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Trotantium 0.5: From A to B Groves 267028


Clopantinople, the magnificent capital city of the Trotantine Empire, was in chaos. The streets of the Lower City, full of rioting, disgruntled citizens. The normally so busy Merchant’s Quarter, riddled with thieves and looters who only saw opportunity to enrichen themselves during this period of general disorder in the Jewel of the East.

Empress Lavinia XIII Ironhoof has been murdered.

Emperor consort Arabesk I has been murdered.

The conspirators of this vile plot? Unknown.
In the western parts of the Empire, lords have taken up arms to seize this golden opportunity to expand their territory, prestige and wealth. In the far East the Tribes have grown unruly and restless, threatening the borderprovinces during these times of internal turmoil. This however, is of no importance right now. You find yourself in a tavern on the road between Clopantinople and Pegasa, outside of the capital city. It is early in the afternoon on a rather cloudy day during Spring. You can see the huge white walls of Clopantinople looming in the distance as you look outside the windows, fully aware of the unpleasant conditions behind them. One of the patrons inside the tavern has been asking around for ponies interested in making some coin and helping out a family in need. The patron, an earth pony mare, is now sitting at one of the tables alongside an earth pony buck and an earth pony filly. The mare and the stallion both wear ordinary iron armor while the filly is wearing ordinary robes that appear just a tad bit too large for a pony of her size.

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267039

Walk there.
"I head you were offering a job?"

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267040

This place is horrible
Ask the barkeeper for a drink.

Bowstring(tracker) 267051

Follow Vaznur

Groves 267053

"Ale or wine? Don't ya complain about the prices either, damn prices have been skyrocketing lately."

The stallions' ears perk up as he looks up to you with a smile.
"Heck yeah!"
The mare shushes him, jabbing him in the side with a hoof, then turning to you with a frown.
"Yes. We need some ponies who can escort us safely to someplace else. Interested? Might take a while to get there. And the roads are mighty dangerous too."

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267056

"Wine, do you mind if I ask why?"

"Where are you going maam?"

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267058

"As long as you pay up. If you die I'll even give you a discount on digging your graves."

Bowstring(tracker) 267059

"Wine, wine would do."

Groves 267063

The barkeep throws his hooves in the air before fetching you a glass of wine.
"Damn bastards causing the economy to go to shit, that's why!"
He hoofs you a glass of deep red wine. Smells very fruity. The mare speaks up before the stallion can.
"Eastwards. Trotsa to be exact."

Once again, the stallion open his mouth to speak, only to be cut short by the mare.
"Real funny. Money wont be an issue, you'll get paid once we arrive in Trotsa. We're willing to pay a lot to ensure your loyalty."

The barkeep grumbles, fetching you a glass of wine as well.

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267068

"That's all I need to hear. Anything else? Are you chased by someone? Hunted? Anything we should know?"

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267069

"That sound like a long trip."
Drink the wine
"Im in."

Bowstring(tracker) 267073

"How many days will we be on the road before we arrive to Trotsa?" I held my wine with my hoof.

Groves 267074

The filly freezes for a moment, hiding her face behind her mane even more than before and keeping quiet.
The mare shakes her head.
"Unless one of you betrays us or we get reckless, there shouldn't be any problems."

The mare nods resolutely
The stallion finally manages to butt in
"So what's your name? I'm Olive Leaf!"

"If we travel light and quickly like this? I'd say a week or so."

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267076

"Lady Sunny Sky, is a pleasure to meet you."

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267083

Glance down at her, but then back at her mother.
"That wasn't a very straight answer. What are you running from?"

Bowstring(tracker) 267085

"I see, a week is kind of reasonable." I then take a sip of wine, then wiping my mouth with my neckerchief.
"I'm Bowstrings by the way." I try to face my point of view to the source of the voice

Bowstring(tracker) 267091

I glance at Vaznur, then back to Olive leaf, waiting for an answer

Groves 267094

He motions his head at the mare.
"This is Lily Pad. She's my… wife."
The mare frowns and then glares at him, to which he just shrugs.
"Tough love!"

The mare looks at you for a moment, before turning her head slowly to one of the windows in the tavern and pointing a hoof towards the walls of Clopantinople off in the distance.
"That mess."

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267097

"So did you kill someone? Is it the royal guard that's after you? Or you just angered a family in the riots? Not that it matters as long as you pay, but I want to know what I'm singing up for."

Bowstring(tracker) 267099

I keep silent, I've no idea where she is pointing, nor what kind of 'mess' she is referring too.

