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GloomQuest: The Last Thread MoronSonOfBoron 262311[Last 50 Posts]

The mercenary heroes have vanquished Filchfire, dooming him to an eternal torment in the unfathomable bowels of the infinite blackness that is the Smooze. As the Smooze's mechanized army continues its assault on the city, its many eyes turned toward the world beyond, the party must tear down the foundries and bury the ancient horror once more.

Game on at 21:00 PST since a member or two will be late.

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 262443

Ready to go

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 262447

MoronSonOfBoron 262449

Report in.

Klandin [Celesital] 262452

Bethany [lifebinder] 262462

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 262467

Sorry, connection was being a butt. But I'm here.

MoronSonOfBoron 262517

Hmm, Tsvetkov is missing…

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 262530

Do you think maybe he's asleep?

MoronSonOfBoron 262547

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 262555

…Another skip night, then?

Bethany [lifebinder] 262558


MoronSonOfBoron 262574

Well, it's only fair everyone be here for the supposed finale… I'm loathe to leave anyone behind on this. Sorry for the second night called off. Meet up again at the same time tomorrow.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 262576

Alrighty. If I run across him in the meta today, I'll be certain to remind him.

Wf+6 262579

I didn't forget! You seem to have forgotten I am not readily available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

MoronSonOfBoron 262617

Friday 20:00 PST assuming you're not all consumed in end-of-world debauchery?

Wf+6 262621

Definitely fine for me.

MoronSonOfBoron 263149

Okay, well, shit, Auvergne may or may not be here Friday. So is our next best day Sunday? I won't be available Monday through Wednesday.

Anonymous 263751

I can make it by 10pm PST on Friday. Sunday at 9pm PST.

Fidget 263752

I might pull it close on the 23rd due to family entanglements, but since you plan on starting around midnight my time, I should, hypothetically, be able to make it. Barring unforeseen catastrophe.

MoronSonOfBoron 263964

So Friday or Sunday, folks?

Fidget 264266

I'm fine with either.

MoronSonOfBoron 267505

In any case, I should be available Sunday, Monday, maybe Wednesday, and most probably the evenings following.

Auvergne 268096

I'll be here today at 9PM PST. I should be open every other day except Saturday.

MoronSonOfBoron 268817

Who all is here? Someone post in MLPG just to make sure Deaf gets the word.

Auvergne will be late, anyone else?

Wf+6 268821

I'm here

Fidget 268823

I've just arrived.

Andelia 268824

I can be here for a few hours.

MoronSonOfBoron 268840

Tsvetkov, Chester, Bethany… that's half the party. Oi.

Andelia 268851

I guess we can just.. polish things off for 1.3? It looks fine too me honestly, is it just the monster manual and the GM guide we're waiting on to be able to make a PDF?

Klandin [Celestial] 268854

Am I too late again?

MoronSonOfBoron 268865

No, no, I knew we would be down ONE person today… Not two. Hm.

Auvergne 268931

Did you check if Deaf was available in MLPG? I'm banned.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 269036

Guys, you have no idea how sorry I am, I completely forgot about my family's Christmas tradition that puts me out of commission every night from the 23rd to the 25th. I won't be able to do anything until after the holiday.

MoronSonOfBoron 269042

If no one's occupied from the 26th to the 30th, we might wrap it up then?

Chester 269045

I'm hypothetically available.

Klandin [Celestial] 269057

I should be free on the 26th. I'm not sure about any of the following days though.

Auvergne 269185

Saturday will be my only difficult day, but I might still make it.

What happened to Filchire's mercenaries?

Wf+6 269203

They went into the mind-trap room and got Smoozed. We rescued some in the astrolabe room, but at least one died.

Talia One-Ear fled town.

If other groups accepted keys, they either never showed up to the tower or died.

Auvergne 269699

I thought Filchire had hired some goons. Remember when we peeked on the lady Griffin using the bathroom?

Wf+6 269782

Guessing that he probably turned on them and had them all converted into fuel.

MoronSonOfBoron 273024

Sorry about last night, when we got home the ISP was having a network outage that was resolved only this morning.


This will be put on hiatus until January so players can enjoy the new year celebrations. I'll run it sooner if everyone can confirm an available day.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 293835

…So we dead?

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 294285

We're about as alive as Filchfire.

MoronSonOfBoron 294516

Give me a day you're all available.

Auvergne 294716

Everyday but Monday at the moment. Friday I will come in late.

Chester 294768

Providing nothing comes up, I should be available all this weekend, Friday~Sunday.

Wf+6 294801


**Prefer not Saturday. I have the day off and I want to spend the half after the euros go to sleep with my brother.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 294828

I'm very rarely not available.

MoronSonOfBoron 295537

Thursday night sounds like a great time for GloomQuest. If we can get in a session, we can afford a late Friday to wrap things up.

Chester 295785


MoronSonOfBoron 296896

Tonight at 8:00pm PST

MoronSonOfBoron 297311

GloomQuest is on once again in about twenty minutes. Report in.

Auvergne 297312

Ready for action.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297316

Present and accounted for.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297321

New troll here.

Klandin [Celestial] 297335


Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297347


Bethany [buffalo lifebinder] 297364


Klandin [Celestial] 297366


Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297368

Well, Andy just showed up, so we're all here now. If everyone stayed, that is.

MoronSonOfBoron 297371


Okay, writing unpause.

MoronSonOfBoron 297379

Character sheets:

The core of Filchfire's operations are falling apart around you, but the macabre constructs continueu to assault you from all sides. It seems that the factories are going into full gear, spewing out flying monstrosities despite the fact you've eliminated Filchfire and his means of controlling the Smooze… And when put like that, it seems the Smooze is now completely in charge of his machinations. The black sludge that fills the crater begins to bubble and churn beneath you, thin wispy tendrils reaching up to claim the walkways and superstructure like rising smoke.

And here you are at the very bottom of the thing, mere feet away from being swallowed whole.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297380

Shields up. Get that aura of fire spread out again.
"Everyone, quickly! Back up the ramps!"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297381

Please remind me what minions I have when you unpause.

MoronSonOfBoron 297383

Right now you have a "fresh" skeleton ripped from the Smooze. At least that's what I believe you had left.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297384

"What, we're just going to leave it? Just abandoning this place won't kill the Smooze! It has to be contained, remember? And besides, there's so much knowledge that would otherwise be lost. We can still stop this! We can seize control, like with the other constructs. Give me the opportunity. I'll take the reins."

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297385

"And have you take Filchfire's place, feeding it the living, killing the world by inches instead of by leaps? No. This thing doesn't leave this crater. You are going to blow this place to stars themselves."

Klandin [Celestial] 297386

I grip my sword tightly and start backing p the ramp.
"Let's go! Come on!"

"If Filchfire couldn't then there's no way you could! Do the corpse explosion thing you were planning earlier!"

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 297387

"Don't need to be reminded!"

"That's what Filchire probably said before he ended up on our weapons!"

Bethany [buffalo lifebinder] 297388

"No you mad dog. You saw what it did to Flichfire. You would loose your self to the smooze, and you simple can't be serious about wanting to keep the smooze as it is?!"

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297390

Gaeton looks at Tsvetkov for a moment. "…I've never seen you show this much emotion. Has the Smooze taken your mind like it did Filchfire's?"

I grab his shoulders with my claws, and stare him eagle-eye to dog. "Think about this, hard. Do you want to stay here, and meet the same fate, or destroy it and rid the world of this monstrosity?"

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297392

"The Smooze is just a thing. It is to be controlled. You don't leave a powerful magical weapon unattended! What would it do, left unchecked? I could take it to my Homeland. I could win the war, single-handedly. What happens if we get out of this crater and find out the beast is still raging down below? How can we stop it then?"

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297396

"We call on our Gods, and with their aid burn it from the earth."
Looking him dead in the eye, I'll continue.
"Tstetkov, some weapons are too dangerous to allow to exist!"

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 297397

"Fire, lots of fire. Not even blue fire, but good, old regular fire."

Klandin [Celestial] 297401

"Tsvetkov, blow this place sky high like you said you would earlier."

Bethany [buffalo lifebinder] 297402

"You wish to abuse all these souls for your war? No, we will free all these souls not trap them further. We will take all the churches as back up to destroy this prison and release the unfortunate souls traps with in."

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297407

"You can't serve every problem by burning it! If it were so easy, why don't you just kill it now?"

"They're dead, Buffalo! It's just a monster now, no different from any siege weapon. Would you condemn Gaeton for taking those enchanted weapons back to his country, to fight for his people? If you truly care for the sacrifice the people of this land have made, you won't throw away what has been wrought by their deaths so easily. If we lose that necromantic knowledge, it ALL BECOMES MEANINGLESS! We can't condemn knowledge just because Evil found it first!"

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297412

"Tsetkov, calm down. This is no time to argue. Surely the knowledge you gleaned from the whale, and the other constructs was sufficient?"

"Now please, can we leave this place before it comes tumbling down on our heads?"

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297413

"I have no country, Tsvetkov, and my weapons are for my own protection alone. And this is no mere siege weapon; you saw what it did! Destroyed an entire city in a matter of hours, slaughtering hundreds if not thousands of innocents to power its engines. This thing warped Filchfire's mind, and it's doing the same to you. You would take it meaning to do good, but through your knowledge and abilities it would wield unimaginable power for evil."

Klandin [Celestial] 297415

I point my sword at him.
"We have no time for arguing and I will not let you add your soul to this monster. You have only two choices and I pray you make the right one."

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 297416

>"If it were so easy, why don't you just kill it with fire now?"
"Because it is all around us. You don't start a fire around you."

>"We can't condemn knowledge just because Evil found it first!"
"Can we condemn it for trying to kill us?"

Bethany [buffalo lifebinder] 297418

"We haven't killed it because.. You're the one with the power of explosions. And you're wrong. I've spoken to these souls, they aren't completely lost, they are aware of what's happening.. unable to stop it.. and they are suffering. If you try to take control of this beast. With that goal, you are condemned. I will have to destroy you." I stare at you hard.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297420

"Fine, a compromise. Let me take a piece of it, and I'll leave with you, and blow it all away myself. At least then, it can be studied. Then not everything is lost. We can still salvage something from this mess."

I pour out my tinderbox and hold it out.

MoronSonOfBoron 297421

As the group argues, the surface of the Smooze has reached the lowest walkway—what you're standing on. It would be wise to find a way up through the factories.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297423

"STOP, ALL OF YOU STOP. We do not have time for this squabbling!"
"Tsetkov, take your sample, and then let's MOVE."


Rolling to slap it out of your hoof.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297426

"That's no compromise. You've seen how it grows, and if you honestly believe you would not feed it for the sake of knowledge then you're a bigger fool than I could possibly have imagined."

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297429

"Fine, then go! We can't stay here longer."

Sprint out to the walkway.

Klandin [Celestial] 297430

I fly up the walkway.
"We can argue while we move, so MOVE!"

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297433

"Finally some sense…" I fly to Bethany, dig my claws into her armor, and add my own strength and speed to her motion. "I won't be able to carry you, but I can certainly help you along!"

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297435

And we're taking the ramps at a run.
"Porin, don't fall behind."

Bethany [buffalo lifebinder] 297437

I nod to you. "Right, if you get too tired I you can rest on my back." I run along the ramps. I imagine we have a very boosted speed or something.


…Actually, I think Bethany can handle it, I'm going to carry Porin out instead.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 297439

"Stay away from the black goo."
"Stay away from the black goo."

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297443

With the party pre-occupied by fleeing, I pour out my sewing kit this time to take a quick sample. Covertly stowing it in my jerkin, I follow them up with great haste. Time to mentally prepare myself for a series of explosions.


But you sprinted out first, you're ahead of everybody. How would we miss that?

Roll #0 1 = 1


but I have my buffalo eye on you

Roll #0 8 = 8


Did I spot that?

Roll #0 7 = 7


I only sprinted to the walkway, not up it. But I'll wait along behind the others before if I need to.

Opposed roll to be stealthy about it.

Roll #0 8 = 8


I really don't think you could sneak that past a rogue like me.

Roll #0 8 = 8

MoronSonOfBoron 297459

The factories are spinning and churning at ungodly speeds now, possessed by some unfathomable will that moves them. The corpses are being reassembled, torn apart and sewn back together into vaguely dolphin-like shapes, fitted with haphazardly glued-together cannon and fired off into the air like giant undead hornets, filling the crater with an awful whistling sound.

You will need to move carefully to avoid being raped caught by dolphin patrols.

Porin is marvelously light, and you have no trouble carrying her through the air between the many rings and columns of the superstructure.

Everyone sees Tsvetkov pause at the edge of the walkway, but don't see him do what he just did by a margin of a half-second. Tsvetkov has his sample and could for all intents and purposes be examining the structure for his explosives plan, though in all this stress, is it really wise to stop and shout down anyone?

You all make it to the second level safely, the Smooze below beginning to form bony eyes and rib-toothed mouths as it swells and consumes the factories.


As I sprint up the side of the ramp, I set off the first chain of detonations at the lowest levels.


Roll #0 9 = 9

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297461

Well, keep moving I guess.
'1d10' to evade patrols.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"A bit of warning would be nice!"
Keep moving behind the Diamond Dog.

Roll #0 5 = 5


seem legit. "Got it!" Keep running, good thing he's on the right side now. Rolling for something.

Roll #0 10 = 10


I fly as fast as I can.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Already moving, Porin in tow.

Roll #0 3 = 3

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297473

"That WAS the warning!"

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297475

That's not a real roll, I just forgot the e-mail field.

MoronSonOfBoron 297483

Bethany's necromantic intuition gives her a greater sense for how the undead constructs are moving, and she leads the party between cover without getting caught by the patrolling fliers. Still, they know there's a band of meddlesome adventurers in here somewhere, and they're buzzing like mad about the crater.

Tsvetkov pinpoints a corpse passing through a weak point in the assembly lines, and sets off a blast that ignites everything around it. A huge section of stone, steel and bone falls into the Smooze, crippling its production abilities but not slowing its ascent.

As the other factories disappear into the black muck, you see sickly pimples forming in the surface; the factories continue to produce beneath the Smooze's black membranes, spitting out gooey bundles of constructs and beasties.

At a fork in the walkways, you all notice a gigantic tongue of Smooze rising up from below, aiming for the path ahead, your shortest escape route. You could take the turn left into the upper factories or right into the central spire, or race ahead to try and beat it…

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297487

I'll try and send out my mace, wreathed in Moonfire. Maybe I can sever the tentacle before it shatters the bridge.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Set off another explosion! Hopefully collapsing structures will distract it.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Celestia give the wingless speed!"
I fly up above the shortest path.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Move faster!"
Shortest path.

Roll #0 10 = 10


The sun with protect us. Run down the short path.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297503

I'll stick with these two.

MoronSonOfBoron 297508

As everyone moves for the shortest path, Chester buys just a little bit of time for everyone to make it across. His mace becomes a bright blue morning star in the darkness, eating through the massive tendril like it were cotton candy. But still, the unfathomable mass moves upward, beginning to curl around the structure as the group passes through it.

At the last moment, Tsvetkov sets off another explosion far beneath, attempting to break the tentacle with the structures below. The party is thrown to the floor as the walkway buckles underneath them, and the Smooze loses its composure, breaking apart into a multitude of strings and lashing whips as it snags the walkway and begins to pull it down.

Everyone has made it across except Tsvetkov, who is hanging onto the edge of the walkway, tentacles pulling at his hindlegs.


Roll #1 7 = 7

MoronSonOfBoron 297511

The loud explosion is lost in the cacophony filling the caldera as the Smooze continues to consume the factories and more and more constructs swarm up towards the rim.


I cut away the tendrils pulling at him.
Rolling to blast them.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297513

Compel it to let go! I'll use my necromantic abilities to repel it! '1d10'

If my skeleton is still up, I command it to pull me to safety. 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 9 = 9

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297515

Lifting Tsetkov with Telekinesis, and depositing him next to me. '1d10'
And he should still have had some of that aura around him, though I suppose that's why there are only a few tendrils on him.

Roll #1 7 = 7


See as he's safe from the other team members helping him I'll cast heal on Tsetkov to revitalize him "You're doing well mate, you've just got to keep it up for a while longer."

