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If you were playing in an MLPG ded horse quest where a filly named Foxfire was fillynapped by Changelings, this is the thread to play in.

Welcome to the sub!


First order of business, which players are present?



Present. Gonna test out the dice function since it's changed since last I was here.

Roll #0 2 = 2


It's the same with additions like this one



'1d10 'r2 1d10' / Roll #2 8 = 8



'1d10' 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Thanks for the link.


It got fancy on me. Well, hopefully I won't be rolling multiple dice too often.
Now we just wait for Vargo.


If we lost Vargo, I blame myself for not linking you all to the sub. The posting downtime announcement escaped my notice.

Vote whether to continiue?


I'm fine with either.


I'm more in favor of waiting for him, but then again Do you really think he'd stick around the two or three hours 4chan's going to take to get back up?
Can you run him as a DMPC, if that's an option?


I should be asleep right now, but I haven't joined yet so whatever.


I don't know. I'd vote wait.


Trip off since they're not as necessary around here. (Hi, I'm MoronSonOfBoron, you may remember me from… nowhere.)

We have two votes to wait for him, and two votes abstaining. Then we wait.

While you're here, you new folks should take a poke around the /q/ section (the General in particular) to see what's up and learn more about MLPFMTORPG. Even if you don't stay, please give any critique or comments about the game that you have. We're working on v1.2 and already have plans for v2.0.


Ah, so my hunch was correct!

Here and ready to play.


Oh, cool.


The moment she is distracted, Jones takes a Cheap Shot at the Queen, dashing up the mound to smack her right between the eyes. Lemongrass follows through with a powerful Slam that knocks her all the way out of the chrysalis and tumbling down onto the floor.

She's a lot bigger than she looked, climbing up on her four spindly, spiny legs and extending her vast, lacy wings. The guards throughout the chamber are all on high alert and converging.

Combat begins.

For Klandin:
You tracked these Changelings down from another region but were captured in the wilds. You have been biding your time in your prison cocoon, and the moment this commotion distracts the guards, you are able to break free and retrieve your equipment… save for your book of prayers, which the Queen personally confiscated from you.

The area is dimly lit. The guards seem to be all moving in one direction, likely some great emergency judging by their sound.


I'll attempt a followup swing to her head with my Sturdy Bludgeon. Can't let her get her footing and start casting.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Wait a minute, the guards are still around?

Smash her head in again!

Roll #0 6, 7 = 13



"I know my compatriot just hit you in the face, but is it too late to take that royal guard position?"

Vargo sighs.

"Ah, never mind."

He throws a flash bomb at the queen's feet, hoping to keep her disoriented. ((Blind))

Roll #0 7 = 7


How many guards are there?

Roll #0 1 = 1


Can't risk the filly getting hurt by charging in.. Lets turn her own shadow against her. '1d10' for raise dead on her shadow.

Roll #1 1 = 1


A veritable horde.
Though they're moving in such a rush you may be able to slip past.

The Queen lashes out at you with lightning speed, pushing you off the mound but failing to pierce your armor.
Your flighty movements let you land another square hit on her head.
And you follow up that with a flash from your blinding pellet.

After this combined assault the Queen is very disoriented, and very annoyed. Her ear-splitting screech summons the guards, and they begin to pour out of the wall sphincters.

You fail to create a minion from the Queen's shadow, but you suddenly feel a second weight on your back.

Foxfire's shadow attacks you.

Roll #1 3 = 3


The clumsy shadow only manages to get Emerald's attention and clings to her head, not doing much damage. It makes angry buzzing noises and its limbs feel like tiny spines.


Are there any weak points in the walls or ceiling that I can destroy to drop the tunnel on them?

Roll #0 2 = 2


Bugger all. I'll keep swinging at the Queen until the rest of the drones get too close. After that, if she's still up, the others should be able to take care of her, right? Right.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Damn it! We can't run now! Unless…. capture her!"

Cheat shot her again on the head!

Roll #0 1 + 1 = 2



With the queen distracted, Vargo draws his dagger and attempts to get behind her for a good old-fashioned backstab.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Shit.." Maybe I can tame her shadow.. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


You can't spot any weak points in the tunnel as the soldiers start to clump together in a veritable traffic jam.

You land your blade deep in the Queen's backside for a critical strike. The spraying ichor looks acidic, though!
In a miraculous turn of fortune, you crack the Apprentice's Truncheon against the Queen's carapace, and a thundering boom echoes throughout the chamber. A pale pink light trails your weapon for a moment, leaving heart-shaped glyphs in its wake.

"WHAT MAGIC IS THIS?" The Queen hisses, reeling in pain.
In her rage, her feelers wrap around the nearest target—Jones—and she immediately flies up out of your reach. In the air, she quickly spins a sticky web-and-slime cocoon around him.

Jones is currently helpless.

Foxfire's shadow has tiny little fangs that leave tiny little teeth marks in your neck, leaving you at a tiny little 2/6 hits remaining. Good thing you're a tough earth pony!

Meanwhile, the real Foxfire begins to stir.

The guards are swarming in the royal chambers now and begin to press the attack.


I blast the largest concentration of changelings and try to run past them in the confusion.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


I will be equally surprised.
"Well, I guess there's something to the power of Love after all, eh? Let's see if we can't put it to good use!"
If I've got the time before any drones arrive, I'll take another potshot at the Queen.

Roll #0 4 = 4



Get out of her grip

Roll #0 6 = 6



"Power of love? I think I might be sick."

Vargo switches to a lighter, more aerodynamic throwing dagger and attempts to hit the queen.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Maybe its best to just stab it.. right her should make it fall apart.. '1d10' to kill the shadow.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your weapon glows with an awesome power! Celestia's burning will tells you to defeat the Changelings! Your shining strike blows away the guards, causing a domino effect in their ranks as you barrel straight through them, a living explosion of divine energy.

Finally, you explode into upper levels of the royal chambers, where a band of outsiders are fighting the Queen. The soldier Changelings are converging on them from all sides.

The Queen evades your grip, the Apprentice's Truncheon glowing dim with its violet light.
It's a good thing you have wings, because you'd take a long fall otherwise.
Your aim is thrown off by a Changeling guard intercepting you, and you take one hit of damage from the flyby attack.
The shadow pushes you to the ground and begins to maul you. You are helpless.

The Changeling swarm is assembled in the royal chambers.


"Ah! You there! HEEEEEEELLLLP!

Cheap shot the queen's head!

Roll #0 5 + 1 = 6


Shit, there goes our "wizard."
"Vargo, help Vines! Jones! Keep her off balance! Whatever's distracting them is giving us a few seconds more!"
And I'll attempt to bludgeon the Queen.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I throw one of my spears at the changeling queen as hard as I can.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Someone help this spirit is out of control!!" Try to do something about it.. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10



Vargo makes his way to Emerald's side, putting himself between her and the rogue shadow creature.

"I'm keeping track of these, by the way." He says as he takes a stab at the shadow.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Your panicked flailing lands another solid blow on the Queen. She sputters out of control and loses altitude.
But despite her poor positioning, she looses a magical bolt and deflects your attack.
As you throw your spear, a Changeling interposes itself right in front of you, and you stab it through the heart. With its dying breath it latches onto your arm, and you are stuck to it as it madly flies about in the air. You are as good as helpless until you free yourself from it.

You look into the shadow's eyes and something clicks in its half-formed consciousness. Sensations flood your mind,and you realize you are peering deep into Foxfire's own memories. Her parents were unable to conceive a child, but eventually their prayers were answered, and she was born, her glowing hair a symbol of the divine link that brought her to them. At least, this is what she was told. There is a dark secret lurking beneath it all, but Foxfire does not know it herself.
The shadow is stunned by Emerald's black magic whatever she's doing, and you see your opening, stabbing it straight through the core. As the shadow evaporates into nothing, you notice that its silhouette looks too spindly and jointed to be a pegasus.

The guards attack! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


The Changeling guards really are idiots, clumping together ineffectively as they each cross each other's paths to different targets.


I tear at it with my beak and bash at it with my shield until it falls off.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Everyone! Get ready to capture her after this…"

"Hey, Cheesequeen! Your next line will be 'EEEEEEK!'"

Activate Overconfidence and smack her with both sets of clackers, hopefully slamming her to the ground helpless.

Roll #0 2, 6 = 8


Well, now that she's back in reach, I'll attempt to Slam her off balance.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


File: 1351578395626.gif (2.93 KB, 250x242, 3.gif)


"Thank you Vargo.." I suppose I make sure Foxfire is alright now, or get up. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2



With Emerald safe, Vargo turns and fires off one more throwing knife. He nods in approval at Lemongrass' enthusiastic attack, grinning slightly.

