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The morning was bright and the students tried to roll over in their beds and ignore it. They didn't want to be wake up. They wanted to dream a little long. "Come on down, breakfast is ready! Its everyone's favorite.. Pancakes!" A cheerful voice sand through the speakers. The lunch room was packed in an instant. The tables all full of happy students, all ages were welcomed here. In this day talents with magic or combat were rare, since it was a mostly peaceful area. Those with such talents were often feared, this can lead to them being revered as powerful ponies, or feared as monsters. Either way, they simply didn't fit in. That is why is school was formed, to let the future defenders of the land study, grow and properly control their talents, for the good of all equines.


Every student has a "gift", this gift is an extra cutie mark with a large drawback.

This game will have multiple DMs, all who DM shall be known as "The Voice" or "The Voice __" if they feel a need to be special/ want to run a two part thing.

The players are all free to roam the school, and do normal things, even practicing in the training rooms, when "The Voice" shows up, you will be taken on a mission, whoever the voice is please show respect and let them guide you. Anything "The Voice" does is canon, please show respect and don't try to overrule each other.

Post you sheets in this thread so that its easy to keep track of.

Behave and this should take care of the dead.


Name: Folding Border
Race: Unicorn, M
Class: Omniseer
Alignment: Neutral
Talent: Teleport, CM is a prime knot
Skills: Sight Beyond Sight, Telekinesis, Teleport, Improved Spellcast
Weapon: Useful long measuring stick
Armour: School uniform
Inventory: books, stationery, binoculars, blinders
Gift I'm not sure what this is, exactly as it says? So I can pick Teleport, but on critfail I teleport uncontrollably?

Pony interested in the more crazed theories about existence in Equestria.


Disregard this, that voice was full of shit.

This is a school for gifted ponies that hail from every layer of society in Equestria. Be it a unicorn that could destroy an entire city using just telekinesis, a earth pony that can withstand abnormal amounts of physical punishment or a pegasus that could start a tornado on his or her own, all those who are considered to be gifted prodigies or freaks of nature are welcome here.

In gameplay terms: your CM can be something really damn crazy and powerful


Finally finished a character for this.

Name: Morning Branch
Race: earth pony
Gender: Male
Gift: mark is a twig with a leaf on it: root can now spawn specialty plants thorny vines, flowers, ect, that can cause diseases or provide cures and even just be used for food. On a critical failure, user becomes enraptured with the plants and begins to cover themselves with vines in an attempt to "become one with the earth"
Class: Earthsinger
Skills: Earthsong , Root, child of gaia
Alignment: TN
Inventory: A pendant with a small emerald carved in the shape of a clover. (catalyst), school clothes.
Character traits: His parents were happy at first when he got his cutie mark helping his aunt in their green house, but when he started summoning roots and talking to plants about returning to nature, they sent him away to learn how to focus his talents. He's a white bodied, green maned earth pony.


Name: Justicia
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Cutiemark or Talent: Weighing scales (Can use magic to tell which exact intentions a pony has, able to discern lies from truth easily. As well as making out their alignment. She herself is unable to lie however.)
Class: Inquisitor
Skills: Commandeer (0), Judgment (1), Trick shot (2)
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Inventory (brief or detailed): Inquisitors handbook, big book of law, inquisitorial hat (?), white blindfold, iron longsword (?), a golden weighing scale, school uniform (?)
A blind inquisitor that tries to uphold justice and the law the best she can. Has been blind since she was a filly but uses magic to find her way around, which doesn't always work out very well and puts her in awkward situations. Optimistic, very trusting and naive about the world due to her ailment.



Name: Folding Border
Race: Unicorn, M
Class: Omniseer
Alignment: Neutral
Talent/Gift: Teleport and Sight, CM is a prime knot, but on critfail sees things not meant to be, or teleports uncontrollably to 'other' places.
Skills: Sight Beyond Sight, Telekinesis, Teleport, Improved Spellcast
Inventory: binoculars, tinfoil-reinforced blinders, tinfoil-reinforced blindfold, book: "Advanced Teleportation: Topological Abuse", book "Understanding Sight: The Nature of Magic", document: Time Dodecahedron", lead leg braces

A pony with an interest in the more crazed theories on Equestria's being, having stemmed form his own unique affinity for teleportation and sight into things 'not meant to be seen'.


Name : Tristis
Race : Pegasus
Gender : Female
Alingment : Neutral Good
Class : Omniseer
Abilites : Locate (1) Lightning (2) Sight Beyond Sight (0)
Cutie Mark : A spyglass (+2 to SBS)
Gift : Hypersensitive - Her observant eyes are not the only thing she relies - her ears can pick up even the slightest sounds as well as noises from far away. It's only drawback is that loud noises hurt.
Inventory : An unnaturally long, pure white feather that was her's before it fell out, worn as a necklace (Serves as a cataclyst), School uniform, gas spray.

An unnaturally skinny, turquoise coated pegasus mare with murky green mane.
Usually gets nervous in crowds, but she's completely normal around only one or two ponies, if a bit soft spoken since she can't realise others don't hear as well as she does when speaking.
Doesn't like to get into trouble or danger.



This school runs services catered precisely to the very specialised needs of the ponies here. Classes run at all times and can begin at one's leisure, and if one desires a break they can skip out at any time, then join another class later. How much time one actually wants to spend in class is up to the pony, and all facilities are top notch. Of course, that is not to say there is no opportunity for adventure! One could explore a little to see what one finds. The basement? The surrounding lands? In some cases, one had best adventure unnoticed by the school.

Right now, however, most are taking a break in the cafeteria.


