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The city of Gloom is a black sprawl carved from the remnants of a dormant volcano. The streets are layered warrens linked by ashen bridges between obsidian spires. Far from Equestria proper, adventurers, mercenaries, and traders of all stripes, shapes, and color cross paths here.

It is here your party has accepted a challenge from famed donkey thief Talia One Ear, taking an obsidian key to the golden portal over the Caldera and attempting to infiltrate the domain of the corrupt wizard Filchfire.

When we last left off, our heroes were befuddled by a trapped door with no path. The doors are opened.


To the DM:
Taking my eyes off the trapped floor for a moment, is there a door anywhere near? Even if we bring them in, it won't really help if we leave them in a trapped corridor.

To Klandin
"All I am seeing here is traps. I'm gonna look for another way out of here, and if we can't find it, we'll think of something else."


"Pegasus, carry across my spirit-servant. As it clings only to ash, it should way no more than a few ounces. Heavy enough to trigger any traps on the other side, but not heavy enough to be cumbersome. It will search the landing for traps."


Inside the tunnel, you see an odd set of colored marble plates set into the wall between the passage and the balcony. Light grooves lead out from these plates and frame a large section of the wall as though there could have been a door there.


I watch careful. "Is there a way I can climb up to the door?"


"I'm not seeing much here, but we might be able to rig up a harness with the rope so Squishy and Klandin can help me carry you over."


"All I am seeing is a strange bit of wall where the door should have been."

"It looks kind of like this: >>190057. Can you make anything out of it?"


"Try not to get yourself killed then."

"We might have better luck with our armor off."


File: 1352354859103.jpg (76.4 KB, 500x500, 121107-gquest.jpg)

A reference image for the area as it is right now.


Your name fell on.


Now here's the real benefit of playing in the sub. We've got images to work with.


That thing with the gold is the tower?


((Is the door down or up?



"Much appreciated mate, I'm sure you can handle it." I nod confidently.


Oh, this is a top-down view. Sorry, bit of a rush job, that. Basically, the Groundpounder section is the balcony, the red bit is what fell off earlier, so you can lean over the double-line wall to look past the gold doors and have a very limited view of the tunnels inside. The pale bit is the odd-colored panels and section of wall.


AND AS AN ASIDE, because we are on a slow board, please use the '1d10' feature to roll.

Just enclose a roll in single quotes, like I just did.

Roll #1 3 = 3


File: 1352355257987.png (58.31 KB, 570x407, wall.png)

So for clarity, is the tower there in a physical sense? (ie: it's a portal in the sense of a door, not a teleportation portal)

IE: If we had enough firepower, could we just knock down this wall?


I untie the rope from Auvergne, and head back out to try to rig up ('1d10') a harness for our buffalo friend.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Theoretically, yes.


You are unfamiliar with buffalo anatomy, and your awkward fumbling with the stranger's body prevents your forming any sort of reasonable harness. Your claws go places you never thought they would.
That's a huge bitch!


I laugh.
"Having fun, Gaeton?"



"No Klandin, I'm not." Gaeton drops the rope, embarrassed, and flies back out of kicking distance. "Can somebody with a little more experience take a shot at this?"


I roll to help him. This job is going to take a few flyers.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Um.. that's not really how .. Oh, my."


"If you all are finished playing about, perhaps we can continue planning how we're getting across?"
I will then attempt to tie off the rope using basic Telekinesis.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"I grow tired of waiting. Let's try a more direct approach. Let's see if this ghost has enough body to be explosive, and if his walls are still firm after all this time."

After another pause, I order my undead to approach the wall adjacent to the balcony, then jump. As the ghost approaches the wall proper, I softly command, "Corpse explosion."

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Chester's got it, don't worry."


Thankfully familiar with ungulate proportions, you tie off the rope harness comfortably!

The explosion isn't enough to actually damage anything, it's just ash… but the blast of hot air does sing your paws a little as it pushes you away, rolling into a very awkward landing inside the tunnel.
Roll to dodge the traps.


((Am I fast enough to use Protect here?


I take off my armor and grab the rope.
"Everyone get ready to lift."


"Thanks mate, that's a perfect knot." I praise Chester.
"Looks like it didn't work."


You'll have to roll for it.


I roll through the ash and searing air completely expressionless. As I roll to a stop, I immediately move to stand and draw my weapon.

"That was an improbable landing."

Roll #0 8 = 8


Whoa, I think I misread that. I thought you were double-jumping off the ash spirit.




Gaeton also grips the harness, but doesn't bother taking off his armor.

((What's a Celestial?))


((That would've been crazy dangerous! Especially without knowing how explosive my ghost was.

Let's go with that since it seems to have worked, though.


A paladin/cleric.


He's a "lawful good" follower of Celestia. Chester is a cleric of Luna. Beth there is another Celestia-follower.


"Ready when you are mate." I look up at the griffon.



You soar through the air like an eagle piloting a blimp, and roll into the floor with no sense of decorum as negative energy beams sprout up around you. As the lattice of death disappears behind you, you come to a ready stop in a kneeling position, weapon haphazardly drawn and your fur singed in several spots.

You have no idea how you managed all that, but these are the moments you wish you had someone to take your picture. A panel in the wall opens up and a camera obscura extends on a collapsible arm to do just that.

After a blinding flash, a fast-printing photo comes out of it and floats to the ground. The device retracts into the wall and a voice echoes through the tunnel, loud enough for those outside to hear.

"Filchfire here, welcome to my secret underground lair, except it's not really secret and not very far underground… but it is a lair, and if you're here without my permission I suggest you turn back now before any of my experiments happen to get loose and kill you, or worse. Have a nice day!"


Going off of Chester's crit and your teamwork, I'll let you automatically succeed in giving the buffalo wings, if only for a brief but glorious fifteen seconds to heft her into the portal.


Alright, now all that's left is ferrying me across.
You lot better not drop me…


Are we at the door at the moment?

"Now, this is what was mixing my brain. I didn't want to touch anything until I got a second, third, and fourth opinion from the mages here."

Roll #0 1 = 1


Once Bethany is safely through the door, Gaeton flies back out to grab ('1d10') Chester, and lifts him after the Buffalo.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I fly down and bring Chester up to where the rest of us are.

Roll #0 2 - 1 = 1


I stand, smoke billowing from my fur, and give the most monotone shout yet, "Victory or death! The landing is ours."

A pause, then: "Join me, comrades."



"Alright. I'm going to look around." '1d10' to enter the door and look around the room.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"This place reeks of ash and death. We need expendables to help us check for traps."

Yet another pause.

"Raise dead."

Roll #0 2 = 2


Ponynapping Chester is an easy enough feat, and you carry him safely into the tunnel.

You fly down. Way, way way down. The hot air and ash seem to get the better of your breathing rhythm and it's a little hard to hold up even your own weight at the moment.

You're inside the steel-plated tunnel with the odd grooves in the walls, floor and ceiling. There is a printed photo on the ground with Tsvetkov's brave face on it. Tsvetkov is also here, a short distance into the tunnel.

The tunnel is dimly lit by crystal sconces on either side, they give off a faint blue aura. It's not that hard to spot details, thankfully. There's no visible end to the tunnel from here.


You can sense a lot of dead in here, which is strange because at this vicinity you should have sensed them from outside.

Alas, it's such a mess of death and dead that you can't lock on to any specific spirit or remnants of such. There are certainly no signs of corpses in here, either; the energy traps must disintegrate bodies easily.


"Thank you, Gaeton. Now, let's be careful with this. I can't grow limbs back, or raise the dead, as I've said previously."
I will then glance around for any extra keys that might have been "leftover" from previous parties of foolish adventurers.

Roll #0 3 = 3


I try to grab onto the cliff and catch my breath.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Huh, what's this?" I pick up the photo and catch up with Tsvetkov.
"Did you drop this mate?"


No keys here aside from the one Auvergne has, but there is a photo of Tsvetkov that Bethany takes.

You're like a puffin on a patio! You're close enough to the portal that you can climb up without having to make a roll.


I still need my armor. I fly down and put it on, then fly back up.

Roll #0 4 - 1 = 3


I shake my head and gesture at the photo, "The magus of this tower intends to mock us." Another silence. "It will be his undoing."

After another, slightly longer pause, I accept the photo anyway and slip it into my armor.

I turn inward and try to plot a course to move in safely.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Can I offer to carry him? We don't need anymore activated traps.

Roll #0 5 = 5


You can take the -1 off if you're not wearing armor.

You retrieve your armor, but are left hanging at the edge of the portal like a cat climbing a fence. You're going to need help!

You take a step forward and a blast of red energy erupts in front of you. Thankfully no damage, still, and it seems the traps here don't reset, at least not too quickly.

You figure you can barely carry one other individual just off the floor, but you notice there are panels in the walls and ceiling, too. You will need to be careful if flying indoors.


I'll give him a little nudge if he needs it, and this time I'll remember to apply my Light Armor penalty to magic rolls…

Roll #0 5 + 1 = 6


Bah, forgot I was supposed to make a "+-1" instead of a straight -1. I'll remember next time.


"Ah, that was close." I take a few tentative steps forward. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


It's "+-1" to subtact. Weird, I know.

You're pulling up on the griffon and his armor as best you can, but now even you'll need help!


"We need to get out of this hallway. Any monster is preferable to these traps."

I notice that the traps don't reset.

"Hope this works."

I pull my tinderbox out of my pocket and slide it in a straight line across the floor as hard as I can, trying to trigger as many traps in front of me in a straight line as possible.

[s]Shouldn't most everything behind me be safe since I rolled across it?

Roll #0 1 = 1


Well, hopefully he'll be getting out on his own, since he still needs to roll.


…So wait, I get a -1 to flying with my armor on? I thought Gryphon's racial was being able to fly with Heavy armor.


Since Tsetkov is moving on his own, I offer to help.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Everything behind you is safe (the others have been entering without incident).

You slide your tinderbox down the hallway, and it triggers a blast trap right away. It doesn't disintegrate the thing, but it sends the thing ricocheting around the steel hallway like a bullet!

It comes back at you and pings you square between the eyes for one hit of damage. (4/5, I'll try to track these.)

Oh, you're right.

…Why WERE you applying a -1?


EVERYONE'S GETTING inside the tunnel.


And then the sorcerer sends out the distinctly non-magical rolling boulder trap, TPKing the party. If anyone asks, he'll lie.


The fliers could retreat and make it. The rest of us could get to the end and maybe cling to the ledge, but most likely we'd lose the buffalo.

Incidentally, my luck is not keeping up with my character's impatience. I may have to wait for you guys to catch up.


No catching up to do, we're all already in there with you. Just waiting for somebody to decide whether it's safe to proceed, since there's nothing to hit with my sword yet.


Could we tell exactly where the beams were coming from?

Roll #0 4 = 4


Right, moving along.

Contrary to what your dungeon senses tell you, the tunnel is actually angled slightly downward into the lair, meaning any would-be burglars wouldn't be pushed out the door by falling boulder traps. So there's that.

The main feature seems to be the light grooves and pressure-sensitive energy traps, and the tunnel goes on for a long distance. You don't know if there's an end in sight, or side doors.

The beams so far have been clearly involved with the patterned grooves throughout the hallway, coming out at all strange angles.


"We barely got the buffalo across that small gap. We can't cross this field without triggering the traps or avoiding them. At our current rate it will take several more hours to even cover the distance we can see. We need a faster solution…

Do any of you have a remote way of triggering these traps from a safe distance?"


"Shall we head down the tunnel?" I ask loudly.


I'll keep my eye out for anything that looks like it could be a trap, either along the floor or the wall.
"We'll want to take this slow. Auvergne, this was your line of expertise, was it not? If you could take point, please?"

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Couldn't the unicorns just send a wave of downward-pressing telekinesis?"


"They might have to stop, but that seems safer than using my tinderbox… I will want that wound treated before we run into any hostiles."

He dully gestures to the matted fur on his face where the box made impact.


"Well, this place isn't very safe, but its the best way to go."


"Just a scratch, but I suppose that can mean a terrible difference in this place."
I'll cast a Heal spell to top him off.
rolling flat because of Talent

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Shake it off, you're a dog not a pussy."

((That was a Hit, not a Wound.


You not only restore Tsvet to full hits, but you even out his singed fur a bit, giving his coat a more even look to it. And that terrible pimple that's been bothering him all week is gone—not that you would know that.



I shrug. "I rarely have the luxury of healers in my line of work. I enjoy the opportunity to take advantage of them. Usually, I treat my wounds with my sewing kit."

"The telekinesis plan is solid. Lead on."


((TK guys?


((Chester, did you want to reply to the idea of using your telekinesis to trigger the traps?


I was waiting for the telekinesis plan.

Roll #0 1 = 1


I was waiting to see if we'd actually use our thief, but it seems not.
Grumbling a bit, I'll send a wave of downward force through the hallway, up to my maximum range or the end of the hallway, whichever ends first.

Roll #0 8 - 1 = 7


I don't have detect/disable trap.

Roll #0 6 = 6


You manage to maintain a forceful wave deep into the tunnel, wincing every time a trap sent a blast of energy through your conjuration.

After everyone recovers from the bright red flashes reflecting from down the hallway, what is visible of the long shaft down should be safe!


"Alright, this probably isn't the first time someone's had that idea, so let's be quick about it before those traps reset, shall we?"


"Impressive work, would you like to ride on my back and rest your hooves." I offer to carry Chester.


"That's alright, Beth. I may grumble a bit but I've still got plenty of life left in me. Thanks for the offer, though."


I nod and follow.

"Let's head in deeper. I need to find solid corpses."


"Sounds like a plan. I'll take point."

Gaeton walks forward, keeping his eyes open and his muscles tense.


"Alright, mate. " I head down the tunnel.


After a bit of walking, you no longer have sight of the entrance.

Roll for perception.



Roll #0 4 = 4


I take a look around, taking particular care to look for remains of any previous adventurers.

Roll #0 8 = 8


If it's become too dark to see, I'll pull out a torch. But not until then.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Gotta keep an eye open for where I can fly if the need arises.

Roll #0 9 = 9



Roll #1 4 = 4


File: 1352360581871.jpg (61.45 KB, 500x500, noneuclidean space.jpg)

Tsvetkov and Auvergne get a very unsettling feeling as they realize you've all been walking way longer than should be possible.


"I've got a feeling we're cutting through this room all wrong. Don't you think we should've reached a door or a wall by now?"

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Perhaps it's a different sort of trap? We think we're moving, but we really aren't?"


So are we still in just a tunnel, or has it opened up at all?

We don't have to collect seventy power stars to get through the endless hallway, right?


Gaeton looks around. "You're probably right. Wasn't there something about cracks inset in the walls, sort of a door outline? Where was that?"

Roll #0 9 = 9


"While your logic is reasonable, we triggered traps every time we moved forward before the mass-detonation. If you perform your telekinesis again with the same strength and we see no new detonations, we can be sure we haven't moved."


"Hopefully not, that might mean we can't get out either."


You're still in the tunnel. You can't see the entrance, so you must have been moving… right?

There was an outlined door at the very beginning of the tunnel, with a set of oddly colored marble plates next to it.


Is there still light enough to see easily, or should I be lighting up a torch?


Gaeton heads back, and takes a long look at the oddly-colored marble plates.


The crystal sconces are enough to see by, and you've passed exactly 135 sconces on your right side and 129 on the left. Nerd.


Is anyone going to follow Gaeton?


Are there any decorations on the walls?



I shrug and follow him. Best travel in groups.


"Let's tie a rope to one and walk towards the light."

Roll #0 9 = 9


Are the sconces placed evenly and directly opposite of their partners? Or do they sorta zig-zag a bit? Or are they just randomly strewn along the wall?


They're evenly paired, though a few sconces were damaged or missing entirely, with only a pair of broken nails left behind.


Since you pointed out that I've been counting them, I must have been paying enough attention to notice if they've "repeated" in missing sconces.
…Gonna roll a Memory check to make sure, though.

Roll #0 8 = 8


I try tapping on the wall in between the Sconces. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


The missing sconces were all on the left side going in, but they didn't seem to be distanced in any numerically significant pattern.

Ding! They make a nice sound.

Geaton and Tsvet turn back, with Auvergne following them with a rope tied to Sconce R135. They disappear towards the entrance, beyond line of sight for the rest of the group in the tunnel.

Geaton, you and the others are back at the golden portal over the caldera. You see that there are four marble plates set into the wall, adjoining an outlined doorframe. The plates look like they could be pressed into the wall.