Roll #0 5 = 5

MoronSonOfBoron 297551

The entire party comes together in a heroic effort to rescue Tsvetkov from a fate worse than death. The group stands by a doorway to the outer rings, one step closer to relative safety. The central spire is distant to you, the upper factories sinking into the rising Smooze.

You can travel clockwise or counter- along the ring, or stay here in the caldera's upper walkways. You still need to find a weak point (or several) to collapse the rim of the caldera if not the entire base, and seeing as you're not in the central spire that may be difficult to do.


Roll #1 9 = 9

MoronSonOfBoron 297554

Despite the anarchy, you detect no patrols moving around in your current vicinity. It seems most of the dolphins are dispersing towards the city. Keep an eye out for hallway patrols in the ring, however.

Klandin [Celestial] 297558

"What now?"

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297561

"If I was able to make it to the central spire… maybe with help from one of the fliers, I could probably do more damage to the weak points. Blow up those chitinous conveyer belts. The rest of you aren't explosive experts, best to escape while you can."

MoronSonOfBoron 297562

For all intents and purposes the entire base is still coming apart around you as the Smooze ascends and assimilates Filchfire's creations, especially since it's actively looking for your group and has no concern for architecture.

You must make your escape and/or find a way to stop the Smooze.

Klandin [Celestial] 297565

I grab his shoulders and fly him towards the central spire.

Klandin [Celestial] 297566


Roll #1 8 = 8

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 297567

"That's probably the best idea, even though I hate to do it. We can inform the forces that the Celestials' and Lunanite brought about what happened."

Bethany [buffalo lifebinder] 297568

"We go up, and find a way to destroy this. Killing it is the right thing to do."
"And leave you behind? You almost fell to the smooze not minutes ago?! You've got whatever guards are still active here and they'll take you out if you're alone."

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297569

"Well, perhaps… " >>297562 "Yes, that might be the best way to go about it. But you have to be careful. It's looking for us."
After thinking for a moment, I'll continue.
"Tsetkov, you'll need a volunteer to fly you to at least the central spire. The rest of us can secure the exit, and you can either fly out of the caldera, or to us once you've succeeded."
Before he goes too far, I'll renew the Moonfire aura around them.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297572

"I'm no more use here… I'll get Porin to safety, and hopefully see you all on the other side."

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297574

"Thank you Gaeton. And Porin? I'll be with you soon."

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297575

As we fly, not one to waste time, I look for targets of opportunity and detonate them. '1d10'

My skeleton turns to Bethany, ready to follow her. Hopefully she'll pick up on that it's intended to serve her until - or if - I return.

Roll #1 3 = 3

MoronSonOfBoron 297583

"What are you going to do, sir?" Porin is fighting back tears. She's seen a lot today.

Gaeton must roll to fly out of the ring safely… and there's still the rest of the mountainside.

The rest of the party will need to figure out a way off, too.

Klandin weaves between ruined superstructures to keep out of sight of the patrols, but everything seems to be in ruin already as the Smooze consumes the factories. The central spire itself is the only thing that could possibly contain something germaine to its progress and how Filchfire sealed it.

The two of you find an open port in the side of the spire and find yourself in a grand chamber of gears and arcane machinery. You can see the edge of the city from here, and the works far below you are slowly being consumed by roiling black masses.


>Gaeton must roll to fly out of the ring safely… and there's still the rest of the mountainside.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Knew it. I'm going to die.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297588


Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297589

I'll call out to her before she's out of earshot.
"I'll live! So you'd best do the same!"

Klandin [Celestial] 297590

"Work your magic, Tsvetkov."


I sigh and watch them go. "Alright mate.. I'll let your bones follow me up." I nod to the skeleton and..
Climb higher. Look for a good place to kick down the side and maybe escape.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297595

And I'll help look for an escape route. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297598

I look around for clues as to how Filchfire was containing it, just in case mindlessly blowing up this spire is not the solution. '1d10'

While blowing up safe targets below with corpse explosions. 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 7 = 7

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297604

"Help me look for Filchfire's notes, Klandin! I want to be sure we're not damning ourselves further by blowing up the central spire!"


I start looking for notes.

Roll #0 2 = 2

MoronSonOfBoron 297611

Gaeton disappears over the top of the ring of the caldera with Porin in tow, but almost immediately runs into a patrol of cetaceans and dolphins. He dodges quickly, swooping low over the skyline, with Porin firing bolts of ice at their pursuers, but multiple bony bolts tear through his armor and it's not too long until he's grounded in the converted city on the mountainside, far from the moving wall.

The ground here is ossified, like thick bony plating and malformed marrow, the buildings around you are massive blocks of salt and quartz and mineral, featureless and glistening in the volcanic daylight. As you dust yourself off after that nasty emergency crash landing, you don't see Porin anywhere.

Thankfully the aerial patrols far above have forgotten you, and you don't spot any constructs on the ground… yet.

You could try heading back to the open hole you entered through, but you don't know how far it is from where you are now. You're certain it's clockwise to your position, though.

Alternately you could try scaling the ring's outside and going down the side of the mountain from there, but you'd be exposed to air patrols.

It actually appears that there are a number of Lunar seals placed at regular intervals in the spire. Comparing the Smooze below with the Smooze outside, you realize that the eldritch being isn't ascending the spire as quickly, possibly held back by the divine force. It's like an arrow pointed straight at the heart of darkness.

If you don't move fast enough, however, your way out could be barred by the Smooze outside.


Great. Just fucking great. I'll roll to find her, and hope my eyeballs don't explode.

Note to self: NEVER take on any responsibility.

Roll #0 3 = 3


I'll continue up clockwise. But keep checking.. is there something I can float or slide on?

Roll #0 5 = 5

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297621

File: 1357887448549.jpg (7.65 KB, 251x201, ugh.jpg)

Klandin [Celestial] 297623

"Lunar seals are holding it back. What now?"


"I'll.. do what I can."

I sigh and focus my magic. I'm a necromancer… this looks like a job for Chester. I subvocalize in my head, saying a quick prayer.

Luna… I have never prayed to you, or any of your pantheon. I am not a pony, not one of your flock. But your flock is in danger, and there are none but me that can intercede. Grant me your blessing this day… I don't know what I have left to bargain, but surely there's something you could want out of me, if only the safety of your people.

Attempt to supercharge the seals with magic, applying my shared necromantic knowledge to reseal the beast. Hopefully Luna will guide me through the Lunar part of the seal.

Roll #0 10 = 10


I can't fully fly, especially with a buffalo in tow, but can I get an eye out and get something for Bethany to use?

Roll #0 6 = 6

Bethany [buffalo lifebinder] 297648

"Might be able to use part of this tower to slide down the mountain, I'd be able to give us a good push to start it going. "

MoronSonOfBoron 297650

You don't see her in the "neighborhood". You note that the structures around you are like macabre, bone-white plazas, squares and stairways plucked from a metropolis. In the distance you can see a half dozen spindly spiderlike constructs spinning over the edges, leaping across gaps and between railings with pinpoint precision and acrobatic energy, all coming towards you with faceless intentions.

There is a whisper in your head, audible as though it were next to you. The burden of holding a life in one's claws is so much heavier than the weapons you thought were your only friends, isn't it? It takes far more than mere brute strength to carry such weight.

Chester, you hear the same, mocking and imperious voice in your head.
That godless bird has her now. What sort of guardian are you? Do you honestly think she would be safe in the midst of an advancing army? Could you not commend her to the care of a higher power…?

Unless you intend on breaking off a piece of wreckage or rock (and getting really lucky at that) there's no real sledge or mode of transport… apart from trying to hijack a docked Cetacean, anyway.

If truly you do seek our aid, thou must give up the fruitless labor of tarrying with Pure Evil. Abandon that which you have taken, or let yourself burn with it.

Klandin [Celestial] 297654

I blink in shock when I hear the unfamiliar voice in my head.
"Tsvetkov, what is she talking about?"


I grimace. "Such is the cost of bargains with the omniscient. Klandin, I wasn't being honest with you."

I pull out my sewing kit, and chuck it as far as I can into the crater, casting Corpse Explosion on it as it goes.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Well that was my plan. Use that buffalo strength to break off something big enough so everyone can stand on it.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297657

[s]I'm the sort of guardian who trusts his friend. Further, she walks with the Watching over her. I have faith in her abilities, and Luna's guidance, to keep her safe. Dangerous though you are, you are as nothing to Her power.[s]
Still, I'll hasten my steps. The sooner we meet with the others, the more at ease I'll be.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297658

I take a deep breath, calming myself. "If you seek worship, you'd be better off looking elsewhere."

Speaking of looking… I call out to Porin, looking['1d10'] and listening['r2 1d10'] for any sort of reply. I hold my sword at the ready, knowing that if I can't find her before the constructs arrive then I'll have to kill them to continue my search.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 3 = 3

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297661

File: 1357888724989.jpg (14.88 KB, 271x311, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!.jpg)

Klandin [Celestial] 297662

I frown at him.
"At least you have seen the error in your ways."


I really don't know what to do to be useful, since I have a sea of darkness nipping at our hooves. I'll use my magic to try and get a piece of debris that we can use.

Roll #0 1 = 1

MoronSonOfBoron 297670

As Tsvetkov casts away the Smoozeling, it tears through his bag and pierces your ears with its unearthly screams. It explodes in a great blast of blue fire as it passes near a Lunar seal. Satisfied by this confluence of energy and action, magical moonlight begins to emanate from the seals and lines etched into the spire.

The entire assembly starts to sink, and you feel the ground beneath you lurch as it feels as though the entire tower has fallen into the caldera, driving into the depths of the Smooze. The black sludge beneath you begins to rise at an alarming rate, as the spire is lowered into the abyss. Your only way out now is up.

Do you trust your weak mortal friends? Creatures who cannot see in the darkness, much less fathom its true power and intentions? Promise your soul to me, and we shall see to it that hers is not claimed by the Smooze.

Your best bet is to find a ruined piece of wall—naturally, where you first entered. It's easy enough to rip out a large chunk. Auvergne gets a little over-eager, however, and nearly slips on the open wreckage, sending a piece of flooring skittering out down the mountainside.

That seems to have attracted the attention of some flying squadrons far above. They don't see you yet, and you have a platform large enough for the three of you to stand on. It's a haphazard piece of work, and you don't know if you'll make it down the mountainside safely or if you can make it through the Bone City to the wall and back to Gloom…

You get no answer. The Bone City is like a graveyard, devoid of all other life.

You must run, or the spiders will be upon you.


I grab him again and fly upwards.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297676

I trust them. And I trust in her as well. I will never offer myself to you, but know that if you touch so much as a single strand of hair on her, I will hunt down every last speck of you and burn you from the world drop by drop.
I'll hop on the wall piece and check our trajectory. Do I see anything along the mountainside? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


For the second time in aerial trouble, I dully remark.

"What an unbecoming way to die after coming so far."

Raise dead. Try to tear the skeleton of a flier out of the Smooze as it retreats.

Roll #0 4 = 4

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297678

I fly a ways into the air, sword at the ready, still keeping eyes and ears open for any sign of Porin. '1d10'

If nothing else, I can distract them while she makes an escape…

Since I get the first action no matter what, I'll hit the first spider to reach me with a double Power Attack. 'r2 2d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3, 5 = 8


File: 1357889482263.jpg (59.39 KB, 700x468, HovercraftHovPodCraftTogether3…)

I use my wings to propel our makeshift raft.

Roll #0 10 = 10


It will work. The Sun will guide my hooves. "Auvergne, be ready to use your wings to help us steer down the mountain. Its all up to Tsvetkov now.." have the bones climb on my back to save space and give the things a push start before jumping on.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Oh, that will work then.

Roll #0 4 = 4

MoronSonOfBoron 297699

The whole of the Spire echoes and rings with a million stolen voices screaming in agony as the Smooze tries to fight back against the Lunar magic piercing its essence. Klandin is immediately struck by the resonating might and can barely lift himself off the floor, racked with unimaginable pain. Tsvetkov is similarly disabled, struggling to get a spark of magic working, only to have the death throes of the Smooze overcome his senses.

The two of you might be able to try again, or make peace with each other, as you watch yourselves plunge into the darkness of the earth.

Everyone else outside of the caldera can hear a great resounding roar and an unholy clash of metal and earth as the Spire breaks off and falls into the Smooze.

Chester, you notice that there are a lot of scary and sharp looking rocks waiting to gouge you through the ribcage. You can only trust there's a safe way through them.
Fear is such a powerful feeling, isn't it? Do you know how afraid she is down there, all alone?

Bethany and Auvergne start up their makeshift sledge, and Auvergne's wingpower is more than enough to shoot them past the first ridges, slaloming steadily between outcroppings and hazardous spines. He's amazingly able to steer it rather well despite all the additional weight.

Now if only this thing had brakes… roll to make your crash landing in the Bone City.

You think you hear a magical blast in the direction opposite the oncoming spiders. You would have to travel down that street to make sure.

Your stance is true and you easily deflect the first spider, knocking it away but doing no damage to it. Another one spins past you and cuts a deep gouge into your wing as it flips across a pedestal.


I grab him again and fly.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297707

I sprint down 'that street', wings flapping to support my upper body so I can continue holding my sword in both claws.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297708

She will live. You, on the other hoof, I believe will not. If that explosion we just felt is any indication.
bracing for impact.

Roll #1 9 = 9


There is no peace for me in death. Pull a gryphon from the depths. I know there's one down there, we saw her in the astrolabe!


Roll #0 7 = 7


Flap my wings as hard as possible to control this landing.

Roll #0 6 = 6



Roll #0 9 = 9

MoronSonOfBoron 297757

Klandin uses sheer willpower to grab a hold of Tsvetkov. His cry to his own deity does not go ignored, as a great shaft of sunlight pierces the spire from the opening far above, giving his wings a solar glow about them, lifting them from the floor and towards the heavens above.

Even with this great and sudden ascension, you will need to roll to dodge the machinery and architecture. You're moving at an unnaturally fast speed, faster than your wings could have ever carried you.

Down below you can hear Tsvetkov's new familiar being tugged along, nearly falling apart.

As you turn the corner, you see Porin freezing spider mechs of her own as hobbles past obstacles. She looks injured.
Deaf, where's that Cheerilee cap? I'm serious, there are lives hanging in the balance!

Your sledge hits a ditch and the three of you go flying over the ground. Chester and Bethany land gracefully on their hooves and mitigate muich of the impact with a roll, while Auvergne tumbles a bit further down the street. Tsvetkov's skeleton climbs out of the ditch, no worse for the wear.

The Bone City is an eerily quiet place with none of the noise and chaos of the war going on above the skyscrapers or beyond the distant wall that creeps down onto the city.


"Praise the sun!"
Rolling to dodge.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297761

I'll throw a quick look around for Gaeton. '1d10'
"They should be here by now…"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I'm a Pegasus, why do I keep crashing into things?!" I ask the sky.

Getting my head back in the game, let's make sure everyone is together.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Oh, you made here. Where is everyone else? Has the church fled?" Do I see any signs of the inquisition?

Roll #0 2 = 2

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297775

Hold on tight. No time to make things worse by overcomplicating things!

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297783

>Deaf, where's that Cheerilee cap? I'm serious, there are lives hanging in the balance!
Nobody told me which ones to grab, and then the thread 404'd.

I rush over to her, and dive between her and the mechs to Protect her.

MoronSonOfBoron 297796

You are now experiencing g-force in your face!
You burst forth from the top of the Spire in an explosion of light and fire, and the sunlight guiding you before is now gone. You can see that despite all this you aren't very far from the caldera's level; the Spire has nearly disappeared into the Smooze entirely, and you can see blue light burning hot enough that it can be seen in the depths of that black lagoon. The fire has started to eat away at the Smooze from within, and it will be only a matter of time.

The skeletal griffon latches onto Tsvetkov's dangling legs, its wings long since plucked of feathers.

You're not in the city of Gloom proper… this is the Bone City, the realm behind the creeping fortress wall that crushed Gloom as it advanced. In its wake are only tall, white crystalline towers and geometric plazas of unknown design and intention, twisting with stairways, ramps, and walkways for beings and citizens that don't exist… You see no doors or signs of life.