Oh well.
"Uhhmmm could you be more specific? What mess? You could whisper it if you're uncomfortable."

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267100

"Oh the plot thickens!"

Golden Heart [Pending] 267105

I am here
Or am I?

Groves 267108

"The Royal guard he says…"
Olive snickers, but is quickly silenced by a hard jab in the gut by the mare.
"We're merchants. There are some ponies that blame us for things that happened in the past and want to see us gone. It's not a healthy work environment for us to be in anymore."

If it wasn't for the fact that the stallion just got punched in the stomach, he would have probably smiled at that. Alas, there he sits, clutching his gut instead.

The mare looks you over.
"You're in for the job too? Good."

Groves 267113

Dammit. Second link was meant for >>267100

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267114

"That'll have to do. When do we move out?"

Golden Heart [Druid] 267115

"Well, I need to skip town too, and could use the money…"

Bowstring(tracker) 267118

"I see, well as long as we got our pay in the end then we can get along just fine." I smile in the general direction of Olives voice.

I then emptied the glass of wine.
"So have you packed? When will we leave?"

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267119

"I hope we can talk about this incident in the road."

Groves 267135

Lily finishes her drink and tosses a small bag of coins over to the barkeep.
"That should cover the drinks barkeep. You know the drill."
The stallion nods and grabs the bag, still muttering angrily under his breath.
Olive and Lily both get up strapping their bags to their backs. The little filly looks up in surprise, quickly getting up as well before returning her gaze to the stone floor. As the two two earth ponies finish packing, the mare gives you all one last lookover, before nodding firmly.
"Ready when you ponies are."

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267138

"I am good to go."

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267141

"Im ready."
Look at the little filly
"Hello honey, whats your name?"

Bowstring(tracker) 267143

I touch my bag and everything that I am carrying. Everything seems to be in place.
"I'm good to go."
Just follow them and their voices.

Golden Heart [Druid] 267145

I check my bag and that my scabbard is on my belt.
I turn to the filly.
"Hello darling, who are you?"

Groves 267150

She winces and starts stammering like a thief caught in the act of stealing.
Lily interrupts her before she can say anything
"… Vailina. Her name is Vailina."
Vailina looks relieved and nods quickly, then returns her gaze to the floor

"Move out."
Lily takes the lead, the Vailina quickly scurrying over to her side and walking next to her. Olive chuckles, shaking his head and following the pair outside.

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267153

"Vailina? Thats a pretty name for a filly."
Smile at her and follow them.

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267154

I start following them.
"She's got a problem in the head or something that she can't answer herself?"

Bowstring(tracker) 267156

Follow and keep my ear and sense of smell sharp for anything that might disrupt our travel.

Golden Heart [Druid] 267157

I look at Lily quizzically.
"There's no need to fear me… Are you sure she can walk the whole way? I can carry her if needed."

Groves 267176

A short and stern answer from Lily!

The air smells like mead. It's very dry outside, despite the clouds in the air.

"I appreciate your concern but there is no need to."
Olive pops in
"Uh… Vailani is just a little shy-"
Lily stomps him as he tries to finish the sentence.
"Hey! What's that for!?"
"Vailina. Not Vailani."
The party gets their hooves in gear as this conversation goes on, soon crossing a stone bridge spanning the Pegase river. The roads are quite busy around here. You see plenty of ponies pull carts around heading in a variety of directions.

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267179

"You don't know the name of your wife? Interesting."

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267180

"Vailina is the filly."

Groves 267181

Let me make this clear: Lily Pad is the mare, Olive Leaf is the stallion and Vailina is the filly.

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267184

Oh oh

*your filly

Golden Heart [Druid] 267185

"I— guess I should stop talking, I don't need you two to fight the whole way to the…where are we going?"

Bowstring(tracker) 267186

They got a filly?
"So… uhhmm… do you carry or got anything to defend yourselves?" I ask Olive.

Groves 267190

"Uh… yeah! Funny how that goes, right?"
He smiles at you sheepishly, Lily shaking her head in frustration.

"We're heading east, to the city of Trotsa. The local lords there still have things under control."

The mare snorts, smiling for the first time since you met.
"You could say that, yeah."
Olive just pats the halberd he carries on his back
"I do I do!"

The party is walking eastwards now, Lily seems to have chosen to stay off of the main road and travel on a rocky dirt path instead. No ponies around here, it seems.