"Got a plan, or are we idling away from the group without purpose?"


"Well, it looks like these can be pressed in, but I don't see any indication of what order, or which, or if they all need to be at once." Gaeton turns back to the Dog. "You remember anything like this before?"


Bother. There goes that idea.
"Well, it seems we're to wait until the other three return."


"I think I saw them on the way in — or at least I noticed the one. They're probably trapped. Let's see if I can get another minion to push them in now that we're closer to the burning sky."

I pull my gemstone from my pocket and focus carefully on it.

"Raise dead."

Roll #0 3 = 3


Someone, or something, screams at you from the beyond. Maybe it was your great great grandmother moaning about how disappointed she is you didn't take up a gem-grinding wheel.

Or a nameless horror attempting to cross the Rift into the Waking World, its eldritch claws tearing through the black halls of the Sleeping Manor where thousands of souls have lost their way.

Let's go with the second one, that's less worrying.


"I have no idea what to do." I pray for advice. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


No, you didn't actually summon anything.


A blank look.

"Enough of this."

I push in the rightmost plate.


Pray harder, cus it ain't working!

Chester could tell you that Filchfire is a godless heathen, though. It wouldn't be surprising that much of his lair would be warded against divinations.

There's no visible change, at least not until you look back down the tunnel.

The rope trailing from Auvergne, standing next to you, has been neatly severed several yards in.


I suppose we should be making Listen checks, then?

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Whatever sharp thing cut my rope, I want it."

I'm going to focus if I can see where the cut thing came from, if there are any clues we can use.

Roll #0 2 = 2


You certainly don't hear Geaton, Tsvet, or Auvergne moving around or talking, though you're not certain they're in earshot at the entrance, assuming that's where they are. The rope line Auvergne tied nearby looks intact, anyway.

There's no holes or spaces in the walls where a cutting apparatus could have come from, but you realize that the entire length of your rope past the severed point has vanished.


I lift the sliced rope and examine the end boredly.

"Dimensional doorways, perhaps. I think we should experiment further. Ready, Griffin?"


"Celestia, send us a clue.." '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"If by 'ready' you mean 'out of here', yes."
Gaeton steps back, and hovers just outside the entrance, waiting for more plates to be pressed and more fate to be tempted.


"Suit yourself."

I return to the plates and first attempt to make the right plate retract to its normal position. If that proves impossible, I press the leftmost plate.


"Mind if I use some of powders as markers? I'll put some down, and we can see where they move."

Roll #0 3 = 3


Though the light of the sun can't reach you in here, you feel a guiding warmth pulling you back towards the entrance.

A good guess, considering the rest of the rope beyond the cut point has vanished completely!

The rightmost plate is still depressed and you can't seem to reset it.

Pushing the leftmost plate causes the rightmost plate to pop out, and the missing rope reappears in the tunnel.


Now more interested, Gaeton flaps back in and inspects the rope. ((Is it still cut?


"Lets move out of this creepy tunnel.." I head to the entrance cursing the godless wizard under my breath.


I'll follow along behind.
Assuming that Klandin is still with us as opposed to with the other group Lord knows I don't know, he hasn't spoken up since we pulled him up the ledge… I'll throw out an "are you coming with us or just plan on sitting there?"


"Gaeton, can you get the others? You're likely faster than I. I also want to know what the exit looks like from that side when I press the plate."


I think Klandin's player had to leave for the night again. Those delays due to MLPG's odd thread pacing has really tossed us for a loop.

The rope is definitely cut.


Looks like I'll have to step out now.

I'll help with this, and stay outside and keep an eye out for the rest of the session. Is that okay?

Roll #0 4 = 4


Gaeton nods, and heads down the hall to meet up with the others. "Looks like this hallway is just one of four exits to a dimensional door. The plates we saw at the entrance choose which exit is currently active."


((If Klandin and Auvergne need to hit the sack, then this seems like a good stopping place.

8.5 hours into our quest and we have clearly entered the front door.


((Er, 7.5**


Well, it's going a bit better than BugQuest, I guess. More people.
Though we're pretty much keeping pace. Session two was getting into the cave, so we haven't broken our record yet.


I'm fine with stopping for now.


Yeah, I agree, we should call it here for the night.

And sorry for the very slow pace relative to my last quest. Again, I blame the odd pacing for MLPG. We'll try to pick this up again tomorrow night at around the same time (8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern)… but in the submarine this time so we don't get interrupted! I want to move you guys along.

Hope the noneuclidean trick isn't frustrating you too much. One of my less well-thought out asspulls.


It's a pretty simple puzzle. Really the pressure traps were causing more difficulty than it likely will.


Non-euclidean space is ever the domain of those with sorcerous inclination. You're just giving Chester more reasons to dislike arcane casters.


((Nah man, it's fine. Certainly better than some things I've had to deal with in the past, and I really should've guessed it when we saw there were four switches arranged around a door-shaped outline.

((Catch you all later, then. Oh, and I'm banned from all boards on 4chan for three days, so if we do anything in that time it'll have to be here.


what did you do?



Ban says it's for porn on a worksafe board, but I can't remember posting any porn (though I did post that pic of Fluttershy cosplaying a softserve machine; maybe they misinterpreted it?). It's only three days though, so whatever.


That settles it, then, we're playing in the sub!


Huh, that's odd. I've posted porn on /mlp/ plenty of times and they never even bothered to delete it.


Well, how often did people bother reporting you for it? Deaf's got a bit more of a reputation.


reporting some anon for porn? What would be the point in that?


Rule enforcement, usually. No porn on blueboards, spoiled or otherwise.
implying anyone follows the rules.


Oh right, if anyone's still here…

I can't make it until at least 11:30 PM CST tomorrow.

That's 12:30 for EST.


Clear out the furfag scum.




Auvergne here, my shift is pulling me away for a bit, I'll be available at 10PM Pacific.


We doing this tonight, or is it later?


I think we're either waiting for the Necromancer, or for Boron.


I'm here. Who all is here?


I'm here, but the auto-update seems to be having some trouble.




This is a test.


Yeah, shit, looks like the auto-update isn't working for me for some reason.


Our heroes are divided into two groups as they try to figure out the insides of the golden portal. Tsvetkov, Gaeton, and Auvergne are at the entrance fiddling with the four marble panels that control a dimensional door. Klandin, Bethany and Chester are inside the "endless" tunnel activated by #1.

Auvergne has a length of rope tied around him that used to lead into Tunnel #1, but was severed when they accessed #4.


I believe that, upon our closing, Beth, myself, and Klandin-on-autopilot were heading back towards the "entrance."


Gaeton nods, and heads down the hall to meet up with the others. When he reaches Chester et al, he opens his beak. "Looks like this hallway is just one of four exits to a dimensional door. The plates we saw at the entrance choose which exit is currently active."


[s]Didn't you guys fiddle with the knobs and neglect to switch them back?



Ah, that would explain it. Dopey me.


I continue towards the entrance, still cursing the wizard, and promising to make him pay for this trickery.


Bethany and Chester and Klandin meet up with Gaeton and they all follow the rope to the entrance safely. The rope still lays where it was severed, marking the exact point the dimensional door is located.


"So what now? Do we play with the door until we find the right path?"


I switched it back at the end so the griffin could fly back.

I can join you guys in 45 minutes.


"I suppose so.." I turn to Gaeton "What have you learned about these switches??"


"Seems that way. We already know the far-left opens the one we were just through, so at this point it's pretty much trial and error.
"I vote we just go left to right, and see where each one leads, though first…"

Gaeton strides over to just past the slice in the rope. "Press the far-right one, wait five seconds, then press the far-left. I'm curious about something."


Are you inside the tunnel or at the entrance?


"Does anyone have parchment? something to write with? Something that we can use to make a map? Or should we just blindly walk in, hoping for the best?"

"…and I'm going to have to set off all the traps again, aren't I?"


((Inside the tunnel, entirely past where the rope was cut. I want to find out what replaces the entrance when the tunnel is switched.


Who wants to push the button for Gaeton?


"We can figure this out." I try pressing the panels as gaeston suggested.


As panel #4 goes in, Gaeton and the length of rope vanish from sight. The tunnel appears unchanged otherwise.

Gaeton, who was standing on the other side of the "door", sees the party vanish. The double doors behind them are suddenly closed, and he still sees the marble panel on the wall.

When #1 is pressed, everything goes back to what it was before, with Gaeton and the rope standing opposite the open portal and the rest of the party at the marble panels.


"Well, what'd you see, Gaeton? See anything change?"


"The other tunnel has the same entrance as this one, but the door is closed. Dunno if we're looking at copied architecture or actual dimensional travel, but it was exactly alike."


"Bloody wizards. It might be another balcony, or a completely different hallway. You didn't happen to look for any obvious traps attached to it, did you?"


Gaeton cocks an eyebrow. "Five seconds isn't a very long time, and I'm not exactly the trap-finding type."


"Well, I've got a little idea. Especially if you lot are going to use me as a minesweeper anyway. Budge over."
I'll head into the hallway.
"Now, here's what I'm going to do. One of you is going to hit the switch, wait two seconds, and then hit it again. In the time it takes you to do that, I'll blow open the door and hope that the traps don't act faster than you do."


I nod, and ready my hooves to repeat the pattern. "even if that works, how are we all going to get to the door? Some one needs to flip the switches here right?"


"Nope, since every entrance has the same four plates, no matter how we get split up we'll always be able to find each other."


"That is a concern, and we shall burn that bridge when we get there."

"Gaeton, if you wish to step aside for this experiment, I won't fault you for it."


"Excellent, we're decided, then… Let's get the plan underway."


"There might be something in there, so I'll come with you."

Gaeton steps in with Chester, standing close next to him, ready to take anything that comes at them. [Activating Protect, target Chester.]



I pause, then shrug and hit the rightmost (4) switch, wait two seconds, and hit the leftmost (1) switch.


And here I'll hit the door and pray I don't flub it.

Roll #0 7 - 1 = 6


You struggle to muster the energy for a telekinetic push within two seconds, clumsily throwing it down at the closed doorway in what precious little time you have. You don't see the results of your work as you are soon brought back to the regular space with the rest of the party.


"Alright, now we wait a few seconds, and see if there are a bunch of scorch marks in the floor."


We let a minute pass, then I press the rightmost switch again and wait ten seconds before pressing the first switch.


The ones who go to examine the door Chester just blasted see:

Well, not much changed about the new door and its surroundings. You do see a mess of charred marks in the floor, but they look more like carvings than blast marks.

And poof, back again.


I address the unicorn who has taken charge of the 'away team'.

"How'd it go? … Hopefully no monsters or anything unpredictable?"


"Luckily, no. Seemed to be some sort of carvings on the floor, but I didn't have enough time to see if they were traps, or just an odd choice of architecture."
Chester hums to himself for a moment.
"Don't even know which way is the 'right' way, either, since we haven't checked the other portal configurations."


"I am confident that the first setting, the leftmost, is incorrect. Given that we will need you to clear each passage, we may as well travel as a group to each."


"Probably better to just send a team of two down each tunnel, and see what we find. We find nothing for five minutes, we come back and try the next one."


I shrug.

"I can't fly, so I'll have to go with the unicorn, in case of traps. You could take the pegasus or other griffin with yourself. The other could explore the remaining tunnel, but they'd be alone, as the Buffalo can't fly either."


"Down each tunnel, not up each entrance. We'll check the other entrances once we know all of the tunnels go as nowhere as tunnel 1."


"There is one major flaw with splitting into teams, of course. Communication. How will we coordinate with each other, if things go sour for one group? Who will stay by the door and be the 'keymaster'?"


"which team would you like me to go with?"


"We're not going to be splitting into separate hallways; one team explores each hallway in turn, while the other stays here as a precaution."


"That still doesn't solve the communications problem if things go terribly for the away team. Unfortunately I have no Message spell, and the shops were all out of just about everything, so we can't send someone to fetch a wand. And, as you've noticed, the rope is severed quite easily once the Dimension Door shifts entrances."


"…Let me spell it out. Team A stays right here, and waits. Team B goes down Hallway 2 for five minutes or until they find something, then come back and report. Team B returns to the Entrance side, and Team A presses plate 3, then we repeat."


"You're missing what I'm saying. I'm saying 'what if something goes terribly wrong in that five minutes and we need to run away earlier than scheduled?'"


"We stay on the plate side of the rope when we press the button, and then we don't press any more plates until the team returns. Observe."

I press the second plate and begin to carefully walk the hallway, carefully examining for traps or differences from the first hall.

"If I'm not back in ten, assume I'm dead."

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Then you come down the tunnel after us, or we meet back in town."

Gaeton follows the biped, also keeping his guard up.

Roll #0 1 = 1


Tunnel #2 doesn't look any different, but oh boy does it feel different.

The moment you cross the threshold in full you are pulled deep into the tunnel at an alarming speed, your sense of balance and direction completely thrown off. The entrance and the rest of the party is out of sight by the time you realize that this "tunnel" is actually a hole, and you are falling.

To the rest of the group it looks like you two just went shooting off down the tunnel.


I grab the Diamond Dog, and flap for everything I'm worth back towards the entrance.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I will attempt to grab Tsetkov with my magic, and pray that Gaeton remembers he can fly.

Roll #0 8 - 1 = 7


Ever expressionless, I limply muse, "It would be nice if I wasn't so useless in the air."


I try calling down to them. "Are you alright down there?"


Between your flight and Chester's split-second telekinetic grab, you're able to return to the gold portal. The two of you come barreling down to the floor with a bit more force than intended.


"So it seems fair to say that door… is the wrong door. You two alright?"


"Well that was fun. Give me five minutes, and I'll see if it has a bottom." Gaeton strips off his armor, leaving it in a heap on the floor, and straps his sword directly to his back before diving back into the breach.

Roll #0 4 = 4


((Shouldn't be a roll there, sorry…


"We'll live."

I pause, watching the Griffin fly down the tunnel.

"We only have two tunnels left. I think tunnel four is still the most likely."


If I'm present, how about I join in this little dive?

Roll #0 6 = 6



You control your descent well enough, but it doesn't seem like there's a bottom to this pit either. The crystal sconces on either side are identical to the other tunnels.


"Well shit, looks like nothing's down here Squishy, let's go back up."

Gaeton heads back, and stops before crossing the threshold. "Go ahead and press plate 1, I'm curious about something. Want to come with, Squishy?"


Assuming I heard that, I press the first plate.


"Oh please, oh please don't send us to the Dank Dimension."



Gaeton and Auvergne remain hovering just past the dimension door. When the party disappears from their sight, the entryway is replaced by a set of black obsidian doors much like the ones that were in the golden portal, but they are closed. Just past the dimension door (or just above you) is a metal catwalk ledge, with the same panel controls in the wall nearby.


I fly up, and press against the Obsidian doors.


Can I just say again, to the aether, how much I despise wizards.


I'm going to look around at the Obsidian. Maybe there is something I can notice.


That was me.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"As long as we're waiting for them to do whatever it is they're doing, why not explore hallway #3?"



"The only problem with that, I'm afraid, is that that would be going against the previous agreement. We wait until they get back, so that we don't over-extend our small party."


((That strikes me as incredibly dangerous. We have no idea what happens if you press 3 while we're in 2. Do they all switch to accomodate, or do just 1 (which your in) and 3 switch hallways?


The both of you notice that this particular doorway is matched to your "tunnel's" orientation. The catwalk was clearly meant to be a platform for whoever was accessing the dimensional door. The doorway, or rather hatchway, above you doesn't seem to give.

In fact, as Gaeton pushes up against it, a blaring sound fills the area.


An array of bright red lights form in the golden framework of the hatch, and several red lasers start to carve through the air around you. Roll to dodge!



Roll #0 6 = 6



Roll #1 1 = 1


((…And there's my legendary RPG luck…


A blank faced stare.

"Well, let's at least be productive if we have to wait… I don't believe I ever introduced myself. I am Tsvetkov, and as it has likely become readily apparent, a necromancer."

Another pause.

"I think I arrived at your table too late to catch your names."


"Or you weren't listening, though I can forgive you for that, I suppose. I'm Chester."


"Pleasure. And yourself?"

I turn to the buffalo.


Auvergne weaves quickly enough and dives down into the hole safely, but Gaeton is pinned down between the catwalk and the wall as the lasers very neatly trace the outline of his body. He isn't hurt, but his armor has numerous holes and unwelded bits on it now, reducing its efficacy and weight.