Oh, okay then, don't worry about it.
There are still spiders behind you, as well as the spiders surrounding her.
'1d10+2' Porin tries to buy a little more time for the both of you with a flurry of ice bolts.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297801

Can I fly or do anything to put up some kind of signal? Because either we're both escaping, or we're both dying.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297802

I'll look around again. Gaeton's got to be here somewhere! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Klandin [Celestial] 297803

I land on the edge of the caldera and let go of Tsvetkov. After that I look around for the others.


Any tall buildings I can climb to get a better view?

Roll #0 9 = 9


Mount my skeletal gryphon, then search for anyone I can find to group up with.

"We have to find Chester's group. Gaeton will be fine, he's got good wings on him."

Roll #0 6 = 6

Klandin [Celestial] 297808


Roll #1 10 = 10


"You did great with the steering back there, mate." I smile at you.
And signs on these paths or should we just take a guess?

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Thanks. For now, I'd vote on anything involving going up. We get a better lay of the land, and get some distance from that goo."

Roll #0 7 = 7

MoronSonOfBoron 297813

If you fly, you'll expose yourself to the aerial patrols. If you want a signal you might ask Porin for something, but who knows if that'll work?

There are tall buildings all around you, but they are all tall scrapers that would obscure the streets around them. And even then there's a veritable storm of flying constructs above the skyline.

The streets here weren't made for the living. There's absolutely no decor, no directions or signs. You can hear your words echo off the sheer walls quite clearly, though, and maybe the distant sounds of battle aren't so distant after all, who knows?

The two of you see that the aerial squads are gathered around one side of the mountain, scouring it for signs of something, like a trail leading down to the edge of the Bone City. That's likely where they went, and apparently they haven't been caught yet.


"Follow me, Tsvetkov!"
I fly towards the aerial patrols and charge a spear with sunlight before throwing it at one off them.

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297819

Sounds too risky in general. I'll maintain my position, and take a double power attack on the nearest enemy. '2d10'

Roll #1 4, 1 = 5

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297821

Oh, please, Luna, let them be safe… just give me a sign, a hint, anything to let me know where they are!
All I can do at the moment is pray. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Well, its hard to tell where we'll end up.. but its better than sitting here. " Start down a path.

Roll #0 3 = 3


I'm going to try and investigate the fight noises.

Roll #0 9 = 9


I charge off behind him and attempt to make contact, burning through one with a Touch of Death.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7

MoronSonOfBoron 297839


Roll #1 3 = 3

MoronSonOfBoron 297855

The two of you make a daring leap from the ring and down over the mountainside, eliminating a flier each and grabbing the ire of many more…

It will be a race for you to get to the Bone City before too many of the patrols descend upon you. Their mouths split open into tripartite cannons, firing diamond-like teeth and black fire at you.

You take a bad hit but don't go down just yet. Porin, however, is knocked down to the ground by another spider. They're all closing in on you, making hit-and-run strikes but not moving in to really take the life from you yet. They seem to be circling, waiting.

No time to pray, Chester, your friends are leaving without you!
Although Bethany can hardly make heads nor tails of this alien landscape, Auvergne trusts his instincts and turns a block or two to discover Gaeton and Porin in the middle of a long avenue. They are being swarmed by small spider mechs.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297861

Not standing for that. Charging into the mess and using Undoing. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Keep heading down to the city! Take out any more in the path with the Touch!

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


How does the Arcane Blade's ability work, do I have to roll for stealth magic first, or do I get to attack and stay concealed?
Time for concealed blasting.

Roll #0 6 = 6


I dodge around them and fly to the city.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Follow that pegasus. "Is anyone hurt up there?"

Roll #0 3 = 3

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297881

Panting, I stand over Porin, supporting myself with my sword and Protecting her. I say to her under my breath, "If I fall, try to play dead. It should buy you enough time for Chester to get here."

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 297886

I wave over to Beth with my sword and spell book in hoof.

MoronSonOfBoron 297890

While Tsvetkov barrels through another construct with his touch, crashing through it at full speed as it decays around him in a flash of black smoke, Klandin weaves through the rocks to find a safe route to the city.

You both pass over a ruined makeshift sledge. The others probably passed this way into the city. The fliers don't seem to be following you between the skyscrapers.

You charge into the mess, burning with blue fire, though the spider mechs are swift and begin to tear at you as well.
You need to gain Stealth first, then when you make rolls for spellcasting, successful spells won't break Stealth. Usually actions of any sort can automatically reveal your position. That said, you are now hidden, moving between low points of cover in the street.
Bethany is spotted, however, and she immediately gets mauled by spiders. SPIDERS EVERYWHERE.

Porin is looking extremely tired and you can see she's bleeding from somewhere under her cloak. "That… shouldn't be too hard…"


Roll #1 2 = 2

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297895

I am not losing it here. I'll use Improved Telekinesis to mimic the effects of Divine Wrath, hurling as many spiders into as many walls as necessary, so long as they're away from Porin and the others. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Spiders.. It had to be spiders.." SMASH THEM WITH MY MACE BEFORE THEY CAN TOUCH ME!

Roll #0 4 = 4

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297900

We're nearly there, alight on the scene of battle, and join the melee!

Order my two minions to engage the spiders '2d10', and Touch of Death on my own. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2, 9 = 11

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297901



>All these spiders
"Note to self, stay out of sight."
Energy Orb to protect Gae/ton and Porrin, since the are surrounded. Attacking the enemy closest to them.

Roll #0 5 - 1 = 4

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297904

Well, this is embarrassing.


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297905

"You can still talk, girl, and that's a better sign than most. Besides, look; the cavalry is here." I pull my sword out of the ground yell a battle cry, and double-attack Cleave the two nearest spiders.

Roll #1 9, 4 = 13


I go attack the things attacking the others.
I've got no idea where I am in relation to everyone else.

Roll #0 6 = 6

MoronSonOfBoron 297918

You are a fucking Jedi Master and flatten several spiders agains the walls. A few stop moving altogether.
The things are small, skittering about your large form with frightening speed.
You can't seem to get a bead on them, either, though your griffon does a mighty sweep of its wing bones to clock one right through its center.
You succeed in literally blowing your cover, sending chunks of marble and quartz everywhere.
You spin in place, cutting through the spiders with your first swing and deflecting a hit aimed at Porin.
You and Tsvetkov arrived just behind Bethany and Auvergne. Chester is in the thick of it with Porin and Gaeton.
You cover Bethany and Tsvetkov, who are struggling with the spiders.

A great shadow looms over you all, covering the street and the corners surrounding in darkness. High above you, crawling between the towers, is a giant Centipede construct, clutching the buildings on either side with giant bony claws and dripping with Smooze animating its innards and limbs. Its head encases a pulsating black mass writhing with malformed eyes and mouths.

To be continued.

Looks like we'll have to wrap this up late Friday. All good?

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 297922

I'll endeavor to be on time.

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 297923

I'll be a bit late, about 10 pm PST

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 297924

I should be on time.

Klandin [Celestial] 297925

I have no idea when I will be back Friday.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 297929

>literally blowing your cover

So glad I'm alone right now, or people would be awake.

I should be able to make friday easily enough; if I'm not there, check MLPG, and if I'm not THERE, I'm sure at least one of you can join (or is already part of) the MLPG steam group and remind me through steam.

Bethany [buffalo lifebinder] 297930

I can't promise that I'll be here.

MoronSonOfBoron 298979

While the original plan was to run this tonight, I'm a bit behind schedule and there's no guarantee everyone will be here. So, who all is available right now?

Wf+6 298985

[✔] Wf+6
[✔] Fidget
[✔] Andelia
[✔] Campfire

Wf+6 298986

That leaves just Deaf and knightguy.

MoronSonOfBoron 298988

File: 1357965635977.png (8.64 KB, 356x241, f9d16aaa425ce0b7bca4d4352ca72c…)

pls guys

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 299008

You rang?

MoronSonOfBoron 299010

Just looking for Auvergne now, he's scheduled to be here an hour from now.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 299013

…Then why were you yelling at me? ;_;

MoronSonOfBoron 299014

Because it's fun

Klandin [Celestial] 299022

Remember to put a link in the meta when we start.

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 299054

I'm here.

MoronSonOfBoron 299067

Sorry, I'm here now.

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 299069

It's already 11pm PST, are you still up for it? We can quest tomorrow.

I'll be late again, though. SOmeone called in and my schedule was pushed up.

MoronSonOfBoron 299070

I'm up for it if everyone else is…

Klandin [Celestial] 299074

I think I can be here tomorrow.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 300054

…Is autoupdate fucking with me again, or did he mean tomorrow as in 'sunday'?

Anonymous 300110

I guess it's Sunday now. I have that day off anyway.

MoronSonOfBoron 300873

Let's try this again in about two hours. Report in?

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 300875

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 300883

Klandin [Celestial] 300884


Auvergne 300926


Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 300946


Klandin [Celestial] 300951

Family shit has come up so I might be a bit late.

Andelia 300974


Bethany [f. Buffalo lifebinder] 300977

putting the right name on.

MoronSonOfBoron 300984

Just post whenever you get back.

I think we're almost ready?

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 300985

I'm still here.

Klandin [Celestial] 300988

I think I should have the rest of the night free.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 300990

Bethany [f. Buffalo lifebinder] 300995

Should be fine

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 300997


MoronSonOfBoron 301000

The party stares down a monstrous centipede big enough to level a city block, Smooze dripping from its every orifice, joint and seam. It's as though someone dug up ancient fossils and put them back together wrong using the blackest tar and paste available.

The spiders are dispersing in its ghastly presence, leaving Porin wounded on the ground and the party to fend for themselves.

I should note here that Tsvetkov and Klandin are more or less confident that the Lunar Spire should finish off the Smooze eventually, as they saw it burning from the inside out when they exited the caldera.


Roll #1 8 = 8

MoronSonOfBoron 301002

The centipede only slowly regards the crew, letting its awesome and daunting presence loom over you. Its multi-tiered jaws and hundred limbs are well-armored and menacing, there is likely no way you can kill this thing.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301004

Before things get any worse, I'm going to rush to Porin's side.
"Please don't let me be too late…"
And I will Mend her. '1d10+1

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301005


Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Let me try and evacuate Porin and get her out of immediate danger.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 301012

"I'm not certain that I can kill that. Should we depart?"

Usher my skeleton onto gryphonback and prepare to take wing.


"The Smooze is dying. Everyone who wants to run do so now, and everyone that wants to protect the runners should help me run a distraction."
Once I finish saying this I attempt to bless all our weapons.

Roll #0 8 = 8

MoronSonOfBoron 301021

You make Porrin whole. She is still very distraught.

Auvergne now carries the wounded Porrin on his back.

Your bony minion connects to the minion bone.

Your party is blessed by sunlight that reflects off the faceted edges of the Bone City.


"I'd say you'll need a healer to back you up."
I believe I still had spiders to deal with. Rolling for that.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 301025

The spiders fled when the monster came.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 301030

"If the smooze is dying anyway, won't this thing die with it? Wouldn't it be better to make sure everybody can escape? At that size, it can't be as fast as us in flight."

Klandin [Celestial] 301032

"We should not all flee at once, but at the same time we should not all stay and fight."

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301033

"Praise be."
Now to take a gander at the huge thing looming over us.
"So that's Filchfire's masterpiece, I take it? Monstrous."
"I wouldn't be too sure. The legs are fairly close together, so I'll wager it can skitter pretty fast."

Bethany [f. Buffalo lifebinder] 301036

Oh, shit. I can't read apparently.
If Its okay I'll use this to heal porrin

Auvergne 301037

"Our weapons would be like toothpicks against it. Let's move out and get our bearings somewhere besides here."

MoronSonOfBoron 301043

I'll allow it.
Porrin is healed, but she doesn't seem like she wants to get up, just sobbing.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301047

I will hug her, as best as able while she's on Gaeton's back. Hopefully it will be comforting. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 301048

"It will no doubt move like a wave, given what powers it."

Take to the air.

"To it, we are food. Energy. Let us make it starve."

Bethany [f. Buffalo lifebinder] 301054

"We should stand together, its the only way we'll stand a chance against that beast, should we split up and half flee.. what if the thing likes to hunt?"

Auvergne 301062

I'm carrying her.

"How do we even begin to fight it?"

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301065

So you are. The hug is still awkward and uncomfortable for her, though. Alas.

Klandin [Celestial] 301066

"The ones of us that fight it will draw its attention long enough for the others to flee. After that happens we will break off in different directions."

"Target the mouth and legs?"

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301069

"At that size, you'd do the most damage from the inside."

MoronSonOfBoron 301072

If that was a 1 you might've redislocated a rib. Good thing it wasn't.

Bethany [f. Buffalo lifebinder] 301073

"And let that one sacrifice themselves?"

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 301074

"I could kill the brain, like I did to the Cetacean. It's not worth the fight, though. Confront as a last resort."

Klandin [Celestial] 301079

"I think the inside is nothing but Smooze."

Bethany [f. Buffalo lifebinder] 301080

"Then we should gather the inquisition, tell them that holy power will defeat the beast."

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301082

"I'm… I'm sorry, I was just worried…"
A slight blush will cross my face.
Turning to Tsetkov, I'll respond.
"I was thinking more of burning it from the inside out. The Moonfire should cleanse it from innards to outsides, though it will likely take more than one shot."
Shaking my head, I'll continue.
"But… if it goes wrong…"

Auvergne 301084

"We don't have enough power between us to down it with just three holy magic users. Right now, keep moving and keep out of sight."

"This is too big for us, I agree. But does anyone know which way they are?"

Bethany [f. Buffalo lifebinder] 301086

I pause cringing at my own idea "Sun forgive me for suggesting this but.. Can we.. use an undead minion endowed with moon fire, and the Tsvetkov explode it once its inside the beast?"

MoronSonOfBoron 301087

"I-it's okay… I'm sorry I'm not stronger." Porin manages a weak smile amidst the heated discussion.

You all sure like to talk. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

MoronSonOfBoron 301089

The centipede descends upon you! As it approaches from above, even the fliers may find some difficulty avoiding it in the narrow alley. Roll to dodge.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301091


Roll #1 3 = 3


"The beast was created as a fusion of the powers of Night and Undeath, something I learned in the Spire. Move!"

Roll #0 1 = 1

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 301093

"Not one." Gaeton steps over next to Klandin. "Ones."

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 301095


Roll #1 6 = 6


Flap and run as hard as possible.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Well, at least you have your answer now."

Roll #0 2 = 2

Klandin [Celestial] 301103


Roll #1 5 = 5

MoronSonOfBoron 301118

Everyone except Tsvetkov and Bethany are thrown down the street amidst a shower of stone and silica shards. The two necromancers are swallowed up immediately in the black sludge inside the creature's gaping maw and disappear from sight.

Tsvetkov and Bethany: The two of you can't see or hear very much, and all around you is blackness. The Smooze is cold, yet burning to your flesh as it seeps through your equipment and begins to slowly eat away at your bodies. You sense you are very close to each other, though, and can converse without fear of breathing in any of the stuff… for now.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301121

Are we knocked helpless, or just thrown a few yards down the way?

MoronSonOfBoron 301122

Just thrown out of the way. It hurts, if that counts for anything.


"Turns out Kladin was right. Its nothing but smooze." Fight my way out of here.

Roll #0 1 = 1


I overcharge one of my blessed spears with sunlight and throw it at the creature's maw.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301126

I'll check on the others.
Porin, especially. I know she's not doing too hot, so I'll toss a Heal spell on her. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


I pick myself and Porin back up.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Swing my moon-blessed blade about. It doesn't matter what I slice, it's all Smooze! I literally can't miss.

"With the risks I took, it was only a matter of time. No good deed goes unpunished. Perhaps I should regret it, but oddly… I don't."

Roll #0 1 = 1

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 301137

I'm going to Protect Chester, which in this case I guess means flying above and slightly in front of him to intercept anything that comes in and/or shove him out of the way.

MoronSonOfBoron 301142

The two of you tear aimlessly at the Smooze all around you, but even though your enchanted weapons burn through it easily, you can feel yourself still sinking further into the muck. The cries of tormented souls and corpses trapped before you begins to fill your little bubble. You feel a slight repercussion somewhere from beyond the Smooze.

