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A good morning ahead
A fair afternoon for today
The gloom of night awaits


Hey Good morning sweet cakes and flutter buns. I hope you had a good night sleep because today is the day for…


And not just any party mind you friends, its the party of a century!! Its the Celebration of the Sun, the Moon and the celestial heavens that gives us both warmth, cold and life to this world of ours. All Equestrians are invited from any corner, hell that is the reason why you guys are here right?

Well right?

Anyway I think you guys have your own reasons for attending this one week event of party, music, drinking, eating, games, dancing party party and…. you know *wink*.

All of you open up your eyes in the tavern room where you are staying. Looks like its time to get friendly aye?


A loud clap of pyrothecnics explode outside, well that is a bit annoying but that jogs your senses up. Look like they are getting prepared and about to start.



I stretch and look around my room.


Curiosity drives me here, though if they insist on being so loud I may end up thinking it isn't worth it. Stretch, and rise for the day.


The smell of frehsly baked bread is in the air, the cool night air is still intact but the warmth of the sun coming from the window indicates it is the eve of Spring. The room that you two are in is already empty save for the two of you waking up, a pony on a bed that is still asleep and a diamond dog on a corner hugging a goat.


Bread? Sounds like a good start.
I'll nod to the zebra, and once I've gathered my things I'll head downstairs.


"Is it not too soon for me to share another's room?"
I get out of bed and put on my gold and saddlebag.


You are greeted with life and the smell of breakfast. From pastries, to coffee, from the smell of lemonade and.. well the sizzling smell of fish and rabbit meat. The tavern downstairs is buzzing with life.

As the gryphon left the door open, the same smell of breakfast reached your nostrils. It beckons you too come.


I follow him out the door.


Mm. Rabbit.
I'll start filling a fair-sized plate with pastries, meat, standard breads, and a glass of milk if they've got it, lemonade if they don't.


You've gone downstairs and greeted with the same sight. A noisy crowd with platefull of foods and a very busy tavern. It is apparent that the week long festivities is starting.
You eye the food but you also eye a single table good for five empty.

You got all those and the chubby stallion even adds another bread just in case. The seats are full but you find a single table empty good enough for five person.


I'll sit there, then, and proceed to dig in.




It's paused.



As you dig in, some mare and gryphon pass by table to table giving out flyers and put some on the desk.
"Come by and visit our shop! It got the best peach cakes and mango juices available." smile the mare as she leaves.


I'll nod slightly. That might make a good snack, and mangoes aren't something that are common in the gryphon lands…


I join my gryphon roommate and check on my cash level.
"To the same room we were assigned, does this mean together we must dine?"


I'll shrug.
"Not necessarily, but I'm not going to run you off."
I'll pick up one of those flyers and idly look at it as I eat.


I wave down a waitress with some food.

I check out a flier.
"Is a peach a fruit? About these I have not heard a hoot."


I'll nod.
"A bit oddly shaped, but peaches are decent fruits. The mango drink they're offering might be good too…"
I'll scratch the side of my face with a claw for a moment.
"I don't think we've introduced ourselves. I am Gideon. And you are?"


I reach out a hoof. "Miiba, a traveling zebra."


I suppose I'll take it, and give it a shake.
"A pleasure."


File: 1376244909323.png (358.56 KB, 1000x1000, aaa2.png, IO Google TinEye)

Fliers about peaches, fruits, musicians and other oddities. There are some about games prizes and other farring their inventions from the mundane like scissors that work automatically from teleportation devices without aid of magic. Well who knows if those are true or not.

A chubby mare approaches carrying a list.
"and for the handsome zebra what is his orders?"


"For a species that is half lion, I have found that gryphons are quite fun. Is this your first time at the festival? This is the first time I have been here on my travel."


Teleportation without magic? Now that's something I'd like to see.
"I'm mostly just curious. Haven't ever really had the chance to attend festivals before."


I smile at her.
"Whatever you think best, it is a food I would love to test."

"We shall be in this together, no matter the weather.


"If you like."


She just looks at you for a moment and then goes back to the counter telling the cook something before going back to you.
"I suppose dandelion sandwiches and spicy fried eggplants plus lemonaide would do for the morning is that right?" She smiles.

There some more like a certain pony named Octave and her band performing in the afternoon and the pyrotechnics display at night to consider.


I shrug.

I nod.


Music is always good. I'll idly chew on some rabbit while mentally making my list of things to do. The peach and mango place can be lunch or a snack, might check a few of the games after breakfast, and the invention tent before going to listen to the concert.


The hustle and bustle is quite invigorating. Looks like the majority who had woke up early are leaving while those who slept late are just getting up. One of them is a pegasus with thick glasses who is carrying a plateful of sandwiches using her wings. She approaches you two and look around.
"I reckon you two dont mind if I take a seat? Or is it already taken?"

After a couple of minutes, she hands over the platter to you and the smell is heaven sent.


"Sit as you like."




I thank her and start eating.


"Its time to party!"

A pyrotechnic blast from outside of the Inn coupled with the laughter of children playing jogs your senses and your eyes open up to realize that it is already morning. The festival of the sun the moon and the stars is now running, so is your week-long vacation.

Hey smile and wake up. If you let this pass by then you just let your vacation for a year slip by.

Ah damn look like someone left the door from your room hanging open. The smell of food is heavy in the air, so is the noise of the many patrons eating.

She nods and take the farthest eat and began to eat.
"So work, vacation, vocation or pilgrims? Perhaps guards or just here to have fun?" She looks at the two of you.


"Vacation, I suppose. Mostly just passing through, and I was curious. A bit surprised they've prepared food for gryphons as well as ponies."


Wait so
This is Equestria? Fuck.
Okay let's just… go downstairs and see what's what.


She take a bites of the sandwich
"Of course dumdum, we cant let you guys and some of the dogs feel left out. This is not the Grand Galloping Gala, this is the festival of Equestria and everyone is invited."

Looks like everyone is dining for breakfast and having a good time. The place is full and the waitress and cook busy, so busy to the point that only one table is left with seats available. A gryphon, a zebra and a pegasus are chatting together.


My tail will twitch in irritation at being called dumb.
"I see. So what of yourself? You a local, or traveler?"


I keep talking with my mouth full so I can rhyme a word with Pilgrim.


Sit down at the table then.
Slam my hoof on it when the waitress comes to take up orders.
"Bring me your finest wine!"


"Her finest wine? Isn't it a little early to drink the fruit of the vine?"


I'll raise an eyebrow.


Frown at you.
"You don't expect me to drink water, do you? That's not very knightly."


"Neither is being drunk at the break of the day."


I shrug.
"For a mare being a knight is not a common profession. Shouldn't you be wearing an apron?"


"I can hold my drink!"

Narrow my eyes at him.
"Shouldn't you be beating two rocks together, zebra?"


"Not saying you can't, but perhaps asking for the strongest and best they've got this early in the morning can lead some to make assumptions."


"Spears and voodoo are what we do. Banging rocks is for the chimps, those thieving little imps."


File: 1376248001548.png (348.19 KB, 1000x1000, aaa3.png, IO Google TinEye)

"an inventor." She said with a hint of pride on her voice and with sandwich in her mouth/

"I make things work and without magic I say, well with a little bit of magic perhaps but not much magic where we become dependant on it unlike those prissy unicorns mind if I say."

"Pilgrim? So you venerate the princesses if I may ask? They are cool if you ask me." She smile.

A chubby stallion comes to you.
"And what food will accomapny the drink if I may ask miss."


"Oh? I suppose you're here to check out the teleportation display that's mentioned in this flyer. The non-magic one."


"Are you assuming that dumping more alcohol into something makes it better? I asked for her finest, not her strongest!"

"Point is, don't tell me what to do. Not all species on this planet are backward."



I shake my head.
"Not her. I venerate Nature. The one that made the teleporter, are you her?"