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267194

"Psttt Olive, tell me about what whappened back in the city!"

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267198

"You are terrible actors. I hope you can fight better when whatever you are afraid of catches up."

Golden Heart [Druid] 267200

"Ah. Aren't there lots of Zebras to the east?"
I kick a rock in front of me while walking.
"I can mend even the gravest of injuries even if they can't avoid them!"

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267201

"And zebras are a problem why?"
I raise an eyebrow at her.

Bowstring(tracker) 267202

Keep my guard up and hear if there are any movement up ahead.

"I see, well that could be of use. By the way, my names Bowstrings. Whats yours?"

Roll #1 6 = 6

Golden Heart [Druid] 267204

"You can call me Golden Heart! Or Heart!"
"No problems. I just heard they have large assets over there."

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267212

"Because there is a war between zebras and ponies?"

Groves 267213

His expression darkens a little.
"Things got bad. Real bad. Poverty has been rising the last few years. Too many mouths, not enough money to feed them. Then suddenly The Empress and Emperor get murdered!"
The filly cringes a little, Lily shooting Olive an angry glare.
"Uh… right. So yeah, people just snapped I guess. Things got out of hand and now the city is unsafe. Can't even walk around on the streets anymore without fearing of being robbed… or worse."

Lily shakes her head at you.
"I told you not to worry. We'll be fine."

"The Tribes have been stirring shit ever since they heard about her Ma-… the Empress having passed away. Other than that, the east is probably the safest place in the Empire right no-"
Lily coughs
"I beg your pardon?"

It's getting late in the afternoon now. You can see a few hills with olive yards planted on them in the distance.

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267215

Take note of it.
"Thats sound awful! HEY LOOK A FARM!"

Golden Heart [Druid] 267218

"I didn't think there was one right now?"
"Do you think it might be a safe place to sleep in?"

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267219

"I know a unicorn who works there in the city. I guess all these things gave ol' Dirt Turner a bigger workload than usual."

Groves 267220

The mare takes out a spyglass and peers into the distance over at the farm.
"Maybe. But we've still got daytime left. I'd rather not waste it."

Bowstring(tracker) 267221

"Its nice to meet you then Ms. Hearts. But I like calling you Gold for some reason." I smirk a little.

Oh wait, im blind. Just follow them.


Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267222

"No idea."

I pout

Golden Heart [Druid] 267225

"Would you rather have your filly sleep in the woods?"
I flash an innocent smile

Roll #1 3 = 3

Bowstring(tracker) 267228

"Perhaps, though its your decision so we just follow."

Groves 267235

Only the sound of crickets in the bushes along the road.

Lily bites her lower lip and looks over at Vailina questioningly. The filly paws at the ground, averting her gaze.
"I-It's a-all the s-same t-t-to m-me…"
Olive pipes in.
"It looks safe enough from here, Lily. And a bed sure beats the cold rocky ground."

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267238

"Those houses could be occupied you know."

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267239

"Whats a inn?"

Groves 267241

File: 1356221436371.jpg (58.07 KB, 550x412, view-of-the-olive-farm.jpg)

There are several smaller buildings cluttered together. They don't look deserted so the owners probably live there to tend to their trees.

Golden Heart [Druid] 267243

"We could ask for shelter. I have some bits to pay for accommodation if it comes to that."
I nod enthusiastically.
"See, even Vailina thinks it's a good idea!"

Bowstring(tracker) 267247

"You and your family could rest on the nearby house, I could stand guard."

"Well they are the one's who hires us so I think if the owners asked for pay then Olive should be the one to hand it."

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267251

"Of course, after they have to take care of the lil filly."

Groves 267254

"Yeah silly Lily! Come on! We've still got some bits to spend!"
The mare glares at Olive, clearly not amused at the nickname before eventually letting out a defeated sigh.
"Fine then. We'll spend the night there. Come on ponies."
She walks off of the dirt path and starts making her way uphill, towards the farm. Vailina sticks close to her as usual.

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267258

Keep following them.
Anything suspicious/point of interest?
Heigthened senses counts, right?

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Bowstring(tracker) 267259

Follow them, then grab an arrow and use it as a makeshift walking stick.
"Uhhmm.. im just checking if the ground is soft and all." I smile.

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267260

"Yay! Do you think they have wine?"

Golden Heart [Druid] 267262

"I sure could use some… Didn't have time at the bar…"

Groves 267267

It does
You're pretty sure you hear yelling coming from inside the farmhouse.

