer?"


Hot cakes and chocolate milk.

You look weird.


"Don't you mean handsome, baby? If you want the dick, you just only need to say!"


She looks at you.
"Something sweet huh."
She brings you a jug of milk and some sweet crackers.
"Right, I just brewed a kettle of my own brew."
She brings you a huge cup of black coffee.
She looks at you like you would look at a piece of bubblegum stuck on your shoe.
"Beer? Hon, we've got clear alcohol and wine. Which one will it be?"


I take the milk and cookies to a table and start dunking the cookies before eating them.


"Bring me a shot of that alcohol. Also, what about my food?"


Dont worry I already have him and you look like a mare with one teat.

Ah thank you.


"Thank you."

I join him at the table.

"You seemed upset your banjo broke, even more so then when you lost sight of your Cleric friend."


"I'll cut out your tounge one day and stick it up your ass."


She give you a plain bottle with a dozen X's printed on it.
"Careful, we use that to clear silverware."
She spits in the fire.
"Something to eat? Well if you survive that…" she gives you half a dozen hay sandwiches
"Off ya go."


"It's the first real instrument I ever had. My parents gave it to me."


Maybe someone in canterlot can fix it.


I sit down at the table, eat one sandwich and pour a shot of the alcohol in a glass.


"I hope so. Ah well, maybe we'll find an old shrine or temple of the Laughing One. She wouldn't mind if I borrowed an instrument."


"Bah, it's just a mere tool. I broke my first sword I ever had earlier in that rat fortress, also given to me by my parents."


"Not to sound cruel, but you don't really understand how emotions work."


As you sit there eating, Martha trots by.
"I have some maps here…"

As you're about to drink the shot, Helga, the big mare who walked you to the forge walks up to you.
"By the divines, Cook gave YOU a bottle of that? You've gotta have a drinking contest with me…or are you too much of a foal to beat a mare?"


Or you can ask the nuns for another banjo.


"Are you saying I'm cold?"


Hey Martha you know something about the holy artifacts? Or Laughing vampires.


Eat the rest of the sandwiches.
"I already beat the shit out of one of your little gal pals. I'm up to the challenge if you think you will survive."


"Thanks. Do you happen to know anything about laughing vampires?"

"They don't seem like the musical type. Besides, another banjo just wouldn't be the same."

"Well…yes. The only thing I've ever seen you care about is purging the wicked."


I dont know if we can find you a banjo in this city.


Helga pours you both a shot and already drinks down hers.
"Whenever you're ready, miss."
"Not much, really. They say the temple of the sun had something to slay even vampires and daemons with ease. Laughing Vampires? That's just silly."
"Sounds like something that likes…laughing."

She points you to the shortest route through the temple district and back.
It would take your through where there was the temple of the laughing god once, some minor temples and the priest's living quarters.
"Once you get back, We can send more expeditions to cover the larger temples…"


"I'm holding out hope that we can find some instruments dedicated to the Laughing One."
I finish my cookies and milk.

"Do you have any priests or priestesses of the Laughing One? I have a weapon I want blessed."


Drink the shot she poured for me.Rolled 4 = 4


I blink a few times.

"Well… I do that so that others stay safe from their wickedness!"

"Thank you sister. It shall be done swiftly."


Where is the armory Martha?

What kind of instrument is that?


"I think it'll be enough if you dip your weapon into a pool of her holy water."
It's quite a bit stronger than you expected, a bit special, but you think you can handle it.
You need to start testing how drunk you'll get after 1 turn.
"Just through that door and to the left, please consider leaving a donation in the box if you take anything."
She points to a door at the side of the feasting hall, opposite of the kitchen.


Helga downs another drink and fills up your glass too.
She doesn't seem affected.


"Yes, but outside of fighting or interrogating the rare heretic that survive a fight you don't do anything. I don't think I've ever seen you worship whichever deity you follow."

"A perfectly valid instrument."


Ok thank you!
>go to the armory


Down one more shot.Rolled 4 = 4


By they way do you want a silver weapon? Just in case.


"My service to the gods and their cause is worship enough. I am but a tool for their wishes."

I follow her to the armory as well


The armoury is lined with weapons and armour. If you search hard enough you think you could find anything there, even the specialty weapons of the nuns such as barbed steel whips and large blessed hammers. Besides the door sits the donation box, which is held by the statue of a very sad looking little foal.
Yup, that's alcohol alright.
You feel sober as Helga downs her third drink and pours you another.
After this, all your rolls will affect your sobriety.


"Can you grab me a silver dagger and maybe some silver shot too? I want to watch our musclebound friend drink Draven under the table."

I call out after her.
"If that's how you feel then alright."


Drink it.
"Are you prepared to lose?"Rolled 7 = 7


Sure thing.

I look for a silver spear and a few silver daggers.


I look for a silver dagger and one of those barbed steel whips.


You can see victory float in your grasp in the form of a green fairy as Helga doesn't say anything, but drinks her fourth shot and gives you another.
"Cocky little boy."
There's an abundance of all sorts of daggers as they are piled into the corners like piles of dust.
You search for a spear too, and soon find one, with a metal handle and even shinier and pointier silver head.
You grab a dagger and a whip. The whip is long, made of polished stainless steel chain, and has wicked barbs along the length of it, save for the leather handle. It will tear flesh and give you +1 to iniative rolls when used at the start of combat. Mark this down.


"Cocky? You must be starving for it with only surrounded by other mares"
Drink another.Rolled 9 = 9


Take the spear and 3 daggers and throw some bits in the donation box.
Why they have a donation box anyway? This is a private armory.


"I'll take it!"

I give the whip an experimental crack and put 15 coins in the donation box.

I snort at the cleric

"And you call me heartless and cold."


"M-maybe we are"
She downs her fifth shot and pours you another.
You still don't feel anything.
The placate on the box reads "for the poor"


Well you are well educated, explain this to me.


"Maybe I know just the cure for that."
Down it.Rolled 4 = 4


I gesture at the placate.

"Seems pretty self-explanatory to me."


She drinks her sixth shot and pours you another, spilling a bit on the table.
The alcohol finally hits home, as it feels like a steel hammer is pounding on your brain.


I go ask the cook for a hay sandwich then return to watching the drinking contest.


Oh miss the placate I hope Silver Belle is ok.


She gives you the sandwich and asks you "they're doing WHAT?!"


Get it together.
Drink it.
"Can you taste defeat already, honey?"Rolled 9 = 9


"Nothing. They're doing nothing."
I trot back to the table they're drinking at.


"She'll live, I'm sure."

I go back to the feasthall


She downs her seventh drink
"Shshshshut uph"
she pours you another, this time splattering even the floor in alcohol.


Drink it.
"I can give you something else to taste too, don't worry."Rolled 1 = 1


I hope so.

Hey I have your dagger.


"Thanks honey. Come watch the game."


This is stupid considering our mission.


"Yeah, but it's fun."


Maybe, do you think Silver belle is ok? With that eartquake and stuff.


You down the drink as your vision starts to blur.
Now it feels like there's an steam engine connected to the hammer hammering at your brain.
On the plus side Helga seems to have passed out with her eight drink in her hooves.
You rise up from your chair to announce you're the winner as-

The rest of the party can hear Helga gabble at a party of about dozen nuns in the next table who have been watching the game quite intently

They spring into action as they carry Draven's limb body out the meeting hall.
A nun explains to the party:
"Don't worry, we'll take care of your friend, he'll be returned good as new."

The rest of the party continues eating their breakfast as Draven wakes up to the sound of a cracking whip. He quickly learns he's tied to a bed as a familiar voice speaks to him:
"Not so tough now, are you, idiot?"



"The safezone was fine, right? She's probably just a little shook up."


I hope so and seriously we should help Draven I dont trust this nuns.


"You don't trust anyone, that's your problem."