I try to find a table in the furthermost corner.
Possibly the most quiet place.
The cafeteria is always so noisy…


Try to find a place to sit, careful not to spill my food

Roll #0 7 = 7


Name: Javier
Race: Donkey
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Charlatan
Talent: Clear voice - A Word In Your Ear +2
Gift: Extraordinary Mind - A Word In Your Ear can now work at up to 100 meters of distance with no need of direct verbal communication, and affects 2 more targets. User frequently exhibits headaches severe pain as a result of this, and can even procure physical harm to himself.
Skills: A Word In Your Ear (0)
Compassion (1)
Detect Alignment (2)
Inventory: A Series of well-ironed ties, basic supplies when going on a mission.
Description: A bald mule with a sense for diplomacy and social interaction. He never takes offense in your stupid mule-jokes.


After getting my food, find somewhere where I won't be interrupted while eating with another loose teleport

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


Walk into the cafeteria and get some food.
Then, sit nearby the biggest crowd of students.



In Tristis's corner, Folding finds somewhere relatively stable so he cab begin eating. Justicia finds her way there too.

You sit by a mass of them trying to become the Pony King by tying together their tails and sealing them with today's meal.


Can I hear anything out of the ordinary while eating?


I never asked for this.
Look for more "Normal" ponies.


I happily start munching on my food

Roll #0 6 = 6


That mass of ponies tying together their tails are saying some funny things.

"See! Just a few more and we'll look like the Pony King! Then we just need Story Weaver to make us believe it!"

What luck. There's a pegasus and 2 unicorns right over there.

You manage without issue. It tastes okay.


Walk by them
Yes guys this means you.
"Hey fellas! Mind a little company with that lunch?"


Meanwhile I proceed to eat. Rolling to see how it tastes

Roll #0 6 = 6


I mutter for myself.
"What's a Pony King?"
Start eating my food afterwards.

Roll #0 1 = 1


Keep on eating then!

"Sure! The more the merrier!"

Roll #0 7 = 7


It tastes the same as ever. Alright. Okay.

Whatever it is, its presence isn't good for eating.
The goop you're swallowing congeals into some sort of mass as you see the ponies tying their tails together lift them simultaneously to let someone in them middle. What a sight. Too bad you're too busy choking to appreciate it.

Roll #0 5 = 5


Join her
"Have you seen those crazies in the big group? Is tying tails some pony thing I don't know about?"


Try not to choke!

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Sure. As long as you don't exhibit a Ab magic structure. I've been phasing out near those today."

"Oh dear. Hang on!"
Sight to see how to help

"I think it has to do with some folklore about ponies tying their tails to mere into gods. You know, like that cartoon!"

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


I shrug

"I dunno! I'm not really all that up to date on pony games."


Help him out!
"No magic from me lady. I'm just a.. Pony person, a very particular pony person. And yo'd be?"

Roll #0 2 = 2



Nope. The 'pancakes' taste fine to everyone else, not sure why this one seems intent on killing you.

Looks like a swift smack to the correct part would loosen up enough.

In your confusion as to whether it is a he or a her, you do nothing. Better not try to confirm, I guess.


"Excuse me? Lady? Anyways I'm ,uh, Folding Borders, resident unstable anomaly. Don't mind the flickering if it occurs."

Smack her in the chest to help.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Just hack and cough and hope I don't die.


I walk in to the cafeteria, a little dirt on my hooves from visiting my friends in the garden. I grab some pancakes and look for an open seat.


His hoof smacks you well enough, leaving not much of a bruise and saving you. The pancakes actually taste okay now.

You notice one at a table where a unicorn just punched a pegasus.


"Ah my apologies, must have been the hairs in front of my eyes. Althrough I find occasional flickering an interesting thing, would make for a good ghost costume."
"Well we can't stay blind in front of this mistery now, can we?"
Walk up to the ponies and ask them what's going on.

Roll #0 1 = 1


I run over there, "Hey, is there a problem over here?"


"Ack… no… I'm fine… thank you, just, could you stop yelling please?"



You approach the ponies and, seeing as the best way to check what's going on is to offer to join, you do so.


Roll to see if you get away before they glue your tail to theirs.


"What's happening here? Who's making all that racket!?"

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Now now, there's no need to be hasty!"
Try to persuade them to let me go.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Oh, no, she was just choking."

"Choking, heheheheheh…


"I got in a bit of a predictment! Some help, maybe?"


"Oh,alright. Mind if I sit here then?" I sit down cautiously.



Try to intimidate

Roll #0 8 = 8


I guess I can hear that
"Hey, why is that so funny?"

Wince slightly at the shouting.



You're now stuck in the centre of the mass. Tails are tickling you from every direction, and you see more mare and stallion bits than you could ever want.




I give them a strange look, why would they want to do that?


"Nothing. Mmm. Hmm. Yeah. Excuse me."

See if I can teleport the pony out of his trouble.

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


Draw my sword, this pony is dangerous!

"Disrespecting the law!? You actually dare talk down on the law!? You will stop this illegal activity this instant!"

Intimidate again

Roll #0 6 = 6


Oh great! I didn't want to, but let's do it.
Use a word in your ear on somepony to fetch me a pair of scissors. I'll cut this damn thing off!

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


I try to slip out unnoticedly from all this noise and shouting.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Teleporting other entities is especially difficult, but at least you didn't cut off someone's leg like in that article you read about some prince.



Roll to see how this turns out.


"The time of your judgment is now! You are under arrest!"

Trick shot on the one talking! Knock him helpless!

Roll #0 3 = 3



Roll #0 8 = 8


"That doesn't sound good."
Approach them carefully. and see how I can help. Maybe I can summon some plants to knock them out before someone gets hurt.

Roll #0 3 = 3


See if I can attempt a mass teleport to break them apart.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


Folding manages to teleport the mass slightly further from each other, giving Javier enough time to yell his objections despite the slight headache.

"Huh? Aww… but man, how cool would it be if we combined at at our centre there was like, one badass dude's party spheres?"

He disappears and sudden reappears a metre or so away, causing your shot to miss.

"Hey, hey! You could have asked if you wanted to join!"

It's a little difficult to do that indoors, but it seems like stuff is calming down.


"I'll join you in court!"

Try to knock him out with the dull side of my blade!

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Not cool pony, let me just go now!"

