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Groves 275439



Or rather, some things happened. Zivur and Sol met Livia the spying Inquisitor. The rest of the party chatted with Lavinia in the throne room.

Speaking of the throne room! Livia just burst inside through the doors in a rush!

The mare interrupts herself, looking over at the party.
"Oh gosh… you're all here as well…"
The Empress rises from her seat
"Livia? What brings you here, girl?"

Dusk [Mage] 275442

Wait for it.

Erumal [Charlatan] 275443

"It's always so nice when ponies are happy to see us. Makes us feel happy and welcome."

Zivur [Necromancer] 275444

So are we there in the throne room too?
We were heading there.

Erumal [Charlatan] 275445

And is Erumal there or following at a distance behind them?

Groves 275446

You are all here, you goddamn motherfuckers

Zivur [Necromancer] 275448

I was just asking, geez!

Stay still and look at what they are talking about.

Sol [Knight] 275452

"L- Livia had something to t- talk to you a- about."

Falkmar [Paladin] 275455

"Something the matter?"

Groves 275461

"Uh… right! Your Highness, news from Tilhoven! We might have trouble on our hooves soon, big trouble! High Overseer Curius is planning an assault on Pegasa!"
"He what!?"
"Yes your highness, an assault!"

Lavinia breathes in and out deeply, settling down on a chair again.

"This is going to be one of those days…"

"Oh, I meant no offense! You people are famous, that's all."

Dusk [Mage] 275466

"That sound like a zebra name, tell me your highness what are you going to do?"

Zivur [Necromancer] 275467

I frown.
"O-On Pegasa?"

Erumal [Charlatan] 275471

"Like I said, it makes us feel nice when ponies are happy to see us. Did you think I was being sarcastic? Now tell us more about the idiot that wants to start a war."

Falkmar [Paladin] 275473


Sol [Knight] 275474

"High O- Overseer Curius? Who's th- that?"

Groves 275486

"Zebra? No, Curius is head of the local Inquisition branch. Self-proclaimed zealot and defender of the True Faith. Bah! I have no idea where he got the idea of risking a damn WAR this time. We're not READY!"
She growls, stomping around the room for a while before settling down again.
"Alright. You. All of you. Accompany miss Livia back to Tilhoven castle. Find a way to stop this damn idiot from doing whatever the hell he thinks he's doing!"

Helga [Ranger] 275489

I groan.
"Do we leave immediately?"

Erumal [Charlatan] 275490

I bow.
"Right away."

Sol [Knight] 275491

"Accompany L- Livia? O- Okay."
I turn to Livia.
"…Th- that's alright with y- you, r- right?"

Zivur [Necromancer] 275492

I snarl.
"An Inquisitor…a-and they say w-we are problematic…"

Dusk [Mage] 275495

"Should we kill him or persuade him?"

Erumal [Charlatan] 275501

"Outright hostility in the middle of a den of Inquisitors would be a very painful form of suicide. Subtle hostility might be exactly the same."

Zivur [Necromancer] 275503

"They'd ju-just kill me if I s-so much as set a h-hoof in there anyway…"

Groves 275504

"Yes! Right the hell away! Go!"

"Helping out a group of famous knights save the Empire? Of course it is!"

"Kill him? Are you insane? No! He's Equestrian like the lot of you. If they find out imperial officials killed the High Overseer…"

"I trust your smart enough not to ruin this. These Equestrians wont care whether you are a knight or not. A heretic is a heretic in their eyes."

Dusk [Mage] 275505

"Lets see how brave they are when we kil him."

Sol [Knight] 275507

"N- No they won't!"
"Y- You sound e- excited."
I smile at her.

Falkmar [Paladin] 275508

"Right away."
I trot out of the throne room.

Dusk [Mage] 275509


"Whos that mare?"

Zivur [Necromancer] 275511

"Y-You heard her. I'm ju-just a heretic… I'll w-wait around somewhere the c-castle or something…"

Dusk [Mage] 275512

"Dress as a mage or something instead."