The lasers turn off before much else happens, though.

The black hatches, like the doorway in #4, are identical to the outside doors when you first discovered the golden portal. Perhaps the obsidian key might be of use here?


"Sorry about the armor Gaeton, but be glad you didn't wind up as a cooked turkey."

"Now, help me find a slot this key can fit into."

Roll #0 6 = 6


Did we ever give Auvergne the key? I thought Tsetkov still had it.


I gave Auvergne the key when he first showed up, to put into the portal.


I had it when we arrived at the second session. I lost a few feathers trying to use it the first time.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Right. I thought he'd given it back, or left it in the door.


"Yeah yeah…" Gaeton searches alongside Auvergne. ['1d10']

Roll #1 10 = 10


The two of you find several indentations matching the key's shape, and not only that but comparing the key to each one, you find that subtle engravings in the key's face match one of the indentations. That should be the one that "safely" opens the hatchway.


"Your armor on tight, Gaeton?"

"You ready?"

Gaeton, make the roll.


"…Just a warning, you found me in the tavern alone because the last four parties I've been with have died."

Gaeton flaps up, and sticks the key in the hole. ['1d10']

Roll #1 4 = 4


I think it is safe to say Beth has gone to sleep.


Probably. She might be back though.


Sticking a key in a hole isn't such a complicated deal, but when the doors open outw—er, upward, you're not completely prepared for what you emerge into.

You poke your head out of the hatchway and see a grand chamber whirring with silvered golems and constructs animated by unseen forces, rich living geometries turning like ethereal cogs guided by unknowable thoughts. golden lines and glowing runes pulse with light, and in the distance you can spot ranks of walking metal things moving in lockstep through a grand marble avenue. Wherever you are, it certainly is not the City of Gloom.


At our current rate, she might have assumed it's okay to AFK for a few hours until we become relevant again. Might be wise.


Is there anything that looks like it is capable of conversation?

Roll #0 2 = 2


There's Gaeton, though you're not sure about even that.

Most of the things here don't resemble any living beings you know of, at least.


We ded?


Pretty ded. Gaeton's auto-update's been buggy, and we're running at pretty much half-attendance while another quest is going on at the same time.


As long as Gaeton is willing, it's time to investigate. Let's go down the avenue where all the other things are going.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Maybe it's time to call it quits for the night.


Won't stopping now just make it take longer to get the rest of us back in action?

I wish we could get stuff DONE. It's frustrating to wait literally ten minutes for two sentences from the DM that are just information and don't get us further along in the plot, or at least back to where our characters can take actions.

I get that it's taxing to DM. I've run quests myself, but I just feel like the reason we get so little done is because we're not very punctual about posting.

It's probably just a nasty holdover from IRC days where you'd expect immediate responses.


It's just how things go when you do a text-based RPG. People fall asleep, or disappear, or take a long time to do things; because everything takes so long, they'll have something else open and just look back every five minutes or so, making things take even longer.


Tonight has not been the best night. My apologies.

Let's call it for now and pick it up again next session, unless Friday night's going to be taken up by other plans? I understand a lot of people might be juiced for the S3 premiere, and others are, unlike me, likely to have lives outside of this thread.

I promise that next session will bring everyone back into action.


I was kinda planning to stay awake the whole night ,since you know how crowded those episode day streams can get, so having a distraction to help keep me awake wouldn't be a bad thing.
On the other hand, I really should be getting back into a more "normal" sleep schedule. I'm becoming nocturnal at this rate.
I blame all you interesting people who live in the wrong time zones.


Similarly to today, I can't start until an hour and a half into the session, though that doesn't seem to be a problem.


10 pm will be my earliest availability.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Hmm de dmm.


Auvergne and Gaeton have poked their heads into the first chamber of Filchfire's sanctum, discovering hordes of arcane machines and magic constructs.


I'm here, but will probably leave early so I don't miss the show tomorrow.


I am here.


Auvergne, however, is not. So we wait some more.


Are there any doors or alternate areas that we could see?


The chamber is huge, honeycombed with tunnels and archways leading to other unseen hallways. Conveyor lines drag in steel parts to be put together by arcane forces. The assembled hordes spring to life and leave the chamber in lockstep droves into further places beyond.


"So…" Gaeton says in a low whisper, "Are you any good at not being seen?"


"My skills with the knife are second only to my ability to evade any foe. What would you like me to do?"


"Well first off, get me back over to our allies." Gaeton presses the first plate, then stands on the wall. "Put me through."


"If you don't mind, let me spill a bit of my seasoning on the floor here. In case these doors send us elsewhere, we'll at least know one was here."


The floor around your hatchway is now extra spicy!


Let's go back and report our findings. Let's not stay separated for too long, even if there are plenty of valuables at hoof. I may be a rogue, but I need to be alive to make off with any loot.


"All right, press the fourth plate and then fly down to where I am. I'll press the fourth on the other side, bringing you over."


"Yes, sir. Let's not keep them waiting."

"Pressing on the fourth plate now."


Moving between the dimensional tunnels is easy enough for the two of you and the party is now reunited at the first entrance. How do you plan on moving everyone through tunnel #2, the "Pit"?


Gaeton explains to the group that the crystal sconces are identical on both sides, and could easily be used to hang from while the transfer is done.

"I'm still a bit curious about where tunnel 3 leads, though…"


"What did you find?"


"I question the wisdom of diving into his Golem Foundry, though. It's not like we're packing any explosives, Gaeton, we can't just throw a bomb in there and pray that it throws enough of a wrench in the gears to halt production."


"I'm more interested in the chamber you described. My pet theory was that each of the doors led to one of the golden portals that that 'hero' was handing out keys to in town. It doesn't sound like that's the case at all."



"It looks like it's the only way to move 'forward' unless you guys found something else. Besides, it would be best to determine what he is making them for. Plus, I don't want to alert any nearby guards. They might know we are here, but I'd like to keep the small advantage of them not knowing exactly where we are."


"And we still haven't checked out Entrances 2 and 3."


"Well, we haven't looked down the third hall since we were waiting for you and Gaeton to return.
Regardless, I don't think we have a wrench large enough to halt or impede the golem construction."


"We haven't gone DOWN any of the tunnels except one and two, either."


To wit:
#1 is the entrance and the endless tunnel with Auvergne's rope.
#2 is the Pit and the Hatch leading to the Foundry
#3 has not been explored
#4 is another tunnel, with another black doorway.


"Since we can't do anything to stop the machinations of the mage here, let's have a look at the other options we have then. At least we know one thing that awaits us."


"So, we'll investigate the third hallway before we make any rash decisions."
After pondering for a moment, Chester will continue.
"We might want to send a flyer in first, in case it's another deadfall."


Gaeton presses the third plate, then walks down the hall.


As you walk into the third tunnel, you feel yourself pulled back towards the entrance, and you stumble backwards as the strange force pulls you back across the threshold.

You could swear it felt like you were falling again.


"…Having second thoughts?"


Did he just get ejected from the tower?


"That was a rather awkward return, Gaeton. Did you see a trap, or something else?"


No, he fell backwards into the group.

Though if he flew up into #3 he could fall back towards the threshold with enough force to be launched out the gold portal.


"No, it's the reverse of the last one. Auvergne, come with me. And if we have any more of those keys, bring them."

Gaeton flies back across, then hangs from one of the crystal sconces.


"I'm ready. Let me know what you need."


"Biped, hit the first plate, that should send us to the third entrance. Auvergne, let's see what's behind door number three."


I nod and watch him take wing.

"If this tower is full of physics traps, I may as well go back to Gloom and search the graveyard for a flying mount…"

Then I press the first plate.


As Gaeton and Auvergne see the dimensional door beneath them shift (their party looking rather odd standing on the "wall"), the gold portal is replaced with a dark recess opening out into a large scrap pile below. The pieces and wreckage down there look like ruined versions of the constructs you had seen in the Foundry linked to #2.

There is a corresponding set of marble panels here, too.


"So Gaeton, ready to try this door? Maybe a pretty little lady waiting for us?"


"Why would there be a lady in a scrap pile?" Gaeton drops off his sconce, and through the hole towards the scrap, looking ['1d10'] for anything that might be useful.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me check around if there's another keyhole around."

[checking around for anything of interest]


Must check settings.

Roll #0 7 = 7


It looks to be where all the refuse and ruined constructs go. There are numerous side tunnels and catwalks overlooking the heap, which looks to be slowly lowering like water draining into a basin, though by what mechanism you cannot really tell apart from a distant grinding noise.

Nonetheless it looks like this place isn't being patrolled, and there are plenty of doors leading into other parts of the facility.


"Let's report our findings. No one likes a slow waiter."

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Looks like we've found our in. Auvergne, head back and get the others; the unicorn can use his magic to carry the buffalo, the Diamond Dog can climb down a rope tied from a sconce, and you can carry the unicorn." Gaeton flies back up, and puts a claw on the first plate.


Each member of the party should make a roll




Roll #0 4 = 4


For one, I hope you guys don't drop me. For two, I hope to god I don't drop Beth.
And for three, I'm assuming our auto-piloted second gryphon is on hand to catch her in case I flub the roll.

Roll #0 7 - 1 = 6



Roll #0 8 = 8



Roll #1 9 = 9


((I rolled because I'm on spotting duty; if anybody messes up and falls, I'm there to catch them.


Tsvetkov is the only who fumbles, getting rope burns as he very slightly loses his grip on the line and awkwardly tries to steady himself while ignoring assistance from Gaeton. Otherwise, everyone lowers safely onto the top of the scrap pile.

The scrap pile is visibly and tangibly lowering by the second, and you don't know how long it is til you find the "bottom," though knowing what usually happens to garbage it might be best not to find out.

Above you are three doors, one on its own platform and two connected by a catwalk.


"These are the wrong kind of corpses. I hope this wizard keeps some more fleshy minions around."

A pause.

"As we have no other information, rather than discuss it at length, I suggest we take the rightmost door. If it's a dead end, we can take the catwalk across quickly to the other door."

Roll #0 5 = 5


Didn't need to roll there, oops.


"I'll go with this plan. Might as well start somewhere."

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Sounds good to me."

Gaeton grabs Tsvetkov by the shoulders, and flaps ['1d10'] on up to the catwalk.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I suppose I'll attempt to lift Bethany up there.
"By your leave, Bethany."

Roll #0 5 - 1 = 4


Tsvetkov bumps his snout against the railing.

You lose your footing and sink two hooves deep in the scrap pile.

While Beth and Chester are in the junk heap below, the others are gathered around the right door on the catwalk. It's a simple metal door with no apparent locks.


I put my doggish ear up to the door and listen for movement or any other sounds.

Roll #0 10 = 10


Alright, once more. With feeling.

Roll #0 3 - 1 = 2


Offering Assistance. This course requires two chefs.

Roll #0 8 = 8


You hear talking in a corridor, but it's drowned out by the hiss of loose pipe valves and turning cogs. The talking stops when you hear a loud bang, like burst piping, followed by a large pile of loose change dropping on the stone floor.

EVERYONE'S GETTING on the catwalk.


"Thank you, Auvergne. I probably should have listened to the other members of the order when they suggested I only take a good travel robe instead of this armor. It seems to be throwing me off just enough to be irksome. And potentially dangerous."


"Sapients behind this door. Talking."

A pause.

"Pipe burst… someone dropped something metal. Could be repair tools for all the pipes… screws and washers…"

"Shall we let our master of stealth take point?"


Fair warning, I'm probably going to have to bail within the next 45~50 minutes if I want to get any decent sleep before I'm conscripted for familial obligation.


((I'm thinking of bailing a lot sooner than that so I can watch new pone in the morning.


"Make sure everything on your person is buckled down, no need to get noticed because of some jingling money."

"If you're all ready, let's begin. Let's see if we can quietly open this door and get a quick peek. If everything is good, let's find some hiding spots before we do anything else."

Roll #0 6 = 6



Roll #0 1 = 1


We're fucked.


I shall remain stationary until the coast has been declared "clear."


Oh wait, there was no need for me to roll. He was rolling to open the door. Throw that roll out then? I thought we were supposed to follow him.


If you're rolling to follow him, then you rolled to follow him.

Besides, this will be a good cliffhanger for next session.

Tsvetkov leans against the door the wrong way and it swings inward, landing him facefirst on the stone floor.

As he looks up (and if anyone else is looking in), down the pipe-lined tunnel is another diamond dog shrouded in a black hood, standing over a goat's body. There's a smoldering crater in the goat's chest armor, and the dog is holding a glowing wand in an extended paw.

It's easy enough to put two-and-two-and-two together: that noise earlier was a magic discharge, and the metal sounds were the bits in the goat's coin purse.

The killer was about to pick up said coin purse, but when he sees you he turns the wand in your direction and it begins to charge…

Again, apologies for the rough session timing and pacing. This is a very odd week to run a quest, but I hope the hubbub of the new season won't turn you off to adventuring. Hope you enjoy Season 3's premiere, and see you here again tomorrow night, 8pm Pacific.


See ya tomorrow.

Roll #0 10 = 10


Here's hoping everyone can play.
and that Campfire actually decides to take his character off of autopilot. I know he's probably in another quest, but if he can't multitask, he shouldn't overextend himself.


Report in…?


Reporting in.



What time is it?


By my clock, 11:20 PM EST. So… around 9:20 Pacific, if I've got my time zones right.


You don't, it's 8:20. Was just the autoupdate shitting itself again, so I didn't see any posts past >>193179


Missing: Bethany, Klandin, Tsvetkov

That's half our party. If Tsvetkov can show up, I'll definitely run the quest. Beth and Klan are sub regulars, so I figure they have no shortage of Questan.

Do you want to go ahead now, though?


Tsvetkov is about as integral to the current situation as you can get, so it would probably be better to wait.


I'm here and have almost no idea what is going on. All I know is that there is a hallway leading to different dimensions/locations when buttons are pressed, and there is a golem factory.


So scroll up and read for a few minutes.


Well, we've probably got plenty of time for you to read up and get up to speed.


Still want to wait on Tsvetkov?

The group is finally inside Filchfire's place, passing up a Golem Foundry and going to a Scrap Pile instead. The first tunnel they took, they've discovered a fallen goat and a d.dog armed with a magic wand.


That was after reading.


And I'm all caught up and ready to roll a 1 when trying to use Spellbreaker on that wand.


Not unless I fail to hit him with a kitchen knife or a pepper shaker.


>breaking the wand
>not disabling the wielder and taking the wand for our own purposes
We are pretty light on the damage front for spells. And plus, if we toss the Wand into the Golem Gears, that's sure to make quite a bang when it expends all of its remaining charges in the explosion.


Good point.


The wand is more likely a spellcasting catalyst for the D.Dog's spells. You'd be better served keeping it for your own ends if you manage to disarm him.

Are you going to play without the others then?


Let's not count chickens, guys; we still have to roll initiative.


I'm up for waiting.


I'll give Tsetkov a while longer. If he doesn't show, well, we can put the others on autopilot and wing it from there.


Sorry, I'm here now. Same time as the last two nights.



Roll #1 10 = 10


…Can I save that ten for later? I have Sentry, so I win initiative automatically.


No one wins initiative like Gaston.


Silly Deaf, you rolled. There's no "saving it for later."

Roll #0 3 = 3


Shouldn't the rogue who was at the front of the line go first?

Roll #0 7 = 7


What if we waited for the DM to post?


No "saving rolls". This is why you never roll your dice in a real tabletop game, you expend the crits stored in them.

Alright, those who are here, roll to dodge the Dog's Storm Bolts. You can either take cover and stay at the door or try to advance (+1 DC).


Roll #1 6 = 6


I take cover.

Roll #0 2 + 1 = 3


I remain behind the wall, on the catwalk.

Roll #0 2 = 2


This being his surprise round, I take it, and then initiative rolls out according to what we got.

I'm advancing['1d10-1']; it's my job to be in front.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Note to future self: +-1, not -1.


In the case where both parties are surprised, actions proceed as normal.


Seeing as how I was so close to our fallen friend, I advance.

Roll #0 4 + 1 = 5


I give an emotionless, monotone warcry: "Blood for blood!"


Then charge, blade flying from the sheathe with a "SHING".

Roll #0 1 - 1 = 0


TWO ones in a row? I need new dice.


Sheesh, did MSOB rig the dice or something?



Taking a cue from Gaeton, I assumed we were supposed to take a -1 penalty if moving forward because of the +1 DC. Is that not right?