Roll #0 2 = 2


You're kited around the room like a flailing windsock.

Your combined attacks throw the Changeling Queen to the ground, and she is helpless! The hive swarm is gunning for you now.

You are unable to get up as the Changelings buzz past you, trying to slice you with their claws.
Your attempts to cover for Emerald are met by vicious tearing and biting from the Changeling swarm. You have one hit remaining.

The Changeling swarm refocuses its efforts on Lemongrass and Jones! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


The Changelings are still comically adept at running into each other. The Queen grumbles as she clambers over herself in a futile effort to get up.


Get over to the Queen and grab her, holding a weapon to her neck.


Let's add bluff to that to help convince them.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"Call of your swarm or die, Queen. This is your one and only chance to surrender."
Who's bluffing?


I keep trying.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Me, bluff just helps convince people something you say is true, no matter what it is

Roll #0 6 = 6


I concentrate, and get back on my hooves. If I can I try to heal Jones' scratches with a natural remedy. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


I know, I was just asking for emphasis.


I meant Vargo.. sorry.



Though severely weakened, Vargo does not fail to notice the queen's helpless state. Grimacing through the pain, he draws his dagger and moves in for the final blow; however, he stops himself short when he hears his allies' call for surrender.

"Spoilsports, all of you."

He takes up a position nearby.

"Listen to these fools. Your queen is one well-aimed blade away from the grave."

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Dumbass! If she dies then they have no reason to hold back and not kill us!"


The swarm stops its attack, eyeing you carefully.

Yours is the only buzzing Changeling in the chamber, and you crash spectacularly on the ground. You take no damage, thankfully.

Vargo's spoiled fun is a moment enough for Emerald to apply an herbal remedy to his injuries, restoring him to 3/5 hits remaining.

The Changeling Queen laughs, her voice echoing like shrill thunder throughout the chamber. "When one Queen falls, another rises to take her place! Go ahead, if you dare. My hive will thrive like never before under its new leader…"


"In the meantime, the swarm's responsibility is to you. So, then…"

Turn to the changelings.

And to the party.
"Let's get out of here!"

Drag the queen out with me.


"Or, we can let you go, you leave the area, and Foxfire grows up as a normal pegasus mare, never suspecting she is a changeling. Isn't that what you want, Changeling? For your offspring to have a great feast of love? Because you felt the love she received when I hit you with this bludgeon. And You'll feel it again if you don't let us, and her, go."


I guess I'm still helpless?


We really need to coordinate better.


Help Klandin up and get out of here.. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


If I have to roll

Roll #0 1 = 1


I grab the queen and drag her behind me as I follow the others.

Roll #0 2 = 2



"Good. I'm much more comfortable in hostage situations than negotiations."

Vargo helps the others by keeping a close eye on the queen, his dagger drawn.

"Don't pretend you have no fear of death. Any creature who claims to just hasn't thought about it enough yet."

Roll #0 7 = 7


You get the mysterious helper back on his feet.

Jones' brave tirade is cut short when his voice gives out, making him sound like a filly with a cold. The cavern air is unkind to his vocal cords.

"So you realize the truth, then, do you? If you've figured it out, then you must know she'll never be normal. She'll never 'suspect' it; when the time is right, she will emerge, and her true origins and instincts will take hold.

"Why do you think I created her? Whenever a Queen falls, a nymph rises to replace her. There's no stopping the cycle, unless…" The Queen grins, her vile fangs dripping with acidic blood.


"Unless what, witch? And where is my book of prayers?"


"No.. you can't mean.." I look back at the sleeping filly still secured to my back, "We have to.."


"Unless what, Changeling? If there were a way to save the child and still break the cycle, I'm all ears. But if you're just buying yourself time, then I'll have no choice but to grind you into paste."


"We will tell her parents and her ourselves. What they want to do about it from then on will be their choice. In the meantime, the nymph will be returned."



"Well, clearly, killing her will activate Foxfire's changeling instincts. The question is, do you think it'll count to the townsfolk if we bring her back a changeling? We might have to take a pay cut, but I could probably convince them it's reversible."

Roll #0 2 = 2



((Ignore the roll. I wasn't trying to pull anything.))


I scowl at you. "Is all you can think about money?!"





I smack you. "There is more to life than a full coin purse, if money was all you wanted you should have taken her offer earlier."


"My original plan was to incubate her body here, in the hive, and transfer my knowledge and power to her fresh, healthy young body, so when she had grown up she would be nigh unstoppable when she emerged. But she can always start out like most of us do, I suppose…" The Queen idly scratches her neck.

"Ah, yes, your book." She snaps her… claws, and a drone quickly fetches it from one of the tunnels. "It will be returned to you once you have all made your decision."

"What will it be? If you kill both of us, my Swarm will have no queen to control it. They will revert to mindless, savage beasts, and tear you all limb from limb before you can leave this chamber."


"And be that much more easily put down by the warriors of the Sun and Moon."
I press my sword against her neck.
"Any last words?"


"Is there a way to suppress the growth cycle? Can it be staved off, or is it dependent on the amount of love received?"
"Not yet, Gryphon. I want to know whether we can save this child or not."



"Slow down there, stranger. I'd rather not be torn apart by bugs today."

"Do we think Foxfire will be lucid and reasonable if she becomes the new queen? We might be able to cut a deal with her."


"It says the child is a changeling. Of course, it could be lying."


"Better to err on the side of caution than cause the death of an innocent foal."


"Maybe we should wake her up if this Queen is to be believed, then Fox Fire should have a say in this decision.."


"No. This is no scene a child should see."



"…the only thing we have to do for now is return the filly safely."


"Why wake her? If she is a changeling she must be killed."


"We don't know that for certain. Until we get a straight answer, we aren't killing anything that doesn't attack us first."
Looking back to the Queen, I'll make certain to include her in that little qualifier as a warning.


Vargo suddenly has an idea.

"Hey, Lemongrass. Try handing her that club of yours. I admit love isn't my strong suit, but who knows? Maybe it'll do something."


"There is an easy way to solve this. Cut her with a knife and see what color she bleeds."


"How do we know its not the pod that turns her into a changeling?"
"If you think its for the best.."


"Anyone ever tell you you're a bit crazy?"
"As for that idea, Vargo, what do you possibly think would happen? Violent reaction, or just… what?"



"I don't KNOW. It's magic. Either she'll be cured by the power of love or it'll zap her and we know she's a full-on changeling."


The Queen is quite amused by all this discussion and waves to one of her drone workers to fetch slime tea for everyone.


"Fine! Just make sure the Queen is secure, and not dead, Gryphon, while I experiment with this."
"Vines, you might want to be prepared for just about anything."
Not really knowing what to do with it, I'll gently lay the Bludgeon against the foal's forehead.


There is an audible hum as you bring the weapon close to Foxfire. The pink glow intensifies, as does her glowing mane, until a loud crack of thunder and lightning throws you back.

The Apprentice's Truncheon crumbles to dust.

Foxfire shivers and quickly opens her eyes, as if waking from a bad dream. "Fio! Wha—" Looking around, she is sad not to find her friends. There is an uncanny lack of fear in her voice when she asks, "Where am I?"


me eyes widen. "Can't you just make a small cut, use my knife.." I hurriedly say.


"Away from your home. We should go back."

"Guys! maybe we should go back and then discuss this?"


"Oh, fox fire.. we came to save you.. are you feeling okay?"


I am careful not to look away from the changeling queen as I speak.
"What was that? What happened?"


That was… unexpected.
"Child, you are in a very dangerous place, and we all need to talk. But not here."
Turning to the queen, I speak again.
"Changeling, we shall talk more on the surface. You can come with us quietly, or unconscious. Your choice."



Vargo laughs. "Well, look at that. True love isn't total baloney after all. You're a lucky filly, Foxfire."

He turns to the queen. "Your replacement is useless to you now. If you let us go peacefully, we might even let you live."


"I think the young colt who made that has a crush on our poor darling Foxfire."

"Let me tell you now, Foxfire has always been and will be a Changeling. Every nymph is suppressed until her time comes."

"Remember this place well, child, for soon enough it will be your new home. A castle fit for a Queen." The Changeling Queen chuckles, but Foxfire just stares at her in wonder.

"I tire of your threats. I have the advantage in numbers, and I pull all the strings. You would be better off taking that filly back to her village, and we shall agree to leave well enough alone. But you won't have achieved a thing. She'll simply be out of my control, that's all."