Your spear lands square in the soft parts of the centipede, but the Smooze is incredibly thick; the Blast of your sun-blessed weapon tears out a goodly chunk but does not penetrate the complete blackness, though it does shatter many bones and teeth.

Porin is doing much better now, but she still looks sickly. 'r2 1d10'

You only barely manage to scramble back to your hooves yourself, stumbling over a loose feather or two.

Even though the centipede is wide enough to occupy the street by itself you stand guard. 'r3 1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 10 = 10 / Roll #3 7 = 7

MoronSonOfBoron 301146

Tsvetkov and Bethany know which direction the explosion came from and surmise it must be towards the closest opening: the mouth.

Porin gets back up by herself and grabs Chester's face for a '1d10'/10 kiss.

The Centipede's attack knocks Gaeton back to the ground, though his Protect stance deflects the teeth and the head offside and away from the group. This thing is huge!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301149

I'll be surprised for a moment, but return the kiss. '1d10'
And then we really have to get back to work. Giant centipede and all.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 301151

Use my moonblessed scythe! Cut myself free! Swim for that opening! '1d10'

And what are you doing, skeleton duo? Help tear me out, wherever you are! 'r2 2d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 9, 9 = 18


Try to get Tsvetkov and myself closer to the mouth.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Let's put some more distance between myself and the beast.

Roll #0 8 = 8

MoronSonOfBoron 301155

You can roll for another action.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 301157

If they're still around, they benefit from Tartarian Power still, presumably. Let's hope.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301158

Well, after composing myself, I suppose I'll Heal Auvergne. Since he's right there. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 301164

I stand back up, and hold my position between my team and the monster. "You want them, wee beastie, you'll have to go through me!"

MoronSonOfBoron 301175

The two of you cut confidently towards escape, but the Smooze seems to be gaining on you and sucking you in. Tsvetkov's skeletons seem to have been consumed by the black jelly when suddenly a small, narrow tunnel opens before you. The bony minions have become like stents in an artery, opening up a very small passageway for the two of you to try and crawl between their ribs. One can only wonder how long Tsvetkov's control over them will hold against the Smooze.

Chester has little time to place a healing spell on Auvergne before he flies away. Auvergne gains some distance, and is now free of blackheads (not that anyone knows that).


Roll #1 8, 7 = 15


Does it have anything approaching eyes?
I'll let Chester and Porin catch up a bit, in case I have to play decoy.

Roll #0 4 = 4

MoronSonOfBoron 301184

The Centipede seems distracted by something in its mouth, making a large jerking motion as if to cough and vomit something up, though Auvergne and Gaeton are unaffected by its thrashing.

The only eyes you can see are the malformed bulbs and oculi that bubble up in the surface of the smooze, like millions of warts and pimples forming and bursting in the course of minutes.


Perhaps I can transfix the smooze to let us out.. or at least to stay still while we exit.

Roll #0 2 = 2

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 301190

"Looks like Tsvetkov and Bethany are still alive!" I fly forward, and Power Attack ['1d10'] my (still-blessed) weapon upwards into the roof of its mouth, attempting to wedge the maw open.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 301193

Gotta climb fast! '1d10'

A mental salute to the brave skeletons that hold open the way. 'r2 2d10'

"Coming, Sun-worshiper?"

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 2, 3 = 5

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301195

Ah to hell with it. It's mouth is open, correct? Let's let in some light.
I'll attempt to set the interior of its mouth on fire with Moonfire. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


I throw another spear at one of it's leg joints.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Here goes. Luminiscencia quemante!"
Energy beam what counts as its face to throw it off its game.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Bethany [f. Buffalo lifebinder] 301204

"Just run you heretic. I'll destroy this prison from the inside out if that's what's required of me. "

MoronSonOfBoron 301212

The Mind of the Smooze is a terrifying abyss to peer into, and your mortal body instinctively thrashes to shake you from your reverie as well as free yourself of the absorbent muck that threatens to eat your limbs off. You've already forgotten what you saw in the past second, and some dark corner of your mind hopes it won't return in nightmares.

The sunlight coming off your weapon cuts deep into the Smooze, though you seem to make little progress. You think you can make out two bodies past a maze of bones. Before you can gain a foothold, the Centipede begins thrashing again, threatening to catch you in its jaws. '1d10'

You squeeze through the first skeleton with barely enough space to look behind at Bethany. You can feel the minions beginning to give way, the tunnel tightening around you.

The darkness inside is so complete you can hardly make out anything inside it at this range. The Centipede's thrashing throws you off-balance, some of its teeth catching you by the leg and sweeping you into the side of a building.

Your spear blasts the joint apart, sending reams of black Smooze in every direction, but the limb is much larger and heavier than you anticipated. Like a giant tree, it falls on you and pins you to the marbled ground, and you feel the stone crack beneath your body.

Your Energy Orb blows off chunks of bone, though it doesn't seem to do anything more than superficial damage to the Centipede. You can see black sludge seeping through the seams of bone you just cracked through.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 301218

"No apostasy can be committed against a Church one is not a part of. Don't throw your soul to the Immortal Plane just yet."

The time for escape is NOW! '1d10'

Hold! Hold! 'r2 2d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 4, 8 = 12

MoronSonOfBoron 301219

Gaeton, while you're caught up in the jaws of the Centipede, you're merely immobilized, not damaged, crushed, eviscerated, swallowed, or injured. If you stay there, though, Fate makes no guarantees…


Sun, this isn't what you desired for me is it? I've just got to get out that opening..

Roll #0 7 = 7

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301223

Can't take too many more of those.
"Porin, take cover and try to support the others! I've got a promise to keep."
I'll make my way over to Klandin, and Heal him. '1d10+1'
"I need you to fly me up there."

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


I try to crawl out from under it.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"It's using the bones to support itself! Break those and we can slow it down!"

Magic Beam at the head again.

Roll #0 6 - 1 = 5

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 301228

I thought five and below was universal failure…

I'm going to see if I can't wedge my sword where it'll do some good, '1d10', and then fly the hell out of there 'r2 1d10'.

I can come back for the sword later.

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 4 = 4

MoronSonOfBoron 301238

Your torso is poking through the opening at the end, and the others can see your head amidst the mess that is the Centipede's mouth. You feel the lesser bone minion get pulverized behind you, but the skeletal griffon expands and reconfigures itself slightly to keep the way open for Bethany.
Bethany, you are halfway through a Smooze canal getting a faceful of Diamond Dog feet. Considering the alternative, there are worse fates the Sun could have chosen for you…

A little extra tug from Chester doesn't hurt, and Klandin is barely able to squeeze himself through. His armor is prominently dented from the impact.

Porin starts throwing ice bolts here and there, trying to open up the mouth and free your trapped allies. '1d10'

As you blast the Centipede's head once more, a giant spindly leg with surprising reach hooks you and pulls you in closer at astonishing speed, and you go rolling along its "skull", disoriented but otherwise unharmed. There's a mess of Smooze all across this bony surface, and its stuck to you.

You barely manage to wedge your sword into the center of the Centipede's maw right over Tsvetkov, splitting open the hole he's trying to escape through. The toothed mandible that has a hold of you, however, pulls you into the gunk as well. Now you're really stuck.

Roll #1 10 = 10

MoronSonOfBoron 301243

Things are looking up for those caught in the Centipede's maw as Porin's well placed ice magic freezes off chunks of Smooze, which slough out and shatter against the street.


I fly him up there and try to dodge whatever attacks it sends my way.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301250

I'll bless our weapons with Moonfire on the flight up. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"This is nothing I can't handle. The souls of this prison shall be freed." I slash as much of the smooze as I can and try to give tsvetkov a push forward so we can become free as well.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Get it off!"
Try to break free and get whatever smooze is on me to get off.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Come on, mutt, I'll pull you out!" I extend a claw towards him. If he grabs, roll to pull him all the way out; if not, the roll is for my own attempt to escape.

Roll #0 5 = 5

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 301257

Get myself and Gaeton free! '1d10'

"I could use a ride."

That skeleton needs to stay a little longer. 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 8 = 8

MoronSonOfBoron 301289

In the rush of things, Chester barely has time to get a proper prayer out as Klandin pulls him to and fro between the swinging legs and mandibles.

Bethany and the griffon skeleton are all that's keeping the three of you from getting swallowed up again.

You're free of the Smooze for now, though plenty more is seeping through the cracks and threatening to recapture you. The bones beneath you shift and crack apart like loose ice floes, threatening to pull you down into the Smooze.


Roll #1 4 = 4


I drop Chester on it's back then fly down and blast the underside of the monster's mouth to try and free the others.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


The sun will guide me through. I can feel it. Press onward pushing that dog with my head as I go.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301299

"No, not the back, the mouth! I don't have claws to grasp things!"


Flap and Push and stab the smooze out of desperation.

Roll #0 2 = 2

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 301303

Oh my. That feels a bit awkward. Well, let's get out. '1d10'

Maybe the skeleton can kind of squeeze us up and out? 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 6 = 6

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301304

Well, he dropped me here, might as well make the best of it.
'1d10' to maintain my position, 'r2 1d10' to start spreading Moonfire.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 2 = 2


I put everything I've got into pulling Tsvetkov free.

Roll #0 1 = 1

MoronSonOfBoron 301307

Would you like to swap those results?

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301309

…yes, I would.

MoronSonOfBoron 301317

Klandin's attacks loosen up the jaws and blow out further chunks of Smooze. Loosened up a bit, Tsvetkov and Bethany are pulled free, but Gaeton had his hindlegs stuck deep in the Smooze to gain that foothold. He is sucked deep into the black ooze, with only the skeleton barely keeping him from being swallowed completely, and even it is starting to give way.

Your frenzied attack gives up your footing, and by the time you remember to fly your hoof is already caught in the Smooze once more, a sickly and diseased force pulling you downward like hungry quicksand.

You can see Auvergne a short distance away from you, and you notice the bones have separated themselves beneath him to swallow him up. You realize the same is happening to the bone carapace beneath you. Soon your hooves are trapped in the Smooze, slowly sinking.

With a final push, you ignite the Moonfire around your form, and the Smooze begins to scream and retch in your presence, boiling and thrashing a thousand tendrils about your form. It doesn't free you any as you continue to descend, but the Smooze won't take you without some serious injury to itself.


Roll #1 9 = 9

Auvergne 301321

I have escape artist, can I use that here?

MoronSonOfBoron 301323

The top of the caldera begins to glow an unearthly blue as fire and lava the color of a pure blue sky begins to erupt from the depths. Hollow screams echo through the smoke plumes and volcanic lightning, audibly rattling the structures forming the Bone City around you.

The Lunar Spire has sunk to the depths of the Smooze and is burning away at its heart.


Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301326

Luna, I know I ask for much, but I cannot afford to let this continue. If ever there was a time for this to work, it would be now.
Charged up with Moonfire, I will Undo the Centipede. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I fly over to the mouth and try to pull Gaeton free.

Roll #0 5 = 5


With myself freed I'll try to steel my mind and attempt to transfix the smooze once again. If it will listen to me.. tell it to rest, be still, let the fire cleanse you.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 301337

Skeleton, push Gaeton free! '1d10'

Now that I'm free, I'm not taking any more risks of falling below. Combat roll out of that mouth and slap the monster with a Touch of Death on my way down. 'r2 1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12

Auvergne 301344

Seeing as how all the magic users seem to be preparing to blast it, my rogue senses tell me to get out and I use my escape artists skills to do so. Sadly, this is not first time at the smooze rodeo.


I lock my claw with Klandin's, and shove off against the skeleton with my paws.

Do or die time…

Roll #0 10 = 10

MoronSonOfBoron 301355

Auvergne breaks free of the Smooze. You might want to help Chester out.

With the Smooze melting way under you, you have sunken much faster. As you approach the center, the ooze reforms above you, starting to shut out the daylight and the air. You are surrounded by unblinking eyes, shifting forms and faceless expressions that embody the complete darkness that is Smooze.

Gaeton and Klandin make a triumphant escape from the maw seconds before the skeleton is completely pulverized from the Smooze, and soon the hole is completely sealed up once more.

Your paw burns death and ash in its wake, like a hot knife through butter, leaving a gaping scar of crumbling bone and diseased globs falling away from the Centipede's head. Unlike other portions of the massive construct, this one does not seal itself back up, so deathly and final was your magic.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301360

Of course it didn't work. She was busy with the main mass.
Still, I might as well keep burning. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