"After what he tried to do to you on the beach? I think he's getting exactly what's coming to him."


I dont trust zealots like you and your friends.


Well they are nuns after all, they are not going to hurt him right?


"Come come Cleric, have I ever wronged you personally?"


"Of course they won't hurt him."


Just slap me for fun.

Ok you are usually right.


"That was for your own good because you almost got us killed three times in a row. You're lucky it was just a slap and I didn't have a whip."




You almost kill yourself with your sword and I mend your neck.


"I said thanks!"


Yeah right.



"I did! >>18554"


"Please stop fighting girls. Let's use this time to get some shuteye."


But we just finish our breakfast.


"Suit yourself."
Until next time.


Fine lets go.


And so it goes and so it goes
And so it goes and so it goes
But where it's goin' no one knows

Players report in




Standing by


Im here.


I am one with the quest


Should we wait for the new guy? Is he still with us?


Let's give him a bit. Call for him in the General.



Name: Lectorus
Race: Donkey
Gender: M
Cutiemark/Talent: Protecting Others
Class: Paladin
Skills: Unbreakable Will (Racial), Blast (1), Word of Power (1), Aura of Protection (3)
Alignment: Lawful Good (Deity - Celestia)
Inventory: Blessed Warhammer, Holy Scripture Book, Medium Armor, Beard
Armor: Chain hauberk and hood, Gambeson and Tabard with Celestia's Crest, Mail Greaves and Foreleg-greaves, beard
Char. Traits: Grizzled veteran, humble and devoted to his faith. An old mule with a powerful voice.

> "Sun Shine Upon Thee, traveler. What can this servant of The Sun Princess do for you?"

Point me toward danger. I am ready.






…I didn't realize Lectorus posted his character sheet before I posted "sure"
Just a moment


The party finishes eating their breakfast as Draven was carted off to the infirmary.
A nun explains to the party:
"We don't really drink that much here, we're just gonna check that he wasn't poisoned from the alcohol."
Martha trots in from the stairs leading to the Matriarch's room and walks up to the party.
"We have a visitor you might want to meet in the courtyard."


Is he ok?


I go to the courtyard.


I reunite with the others. No fancy tricks or acrobatics. I just walk over and keep quiet.


"No big loss there."

Follow the rest



I stand in the courtyard, hefting my hammer impatiently.

"What delays us? We must hasten!"


On the courtyard stands a Paladin-
Who's faster than the DM
Party, meet Lectorus, Lectorus, meet the party

You grab a bread off the table and act like you were there the whole time.


Another follower of Celestia? Nice!


My spirits visibly pick up as I vault over to the newcomer
"Good day good day a fine day indeed to be bathed in the light of the sun. I do trust we have not properly met quite yet, my armoured fellow of faith and fury. Fourtunes be my name, but pray tell, what be yours, hm hm?"


I squint at him.
"You aren't one of the priestesses here are you?"


I motion at the warhammer the paladin is carrying and sigh.

"What is it with you paladins and obsession with large weapons?"



> Lectorus is a grizzled old donkey, bearded and wrinkled in the face, but sturdy and strong, armored and dressed simply, his coat and tabard emblazoned with the sun-crest of Celestia. At his side is slung a heavy prayer-book and a warhammer.

His voice resonates strongly as he speaks.

"A welcome sight! Well-met, young filly. Well-met indeed!"

He reaches out to take her hoof in greeting, smiling.

"I suppose I had best introduce myself to all of you. I am Lectorus, a humble servant of our Lady Celestia."

He raises an eyebrow at your comment, "…No. I am not."

He stamps a hoof slightly, irritated. "My true weapon is the light of Our Lady's Sun, but this hammer has served me well, sir, and I would not trade it for any other weapon."


>shake his hoof
Oh right, my name is Aurelia sir.


"Just making sure. Now if you will excuse me I just remembered that I forgot to have my weapon blessed."
I hurry back to the shrine to Pinkie Pie and dip my mace in the raspberry soda.


Martha turns to Lectorus.
"Would you like to join this party in the search of the temple ruins?"
You rush back inside, and dip the mace. You can hear a faint giggle and the mace shimmers with pink light for a while.


I take a quick drink of soda and toss a balloon into the air to thank her for the blessing then hurry back to the group.


"Hm hm hm, the sun indeed is a glorious body. Like a radiant mother. If only we all could we so grossly incandescent.
The work of the holy is indeed never done, never, no never, not as long as evil remains in these lands and beyond. Say, that almost sounds like a song! Ha!"
Grab Neith and Lectorus
"How about it, then? A little rousing of spirits at the dawning light, yes?"
Hop onto my cane
"And a one and a two… Come on now!"


"As long as you can lift it, I suppose. Either way, no need to get upset, it's just a piece of metal on a stick."


"Don't you ever get tired of acting like a clown all the time? If you want song and dance, ask the bard, not me."


He blinks in surprise at the bard's antics, unsure what to make of him.

"Considerate of you to worry for an old mule's well-being, but I've a few years left in me yet."

He nods, resolute. "If it means keeping any of Her artifacts from the tainted clutches of these beasts, I would ask to accompany you."



> trickster's antics*


"Don't mind the clown, he is one of simple mind you see."


File: 1341253581462.png (570 KB, 1091x1026, Chapel entrance.png)

Martha nods and motions for a guard to lower the bridge.
"You may leave whenever you're ready."


Get down from the cane
"There are reasons for each of us to act the way we do, good inquisitor. I am not here to judge your devotion or creed. Make sure you have reason to judge mine."
Go see if I can find Card Trick to sing with instead


"Are the rest of you ready? Aurelia, did you get that silver dagger I asked for?"



A quick check (with perhaps a dash into the monastery to grab some torches or other such odds and ends), and Lectorus nods, ready.


I give you the dagger yesterday silly and Fourtunes is looking for you.


"Let us get on with it then."


"You wanted something?"


"Indeed indeed, fri-
-nice mace."


"Thanks. Have you gotten Neith to smile yet?"


"I fear my quest has thus far been a failure. Perhaps joy is simply not meant for so-"
I shake my head
And perhaps you can later tell me how you got that mace to glow like that."
Hurry back to the others, once again confident in my mission.


As the party departs you can see there's a good two block's way into the ruined temple district.
Unlike near the piers, there are no intact houses left near the monastery. The streets are lined with ruined houses, some two-storied, some even five stories high. There's a rather large graffiti of a star and words "death comes to all" on one wall.
You can hear some rattling and clanging in the distance.


Take to the air and get an eagle's eye from the skyRolled 6 = 6


"Think it's those rats again?"
I draw my mace.


Cast detec evil.Rolled 1 = 1


"A star… a star… who would use a star as their symbol… hm hm hm…"
Try to see if I can make anything of it.Rolled 6 = 6


Princess Luna? She stars and that kind of stuff.



Draw my hammer, muttering "Guide my hoof, Princess…"


As you get airborne you can hear a gunshot coming from one of the alleys not far ahead.
And another. And another. And another.
There's also smoke, as is appropriate for such antique guns.
Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together,
Brighter than a lucky penny,
When you're near the rain cloud disappears, dear,
And I feel so fine just to know that you are mine.

It's just a crude graffiti of an eight-pointed star with three circles inside.

The sun comes out from behind the black clouds that seem to plague the skies of this city.


>Aurelia then hugs the closest lamp post


"Are you feeling alright?"


Draw my sword and charge into the alleyway from the air.

"A battle in the alleyway! Heretics no doubt! Chaaaaarge!"Rolled 1 = 1


Huh? Yeah but this lamp post is really pretty.



Lectorus rushes after him. "Don't be hasty! It could be somepony who needs our aid!"


Turn to Card Trick
"You are a devoted of the Laughing God are you not? Quickly, ask her what this means!"