The whole lot of you are blown back by the torrent of magic bolts. They ricochet everywhere, bursting pipes open and hitting each of you square on your bodies. Tsvetkov in particular is knocked flat on his ass as a several pipes burst around him. (Everyone takes one hit, Tsvetkov is helpless)

The Dogmage immediately disappears down a tunnel to the left. Looks like a T-intersection back there (you are at the foot of the T).


Well, that's no good. Gonna see if I can't get Tsetkov back on his feet.
Rolling flat due to armor penalty.

Roll #0 8 = 8


I don't think so.


Heal spell, by the way.


If I announce a DC modifier, don't modify your roll. It just means that, for a noncontested roll, the minimum for success is 7. If I roll a contested roll like I did just now, augment my roll by the DC mod.


"Get back here!"
I run after him.
Rolling to catch him.

Roll #0 8 = 8


I'm charging after him, rolling in case I need to. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You get Tsvetkov back on his feet. No need to heal, as hits reset whenever you recover.

You're slowed somewhat by your armor, but you can see him turn the next corner in the tunnel.

You can't keep up with Klandin, and see him disappear around the first bend in the tunnel.


"I'm going to catch that dog!"

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Stop and surrender!"
I use Word of Power as I chase him.

Roll #0 10 = 10


I offer an even-toned growl of thanks before sputtering out, "Raise dead."

A pause.

"It's the fastest way to check if that goat has kicked it."

Roll #0 1 = 1


You're just ahead of Gaeton and round the first bend when…

There is a faint flash of light that washes through the tunnel, following the echo of your voice. It quakes through the small tunnel, pipes visibly rippling and rupturing in its wake. Pressurized explosions carry throughout the hall, and the Diamond Dog is veritably crushed by the rebounding forces traveling down the walls. He collapses on the ground and struggles to get back up.


Roll #1 7 = 7


Three ones in a row, eh? How do I stop the rape train?


The rape train has no breaks.


Well, if it turns on us, I still have my mace. So there's that.


The goat gets on its hooves. It's dead, alright. But it Came Back Wrong. In your attempt to raise it, a dark eldritch force has snatched control of it away from you and it now bars the way forward for you and Gaeton. (Auvergne has already passed it, and is behind Klandin)

the rape train has no brakes


I try to pounce on him and hold a spear to his throat before he can stand.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I suppress the undead goat. "Tsvetkov, kill this thing!"


Roll #1 2 = 2


Okay seriously what the fuck ;_;


Taking out my Mace, I will assist Gaeton in subduing the Undead Goat.
Hopefully, I won't roll garbage.

Roll #0 5 = 5


For clarity, I can't use a touch of death on it because it's not alive, and I can't use corpse explosion because it's not a corpse, right? Tell me if I can cast one of those…


In Soviet City of Gloom, Goat Suppress You! The Undead Goat has unnatural strength for its build, animated by unfathomable arcane forces.
You're at 2/5 hits remaining.

The cramped tunnels prove difficult for you to maneuver in, what with Gaeton trying to grapple with the thing. You are shoved against the broken pipes in the scuffle; you take no damage but deal none either.

Correct, you cannot use Corpse Explosion on it. It's now Undead, no longer classed as Dead.


Fucking… Okay, change of plans. I'm going to Protect Chester.


The Dogmage springs back to his feet just in time for your spear to meet cold air. He teleports a long distance down the long tunnel and turns to fire another blast of Storm Bolts.


Shits on fire all over me, I just want him to stay down.

Roll #0 6 = 6



Roll #0 10 = 10


"Stand back… decay is my specialty."

I jab my fist into the zombie and murmur, "Touch of Death."

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


Since I was near, duck and cover.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Klandin's spear burns with an awesome power! Celestia's burning will tells him to defeat the Dogmage!

The force of the nullified spell implodes, crushing the Dogmage again as space visibly warps around him, rendering him helpless long enough for Auvergne to dart past Klandin and catch up to him.

Roll to do what you will with the guy, Auvergne.

Even though you had failed to properly reanimate it, your expertise lets you return the undead thing to whence it came. Dust to dust.


I point down the hall.

"No time to celebrate. Help the others."

I take off after the Celestial.


Time to play Catch-up, I guess. Since no one has any Wounds yet, I don't have to worry about healing checks.


Hold him down.

"I want answers, puppy. You shot some guy, and then you were trying to take me down to. What are you doing here and why'd you shoot that guy over there?"

Roll #0 5 = 5


"By the sound of things, I think they've got it pretty much handled."

I loot the goat.


I catch up to Auvergne and the dogmage.


Searching the goat's ash pile, you get a lot of money. Somewhere up in the divine realms, an angel marks something on her clipboard.

"Him and the others, all of you, you're in on this! I'm not gonna let you play me!" As you struggle to keep him down, he frees a paw and pulls out a paper tag with an Explosion Rune.


I use Spellbreaker on the rune.

Roll #0 3 = 3


At this range, I try to knock it out of his paw.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Assuming I have arrived in time to see this, and notice what it is, I attempt to take it from him before he activates it.
First d10 is the spot, second is the TK.

Roll #0 10, 3 - 1 = 12


Urgh. Well, I can at least see doom approaching.


Seeing Chester's reaction, I attempt to take the rune.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"What's all this crap? Whatever…" I leave my findings in the ash pile, and follow after the others. "What kind of idiot carries around worthless scrap metal…"


File: 1352614895887.jpg (6.76 KB, 243x280, chester's face when.jpg)

"A bomb!"

There is a great deal of yelling, fumbling, and struggling among everyone, but in the end the Dogmage manages to read off the spelltag and sets off the explosive rune.

There is a bright flash. Brighter than the sun. Brighter than anything you've ever seen.

When the ringing has left all of your ears and sight returns to your eyes, the tunnel has caved in on the Dogmage. Auvergne, who was holding him down, is half-buried. The explosive force rippled throughout the tunnel, leaving everyone at one hit remaining. Auvergne has taken a wound in addition.


"Luna preserve us. Start digging him out of there so I can get a good look at him!"


"What in the name of Celestia's inner thigh was wrong with him?"

Roll #0 10 = 10


I give a quick nod.

"He'll make a good meatshield if he still has legs attached."

I start attempting to clear the rubble.


"Says the telekinetic…"

I start digging, sword off to the side and out of the way.

"The Pegasus, you heartless dick!"


"Careful, please. That spell really, REALLY hurt."

I'll remove the rubble closest to my head. I don't want to end up fully buried.


And let's say I used that roll to dig Auvergne out.


Another nod, and I switch to helping them clear the Pegasus first.

"It's not my fault."

A pause.

"I'll try to remember to prioritize party member life."


Auvergne is free of the cave-in, but unless you want to spend a long time digging through this mess, the tunnel is blocked this way. You'll have to head back to the first T-intersection and head down the other path.


I attempt to clear out the dog mage before leaving. If it's salvaged, I loot it and try to determine if it is serviceable for raising.


I know you're a Diamond Dog yourself, but do make a roll.


"Can you dig through that?"


I'll give Auvergne a quick once-over with a Heal spell.

Roll #0 1 = 1


I tear into the rubble with my claws to try to get at the corpse.

"Hopefully I can make it through without making things worse or tearing up the corpse."

Roll #0 2 = 2


Oh that's not going to be fun.


Why do you roll for out of combat heals? Can't you just immediately re-try on any failed roll?



The rubble is packed in too tightly for you to dig through. You're likely in the basement levels of a facility, as the earth is pressing in from all sides.


…I don't know. Force of habit I guess? Plus it opens the doors to all sorts of unpleasant shenanigans. It's more fun than just saying I automatically heal outside of combat.


"It's too thick. If I try to dig any further, I can tell I'll cause a cave-in. We should fall back to the catwalk and try the next door."

I start on my way back, trusting the cleric to take care of the rogue.


I follow him.





Roll #0 3 = 3


"But there's still another turn we haven't taken. Several, I think…"

((Like this, right?


"Calm down! I've honestly seen worse."

I'll try again.

Roll #0 5 = 5




"You're right, I forgot in the excitement of the chase. Let's take the other branch."

Even the word excitement is enunciated in a dull monotone.


Continuing past the ash pile at the T-section, you see more of the same: pipes and vent gratings. The pipes are making a lot more noise now, their flow disrupted by the cave-in. Down the bend this way you can see a large metal door, slightly ajar.

Given time and last-minute panic, you apply a makeshift field dressing. The wound remains but it's probably best left alone for the time being.

The tunnels are more like a blocky Y shape.


I peak through the door.

Roll #0 7 = 7




File: 1352616344950.jpg (37.06 KB, 500x500, how do i into maps.jpg)

Clearer image. Blue triangle leads to trash disposal.

You see TUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBES. It looks like a machine room, filled with valves, gearboxes, crank shaft flanges, doohickeys, whatchamacallits, thingamabobs, and other metal moving bits with names too silly to mention here. It's an awfully large chamber, and amongst all the noise and exhaust you can't tell if there's any kind of being in here.


While he takes point, I take a moment to examine my leather armor for damage from the explosion. I wipe off the carbon dust left by the flames, then follow the Celestial through the door.


((Didn't the mage run into the left corridor?


"It looks clear."
I walk inside.


Roll with it.


Incidentally, do we know what happened to Beth's player? It's been a couple of sessions since we've seen her.


She's had to retire for the night.


I'm just going to follow Klandin for a while.


Search the room for living people, golems, items of interest, exits, etc.

Search check.

Roll #0 9 = 9


Thankfully there are no traps or puzzles to be had here, just a door across a catwalk that is being bathed in open flame and toxic gas at regular intervals.

You could also try crossing the gap between platforms by jumping across pipes and moving machinery.

You can also see that the machine room opens up towards the top, with a mess of ladders and catwalks leading up into metal rafters going to somewhere, you can't quite see.


Who is this?

Apart from the other details mentioned above, you find a Fullblade, bigger than a buffalo, embedded into the stone floor behind a pipe. Judging by how deeply it's been wedged in and the denting it's made against the metal around it, it fell from a great height.


The gryphons and I should take point and fly up first, to check things out. We want to find unwelcome surprises on our terms.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Was me. I point it out to the group, but lacking any need for a sword, I don't bother to pull it free.


The open spaces you could fly in are being crowded out by burning steam.


"What do we do now?"


"No point in taking risks without reward. We know as much of these two routes as we do of the two comparatively safe ones back in the trash room. I suggest we backtrack and take one of those doors."


"Well, I don't have Shield spells, so flying through the steam is a no-go."

Can I time the periodic bursts of flame/gas that's washing across the catwalks? Specifically, how much time between each spurt of gas/fire.


Roll to study (or roll to dive right in and try your luck)


Rolling to see if there is a pattern to the flame and gas


Ha ha, no chance of getting doused in fire. I'm going to study it.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Not with this little injury. I vote to check out the other side of the hall.


Roll where?

You can't seem to make out a timing right now, there are so many spouts and geysers you have trouble tracking each one.

Could you be more specific?


I settle for the fire first, and the gas second.
One roll for each.

Roll #0 4, 3 = 7




I was agreeing with Tsvetkov


moths can go fuck themselves

Roll #0 7 = 7


Auvergne and Tsvetkov have retreated to the trash room and take the second door on the catwalk. Roll to listen/enter cautiously?

Chester and Klandin study the catwalk hazards and are able to figure out a timing of some sort. +1 to the next roll to move through it, if they choose to do so.


Listen check on the door. Dog ears, don't fail me now.

Roll #0 5 = 5


Let's try to listen in.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"You want to risk it, Klandin?"


"Do we have a choice?"

Roll #0 5 = 5


"I'll take a shot, if you explain what you've figured out so far."


"Here we go, then. May Luna protect us."

Roll #0 10 + 1 = 11


"Lantak should've come back by now. That explosion didn't sound nice. You're sure you had all of that Mage's gear?"
"Wait, I think that's him."

A large, imposing earth pony pushes the door open, but with the both of you leaning against it he can't see you… yet. Roll to evade or surprise attack.

The two of you make it across, Chester displaying unusual alacrity and making it across the catwalk in one clean sprint while Klandin is left dodging back and forth between toxic geysers.

Gaeton should have a +1 to move through the catwalk after observing the other two.


"Looks easy enough…"

Roll #0 8 = 8


I'm going to let the rogue decide whether we attack or attempt diplomacy. He's the better ambusher, in theory.


Gaeton dives and rolls and diverolls between the gusts of flame and venom. You three are at the other door in the machine room, now.


We'll go for Diplomancy, but keep an eye on his possible weapon and a paw ready with a spell.

"Hello monsieur, it seems you are looking for someone. Perhaps we can be of assistance?"

I keep a weapon visible, making it clear we are not to be trifled with, but that we are more than willing to talk at the moment.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Open it, sword drawn.


Noticing they're not taking it well, I try to save.

"What he means to say is that we are fellow adventurers from Gloom, and there's no need to fight."

Roll #0 8 = 8



I follow him in with a spear drawn.


Unfortunately your Diplomancy spell fizzles. The flash of your blade is the first thing to catch his attention and he brings a heavy plate gauntlet hoof down in front of you, cracking the stone.

"Whoa! Don't scare me like that! Who sent you here?"


Gaeton and Klandin lead the way out of the machine room with Chester behind them. You come out into a large tunnel, big enough for fleets of wagons to be drawn through, and you see rolling steel carts and carriages without ponies to pull them. They seem to be wheeled constructs of some sort, moving of their own animation.

Gaeton will recognize the hordes of walking constructs and golems from the foundry.

Fortunately the three of them are on a catwalk close to the ceiling of this tunnel, and can move unnoticed. The catwalk leads in two directions, across the tunnel and one along the tunnel around a wide curve.


"Sorry, buddy. Some of our other encounters have been less than 'friendly'. Bit of a habit on my part."


"Talia One Ear, the 'famous' thief. She was handing out keys free of charge at the Guild."

Another characteristic pause.

"I think she was trying to soften up the traps and guards with unwary adventurers in town."


"What on earth could he need all these Golems for..? He couldn't be planning to try and spread his foul influence, do you think?"


"I don't even know who 'he' is, I'm just here to kill stuff and get paid at some point."

"Should be go back for the others? I don't like splitting the party."


"Yup! That'd be Talia, alright. My group's been camped out here for a bit while we figure out or next move. Right guys?"

You hear some noncommittal grunts inside the room.

"You, uh, didn't hear anything, did you? There was a pretty loud explosion in the tunnels just now."


"How do you not know the name of the wizard you're trying to relieve of material wealth? As for the others, well, I do agree that we shouldn't wander off into too many groups. But I'm certain Bethany is with them, and she'll keep them in line."


"Ask the Pegasus next time you see him. He was recruiting, I was bored and hungry, he led me here."


"I have no clue."

"They should be fine."


"We found one of my kind in the other tunnel. A mage. He killed a goat we do not know, and then turned on us…"

"We attempted to restrain him, but he detonated an explosive rune, causing a cave-in. He was buried too deep for us to save, sadly. The detonation also blocked off a tunnel entirely, and may be causing dangerous pressure buildup in local pipes."

Every last word in a dull monotone.


"Oh man, so they're both dead? Score! I mean, oh, too bad. What about you? How many are in your group?"


"I dunno, that mage was talking about a group. I think we should stick together, especially since they don't have a healer with them."


I stare at the Diamond Dog and nod in agreement.

"He left his mark." I say as I point to my wound.

I was just going to ask you if we should tell them everything or ask around a bit more first/

Seeing as the Diamond Dog was so blunt.

"We've gotten a bit separated as they investigate another route they found. They should appear soon, hopefully."


"So it's just you two?"


"Bethany dabbles in the art, I think. But if you're so concerned, then I guess we can consider it."
Thinking a bit, Chester continues.
"Klandin, do you suppose we should go fetch them? I don't fancy diving through the fire gouts again, but if we must, we must."


I shake my head. "Our party is large. We're the advance scouts for traps, the others will likely be along shortly. I presume you've stopped your progress in this tunnel due to a trap ahead?"


"Uh, yeah! Traps. Why don't you two come in, we could use a few more heads to figure this one out."

The Earthy with the gauntlethooves opens the door to invite you inside.


"We need to report back or they'll assume everything down this wing is hostile."

A pause.

"We don't want to almost start a fight again, do we?"



Looks like I have to clock out now. Sorry about that.


I should be sleeping as well, it being around 3:15 AM here. I have been getting fussed at for staying up so late, but I'm pretty sure I can sneak in another half-hour before someone gets suspicious.