Erumal [Charlatan] 275513

"You're a smart zebra, Zivur. Just leave your minions where they won't be seen and try not to do any necromancer stuff while we are there. If you still feel the way you do about that one inquisitor we met this might be a learning experience for you."

Groves 275514

"Right! Come on guys! Follow!"
The mare gallops out of the throne room without saying another word.

Zivur [Necromancer] 275518

Follow her with my head held low.

"I d-don't want to play nice to them… idiots and b-bigots, that's what t-they are!"

Sol [Knight] 275521

"O- Oh, she's Lavia, a n- nice inquisitor mare me a- and Zivur met a bit a- ago."
I go chasing after her.
"W- Wait for u- us!"

Falkmar [Paladin] 275523

I follow her.
"I had hoped to visit the shrine of the moon…well, maybe they'll have started the renovations when we get back."

Dusk [Mage] 275525

Follow her.

Erumal [Charlatan] 275530

I follow her.

"Play nice now and be mean when it won't get you killed."

Groves 275532

The mare keeps her quick pace up as she leads you out of the city, only slowing down when you leave through the gates and start heading southwards.
Breathing quickly, she turns to you and smiles.
"Alright, let's slow down now. We can talk without having to worry about the Empress striking us down."
She giggles and puts on her hat

Zivur [Necromancer] 275537

"D-Don't you think they h-have ways to t-tell what I am? For h-how simple minded they are, t-they sure have w-ways…"

"Now we o-only need to worry about the I-Inquisition."

Dusk [Mage] 275539

"Thats a fine hat Lavia."
Walk with her.

Sol [Knight] 275540

"Jeez… y- you're like a- a cute, excitable p- puppy or something. A- Always r- running around everywhere."
"Y- You're with us. They c- can't do anything t- to you."

Falkmar [Paladin] 275545

"You are with the Inquisition aren't you? That could be an ace up our sleeve."
I slow down.
"I don't think we've met. I'm Falkmar, paladin of the moon."

Zivur [Necromancer] 275547

"Of c-course they can… You h-heard the Empress, they d-don't care who w-we are. T-They only care that I a-am a necromancer."

Erumal [Charlatan] 275550

"I don't think they will be able to tell so long as you don't use any necromantic magic. As long as you don't call any attention to yourself you'll be fine. If it comes down to fighting we can hack our way out of there."

Zivur [Necromancer] 275553

"I-It would be s-safer if I'd ju-just let you g-guys do the talking… I'll ju-just read my book s-somewhere…"

Groves 275554

"I wouldn't worry too much. Not all the ponies in the Inquisition are bad, you know. Some of them really care about just wanting to create a better world for ponykind. They're just…"
She struggles to find the right word
"… really determined. Just don't show around your cute little pets and you'll be fine."

"The only good part about being an Inquisitor!"

"Well, we do have limited time. We need to get there as soon as possible!"

"It could and it will. I know a lot of ponies there. Oh, and my name is Livia. I work for Spymaster Pick Wick."

"Exactly! Uh… not the fighting part but the not drawing attention part!"

Sol [Knight] 275556

"Y- You wouldn't mind h- helping u- us out? Oh th- thank you!"
I pull her into a hug.
"Z- Zivur's been so s- scared of Inquisitors a- all this t- time… maybe w- with an Inquisitor on o- our side he'll s- see they're n- not all bad!"

Falkmar [Paladin] 275557

"I've only met her briefly. It's good to make your acquaintance."
"If that's how you want it. I know you get a little antsy near other ponies."

Dusk [Mage] 275558

"Maybe we should dress like inquisitors."

Zivur [Necromancer] 275562

"Y-Yes, yes, that m-mare really showed the f-fang of the Inquisiton… I'm s-sure they are all n-nice, we c-could have some lovely t-tea before they s-shoot me in the head."

"And I w-wouldn't really want to g-go into the den of p-ponies who want m-my blood."