MoronSonOfBoron 301361

̆E̫̜̳v͚͉͎ͩ̋̃e̙͎͇̪̬̓ͅn͍̝ ̞̫̾̾̋ͣ̊͋F̠̝̠͈ͤ͆͋͑̈̇e̪̪͙̲̼̫͍l̜̝̩ͭ̀͋͋ͅf̮̈̏̆i̫ͪ̒r̹͚̫̍̇̂͗ͮ̾̂ȇ͚́͗ͧ̂ ̜ͩ̚c̰͚ͬ̆͌̿̆̓̇ô̗̚u̞̥̠͓̅l̪͓͈̜̣͉̔̓ͦd̳̝̘̠̮ͣͥn̮̎͌̏ͧ͌̑͆'̠̦̲̼͉̫ͫ̀t͖̰̘̬̦̑͗ ͕͍̼̯͔̘̏̈́ͅc͕͕ͨ̀ͬ̈o̬̼̺̻̞ͨͯ͊ͤ͌́͌n̳̰̟̹͙ͮ̄̒̍͗ͬ̅t̰͉̽ã̦͎̤̍ͪ͊̓ͬ̊ǐ͎̀n͉̙̬̮̭̓͂ͅ ̩̗̐̌͋̀͐͐t̝̭̾̓h̖͕̝͔̹̯̯̅̇ͨ͌ͯ͆̚i̪̟̖ͪ͛s̘̞̮ͪͤ̐ͦͨ̓ ̰̝̠͚̰̮͒ͯ̃ͣ̓̈́̆tͥ̐̀ͅẖ̯̦͈͔͕̏ͩ͆i͈̯͔̤ͅǹ̹͚̤̗̼g̩͑͗́̇ͥͪ.̺̖͙̜ͭ ͑̐͂ͭͥW̦̓̉ͮh̆ͪͧ͛͛͛́a̱ͤͥ͊t̫͈̮̞͕ͧ̾̏̿͌̃ ̖̬ͣ̾͐́ͣ̇m̥̘ͬ́̐a̰̦͈̋̊̓̉ͥd͉̮̰͕̥e̳̭͓̫̊͋͆̾ ́̌y̗̗̫͍̑̔ͯo͎u̾͌ͬ́̐ ̟̹ͪt̙̹̋̇̾hi̱̊͐̉̿ͮ̎ṋ̠̥̫̦̝͋ͮ̉k̤̺̪̇ͪ͊̽ͣ̌̂ ̗̳͕̯̋ͧ̎͋̃͋̅ṭ̥̘ͅh͈͂̌̆̍ͤͯ̚a̻͓̟̺͕̰ͯ̾ͯ̀̓̈ͮt̗̰̩̰̹͆ͮͤͦ̓̄ͅ ͎̯̘͖̰͇ͅw͔̫̮̰͕̭͚̾͌͊̿̈a̩͚͍̭̩̳̒͌̈́ͅs̮̮ͧ̃̏ͨ͛ͪ͌ ̝͔͚̣̹̖͓̽̚̚a͕͈̜̞͎̳̖ͭ͑ ̮̪̿͐͊g̜͇̜͕̰ͮo͛ͦoͭ͒ͦ̂̆ͥḋ̳͚̝̳̟͇ͥ̈́͑̇̒ ̹̩̪̠̑ͧ̐̏͆ͧ́ǐ̝͉͔̱̅̏d̜͙͙̠̰͓ͦͮͤ͋͒͌̚e̙͕̱̘͇a͙?̙̜̗͛̔
͛̅̆͐̿ͥ́Tͤͨ̋o̲͌̆͂̏̆͋ ̠̹͂̅͑i͙̪̤̠͉͈̊͗̾ͣ͗͗̚n͇͕̭̦̯͒v͎̹̥͓ͮ͊̅̋o͌̅͐͋ͣ͒k̘ͭe̖̽ ̞̪͕͋̂̌͌͑ͥt͈̮̮͎͍̊h͔͍̜̖̯̑ͧ͋ͫ̔̽e̟̯̻̘̘͚ͤ̾ͫ̾̇ ̦̪̗̻͓̗̀̇ͣ̈͂͗h̟̦̺͔̋̄̍ͨï͓ͥv̫̰̊͒e-̣̪̞̥͊ͥ̂ͫ̋̆̋m͕̬͔̠̋̅͒ḯn̳͉͕̪̬̓̍̇͛̅̏d̅͋ͩ̈̋̚ ͕̍̑͊̂̔̀r͎̻̒ͭ̓ͪ̒̃e̫̯ͪͭ͐̿̃̐ͨp̫ͫ̅̾̍ͫ̽r͇̳̔͗̚ē̦̩̋͆̅s͙̫̤̩̻̗̠͒ͩ̓̊̏̎e͈ͭ̓ͫͯͨ̉n͍̮̝̳ͣͣͫͩ̓͋ͅt͕̙ͯ̎i̅ͧ̇n͕͇̠̔ͮ̂ͦͣ͗g̝̰̒ͫͮ͗ ̺̗͉̀̀̌ͮ̿̍̚ċ̻̫͙͙̞͆̋̉ͪ̒͐h͙͖͔͎͍ͬͦa͉͖͇͕ͬ͒͑̆͋́o̥͚̱̤ͤ̒ͣ͋̆̚ͅs͓̍ͨ͊̔.͒̂ͬ̀
̪́͛̀I͎̮͋n̝̗̱̪̞͔̹̏̎͗ͭͭv̒͗o̖̬̩̟̲̺̎́ͯ̇͌̚k͚͎̣͎̒͊ͧ̚i̯̲͇͖̜̟̊̏̀͒̚n̥̩ͪ̏ͫͦ͊͗̚g̻̾̊ ͐̑́̇̅t͓̜̿ͭ͊ͥͯh͙̣̹̹͉͛ě̲ͮ͂͌ͥ ̮͕̳͔͙͈̩̄͋̒ͪ̎̋f̫̪̜̦̟̔̏̿ͅͅë͇̳͉̫́̅̾ͨ̔̍̚e͕̩̬̳͎̦̳͊͑ͧ͊̈́l̲i͗n̗͙̤̞̩̄̊ͦͤ̓̏g̭̺͈̦̫͎̗͂͌̃ͪ ͔̩ͯ͊̓ͥͩo͙͍̣̫ͧ̂ͥ͋̐̄ͭͅfͪ̽͗ ̫̹̞̙̓ͬ͂c͇͓̣̺̗̫̒ͩ̈̅̎͐̏h̳͖̦ͮͬͩ̐͐ͦa̤̻ͪo̮̖̤̓̈̐ͮ͊͗͗s͓͉͖̪͔͕͚.̥̰̪ͮ̾̒
ͯ͒̅̚W͗í͙̮t͚̙͇̘͆͆͋̀̃ͯh̲̓͌ͮ ͈̯̘̞͖̱̖ͤͦͤ̎͒őͫ̎̊̚ͅu̫̘͖͌͊͛t̯̬̝̙̥̦͔̆ͬ́ ̱̲̼͂̄ͧȏ̯r͙̩̙̰͔d̘̝̦̩̮̮͕̿ͬ̓̑ͧ͒͂ȇ͗ͣ̓̈́̎r̝̠̖ͪ̚̚.͇̭̋̎͑͊̈ͣ̈
͇̒̓͑̚T͍̣͖͎ͭ̒̔́̀͐̊hͥë̞̪͇̭̹͗ͤ̆̃̂ ̹͋̍̒̀̔̑̅N͇̞̞͙̰̙ͭ̔̉̌e͖̳̺͋ͯ͋ͫ̿͗̔z̭̫̣̰͚͛̆ͮ̉ͪͅp̞̮͓̙̹̮̝͒̓͑e͙̭̜̬ͯ̽̄̓ͫr̘̤ͧ̈͐ͫͨd̂ͮ̂ͮ̌̓ͩi̋̂a̔̑ͧͧn̻̾͌ͯ̾ ̥̺̗̻̙̤͊̾̃͆ͩ̋ͬhͤ͌ͩ̀̋̚ǐ̥̩̪͓ͯ̊̊̾vͥè̱ͪ̈́̾̎̆͌-͎͓̪̒ͮͥͬ̑̒͒mͫ̓͂ͨ͗ḯ̫̭͖̫͕̩̈͂̅̐ͨn͈̰̗͙̦̮̥d͖͖̪͇͍̙ ̖͔̺͖ͬ̏̈͌̏o̠̬̓͑́͆́ͅf̜͚̬̱̦̖ͮͣ͋͐̚ͅ ̰̪̝́̌̉ͦc̰͚ͮ̄h̠̥͆ͪ̌ạ͈̥̙̹̳̫ͭͥ̉̍o̮̲͇̹̳͎̙ͦ̽̾s̭̒͑̓ͣͤ̃.͍͙̳͉͓̜̫́͂̑̎̄ͫ̚
̯̗͚̻̙̦͆͗ͪͫH͎ͥẹͦ͗ͅ ̟̝̞͚͖̤̰ͩ͒͋w̠͇̦͙̑̇h̖͍̝̗̺̹̖̔ȏ̩͚̬̫̬̓ͣ͒̀̈ ͤ̀̇ͬW͉̝̠̿̃̋̿ͅa̜̝͖̞ͩỉ̻̼̦̩̬͆ͩ̑t̬sͥ ̞͈̪̼̗͈̆̄B̬̟̲͖͉̂ͪ̏e̘̜̙̱h̯̑̑ͪḭ͇̤̌̂̅͒ͧ͒͒nͫ̈ͩ͌͊̑d̖̯͕̖̻͒̐ͬ̋͊̃ͪ ̹̥͍ͬT̝̤̜͗̓ͩ̇̃̑̏h̭͙͇̪ͪ͋͋̓̒̋e ̫͖̖͚̍̂̏̊͆̄W̄̈́̃ả̱͚̪͌͂ͧ̀ͪͅl̥̏͑̌ͣ́̃l̞͖̣͎͂.̣͍͂̿

MoronSonOfBoron 301363

Er… i.e. Bethany is held in place as she gets mind raped.


I pat him on the back.
"Come on, we have to save Chester!"
I fly back to where Chester was and start hacking at its carapace with my sword.
What is Porin doing?

Roll #0 6 = 6


Out of the frying pan, next to the fire.

Try to bust out Chester with my own weapons.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301368

If she's following my last orders, she's staying out of sight and providing support as she can.


Felfire failed because his mind was only on himself.. I have the sun to guide me. Influence that smooze, make it bow to the sun.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 301374

"That thing is a walking graveyard!"

I sprint along, trying to keep ahead of the monster, and try to raise a second minion from the ooze in the mouth. They will save that misguided lifebinder. '1d10'

The skeleton I've got for sure, work on freeing Bethany! 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 4 = 4

MoronSonOfBoron 301378

T̕h͝e͜r̡e ̷is v͝ery̧ li͠t̢tl̷e̡ ͟hope ̛o͢f͠ ҉des̴c͝r͢ib̵in̕g҉ ͜th̨e ma͡ḑn͜e̶ss tha̶t s̢w̡al̷l҉o͠w͜e͢d͜ yơu
͞b̴ut ́i͡n̸ t҉h̛e mi̢dst ͞o͞f t̨h̕e utte͡r̸ v͘o͡i͜d y͜ou͘ fou̕n̨d̴ ̷a p̶oi̴ǹt͟ ͟o̸f ͘l̡i͠gh̕t
͢an͢d ̀f̨oll̨ow͏èd ̴it ̛ou͟t̢ ̶o̵f̢ ̢t҉he ̶c̶hurn͟ing darkneşs
̧y͟o͜u͏ ̶ar̷e glad̡ ̵t͢o rèmai͘ń i͟n ̷t̵h̨e m̴o̕r̴t͏al͜ ҉ŗe̡alm
even͡ ͝k̀now҉ing̛ a p͏iece ͡o͡f̴ ͞yo҉u͜ ͢is͞ ̨f̛orȩver̸ Ta҉i͢n҉t̵e͏d,͝ ̴a̴n͠d̸ ͞y̡our̶ ̶sha̧d͢o͝w ̡is no͝t yo̡ur ̡own

You awaken on the ground, sucking in a deep breath as you return to consciousness… no, life. The battle rages on, and you hope to never remember the Outer Darkness even the Game Master was loathe to describe in the barest of detail.

MoronSonOfBoron 301382

You maintain your Moonfire, directing all your righteous hatred and fury at the Smooze around you, but the darkness continues to choke out your light. You can hear a faint voice in the darkness; is it the Smooze whispering madness at you, Nightmare come to make you another offer, or something else?

The two of you return to the top where Chester used to be and begin to dig away into the exposed black flesh of the Smooze, chipping off the bone that attempts to reform around where he sank in. You think you can see a blue light in the depths, burning away at the Smooze below.

You manage to raise a skeleton but it does not manage to break free of the Smooze's membrane. You see it helplessly thrash agains the translucent skin before being sucked back in, its hands outstretched to parents it never had.


Roll #1 2 = 2


Assuming that made a hole big enough, I'm going to reach in and grab Chester by whatever comes to claw, and pull with everything I've got.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"The light has delivered me yet again. Perhaps for a great purpose.. or a small one." is anyone hurt around me? Get back up and see what's going on.

Roll #0 4 = 4

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301387

I'll keep burning. I made a promise, after all. And I don't break my promises. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 301391

So I have two skeletons buried in that muck? Fine by me.


Double Timebomb. (Two instants in a turn)


I bury my sword down to the hilt in the Smooze and channel sunlight through it.

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


Keep trying to get this crazy magic user out of the all devouring darkness.

Roll #0 3 = 3

Klandin [Celestial] 301410

I need to go to sleep soon.

MoronSonOfBoron 301418

Gaeton and Auvergne cut deep into the Centipede to find a unicorn completely aflame with blue light. It's almost blinding, but it's cool to your touch as you bravely pull him out. The fire coming off of him pools like napalm, eating away at the Smooze as acid would through flesh. The inside of the Centipede is covered with the stuff, as well, slowly being hollowed out.

You're entirely unsure of the state of your minions, but set them off anyway, praying for a good result. You hear a muffled pop and the head of the Centipede bloats slightly before the top of it erupts in a shower of blue flames and gore.

With fortuitous timing, your Blast coincides with Tsvetkov and Chester, ripping through the Smooze with a beam of pure sunlight.

Chester's Moonfire must have reached your detonation points and spread along with the explosions, cleaving the Centipede's head in twain. The hydra-like thing wriggles its massive half heads back and forth, cracking the bases of the buildings on either side of the street an dthreatening to cave in the Bone City on top of your heads.

You can see the group tangling with the Centipede, the great eruption of Chester's Moonfire, and Porin cowering behind what looks like it might have been a planter box in another universe.

… '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

MoronSonOfBoron 301426

While the volcano burns with blue light, it seems the Smooze is still fighting back to cover up the burning spire that was sent into its core. Masses of flying constructs are piling into the rising pillar of flames, attempting to seal it up with the black ooze that courses through their bodies.


Hopefully we can actually finish this sometime this week. Availability?

Klandin [Celestial] 301430

I won't be able to stay up this late again until Friday.

Auvergne 301431

Not till Wednesday, I believe. I've been moved to a closing shift this week.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 301433

Pretty much every day aside from the 20th.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 301437

Monday Friday Saturday

This boss fight never ends.

MoronSonOfBoron 301449

Does Friday work for you, then?

Auvergne 301452

Nope, still not available till 10pm PST. I'll update you in the meta thread when I get a final copy of my schedule.

MoronSonOfBoron 301460

Alright. gg m8


If Capcom has taught me anything, it's that every boss needs at least three forms.

Roll #0 5 = 5

MoronSonOfBoron 310408

Are we able to quest tonight? Check in if you're able.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 310417

I'm around.

Bethany [f. Buffalo lifebinder] 310418

Klandin [Celestial] 310419

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 310437


Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 310448

Auv is here.

Gaeton/Deafdefiler is all we lack.

MoronSonOfBoron 310533

Klandin [Celestial] 310973

Looks like this is canceled again.

MoronSonOfBoron 312044

Trying again tonight. I'm on standby.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 312074

Red one, standing by.

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 312091

Red Two, ready for action.

Klandin [Celestial] 312092


Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 312093

Red Five, standing by.

Anonymous 312108

No one's late like Gaeton!

Except Bethany.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 312120

I'm here, sorry.

MoronSonOfBoron 312123

And we're only missing Bethany.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 312165

…So tomorrow, then?

MoronSonOfBoron 312168

I guess. Sorry for holding everyone up like this.

What do your schedules look like for this week?

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 312170

But it is tomorrow. At least where I am.

Wf+6 312171

Dead quest.

Monday, Thursday, Saturday are okay.
Tuesday Wednesday no chance
Friday Sunday maybe

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 312172

Wednesday and Thursday only for me.
Every other day I don't get off until 10.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 312174

Wednesday is possible, Thursday is certain.

Wf+6 312175

Should get contact info out of the two of you, since you don't circlejerk as much.

This quest is coming up on its two and a half month anniversary this week by the way. It's a shame we don't play very often.

Anonymous 312176

I'm good Monday and Wednesday through Sunday.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 312177

>since you don't circlejerk as much.
What's that supposed to mean?

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 312179

You don't dick around in the meta threads, basically. So it's hard to track you down.

Wf+6 312180

This, basically.

MoronSonOfBoron 312182

I can do Monday, Thursday, and the weekend.

From here on out I won't be available Monday and Wednesday American evenings, and at least one other evening out of the week.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 312185

I'm pretty much always here on the evening of any night.

Wf+6 312189

How close do you estimate we are to the end, MSOB?

In the past, things worked out because we could roll without a character or two, but needing 100% of the party because of being so close to the end is killing us on sessions.

If we just have some more trash to fight at this point, we could clear that without Andelia, but if we're about to be at the epilogue or going into boss fight form 3 I understand the need for a full group.

MoronSonOfBoron 312191

The Centipede is the last enemy I'll throw at you.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 312217

Meta threads?

Wf+6 312227


You're Deaf Robot on steam, right?

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 312228

Yes, the meta threads. Take a gander at the front page every so often. You'll usually find a meta thread that's active.
For instance, the current one is >>311716

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 312230

MoronSonOfBoron 319949

Shall we try again tonight?

MoronSonOfBoron 321093

At least one player is delayed til 10PM, so please show up then.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 321564

Checking in.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 321593

Checking in as well, if anything's happening.

Klandin [Celestial] 321597

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 321606


Auvergne 321685

Sorry, got held up at work.

MoronSonOfBoron 321694

And Andelia is napping.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 321696


Bethany [lifebinder] 321703

Life is running me ragged lately.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 321704

Andelia just got back but Fidget may have just left

Bethany [lifebinder] 321705

Can't blame him, I really over slept there.. I think I said you could go on without me if need be?

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 321707

I'm still lingering, but probably shouldn't.

MoronSonOfBoron 321708

But it wouldn't be right :(

Anonymous 321709

I think this is the final boss battle. I am available tomorrow, though.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 321711

Final boss is ded. MSOB said in meta, no more hostiles.

MoronSonOfBoron 321712

I'm not going to demand everyone push themselves for this. Other things should take priority.

Bethany [lifebinder] 321714

It would be alright if you did, I haven't been able to meet the times just from being 2ded.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 321716

Everyone should be here tomorrow, though, right? On time, maybe?

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 321717

I know I will be.

MoronSonOfBoron 321718

Yeah, let's shoot for Sunday.

Bethany [lifebinder] 321720


Klandin [Celestial] 321721

I should be able to be here.

MoronSonOfBoron 322803

Game on in approximately 2 hours.

Anonymous 322925

Time now is …

Anonymous 322928

Ah, quest now.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 322933

Checking in, I suppose.

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 322938

Ready for action

MoronSonOfBoron 322955


Bethany [lifebinder] 322961

how do I buffalo?

Klandin [Celestial] 322962


Gaston 322963

Checking in, but this is going way long.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 322965

Of course right as I say that, it ends.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 322966

No one ends things like Gaston.