No problem, was thinking we might wrap up soon anyway.

The fighter looks back into the room and makes some gestures you don't see. He pops his head out of the doorway again and nods.

"Hey, be careful in that machine room, lots of nasty stuff in there. We'll be waiting!"

I think we shall call it a night here. Hopefully we can make better progress next session. Do we want to call off Sunday, given Monday work schedules and such?


Nah, between the previous session and getting up early for new pone, I'm pretty tuckered myself, and I'll be having an early breakfast with my family.


That works for me, since I'm conscripted for yard work on Monday and I'll need the proper sleep. Just give a holler next time you're ready for us.


>autoupdater broke
I need to sleep.


I, uh…

So how about that Gameloft game.




Roll #0 8 = 8


Ready to flip more switches.


And the game, while cute, is a thief of money and time.


In any case, Klandin, Gaeton, and Chester were in a catwalk over a large tunnel through which an army of constructs was being ferried.

Auvergne and Tsvetkov are negotiating with a band of adventurers stuck in the second room connected to the trash heap.

Bethany can choose to join either group, though her last position was closer to Auvergne and Tsvetkov.


Oh right, I'm here.


Group two doesn't seem to be here, so I'll go with group one.


File: 1352782807456.jpg (41.71 KB, 960x720, maps again.jpg)

Gaeton, Klandin, Chester, and Beth

Though the sight of the mindless marching army below is worrisome, you would have to backtrack through the Machine Room hazards to return to the Trash Heap tunnels to find the others or take the ladders up from the Machine Room.

If you go forward, you can either cross the tunnel or take a catwalk down the tunnel.


Er, you're currently between Machine Room and Cross Tunnel


"Should we go back for them?"


"They'll probably wander into a half-dozen traps if we don't. I suppose we should, on principle if nothing else. Strength in numbers, after all."
Looking over the side, Chester will continue.
"Though if only we could have gotten that explosive from the wizard. We could have jammed up the Golem Foundry something fierce."


"Its quite a shame mate, blowing the place up might do some real damage to them.."


"Either way, let's head back."

Gaeton heads to the hazard room, and attempts to make his way through. ['1d10']

Roll #0 5 = 5

Roll #1 4 = 4


I follow him.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Actually, question. Does the previous bonus for studying the timing remain, or do we have to stare at it for a little while again to recover that bonus?


And another roll if I need one.

Roll #0 9 = 9


((Heh, whoops. Do I have enough bonuses between having seen people go through and doing it myself to get through on a four?


Alright, lets follow and help them out. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


You will need to study the timing again to recover the bonus. Your previous rolls weren't quite enough to memorize the pattern, just enough to get a sense of the timing at that moment.

Chester, please roll for studying the traps.

Gaeton very nearly gets pummeled by a wave of corrosive sludge, and as he backs off he is further baffled by the poor occupational safety standards in this facility.

Klandin also fails to get past even the first trap, and decides to spend another moment studying the traps. He seems far more confident about it now.

You nearly quail at the sight of the horrible arcane runoff being funneled through the Machine Room. You're helpless for a single turn as the stench overwhelms you, and you are unable to focus on studying the traps.


I shall attempt to remember the timing this time, in case we come back this way.

Roll #0 4 = 4


You're all going to have to follow Klandin's lead on this one. He'll be able to get through the traps himself just fine, but must roll to direct the others (with a +1 bonus).


I try again.

Roll #0 5 + 1 = 6


Rolling to direct the others.

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10


"By Celestia's wing, this magic is truly foul!" I cover my nose and listen for Kladin's direction.


Not only do you manage to get everyone across unharmed, but your quick reactions spot a small switch just off the catwalk. You hit it, and it closes the grates to the fire exhausts and sludge vents. The hazards are effectively nullified.


Having told the other party we are expected to report back, I take Auvergne with me and head to the Machine Room.


"Nice job finding the switch, Klandin. A pity we didn't see that the first time over. Would have saved us some grief. Now, let's find where the other two have wandered off to."


I praise Celestia for helping me to spot the switch while the others collect themselves.

"It was Celestia, not me. Come on everyone."
I go back to where we left the party, or as close as I can get without having to roll again.


The other two retreated to the Trash Heap catwalks. You find them standing outside the second door, and they inform you that a band of stranded adventurers is waiting inside. Apparently they knew the Dogmage and the goat that left just now; they suspect something is amiss, considering the circumstances you found those two in. You don't know how many there are apart from the big Earth pony they describe.


[s]Just reminding you that I'm active again.

See >>197363


I assist in praising Celestia. "She is truly with us this day!"


The entire group meets with Tsvetkov and Auvergne in the Machine Room and discuss the above. >>197370
Tsvetkov's player can elaborate.


"Something is wrong with that party. They didn't seem to want to show their hand as to their numbers or abilities, but I suspect there are at least three of them. They didn't seem bothered by the loss of their comrades — instead, happy. They were familiar with Talia, though they didn't come from the Guild — at least not from the same visit we were there: they didn't know Talia gave out keys."

A lengthy pause.

"I don't think they can be trusted… They seem too eager to be rid of competition. Merely an alliance of convenience. They tried to invite us in when we were only two in number, but we thought better of it and decided to regroup."


"They sound like brigands and thieves."


"I agree, we certainly can't trust those so willing to throw away their own. Talia did say that this wizard was a big problem, they probably heard about it off the street."


"So what is the plan? Should we return to them and… deal with them, if necessary…"

A pause.

"…Or simply continue down your route? We haven't heard your report yet, incidentally."


"This wouldn't be the first time I've seen something like this. Cashing in on someone else's efforts might seem like a good deal when dealing with mages like this, but they're stuck here too. We might be able to use them as extra muscle if we need it."

Just remember to emphasize the dangers of betrayal. Greed is easily curtailed when their own fur is on the line.


"Ignore them. We found a large tunnel full of golems."


"It was a tunnel, filled with odd mechanical carriages and golems. It looked as if this sorcerer was gearing up for war.
"This may sound foolish to say, but perhaps we can use this other group to our ends, and disable the foundries with their aid?"


Woops, that was me.


I shrug.

"It's all the same to me if we work with them or without. If you like, we can go meet them and let you judge for yourselves. Be aware, though, I think they've made plans for our return. They seemed to be counting on it."


"In any case, their corpses can be made to serve if they can't."


"There were also ladders in the machine room, before the tunnel. Maybe we should check those out?"


"Let's not be counting tombstones before they're ordered. We can hear their offer, and if it turns into a trap, well, then we can unleash the full wrath of our respective gods on them."


I cringe at little at his carelessness for life. "Yes.. we should head back and find a way to shut down the machine."


I give him a sideways glance but nod.
"Chester's idea is a good one. Either way we will do Celestia's will."


Bethany, Gaeton, and Klandin seem to be against contact.

Chester and Auvergne seem to be for contact.

I abstain.


If the group is avoiding the other band, you can take the 3rd door from the Trash Heap or return to the Machine Room.


Well, since they're being a bunch of pansies about meeting new ponies, I suppose I'll check out the third door for anything that looks like a trap or keyhole.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Auvergne's right, I think. We should see if they can help us, and if they decide the opposite is a worthy plan…"

Gaeton loosens his sword in its sheathe. "Well, I think we can deal with that."


"I don't think we should work with these ponies that backstab each other, what's to stop them from doing the same to us? I won't work with pirates." I head over to the third door.


"They're a bit /testy/, so keep that sword sheathed for now."

"Let's ask them for some more information. If they could've, they would have just made off with some valuables."

"No one minds if we at least ask them a few questions, right?


"Feel free to approach them, but I wouldn't go through the door. If they do attack you, I don't think anyone here has qualms about helping protect you."


There's a ladder leading up to the third door's platform, which is separate from the two-door platform.

On the platform itself, you find no handle to the door, but a plate with engraved writing:
I'm with you at dinner and see you to bed
I'm in your dreams, and the sky overhead
Speak one of my names, some speak them with dread
Speak and a door shall open ahead


"I don't. If they are bandits and show their true colors we will show them the colors of their insides."


Climbing back down to the others, Chester will listen in to the conversation for a moment before interjecting.
"If we decide not to engage the other group, and not go back across the catwalk, the door up there requires the answer to a riddle before it will open."


After repeating the riddle a few times to myself, I utter the word "Desire."


A slit opens in the wall and dispenses a paper tag with arcane writing on it.


"Did you say something up there?"


Hopefully it doesn't say "Explosive Runes".


…grab the paper, and see if I can understand any of it. '1d10'
"I found something."

Roll #1 8 = 8


You decipher the magic script: BOOM TIME

You're knocked flat on your ass by a concussive blast, and are now helpless.


"What is-"

I fly up and try to help her stand back up.

Roll #0 8, 6 = 14


Welp, time to help her up.


Oy' Let's try to get up. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Chester, Klandin, and Bethany are gathered at Door 3, no worse for the wear.

I hope we've all learned our lesson about Explosive Runes…


I'm kinda standing by to see how your questioning goes over. You're still doing that, right? You proposed it a quarter hour ago…


Sorry, pulled away for a bit.

If Gaeton or Tset is available to keep an eye on me, I'll proceed to ask the other party a few questions.

"The path inside this house of horrors was a rather tenous one, how did your band get in? And you mentioned that a particular puzzle of the mad magician has you stumped. Can you show it to me?"


I'm with you, of course.


I stand near him.


You're addressed by the gauntlet-armed Earthy again, and he gets a look out the door to see the rest of your party. He looks marginally impressed.

"We, uh… came through the access tunnels."

"That puzzle is in the next room through here. You want to step inside? What about the rest of your group?"


"Tell us about the puzzle."


"Uh, it's more of a see-it-to-understand-it kinda thing."

He's being evasive. Roll to get information out of him. How do you go about it?


File: 1352788030635.png (4.92 KB, 673x181, margin.png)

>Marginally impressed


I scratch at my beak with one of my claws.
"You aren't forgetting to tell us something, are you? It would be a shame if you lied to us about something, and the other gryphon and I decided to tear you apart."

Roll #0 8 = 8


What could they be thinking conversing with these ponies, I better go see that they don't get themselves killed.


Chester and Bethany, do you want another whack at Door 3?

"I like a good bar brawl as much as the next buck, but this ain't the time or place…"

"I'm not going to lie, it's some freaky magic in there. If you can't handle that, you and your buddies best turn around and go elsewhere while us tough guys sort it out."


No, I want to go join the others, better we try that as a group.


It can wait, I'll wander on over towards the other three who are browbeating the thugs.
The puzzle is something we'd either have to discuss amongst ourselves, or take wild guesses until we luck out.


"Thank you for tell us. What do you mean by 'freaky'?"


"We had the mage take a look at it. Made him go bonkers, and by what you told us… well, it sent him pretty far over the edge."


Before we go on with my suggestion, I'll wait until we get an answer to this.

"How about I take one of the Celestials and the Lunanites Is that right? to check out the room? The other three can stay here, and keep an eye out if our filladling causes anything?"




There is only one Lunatic/Mooninite/Lunite/what-have-you, so you're technically correct in saying you're taking one of me.


"Seems like a solid plan. You can count on me to watch your back."


"There is one addendum I'd like to add before we start looking into the Eye of Madness, as it were. You have to reveal the rest of your party, as it's only fair that we are on more equal footing with each other."


((Still here, paying attention, just waiting for something to react to.


"Alright, get ready."

Are you asking me?


"Well, they're all in this room, no missing them." The Earth fighter shrugs and swings the door open. Inside you can see other brigands and thugs in various states of rest and alert, like they've been crawling around in these dungeons far longer than any of you.

Roll for Perception to get a good read on each of them.


Just throwing in my two bits to the Earth pony thug blocking the door.


Hooray, perception! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I check 'em out.

Roll #0 9 = 9


Rolling for a head count. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #0 6 = 6


I'm rolling to see how many, if any, are wounded.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Thanks. But be careful, I don't want any of you getting hurt either."

Let's see what we got.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Here's the general makeup of the group:
Earth Knight male (your doorman), armed with metal gauntlets and no other visible weapons.
Zebra Rogue female, unconscious
Donkey fighter of some kind, wearing heavy clothing but no visible armor
Buffalo Cleric male, armed and armored with halfplate and a halberd

Counting the missing Dogmage and Goat, they used to have six in their party.


How very… diverse.
"What ho, Cleric. Whom do you serve?"


The Cleric's regalia indicate he follows a Neutral deity of some kind.


"And this is the room with the trap?"


He grins toothily at you. "I serve the Changer of Ways."

Roll #1 1 = 1


Lets check out the cleric for any symbols of his deity. and nothing else '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


>critical failure



He bursts into buffalo chips, what else?


The room appears to be a storeroom of some kind, with a few pipes and gently turning gearboxes. There are two doorways on the far side: one is closed, and the other has been completely smashed through. The Doormane gestures at the latter, "Uh, that was me. The other door leads to the trapped room."


He is most definitely a servant of a Neutral deity, most likely not of Good or Evil alignment.


"Alright, is the anything else you can te-"

I whirl around when I hear him speak and move a claw to my sword.
"What did you say?"


I'll nod for a moment at the Buffalo's answer, filing that information away for the moment, and then speak with the Earth Pony again.
"What happened to your Zebra friend? Is she in need of aid?"


"If they have a healer with them, I'm guessing she's out for a reason. Maybe she went crazy, like the mage."


"That trap is sounding more and more like something to avoid entirely."


"A point to consider, though I'd like the facts before I make assumptions."


The Earth Knight nods. "She was working on the trap with our Mage. She's out cold for the time being, but she's stable."

The Earth Knight and Donkey tense up, just as ready to draw. The Buffalo is at ease, however. He's chuckling, even.

"Is it honor that binds you to violence?"


"I'm thinking, what if I was wrong about who goes in there? We know a magic user went mad there, but what about the goat?"

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Just keep your tricks to yourself while we are down here."
I let go and walk over to the intact door.


I listen carefully, watching for any trickery. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Gaeton sets a claw on Klandin's shoulder. "Easy now, brother. What's the matter?"


"The Discordant one is."


"Does she require aid, or do you fear her to suffer the same end as the mage, and this unconsciousness is aid enough?"


"…Religion? You're ready to kill a man over religion?! I'll never understand you cultist types…"


The Buffalo isn't pulling anything, though knowing his kind, even that can be reason for suspicion. He shrugs and responds to Chester.

"That magic in there attacks the mind. She's sleeping it off. I've done all I can for her."


"Sorry about my friend here."

I smile sheepishly at all members.

"But do you mind if I ask about your goat friend? We only encountered him 'briefly,' but I'd like to know if he was affected in the same was as the diamond dog."

In a low breath.

"Keep an eye on him, but remember: eyeballs don't make sounds that can get others riled up."

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Then I shall take it as you say, and hope for her recovery."


"We had Lantak take Brewski out for some air when he started throwing a fit."


"Attacks the mind, eh? Well then, I should be immune! Mind if I take a look?"


"What were the first signs?"


"A magic that attacks your mind?" I say a quick prayer for protection. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


I do the same.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"That sounds like a good plan. The mage is tricky, though."

A pause.

"Feel free to turn back if you change your mind. I don't have many methods of subduing that don't involve lethality."


You feel warmth fill you with vigor.

"Well, he seemed pretty set on the idea that we were going to stab him in the back. Which is weird because we already paid him up front to be part of the crew…"


"How long was he in there?"

Roll #0 8 = 8


"About five minutes of study."


"So your ally went in for five minutes, and came back with this idea that you were all out to get him? Are you sure that was magic that gave him the idea?" '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Paranoia, okay. I'm ready if everyone else that is going in is."


"Now that you mention it, he was getting kinda fidgety on his way in, but he knew a lot more about Filchfire than any of us. Arcane knowledge and stuff must have been getting to him."

"But Zinya was in there with him, and she got knocked out by some dark stuff herself, so we're sure there's something else in there…"


"If there's something that can knock folk out, I'd better go too."


"Who do you think was worse off faster?"

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Zinya, she just fell over unconscious like something ate her brain. Brewski was a raving lunatic… no offense."


"If there is dark magic inside, we should avoid it. Celestia can't stop us from being foolish, we'll have to find another way to solve this."


"Sounds like you're clear to head in."


"Good luck."


"Perhaps if we disable the trap, her sensibilities will return."


"There goes my plans. And here I was thinking that I was so clever."

"Were there any other routes that we haven't explored?"


"Several, the ladders in the machine room and the poem-locked door."


