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Core Rules: http://goo.gl/WKvUM
Reference sheet: http://goo.gl/BcPIF
= = = = =

You're a motley crew of mercenaries and adventurers who found a flier from Dreamvale on your local bounty board and found a single wagon headed out to the far realm. It seems the earth pony merchant pulling your wagon, Marcus, also got the call, but he's no hero; he just looks to be selling all his iron goods to whoever needs them.

Dreamvale is in need of volunteer reinforcements to curb recent Fey intrusions. Mercenaries, adventurers report to Midnight Castle. Bring your best iron!

As you break through the far edge of the forests marking the end of Equestrian lands, you are greeted by the sun-bleached foothills of Dreamvale. It isn't at all the idyllic farming community you had been told about; not a single green grass remains, replaced by ashen soil and smoking pits. The water runs black with soot and blood, the villages razed to the ground with charred rafters as silent grave markers.

Come to think of it, you had never come across any travelers going in the opposite direction, nor anyone who had actually come from Dreamvale in the months.

"I wonder what they grow here." Marcus laughs it off, but you hear the unease in his voice as you begin to cross a river.



Ask Marcus about Dreamvale, maybe he has some info that he's willing to tell.


The fliers said 'Fey incursions,' not 'town rivers running with villager blood.' What happened here, Marcus?


"Things here seem to be worse than advertised"


"Well, how should I know? And that's probably not blood, just a, uh, bad case of red tide. That'll ruin your crops something fierce, for sure." Marcus shakes his head and chuckles, but his mask of mirth quickly fades.

"…I guess that doesn't account for the fires. Place looks like a war zone."

In the distance where the rocky mountains begin, you can spy the ominous silhouette of Midnight Castle standing guard over the vale as the sun sets behind it.

The wooden bridge under you coughs up bits of wet dust, the thick grime in the boards showing no sign of travel in either direction. On the far edge of the bank you can spot a black-cloaked figure hunched over the water line.


Who is the ominous figure over there?
And how long has it been since Dreamvale got reinforcements? If the incursions are this bad, then surely you could ask for help from more than mercenaries?


"Everything looks so gloomy though. I'll play my violin, cheer up the environment a little."


i will use my spyglass to try and get a better look at the cloaked figure


that probably would involve a roll, so here goes

Rolled 6 = 6


"If I knew everything about what was going on here I probably wouldn't be here!" Marcus pauses and scratches his chin. "Sun above, knowing as much as I do now makes me want to turn around. Ah well, I've come this far."

Marcus shushes you. "No, I've been to war zones before, don't attract attention like that. Probably bandits everywhere, so I want you all to be on guard."

You peer through your spyglass and see that the stranger appears to be a pony or other equine, bent over as they clean something in the water. It's difficult to make out their features as they are wearing a large cloak with a hood that seems to shimmer even in the coming dusk.

Marcus eyes her suspiciously as you arrive on the other side of the river. "Maybe we should ask her for directions… or maybe it's a trap. What do you say?"


You don't know where you're going? Oh this just gets better and better.

Yell at her for directions if you want. If she tries wearing your skin as a fashion accessory I'll deal with her.


"I..I don''t trust her, but since we're pretty much in need of directions, I think it's best to ask her."


"I thought you knew where we were going. Let's ask, but everyone stay on guard"


"Hey, I've got a wagon to look after. Aren't you the would-be heroes? Go talk to them, I'll be here on the road."

Which of you are going to the riverside?


"I'm pretty charismatic, so to speak. Let me have a go!"


"Eh, I'll stay here and protect the cart, along with our nervous merchant friend."

"Sounds good to me. Just holler if you need help."


"Sounds good"


Miolin is the only one to leave the wagon and approach the stranger.

You can see the stranger up close now. It's a particularly unsettling sight for you, her cloak shifting with some unseen weight. You realize that it's not a cloak at all, but a coat of black feathers, and the old hag of a griffon turns to you with piercing green eyes. She is black as ink all over, from her plumage to her fur to her bony legs and claws.

"Hello, lad. Shame to see you here," she says sadly. "You've come a long way to die, haven't you?"


I'd like Hugh Burro and Moonbeam to each make a single roll for perception as they keep watch over the wagon.



Rolled 6 = 6



Rolled 5 = 5


"I..I beg your pardon, madam? Look, I didn't mean to interrupt your…activity, but we're just humble travelers in need of directions to Dreamvale. Perhaps you could help us?"


"Well, this is Dreamvale! What's left of it, anyway."

"Mind you, there have been others before you who sought to find glory here. I admire each and every one of you, I do." The old crow hobbles in your direction and holds out the set of mythril bandmail armor she had been cleaning in the river.

"Promise to take this armor to Midnight Castle, and I will tell you of a safe path to the keep."

Despite your vigilant watch, you see nothing out of the ordinary. Well, relative ordinariness, anyways. The landscape of destruction is still a bothersome sight, and the smell of burning corpses reaches your noses.


"Woah, it's quite heavy. I shall do what you say then. What should we expect here in Dreamvale, or I suppose what's left of it, if you don't mind me asking?"


"Well, the Fey, of course! They're lurking everywhere. You follow the hanging trees to get to Midnight Castle safely. Show no fear and never turn back, and they ought to leave you alone."

She chuckles and turns away after giving you the armor, picking up a walking stick as she continues down the riverside. "Fight hard and leave a pretty corpse…"

Miolin Max now possesses a suit of mythril band mail armor, freshly cleaned. It's surprisingly lighter than you would expect, being made of such a fine material, and it seems to be elaborately decorated.


"Well, you heard the lady. Let's get going! The armor's..actually quite light once I've hold it for a while.."


"Maybe you could give our driver here directions then and we can get moving."


"Tell us which way to go and we'll be off"


You relay the directions to Marcus, and he looks a bit confused. "Hanging trees, eh? Well, whatever, if that old crow wants to stay out here, fine by me. That's an awful nice set of armor, though… definitely Equestrian military grade. Toss it in the back and make sure no one steals it."

You soon discover the first hanging tree: a tall, dead tree with branches stretching out in every direction, the charred corpses of ponies strung up by their necks. There is no flesh left on these corpses, and the bones left behind are twisted and mangled beyond recognition.

Roll for perception.


"Disgusting. Seems the Fey have no sense of decency."

Rolled 1 = 1


"Luna preserve us"

Rolled 5 = 5


"Oh dear.."

Rolled 10 = 10


Miolin, you notice that the skeletons seem to be bent and shaped in ways wholly unnatural for ponykind. Some even appear to have excess eye sockets, double jawbones, and ribcages that look more like cage fungus. Perhaps it's just a trick of the light or your fear taking hold of you, but something does not sit right about these bodies.

Marcus averts his eyes and continues on down a fork of the road, away from the next hanging tree in the distance. "Eurgh, what sick kind of joke is this? I'm not going that way, this other path goes straighter to Midnight Castle, it looks like."


"I don't like it either, but if that old crow has been here for long she knows the way better than us. Follow the hanging trees."


"It would be better to stick to the plan and follow the trees."


"Hold on a minute there! We have to use this path. That old lady told me to show no fear and never turn back. We have to press on. "


"Okay, fine! I can't go anywhere without a few guards, eh?" Marcus grumbles and turns the whole thing around, following the path to the next hanging tree… and the next… and the next… Each tree is the same as the other, a veritable wardrobe of burned skeletons and mangled bodies, nary a shred of dignity afforded the victims. Ponies of every size, shape, and age litter these mass graves.

As the sun burns into the horizon, you stand in the yawning shadow of Midnight Castle. The drawbridge is down, the bindings that held it up corrodeded and melted away. A barricade of spears fills the gate trellis.

"Stay where you are!" A sentry calls down from the ramparts. "Open your wagon and show us your faces."

Marcus grimaces. "We're here to help, bozo!"


Do as they say, I suppose.


"We are answering the flier about volunteer reinforcement"
make sure my face is visible when saying this


Eh, stuff happening. Gonna be back and forth here, so posting could be delayed. I'll try to continue, but if any of you feel like wandering off to do something else, I won't blame you or do anything horrible to your character.


"Don't be so hostile now, Marcus. We better do what they say."


Fair enough. I'll still be sticking around though. I don't mind the wait.


I'll be here.


i got nowhere else to be


"What? A flier—hold on." The sentry talks to his fellow guards, and there's a long, uncomfortable silence. Then Marcus throws open the canvas covering his wagon, revealing his load and the band mail, and there's an audible murmur.

The barricade begins to shift, the layered shields and makeshift fencing splitting apart as two ponies lead a column of soldiers. A cloaked mare stumbles forward at the lead, a hungry and desperate look in her eyes.

"Give me that armor! Give it to me!"
"Lady, if you want to see my wares, you—" Marcus is interrupted as the mare moves with preternatural speed, almost instantly appearing inside the wagon and cradling the mythril bandmail. Her hood covers her eyes, but her expression is clearly a tragic one.
A robed pegasus approaches. "Captain Eos, control yourself… Good moon above, that's his, isn't it?"



Captain Eos turns to you, the bandmail in her hooves, and asks, "How did you find this armor? Where is the stallion that was wearing this?"


"I think Bard boy here could fill you in on the details."


"We met an old griffon on the way here, and she told me to bring this armor to..Midnight Castle? What of it?"


Also for the record, I'm miLes by the way, so you can edit the Dreamsiege reference sheet if you wish!


"Yes, this is Midnight Castle. And you are welcome in its halls." Captain Eos clutches the bandmail close to her. "An old griffon, you say? We haven't heard from any survivors for weeks now… if she's not with you, maybe she's resigned to her fate."
"Captain, we should head back inside. It is nightfall."
"Of course, Bartuc. See everyone back to the barracks, I'll brief this crew immediately."

Marcus is more than happy to bring his supplies in, especially when the sight of his iron wares garners confident nods from the tired die-hards gathered in the keep. Unfortunately, he's peeled away from them before he can make any sales; as Eos leads you all upstairs, you can hear his cart being ransacked and scoured of its goods.

You all stand on a balcony overlooking the mess hall, chandeliers and torch sconces alight with flame. Several lieutenants wait with you as Eos stows the bandmail in her quarters.



Eos has a grim expression on her face when she emerges. "I am Captain Eos of the Dreamvale Militia. Everypony you see here in Midnight Castle are survivors of the Fey attacks. I've conscripted no one; if you don't fight back, you die. Tell me how you kill things and what name I'll engrave on your tombstone."


"Hugh Burro, Sword Knight. Though I suggest you save the tombstone for one who will need it."


"I am Moonbeam, a cleric in service to Luna, and I don't plan on dying anytime soon."


"The name's Miolin Max, but I'm no fighter, just a humble bard. I do know the means to protect myself though. Glad to be of service."


I'm going to have to leave shortly for dinner, and later I have my "quest" to attend to. So I think I'll have to be done for the day. Sorry.


"A follower of Luna? Good, we've had very little faith among the ranks as of late, and I've not had the time to perform services. If your friend, the Bard, knows a few hymns…" Eos fumbles at her chest. "…I'd show you my Celestial symbol, but it's on loan to one who needs it."

"Quarters and bunking are first come, first serve, the infirmary is in the old armory, equipment stashes have been distributed around the keep. Pair off and watch each other's backs if you have to walk outside in the yard or the ramparts, and that's at all hours of the day and night. The food stores had enough for half a year, that was five months ago. All I ask of you is that when your time comes, you take one of those bastards with you."

