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Okay, first things first:
Autorefresher for mlpg.co:
(you may want to go to the options' form page and click on the fixed name box and put your character's name there)

>A simple dice system is in place, just enter dice and a number in the email field to roll. ie: dice100 will generate a random number between 1 - 100

We'll use a 20 sided dice, so write dice20 (case sensitive) every time I tell you need to roll.


4 minimum players, 6 max.
Roll your characters:
Any notable items (lucky charms, etc. not armour and weapons, I'll give you your starting inventory)
A short description of your personality and appearance if you want to.

Note that this quest takes place before Celestia in the three kingdoms, notably starting in the earth pony one.
You may roll any character you want, but I'd encourage you to have at least one earth pone in your party.
Also since the gods Celestia and Luna don't exist yet, you may think up of a different deity for yourself to believe in.
Once we have at least 4 players we'll start.


Well if Radiant isn't going to show up then I'll just put my Unicorn idea on ice.

Name: Card Trick
Race: Earth Pony
Cutiemark: A deck of cards
Alignment: Chaotic Good/worshiper of Pinkie Pie
Items: Flute, knife, rations, bandages for three wounds, a deck of playing cards
Description: Easily amused and good matured, his coat is lavender and his mane and tale are green.


File: 1337454945309.png (313.69 KB, 1613x1779, 1323739830286.png)

Name: Auria
Race: Unicorn
Cutiemark: Golden flower
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Lawful good
Any notable items: Small book of prays, food and some bandages
A short description of your personality and appearance if you want to: Healer and moralfag, afraid of violence and strangers and this is my color scheme.


Name: Xiek
Race: Pegasus
Class: Tracker
Deity: Luna
Alignment: True Neutral
Cutie Mark: Hammer (Knack for crafting)
Inventory: Bow, quiver filled with arrows and a small dagger
Description: Quiet guy who opens up once you really get to know him. Will always look out for his mates


>Deity: Luna


Also, put your characters name and class on the name field
like Auria [Cleric] or Card trick the… what's your class anyway?





Name: Makkusu
Race: Earth Pony
Class: Knight
Deity : None
Alignment: Neutral Good
Cutie Mark: Shield
Notable items: A golden locket with a picture of an Earth Pony in it
Description: Thinks highly of his comrades and tries his best to be credit to team.





Will do, boss.


Well we've got 4 players and the time's up.
If someone's still making a character please respond and we'll wait.


I am!


HOld up dude.


I'm glad. Five seems to be the optimal amount.
though if Radiant wants to join later I'll allow it.


6 is fine too.


WAit we have to roll our characters? We can't make our own?


We just say "roll", you may make any character you see fit.


Earth Pone
Hammer and Shield
True Neutral
>Any notable items (lucky charms, etc. not armour and weapons, I'll give you your starting inventory)
I got nuthin'
>A short description of your personality and appearance if you want to.
Light brown coat with grey mane and dull green eyes


aw yeah, another knightbro


Name: Rib
Race: Donkey
Sex: Female
Class: Tracker
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
God Alignment: Nature
Description: Greyish Bluish Donkey with very short brown hair.


Loads of neutral friends as usual.


>(lucky charms, etc. not armour and weapons, I'll give you your starting inventory)
>Me in charge of reading comprehension

I'll go ahead and drop that knife off my inventory list, and Pinkie Pie as my deity if I am misremembering the conversation about her existing outside of time and space.


God that took forever for me to post.


Pinkie is always a viable deity.


I would have played an Evil character if Radiant had show up. Oh well.

Do you have the Dollchan thing?


gonna smash it up



>(lucky charms, etc. not armour and weapons, I'll give you your starting inventory)

Yeah i'll drop the weapons out of my inventory too, my notable item will be a hand crafted wooden arrow head


Yeah I just got it. Everything seems fine now


He is on the other thread.


>Card Trick the Earth pony bard
>Auria the Unicorn Cleric
>Xiek the Pegasus Tracker
>Makkusus the Earth Pony knight
>NOE the Earth Pony knight
>Rib the Donkey Tracker

Okay, you may mingle with each other, decide on a leader and so forth, I'll write the first prompt.

>Radiant's computer BSOD's


Didn't notice we had a tracker already. shoulda went mage or necro


>Radiant's computer BSOD's


So, who wants to be leader, raise your hand.


What's a Donkey doing all the way out here?



I nominate Makkusu for leader


I MEAN HOOVES. Yes, hooves. No hands here. No humans, nope. Not at all.




If you wish to, you may change your class.


I think you're the only one who does


What if we made this a democracy?

Fair enough.

Dollchan extension in charge of not fucking up when you try and post.


Im ok with that unless someone want to lead the party.


I'll go Shaman.
Donkeys are alien. They have alien abilities


Sounds good. Let's go with that.


Yeap, I can go with this


>Starting inventories
You all have knives that are easy to hide in the folds of your cloth, down a boot or just on your belt.
You are fresh out of supplies, except water, for you have just returned from an adventure.
Your party has enough rope to climb a three story building if you can just throw it so high.
You have accumulated 600 coin from your adventures.

The warriors have swords and chainmail armour
The cleric has a staff with a very pointy star on top, some robes and a book on healing.
The trackers have bows and leather armour.
the Bard has a banjo, a short sword and a colourful outfit.
Your equipment looks a bit worn from your last adventure to the wild.

Your party is resting at a tavern after your latest adventure.
The tavern is rather large, with fine wooden decorations on the wall. The bottom floor is currently almost empty; there's only the bartender scrubbing pints behind the counter and a drunken bard on one of the tables. He seems to have passed out.
The bartender tells you it's market day so everyone's out on the town square selling their merchandise.

Talk to the bartender?
Check out the Bard?
Go out the door?


Sorry, the shaman has a spear with a crooked shaft, a bag of herbs and a pipe.



Sigh and shrug wondering why we're here in some boring tavern anyway. Ask what kind the stuff the town sells. Maybe we can buy something cool.


Talk to the bartender. Ask him if there's any hot news regarding the town for our impending adventure.


I want to check the bard first.


Check out the bard, perhaps he has an interesting tale to share with us


I'm going to make sure my banjo is tuned properly.


are we going to, share, all the money?


also testing diceRolled 18


File: 1337457952673.png (246.32 KB, 1243x1024, map.png)

The bard is clearly passed out.
You sniff his glass.
You're not sure what it was that he drinked but you're sure it was stronger than what you've ever tasted.
He has a large bag of coins next to him.
The bartender tells you that this is the capital of the earth pony federation.
The town itself is surrounded by many farms, so you'll be bound to find lots of food on the market.
There is also a merchant's guild in town that has rights to importing specialty items from other kingdoms.
There are a couple of smithies and other smaller stores around the square too.
He points you to a tattered map that is nailed on the wall.
The bartender tells you there's something happening at the town hall, and that there have been rumours of thieves circling around.
You tune your banjo.
It works perfectly now, you get +1 to your next roll to inspire.
Mark this down somewhere so you remember it.
You may do that if you wish, or you may send one person to do the whole party's shopping.


Since it's a democracy, we should each get 100 Bits each


Ooh how do


>>A simple dice system is in place, just enter dice and a number in the email field to roll. ie: dice20 will generate a random number between 1 - 20


We should do this.

Writ dice20 in the email when you post.


you put the dice20 in the email field


A donkey insulting a pony in a pony town is a bad idea so I don't mention that all of that sounds boring.

I thank him and suggest we head straight to town hall.




The town hall sounds like a good spot to investigate.

Fair enough.


You decide to share the party's funds evenly.

Do you want to try and snatch the bard's pouch of coins?
Go out the door?
I thought you were a shaman?


I vote we split the money evenly and check out the town hall, unless the knights want to check out the smithies first.


No we ar enot going to take his money.

Lets go out.


head to town hall with the others



>Large bag of coins

Tempting, but my guilty conscious will haunt me if I take it, I'll leave the bard to rest and join up with the rest of the party with the bartender


Dollchans fixed name. I forgot to change it. sorry


I'd rather get my stuff from loots than getting scammed by shopkeepers.


Oh im sure they are not going to scam us.


As you open the door of the tavern you are almost carried away by the amount of earth ponies flocking to the town square.
Most of them are large and strong looking farmers wearing simple capes and hoods, some are drawing carriages full of fresh vegetables.
As you come to the square you see it's packed with ponies, mostly earth ponies but surprisingly you can see a small group of unicorns too.
There are stalls laid out in no particular order, most selling food.
There are fletchers and smithies lining the square, but your eyes are fixed on a large colourful sign reading "merchant's guild: all the adventuring gear you'll ever need!"
The largest building lining the square is however the town hall, made from huge blocks of stone with the earth pony banners fluttering in the wind in front of it.
The town crier is on a stand screaming his lungs out, something about adventure, the chancellor and the town hall.
Do you want to go shopping?
Make your way to the town hall?
Something else?


Time is of the essence as time is money and money is short so….short….time…

Head to Town Hall to see what's going on.


Lets go shopping guys!


Fine, I'll entertain them. Let's go find out what's available at the Merchant's guild.


Another adventure sounds like fun.





Let's see what's going at the Merchant's Guild


Roll to have >funRolled 4


head to see who is shouting what

shopping can wait


>no shopping

You guys are boring.


Don't you want a fabulous sword to go with your gears


You can go buy some jewels or whatever. Bring back potions


no one's stopping you

we just got back, we can probably stay a night or two before leaving


It would be smarter to shop when we know what kind of adventure the crier is talking about.


Nah lets go to the guild if you whant to guys.


Fair enough, let's hear it out.


You suddenly feel horribly angry.
You decide to continue to the town hall, but take a quick detour past the merchant's guild.
There's a fat earth pony wearing a small hat with a feather in it shouting "bombs! Rope! Oil! Anything an adventurer could need!"
There's a neat rack of weapons behind him.
You don't buy anything right now, thinking it would be better to know what you're going to do before buying new equipment

You are at the town hall.
The town hall is notably calmer than the buzzing Market on the outside.
The waiting room you have entered is small, with white walls and uncomfortable chairs next to a large door to the main hall.
The main hall is lined with huge pillars potruding from the ground, and there's a red carpet through the middle to a stand where there are two seats.
Someone has dragged a large wooden table before the stand, and there are multiple ponies in red city official dresses swarming around it.
When you enter the hall the chancellor rises his head, and motions the guards to stop you before you can see what's on the table.

Try to peer at the table?
Ask the chancellor what does he need done?


Pft. Tell me something I don't know

Lets chat with the chancelor


Rolling for peerRolled 15


>You suddenly feel horribly angry

Cranky donkey getting cranky again


Try to ask chancellor what does he want


Talk to the chancellor!


I ask the chancellor what he needs done.


stop get behind the group, away from the guards


You stretch your neck as best as you can.
You notice there's a map on the table with pins pointing out every large town in the earth pony federation, and some unicorn cities.
There are also flags, though you're not sure what they mean.
The chancellor starts explaining the situation to you:
"As you know, there are some caves in the mountains not far from the city.
We presume some necromancer has hidden himself in one of these, as we've gotten reports of farmers disappearing near the woods that line the mountainsides.
Something must be done before all the frontier farms will disappear! I ask you to go to this cave, find the necromancer and take his staff back to me as proof that he is dead.
You will be handsomely rewarded by the state and you make keep any loot you find at the lair of the necromancer."
He then gives you the directions to the cave where the necromancer is presumed to be hiding.
It's just a day's walk away, though you'll have to spend a night at the woods.
The guards give you a quizzical look.


Necromancers are punks that hide behind their undead minions to survive. We should be able to do this easy. I say we accept the quest and get a move on.


Thank the Chancellor

then quietly ask the Cleric what she saw


Sounds easy enough. I'll go visit the stalls, buy some food for the trip.


Accept the quest and begin preparation for our journey!


Everpony deserve the peace of the grave, lets do this.


We should probably head to the shops and smithies now. Once we get outside I ask the cleric if there was anything interesting on the table.