Roll #0 3 = 3


Oh, good. I just sit back and wait for moment.


I still try to get away from this madness.

Roll #0 9 = 9


You give him a good thumping on the head. He's a little dizzy, but still concious.

"Hey, hey, what'd we do? We just wanted to make a cool scene and see how Story Weaver uses his magic to make stuff happen! Anyways… ponies, move out!"

The crowd begins to disperse.

They're leaving. You lie on the ground, tail unglued and party spheres intact.

The same corner looks pretty nice now that the crowd is leaving. Or you could go somewhere in the school you'd think is suitable.

Someone continue as Voice from here, bed time for me.

Meanwhile Folding Borders follows ponies


File: 1351042942965.jpg (50.63 KB, 700x700, Pepper Sandwich.jpg)

Okay lets see how this go.

Name : Pepper sandwich
Race : Pegasus
Gender : Female
Alingment : chaotic good
Class : Ranger
Abilites : Flight(racial), Locate (1) Sentry(1) survival(1) supreme survivor (0)
Cutie Mark : A compass (+2 to locate)
Gift : world knowledge - As long as her foot is on the ground, she automatically knows what the geography of the area around her in a circle, that can range from 10 to 100 miles(concentrating) wide and 10 to 100(concentrating) miles high/low around her. Concentrating will yield additional data and information about the area around her like the movement of creatures, genetic make up of area, present chemicals, magic implemented and such. This ability of hers can still be used to fool her if one knows how to exploit the land around her that is.
Inventory : Leather armor(will wear when needed), notepad(for map making, taking notes), pen, saddle bag, School uniform, I.D, gas spray, contraceptives


Breakfast ended fairly quietly with only a little unusual behavior, at least none of the tables were wreaked this time. The students began to mill about their routines, going to morning classes or training sessions. It seemed like it was about time for something to happen.




Roll #0 8 = 8


Well then

Let's teleport to the library and hope I don't get whisked outside normal space

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


You don't teleport anywhere strange. just a few feet in front of you. what an uneventful teleportation. You arrive at the library anyway. There is a purple skinned diamond dog tending the front desk, she seems to be logging something on the computer. "Hello, I'm a little busy, but I can help you in a moment." There are shelves of books of all subjects, well organized by type and alphabetical order.


Oh, never minf. Let's use Fourth Eye to locate a book on crazy physics.

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


You find a book called. "Antics and Amusements, a basic guide to breaking the world around you, by Ninja Pie"


Teleport to a nice place snd star reading! Maybe I can desensitise myself with this!

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


You get a few laughs out of it, there are some really neat tricks in here for getting from place to place. looks like you might be able to teleport into containers full of things to surprise people! How very fun.


What will happen next? There are rumors that some less than moral ponies are planning something, but WHAT COULD IT BE?


That's something nice for today!
Rolling to make sure nothing happens now

Roll #0 4 = 4


You feel something coming over you, you see a flash of those gremlins from before, the little pink and red ones. You blink at them and they disappear, got it under control for now.


The purple diamond dog walks over to you, her feet are covered by socks, and she wears a staff's uniform, her tail is longer than usual and pokes out but aside from all that she looks pretty normal, her eyes are brown. "Did you find everything okay? Maybe you'd like to go out and explore if you're not in class right now."


this NPC is named Pan Tia, she's a CG character who likes to do training sessions more than book work, but today she just happened to be filling in here today. She specializes in tracker skills, and digging, pick it up from here if you like or just ignore this post and move the players where you want. Don't be afraid..


Some of the gifted ponies start to head towards the gymn as the PE lessons are starting soon for anyone who wants to keep in shape or just some light hearted sports with other ponies.


Learning to run and go fast might ne a good idea.

Teleport over!

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


You teleported behind the gym, yay!
Sadly, you don't really know the surroundings of it and managed to end up near the trash containers.
Roll to see if you touched anything icky.


Could have gone worse! Whatever those 'things' were last time I teleported to an alternate area…

Roll #0 8 = 8


Nah, you're cool.
You did get a banana peel on your head, but you quickly removed it.
You only wonder why someone would draw Princess Celestia's cutie mark on a banana peel…


Let's not bring up the time I used Sight Beyond Sight to peer into the wrong bathroom. Off to sports hopefully so I can see how fast I can go without phasing out again!

Roll #0 2 = 2


You walk inside, ready and able, but the teacher, a well built brown earth pony called Buff Out sends you out, saying that you must wear change clothes for sports and special horseshoes not to chip the parquet. Luckily, every student has a locker in the changing rooms to store such belongings! You remembered to bring your PE stuff in those lockers at the beggining of the year, right?


Uh… Probably?

Lemme check…

Roll #0 4 = 4


How can you be so forgetful? You don't have your horseshoes! At least you have your other clothes to sweat into, so now you'll just have to request some for the duration of this lesson.

You find the storage room with and old and wrinkled pegasus lady in it.

"Wha' can I help ya' with, kiddo?"


Do I have them?
In fact, do I have the whole PE outfit?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Uh… a set of PE clothes please? Preferably unused? "

Roll #0 7 = 7


Unless you are staring at the empty locker of another donkey called Javier you don't have any of it.

She hands you the outfit, as well as the horseshoes. They look and smell like they haven't been used in a while.
"Try ta' get your own next time, will ya'? Anythin' else you need?"


"Got any sets for mares? I think someone asked me to get one for her. Yeah. "

Roll #0 4 = 4


Sigh and head for the lady with the goods.
"One PE outfit, medium, not too sweated if possible."

Roll #0 1 = 1


She chews on the gum that's in her mouth with a deadpan look.
"Sorry hun, I'm not allowed to satisfy the whims of panty smelling weirdos."

"Last 'ne just got taken. You can have this instead."

She throws an outfit at you.
It's wrinkled from all the sweat and usage, and you don't even dare to think what the stains on the lower parts might be.
The smell indicates that it's probably not chocolate.


I'm gonna skip PE, yup, totally!
or maybe..
Get one of the ponies my size with a clean outfit to trade with mine, use AWIYE!