The words fall from her lips readily like dry spit, practiced and vacant and uncaring. Marcus speaks up, "I'm just a merchant, what do I do?"

"Everyone fights. No one quits." Eos twists her hoof, the telltale clack of spring-loaded mechanisms bringing an array of scissoring blades to bear around her leg. "If you don't do your job, I'll kill you myself. Ask around for open patrol slots. Dismissed."
"You're going to see Bartuc about the flier?" One of her lieutenants cuts in before she can leave.
"I don't like that featherbrained magus, but it looks like one of his plans actually worked." She storms out of the map room, leaving you and a bewildered Marcus with her lieutenants. Some of them mill off lazily to other posts, a few remain at the table brooding over the maps.

You are free to act.


Alright. I apologize for the slow start to the campaign, but I will be running this again same time and same day next week. (Saturday 10am PDT)

If any of you have questions, feedback, and anything else to say, please visit >>73422


Are we still going on are you going to stop now?


It seems we may have a fourth joining us. We'll move on without Aspirant as you explore Midnight Castle.


Hugh Burro eagerly moves on to find a patrol for himself, leaving Miolin Max and Moonbeam to explore Midnight Castle without him.

Marcus also leaves for the barracks below to check on his cart.

You can talk to the lieutenants here, the soldiers in the barracks and elsewhere, try finding Eos and the magus, or whatever else your bonnie heart desires.


"Perhaps I'll go visit the soldiers in the barracks and inspire them with some music. They could use some cheering up."


i will ask around to see if this place has a chapel


>>80468 ]Miolin
The troops are a mixed bag. Ponies of all ages and walks of life gather here, nearly every one drained of spirit. A few converse with what few friends or family they have left. There is one group working on physical exercises, and another playing dice. You don't see any of your kind among them.

>>80474 Moonbeam
You inquire with the lieutenants about a chapel, and they roll out a map of Midnight Castle for you. The chapel was in fact a separate tower connected to the keep by a walkway, and the infirmary had been located there until the tower was taken by the Fey. Many of the medical supplies have been left behind.

The chapel was originally built as an astronomical observatory in Princess Luna's honor, named the Moonreading Tower. Attempts to retake the tower have been countered by a white-furred Fey beast they call Dolan. No new chapel has been built, and the mess hall is usually used for makeshift services when somepony has the gumption to hold them.

"It's empty during the day, but come nightfall he and his brethren scale the tower. We have a bulwark set up at our end of the bridge, but we've been considered blowing up the thing."


I'll try to entertain them. Rolling.


Oh woops, rerolling.

Rolled 6 = 6


dice goes in the e-mail field.


"Tell me more about this Dolan"


>>80494 Miolin
Without further ado, you set up your violin and carefully start up a contemplative ditty with a quick beat, something that sounds like home but without being inappropriately cheery for the situation. Ponies look up from their activities, finally noticing the odd griffon on the fiddle in the middle of the hall.

You have their attention, though they've yet to be impressed.


>>80499 Moonbeam
"No, saying Dolan has fur is wrong. You've seen him out there, he shines with some kind of light, that's why he seems to have fur."

"What we do know is that he has a sort of metal ram's head, but he's large as a buffalo. Not like any kind of Fey we've seen."


"Come now, it's not wise to be gloomy during dark times such as this." Rolling to try and further entertain them.

Rolled 8 = 8


>>80509 Miolin
Now you've got some ponies joining along with the thunder of their hooves stomping in time to the music. They're not happy, per se, but energy has returned to their demeanors.

When you finish your tune, a young colt approaches you. He drags around a flanged mace larger than he is. "Haven't heard a song like that in a while. Nor even seen a griffon round these parts. Where are you from, stranger?"


"That sounds quite odd. What are the other fey like?"


"Wow, that's a big weapon for such a warrior of your caliber! Well, I'm not really important per se, but if you must know, I hail from a land beyond the reaches of Equestria. I'm a bard, so I tend to travel around a lot. Sure, I do miss my homeland sometimes, but as long as I get to see a smile from faces like yours with my music, it feels just as good as being at home. Who might you be though?"


>>80527 Moonbeam
"Certainly not as… otherworldly, but just as lethal. We've seen him with shucks, wisps, and sylph, mostly."

"The wisps and sylphs attack from the air. Wind and fire elementals, the lot of 'em. And the shucks? Blasted things can transform into lightning. S'why we don't have iron spears on the south side, they can teleport straight onto the rampart if we give them a beacon, but if we don't use iron how can we slay them? Tricky business, though they've stayed to the tower for the most part. Must be planning something."


>>80535 Miolin
"My name's One Note! I wanted to be a bard just like you, but then the invasion started and now I'm fighting alongside my da's friends. I'm stronger'n I look, honest."


"Nice to meet you, One Note, the name's Miolin Max, or you can just call me Max. I'm sure you're strong as you said, but you are pretty young, don't you think? It's a scary world out there, wouldn't it be better for you stay in here? And if both of us makes it through, and I'm sure we would, maybe I can teach you on how to be a bard once the invasion is all over? What do you think?"


>>80542 Miolin
"That'd be great! I wanted to play the bagpipes, but I gave my old set away to help with the war effort."

At this point an older unicorn, juvenile, comes up and shoos One Note away. "Get back to the table, stop botherin' the new guy."
"But he's fun!"
"Table. Now."


"I beg your pardon, uh..sir. My name's Miolin Max and I want to ask, are you the caretaker for this fellow?"


>>80550 Miolin
"I'm his brother. Don't go filling his head with dreams or nothing, you know?" He's a moody fellow, turning his back on you before you can give him a response.


"..I hope we meet again, One Note. Stay safe."

I'll take my leave from the barracks and meet up with Marcus, catch up with what he's doing.

I'll have to take my leave, but I might be back in 2-3 hours or so. If you guys have stopped playing by then, then, thanks! It has been real fun. I'll try my best to join you guys again next week.


We'll call it here for today as Aspirant will be starting up Lunaquest soon. See you next week, same time and same day.


sorry for kind of just disappearing there, something came up
i'll see you next week


File: 1345915797638.jpg (282.8 KB, 1024x436, Tristram1_final2.jpg)

Our would-be heroes arrived in Dreamvale to find a nightmarish landscape torn by war and cruelty, passing by macabre mass hangings and burnt skeletons. The diehard defenders of Midnight Castle are a mixed lot, some are barely even adults, and good cheer is in short supply.

The one ray of good news, if you can call it that, is the bandmail armor that was returned to Captain Eos, though its significance remains a mystery for now.

Miolin Max attempted to ignite morale among the sleepy troops in the barracks and mess hall, and managed to make friends with a colt. Moonbeam is talking to Eos' lieutenants about the Fey that have occupied the adjoining Moonreading Tower. Hugh Burro came ready to do his duty, patrolling the ramparts with the resident defenders.

You may begin play now while we wait for players to trickle in.


Alright, what's the status of some of these resident defenders? Any recent attacks on the castle?


about what time is it in game?


Miolin reporting! Sorry for being late!

I'll be doing my previous action.


>>88910 Hugh Burro
It seems that everypony in Midnight Castle is involved in its defense; there are no proper civilians to speak of, and even now almost half of the forces here are mercenaries or outsiders. Although the Fey attack from any direction, they've set up a front in the Moonreading Tower. From your position on the battlements you can see the ominous spire beginning to glow with the light of elemental Fey creatures; fellow guards give you a brief description of those creatures similar to what Moonbeam is learning from Eos' lieutenants (see above and in the Prelim Thread).

Attacks come nightly…

>>88911 Moonbeam
…and it's already sundown. The blanket of stars stretches out from the east, and anypony looking out from Midnight Castle might be able to spot eldritch motes of light milling about in the forests and foothills of Dreamvale.

>>88914 Miolin Max
You find Marcus in the barracks, standing over his empty cart and arguing with a smithy.
"I didn't come out all the way to bumfuck nowhere just to get robbed blind! I demand compensation!"
"I'm telling you, you'll be lucky to get out of here alive. Make yourself useful or at least quit bothering the smiths."


Suppose I prepare myself for the coming storm then and try to give words of encouragement to those around me.


"Calm yourself down, Marcus. It's not all that bad when you think about it. We'd probably get some decent action around here, plus if we can make it through this, think about the rewards that Captain Lady will give us!"


>>88919 Hugh Burro
You're new, so the guards won't pressure you to take up the "front" on the bridge leading to the Moonreading Tower. Of course, there's no guarantee the Fey won't attack some other part of the castle, though taking up a post on any of the walls would delay you in rushing to aid anypony on the bridge.

You can choose to patrol any of the four walls (North, South, East, or West), or take a post on the Bridge below the West wall. (The main gate to Midnight Castle is in the South wall)


I will thank the lieutenants and head to the battlements to get a look at Moonreading Tower


Let's go with the Bridge patrol/front.

"A knight leads from the front, not the rear. You'll find me there."


>>88920 Miolin Max
Marcus is glad to see you. "That's exactly what I mean, Max! We need to maintain some kind of order and standards of society. It's what gives us hope, no?"
"Hope left this place since the first Captain disappeared." The smith wrinkles his nose and shakes his head. "Look, I'll give you the one suit of armor and some weapons. You'll need that more, and besides, we haven't any coins to give you. They're all melted down."
"Bah! I am a merchant, not a mercenary…"

>>88923 Moonbeam
Similar to Hugh Burro, you can take up a post on the West wall or the Bridge to get a look at the Moonreading Tower.


from what the lieutenants told me, the bridge seems the more dangerous place, hence the place in most need of the Night Princess's blessings, I'll go there


"Look, Marcus. What did you expect to do when we got here? Look around you. Hungry and terrified ponies as far as the eye can see, some are not even qualified to wield a sword. But they volunteered to fight because they want to help. I know this place doesn't mean as much to you as it is to me, but why not give them a helping hand? And don't forget the reward!"


>>88927 Hugh Burro
>>88935 Moonbeam
The two of you meet up behind the bulwark on the bridge to the Moonreading Tower. The guards here are more numerous, ever wary of the increasing Fey activity in the tower across the walkway. You can see that the bulwark is a makeshift barricade of upturned furniture and wrenched iron. The portal to the bridge proper is plugged up with obstacles and covered in scorch marks, and the stone walkway beyond is empty, if moderately damaged by earlier battles.

Moonbeam, your knowledge of Lunar religion lets you make a roll to examine the architecture of the Moonreading Tower at a distance, though the coming darkness of night and the Fey swarming about the parapets may obscure your line of sight.

>>88946 Miolin Max
"You're right. A bad price is better than no price." Marcus shuffles off to the armory, and the smith looks at you proudly.
"So you're the griffon the boys've been talking about. The Captain doesn't like us talking about it, but you bringing that armor back… well, it's given us all a peace of mind, after a fashion."

As a holy warrior of Nightmare Moon, you have never feared the darkness, so traveling the blighted landscape of Dreamvale at dusk feels only natural to you. Even so, the signs of conflict and cruelty are difficult to ignore, and though you soon see Midnight Castle in the distance, your canine senses alert you to something eldritch nearby. Roll for perception.



Rolled 7 = 7


rollan, also I will use my spyglass to get a better view of any details that might seem important

Rolled 1 = 1




"I hope you don't mind me asking, but who's the owner of that armor? I imagine..that the owner is no longer here with us, judging from how that Captain Lady reacted to it."


Examine the makeshift barricade for any weak points I guess.