"Uh, okay? Let's go see why Neith just fell out of the sky."
I rush off towards Neith.


I yell over my shoulder.
"Once I see what's wrong with Neith!"


Dash after him
"I fear this will not help bring a smile to the good inquisitor…"


It means nothing, I just like it ok?


You snap your wings to your sides as you dive, sword ready.
You make a sound similar to a Stuka diving against it's prey, but to your horror your wings don't unfold anymore.
For what seems like hours, the ground gets closer, closer, closer, and closer, until there's only black and cold.
You hit the pavement head first, and in addition to being unconscious and helpless, roll for other damage.

As you cut the corner to the alleyway Neith landed in, you are met by a similar monstrosity as you met in the dark tunnels of the ratmen stronghold. The construct of flesh and bone turns towards you, but before it has a chance to act, a long burst of gunfire rips it's head and arms apart, making it fall just before it reaches Neith's body.

You can see a pony holding a multi-barreled rifle on one of the ruined buildings, and two others with him.
"Masters, intruders!"
Two pegasi land in front of you, both brandishing a pistol, with four more on their belts and straps.

This whole party is equipped with halfplate, gaudy clothes and helmets with feathers on them.


RollingRolled 6 = 6


"Easy there, easy. We aren't here for a fight."
Do I have to roll Bluff for this?


Only if you're actually bluffing.


"BY THE LIGHT AND LAUGHTER WHAT WAS THA- Greetings up there! Ponies of taste and fancy I see. A glorious day to you, saviors of this poor and frowny pegasus. You have the gratitude of Fourtunes, entertainer nonpareil!"





"What business have you here?"

I'll look them over, for any identifying marks or insignias, still holding my hammer at the ready.Rolled 10 = 10



There seems to be no permanent damage, but you will automatically fail your next iniative roll due to the debilitating concussion.
The other pegasus, a brown one, lowers his pistol, but the older, a white one, doesn't.
One of the ponies with the rifles jumps down from his vantage point, and the other two disappear.
He's an earth pony, and he is wearing a black jacket on his shoulders. His helmet has an emblem of a skull and crossed bones on his helmet.
"My name is Snap Shot, of the royal marksmen. We were hunting rats."
His shoulders wear the number 1, the Totenkopf hunters, an old earth pony regiment.
Geez, that lamp post is pretty!


I mean behind Card and Fourtunes.
Check if Neith is ok.


Am I still unconscious?


She's unconscious and she has a wound on her head, though it isn't critical.


"We're here to check on the damage caused by the earthquake. Would I be wrong if I guessed that the rats played a part in it?"


"Rats? Goodness me man, get a cat why don't you. Unless you mean rats like ol' meaty over yonder."


Cast heal on Neith.Rolled 1 = 1


You revive the construct the hunters killed. Roll for iniative.


Initiate combat by Cheap shotting it.


Rolling.Rolled 5 = 5


>DM in charge of rollsRolled 4 = 4


Aaaaaa! Stab him with my spear.Rolled 9 = 9


-against mineRolled 4 = 4


>>28614Rolled 9 = 9



sorry about that.Rolled 7 = 7


No, you don't need to re-roll

The construct doesn't have a head, and only one of it's hands is intact. In it's intact hand, it has a huge claw, which it uses to grab it's other arm, and swings it around in a large arc.
All the hunters dodge him easily.

As do you. +1 to your next action.
Before you have a chance to shoot, the arm swings your way, sending you crashing to the pavement.
You spear the arm as it swings towards you, ripping it off the creature's hand.
Leaving you free to prepare for action.
+1 to your next roll

The captain turns around and disappears into one of the ruins, shouting commands to his troopers.
The two pistol-wielding pegasi take to the air and draw their pistols, while the two riflemen appear on the other side of the street.

Neith will wake up for the next turn.


Attack him again.Rolled 2 = 2


I smash the hand with my mace.Rolled 7 = 7


Locate a probable weak point and take up a parrying stance.
>Read: I use TrapRolled 9 + 1 = 10


CARD and LECTORUS got +1 to their actions, not Fourtunes.



Rush toward the creature and raise my blessed hammer, roaring "CELESTIA!" as I bring it down upon its remaining arm.Rolled 7 + 1 = 8


You're not fast enough as the claw strikes at you, the knife-like nails leaving permanent scars on your body.
You're bleeding profusely.

You take a swing at the arm, but the construct doesn't seem to mind.
You dislocate the arm with your hammer, and easily dodge the creature's slashes.
As the creature turns to you, you manage to rip off what remains of the arm.

"Fire at will!"
Another hail of bullets rips the body of the construct, this time leaving but the metal box that holds the crystal powering the monster, and some cables intact.
The ground is painted red with gore.

The captain talks to you from a ruin:
"Now if your friend is done playing around, might we ask what are you doing here?"


Cast heal on me.Rolled 2 = 2


Try to sneak up on him, then ask which of my friends he refers toRolled 6 = 6


I wake up and try stand up with shaky legs.

"Wha? What happened?"Rolled 7 = 7


"We're inspecting the damage caused to the temple sector by the earthquake. Do you have a medic with you?"



I sheath my hammer and step away from the corpse, turning to Snap Shot.

"We were headed for the Sun Temple to ensure it survived the earthquake."


"Are you all right, miss?"


Well im bleeding pretty bad right now.


You only barely manage to not make it worse.
You don't see him flinch but he gives you a mean look.
"The priest of course! Who else?"
You barely stand up.
One of the privates brings you your inquisitor's hat.
"Ma'am. You fell from the sky, ma'am."
"Not as such but corporal Gun is trained in first-aid."
He whistles and one of the rifle-wielding soldiers jumps down from the ruins.
"I see."


One more healing try.Rolled 7 = 7


"I don't even own a hat, why does everyone insist on wearing hats? Oh gods, my head…"


"Come now friend, let us not be so down. For if we give in to the oppressive sorrow that hangs over this city, it has already won."
I get very upset at the comment about the hat



Lectorus offers her a hoof to help her up.

"You took quite a tumble." Gesturing to the other ponies, he nods to Snap Shot.

"These ponies are from the Royal Marksmen."


The private seems confused.
"Where'd I get this then?"
He spits the hat out and returns to his squadmates.
Well the bleeding finally stopped.
The corporals salute you.
Guns speaks up "Where'd you need a medic, sir?"
Snap Shot spits on the ground.
"We should be going, we're not here for a holiday."


"I think she's fine now, check out our pegasi that fell out of the air."
I help Aurelia up.
"How are you feeling?"


Go collect the hat, then drag Card Trick to the side.
"Please. The Laughing God. Now."


"Once I make sure Aurelia is fine."


"Thanks paladin. Cleric! Where are you? Make yourself useful and cast that healing spell on me once your done."


Where are we going?

Im ok now, how is Neith?


"She. Will. Live."


"She's walking and talking."

"Lead me to that thing you wanted m to see."


Cast heal.Rolled 8 = 8


Point Card to the graffiti.
"I'm pretty sure she should know what it means. Trust me on this."


"If you're sure."
I pray to Pinkie for the meaning of the symbols.Rolled 5 = 5



I look and listen for any signs of incoming trouble, particularly in the direction of the Sun Temple.

"Is this where we part ways, then?"Rolled 3 = 3


The medic walks up to Neith and checks her up.
"Eh, she'll live. Not much I can do except give some pills for the headach-"
You heal everything that ails her.
Gun snorts "damn unicorns acting all high-and-mighty…"
"This is Pinkie, I'm not home right now, please leave a message after the boop!"
You then feel something pushing you in the snout.
The air seems serene.
Snap Shot turns to you "May we meet again, Paladin."
He then turns to his squad
The squad quickly disappears into the high ruins.


"No luck, sorry. Aren't you a worshiper of Pinkie Pie too? Why not ask her yourself?"


"Did you hear Her? Tell me of her voice! Was it very beautiful?"