You accept the quest, and the chancellor's face widens into a smile.
He thanks you and tells you you don't need to buy food or healing supplies if you don't want to, as the city will provide you more than enough when you're ready to leave.
He looks at your equipment though and suggests you get those checked at at the local smithy.
He wouldn't give a bit to those sleazy merchant's at their guild.
You head outside.
Do you want to visit the smithies and the fletchers?
The merchant's guild?


We Smitties now.


Free food? Why, thank you. I'll go check out the smithies first then.


Some maps and flags.

The smitties.


Let's see what the smiths have to offer.


I'll check out the fletchers, need to restock my quiver with arrows, and fine tune my bow string


I'll head to the merchants, see if they have a particular something I'm looking for. It shouldn't take long


**DM,I probably should've asked this before but are certain weapons associated with certain races?


You head to the side of the square, where there's a smith and a fletcher side by side.
The smith is an old earth pony with a gray beard and an eyepatch.
He eyes you for a moment, especially Auria.
"Huh, you don't see them unicorns every day. What can I get ya? I've got swords, spears, halberds, helmets, armour, big and small, light and heavy. I can't guarantee my stuff is still as good as the guilder's but it won't break!"
If you want to buy new equipment from here you have to roll for it's quality.
The fletcher's a female earth pony. As you walk by barrels of different kinds of arrows you notice an odd bow.
"It's a crossbow! They're the latest development in ranged weaponry, and I just got a shipment! They might not fire as fast and as far as bows but they sure pack a mean punch! They're easier to use too!"
The large earth pony at the counter gives you a smile.
"And what would you like to buy today? We've got everything from your standard equipment to books from the Unicorn Kingdoms! We just recently got a masterwork longsword from the pegasi too!"
A masterwork weapon allows you to reroll a dice once per combat, but they have a price to match
Any race can use any weapons, but every class can't.
As a knight you can use all close combat weapons.


Do we roll before we buy, or at the same time?


You may roll before you buy, as you check the wares before forking over the cash.
Just state what kind of a weapon you want and roll.


I could use a new sword. A great sword at least.
Rollin' for quality.Rolled 12


I roll for a fancy staff.Rolled 10


Can bards use maces or hammers?


I'd have to decline the offer for the crossbow, wouldn't wanna sacrifice speed for power.

Roll for a good recurve bowRolled 13


Rolling to check his selection of maces.Rolled 20


I don't buy anyzthing


One-hoofed maces.
I'm gonna wait for everyone's shopping decisions before announcing the prices.


"Thanks for the offer but I'm looking for a pegasus designed contraption. It's a blade launcher that fits on the front hoof, 'Target Mark' said to have started exporting them recently."


you find a masterwork mace.
Even the smith doesn't know it's so well balanced and made, he sells it to you at the normal rate of 5 coins.
You think the sword might even be a bit fancier than the ones they sell at the guild.
A great sword costs 15 gold coins.
The staff is pretty fancy, and sturdy.
It doesn't have any magical elements to it but it's a good staff.
it costs you 5 gold coins.
The bow is definitely stronger than your previous one.
the recurve bow costs you 15 gold coins and comes with an ample supply of normal arrows.
The earth pony goes silent for a while.
"That sounds pretty rare. Let me check the back room."
Roll for availability


Guys I have to go afk for 5 minutes so brb.Rolled 3


Okay, the rest of you may go to the bathroom or get something to drink or finish your shopping meanwhile.


You have failed to go away. You are here FOREVER




GAH!Rolled 16


Guess I'll take it then! I'll note the amount of gold I have left down.


I'm guessing 1s are critical fails?


the earth pony come back with a large crate.
"huh, I was sure I hadn't ordered any. Well I'll give you a bit of a discount on these, say…10 gold?"
In the same way 20 is a critical success, yes.


I familiarize myself with my new bow and put on my quiver full of arrows. Perhaps I'll take a look at that merchant that was selling oil, maybe I can make my own incendiary arrows for the tripRolled 1


When fiddling with your bow you break the string.
It costs you 5 gold coins to repair.
You don't have to roll at the merchant's guild, or did you just forget the dice in the e-mail field?


I'll have to brb for 10 too, make your purchases and roll for quality if you need to.
I'll tell the prices when you get back


yeah, I forgot to remove the dice from the email lol, I shall accept my clumsiness and pay for the repairs


"10 Gold!? For a single shot, manual reloading launcher? Actually that sounds about right. I'll take one."

then head over to the smiths


I purchase the mace if I haven't done so already.


Ok im back and I want that staff.Rolled 18


Submit to pressure and decide to browse for a decent staff to use.Rolled 2


Is 4chan down guys?


Seems fine to me


Nope, seems fine for me?


Not for me


looking for an open faced helmet; greaves/leg protection, medium sized shield with a charging spike on it

Rolling for quality
do i have to roll several times?Rolled 14


I roll to search for armor a bard can use.Rolled 2


I think I'm still okay with my chain mail armour, so I'll just look for a nice closed helmet.

Rollin' for quality!Rolled 10


You search and search but all of the staffs the poor smith has are either too crooked or are rotten.
You find all of that, and they're of nice quality too.
They'll cost you 45 coins though, armour isn't easy to make.
You find a handkerchief.
the smith says you can take it for free, he's got a dozen of those.
You find one. it cost you 10 coins.


Fair enough. 10 coins it is.Rolled 11


Oh damn, ignore that roll.


I take that free handkerchief and head to the Merchant's Guild.


Search the nearby shops for a compass, a map of the local terrain, and some oil


I pay and wait for the others



Ugh. How annoying. Can't say I didn't expect it though.


I pay for the staff nasse.


The earth pony at the merchant's guild gives you the same sales speech as he gave to Noe.
He says the map, compass and oil would cost you 25 coins.
You all may shop at the merchant's guild without saying "I walk over there"
Yes, I noticed.

Okay, everyone state how much coins you have left.
Everyone started with 100.


After the sword and helmet, 75 coins left.

I'll give 10 coins to Xiek so that he can pay for the remaining 15 coins for the map, compass and what-not.

After that, 60 coins left for me.


Pay the kind merchant for the goodies
I now have 55 Bits left


I have 45 left




I still have 100 cause I don't waste shit on fuck.


95 coins.

Do I have to roll for quality at the Merchant's Guild, or do I just say what I want and get a flat price?


The merchant pony looks down on you.
"Merchant's guild items are of steady quality, but our prices are higher than a common street smith's."

You also see it's almost mid day. Final purchases before heading out.


I'm looking for armor a bard can use.


>60 coins



Groan and head out before anyone else.


The merchant eyes you for a while.
"Hm, I think I've got just what you need. This vest's made of reinforced leather, it fits you perfectly, if you have the, mmm, coin for it."
The vest costs you 15 coins.
The guardspony at the gate stops and asks you if you're one of the adventurers. Your supplies have been brought to the guard post by the main gate.

Will the rest of the party gather by the main gate?


I pay for it, put it on, and head to the main gate.


I'm ready, I guess. To the main gate.


Reply yes and thank him for the supplies. I pick up a few and call impatiently call out to the others as I head to the main gate.


Onwards to the main gate


follow the Shaman and head to the main gate


Yes lets go!


You get to the main gate.
The chancellor wasn't lying, there's enough food and supplies there to last you for a lifetime.
Unfortunately you can't carry all of it.
You take what you can, bandages, water, food, and even a hook for a rope.
You start galloping through the empty countryside, only occasionally passing ponies dragging their carts towards the earth pony capital.
Following the map you arrive at the forest a bit before evening.
The tracker should check for a way through the forest.


Can I use detect evil? Maybe I can feel the evil necromancer.


I'll accompany the tracker.


You may try.
Roll if you want to.


My time to shine, I will scout ahead to see which path we can take, I shall also make use of my wings and do an aerial scan as well


Ok rolling.Rolled 3


I'll stick with the tracker.


Tracking is a skill.
You're momentarily blinded by world's beauty.
The knight has to carry you into the forest while you drool a bit.


rrrrrrrollRolled 1





haha oh man


My dice are cursedRolled 9


Oh my~Rolled 11




You get lost several times, having seemingly lost your sense of direction as soon as you were enveloped by the forest.
It's well past midnight when you finally stumble upon a clearing, which you presume is about in the middle of the forest.
There's a hovel here with an overgrown garden in front of it.
A little worryingly you find a skeleton of a farmer inside it still clutching an axe.
Does someone want to pick up the axe?


Roll to calm Makkusu down.

Though If I fail I don't really care.Rolled 19


I am not touching that thing.


RI try to detect evil in this skeleton.Rolled 14


scan the area for a defensible place to spend the night ASIDE from the hovelRolled 16


Something tells me we shouldn't touch it, anyone cares to give it a try?


Upset with my previous mishap, I pay no heed to the skeleton and his axe, and leave it alone


I get my mace ready in case that skeleton is undead.


Sigh…. fine.

I use Root to move some of the roots around to try to grab or at least knock over the sword to test for undeadness.Rolled 9


Yep, the skeleton's dead.
You think that if someone tried to touch it, it would just crumble into dust.
There's something about the forest surrounding this place though.
The garden is lined with a brick fence. You figure you could put up a tent there.
You calm the weary warrior down, it doesn't take much though since the whole party is so exhausted.

You leave the dead alone for now and set up camp.
Everyone soon falls asleep.
After a while though, NOE feels something nuzzling his hoof.
Then there's a hot breath on his face.
Opening an eyelid he spots a pair of red eyes hovering over his face in the darkness.
Jumping up he sees three timberwolves circling the campsite with a fourth one over him.
You wake everyone else up with your screaming.

Roll for iniative, score to beat due to the surprise attack: 12.


Rolling.Rolled 9


File: 1337465545081.png (560.16 KB, 1280x841, Campsite.png)

Before all this though, Rib picks up the axe from the poor fellow.


Cast smite!Rolled 2


RollingRolled 20


Rolling!Rolled 19


take a defensive position in front of the othersRolled 3


Ah crap. Rolling!Rolled 6


A timberwolf howls and jumps at you, only managing to headbutt you.
You fall on the tent and it comes crashing down, you're fine for the moment though.
You manage to blind yourself with your spell.
You're gonna miss your next turn.
A timberwolf slowly approaches you.

The timberwolf on top of you tries to bite a sizable chunk off your face, only thwarted by your manic flailing about.
You do get a scar on your face though. It'll make nice party talk.

Another timberwolf bounces at you, ripping a few rings off your chainmail and clawing at your feet.
It's just a flesh wound.

You get +1 to your next action.

>critical success
You don't think, you grasp the axe you just got and drive it through the nearest timberwolf's head, instantly slaying it.
You also get +1 to your next action.


ahhh! Help!Rolled 12


The timberwolf Rib killed was the one attacking Card Trick, by the way.


I smash the timberwolf that just headbutted me with my mace.Rolled 20


Animal Connection on the Timberwolf going for AuriaRolled 3


Damn it, and this is my favourite chain mail armour. Roll to attack one of the timberwolves with my great sword!Rolled 1


Using the oil I bought, I light my arrows on fire and fire away at the timber wolf that's approaching AuriaRolled 17


run to defend the Cleric if i'm not occupiedRolled 2


this is going great everyone!Rolled 19


Knights having a bad time.


Please tell me that was your reroll.


if it is then it's probably to encourage you guys, if the DM says otherwise then no


You're no longer blinded and can take your next action.
You think you're a wolf for a while, but come to your senses before you try to take a bite out of anyone.
You throw your greatsword at the campfire, the timberwolf in front of you looks at you with a surprised look on it's face when
>the target no longer exists
You take a massive swing at air and stumble on the wolf fighting Makkusu.
The wolf is hurt and confused.
You light the wolf on fire and it starts flailing about.
The wolf on top of you is still very real, and so are it's claws.
You can taste blood in your mouth.
If you or someone doesn't get that wolf off of you you're gonna faint.
He doesn't have any


FUCK, GET THAT SWORD BACK and roll to assist NOE!Rolled 18


>I always forget this
There are three wolfs left.
One is hurt, confused and stuck under Card Trick.
One is on fire and flailing about. If you don't kill it now you will have to start taking dodge tests.
One is on top of NOE, and he's about to faint from blood loss.
He won't die unless the whole party is knocked unconscious.


bash away the wolf with my shieldRolled 14


I attack the wolf on NOE.Rolled 13


Smite the wolf on top of Noe


Ok roll.Rolled 4


Drive an arrow into the flaming wolf's skullRolled 1








You guys really like Wolves all over you.