Rolled 9 = 9


File: 1345920824005.jpg (120.22 KB, 500x693, rust monster 1974 jared hindma…)

>>88978 Scratch
As a side note, whether you traveled to Dreamvale alone or with a caravan is up to you. In the latter case, they turned back before reaching Dreamvale and left you to continue your journey solo.

Your instincts are true, and you spin around in time to deflect the charge of a large insectoid beast. You are unharmed, though you notice an unsual gash in your armor; not enough to compromise it, but you swear it hadn't been quite that rusty before…

pic related - The creature is ungainly, about as large as a buffalo and with long, spindly legs and a hard carapace. You're alone on the road: you can roll for intiative, or roll to run.

>>88993 Miolin Max
"He was her… Our Captain, til the Fey came. He led a squad out of Dreamvale to seek aid and, well… I guess we know what happened, now. Moon rest his soul, and mercy on his poor child."

>>88984 Moonbeam
While you had the foresight to bring a spyglass with you, the sylph and wisps swirling about the Moonreading Tower make it difficult to see much of the structure itself. They appear to be streaming in and out of the broken stained-glass windows.

>>88995 Hugh Burro
Your fighting experience and cursory knowledge of the Fey help you spot a few possible weaknesses in the barricade. The wood planks are susceptible to wisp fire, while the metal supports are weak to the shucks' lightning. Rearranging a few of the obstacles just so helps buffer each against the other so the wall won't fall apart completely should any one piece fail.

Moonbeam and Hugh can see the door to the Moonreading Tower open, a column of black clouds spilling forth. The guards around you cry out, "Shucks!"


"I'm going to bury you, whatever you are."
Rolling for initiative.

Rolled 10 = 10


"Woah, did you hear that? I should get going! I'll probably see you later then!"

Rush to the bridge and catch up with the others.


Ready my sword so that if a shuck charges me the first metal it can jump to is my iron sword.

Otherwise, stand ready for a fight.


"May Luna guide and protect us."


>>89022 Scratch
CRIT! You move quickly and twirl your blade, slicing off the feelers attached to the creature's head. Deprived of its senses, it reels and thrashes in confusion. Roll again for your next attack.


I charge my sword with the power of the night and Blast it.

Rolled 2 + 2 = 4


>>89029 Miolin Max
The smith also hears the cry sound out and he does the same, rushing to wherever his post is. Several fighters join you in your rush to the Bridge, and you even spot One Note in the crowd before he is pulled away by his older brother.

Following the others, you come to rejoin your party.
>>89031 Hugh Burro
>>89038 Moonbeam

The black shucks are upon you fast as lightning, quite literally as the column of black clouds suddenly bursts into multiple arcs of energy. The lightning slams into the barricade, and it holds, thanks to Hugh's amateur engineering. Each bolt dances across the iron before spilling backward to coalesce into dire lupine forms.

You three face down one shuck each.

All three of you should roll initiative for combat. Please attach an action or attack to your roll; beating my initiative roll means you are successful.

Rolled 6 = 6


>>89046 Scratch
Divine energy radiates from your weapon, but the thrashing creature stumbles out of your way and smacks you with its tail. You are shaken, and take one hit of damage.

You hear thunder in the distance and can see lightning bolts arcing across from a tower to the western wall of Midnight Castle.


Sentry Passive; Always win Initiative

Standard Attack on my opponent, leave the fancy stuff for later.

Rolled 10 + 2 = 12


Rolling for initiative, and I will inspire the party.


Forgot the roll. Rolling!

Rolled 1 = 1


i will try to cast inure (lighting/electricity) on Hugh as he is covered in metal

Rolled 8 = 8


>>89073 Hugh Burro: 5h/6w
You run the shuck through with your blade, and with a mournful howl it immediately dissipates in a shower of electric sparks.

>>89083 Miolin Max: Helpless/5w
You get your bowstring tangled in one of your primaries. Normally this might at least be comedic, but with fighters scrambling to get a good position, you're just getting in the way.

A shuck notices the opening and descends upon you in a bolt of lightning, knocking you to the ground. Roll to get up, or an ally can also roll to help you get up.

>>89087 Moonbeam: 5h/6w
Moonlight encircles Hugh, warding him from lightning damage. Unfortunately, it looks like Miolin could use it more…


"AUGH! It's cool, it's cool. I can help myself."

Rolling to get my ass up.

Rolled 4 = 4


I use Fervor and attack again.

Rolled 1 = 1


"Did I say you could lie down on the job?"

Help Miolin get up before he gets himself killed

Possible to use Protect on him as well, in case he doesn't get up in time?

Rolled 1 = 1


"Begone foul beast!"
i will use divine wrath to blast away the shuck attacking Miolin

Rolled 9 + 2 = 11


Amidst the melee and falling lightning bolts, you can't seem to get Miolin back into the fight.

Moonbeam's faith holds fast, and a visage of Luna's holy symbol wreaths the area before exploding with burning moonfire. The arcane force clears the immediate area of shucks.

Miolin still needs to roll to get up.

Several swaths of Fey peel away from the tower. Sylph and wisps descend upon the western wall and the bridge in a storm of buffeting gales and swirling fairy fire. You can hear the sounds of battle above you as the ramparts are struck by lightning.

Nightmare Moon favors the strong, and it seems that She is testing you tonight. You are without Her divine power for this fight.

The insectoid monster rams you and pins you to the ground. As you struggle with its maw, you notice that the spittle coming from its mandible burns brown spots into your armor.


I try to kick it off me and stand up.

Rolled 7 = 7


Protect Miolin as he attempts to get up, attacking any Fey that draw too close.

Rolled 3 = 3


Sheesh, the dice don't like it when I play defense.


i will try to inure (fire) on Miolin

Rolled 4 = 4


"URGH. One..more..try!"

Rolled 2 = 2


>tfw I will never get back up


Heading into some turbulence, expect slight delays on updates.


Alright, take your time.


>>89128 Scratch
You successfuly shove the creature off of you and regain your footing. Your armor will need repairs if you keep fighting that thing.

>>89132 Hugh 3/5 hits
>>89140 Moonbeam 3/5 hits
>>89144 Miolin 3/5 hits
The swarming Fey spirits keep you pinned, the stinging fire and winds making it difficult to maneuver or even see. You each take 2 hits of damage.


I'm not going to leave this thing alive after it attacked me.
I try to skewer it with my sword.

Rolled 2 = 2


"Ookay, okay. Third time's the charm!"

Rolling to get my ass back up again.

Rolled 10 = 10


How annoying.

Time to go on the attack, since helping Miolin doesn't seem to be working.

Attack the nearest Fey.

Rolled 4 + 2 = 6


let's try inure (fire) on Hugh

Rolled 8 = 8


>>89195 Miolin
You finally spring to your feet with a great sweep of your wings clearing out the smaller wisps around you.

>>89197 Hugh
Your iron cleaves a visible path through the thick cloud of Fey, a hundred tiny screams echoing the ironwrought deaths of small wisp spirits.

>>89199 Moonbeam
Luna's holy light radiates from Miolin's form, the cool moonfire neutralizing the wisps' attacks on his feathery form.

The wisps are mostly cleared out now, but the sylph continue to buffet the walls with fierce winds. A few unlucky ponies are tossed from the ramparts, sylph and shucks descending upon them midair to rend their bodies with eldritch fury. A lucky few are dead before they hit the ground below.

>>89191 Scratch
The creature's wild thrashing is unpredictable, preventing you from getting a good, solid hit as it clumsily charges once more. You are pushed backwards, your boots digging into the ashen soil, but you take no damage.


Again! Kill it!

Rolled 8 = 8


"The Sylph are the real threat! Attack them first!"

Follow my own advice and attempt to attack a Sylph.

Rolled 10 + 2 = 12


"In the name of Luna, I strike thee down"
i use divine wrath

Rolled 10 + 2 = 12


Wield my rapier and assist Hugh.

Rolled 8 + 2 = 10


>>89223 Scratch
Your aim is true, and you cut a large gash just between the creature's hard armor plates. Disoriented and wounded, it begins to back off.

The three of you move in perfect formation. Miolin deftly lacerates the wings off a nearby sylph, clearing the way for Hugh to eliminate one more and push aside a cloud of the glowing creatures. Under your cover, Moonbeam moves to the center of the fray and raises her holy symbol, calling down a ray of moonlight from the sky itself. Searing brightness bathes the bulwark, bringing daylight to the area. Sylph wither and evaporate as the light touches them, and shucks are forced to flee.

The Bridge is clear of attackers, and the Western wall above seems to be holding its own. The Moonreading Tower appears to be unguarded at this level, though telltale Fey lights remain in the upper levels. The guards seem to be debating amongst themselves whether this is a good time to attempt retaking the Tower.


"This is our only opening! We should head in there and deal with whatever monstrosity that resides there. It seems more like a suicide mission though. What say you two?"


"Get back here!"
I try to kill it before it can escape.

Rolled 6 = 6


"They'll regroup if we give them time, so don't! Press forward! Attack!"


"This is a tower built in the name of Luna and housing supplies desperately needed by all the ponies here. We cannot allow it to remain in the control of these monsters."


>>89305 Scratch
As the creature turns its back and skitters away, you leap forward and run along its tail, up its back and plunge your sword deep into its abdomen. Foul ichor sputters forth from its wounds, the familiar smell of rust filling your nostrils. It all seems to come from inside the monster, and not your own equipment.

After your show of tenacity and power, you feel a divine force guiding your footsteps. Words filter into your thoughts from the ether, formless and silent. As you look out to your destination, the Moonreading Tower seems to be in incredible focus to you, even clearer than Midnight Castle itself. It is a place of great import to Her, and you feel Her pulling you towards the blackened spire.

Your unified call to action rallies the guards behind you, and you make a spirited charge across the bridge. Arcs of lightning and congealed fireballs begin to rain down upon your advancing column, incinerating guards and digging out chunks of stone behind you.

You are now in the Midlevels of the Moonreading Tower. Innumerable staircases spiral upwards and downwards, churning clockworks and columns turning out a droning heartbeat in this ancient structure. The windows and architecture here were designed from materials and at such angles that the moonlight would fill the entire structure in specific patterns at different points in the lunar cycle. Magic gems catch these rays of light, powering the mechanism that spans the height of the structure, but to what end you do not know.

Fire and lightning continue to batter the bridge behind you, preventing further reinforcements. The guards that came with you split into two groups, one heading downward to secure the Lowers, and a bolder squad of four heading upstairs towards the concentrated Fey lights.


I'll join the guards heading upward. Should the patrol in the Lowers come under attack, someone will have to help hold back the tide from the upper ramparts.


i will head up with the bold ones, also inure (lighting/electricity) on whichever seems to be taking the front

Rolled 8 = 8


I'll head down with that one guard and help him secure the Lowers. Don't want anything happen to him, we really need all the ponies' help.


yeah, its probably good not to have the one guy on his own


As Hugh and Moonbeam head upwards, bolts of arcane force slowly fall from above. They strike the staircases, puncturing holes in the stone and metalwork encircling the tower in an attempt to impede your progress. One of the guards falls into the churning clockworks in the center of the spire. He lands safely on a massive gear but doesn't have any apparent way of rejoining you. "Go on without me!"

You have three guards left with you as you dodge the arcane volleys. Roll to ascend the tower.

As you descend the stairs behind the other guard, you notice he's a little smaller than the other ponies. Sure, they all look small to you, but this one is dragging his weapon behind him. Roll perception.


"Keep moving!"

