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Last time on Trotantium: The Decline the party participated in a siege on a bandit hideout in Oddomane territory.

This is not where we'll pick up again though.

It's five days later and the party is on the road, nearing the capital of the empire again. While Commander Promontory did not reward you in any way whatsoever for your help, he assured you the Empress would and sent you on your way.


I look over the party.
How's Crescent doing?


"W-Who's idea was it to help them a-again?…. W-What if he set us u-up?"

Keep walking at the back of the group.


How am I doing again?
I- I can walk fine now, right?


"Fucking dickshit asscunt motherfucking ballsack! Good job Commander, the rounds are on me, you more than earned it for what you did on those crapshafts!"
stay riding his back


"Hes not going to set us up zebra."


"You worry too much."
I huff


She's been pretty damn quiet and withdrawn since you cam back from Ravelsburg. She's currently walking at the back of the group, behind Zivur.

Yup, Crescent made sure of that.

"I'm happy if you're happy, m'lady."


"W- Why would he have s- set us up? What d- does he have t- to gain?"
I fall back and walk next to Zivur.


"Why would he set us up? Besides, if he did we know where he is stationed."


"It's always a p-possibilty…"

"H-Having a l-laugh I guess…"


"A- A laugh?… You th- think he s- set us up for a l- laugh?…"
I chuckle.
"D- Don't be silly."


"so what do you think the reward will be? Gold and riches are alright to me. But I'd rather get something better than these worn out plates, you think?"


I fall to the back of the group.
"Ms. Crescent? Is something wrong? You have been awfully quiet."


"He's a profession, Zivur. He wouldn't do that."

"Probably gold and riches. Maybe titles."


"I d-don't know… or maybe ju-just said 'reward e-everypony'…"


"Of course they are going to reward us."


"He did say that, but I'm sure he meant me as well."


"I- It's just an expression, Zivur… a- and besides! If y- you don't get a reward, y- you c- can always have m- mine!"
I smile at him.


"A few bits of gold would be nice. Maybe just enough to treat a sweet filly to a good time…"

I smile at Sol and move myself between her and Zivur


"Pfft, Titles? What good are those when massive riches are what makes idols? I hope you 'knights' accept those titles, I want the cash and something vital"


"Good idea. Crescent is looking rather down in the dumps."


"Gold and riches can be used to commission armor from smiths, m'lady. And for someone of my size… I'd rather have custom built."

"Mmm? Oh, I'm fine. Don't you worry!"

She doesn't sound very convinced of herself.


I glare
"You know that's not who I meant!"


"Huh?… W- Who else is there? T- Tasia?"


"You don't sound like you mean that. Is something the bother? I will always help you."


"Maybe Tasia, but I meant Crescent. She could use a strong stallion."


"I c-couldn't take y-you-"

I furrow my eyebrows.
"H-Hey! I was t-talking to h-her!"


"I'd rather use that valuable substance to grab me a few soldiers of my own! Build an army then pillage, plunder and take for my own!"
to the party
"How much farther now?"


I shake my head
"No, no… you of course!"
I smile

"That's nice. I'm sure she'll be willing to have you bother her later."


"I uh… I think I could use some time alone."

"Could you please leave me out of this?"

Ambrosia rolls her eyes, still clutching her very fancy dagger like her life depends on it.

"An excellent thought, m'lady."
You can see the gigantic white walls of the capital in the distance, shouldn't be much further.


I grit my teeth but make a small distance from them, making my minions catch up to my sides.

"L-Let's just get this over with a-and go to P-Pegasa.."


"Sorry, Crescent. Simply looking out for a friend."

"What do they have their aside from information about Necromancy, Zivur? I want to know all about it."


"Who the fuck is calling my name!? Quit that shit this isn't a game!"
at the walls
"Ohhh, niiiiice"


"H- Huh?! N- No no… that's p- perfectly fine… y- you don't need to do that for m- me!
…A- And I was t- talking to Zivur."
"Oh! I c- completely forgot about y- you Ambrosia! Really s- sorry…"


"I t-told you… Apart from that, I w-want to visit the m-mansion of Xanthi… b-but I'm sure there's something for a-all of you there too… and if t-there isn't, feel free to s-stay in here in the b-big city of f-fancy ponies…"


"A-are you sure?"
I lower my head.
"If that is your wish."
I take the lead again.