Try animal connection one more time. These wolves could help.Rolled 6


You burn your hoof a little but manage to get your sword out of the fire and swing it at the wolf in a high arc.
Your combined efforts send the wolf flying on the hovel's wall, shattering the beast into splinters.
You cast a nice flare on the night sky.
You snap the bow's string again. Good thing you brought spares.
You also have to roll to dodge the flaming wolf.
It will be burned to cinders in two turns.

The third wolf is no longer trapped, but it's still disoriented.


I attack the disoriented wolf.Rolled 18


The disoriented wolf stays confused for one more turn.
You have a +2 if you try animal connection one more time.


third times the charm!
Cast smite in that wolfRolled 12


finish off the wolf with a sword/shield chargeRolled 12


Roll to dodge the flaming wolf, give it a quick kick to shove it away from the partyRolled 5


The wolf flies to it's side, but isn't dead.
Those are the rolls, but designate which wolf.


Your nice cloak gets a little singed, but the wolf is still flailing about randomly.
One turn until it burns to death.


Attack the disoriented wolf.Rolled 7


The disoriented wolf.Rolled 1


go for the burning wolf


Take my knife out and team up with Makkusu and Auria to take out the disoriented wolf


forgot to rollRolled 16


I'll do a spot check to see if there are any that hung backRolled 16


You miss and land flat on your face.
You smite the wolf to pieces.
You stop the flaming wolf's flailing by bashing it with your shield and driving a knife through it's throat.
Noe is wounded, but some bandages and a good night's rest should help with that.

The wolves are dead and your campsite is a mess.
Your tent is torn and the flaming wolf destroyed your campfire.
You decide to spend the rest of the night in the hovel with mr. Bones.
You see one or two quickly running away. You don't think they'll return… tonight.

Next morning you check the remains of your campsite and decide to push to the mountains.
You come up to the "cave" the chancellor said the necromancer might be hiding in, but it's no ordinary cavern.
There are two statues flanking a huge square-shaped opening in the side of the mountain here.
The statues have been sculpted wearing chainmail and viking-style helmets, and their eyes seem to have gem-shaped depressions in them, though the gems themselves have gone missing.

Do you want to enter the cave?
This is without error the place pointed to you by the map.

Also we can continue from here whenever if people want to quit now.
Next similar checkpoint should be coming in about an hour or hour and a half.


I've got to leave for a party in about ten minutes and have no idea when I''l get back. I'm in favor of stopping here for now.


A little late here, so I think I'll stop too.Rolled 15


Well I can do whatever you guys want.Rolled 6


the cleric should check the statues, i have a feeling that they could come to life if given the right magic


Also this, detect evil in this statues.Rolled 11


yeah, I'll stop too for now


The statues are just stone, through and through.
That's not to say a powerful enough mage couldn't still reanimate them but it's not likely.
So that's three out of six.
I think we'll pause here.
When would you guys be able to continue, presuming you still want to?


I can be here tomorrow at the same time we started today.


haha, tomorrow if possible

or whenever. I like the involvement this one has


Same time or earlier is fine too


Well this >>2243Rolled 7


So same time tomorrow.
Maybe even an hour earlier if you guys will be here.
Great, let's do that.


To the other thread!Rolled 20


I shall take my leave then now, look forward to continuing with you guys later!


Alright, let's get this party started, everyone answer to this post if you're here.
We'll start once we've got at least 5/6 members.


Tracker reporting in


here to be integrated into the game later on




Knight reporting in.


im here.


Well that's five.
We can wait for the others or get going
I'll have to go to bed in about 5 hours though, I forgot about a thing I have tomorrow.
The absent players will be left outside the dungeon


who's missing?


Reporting in.


NOE the Knight and Rib the Shaman


Wait for me!


Go away I don't need you yet



Oh shit forgot my char sheet

Diamond Mane
[Plot Device] (multiclass: Deus Ex Machina/Bad Writing)
Lawful Neutral
Cutie Mark: A railroad
Skills: ignore dice roll + worsen situation
Weapon: a bag of doorknobs
Inventory: the script, fixed dice, dungeon master notes, monster manual, the rulebook


You forgot the fire arrows.


>a bag of doorknobs


Well, let's get started then, if Rib or Noe shows up they can catch back to ya.
You can read all about from above.
Your party was asked to clear some caves of the undead and their necromancer.
You trekked over only to find out the caves aren't quite normal.
In fact they appear to be more like ruins.
Your party is at the entrance.
The first hall is medium-sized, the roof has some cracks here and there and there's dust playing in the breeze that comes in from the entrance.
There's not much here except bocks of stone, some bones scattered about and a winding staircase going both ways.


Detect evil on the bones.Rolled 20


I can just cast Worsen Situation to summon some if needed.

I roll to talk with the statues by the door. Perhaps they know smething.Rolled 17


I roll to see if I have ever countered songs or stories that speak of this place.Rolled 13


You sweep the room with your gaze, there's no evil here.
You can detect something a few stories below though…
Pls stop


Roll to check the area for any signs of recent activityRolled 18


He says after being a fairy in the forest game


uhh..guess I'll do nothing while waiting for the party to do their thing.


There are tracks going down, but not up.
The stairs go only one story up.
You flip through your book of lullabies and mating songs but find nothing but scant references to some old ponies of the past.
Well I didn't do anything!


Let's check out the tracks yo


I head up the staircase.


Check out dat track


Ultra casual question incoming - How does the d20 system work? What are the borders of fail/succes?


unless specified 10 is success, 1 is crit fail and 20 is crit success
there's only a narrow corridor here, which is shut off at the end by a rockslide.
You notice there are slits for archers facing outwards, this must have been a guard post in the old times.
Roll for loot.
You go down the stairs. there's door to the right and a sign on it, though it's not written in any language that you know. The cleric might be able to read it though (skill check)


1 is crit fail, 20 is crit success. 2-10 is fail, 11-19 is success


Ok im going to do it.Rolled 5


Why would they have a room for broccoli?
You're pretty sure it doesn't read broccoli.
Do you want to investigate the room?


Loot roll.Rolled 14


Oi Cleric, get here and read that.


You find a bow and some arrows.
You then hurry to meet up with the rest of the group.


Sure.Rolled 8


I already fail.


You open the door.
It's a prison room, there are three cells in here, but you don't care about that.
There's a zombie pony by a table here.
He spots you and charges.
Roll for iniative.
Because the zombies are rather slow and unagile, you only have to roll 9 or more.


On a side note, you guys can join here and upload musics that may be fitting to the D&D session http://www.mumuplayer.com/nasseponed-d




Rolling.Rolled 10


Smite the zombie pone.Rolled 9


RollingRolled 10


Oh for god's sakeRolled 2


The zombie is smited, crushed bashed, stabbed and otherwise mutilated to the point of non-existence.
Makkusu stumbles and gets hit by Card Trick's attack since he was running down the stairs.

You can hear a whimper from one of the cells.
There's a sword and a light crossbow on the table with a key.


I'll take the sword. Roll to identify it.Rolled 8


I heal Makkusu.Rolled 13


Auria, light up your horn so we can see what's in the cell.


I'll keep the crossbow as a spare weapon just for in case my bow is breaks. Roll to identify.Rolled 15


Both weapons a large I carved to it.
Someone shouts at you "Hey,those are mine!"
You turn your heads to see a grey mare wearing black robes chained to the wall by her throat.

Radiant this is your cue
Makkusu doesn't even notice the cut he got anymore.


Cast detect evil on the mare.Rolled 4


You couldn't detect evil if Grogar himself slapped you on the face.
But that's okay, the mare seems to be radiating light.


Put down my weapons and release me at once!
I'm here to purge evil from this vile place in the name of the Inqusition, but I can't if I'm chained to a wall!
I believe there must be a key here somewhere!


I take the key and unlock her cell.


"Who are you and to whom do you serve?"


"Why are you trapped in here?"


You unlock her cell, though the clasp on her throat still remains.
only she can answer those questions
hint, hint



She stands as high and threatening as the chains allow her and speaks as majestic as she can
"I am Pale Dusk, the Inquisitor and Destroyer of Evil! I came here to cleanse this place but I was striked down from the shadows and found myself in this blasted cell!"


Cast heal on the mare.Rolled 16


So do you want out now, or after we've killed all the scarey monsters?


"I see that your tounge is sharp, but my sharp blade and bolts may be needed against whatever foes dwell deeper! I belive you are here for the same reason as me!"


That's all I needed to hear.

I unlock the clasp around her throat.


"I just hope you don't try anything funny."


I rub the area around my neck where the clasp was, then reach into my robe and get out my monocle shaped charm, and check the party for traces of evil.
What do I see?


What few bruises she had disappear.
The clasp is released, she picks up her belongings and you proceed downwards through the staircase when it abruptly ends right next to a door.
there is an even larger hallway here, with pillars lining the walls.
The pillars are decorated with faces of ponies past, most wearing helmets with horns, and carvings of great battles fighting a range of foes.
You see there are three ways to go: there's a door to the right, to the left, and at the end of the hallway.


Let's go left.


Let's try left


"I say we check the path that goes left."


I follow Card to the left.


Left it is.


The party is suprisingly pure, consisting only of good characters.
Only Xiek is neutral.
As you step into the hallway you can feel your hoof pressing a little too much and you hear a clack.
An arrow shoots from one of the pillars! Roll to dodge.
The rest of the party is behind Card, so you don't have to roll.


RollingRolled 3


The arrow hits you squarely in the chest, but shatters on impact.
It must have been a while since these traps have been checked, but you shouldn't get too sure of yourselves.
There might also be other hidden things in this dungeon
The tracker can check for traps and hidden doors and such if I remember right

You're at the door now.
It has another sign which the Cleric can try to translate.


"Everyone Halt! You! Tracker! Do you think you can navigate us safely without triggering any traps?"


First im going to heal Card.Rolled 20


"I'll take point in front of the party, roll to check for more traps in the area, worry not guys"Rolled 10


Now I try to read the signs.Rolled 17


I guess I'll just be extra careful then.


There's something about that door to the right…
Card does not need healing.
The sign reads "storage"


We should check the storage.Rolled 2


The door to the right is not the same as the door with the sign right?Rolled 16


Is there a loose stone on the ground I can pick up? Something that is somewhat heavy?


You open the door and find twelve barrels of rotten tomatoes.
There's a very similar door to the right.
It too, has a sign on it.
One floor tile is loose.


"There is nothing worthwhile here. We should stop stalling and move on already!"


Throw the loose tile at the door, hoping it will trigger what ever trap it has in store for us. Roll for trigger successRolled 2


Does the tile look to be nearly as heavy as a pony?


Oke lets open that door.Rolled 10


I'll stand guard for any incoming enemies.


You try to throw the rock at the door, but it falls short.
You dodge another arrow.
It seems this room is an armoury.
You find a sword and a nordic helmet, give these to whoever wants them.
Only one door remains.

You enter a hall that's even greater than the one in the city.
It has an arching roof and even some sunlight coming in from up above.
You can see tattered remains of an carpet on the ground, again showing deeds of the past: mostly earth ponies fighting pegasi
When you walk in a bit you can see the source of the light: narrow windows on an balcony that overshadows the entrance. You presume it was another guard post, though you're not sure how you're supposed to get up there.
There are torch holders all around the hall, and some even have torches you could light up in them.
However the most dominating feature is a great statue of an earth pony wearing a helmet with a mask stuck in an eternal grimace, and a cape and ornate armour.
It is flanked on both sides by alcoves for guards and then stairways leading up to an elevated position.
There is a large stone tablet by the statue that has something written on it in the old language


"Cleric, can you translate what's on the tablet?"