Groves 275570

Well well, look at that blush. What an awkward hug that was.
"… right."

"You could do that. But I don't see the need. Just don't make it apparent that you are a necromancer and you'll be fine."
She giggles
"Trust me, I know."

"My pleasure!"

"I don't think they'd just shoot you…"

Dusk [Mage] 275571

I laugh
"If you said so."

Zivur [Necromancer] 275576

"Oh, p-please enlighten m-me of how I'd g-get tortured in t-that case…."

Dusk [Mage] 275577

"Magic torture for sure."

Sol [Knight] 275579

I give her another quick hug and a friendly peck on the cheek.
"R- Really! Th- the only inquisitor w- we've run i- into before i- is… d- do you know Neith? I- I don't think sh- she's that b- bad… b- but she really, really d- doesn't l- like necromancers. B- But you're d- different! Friendly! U- Upbeat a- and nice."
"Z- Zivur…"
"Dusk, p- please. You know h- how uncomfortable Z- Zivur is a- about that!"

Erumal [Charlatan] 275580

I throw a leg over his shoulder.
"Come on, Zivur. Stop being so scared. Sol and I will protect you because you are our friend. I'm sure the others will keep you safe too. A zebra like you should be brave and powerful, not scared of a bunch of ponies with giant hats."

Zivur [Necromancer] 275584

"I r-really liked Neith. E-Especially when she h-held that gun at m-my head. Or w-when she constantly s-smack talked me. S-She really w-wasn't that bad."

"I'm n-not scared of them…"
I mutter the rest
"I h-hate them…"

Groves 275586

"Uh… I don't think you want to hear about that."

She looks like she's about to explode. Even a tomato would be jealous of that color on her face right now.
"I… uh… well… You know…"
She wipes her forehead
"B-but yes, I know Sister Neith. She told us all about you guys."

"Oh… That's a shame."

Erumal [Charlatan] 275590

I raise an eyebrow while watching Sol.
"Then stop acting scared. Act brave, or at least keep cool. You want to impress your rather open minded mare, don't you?"

Dusk [Mage] 275591

"I have some experience with the inquisition my friend."

Falkmar [Paladin] 275593

"You know ms. Neith? Well this is going to be a riot."

Zivur [Necromancer] 275596

I squint my eyes at the inquisitor, then snarl at Erumal.
"S-Stop that…"

Groves 275605

"Really? From Equestria?"

"Like I said, I know a lot of ponies. It's my job to make sure I keep an eye on things for the Empress."

Falkmar [Paladin] 275609


Dusk [Mage] 275610

"Thats right."

Zivur [Necromancer] 275611

Fall back to the back of the group and keep walking.

Sol [Knight] 275612

"Sh- She did? What'd she say?
…A- Also are you a- alright? You l- look really r- red…"
I place a hoof to her forehead. Does she have a fever? '1d10'
"Me a- and Dusk are both Equestrians!"

Roll #1 8 = 8

Groves 275617

"Well I knew that! I read Lady Wick's reports! You're a mage from Canterlot for example, I remember that much! It's strange, your dossier was the most extensive out of all of them…"

Livia sees this and tries to fall back as well, but is interrupted as Sol shoves her hoof on her face.
"I-I'm fine! Just great! Heh…"
Doesn't look like she's sick

Zivur [Necromancer] 275618

I glance up at her, but say nothing.
Try not to show my disdain.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Dusk [Mage] 275620


Falkmar [Paladin] 275624

"Dusk liked to speak with ms. Wick."

Zivur [Necromancer] 275629

Stay behind and keep looking wordlessly at the ground.
Hurrying back ASAP

Sol [Knight] 275631

"A- Are you sure? You l- look uncomfortable… w- was it something I- I did?"

Falkmar [Paladin] 275633

"Anypony who gets hugged by a celebrity would be flustered, ms. Sol."

Groves 275634

It's pretty apparent that you are not fond of the mare, which she looks a little sad about.

"Yes, it seemed like she spent quite a lot of time looking up stuff about your past."