I simply shrug. Ponies are so strange.


"In most cases they're one and the same."
I'll shrug, and ruffle my feathers a little.


"What do gryphons know about wine anyway? You couldn't grow a plant if your life depended on it! Hah!"


"What?!" Her eyes grow furious a bit and snatched the flyer from your talons.
"Several competitors I see, those scoundrels. And look at the picture, it got an aether synthesizer and a mana conductor arrgghhgghh!" She rip it to pieces.

The chubby waiter goes to the counter and after a minute, a bowl of fruit salad with cherry on top is right in front of you by gollee.
Of course dont we forget the wine now,

She then looks at you.
"Oh not me, I am making a teleporter without using any magical instrument mind you. This one on the flyers are just imitators mind you."


I'll shrug again.
"Perhaps not, but I at least have the sense not to inebriate myself at the beginning of the day."


"I don't know what either of those are, I'm afraid. I suppose that means you're developing one purely mechanical in nature?"


"A knight can hold her drink, just watch."

"Thank you."
Start eating and taste the wine.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I give her a comforting pat on the back.
"There there, I'm sure the teleporter won't take them anywhere."


A diamond dog approaches carrying a plate of shrimps and lettuces.
"Dis seat taken?" he ask.

Fruit salad is fruit salad and wine is wine. Both taste good specially the fruit salad, though as an avid wine taster you can tell that this one is not even aged that well.

She then grits her teeth and discards the crumpled flyer.
"I'll show them that Miles Spectrum is a capable inventor. I'll teach them how time and physics work." She raises a hoof.

She then look at the three of you.
"Hey, whats your name so I may know though perhaps that is obvious since I am asking."


I'll gesture for the dog to take a seat.
"The name is Gideon. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Spectrum."


I shake my head at the diamond dog.

I reach out a hoof for Miles to shake.
"I am Miiba, and traveling zebra."


"Not even these ponies can grow proper wine. Sad!"
Look at the dog.
"No, sit down."


The dog nods then sits down on the table and began eating the prawns.

She looks at you two and smile.
"Yes, more audiences for later. If you two… no I mean you four attend then that is four more people to witness my invention! Yes, this is a foolproof plan mwahahaha." She covers her mouth with her hoof making a mocking and twisted laugh.

Spectrum then looks at you and the dog with conviction in her eyes.
"You two, what are your names. Mine is Miles Spectrum, your turn."


I laugh with her and keep eating.


Beat my chest with a hoof.
"Marching Dawn. Knight."


I'm beginning to think this pony isn't quite stable.


The dog looks at her for a moment like he was sizing her up before answering.

"Marching Dawn, a pleasure to meet you." She smiles and beats her chest with her hoof too then lightly coughs afterwards.

"I hope the four of you shows up, yes yes.. you four will show up, Perhaps I will also go to the other taverns and see if I can ask the others to go to my booth but damnit why didnt I make flyers and god I have to set it up now if I want to have a show and oh no ohno." She covers her head with her hoof.


"For a bit of coin we can spread the word, and fetch you a large test herd."


"What's the problem again? Somepony stealing away your work? How dishonorable!"


"If pony wants us to show up then pony better make it worthwhile." the dogs eyes look a bit bored with Miles energetic show.

She looks at you with a maniacal grin.
"Coin? I aint got no coin. This is the fair of teh sun and the moon and the… oh be celestia's mane who has thought out of that name its too long."
"Oh! My first rhyme! Now we are zygga's." She offers a bro hoof.

She then looks at you.
"The problem? The problem is competition who uses magic! Thats the problem! They are advertising mechanical teleportation using only sciences but you can tell clearly from the flyers that they are using catalysts to make it work those fakes." She grit her teeht.


"Did you need assistance setting up? I might be convinced into doing so in exchange for lunch."


"Bah, magic? That's not very knightly either. I will help you, fellow earth pony."


"She's a pegasus."


I ignore her insult and offer my hoof.
"There must be some reward. Perhaps free room and board?"


"It's almost the same thing, don't bore me with your technicalities!"


Ah. She's an idiot. That explains everything.
I'll just return to my breakfast.


She closes her eyes and raises her hoof in defiance.
"No help, besides my fear of other individuals mishandling my equipment, I think I can handle it together thank you."

"Ahahaha,,, no. I'm not." She shows her Light blue wings.

The diamond dog looks at you then to her with a different gaze
"Reward seems nice."
Hearing that she scrunches and close her eyes.
"I'll try my best to make up with it. As for reward all I can guarantee for now is that you four will be the first to test out my project! What do you say?"


"I suppose that will do. There have been safety trials before, correct?"


"I did not see those. Oh well."


"Haha! Thats decided then! God my first debut and there are already four people showing up yes!! Here! I will see you at…."
She scribbles something on the flyer and give it to you three.

Its a map of the fair leading to her booth grounds.
"I'll wait for you four there. Alright! By three up to nine in the afternoon okay?"


"I can go now, if you won't have a cow."


I'll look at the flyer for a moment.
"I'll try to make it on time."


Take a look at the map.
"Very well, my banner has been called then! I will honor your request, citizen."


Her smile reach from ear to ear.
"Yes!! See you guys later! I have to set up the invention oh my god!!" She then runs out leaving her half eaten sandwich alone.

By the looks of it, her place is at the edge of the fair near the forest. The scribbles is a bit detailed with her drawing the other nearby booths too in where she write mundane and offensive words. Clearly biased.

The dog resumes eating the prawn and is near finishing it.
"Looks like an interesting pony." Said in a monotone voice.


"That's certainly one way to put it…"


"She seems to be of the honorable sorts!"


I nod and eat her sandwich.


The crowd is thinning now and most of them are stepping outside, excited and buzzing about where to go and what to see. Some of them like to go and see the rides or the spectacles, some just wish to see the princes while others are venerating that the princesses are a blessing to this land. Some are just more excited for the food and like to relax for a whole week once a year.

The dog looks at you three.
"Looks like you three are close, mind if Load come with ya?"


"I do not mind, perhaps your nose some treasures can find."
I go to look at the princess.


I'll look at him a little curiously.
"I can't stop you, but I didn't realize we looked close."


"Close? I do not know these two at all."
To hell with the princesses.
Any grand tournaments going on? Surely there must be a jousting tournament!


"Hrrmm.. that is nice. Want to visit the fair?" He smile and wipe his paws clean.


"After seeing the princess I have done, I will go with you for some fun."


"I was planning on it."


He looks at you.
"I hear there will be, from jousting to magic to card games and mud wrestling." He grins at the last one.

He nods and stand up and goes outside.


Princess looking at time.


Well, I guess I'll finish up, and then head out. First up, the knick-knacks and crafts that are usually at festivals.


"Good! Time to show my prowess in combat! Where do I sign up?"


File: 1376254177185.png (414.36 KB, 1000x1000, aaa4.png, IO Google TinEye)

All three of you left the tavern and its easy to know where to go since everyone is heading in one direction and that is to the fair. The sun is high up and everyone is busy doing their own thing which ranges from the mundane to the spectacular. The spirit is high and it looks like the days ahead will be filled with a lot of memories.

"Princess? They wont show up till tomorrow, dont you see?" one of the goers told you.
"I think they are delaying it till the next next day what you think hun?"
"I dont know, them royalty are always up to something." The stallion huffs.

"Psssst husband, I think they are customers."
"Uhh ahh! Welcome welcome. How may I be of service?" The stallion grins.

"You can come with me if March likes." The diamond dog smiles and leads you to the tournament grounds of the fair.

By gollee there are many different individuals here from the large to the small and all of them looks ready to twist some bones or sprain some ankles.


"The princesses are not here? Perhaps I will go and grab a beer."
I goo looking for a place where I can get a drink.


"I'd just like to look and see what you've got for sale."


"Alright, I'm joining this fight fest."
Look around, anyplace I can sign up?