Rolled 3 = 3



Rolled 2 = 2


well that's not good


Nope. My dice only like attacking it would seem.


That's..uhh, kind of adorable.


Rolled 10 = 10


A massive ball of arcane energy slams square into the center of your group, scattering the other two guards into the dark depths below. Hugh and Moonbeam are kicked up into the air, and manage to catch each other. You must choose where to land together: back on the stairs or on the clockworks.

>>89368 Miolin Max
As you descend into the darkness, you see One Note is carrying a flanged mace longer than he is tall. He is certainly brave, for a child…

A pony falls past you, screaming as he is swallowed by the bottomless shaft. The stairs descend much further than ground level, disappearing into darkness below.


I think I'd rather land on the stairs, seeing as how we don't know how to navigate around the clockwork gears or if there's a way off them.

Be easier to just land on the stairs and run back down them if things get too hairy.

What do you think Moonbeam?


i agree, stairs seems the better option


I had to drop out for a bit, sorry.
I hurry towards the tower and the castle.




>>89384 Hugh
>>89389 Moonbeam
You tilt your body mass to fall towards the stairs, and you find a good solid chunk to land on. The way down is withered away, and the way up is still under attack. It's just you two now. Roll to ascend.

>>89393 Scratch
Your sight of Midnight Castle is blurry, but you can clearly focus on the Moonreading Tower in incredible detail. You can see a few scattered bodies around the castle walls, as well as the faint scent of necrotic Fey dust in the air. There was a battle here, recently, and it might not be wise to approach the gates of the keep.

The Tower pulls you towards it with increasing urgency. You feel your legs quicken.

>>89399 Miolin
One Note spins around to greet you. "Miolin! Sun above, I thought you wouldn't recognize me, don't tell my bro?"

It's awfully dark in the lower levels. Roll for Perception.


we got this

Rolled 1 = 1


I run towards the tower and try to burrow down then back up through a basement or floor.

Rolled 1 = 1


i don't got this


Welp, shield up and pushing forward.

Rolled 7 = 7


"I promise that I won't, but what are you doing down here all alone? Hold on though, this place is a little too frisky for my taste."

Rolled 7 = 7


>>89421 Scratch
You dig, but are confounded by thick, gnarled roots winding through the earth. They pulse with an eldritch energy. Looking up, you can see that the ground-level entryway is also overgrown with verdant roots, but you should be able to hack your way through those.

Hugh's shield deflects a bolt or two, but one strikes just behind Moonbeam, blowing out the stairs beneath her hooves. She begins to fall. Hugh can roll to either ascend without Moonbeam or to help Moonbeam recover. Moonbeam must roll to recover.

>>89442 Miolin
"I'm fighting the bad guys! I heard the call go out so I snuck out of the barracks and—"

A telltale whizz clips One Note's chainmail hood. You are quick to draw your rapier and parry off several more large thorns flying out of the darkness before they can harm either of you. In the shadows below you see a myriad of Fey lights ignite, one particularly bright pair ascending the staircase. You see a mess of roots and leaves scouring the walls of the tower, slowly creeping up along the stone as the spriggan advances on the two of you, its gnarled, bark-plated arms pointing at you.

Roll for initiative and declare your first attack/action.

Rolled 5 = 5


I try to chop through with my sword.

Rolled 10 = 10


"Not this again! Get up before they fire again!"

Try to help Moonbeam up. Nopony left behind.

Rolled 3 = 3


"Stay behind me!"

Rolling for initiative, and Cheap Shot the Spriggan!

Rolled 4 = 4


"We must press on"
rolling to recover

Rolled 2 = 2


The dice, they hate me. Starting to wish I went down now, I'd be fighting and my dice would like me again.


Aaand firefox is dropping my name again. Great. Sorry.


the dice dont seem to like the idea of climbing this tower


At least you guys didn't fall down twice.


I think we're about to get thrown about once again, actually.


>>89465 Scratch
You handily shred through the vegetation and kick down the door, hacking aside further foliage. Your assault on the root system causes the entire thing to pulse and emit pained groans, blood-like sap pooling around your feet.

You are in the Lower levels of the Moonreading Tower. Spiraling staircases lead up towards the bright summit, and down into impenetrable darkness. The spire is hollow, with a massive clockworks shaft forming the center of the tower. Your deity's direction bids you upward, and you can see a gnarled, rooty Fey spriggan advancing towards two figures higher up on the staircase.

>>89473 Miolin 3/5 hits, 4/5 wounds
You rush to protect One Note, but fail in putting up your own defenses. The spriggan's arm convulses and launches a large thorn that pierces your armor. You feel weak as poison courses through your veins. You take one wound of damage.

But something distracts the spriggan, and it turns its attention to the lower floors; a shadowy figure stands in the doorway leading out to the surface. Roll to make an attack; you won't be counterattacked for this action.

Hugh makes a valiant effort to grab Moonbeam, but her grip fails at the last moment. Another arcane blase rocks the staircase, and both of you fall out into the abyss… And you land safely on the clockworks, somewhat dazed but otherwise unharmed.

Moonbeam's staff pulses with energy, and the cog you lie on shivers unnaturally as the runes etched into its metalwork begin to fill with light.


I charge up the stairs and Blast the twisted creature that stands between me and the Night's goal.

Rolled 7 + 2 = 9


"What is happening?"
rolling to see if i can make any sense of these runes

Rolled 3 = 3


"Great, out of the fight. Darnit. Let's see if we can't find a way off this thing and find the others before we try that again, if there's enough stair left to even climb."

Looking for some way off this thing.

Rolled 3 = 3


"D-don't worry, lil' feller. I've taken hits worse than this."

Attack the darn thing!

Rolled 7 + 2 = 9


Unfortunately, the structure was built long before Moonbeam's time and she is unfamiliar with the markings. She does recognize them as being typical of Lunar religious and magical rituals, however, and the primary symbols match the one adorning her staff.

As the gearworks turn and spin, you are unable to find a safe spot to jump off, let alone a pathway back to the stairs.

>>89501 Scratch
With a single swift movement, you chop straight through the spriggan. The wake of your blade pulses with energy as space itself twists, and an explosion of dark energy envelops the creature. The undergrowth in the surrounding area immediately withers and dies in the presence of Endless Night, and the spriggan is itself in very poor shape.

>>89515 Miolin
Ignoring the pain, you thrust your rapier straight through the exposed heartwood of the spriggan, thick red sap issuing forth from its knotholes. You struggle to free your weapon from the crumbling monster, and see a Diamond Dog just below the staircase. You have him to thank for helping you defeat the creature.

In the darkness, several new pairs of eyes emerge from the undergrowth as new spriggans form up from root balls and peel away from their budding structure.

Scratch and Miolin can introduce themselves, but the horde of spriggans advancing from below necessitate keeping pleasantries short… and remember, their poison attacks deal direct wounding damage.


Keep looking for a way down, or by all that is holy I'm going to chuck my armor into the gears to make them stop.

Rolled 6 = 6


"What was this contraption for?"
look around to see if i can figure out what the gears are supposed to be moving

Rolled 6 = 6


"The Night demands that I climb this tower. Will you help me or stand in my way?"


"A..a Diamond Dog of all places? W-well, I thank you for helping me. If only you were to arrive earlier, I would have not gotten this injury. Yes, I will help you since I don't think it's wise to stay here any longer. Come along, One Note!"


"Then follow quickly, there is work to be done!"
I charge up the stairs.
I need to head out now. If Moron is okay with it feel free to roll for my actions in combat.


>>89534 Hugh
You still can't find a way off, though you notice that the gear shafts are peculiarly sectioned, connected to each other by ringed structures. As you're scanning the tower, you see a golden winged form shoot up past you, rocketing towards the top levels. You recognize the banded mail that your party had delivered to Midnight Castle earlier.

>>89542 Moonbeam
As you bring your staff close to the other gears, they also react to its presence, and suddenly the machine parts break apart to reveal even further inner workings, machinations of such fine precision and complexity you could never hope to discern their function if not for the ampoules of magic now encircling you. The clockworks shudder, and cogs above you shift aside as your platform moves upward of its own accord.

The machinery here responds to Lunar faith, and you have just activated the elevator going up.

As One Note and Miolin turn up to the stairs, Scratch's divine providence directs him to stop them and point to the clockworks. Recognizing the symbols in the gears, he draws an arc with his blade and the machinery screams and hisses as it pulls itself apart. The three of you jump on and the cogs carry you upwards.

THIS IS A GOOD PLACE TO END IT. I don't want anyone to miss the next part!


Alright, cya next week.


Next week it is! Thanks DM!


see you next week
also, question, is the guard that fell into the gears (>>89356) with us or on a different set of gears?


did not link that right


He was on the gearworks far below you, but I'm undecided on his ultimate fate.


File: 1346524959888.jpg (64.05 KB, 851x315, diablo-3-cathedral.jpg)

The party stormed the Moonreading Tower with only a handful of defenders accompanying them, braving a hail of faerie fire and arcane bolts. After discovering the secret of the Lunar clockworks, they now ascend to the top of the spire.

Hugh Burro and Moonbeam barely dodged the arcane magic raining down on them as they scaled the spiral staircase, finally escaping to the gearworks. Moonbeam's Lunar symbol reacted with the machinery, transforming it into an elevator to bring them upward. A golden winged figure blazed towards the spire as they ascended.

Miolin Max helped One Note secure the lower levels only to find a hive of poisonous spriggan. Fortunately they were aided by Scratch, a mysterious diamond dog paladin, whose own faith let them ascend the gearworks.

Hugh Burro and Moonbeam: you are safe on the gearworks as it ascends to the top of the spire. You notice that the arcane bolts continue to rain down against the stairs and windows only, not the cogs. After the golden winged figure roars upward, you hear windows crashing down below and see a cadre of pegasi fighters from Midnight Castle filtering in from outside. The defenders must have sent a second wave in.

Miolin Max and Scratch, you are also ascending the tower on the gearworks. The little colt, One Note, is safe but perhaps inappropriately excited as he marvels at the gearworks and the action going on above.

Pinpoint, you are among the second wave of fighters to storm the Moonreading Tower. You are currently flying midlevel, below Hugh/Moonbeam and above Miolin/Scratch. Your squad immediately takes evasive maneuvers to dodge the arcane fire raining down from the upper levels. Roll to evade.


"Look out!"

Rolled 3 = 3


"Good, reinforcements. Time to retake this tower. And thank you, Cleric, for figuring out how to work this contraption."


"What is the pony pup doing here?"


"Er, yes, figured it out. That is totally what I did"


"Oh, uh, well, brave little guy just wanted some action."


>>96463 Pinpoint
An inopportune blast smashes against the wall near to you, and you are thrown through the air into the gearworks. You catch yourself against a rising platform… one of the cogs, in fact. You look up to see a griffon, a young colt, and a heavily armored diamond dog standing over you.

Addendum: you were part of the echelon being led by Captain Eos herself. She has donned the mythril armor that was returned to her and has stormed ahead to face Dolan alone.

Miolin and Scratch, you have yet another new addition to your little team in the form of Pinpoint, the pegasus.


>>96465 Scratch
>>96471 Miolin
One Note pipes up, "I snuck out to the blockade, I did. My bro said he'd be out on the west side so I thought I'd find him but then the fighting started and oh man I smacked one with me mace and then we all started running—"

Magic blasts rock the tower above and he looks up, starry-eyed, like he were watching a fireworks display, never mind the fact ponies are getting tossed around like marbles in a glass jar.