"Oh, they're friends?"

She averts her gaze to the ground
"Well… I mean…"

Dusk [Mage] 275635

"Did she find what she was looking for?"

Falkmar [Paladin] 275636

"I suppose. It's not my place to guess though, and be sure, ms. Sol didn't mean to offend you."

Sol [Knight] 275637

"I- I'm n- not a celebrity…"
"W- What's wrong?…"
I nuzzle her and try to get her to look up, but pull away and back away a few steps.
"Y- You aren't… i- intimidated by me, a- are you?"

Falkmar [Paladin] 275640

"Livia said our group are getting famous."

Groves 275646

She shrugs
"I'm pretty sure she found out pretty much your entire life, so I think so."

"She didn't, It's just a really hot day…"

"No! I mean… of course not! You're pretty-!"
Her face goes even redder
"… pretty nice I mean!"

Dusk [Mage] 275647

"Interesting… Are we ready to go in?"

Falkmar [Paladin] 275648

I stare obliviously into the distance.
"Should have visited Crescent…and Maana…maybe I'll write a letter from the next town…"

Groves 275649

Like I said, we wont advance with the story for now. Not without Campfire and Nopo

Dusk [Mage] 275650

I didnt notice that, sorry.

Sol [Knight] 275656

"S- So you d- don't think I- I'm intimidating?…"
I let out a sigh of relief.
"Th- That's good. A- and you're pretty n- nice t- too. And p- pretty."
I giggle.

Groves 275659

"Crescent? Maana? More friends? I think I've heard about Crescent…"

Her ears perk up slightly as she hears the last sentence, her face glowing impossibly red.
"Y-you too…"


Falkmar [Paladin] 275661

"Maana is a fellow worshipper of the moon. Crescent is…"
I trail off.
"Will there be anything between us and Tillhoven?"

Zivur [Necromancer] 275667

I grumble to myself slightly.

Sol [Knight] 275671

"H- Huh? What's w- wrong Zivur?"
I slow down and start walking along side him.
"Y- You aren't u- upset about me t- talking to a inquisitor, a- are you?…"

Zivur [Necromancer] 275673

I look away.
"I ju-just can't wait until she b-brings her f-friends along…"

Groves 275675


"Nope, Tilhoven castle is about a day away from Clopantinople, all we have to do is stick to the road. We shouldn't need to worry about bandits or anything either, this part of the empire is really safe thanks to it being at the border!"
She gestures across the river
"That's where the Oddomane Empire starts! Crazy isn't it?"

Dusk [Mage] 275677

"Not really."

Falkmar [Paladin] 275678

"To be honest we've been on this border more times than I'd care to remember."

Sol [Knight] 275679

"Th- they're not g- gonna hurt you, Z- Zivur. I'll m- make sure of th- that!"
"I- I think it's i- interesting… I- I've never been here b- before. I think."

Groves 275681

She scrunches
"Well nevermind that then."

"You think I'm going to tell on you? Because I wont!"

Dusk [Mage] 275682

"Im sorry if I insulted you."

Zivur [Necromancer] 275683

"I r-remember when we met t-those Oddomanes a-across the river."

I smile slightly.
"T-Thanks… but I d-don't feel comfortable a-around them."

"Y-yeah… u-until you get t-the orders to g-get rid of me…"

Sol [Knight] 275684

"I- I thought i- it was interesting…"
I offer her a sympathetic smile.
"I- I'm sure you'll e- eventually see th- that not all i- inquisitors are b- bad. I- I mean, look a- at Lavia!"

Falkmar [Paladin] 275685

"I'm still not sure if it was worth the trouble."
"Of course it's always interesting to explore new areas, but…never mind."

Groves 275686

"Well… I guess it doesn't matter, does it?"

"I take orders from her Highness and Lady Wick!"

