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[The words written in ALL CAPS are subjects that can be interacted with, or inquired about. Feel free to introduce the proper commands if you want to use an item, speak to someone, or know more about a certain subject. Also, have fun!]

Morning in Ponyville shimmers!

The sunlight creeps up the streets, joining the flight of the early birds. The town's inhabitants yawn, stretch, and get out of their beds, ready to face the new day. It has been a few weeks since a CERTAIN INCIDENT took place in this very town, shaking up everyone's lives, but people seem to have gotten over it for the most part.

You are now a CERTAIN FILLY, early on your way to the CLUBHOUSE to reunite with your other two FRIENDS. Your concrete identity, along with your STUFF, TALENTS and other QUEST-RELATED ABSTRACTIONS, is a mystery for us…but we are about to change that.

Who are you?





The batmare.


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Roll #1 7, 7 = 14






We are The Prodigy



I think he just gave up.


File: 1364935772853.png (199.5 KB, 1024x1481, sweetie_belle_____by_laberoon-…, IO Google TinEye)

You are SWEETIE BELLE, the budding flower of PONYVILLE. Or at least that's what your MOMMY likes to call you.

You woke up a bit late, so you are now rushing through the town's still empty streets with your breakfast still on your throat, so to speak. After an unfortunate meeting between your hoof and a small ROCK, the STUFF you were carrying on your SADDLEBAGS is spilled all over the floor, which allows us to make quick inventory of it!

You pick up your WHISTLE from between some bushes, find the KNITTING UTENSILS before a MAGPIE flies away with them, retrieve your BIG SISTER'S HORN POLISH from the MUD and…oh, well, it appears your LUNCH is now sinking on the river's water. After some pouting and sobbing, you suddenly remember that you're awfully late, and continue your accelerated pace towards the CLUBHOUSE. The bundle with you and your friends' CRUSADER CAPES lays forgotten behind a tree, stuck to SOMETHING STICKY.

You also forgot telling us about your TALENTS, silly! But no matter, we can check them at any moment now:

You are a mystical UNICORN, which gives you access to MAGIC TALENTS! Sadly, your magic is not very developed…yet. With your horn, you can produce some faint light, which you have named SWEETIE SPARKLES, and, if you concentrate really hard, you can make some light things nudge and slide a bit. You have quite a SET OF PIPES, which you are now using to cheerfully hum a merry tune as you trot along. Do not forget, though, that you are just a young filly, so your true talents are still a MYSTERY.

But you are about to change that!


[Cont'd, but feel free to introduce any commands meanwhile]


Retrieve TALENTS from horse pockets.


While walking begin to hum a fun little tune.


>you have quite a SET OF PIPES
Don't think bad thoughts, don't think bad thoughts


[Sweetie Belle] Go to Sweet Apple Acres


File: 1364936719655.png (532.2 KB, 1280x720, CMC_clubhouse_good_as_new_S01E…, IO Google TinEye)

You already have HOOVES, you dingus!

With the help of your WHISTLE, you improvise a melodious tune that wakes up a few sleepyheads as you pass under their windows.

You arrive at the CLUBHOUSE, apparently dead last, since your other two FRIENDS are already there. After some apologizing and scolding by the respective parties, you put your SADDLEBAGS aside and get down to BUSINESS!

APPLEBLOOM unrolls her MAKESHIFT MAP over the table. Her MAPMAKING TALENTS are…lacking, to say the least. APPLEBLOOM excuses herself by saying that trying to map the EVERFREE FOREST from the top of her BARN is really hard. SCOOTALOO sighs, and so do you.

It appears your small group of fillies has found its first obstacle today! You need a MAP, because otherwise the trip you all have planned through the EVERFREE FOREST could be very dangerous!

Well, you know, more dangerous than it's already going to be.

What will you do?


Go to Twilight's and ask for a map of the Everfree for "study"


Go to EVERFREE. Enter LONG FORGOTTEN RUINS. Accidentally summon extra-dimensional HORROR which takes hold of one of the CMC and threatens doom for all of pony kind. Go with other remaining CMC, solve puzzles, struggle through hardships, and eventually save the world and your best friend. Gain TALENTS. LIVE a happy, long, and prosperous life. DIE happy.




find the libararian


File: 1364937730915.png (628.63 KB, 2560x1927, DtD_Library[1].png, IO Google TinEye)

You suggest going to the PONYVILLE LIBRARY, which makes sense to you since it's where a document like that could probably be found. Yes, you had such a great idea.