I could use the sword! Roll to identify it.Rolled 7


I guess the knight want this helm right?

Let me try.Rolled 12




Fly up to the guard post to see if there are any loot to be foundRolled 1


I'm pretty sure we left you out front.


It has some inscriptions on it, nothing magical.
It reads "Julgubbe"
"Sven Dragonbane
First lord of Whitepeak Hold"
and underneath it
"Welcome, wipe your hooves"
As the cleric reads this out loud Noe rushed down the stairs.
You had left him guarding the camp you set up at the entrance.
There's but dust and broken bones lying about.
You also get a splinter in your wing.


I spin around and aim my crossbow at him
"HALT! State your business!"


Rolling Bardic Knowledge to see if I know anything about Julgubbe, Sven Dragon Bane, and Whitepeak Hold.Rolled 10


You hear the distinct sound of hooves clip-clopping on stone and see a farmer emerge from behind the statue.

The farmer turns on you and you notice his coat is patchy and his eyes have rolled in his skull.
He bares his teeth and lets out a horrifying howl, which is immediately answered from behind him.
He jumps down to the stairs and starts running towards you, only to stumble on the stairs and to land on the floor, snapping his neck with a sickening crunch.
Still he manages to rise up though.
You get first turn.


Smash his head with my mace.Rolled 8


"I-di-dy-duh I'm with the group! Trust me!"


Arrow in between his eyesRolled 18


Smite the zombie pone.Rolled 1


Turn my attention from Noe and shoot a bolt at the zombie.
"Vile Creatures!"Rolled 15


"Julgubbe…okay, guess I'll keep the sword for now unless any of you needs it."

"Woah, slow down there. He's with us."

Alright, let's get this on.Rolled 18


What have you done to piss of your god?


I dont know…Rolled 13


You only manage to cast smite on yourself.
You're lying on the floor now.
You end the creature's torment.
Swing and miss.
Who hasn't heard of Sven the slayer of dragons and his migthy mountain stronghold?
You're pretty sure he cleared this part of the mountains of dragons though.
You make sure the zombie is not in any condition to ever be revived again.

you can still hear howling, maybe ten of the vile beasts lurking in the hallways.
The poor farmer has nothing on him worth taking.

You decide to hurry up the stairs to a room that seems rather empty. there's a way to a huge set of corridors and stairs.
You need to roll three times to get through this maze.
each roll brings about a random encounter depending on your roll.


Let's see if I can roll three at once.


Nope.Rolled 5


Rolling.Rolled 9


low roll inc.Rolled 9


Alright. First roll!Rolled 11


RollingRolled 18


You're confronted with six zombies wielding farming equipment.
Iniative roll 9.
These two rolls happen after this encounter.


Readying myself for whatever happensRolled 11


Rolling.Rolled 5


That's a lot of zomponies

Arrow in the head, one after the other!Rolled 5


I charge my sword with Blast and strike at one of them.
"BE PURGED!"Rolled 3


swing at the neck of the nearest that wasn't already engaged


Strike them!Rolled 9


Smite the evil.Rolled 18


come on email!Rolled 9


A zompone swings it's pitchfork at you, ripping quite a nice hole in your vest.
You are fine though.
You fumble and drop the arrow, allowing a zombie to headbutt you.
That's a nice crack you made in the floor.
A rock drops from the ceiling on your hoof.
You smite one down, as they can't resist your holy might.
You both cut one.
They drop their farming equipment and they're bleeding, but they're undead, what do they care?


Attack again!Rolled 17




Assist the others in taking down the other zombies. Rolling!Rolled 15


Fire another arrow at the zompone at headbutted me, I want brain kebabs!Rolled 17


swing again!Rolled 4


Smite the evil zombie pone!


WoopsRolled 5


You have the masterwork mace, allowing you to reroll one dice per combat, by the way
You also have the +1 to next inspire action because you tuned your banjo

You smash away at a zombie, leaving it's skull in a bloody pulp.
miraculously it's still standing.
You smash away again, cutting a zombies head right off.
They're no match for your holy fury.
You annihilate the pony that card trick weakened.
The arrow hits a zompony square in the eye socket, causing it to flinch.
You swing and miss, letting the zombie infront of you take a swing at you with it's scythe.
Thanks to your armour you only get a small scratch.
The gods don't smile upon this one.
As you try to cast one a zombie bounces at you, trapping you under it.

There are three zombie pones left, and two of them are weakened.
The most unhurt just pinned your cleric under it.


Assist the cleric! ROLLING!Rolled 17


Smash the zombie on the cleric.Rolled 13


Stab the zombie with my holy charged horn.Rolled 14


Get in here and listen to appropriate music with us.



Send a bolt into the head of the zombie with already an arrow in it's head.Rolled 6


Take care of Auria! I'll finish these guys, roll for more brain kebabs.Rolled 13


Slam my shield into its body while running the tip of my sword through its head

oh please oh please work i'm gonna be completely open otherwiseRolled 2


You gonna have a bad time


The zombie goes flying before it has a chance to properly introduce himself.
You finish the thing by painting the walls red with it's brains.
These new weapons are fickle things.
Maybe you should have practiced more before heading out?
The bolt simply doesn't fire as the string was incorrectly placed.
You fire another arrow at the pony, and even though you hit, he doesn't even flinch.
You drop the shield and trip over.
The zombie only manages to cut out your tail, however.

There are two zombie pones left, both of them in a weakened state.


roll over and fire my blade launcher into the zompone's skullRolled 6


LET'S DO THIS.Rolled 17


Finish one of the zombies with smite.Rolled 14


Fix it and fire.Rolled 5


Take out the one attacking NOE, he needs help!Rolled 15


I smash the left one with my mace.Rolled 2


Rerolling.Rolled 20


I need some new dice


The blade flies to the roof.
You swing your great sword,inflicting a great wound on one of the zombies.
You shoot at the zombie, causing it to recoil against Card
You take the still breathing body of one of the zombies and hack away at it's skull until not even Starswirl the Bearded could put his body together.
You smite the remaining pone.
You begin to think it's the trigger mechanism.
It must have dust in it.

You continue your treck through the maze.
>rolled 9

You come upon an odd scene.
There are skeletons fighting zombies in a room here, and the zombies are loosing.
The skeletons are in a clear formation, being lead by one with a red cape and some all too familiar chainmail armour.
You can't even begin to understand what is going on in here.
You estimate that if you waited their skirmish out undetected, you'd be left with maybe 7 skeletons to fight from the original squad of 10.
If you rushed in now, there would be 3 zombies and 9 skeletons to kill.
Do you want to roll to stay undetected or wait this one out?


The zombies have been the only ones to attack us so far, and there are stories of good, or at least not evil, necromancers. Maybe we should help the skeletons?


Rolling to fix my crossbow.
"Damned tracker, messing with my weapon…"Rolled 15


"And let these abominations roam Equestria? Not a chance!"


You dis- and reassemble the crossbow.
There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, must have been your luck.


Will this count as a new combat for the purposes of rerolling with my mace and what are the mechanics of Inspire Courage and Inspire Fear?


Wait for my party to decide.Rolled 18


There's a good chance they are just guardians of a crypt.


You inspire courage and I pull an effect out of my ass, that's suitable for your roll.


aw great, i'm gonna need more blades

Rolling to stay undetectedRolled 20


Who walk with the help of dark magic and necromancy!


The roll could determine if it effects a single target or multiple targets?


I'll wait out too until you guys can decide something.


Roll to stay undetected, we need not take part in avoidable confrontationsRolled 17


It always works on the whole party if it works.
Same with inspire fear.
This is the roll for the whole party, with the help of the knight you become one with your surroundings, the skeletons could walk over you and not notice.
>continues shortly


If you want risk bringing a ton of armed and armored skeletons down on the party, go right ahead and get us all killed.


You watch as the battle unfolds.
The skeletons systematically slay the zombies with their superior military gear and -discipline.
The helpless zombies only manage to kill two skeletons before being brought down and executed like pigs.
The skeleton in the red cloak then surveys the room, and the casualties.
He releases a screeching noise from his empty skull, which causes three of the skeletons to start dragging away the corpses to another room.
There are only 4 skeletal ponies in the room now, including the captain of the watch.


"And what do you suggest we do?
Sneak past them in the shadows like cowards?
I say we kill them all."


Everyone stay here, I'm going to step out and say hello.

Do I have to roll for this?


Avoid unnecessary confrontations I say, because if we do we-

uh oh!


It might be a great time to test those ranged weapons and that inspiring thing you guys


You rise up and wave your hoof at the captain.
"Jolly good old lad, bit of a problem you seem to be having with these zombies and-"
His eyes immediately glow red and he screeches something to his soldiers.
You can hear a commotion from the other side of the door where the bodies were dragged too.
Roll for your iniative.
Roll to beat: 11.


I think we outnumber them. We should be able to take them out!


"WHAT were you thinking, Idiot?!"

Marksman shot at the main skeleton.Rolled 14


And since I always forget.
You are fighting 3 normal skeleton soldiers armed with shields and a wide variety of one-hoofed weapons.
There's a commotion on the other side of a door where three similar skeletons just dragged some zombie bodies.
There's also captain of the guard here, who has a helmet, chainmail armour and a red cape.
His weapon is a rune-inscribed axe.


Oh god!
Attack the skeletons.Rolled 14


It was worth a shot.Rolled 12


"This is going to be good."

Rolling for initiative.Rolled 3


Take out their leader! Aim for the captain's headRolled 11


oh you have GOT to be kidding me!

Stay my ground with my shield raisedRolled 2


You swing your staff at one of the skeletons, staggering him.
He remains largely unhurt due to his shield, however.
You're quicker than you'd think. No skeleton reaches you and you get +1 to your next action due to getting ready.
You trip on your self-confidence and remain too far from the skeletons to attack.
One of them throws a javelin at you though. Roll to dodge.
You find yourself at the very forefront of the action with you shield tightly strapped on your back.
A skeleton takes a stab at you with a spear, failing to penetrate your chainmail with it's rusty tip.
The arrow snaps and the head falls down his eye socket.
He laughs at your puny attempts.
You hit him in the shoulder joint. The bolt lodges itself in the joint, immobilizing the captain's arm.
You don't think arrows are the best way to fight a high level undead opponent.
Normal arrows, at least.


Ahh..cripes. Rolling to dodge!Rolled 1


Inspire Courage. Let's see if I can add my +2 to my roll.


Smite the skeleton.Rolled 19


This dice system really needs an upgrade.Rolled 5


Roll to push Makkusu out of harms way!Rolled 20


I'll charge the next bolt with Holy Blast, and fire again.Rolled 10


Wow, this seems all too familiar.


kick the skeleton away and draw my swordRolled 15


>Crit fail
>Crit success
The Javelin hits Xiek on the shoulder, but does not go deep.
You should be okay.
You attempt to play the song of heroes to inspire your group, but you seem to have forgotten the notes.
You resort to playing the benny hill theme instead, and it does not work.
No undead can stand a holy blast.
The staggered skeleton is reduced to ash.
You hit the captain who's just managed to remove the bolt from his shoulder.
He staggers a bit and charges you.
You may try to brace for it or try to dodge.
You kick the skeleton in the chest, and for a split second it looks like he might fall apart from the blunt force.
You now have your sword in your hoof.

You are fighting 2 normal skeletons and the skeletal captain of the guard.
There's a commotion behind some doors.
You presume that if you don't end this quick the skeletons will get reinforcements.