Lily looks back and grumbles at you
"We didn't hire you to get yourself wasted. If trouble arises we have to be able to fight."

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267269

"Oh come on, nothing wrong with a glass of wine!"

Golden Heart [Druid] 267270

"I can hold my head!"

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267273

I perk up my ears.
"We have more pressing matters. There's shouting coming from that farmhouse."
Point there.

Bowstring(tracker) 267275

Keep following them.
Do I hear the commotion?


Roll #1 7 = 7

Groves 267278

You do.


Lily snaps her attention to you
"What? Shouting?"
Vailina takes a step back and whimpers.

Vaznur [Blackguard] 267280

"You heard me. Can't make out about what."

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 267283

"Stay back."
Go inspect around.

Golden Heart [Druid] 267285

"Don't scare the filly!"
I crouch down.
"Don't worry, I'll protect you!"

Bowstring(tracker) 267292

Get my bow and arrow.
Follow the sound and sit behind a thick tree to wait.

"Just tell me when and where to shoot."

Groves 267321

"Well this is turning out to be great idea already."
Lily's takes out a necklace from one of her pouches. It lights up in a brilliant white light as she puts it around her neck and a purple bubble materializes around Vailina.

She quickly nods

You approach the building where the shouting is coming from on your own. As you get close however, an arrow nearly hits you, planting itself into the dirt next to your hooves instead.

You are in cover and can hear and see this as well


Groves 274995


The party met and agreed to escort a small group of ponies to the city of Trotsa, home of the Loyalists.

Evening is near and the party has stumbled on an olive farm. As they neared it, shouting was heard and an arrow fired at the party, coming from the main building. Several windows are shattered and open, though you can't see inside from where you are standing right now. Lily and Olive seem to be concentrating on keeping Vailina safe, having put a protective bubble around her. Aside from the main building there are two other buildings on the domain, one bigger and made out of wood - presumably a barn - the other smaller and made out of white stone similar to the main building. The shouting has stopped, but before soon several more arrows fly through the window, nearly hitting Sunny Sky.

Vaznur [Blackguard] 275011

"Fuck this."
Charge at the house!
Try to get to the wall so they can't fire at me from the windows.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Summon Night caller

Night caller use Inspire

Roll #0 5, 2 = 7

Bowstring(pegasus/tracker) 275025

Hide behind a tree nearby and try to hear where the sounds comes from.


Roll #1 9 = 9

Nasse-Setä 275043

"Well, you two seem to have Vailina's back…"
I transform into a cat of war and leap towards the main building, trying to break through the door.

Groves 275054

Clever zebra. You very nearly get hit several times by the barrage of arrows, though thanks to running in a snake pattern you manage to save yourself from the life of a pincushion.

"Shit! Fucking block the doors!"

You don't need to roll to summon your pet, he appears as soon as combat starts. Both of you can take an action in the same turn like a Warlord's pet could.
You see him moving through the shadows, unfortunately he trips over a stray bucket, introducing his face to the ground in a rather uninspiring way.

You manage to pinpoint the direction of the sound. Judging from the echos, you realize they must be somewhere inside a enclosed space.

That's nice and all, but you might want to roll next time. You are transformed and standing idly at the door.


A heavily armored griffin flies through one of the windows, his wings both bearing razorsharp blades. He ascends to the sky, then divebombs down to hit the most vulnerable target. Everyone roll.

Golden Heart [Druid] 275055

I bounce on him claws first!

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Night use cheap shot on one of them and I backstab him.

Roll #0 8, 4 = 12

Vaznur [Blackguard] 275057

Can I enter through a door/jump in a first floor window?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Bowstring(pegasus/tracker) 275061

Approach with caution and hide among the bushes, then pinpoint again where the sound of the enemy is.


Roll #1 10 = 10

Groves 275072

You wildly start flailing around, presenting yourself as a target. The griffin strikes you, sinking his blades deep into your chest before pulling out and flying away. You are helpless and bleeding.

Night Caller jumps on top of the griffin, sinking one of his daggers into his back. The griffin squawks and forces Night Caller to jump away using his blades. As you try to do the same yourself, you only manage to get cut slightly by on of his wingblades.

You sneak up on one of the windows and peek through, only to get slashed at by a unicorn wielding a sword, cutting you in the chest slightly
"I fucking drew blood! I GOT HIM!"
The unicorn tries to slash at you again, pushing you backwards with his telekinesis in the process.

You manage to pin down where exactly each and every one of the voices are coming from. You are in a perfect position to strike if you want and get a +1 to your attack rolls next turn.