Sadly, a quick look at your friends' expressions reminds you of a little DETAIL: Ever since that CERTAIN INCIDENT happened, the PONYVILLE LIBRARY has remained closed, and on top of that…
TWILIGHT SPARKLE is not on PONYVILLE right now, and will not be for…quite a long time, you assume.

On the other hand…that means the LIBRARY is empty right now.


Knock on the door and ask for Spike.
If nothing happens go visit the next smartest pony in Ponyville as decided by you: Rarity.

Objections from fellow CMC members will be notified and argued.


Break into the Library of course. You could even get your cutiemark in breaking and entering. There is absolutely no way this could turn out badly.


File: 1364938859817.png (424.88 KB, 900x802, ponyville_library_by_selenaede…, IO Google TinEye)

Since your other two FRIENDS are not coming up with ideas, you three decide to leave the CLUBHOUSE and go to the PONYVILLE LIBRARY.
As you all speed through town, you see most of the ponies have waken up already, walking and trotting and sometimes even barging around the streets on their way to whatever it is grownups do. SCOOTALOO buzzes in front of you, propelling her new SCOOTER and pulling the little cart in which you and APPLEBLOOM are.

Soon, your group arrives to the LIBRARY. You would say that it does not look empty at all! Then again, it has only been a few weeks…

APPLEBLOOM knocks on the door. You all wait. APPLEBLOOM knocks a few more times. More waiting. SCOOTALOO rolls her eyes.


>If nothing happens go visit the next smartest pony in Ponyville as decided by you: Rarity.

Of course! RARITY will surely know a way to get a MAP!

If she were in town, that is.

The thought crosses your head. Maybe? You should share your THOUGHTS with your other two FRIENDS, though.


Sharing is for dorks.


Dumb Rarity

Go and
Go to another smart person in the city. Ask friends for ideas.


File: 1364940166163.jpg (141.71 KB, 900x675, ponyville_library_bg_by_docwar…, IO exif Google TinEye)

Smart people, smart people…well, that ZEBRA LADY seems very resourceful and wise!

Too bad she lives on the EVERFREE FOREST, which you still need a map of.

You ask APPLEBLOOM for ideas: She's scratching her head, trying her hardest to come up with something. You can tell she's about to mention her BIG SIS, but…

SCOOTALOO, on her part, is trying to climb up a window, using her ROPE. You mention her that getting caught would be a very bad thing, and she congratulates you on your unmatched ability to state the obvious. After some huffing and buzzing of her tiny WINGS, she manages to reach the window shelf, and you hear a gasp.

You ask her what's wrong.

She say the window is broken



Oh snap
If somebody sees us loitering around the library where its broken we might get in trouble



File: 1364941467798.png (28.96 KB, 200x200, sweetie_belle_hhnnnngg__psd_by…, IO Google TinEye)


You start fretting and stomping your tiny little hooves on the ground, antsy and scared. If you get caught, you will all be blamed for that broken window! And that would be TERRIBLE!

Anxious, you tell SCOOTALOO to get down from there before anyone sees her, as your head bolts from side to side, making sure no one is near.

SCOOTALOO tells you to chill out and stop screeching before any more windows shatter. She does not seem very concerned about getting caught and, in fact, starts peeking inside the LIBRARY.

APPLEBLOOM looks doubtful, alternating looks between you and SCOOTALOO.

Well, our little SWEETIE BELLE seems to be too FREAKED OUT for us to control her anymore! Don't worry, such things happen sometimes, even to grownups.

Still, that leaves us with a conundrum: Which one of her FRIENDS should take the lead now? And what should that FRIEND do?


oh we switching?
Well as Scootaloo, we know we're already at the window, and that its broken and somethings up



File: 1364942487713.png (155.21 KB, 1831x1568, 135752762886[1].png, IO Google TinEye)

You are SCOOTALOO, the youngest daredevil and thrill-seeker in town!
You have no time for silly things like INVENTORY CHECKS and lame stuff like that, the only thing you care about is the morning's fresh breeze against your face, your wings flapping rapidly behind you, and your SCOOTER, both of you speeding like there is no tomorrow!

It appears SCOOTALOO just cannot stay still long enough to show us her STUFF and TALENTS, but no matter, we can access to them by ourselves now.

You have, as it has been already mentioned, your trusty NEW SCOOTER, your HELMET, BINOCULARS, some ROPE, which has been used to access the window, and your most treasured possession, a BLUE FEA-oh, excuse me, that's supposed to be private.