"Ha! The Night favors the bold!"
I reach down and ruffle his mane.

"And here is another pony. Finding it a little hard to fly?"


"My, my. I see we've got a new face in a sudden, again. Are you with us or against us?"


"Well, keep up the good work. I'd hate to smash your precious Princesses machinery because I can't figure out how to work it."


"Just a little turbulence."
"Do I look like a Fey to you?"


"Don't be so harsh on me now, I've got a wound in me. You never know the Fey's might have hired or recruited spies, as uncivilized as they are.".


"Fey? Is that what were are fighting? I have not heard of fey before."


"Yes, keeping these gears intact would be a good thing. I would have liked it if the tower could have remained pristine but"
I look around at the blasted stairs and broken windows
"that does not seem to be an option."


"What you just chopped off not too long ago, that was a Fey. It's just one of the many."


"I'm more concerned with keeping the denizens of the castle alive. This," I wave a hoof at the wrecked staircase, "can be rebuilt. But only when it's safe once more."


"I hope the other fey are not as weak as that plant thing. Do the fey have large bugs? Things that rust away armor?"


"I'm not quite certain myself, I've just got this location not too long ago. Perhaps One Note here can help you out, he's a local."


"The Fey are beings of nature. A manifestation of the untamed wilds. Beautiful, but fearsome. They are to blame for this cataclysm."
"Rust Monsters. The Fey use them to deteriorate our iron weapons."


"Yes, yes of course, their safety is most important. Let us hope we can get to the top of the tower in time to prevent any further deaths."


Hugh and Moonbeam, your platform is suddenly impacted by a pegasus warrior seeking cover from the arcane fire. He hangs off the edge with his hooves, giving you a tired, but elated look. "Looks like we've got 'em on the r—AUGH!" He slips away over the edge, dragged down by some unseen force. As you look to the walls, you see black shucks pouring down over the stones like water and leaping across the open space to intercept the second wave.

Shucks being to leap towards your small elevator platform. Roll initiative against my first roll as you try to deflect any shucks coming your way.

Miolin, Scratch, and Pinpoint, you also witness the new wave of Fey coursing down from the spire as you ascend. Roll initiative against my second roll as you also defend your platform.

Rib, you are also part of the second wave of defenders storming the Moonreading Tower. Your squad has been sent into the lower levels, far from the arcane fire but shrouded in darkness. Roll for perception.

Rolled 2, 3 = 5


"Damn Fey!"
>Passive ability: Sentry

Strike out at the nearest Shuck if any are in reach.

Rolled 6 + 2 = 8


"Fighting nature? Haha! I hear you ponies have some experience with that. What fey are there other than Rust Monsters and those platy things?"

I activate Fervor and attack with my shortsword when they get close enough.
I can't remember, did you want us to tell you what our attack should be during initiative rolls?

Rolled 7 = 7


Sigh and look around. "Matches. I always for get to bring matches. Or a torch or something."

I squint and search around despite the fact that I am not a cat. Anything vaguely familiar might be helpful.

Rolled 4 = 4


"Foul beasts"
swing at one with my mace

Rolled 10 = 10


Fire a crossbow bolt at an incoming shuck.

Rolled 8 = 8


Yes, please declare your attack or action for initiative.


"One Note, stay behind me!"

Perform a cheapshot at the nearest Fey.

Rolled 7 + 2 = 9


I should note that Hits have been reset for this encounter. Miolin still has 1 wound on him, though.

>>96506 Hugh
You center your weight, easily batting away any shucks that come sailing through the air at your platform.
>>96512 Moonbeam
You follow through with the swing of your mace, sending one shuck spinning into the abyss and cracking another one on the head.

>>96508 Scratch
You are filled with divine power. Your next two attacks will be critical successes.
>>96513 Pinpoint
Your bolt catches a shuck and stops it dead midflight, and it falls into the gearworks far below.
>>96517 Miolin
A shuck lands on the platform, but you easily backhand it with the guard of your rapier before kicking it off.

Both elevator parties are safe for now. Stand by for update.

>>96510 Rib
As you grope around carefully in the dark, you can feel what seem to be roots and foliage at your hooves. There is something very off about them; normally you are attuned to nature, but these seem to confound you.

Your squadmates fumble for torches and lights as they descend into the darkness in front of you. One of them yelps and is pulled over the edge by some unseen force, and they ready their weapons. "Hostiles!"

Roll for initiative.


I turn to the sound and quickly dive down to aim at whatever is attacking the others. "Remember the buddy system boys." I instruct while staying close to the nearest member.

Rolled 6 = 6


>>96526 Rib
Finally getting a good look at your environs, you see that the Fey have arranged a massive network of roots around the lower levels. You realize that the spriggan that have set up a hive here are actively negating your shamanic instincts. You fire off a shot and manage to land a hit, stunning one spriggan as it inexorably scales the wall below you.

You feel the roots moving beneath you.

Hugh and Moonbeam, as your elevator climbs into the top levels of the Moonreading Tower the light from the top of the spire becomes almost unbearably bright, and though you could swear it roils like fire it seems to leave a cool sensation against your skin. Eldritch symbols have been carved into the walls, completely alien to the Lunar symbology adorning the rest of the tower.

Miolin, Scratch, and Pinpoint, your elevator also speeds to the top of the tower and you see a similar sight.

Both groups' cogs turn and lock into place as part of a high platform in the top floor of the tower. You realize now that the clockworks are part of some grand astrolabe, great rings of metal and metallic spheres and prisms representing the stars orbiting the chamber. On the far side of the astrolabe, you can see a hulking being of ethereal fire engaged with a marvelous gold and obsidian telescope. It doesn't seem to be paying attention to you.

Wreaths of sylph and wisps arc through the smashed windows and open air as shucks rest upon the ancient machinery, their crackling bodies powering the old gears.


"For the Night!"
I charge forwards and Blast the being of ethereal fire.

Rolled 3 + 2 = 5


Briefly look for the pegasi that flew up here while the big bad isn't looking around.

Rolled 1 = 1


"Hugh! Moonbeam! Boy am I glad to see familiar faces around here."


Try to escape.

Instincts suggest that we should probably move to where we would have a strategic advantage. Seeing as its hard to see I instruct the other men to continue on our path. Some leading their partners forward, the other attacking our pursuers and in turn protecting their partner.


"…Where is Captain Eos?"
Attempt a…Locate check? Is that appropriate?

Rolled 10 + 2 = 12


i look around to see if i can see the winged golden thing probably Captain Eos but i dont know that around

Rolled 9 = 9


whoops. meant to link to >>96533



Rolled 8 = 8


"I see you've picked up some friends"


"Glad to see you on your feet for once. Who're your friends?"


"Urm, well, they're unexpected guests, but I assure you that they're here to help. Don't worry about the colt here though, he's under my protection."


>>96536 Scratch
Fervor continues to fill your being, and the force of your strike is powerful indeed. However, charging past the astrolabe and armies of Fey proves too difficult and you end up expending yourself smashing through the eldritch creatures. The large being turns to regard you with an unblinking face formed from sculpted orichalcum, a mask resembling a ram's head. You have one charge of Fervor left, and then you will become helpless.

>>96539 Hugh
You see no sign of the golden figure you saw earlier.
>>96543 Pinpoint
Locate is applicable. You realize that Captain Eos has somehow managed to escape detection. She is well-hidden, that much you can be sure of, and your best guess is that she's insinuated herself among the glowing astrolabe, as large and complex as it is. The shifting armatures would do well to hide her silhouette.
>>96545 Moonbeam
You see no sign of battle, so you're certain that wherever the winged one went, they must be hidden.

>>96548 Rib
You rip your hooves away from the eldritch epiphytes, preventing yourself from being trapped. Your comrades move forward, hacking away at the roots around them to try and disable the spriggan influence. A sudden flurry of needles and thorns from the darkness showers them, and one seems to take a bad hit to the neck. He falls to the steps and starts to convulse, his partner rushing to revive him but with little success.

You can see about a dozen pairs of glowing eyes in the darkness below, slowly ascending the stairs and walls. You can hear the roots and plants starting to shift.


"Come fight me, coward!"
I try to get close enough to it to Shatter its mask.

Rolled 1 = 1


"Well your one friend looks about to get himself killed if we don't intervene! Move!"

Protect Scratch and strike at Dolan if possible.

Rolled 8 + 2 = 10


Ready my crossbow to fire at any Fey that gets too close to Scratch.

Rolled 8 = 8


I instruct the men to continue on while rushing back down after the fallen.

"Drop a torch! Drop your torch and then drag him!" I tell him as I shoot at the chasers. Hopefully a wild fire would be just the thing we need to escape.

Rolled 4 = 4


"Oh dear. Stay close to me, One Note. Things are going to get messy."

Perform inspire.

Rolled 7 = 7


"You have murdered many ponies and desecrated this tower! We will stop you!"
i will also cast heal on Miolin

Rolled 1 = 1


>>96563 Scratch
Your second Fervor strike rings with such force that the large being actually shifts away from the blast. Although you have left a sizeable crack in the floor and obliterated any Fey that were holding you down, you are now exhausted and must roll to get up.
>>96566 Hugh
You take up a position over Scratch, and any attacks on him will be redirected to you.
>>96569 Pinpoint
You ready your weapon, covering Scratch and Hugh from a distance.
>>96574 Miolin
You're able to eke out an appropriately somber and brooding tone.
>>96581 Moonbeam
You project a healing light towards Miolin, but there seems to be a lingering darkness or eldritch force that confounds your effort.

The eldritch being regards you all coldly, and you can hear its voices echo in the chamber. "Of course. Devotes of Night are the key." With a wave of its massive talons, it directs the Fey to encircle you, but they do not attack.

"I am Dolan, Fomor of the Seelie Court. It seems fate has brought you to me; let us make a bargain."

>>96572 Rib
The torch doesn't drop as far as you thought it might, and it sets the steps below you ablaze, barring any further progress into the lower levels. Still, the way above you is clear, and the spriggan shift to avoid the flames. An unearthly screech begins to well up from the depths as the hive begins to burn.

The injured soldier has stopped moving. His partner curses and rushes up the stairs past you. "He's dead, Rib."


Current Inspire bonus: +1


I try to get back up.
"What sort of bargain?"

Rolled 9 = 9


Sigh and follow him up the stairs. "You're with me until we get up these things. March forward. I got your six."


"What do you mean 'Devotes of Night are the key'? What are you scheming!?"


"Bargain with my blade, Fey. I've seen the devastation you've wrought on these folk."


Stupid extension losing my name.

Second verse same as the first.


"Oh, NOW he wants to talk."


>>96594 Scratch
You stand up, shrugging off your exhaustion. You can use Fervor again after your next turn.

Dolan continues, its disembodied voice forming a comprehensible cacophony in a multitude of voices. "You strike with divine power, and an outer darkness colors your soul. You are linked to this tower and the mechanisms within it… as is one of your comrades." It looks over the rest of the party.

>>96600 Moonbeam
"This is the Moonreading Tower, is it not? I have spent months plumbing the knowledge and rites that have been stored here, and I can recognize the symbols in your mortal craftwork."

"Devotes of Night, step forward. Providence has guided you here, and I offer you a chance to do your deity, and all creation, a great service."

>>96597 Rib
As you turn to withdraw with the rest of the group, you feel something grab at you from below. It's the fallen soldier, his head splitting open with roots and fungi tinged by some nameless color.


"Do you think I am stupid? Tell me how I would be doing Her a great service."