"And don't fool yourselves into thinking the village will let her live when they discover her true nature. Why, you're almost ready to kill her yourself, aren't you?"


"…! If that's the case, then we'll take her somewhere else! Surely there will be someplace willing to take her!"


I look away, knowing the queen speaks the truth.


"You would let the menace go? How foolish are you? Would you let a vampire go, or maybe a werebeast too? We should strike both of them down now while they are within our reach!"


"When the time comes, what will be, will be. Until that point, the foal is nothing more than an innocent. I won't stain my hooves with that. Be gone from this area, Changeling, and leave these folk in peace."
"That would end in our deaths as well. You may find peace in dying for your God, but I'm still attached to my life."
"Now let's just get out of here while we still can. Your brood had best not interfere with our departure, Changeling, or we will cut them down to a drone."


"But she hasn't done anything wrong! Wait until she tries and then we can get rid of her! Until then, you, as your Paladin's duty, must help her!"


"I think you are right. These things are an imbalance, a force for destruction. We should destroy them, also the queen could be lying about the drones going wild without a queen to lead them.. Anything to save your life right?"


"Then run, coward."

"My duty as a paladin is to destroy evil, and changelings are evil."

"Finally, a pony that is brave!"



"What happens to her after we return her is no concern of mine."

Vargo turns back to the group.

"Stop this foolish quarreling. We've been given safe passage out of here AND we get to take the girl. We won! Let the village figure out what happens next. Any further meddling could endanger our pay."


"These changelings have ravaged this land, upset the spirits, and now wish to hard the ponies as well. They will drain the life from this place and leave only death. This cannot be allowed. "


"Whether it's another village or another hive, she'll emerge just the same, if they don't kill her first. Queens are not very… accommodating to visiting nymphs. This village, and this hive, are the only homes she can ever know."

"I would certainly have loved to keep Foxfire for a little while longer, but if she must go back to her mortal parents, then what shall be shall be. I will not interfere. You know what will happen if you kill either or both of us."


"And is a being who has yet to do anything but grow as any other foal evil? Is it? Answer me!"

"Let's just go with this! We can discuss this AFTER we get out of here!"


"I said nothing of running, zealot. We are simply returning the foal to her home. That's what we were hired to do, not purge a nest of changelings."
"As for you, Changeling, if I ever catch wind of you preying upon any of the nearby villages again, I will make this entire hive regret it."

"Let's just leave. Now, Gryphon, if you don't mind. There is more honor in keeping the peace than there is in pointless bloodshed for nothing."


"Changelings are changelings."

"Fine then. I see where most of you stand."
I turn back to the Queen.
"Now, witch, give me back my book."


"Very well, we shall go to the surface, and fix this later. We will need back up anyway.."
"You haven't seen what I've seen.. the way the land itself rejects them, the way the spirits abandoned this place.. Normally a grave site is crawling with spirits, newly departed, or simply unable to rest, but their grave sites are nearly empty. As soon as we entered this lair, I stated to have trouble communing with the other side, and everything I have heard has been angry and upset. The changelings need to be stopped."


The Queen waves her drone over to drop the book of prayers in your talons. She bats her eyelashes at you. "It was a good read. A divine comedy, as it were."

Foxfire is cowering on Emerald's back. "Why are there all these monsters? What do they want?"


"Look, to be completely fair, as long as I've known you you haven't had much luck talking with spirits. Also, that frankly gives me the willies. However! We can discuss this later, away from the swarm of drones."


"Child, what they want isn't important at the moment, and we'll tell you everything we can once we leave. Which will be now, if the rest of you don't mind."


"I will be back for you and yours, witch, and I will not come alone this time. Make peace with whatever higher power you follow in the time you have left."
I tuck the book under my wing and leave the chamber.


As an aside, we've played long enough that 4chan is back up. However, it's already 1AM Pacific (4AM Eastern), our usual stopping time. With this tense situation reaching a breaking point, and the quest nearing its final chapter, perhaps we can wait til the next night to continue?


I try to comfort her. "Shh, don't cry.." '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Sounds fine to me.
Here's hoping we don't end up with the party eating itself alive next session on what to do with the child.


Yes please.







I'm the new guy here so I won't go against the party's wishes and murder the child behind their backs.
If I were a Lordblade or Inquisitor, maybe.


Well, I suppose we aren't going to resolve it tonight. Can we play here next time, or do you want to go to the dead thread again?


>Emerald Vine confirmed for soothing mother voice


That's up to the players to vote. I'll check again next time we all get together to play. I could do it tonight at 11PM Eastern again?



Works for me.


Sounds as good a time as any. Looking forward to see how you wrap this one up.


I'll be around.


Either place works for me.



Our heroes are frustrated when they discover Foxfire's true nature and the Changeling Queen's gambit. Do they return to the surface with the filly and risk unleashing a monstrosity on the world, or can they somehow end the Changeling threat?


Are we doing this here?


I think so. Let's wait for everyone to show up.


I'm here.


Still waiting. Players please report in.


Reporting in.





Still here.


Hmm, missing two players. Vote to move on?


I would, but then again the two players who would argue the most are missing, so they may take it as a coup.



I say give them until a little after 9 PST. Maybe they mixed up the time zones.


It's past 9pm by my watch.


So we press on?


You're in the royal chambers at the center of the hive cluster, an army of guards arrayed about the room as you hold the Queen at knifepoint. She has explained to you that Foxfire is her nymph; taking her back to the town may doom the surface when Foxfire emerges as a new Queen. Killing the Queen will force Foxfire to emerge and take control of the hive in her stead. Killing Foxfire will accomplish… nothing.


I believe our course of action was making our way to the surface with the Queen in tow as an insurance policy.


I'd like to know how comforted Foxfire was from that ten.



Right you are. We had generally agreed to take them both to the surface, but there was some dispute over what to do with Foxfire once we had escaped the hive.

For the record, Vargo has no qualms with returning her as is and letting the problem sort itself out.


Foxfire has absolutely no idea what's going on, but she trusts you and clings to you ever tighter. "I wanna go home…"


We're going to need to have a long talk with her before we just dump her on her parents' doorstep, though. She needs to know what she is, and hopefully we can take steps to prevent the entire town from being eaten by arguing for Nurture over Nature when it comes to how she'll turn out.


We can't let her stay with her family, its like leaving them with a living time bomb.


We can discuss that on the surface. Now let's hoof it while the hoofing's good.


I assume you all discuss this amongst yourselves as you march upwards, the Queen following close behind with one or two guards with a most bemused look on her face?


Most likely.
Let's not forget to recover our rope, by the way.


Right, lets get out of here. We need back up.



Love seems to keep the problem at bay. If we leave her alone with her family and that blacksmith apprentice I'm sure she'll be satisfied for quite a while.




The Queen strikes up conversation with Foxfire during your ascent.
"Do you know what I am, child?"
"A… Changeling?"
"Right you are. And do you know what Changelings eat?"
"N-naughty little ponies?"

The Queen laughs heartily. "Goodness me, no. We thrive on love, dearheart. The more love we consume from others around us, the more powerful we become."
"Like when mommy and daddy say they love me?"
"Yes, exactly, that kind of love."
"Don't your mommy and daddy love you?"

The Queen's mouth twists in a way impossible for equinoids, and she decides to address your group. "You know, seeing you all argue amongst yourselves has been most entertaining. I could have plucked her from your bloody corpses, but… I feel a certain joy seeing you wax and whinge like this. Especially knowing how deliciously wrong all of you are."


"We'll see about that. Better to try and fail then never try at all."


I turn to the queen and narrow my eye. "Well, you amusement will be your downfall, you shall see that the world has a way of balancing itself out. The harm you have caused will come back toward you."

"Don't listen to her Fox Fire, we're just taking you home.."



I'd like a 'sense motive' check, if that even exists. I get the sneaking suspicion she's lying. Trying to throw us off the trail.

((Does my bonus extend to detecting the lies of others, or is it just for my own lies?))

Roll #0 10 = 10


Just for your own.

You get the sense that the Queen has been perfectly honest with you. This must be her Xanatos Gambit, and it's paying off…


As you reach the entrance to the caverns, the Queen has her guards stay back towards the hive. "I had best take on a new guise so as not to alert the village to the presence of Changelings. They might suspect Foxfire and take… rash actions. You wouldn't want that, would you?"



"Are we taking her with us in the first place? We need to decide if she's even valuable to us now that we've left the hive."


"We can't take the risk that her bluff isn't a bluff. So no killing."
"To be completely honest, I don't see the wisdom in letting you into the village at all. Precautions, you know."