You are a proud PEGASUS, member of the pony race that dominates the skies! You are…still getting there with the whole FLYING business. For now, the only things you can do with your little WINGS is SCOOTING and PROPELLING yourself, which comes in handy to travel around in your SCOOTER. Your DRIVING skills also give you great BODY AWARENESS, or perhaps it's the other way around? Whatever. What you have to keep in mind, though, is that you are still a young filly, which means your true talents are still a MYSTERY.

But you are about to change that!




So do we switch characters on the fly?


You can only control ONE (1) of the CMC for now, but you can talk to the other ones beforehand and tell them what to do. Not now, though, because…

Who said fear? Not you! Kicking off the GLASS SHARDS still attached to the WINDOW FRAME, you squeeze your head in, and soon you find yourself inside the LIBRARY.

A fine cape of DUST permeates the whole place, which comes up in little poofs of dust as you land. The LIBRARY is completely devoid of any other presence, or so you would like to think…because it is very dark. Scared, you? PSHAW. Still…it would be good to have a LIGHT or something that allowed you to see, you know, just to make sure. Not scared.


Set something on fire, like a small candle or a fireplace


Use SWEETIE as a flashlight


File: 1364943921389.png (106.17 KB, 664x480, dark_ponyville_library_by_pump…, IO Google TinEye)

Oh man, FIRE! FIRE sure would help now, with all its brightness and warm-giving properties.

Too bad you have no way to make fire, though! Stumbling around, you do find a UNICORN CANDLE on top of a SMALL TABLE, but it is obviously not lit. You look around on the darkness, searching for a way to…

Were those eyes???

Oh, wait, no. That was just the WOODEN BUST. Hahaha, silly you.

Still, it would be a good idea to get some LIGHT in here. Soon, if possible.

Pressing yourself against the wall and making sure not to break contact, you eventually find the DOOR. Thankfully, it can be opened from the inside!

Rivers of light flood in, making the shadows near you go away and making you sigh in re…you had something stuck in your throat.

Your two FRIENDS soon appear. SWEETIE BELLE seems to have calmed down a bit, you assume APPLEBLOOM talked with her. The earth pony also says that, since the door is already opened, you all might as well enter. SWEETIE BELLE begrudginly agrees, but her frowny face soon changes when you tell her that her SWEETIE SPARKLES are needed.



File: 1364944486953.png (175.23 KB, 670x1193, magical_by_ocarina0ftimelord-d…, IO Google TinEye)

It's Sweetie's time to shine!

Crackling and sparkling, SWEETIE BELLE's SWEETIE SPARKLES somewhat light up the place, making you able to see a bit better. You can now see the BOOK SHELVES, BOOKS SCATTERED ON THE FLOOR, the WOODEN BUST, the STAIRS, both UPWARDS and DOWNWARDS and a BLACK BURNT MARK on the floor.

What will you do?


investigate the burn marks, then the books


Investigate the burn, bust, and books. Then head downstairs to the DUNGEON OF ULTIMATE CARTOGRAPHY in search of the map.


File: 1364945438670.jpg (71.22 KB, 500x400, bookstore,books,library,booksh…, IO exif Google TinEye)

Moved by your curiosity, you approach the BLACK BURNT MARK. It appears to be some kind of STAR SHAPE, and it's burn on the floor, as if it had been branded. You little WINGS tingle, and you feel shiver down your spine when you get closer. It's…a weird sensation. Suddenly you do not think that being here is such a good idea anymore, so you decide to focus your attention elsewhere.

Like, for example, on that big dumb WOODEN BUST. It's full of bumps and scratches, and does not look scary at all. You stick your tongue out at it, to show how not scared you are, and APPLEBLOOM asks you what are you doing.

The BOOKS are scattered all over the floor, which strikes you as something odd because TWILIGHT SPARKLE is a neat freak. You give them a look and soon feel your eyelids closing down slowly. STUPENDOUS SIGILS, TERRIFIC TRANSFORMATIONS, IMPECCABLE ILLUSIONS…blah blah blah magic magic magic books books books you can't even hold in the yawn. You leave the books where they are, which is the FLOOR, and decide to go downstairs.

What will we do? Should we follow SCOOTALOO downstairs? Or should we do something else?


wait are we scootaloo or sweetie belle?

also, let's go downstairs


Follow buzzwings downstair


File: 1364946578432.jpg (136.38 KB, 1000x563, library-basement-concept-02[1]…, IO exif Google TinEye)

[We were Scootaloo, I was just asking you as players]

You tread carefully, for the light is even dimmer here. APPLEBLOOM has managed to lit up the CANDLE, though, so the trek downstairs is not as dangerous.