Shriek and attempt to kick him…it(?) off calling for my new partners help.

Rolled 6 = 6


"I fail to see how giving you some power or knowledge for you to use against ponies would be doing her any service"


>>96610 Scratch
>>96615 Moonbeam
"I have had plenty of time to gather power and knowledge. What I desire from you is action." Dolan gestures to the astrolabe. "As you can see, the shucks have been powering the clockworks this whole time, but what is needed is to recharge the core, there, with divine power."

"The trick is this: that core can be filled with only one deity's power. I sense light and dark amongst you. You must choose which will hold sway over this tower, indeed, the fate of Dreamvale and realms beyond."

>>96612 Rib
As you kick yourself free, your comrade returns to the horrific sight, retching at the fate of his friend before driving a spear through his head. "I'm sorry."

Sprays of needles and thorns come up at you, the fire spreading through the darkness and lighting up the spriggan hive. The dark abyss stretches on far underground, and you see no end to the hive. Spriggan begin to swarm, rushing up from the depths in roiling waves.


"You do not serve the Night. Why should I believe that you will not simply kill us all once the tower has been powered and twist it for your own use?"


Sarcastically: "Yeah, that sounds like a great plan, power up the machine of the creatures that have been killing ponies left and right."


"Personally I don't want to end up like him. Lets get out of here. Please?" Retreat to the rest of the party, this time taking no heed of the incoming spriggan. The most important thing is getting to the top of these stairs. I am fast but my partner just happens to be faster.


"Before I slay you, Dolan, tell me; Why did you attack the citizens of Dreamvale? What drove you to burn towns and slaughter the innocent?

I'll ensure it's engraved on your carcass."


>>96637 Scratch
>>96644 Moonbeam
"Let us see what blood courses through your mortal hearts." Dolan rears up, sprouting seven distinct limbs, each ending in a set of black talons. "If it remains pure, then the core can yet be filled."

The sylph and wisps encircle you, but the shucks remain in place to power the clockworks. Dolan stands by the telescope, facing down Scratch and Hugh. Moonbeam, Pinpoint, and Miolin are closer to the astrolabe. Roll for initiative and declare your action/attack.

>>96646 Rib
You and your squad escape to the midlevels, a blazing inferno raging far beneath you as the spriggan are consumed by fire. Several more continue to pursue you, eyes burning with eldritch light as they are filled with a lust for vengeance. Roll initiative and declare your action/attack.


Mark Dolan for death.

Rolled 5 = 5


I activate Fervor.

Rolled 6 = 6


"These guys just don't quit."
I turn squint my eyes and aim for the closest one. *Marskman Shot* "Lets see if you like my wood."

Fire away.

Rolled 7 = 7


>>96648 Hugh
"Fey are not of weak mortal flesh and blood." Dolan laughs at you. "That is why."


Forgot to roll initiative.

Rolled 3 = 3


"We will cleanse this tower of your taint"
casting undoing on the fey encircling us
im not sure if im supposed to add 2 to this, because my talent adds 2 to divine wrath and this is the "improved spell" of divine wrath

Rolled 9 = 9


"In my veins is the call for vengeance, fiend! You will die this night!"

>Sentry passive

Attack one of his limbs, attempting to sever it with my blade.

Rolled 10 + 2 = 12


I'm almost certain that it doesn't apply.


>>96662 Pinpoint
You ignite a tracer bolt to mark Dolan's body. Hits against Dolan in this turn are critical successes.

>>96665 Scratch
Endless Night fills your body, astral darkness peeling off of your form. Your next two attacks are critical successes.

>>96671 Moonbeam
I'll allow the +2. The holy light of vigilance emanates from your staff as you hold it high, and the punishing radiance stops the sylph and wisps from descending on your party.

>>96681 Hugh
You stumble a bit from the force of your strike; you expect to cleave through solid flesh but instead cut straight through the unknowable ylem of the Fey's ethereal body. The limb withers and evaporates into nothingness, and Dolan's voices roar in anger.

>>96666 Rib
You loose an arrow, peeling a spriggan off the wall directly below you and sending it hurtling into a second spriggan behind it. Both of them fall into the flames below. More continue to climb up from the rising blaze, ashen chunks sloughing off their bodies.


Follow up with a crossbow bolt.

Rolled 3 = 3


"The Night is not your tool!"
I blast him.

Rolled 10 + 2 = 12


Take another shot. And then one more. And then wonder why I'm the only one defending. And then shoot again.

Rolled 2 = 2


Keep hacking limbs off the monster.

Rolled 3 + 2 = 5


i'll swing at the stopped fey with my mace

Rolled 2 = 2


Woops, sorry I veered off. Had a blackout.

Perform another Inspire.

Rolled 4 = 4


>>96703 Pinpoint
Your crossbow bolt misses as another wave of sylph rushes in from the edges of the room. You bring up your buckler in time to deflect the buffeting winds and take no damage.

>>96704 Scratch
Vile darkness cascades from your weapon, and you manage to stagger the Fomor as sylph and wisps all around you evaporate. Your body continues to seethe with dark Fervor. You can use Blast again after your next turn.

>>96708 Hugh
Dolan flails its many arms at you, and you manage to cut deep into one of them, though not enough to dissipate it.

>>96722 Moonbeam (3/5 hits remaining)
You open your guard to attack the Fey, but they prove to be just out of your reach as a second wave of sylph from outside your spell's range descends upon you. You are toppled onto the floor and crushed beneath eldritch gales, taking 2 hits of damage.

>>96735 Miolin
The renewed attacks of the Fey make you stumble on a note as you duck for cover. Party's Inspire Bonus: 0

One Note manages to find a table to hide under, having second thoughts about facing the Fey this close up.

>>96707 Rib (1/5h)
Because the DM is lazy, that's why!
A swath of sharp thorns leaves cuts across your body. You take 4 hits of damage; one more and you fall helpless. Spriggan start to reach over the edge of the stairs, but your squadmates fend them off with their weapons so you can recover or retreat safely.


I try to Shatter Dolan's fiery body.

Rolled 4 = 4


Repel the oncoming sylph with crossbow fire.

Rolled 4 = 4


"Dreamvale will be free of you, Dolan!"

Strike again.

Rolled 9 + 2 = 11


"Lame." I scoff. I take the lead farther away from the Spriggan, the front soldiers take their turn at guarding our flank while the injured get a chance to heal. My partner does well to stay close.

"You have supplies right? I got hit pretty bad."

(Roll for yes or no I guess)

Rolled 6 = 6


"O-oh dear, oh dear, what did I got myself into."

Defend Moonbeam for the time being.

Rolled 9 + 2 = 11


>>96764 Scratch
Your Fervor expends itself as you attempt to Shatter Dolan's body. Unfortunately, its ethereal nature doesn't seem to yield to the impact of your attack. Still, you land a solid blow on the monster. Fervor will be available again after two more turns. You are helpless, exhausted once more.

>>96765 Pinpoint
It is difficult for you to get a bead on any of the sylph as they swarm all over you, but you manage to remain safe under your buckler.

>>96768 Hugh
You continue to carve into Dolan's body, tongues of flame following the arc of your sword.

Dolan raises its arms and etches eldritch symbols in the air with each of its talons. All PCs except Scratch roll to evade.

>>96775 Rib
One of your squadmates produces a bottle of liquid courage. You were confident that most luxuries and supplies of such value had been used up in the defense of Midnight Castle, but it appears he's been saving this particular flask for a special occasion… may as well be right now.

Quaffing the port will restore your hits completely.



Rolled 9 = 9


I try to stand up. I can't be lying down when there is fighting to be done.

Rolled 1 = 1


"This can't be good"

Rolled 1 = 1


Moonbeam and Miolin don't need to roll, then. Moonbeam is being protected, and Miolin takes the hit no matter what.


Rolling for evasion.

Rolled 4 = 4



"Well then! Here's hoping that what I'm doing is justified!"




"You are a life saver. Thank you!" I take up the liquid. It taste…interesting. "That's a good partner. I promise you I will get you back for this." Get up and check on the rest of the men. "I'm really tired of all this."

Rolled 9 = 9


Rolling to evade.

Rolled 8 = 8


Magic circles form beneath the party's feet. Pinpoint is quick to roll out of the way, as is Hugh, but Scratch is not so lucky. Moonbeam cowers out in the open, but she is shoved out of harm's way by Miolin.

The circles erupt with columns of pure energy, blasting everything caught within them.

Miolin is helpless.

Dolan seizes Scratch in his talons and begins to carry him to the astrolabe. "Your goddess will reward your sacrifice."

>>96812 Rib
The spriggan assault is petering off as less of them emerge from the flames. A few more fighters come down to join you in the mid levels. "Head back to the west wall! There's no way to the top, stairs are out. Captain and the pegasi are up there now."

As you look up, you see the stairs are indeed devastated, though the arcane missiles are no longer raining down from above.


Can I roll or do I just wait?


"Where do you think YOU'RE going?!"
Fire a crossbow bolt at Dolan.



Rolled 8 = 8


You can roll to break free, but you still count as being helpless and will have to roll to recover afterward.


"Moonbeam, check on Miolin, I'll free the diamond dog!"

Attack the limb holding Scratch.

"Your fight is with me! Unhand my ally!"

Rolled 9 + 2 = 11


"My goddess rewards me for the sacrifice of others!"
I try to break free of his grip.

Rolled 9 = 9


Groan. "Yeah. Yeah sure why not. You lead, we follow." Instruct the men to stay with their partners. Some were to stay and keep fighting and a few of the injured just followed.
"There's no other way up there? I was hoping to have something to tell everyone by the time we got out of that dumb bush."

Rolled 10 = 10


"Miolin, are you ok?"
rollan to try to help Miolin up

Rolled 8 = 8


"Urgh, heh, you think I should've been wearing a heavier armor at least before pulling that off again. I'm not even sure if I'm okay though."


Pinpoint and Hugh are able to land blows on Dolan, and it stumbles as chunks of fire leave its body.
Scratch musters his strength, breaking free of Dolan's grip while it is distracted. He lands on the ground, but is still spent and helpless.

Scratch, you hear a reply ring in your head. You are unsure if it is divine guidance or Dolan attempting to invade your thoughts. "Sacrifice the other one."

Moonbeam helps Miolin back into the fight with full hits. Teamwork!

Rib, you meet a group of soldiers on the bridge. One is carrying a particularly heavy pack on his saddle as he approaches you. "Hey, you were sent to the lower levels, right? What's it like down there? I need an escort to help me bring this sapper charge to the foundation."


"You are MY quarry."
Mark Dolan for death.

Rolled 6 = 6


I utter a silent prayer and try to stand.
If it really is you, my queen, give me the strength the stand and kill this creature.

Rolled 3 = 3


I can't help but laugh. "Its a lot less calm I'll tell you that. We had some run in with Spriggan. Had to burn the grass. Its crawling with the things and I'm not sure if more will keep coming. My men can support you but me and Sparky here have no intentions of returning just yet."

I look behind the men and continue.
"Your turn. What's down there?"

Rolled 7 = 7


Attempt to Suppress Dolan.

"I will end you, for those who have fallen!"

Rolled 2 = 2


(Did not mean to roll..haha)


"I don't think we still can talk our way out of this mess, huh? Heh, what am I thinking."

Perform inspire and really hope that it works.