MoronSonOfBoron 322967



Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 322968

Stupid autocorrect…

MoronSonOfBoron 322986

Once the Smooze dies (it's slowly burning away thanks to the Lunar seals), everything connected to it will also die. The Bone City will begin to crumble, and while you will have no further hostile encounters, you will need to escape the collapse to reach Gloom proper. After that it's happy conclusions and sunshine.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 322989

Well, that's great. What's the hard part?
Seriously though, I'm sure everyone's wounded. I'll heal as many as I can. First is Gaeton. He was pretty roughed up. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Okay, so its just time to line up for healings and run? I'll throw in a mend roll for someone. "Anyone who feels weak can hop on my back."

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9

MoronSonOfBoron 322996

HERP. I'm still waiting on Tsvetkov…

Klandin [Celestial] 322997

The centipede is dead now, right?

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 322998

Right. Those are on the stack, though, once he gets back.
If I rolled it again I'd get a 1. I know it.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323002

Here! Sorry about the wait!

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 323005

"Take Tsvetkov, since he was still hurt from when we arrived. The two griffons will act as your air support and carry both of you if need be. I can glide the two unicorns over anything else, as long as they help with some of that telekinesis."

MoronSonOfBoron 323017

There is a monstrous keening emanating from the volcano as the legion of mouths in the Smooze's form begin to scream in discord. Fliers begin to meteor from the sky, dropping around you like great black flies, their ruined and hackneyed corpses finally coming apart in a mess of bone and steel, leaving viscous explosions of lifeless black sludge in their wake. The Centipede itself is also losing cohesion, the Smooze holding it together beginning to dribble and flood the streets, its limbs losing hold on the buildings around it.

A pillar of blue flame and calming moonlight shines from the caldera. The Smooze is dying.

As your group recovers from the crumbling bone and metal, you notice the great marble pillars forming the Bone City are beginning to fracture and bend. Whatever foul magic Filchfire and the Smooze had used to form these cyclopean structures must have been undone with the Smooze's demise, and the entire mountainside appears to buckle and ripple like waves of sand.

Chester thinks quickly and pulls Gaeton together as the group rallies from the ruins of the Centipede.

Bethany's life magic makes Tsvetkov's body whole, if not his spirit.

Klandin [Celestial] 323022

"If any of you need me to carry you then speak now, because we need to get out of here!"

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323023

Wait, the centipede was a bunch of metal plates and gunk held together by smooze, right? How big were those plates?
Next on the healing docket is Porin. I don't know if she's all in one piece, so I'll Mend her again. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 323024

"Time to go up, folks." I flex my newly-repaired wings, kick Chester up onto my back, and fall upon Porin like a hungry hawk before trying to take off into the air. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323025

"I wouldn't object to a lift."

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 323029

"I'll lift you out as well as I can, Klandin can handle Bethany better than I."

Rolling for evacuation, it seems.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I shrug and grab Bethany.
Can I lift the buffalo?

Roll #0 7 = 7


"I don't need to be carried friend." I run along the ground away from the smooze. "You can rest on my back if you need to though."

Roll #0 2 = 2

MoronSonOfBoron 323048

Chester rushes his spellcasting in the thick of things. Porin flinches as echoes of black magic sweep over the volcano, but she otherwise seems stable.
Gaeton is only barely able to pick the two ponies up on his own.

The plates are large enough to carry the party, but it's probably not wise to dawdle if you can't immediately form another makeshift sled.

Tsvetkov is getting a lift from Auvergne, and despite Bethany's proud walk, she finds her hooves padding the air as Klandin heaves her up and away from the ground.

'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 8 = 8

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323051

Can I tell if something went wrong? That I screwed up? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

MoronSonOfBoron 323055

The buildings immediately around you seem to be coming apart in great shards, falling apart like so much dust and models held together by glue. They do not bar your way for now, though that seems to be quickly changing as the very ground begins to fracture.

There seems to have been a fleet of flying Cetaceans and Dolphins above you, all falling from the sky. You could fly high and dodge between them (2d10 at -1), or stay low and head directly for the wall by weaving between buildings (one roll)

Rushing past the crumbling chaos, you can see she's still alive. That's all that matters, right?

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323059

I… I guess. I can give her a more thorough check-up on the ground. Once we're all safe.
I'll try and support Gaeton by deflecting debris with Telekinesis, if he needs it. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Bethany [lifebinder] 323060

"They're falling.. we've really won then?" I smile a bit relieved.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 323061

…I'm fucked either way, so let's go with the more spectacular option. I fly high, taking the two unicorns with me (since we already established I'm able to carry them), and try to dodge around the falling constructs.


Roll #1 10, 9 = 19


I stay low. I don't want to risk hurting Bethany by dropping her on accident.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Auvergne [Pegasus Arcane Blade] 323063

I'm going to try and stay low, because I know my flying hasn't been all that it was cracked up to be.


Roll #1 9 = 9

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 323064

File: 1359350184074.png (151.82 KB, 449x235, joy and surprise.png)

Klandin [Celestial] 323066

"It isn't over until we lead a team back here to inspect the caldera. First, though, we must escape."

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323072

Hold on tight!

Bethany [lifebinder] 323073

"Very true, perhaps it is too soon to cheer.."

MoronSonOfBoron 323085

You get some in your eye.

Clutching your wards and straining against your armor, you beat your griffon wings and tear a hole through the air, winding around the falling constructs and skimming the underside of the black ash clouds coming off the volcano of Gloom.

Gaeton, Chester, and Porin cross the wall and exit the Bone City safely!

Klandin takes the low ground, skyscrapers falling against each other over him like swords drawn at a coronation. As the ground splits open beneath Bethany's hooves, the wall before them comes apart in the cataclysm, and they pass through the breach.

Klandin and Bethany have also escaped!

Auvergne follows close behind, but is blocked by a falling archway collapsing just before he can pass through. Pulling up at the last moment, he scales the wall, barely escaping the twisted spires and cleaving edges of the falling city behind him.

The entire party has escaped the Bone City and can see the resistance forces and citizens setting fire to the corpses of the constructs that once assailed them, others tearing the gormless corpses apart or stringing them up like grand trophies, even amidst the ongoing destruction.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323090

"Gaeton, land! Land. We need to see… I didn't have enough time to check everyone. There might be some it left, and I need to tend the wounded!"

Auvergne 323092

With an almost maniacal smile, I think I'm going to sit down.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323093

"Chester… Once you've dealt with the critical care, I need to speak with you urgently."

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 323094

Down we go, then, in the first safe zone I can spot. Once the lovebirds are down, I take a deep breath and, claws shaking from the adrenaline, collapse. "I'm going to take a nap. That all right with everyone?"


"Smooth flying mate, do you see anyone else alive down there?"

Roll #0 3 = 3

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323098

"Of course. Bethany, if you could assist as well?"
"I say you've more than earned it. And thank you."

MoronSonOfBoron 323101

The entire group is settled on a clear rooftop on a half-blown-to-hell building, the long shadows of the setting sun bathing the volcanic plain in brilliant vivid orange against the cold blue moonfire pouring out of the volcano. There are no more half-dead constructs or black slimes to worry about now, only the wreckage and the survivors.

Klandin [Celestial] 323107

I let out a cheer as I pass through the breach.

I let her go.
"I can see some on the ground around the building."

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323108

I'll right, time to get the rundown of the party.
'6d10' examining each party member. First is Porin, then Klandin, then Gaeton, then Bethany, then Tsetkov, and lastly Auvergne.

Roll #1 9, 9, 10, 9, 7, 6 = 50

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 323112

…Did you sacrifice a goat?

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323117

No, I'm fairly sure the RNG is taunting me.


"Good eyes." I trot over and check on the bodies, anyone alive?

Roll #0 8 = 8

Klandin [Celestial] 323120

"Careful getting off the roof."

MoronSonOfBoron 323126

Klandin is a bit roughed up but came out pretty okay despite having been in the heart of the caldera with Tsvetkov for a while longer. He seems awfully warm to the touch, like midday in summer.


The griffon is tired and still showing scars and light injuries from his scuffles, but after carrying you and Porin to safety he's more than likely in the best shape of his life.


She's still covered in bits of black sludge from her encounter with the Centipede, but it's easy enough to clean these off of her, especially as they don't seem to be moving on their own any more.


The diamond dog seems stoic, though that might just be the exhaustion of victory. That and he's still waiting to speak to you about somethig.


Stray scraps of bone and rock pepper his wing feathers, requiring expert preening and care to get them out.


She's clutching her belly and has a thousand-yard stare at first. When she looks you in the eyes, you realize she already knew what you confirm just now.
"I… wanted… so many…"

Porin breaks down crying.

The rubble forms an easy enough ramp for Bethany. It seems the only bodies on the streets are those of the constructs, and a few recently dead fighters and citizens. You realize many more of the corpses may have been harvested before this.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323127

"No… that… no."
Luna, if I've ever wanted only one thing… just one, please. Let me be selfish this one time. Please.
I will Mend her. I can do it. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 323130

…Not a goat. A pure-bred Stegosaurus.

Anonymous 323132

"We defeated the smooze, but we couldn't save many of the innocent people from here."


Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323133

Man, I don't even fucking know, but I am ecstatic.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323134

Observe the feat in silence.

Is she actually watching?


…"The poor souls.. they are finally freed from that torment.." Drag the pony bodies away from the rubble, line them up and start to dig a grave for each of them.

Roll #0 2 = 2

Auvergne 323147

Bury the dead for now. There won't be a future for them, we can spend a little of ours now.


Roll #1 3 = 3

Klandin [Celestial] 323151

I let them have their moment.

"The number of bodies, and the lingering possibility of taint, here means that they will need to be burned, not buried."


I shake my head. "Then they will just have to be cleansed as we bury them. Its not right to leave them out like this.."

Roll #0 10 = 10

Klandin [Celestial] 323162

"Even if they are to be buried, we would not be the ones to do so. A team of unicorns that are specialized in moving the earth, or maybe a large group of diamond dogs, would be needed to create a grave large enough."

MoronSonOfBoron 323171

You hear the voice of your deity.
I will watch over her. By the light of a full moon, and in the care of a loving and faithful heart, she may yet bring forth many new lights into this world.

Klandin has a point, as the corpses you do find were also littered amongst recently-fallen constructs that must have been dragging away fresh kills and victims. Carefully bringing them out into the light, you find a few of them weren't fighters, just citizens who had stayed in the city a day too long.

Bethany anoints and eulogizes each one with standard Solar rites and rituals, at least preparing them to be sent off if not sending them off directly.

And judging by the mass graves you passed upon arriving in the city, there will be plenty more bodies to bury and funerals to preside over.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323174

I'll completely lose my composure and hug Porin tightly.
"It worked! It worked…"


I fly up and look around. Did any of the Inquisitors survive?

Roll #0 4 = 4

Auvergne 323183

"The mission was a success, but we still lost the city…"

"I hate this."

Are there any signs of life or activity?


Roll #1 3 = 3

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323184

Approach. "Impressive work, but there will be time to celebrate later. For now, you need to know what I found in the central spire. We need to have our stories straight before we run into anyone, particularly the Inquisitors. The less who know, the better, so I'd like it in private. It will only be a moment."

And with that, part, and move off to a corner of the building, keeping an eye out for anything approaching, friendly or otherwise.


"You may have a point, but I don't see anyone alive here. Perhaps they moved on to the next city?" Take another look around perhaps someone is trapped under debris? "Hello, can you hear me?"

Roll #0 10 = 10

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 323186

"Don't think of it as losing the city, think of it as containing the damage to a single city instead of the entire world."

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323188

"Right, right…"
I'll smile at Porin, and dry my eyes.
"You and I will have a long talk later."
Giving her a small kiss, I'll get up and head over to Tsetkov.
"Now… You were saying?"

Auvergne 323189

"I still hate it, but thanks for the effort."

Bethany [lifebinder] 323191

I give you a concerned look.

MoronSonOfBoron 323192

You spot a bright sunlight beacon of the Inquisitors in the far off distance on the other side of the city. You probably can't reach them immediately.

Other than that you can only hear the stunned quiet of folks coming out of their bunkers and shelters, mingling with the whooping hubbub of victorious resistance fighters mopping up the fallen constructs and black sludge.

You confirm that the current building had no survivors. Under a piece of furniture, however, you find a basement hatch. Judging by the dust and the way the room was arranged, this was done on purpose and very recently.

MoronSonOfBoron 323195

Porin drops to the ground repeating prayers over and over again between confused sobs and joyful cries.

Bethany [lifebinder] 323196

Knock on the hatch. "Hello, anyone down here? "

Klandin [Celestial] 323201

I pray to Celestia and thank her for her protection and help.

MoronSonOfBoron 323202

You can only barely hear a small voice on the other side: "Mom? Is it safe to come out?"

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323203

Hesitate, and whisper, "I promise you a full explanation later, if you want it, but I will give you the short version now. My purposes for returning were not altruistic: I was sent to research weapons to help my kind win our war. In the spire I expected to find necrotic bindings, but I was wrong. Even one with my expertise is not trained properly to use what I found. Lunar bindings. He was using the same sort of moonfire as you to keep it in check. In my homeland, it is extremely heretical to worship, pay tribute to, or commune with your pantheon, and I fear I may have done all three in hopes of saving this city. I prayed, asked for her help, and your Goddess, Luna, helped me drive the Smooze back. Moreover, the very fact that I chose to get rid of the Smooze instead of leaving it to be researched will be seen as a crime. The Republic will investigate this site, and they will see that the Lunar bindings were activated. I cannot be tied to this act, regardless of any personal changes of heart. You must take responsibility for saving the city of Gloom. Luna is your Goddess."

Bethany [lifebinder] 323204

"Its safe, you can come out.."

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323208

"I cannot do that, Tsetkov. She chose to act through you, this much is certain, just as she chose to act through me. Would you go back to your home, and live a lie? Return with empty paws and excuses? Why not join us at the Lunar Church? Your knowledge would be invaluable, and the fact Luna has blessed you this way is clearly a sign.
I'll sigh.
"But… if you truly wish to wash your paws of the matter, I must tell you one thing. I'm an awful liar."

MoronSonOfBoron 323215

"Where's mommy? I'm not opening this door for anyone but her, like she told me!"

Bethany [lifebinder] 323221

"..I don't know where she is, but if you come out I can get you a warm meal in the next town, and you can tell me about her, maybe we'll even meet her there! "

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323230

I pause a moment, "I don't know… is it even possible for forgiveness? I find myself caught between two futures. In one, I would be made the greatest among my kind, hailed, but damned. In another, condemnation, but perhaps fulfillment. I have no family, but if I take responsibility for saving these people at the cost of my war research, I will never be welcomed back in my homeland."

MoronSonOfBoron 323235

"You better not be one of those monsters!"
The basement hatch opens, pushed up by a longspear held in the shaky hooves of a kid. The basement is lit with several oil lamps, and from the looks of it it must have been some kind of panic room, as you can see empty armory racks all around.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323240

I'll nod.
"And even inside the Lunar Church you may be viewed with suspicion. Necromancers are usually something we root out, not endorse. Oh, I knew, Tsetkov, that you were a Necromancer. You don't quite have the same regard for the dead that Bethany does. Though that seems to have changed, recently. Perhaps this is why Luna worked with and through you? Who can truly say.
I'll put my hoof on his shoulder.
"But there is at least one here who would call you friend, no matter which path you choose."

Bethany [lifebinder] 323244

"There, see I'm not a monster, and.. you've got quite the armory down there, you just want to use that spear? Well, regardless there's nothing left for you to kill. "

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 323247

>there is at least one here who would call you friend
Half-asleep, I raise a claw at this.

MoronSonOfBoron 323248

"M-mom and the others have the rest…"
The kid climbs up the stepladder, turning around to pull the spear up behind him.

"There's no more fighting. Where is everyone?"

Bethany [lifebinder] 323254

"you mean that she took up arms against it? "I give him a sad look. "I'm sorry.. but we haven't found any one else alive.."