"But… I insist! I couldn't imagine why I wouldn't want to treat one as beautiful as yourself to a good time. Maybe… I could get to know you a little better in the process?"
I look back at Zivur
"And right… that. Forgive me"


I throw one of my front legs over his shoulders.
"Friends stick together, Zivur."


"Y- Yeah! Friends stick t- together!"
I smile at him.
"I- It's okay, r- really! I- I'm not beautiful…"


She looks away from you and keeps her mouth shut

"Don't worry about it, precious. I've got bigger fucking worries right now."

She mutters an apology and keeps walking at the tail of the group.

Eventually, the party reaches the western gates of the citywall. The same gates they left out of two weeks before. The guards stop your group as you walk through and enter the city, pointing at the two minions accompanying you.

"What do you think you're doing with those things? You realize Necromancy is illegal, don't you?"


"hehehehe, huhhahahahhaahah! Damn that place looks nice!"
"Hey Crescent, I need to have a chat if you'll kindly oblige!"


"Leave her alone for a minute."


"Oh hush. Zivur is fortunate to have a mare like you."

I take out my knight necklace and letter.
"We have special permission."


I nod.
"Y-Yes, yes… I guess y-you are right… I just… This t-trip to Draken w-was nothing but a d-disaster…"

"The E-Empress didn't have a problem w-with it before! W-When I used it t-to help her!"

Mutter to myself.
"I k-knew she'd set m-me up…"


"I believe Zivur has a permission for those. From the Empress."


I look at Zivur and grin
"Well, the law's the law!"

"Oh… but you are! I've never seen a mare quite like you bef—"

"Excuse me?"


"It's a s-stupid law then!"


keep walking through


"Yeah whatever. Now did I hear right? Is this sweet filly your mare?"
I glare.


"We're knights, didn't you know? We've been doing you a kindness spending time with you."

"Oh come now, Zivur. I'm sure there was a perfectly good reason for it to exist, just like there is a perfectly good reason for you to be exempt."


"Y- Yeah! Zivur has p- permission!"
"B- But Zivur is exempt!"


File: 1354399326104.png (387.66 KB, 1728x1048, 10 hours in paint.png)

The guard blinks a few times and moves aside, motioning you to go on, giving you an apologetic grin.

"My apologies, knights and dames!"

You are back in the Outer city, by far the largest part of Clopantinople and used for housing the middle class of ponies.

As you may remember, the palace is located in the Inner city.


"W-What if she was?"

"I still t-think it's just a law for s-simple minds who are a-afraid…"

"We s-should go to the p-palace right a-away…"


"Where to 'knights'? Unless you want to cause some trouble and look for bar fights?"


"I will visit the shrine to the moon."


"Thank you."
I continue towards the palace.

"What do you mean, "huh"? Allegro has been after you since he first set eyes on you, so I assume you must be a beautiful mare."


"No 'what ifs'. Is she?"

I just shake my head and grumble


I tilt my head at both of them.
"I- I'm okay with just about anything… j- just no bar fights."


"Not helping"


"The palace for the reward, and then to the town Zivur wants to visit."


"Uh… W-well m-maybe she i-is! N-None of your b-business!"

I glance at her with slightly pleading eyes for some reassurance.


"The palace it is then! Lead the way, you know this place since you're here again."


Crescent heads off towards the Merchant Quarter
"I need to go see Cross…"

Ambrosia also heads off, walking alongside Crescent
"I'm going to get drunk. Then find something to fuck. Don't worry, I'll find you assholes again in time."

Everyone aside from Falkmar goes towards where the palace is.

Falkmar himself goes searching for the Moon shrine

You will all arrive there next turn


mark the place I last saw Ambrosia leave to

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Hey! N- No fighting!"
"I- I hope Crescent's g- going to be alright…"


I turn to Sol and tilt my head

"Is this true? I mean, I know I shouldn't be surprised as one as beautiful as yourself being taken, but…"


I shout after Ambrosia.
"Watch out for trouble."
Now what did that person say about the moon shrine?
I guess I will find out.