There's the door the Earth Knight broke through, Door 3 in the Trash Heap…. and if the others told you about it, the ladders in the Machine Room and the Forgetunnel beyond.


"We could try to solve the riddle on that door?"


"Let's check out the other ways. We know trouble lies down this route, and wise ponies are leery of walking right into them."

Didn't that one blow up?


no, it was just an explosive paper.


"If we were wise, we would not have come here so ill-prepared."


Let me ask the other party here a question.

"Why did you choose to go down this route? Were there no other ways of moving forward?"

"I've got an idea of how to move through that room, but I'd rather keep you wizards in full control of your bodies. Let me hear their answer, while you decide if you even want to go through with it. You could end up like our fallen Diamond Dog back there."


"After all this, we're turning around? Fine, I'm going to go read the riddle on that door."


"I believe the gryphons had already left to poke the door, I'm afraid. Our arguing here is just filling time until either they come back, or they, well, come back but not quite the same way."


"The door I smashed through is where we came from. The riddle door in the Trash Heap we didn't bother with. We didn't dare try the Machine Room, and the tunnel you guys caved in we were going to try after a first attempt at this magic trap here, but…"


If anyone is going to Trash Heap Door 3, the riddle is here: >>197451


File: 1352793673427.png (187.33 KB, 829x963, just_a_test__just_a_test__by_t…)



I give him my most comforting look. "Please, go on.. Its important.."


"Well, you saw what happened. We're kinda beat after that, and the way back isn't entirely safe, either."


Alright, it's midnight here, and two players have to retire immediately if not soon. Shall we make this another pregnant pause in the Quest?


Sure. I'm cool with that.



I suppose we must. Same time tomorrow, or are you spoken for?


Oh, we'll have to hold off til Wednesday again.


I can actually start at the real start time tomorrow.


Nevermind… On Wednesday I will be joining at my usual late time.


Such is life.


Tsvetkov will be late again, but who is present?




Present and accounted for.



Can we get a quick summary of where everyone is?


Refer to >>197309
Everyone is in Door 2 of the Trash Heap, with the Stranded Adventurers.


Getting the party's ducks in a row:
You're in a storeroom adjoining the Trash Heap. There is another band of mercs here: Earth Knight, Zebra Rogue, Donkey fighter, Buffalo Cleric (deceased: DDog Mage, Goat fighter)

Exits: the Trash Heap, maintenance tunnels, dark magic room
The maintenance tunnels is where this second group came from. The door is smashed inward.


I believe our Gryphon party members were on their way to investigate the door/trap while we discussed the last moments of their mage. I'm not sure anyone else wanted to risk losing their mind, though we're going to have to poke it eventually.


"If our gryphon friends volunteered to go first, I'd ask our mages to meditate and prepare themselves for entering behind them."


We don't have any, technically. I'm the closest we've got to a wizard.


What's the plural for magic users then? We have an eclectic mix of them.


"I dunno man, I like my sanity… Is there really nowhere else to go?
"Maybe we should take another crack at the riddle?"


Well, we've got me, who's a cleric, Tsetkov who is a Necro, and then Beth and Klandin who are multiclass Cleric/something-or-others. So I suppose Spellcasters would be a decent descriptor.


How's that vow of chastity going for you?

Magic =/= spells


Bethany and Klandin are Cleric+Paladin, aka Celestials


Terribly. Only four years to go, though, and then I'm picking out robes and hats.


"We can try, but my specialty was actionable intelligence, not riddles."

"Was there another route that you think we could use in those steamy tunnels?"


"Well, there were ladders out of the tunnel. We didn't check up those."


"I have a theory about that riddle, but we could try this door once, and see if it will be more agreeable to us than to the unfortunate mage."


"If you do, let's hear it. I might not like those runes, but knowing what to expect is an advantage. If not, we can try our knight's ladders. We know that the door behind us will tax our minds, so we can try the others and rest before we try the mind bending room."


"Well, it's a bit of a gambit, but if you recall the riddle, there was something common to all of its parts."
Turning to the other party, Chester will continue.
"Now, if any of you fine folk would like to accompany me to see if my hypothesis is correct, I extend the invitation. We might be able to find something beyond that door to aid your own search."


"We're keeping watch here until Zinya snaps out of it. You tell us if you can give us a shortcut out of here, though." The Earth Knight nods. "We're not going back the way we came short two heads."


"How about you let us in on that idea before we move in on it?"


"I'm for another round with the riddled door if you are.."


"Because I was planning on lessening the risk to the rest of the party in case I'm wrong. And…"
Here I'll move in a bit closer to Gaeton and whisper.
"I don't completely trust this other group."


"So. Shall we?"


"Makes sense, I guess." I move to the door. "I'll take up the rear; Chester, after you."

I follow him out.


"Lead the way."


"Very well, lets check it out then."


>>197451 for reference
There's a ladder leading up to the third door's platform, which is separate from the two-door platform.

On the platform itself, you find no handle to the door, but a plate with engraved writing:
I'm with you at dinner and see you to bed
I'm in your dreams, and the sky overhead
Speak one of my names, some speak them with dread
Speak and a door shall open ahead


I fly to a few feet below the riddle platform, and prepare to catch any flying party members.


"I suggest the rest of you stay below, just in case."
Climbing up to the door, I shall provide my answer.
"The letter E."


The wall dispenses a paper tag. Dare you read it?


I am Skeletor, I dare anything.
I'll take my chances, though I shall hold it about a foot away with telekinesis.


It's PIKACHU! aka a Lightning Rune

Roll #1 3, 5 = 8


A blast of lightning arcs forth from the tag, but you are able to dodge out of harm's way and let the electricity fly past, grounding itself into an idle part of the scrap heap. The dismantled golem twitches in a macabre fashion.

So far, desire and the letter E have not done much for this door.


"Well, so much for that. How about the letter D?"


Well, there goes my idea. Unless I just worded it wrong.
…Or maybe… Nah, there are no shadows in the sky.


"Mate's I'm not so sure that guessing letters is the way."


"… But there IS darkness. Try that!"


"It was worth a shot, Bethany. I've another idea, but it doesn't meet all the criteria of the riddle, since there are no shadows in the sky."


Chester: You feel like you should know this.


"…Heavens above and Luna preserve, I'm thick. It's the Moon."


"Or the night. One of the two."


I am have come.


What answer do you present to the door?


"The moon, of course! Should I try saying it for the door?" I ask concerned.


I'll say the night, since you don't always dream of the moon. If that doesn't work, I'll try the other.


So do I, but I don't brag about it.


The door appears to shiver slightly, but it doesn't open. You get another paper tag. Have you learned not to read these yet?


Chester: You're on the right track.


Yes. I will, without reading it, tuck it under the debris pile with telekinesis.


"Be careful. Using magic on explosive runes can set them off. Though it might be useful to take them with us. We could use magic to remotely detonate the tag, possibly in the golem foundry."


"If this tag is anything like the others, it activates upon reading."


Good choice!

Don't give me ideas now.


You know, this riddle is going to be so obvious after we solve it.
But, since we seem to be blundering in the right direction, I'll take >>200008 suggestion and say "The Dark."


The paper tag that's printed out this time is extra long. One wonders what kind of spell needs that much space.


One that isn't going to be read. That goes under the pile as well.
Hrm. I can't help but feel I'm missing something obvious, but I'm still pulling a blank on ideas. Any thoughts from the rest of the gang?


You sure about that? Come on, take a look, I'll catch you if you get fucked.


"Sorry, but anything deeper than estimating the time for a good broth is beyond me."


"I'll try a guess." I step forward and whisper to the door. "Moonlight."


"I'm afraid the better part of my creativity has gone the way of my expression," I remark dully.

"Most of my speculations are too literal, I believe. I have come up with, 'circles' and 'energy'."


You also get a paper tag!

It's awfully nice of whoever designed this security feature to make the intrusion countermeasures opt-in. Just imagine if you had all gotten zapped for every wrong answer…


I frown and crumple the paper. "How about if I make multiple guesses?"


"Nightmares are in dreams… and in the night sky, and Luna sees the Equestrians to bed…"

"Two names, eh? Nightmare Moon."


"But with us at dinner?"


The door shimmers and sinks into the ground.

The tunnel beyond is darker than the others, dimly lit with blue light but more spacious. Instead of pipes, this one has numerous engravings in its walls.


"I don't like the idea of that witch being with me at any time, much less every night. Such a horrible riddle this wizard has placed before us." I scowl at the door and pray for Celestia to open it so we won't have to speak the name of the nightmare.


"Congratulations, Tsetkov. You've solved the riddle and opened the way."
And I feel like a bloody moron. I had actually discounted that idea.


Oh, well in that case I won't pray for it open..
"So, this wizard is a follower of that thing? I'd better go first." I test out the tunnel and examine the walls.

Roll #0 6 = 6


…Wait, seriously? With you at dinner? How the fuck does that make any sense at all?!


In before the engravings are more runes.

I blankly watch the Buffalo forge ahead before continuing.


"This wizard is likely a godless heathen. Let us be cautious."
After a moment, I'll continue.
"Though, if anyone wants to inform the other group that we've got the door open up here, feel free. We might be need all the hooves we can get."


I made it up on the spot, shush! Riddle postmortem:
Dinner is in the evening, as is bedtime
Nightmares are in dreams, the Moon is in the sky
She is Princess Luna, or the Mare in the Moon, or Nightmare Moon

Sure enough, many of the engravings illustrate Nightmare Moon's rule, and as is typical of Nightmare worshipers these are mixed in heavily with more "family-friendly" imagery of Luna, Guardian of Night and the Eternal Vigil.


I scoff, "Well, its certain that he follows the moon goddess, he has both forms of her here.."


I'll keep going to down the tunnel.


"Yes, let's. I'll take point."


"These symbols are personal, which may indicate private quarters ahead. Such quarters would be an ideal target for looting for your purposes. If we mean to deal with Filchfire, he'd likely be there, too."


"Then it is my Duty to punish him for his transgressions here. The only trouble is, of course, getting to him."


The tunnel begins to slope upwards, becoming a stairway, and gets considerably darker even with the magic blue flames from the sconces to light the way.

After a bit of an ascent, the group comes out into the center of a larger chamber, shrouded in darkness save for very sporadically placed blue lanterns stationed about the area. This grand hall stretches on into darkness, its true height and breadth obfuscated by the shadows creeping in from all sides, with only the island of blue light.


I'll pull a torch from my pack and light it up. See if that spreads a bit of illumination around.


Your torch provides a goodly amount of warm light, as it should.

As it sheds light, you notice that the formerly shadowed ground near you is still quite dark. In fact, on closer inspection, the ground is teeming with a living shadow of some kind. The surface appears to shift uncomfortably, swimming with nameless shapes. It stings slightly to the touch as you walk around, but doesn't seem to specifically react to your presence.


"This… what is this? It's almost… alive."
I'll turn to the other two clergy-minded members of the party, Klandin and Beth.
"Do either of you have a clue of what this is?"


"This is not a good place. We should move, quickly. Let us not tarry. We should either retreat… or if we wish to pass through, our best bet is going straight ahead until we hit a wall."

Roll #0 4 = 4


I dunno why I rolled there. Disregard that.


I look at the shadow with fear and try to hurry the party away from it. "That creature is definitely of the dark goddess, don't get close to it."


"As much as I don't mind hiding in the shadows, I'm somewhat disconcerted when the shadow hides on me." Let's make haste and investigate what is near."


Name fell off.

"If she doesn't like it, neither do I. Let's leave a warning note for any other adventurers that come by and move on to the ladders the other flyers found."


As you all walk in whatever direction you've chosen, you notice that the areas shrouded in darkness are still shrouded in darkness as you pass through them. The shadow is everywhere on the floor. The only places this black stuff doesn't seem to spread is the areas around the blue lanterns.

Do you continue through the darkness or investigate a blue lantern?

I would suggest making rolls if you are actively searching, investigating, or doing anything else to discern the nature of this room.


I'm going to check out ['1d10'] the nearest lantern.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I shall investigate the blue lantern.
Here's hoping I find something.

Roll #0 3 = 3


I'll keep an eye out, but I'm not touching anything where that Shadow has been.

Roll #0 10 = 10


I try to knock down a lantern. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I try to conjure up a minion.

Roll #0 8 = 8


As noted earlier, the floor around the blue lantern is clear of the living shadow. Chester's torch makes this very obvious, as the texture of the living shadow comes to an abrupt end at the edge of the blue lantern's light. It has a plaque attached to it.

You find plenty of dead souls, but no dead corpses. The area is rife with death. If you could raise shadows or bind spirits, you would be in a veritable playground, but alas.

Assuming you're a good sport, you go to a different blue lantern a bit of a distance away from the others and push it over easily. It's only a stone brazier. The blue light around you is snuffed out, and you are alone in the darkness.

You hear footsteps circling the group. It sounds like something tall, but moving at unnatural speed, and it begins to approach when Bethany knocks over a lantern.

Bethany, make a roll.


I'll read the plaque.


….Oh Dear Celestia.. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


In case of containment breach, regroup to nearest blue lantern.
Do not attempt to subdue, observe, or engage Subject.
Use the warding candles in your provided containment kit to travel between lanterns, towards the nearest exit.
If you cannot move between lanterns, remain in place and await further instructions.

Auvergne looks into the darkness just past Bethany, and what he sees there fills him with utter dread. Bethany manages to catch sight of this, but when she whirls around there is only a black claw and a cold breath to greet her.

You are lifted clear off the ground by something in the darkness clasping you around the throat and squeezing. You've heard the phrase "death grip" but this would be a very literal interpretation of the phrase. Agony and terror wash over you, like the sound of a million voices crying out in pain in your head.


"Here, take this."
I give Tsetkov my lit torch, take a second from my saddlebag, and attempt to light it with the blue flame. Hopefully it will catch with blue fire and I can get over there.


No, I'm stronger than this shadow, get free.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Roll to catch magic flame.

You manage to escape and fall to the ground, stumbling your way back to the main group.

The thing in the darkness is a tall, biped creature of some kind, its lower body obscured in long shreds of cloth-like shadow melting into the ground as it shuffles about. It supper body shifts like the living shadows on the ground, difficult to make out in the overpowering gloom of the chamber.

It moves unnaturally quickly, continuing to circle the group, black gashes of its silhouette cutting across your view of the other blue lanterns.


One can only hope Luna is watching over her cleric tonight.

Roll #0 8 = 8


Torch in hand, I attempt to safely escape to the ring of light at our entrance.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Stick close to the group."So, how about we get to exit mates?"


You receive +1 Blue Torch!

Before you can reach safety you are snatched up by the Thing in the Darkness. Its touch is cold, and you feel your very bones withering as you begin to hear the tormented screams of innumerable souls pierce your skull.


I slap down on its grasp, hard, imbuing my hands with the Touch of Death, in hopes of clawing free.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


"Stay near the blue lights!"
Blue Torch in telekinetic grip, I head over to where Tsetkov has been taken.


Your Touch of Death has no effect on this creature. In fact it seems emboldened by the dark energy you wield.
In the shadows, you can see an utter blackness open up where its eyes should be, the creeping patterns and faces etched into the living shadow becoming clearer to you.

Chester's quick thinking banishes the Thing, the blue light pushing it away rather forcefully. Tsvetkov is freed!

Everyone feels a little unsteady, as though the entire chamber has tilted slightly.


"Tsetkov, you're with me for the moment. I need you to come with me over to the sconce that Beth knocked over and set it aright, and the I'll set it alight."


…what's wrong with the room?

Roll #0 4 = 4


A curt nod, I make my way to the sconce and help right it.



You can hear the Thing in the Darkness moving again, its heavy footsteps coming straight for you. Your torch flickers.


Roll #1 56 = 56


The sconce is ready, or as ready as you can make it in this obscuring darkness. You can see that while the lantern was out, the living shadows on the ground quickly swept in to cover the ground, and even the lantern pedestal itself was covered in the eldritch filth.


"Dammit, I'm no good for this kind of horseshit…"

Gaeton looks around nervously, claw on his sword even knowing it won't do him any good.


Using the Blue torch, assuming it's still lit, of course, I will attempt to relight the sconce.
Is this at a +1, or flat to roll? I'm going to roll assuming a +1, due to you saying it's a +1 torch.

Roll #0 4 + 1 = 5


"Seems he liked that… Can I get a Blessing, Celestials?"


Er. Yeah, +1.