The basement is…weird. You have never been here before, so the weird SCIENCY CONTRAPTIONS come as a shock to you. APPLEBLOOM, who does not seem to be fazed by the machines, keeps making her way downstairs, holding the CANDLE in her mouth. Even more BOOKS can be seen, those looking much bigger and thicker than the ones upstairs, if that was even possible, and one of them stands out, a big black TOME which is opened on a display.

SWEETIE BELLE, who was cheerfully humming seconds ago, seems to have gone mute. Something just made a noise. A chirping, chittering noise, coming from some boxes placed against the wall that makes the stairs you three just used.

APPLEBLOOM holds her breath. SWEETIE BELLE starts trembling, and you see two small ANTENNAE coming out of the highest box on the stack

What will you do?


KARATE CHOP that thing.

or just shine the light to it


tell sweetie to scream at it




File: 1364947810104.png (368 KB, 1024x571, twilight_sparkle__s_basement_l…, IO Google TinEye)

Way ahead of you! SWEETIE BELLE is already screaming at the top of her lungs. You really hope this basement is soundproof because if it isn't you are all SO busted.

You bravely approach the horrifying creature, making a threatening display of your deadliest MARTIAL ARTS as you advance. The THING pokes its head out of the box, showing its ugly…face?

The THING looks like a cross between a COCKROACH and a PARASPRITE. Big green eyes blink back at you, its chitinous shell buzzing and flapping, apparently about to take flight. On its mouth, you can see some TORN PAPER.

You would do that, but the WEIRD BUG has all of your attention right now!

You quickly reach for the CANDLE that APPLEBLOOM had, and shine some LIGHT on the WEIRD BUG, making it chitter and close its eyes. It seems he did not like that, because soon he is in your FACE. FWOMP

Oh dear, again? SCOOTALOO is disabled now, trying to pry the BUG away from her face. Looks like we're going to make someone else take the lead. Who will that be?



File: 1364948689047.png (154.74 KB, 479x513, Apple_Bloom_thumb_S01E18[1].pn…, IO Google TinEye)

You are now APPLEBLOOM, the littlest member of the local representation of the huge and ancient APPLE CLAN.

On your person, you can find your trusty old BOW, and in your little SADDLEBAGS, a HAMMER, some NAILS, a YO-YO, your LUNCH and a MAKESHIFT MAP, which you insist is perfectly readable.

You are an EARTH PONY, which means that, although you do not have access to MAGIC TALENTS or FLIGHT TALENTS, you have a good dose of RESOURCEFULNESS and COMMON SENSE, whatever that is. Also, you have a knack for CONSTRUCTION, ENGINEERING and, having helped your family do farm work, you know a thing or two about NATURE, but, being just a young filly, your true talents are still a MYSTERY.

But you are about to change that!


And with the presentations out of the way…

What will you do? Your friend is on the floor in front of you, with a PARAKROACH attached to her face, and your other friend is testing the endurance of the LABORATORY's GLASS BEAKERS with her voice.


Tackle (or buck) that thing away from Scoots




File: 1364949759042.png (153.74 KB, 1170x683, applebloom___kick_by_midnite99…, IO Google TinEye)

Unlike SCOOTALOO, you do know ACTUAL MARTIAL ARTS, and your legs, although little, are inbued with the ancestral strenght of the APPLE CLAN.

The poor PARAKROACH flies through the room and splats against the wall.


SCOOTALOO gets ONE (1) TALENT POINT, APPLEBLOOM GETS TWO (2) and SWEETIE BELLE gets NONE (0) because all she did was YELL.

You help SCOOTALOO back on her legs and tell SWEETIE BELLE that she can stop screaming now. She asks you if the TERRIFYING MONSTER is still there.
You tell her that PARAKROACHES are not TERRIFYING MONSTERS, they're just vermin. Magical vermin, though! They're attracted to places in which magic is practiced often, and like to eat MAGIC TOMES and other ARTIFACTS. The fact that such a dangerous creature was here, on the LIBRARY, baffles you.

What will you do?


make sparks


File: 1364950442458.jpg (167.94 KB, 640x480, 4254072329_4ed973ae43_z[1].jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

You command SWEETIE BELLE to user her SWEETIE SPARKLES again, but she seems to have ran out of juice. Oh well, you still have the CANDLE!

SCOOTALOO is now checking the BOXES, making sure there are no more PARAKROACHES in them, and SWEETIE BELLE is now inspecting the SCIENCY CONTRAPTIONS, her natural unicorn interest piqued.

What will you do?


Check where the bug was hiding.


[Gonna have to stop here, I'm running dry. Sorry everyone, and thanks a ton for showing up and participating! Hopefully the next session will be better and longer.]


aight nigga.

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