I keep walking.



Keep walking.
"Let's just get this o-over with…"

I shoot him a look but say nothing.
Sol said no fighting.


You lose sight of her once you reach the palace. She's still walking alongside Crescent and heading eastwards, towards the Merchants Quarter.

Everyone arrives at the palace again. You immediately notice security around the garden fence has been upped. There are a lot of guardsponies patrolling about. Four guards stand at the closed gates which gives access to the palace gardens. They immediately recognize you and open up.

"Lords and lady, I believe Empress Lavinia will want to speak to you."

Ah, now you remember! It's in pisspoor condition!

The shrine looks less than impressive right now, some parts even overgrown with plants. Looks like it has been maintained properly in a long time.


Well, I'm not about to start gardening. I enter the shrine!


I blush.
"I- I'm technically n- not… b- but I have m- my eye on s- someone!"
"A- about what?"


"Yes, y-yes, we suspected that…"

Walk inside.
Stay at the behind, and try to stay back if we get to the throne room.
Near the door and next to a wall to seem small like usual.


"Then we won't make her wait."
I head straight to the throne room.


"I… oh."
I droop my ears
"Well that's that then…"
I shoot another glare at Zivur from the corner of my eye

I shuffle after him


Bow before the empress.


I droop my ears and lower my head.
"S- Sorry…"


The insides aren't looking any better at the moment. Cobwebs and dust everywhere, as well as a lot of overturned furniture.

You see a pony clad in very heavy looking armor sitting near the altar in front of you, facing away from you. The pony doesn't respond to you entering, and you can't even make up whether it's a mare or a stallion under that thick layer of steel.

The guard shrugs

"I'm just your average guard, my lady. I know not what your business with her majesty is."

You walk through the peaceful garden towards the main palace building. You notice a few younger ponies playing in the garden, recognizing one of them as Princess Lavinia.

As you enter the palace building and walk through those familiar hallways, you hear a rather disturbing sound coming from inside the throne room. The sound of clashing steel. The sound of battle.


Perk my ears up
"W- What was that…"
Rush over there and burst inside!

Roll #0 4 = 4


I look the shrine over.
"Are you the guardian of this place?"


"Haha, now this is my kinda palace!"


"W-What now?"

I order my minions to prepare their weapons and fall behind them, but let the others go in first.


Take out my mace and run towards the noise

Roll #0 7 = 7


Walk in.


The pony clad in heavy armor still doesn't respond, but is emitting a strange sound… is that some light snoring?

As you quickly trot up to the large wooden doors that grant access to the throne room, you realize that there indeed must be fighting going on inside. As you open up and burst inside, you are met by a pony being thrown into your ranks. In the middle of the room you see the Empress looking at you all with a triumphant grin on her face and a big warhammer in her hooves.

"Ah! It's you! Finally you're back!"

The stallion grunts painfully as he gets up and collects his own fallen warhammer. He charges at Lavinia once more, only to be met by a swift kick to the face, the momentum causing him to perform a rather impressive backflip and falling onto the floor quite uncomfortably again. The Empress brings down her warhammer on one of his legs, making him scream in agony.

"Piss off! Get this worthless waste of breath out of here!"

Several ponies of her own personal guard, who had been observing this from the background quickly trot up and drag the stallion away from the scene. The Empress watches them carry the unfortunate stallion off with a smirk, then turns to you whilst wiping some sweat off of her brow.

"Hahaha! How are my favorite ponies, donkey, goat and zebra doing today!?"


Shuffle to the side to my little corner of soltitude and mutter barely audibly.


sit on Commander Boulder but don't say anything


Just stand there with my mouth hanging open


I push him over with my front hoof.


I stare at her smashing his leg, painfully wincing.
"N- Not too good… y- you wanted t- to speak to u- us?"

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Good so far, who was the poor bastard?"


The pony falls over with a loud clang as its armor hits the ground. It quickly recovers though and get back on its hooves, facing you.