Attacking the captain with my mace.Rolled 17


I charge my sword with Holy powers,take a defensive stance and aim it at him so he will charge right into it.Rolled 20


This is for that tracker! STRIKE HARD at the captain!Rolled 14


Smite one of the lesser skeletons.Rolled 5


Time to turn the tables of this fight, draw my bow string for a single arrow to shatter that captain's skullRolled 13


swing broadly and end the staggered skeleton


lets try that againRolled 19


You both take your swings at the captain charging through the room, you can see a rib flying across the room, you can't stop the rampaging undead officer.
The arrow juts out of the captain's head, but his movement doesn't falter.
Just as the captain is about to take a mighty swing with his rune-emblazoned axe crackling with arcane energies, you drive your holy sword through his open mouth.
If you can tell expressions from bone, the captain's face turns into one of horror and amazement as the light from his eyes dies out and his skeletal form slumps on the ground, unmoving.
Meanwhile, you destroy the staggered skeleton's shield, sending one of it's arms flying across the room.
It's lying on the ground now, but you're not sure if it's dead or not.

The one skeleton can't move it's gaze from his dead captain until it just falls apart on the spot.
The banging on the door also stops.


You may now loot the room or continue on.


Auria, see if that axe is evil.


Time for some lovely goodies, roll for any additional goodies these dry bones haveRolled 19


Ok im going to detect evil in the axe >>2587Rolled 14


I wipe my sword clean, and check the room from where we heard the commotion.


Also, roll to see if there is any loot in there for me.Rolled 12


Rolling for delicious loot.Rolled 20


search for broken blades and a war hammer 'just in case'Rolled 18


Let's see if there is a shield I can use with my mace.Rolled 1


I blame the spam detection for this.


The axe is no more evil than any other arcane item.
It's certainly not possessed.
the skeletons had some 5 coins on them.
None of the skeletons was armed with a warhammer, unfortunately
As you shake the captains skull, two yellow gems drop out, you presume they might worth quite some gold at the town.
There's the rune axe which powers you're not quite sure of.
The captain's chainmail seems to be largely intact, if a bit rusty at the edges.
The skeletons' shields were rotten and rusted through and through.


I think we should keep the cleric away from the axe. She might cut her leg off.


Nothing much for me here, you fellas may help yourselves to the loot


Could use a new chain mail armour. I'll take it unless NOE wants it?.


I dont want it is too heavy for me.
Who want this axe?Rolled 12


Trackers may use chainmail without any penalties, it's sill relatively light, it's just that full plate armour is hard to come by.


nah man, I still have my shield


That said, may I has chain mail? Would be a good upgrade from my current leather armor


If no one wants those gems and coins then I'll take 'em.


as long as you run a detect evil check before, i'll sling it as backup


What about me checking the side room?


Yeah, go ahead. Owed you one anyway.


I guess im going to keep the axe.Rolled 7


The bard has the gems and coins.
The gems feel surprisingly warm.
NOE Has the Rune axe of unknown powers
Xiek gets the chainmail
It's no side room.
This is the way you should be going to.
There are three skeletons here who have fallen apart, and the bodies of the zombies.
The stench of death is heavy.
Onwards to encounter number 3?


Hold on.

I'll give you a gem if you check them for evil.


Onwards it is.


Ok let me try.Rolled 2


Onwards! I'll have my arrow ready for any sudden ambush


"I'll check them with my charm"

Roll to check them for evilRolled 7


scan for anything unusualRolled 4


They don't seem evil, but as you look through them, you can see a vision.
There's light in the ancient hallways, there are mares, foals and mineworkers walking about.
They are chattering with each other about something in their own language.
You presume these are visions of the captain of the guard back from when the hold was still a center of business.

Encounter 3 coming up.


"We go"


On the way there I give Auria a gem.


Prep my great sword for battle.


you come to a large round room with bodies of zombies and skeletons laying about.
To your surprise there's light and snow coming in to the room from up above. The large domed roof has a crack on it, large enough to let multiple ponies in.
There's a large door here with a large lock on it.


As you two are ready for trouble, you get +1 to your next iniative rolls.


"Thank you for the gift!"

Cast detect evilRolled 14


Inspect the lock.


start beheading the bodies and crushing the skeleton skulls while they're immobileRolled 16


There's a dark aura upon four skeletons.
As you inspect them closer you recognize one of them is carrying a key.
The lock is ancient, you think even an inexperienced rogue could pick it open.
As you get on your work, four skeletons rise from the ground.
Roll for iniative.


"Twisted creatures!"
Blast the nearest with my sword.


RollanRolled 9


I take the key and Smite one of the skeletons.Rolled 18


>forgot to rollRolled 18


Shatter their skulls with a well placed arrowRolled 3


Rolling!Rolled 16


bash one of the skeletons with my shield, repeatedlyRolled 12


You strike a skeleton's head clean off, but it still keep coming at you.
You remember you didn't channel your holy power through your weapons yet.
You have the key, and you smite the beheaded skeleton to oblivion.
You aren't quite fast enough, and a skeleton parries your blow.
A skeleton jumps at you and strikes you with it's rusty sword.
You're thankful that you got a new armour, as it absorbs most of the damage.
Your combined efforts send pieces of bone flying around.

There are 2 skeletons left.


Mace attack.Rolled 20


I actually Blast it this time.Rolled 13


Back up and assist Xiek.Rolled 18


start bashing another skeleton with my shieldRolled 16


You bash the skeleton's skull into it's ribcage.
It would take a damn powerful necromancer to bring that poor sod back to the books of the living.
You easily overpower the remaining skeleton and after quickly checking for loot (10 coins) you open the door.
There's a way up, and way down.


I regained my posture and fire another arrow at the skeleton in front of meRolled 5


buff my party.Rolled 11


So..10 coins for all of us or for each of us?

I like going down, it's fun.


keep it, we'll find more soon
>I like going down, it's fun
oh my~


Go down, evil lairs are always underground


File: 1337549728705.jpg (12.87 KB, 255x252, 1330827329236.jpg)


"Evil always dwells in the deep"


Let's check upstairs first. It could be useful to have an escape route ready.

Roll for anal circumferenceRolled 12


1 for up, 4 for down


Let's go down then.


In front of you is an underground waterway, which disappears into darkness both ways. You can hear the water rushing downwards to the left.
There's a walkway next to the river.


Lets go down.


I vote left. The cleric should light up her horn and lead the way.


Let's go left.
"Anyone has some torches?"


>Checks inventory
"Well shit, I thought I've forgotten something."
Left it is!
Hold me


I can light my horn with a golden aura.


Let's go left


…we didn't bring torches


after a bit of a walk, you notice a light in the distance: the water is rushing down the mountainside to a pond below.
There are two statues on both sides of the waterfall, looking into the sunset.
There's enough space here to set up a camp for the night, and you think it's an easy enough spot to defend.
(party may spend the night here)
And to tell you the truth I should get to bed soonish since I have a drivin Lesson I forgot about tomorrow morning


"Not a single one of you brought torches? To an underground lair?"


Sleeping is for the weak


We can stop now if you want to.


I'm good to stop here. I'll even take first watch so we don't get ambushed again.


lets stop here. you need sleep. i need to run and get supplies for my IRL quest life

thanks again Nasse!


Let's spend the night here, me and Card will take shifts guarding

Let's stop here for now too


"I'm not comfortable with stopping in such a wicked place, but be as it may."


Fair enough, let's camp here for the moment.

It's late here too so let's continue for next time. Thanks for the quest bro!


Next quest time when?
Tomorrow maybe?


hmm…yes I'm ready for tomorrow if you people are.
Sorry for quitting this time so soon.


Okay, if you people want to play, make yourselves heard.


All evil must die.


Im here.


Knight reporting in.


Tracker reporting in


Ready if you are.





That's six.
We can get started.
I'm using a mini laptop so I might write some typos because the keys are kinda weird.
Also I might have to change computers at some point, which means I'll have to dl the extension again etc., that might take a while though I'll try to write a message to let you know.
I'll write the first prompt now, you can mingle or do whatever adventurers do when they're camped inside ancient ruins fulla undead.


So what does it feel like to not be a knight.


I tune my banjo again.


"What does it feel to be an idiot?"


Like a bag of something sir.


It's a good feel


I check my crossbow to be in working order and clean my sword.


It feels sunny.


"Oi, you. I may be an Earth Pony knight but I'm no idiot!"


"You sure ask questions like one. What kind of question is that? How did you even manage to conjure it up from your simple mind? And what's the point of it?"


"If you two wish to duel, be my guest, for it is the most honorable way to solve conflicts"


File: 1337629393445.jpg (29.66 KB, 154x156, 1337411022727.jpg)

"We-well..the point is..SHUT UP."


"I don't wish to battle against good, I only live to destroy evil."

"Or what? You'll bombard me with more pointlessly stupid questions?"


After an uneventful night you pack your camp up and decide to head back into the dark abyss of the ruins.

You pass the room where you noticed the river first, and head onwards.
Most of the way you can see the bottom of the river as the water is crystal clear despite the taint of death that seems to hang about these tunnels, but suddenly the water takes a turn for the deeper.
The bottom of the duct quickly fades away into the dark waters, and the narrow gap widens into a room.
There are torchholders on the walls, and much to your surprise someone has put up burning torches on them.
Looking into the water you could have sworn you saw something moving down there.
Something large.


I take a burning torch with me.


Detect evil.


Take one of the torches and investigate the moving object.


Ready an arrow, this does not bode well


Now you've gone and made him cry, that wasn't very nice.

I stay away from the water and grab a torch.


IS the dice broke?


"I never said I was nice"




It got an update earlier, and it worked


You take an torch with you to the edge but can spot but the faintest movement.
A spot roll is required.
I think you need to write dice+d20 now.




roll for spot




>>2776Rolled 10 = 10


I'll roll for spot.


get close to the wall furthest from the water


oh ok i get itRolled 15 = 15


Uhh..rerolling!Rolled 11, 7 = 18


ok last timeRolled 9 = 9


Okay, that's a wrong roll. 3rd time's the charm.Rolled 14 = 14


proper roll?


You spot a squid.
It seems neutral.

It spots Makkusu waving his torch around and surfaces with incredible speed.
It does not attack you though, it seems more intrigued by your presence.
It reaches out with a tentacle and boops Makkusu's nose.


"Oh gosh."


Detect evil on this octo pone.Rolled 6 = 6


I ready my crossbow and check it with my charm.Rolled 8 = 8


It's still as neutral as it was when submerged.


scan our location againRolled 1 = 1


Can I hug this creature?


Let's leave it alone, doesn't seem to be hostile


I think it likes you.


Can I identify this pet, maybe it's an amphibian and I can bring it along to fight with us.


You're by a medium sized underground pond.
It narrows into a duct that lets the water flow down the mountainside to the left.
To the right there seems to be a large archway, large enough for a ship to pass through.
As you try to touch the tentacle booping Makkusu it retracts.
You can hear a weird underwater noise.
You get a +1 to you iniative roll if you decide to attack the squid.
It's large, but simple, compared to say, a hydra.
You may try [animal connection] on it.
Or was that a shaman skill?


But he is so cute! What if someone hurt him?


Welp, I'm a Knight but I'm still an Earth Pone if that counts. Is it possible?


I wait to see what the rest of the party does with the squid.


Use my knowledge on nature and see if we can tame this creature

Our donkey shaman got too cranky and abandoned usRolled 13 = 13


I put away my weapon.
I see no evil in this creature, thus, it can live.


"We should keep going guys, that rumbling sound ain't gonna kill itself"


"The knight is right, we shouldn't waste any more time on this creature."


your connection with the nature might not reach the level of the buffalo, but you manage to make the squid follow you to the next area.

There's is an actual stone pier here with a rotten-looking longboat by it.
The room is huge compared to what you've seen before; the ceiling disappears into darkness, though you can see odd wooden contraptions and ropes hanging from there.
There are torches fit in holders here, providing a bit of light into what must have been a dry dock in the olden times.
Your squid-friend doesn't wander far away from the light of your torches or the stone beneath your feet: you are not sure if you want to know what lies in the darkness of the water beyond your torchlight. There's a small door with a sign here, and a large ornate door right before the pier.


Check the small door.
Also brb 5 minutes.


"Cleric, can you translate what's on the sign?"


Scan the area for enemies, traps and the sortRolled 15 = 15


Ready my sword and stand guard for any incoming hostiles.