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323256

A few more moments in silence. "My actions weigh heavily on me… I don't know if I could fit in even if I were made prelate to the Syndic himself. Did you know? Before the common tongue, my people had no word for right and wrong. Only lawful and unlawful. Having become what I am, I do not think I can go back. So be it, then. I will come with you, if She will have me."

Klandin [Celestial] 323260

"More than one, I would hope."

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323263

I'll smile.
"Tsetkov, if she wouldn't, I would not follow Her so. Now, it seems we have quite the walk ahead of us, to reach the other survivors."

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323280

"It would seem you are right. Let's cover ground."

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323285

Nodding I'll head over to Porin.
"Can you stand, Porin?"

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 323291

I stand, and shake myself off. "If not, I'm sure I can carry her if we don't have to fly anywhere."

MoronSonOfBoron 323296

"Maybe she's across the city? Or she went over the wall to stop the evil wizard…" The kid is lying to himself and you know it. "Let's go find the others.

"It's not my legs what got broken." Porin manages a crooked smile. "Our work isn't done, is it?"

Those on the rooftop can see the citizens beginning to form up alongside resistance fighters to clean up the city and investigate the death of the constructs. After the entire party gathers on the street level where the corpses of the fallen are being collected, you can all decide to follow the sunlight beacon to regroup with the Inquisition, or you can stay in the current district to organize the remaining citizens.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323302

Let's organize the citizenry.
"Klandin, if you wish push on to your compatriots, you are welcome to. There might be wounded here, and I feel I would be better served with them than your Captain."

Bethany [lifebinder] 323303

"Yeah, maybe.." I lead him back to the group. "I found a survivor."

Klandin [Celestial] 323309

"I agree."

"Tsvetkov, will you be accompanying me?"

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323312

"I had planned on going with Chester and Porin, unless you need me to submit a report."

Auvergne 323314

"The Inquisition has the ponysonnel to handle things like this. But I'll help the people here for the moment."

"Right now, crossing any distance feels like an eternity to me, so I'll stay for a bit."

Bethany [lifebinder] 323317

I'll help the survivors here.

Klandin [Celestial] 323319

Did you ever give Klandin any instructions on what to say to the inquisition?

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323323

I would have, but it doesn't matter now that he decided to go with Chester.

Klandin [Celestial] 323330

"I can speak for you, but the Inquisitors may wish to speak with you afterwards."
I fly off towards the sunlight beacon.

MoronSonOfBoron 323363

The group, minus Klandin, finds that many of the surviving group have missing or unaccounted-for members. Much of the work to be done here is either collecting and identifying bodies of the citizens, or rounding up dead constructs and mopping up black ooze. More than a few folks are just sitting down and breaking open bottles of liquor to celebrate, leaving the cleanup for another day.


Klandin, you pass over roving bands of victorious fighters and stressed-out city volunteers as you head towards the Inquisition camp. You find most of the group organized around their compound, guarding the ways in. The guards aren't participating in the citizen's reclamation but they are certainly surprised and glad to see you. They usher you inside to meet with Alabaster.

"Klandin! You've seen the dead constructs outside? It's like a miracle! What was that light?"

Roll #1 9 = 9

MoronSonOfBoron 323367

Bethany, you manage to find the kid's mother laid up in one of the makeshift infirmaries in the area. One more family reunited!

Klandin [Celestial] 323379

"It was several supercharged Lunar wards. Felfire was using them to guard a library, housed in a stone spire in the middle of the caldera. After killing what was left of Felfire I flew Tsvetkov into the spire so he could search for a way to defeat the Smooze. I dod not know how Tsvetkov managed to charge them, but without him the Smooze would not have been stopped."

Andelia 323380

I smile happily at their reunion. "Take care of each other. Its not going to be easy for your town after this."

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323382

I'll wander the infirmaries, offering what Healing I can. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Auvergne 323385

My magic isn't exactly of the healing kind, but I am still a good cook. A hearty meal would help the townsfolk.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323388

I may be a siege engineer, but that's still an engineer. I'm going to put my knowledge to work and help the teams trying to rebuild.


I'm a pretty good healer as well, I'll mend any wounds they have.

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10

MoronSonOfBoron 323395

"The dog, yes? I would very much like to have him brought here as soon as possible, if he survived. And the others, too. Any of you heroes, really. As Captain of the Inquisition in this realm, I'm eager to give you full support in restoring this city under Celestia's banner. Let us drive out any lingering evil together, in the name of the Sun."

The survivors and workers sense something different about each of you, most likely that you are all foreign, and you are bombarded with questions and offers from every direction as you go to work.
"Where did you come from, mercenary?"
"We could use a healer like you in the days to come."
"I don't have much, but my crew could use someone like you. Restoring this city will be tough."
"I'm not from around here, either. We could make some serious coin as the new militia, though."

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323397

Amongst the throng, I'll turn to Porin, and give a little half-smile.
"It seems our trip back home will take a little while, won't it? Though… I do have a little idea of what we can do if we decide to stick around."

MoronSonOfBoron 323398

Porin's eyes light up. "Y-you mean we could…?" '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

MoronSonOfBoron 323399

"…lay the cornerstone of a new Lunar parish for this city?"

Klandin [Celestial] 323400

"In the name of the sun, and the moon as well. The others are currently helping with the survivors. They could use the help of everyone here."

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323401

Chuckling, I'll sidle up next to her.
"Amongst other things."

Auvergne 323403

"Those are really good offers, but let's focus on getting the town up and running first. After that, well, I'm open to any possibility."


I roll my eyes a bit at the talk of making money. "I'm going to stay and help you, I owe you that much. Your dead should be laid to rest properly as soon as possible, I'll take the liberty of giving as many as I could the rites of the sun."

Roll #0 4 = 4

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323409

"I would like to help while I can, but I'm not sure I will be permissed to linger. You understand, surely. The nature of Gloom is that it is full of the sort that can't fit in with the rest of the world. And I do think the world will soon turn its eyes here."

MoronSonOfBoron 323430

"I'm interested in establishing order here in Gloom. It was a lawless city that allowed a wizard to play with dark powers. We shall bring the light of order and justice to this realm. With proper government, care of the citizenry will follow. But first bring our champions to us. The people shall look to us—to them as a beacon of hope. You agree with me, of course."

"S-sir, I have no idea what you're talking about!"
Porin looks at you straight on, not a hint of a blush.
"No, really, I don't."

"This is going to be a city of possibilities if we can get folks helping with the reconstruction. We need every hoof and paw we can get. If you have friends on the outside, send them to us."

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323436

I'll sigh.
Ah well. There's time yet.
"Well, you said you wanted lots of children, so I was considering setting up an orphanage along with the chapel."

Auvergne 323438

"I don't know about myself, but I have many contacts that will be looking for a new opportunity. We might not meet again, but I know some ponies who would be eager to get to know you."


"Friend on the out side.." I slowly nod. "Alright, you get things started here and I'll be back by the evening with help." Is the smooze still affecting me in anyway?

Roll #0 3 = 3

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323448

"The Dogs that will come here… They will want Filchfire's constructs. I have no doubt they will give you incredible riches from the depths in exchange for them. They will not have your interests in mind, but the money may help. I am sure you have no need for his contraptions as it is."

Klandin [Celestial] 323450

"Of course."
I turn and fly back to the group.
"The inquisitors wish to speak with all of you now."

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323462

"And of course they can't come here, I take it? No matter."

Bethany [lifebinder] 323464

"Alright mate, we best inform them the threat is gone." I head to the Inquisitor camp.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323465

"Very well."

I'll reconvene.

Auvergne 323469

"I hope this is about giving us a reward and a ticket out of here. I really don't want to stay here for much longer."

Klandin [Celestial] 323472

I lead them back to the camp.

MoronSonOfBoron 323476

Porin contemplates your proposal. "Well, adoption isn't really what I was talking about… but that's a grand idea. I can't imagine how many ponies have been bereft of their families in this destruction."

You sense that, with the heart of the Smooze burned away, all Smooze outside of the caldera has lost its power and its will. Any black slime you see in the streets leaking out of constructs or painted all over resistance fighters is little more than lifeless muck and filth completely devoid of magic and texture.

"This city has always run on gold. The more, the merrier."

The entire party finds a wagon still in working order to cross the city and meet with the Inquisition. Once again you are all brought into the compound, still bunkered in with sandbags and barricades.

Alabaster gives you all seats.

"Tell me what happened, what you saw."

It's past midnight here, and I'd like us all to be in proper form, again, for a proper ending, but if that doesn't sound feasible I can work on writing up epilogues throughout the week. What time will we all be available again? Mondays and Wednesdays are right out.

Chester [M. Uni. Vigilant of Luna] 323483

Thursday night's the soonest for me, since Zulu's running Space Tuesday. I could be in both, if everyone else is here, though.

Auvergne 323484

Thursday and Sunday are the only viable days for me. Otherwise, I don't get out till 10pm.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 323485

I can do Thursday. No chance of Tuesday.

Bethany [lifebinder] 323488

I'm good most of this week. Just wondering if that taint from looking into the smooze is still going to be effecting her somehow since it was "possibly forever" or something? Might be an interesting character conflict to have such a peaceful mind dealing with some kind of urge to destroy things and act chaotically.

MoronSonOfBoron 323492

You peered into the place where the Smooze came from.
That's not Smooze in your head.

Bethany [lifebinder] 323495

then, its still there? What is will it do to her?

MoronSonOfBoron 323499

Find out in the new fantasypunk series GloomRun™

Klandin [Celestial] 323506

I can do any days except for Mondays and Wednesdays, so if you can run I can play.

Bethany [lifebinder] 323507

I guess I should get to work on that Phylactery, got to make sure I'm able to see the end..

MoronSonOfBoron 331860

Gloom tonight?

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 331869

I'm here if we are.

Wf+6 331967

Deaf logged off Steam about 45 minutes ago.

He said he'd show, though, so maybe he knew we were starting late?


Phylactery still in progress but I'm here.

Roll #0 3 = 3

Deafdefiler!bll4ybGPow ID: 90429 332016

I'm here.

MoronSonOfBoron 335208

Gloom role call.

Auvergne 335213

Red Leader, checking in.

Bethany [lifebinder] 335261

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 335291

I didn't miss anything, did I?

MoronSonOfBoron 355192

Bump for revival?

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 355203

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 355207

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355212

Checking in.

Auvergne [Arcane Blade] 355214

Ready for action.

Klandin [Celestial] 355222

Bethany [lifebinder] 355223

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355225

I think that's all of us.

MoronSonOfBoron 355235

File: 1361770984537.jpg (19.89 KB, 648x360, Mh3volcano.jpg)

Inquisitor guards hang about, keeping sentry at the barred doors and windows while other Inquisition members direct recovery and refugees outside, with the threat of the undead Smooze constructs neutralized by the moonfire that struck the very core of the Volcano of Gloom.

The party has been herded into the makeshift stronghold of Celestia's Inquisition, the hungry-eyed Alabaster grilling them on what transpired inside Filchfire's Bone City.

"I sensed a powerful divine presence enter the region. What happened in that fortress?" Alabaster's weapons are laid out on her table next to a battle map of the city, Celestial tokens and sundry markers scattered about colored marks.

Klandin [Celestial] 355237

"Luna intervened through wards that the sorcerer had placed around his library."

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355238

"What do you think happened, Inquisitor? We were quite hard-pressed, but Princess Luna decided to aid us. It was by her fire that the thing was scoured away."

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 355240

Fold my hands and say nothing.

Auvergne [Arcane Blade] 355241

"All I can say is that I wish I was more useful in having helped stop the Smooze and Filchire. After destroying him and his machinations, I spent more time trying to get away from the reckless smooze. Without someone in control, it just flailed about and attacked everything."

Is the "smooze" supposed to be capitalized?

Bethany [lifebinder] 355242

"Its gone sir, defeated forever. "

MoronSonOfBoron 355245

"We noticed there was a point where the armies became far less synchronized, almost bestial in behavior. That must have been you struck Filchfire's control center."

"Smooze… what used to be the stuff of legend. Are you certain it is sealed away? Who among you saw to it that it was destroyed?"

"And why is Luna to be credited with this victory?" Alabaster casts a hard glance at Chester and Porin, clearly identifiable as Lunar followers, but her eyes settle ever harsher on Klandin. "I saw a shaft of sunlight at one point. And I've seen that same blue fire belch from the caldera before, during Filchfire's reign of terror. It could have been arcane in nature."

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 355246

(This is where being unaligned has its drawbacks, I've got pretty much nothing to do at the moment.)

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 355247

Quietly speak up.

"I am an engineer and necromancy specialist. I oversaw the destruction of the Smooze personally, after our group dealt with Filchfire together."

Klandin [Celestial] 355248

"I was with Tzvetkov in the library where the wards were. The Smooze fled from Luna's power like shadow flees from light. Tzvetkov was more involved with it than I was though."

Bethany [lifebinder] 355249

I watch in silence. This isn't something I witnessed.

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355250

"Filchfire had been using Lunar Seals to keep the thing at bay. Contained while he acted as the control center. His heretical studies of the Nightmare, and his perversions of Lunar material, is the least of the horrors he committed."
I'll sigh a bit at hearing >>355248
"Tsetkov was simply a conduit. Luna could not work through a follower of the Sun Princess, so she borrowed him."

Auvergne [Arcane Blade] 355252

"I was busy aiding in the getaway. Without Filchire to command it, the Smooze was flailing about uncontrollably. I can offer nothing more."

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 355253

"Your information is second-hand."

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355254

"But I believe it to be the truth. You would not lie to me, nor would Klandin. And the journal I took the last time were here was ample proof for his heresies."

MoronSonOfBoron 355255

Alabaster looks less than pleased.

"Filchfire's perversions of Lunar doctrine? By the looks of the dark magicks I and my troops saw, this could very well have been the work of Nightmare Moon; and who better to corrupt Lunar works than that which spawned them? Filchfire must have been working with Nightmare Moon to wield seals of such power."

"How then, exactly, did 'Luna' come to be here, if this… Lunatic were not present?" Alabaster approaches Tsvetkov and snorts. "You do have the smell of spellcraft about you, not piety. I've known more than a few necromancers who subvert more than the cycle of life. What hand did you have in all this?"

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355256

"As I said, he was a conduit. Would you be so suspicious if your Sun Princess had deigned work through him instead?"

Bethany [lifebinder] 355258

"It doesn't matter how it happened, or why Luna choose him, all that matter is that the smooze fell and shall never rise again, but our glorious sun will rise again."

Klandin [Celestial] 355261

"I agree with Bethany. Luna helped destroy the Smooze."

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 355263

"You didn't seem so concerned about my Necromantic abilities when you requested I fly the Cetacean into Filchfire's lair, Inquisitor."

Auvergne [Arcane Blade] 355279

"Many mages, like myself, use catalysts to perform our magic. Whose to say Luna or Celestia don't do the same when the situation is dire?"

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 355282

"You can't reason with zealots. If he wants to ignore the obvious truth, let him. Of course, if he thinks to try anything about it… Well, we basically just killed a god."

Klandin [Celestial] 355285

"Show him some respect."

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355289

"Through the aid of two others. Still your beak."

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 355290

"Why should I respect those who give none? If he wants to treat the closest thing I have to a friend as a lying hellspawn, what possible reason could I have to play nice?"

MoronSonOfBoron 355292

Alabaster is caught off guard and tries to harden her expression.

"I am an Inquisitor; for me, the end justifies all means. I'm simply trying to make sense of the potential ramifications. All I want is assurance that any traces of corruption does not remain, be it Smooze or Nightmare, and that Celestia's will shall find no opponents here."

"But Sister Bethany is right. The sun will shine on this city once again. I am making arrangements for restoration and reclamation of the city. The Inquisition can promise the gold and glory of Equestria to those who ally themselves with the Celestials."

"I will have need of… champions, like yourselves, in the coming days. You are most familiar with the evils faced here, and suited for its extermination. With the Inquisition's support, you shall be lauded as heroes and saviors. With Celestia's might, you will be unquestioned and free to lay claim to this city's riches. What say you? Join me in this good crusade?"

MoronSonOfBoron 355293

A few armored Inquisitors at the walls shift uncomfortably, but Alabaster shakes her head and waves them off.

Klandin [Celestial] 355296

"Because she is an Inquisitor."