"Hello stranger, my apologies for that. It cannot be helped. I hope you haven't been here for too long trying to awaken me."

The voice is female for sure. And she seems remarkably calm considering the circumstances you found her in.
She waves a hoof dismissively
"New recruit for my personal guard. Nothing important, they go through worse things than that."

"Did somepony die or something?"
A frown appears on her face as she looks you all over.
"Crap, where the heck is Falkmar!? Don't tell me he died or something!"

In return, she completely ignores your presence.


"W-well… Nid and P-Piercy died… but F-Falkmar is fine, d-don't worry…"


"Dont worry your highness, hes just busy."


"N- No! It's… well, p- personal reasons. Falkmar's alright, b- but N- Nid and Piercy were killed!"


"I just got here to…meditate. Might I ask who are you?"


"hot damn~"
check her out, this sounds like one hot mare

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Nid? Piercy? Who are those?"

She thinks for a moment, mulling those names over before shrugging

"Sorry, no idea who they are… were, rather."

"Good! Excellent!"

She walks over to one of the tables and goes through some papers, mumbling to herself all the while.

She's currently very sweaty and covered in cuts and bruises. Not all that sexy unless you're into that stuff.

The pony bows

"My name is Maana. Templar of the Moon. I am here to meditate, just like you."


hot is hot. try to maintain composure

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Maana. I am Falkmar, a Paladin."
I bow.
"Do you know why the shrine appears so abandoned?"
Also can I see her face?


Glance at the ground.
"Nid was m-my manticore…and P-Piercy was my a-archer…"


"Whats that empress?"


"O- Oh…"
I give Zivur a sympathetic look and look back to the Empress.
"U- Um… you c- called us here?"


"I.. uh… wait, you guys really are knights?"

Rolling to see if I am attracted to her '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"These guys are at least, if I had know i wouldn't be gracing any of you with my presence"


"Ah… an unfortunate thing, is it not? I'm afraid ponies do not care very much for the traditional gods anymore… Not that I am a zealot myself, but it's still sad to see this place in such a state. There isn't even a priest anymore."

Her voice is very muffled and you can't even see which race she is, let alone her face.

You start sweating slightly.

Boulder shifts his weight below you.

"Your manticore? My manticore you mean."
She looks at you rather gloomily, but quickly changes her demeanor and chuckles a little
"Don't worry, Just messing around. That's unfortunate to hear. Though I don't see why the undead should be mourned after dying again."

She eventually stops and quickly reads over a certain paper a few times.
"I have… a report here. From our great friends of the Inquisition."

In this state? Not really. She's all sweaty and bloody and stuff!


"About the zebras in the fortress?"


Try not to break down when she shouts and glares at me.

"P-Piercy was a g-great listener and…y-yeah… them…"


Is it a helmet or a scarf or what?
"Wouldn't it be easier to talk were you to remove your headgear?"
I turn one of the chairs about and take off my armour.
What's the altar look like?


"A- About what?"


"Wha? oh yea. Hey when do we get to the gold bab-LADY!"
brb going to a warmer place


RNG pls don't hat zebras

Roll #1 1 = 1


Gross! I bow, trying not to look at the blood covering her
"I'm Allegro. Pleasure to meet you. Should you need a sweet melody played or a bandit smashed in, I'm your stallion…"
I smile

Roll #0 6 = 6


Engage comforting hug!

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Lady.. heh"
look about this place, how many guards, how close is she to her hammer, and is the entrance blocked

Roll #0 10 = 10


She chuckles

"Ah, I would rather not. It is such a pain to take on and off you see."

A full helmet. She is wearing super heavy armor. The alter is made out of black marble and cracked on several places. Aside from that it is very dusty and cobwebs are hanging from it.

"Does the na-"

The empress interrupts herself as you start screaming and crying uncontrollably. Spaghetti sauce flowing in great amounts from your saddlebags onto the ground.

"Uh… are you alright? I did not mean to spook you if that's what's wrong."

You slip on the large puddle of spaghetti sauce spread out over the floor and crashing into Zivur, knocking the both of you onto the ground in a pile of spaghetti.