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


"Oh fine, I'll just, uh, tell her to come get it herself. "

Teleport back to gym

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


You teleport back to your destination with no trouble.

You find a pony with an outfit that just fits you, and manage to convince him that the shit-stained and sweaty one is totally better than the pristinely clean one he is wearing.

He trades outfits with you with a big smile on his face.

Better get out of his sight before he realises you fucked him over.


Totally. Head to PE and see what's going on. Maybe I'll meet one of the ponies I met at the cafeteria.


There are plenty of ponies and other creatures here, and you can't seem to find any of them.

Buff Out is organizing the students in groups, depending on what they want to do.
Thankfully the gym is huge, so it allows mutliple groups to play at once.

You can see ponies playing football, mostly earthies.
There's a group of pegasi and griffins playing some aerial game, but sadly, you can't join without flight.
There's that's mostly made up of zebras playing basketball, but you can see a donkey there as well.
On the far end there's a game of Floor Hockey going on, many of the players young diamond dogs.

On the sides, pairs or smaller groups are playing assorted other sports, be it running, badminton, hoola hoops or skipping ropes.


Ah, I grew up in the home of football! Let's do this!
"Hey pals! Got room for one more?"


I decide to seat on one of the bench high up and watch the other compete with each other. I will decide later what sports I will join. Skipping ropes dont look bad however


"Of course buddy!"
"You're on the red team!"

One of them passes you a small red hoofband to remind everyone who's in which team.
A grey pony with a magnet as his cutie mark stands beside you and whispers.
"When you start with the ball try running past their team captain on his right side. He never expects that."

You get the ball and the others are waiting for you to start.
You get +2 to your roll off getting past their first line of defense because of the advice the pony gave you.

A donkey just joined the football team.
The aerial game is on hold because of a pegasus who accidentally ran into a griffon and got hurt by his talons.
In the basketball game the team with mostly zebras is on a defensive play against the mixed team, trying to get past their walls to get closer to the basket.
The floor hockes playing dogs are doing neat tricks of spinning around and launching the puck at great speeds.
And yeah, the skipping ropes look like fun.


Maradona powers: activate! Run past their first line of defense, and try for a straight attack pattern against their goal!

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


You manage to slip past the captain, leaving him confusedly behind you, but you're not fast enough and someone gets in your path to defend, preventing you from shooting.

You can either try to get past him as well for a chance to shoot (the +2 no longer available) or pass to another player.


This is hoofball, a game about cooperation and teamwork! About loyalty and honor!

Use my powers to telepatically move the defenders out of the way, shoot the ball home and be called champion for all eternity to come!

But since I'm Good aligned, let's just pass the ball.

Roll #0 3 = 3


I stand up and try to mingle with the ponies playing jumping rope.
"Hey.. can I join?" I asked them with a smile

Roll #0 9 = 9


You are 2SLOW and the ball gets intercepted.
Better run to defend and get it back.
Beat my roll to do so.

The two pony mares smile at you and nod, then give you a rope as well.
"Of course you can! Here you go! My name is Shiny Comet"
"And I'm Glassy! What's your name?"

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Oh you don't!"

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Glassy, Shiny… you can call me Pepper." I then take the rope and do double unders and crisscross techniques while skipping using it.

"I'm new to this school, anything I need to know about it?" I asked the two.


The pony with the magnet cutie mark manages to block and take it, then nods at you and passes.
You have the ball.
Your way to the goal is open.
Now the only thing between you and scoring is the goalkeeper.
Show them what you got.
Go get 'em tiger!


What said the ball to the hoof?
"Please be gentle!"

Force of a thousand exploding suns, activate!

Roll #0 1 = 1


They keep jumping as well.
Roll not to get tangled in the rope, +2 because you are a pegasus.

"We are new too Pepper! We don't know much either!"
"Want to be friends?"

This is it.
Your defining moment.
You will crown this beautiful play wit -ACK!

You trip on the ball, and launch it backward, passing it to their captain who scores a goal by the time your face hits the floor.
You may or may not broke your nose. It sure as hell bleeding like you did.
The grey earth pony runs to you.

"Ouch, that didn't look like a pleasant fall. Are you all right? Want me to get you to the nurse?"


Check if my nose is still there. In any case, make my way to the infermery.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Uhmm.. alright." I then try my best with the skipping rope in my hoof.

Roll #0 7 = 7


It's in your genes.
"Yay, a new friend!"
"You're really good by the way! Will you play with us later too? We usually hang out next to the lion shaped fountain in the park!"


File: 1351081875967.jpg (48.52 KB, 700x700, Pepper Sandwich1.jpg)

"that would be nice, when are we going to hang out btw?" I smiled.


You're made out of solid stone bro, one little meet up with the parquet won't break your nose or anything.
It's just a scratch.
You head over there anyway just to check it.
The grey pony accompanies you.
"I don't believe I have introduce myself yet. I'm Magnetrot."

"Whenever you want to!"
"We could go to the park right now!"


"Javier, mighty nice to meet you. Is playing hoofball your gift? Because you saved my ass more times than I can count, out there!"


"Oh.. okay, well that would be great. I could also go grab some lemon juice in the park or something. I am thirsty." I grab my things and try to locate to park using my gift.

I then look at the two. "Hey, thanks for letting me hang out with you two. Should we go now?"


He chuckles.
"Nice to meet you too. And no, not really. My gift just allows me to manipulate metallic things. Detect them too. What's your's?"

The two of you arrive in front of the infirmary. A very guilty looking adolescent griffon is standing outside.

"Oooh, oooh, I know a place where we could get lemon juice!"
"We should, yes!"

You three change back to your school uniforms and head to the park, with you leading the group.

Shiny Comet points at a small stall.
"There, an old pony sells all sorts of juices there!"
Glassy just keeps walking.
"Have you been to the park already? You seem like you know your way around it!"