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


As you approach the jousting signing, a group of pony and buffalo saw you and began to surround you.
"Well well well, looks like we got a scrawny new comer?"
"Ahaha… yah and she looks like she aint got no style to show."
"Why is that dog with you, you like cuddling with mutts eh?"
To put it simply these group looks like a group of jerks, though their armor looks nice honestly."

A Buffalo stops your hoof from touching a glass of beer and looks you straight in the eye.
"This is the Frothing Mugs, how tough are ya?" You can see menace in his eyes.

"My name is Bedstone, I am a merchant sort of. Here look at my wares.' He smiles.
"No touching though." His wife smiles.
Most of them are varied from clothing to vases and pots and even rugs. Well not that varied since most of these are for house hold use. No application for travel whatsoever.
Well a goat bought a rug from them just now.


Probably to eat. I'll thank them for their time, and then continue on. Taking to wing, I'll fly a little over the festival, and look for anything interesting in the fight section. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Careful now, don't want to get blood all over your pretty armor."


I look him straight in the eye too and do not blink.
"What the fuck did you just fucking say about me? You are a little bitch, can't you see? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my fighter class, and have kicked numerous amount of lion ass. I have over 300 confirmed kills, does that not give you chills? I am train in gorilla warfare, and from three hundred feet with a spear can hit a single hair. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me from behind your booth? Think again, fucker, I will tell you the truth: As we speak my friends are tracing your herd, so you had best prepare for the storm, word? The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid, and I'll fuck your wife. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my knife. Not only am I extensively trained in how to unarmed hit, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Priests of Nature, you little shit, and I will use it to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your breath until you were blue. But that idea wasn't nice so you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price. You goddamn idiot, I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it."


Well you see some pony's gathering up. Their are lots of different sports and fights that you can see from those who can throw farthest to those of jousting. Some of them are evenfighting right now."

Oh hey, isnt that the dog and that pony who you are in table with?

Loadstone just give an apathetic look at the group.
"Ehh.. you rascal come to punch us or what?"

The others are about to jump at you upon hearing that but are stopped by a pony with brown mane and yellow coat, she gives you a dagger stare.
"Oh no no no, I dont have plans for that. As for you, it will be better if you drop this tournament now or you may not be able to walk afterwards isnt that right Shiny?"
"Aye ma'm Blitz hehe."

Some of the guards goes to your group.
"Hey whats going on there."

The buffallo and a couple of his group looks at you with a glow of menace in their eyes.
"Ohohohoho… looks like we have a talker here."
"We dont need talkers."
"We need….."

All of them reveal a mug full of ale.

All the while you saw at a corner that one of the buffalo is throwing a passed out a group of intoxicated dog and minitours out of the booth.


I'll descend from the skies next to the dog and pony.
"Making friends already, I see."


I take my mug and drink up.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Turn to the guards.
"Don't worry, I have it under control. I am a knight."
Turn back to the mare.
"I challenge thee to a duel to the death."


Oh right. I forgot she was an idiot.


"Ah, you have arrived. Has word already spread about this upcoming duel?"



"Seriously now, she offers a duel."
"And to the death? This aint no battlefield."

The group of ponies and buffalo led by this mare known as Blitz are laughing their ass off. Loadstone however looks at you with a bit of interest and admiration.
The guards then steps in and stands between you and the group
"Alright stop this now, this is a tournament not some killing fields."

They smile as they saw you take the mug of frothy ale.
"It looks like this Zebra wants a challenge. You're willing to wager?"


"No. I just saw a bunch of idiots picking a fight and decided to see who would pick a fight surrounded by guards."
I'll shake my head.
"What kind of knight randomly challenges folk to duels to the death anyway?"


"So you decline the duel? Cowardice! Cravens! Such dishonor!"

"What is a knight to do when her honor is questioned?"


"Well, were you a gryphon, then you'd simply show your honor by not resorting to an untidy brawl in the middle of a festival. And it most certainly wouldn't be to the death."
I'll shake my head.
"Makes one think you're more of a ruffian than a knight, going on about death matches."


"I was officially knighted! And back home, ht e peasantry loved watching duels. I do not see the problem here!"


"The problem is, pony, that you aren't 'back home.'"


They continue laughing while leaving you three alone. Blitz just looks at you with a smile and a glint of victory in her eyes.

"No duels and no killings here miss.This aint no place for that and I aint will be tolerating such actions." one of the guards that responds told you.
"Female pony is insulted, why not let pony fight for her honor?"
"This aint your place dog so you better keep quiet."

One of the bystanders who is watching looks at you. "Are you here to join the tournament?"


I nod and drink again.


"I hadn't really planned on it. I'm more of a doctor than a fighter."


Bitch what? Victory in her eyes? I'll gauge them out!
"You're just jealous because you're just a lousy guard and not a Knight! Hah!"


Before you can drink the buffalo swipes the mug.
"You think you can drink all you can?"
"If you want to drink then you must fight!"
"Fight for you right!"
"Your right to drink! With us!!"
Then all of them stick together.
"What do you say?!"

The guard gave you an angry scrunch
"Are you here for the tournament or are you here to insult other ponies?"

The bystander just shrugs at that.
"If that is so then you better go on the sidelines and watch, newbie's around here gets roughed up pretty commonly to keep potential rvials and contestants to a minimum.:"


"That seems rather against the spirit of the competition, don't you think?"


"Of course I will participate! I'm a knight, that's what we do!"


I stand up and grab my club.
"I cannot fight all night, I have obligations to meet before the last light."


File: 1376350599067.png (282.16 KB, 1000x1000, aaa5.png, IO Google TinEye)


The guard just nods you to the list of events.
>Track and field
>Discus throw
>Javelin throw
>Mock duel
>Obstacle course
>Endurance test

"Some contestants will do everything to win, well let them do what they want thats their tactics, that is not my own."
The bystander then smile a bit.
"So is that loud mare your girlfriend or what?"


I'll roll my eyes.
"Such a curse I thank the heavens I do not have."


Jousting! That's the knightliest thing on the list. Sign up for that.
Look at the diamond dog with me.
"What about you? Will you join me in glorious combat?"


File: 1376351550845.png (357.8 KB, 1000x1000, aaa6.png, IO Google TinEye)

One of them, from the looks of him looks like a seasoned drinker steps up.
"I'll fight him, Fulthon OakBarrel will be your Rival."

One of them then steps between the two of you and quickly reveals out of nowhere a small table, two chairs and 8 mugs of ale for both of you. The scent of alcohol on these particular mugs do say these are strong ones fresh from the barrel.
"Whoever falls first lose! The is our bet! Whats yours?"
He reveals a watch made of gold. Doesnt look antique but it is well made.

From a distance a very drunken pony wailed "t.. thats mine…"before losing conciousness again.
Roll 8d10 and anything below 45 makes you go out cold

She smirks a bit.
"So you dont like them rough. As expected from a doctor."
She then looks at a dog throwing a discus.
"Are you just going to spectate? I will go in line and join the archery section."

Loadstone scratch his head.
"Loadstone will join Javelin thrower but if Dawn wants Load to help her in joast he can try."

There are two divisions to your surprsie, Rider and non-riders.


"I don't like them stupid."
I'll think a moment.
"I think I may try the obstacle course, after watching the archery set."


"If you bet with something that is not yours, I will walk out the those doors. I place all of my bits on the table.
"These are my wager, as you can see I am a zebra of danger."


"Then I will join the javelin throw. A fine challenge indeed!"


Loadstone then goes to the line and signs up along with you.
There are a total of 4(including you) contestant from different races and all have the looks of experience on their side. The head then preside and smile.
"There wlll only be one of you six to win this preliminary challenge and none other! There will be only four preliminaries and whoever won will step up on the ranks up until to the finals! Who ever lose will bear the mark of shame!!" He reveals a table full of pie's.