Somewhere, a heart shatters in a thousand pieces.
"… Livia. My name is Livia…"

Zivur [Necromancer] 275687

"I s-see her a-allright. I see the h-hat and e-everything. I s-see the o-order ponies who w-want to k-kill me ju-just because they a-are imbeciles w-who fail to realise t-the potential in N-Necromancy."

Dusk [Mage] 275688

"Ignore him, hes always like that."

Sol [Knight] 275689

"O- Oh… p- please forgive me! I- I misheard y- your name o- or got it m- mixed up with L- Lavinia a- and… I- I'm sorry! I- I'm so so sorry…"
I give her another hug and try not to cry '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Falkmar [Paladin] 275695

I mutter to myself.
"Potential to desecrate corpses who deserve their rest."
"Wait, I haven't been calling you Lavia have I?"

Groves 275697

The mare cringes slightly, taking off her hat and looking at it sadly

"Well… he does seem to hate me…"

She gulps, dropping the hat in surprise
"Uh… i-it's fine! Really!"

"N-no! It's okay! Don't worry about it!"

Dusk [Mage] 275698

"Like I said, is better if you just ignore him."

Sol [Knight] 275699

"A- Are you s- sure it's okay? Y- You seemed so s- saddened by i- it… it m- must've been so i- insulting! I- I'm r- really really sorry! I- Is there anything I- I can do to m- make it u- up? A- anything at a- all!"

Zivur [Necromancer] 275700

"Y-yes, yes. Ju-just ignore the f-filthy zebra heretic. I'm u-used to it…"

Falkmar [Paladin] 275701

I pick the hat up and clean it of dust before handing it to her.
"The hat's fine. My favourite part of the inquisitor's attire."

Groves 275707

She seems conflicted

"Is there anything you can… No! It's fine!"
If you didn't know any better, you'd swear her coat was actually red
"I'm fine. You're fine. We're all fine! Fine and dandy!"

She grabs it and puts it back on her head, partially hiding her face with it

Sol [Knight] 275714

"A- Anything I c- can what? P- Please! Just t- tell me a- and I'll do it!"

Zivur [Necromancer] 275716

I say nothing more, just get a bit closer to my minions and mutter to myself.
Try to hide my disdain again.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Falkmar [Paladin] 275717

I put a hoof firmly on her shoulder.
"Sol. Livia is fine."

Dusk [Mage] 275719

"I dont know, we have to make sure our new friend is fine."

Groves 275721

"You just mistook my name! It's okay! I'll survive!"

You spit at her hooves, making her wince.

Falkmar [Paladin] 275723

"Zivur please, try to behave."
I shoot him a glance but don't say anything.

Sol [Knight] 275724

"I- I'm still r- really really sorry… Z- ZIVUR!"
I turn and give a disapproving look to him.
"W- What was that f- for? Th- that was a- awfully r- rude!"

Zivur [Necromancer] 275725

I turn my head away.
"S-Shooty told me to s-say 'hi'. B-Blame her m-manners."

Dusk [Mage] 275726

"Maybe you should control your pet."

Falkmar [Paladin] 275727

"It's a her?"

Sol [Knight] 275728

I continue giving him a disapproving stare, but gradually soften.
"Z- Zivur… I know y- you don't l- like necromancers, but L- Livia is a friend! Y- You don't n- need to feel defensive o- or scared around her…"

Sol [Knight] 275730


Zivur [Necromancer] 275736

"S-she wasn't p-pretty even i-in her life, b-but it's a s-she, yes, y-yes."

"I'm n-not feeling either of t-those…"

Groves 275740

"It's okay… I guess I should have expected as much…"

Sol [Knight] 275745

"W- What do y- you feel towards her th- then?"
I move along side her.
"Hey n- now… I'm sure h- he'll warm u- up to you! H- He… Zivur had… a- a rough life. He d- doesn't trust very m- many people. I- It even took a while b- before he trust m- me!"
I chuckle.
"I- I'll try t- to make him see r- reason though."

Falkmar [Paladin] 275746

"Try not to mind it. We'll all be better off."

Zivur [Necromancer] 275750

"I-It d-doesn't matter. We'll b-be better off that w-way."