Observe the gryphon, might come in handy.
"Let's say I'm a.. Pony kind of donkey. I have an easier time than most understanding others."
Detect alignment on this fella, what's his deal?

Roll #0 8 = 8


I giggled, "Well, just a little trick of mine. Also this place is beautiful." I then ordered a glass and drink. I then look and see if there is anything of interest happening right now in the park.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"You can… you can read minds?"
Magnetrot looks at you impressedly.

The gryphon is Chaotic Good.
You can sense that he is awfully embarassed and ashamed of something, as well feeling guilt.
There's blood on one of his talons

You order a drink and the three of you sit down on a bench next to a fountain with a lion statue on top.
Sadly, nothing interesting is going on. If things were a bit more calm you might die of sudden boredom.

"It is really beautiful! That's why we come here all the time!"
"It's also quiet if we want to talk! You can find us here almost all the time if you want to!"


"I do like this place too, thanks for showing it to me." I smiled at the two of them, stretch my wings and relax.

To kill some time, I then take out my notepad and take notes about the park and its details.


"Hey it's not what I said now, is it?"
chuckle a bit
"But yeah you are smart enough to figure it out, I guess. Not gonna read your mind, promise. Now see what this ability's good for."

Approach the gryphon
"You should relax, is not like you did that on purpouse."
Try to persuade him to let go of the guilt.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Glassy lies back and rocks her hindlegs to a tune she is humming and relaxing, but Comet looks at you curiously.

"What are you doing? Are you drawing? Can I see it? I like to draw too!"

"Thank you. I promise I won't throw rebars at you."
Even with your abilites, you're not sure if he's serious or just joking.

The catbird perks up and looks at you, and relaxes slightly but still unsurely.
"Uh… you saw it too then? I swear she flew into me and my arm was extended and I just… I would never hurt a pony on purpose! You believe me, right?"


"Of course I do. Now, where is she?"
Turn to Magnetrot
"That would make an interesting PE class.."


"Oh no, I am just mapping out the place, you know just a hobby of mine." I then show Glassy my crude drawing if the park, the school and some the general area.

"You draw?" I ask


Shiny Comet was asking to see it.
Glassy is still staring at some birds and humming to herself.

Comet giggles at your notes.
"I do! Want me to show you some of them?"
She takes out a small journal, and shows you her drawings, mostly about either buildings or animals, but never ponies.

"She's inside, the nurse is taking care of her right now… I just wanted to stay here to see if she's okay and apologize…but I didn't dare to go inside yet… what if she hates me?"

Magnetrot nods.
"That it would. At least it would give you a challenge, I suppose you ace every written test we need to write, don't you?"
He gives you a sly, knowing smile.


"Well let's check on her then, shall we?"
walk inside and use detect alignment on the pony.
To Magnetrot
"That would be cheating!"
pause a second
"Also, I gotta keep them unsuspecting, so I just go for 80%".

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Where do you draw this? These looks great? Are you aiming to be an architect or something?" I asked Shiny.


Roll again.
I swear, RP skills with no counterattack such as this should come with a 100% success rate out of combat.

Roll #0 9 = 9


The mare is sitting there, the nurse just finishing to bandage her face. Her eyes were spared, but she will sport that nasty scar for a week or two before it heals, that's for sure.

You can feel good in her soul.
She flew into the him on purpose.
Now she is unsure if a pony and a gryphon is good idea after all
The catbirds starts apologizing to her, as the nurse turns to you and notices your bloodied muzzle.

"Oh dear… you played basketball with Dunkey, didn't you?"

Magnetrot simply stands by the door, not wanting to interrupt any of you.


She blushes slightly.
"Oh, where and whenever I get some inspiration… and yes, I want to become an architect and build great cities like Canterlot one day!"


Talk to Magny
"And this, my friend, is when things get complicated."
Turn to the nurse
"Oh no, is just my clumsy hooves, I tumbled on the ball while playing, nothing serious!"
Give a dismissive smile
Turn to the injuried mare and try to help the gryphon out.
"Hey there! This fella here is mighty sorry about what happened earlier! Is there any way he can make it up to you? Maybe an ice cream, once this is all over?"


Roll #0 10 = 10


"That would be great, I would like to be your cartographer when that day come." I give her a wide smile. I then relax and let myself be basked by the sun.


We're at the Nurse's office, yeah?

Walk in.

"Excuse me, but could I have another does of Iodine pills? I, uh, had another accident. Yeah."


Her eyes light up at the prospect, and her mouth curls into a smile. She and the catbird discuss that they should do that right now in fact, and he helps her out, the mare shooting you a very thankful look on the way out.
You seemed to have ignited a spark between the two!

Your grey pony friend just looks at you with an impressed smile.
"If that's complicated, I can't imagine what smooth could be like!"

The nurse checks your nose and declares it's indeed nothing serious, wipes off the blood and sends you two on your way.

She giggles and you two chit-chat away, spending a very relaxed hour in the park.
+1 to your next three rolls for the contentment.

You quickly find that the nurse at the gym is not the same with the nurse at the regular infirmary.

"Excuse me? What for?"

And that was it for now, I may continue later


"But what if what I just did was right? See, I think they'll do great together, an energic girl like her and a shy soul like him, but who can tell? Maybe it was faith for them never to meet like this, and I just broke that.
It's complicated because there's no clear right or wrong. I could have walked away and it'd have been just as right as helping them."
"Phased right through a goalpost?"
walk up to him
"Let me introduce you to my new friend here, Magnetrot. Magny, this is Folding Borders, he's.. Well, many things."


"let's just leave it as that. And uh, good day to you, Magnetrot. Resident… whatever you call someone who tends to phase out of known space."


I get another juice and scan the area using my gift to see whats happening around me.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Magnetrot acknowledges Folding.
"Nice to meet you."

"And if it was wrong for you to have interfered, I wouldn't say so. Why care about what 'should be' when you can do better?"

You don't sense much apart from what you can already see.


I turn my attention to Glassy and Comet. "Do you guys want to go back to the gymnasium and see whats happening in there?"