I bow my head to him. "May the Bright Princess shine upon thee, Snap Shot." and nodding to his Totenkopf insignia, "…and may your soldiers fare as well as they always have."

I rejoin the others.Rolled 4 = 4


I just want to help my friend sir, Im sorry if I offend you.


"Thank you Cleric. Well then, we should continue on I suppose."


Look very uncomfortable about this issue
"…I don't wish to talk about it, if that can be avoided…"


The party keeps galloping through the ruins, eventually coming to the edge of the temple district. The streets have indeed crumbled down into the crypts and catacombs, as you can see most hallways now have the remains of houses and temples in them.
A considerable piece of the underground labyrinth is intact, however, near the middle, where parts of the temple of the sun still stand.


"Why don't you want to talk about it? From the way you act you must either worship her or-ohhhh. I see. Well as long as you don't cause too much trouble for us I don't mind. Let's get back to the others."


Inspect the parts of the sun temple.



I visibly cringe at the damage to this sacred place, before checking for any signs of trouble or artifacts I could retrieve.

[Spot/Listen]Rolled 1 = 1


"Do not misjudge me for my past. We all have our places and our reasons. Sadly, mine or not as happy as I'd like them to be. Now, onwards. We have better things to do than dwell on past sins."
"An underground labyrith, hm? My oh my oh my. What treasures indeed must lay within now that the earthquake has done its toll…"


Rolling to spot any signs of troubleRolled 7 = 7


I try to spot any sign of the laughing vampires that were mentioned in the book.Rolled 2 = 2


You realize the ruins of the temple are still a good one or two kilometers away, and between you and the temple is rubble and meters upon meters of maze-like catacombs.
You look straight into the sun and get blinded for three turns.
There's movement around the edges of the labyrinth.


"Ha. This should be simple. We are standing above the maze walls are we not? Someone find a long plank. We will cross above the walls, and laugh at the fools who thought their machinations would halt us so easily as we go!"


Throw a rock in the labyrinth.


"I smell trouble up ahead. Heresy and defilement. No doubt more scavenger vultures growing fat on the riches of these lands. I cannot wait to introduce them to my sword and pistol, so let's head on!"


I look for planks we can use to make a bridge.Rolled 4 = 4


Help my comrade in laughterRolled 4 = 4


You find a plank and position it over a narrow walkway.
It's thrown back.



Blinking from the sun, I shake my head trying to knock the brightness out of my eyes.

"Perhaps it would be best NOT to leap blindly into a fight this time, Inquisitor? I needn't remind you of your antics earlie—"

I'm cut short as I walk into a bit of rubble.


I motion to Fourtunes to go ahead.

"I don't trust my wings to keep me up in case I fall, so you go first, clown."


There is something down there guys.


"Bearded brother in faith and light, be wary of your step, for without sight it can be most perilous indeed.
Perchance you would do best to sit down for a moment, no?"
"Anything to make you happy, noble inquisitor"
Try crossing the plank bridge, ready to leap back in case it breaks.Rolled 4 = 4


"There's such a thing as being too devout. I knew a mare that nearly partied herself to death once."

"It looks like it's got a good aim."


"At least she would've died smiling…"


"You just make sure your blind faith doesn't cloud your judgment. I'll worry about myself, paladin."


Too bad the plank was rotten to the core, and you fall on top of a body that was being gnawed on by three ghouls.
You automatically fail iniative.
The rest, roll for iniative.


Jump down and charge in with my sword

"Time for judgment!"Rolled 9 = 9


"Cheer up. If you need to get something off your chest try and wait until we get back to the monastery. Food and drink make talking easier."

I leap in with my mace drawn.Rolled 6 = 6




Jump down and stab them.Rolled 1 = 1





"I'll be all right! I just need a moment…!" Blinking, I try to clear my eyes and see something around the blotches of shadow and color.

I grit my teeth at the comment. "My Lady Celestia is wise and benevolent. I go where she wills me and do as she asks!"

>>28730Rolled 7 = 7


The ghouls are all ponies, or used to be at least. Their manes have mostly fallen off and their coats have turned gray. Their hooves are chipped and dull, their teeth formed into fangs.
Two of them jump at the chance of fresh meat, clawing at Fourtune's face before he can get up.
The third one hisses at the party.
You slice at one, spilling black blood from an open wound.
You smash at it, reshaping it's skull.
You drop your spear, stab yourself repeatedly with your silver dagger and jump down into the catacombs neck first.
You are helpless and in another part of the catacombs, separated of the party for now.
You manage to land in the catacombs without injury.


Ram my sword through its head.Rolled 1 = 1


I attack one of the ones attacking Fourtunes.Rolled 7 = 7






My hammer glows with a gold light, as I bring it down on the nearest ghoul.

"Away with you, abomination! Know the might of Our Princess!"

[rolling for Blast]Rolled 7 = 7



roll to get up.Rolled 3 = 3


Draven wakes up in the monastery infirmary. Though he has no headache, he can't remember anything that happened after breakfast.
A nurse trots up to him.
"Your friends already left for the temple quarter, you may still catch them if you hurry."

The sword gets caught in the rubble in an odd angle, the force of the movement bending your hoof in an unnatural position. With a sickening crunch every bone in your hoof-joint breaks into a thousand splinters.
You may never use two-hoofed weapons again, and it will take you two turns to reload your pistol until you get proper medical care.

You push the ghoul off Fourtunes, >>28758
who is ready to attack now.

You bring your holy hammer down on the wicked beasts of the night, the white blast rending their flesh, the holy steel of which the hammer was wrought from shattering their bones, the aura of light eradicating the remains of their souls.
The ghouls cease to exist.

The ground seems soft and warm as it's soaked in your own blood.

The ghouls in this hallway are no more, but you aren't sure where Aurelia landed in.


"Fortunes, fly up and see if you can find Aurelia."


Roll to get up.Rolled 9 = 9


"Aaah, what the hell…"
Start to laugh out really loud.
"I won, didn't I! HAHA! Ouch, hey, give me something for headaches!"
Try to remember anything.Rolled 6 = 6


"I um I uh… um…"
Do my best to jump up onto a wall and look for the clericRolled 9 = 9


Scream in agony while clutching my hoof



You stagger up to your hooves and remove the dagger from your chest.
You remember Helga and Olga from the forge, and the whip.
The nurse brings you some aspirin.
The cleric is in the next room, though there's no door from the hallway into there. You have to go through two rooms, the first of which is just an empty room before a larger tomb.
You hear a voice
"When's the last time you prayed, my child?"



Nod, satisfied as the last remains of the ghouls burn to ash.

If it's dark, I try to light a torch, while calling for the cleric.


"Can you see her from up there? Can you fly her back to us?"


Oh Celestia.
Cast heal.Rolled 5 = 5


Try to help the others onto the wall as well.
Let go of them immediately if I'm about to fall off myself.Rolled 1 = 1


Eat it.
"Man, I'm fucked up…"
Get my gear ready.
"How do I get to the rest of those losers? I'm afraid they die if I'm not there to do the killing for them, and that cleric has a nice ass so it would be a shame to let her die. But first, where is that monstrosity of a nun? I want to rub in my victory…"


Try to find the source of the voice.

"Wha, w-who goes there?"Rolled 1 = 1


The sun still illuminates this room, but the deeper you go the darker it gets.
You light a torch.
You stop the bleeding.
There are two ways out of the room, you may choose either forwards or backwards. Only one will reunite you with the party-
You pull Card with you to the room Neith is in as you completely lose your balance.
"Just go through the gate that's open and follow the road until you see the catacombs. I wouldn't know about Helga, she works at the forges, I work here in the infirmary."


Rolling to catch Fourtunes.Rolled 8 = 8


Go forwards.