You and Tsvetkov fumble with the lantern brazier, not quite getting the light to take. Your torch flickers again as you hear the Thing right behind you, its mere presence causing your skin to almost literally crawl.


Roll #1 12 = 12


Please to whatever god lurks in the RNG, don't let that extinguish the light.
Assuming that didn't blow it out, I'm gonna try and light it again.

Roll #0 2 + 1 = 3


I try to give him a blessing of Celestia, bring light into this darkness.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Celestia's light reaches even into this dark place, and Gaeton's form glows with an awesome power.

Your torch stays lit for the moment, but you fail to get any light into the brazier. '1d100'

Roll #1 20 = 20


Gonna keep trying until it's either lit or my torch goes out. Hopefully the former will occur before the latter.

Roll #0 8 + 1 = 9


As my sword glows, I smile. "That's more like it!" I take a swing, dragging my sword through the darker areas, just to see if it has any effect on the ground's blackness.


With Tsvetkov holding the brazier steady and you desperately keeping the torch in, the blue lantern finally takes and the living shadow is banished from your immediate vicinity.

The Thing in the Darkness seems to retreat, its heavy shuddering footsteps returning to a stalking pace around the group.

As you leave the blue lantern's radius, the aura surrounding you sparks brightly, actively warding off the darkness. You can see the tendrils of living shadow retreating from your very footsteps, though the moment you leave one spot it is instantly swallowed up by darkness.


Alright, now that that's lit, we can rejoin the others.


"So do you imagine that this was all a waste of time, or if there's actually anything worth finding in this room? I'm guessing there's not another entrance, as it would have these lights."


Your torch looks very weak now, which is odd considering how powerful the lantern is now. Whatever this magic blue flame is, it needs a special medium to burn, though the insides of the brazier are apparently only smooth stone.


"Looks like it's my turn!" I take a massive swing at the Thing, putting my entire body into the Power Attack ['1d10'].

Roll #1 8 = 8


((Does that get the Blessed bonus on normal attacks? Are crits on a natural only anyway, making it not matter?


"This could be a holding area for an experiment Filchfire was conducting. What better to spread nightmares and terror than a living embodiment of shadow and pain, ripped from the dead? I don't have the materials to consecrate this much ground, and it would likely take intervention from Luna Herself to truly cleanse this place."
Sighing, I'll continue.
"Unfortunately it seems my torch burned through rather quickly, so us rejoining the others easily is out of the question."
Hey, can Clerics Turn Undead in this setting? Doesn't quite say anything about it on the rule sheet, and if they can't I'm going to have a lot fewer ideas about how to get back over there in one piece, shy of Gaeton carrying us one at a time.


"We'll both sprint at the same time, and split. It likely can't catch both of us. Gaeton can rescue the other one."


"That is unacceptable."


Yeah, I'm treating only naturals as crits.

You are able to spot the Thing in the Darkness. Like the others, you begin to hear the unbearable wailing of hundreds of tormented spirits as you approach it head on. Mustering great strength and guided by Celestia's blessing, you cleave straight through its form, leaving a burning-white scar in the Thing's form.

It slowly melts back together, none worse for the wear, and the sunlight glow has left your blade. (The rest of you is still glowing, however.)

It opens its void eyes, inviting you to peer into the nothing within…

No Turn Undead, though you're welcome to pray extra hard!


Then I shall, praying that Luna leads the souls of the dead to their rest and freedom from their cruel bondage here.
It's probably not gonna work unless I roll a ten, but the hell if I'm not gonna try.

Roll #0 1 = 1


Well I'm fucking gone. I turn and run towards Chester et al.


Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal.


I'm sure your corpse will make a good minion.


You feel a divine entity respond to you, tinged with illicit desires and temptations of great power. You feel a dark shadow offering you a chance to walk in darkness and feel what it is like to live without fear, as a servant of fear… as a servant of the Nightmare itself.


Nope, fuck that noise, I'm going to live by the light of the kindly moon. So in the name of the moon, begone.

Roll #0 10 = 10



Chester's heart is LIGHT!

Though surrounded by darkness, you vow to turn away from the shadow and continue to be a beacon of hope. The blue fire of the Eternal Vigil now courses through you, brighter than any lantern in the chamber, the living shadow on the floor audibly reeling and scrambling away from your visage.


I'm going to seize all these invocations as a good time to flee to the entrance.


Well, let's keep the ball rolling and spread the light around. Rolling to expand my sphere of influence.

Roll #0 3 = 3



You concentrate, and though you don't extend your aura, you notice that the nearby lantern, and your torch, are reinvigorated and at full strength.


Well, I suppose I'll advance on The Thing. It's time to lay that to rest. If it attempts to break away to the sides, I will counter it with my torch.


I see him, and stop him. "Normally I don't do this, but in this case I'll make an exception. Need a lift?"


A quick nod. I latch onto his armor and hiss, "Fly!"




Roll #0 3 = 3


"Sure thing, dawg." Gaeton takes off down the hallway, skimming over the ground.


Roll pls


Aww, okay. '1d10'

Here comes my abysmal RPG luck…

Roll #1 8 = 8


The thing moves much faster than you anticipated, even dodging the blue torch you throw at it. It's definitely withdrawing from your presence, however.

You and Tsvetkov make it safely to the entrance and its blue lantern, with Chester braving the darkness.


Let's keep it fenced in. I want it away from the others, and put down for good.

Roll #0 9 = 9


Wind rushing through my hair, I give an emotionless acknowledgment to the Griffon.

"It reminded me of home. Thank you for the ride."

I think vacantly turn to observe the clash between the Unicorn and shadow.


You're not exactly sure where the "corners" of this chamber are, or if it has any, but the Thing has stopped retreating and is now trying to get past you. You deftly maneuver around it, matching its sidesteps with your own divine presence. You're keeping it from the others well enough, but can you make the final blow?


I'm sure as heck gonna try.
"Be laid to rest, creature. Find peace."

Roll #0 6 = 6


"You helped me with the zombie goat, so we're even. Or I guess we would be, if you hadn't made the damn thing in the first place…"


"There are no goats where I am from. I would like to experiment with their remains more, as it seems I have much to learn in their animation. Each unique in their own ways, though fundamentally similar. It was a miscalculation of mine to raise such a beast with no experience. I suspect the lack of corpses in this hole is starting to get to me."


The words have barely left your throat when the Thing tightens its claws around it. You feel life and light bleed from you as you struggle to assert yourself against the absolute terror dwelling in its being. The sacred blue fire wreathing your form billows forth, ethereal wings stretching out from your back as the flames fight back against the shadow.

Everyone is blinded by the intense rays of pure moonlight, and then you all find yourselves in a small, dimly-lit chamber at the top of the preceding stairwell. You can see everything here clearly in the light of the blue lanterns, including a door leading out.

The chamber is open on one end, leading out to a small dock over an underwater lake that stretches out into unfathomable darkness. There appears to be a body in a small boat roped to the dock, unmoving.


I'll investigate the body. And I'll bring my torch with me, assuming it wasn't consumed.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Well Tsvetkov, looks like it's time to continue." I head back through, to go with Chester.


I inspect the body for valuables and suitability as a minion.



Roll #0 7 = 7


I'm going to have to cut off here. It's past midnight for me and I have work.


You stumble on the steps a bit, and the torch rolls into the lake. Apart from that one splash and the long ripples moving out from it, the water is so still you could almost swear it was just smooth stone.

The body is twisted and gnarled beyond recognition, though you can tell its skin was etched, scarred, and tattooed with dark patterns. Its limbs are staked to the wooden planks of the boat, and at this stage of decay and abuse it would be no good to you (plus you'd run the risk of reawakening what dark magic it was subject to).

Okay, we'll cut it off here since we've just completed yet another harrowing encounter.


((All right, good night folks.


Thanks for running the game tonight.


Herp derp, report in. Or we can just start late.


Howdy, I'm here.


Good evening.


That was me.


Okay, waiting on one or two more.



Okay, Klandin also informed me the other night that he's busy with other things, so we'll just pick up with you three. Are you all fine with that?


I'm free tonight, so I am okay with that.


The party is in a small chamber looking out over a vast, endless underground lake of some kind that melts into the darkness. It is unnaturally still, crystal clear, and black with depth. Exits are: downstairs to the Nightmare Moon tunnel; out a newly revealed door.

There is a mooring at the water's edge with a boat tied to it. There is a nearly unrecognizable body in the boat, staked to the wood by its limbs.

It should be noted that this chamber was originally a vast, darkness filled with living shadow warded away by blue lanterns, just before the Thing in the Darkness was banished.


still here for a while.


Examine the new door for signs of heresy. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Let's pull the boat in. I'd rather not act as a lure for anything that could be in the lake."


I stand ready with my sword, and check the ceiling. ['1d10']

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Agreed, the boat might not be the only thing left in the lake.. "


I'll check around then for anything else that we might be able to use.

Roll #0 2 = 2


The new door matches the one from the Trash Heap, though it doesn't have the same locking mechanism. There is just a plate that looks like it needs to be depressed to open.

The boat is tied to the shore, and bringing it aground you can clearly investigate the boat and its… occupant. The body obviously has four limbs and a skull, and stiill has its blackened shriveled skin on it, but you would need to look closer for anything else.

The ceiling is covered in more engravings, carvings, and reliefs like those you saw in the tunnel, but they are peppered with magic runes (thankfully nontrapped) and designs that seem like ritual material. In fact the walls and floors are also covered in the stuff, and the way the shapes interact and draw the eye make you a little dizzy.

You find a second withered body in the corner of the room, curled up in its dusty robes.


I shake my head, and head over to the new door to take a look at it.


"Its got a different trick this time mates, a little plate for a lock." I eye it carefully. "Its probably our best shot out of here.." I gently press it in, bracing for a shock. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'm going to investigate the body, but I am not going to touch it. After being attacked by a being of pure darkness, and now bodies left by a lake of the dark, I don't intend to touch anything until I am certain.

Roll #0 7 = 7


The panel doesn't give very much, instead seeming to let your hoof sink into it. A very distinct impression is left in the "stone" for a moment before it slowly remolds and springs back to its original flat surface.

The panel glows red and a very discouraging sound from a ringing bell sounds. The door remains unmoved.

What tools do you have to let you examine the body indirectly?


File: 1353042326051.jpg (23.48 KB, 600x600, Spoon_TT_0000.jpg4f369608-375f…)

I have some cooking things, so a large-ish wooden spoon that doubles as a ladel for soup and emergency one-time use splint. I

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Looks like it's coded to a set of folks. Maybe the corpse in the corner…?" I head over to Auvergne, sword out. "Let me know when you're done, I need the right foreleg."


Creepy.. I shake off hoof thus clearing it of moon cooties, and look around for a clue. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Using your first roll of 7, you gently (and, one hopes, respectfully) prod the body in the corner. You can't quite tell what it was, but it appears to have been in a huddled position, as though protecting something. Its limbs fall apart, its claws clutching a metal stake and hammer.


There are no other systems connected to the door or its access mechanism, though Gaeton's instincts >>201607 are on the money.

Considering what used to be in here, it would be important not to let it out too easily.


I stare at the gryphon for a bit and pull out a small shaker.

"Do you want some pepper for your dinner?"

I'll pull out the two items into the open, so we can all check them out. Is there any writing or signs of use them?

Roll #0 2 = 2


I snicker. "Not for food, not after what the meat's been basting in. I think he might be a key."

I carefully line up a swing, and take his right arm with a quick chop.


You don't find signs of use, and aren't able to discern the markings on the stake. The hammer itself is simple and made of wood.


The corpse can make no effort to dodge your brutal swing, and its arm is cleaved clean off.


"I could save you the trouble of chopping him up and fill his body with temporary life." I cautiously offer.


I sheathe my sword, pick up the arm, and carry it over to the door.

"Too late, Sister." I press the severed arm's hoof against the new plate, my other claw on my sword just in case.


A much jollier *ding!* sound emanates from the panel, and it glows blue. The door opens.

The claw crumbles away into dust after so much abuse. The door remains open.


…"Even in this place, bodies deserve a proper rest when their purpose is up." I say a short prayer for the pony, asking that Celestia help it move on. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Well, it's not a pony; it has proper claws.

Your prayer is answered regardless. A very brief glimmer of what it once was rises up and disappears through the ceiling, and the body, clothes and all, immediately falls together in a pile of ash. In its center there is a gleaming object of some kind.

The hammer and stake remain in Auvergne's possession.


"Well, good to see that worked out." I turn, and shout "Hey featherduster! Any luck with the rest of the corpse?!"


"Looks like the guy finally got his flight to the next world and left us a parting gift."


"Thank you, Celestia." What is the object?


"What was our goal in coming here originally? After everything I have seen here I cannot leave while the foal mage still draws breath."


"There's quite a bit to this place. The mage has a golem assembly machination going on in his living room, and a sea of total darkness as a latrine. All of which are things I'd rather not deal with all at once when the mage throws them at us. And think, when we defeat the mage, he might simply let these abominations loose. Dealing with it now can save the world the hassle later."


"To conquer this challenge and bring honor to guild, this wizard is supposed to be well known for his evil. It will feel nice won't it?"


"It would feel very nice to bring him to justice."


"So is somebody with knowledge of magic going to check out the corpse's parting gift, or are we just going to stand here talking about our feelings all day?"


I step forward and examine the pile of ash for the object. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I am a warrior-priest. I know very little of magic."


"I need a trophy from the mage's body. Killing him is not necessary, but would make it easier."


It's an earring of some sort, with a faceted stone hanging from it. You can swear there's some kind of sound coming from it.


"What is it?"


Listen check.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Its a magical piece of jewelry, probably a key for later.." I hold it up to my ear what I can hear? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You can't really make out what the noise is. Maybe you should wear it?


Pfft, wearing it unblessed? After the dark magic we have seen? What kind of buffalo do you take me for. Rolling to bless it first. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'm still blessed, right? I can try it. I'm pretty sure it's just a communicator of some kind.


You can make out the sounds of speech, but you get the sense you should wear it if you want to actually hear anything intelligible.

There is a loud screech as you attempt to use divine power to influence the earring stone. The stone continues to make this awful, piercing shrieking noise that fills the chamber and causes slight ripples in the dark water.


"Bethany maybe you shouldn't bless it."


With little animation, I stuff my fingers in my ears.

"Toy with it if you want. I'm going to have a look out the door."

Roll #0 4 = 4


Oh, my.. well.. maybe I can let Gaeton wear it then.
"Someone will have to wear this cursed thing, I just wanted to be safe.."
'1d10' to make it stop screaming.

Roll #1 4 = 4


The door leads to another passageway, but more brightly lit than the others you've seen. It looks awfully clean and featureless.

It doesn't sound like screaming so much as just general noise (like microphone feedback). It's difficult to get a bead on as it uses magic you're not familiar with.


Carefully enter the passage, checking for traps or any markings.

Roll #0 1 = 1


I offer the earring to Gaeton. "What do ya say mate', will you try it on and listen to the voices? "


I look through the doorway and try to spot anything that looks like a trap.

Roll #0 2 = 2


((If I'm still all glowy and blessed…

I take it, and hang it off my ear.


You just see the hallway. There's a 4-way intersection up ahead, and numerous doors down that way (none on your side).

Skipping over the finer details of griffon anatomy, the earring is now secured to the side of your head. The screeching actually subsides, and you swear it seems to be tickling your eardrum with some kind of energy. The noise starts to resolve itself and you can now hear voices clearly and distinctly as though you were in the same room with them.

"Scry monitors on the Sleeping One have shorted out and we'll have a retrieval team sent down there shortly."
"No, send fully armed guards. It's likely related to the break-ins. That chamber is connected to the seals and the Offering Pit, we may have more bandits moving in…"


I cautiously step inside.


I pull the earring off, and stick it in a small inside pocket of my side-bag. "We're going to have heavily armed company here pretty soon, guys. Might want to think of setting up an ambush."

I shout down the hall, "Tsvetkov! Get back in here and see if you can get something put together from these corpses, we've got company on the way!"


Hearring added to Gaeton's inventory

As an aside, there's only the staked body in the boat. The body you retrieved the Hearring from is a fine pile of ash.


And the minion he had when I first joined the group was an ash spirit, so I don't see what the problem is.


I give a quick nod and retreat to the door and stand by the threshold, concealed by the edge, weapon out and hand at the ready.

"I don't think there's anything to work with in here."

The DM won't let me summon here, though I do have Improved Raise Dead. I already tried to Raise Dead in this room with a natural 8.


Hmm. Good point.