File: 1351147078459.jpg (137.97 KB, 852x606, 121023-delphina.jpg)

Posting for later use!

Delphina, Chaotic Neutral Female Earth Pony Warlock (Mage/Necromancer)
Cutie Mark: violet butterfly (+1 to Magic Bolt, Storm Bolt)
Gift: Chaos Conduit - Spellcasting criticals unleash random blasts of raw energy. All spell critical thresholds increased by 1 (ex. basic crit fail 2-, Magic Bolt crit fail 3-)
Improved Spellcasting, Magic Bolt (Storm Bolt), Tartarian Power (Tartarian Blessing), Touch of Death (Touch of Life)
Armor/Wpn/Catalyst: black scarf (unarmored), none, golden butterfly armlet
Inventory: Books (Guide to Treasures and Artifacts, Identifying Dark Power, Life Magic Theory), notebook and pen, personal genealogy book, saddlebags

Coat of cool umber, cropped mane of dark chocolate, dark pink eyes. Gold butterfly armlet over front right leg, long black scarf over school uniform.
From old money, her family sent her to the Gifted school to curb her precocious behaviour. She enjoys learning, but hates education, used to getting her way. Potentially unhealthy obsession with "dark" magic.


I lay in the garden on my favorite patch of ground. Right near to the flowers, and close enough to the big willow tree. I sing softly to my friends.


Meanwhile, far away, in another part of town the academy!

A speaker softly cracks in a busy hallway
"Students are requested to apply for today's field trip at the front office. Thank you for your understanding."


I report at the office.
Are there many ponies there?


Delphina quickly runs to the front office, eager for adventure. Rolling to get a spot in line.


Roll #1 6 = 6


A few. Seems like the trip has the school population on various moods.
On one hoof, it's going to be an adventure and a great occasion to get some fresh air outside of the strict premise of the academy, on the other the past field trip survivors always sport a new scar or two.
Your boring little legs do just what you wanted to do, and your boring little self take a boring spot in the boring line for the freakingawesome field trip.


I look around worriedly, and look for a teacher or someone to ask.
"Excuse me… is this trip dangerous?"


Ask the next horse in line: "Where exactly are we going, again?"


I bid my plant friends a good day and head to the office.


You can only find a janitor, though luck.
"Way I hear it is some kind o' big cave or somethin'. Good if you ask me, I won't have to wash blood off the flier's floor no more!"
"The cave of.."
he's vut short by a gryphon
"The misterious cave of!"
"Yeah, the misterious cave of.."
"No no! You have to do the voice!"
"Sigh.. The misterious cave of.."
Then he stops a minute and look at his friend
"Wait, what cave are we visiting again?"
The gryphon turns her head skyward to think
"Must be the one where they found that cloning lab.."
Your plants are happy you take care of them, and eagerly salute back.
Or at least you swear they are.
At the office you can see two ponies and a gryphon in line in front of MSOB, and Tristis talking with a janitor.


"B-Blood? What do you mean?"


"Oh I'm sure it was just a nosebleed.
Buffalos have around five buckets of blood in their noses, right?"


Try not to faint.

Roll #0 5 = 5


>player names

"Cloning lab, haha, right. What's next, zombies?"

Delphina whips the loose end of her scarf about and examines the other students gathered around to see who all is going to be on this trip. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


I step forward and get the attention of the two ponies and the griffon. "Hello, is this the group for the field trip?"


You fail.
Rolling to see if the janitor catches you or you end up with your head in his bucket.
The two look at each other in the eyes for what seems an endless instant, their faces pale and serious.
Then, the pony turns to you
"We.. we don't talk about Grypholm.."
Seems like one of the other students is about to faint, and an earth pony moves towards you and your two new aquatances.
Still blankly staring towards the horizon, the gryphon answers with a weak nod.
"We.. maybe we should go."
The two of them make their way out of the office without even turning in their forms.
How peculiar..

Roll #1 7 = 7


Yeah he's got you. and now you are hovering a few centimeters away from the floor.
"Gotta be careful there miss. Pegasi got weak bones!"


I try to stand up.
"I know… but… I'm not really sure about this trip anymore… I came here because I thought it's obligatory."

Roll #0 3 = 3


"That's a bunch. It ain't no need to risk your life just yet.
But yeah, some day you'll want to go on one of them trips, just to see what life is out there for, you know, those like us."
No need to roll to get up, he has already helped you.


"I think my mother my right, I'll never understand mobile creatures.." Go sign up for the trip and leave these non plants alone.


"You think I should go then? I don't really like danger…"


Delphina makes a mental note to look up "Grypholm".

"No room for pussies or chickens on this trip, I guess."

She follows the other pony (Morning Branch) to sign up, striking up conversation with him as she fills out her form, "Are you signing up? What's your angle?"


That asocial little piece of soil you call flank does just that, and you move to dully complete the modules and sign up for WHO THE HELL KNOWS which adventure. Maybe you should have read the fine print, but oh well.
"I'm just saying, you won't be here forever.."
This said, he goes back to moping the floor.


You are signed up as well.


"O-Okay.. I can do this…"
Sing up.


and so you are signed up too.

Seems like you three and a blue buck are the only ones attending this field trip. Strange.

You are all outside the office, an hallway leads further inside the school while on your right the main exits leads to the garden and landing plantforms, where you should take your ride to the field trip.
But you should still have time to do some socializing, if you feel like.


"I think it will help me focus, the teachers have told me I'm spending too much time in the gardens, so this seemed like a good excuse to get out of the school." I try to smile. "What's your angle? "


I wave at the other three ponies.
"Hi… I'm Tristis…"


"Independent studies." Delphina has a certain air of haughtiness.

"Any of you been on these trips, before? I thought they'd be more popular, the campus is kinda stuffy for my tastes." Delphina asks the other two (Tristis and the blue one).


"No, it's my first time…"


"Kurt. Ich bi.. I am a new stutent zhere, vanted to know ze place."
"Niet, is mein first week in zis place. I know nothing yet."