Vaznur [Blackguard] 275076

Aww hell no.
Give him a faceful of my shovel.
Death Blow.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Stab him again.

Night caller use inspire.

Roll #0 6, 8 = 14

Bowstring(pegasus/tracker) 275078

Hearing Golden hearts shriek, I attack the griffon that attacked her with my bow and arrow.

Trickshot: knockout

>inb4 boxing glove arrow.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8

Golden Heart [Druid] 275079

"This is merely a minor setback!"
Can I use mend on myself?
If not just treat that as get up roll without the bonus.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Groves 275086

You plant your shovel right in his face. The stallion doesn't even have time to register what happens before parts of his brain starts seeping out of the large, gaping wound you left with your shovel. Good digging.

You stab the griffin in one of his unarmored wings, again earning a squawk from the half-feline.

Night Caller manages to not trip over any buckets this time. +1 to all rolls next turn.

Your arrow somehow dazes the griffon. He's not out cold yet, but nearly there nonetheless. +2 against him next turn.

You shakily get back up on your hooves, if only barely. You are still bleeding quite heavily. Might want to check that out.


Attack him with both of my weapons.

Night Caller use cheap shot again.

Roll #0 9, 4, 4 + 1 = 18

Vaznur [Blackguard] 275094

Raise Dead.
He will serve.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Bowstring(pegasus/tracker) 275095

Lets put a little more effort shall we Bowstring?

With that I whip again an arrow from my pack and hit the Griffon again.

Trickshot: knockout

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Golden Heart [Druid] 275107

I've already transformed back right?

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Groves 275109

Through combined efforts, you stab, slash, hit, whip and manage to kill the griffon by exploiting the weaker spots in his armor.

Sure he will. But not today. The now undead unicorn rises to his hooves and lunges at you, stabbing you in the throat using his horn. You fall on your back, the unicorn jumping on top of you. You are helpless.

Yes, you did when you went helpless. You completely shut and heal your deep wounds, even regaining the lost strength from the loss of blood. You feel rejuvenated right now. +1 to your next roll.


Backstab the skeleton.

Night use inspire.

Roll #0 2, 2 = 4

Vaznur [Blackguard] 275114

Kick it off of me and get up!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Golden Heart [Druid] 275116

Is the door to the building open?
I quickly look over Valnia and Olive and that other pony and then use earthen strike on either the door or the nearest hostile

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Bowstring(pegasus/tracker) 275117

That disturbance, what happened to Vaznur? Why is he flailing.

I aim my bow and shoot the source of the noise.

>inb4 a 1


Roll #1 5 = 5

Groves 275124

You both get hit by arrows coming from inside the building.

You manage to kick the unicorn off of you and shakily get back up on your hooves. The undead unicorn gets back up as well and prepares to charge at you.

You cannot see them from here.

You charge and hit the blocked door with amazing force, reducing it to splinters.

You fire a shot, but don't get the usual squishy sound when hitting somepony. Instead you hear your arrow hit the wall. You missed.

Vaznur [Blackguard] 275133

Control it!
I can do it!
It's my ghoul!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Night caller use improvise and terrify.

I backstab one of them.

Roll #0 10, 4 = 14

Golden Heart [Druid] 275141

"Why did you attack us?!"
Earthen strike on the nearest guy
Try to just knock them unconscious

Roll #1 1 = 1

Bowstring(pegasus/tracker) 275145

Try to hear again and see if the situation has changed or not. Has the conflict died down?


Roll #1 7 = 7

Groves 275153

DC for that is 8
It charges at you, but you manage to dodge another horn skewering.

He dodges your strike and stabs you in the chest with his sword, creating a deep and very painful wound. You are helpless.
"I'm gonna fucking rape you all night long, you piece of shit!"

What a shame of that 10~
A loud rant coming from your partner nearly causes the two remaining stallions to shit themselves.
They are both helpless. The undead doesn't give a fuck.

You trip over a rock and get to eat dust.

Sounds like it's almost died down. You can still hear Vaznur fighting the undead though.


Backstab one of the helpless faggots.

Night cheap shot one of them.

Roll #0 8, 10 = 18

Vaznur [Blackguard] 275160


Roll #1 5 = 5

Groves 275162

Impressive. The both of you kill them before they even have a chance to react. Using lightning speed dagger attacks to skewer them.

It charges at you again, but you dodge once more.