"And whoever wins in the finals will deserve this years golden feather!!" With that a mare in fine clothing reveals an authentic golden feather. Its base is shaped of that of a javelin.
Roll 2d10, preliminary opponents will roll 2d10-4 on them. Semi-finals will roll 2d10 will final opponents will roll 2d10+1 but that is if you win on the preliminary of course.

All of them grins.
"Quite a feisty zebra, Alright how about this."
One of them reveals a bag of doubloon, the same size as yours.
"What do ya say huh?"

"Then come and follow me. Lets sign up." The female Gryphon smiles.
"Say whats your name?"


"Gideon. And yourself?"
I'll follow her.


"What do I say? your coins will be my pay!"
I grab my mug.


"Tonight we shall feast to celebrate my victory!"

Roll #1 1, 9 = 10


All of them smile and Oaken barrels grits his teeth as he snorts and held his mug! His eyes full of determination!
The seasoned Buffalo starts immedietely!!

She signs up at the archery and began to set up the bow given to her.
"LightString Aryn." She smiles back.
"Watch me as I go up to the finals!"


Well what a preliminary these guys looks like whimps not worthy to remember.
Well the first throw is really an accident. You slip and it falls short. Fuck fuck!

The second one is superb it almost hit the mark. Lets just hope those dweebs dont get their luck up.

Roll #1 1, 9 - 2 = 8 / Roll #2 9, 3 - 2 = 10


last contestant for prelim

Roll #1 9, 9 - 2 = 16


rolling for buffalo.

Roll #1 8, 4, 7, 10, 1, 10, 9, 4 = 53


I drink too.

Roll #1 1, 8, 5, 9, 8, 3, 8, 6 = 48


I'll smile a bit as well.
"May the sun blind your competition, but leave you seeing clear."
I'll sign up for the obstacle course, which hopefully takes place after the archery set, and then go to the archery observation stands.


The other two are weaklings but there is only one who has thrown a very good throw. It hits the mark two times in a row and the crowd cheers at this pony with a pony tail!
"And the winner for this preliminary javelin throwing competition is none other than baking skies! Congratulation."

Loadstone just stick next to you.
"Perhaps next year."


"Bah! A mere setback on the road to glory! I shall surely come out victorious in the jousting tournament!"
I'll go sign up for that!


You start out bad and the buffalo smiles at this. Both of you have their ups and downs. but in the end both of you are still standing up.
"Ahahaha! Looks like we have a tough one here!" Said one of their companions.

Oakenbarrle looks like he was fazed a bit but still on the rise. His friend then sets up another 8.
"Still on the bet or no?" His friend looks at you.
Both you and the buffalo now have -8 on total roll.

The pony administrator of the obstacle course looks at you.
"You dont look like an athlete." He frowns.
Its not that far to the archery grounds

Another cheering can be heard from the javelin area as you head to the jousting tournament. There are a load of contestants here.
The administrator looks at you.
"Singles or Partners?" He stares at you and your companion.


I slam an empty mug down.


"What? What do you mean, partners? A joust does not allow for partners!"


"No, but I it doesn't hurt to take a step outside my own comfort zone. And I wasn't aware that these competitions barred any entrant who wasn't an athlete?"
I'll look towards the archery range.
"On a side note, does the course run after or during the archery competition?"


"Singles it is then." The mare then let you sign up.
Looks like it is divided in two division the singles is in where the more traditional Equestrian style of jousting is held where the lance is tied to the ponies side. The partners however have two contestant acting as partners and letting one of them ride the other while the other one rides its back holding the lance. How awful.

And look, that jerk known as Blitz is letting one of her minions ride on top of her acting as the jouster. Whore.

However you see in the singles division, one of the jerks known as Shiny winks~ at your direction, a confident gleam is present in his eyes

He downs up the 8 mugs immedietely!!!!
'8d10-8' FUCK!!

"Archery is starting right now look." He pointed.
Looks like Arryn is having a hard time but she is pretty good.

Roll #1 1, 6, 9, 3, 9, 7, 5, 1 - 8 = 33 / Roll #2 7, 10, 10, 2 + 4 = 33



Roll #1 2 - 8 = -6



Roll #1 5, 6, 1, 3, 3, 6, 2 - 8 = 18


Oh he's going down. I'm going to make him taste dust.
Are we given lances?


I'll watch the archery set, then.


Both of you fall down but you fall down first before the buffalo.

Several minutes later a splash of water is thrown at you and you woke up. One of the buffalo is smiling.
"You did well for an equine, we gave you the hard drinks to put you down immedietely but it appears you are the first one to keep it up for a second round. Too bad we underestimated you." He helps you get up.

Everyone is given wooden unsharpened lances(with a soft covering at the tip), a set of leather armor and a shield. Looks like this jousting tournament is open even for those who just wants to test their mettle and is not that all too serious. You can easily spot who are the good ones to the veterans.

With that an announcer presides to your location and the singles division is up.
"There wlll only be one out of eight of you to win this jousting contest! We will see to it that none of you will aim for the eye, or the ear. Besides that everything is open. Do we make ourselves clear?"

"And whoever wins in the finals will deserve this years golden feather!!" With that a mare in fine clothing reveals an authentic golden feather. Its base is shaped of that of a lance.

She got three bullseyes and one dud. She is not bad at all. She then looks at the crowd and smile smugly at your direction.

Her opponent steps in, a goat and then fires.

Roll #1 7, 1, 4, 2 = 14


I get up and steady myself against him.
"Who won? That was fun?"
[1d10] to see how much I am slurring that.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Bah, they don't need to tell me not to act dishonorable!
Ready myself for the joust then!


As if there were any doubt. I'll keep watching her dominate the competition.


8 contestants one winner, who should triumph.
Of course dont let that asshole Shiny do.
You are matched against a buffalo immedietely, but you can tell this one is an ammatuere.
"YEAH!!!" Geez there he goes as he charges.
Three fights, roll 2d10 and beat their roll

The buffalo shrugs
"Both of you go down so no one won. Plus since there is no rule about the tabs, all those drinks are in the house." He hands your gold back.

"So whats your name newcomer? Mines Griggs of Applelooza."

A lousy play from the goat. She got one bullseye but her three shots are dud. One even miss the target completely. She gets out of the arena with her head down a bit.

She is now up to a diamond dog. Arryn looks like determined as ever.

Roll #1 1, 2 - 4 = -1 / Roll #2 1, 4, 8, 4 + 4 = 21


Tch, she overdid it. Hope that wasn't on my account.


Too easy. Wreck this peasant!

Roll #1 4, 2 = 6


"I'm Miiba a tral'ing zeebra."
I sway a bit.
"Needs go for date. Can't be late."
I leave and start looking for that mare's booth.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


It isnt even a show, you hit him straight in the chin. A truer shot is shown and the buffalo goes down, stars are present in his eyes and it looks like he will never get up sooner or later.
"The winner for this round is Marching Dawn!!" The crowd cheers
Now lets look how Shiny will do.
Shiny '2d10'
Opponent goat '2d10-4'

"Late for what?" He scratch his head and begin to follow you. Wow he is a bit too friendly.
You're swaing a bit and fondle to look for the map….. by celestia's mane its with that Gryphon Gideon.

Her beak visibly clacks as she miss one shot. two are fine and one is a bullseye. Lets see how this diamond dog archer fares.
Will roll on next post.

Roll #1 7, 3 = 10 / Roll #2 2, 1 - 4 = -1


Shiny wins in the same triumphant and head knocking victory as Marching Dawn but with more finesse so to speak.
God did he throw a rose at your direction?! Miscreant!!

As for the archery contest

Roll #1 2, 1, 6, 7 = 16


Eat the fucking rose.

Who is next?


I lean steady myself againsst him as I walk.
"D'you know an'ventor pegsassus? She don't looks like ones of us."