"I'm called Morning Branch.. Its not a very cool name, but you can just call me Mo instead, that's a better name right? Also, I really am a guy, I just look kind of feminine." '1d10' for how awkward that was to listen to.
"Oh, Independent studies? That's pretty cool."

Roll #1 3 = 3


Her ears are not bleeding yet, but your mouth sure is filled with spaghetti.


I shift around my hooves uncomfortably.
"Uh.. that's.. nice I guess?"
I keep speaking slowly.


Delphina maintains a crooked smile. "Yes, a… pleasure to meet you all. Tristis, Kurt, and Morning Wood. I'm Delphina. Or you can just call me Dee, if that's easier for you."

"Am I the only one actually excited to be leaving this dump for once?"


"Hello, Kurt! This should be a fun trip I hope!"


"It's at least safe around here… if a bit loud…"


"Excited? I suppose it will be nice to see what's going on out there. I've heard that the plants aren't treated nearly as well in other places.."


"I am worried now, I heard those two speak, behind me, of dangers. Of clones and zombies. Would ze teachers really take us on such a trip?"


I gulp.
"The janitor was talking about blood too…"


"Meybe they have boxing mazches on ze jet?"


I tilt my head confusedly.
"Pardon me?"


"They probably also think Nightmare Moon's gonna gobble them up!"

"Blood, huh? Pictures or it didn't happen." Delphina shrugs and shakes her head with a smirk.

"Look, we're all Gifted here, so whatever's waiting out there for us, I'm sure we can handle it. So what do each of you like to do?"


"Ya know, ze blood could be from ze boking mazches! Zat perfectly normal! Everypony haz boxing mazches in their homes, don't they?"


I shake my head confusedly.
"I'm sorry, I still have no idea what you are talking about."

"I like listening to music and relaxing…"


"I don't think we would be sent somewhere truly dangerous. Even if it is dangerous we are together.. Its like they say, 'when we work as one, we can not truly be defeated.' at least I think that's what they said.." I smile


"You really think so? I mean, I'm not doubting you, I just never did anything truly dangerous…"


Shake head dismissively
"Is nothin, do not conzern yourzelf."
"Ja! We are special, after all!"

ready to warp whenever you want.




"I mean your Gift. Do you make light shine out of your nose? Please tell me there is some kind of glimmer in that head of yours."

Delphina sashays towards the pads.

(Ready to move out)


"Well, if its really worrying you, then we should share our gifts with each other, right?" I breath deeply. "My gift is with plants.. I can talk to them, call on them for aid. Its very helpful, very peaceful.."
"Yeah! We'll be fine."
lets go!


I embarassedly lower my head and paste my unusally big ears to my heads.

"Well… my sight and hearing is good… but that's it…"



The group has made its way to the Jet , and is now ready to embark. As everypony straps into their seats a white unicorn appears in the middle of the jet, with a whide smirk on her face.

"Everypony I thank you for joining us teachers in this trip tonight."
She starts pacing throug and forth as the Jet begins to rollout.
"As you all are aware I'm sure, our missions are extremely dangerous.
So much in fact, normal ponies could never make it out alive.
This is where you come in.
We are the future of ponykind! We are the ones that will carry this planet's legacy once our ancestors are gone!
In all these years at the academy, our only objctive has been to keep you safe from the rest of the world.
Tonight, your objective will be to keep the world safe in return."

And yeah, if you want to bail out now, the jet is flying at 20000 feets of altitude. Good luck with that.


"So what are we keeping the world safe from today? Zombie clone robot pirates?"


Try not to panic.
Why the hell did I sing up?

Roll #0 2 = 2


"That's the best part!"
The white mare says as she turns suddenly towards you
"We have no idea! All we know is we are going into a cave from which huge amounts of energy have been detected. Could be anything, even a portal to Tartarus!"


Because of peer pressure.
Then, you'll start to smoke.
Next thing you know, you are a salt addict.
Really, what the hell are you doing with your life?


I mutter quietly and rock back and forth.
"I don't want to die…I don't want to die… I don't want to die…"

Roll #0 4 = 4


No wait
No the harness is not meant for chewing!
And stop shouting!

The white unicorn comes up to you
"You shouldn't be scared. You have your gift, right?"


"Yes…Yes…but it won't save me from anything…"


"Tartarus, huh…"

"How many students come back from these again?"


"Oh, they all do!"
"How much of them comes back chages from time to time.."

DC8 to hear this for everypony except Tristis, who succeds automatically.

"You should have more faith in yourself! And in your friends, of course!"

As she finishes speaking the intercom of the jet buzzs on.
"Miss Storm, we have sight on the dropzone. Is your team ready?"


Roll to hear. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I think we're ready! We have to be, right?"

"…Wait, I have to be friends with that?" Delphina gestures at Morning.


I listen carefully, trying to remember to nod to show I'm listening. ponies need that, so troublesome, my plants don't need that.. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"If you want to survive, I suggest you do honey!"
You can only hear a muffled sound from the mare. Must have been nothing important.
You, on the other hand, can hear everything!
The cake waiting for you deep into the cave is gonna be delicious!

The Jet lands in front of what looks like an abandoned shack, and Storm walks outside, waiting for the group of young ponies.

Everypony is in front of the small, run down shack.

"Ready? Here we go!"
Or that's what Storm's lips seemed to say, a second before a lightning strike hits the door of the shack, sending it flying inside.
As the smoke clears you can see an empty room, and a ponyhole leading down, down, down..


"LIGHTNING BOLTS EVERYPONY DUCK AND COVER!" Delphina dives and pulls her scarf down over her eyes.


"Miss Storm?" go in after her..


look at her with a flat face
"That was me, you coward!"
"What is it?"


I look a bit frustrated, and completely forget what I was going to ask "Hey, that's not nice. Dee is my friend now, you shouldn't call her a coward!"
I come back and pat you on back. "Come on Dee."