Okay, I check the sign and see if it's in a language I know.


By now you've translated enough signs to be easily able to translate this old text.
It reads Guard Garrison.
There's something odd about that wall inside a wooden frame of an old shack.
While you checking the huge door you notice it's somehow barred shut. Maybe you could find a lever or something to open it?
You're sure this room doesn't have any though.


I boop the quid's tentacle.


"Guard Garrison? Sounds interesting." I carefully check if the door is open.


I shall check out the wall, with my guard up for any sudden trap or ambush


"Back off! She's mine!"


"You forgot, I tamed her… or him"


"You don't even know if it's a him or her!"


You have +1 to your next inspire-action due to tuning your banjo, by the way.
The squid lets out an amused sound.
You think the door would be pretty easy to buck down, but you won't have to, it's open.
A piece of the wall crumbles to reveal some poor boatsmith's life's savings and remains of a fishing rod.
Some of the coins have rust, mold and rot on them, but you think there's 50 gold coin's worth of money here.
The squid splashes you with cold water.


I investigate the room, carefully.


Investigate the room with Pale.


I humbly accept these loot as the dead pone won't be needing it anymore, I regroup with the rest of the party


I go with Dusk and Makkusu.


Let's see what's behind door number one.


Get ready and stand watch as they're off exploring
"Hey Knight can you check to see if there's useable weaponry in there?"


"But you already have that axe, pone. Give me a chance here."


You open the door to the Guard Garrison.
There are bunks here for quite a few soldiers and an all too familiar spiraling staircase in a corner.
Notably there are 10 skeleton soldiers here.
One of them is wearing an ornate blue cloak and a piece of plate armour.
His weapon of choice seems to be a long-reaching halberd.
He still has his ages old skin on his bones, you can see that this earth pony once had an horrifying battle scar across his face.
He's flanked by two skeletal guards wearing helmets and chainmail, if the red cloaked skeleton was a captain, this one has to be a general.
The other 7 skeletons seem like nothing special.
You can hear a loud thump on one of the walls.
Roll for iniative.
Score to beat: 11.


Get back outside so the squid can have a go at them.Rolled 16 = 16


Marksman shot on the skeleton generalRolled 2 = 2


Smite of of the lesser skeletonsRolled 15 = 15


I take a turn to ready a bolt with BOTH Blast and Marksman shot.
I belive I'll have to roll again to fire it, right?Rolled 8 = 8


"These skeletons will be the death of me.."

Rolling for initiative.Rolled 7 = 7


start smashing skulls with my swordRolled 13 = 13


You back outside just as the squid drives the mast of the longboat through the wall of the guard quarters.
It smashes one skeleton's ribcage in splinters, and has full access to the guard room now.
You are dumbfounded by the animal's ingenuity.
You fumble and drop the arrow on your hoof, ow, it stings.
A skeleton crumbles as your holy wrath lands upon it.
The god don't smile upon you, as the general swings his halberd in a low arch, almost cutting off your leg.
You are not quite sure if your crossbow is charged or not.
Such defeatist thinking will be, as one of the general's bodyguard stabs at you with it's sword.
gladly 'tis but a flesh wound.
You take a full turn to rush to the garrison room from the other end of the pier and quickly smash away, making a skeleton stagger with your [which weapon are you using]
Alright I think I have to change computers now.


I get myself stuck in with the boyz.Rolled 19 = 19


Fire it anyway!
"Begone, chilrden of the Dark!"Rolled 11 = 11


"Ouch! My hoof! Tch"

Fire moar arrows!Rolled 4 = 4


Smite the wicked again.Rolled 13 = 13


I thought I only had the sword
using the sword till it breaks


Finish the skeleton with another swingRolled 9 = 9


Keep swinging that great sword.Rolled 6 = 6


I've actually got two computers to use now
You have the rune axe of unknown powers.
Taking a controlled stab at the staggered skeleton's neck bone, you sever it's head from it's body, which remains standing.
You hit a skeleton squarely in the skull, and for a while it shines with divine light, but the general's dark influence seems to be negating your weak wards.
You might want to try charging it again.
The arrows fly like spaghetti from your pockets, but they don't hit anything.
You hit the headless skeleton, as it does not see your mediocre swing coming.
It falls apart.
…Or is the sword swinging you?
In any case, not even the slowest zombie could get in the way of THAT.


You are fighting 8 skeletons, of which
1 is a general
2 are the general's bodyguard
4 are regulars
A squid is watching the battle intently, but it's not completely sure what you want it to do.


I smash the nearest regular skeleton with my mace.Rolled 15 = 15


You ignore my roll nasse >>2840

I smite another lesser skeleton.Rolled 11 = 11


"Hey squid! You see those dry pones, I want you mess them up, big time"

Marksman shot on the general again!Rolled 18 = 18


Fire one more bolt, then charge towards the general and cut down the first skeleton in my way with my sword.Rolled 4 = 4


I'll aim for the General's bodyguards! Strike them hard!Rolled 8 = 8


oh that's cool, thought it wasn't given to me
gonna try something, if you don't agree with it then I can reroll or skip the turn altogether
turn and fling my shield at another close skeleton and then follow up with a charge with my swordRolled 14, 11 = 25


one action per turn pls
Or you have to combo like >>2852
Be aware that failing a series of actions can cause catastrophic fails.
Not with that roll, sister.
The squid grabs a screaming skeleton and disappears under the water.
You smite two regular skeletons, they turn into glowing yellow dust beyond your holy might.
Still a bit wobbly from the sword dance you just performed, you headbutt the skeleton bodyguard, who doesn't even flinch.
You succeed, crushing the skeletons shoulder bone.
It only has a shield-arm left anymore.
You hit the general with a well-placed arrow for once, ripping what little skin and flesh he has from his shoulder.
He seems to be unable to believe what just happens.


The extension forgot my name. hm.


Smite the head of the skeleton general.Rolled 19 = 19


Ah, sorry.
Blast the General's bodyguard with my sword.


Fire another arrow at the general! Time to end this!Rolled 12 = 12


"Okay, I'll have to repair this sword when I get back. No matter!"

Take another swing at the guards!Rolled 6 = 6


Damn flood detectionRolled 10 = 10


aim for the skeletons head and swingRolled 11 = 11


Did you see my last action?

I attack again with my mace.Rolled 13 = 13


It burns the general's face, and for a while it looks like this maybe it, but then there's a blue shine in his eyes and he regains his posture.
His eyes keep glowing as he resurrects three new skeletons from their bunks.
He then stares right at you and charges.
Roll to dodge or prepare to be clobbered.
The general seems to ignore all other damage when rushing.
The guards are actually starting to laugh a grim laughter as the earth pony tries to swing a sword three sizes too large for him.
This is however cut short as the inquisitor shoots a blast of light from her sword against one, severing it's arm.
You now have the attention of two very big skeleton ponies.
The skeleton quickly falls to your mighty blow.
You target another skeleton and smash away with the fury of two turns as a skeleton is reduced to bonemeal.
The squid spits out a cracked skull and lets out an inquisitive sound.

there are two guards left.
There is one general left.
there is one normal skeleton left.


Rolling!Rolled 12 = 12


I go after a guard with my mace.Rolled 1 = 1


Rerolling.Rolled 3 = 3



Swing the sword at the general direction of the guards.Rolled 15 = 15


Fire an arrow to the general's knee! Stop him in his tracks!

No reference intendedRolled 12 = 12


Charge my sword again with Blast and take a defensive stance.
Evade and counter-attack if they charge.Rolled 2 = 2


Throw my shield at the charging general, then swing at the nearest skeleton with my swordRolled 6, 13 = 19


you know you can do a double roll because of your masterwork mace right?


I did.


You barely dodge the halberd as it strikes the ground, but the general has a hundred, maybe thousands of years of experience, and is not so easily faltered.
He swings the halberd at you.
Another dodge.
You stumble and trip, almost dropping your precious mace, you're only covered from harm by the squid destroying the final skeleton with it's tentacle.
You hit the one-armed guard, severing the chainmail.
He does not look happy, but is unable to retaliate.
The general falls on one knee, shouting a curse in his ancient language.
He's open for an attack next turn, and as such everyone who tries to attack him gets a +1 to his roll.
The healthier skeleton guard charges you, sending you stumbling to the ground.
He's now atop of you wielding an axe.
You have to get him offa ya.
Your hooves are not as dexterous as you thought.
You drop your shield and stumble on it.
You should be glad the other skeletons are already occupied.


SMITE!Rolled 6 = 6


pick up my shield and throw it on the skeleton on top of the inquisitorRolled 3 = 3


Impale him on my sword then charge it with Holy Power!Rolled 3 = 3


Now's our chance! Fire an arrow at the general! But someone help Pale out!Rolled 9 = 9


"Still standing huh? Have at you!"

Strike the guard.Rolled 15 = 15


I attack the General with my mace.Rolled 18 = 18


You fail to dodge the halberd and soon feel that the years have not dulled the weapon at all.
It drives down onto your shoulder with great strength.
You now have a masterwork halberd embedded on your shoulder.
A quick look tells you it's bleeding quite profusely, a healing might be in order.
In other news, the general only has a dagger to attack with anymore.
Again you fumble with your shield and even manage to hit your own head with it.
It does not work as you drive your sword clean through a rib bone and the holy energy is discharged onto the ceiling.
The skeletal soldier swings it axe down at you, though it only cuts the rim of the hat.
You hit the general in the back, but he only seems annoyed by it.
He grasps the handle of his halberd and begins pulling.
It seems to be stuck in a bone.
He's still open for attack.
The guard screams in agony as his soul is released to the otherworld.
You server the hand holding the halberd.
The general's eyes burn blue again.

There's one skeleton guard alive and on top of Pale Dusk.
The general is hurt.
Auria has a halberd stuck on her shoulder.
She will bleed out unless healed or you end the combat within 3 turns.


Cast heal on myself.Rolled 18 = 18


>ruining my hat
Oh no you didn't!

The sword is still in the Skeleton, right?
Yank it upwards so it will severe it's head and arms!Rolled 3 = 3


Marksman shot at the general! Save the cleric!Rolled 5 + 1 = 6


Assist Pale Dusk!

Hit the skeleton guard hard!Rolled 16 = 16


disregard my shield and tackle the skeleton guard on top of the inquisitorRolled 6 = 6


Attacking the general with my mace again.Rolled 17 = 17


Bone and tissue are fixed as your patron gods smile upon your broken form.
The scar will make for a nice story.
The guard brings it's hoof down on your chest, breaking a rib.
You can taste blood.
The sword remains in your hoof though.
You notice you have run out of arrows.
You will have to spend a turn gathering them from all over the room.
You push your form against the guard, pushing him off the unlucky inquisitor.
He stumbles and drops his helmet.
As the skeletal guard is not there again, you fall on top of the inquisitor. In any other time and place this would be considered quite a lewd position.
You interrupt the general reviving more skeletons.
He seems hurt, very hurt.
Most of the flesh has come off his face and his other arm is hanging out of it's socket.
You're only saved by a stab from the dagger by the squid sticking it's tentacle between you and the general.
It screams in pain, you presume the dagger is poisoned.




One more attack against the general.Rolled 5 = 5


I push off Noe while exlaiming how much of an idiot he is and fire a Blast-imbued bolt without even getting up.
Then cough blood.Rolled 8 = 8


Cast heal on Dusk!Rolled 5 = 5


Finish the guard off, once and for all.Rolled 5 = 5


Time to awkwardly run around the room picking up my stuff


hastily get up and charge the general with my sword ready to swingRolled 17 = 17


You attempt to swing, but miss, and get a dagger stab on the side.
You can see why the squid was screaming, the dagger is obviously drenched in some pain-inducing poison.
The bolt hits a wall harmlessly.
You also cough blood.
Quite a lot of blood.
Her chest might be a bit disfigured but who'll see it through those robes she always wears anyways?
She'll live.
You're now ready to attack with your bow again.
You pick yourself up from the floor and charge the general, striking him down.
For a while, you think he might not be getting up.
But then there's the all-too-familiar blue glow in his eyes and he's back up again.