Even with that, she still came out on top. I'll clap a bit as she advances.


That is a close one, the archer dog shows skills but didnt hit a single bulls eyes. And he miss one too. Too bad.

She advances to the finals. She clacks her beak and fires.

Bleugh… taste like chauvinist and bad lies to your tongue
Only four remains, this is the semi-finals and you are paired with a goat that looks like he has some experience on this. Both of you enters stage as the crowd cheers on and the administrator gives the signal to start.
He looks at your direction and with that he charges.

Griggs looks up for a moment to think.
"Well there are several inventors in here but I remember just one pegasus who invents. Is her name Miles Spectrum?"

Roll #1 6, 2, 8, 5 + 4 = 25 / Roll #2 8, 3 - 2 = 9


Charge as well! Onward!

Roll #1 3, 5 = 8


Solid hits, but no bull's-eyes.


I nod my head then stop and try not to fall over.

Roll #1 10 = 10


A mighty clash indeed!
If it not for your lance to snap, and with that you tumble over. Your speed is too fast and you roll on the floor and came to a stop at the end of the arena.
"And the winner is Abraaahaaam!!'" The crowd cheers as you stand up with dust on your head

Lets see if the bastard won the semi's if you still care that is.

Her opponent, a chubby blue pony with an bow as a cutie mark fires.
Roll will be on next post.

Through some twist and turns you two end up in an almost deserted and forested part of the fair. There in the farthest corner of the inventors
area you see a familiar pony with her work still half-way to completion.

Roll #1 4, 5 = 9


arg rolling for Shiny's opponent

and rolling for the chubby archer pony.

Roll #1 3, 1 - 2 = 2 / Roll #2 8, 2, 1, 7 = 18


I smile and walk over to her on steady legs.
"Greetings, Specum. Is yur invenshin done?"


Well! She's gone and swept the competition. Seems she can back up her smugness.


"Bah! This equipment is unfit for a knight! How am I supposed to win a joust with a worthless lance like that?"
Throw it on the ground and storm off angrily.
Head back to the inn and stomp inside.


And with that Arryn won! A lot of the crowd cheer and…

you hear a shot and as you look back several ponies are already running up and down to a set of challenging terrain.
Wait…. the obstacle course is already running!

The Inn has a few patrons now since most of them are at the fair. The owner then hands you the same bland wine that was given in the morning.
"Whats with your look?" The chubby mare inquires.

She looks at you and smiles.
"Oh by Celestia's mane! Well isnt it too early to come? I mean I didnt want you to see me working on my project alone and I was still in the middle of calibrating the engine. How are you ah… uhmm…"

She scratches her head and thinks for a moment.
"Whats your name again?"


Oh damnation! Can I catch up in time so I'm not too far behind? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I lost the jousting match to a goat! This will no doubt negatively impact my prestige!"


"Miiba the zeeba."
I extend a hoof.
"Yur a really pretty mare. Why are youz so far from the fair?"


The chubby waitress gives you a shrug.
"Will it now? I have no idea if that will have an impact on me since you are still our customer. Now what is your order?"

Lets see.

Too bad the line is closed.
"You're late." The administrator just looks at you grumpily.

"So you didnt join huh?" You look back to see a smug Arryn carrying a golden feather encassed in glass, The feathers base is that of an arrow.
Besides that she is also carrying a pendant.

She smiles with glee hugging herself while rolling on the floor.
"Am I really? Do I really look beautifull?"

"Well he is drunk." Griggs added.

Roll #1 8 = 8




I sit down and steady myself against something with a hoof.
"Drunk I am, but yur pretty, mam. How long until we tel'port? Will we go to a fort?""


I'll slump a little, and then grimace a bit.
"I had thought there'd be more time between the end of the archery set and the start of the obstacle course. It seems I was mistaken."


I pass out.


Knocked out…. zzzzzzzzz

"They will not wait for anyone who's missing, I am still wondering why you bother to watch me competing instead of competing yourself. What are you thinking?" She punch your chest with her fist.

She leaves you for a moment in your stupor and after a while, in came the goat that has defeated. He himself orders a wine and upon noticing your presence came to sit next to your side.
"Not. ba'aad."


I'll clack my beak a little.
"Well, you did ask me to watch you sweep the competition. I suppose I'll have to try my claw at one of the other events, if there's still time for them."


There's the discus throw and mock duels for today. The other events such as flight marathon, expert mock duels, wrestling and other more serious activiites are reserved for tomorrow and for the coming days.


Might as well sign up for a mock duel. I may not be as good a fighter as most, but I at least know how to use my claws.


"You're right, it wasn't bad. It was absolutely terrible! Bah, the shame!"


[1d10] to wake up.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Pffffff you?" A female pony in full armor administering the sign up just snicker upon seeing your condition.
"Now as a civilian, promise me this, whatever injuries or whatever damage I take from this event that I, as a civilian(thus fully aware he is not very good at combat), is fully aware and will take the whole responsibility of my actions. Whether it be I am pocked in the eye my jaw, or beak got dislocated, whatever comes first that is. Of course if you're injured we have a staff here ready for healing."

The goat orders a mug of ale to drown his sorrows too.
"Gerald got a lucky shot on Knight, that lance of yours is made out of weak wood and splinters easily. If its made of better wood Gerald would've flied off." He drank the mug.
"It appears Gerald is not too lucky though, Shiny knight won."

Well someone is shaking you up hard but you cant get up for some reason.
Splashingwater on your face

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Well there we go." Griggs grin welcome you as you came to conciousness.


I spit and sputter.
"Who are you? Is the sky still blue?"


"I am capable of treating myself. And I am capable of defending myself as well, though I shall refrain from using the magic at my disposal, as that has no non-lethal application."


"Who? You mean… that knave!?"


The buffalo just gives you a glum look.
"Well at least you are up and running now, you better get up. Some of my friends has already passed out from drinking and I might get called soon." He help you stand up.
The sky is still blue and it already noon, nearing afternoon. You see Miles still tinkering with her invention, her focus is intense and the aura emanating from her is strong to say the least.

"Then welcome." The pony opens up and lets you through.
"I'll watch from the crowd and cheer on you! Good luck!" Aryn calls out.
There are a total of 8(including you) contestant from different races and all have the looks of experience on their side. The head then preside and smile.
"There wlll only be one out of eight of you to win this preliminary challenge and none other! Whoever comes out of the top is the victor!" The crowd cheers on.
There is a selection of weapons from shields to spear and sword and many more, most are blunt and not that sharpened much. Hey they also got armor but most of it are leather though. This really appears to be an amatuer match..
"Contestants! Get ready!!"


I shouldn't need armor, though… a bit of leather to cover the vitals won't be remiss.
And I'll take a spear. With that, I'm ready.


Can I figure out anything by watching her work?

Roll #1 10 = 10



You're matched with what appears to be a goat that is new to all of this. His friends and family cheers him on as he smiled in their direction. Looks like a farmer that is trying his luck.
The whistle has been sounded and he charges at you.
Roll 2d10 and whoever the highest wins

Actually you cant understand the science but you can grasp the basic idea. There are two platforms that are at a distance from each other. Both however are connected by wirings and other machines that appears to be a generator for electricity to power the thing. Each platforms has two boxes that humms steadily but from the reaction of the metal on it. you are sure those are magnets of some sort.

Miles then looks at you. "You're awake!"

The goat motions and points at his chin. "Hits Gerald right on it and knocks him out. That pony has skill and guile. Runs straight but swerves a bit right at the last moment to hit Gerald right where it hurts."

From the door came in Loadstone and sit next to you too and orders an ale.
"Pony lost too?"


Roll #1 4, 5 - 4 = 5


I can beat a farmer, right? Just a simple trip.

Roll #1 10, 5 = 15


I nod.
"from my slumber I stir. Will the machine teleport us from one platform to the other?"


