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One stormy night 3 [lemon] 289662

FS run continuing


You are able to stifle that urge to crumple and cry right there and there because of fear that you had made him angry.

The rain slowly began to pour lightly, bringing with the cold. The sun tries its best to shine amidst the dark covers of the clouds enveloping the skies as the wind starts to turn to a cold breeze. Gnut then stares at you.
"Fly?! What has gotten into you? I told you to stay!" He whispered with anger and concern based from his tone of voice.

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 289675

"B-but… I was… my wings were s-starting to itch and c-cramp up… and it's been s-so long since I could f-fly…"

[lemon] 289684

He puts one palm to his face.
"Of all the time."
He then straightens up and looks around before focusing his attention to you.
"Your wings itch!? I cant believe this, I trusted you to!!…, *sigh* stay." He tries to calm down, you can clearly see that he is trying to control his temper.

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 289701

I fall down to my knees and hold my head low.
"I'm s-sorry… I just wanted to… n-nopony saw me! I m-made sure!"

[lemon] 289707

"Nopony?? What do you mean?" He looks at you confused for a moment then shakes his head.

"Sorry? Sorry?! That doesnt matter! What matter is you are out here and endangering yourself! I trusted you to stay and there are…"
Both of you hear the sounds of marching and the clanking of steel from the west of the road that you follow. From the sound of it, their pace is quite fast and in a hustle. Gnut gritted his teeth, stands up and takes a look at you.
"Stay quiet or they will kill you." His eyes dead serious.

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 289716

I just nod with fearful eyes and try to hide in a bush.

Roll #1 8 = 8

[lemon] 289728

File: 1357421834876.jpg (36.4 KB, 700x700, aa39.jpg)

Gnut stands up and walks towards the road while you do your best to hide behind a tree, well that is what you do back then as a forest care-taker when something dangerous comes nearby.

You take a peek time and again and saw Gnut talking to a balding guard who has a scar on his face. some of the guards, exactly 4 of them appears to be alert with their swords drawn.

With whats it appears to take forever ends when Gnut raises a hand and speaks loudly, saying something. With that the soldiers began to leave. It takes about 10 minutes of him looking on the horizon before Gnut approaches you and sits quietly.

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 289731

I look out of my hiding.
Is he alone?
Does he look sad?
Is it safe to go to him?

[lemon] 289734

He looks at you as you take a peek. He then approaches with great strides.
"Looks like they are out of sight. I need to take you back to the cottage or the guards may come back. These are dangerous times so we will walk from the side of the road." He motions you to follow.

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 289736

I follow behind him.
"W-What happened? What were they looking f-for?"

[lemon] 289740

He sigh's
"They are looking for big-eyed, talking small horses or ponies," He exclaims.
"Like you." He looks back.

The blades of grass are starting to get thinner as you and Gnut made your way to the farms, you are approaching near the cottage.

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 289743

My mouth curls into a hopeful smile.
"Y-You mean I'm not alone?"

[lemon] 289751

You two are now in the cottage, the rain is beginning to pour and the sun is now completely enveloped by the clouds.
"Go inside." His voice is more commanding than endearing.

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 289753

I frown and flap down my ears at his tone, then obey and walk inside.

[lemon] 289764

With that he closes the door and looks outside the window first before closing it too.
"Yes you are not alone." He finally speaks with a worried voice.
"Before I saw you sleeping in front of the cottage, there was a group who arrived here first on the farm north east of here."
He then takes a seat on his bed.
"I was part of the men called to witness if the masters claim is true and I indeed saw four of them."

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 289767

I turn around and look up at him.
"A-And why didn't you tell me about them s-sooner?"

[lemon] 289772

He puts his hand on his lap.
"You do know why I put that collar on you?" He stares at you, its like his gaze is looking to your soul.

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 289778

I sit down on my flanks and look at him fearfully.
"B-Because you thought I w-was an animal?"

[lemon] 289782

He looks down for a moment then looks at you.
He then approach you and puts one hand on your shoulder.
"I put that collar on you because I dont trust you. I myself am afraid of you as you are afraid of me." his grip begins to tighten up.