"The forges, huh?"
Glance down at my dull shoulderpads.
"That Olga still has to fix this… Lead me to the forge before I head out!"



I look around - who's near me?

And is there anything nearby that might want to kill me? (Spot-check.)Rolled 5 = 5


You swear you can see a figure in the shadows.
You can hear cackling from far away, too.
You're sure of it. Infernal cackling, mocking your belief!
The rest of the party does not hear or see this
You are both in the room Aurelia is in, and there's a good half a meter of brick wall between you and the party.
so there's nothing to catch.
As you giggle at Fourtunes and Card, you check the room before you.
There's an open casket in a stone table there, and a lot of dust.
The corners of the room are dark.
"It's just down those stairs and then a left, right, left, left,down, right, up…"
She continues giving directions like this for a while until she sighs.
"There are signs on the walls, just follow them."
You arrive at the forge door.
Neith is sitting in the corner, cradling her forehoof.
Otherwise, the room looks empty.


"Oh this day just keeps getting b-
I mean… A GLORIOUS REUNION OF OUR FRIENDS HAS COME TO BE! All the separates us from the others is a few rooms that-a-way. Or we could just boost eachother back up and get the rest over that wall, possibly avoiding danger in doing so."Rolled 2 = 2


Haha, what are you guys doing?
Inspect the stone table.



"Inquisitor! Are you all right?"


Whoops rolling.Rolled 8 = 8


> You're sure of it. Infernal cackling, mocking your belief!
Mocking your faith


Enter without knocking.
"On your knees, mortals, the victor has arrived!"
Strike a pose.


"Something tells me it would be safer to walk."

"Was that your blood or did you run into some poor monster? Anyways, Neith broke her leg and needs your skills."


"Who is mocking me? Who dares to laugh in the face of the inquisition? Show yourself, scoundrel!"Rolled 5 = 5


My blood unfortunately…


Mutter something about this being a horrible night to be abandoned by the gods, then go help with checking out the tabletRolled 10 = 10


"Looks like you managed to patch yourself up again. Are you feeling alright?"


As you peek in the casket on the table, dozens of bats fly out and deeper into the catacombs.
The brass plate in the lid reads "To Trotheim - Von Vlad"
The shadow in the corner moved!
You can hear more of that damned laughter, coming in from close by.
You are met with giggling and a sound of whip cracking.
Olga has tears in her eyes from laughter.


"What the fuck is so funny? I won the drinking contest! You are all inferior!"
Get the dull spiked shoulderplate down, and throw it to Olga.
"Now, fix this. You fucked it up the last time."


"Let me guess, a vampire's coffin?"


"This had better not be what I expect it to be or I will have a lot of work ahead of myself…"
Turn to the others
"Scrapes, bruises and damaged egos aside, is any of is need of patching up?"


Should we open this?

I guess.

Dunno about you guys but im ok.



"Who are you speaking to? It's only me!"

I wave the torch, trying to get Neith's attention.


"I'm fine."


Take out my pistol and shoot the shadow!

"You will not bring me down! My faith in the inquisition is unwavering!"Rolled 6 = 6


"I'm not sure. I'd rather have the inquisitor and paladin here before we pick another fight with an undead pony."


Still smiling, Olga takes the shoulderpad and quickly hammers and sharpens the spikes.
"Whatever you say."
You barely dodge the bullet as >>28858 Neith suddenly pulls her pistol and destroys a statue from one of the corners.
You can hear the sound of hoofsteps from up above.


"What's so funny, huh? Managed not to blow up any of your friends today? Or they finally found all the pieces from the last explosion?"



I jump away from the exploding statue and stomp over to Neith, and say as loudly as I can, hoping she'll hear me,



My tone is completely serious. There is nothing to laugh about here.
"Do not touch it. Just let it be."


Get up cling to the Paladin.

"They are mocking me! And they wont show themselves! Why wont they show themselves? THOSE COWARDS!"Rolled 4 = 4





I blink in surprise, but trying to calm her down, I lower my voice.

"There is nopony here but me, miss. Come now, quickly - we need to rejoin the others. Can you walk?"Rolled 3 = 3


If you say so.


Olga snorts.
"Shouldn't you get going to your friends before they decide to dump you for being useless?"
Manic laughing fills your head again as your eyes dilate.
"Someone weak of faith might go mad down here, don't you agree?"

A familiar helmeted head appears from up above. It's corporal Gun.
"Uh, is everything alright down there? We heard some noise and a gunshot so the captain sent me to investigate."

Roll to get through to the Inquisitor.


>>28880Rolled 10 = 10



Also, you missed my post here, I think. >>28878Rolled 3 = 3


Where are they btw?


"Fourtunes should know how to get us back to them."


"Useless? I decapitated our foes so far with great efficiency."
Let out a small chuckle.
"And they are still in one piece, not here, there, all over the wall…"
Grin smugly.


"They are either directly on the other side of that wall, or in one of the rooms between this one and the one we were in earlier. If we climbed up onto the wall we could probably see them"


"Can't you just lead us back to them? You saw the layout of the rooms didn't you?"


You give her a slight slap on the cheek, bringing her back to this world.
"You don't remember anything about this morning, do you?"
Olga and Helga then push you out of the forge.


Should we climb the wall?


I re-equip my shoulderpad.
"Well yeah, I won a drinking contest too! It would be hard not to remember how good I am!"



Hit him in the face with my good hoof, what a dick!Rolled 4 = 4


"There should be two rooms, roughly that way. But I have a very, VERY bad feeling about this place. There is no light or laughter here. Only shadows and silence. I do not like it."


"No one has had good luck with flying or climbing today. I'm voting for walking, but if you two want to climb that's what we do."


We can bring light to this dark place friend!

I already fall once so im with you.


You walk up to the courtyard, through the gates, down the street and quickly arrive in the ruined temple district. You can see Corporal Gun looking down into the ruins not far from you.

Speaking of that. You hear some ominous sounds from the room behind you.

Or was it the bad hoof? damn that hurts.


"Then so be i-
-oh boy here we go. You heard that too, right?"



"I should ask the same of you! You very nearly shot me! Now, we must make haste! That hoof needs mending, and it is unwise to split up a group when the Undead are lurking in the shadows! Can you walk?"Rolled 9 = 9


"Heard what?"
I draw my silver dagger.


"Hey you! Did you see a bunch of screw-ups waltz in here?"



I try to walk flapping my wings for additional supportRolled 8 = 8


Gun shouts down to you again
"So do you need help or what?"
He turns to you and points down the hole.
"There are two here."
You can stand.
Four zombies led by a ghoul saunter forwards from the darkness.
Roll for iniative.


"I would describe it as 'ominous sounds' myself. Hard to be specific. Could be just some bastard higher power playing mind tricks though.
I do not like the idea of moving from here. The only path the others can take leads them to us, but if we move, we might miss them…"


I pull my mace back out and charge at the ghoul.Rolled 5 = 5



I shout up to him. "Assistance would be appreciated! The Inquisitor is injured, and we've lost the rest of our party!"


Get ready.

They are here.Rolled 3 = 3


"I need a bit of medical assistance, that's all. Nothing serious."


Trot up next to him and see if there is a way down.
"Nice job just leaving me there with those crazy cunts!"


"This is not what I came to this city for. There is no joy in the death of the once dead."Rolled 9 = 9


Gun jumps down and inspects Neith's hoof.
"Oh damn, that's some serious damage…"
He opens his saddlebags and takes out some bandages and splints.
"Well, you can walk now, but I wouldn't use that hoof much if I was you."
Either you jump down or try to balance on the walls, there are no ladders or stairs nearby.

+1 to your next action.
You miss, but so does the ghoul.
three zombies swarm you, armed with crude bones.


Rub my head and sigh. "Ugh, it's you…"

"Your own fault for consuming all that poisonous alcohol, you idiot. You're old and ugly enough to take care of yourself."