As expected from a farmer, he rushed you and ran straight at you, a very easy to be read move and as he swings his sword you just dodge to the side and poke his ass with your spear. This makes him yelp and tumble outside of the arena and fall flat on a puddle of mud.
"Disqualified! The winner is Gideon!" The guard pony smiles at your fight.
From a distance you saw Arynn is waving a '#1' hand with the letter G on it.

Miles giggles upon hearing this.
"Ah! Looks like you are not that daft, most of those who see this baby thinks its some shower stall or something but with a little observation one can easily tell that is not the case."
She stands up and throws the wrench from the box and points at the module center and what appears to be a control center. She motions both you and Grigs to come closer.
"This baby of mine can actually teleport you to wherever you want, however I havent calibrated the machine correctly yet and mishaps are a serious thing, thats why there is a second platform that acts as a beacon."

"The best thing however is this machine can teleport anything you want, independent of a unicorns magic. That is where it shines." She smiles at it proudly.


I nod at him.
"The knave bested me in combat. Bah."


I'll smile a little at that, then help the farmer up.
"A bit too much enthusiasm, but it was a good effort."


I move closer.
"How do you get power without magic? The mishaps you spoke of, are they tragic?"


Load shrugs.
"Happens a lot of times, no worries. There will be more tomorrow. If not, Load will join drinking contest or if Loads buddies arrive, we will go and set up our booth."
The fat mare waitress just look at the three of you.
"As for booth, I remember you two are going to visit Miles Spectrums Science of teleportation booth this afternoon right?"

He reaches up and nods.
"Aye, you bested me." He grins back and dusted himself.
Another whistle and you realize it is the semi-finals. You are given some refreshment of cold water and with that you see your next opponent, a zebra who is also wielding a spear. She is looking at you with ill intent.

"Power without magic, wow thats easy? I get them from these!"
She shows you several large batteries along with what apppear to be black panels pointed to the sun and some…. are those glowing crystals. As your eyes look at these she blushes a bit and chuckle.

"Well, I did say with minimum magic as before, its hard to acquire electricity in the remote areas of equestria, specially with this backwater town being the venue." She sighs as she looks around the surrounding trees.


I'll smile back at her, and offer a small salute with my own spear.
"Fight well."


I nod again and rub my head.
"I cannot wait to try. I believe I have a headache coming that will make me want to die. Is there a healer in the fair? I need to get over there."


"Indeed we are. A noble cause for a knight like me!"


Her eyes just glints in acknowledgement and just nod at you.
"Let it begin!" The whistle was blown and she charges.

She looks sideways a bit and laughs a bit.
"Ahahaha… well I know some but they appear to have not yet appeared I think. They may appear later though."

The fat waiter just chuckles.
"You really take being a knigth seriously do you." She smiles.
"Here, just got some extra doughnut that a few has ordered, better let someone take a bite than let it go to waste. Dont be shy, its for all of you." She puts a bag on the table flled with it to the brim

Loadstone stands up and looks at you. "Load remembers the place to be at the end of science fair booth near forest. Load will go too and see if buddies are there setting up booth."

Roll #1 5 - 2 = 3


meh one more roll for zebra

Roll #1 5 = 5


Well, sidestepping worked for the farmer, let's see if it'll work here. '2d10'

Roll #1 2, 10 = 12


"Do you need any assistance or can I not help in this instance?"


"Thank you, fair lady."
Take the bag and turn to look at Loadstone.
"Good. You may be my brother in arms today then! Onward!"


Errr.. thats wrong.
You are almost skewered when you sidestepped to the wrong direction but missed it narrowly by ducking. This Zebra is a guile fox as she tries to keep her distance at you and is poking at you relentlessly from all sides.
Just when you are cornered, a moment of brilliance struck you. As she tries for her final poke, finally skewering you. You immedietely flap your wings enough to distract her and with that you flick her spear right off her hooves. High in the air, the spear landed with a thud, its pointy end burried itself deep in the mud and with that the commentator shouted.
"Gideon wins this semi-finals!"
The crowd roars, some even hoots at your direction.

She tilts her head then a smile springs up on her face.
"Can you climb tree's?"

Its full loaded, many equestrians are making their way either playing games or buying items that came from far off places and distant lands. But as you and Load goes steadily to where Spectrum's booth is located, the crowd slightly thined to the point that only a few wanders here and there. Most looks like scholars or ponies of high intellect. Scrawny and weak, even if you group them all together, they are no match to you ahahaha!

"There's the pony."
Through the maze of tents and booths you and Load finally arrive to see… Miiba, an unknown buffalo who was tinkering with stuff and Spectrum talking.


"It has never crossed my mind. What do you want me to find?"


"Greetings, tinkerer! I've come to you as requested."


"Its not a matter of finding but a matter of installing this up in the tree's" She show you a big black board panel with groves and claws designed to attached to the tree branches.
"I was going to let it lie on the dirt since these panels are too heavy for me too carry in mid flight. These will provide more power to my invention."

Her eyes lighten up
"Oh my gosh oh my gosh more fans!" She comes to greet you and hold your hooves to shake it.
"Marching Dawn right? You came a bit early but a few more calibration and we can now test my invention if it will work!"

She then thinks a bit.
"Hey perhaps us three can help each other assemble the Solar panels, if a knight such as yourself is capable of climbing tree's that is."


I try to carry it up the tree.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Armor does not make for good treeclimbing equipment!"


Oof. That was tricky.
"You fought well, zebra. Almost had me, too."
Now it's time for the finals… What am I up against?


Rolling for Spectrum.

In the meanwhile a buffalo buddy of grigs shows up calling him to return to his booth.

"No worries about that, you two can relax while I set this thing up!" She smiles back as she began to set the panels up.
This place is a bit forested in your opinion, their are two platforms and several large engines humming, the air is a bit cool though even if the sun is high in the sky. Loadstone then relax,
"Care for pony to share donut?"

The zebra appears to be sore loser and just grits her teeth as she walks away with an air of arrogance around her. She joins some group who decides to left the arena is making their way to the forested area of the grand fair.

"Mare's and Gentlestallions! Here comes the main event! Here come and witness the wild card Gideon comes up and is about to face the stallion who has racked up a golden feather already and is now trying for his second! Shining Spear!"
A smug and confident looking pony appears, his name is a bit contradicting though since he is carrying a rapier and a shield. He then throws a rose to the crowd as some of the mare's tries to catch i tin mid-air, their blush is very evident on their faces.
He then looks at your direction and winks.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'll just shake my head.
"Well, you're certainly popular. And even more arrogant than that stupid mare, too. Still, let us fight well, and whoever wins, we shall accept graciously."


"Of course, a hearty meal to keep your strength up."
Take out the bag and hoof it to him.


I'll wait to see what Spectrum does.


File: 1376526115054.png (468.23 KB, 1000x1000, aaa7.png, IO Google TinEye)

He chuckles.
"Popular yes, as for arrogance, that depends. It is my way of intimidating opponents who's will are too weak."

He then size you up.
"For a gryphon, you yourself dont look too bad. I will make sure not to hurt your delicate features so you and I can see each other later. What do you say?" He toys with his rapier and making some….. is he licking it?

God that tounge is long.

You hoof a bag to him and he take some donuts for himself…
but you see soemthing you didnt expect.

What a clumsy pony.
She tries to carry it with your help, Miiba and Miles at both end with Miiba biting at one handle while Spectrum is carrying it with her hooves while her wing flap vigorously trying to take air. Though her lack of strength shows and the panel is too heavy for her as it falls carrying her along the way. Its good that you got a good grip on the tree if else you could also be dragged along the way.

"Well well well, it appears you and I are really the opposite of each other." A pony with an entourage of two companions shows up. She carrying a spear.

Marching Dawn and Miles however realize who this arrognat mare is.
"R.. rainbow blitz!!"