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 289785

I gulp.
"I'd n-never hurt y-you!"

[lemon] 289799

"Of course you wont, I can tell. But from what I witnessed, it appears that your kind is more than willing and I cant take my chances, specially now that I caught you sneaking outside of the cottage after your friends burn my brothers in arm."
He produces the collar.

"I got one question, why did you go outside?"

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 289807

I tear up and look at the ground.
"I ju-just wanted to fly a bit… p-please… not the collar…"

[lemon] 289831

With that answer he begins to put the collar on you, his face is slightly sad but determined.
"I cant take my chances."


Roll #1 5 = 5

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 289834

Rolling not to cry too much.
"I-I'll promise not to go flying again! P-Please…"

Roll #1 1 = 1

[lemon] 289847

File: 1357428311290.jpg (26.91 KB, 700x700, aa40.jpg)

You see him frown as you begin to cry, his hand is wet when finishes putting the collar on you and tying it to a nearby post.
He then takes a cup of water and drinks. He then let out a tired breath before looking again at you.
"This for your and my safety. I cant let you fly to wherever you please lest your life and minebe forfiet while I am absent for a general meeting this afternoon."

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 289856

"I… I w-won't… please…t-this is so embarassing… p-please… I'll c-clean up again and make s-soup just not t-this…"

[lemon] 289871

"Wha?… This is not about soups or anything in general, its that…."

Seeing you still crying he then sits down next to you.
"Here's the reason. Remember the group of ponies that I told you earlier? They burned down 7 guards that are about to escort them to our leader using some kind of magic.
He then began to drum his hand on his knee while staring at the floor.
"Most of the guards are dead but some survived the onslaught."

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 289876

I look up at him and gasp.
"T-They did what? W-Why would they? I… I can h-heal! I could try to h-help!"

[lemon] 289908

He slightly cringes, then calms himself down and from that stoic face you saw a smile.

"Your kindness is the only thing stopping me from giving you up to the guards. You've shown kindness to that man in chains back then and you are now showing it again."
He then stands up and goes to his chest and opens it.
"And because of that I am forbidding you to leave this place until I told you so."

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 289915

I look down at the ground.
"O-Okay… but I'd r-really like to see some o-other ponies already…"

[lemon] 290174

File: 1357438210696.jpg (40.38 KB, 700x700, aa41.jpg)

He picks up a sword from the chest, draws it partially and then sheaths it again.
"I might not let you see them, or let them know you are here. They might…"

He stops for a moment, deep in thought. He then looks back to you, his face is slightlconfused yet full of worry.
"T… they might.. hurt you… (?!)"

He stands up, pack some items and puts the tie the swords scabbard on his waist.
"I will leave now."

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 290180

"H-Hurt me?… What kind of ponies are t-they…"

I timidly walk a bit closer, then tug at his clothes with a hoof worriedly.
"When will you b-be back?"

[lemon] 290206

He stiffens up a bit for some moment as you touch him. He then exhales and shakes his head after a minute or two.
"One of them calling herself Marching Dawn appears to be guided by honor and reason, but the other guards told me that she has rejoined with the others and attacked their group so I cant tell you whats the real story right now."

He then put a slightly shaking hand to your head and scratch your ears.
"Look a general meeting is held today by the Master so I cant tell how long I'll be gone. It will be best for you to stay here and keep your ruckus a minimum. The other humans like me…. might not take kindly of you when they find out about your existance… I.. just stay safe."
He then hugs you.

Featherscent [Pilgrim] 290217

Hug him back.
"P-Please…just hurry back… all this t-talk of b-bad ponies and… other humans s-scared me…"

[lemon] 290269

It takes a moment before he push himself away from you suddenly looking in the ground with eyes wide open.
"…. I'll head out then, maybe by midnight I'll be back."

He then stands up and head for the door and heads outside. You hear something heavy is moved from the outside and the leaving of footsteps.

You are lone for now.

[lemon] 290364

With that, you basically made a fire to stave the cold.
The rain starts to pour harder.

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