Rolled 7 = 7


I smirk at Miolin "Negotiations have broke down"
i move and use divine wrath to try to push Dolan away from the core

Rolled 2 + 2 = 4


>>96880 Rib
"The whole rampart's a mess, everyone rushed to the west wall and bridge to get a piece of the action and then they came at us from the other sides, so now everyone's over there. Figured I could get this explosives into the tower and take it all down for good."
"That's madness! Captain Eos is up there right now. She moved in with the second wave."
"We could use her help organizing the rest of the defense. It's chaos back there, if they get inside the keep—"
"You're not doing anything to that tower while the Captain is in there, then!"
"The sooner we get rid of this cursed place the sooner we can get back to defending the castle!"

As an argument breaks out among the fighters, the sapper breaks away to talk to you. "Spriggan, you said? Rib, you've got a way with the woods, help me out here. We can save everyone. I promise this isn't a suicide mission, I've done the numbers, we can escape through the ground level after we set the fuse."


>>96873 Scratch
Your orders were clear. Your stance falters, as does your faith, and you remain helpless.

>>96872 Pinpoint
You follow up with another tracer bolt, and it burns bright to guide the attacks of your allies. Hits against Dolan this turn are critical successes.

>>96881 Hugh (4/5 hits remaining)
You leap up in an attempt to overcome the large Fey being, but it easily bats you aside. You take one hit of damage as you land on the stone and tile in your heavy armor.

>>96888 Miolin
Drawing your violin, you belt out a gritty, ear-splitting tone that inspires your comrades. Inspire Bonus to all rolls next turn: +1

>>96893 Moonbeam (4/5h)
Your brave charge is similarly deflected by Dolan's limbs. You take one hit of damage.


I stand back up.

Rolled 2 + 1 = 3


Take aim with the crossbow and fire.

Rolled 2 + 1 = 3


"It'll take more than that to stop me!"

Attack more of those limbs.

Do I need to put the +1 from inspire in my die roll alongside the +2 from sword attack benefit, or are you mentally tacking bonuses outside of my talents on?

Rolled 8 + 2 = 10


I huff and raise an eyebrow. "You got it all wrong hon. I don't have a doubt in my mind that we can beat them. I just really don't want to go back" I motion over to my partner. "Or at least he gets to stay here. I at least owe him a break for saving an ass."

I nod to him and relieve him from the buddy system. "I guess it is in my job description to secure a way out. Alright. Let's head on back. Sparky, stay here and keep watch."

I start to head back before my ex-partner can tell me his actual name.


If you don't include it yourself, I'll tack it on for you.


lets try this again
divine wrath

Rolled 8 + 3 = 11



Another inspire!

Rolled 8 + 1 = 9


Okay. Noted for future rolls, just wanting to know if I should list them out for you or if you preferred otherwise.



Pinpoint (4/5h) takes 1 hit of damage as Sylph intercept her again, disrupting her shot.

Hugh reengages, heroically charging into Dolan with sweeping sword strikes. The Fomor's many limbs turn to engage the brave donkey in close combat.

Moonbeam's staff crashes against the floor, pushing Dolan and other Fey away from the core with a tide of white energy.

Miolin continues his song unabated, braving the stinging winds and flames of the sylph and wisps. Inspire bonus next turn: +2

Right next to Moonbeam, Scratch miraculously gets up. Your divine guidance grants you a freebie. In addition, all attack bonuses apply only to Moonbeam. Attacks and actions directed towards other targets do not gain bonuses from any source, including talent.

"Sweet stars, that is a mess you left down there!" The sapper marvels at the raging wildfire you left to take care of the spriggan. "That'll piss 'em off for sure but I'll need to take it slow so we don't get blown up early."

Rib, make a roll for finding your way down through the lower levels.


"I …uh…it was..that way. I think."

Rolled 9 = 9


Sorry in advance.
"Go forth, fellow servant of the Night! Bring her glory!"
I Blast Moonbeam into the core.

Rolled 7 + 4 = 11


Keep on fighting Dolan, looking for a vital spot to slay him.

Rolled 7 + 4 = 11


"Not going to stop now!"

"One more inspiring song! Just to be sure!"

Rolled 7 + 2 = 9


"Come on…"
Fire again.

Rolled 1 = 1


>>96960 Rib
You retrace your steps down the spiral staircase, the curious clockworks in the center of the Moonreading Tower still churning. The lower levels are ablaze with cinder and ash, spriggan crying out in unified agony as the collective hive consciousness burns away. As you descend, you see that the hive doesn't extend all the way down… indeed, the root system appears to have attempted to grow further downward but was halted at an unnaturally even line, as though they were unable or unwilling to go down any further.

You feel uneasy as you enter the dark, dank, and dreary Depths. The sapper trudges on behind you with a brave face.

Miolin's song reaches an apex, the magic of song wreathing him in threads of light that repel the sylph around him. Inspire Bonus next turn: +3

Hugh and Pinpoint continue their assault on Dolan. The sylph overtake Pinpoint and throw her to the ground, rendering her helpless. Hugh's sword plunges deep into the Fomor's body, bringing him face to mask with the being as it unleashes a psychic scream. Hugh, roll to resist.



Rolled 9 + 3 = 12


"Agh…! D-Dammit…"
Try to get back up.

Rolled 4 = 4


waiting to see what my status is before i actually perform an action


Its unnaturally quiet. That's how I feel anyway. I start up some conversation with mister hero. "So what exactly is that thing you're carrying anyway? Sorry I kind of blocked out everything after hearing: YOU HAVE TO GO BACK." I keep looking for more roots, just in case.


"W-what?! You did not just do that!"

Wielding my rapier, I pointed to his direction.


Hugh is the very avatar of heroism, shouting back into Dolan's unblinking eyes as he endures the mental onslaught of the Fomor's desperate retaliation.
Hugh (3/5h) takes 1 hit of damage.

Pinpoint (4/5 wounds) struggles to bat away the sylph pinning her to the ground. Wisps encircle and set her aflame. Pinpoint takes 1 wound of damage.

Scratch's Blast autocrits Moonbeam, who is of an opposing alignment. The force of the blow sends her sailing backwards into the astrolabe, snapping several armatures and knocking globes out of their sockets. She lies directly on the core, now, with 1 hit remaining.

Dolan twists around to see the commotion as it struggles with Hugh in its limbs. It seems to laugh. "Fill the core in the name of your god!"


No inspire bonus?
oh well, let's try that again.
"I…am not…your prey…"

Rolled 5 = 5


Fucking numbers how do they work.


"Diamond Dog! You and I are going to have a chat when I'm done killing this Fey!"

(I'm assuming Inspire has ended.)

"And you can scream all you want, Dolan. You'll find no mercy in me!"

Rolled 2 + 2 = 4


Oh, I forgot my action. Standard attack.

Doesn't look like it worked, oh well.


"What? Again you try to use me? I will kill you, and then I will use this place to bring glory to the Night! DIE!"
I Shatter his mask.

Rolled 2 = 2


does that mean I DID manage to get back up?


"I really don't want to be down here any longer. Its dark. And it smells weird." I just keep on stepping.


"I will not go down so easily"
i cast heal on myself

Rolled 3 = 3


"W-wait! Are you with us or against us?!"

Assist Scratch for now.

Rolled 3 + 2 = 5


well just in case…
I fly over to help Moonbeam.
if I'm still down, disregard this

Rolled 5 = 5


"Just a little explosive cocktail me and the boys worked out. Archmagus Bartuc's idea, actually, he made the thing in his lab and says he even threw a couple spells on it. Guy's a real class act, even if him and the Captain don't get along. Basically, there's gonna be a big kaboom, and the whole tower will come toppling down, taking the Fey with it. Without a frontline base, they won't be able to keep the pressure on us like they used to."

"Ah, we should be here." The stone changes color at a certain depth, and you can hear the churning guts of the clockworks all around you. The stairwell ends here. He finds a catwalk into the center of the chamber and sets the pack down. "Name's Burdened, by the way. Cover me while I get this set up."

You can find some torches and examine your surroundings.


"I serve the Night! This creature tricked me into doing its bidding by pretending to be her!"


Pinpoint (5/5w)
I'll retcon the wound and let you get back up and fly to Moonbeam. That was my fault, sorry. You move over to help Moonbeam, though freeing her from the tangle of metal, glass and wire proves difficult.

Moonbeam herself is still confounded by the turn of events, her magic failing to restore her.

Scratch's Shatter is deflected by Dolan's arms, but Miolin's quick intervention prevents him from taking damage. Miolin takes a hit of damage.

Hugh is thrown across the chamber, but takes no damage.

Dolan's form looks a bit tattered, swaths of flame missing from its body as it regrows its limbs. "Even if you defeat me, the armies of the Fomor stand ready to take Dreamvale. Only when we have cleansed this realm of the that which seeds on mortal flesh shall we be free to leave. Aid me; fill the core with light, and the god you serve will hold dominion in this realm for another age."


Use a Locate check on the tangled mess covering Moonbeam to see if there's a way to untangle it enough to get her out.

Rolled 5 + 2 = 7


>3 5s in a row
feels pretty average, man


We've been at this for 6-7 hours now, anyone feeling like taking off?


"I serve no one! I fight for the good of all, and I won't let you sacrifice another for your twisted schemes!"

Charge back into the fray.

Probably going to leave soon. Family matters.


"Why. Won't. You. Die?"
I Blast Dolan again.

I'm good.

Rolled 5 + 2 = 7


I'm fine to keep going.


Whoops, forgot my roll. Unless I have to spend a turn getting to him again, in which case ignore the roll.

Rolled 4 + 2 = 6


>>97035 (SSsorry!)

"Burdened? That's a pretty weird name." I pick up a torch and look around. "Though I can't say I haven't met even stranger named gents."

I look back to him and his package. "So do we have to run once you start that thing or what?"


I'm still good to go, but I'm fine with it if we're stopping for now.


Strike at Dolan.

Rolled 2 + 2 = 4


"Dumb metal, glass, and wire"
try to heal myself again
im good to keep going

Rolled 6 = 6


I just assumed they all were like this. I'm fine for an hour or more.


Alright, a couple more updates. I'm tired.


Well hey, if you aren't feeling it you can totally call it.


I agree


In agreement.



Rolled 6 = 6


If you need to stop you can stop.


…Coming from you of all people, that sounds like good advice.

Sorry to leave off on a noncliffhanger here. Rib, I promise to make your part interesting in the next session.

Feedback accepted in >>73422


I think that's a compliment, so I'll take it as such.


The party engaged Dolan in combat as he tried to pressure the two worshipers of night into fueling the Moonreading Tower's astrolabe mechanism with their divine power. Meanwhile, Rib is part of a covert sapper team aiming to bring the whole structure down by planting an explosive in the foundations.

Hugh (3/5h) - Miolin (4/5w, 4/5h) - Moonbeam (1/5h) - Pinpoint - Scratch
Dolan is missing chunks, its ethereal form gouged with flickering swaths where iron has rent the arcane flame of its body. It still fights on with preternatural endurance. Moonbeam and Pinpoint are within the great astrolabe, at the very core of it that Dolan tried to trick Scratch into powering. Hugh, Scratch, and Miolin are engaged in ombat with Dolan.

Ostensibly, the machinery should respond to the power wielded by a Lunar worshiper, though to what end is a mystery. A pegasus was sighted ascending the tower, though there is no sign of them.

Dolan roars, "Hope has left you. Your souls were forfeit long ago!"

Rib has descended into the depths and is now at the very bottom of the clockworks alongside a pony named Burdened, who is setting up an explosive package crafted by Archmagus Bartuc.