Jump down.
Use Guns as a pillow to break my fall.Rolled 6 = 6


I attack one of the zombies.Rolled 10 = 10


Sweep them with the spear.Rolled 7 = 7


Cheap Shot the zombie closest to AureliaRolled 10 + 1 = 11


"You have my thanks, soldier."

Turn to the donkey

"Where is the rest of the group gone to, paladin?"



"We split apart in the confusion, after Fourtunes fell into that nest of ghouls. I can try to lead us back there and find a way to rejoin them."


Guns quickly steps out of the way and you bear the full force of the impact.
Which is not that much, your muscle can hold it.

You cave the zombie's skull in, though it still stands.
You hit them all, causing them to recoil, but you don't do any real damage to them.
You slash at the nearest one, splitting it in half.

The Ghoul joins the zombies circling Aurelia.

Neith, Draven, and Lectorus can clearly hear the fight on the other side of the room.
Gun is the first to act: "Don't worry, they teach us these things in cadet school."
He then pulls out a considerably large explosive from his bag and sets it against the wall and lights the fuse.
"I'd run to the next room if I were you!"


run like the windRolled 5 = 5


Run to the other room to cover.
On the way say "Hey" to Neith and "Who the fuck are you?" to Lectorus.


>"I'd run to the next room if I were you!"
Is he talking to us or Neith and Draven?


"This is going nowhere fast…
InspireRolled 1 = 1



Do so, drawing my hammer as I mutter "Give me strength, my Princess…"



I use Cheap Shot on the Ghoul.Rolled 10 = 10


Stab a zombie with my spear.Rolled 10 = 10



"I am Lectorus, a Paladin in Celestia's service, and now is not the time for such rudeness!"


"Me? Ugly? You're confusing my handsome face with your terrible mug. And I'm never afraid of a challenge, especially not from a mare!"


"I suppose it's good to see you are talented at something. However useless it may be."


You realize you left your spear up there when you jumped down in the catacombs in the first place.
So where the hell did this golden-handled, blessed silver warspear appear from? You thrust it through the skull of the zombie, sending it's brains on the walls.

You sever his tendons as he falls on the ground, screaming in agony.
One of the zombies crumbles into dust.

Gratefully no one hears you as the wall explodes, the shrapnel cutting small scars into your face.

You got out of the harms way safely, seeing the remaining ghoul on the floor, and the zombie standing about, not sure what to do.



I stove in the Zombie's head with my hammer.Rolled 4 = 4


"I'd like to remind you that I'm also good at making heads part from necks, and that's way more useless than you screaming the name of your inquisiton while touching yourself."

"Well, work is to be done!"
Charge in and decapitate the zombie.Rolled 2 = 2


I step back and look at the confused zombie.



Charge and stab the zombieRolled 2 = 2


Wipe the worst of the blood and dust off, then prepare another parry trap on myself.Rolled 4 = 4


>and that's way more useless than you screaming the name of your inquisiton
"You weren't the brightest one at home, were you?!"


Check if Fortunes is ok.


Though some of you stumble, drop your weapons and/or spaghetti, you manage to off with your enemies.
Gun nods and jumps out of the the catacombs, using the rubble created by the blast as stepping stones.
"I trust you can handle yourselves now?"


"We'll be fine, we're just having a really off day."

Look around to find our Aurelia.

"Cleric, I need your assistance!"


"What the hell is a 'hand'?"


Whats the problem?


"Well, if I only knew what we are doing here."


"I think we'll be fine."


"We are doing absolutely nothing here. This entire place is worthless, devoid of all but some mindless once-dead, and that coffin over there which probably has a vampire in it. This is a forsaken place which light and laughter will never tough again and I for one refuse to stay in it a moment longer."
"I appreciate your concern. It warms my heart to know that somepony cares."


File: 1341266499648.png (172.53 KB, 415x1050, Hallway 1.png)

"Right, I'll report back to the captain."
With that, Gun trots off.
In front of you, you can see an hallway leading under the hill that used to be the temple of the sun.


Show her my messed up forehoof.

"Work accident. The same kind our executioner friend gets on very lonely nights."


"Do we want to go down the hallway or pop open that coffin first?"


"Abloo bloo, cry me a river. Isn't there at least some stuff we can loot?"

Inspect the door.


Anytime friend.

Ouch! Let see
>cast healRolled 2 = 2


There is no door, only blackness at the end.
You realize they never taught you how to fix broken legs.


Roll to spot trapsRolled 3 = 3


There's a suspicious floor plate near the end.



I keep my hammer drawn. "I am ready when you are."


"What coffin?" I examine said coffin once I see it.Rolled 6 = 6


Hmm sorry Neith.


"Is it safe?"


It's a wooden coffin with a brass plate on the lid that has been moved so you can see inside.
There's a pillow there, nothing else.


"You don't know how to fix broken legs? What kind of half-assed training did you get, Cleric?!"

"Coffin? What kind of coffin? Show us, bard."


Hey I have something for you
>give him the dagger.

What kind of half-assed traning did you get? Breaking your hooves like that.


"Just dont step on that one plate over there."


"I think I know how did she earn the title"
Make a gesture that resembles cocksucking with my hoof and laugh.

Look at it.
"Is this some sort of joke?"


No? Just in case we fight laughing vampires.


"It was an accident, not my fault! I'm just having bad luck today… this week… all my life…"

Stomp my hoof and try not to let my thoughts linger.

"Let's get going then, we've lost enough time already. Is the area secured?"


"Then I'll just cut their heads off. I'm not taking that toothpick."

"Very funny. Disarm it already, you clown."


"With the possible exception of that coffin, yes."



The old donkey snorts at Draven's comment, clearly disgusted by this newcomer's childishness.


"Explain, Bard."


Vault over the plate
"There. It's that easy. Now come along, we have a temple to raid."Rolled 6 = 6


"Well there might be a vampire in."


Ok, anyone else want this dagger?


File: 1341267290773.png (318.1 KB, 569x1050, Cliff1.png)

As you jump over the plate into the next room, you notice the floor isn't there.
You fall…


Levitate him with my magic.Rolled 2 = 2




File: 1341267382511.png (303.61 KB, 569x1050, Splash 2.png)

Straight into a pool of water.



I lurch forward to try and grab a leg or foreleg and stop him from plunging to his death.

Would this count as "Protecting someone"?Rolled 5 = 5




"Already have one myself. Give it to the paladin."
"It's empty."
"Oh for Luna's sake."
Jump after him and try to get him back up with my wingsRolled 4 = 4


Walk around the plate, glance down, and start to laugh.


I avoid the plate and walk over to the edge of the floor.
"Are you alright down there?"


"Oh inquisitor, I almost thought you didn't care"
Splash some water on her


"Come on in the water's fine"


You can hear manic cackling from the darkness before you. There's an eerie voice:

The party can see the water is clear for once, through a small crack from where sunlight flows in. There's a small walkway and a door on the other side of the pool.

You dive in head-first for a refreshing, if a bit cold, bath.

You can't quite grasp him.


Is there a way to the door that doesn't get us wet?


"This is no time for your games, clown."

Draw my sword

"Who goes there?!"Rolled 6 = 6


Should we jump down there?



Sigh heavily in relief when I hear the splash, looking down at the water.


…but not before shooting a disgusted look at Draven.

"Are you all right down there?"Rolled 3 = 3


"Afraid of getting rusty?"

"I don't see any other way down."


Laugh along with the supposedly eerie fellow. He seems like a total bro to me.
Try to see himRolled 10 = 10


"Maybe you like to get wet as the pussy you are, but I prefer to remain dry."


The thing is Im afraid of Heights



"Enough of that talk!"

I push him into the water.Rolled 1 = 1


"A sexual insult? Well at least you aren't using violent threats anymore. Maybe there's hope for you after all."