Falkmar [Paladin] 275751

"It's not my bloody fault you're more biased against everything than the inquisition that you so hate!"

Groves 275752

She nods quietly, upping the pace slightly and averting her gaze from the party

Zivur [Necromancer] 275753

"B-Blame that p-pegasus… S-She was a prime e-example of them."

Dusk [Mage] 275754

"Move over it."

Groves 275755

"S-sister Neith you mean? She said good things about you people though!"

Dusk [Mage] 275756

"Shes a fine inquisitor, im sure you are as good as her."

Zivur [Necromancer] 275757

"Oh, she s-said a lot of g-good things to m-me too! 'Filthy heretic scum' was o-one of my f-favourites."

Sol [Knight] 275758

"H- Hey now… y- you don't need t- to be all sad… I- I'll be your f- friend! I- If you s- still aren't m- mad at me for the, u- um… n- name, thing."
"H- He just doesn't l- like her… she's a g- good pony though. E- Even if she d- did say some… m- mean things t- to Zivur."

Groves 275765

She shakes her head.
"I wear the uniform, but my heart belongs to my own country. The Inquisiton thinks more… internationally."

"I know she sounds really rude usually but-"

She interupts herself as she hears you speak
"I-I'm fine! Just peachy!"
She tries to smile at you convincingly, which doesn't work very well

Dusk [Mage] 275766

"Yours and mine Livia."

Zivur [Necromancer] 275767

"S-She set a s-staff on f-fire for no r-reason!"

Lower my voice.
"She's n-not rude… s-she's an i-idiot…"

Sol [Knight] 275768

"R- Right… m- maybe I'll j- just stop talking… s- sorry for o- offending you. I- I have a b- bad habit of d- doing that…"
I drop my head and sigh, then slow down and walk at the back of the group.

Zivur [Necromancer] 275771

I glance up slightly.
"I…um… I s-still…l-like you… so d-don't be sad. Y-You are a b-better pony than t-those I-Inquisitors…"

Groves 275780

"B-but you didn't-"
She sighs, ears and head drooping, and returns to taking the lead

Livia kicks a rock into the river, still walking at the head of the group

Dusk [Mage] 275785

Walk to her side
"Dont let him drag you down."

Sol [Knight] 275787

"Y- You do?… That's r- reassuring…b- but those inquisitors a- aren't that bad, Zivur."
"Sh- She looks so sad… a- and it's a- all my fault… I- I gotta try something, a- anything!"
I give Zivur a quick hug, then run over to Livia and nuzzle her.
"I- I'm really sorry… p- please don't be s- so sad…"

Zivur [Necromancer] 275791

I hold up a hoof, but then groan and keep walking, glaring at that damned Inquisitor.

Groves 275801

She jumps up almost a meter in the air in surprise
"Oh! Uh… I-I'm not sad! Nope! Happy happy happy!"

Sol [Knight] 275813

"Th- then why are y- you acting so… u- uncomfortable around m- me?"

Dusk [Mage] 275815

I stand back.

Groves 275817

"N-no reason! It's just uh… the sun! Yeah that blasted sun! It's soooo warm!"
She wipes her forehead with great show, then grins sheepishly at you

Sol [Knight] 275827

"O- Oh… yeah, i- it is pretty warm…"
I wipe my own forehead in relief.
"S- So you r- really don't hate m- me then, Livia?"

Groves 275832

"No! I like you!"
She blushes
"I mean… I think you're very nice!"

Sol [Knight] 275834

"I- I like you t- too, Livia. Y- You're very nice."
I smile at her.
"So… w- when do y- you think we're going t- to get there?"

Zivur [Necromancer] 275835

I roll my eyes.

Groves 275836

"I… uh… um…"
She seems lost as she stares at you, after a while she just breaks eye contact
"T-tomorrow! Yeah! It's just a day's travel!"

Zivur [Necromancer] 275837

"The sooner the better…"

Groves 275845


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