"Right, of course, that one wasn't me. I don't do lightning bolts yet."
"That's right, I'm letting you walk in front!"

"Come on, Kurt."

Roll to judge the hole's depth. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Storm speaks to you
"Look kids this is an unknown territory we are going into, if you want to stay alive you'll have to rely on each other and be ready. On that note, good job defending your friend."
She gives you a smile, evidently sorry for what's happened.

Everyone climbs down into the cave. 2 paths are open, leading in two opposite directions
"I bet they meet up at the end. We can't just take one and ignore the other, we'd be flanked if anything happens!"
37 meters and 40 centimeters. You know because you counted the rungs of the ladder.
What a clever pony!


Sorry about that
What's happening?



I nod. "Of course. " I focus and ask the earth what lies ahead, do the paths really meet up? (earth song) '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Delphina is clearly mocking in tone. "Hey gang, we should split up so we can cover more ground!" After a very vocal scoff, she adds, "Yeah, like that ever ends well."

Delphina casts Magic Missile Bolt at the darkness, sending a couple flares down a tunnel. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


That should be +1.


The earth is angry at you for coming inside without an invitation. She won't answer.
Try bringing her some flowers next time.
Well that went well.
The flares reveal both paths are slowly descending and clear of enemies, but they go on too long for you to see what lies ahead.

Storm speaks.
"Split up? Nah. You stay together and take one tunnel, I take the other. Which one will it be, left or right?"


Do I hear any sounds from either?


Both tunnels echo with activity. Hoofs stomping and soft whirrings, telltale sign of ponies and machines hard at work can be heard.


"Lets try the left tunnel?" I look sad, I'l have to find a way to make it up to the earth.


"Um… both of those tunnels seem to be in use. By ponies or some sort of other hooved creature. And machines. Lots of them."


"I'm right behind you two."

"Well? Go on, be heroes. I believe in you and all that jazz."


And so the four take the left tunnel!
"Be careful guys!"
As you watch storm disappear down the right path you swear you can see clouds forming.

The party is in a dark tunnel.


Use Sight beyond Sight.
Can I see anything?

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


I try to summon some glowing flowers."Please, aid me here.." (root variation) '1d10+2'

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


In the other path, Storm is blowing up a 3 meters tall, eight legged mechanical spider.
Back at school, an handsome stallion is eating his breakfast.
While thousand of people died of hunger, their king lived in luxury.
And down this path, down this path you can see at least two dozens ponies, hard at work on what looks like a mine, extracting a yellow glowing ore.
Oh yeah, also, 3 mechanical sentries are approaching you. One turn to find a place to hide.
5 small flowers spring from underground. They are glowing of different colors and look up at you expectantly.
1 poisonous, 2 rooting, 1 shoots seeds at high speed, 1 lashes with his vines.


"So, Kurt, you're into boxing? Du bist pugilist?"


"Quickly, something's coming!"



"Eh? ah, ja, is like a family tradition.."
Hearing this, he vanishes in the dark.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Ninja!" '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #0 2 = 2


I smile and thank the earth."get ready little friends.."
I kind of just step to the side, and try hide. "why are we hiding from them?" '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


You have no idea where to hide. Maybe covering your head with your hooves will be enough!
Indeed, you are one. In the darkness of this cave not even the shining look of victory in your eyes could give you away
Yeah why are you? In fact, let's face them openly! Standing in the middle of the cave will help!

As the three sentries get closer they don't fail to notice Trists and Branch, letting out a deafening alarm noise. I guess the whole place knows you are here now!
Roll for initiative.
All the hidden ponies win at initiative, and get +2 on their next roll.


Cover my ears at the loud alarm and shoot a Lightening bolt at them!

Roll #0 5 = 5


Teleport behind one and backstab!

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3



Delphina is startled by the loud noise and looses a Storm Bolt in kind. (4 bolts, 5- crit fail)


Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


"Are you ready little seedlings?" I direct the seed spitting flower to attack

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


The bolt jumps armlessy from bot to bot, before backfiring in your face. 1 hit
Your teleport takes you right in front of the bots, and you fall on your own tail as you try to hit thin air.
Your horn flares bright white as the only light in the tunnel, for a single moment, is your bright magic.
Three shots of pure lightning hit each and every one of the bots, and a fourth placed on the middle bot makes it explode in smithereens, taking the other two with it.
There is nothing left to attack.

Alarm bells can be heard from afar.
Tristis can hear the workers and machines shifting aound nervousely, packing everythin and moving deeper inside the cave.


I wince slightly at the alarm.
"The workers are packing up and trying to make a run for it!"


"Right, we should go after them!" I run down the cave.


"oh god, oh god, oh god…"
I canter after her.



Delphina looks most satisfied with herself and can't help but add a flourish, tracing a glowing pattern with her armlet. "Off to a good start!"

She follows after the others. "Wait, workers? What were those things we just blew up? Where are you getting all this?"


You run further down the cave, past derested living quarters and empty barracks, eventually reaching the main mining shaft, with coveyer belts and strange metal boxes as tall as a pony.
sorry. Let's say your catalyst.


What are they making here?

Roll #0 1 = 1


Ask the earth for information about this place. "What happened here?" '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4



Roll to examine a box. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Candies, of course.
Should you try to eat one of these yellow glowing, gem-shaped candy? SURE YOU DO!
But as you touch it, a whirring sound startles you.
You can only hear her slow sobbing. The wounds in this cave are too deep, the earth can't commute with you.
Ah yes the box. The matallic box, with a red glowing orb and OH GOD IT IS MOVING!

The boxes are security robots, and they slowly crawl into their real, four legged shape.
5 of them, roll for initiative

>>Kurt [DMPC] [Arcane Blade]


Roll #1 3 = 3


'1d10' and try to get Tristis away from that gem if I can.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Guh." Delphina inelegantly backs away from the box she tried to open up and pops a Magic Bolt in its face… thing. (+1, 3- crit fail)

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Ah, drop it!
What's happening?!

Roll #0 3 = 3

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