"You know," the Queen contemplates as her limb sharpens into a blade at her own neck, "I could end my own life prematurely and force her to emerge. The violence of her transformation would wreck her young mind and turn her against each of you. For your own interests, you don't want me out of your sight."

The Queen giggles and puts the morphblade away. "No, no, I won't do that. I should pay my respects to Foxfire's parents, at least."


"Very well. But we aren't letting you out of our sight."
Gesturing to Vargo, I'll whisper "but that doesn't mean we won't look elsewhere. Make sure we aren't followed by the rest of her swarm."


"You foul beast." I scowl at this queen, forcing us to take her hostage, what kind of queen does that? " if you so desire to see her off then at least take a form like ours.. but that won't save you from punishment for the imbalance you have caused her."


"Depending on your actions, I may have to kick your ass."



Vargo nods discretely.


"So tell me, queen, if you changelings feed off love, why did Lemongrass' bludgeon cause you so much trouble?"


"Do it, and gives these cowards a reason to do what must be done."


"Love misdirected is a pernicious thing. Surely you mortals this." The Queen shakes out her mane as she prepares to transform.

In a flash of green light, she has shrunken down to a simple unicorn pony with a rosy coat and a poofy blue mane and tail. Even her voice is altered.

"As though you serve some higher power! What force will intervene on the behalf of a little hamlet town in the mountains, hm?"

"Lead on, my darlings!" She urges you towards the village.

Where shall you take Foxfire and the disguised Queen?


Well, let's ask Foxfire. Does she want to go home first, or does she want to swing by her friends' homes?


"Celestial will, witch. In her name I will see your hive burned and collapsed."


"As for you, Gryphon, can you keep the barely concealed hate to a minimum while within town limits? The less fuss this makes, the better."


"Well, Foxfire? Where do YOU want to go?"


Straight to city hall, we can at least try to lock her up right?


"On what charges? Witchcraft?"
I'll roll my eyes at this.
"It's not like they have magical Changeling detectors in the town hall, Vines."


"You want to take a changeling queen into a town? Are you dense? Are you all changelings and this just some ruse to torment me?"


Foxfire rubs her eyes. Despite having been unconscious for days, she's incredibly tired and her eyes are red. "I just want to go home…"

"You should take her home, she must be worn out by this little trip. Besides, her parents must miss her dearly, it would only be right, wouldn't it?" The Queen intercedes. "I mean, they probably couldn't pay you whatever exceedingly rich bounty this hodunk town scrounged together, but their undying gratitude I'm sure will earn you some karma…"


"And what reason would you have, huh?"

"Fine then! We're taking her home, but we'll be keeping an eye on you!"


"Look, I'd rather not call her bluff and risk…"
"Your snark isn't really helping."
"Look, Gryphon, if it'll make you feel better, you get to keep an eye on her so that she stays out of trouble. If, and ONLY IF, she overtly attempts violence in the town, then you can act. Until that moment, you are not, do you hear me, not to incite a panic."


I look expectantly at the filly. "Also, if you think you can walk on your own now, you're welcome to try that.."


"I'm a little annoyed with how calm our captive is at the moment. If she's okay with being separated from her hive and seems eager to meet this filly's parents, should we entertain the possibility that we're doing the wrong thing?"


Any thoughts on how to turn love against the Queen and/or Foxfire?

"Fine. Stay close to me, witch."


"That's why she's staying outside while we talk with the family. Under the watchful eye of our local zealot. Vargo, I hope you don't mind the imposition, but I need someone other than just him watching her. Otherwise one or both of them might 'accidentally;' end up missing."


"Aw, what's wrong with being cool under fire? I wouldn't want to get Smashy McFacesmash all riled up, now, would I?" The Queen makes kissy faces at Klandin. "Pally wanna hammer?"

You're at the treeline, and advancing any further will definitely get you spotted by the town watch, committing you to whatever course you have decided to take.


I was thinking of just capturing the queen and forcing her to stay alive while the filly lives

"Yeah, listen to him!"


"I don't think she is even the captive here anymore.. We simply can't take her home, her parent's love will probably over charge this queen or something. "



"Yeah, yeah. I get it. Heartfelt family reunions aren't my string suit anyway."


Personally I'd like to leave the Changeling Queen at the treeline with Vargo and Klandin while Jones, Vines and myself escort Foxfire back home. This way, interaction between the Queen and the Townsfolk would be kept at a minimum.


"I just had a sudden sense of impending doom. Could we leave the queen back here for now?"


I stop midstep, then lean over and whisper in her ear.
"Did the witch not say that love can sometimes hurt her? Maybe we can all get what we want…"


Should we try to overload her? Though we do take a huge risk…


"That was the general idea."


"I did say I wanted to pay my respects to Foxfire's mommy and daddy, didn't I, love?" The Queen reaches a hoof over towards the filly.

"Um…" Foxfire cringes. "How do you know my name? Who are you?"

"You saw the hive back there. I'm the Queen of the castle you were staying in! And you were such a lovely and well-behaved guest. But it's time you went home now, dear."

"Don't touch me!" Foxfire rears up like a cat, back arched as she bites at the Queen's hoof. She immediately jumps off Emerald's back and hides behind her. "D-don't!"

The Queen laughs. "Hah! Her instincts are good and sharp. Nymphs and Queens can never get along."


"Don't you dare touch her any more, lady!"

Hold Foxfire away.


"It would save us some work, and maybe even say the changeling you all care so much about."

"I don't want you leaving my sight. Do you understand, witch?"


"I would appreciate it if you wouldn't make this more difficult than it needs to be."

"So, are we agreed that Queenie here gets babysat while we return Foxfire?"



"Okay then. Klandin, quit your muttering and help me move the queen over that way. Let me remind you that killing her prematurely will endanger my paycheck, and your neck."


"Yeah, let's just return the filly already!


"Let her come with us, if that will shut all the braying mouths."


"I would prefer she have little-to-no contact with the townsfolk, Gryphon. Why she's playing along with us is anyone's guess, but I'm not risking the town like that. You are are going to watch her like a hawk and, so help me Celestia, if you somehow lose track of her, there is going to be Tartarus to pay."


"What, you don't want to spend a little more quality time with little old moi? I'm hurt, Sir Robin, really, after all this time spent trying to kill me you don't want to have me all to yourself in the middle of the woods where not a soul would be witness to our dealings… I thought we had something special."


"What did you just say? Depending on your answer, I may have to kick your ass!"


"What do you have against donkeys, honestly. There aren't even any around."


"Taking her into town is a bad idea, but staying with her alone in the wilderness this close to a changeling hive is pointless suicide. She comes into the town."

I ignore them.


"What honestly made you think I was leaving you alone with her? Vargo is staying as well. I can't trust you not to do something drastic, and taking her into town is too dangerous."


"Well, I suppose we should at least take her to see her parents, how much farther is their house?"


"And I cannot trust that you are all not changelings. We all go into the town."



"You're quickly becoming a liability, griffon. I suggest putting your hurt feelings aside and helping me with this captive before I become impatient."


"Huh? What's that? 'Please beat me up?'?" Either way, just hold her captive and get the filyl to safety alread


"Excuse me, but who was the one that miraculously appeared inside a changeling hive? Sure as Tartarus wasn't us. I'm taking an enormous risk leaving Vargo alone with you and her, and this is NOT up for debate."


"Were not all of you wanting to take her into town with us just moments ago? Fine then, it is the same either way."


"We kinda fly by ear, if you haven't noticed. Regardless, you and Vargo are going to be watching Queenie over there, who I hope is going to behave herself, while we three return the child, and then we'll return here after explaining to Foxfire's parents what happened. Upon our return, I'll be giving Vargo his share, and you, well, I don't know what to do with you, Gryphon."


"Can we all agree on something at least? Every move is a bad one, we are going to get the whole town killed if we aren't careful, so can we please agree on something? Maybe we can agree on taking the filly home?" I ask desperately.


Uh… hmm… Could you each roll a 1d10?



Roll #1 8 = 8



This is totally not foreboding in the least. Nope.

Roll #0 6 = 6



Roll #0 2 = 2


I was wondering when this would happen.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"I said, just make it clear our captive is dangerous and let the filly go!"


Roll #0 10 = 10


Well, it's not like you saw me roll a bunch of dice behind my screen and go "Ohhh." and then make a note on my notepad without going into further detail…


Jones and Emerald idly look around and find that Foxfire has run off on her own amidst all the arguing. Looking up the trail, she's already galloping towards town.


Leave the others and go after her.


"Hey, wait! Don't run off alone!"

"You guys take care of the Queen, I'm going after her!"

Run after her


"Where are you running off to?"