"I'm afraid you don't match my preferences. Though I'm certain you'll have no shortage of willing replacements."
I'll take up a ready position across from him.
"But I believe we've bantered enough. These folk came to watch a match, not a debate."


"Perhaps you need to practice flight. Are you alright?"


File: 1377385824766.png (268.07 KB, 1000x1000, aaa8.png, IO Google TinEye)

"Perhaps we did." He smiles and gets ready and then pounces with his rapier at the forefront
roll 1d10, you win when you've beat his roll for two rounds.

"I am fine, thanks for helping me up." She looks away in embarrasment as Blitz looks at you.
"You're mingling with these types of ponies Miles? I mean just look at them." her faces cringes for a moment.

One of her associates looks at you.
"Blitz pony, isnt that the smug pony who challenges you to duel?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


And so it begins.
Parry the rapier with the staff rap him on the snout with it. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Well well well, if it isn't the peasantry class taking a field trip out of their sandbox. Are you done waving wooden swords at one another?"


"With us types what is wrong? If you knew us you would sing a different song."


Parrying his rapier is a good choice and he was pushed back. The crowds cheers at the spectacle and some of them even stands up in excitement. Shiny has an air of amusement at your display and is satisfied with your actions.

Suddenly he was in front of you all of a sudden, his rapier is about to strike.

Rainbow blitz smirks and then laughs.
"Peasantry you dare say. Direct that to him if you want." she points at Miiba. " and not to me, Rainbow Blitz Brilliante of the house of the Brilliante clan."
"P.. please sister.. dont mention that." Miles sadly scrunches at her.
"Shutting my mouth after that insult to both of us? How could they?"
Some of her henchmen began to stand between you and her while Miles looks at March and Miiba.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"You are a noble, Miles? Why do you put up with such trials? Forgive me for my earlier greeting, but I did not know who I was meeting."
I kneel in front of her then take her hoof and kiss it.


Shit, he's fast!
Flap back and sweep the staff, try to disarm him. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"You openly state the name of your house, yet you cower away at the mention of a duel? Bah. Typical. Whatever it is you are, you are not worthy of being a knight!"



Some of the henchmen seeing what you are about to do try to step in.

Celestia's mane that is fast!
As you sweep your spear, Shining ducks then he let his raper slide between your wings and poke the blunt tip inside ,upon your exposed flesh making you reel back in pain.
Seeing such display the crowd roars, but none of you are still down or disarmed, Shining's smile shows he likes the roar of the crowd before looking at you and winks.

God here he goes again!

"Pfahahahaha!! Like I will stain my hoof upon the likes of you. A knight like me will never take challenges from just anyone." She looks at her spear with confidence.
Loadstone just points a finger at her. "But Brilliante ponies dont have military ponies amongst them."

She glares angrily at him.
"Shut up Mongrel."

Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #1 10 = 10


His arrogance will be his undoing. Simply bash him aside with the staff. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Hah! The cat is out of the bag then! A house of cowards, as I expected."


File: 1377391313849.png (202.72 KB, 1000x1000, aaa9.png, IO Google TinEye)

"What!?! How dare a low-ranking knight insult a female knight coming from the house of Brilliante!" She brandishes her spear and point it at you.
Miles stares at her sister for a moment upon the mention of 'knight.'

"This knight of the house of Brilliante, challenges you to a duel!!" She looks at you cofidently.
"…… but you're no knight, you're still a squire to sir Lagsalot of the coffee." Miles gives her a knowing stare.
"S.. Shut up!! I will never back down to someone who calls our house a house of cowards!"

Some of her henchmen looks worried about the situation and some of them are getting a bit ready.


File: 1377391517935.png (234.06 KB, 1000x1000, aaa10.png, IO Google TinEye)

Too bad about that bash he is too fast and hits you again under your wing making you grit in pain, some tears form on your eyes as you collapse on the floor and drop your spear. As you look up, he is already pointing his rapier at you and all you can hear is the roard of the crowd(with a small 'no…' coming from a certain gryphon).

"AND THE WINNER IS SHINING SPEAR!!" Announced the commentator.

"Not bad from a gryphon with no formal training, I shouldnt have belittle you the first time around, you've caught me flatfooted."He smiles and offers a hoof to help you up.

God he looks so handsome..


I'll take his hoof.And he is not.
"I'll admit, I went a bit farther than expected. Still, formal training does make the difference, and mine was in healing, not harming."


File: 1377391695881.png (226.31 KB, 1000x1000, aaa11.png, IO Google TinEye)

While many of Rainbow Blitz henchmen are looking at the commontion made by Marching Dawn. You stealthily do your thing and has made way past their defenses.
And within that moment you said what you had to say…

and planted a kiss on Miles hoof.
"Uhmmm… uhh… uhhh….."

Also give me a description on what Miiba looks like to make him more handsome etc.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I break the kiss and stand back up.
He's a bit older, has a few small scars on his face, a very defined jawline and traditional box-shaped male snout. He has a golden tail ring, three golden neck rings, and golden bracer on left front leg.


Draw my sword and point it at her as well.
"It would be unknightly of me to fight a squire. You are beneath me, there is no honor to be found in fighting you. Bah."


His eyes lights up.
"A healer eh? Its good to see a doctor engaging in the arts of warfare, perhaps you are more suited for the frontline's. Perhaps you can give me a more hands-o……"

Just as he is about to 'handle' you. Aryn came shouting.
"Gideon! Are you okay? Are you fine!?"

Miles is a bit embarrased but more confused of what happened, but she seems to be trying to think of doing something next. Three of Blitz Henchmen stands up between you and her.
"What are you doing?! How dare you lay hands on her."

Her eyes flare's up while some of her henchmen are visibly scared and dont know what to do.
"Dont 'you' dare mock me!!"
She attacks! For some reason her spear is not shining that much, the mark of a blunt, unsharpened weapon.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Hah! En garde!"
Chop her spear in half before she can hurt me!

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


"This is how you greet a noble, so say my books. Please step off and stop acting like a bunch of crooks."


Her timing is impeccable.
"I am well enough, Aryn. My pride is the only thing really bruised."


Wow that is fast enough and a masterful stroke, Her blind rage leads to the doom of her toy spear and it was cut in half before she knows it. Her face is clearly stunned though still visibly angry.
"Wha.. I?"

Miles steps in and push the henchmen away and smiles.
"Indeed it is, I… I was just caught off guard thats all so d.. dont worry." She is still clearly embarrased but her mellow face turns serious upon seeing the fight between March and her sister.
"We've got to stop them! This is my research lab not some fighting pit."

She hits your chest and laughs out loud that even Shining steps back a little.
"I didnt know that a scrawny bird like will be able to get to the finals! That is a very good display of spear weilding! You are even able to caught this pretty boy off-guard with your tacitcs!"


Point my sword at her from where I'm standing.
"Do you yield?"


I raise a wall of earth and stone between March and Miles' sister.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Unimpressive though I may seem, I'm still a gryphon."
I'll shrug.
"And they weren't so much as tactics as they were me trying to parry and hit him in the same attack. Didn't work too well, though, else I'd be the one helping him up."


Well its a fence high wall of dirt.
Well at least there is an obstruction between them, This causes her to look at you.
"Blitz please sister stop!" Miles comes forward and puts a hoof on her shoulder.

Her eyes are glaring with frustration

"I agree, you become to comfortable with the same attack to the point I can read it." Shining smiles.
"Hey, at least he's gotten a good fight. Too bad he aint getting one of these." Aryn shows the golden feather, this made Shining think for a bit.

"Say, would you two like to come with me? A friend of mine invites me to come and watch a certain show about teleportation using non-magical devices. There perhaps I can introduce you to her and both the three of us can get better acquinted. What do you two think?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Rainbow Blitz legs buckles and she bites her lips trying to control her anger before putting down the spear and bowing a bit.


"Can we now act civilized? This behavior is much prized."