Golden Heart [Druid] 275163

"What? No!"
I try to get up.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Bowstring(pegasus/tracker) 275164

Should I shoot the undead.
Naah.. he can take it.

I go down the tree and approach our clients.
"Are you three alright?"


Use disguise and check if there are more of them outside.

Night use cheap shot on the skeleton.

Roll #0 2, 2 + 2 = 6

Vaznur [Blackguard] 275166

Oh for crying out loud, I'm getting tired of little ball dance.
How hard could it be?
Damned idiot ghoul!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Groves 275173

You barely manage to get back on your hooves, bleeding heavily.

The three of them turn to look at you, Lily being the first to speak up.
"Why did you even take that risk of going there? It's none of our business what goes on on that farm!"

You dress up as an olive. Brilliant. Looks like the outside is clear.
The undead unicorn is flailing too much for Night to get a hit off.

He manages to stab you with his horn again this time, still not adhering your commands.


Take out the costume and use spellbreak on the undead.

Night Caller use inspire.

Roll #0 10, 1 = 11

Bowstring(pegasus/tracker) 275178

He's right.

"Ahhh.. eerrr uhhmmm…. yeah, that was impulsive on our side." Keep on grinning to him while facing the sound of his voice.

Vaznur [Blackguard] 275183

Tis' just a scratch

Roll #1 6 = 6

Groves 275188

The undead drops on the ground, dead once more thanks to your spellbreaker. Night caller announces the end of times and about how we're all going to die to the sun exploding soon.

She. Lily is a mare.
She shakes her head disapprovingly, not that you can see.
Olive Leaf speaks up.
"So it's secured now, right? Great! Place to crash in tonight!"

You re-raise the spellbroken dead unicorn. this time it behaves.

Golden Heart [Druid] 275190

"Would you kindly give me…a minute?"

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Golden Heart [Druid] 275191

"Would you kindly give me…a minute?"

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"Good job Night, now go away before they ask you something."
"Well that was strange."
Loot the bodies looking for anything.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Bowstring(pegasus/tracker) 275194

"Ah… ahaha, well I will escort you as my way of saying… sorry." I follow the three of them to the farm and keep my ears up in case any sounds of movements came our way.


Roll #1 9 = 9

Groves 275196

You tear the wound open even further, blood spurting out of it.

He nods and quickly rushes off without saying a word.
They have their weapons on them, as well as some coin. You notice a several dead bodies lying in the kitchen, presumably the former owners of this place.

Everything sounds safe now.
Lily keeps the shield up around Vailina, the filly looking wide eyed at the body of the griffin.
"W-w-who's t-that?"

Golden Heart [Druid] 275198

Mend! '1d10+2'
"I…Anyone have any bandages?"

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Bowstring(pegasus/tracker) 275200

I look at the general direction of the filly's voice.
"Whos' what now?" I asked, I mean I dont see who she is pointing at.

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 275202

Take the coins.
"It seems like this bandits kill everyone in this farm."

Golden Heart [Druid] 275205

I speak to Vailina.
"It's a griffon."

Vaznur [Blackguard] 275206

Rejoin the others with my minion.
"I think I'll need a healer."

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 275208

"And a book about necromancy, you suck at it."

Vaznur [Blackguard] 275211

"You need a book on shut the fuck up or you might find yourself bereft of a tongue to speak with."

Groves 275212

There, that's better. You close up the wound again. Though you still feel a little weak from the bloodloss.

"T-t-the griff-"

She frowns slightly.
"I-I know t-that… But w-why is he d-d-d-dead?"
Lily sighs.
"You people are reckless. We should have just left this place alone and moved on!"
Olive shrugs
"We got a place to sleep now! Cheer up!"

Bowstring(pegasus/tracker) 275220

"A place to rest at least. We just need to clean it up a bit." I shrugged.

"We need someone to take watch if we are going to stay here."

Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 275224

"What are you going to do? Reanimate another body?"

Golden Heart [Druid] 275225

"Because he attacked us, dear. You can't always look out for other's safety, even if you should."
"What's the matter?"
mend '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Vaznur [Blackguard] 275226

"Or kill you and see if you behave better."


Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 275229

"Good luck with that idiot."

Groves 275230

Lily grumbles and goes inside.
"I'll take care of it. Olive, take care of Pri- Vailina. She doesn't need to see this mess."

You heal his wounds back shut. He feels fine now.

"P-please d-d-don't fight…"


Sunny Sky [Lordblade] 275233

"Oh im sorry sweetie."

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