"Shall we jump together then?"


I sigh and hit my hoof on my head.

"Do I HAVE to come up there and carry you down or something?"


The voices return, though this time they resemble Celestia's voice, just as you imagined it.
"Oh, but it's just me, your beloved princess!"
The mocking laughter returns.
None that you can see.
Your gaze pierces the universe, as you can see an old unicorn pony sitting upon a throne, slapping his knee and laughing his ass off.
You try to push Draven, who instead flips you over and throws you down.
You hit the water with such force that you hit the bottom, and the sunlight from up above is just a faint memory.
You need to get topside.


Ok lets do this…


Boop him on the noseRolled 8 = 8



Fight my way back to the surface and thank goodness my prayerbook's been waterproofed.Rolled 5 = 5


I wrap my hooves around you and jump.Rolled 3 = 3


Laugh at the donkey.
"Ahh, what a joke you are."

"Aww, how romantic, the two lovely doves jumping together, I'm going to melt…"


As we disappear over the side I hastily yell.





"The only joke here is the one too afraid to jump," I say, spitting water.Rolled 1 = 1


You hit the surface bellies first. Ow.
The vision quickly ends as you try to move.
You get moving, but you don't reach the surface.
You have two turns to get back up or you might drown.


>>29067Rolled 7 = 7


"Well, let's get over with this."
Canonball!Rolled 2 = 2


So much for my good mood then
"Did anyone bring oil?"


"See? Wasn't that fun?"


"Oil? Why would you need oil?"

Swim over to the walkwayRolled 6 = 6


You manage to break the surface of the water and gasp for air.
Your superheavy armour quickly drags you under the water.


A-A little but my belly hurts.


Try to swim up.Rolled 1 = 1


"Since my way is not working out for me today, I felt like trying something out of your pages. Now do you have oil or not?"



Roll my eyes and dive down to help him to the surface after getting a good lungful of air.Rolled 3 = 3


"You never did bellyflops as a foal? Let's get out of the water before more undead show up."


You get over to the walkway. The room in front of you is dark but warm.
You hit the bottom of the pool.
You dive like a rock to the bottom.
Too bad you can't see Draven in the dark.
You are next to Neith.


"As a matter of fact, I don't."


Not really, sorry.

Follow the party.



Search for him, and try to help him to the surface. As stupid and boorish as he might be, I'd be breaking my vows not to help him.Rolled 4 = 4


"Who wants to bet that Draven is too stupid to swim? Do we have any torches with pitch on them?"


Fuck everything.
Try to get to the surface by any means.Rolled 7 = 7


"Oh this just isn't my day…"
Look around
"Please don't tell me the brute is drowning…"


I think Lectorus pick a few torches in the monastery.


You manage to find him, just as he manages to get his massive form moving >>29095



Give him a boost up, then swim up myself.Rolled 8 = 8


"Not like we can do anything about it. That armor of his weighs a ton and I'm by no means a good swimmer. Especially with my hoof in such bad shape."


You both hit the surface just before Draven blacks out.
The party enters the new room, which is too dark to see in, especially as the sun is setting outside.


Spit out water.
"Fuck everything."



Spitting water, I check my gear to make sure my torches aren't soaked through.


Light my horn.


"For once, I agree. Someone get me a torch."


Hand him one of mine.

"Don't set the place on fire, clown."



I pass a torch to anypony without one after wringing water from my beard and coat.

"Stay close - there's no telling what could be lurking down here…"


Gratefully, one of them was spared from soaking.
You illuminate the room, which has a fireplace, some pieces of wooden furniture and even a piece of flint on the hearth.
The door that leads out of the room is safely barrable from inside, and you think the room might be safe to rest in, provided someone stayed as a sentry.
You light some torches and put them in holders.


Draw my sword.



I take a torch from one of the lit ones.


"How about you try and stop me from doing that exact thing. This entire ruin as an abomination filled with nothing but the dead and the damned. There is nothing to save and you know it every bit as well as I. Nothing here will ever smile again. Nor praise your sun. Give me one reason not to watch this place burn along with every damned zombie, ghoul and mocking illusion in it."



I keep the others on hand, hoping they'll dry out enough to light later on, and keep a tight grip on my hammer, murmuring prayers under my breath.


"Are you on your peroid?"


"Chill. If you have something you need to say then say it."


Hmmm, because we are inside the ruins?


>using the extension


"Because if you do I will slash your head off with my sword. This is still a sacred place, no matter how many of these abominations roam around."



A look of outrage flashes across his face, and his grip on his hammer tightens.

"Sully this sacred place any more than it is already, and I will personally bring you before the Princess to explain yourself!"


"I know that turns you on deary but no"
"There is nothing to say. Every moment I spend down here is a moment I spend in the shadow of my past. I cannot bring joy to this pit. I have nothing to win down here."
"You couldn't land one on me if I let you."
"…good point"
Put the torch away
"Let's carry on then"


"We can draw a sad face on my mask and you can put it on, it would complete the emo clown fit you are having."


"If one of our armored friends would lead the way?"


"Is that so? Do you wish to test that out? A little fencing match perhaps?"





I'll take point.


You shouldnt do that wit that broken hoof.


"Quite frankly, why not.
Come at me then. Indulge in your desire to rid this world of me"


>probably going to be late tomorrow too



"Cease your bickering, both of you! We are in grave enough peril from the beasts and abominations - is that not enough?"


>date subject to change


"You would not say that were you in my position, Paladin. You, too, would go to any length needed to win back the favor of your god."


"Well, you dropped your idea of defiling this sacred place by burning it, so I see no need to kill you."

"Hmph, good point cleric."

Turn to the clown.

"We WILL have our fencing match later on. Just us two and our swords, none of your trickery."


"And who is your god?"


Im sure the pink one is going to hear your prays again.


"I'd imagine five limbs on five is fair enough, but have it your way."
"It certainly is not empty bravado and genital references"
"If only. If only. How I miss her laughter. But as it stands, I am not worthy of it. Not yet."



"Enough, I say. This is not the time to squabble like schoolfoals! When we have finished our task, you may do as you wish, but until then, we cannot afford to let our guard down."


You can hear our laugh! Tell us a joke.


"You are speaking like you are the Oh-fucking-high authority here."

"You probably never will be. You just don't have the right genes. How does it feel to make even the Laughing God frown?"



"I serve the Highest Authority, Earth-Pony."


"Can we fast forward to the part where I actually care about the lousy god you serve, Donkey?"


"I'd make a gay joke about our iron water flash here butt fuck it."


"You forgot the funny part."



"That part will come sooner than you might think, Earth-Pony. Though you may forsake My Lady Celestia, she would not do the same for you… regardless how deserved it would be."

Lectorus turns and walks away, ending the exchange.


"I don't need a punchline when I have you around sweetbuns"


Hahaha good one.


"Whoa, keep your gay to yourself, I don't want to get contamined."

"I'd give her what she deserves, if you know what I mean."
Let out a laugh.


"Your tongue says no, but your tone says yes~"


"Come and try anything and see what my axe says to your neck."


"If it could talk it'd tell you that it's ok to experiment around a little, if you know what I mean~"
Prepare trapRolled 10 = 10



He ignores the boorish pony's attempts to goad him, and sits down in a corner. He flips his prayerbook open and quietly reads it, murmuring to himself as he turns the heavy pages.


"Stay. the fuck. away. I'll geld you if you come any closer, if you still have any balls left!"


"I'll let you in on a little secret - I'm actually a mare in a fake mustache~
C'mon, see for yourself why don't you. You're not afraid of a little thing like me now are you?"


Walk over and try to see what he's reading.

"A book wont protect you from harm or help you fight, paladin."


Ready Guil'
"I'm not fucking joking you queer. If you want to stay in good terms with your head, keep your faggotry for yourself!"