The room's changed significantly since you entered, or at least since the Thing in the Darkness was banished. You could try again…


my bad..
"What about that other group? They wanted to know if we got somewhere, do you think they would aid us if we told them of the ambush?"


Should we hide in the trash compactor?
"I can't see any spot for an ambush. Let's get out of here before they arrive."
I go to the four way intersection and look down the other paths.


"That's a good idea. Strength in numbers. They're trespassers too. Let's chokepoint any vanguard in that room. We don't know their numbers."

A pause.

"Raise dead."

Roll #0 5 = 5


It's a struggle for you, but you don't feel limited as you were when you first entered this strange chamber. The lost souls seem to have dispersed, but you are able to recycle the ashen remains at your feet and create another Ash Spirit.

During your meditation, something very odd stands out to you: The withered body in the boat is very much alive.


The corridors are brightly lit, like daylight, with smooth marble tiling all around. There are numerous wooden and metal doors set into the passageways.

Roll for perception?


Drawing my ensorceled spirit up to full height, I turn and remark to the Buffalo in an even tone:

"I had noticed while consolidating this one… Our kindly host in the boat is still with us."

A pause.

"As in, not departed."




Roll #1 4 = 4


I widen my eyes and take a look at the boat. "Do you think that he's been reporting to the others?" '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"No, they mentioned the scrying being out, and they're sending a team to investigate, not to attack. If anything, he's a sacrifice."


"I was not trained in the arts of communing with the dead, merely in their weaponization. We will have to manually investigate the corpse, but it looked more contained than allied with Filchfire."


You spot no inconsistencies or signs of impending doom… for now. Still, the many doors seem like plentiful hiding places, or hatchways for further monstrosities.

There's been no movement or activity from the boat or its lone passenger at all.


I look into the boat.
"Hello? Can you hear me?"
I'm going to go grab a bite to eat.


"Hello, anyone home?"

I'll wave my hoof about, maybe he'll react to motion?


What an unfortunately placed turn of phrase!

Visibly, the body is dead, and doesn't react to you at all.


"Should we.. pull him back in?"


The boat is moored and pulled aground. The passenger is staked to the boat.


"It's an unnecessary risk. There's an investigation team on the way, and we don't know what will happen if we free him. He could be another monster, and even if he isn't, we don't know that he will be helpful towards us. Our best bet is to set up an ambush in tandem with the other party, subdue one of the investigators, and root out Filchfire's location."

A pause.

"What do we have to gain from freeing that thing?"


I twitch a little ".. if he's still alive, maybe I can heal him?" I pull out the stake and give it a try. '1d10' to heal him.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"We check it out while it is near. I'd rather not be pinched between between enemies."


There are four stakes, one in each of its limbs. Regardless, you quickly and cleanly pull out one stake.

You shouldn't have done that.

The underground lake seems to boil, trapped souls being ripped from its depths. The living shadow returns, pouring out from the body, covering the entire chamber and moving to bar the open doorway to the halls.

The metal stake in your possession begins to rattle and shake as though animated by some powerful will. The same happens to the stake Auvergne retrieved.



In the same flat monotone, I yell, "THIS WAS AN AWFUL DECISION MADE ON GOOD COUNSEL."

I throw myself onto Bethany's stake, trying to pin it back into the corpse.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Bethany! JAM THE STAKE IN!"

Since I was close, I'll try to get my stake back in with the hammer.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Where do you place your stake? The free limb, or elsewhere?


"WHAT THE-" I J-j-jam it back in. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


You flop around on top of the buffalo lady.


someone pls post



Bethany barely manages to put the stake back into the Thing's limb. Auvergne drives his stake through the chest.

That seals it well and good. The living shadow dissipates and retreats into the blackened husk it came from. The lake returns to its preternaturally perfectly still, almost crystalline state.

You're still in the chamber over the water, and have not returned to the endless darkness.


"…let's get out of here."
I go back into the clean looking hallway and walk until I come to the intersection.


"Is your curiosity suitably sated?"


"I would like to put some distance between us and whatever team is coming."


"Agreed, lets head back to where we left the other team."


"To the garbage pit!"


Or I follow the group.


Your group makes it back to the Trash Heap to meet up with the other group.

The storeroom is empty. The door to the magic trap room is ajar.


"Someone please tell me why we abandon this group?"
I look through the doorway.


I investigate the smashed-in door to see if anyone is in the maintenance tunnels.


"Because the mind bending room we knew was ahead of us. So we investigated the lake of semi-primordial darkness instead."


"HELLO?!" I call out as I look around. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Something tells you that's a bad idea. You can hear an eerie buzzing and murmur from beyond the doorway, and what little you can see through the crack doesn't tell you much.

The maintenance tunnels are filled with pipes and machines as far as you can see, though it's a slightly more open environment than the Machine Room and the other set of tunnels. These seem to be a vast network of catwalks, passages, and pipelines intertwined around much larger constructs and secondary structures.

The storeroom is empty, there is very little sign the other group was here apart from the bedroll the unconscious rogue was using, and that is slightly ajar as though she dragged herself out of it.


"Where do we think they went? Now that I know they are probably not bandits I do not enjoy the thought of leaving them down here."


"Well, they could have gone into the machine room, they said they wouldn't be leaving out that way correct?"


"They seemed too smart to go into the trap room unless they found a way to disarm it. They CAME from the maintenance tunnels."

I nod at the Buffalo. "I think that's the most likely. They said they were going to investigate that direction next — though down the pathway we closed. They probably headed to the ladders for the Golem Foundry."


"So where to now?"


"Lets go after them there, we should really warn them that guards are onto us." I head over to the golem factory.


"Sounds like we'll check the golem foundry first, then the ladders."

On the way, I check for clues, especially drops of blood or signs of struggle.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"I follow them."


File: 1353052674250.png (164.69 KB, 960x720, upd.png)

Shoddily thrown together update.


You all head back through the Machine Room to the tunnel where the construct army was being marched. There are still droves of them walking down the tunnel beneath the catwalks, and you can either cross the tunnel or follow it in either direction.


I cross to the other side of the tunnel and take a look around.


Are there any signs of anything being through here? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I'd like to listen for anything out of the ordinary. Cramped spaces like these, sound is the best.

Roll #0 3 = 3


You see no signs of anything else having been on the catwalks.

The door past the tunnel leads to a literal golem foundry. Looking in you can see a great chamber, bigger than a castle courtyard, through which innumerable metal pieces are being shunted and shoved together, animated with magic force and marched on to join the others in the long tunnel you had passed through. It's a grand, automated spiral and mess of arcane machinery.

Sadly, the marching of the drone army drowns out any distinct noises you would be able to hear.


Up the ladder then, its big enough for me right?


Oh wow, it's already past midnight?

Let's call it for now, then. I know it feels a little anticlimactic after last session's encounter…


It's fine, 'night GM.




and so the weary do get to rest. I felt kind of epic for all those good holy rolls, I should really worship the sun more often.


No quest tonight.


No Saturday quest either…?


From now on, no quests from me on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday evenings PST (UTC -8).

We are on for tonight in approximately 4h30m

Chester has informed me he will be late tonight.


Necromancer reporting.


Rogue reporting in


Actually, we finished up early. So I'm here.


So that's three of you so far.


"No point in starting a fight needlessly. Let's find an alternative route."

I retreat back across the bridge and make my way up the ladders in the machine room.


I follow him.


"So what, exactly, did you lot get up to while I was resting after the fight?"
Chester will follow after them.


"We found a doorway that lead to an intersection, but we learned that an investigation team was en route, so we retreated here. The other party has disappeared without a trace, possibly through the mind trap room. The body in the boat was still alive. Against my advice, they unpinned it briefly, causing the living shadow to return."

A pause.

"We repinned it before coming back down here, of course."


"Its was a poor choice of actions, I admit. "
I check out the ladder.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Hey, we pinned it down EXTRA good this time. And I got a swanky hammer out of it."


Chester will simply shake his head at this.
"Well, one would have thought that killing it once would have been enough. I apologize for not being there to contribute my efforts."
I'll then assist Bethany.

Roll #0 5 = 5


Bethany has some extreme difficulty getting up the Machine Room ladders, and Chester can barely catch her as she slips off the bottom rungs. Unfortunately he can't quite carry her and they both fall over onto the floor.

The way up the ladders is relatively safe, though it has very little in the way of breaks or ledges, and you can't quite make out where they lead.


"Sorry, Bethany. It seems channeling all of that… whatever it was took a bit more out of me than I thought. Are you alright?"


I begin my ascent, calling along my ash spirit which drifts dreamily behind me.


"I seem ta be fine, just a little bump after all. Nothing to fret over mate." I pause gazing up the ladder. "You don't suppose another monster like that shadow is waiting for us up there?"


See, I'm confused as to whether we're on the ladders or still at the bottom, because you didn't say if we're at the top, or if we're in the middle somewhere, or describe where we ended up. So we're still at the bottom, right? That's what I assumed for my post.


I climb up the ladder.


Unless you want to roll to make progress or search for alternate routes along the ascent, you're all rising relatively slowly along the machine room wall. You can still see the lower parts where you entered and the rafters above are shrouded in dim light that make it difficult to examine at a distance. The open air is populated by flame and gas jets, making flight dangerous if not simply difficult.


"There's always a possibility, though I don't enjoy the idea of tangling with another of those things."
I'll throw out a spot check every so often, just in case there are side exits.

Roll #0 8 = 8


A Pegasus' eyes are just as good as any eagles. Looking around for goodies and new entrance ways.

Roll #0 7 = 7


You notice that there are points where the ladders seem to branch off, with rungs and rails leading towards the corners on either side. They don't have any obvious ledges or hatches next to them, at least none you can detect at this angle or distance.


I keep on climbing while keeping an eye open for any traps.

Roll #0 8 = 8


I suppose I'll point those out to Auvergne, and let his roll take care of things from there.


I'll just go straight up don't want to fall off again.


"None of you suppose this ladder is endless, like that entrance hallway, do you?"

I try to spot the top of the ladders.

Roll #0 10 = 10


When Chester points out his discovery, your investigation of the side rungs shows that there are indeed extra access hatches in the corners, sealed with valves. They're large enough, like doors.

A rumble from above alerts you to a rapidly descending metal block lowering itself on a cable. As it passes by the group on the main ladder, it blocks off each of the side routes on its way down, eventually pausing over one of the hatchways. You can hear a muffled clunk from within the box.


"Now, what do you suppose that is?"
Is it wide enough that it would knock us off the ladder, were it to continue its descent?


I climb over to investigate.

Roll #0 3 = 3


It's obviously an elevator, which means we're in an elevator shaft, which begs the question: who puts FIRE in their elevator shaft?


Wizards, of course. Wizards whose security consists mostly of golems.


"What are you looking at.." '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I'll put my ear and hooves up to it. Can I tell if there is something on the other side?

Roll #0 8 = 8


The lift would knock you off the side rungs. If you remain on the main ladders, you're safe.

The two of you are both sizeable and heavy, and have a bit of trouble trying to navigate around each other on the wall.

It seems hollow, like another short tunnel leading into a room of some sort. Close quarters inside, most likely.

You should note that you're on a hatchway opposite the lift that just came down. Who's to say there isn't another one somewhere above you?


"If our companions with claws or hands could gain entry, that would be swell. It seems to be a transport of some kind, and we might be able to take it straight to the wizard."


"Will comply."

I scan the sky for any other metal boxes, and if safe, search the box for an entrypoint.

Roll #0 9, 4 = 13


You don't spot any movement, and begin searching the box. You spot what looks like a hatch in the top but can't seem to pry it open with your claws.


I hold fast for word from him.


I try to rapid-rust the metal by applying the Touch of Death.

Can I do that? The description just says it rapidly ages the 'enemy' on success. Doesn't specify biological targets.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


((I don't suppose we can pretend I've been here the whole time? Got a thing tomorrow, so I was out of it and just realized what time it is.


>i'll allow it.jpg

There is a horrid screeching sound as you warp and twist the metal under your paw, and that panel falls inward. The inside of the box is a rather well-lit elevator with a plush carpet floor and wood paneling. You can see that the hatchway is open, and there are no beings inside at the moment.


No problem.


"That was a fair bit louder than I'd have liked, Tsetkov, but good job on the hatch."
I'll wait until Auvergne and Tsetkov both give the all-clear, though, before entering.


"There doesn't feel like there was anything behind these valves. However, they might not be expecting any to come in from this machine."


"Should I go first, perhaps?"


That doesn't mean they don't leave behind one just in case. Completely justifiable paranoia when dealing with wizards and their towers.


"If there is a trap we'd better have someone that can fly go first in case a quick escape is needed."


"Apologies. My specialty is decay, not subtlety."

I nod, and signal with my hand for him to approach.

"See if you can get the hatchway closed so we can move everyone inside without being spotted."


"All right."

I look around for a control panel, and step inside.


No control panels on the outside of the thing.

Inside is as described above. There is a control panel here consisting of a… stretched papyrus and an ink quill.

The open hatchway forward leads to a short passage with another hatch door on the other side, slightly ajar. There's some slight movement and murmuring on the other side.


I move over to the box with the others.


Any words on it?


I'll try to get in the box as quietly as possible, all things considered.

Roll #0 10 = 10


The papyrus is blank.


can I hear anything in the room?

Roll #0 6 = 6


Your own party is uncertain as to whether you're in the elevator or not, so stealthy were you.


((Okay, I have no idea what to do here.


I'm going to wish I'd saved that 10. I'm going to wish that so hard, I can feel it in my bones.
I've got a bit of an idea of what to do with the Papyrus, but there's a good chance it will end up doing nothing.
It involves writing down where we want to go, such as "Roof" or "Lobby," or similar things.


"It probably takes magical instructions of some kind. Try writing a command on the papyrus."


I try to quietly climb in as well.

Roll #0 3 = 3


The murmur sounds like voices speaking, but not in any language you know, nor from any kind of voice you can connect to a creature.

Klandin has all the grace of a blind overweight ostrich wearing cowbells on its feet.


"Try telling it to go up."

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Into the next room. We gotta be pretty specific when it comes to magic."


I write 'up one floor' on the papyrus.


The lift rumbles to life and slowly slides upward, leaving the open hatchway behind. Sure enough it stops on the next hatchway up.

The ink fades away as it dries.


"Alright, so we figured out how it works. Now, let's see if it won't take us to the wizard's chamber."
I'll write in "Filchfire's Room" on the parchment, though I won't really expect anything to happen.


The ink sets into the papyrus and then begins to twist into new shapes.

"Which one?"


Oh you cheeky little device.
I'll write in "Bedroom."
I'm morbidly curious now.


"How about the armory. Why settle for capturing the leader here when we can just blow the place to kingdom come?"

>The lake of darkness getting loose

"How about we just raid his armory and use his things against him?"


"Toying with Dark Magic is a surefire way to end up dead, Auvergne. Unless you approach it under extremely controlled circumstances, it can and will consume you and all you care for. Or so I've been told."


"A good point, its best to destroy it if we can, rather than try to use it."


"Yes. After seeing that shadow I do not want to touch any of his weapons."


"The bedroom is a good choice. A lot of personal belongings go in the bedroom."


"Well, if you guys can identify any really big magic swords that won't kill me for using them, I'd be happy to relieve Filchfire of its burden."


The elevator begins to ascend obscenely quickly, nearly pinning all of you to the floor with the force and speed of its ascent.

You get that eerie feeling again that you got when exploring the first tunnel in the gold portal, the elevator has been rising far longer than would be possible for even the tallest tower in the city of Gloom, though after your dimensional entryway you really have no frame of reference. There is something just wrong about the space in Filchfire's laboratories.

The lift finally stops at an ornate hatchway gilded with inlays and shapes of obscure origin. Like the other hatchways it requires a spin of the valve to open.


"He's a wizard, so you're probably going to have to rip them from his minions. The golems don't seem armed with much more than their fists, but I'm sure we'll run across something more formidable in due time."
"Alright, careful now, everyone. Once everyone is ready, I'll open the hatch."
And then I'll move to the side of the elevator and wait for everyone to get ready.




I test the hatch's valve to see if it will open.

"No need for adieu… I should hope everyone here is ready at all times in a place like this."


"All set."


"Oy, that was not a friendly ride." I stand next to you ready for anything.


"Be that as it may, I was giving them time to get out of a cluster in case this was a trap."


I unsheathe my sword, stand on my hind legs to two-claw it, and nod.

"Let's go."