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Oooo my first ever quest. Alright, let's get this thing started!

You've already made the realization that you are submerged in breathable liquid (which is odd, as in your lifetime, you've never encountered such liquid nor the technology that is capable of creating it). At least it's warm enough, somewhat, and very relaxing. Fortunately, the numbness that had stricken your body had passed on, and you're able to slightly move around in the liquid.
From your quick observation, it appears that you're inside a tube of sort. Your vision is still blurry though, and you couldn't make out what is outside the tube. Perhaps you could wait a little until your vision gets clearer?
If anything, what do?

Do pardon my English if it's tardy. English isn't my native language, but I'll try my best to entertain you guys!


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Also, here's a cap, thanks to anon, just in case if anyone wants to catch up.


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Here's my cap, in case anyone wants it.


Take a minute to get oriented and for your vision to come fully back so you can see what's around you




Seems like a good idea.



We ded?


He's just probably just drawin
It's his first quest so be patient and so forth


Let's hope so.


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Ooh this is great! Thanks!

You decided to take a moment and try to take a harsh grip on reality. Slowly, your vision sharpens and you're slightly able to focus on your surroundings. You thought about how convenient it was for the liquid to have that relaxing sensation, unlike how water strain your eyes if you try to look around when submerged in it. You then try to understand the area, and you're pretty sure that you're in a tube of sort, inside a small room. You spot a panel to your right, but you have no idea what it is. A couple of boxes, here and there, with unknown contents, and a gigantic box to your left.

That's about it. Time is of the essence though, so what do?

Sorry that took a while, had a blackout earlier.


Try to smash the glass tube with your hooves, so you can get out.


It's ok I thought you died

See if there's any latches to get out of the tube
Do you still have any of your items with you?(Or was that all in your head I wonder)



Try and use magic to interact with the panel.


Are we able to do magic yet?


I was hoping for a little inkling of magic since we"re a "powerful" wizard now, right?


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The time when you were in that tower called to you in your thoughts, when you were a "powerful wizard". Perhaps you still have some magic left in you, so you attempted to cast any spell you had in mind and try to manipulate the panel. Unfortunately, albeit being a "wizard", you don't know any spell, and you don't have the power to pull it off. Plus, you wouldn't know how to operate the panel even if you had the means to.

You checked your inventory and found out that you're only left with that note you found back then. No book of spells, no wand, not even the talking flower. You were perplexed for a short moment, how was that note still with you? You cast that thought aside, and try to look for a way to get out of the tube. Unfortunately, no latches of any kind could be found. The tube is pretty much a one way entry.

If anything, the glass that shells the tube maybe the only way out. You gave it a few taps, and pretty sure, estimating from the sound it gave, that the glass is brittle. Giving a hard kick should be enough to break it. Are you sure about breaking the glass?


Well we're not getting any Pinker
Do it


Let's do it


Is there actually anything else we can do? We can't exactly stay in the tube forever doing nothing. Go for it.


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You tried to make do with the cramped area of the tube, and positioned yourself properly for the break out. You raised up your back hooves, and gave a fine mighty buck to the glass. Luckily, the glass immediately shatters from the impact, causing the liquid to be flushed out from the tube.



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As a big portion of the liquid slowly being flushed out of the tube, you slowly crawled out of the hole that you have made, being extra careful not to touch the sharp edges of the glass.

You then sat on the floor, and as you pondered about what to do next, you suddenly felt a sharp pain to your back hooves. To your dismay, you have injured your back hooves, a scratch at least, probably due to the bucking not long ago.

You have been through worst, so you tried to shrug the pain off for the moment. In the darkness, guided by the green light emitted by the tube, you can only hear bleeps and mechanical sounds from afar.

You observed around the room a little longer. A door, or what looks like a door, something that you had never seen the likes of it before, a vent near the ceiling, a board with a bunch of notes stuck to it, and that's pretty much it. Not really a normal room to begin with.

What do?

I do apologize for taking too long between each post. I didn't realize there's so much work


Go check out the board with the notes and see what's written


Read the notes and, uh, try to open the door.


Look at the board and see if someone left the password to the door there.
If not, try to rip out the grate in front of the vent, and escape through the ventilation system.


New update soon?


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You decided to look at the board nearby if you find anything out of the ordinary. As you took a quick read at the notes, you found out that they're brimmed with terms and fancy words (probably scientific) that you don't understand.


Huh, why is your name on it? Have you been captured? Are you a prisoner? But if you're a prisoner, why not a simple cell to keep you in? Why the trouble with the liquid and tube and such? Then again, you may not just be a normal prisoner. You thought you might had done something really bad to deserve this, though you can't recall any memory at all before the whole facade in that "tower".

From the midst of confusion, you noticed a small note at the corner of the board.

It reads "Don't forget, it's FFB5C5.".

Perhaps it's a password to that door, you wonder, although it could be for anything.

Another blackout! Geez, this is getting ridiculous. Anyway, I'll have to stop here for now. Again, I apologize for the real slow progress. If you're still interested, do come back again in 15-17 hours. Thanks!


That was fun, if not a little slow hehe.
Looking forward to it.


So, it's a lab where they experiment with pones? Sounds about right…

The code is our coat color, but I can't see the use for it…

Anyway, let's try to open the door.

Good night, miLes!


Look in the big box.


I might have to postpone this for a bit. I'll inform you guys in the general when I plan to continue it. Hold your horses!


Sounds good.
This board could use more cool quests like this anyways.


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SO, alright, I kinda fucked up with the train of passages, so now I'm going to focus everything in the present tense

Still perplexed from the note in question, you decide to take it along with you in the hopes of the written code may help you, somehow.

You then decide to open the big box located just beside you. As you slowly pull the top lid apart, you are welcomed with a particular odor that you've never smelled before. You try to shrug it off because everything is already weird enough. You regain your focus and take a peek inside the box, just to find it as empty as ever. Maybe it's really dark, so you try to look harder for anything that may resemble a key or so. Nope, it's empty alright.

What a flop, you thought.

What do you plan to do next?


Check out the door, we need to get out of here




>What a flop.

Hehe, yeah, let's get the fuck out of here.


Screw door I say went. It may be dangerous,


> vent


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You ponder at the bizarre door for a moment. You've never seen a door with the likes of this before. For one thing there's no door handles at all. Now how are you going to operate a door if there's no handle? Well, looking at the current situation, anything can happen, you believe. The pad filled with buttons and a small screen next to the door might have something to do with it, though if only you can understand on how to work it out.

You try think of another alternative to get out of there, and pop, the ventilation dances into your mind. It looks like it can be opened easily, and the handles that are attached to the ventilation lid can be operated with your hooves. There's a glaring problem though. You might not be able to reach it, even if you try to stretch your body as much as you could. You then notice a bunch of boxes stacked at the corner.

This room sure has got a lot of boxes, you think to yourself.


Well, time to pile up boxes


On the other hand, what if door's pass is FFB5C5?


yes, boxes, use them.

Forget about door, no time, we need to find the flower.



Pile up the boxes

We Deus Ex now


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