If roll needed

Roll #0 2 = 2


"There's no time to explain, Just keep doing what you are doing."


"Whaddya mean 'no time to explain?' We have…"
At this point I'll make another spot check, since Vines was supposed to have the kid.

Roll #0 7 = 7


You think to gain a little ground on her by flying up off the ground and smack facefirst into a low branch.

You, too, see Foxfire running towards town.

Emerald, please make a roll to catch Foxfire.

The town watch is already hollering, and there are folks gathering at the gate to welcome the filly home.


I look around while keeping the Queen in my field of vision. Were we followed by any changelings?

Roll #0 4 = 4



Keep running after her

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Celestia damn your soul, Gryphon, this is your fault. Now we're going to look like crazyfolk."
I'll set off after Foxfire. Not aggressively, but just trying to keep up.



Roll #1 7 = 7



Vargo starts to lead the queen away from town, his dagger close at hoof. "Come on, your Majesty."

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Where do you think you are going?"
I stay close to the Queen.


The Queen leans into your field of view. "Tut tut, pretty bird, I'm over here!" Needless to say you don't spot anything else out of the ordinary…

You both catch up with Foxfire, whose tiny little legs and wings can carry her only so quickly. You can hear the cheers of the villagers as they come out to greet the filly and her two rescuers.

The Queen leans dangerously into your blade. "Oh, now, do you really want to do that? I'd like to stay and watch what's going to happen…"



"The more distance between her and the people who pay me, the better."


I scoop her up again, waving at the crowd nervously. Can I see her parents? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Foxfire! Please… stay calm! Don't panic… it's alright…"

Hold her and calm her down.



Vargo draws the blade back, putting the queen in a headlock instead. "Too bad. You're going to come with us and stay out of trouble until my money comes."

((Roll for submission, not damage. If it's even necessary.))

Roll #0 8 = 8


"And what is going to happen? Speak!"

Roll #0 2 = 2


You have the presence of mind to keep a firm lock on the top of her head where her sensitive antennae would be.

"Urgh! So you want to play at that, do you?"

The Queen grins and begins chanting a reversed prayer from your book. A prayer so holy it would smite the evil heart of any who dared profane it in such a manner. In an instant, the Queen's body is filled with sunlight and explodes in a great firestorm, knocking trees over and turning the very soil around her into ash.

Vargo and Klandin, roll to resist.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Foxfire sounds overjoyed even as you restrain her. She sees her parents galloping towards her, and she feels uncommonly warm…

Jones and Emerald, roll to resist.


Celestia will protect me!

Roll #0 2 = 2



Roll #0 10 = 10


"Please, stay back, something horrible happened to her down there.." '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10



Looks like I'm dead, guys. It's been a blast.

Roll #0 5 = 5


Well, I certainly don't know how to react, being between two bad situations.


>It's been a blast.
>OH YOU.jpeg
You are both knocked away with incredible force as a pillar of radiance erupts from where the Queen once stood, and then there is nothing. You both find yourselves helpless on the ground.

Vargo has taken a wound of damage, his evil heart exposed to Celestia's radiance.

The two of you are forced apart as some eldritch mass suddenly forms between you. You are thrown to either side of the road as a mass of writhing limbs, scything talons, and black tentacles burst forth from Foxfire's body, an impossible mass of flesh and carapace replacing the once-innocent filly. Her screams rend the air and cause the villagers to faint or cower in psychic terror.

M̸̶̧̭̘̣͖̼̹̦̭̖̗̞̬̞͈̜̼̪͙̏ͬͪ́̍̂ͫ̐̓͛ͫ̋̌ͧ̌ͯ͌Ő̵̞̝̖̫͖̙̹͕̖̹̺̒ͤ̀̊̌̅̏̉̒ͧͪͨ͒ͤ͂͘͘͞͡Ṃ̪̖͖͖̟̠͎͈̹̳͔̯̹͉̜̌̇ͧ̎͑̾ͣ͐̋̔̿ͯ̊̂̓̊̚͠͞͝ͅM̶̢͉̤̥̙͍̟͕̰̥̜̝̩͎̲̆̍̊̃̇͂ͤͮ́̚Y̡̳̺̙̪͕̤͕͕͓̞͚̣͖͊̎̽͗̽̋͑͂ͬ̎̂ͤ̔ͤ͋ͦ̏̅͜͡͡ ͖͚͚͎̞̘̄̎̎ͣ͋ͫ́͜͞͝D̽̍̉̓̂ͬ̐̒̂̿͊́̇̊͐͞҉̛͓̳̝̼̱̱̰̙͚̥̦̪̦͙̟ͅÅ̡̰͓̘̖̦̣͖̺͉͉͈̝͓̮̲̩̝̳̳̾̓̽̑ͬ̆̆̆͐̏̅̒̿ͫ̐͂͋̕̕͟D̘͖̜͍͖̬̟̤̬̲̮̙̫̤͔̑́̈͑̐̿͋̃̀ͨͥͩ̓͞͠D̵̡̡̜̻͚̬̗͇ͥ̓̀ͣ̿͒͗͋̀̿̅ͤ̿̾̌̚̚Y̸̷̢̛͖̙͉̳̬͚̻̝͚͚̘̺͚͙̟̟̰̣͕͊̈́ͤ̆ͫ̿͑̕ ̶̧̮̩͎͔̭̥̱̩͎̻̉̓̓̃̌ͣ̒ͧ͗ͪͤ̇͡͝Ḩ͚͇͕̼͇̞̻ͪ̇̇ͦ̿́̾̿Ė̝͉̺̻̼̄̿̒ͭ͒ͣ͒̄̽̏ͮ̒̌͐ͧ͊͢͟ͅL̴̮̠̣̪̦͉̞̮̰̰̞̙̠͎͈̥͎̼͚͊͒̀̓ͬ̐ͭ̈̔ͥͣ̄ͥ̂̀̚͞P̡̧̛͎̰̣̜͚̺̤̠͙͗̓ͨ̆̑̎̃̀͛̒̊ͣ̒͒ͥ̇͐̕͟ ̓̔̀ͧ͆̂ͦͪ̌̓̈́̏́͌҉҉̨̻͎̫̻͔͢M̷̧ͥ̐̿ͪ̀ͥͨ̎ͣͨͤ͘͞͏͈̭͓̮̝̙͇̮͚͚͉̖̬E͋͋͒ͦͧͫͩͮ͢͝͏̨̺̤͇͎͇̼̤̰̙̮̣̱͍̻̕

Combat begins.


"Nghh! Damn it, damn it! I'm sorry…"

Quickly cheap shot a weak point!

Roll #0 8 + 1 = 9


I try to stand up.

Roll #0 8 = 8


I would like to take this opportunity to turn my canter into a gallop, and lead into a charging Slam.
Non-lethal, of course. I have a foolish plan.

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


"stay away from her! She's not what you think." I quickly raise my own shadow into a loyal minion and prepare to defend this land. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10



Dazed from the blast, Vargo struggles to get up.

"T-that damn changeling… She was in control the whole time…"

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Suicide; just like that, and for no cause other than death and mayhem…"


You're back in the fight! Er, well, some distance away from it, anyways.

The two of you deftly make a concerted strike, weaving between the many alien appendages to cripple the Nymph.

Hapless villagers try to scramble away, but the Nymph seems to be emanating some great aura of fear and terror that holds sway over them, and you can feel it peeling away at your own thoughts.

You raise NEGA EMERALD, the embodiment of your dark side and the reflection of all your sins and flaws. That said, she seems more substantial than the usual shadow minion.


"Shit.. is it too late to do anything? ANYTHING AT ALL? ARRRRGGGH!"

Fly up and look around! Where's her main body? If I can tear her away…

Roll #0 3 = 3


I would like to grapple the Nymph while I yell out my Foolish Plan to Vines.
"You're a shaman, right? Do you thihnk you can use that freak-deaky shadow magic of yours to split her into two parts? Firefox and the Nymph as separate beings!"

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Quickly, goat! We must see what has happened with the other changeling!"
I grab him and fly towards the town.

Roll #0 1 - 1 = 0


My eyes glisten with joy, she is my prefect opposite, together we stand like Celestia and Luna, bringing balance with just our presence. We nod to each other and move to strike the new queen down before she has a chance to raise more chaos. one me '1d10' one for her 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 3 = 3



"…I think I'll walk."


Back on his feet, Vargo gallops over to the battle, drawing his flash pellets from his bag.

((Too far away to attack yet, right?))

Roll #0 10 = 10


You maintain your hold, but this abomination is much tougher to keep a hold of than the Tank. The Tank didn't have an evergrowing number of appendages! At the very least you buy the villagers time to run away.