Sheathe my sword then.
"A battle well fought! We should host a feast to celebrate this maginificent occassion!"

"What are you talking about?"


"I mean stop your fight. All you do by it is make a useless plight."


"Do you mean miss Miles' show? Young pegasus, slightly scatterbrained?"


"Your pacifism is admirable, if not foolishly naive!"


"A pacifist I am not, but the energy for worthless fights I haven't got."


"Don'tyou dare belittle our glorious battle!"


I roll my eyes.


His eyes slightly raises a bit.
"Hmmm it looks like you Gideon are more than meets the eye. Yes, it is about Ms. Miles showing her latest project. How come you know?"
"I kind of heard of that if I am correct, isnt that with the unicorns and with two professors coming from Manehattan?" Aryn smiles while Shining just gives her a flat stare.
"Oh, a mistake." She shrugs.

Rainbow Blitz face just looks a bit sullen and Miles whispers to her some comforting words before turning to both of you.
"Well perhaps a feast is in order, 'after' we've made this experiment work dont you agree?" She smiles to everyone.
"Yes!!" Shouted the henchmen!


"I actually met miss Miles over breakfast this morning, purely by chance. I had already promised to attend."
I'll look to Aryn.
"Would you like to come along? It might be interesting."


"I suppose we shouldn't get too comfortable. Very well, carry on then. But do not expect me to climb trees in this armor I'm wearing."


I nod eagerly. "A feast! Yes, a fest fit for the halls of the east."


She thinks for a moment and then get her stuff ready.
"Yes of course, I'll go and see what the fuzz is all about." She grins.

Miles scratch her head.
"Ahaha… no not at all. Perhaps some of my sisters gentlemen can help me put the solar panels up in the trees to power it up."
Blitz huff before looking to some of her henchmen and asking them to help out.

Loadstone is still next to you.
"March pony shows those uppity twits how fighting is done."


And we three will make our way to MIles' station.


I nod.
"The bards shall sing songs about this momentous occasion for generations to come."


I sit down and wait for things to happen.


File: 1377472697676.png (359.57 KB, 700x700, New Canvas 2.png, IO Google TinEye)

He just gave you an odd look.
"Pony knight putting a pony squire in her place is fine and all but Load cant see anything worthy for bards to sing about it."

The group assembles everything that is needed to assemble at a faster pace. While things are getting done, Miles approached you.
"May I ask you a favor?"

After getting his second golden feather. You and your group has made their way back to the fair, into the twisting corridors and following Shining through the forested area(with the help of the map on your flier) you and your two companions has made their way to the science booth.


I nod and smile gently at her.


"Errr… Well the day is not over yet! Who knows what other glory there is to be found!"


So the loudmouth and the zebra are here already.
And the other loudmouth.
I'll wave slightly to Miles as we approach.


"Besides Glory maybe there is more to it." Loadstone nods and looks at Miles.

"Would you, Loadstone and Marching Dawn like to volunteer to be the first to test the teleportation device? I know I was asking to much but dont worry, me and my sister has already test it a couple of times and it works."

Many of them looks at your direction except Miles who appears to be busy talking to the loudmouth and the zebra.
"Hey, more audience." Smiles some of the men who are helping setting up some large device.
Hey, isnt that the snobby zebra that fought you earlier?

"Rainbow Blitz, looks like I came in time before it is set up." Shining Smiles and approach a mare that looks sullen yet frustrated at the same time.


"I would. I bet it will work good."


Seems she draws quite the crowd.
And I remember the other loudmouth. So she's Rainbow Blitz.
"Well, Aryn, looks like they're still setting up."


"Sounds like advanced magicraft to me. I will take the honors to be one of the first to try it!"


Her wings beats back in excitement
"Great!! By celestia's mane I cant wait!"
"Ms. Spectrum. Everything is ready and waiting."
"Alright lets get started now you two get inside and get ready! Come on." She began pushing the three of you into the teleporter pad.

She is just slack beaked looking at the devices.
"Wow… I didnt know ponies are capable of creating such things. Just look at how large it is and all of those lights. Hey I wonder what that button do?" She pointed to some random lights.
Shining is now talking to Rainbow Blitz and you can see him laughing while Rainbow is giving off a scrucnh.


I suppose I'll go over with the others, Loudmouth and Miiba.
"I've no idea, Aryn. And we should likely not press them, in case they do something they shouldn't."


"I am ready."


File: 1377476407375.png (366.4 KB, 1000x1000, aaa12.png, IO Google TinEye)

Too late for that, both of them are being pushed to the teleporter. Aryn looks at you.
"Are those your friends?"

Miiba stands on the side and both you and Loadstone steps on the teleporter pad.
"Alright, testing no.1 Ready to commence at 5

Both you and Loadstone feel the surge of electricity and before you knew it, you are at the other end of the teleporter pad and you can hear a maniacal laughter at the stage.
"Mwahahahaha!! Ahahaahahaha!! It work! It Worked!!"


"The pony is an acquaintance. Not so much the diamond dog."
I'll idly clap at the success of the device.
"Though it seems there's no cause for concern."


I clap.


Stomp my hooves in applause.


"Thank you thank you!" Miles waves back as everyone claps.
"Now before we unveil this to a wide audience, who wants next to test my machine!"

Aryn eyes widen upon seeing the act.
"Oh! I would like to try that! Perhaps we can try."


I'll nod to Aryn, and then raise a claw.
"We two would like to take a shot."


I raise my hoof.


"So how about you two get up here and try it out!" Miles sets up the machine in excitement.


I'll shrug to Aryn.
"Seems you'll be on the next platform. See you in a moment."
And I'll head up to the platforms.


I get up there.


Both of you stands up on the teleporter pad.
"Ready!" Miles grin and then push the switch immedietely.
Both of you stand still as the electric currents ran through your body, in a moments notice both of you switch places in an instant."

"Yes, it looks like its very stable from here on now! Oh I cant wait to show the others how this thing works."
"Hey how about my turn! I want to try it too." Aryn steps up.


"If nopony else wishes to take the floor, I would like to go once more."


"Well, that was interesting."
I'll nod to Miles.
"Congratulations on a successful dry run."


I'll just observe then.


"Thank you thank you, with this it will surely run." She smiles and then look at Aryn.

"Really? If that is so then both you and the gryphon step on up." She smile and from the look of her eyes, is quite enthusiastic on turning it on again.


I stay on my teleport pad.


I'll rejoin the gathering crowd, and watch as Aryn takes her position.


File: 1377552422967.png (396.03 KB, 1000x1000, aaa13.png, IO Google TinEye)

Aryn takes position and both of you stands on the platform.
As Miles flip the switch, the engine didnt start, at that moment. Something appeared out of the shadow.



I grab the something with vines.

Roll #1 7 = 7




Grab her! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


All three of you are able to defend her. but more came and try to grab everyone
'1d10+5' hands
Roll to dodge 8 or higher.

Roll #1 8 + 5 = 13



Roll #1 4 = 4


Dodgin' '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1377554880980.png (365.42 KB, 1000x1000, aaa14.png, IO Google TinEye)

All three of you try to dodge, it is a good dodge if not for all three of you try to dodge at each other and bump each others head in the process. As all of you came to your senses you saw that one hand is grasping all of you plus Aryn who kept screaming. Miles and Blitz is working their damn best unplugging the power and shutting down everything while Shining spear and the others are fighting the hands back.
"Whatshapening!! ThisisallnewtomeandImightsay thatitsquiteanastoundingdiscoverybutthosehandsaresonewand OH MY GOD ITS GRABBING ME!!"
"Ah no help!!"
"Fight it back fight it… oh no."

The last thing all of you saw is the empty science chamber and then… darkness.



I'm up to continue, though in about twenty minutes I'll have an errand to run.


If you are feeling up to it. I'm having a lot of fun.


Up to you.

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