They can't do anything by themselves, can they?
Rush to the General, impale his head on the sword, and charge it with Holy power!Rolled 17 = 17


A friendly reminder for everyone, just to make sure we all know each other's powers.

Guard - Jump in the way and take a hit for an ally
Slam - You are a bigass slab of iron and flesh, why not bodyslam someone to death with it?
Last Stand - You cannot die during this encounter, but you will die right after it. Die well, friend.

Heal - Aww the poor thing is horribly wounded and bleeding out. Here, let me make it all better.
Smite - Tired of being the team healbot? Why not blast some baddies with divine rage for a change.
Cure - Poison? Frostbite? Gangrene? Scoliosis? Not a problem for a skilled cleric.
Detect Evil - Is that guy on the level, or is he just bullshitting you? Check to be sure.

Inspire courage - Sing them the song of your people to remind them that this is a fight you should win
Inspire fear - Terrify foes with a personal acapella rendition of some dubstep
Bluff - Someone asks you what business you have here? Give a bullshit excuse and get away with it!

Marksman Shot - plant one right between the eyes. Or through the eyes if you're feeling mean.
Locate - check the surroundings for animals, enemies, treasure, cool leaves, etc
Survival - One can only bring so many modern comforts on an adventure. Luckily, you can make all kinds of cool shit out of stuff you find laying around, like rope or bandages from vines and plants.


Smite that god forsaken skeleton again.Rolled 17 = 17


I fight through the pain and attack the general.Rolled 7 = 7


Marksman shot to the general's skull, we need to turn that thing to dust!Rolled 3 = 3


By your powers combined, the general's head explodes in a rain of bone-shrapnel.
Two blue gems fall to the ground after the explosion.
You may now loot and search the room for hidden treasure.


My choices:
Blast - Channel your powers to toast foes
Marksman Shot - plant one right between the eyes. Or through the eyes if you're feeling mean


I inspect one of the gems with the 'Detect evil' charm.


Then search the room for some loot.Rolled 20 = 20


I pick both gems and cast detec evil on them.Rolled 5 = 5


Scan the room for hidden treasures and goodiesRolled 9 = 9


impale the general's skull with my sword


Delicious loot, go!


search for something usefulRolled 10 = 10


Forgot to roll.Rolled 19 = 19


Rolling for loot.

Cleric, heal me and the squid from our poisoningRolled 4 = 4


There's an air of oddness upon the gems, but you can't say whether it is holy or evil.
As you gaze through them, you can see the fall of the hold under a massive pegasus army.
This must have driven the general mad.
There are two levers here, the other opens the massive door on the pier, the other one opens a fake wall in the staircase, leading back up to the entrance.

There's a masterwork Halberd here.
It has a long shaft with an axehead in the end.
The general wore a half-plate, though it's heavy it can be hidden under clothes.
There's 40 gold coins in the soldier's footlockers along with personal items.
There's a dagger lying here.
It has a sickly green glow to it due to the pain poison.

You may now fight for who gets what.


"I'll take both gems in the name of the Inqusition.
The rest is yours."

"And can I get my rib fixed, Cleric?"


"I'd like to switch my sword for that halberd

does anyone want my shield?"


I'll take the dagger, roll for identificationRolled 10 = 10


I take the 40 gold and look for an antidote in our belongings.Rolled 10 = 10


Can I have that half-plate pls


Nuh-uh! Im going to keep this gems for now.
roll for heal on Dusk.Rolled 10 = 10


"Here, you can have one of them for healing me. I'll keep the other for further investigation."


I accept the gem and cast detect evil again.Rolled 13 = 13


Did everyone get what they wanted?
Auria has a shiny blue gem.
Dusk has a shiny blue gem
Noe has a halberd
Xiek has the dagger.
It's not very special looking, it's just coated in a very potent poison, and apparently it's scabbard is coated in it too.
You find a family-sized bottle of antidote in your supplies. There's plenty for the squid too.
You get the dosh.
Makkusu gets a halfplate, he makes a tabard from some sheets and paints his knightly order's logo on it with the blood of his enemies.
You can give the chainmail to someone.
There's no evil here, you can be sure of it.

You walk back into the main hall.
The large doors swing open, and the squid submerges, probably to ponder the tickling wound on it's tentacle.


I take a drink of the antidote and tell the cleric to Cure the squid.


"Anyone needs a chain mail armour? How about you, bard? Dusk?"


Cast cure on the little squid.Rolled 14 = 14


Nasse, is the chainmail better than what I currently have?


"I could use it, thank you. I wasn't prepared for such close quarter combats."


The bard looks over it and thinks he may be able to put some colourful ribbons or something to spice it up.
The inquisitor sneers at it.
"It's not as fancy as my official coat…but I guess if I have to."

Both classes can wear chainmail.
You had a leather vest right?
Yes it's better.
If you didn't have that, you had a gaudy outfit.
Yes it's better.
I meant to imply you both already did.
The party is at full health.


I'll take the chainmail.


"If you'd stop calling me an idiot and/or stupid, I'd gladly give it to you."


"Looks like your bard friend already stated he needs it. My faith will be enough defense for me."


roll to see the state my shield is in, and then sharpen my sword while we're waitingRolled 20, 11 = 31


I'll trade it to you for that blue gem.


"Fair enough. You still owe me one, big time."


the point on your shield has gotten a bit dull, but otherwise it's fine.
You have to keep it slouched over your shoulder when using the halberd though.
Your sword is as fine as ever.


"Hah, this gem will be purged of evil and used by my superiors when I return from this quest. You can keep that lousy chainmail."

"I was doing fine."


Can I fit the chainmail over my leather armor without be encumbered?


But I inspect the gems and there is no evil.Rolled 16 = 16


It would be really tight and would restrict your movement.
As you bicker about worldy possessions, a freezing cold wind blows out from the open doors in front of you.


"Then my superiours will find it even more useful. It was against protocol to give the others to you, but since you freed me and help me clearing this place I can turn my back on the law this once."


I'll quickly replace my leather armor with the chainmail then peak out the door.


Take a combative stance, listening for anything unusualRolled 9 = 9


"Bbrrrr, this unnatural cold, Windigoes?"

Prepare a combat stance


My crossbow is as ready as ever.


Proceed towards the doors, trying to ignore the blistering cold.


Run and hide behind Xiek.Rolled 6 = 6


There's a long red mat going inside in the middle with a pedestal in the very end.
You can't see the details, but the walls are emblazoned with wooden ornaments and tattered wall-paintings.
On the pedestal there's a throne, and behind the throne is a painting of the same pony you saw in the entry hall, Sven Dragonbane.
You'll have to go in the hall to see to the pedestal.
There is a strange sound in the wind, but you don't know what it means.


Cautiously enter the hall.


"Yo Tracker, search for traps!"


Cautiously enter the hall and scan for enemies and trapsRolled 4 = 4


Stay behind my party.Rolled 13 = 13


As you slowly creep into the hall, you can make out two figures on the pedestal
One sitting on the trone with an evil-looking axe on his hand, and another, a pony clad in black robes slouched on the ground.
You presume this is the necromancer you came here to slay.


Waiting to see if anything happens to Dusk.


I swear to God it's almost impossible to post with this spam detection.


Also, there's something funny about the painting.
Probably not a trap.


Put on my monocle and check them for EvilRolled 19 = 19


Cast detect evil on the paiting.Rolled 12 = 12


Your vision is clouded by blackness and corruption.
This is not so great.
The painting itself is just a painting.
How would you even make a painting evil?


wait several steps behind the group


"Identify yourselves!"


I shall check out the painting, perhaps there's something behind it, or that it's possessed with some demon and is checking me out


Do either of the figures know we are here?


I think now they do >>2975


Use a fire arrow on the painting.Rolled 12 = 12


I knock an arrow on my bow.


You're stopped dead on your tracks as
The figure on the throne raises it's head.
He's wearing the exact same kind of a masked helmet, an ornate cape and padded out chainmail armour as the statue in the entry hall and the pone in the painting.
His axe is a two handed nordic axe, but the metal has turned black and the handle has hundreds upon hundreds of screaming faces on it.
To your surprise you can understand him as he speaks in an otherwordly voice:
>Sven, Sven Dragonbane, the slayer of dragons, duke of the lowlands, the first and only lord to the whitepeak hold!
His eyes burn red as he almost screams:
>'tis been ages since we've had visitors here in the hold!
>Why, I think the last time it was the marauding Pegasus army who slayed my kith and kin!
His eyes focus into burning red points as his gaze feels like it's trying to pierce Xiek's very form.
>And these damnable unicorns!
He kicks the form on the floor.
>Thinking they can master life and death! HA! I killed the fool the moment he tried to resurrect me.
>But something's wrong
>I didn't go back to my eternal slumber!
>It's this accursed staff!
He raises up a crooked staff with a bird's skull and bat's wings upon his head.
>It has corrupted my very form and even my family axe!
>But enough idle banter, it is my duty to slay any intruders in my hold!
Having finished his speech he charges.
Roll for iniative, score to beat: 15
You are fighting an otherwordly foe.
The skull staff is lying on the ground in front of him with an odd glow.


Dive to the side and race to the staff.
The others will handle himRolled 15 = 15


Shoot him with my bowRolled 4 = 4


I pick the staff with my magic.Rolled 18 = 18


switch out my halberd for MY axe and shield, and then charge

"HAVE AT THEE!"Rolled 19 = 19


"You have a bone to pick with us Pegasi? Well I'm not going down without a fight"

Marksman shot!Rolled 4 = 4


"Hrnk! Just my luck".
Try to at least damage him.

GET IN HERE http://www.mumuplayer.com/nasseponed-dRolled 5 = 5


The staff cares little for your fickle attempts as it rises up from the ground and the necromancer's hoof rises up for it.
The necromancer has a huge gaping wound on his forehead, and all of his skin is malformed, covered in pustules or mutations.
An undead Necromancer has joined the fight.
You meet the king under the mountain, only barely managing to stop his furious charge.
Your shield is locked against his huge axe.
There's just something about him that seems to defy your arrows.
Maybe he was moving too fast for your aim?
Your attacks don't reach the lord as Noe is currently in your way.


I go after the undead Necromancer with my mace.Rolled 18 = 18


Ready my sword and shoot a Blast-bolt at the Necromancer.Rolled 2 = 2


Smite the evil necromander in the head.Rolled 16 = 16


Slam at the King!Rolled 15 = 15


"I LIKED this shield!"

Drop my shield and roll to the side

then bury my axe into his backRolled 10, 8 = 18


Fire another arrow, but this time aimed at his legsRolled 3 = 3


You somehow manage to dodge the lord of the hold as you head for the necromancer.
You smash him on the arm, you are sure you can hear bone break, but the necromancer seems unafflicted.
You should be glad you were holding the sword the right way around, for you might have ended up blasting yourself.
The Necromancer conjures a fireball.
You'd better take a dodge roll.
The staff seems to automatically conjure a shield against your holy magic: this undead is not so weak against the light.
You slam at the king's flank, sending him stumbling to the side-
As you drop your shield, roll to the left, and get the full power of the lord's hind leg on your hoof.
You can hear a crunch.
You may no longer wield a shield until your hoof is fixed.
You can handle two-hoofed weapons without much difficulty. And one-hoofed weapons.
Maybe it's the spite against your race that's shielding him from your wrath?