You fall over in your armor and are helpless again. On the bright side, a mouthful of earthworms!

You and your twin dash into the fray, but the full force of the Nymph's mental anguish causes you to lose focus. You feel a spiking headache, and then an intense burning pain gnawing at your spine. You keel over helpless, but your shadow is completely unharmed: it shunted its injuries onto you. What a dick!

You are seized by wriggling limbs and held aloft, but still able to act.
You run with preternatural speed and follow through with a salvo of flash pellets, disorienting the monstrosity for a moment and releasing Jones from its grip!


Whoo! Fly up now and find the filly's main body!

Roll #0 6 = 6


Maintaining the grapple.
"Foxfire, I know you can hear me in there. I need you to CALM DOWN. What's happening to you is the result of bad magic, and we're trying to make it stop! I need you to stay with us and focus, okay!?"

"Vines! Did you hear the plan?"

Roll #0 4 = 4


A delicacy from my homeland in this part of the world? How wonderful! But this is not the time for enjoying fine cuisine. I try to stand back up.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Yeah, I'll give a go once I've gotten up myself.."
"This pain is half yours shadow, help me up at least." '1d10' for Nega emerald to help me up.

Roll #1 9 = 9



Vargo, not aware of any plans but still hesitant to kill the creature he has yet to be paid for returning, opts for nonlethal stabbing as his modus operandi. He aims for legs and limbs, but nothing that could possibly be vital.

Roll #0 8 = 8


You swear it rolls its "eyes" at you. You are standing at two hits remaining.

You regain composure and head towards glorious battle.

You spot a telltale bright aquamarine glow in the center of the growing darkness, though saying you have a clear shot would be a stretch, especially with all the membranes and claws whipping through the air.

You deftly cut your way through the mess of tentacles, moving through the melee like a dancer.

You are pushed aside, the Nymph breaking free of your grip and lurching towards the town. One of her tentacles shoots forward and snatches her mother up by a leg, holding her up over a maw formed from dripping shadow.

Į̴͍̲͚̻̗̼̣͚̼̱̂͊ͪ͊̐ͨͦ͛ ̛̤̬͍͒́͑̏̓ͬ͗̒͐͊̀ͭW̧̒̾̇͂̆̓̅̋ͨ̈́ͭ̅͏̨̘̘͚͉̠̻̙̘̜͚͕̮̤̣͎̝̼̞Ả̫̲̰̹͍͔͕̩̭̙͈̦̩̭̝̰̬̈̃͑̓̆̄ͫͤ̿̀͜͝S̨̢̝̟̭̦ͤ̋̒̊ͤ̍͌̉ͩ́͘ ̴̡̛̰̙̮̣̦̪̪̖̞̮̤̯̫̦ͪ̽̓̄ͭͥͣ͞S̸̽͌ͣ̉̄̋́҉͍̭̹̼̬̯̲̬O̵̴ͫ̎͛̔̔͑̊̽̊̋̓̈͐̐̑̇͌ͧ̂͏̧̖̯͇͈̫̬ͅ ̢̭̮̞̥͕̩̝͔͉͋́ͤ͆̽̿̋ͬͯ̂ͪ͞Ş̸̦̱̗̗̪̦͕̖̮͉͓̩͈̱͚͕̣̲͍̈́ͪͨ̅ͯ̉̐̇̌̀͠C̶͇͙̦̺̩͈͉̺͕̱͓̫̻̝̝̣̫̓ͩ̉ͬ͌́̌̄̇ͥ͊̽ͮ̏̈͟͡A̸̯͍͓̜͕̪̭̗͑ͩ́̾̐̌͑͌̉̿̓̏̉͂͢͝R̡̗͙̠̗͍̙̺͈̣̹̟̖̘̣̪̳̗̻̹̊̓͐̈́̉̑͛̊ͯ́̕͠͝E̸̔͋̏̒͆̃ͨ̔̎̇̔҉̢̛̪͕̞̘͖̙͈̟̤̲͚D̸̵̨̰͈̳̩̣̯̟͚͖̣̖̠̼̩͕̠͇̋̇̌ͧ̄̈́͋̐͋̌͛́̕͞ ̓͌́ͬ̇̽̃̋ͣ̀͒ͬ̚҉̸̵̼͕̻̫͖̯͈͇̱̜͈̣̯̥̲B̴̗͙̻̯̩͇͑ͬ͑͌͛̾̔ͭ̄ͧ̋͒ͪ͡ͅŮ̶̢̦̟̹̦͈͖̺͇̿ͥ̄̽̾͌ͦͩ̔͌ͯͦ̓T͖̻̟͖̻͇̘̜̟̙̩̙͎̤̤̖̲̻ͩͩ̋ͦͦ͑ͪ̅̈́ͧ̎̀͌̌̀̕ ̷̡̌̊̄̄̉̒ͭ҉̗͉͈̦̺͖̬̲̼̘̪͉͜N̴̶͈̩͔̰̤̱͕̩̗͙̳̤̺̜͓͒̏̍͐̂̏̓͌̐͑̊͑̚͠͝Ö̷̷̱̦͓̩̮̰̤͓̺̻̱͔̤͕̟͉̟́̂͂͒̉̇͘͜͠ͅW̶̦͇̼̖̰̹͖̆̈́ͥ͗͢͠͠ ̛̛̠̫̯͍͎͎͚̙̟͙̫̺̳̞̱̙̮̟̈̈̅͐͌̃ͨͭͧ̃ͥͦ͌̊ͯ̒̕̕͜ͅYͪͨͩͫͭͯ̑͒ͭ̑̔͐̏̿ͭͧ͒̏̚҉̣̘͙̬̪̘̬̦̼̱̭̫̞̣̕͢ͅO͎̩̺͉͎͍̲̥͚̟̘͒̿̓̑̒̾͌̒̍̓̿̉̚͡U̷̴̹̗̯̫ͣ͆̎͒̅͛ͣ̓̔̃̌̚̕͝ͅ ̯̜̼̻̙̳̠̣̙̰̝̝͔̂̔̃̔̅͛̒̈́ͧ́̕͞A͙̼̞͇̞̼̘̼̹̼̻̮̫̥̱̪̮ͤͬ́͆͊͐͆ͥ́̆̀͊̓͗̅̕͘͜͡Ṅ̷͕̳̗̘̱̜͕̟̫̏ͬ͗͌͟͠D̶̨͍̮̙̭̲̠̝͓̝̞̲͕͇͈̩̳̬̩͛ͬ̏̑ͬ͑̍̋̑̂̎ͩ̏ͮ̅̌̚ ̑̉̓̾̏̉҉̸̳̣͈̭͓̤͎͙̹͜D̶̴̋ͬͯ̂ͯ̊̽̆͆͊҉̩͈̦͚̳̰̞̣͉̫̥͕̠͖̜͠A̵̘̩͍͇͎̰͈̲̫͖̠͉̹̫̩ͨ̂͂̒́͜͢ͅḐ̂̊̄̓̀̿͒̈̈́͑́͏͈͙̺͍̭͖̬̻̞̜̳̫̩̭͓D͆̓ͤͯ̔̆̅̚҉҉̛͓̻̹̞̭̟͖̻̲̰̮Y͇͚̯̮̣͚̦̹̦̬̝̼̜̙̯̯̬̖̻͑̈́̃͂̿͆͗͛̋̔͊̀͂̀́̕͠ ̒̉̓̍͏̼̗̫̺̤̲Ç̧̬̹̲̥͕͇̻̝̜̍͊̎̽̇ͦ̈́ͯ̇ͫͩ̃̐̀̚̚͟Ǎ̡̤͎̭͕̫̖̩̰̩͙̳͎̟̖͙̙̄̾͂ͅN̵̶̳͉̦̩͈͙̦̟͎͚̰̊̈̔̽͒ͬ͒͌̈́ͤͮͣͦ̀͡ ͖̹̠̫̟̗̘̼͎̙̯͔̤̺̳͚̞ͦ̓̃͌̄̌̋̊̿ͩͩ͋ͫ̾͘͢͠͠B̵̡̙̬̼̣̭̻̫̳̻̤͔̥͍̳͎ͨ̊̅̾̅̾͋͑̾̈ͯE̷̸͇̝̣̞̣̤̭̦͓͇̣̖̬̯̝̲ͦ̀ͫ̃̉̿́ͭͨ̀ͅ ̧̢̱͎͚̪̫͙̱̩͙̌̆̈́ͧ̓̈T̸̼̘̜̮͂̀͑ͥ̊͊͑̐͟͜ͅO̸̖̹̩͇͓͓̩̼̲̤ͫ̿̿̀̑̍̊̓̌́ͣ́Ģ̸̷̗̦̫̺̗̼̳̻̝̥̺͕̞̪͎̼͙̩ͤͩ̓͋̽ͩ̚E͛ͫ̆̎̏̈ͫ̾ͩͥ̈̄ͨ҉̧̢̦̖̥̹̙̪͚͓͔̻̼̹ͅT̷̸̼̫̮̦̹̭̩̭̱̥̻͔̳͙̅̓͐ͧ̉̿̇̕͢͢H̵̹͙̙̭̀́͒̐̀̔̿̓̀͝͞E̡̒ͦ̑̒ͤ͑̓ͪ̏͂ͭ̊̈҉̴̴͙̖͈͈̭͔̬̜͓͔̖͡ͅRͤ͋ͨ̈̐̂͜͏̷̨͖̖͕̜̲̰̮̼̬͖̰̻̘͝ ̷̳̰̼̼͔̗͐ͧ̐̃̓̽ͮ̿͢ͅF͓͚̬͇ͥ̂͆͐̅̇͊͐ͤ̏̃͘O̴̶̖̰͚̝̤̳͎̲͙͖̔̋ͤͥ̃ͨͤ̋̿̅ͭ̑͛͆ͤ̚Ṛ̶͓̦̫͙̳͕̳̗̳̭̙͙̯̫͇ͫ̃̿͑̎͗̿̋͂ͬ͗ͫ͂ͤ͞͡ͅË̀ͫ͊ͩ̎͞҉̴̝̮̫̬̬̝̬͕̘̙̝̙͎̺͓̯͟͡ͅV̴̥̻̤̺̯͇͈͚̫̙͖̹̖̊́̋͌͗͗̔̔̾ͥ́͘̕E̋͆̃̔͢҉̱̭̪͉̲̲̭͎̗̱̤̺̻͎͖̯͝R̶̢̢͙̞̲̩̱͇̦͚͔̝̼̲̃ͥͨͥ͗̈́̈͛̒̈́ͦ̄͑̆ͬ͆͊̃̕ͅ ̸̧̼̫̥̦̺̜ͤͬͨ͗̂̊ͯ͌ͯ̄͢I̸̧̝̻̜͓͚͚̻͗͐̋̓́ͧͧ̈̓͋ͭ͝Ǹ̷̩̲̺̬͍͉̜̰͕̲̭̥̮̌̃̈̂ͬ̽ͯ̀̍̓̃͊̓ͭͩ̀͜͡ ̷̢͍͎͓͚̖̫̣̣͍͎͙ͨ̎̔͌ͬͥ͋ͨͧ͑ͭ͒ͯ͡͝ͅM̨͕̭̺̻̹͎͖͇̗̹ͪ̂̋̌̇ͮ̾̓͟E̸̵̤͈͖͔̯̜̟̫̞̲̼͐̏̎̓̅ͦ̋̊̚͘͜͞