The walls seem to shift in the shadows and light. The designs glyphs in the stone seep and crawl unnaturally, echoing disturbing and senseless shapes for split-seconds. Burdened is turned away from you, grunting and struggling rather intensely for what should be careful work.


"Only one who knows no hope will think it absent in the hearts of the devout."

Engage Dolan, attacking his limbs and so on.

Rolled 2 + 2 = 4


"Dumb metal, glass, and wire"
try to heal myself again

Rolled 3 = 3


Ugh, great start.


"You will die for your attempted trickery!"
I charge my sword with blast and slash at him.

Rolled 2 + 2 = 4


I advert my eyes and sigh. "You okay there?" I guard his rear in case his work brings any attention to us from hostile…things.


"Go! I have my eyes you, diamond dog."

Perform inspire.

Rolled 10 = 10


Use a Locate check on the tangled mess covering Moonbeam to see if there's a way to untangle it enough to get her out.

Rolled 5 + 2 = 7


Hugh and Scratch are both deflected by Dolan's arms, but they take none in return.
Moonbeam's attempt to recover fizzles out again.
Pinpoint steps back to get a good view of the mess Moonbeam is in, then deftly steps in and untangles the beams and wires to clear a way for her.
Miolin strikes a powerful chord on his strings, the very sound of it anathema to the Fey within the chamber. Their actions are suppressed for the duration of this song; even the shucks whimper and whine, some stumbling off of their positions within the machinery. As the black dogs scatter, the lightning powering the astrolabe peters out, and the machinery stops moving, as does the entire clockworks.

"Fools! If the clock stops turning, your world is ended."

You notice the clockworks grinding to a halt. Burdened coughs and begins muttering about something or other. He sounds extremely agitated, and you aren't even sure if half the noise he's making is proper words. "The seal is weakened…"


Attack Dolan again.

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


"E-ended? What do you mean?"

Keep inspiring!

Rolled 2 = 2


"You ded?"
Survival check to tear off some strips of my cloak to use as bandages for Moonbeam.

Rolled 3 = 3


I look at Pinpoint "Thank you" then turn to Dolan
"What do you mean?! what does this clockwork do?!"
rollan to try and heal, again

Rolled 2 = 2


I place my paws on one of the mechanisms and mentally beseech the Night to power them, but not the core.
Do I need to roll for this? I didn't have to roll for the elevator so I'm assuming I don't have to roll here.


Turn to hear the words. "What? What was that just now?"
I walk back to him.
"Is it done or what?"


it seems the dice do not want me healed


Scratch: the machinery responds to you, but you will need to study it to discern how to specifically control it. Please make a roll.



Rolled 6 = 6


Scratch: you seem to get everything moving again, but only very slowly. Admittedly, you have an entire tower to move, but it's as if something is actively pushing back against you.

Pinpoint: any injuries on Moonbeam's part are mostly bruises and small cuts, nothing particularly serious that a field bandage can help. (and good luck finding cold compresses)

Miolin's concentration is broken, and before he can get his answer, Hugh strikes Dolan squarely in its "chest". Dolan stumbles backward, its form beginning to peel away from itself as it loses integrity.

"Steel nor silver will save you from that which remains unnamed. Vigilance is the only way…"

Burdened pulls away from you, seeming to protect the bomb with his body. "I need to set it off now, while there's a chance!" His voice seems to warp slightly when you hear the low groaning of the clockworks coming back to life. "No! I won't—the seal will be broken—"

He raises his blackened hoof over the detonator switch.


Do I need to keep rolling to keep the gears moving or can I go back to attacking?


"Speak now before I slay you. Vigilance against what?"


"He's just trying scare us, a-aren't you?"


You need to focus on the gears and keep rolling; turning your attention elsewhere would result in the machinery stopping again. Trying to turn the entire clockworks by yourself is extremely tasking, not only because you don't know how or why it works, but because it was also definitely designed with the power core in mind. You have a herculean task ahead of you.


"You'll be alright."


I keep pouring the power of the Night into the gears.

Rolled 10 = 10


"Whoah whoah whoah!" I ram into him away from the switch. "Don't we stil have men here? What's with you?" I am unsure abut this entire operation but something just seemed off.


I will look at the core "What do you mean, what does this tower do"


You successfully push him away; he seems extremely unstable, and there's an unusual amount of give in his body. It feels like his joints aren't in the right place. As he turns to face you, you see he has a second set of jaws within his mouth, and a few extra eyes as well. Roll Initiative.

Scratch refocuses to keep the tower turning, and though it isn't up to its previous speed he doesn't seem drained at all by the effort. Astral darkness emanates from his form, insinuating itself in the clockworks. The glowing runes of the tower reverse their color, black energy taking the place of whatever sacred light filled them before.

Dolan shifts stance. "There is a corruption spreading, and we aim to halt it. Even if we cleanse this land, the seal must be restored. Fill the core with divine power."


"This about those mutant corpses you strung up on the road to the castle?

What about them could drive you to fight the innocent, then claim you're doing us a favor?"


"Ugh. You should change your name to Burden cause you sure as heck are one." I take a few steps back, pull out my bow and prepare to fire.

Rolled 7 = 7


"He uses lies and tricks! Kill him!"
I keep pouring power into the gears.

Rolled 2 = 2


"The only thing you 'cleansed' this land of is its people."


"In order to stop a wildfire, one burns the forest surrounding it, cutting it off from further sustenance. The same principle applies here." Dolan appears to be hanging in the air, barely holding itself aloft through sheer willpower. "We had hoped true believers of the Night would show to restore the seal, but alas… perhaps you have been touched by the corruption already and we must cleanse you along with the rest."

The clockworks slow, almost stopping as Scratch's concentration fails.

Rib fires an arrow square into the Burdened's chest. It's a solid hit that seems to wound it, but it's hard to tell as the skin blackens and twists, limbs outstretching as if springing to life from some demented painting. It grows and twists unnaturally, flesh forming from where there could not be flesh, bones snapping apart and reconnecting without rhyme or reason. Gibbering mouths and quivering spines sprout from its ashen body.

Despite the bloodshed and warfare you have witnessed in your life, the sheer abomination of this unnatural thing in its completely unfurled nightmare is literally crushing your mind. You can feel a psychic horror eating at your thoughts.


"Stop talking in riddles! Either speak the plain truth or hurry and die!"
I once again try to power the gears.

Rolled 1 = 1


"Corruption? What are you talking about? What is attacking us?"


"What corruption?"


I'd be lying if I said I didn't see this coming.


I take a step back with my mouth hanging wide. Whatever that thing is it makes my heart stop. Without thinking I drop my bow and dash for the stairs. I just didn't want to even look at it. Before I can retreat upwards something tells me to stop. Burdened wanted to prematurely blow the place. If I leave it might do so.

I turn around and try not to look at it directly.
"Y-you're going d-down!" I spit out before realizing my weapon was in between us.

Rolled 9 = 9


"You speak of us like we are a disease, when it is you who cull those who seek peace.

I will stand against this corruption you speak of, but I will do it for the citizens of this land. Not for your amusement, or at your request.

Tell us what this machine does, and you may yet have an honorable death."


"A fey speaking in riddles instead of being direct, who would have guessed." I will look at the core to see if I can discern anything about it. Rollan for looking.

Rolled 2 = 2


"You think I fear death? Light the core and you will prove your purity! Then we can speak openly."

You steel yourself against the horror of this thing, able to withstand the pervading aberrance around it as you retrieve your weapon. Before it can turn to detonate the bomb, you roll into position and land an arrow in its outstretched limb, stopping it.


I grumble and try to guide the power of the Night into the core.

Rolled 5 = 5


You know it has something to do with the moon and Lunar stuff, and that it's apparently the heart of the clockworks.

Despite your fervent prayer and inner spirit, the burden of directing divine power throughout the arcane clockworks confounds you.


I try again to power the core.

Rolled 2 = 2


well, i will trust in the moon
"I am going to try to fire this thing up, be ready to take Dolan out at the first sign of treachery."

Rolled 4 = 4


"Everything has a weakness." I say to myself as I dive out of the way to prepare a *MARKSMAN SHOT*

Rolled 2 = 2


I roll a locate check for Captain Eos.
Is she seeing all this?

Rolled 10 + 2 = 12


"H-hey, you sure about that? How do you know it's not Dolan just tricking us into helping him?"


"I question trusting anything this thing says."


"This machinery is lunar related, but it is true that I don't know how the fey may have perverted it."


Sorry for the extremely late/short session today, but I need to end this now. I'd just like a roll from Moonbeam and Scratch, then We will have to finish the encounter next week.

Neither Scratch nor Moonbeam manage to power the core; something in the energy they channel cancels the other out. The cosmic void of Eternal Night clashes with the waxing light of the Vigilant Moon, and for a brief moment your minds are linked. You see each other as enemies, after a fashion. You each have three rolls to power the core. Depending on who wins, a different deity will lay claim to the Moonreading Tower. This isn't the only way to settle this challenge, but it is the most obvious one.

Pinpoint, as moonlight starts pouring into the core, you see Eos' form highlighted in the shadows of the ceiling rafters for but a moment, directly over Dolan. Now that he's stopped moving, she would have a prime shot, but it's still a mystery as to why she hasn't made her move yet.

Rib cannot judge the movement of the Burdened's alien anatomy, and is crushed against the wall by a wave of writhing appendages. She takes 4 hits of damage.

The creature's transformation was possibly so sudden and traumatic that it doesn't seem to be moving in any logical fashion, seemingly forgetting the bomb was even there. It buckles and heaves in odd places with joints that aren't there.



Rolled 1 = 1


My eyes widen in surprise, then I sneer at Moonbeam.
Rolling to to power it with the Endless Night.

Rolled 10 = 10


well thats pretty decisive


"I don't like how this is going to turn out.."

**Fair enough! Thanks for the session, DM! See you next week**


I meant to say "roll 3d10". Just roll 2d10 each now and we'll compare the totals.



Rolled 9, 3 = 12



Rolled 9, 10 = 19


I groan and steadily stand back up. Fighting it just seems to be the wrong line of action. If it wasn't up to others being in trouble I would have just hit the button and left. Right now I better just wait it out and distract it. I stay away moving left to right.


Alright. Cya next week.


**thanks for the session. see you next week!**


fucking spoilertags…


This was fun. I'm wracking my brain thinking of the other ways to settle the challenge, but I can't think of any.


thanks for running it, see you next week


Oh wow. I can't read


Suddenly, bump.


If we don't have enough players for a live session, we can still do asynchronous play. I'll leave an update in for now. Leave a response for your character whenever and I'll update again when I have everyone's responses.

Hugh, Miolin, Moonbeam, Pinpoint, Scratch
Moonbeam and Scratch are focused on the astrolabe core, exchanging looks of intense concentration as they try to channel their respective deities' power into the clockworks. The silvery glow of the Radiant Moon burns with the intensity of daylight, while the ineffable blackness of Eternal Night bleeds through space.

Moonbeam is thrown away from the core, a bare silhouette of a great winged shadow momentarily visible over the structure. Nightmare Moon has won, her all-consuming void seeping into the structure of the Moonreading Tower, turning steel and stone alike to inky shades.

A shock of dark energy echoes through the machinery above you, alerting the Burdened. It seems aware of the bomb now, its broken fingers groping about for the detonator.


"Praise the Night! Praise the mare of the Night!"
I kneel with my sword in front of the core.


"There. We powered your stupid thing. Now what?"

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