Rolling to dodge the fireball.Rolled 3 = 3


I smash the staff with mymace while the necromancer is distracted with Dusk.Rolled 18 = 18


Tch, a hate shield? I'll take care of the necromancer then

Marksman shot!Rolled 8 = 8


Smite the undead fiend.Rolled 19 = 19


"Alright, knightbro. Let's do this!"
Strike at the King!Rolled 4 = 4


swing down on his head. and hope it embedsRolled 18 = 18


Your hat burns to cinders and your mane is on fire.
Roll to put it out.
As the wicked necromancer cackles at Dusk's misfortune, you take another swing at him.
Again there's the sickening crunch of bone getting smashed, but his hoof does not let go of the staff.
You begin to suspect you'll have to sever his limbs to make him part from the staff.
Then his attention turns to you he screeches and spits some sort of acid onto you: This person was rotten through to his core before dying.
Roll to see if the acid has any effect.
You're getting there, but not quite.
Um, which one is that?
The king easily dodges your slow sword and takes a swing at you. Though you can feel the blade on your skin you get but a scratch.
His ornate mask cracks a little, but you're not sure if it had any other effect on the marauding lord.


I switch my mace out for my short sword.Rolled 7 = 7


The skeleton king.

For my next turn I smite him again.Rolled 13 = 13


Light my next arrow on fire with whatever oil I have left and fire at the necromancer!Rolled 20 = 20


"You disgust me, wretched filth!"

I set a bolt on fire from my mane and shoot it at the Necromancer before trying to put the fire out.Rolled 7, 18 = 25


"Not enough!"
Unleash another strike at the king.Rolled 4 = 4


Holding onto the axe handle, lift myself up and kick him with my back hoovesRolled 2 = 2


>7 for the effect of the acid
You feel weakened.
You bring your holy wrath upon him again and again, battering his defenses, though they are not broken yet.
The necromancers robes light up the night as you can hear pustules on his body pop and spill their pus and acid all over the floor.
This has weakened him and robbed him of his acidic attacks.
You manage to extinguish your mane but fail to ignite a bolt.
You fumble again, and the king takes another huge swing at you, which by all your knowledge should have split your skull in half.
However there's only a white line upon your brow.
You are puzzled as you're suddenly overcome by the feeling of falling.
As you fall on your knee the king laughs at you.
"Soon, you too shall become another agonized soul upon the hilt of my axe, brave sir knight!"
You are at a -1 to your next action unless someone can get the lord's attention or channel holy power through you.
As you try to grasp the axe it feels as if a dozen impossibly sharp claws try to rip your hoof open.


I hack at the leg holding the staff with my short sword.Rolled 5 = 5


I charge at the Lord from behind with a Blasting sword strike.Rolled 4 = 4


Cast heal on Makkusu.Rolled 7 = 7


Call out to the king
"Hey! Didn't you have some beef with me?"

Fly around high enough to not be within his swinging range but not too far to lose his interest.Rolled 8 = 8


Slam the king with my unbroken hoof and draw my halberdRolled 2 = 2


"Haha…this doesn't look too good."
Activate Last Stand.Rolled 8 = 8


Are you sure? We have two people that can break the weapon's hold on youRolled 19 = 19


You hack and hack, but your blows only hit charred flesh around the arm, and the necromancer only seems mildly annoyed.
With a sudden hand motion he sends a gout of flame in your direction, you have but a split second to dodge!
The lord stops your charge with his back hooves without even looking. You can feel somethig dislocate within you.
The earth pony knight can stand up again, but he's still at minus 1.
You foolish pegasus! Do you think a lifetime of war hasn't taught me some tricks?!
He throws a dagger hidden on his belt at your wing.
You'd better try to dodge that.
You should be glad the king is busy with the pegasus.
You have your halberd on your hooves.
You can hear a mechanical sound in your skull
"Are you sure about this"


Dodging.Rolled 20 = 20


Smite the king with holy light!Rolled 3 = 3


Dodging!Rolled 18 = 18


All these rolls yo


"You wretched creature of evil, I'll set you free from your torment!"

Infuse the sword with Blast again, and stab at him from behind.Rolled 16 = 16


bash the king with the hilt of my sword, and swing at his head while pulling awayRolled 10, 14 = 24


Using that power means you WILL die at the end of combat.Rolled 2 = 2


"Hm, on a second thought.."
Unleash a hidden strike at the King!Rolled 18 = 18


With your dexterous rolling on the ground the confused necromancer hits himself with his own foul magic!
The necromancer is on fire.
Soon there will be but bones and charred skin left of his wicked form.
It's as if your gods can't hear you down here
Even though your spell fails, you shouldn't loose hope!"
You make a swoop in the air, completely dodging the projectile.
You keep sneering at the lord of the mountain.
You thrust your glowing sword in his backside, making his whole form glow with energy.
You can see that it hurt as he pivots to face you
"Foolish mare!"
You hit with both of your attacks, but the king's armour is so strong he barely notices it as his attentions are drawn to the inquisitor now before him.
You attack at his backside, breaking a few rings from his armour.


I'm aware of that my good sir, it was hopelessly bleak but things are changing.


Smite the weak point in his broken armor.Rolled 6 = 6


Inspire Courage.


"Hush now as I'll ease your suffering, undead! Be gone from this realm!"

Strike again with a Sword-Blast.Rolled 1 = 1


This fucking spam detection system.Rolled 11 = 11


bring the full force of the halberd to his legsRolled 2 = 2


I forgot the +1 from tuning my banjo earlier.


Unleash another strike with the great sword at the King. A strike filled with confidence.Rolled 16 = 16


"Is this the best the Lord of the Mountain can do? Pegasi defeated you once before, and you will be defeated by one again!"

Keep taunting it to lower his guard and get his attentionRolled 2 = 2


The angered king takes a swing at you, but this time the impact is very real.
You can feel blood seeping from the wound to the floor as you feel a piece of your soul being dragged away.
Still, the gods refuse to hear your pleas.
Your song of heroes inspires courage upon your fellow adventurers. Everyone is at +1 to their next actions.
The wound on your hoof acts up as you drop the halberd on the ground.
Your strike pierces the heavens, and the fould king's armour, as he becomes confused as to which one of you poses a greater threat to him, you or the inquisitor.
"Shut your mouth, knave! I have REAL warriors to fight with down here!" He remains concentrated.


Rise and fight inquisitor!
Cast heal on Dusk.Rolled 3 = 3


Inspire Courage again.Rolled 13 = 13


Don't falter.
"Your malicious ways don't break MY spirit, undeand! Feel the wrath of the Inquisition!"

Counter attack with the usual Sword-Blast technique!


This flood detection is annoying me to Hell and back.Rolled 6 = 6


Immediately back up and guard Pale Dusk.Rolled 14 = 14


Tackle the king to the groundRolled 6 = 6


The fair inquisitor is still very much in peril, though she won't die immediately.
You play the second verse of the song, as the party's mood rises through the roof.
Everyone's at +1 to their next rolls.
You can't find the power for the blast as…
The undead king prepares for a finishing blow.
You may try to roll to evade and each action against him is at an additional +1 as he leaves himself open.
"Welcome to the abyss, INQUISITOR!"
The king's stance falters as he is hit with the sword.
+1 to Dusk's evade roll.
You jump over the king and land in front of the necromancer who gives you an ugly smile.
Xiek keeps making ugly faces at the king.


Cast heal on dusk again!Rolled 1 = 1


Keep guarding her.

Hahaha I think our tracker has fallen asleep.Rolled 16 = 16


Keep on Inspiring Courage.Rolled 9 = 9


"I live to Purge Evil! I'LL DIE, TO PURGE EVIL!"

Dive in, as close to him as I can and by that I mean even brush up against him, and stab my Holy-power imbued sword deep within him.Rolled 10 = 10


Tracker falling asleep, that sounds familiar Rolled 6 = 6


smack the necromancer and challenge him to a game of single-hoofed 'fisticuffs'

loser hands over the staffRolled 19 = 19


You should smash his head instead.Rolled 13 = 13


You still fail at completely stopping the hemorrhage but you are having an effect.
Should I autopilot him
We'll stop soon after this boss anyway
You push the king off of Dusk with a great struggle, leaving him with uncertain footing.
You are at a +1 to your next action on him.
Unfortunately by the third verse no one can give a shit anymore.
A rat is doing the moonwalk by the wall though.
You dive at the form of the king with your sword charged, and you stab him.
Again the flash of light is there and the king drops his axe.
"I will get you for thaaaaaaaaaa~" his voice trails off and changes into a similar screech as the other skeleton's.
He's severely weakened.
Your blood loss isn't making this easy on you though, you need bandages and healing within two turns or you might fall unconscious.


Cast heal on dusk.Rolled 20 = 20


I rush in the battle the King with my mace.Rolled 1 = 1


You are shouting your challenge at the king when the necromancer behind you starts to feel unappreciated.
He hurls a fireball at you.


Let's try that again.Rolled 4 = 4


Twist the blade.
Keep on Blasting.
"I'll end you, creature of the dark!"Rolled 14 = 14


Yeah, I think you should

"You guys take care of the king! I still have some bandages in my inventory. I'll apply it to Dusk."Rolled 8 = 8


Dusk's eyes light up with holy fire as her form is completely fixed, mane and all.
She's indeed so invigorated by the holy powers that she gets a +2 to her next blast.
You hopelessly flail about with your mace, not hitting anything.
The skeleton king screeches in agony as it tries to get your blade unstuck from his chest.
The beast is so harrowed that it can't concentrate on anything else but the glowing blade.
Everyone else has a plus 1 to their next rolls against the king.
Applying bandages to a struggling mare in the middle of bloody hand-to-hand combat does not seem like a good idea, especially since she was just completely healed.
Xiek readies his bow as he starts taking down the necromancer.
Noe seems to be oblivious to the dangers of this lair.Rolled 18 = 18


but i was shouting at the necro


Doesn't change the fact that your party just ignored a fireball hurling maniac wielding a staff of resurrection for like three turns.
And your charge brought you closest to him.
I'm sorry for being a horrible DM


Let's try attacking him again with my mace.Rolled 18 = 18


Smite the king in the chest!Rolled 11 = 11


Keep it in there firmly.
Keep twisting and Blasting it.

"Hush now, your anguish is soon to end"Rolled 4 = 4


I thought you said he'd be dead in a few rounds from the fire.


I was thinking that Xiek was doing a pretty good job handling him, so I turned my attention to save Makkusu, but then Xiek fell asleep.
We dun goofed.Rolled 10 = 10


He'd be but a skeleton.
Severely weakened but still very much undead.
But I guess he could just die now to save time…


"Fair enough!"
Unleash a strike to the King. A strike that is true and hopeful.Rolled 14 = 14


No, we'll fight it out.
Don't be such a wussy, punish us for not paying attention!
Man up, be a savage DM!


You smash your mace at the undead as you see his whole form starting to dissolve.
This general is dead.
You swing your greatsword at the general, causing him to loose his front legs.
All that is now needed is a killing blow…
Which does not come from the inquisitor, but
The humble cleric, whose holy powers finally crush the evil that has the hold of this body, as the flames on his eyes burn out and his form turns into dust.
Xiek then fires his bow at the remaining enemy, the necromancer, who staggers from the hit.


Roll to run over and grab my halberd without taking much damageRolled 18 = 18


You have your halberd in hoof and you're ready to kill the necromancer.
+1 to your next action.


Spin around and fire a Marksman Shot at the necromancer.Rolled 4 = 4


Inspire Courage.


>>3092Rolled 13 = 13


I levitate the king axe and throw it against the necromancer.Rolled 10 = 10


Woah, nice work Cleric. This would be a pretty sight to look at.


Slam the Necromancer to oblivion.Rolled 18 = 18


It seems as if thy gods don't approve of such weapons as crossbows, as your bolt goes wide.
You decide to play whatever comes to your head, inspiring your whole party to deeds of valour.
+1 to party's next actions.
As you try to grasp the axe your mind is overcome with hundreds of agonized voices and you drop it.
You slam the necromancer, shattering his bones and causing him to finally let go of the skull staff.
We may quit here and proceed with the looting ceremony tomorrow when everyone's awake again


>no staff
I smite the shit out of him!
See ya tomorrow nasse.Rolled 15 = 15


I'll have to fix that fucking crossbow.
See you tomorrow!


Fair enough. I'll take my leave then, thanks for the quest bro.Rolled 19 = 19


This was fun.


I have made an embarassing dispray towards my comrades, I must commit subaru. Sorry for suddenly dozing off guys

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