Shit, that's no good.
Two dice, since I should have probably rolled my Fear Save a while back. First is fear, second is a Slam to knock the Nymph off balance.

Roll #0 8, 10 + 2 = 20


"Damn it! The only thing now is to…I'm sorry!"

Cheap shot! Aim at the thing glowing!

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10



Vargo continues his stabbing spree, trying to target the limb grappling Foxfire's mother.

Roll #0 2 = 2


I charge one of my spears with the might of the sun and throw it as hard as I can at the abomination.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


Alright, time to try this crazy plan.. can I separate her from her body? Have Nega Emerald cut her off, and then I'll run up and try to release her spirit.
'1d10' for nega, 'r2 1d10' for commune I suppose, or just knock her out.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Ever the steadfast warrior, you fight your way through the waves of torment and land a powerful square hit against the very center of the aberrant being, releasing Firefox's mother from its grip safely.

You shoot the core for massive damage!

The sudden shift in the creature's stance interferes with your coordination, and a sweep of its vast tentacles trips you up. You are dragged deeper into the mass and for a moment you could swear you are peering into the heart of evil.

Just as Lemongrass and Jones make their attacks, you follow up with a powerful Blast loosed from one of your spears. The golden light is just as effective against the Nymph as it was against the Queen, burning through its limbs like so much tissue paper and setting the center of its body ablaze.

The final blow is delivered by Emerald Vine and her shadow, as they move in perfect tandem, each one grabbing at Foxfire's body and pulling in opposite directions.

Space itself seems to bend and snap around the Nymph's core, and then Emerald Vine falls backward with Foxfire in her grasp. Nega Emerald rolls away towards the treeline with the dark core of the Queen's will, the black appendages rooted to it and fleansing the minion's body even as it struggles to maintain control over the black magic.


"There, Gryphon! There is your monster! Kill it to your heart's content! Vines, get Foxfire into the town! And don't forget her mother, either! I'm going to drag Vargo out of there!"
Here I'll draw my sword, and begin cutting my way through the aberration until I can get to where Vargo is.
"You better not be dead, Goat!"

Roll #0 5 = 5


I start chanting a prayer beseeching Celestia to reach out with her power and destroy the foul core of the changeling's evil.

Roll #0 2 = 2



Caught up inside the eldrich horror, Vargo is entranced by the pure evil emanating from its core. Wordlessly, he takes his dagger and thrusts it into the being's dark heart.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"The glorious balance of the world shall be restored!"
Seeing that the core is trying to latch on to Nega I have her drop it and move back to my side.
"finish off that core for me." I take Foxfire and her mother into town. My double carrying the mother, hopefully the townsponies don't freak out..


"Alright! Finish it, finish it!"

Double hit on the core!

Roll #0 6, 2 = 8


You are both blasted by a wave of Evil, black tendrils leeching your very thoughts where steel cannot save you.

Your aim is true, and you can see blackness seeping out of the Queen's Will from where your first attack gouged its form open.

If there is one thing common amongst all Evil, it is that the strong survive. You prove yourself stronger than the Queen's Will, and as you drive your blade ever deeper into the opening in its being, a piercing scream shakes the very mountains

You all feel as though a most foul curse has been spat upon your very souls as the Queen's Will explodes, blackening the sky for a full minute as her vile soul leaves this plane of existence.

The villagers are still too dazed from the attack to really take notice of you and your shadow. Foxfire is unconscious again.


I kneel down and say a purifying prayer.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"So… it's over?"
Wandering over to Vargo, I check up on him.
"You still alive down there, Vargo?"



Vargo just lays still on the grass, quietly looking at the sky. His dagger is still gripped tight in his hoof.

Roll #0 5 = 5


Does anyone look like a healer? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2



"I'm… alive?"

He blinks once.

Roll #0 5 = 5


As you pray, Celestia's holy sun breaks through the cloud cover, pouring warming golden rays over the land. Whatever corruption that would linger here is long gone.

You seem to be the only healer in the vicinity, but surely others deeper in the village have noticed the commotion.

Yes, you are alive, despite the slight out-of-body experience you had. Your hoof is blackened and stony, like obsidian, from where you drove the blade into the Queen's heart.


"You'd better be, I'm not hauling your carcass back to town."
Chuckling a little, I'll try and help Vargo to his hooves.

Roll #0 7 = 7


I approach somepony. "Hello, how many of you are hurt? Have you seen foxfire's father?"


I stand up and turn around.
"Where is the filly, or whatever she is?"


"She's in town, Gryphon. So far it looks like my stupid idea worked. Foxfire, and only Foxfire, should be in town with the rest of the villagers, along with her mother."



Vargo manages to stand. He lets his dagger fall to the ground and inspects his hoof with bemused interest.

"Well… would you look at that."

((Any important facts I should know about this hoof, DM?))


Get over to Foxfire!

"We need to heal her, damn it ! hurry! Are you alright, Foxfire?"


I check over foxfire and her mom, how bad are they hurt? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I will be the judge of that."
I run into the town and look around for Foxfire.

Roll #0 9 = 9


As the villagers come to, they are shocked to see the blackened craters left by the conflict and look around in a daze for where Foxfire went off to.

You see a brilliant aquamarine glow trailing Emerald Vine's steps.

As you hold your blackhoof aloft, it suddenly snaps outward, the glassy obsidian portions of it extending by some eldritch force into a bladed apparatus. It spins and rotates in impossible geometries, forming and reforming into various edged weapons: a dagger, a hatchet, a flanged mace…. Your very own Morphblade, an artifact of the Changeling Queen's power.