Faith will protect him from harm.


"Like it has protected you so often, right Cleric?"


Flip onto my back
"Aw, I always knew you were just a big coward deep inside. Shame really~ Such a strong body wasted on such a weak mind…"


Harsh words coming from a "holy" inquisitor.



"Faith is a more powerful weapon than any twig or rock ponykind could hope to craft."

He smiles impishly beneath his beard. "Although, I HAVE had to bludgeon a few foes to death with this book before… they're heavy enough…"


I sit down against a wall and pull a bucket of popcorn out from behind me. I munch on it while watching Fourtunes taunt Draven.



Where did you get popcorn?


"What are you aiming to do here? Have a deathwish? You need only say and I can put you out of your misery."


"Come on big guy, lets see that sharp tongue of yours do some real work"
Roll to seduceRolled 5 = 5


"It's one of the benefits of worshiping Pinkie Pie. Care for a bite?"


"Harsh? Is it not true then?"

"That it is. However faith should be defended and fought for by slaying those who seek to defile it. Reading will not help with this. I find strength in my faith in the inquisitor's code during battle, not by some dusty old book."


>sit down and eat


Be stunned for a minute, then get out the hooked chain.
"Okay, last warning. Stop this now or you'll get a kiss from this baby."
Rattle the chains.


Get back up
"Well if you're not going to be man enough to make the first move, I guess I'll just need to show you how to dance myself."
Take a step towards him, leaning on my cane with one wing.
"So, are you gonna kiss me or not?"


Swing the chain at him without a word.Rolled 10 = 10



"Those who would defile that which is pure and good deserve punishment… but only in proportion to their crimes. An ill-thought word in the heat of a moment is not the same as a sword swung in battle, wouldn't you agree? Celestia is a firm ruler, but a forgiving and loving one as well. She would not see the destruction of one who could be redeemed."

He gestures to the book.

"I read this to remind myself of my duty, to my Princess, to my country, and to all around me. A 'dusty old book' to one, in the eys of another, is the rock and stone upon which worlds are built."


"Punishment and execution by the inquisition does not take place primarily and per se for the correction and good of the person punished, but for the public good in order that others may become terrified and weaned away from the evils they would commit. Oh, and Celestia isn't the only one ruling, don't forget that."


"What's the name of the other one? I don't think I've ever heard you say it."


The chains swing with remarkable accuracy and power, forcing the well prepared Fourtunes to change his approach. He manages to catch the chain with his cane, his years of parrying experience paying off in a moments that could well have saved his life.
Fourtunes yanks the chains, bringing the executioner crashing down.

The trickster takes a moment to compose himself after the near death experience, then helps Draven up.
"I yield. That strike was far stronger than I ever expected. You are an opponent I do not wish to mess with."


Her name is Princess Luna.



Stand up, then push him away.
"You better damn yield! And try to pull off this shit again and I won't play around any longer. If Guil strikes, heads fly! Understood?"


"Oh course, of course. You are the stronger stallion here. I wish no further trouble between us. Happy?"


"Don't get too excited Executioner. You are still outnumbered and under my authority, remember?"


"Good. Now let's see what those others are yapping about."

"Your authority my ass. You would die if I weren't here to do all the killing for you, which you seem incompetend to do so. If it weren't for the fucking militiaponies of that faggot Grease, I would have killed him too already, but he is a coward to fight me alone."


Turn away and quietly smile as I close my eyes.
I brought a moment of joy to someone's heart today.
I am one step closer to my redemption.


"All I need to do is put my mark for death on your head, and you'll be wanted by every single inquisitor walking around. And yes, I saved your life on the condition that you would at least try to behave."


"All I need to do is part your head from your neck and you will be dead before you can say 'The Inqusition is here'. And I told you I will only stick around as long as I have fun, I don't owe you anything."


He was supposed to be teasing you.


"Of course."


u wot


The only way you worship Luna is by killing stuff. He was trying to tease you about that.


"What, you think I really need to stick around you? You got me out of those chains, and I continue to kill stuff, with you around so you will think that I'm actually under your command. I could walk away anytime."


But I don't worship Luna specifically. I'm lawful neutral


Oh. You had The Vigalent Moon on your character sheet so I just figured.


"And yet you followed us all the way down here, even after the monastery, almost drowning in a pond of water in the process. One has to really start to question your motives."



"Law that enforces rule by fear is no better than having no laws at all. One cannot truly lead those who fear them. And while my Lady is not the only ruler, she is the one whom I serve, and the one whose example I shall follow."


That was a derp-up


"I think he likes you.


"I'm sure he has motives tucked away somewhere in that thick skull of his."


"I guess I have nothing better to do. And I want to fuck the cleric too."


"Are you sure there is nothing I could do to lift your mood?"


"How colorful."

"What is the point in laws if you don't enforce them? If you forgive a pony's sins just so that he or she can commit them again?"


"I say chop the heads of all the muggers and beggars and thieves off."



"You assume that they will. Some ponies can learn from their mistakes. It would be unjust to condemn them with those who would not."


"What or how I feel is unimportant, I am but a servant and tool used by the will of the gods and the inquisition. Whether I live or die is unimportant. There were others before me and there will be many others to replace me once I'm gone."

"Waste of time."

"That's a bit too extreme, I reckon."


"It's what you do too, honeybuns. You just don't execute it as flashy as me. And you shout more."


"Don't you remember the conversation we had back in that one city besieged by necromancers? Something about you acting more like a servant of a death god instead of a servant of what is good?"


And they way she treat that poor filly.


"Well all have our paths to walk, our burdens to bear and our battles to fight. But those are the greater scheme of things. Sometimes, good inquisitor, it is good to take a step closer and observe the details of the moment."



"I heartily agree - while the Law exists to ensure that crimes are punished and the greater good upheld, treating everypony as a criminal at heart, IS a waste of time."


"I don't kill beggars. And thieves only need to get their hooves or horn chopped off."

"As a matter of fact, I don't."
Seriously, I don't. What are you talking about?

"I don't think details are all that important. I just look at the big picture."


"Just remember that every big picture is simply a collection of details."


And with that, Fourtunes finds a suitably quiet corner to sleep in.


"Don't you go twisting my words there. You know my stance on this and I will not budge."



>spoilers in charge of working


"Well, it's not like I care anyway. I'm an executioner after I all, so I'm free to kill."


"Free to kill others."



He smiles gently at the pegasus, closing his prayer book and preparing to get what rest he can in his corner.

"I'm sure you know mine as well - but nevertheless; my apologies, Miss Inquisitor. Perhaps we can discuss this more when we're not in mortal peril?"


"You asked me whether I followed Grogar, yes. And I answered that I follow where the inquisition leads me, no matter what the cost. Why do you bring this up?"

I am confizzled


"I was trying to make you see how easy it is to become what you are fighting. You Inquisitors walk a fine line."


"That is why we have guidelines and the code. Not just anypony can become an inquisitor, the weak of mind get rooted out during 'bootcamp'."


"If you say so. I'm going to get a bit of shuteye."


"Looks like there was a slight hiccup when you applied with that system."


"Very amusing. Probably why you are just a mere executioner gone rogue instead of an inquisitor."

"Good plan."


We odnt have beds in this damn place.


"Sleep on the ground then, don't be picky."


"I don't need any commander or high Inquisitor or some fucking book to tell me how and who to kill at least. I do whatever I damn please, unlike you."


"I suppose, though it's not like you are in a much better position then I am. Everywhere you go, you get shunned."


"What gives you that idea? The town of Rosworth held me a feast after decapitating all their criminals and putting their heads on spikes. They were a good bunch…"


"Well, it's just that since the moment you arrived here in this town you were insulted and shunned by just about every inhabitant. Greasy, the nuns, the cleric and so on."


"Because you are idiots, simple as that."
I find a place to sleep.

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