"I want to see this place rebuilt and turned into a bastion of righteousness. I join your crusade."

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355299

I will shake my head.
"My place is with my Church and my brothers and sisters of the cloth. We will build a small temple here, and offer aid to those who need it, and a home for any children left without one during this nightmare. I will not walk the Sun's path, Inquisitor, but nor will I stand against it."

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 355302

"The serene Republic will be looking for me. I don't think staying in the city will be wise in my case."

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 355307

I turn to Tsvetkov. "Need a travelling companion? I can't cook or sing, but I'm handy in a fight or a getaway."

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 355311

Nod. "If you wish, I won't object. The last time I allowed others to join me in a trek, it turned out for the better."

I remember that first trip out with Talia's key.

Auvergne [Arcane Blade] 355313

"I can't say anything for certain. Like a fool, I craved the adventure that I thought awaited me. The prize of a ruined city and populace has left an empty taste in my mouth. My skills as a cook are still useful here, though, so I'll help where I can. I still have to tell one child of her deceased father, least I can do is make her and others like her a warm meal."

"If I decide to leave, I have numerous contacts who could be shown the value in helping Gloom."

Bethany [lifebinder] 355315

I smile a bit "Of course I would join your fight, but I've really always wanted to have my own temple.. When I was just a little buffalo the temple's teachings meant the world to me, and I would find it an honor to spread those teaching of the sun on."

"But, I am certain you will find no more unlife in the smooze's remains."
"Well, mate' If you need healing, or a safe place to rest, you can count on my hooves." I touch your shoulder gently. "You've more than earned my trust."

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355318

"You would go with my blessing, friend, and with that of the Moon."

MoronSonOfBoron 355330

Seeing that Klandin is the only one who wishes to stay, Alabaster looks downcast. "You're certain you won't stay? Gloom may no longer lie under the shadow of the Smooze, but it has yet to be saved from itself."

"Word of what has happened here has reached the Inquisition and many other organizations. The eyes of the world are turned here, like hungry vultures drawn to a wanderer dying of thirst. It was Gloom's lawlessness that allowed wizards like Filchfire to thrive, and continued lawlessness will see that the city's suffering continues."

"The Inquisition will bring the light of justice to this realm. There will be no more Filchfires to prey upon the innocent, no Talia One Ears to abandon them in the hour of need. With all of you at our disposal, we—you could truly be the saviors of this city."

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355333

I'll raise an eyebrow at the Inquisitor.
"Did I ever say I was leaving? I intend to build my church here, in Gloom. These folk need to know that there is nothing to fear of the night, or the Moon."

Auvergne [Arcane Blade] 355344

"I'll stay, but only as long as I can help the people, remember that. I have a few contacts who could be 'interested' in the new economic opportunities Gloom could present."

I sullenly look at the ground.

"How am I supposed to tell a child that the last time she saw her father, he was already dead? I don't want to have to repeat that ever again, so I will stay and help make this place safe."

Bethany [lifebinder] 355350

I nod slightly. "That makes sense, If you feel you need me to stay here and help maintain an order I will.."

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 355352

"Hmm… Well, a necromancer in law enforcement would be a pretty powerful deterrent to would-be criminals. What do you think, Tsvetkov?"

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 355358

"I'm not opposed to helping the city. To the contrary, were that the case, I wouldn't have activated the seals or… well, Klandin knows. My concern is that the Republic will not take kindly to my deviation from orders. They will view me as a rogue."

Klandin [Celestial] 355361

"If you believe you must flee, then flee. I will not bear any ill will against you if you do."

Bethany [lifebinder] 355362

"Perhaps we can hide you from them?"

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 355364

"Then let's wait for them to put a price on your head, construct a fake, I'll collect, and you're home free."

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 355365

Consider it.

"It is true… This is the last place they would expect me to be, after they realize I am not planning to report back and initially search the city."

MoronSonOfBoron 355368

"I'm offering an open hoof to you, friends. A place in the Sun, so to speak."

Alabaster does her best not to look like a hardened soldier.

"The Inquisition can help you with whatever you need here. Authority? Granted. Protection? Provided. Funds? Infinite. I can even lend the aid of our clergy to ensure your Lunar temple is not despoiled by the remnants of Filchfire's works. I can conceal you from any enemies you may have outside these walls. With our resources we can provide succor and shelter to all the refugees you direct to us."

Auvergne [Arcane Blade] 355371

"As much as I'd like to keep you around, it might cause everyone more trouble if you stayed. I'm certain there are going to be a lot if groups interested in such a place. With your knowledge of this place and its ponies, I'm certain you'd be sent back anyways."

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355375

"All I need, Inquisitor, are the folk who wish to help. My temple will be built with volunteers, and there is still plenty enough good material to be found in the ruins. We shall rebuild, and from the ashes of the old Gloom bring them into the new, with hope. If your fellows would like to offer food, we would graciously accept, but we cannot ask you to build our temples for us. That must be done by our own hooves and spirits."
I'll give a small laugh.
"Even if it takes longer."

Auvergne [Arcane Blade] 355383

"Infinite funds, you say. Even if I don't stay, my family might have the individuals you need. Of course, knowing them, they'd have me stay to help organize them at the beginning. I still have my own issues here, but you can count on me to at least help for quite a bit of time."

"We've walked quite a burdensome road, no? I prefer this talk about building a church for Luna than the last one we had about the greater good. As long as I'm here, I'll help however I can."

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355388

I'll chuckle.
"Talking about a future full of life is always preferable to talking about one where we give up ours."

Klandin [Celestial] 355390

"I will help you build your temple. Perhaps it can be dedicated to both sisters?"

Bethany [lifebinder] 355391

"Then we need to fund this town, this whole town shall be a beacon to the kindness of the sun, shining down on the righteous and making the shadows flee."

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355397

I'll shake my head.
"Perhaps in the future there will be another temple built here, a shared one for all the gods who wish for peace and prosperity, but until then, ours will remain apart. Besides," I'll add, tossing him a sidelong glance. "You wouldn't want us scaring off your worshipers, after all."


"…a temple to the sun and moon? Can such harmony exist? " pray silently about this topic.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Klandin [Celestial] 355402

"True. I must admit that my experience with you and Bethany have changed a few of my beliefs about Luna worshipers."

"We worked well together, and the goddesses are sisters. I believe the question answers itself."

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 355403

"The future lies uncertain, then. For now, I wait, and we see how the Republic reacts."

MoronSonOfBoron 355410

The Sun and Moon have always been sisters, but you sense the rift between them and their followers shall persist for centuries yet.

"I'm glad you're all so deliberate." Alabaster turns back to her table, readying a pile of contracts and seals. "When you are ready, I have these ready for those who wish to join the Inquisition. I respect your choice if you do not, and when you leave these doors I will not bar your way or begrudge your endeavors, but I cannot guarantee anything beyond that."

Those who wish to join the Inquisition and remain in Gloom in their employ can take a contract and sign it. Otherwise, you are free to leave the stronghold and make your own way, whether it be in the city streets or the wider world.

Klandin [Celestial] 355414

I look down at the contract.
"You insult me, Alabaster."

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355420

I'll nod.
"Then, until a later time, Inquisitor. I have work I must do."
And with that, I'll get up and prepare to leave the tent, but stop before I do so.
"Inquisitor, there is one favor I would like to ask, however. I am certain that any postal system is in shambles, so would you be kind enough to send someone to deliver a letter for me to the main Lunar temple?"

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 355422

And so we trade the city from a criminal, to a mass-murderer, to a new dictator…

"I think I'll stick with Tsvetkov, but you'll forgive me if I don't want to join an Inquisition.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 355428

Give a quick bow of head.

"Sorry. I cannot make such a commitment."

Auvergne [Arcane Blade] 355430

"It's an honor to be offered to join such an 'illustrious' organization, but I'm not good with contracts. It's the reason I'm here in the middle of a magical cataclysm and not back home with the rest of my family and their business."

"I'd be glad to pass on your offer to them, though. I'm sure you, and your superiors, would be pleased to secure such a discount on their services."


Examine the contract, what are their terms.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Klandin [Celestial] 355433

I should probably clarify that.
"Do you believe you need a contract to ensure my loyalty to your cause in this city?"

MoronSonOfBoron 355439

"Law and order, brother. We shall lead by example." Alabaster idly picks out a mint stalk and chews on it. "And to be brutally honest, I've served far longer in the Inquisition than you have."

"I look forward to seeing your temple's completion." Alabaster seems to smirk. "I'm certain Lunatics from all across the land will flock to it."
"They will when they hear it was Luna's will that purified the Smooze!" Porin confidently chimes in, causing Alabaster to spit out her chewstick.

"I understand. With or without you, this city will change… you merely need to decide how much of a hoof you had in it."

"We'll be watching you."

From what you can tell it seems like a slightly modified mercenary contract. You can guess that the Inquisition's hard-nosed ways define much of the terms, but the details of the fine print escape you.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 355445

"Well, seeing as neither of us have hooves…"

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 355447

Chuckle at that.

MoronSonOfBoron 355449

"T-turn of phrase. Work with me here."

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355451

"The letter, Inquisitor? Or will I be forced to reduce my assistant to a simple courier?"

Klandin [Celestial] 355452

"Very well…"
I read the contract. If everything agrees with what she told me, and I'm not signing my life away, I sign it.


Rolling for deceiving fine-print catching.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Bethany [lifebinder] 355459

"Your contract is very.. complex.. How long is it for?"

Auvergne [Arcane Blade] 355461

"Forgive me if I tend to steer away from contracts. I studied magic, not business."

Let's look over these terms, maybe there is something I can use to my advantage. A time clause, severance pay, dental.


Roll #1 2 = 2

MoronSonOfBoron 355466

Pft, something got lost in the mix.
"Of course! I have a direct contact with Canterlot. Your correspondence shall be sent post-haste, with the utmost confidentiality. I can afford this one favor."

As Alabaster implied, while you do hold some sway with the Inquisition, you're still a junior member, and you never got your head around the vast bureaucratic structure of it. Or maybe that's just her division…

The lettering is so byzantine that trying to piece together a feasible legal analysis of it on the spot would put even a clerk to tears.

Klandin and Auvergne are both confident it is written with the best of intentions, however.

"The Inquisition will be serving as a transitional government for the city. At such a time as the transition period ends, the contract will be terminated if it is still in effect."

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 355468

(Sorry guys, I have a doctor's appointment in ten hours and a half-hour bike ride to get to it, so I'm going to go ahead and get some shuteye. Feel free to finish up without me, I think I've made my points.)

Klandin [Celestial] 355469

I sign it, if I haven't already.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 355470

>Transitional government
>best of intentions

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355471

I'll nod again.
"I'll have the letter sent to you directly, Inquisitor, when it is finished."
I'll raise an eyebrow.
"I hope I do not insult you by asking that it arrives at the main temple unopened and unread by any not of the Lunar cloth?"

Bethany [lifebinder] 355474

"So, we're just here until we're not needed? Then what?"

MoronSonOfBoron 355476

(See you around!)

"I promise that it shall." Alabaster nods, though you can't read her expression this time.

Alabaster gladly confirms Klandin's signature and adds her own. "Good. We will have further business to discuss after this meeting. Stay with me."

"Who says you won't be? The future is yet unwritten."

Bethany [lifebinder] 355490

Sign up then, if its for the good of the city and will help the sun's light. "Alright mate' I'll join up to help establish order."

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355493

I'll nod once again.
"Thank you. And thank you for your help getting to the tower. I fear we would not have been able to reach it without your aid."
Now, I've got a church to start building, and a letter to write. So I can't waste time.

Auvergne [Arcane Blade] 355501

"I must apologize again, but I can't sign. We've just barely finished dealing with the two monsters of Filchire and the Smooze, I promise aid Chester in constructing his temple, and there are still those who I have arrangements to get back to."

"Besides, I'm just some plucky pegasus who is somewhat quick with a plate and a book, I'd probably be kicked out of your Paladin Academy in a jiff. Once again, I thank you for the offer, but your superiors would be happier not even having to deal with a troublemaker like myself, who got himself involved in the battles of gods on a whim."

MoronSonOfBoron 355506

I will have to write a proper epilogue later in the week, but this about wraps it up for Gloom.

Klandin and Bethany join their fellow Celestials in the Inquisition.

Chester and Porin seek to establish the Lunar Temple, with Auvergne's aid.

Tsvetkov has Gaeton's steel at his side, and naught but the strings of Fate to guide them.

All in all, the future of Gloom remains very uncertain.

Klandin [Celestial] 355508

Thanks for running it.

Auvergne [Arcane Blade] 355511

I thought I would have to convert to Lunacy at the end there.

Nice work of keeping up the tension.

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355514

Tsetkov and Gaeton do have more than just fate on their side. They have Chester's blessing, both as priest and friend.

Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 355516

Good end.

Bethany [lifebinder] 355517

beth would try to establish a safe haven for those in need where she is, be it at the old tavern they met at or a sun temple.

Gaeton [Gryphon Knight] 355526

Thanks for running, GR! In spite of my horrible rolls, this has been loads of fun.

MoronSonOfBoron 355660

Chester, would you still like to attempt starting a family with Porin?


Tsvetkov [M DD Warlock] 355661

Oh boy here we go.

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355662

A d10, or something else?

MoronSonOfBoron 355663

Standard d10

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355664

Alright. Here we go… '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

MoronSonOfBoron 355665

Fortune smiles on you… or has it?

Chester [M Uni Vigilant of Luna] 355666

Oh don't pull that on me again. Please. It was bad enough the first time.

MoronSonOfBoron 380389

Auvergne swore to return to obscurity only to be surprised by the arrival of his relatives in the city of Gloom. Drawn by the promise of riches and power, they had come on the backs of foreign enterprise to stake a claim in the ruins of the city, intending to have him advise their clan leaders. Pressed into service by his own blood, the city he once regarded as another stopover in a long life of adventuring could now become his new home, or his final resting place.

Bethany held the purest of intentions when joining her fellow sun worshippers, but was powerless to stop the growing corruption in Alabaster's Inquisition when she was suddenly struck by a corruption from within. The touch of the Void that lingered deep in Bethany's psyche flared up, filling her head with disembodied voices and thoughts and drawing her into longer and longer fits of unconsciousness. Soon, others around the city suffered the same fate, and she became Patient Zero in the new Equestrian Inquest's collection of these touched individuals in some secret arcane compound, never to be seen again.

Chester was set to become an important figurehead in the local chapter of the Priory of the Moon until the Equestrian Inquest's appearance galvanized Lunar worshippers into a heated political spearhead. Preferring to keep to his humble work maintaining an orphanage alongside his wife, Porin, he was quickly forgotten and left to fend for resources and support on his own as efforts and attention were split between aiding the poor and resisting the new dictatorship.

MoronSonOfBoron 380390

Gaeton thought himself free of bonds as a mercenary of steel and skill, but the ties he had formed with his fellow heroes bound him to stay in Gloom. Without any professed affiliation, he was free to roam the streets and shadows, keeping the crew in contact with each other across faction lines and scouting new safehouses for his fellow vagabond, Tsvetkov.

Klandin had planned on steering the Inquisition from within, but when Bethany was crippled by some unseen illness, Alabaster was swift to prevent him from exercising any real authority. Forced to stand by, helpless as Alabaster crowned herself Prelate, he now seeks to undo the new Equestrian Inquest, unwilling to see Gloom trade its old shackles for new ones even as they are emblazoned with the symbol of his own faith.

Tsvetkov never got the chance to escape his masters as an expedition from Novdogod quickly descended upon Gloom. Even if he had escaped, Tsvetkov knew his brethren would seek to unearth the Bone City and the horrors within, and he could not allow such vile power and corruption take hold in the world again. As a fugitive and rebel, he was forced to become a fixture in Gloom's shadow world, with his trusted mercenary friend Gaeton as his sword and shield.

MoronSonOfBoron 380393

And so the heroes that had saved Gloom from destruction found themselves powerless in its reconstruction. The greed and violence that had been the lifeblood of the city's shadowy existence continued to course through its veins steadily as the lava flows, with new blood and new gold pouring into it from all sides as nations and enterprise swoop in like hungry lions.

Even with the darkness defeated, the city shall always find that its future lies in the Shadows of Gloom.


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