"I'm here! I'm here. Sweet Sun, is she alright? What happened there?" Foxfire's father hobbles toward you, and her mother recovers and thanks your shadow before joining you.

"After hearing about the healer that visited poor Dust we prayed for your victory and safe retur—Oh, no…"

Foxfire's signature mane is still glowing bright aquamarine, but her body is visibly blackened, chitinous, and spindly. She has reverted to her true form as a Changeling. You can see the looks of fear and prejudice spreading across the townsfolk.


"Bloody cuntbird."
"C'mon Vargo, let's get you into town. Get that leg looked at."


I run up to Emerald Vine.
"Surrender the changeling to me, pony, before more harm is done."


I look frustrated, and hand one of my knives to the father. "We separated her from the evil power, but she was never really a pony. She is a creature that causes in balance, a monster.." I look them directly. "I leave it up to you, you could easily strike her down now, but she is your daughter.."


"Please, let them have a moment."


"Well? Here's your daughter, the child you raised and loved, who loves you in return? Why don't you talk to her yourself and find out if anything actually changed?"


I look at her "parents".


"What's that? 'Please beat me up and hang me upside down?' Did I just hear you say that?"



Vargo grins wickedly as his hoof changes forms.

"Now THIS. This right here… I don't know what to say. I'm actually giddy."

He shows Lemongrass his new ability. "I almost don't care if I get paid. Almost. Now, let's go console those parents and see how much they're willing to give for a changeling daughter."


"Vargo, it'd be best if you never used that around civilized folk. That slap-happy Gryphon would just loooove an excuse."


"Why, you! I ought to hang you up with that other asshole!"


The father asks, "You… separated her? Where is the Queen?"

The mother leans in close, brushing aside the mane and examining Foxfire closely. "Just like the day she was given to us."

"She never really knew what she was, such was the nature of the charm. This is our fault, our pride and selfishness, that we struck a bargain with that… thing."

"So that's how you conceived." The Smithy lumbers up. "Always thought that was a bit of dicey business."


He's not in town yet.


"It is neither wise for a fool to look for trouble from a servant of Celestia, nor a pony to look from trouble from a gryphon. Back off before your antics get somepony killed."



"Don't worry. I can be discrete when it suits me."


Oh, whoops, sorry

"Looking at what happened, the Queen probably killed herself to make Foxfire react like this. And.. you… you willingly took in a Changeling just for yourselves, knowing she'd have to get hurt like this?"

"Yeah, whatever, stupid! There's nothing good about you at all if you're willing to let something that hasn't willingly harmed anyone yet die!"


I tilt my head, "So, you knew all along?" I breath deeply and explain what happened and what I did as simply as possible. "…so she shouldn't be corruptible anymore.. She might be safe to be around, even so she is still a changeling, Do you understand?"


I nod my head at Emerald Vine.
"She did something to the young changeling. I am not looking to kill it any more, but to take it where it can be safely investigated and tested for purity."


"Mhhmmm… okay, then! But no funny business!"


"I know it was foolish of us, but we were so desperate to have a family of our own…"

"Look, I know what we've done has put everyone here in danger. If it so please you all, my wife and I will pack up and take our daughter with us, far away, wherever we might live in peace. I'm sorry, old friends."

"Don't leave!" You hear small voice racked by chills and drawing the last of its strength to yell. "Not before we say goodbye."

Gathered nearby you see Foxfire's friends: proud Fio, sickly Dust, and the taciturn Apprentice.

"Why's she all black?"
"Is she sick?"
"What have you done to her? You'll pay!"


"…No! Leaving with is just as selfish! You're separating her from her friends!"

Turn to the three that just appeared.

"All of you, this is who Foxfire really is. She's still the same Foxfire, just talk to her! If you're really going to make her leave because of that… depending on your answer, I may have to kick your ass!"


I nod, "Perhaps, we can take her to her own and test her there?"
"It might be best for you to start over somewhere new.. but let us make sure she alright, we should start by getting her away from this crowd.."
"Children, please calm down, and hold still a moment.." I try communing with their shadows to see if any of them are changelings. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Somehow, some way, their shadows collectively moon you.


I look disgusted, but smile. "Children, your friend is going to be fine, we just need to take her home.."


"Good. Before leaving we will visit the town's temple, if it even has one, and request that any willing followers of the Sun and Moon join us as guards."

"I plan to take her to the nearest martial temple and have the more learned members of the faith examine her. If she can, and will, exist without destroying people and bringing more of her kind into the world then I see no problem with her leaving with her life."


Before we go anywhere I call over the most important looking pony. "Hey, are you in charge here?"


"Well, her house is that way." Dust lazily points over yonder.

"That's not what she means, Dust. But yeah, this IS her home!" The Apprentice steps forward with a freshly crafted maul. "And I'll fight anypony who tries to take her away from us again!"

"We have a prayer hall and shrine to the Sisters, but nothing so big as a temple." Foxfire's father takes her onto his back. "I… I do hope we can stay. If this is the only way, then so be it."

The large earth stallion in the viking helmet shakes his head and steps aside to make way for an old donkey. "Whaddya need, kid?"


"Well, then, great! Kick the ass of anypony who tries to take her away just because she's different alright? Then smack them again for me!"

Look at the crowd. How are they reacting?


"The two of you can go wherever you will, and so can the changeling if she is deemed to not be a threat. Lead me to the prayer hall, if you would."
I need to sleep soon.


"The shrine should work fine, Klandin do you want to head over there while I try to get some back up?"

I take the Stallion to the side and explain how large the problem is, describing about how many changelings we saw. "We need you to get the townsponies to safety can call for backup, those changelings aren't going to be satisfied down there for long. "


"Oh, yeah, right! Those changelings are going to go feral without a queen! We'll need to clear the mall out!"



Vargo, finally joining the rest of the group, addresses Foxfire's father. He puts on his best smile.

"Sir, let me just say that it was our distinct pleasure to rescue your daughter, and we all hope that you return from your trip to the temple as soon as possible. I know this has been difficult on you, but I'm sure you'll all be back here living happily ever after in no time.

Before you leave, however, I was wondering who we should see about the reward that was promised."


"We may have walked in at the wrong time, it looks like. What in Tartarus have you folk been talking about while we were coming into town? And thanks for the concern, by the way, leaving us both out in woods."


Somehow, some way, they collectively groan at you.

They understand and start organizing a dispatch to the nearest city.

Meanwhile, you all accompany Foxfire, her parents, and her friends to the shrine to evaluate the situation.

If you don't mind, I'll wrap up the quest here with a bit of an epilogue? After I finish you can each write your own "Where are they now?"s if you like.


Please do.


sounds fine too me.


As you like.



Go for it.


Sure, thanks.


Despite Klandin's misgivings, a short ritual at the shrine showed no sign of Evil in Foxfire's heart. Whatever dark nature that was bred into her was ripped out of her along with the Queen's Will. But still, the would-be princess would not wake up, her mind and soul having been ravaged by the Queen's machinations. She continued to sleep in her parents' home, undisturbed, for a while yet.

Our heroes searched for a cure while clearing the countryside of feral Changelings, but to no avail. Still, they were rewarded in fine steels and craftwork from the Smithy, using the strange bones and ores discovered in the Changeling Hive. And as promised, the cider flowed freely to the adventurer's guild inn once more. Life returned to the mountains, the trees regaining their vigor and the howl of timberwolves echoing in chorus.

And when this band of unlikely allies finally bade each other farewell to seek out their own destinies, the Apprentice, who had poured his heart into the weapon he had hoped would help save his friend, lost all hope. Visiting Foxfire's house one last time, he confessed his feelings and sealed his goodbye with a kiss.

Foxfire opened her eyes, and they lived happily ever after, together.

But hopefully this will not be the last tale bards will sing of these champions?


That was nice. Thanks!
Also hoping our two new players stick around



Thanks for hosting this, man. It was a lot of fun. I'm definitely sticking around for some more quests.


Thanks for the run. I should really participate in more of theseexcept I'm afraid then I'd really have no free time.

In the case of Lemongrass, little is spoken of. Fading into obscurity, as most of the credit for Foxfire's "Cure" went to Emerald Vine, he decided to take up traveling, wondering if perhaps the plan he executed on Foxfire could be replicated. Walking to distant countries, little is known whether he succeeded in his search for answers, or if he met his inglorious end along the roadside.
Few remember him as more than a passing knight, seeking to do good in the world, and that was enough for him.


After his fears and suspicions about Foxfire were dispelled and the feral changeling's destroyed, Klandin went on to do more deeds in the name of Celestia.


Jones went on more bizarre adventures, spreading justice in his own way!

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