"Ah, a warrior bard then? Song and battle are two of my favorite things in this world, a magnificent combination indeed."

Her warhammer is lying on the floor, discarded after the fight. Aside from the party, there are five other ponies in this room. All of them member of the elite imperial guard and clad in golden armor.


"Just ignore them, whats going one?"


"I could help you if you so wished."
I clean the altar and get down on my knees
Or the pone equivalent of a good position to pray in.


"Ah! G-get off! I'm f-fine! I'm fine!"

Try to stop crying and hide behind something!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I- W- wait!…"
I sigh as he runs off.
"W- What name?"

Roll #0 10 = 10


"And I'm Captain Tasia, largeblade specialist for hire, riding into battles with Commander Brawny Boulder as my muscly power!"
do a bow from my mount

Roll #0 9 = 9



Roll #0 8 = 8


"… right. I have a report here from one Inquisitor Neith, detailing a mission you were all involved in… on Oddomane territory."

She looks at you quite seriously.

"Do you have any idea how angry my husband is at you? He's been wailing constantly at me to strip all of you of your titles."

You only start screaming louder and scurry away, hiding under a table.

"A sellsword? Damn, your group just keeps on getting more interesting by the minute."

You look completely cool with all this.

You swipe off the dust a little from the altar

"That's quite alright, it's comfortable in here."
She chuckles again


"Why? Saving your life and protecting your empire is bad for him?"


Collect my shit, try to speak between whimpers.
Stay under the table just in case.

"I t-told them it was a b-bad idea!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I'll need one of your titles before I can lose one of your titles"


"W- We… there w- were bandits taking cover in a fort j- just in Oddomane territory th- that was wiping out and r- robbing caravans! A- And nobody w- was doing anything a- about it!"
I take a more firmer stance.


Feel terrible on the inside, look cool on the outside. Pretty smooth, Allegro…

"Acting like a scared foal… hmph."


"As you wish."
I start meditating.
Luna's name, what has happened to this place…


She shrugs

"He's a diplomat at heart, all he wants to do is keep relations with the Oddomanes at a maximum."

She takes a jug of wine from the table and pours herself a glass.

"I however, couldn't care less about what those goddamned bureaucrats and diplomats want and don't want you to do."

She takes a large swig from the glass.

"You tagged up with an inquisitor and blew up an entire godamned secret dragon breeding facility. And I love it every single bit of it. I don't care what my husband says, I'm the one in charge here not him."

"… right. I had no idea my knights had picked up some more stragglers along the way though, neither did my husband."

"Right, but that's not what I'm talking about right now, dear lady. Though the same thing applies there. I don't care how mad they are about that. If the Oddomanes want to file a complaint about trespassing into their territory then I'll refer them to Mister Crushy."

She motions over at the warhammer

No response whatsoever.


"It was glorious your higness! Do you mind if I ask something? Did Pick returned from her mission?


wink an eye at her

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Husband? …Oh"


Mutter under the table.
"T-That bitch didn't l-let me keep at l-least one d-dragon…"

Roll #0 3 = 3


"O- Oh. That…"
I scratch my neck.
"I- it went… okay, I g- guess…"


I am too distracted with social relations…I must clear my mind.
"Ms. Maana, might I ask you what brings you here? To this city?"

Roll #0 3 = 3


She shakes her head.

"Afraid not. Haven't heard from her in days either. She's probably gone undercover somewhere."

She doesn't even notice

She smirks
"Disappointed are we?"

No one hears you!

"What's wrong? You ought to be damn proud of yourselves! The inquisitor in question also explicitly expressed her gratitude for your offered services and complimented you all for your efforts in battle."

She pours herself another glass, drinking it up in one swift motion

"It's good that you helped the Inquisition, maybe now they'll be more helpful to us as well."

"Oh, I simply travel from city to city, healing the sick and killing the wicked along the way. It's not my first time visiting here, but every time I come and check on this shrine. I've seen it decay further and further every year…"


See if I got the balls to crawl from under the table already.

"H-Helpful in b-bigotry and spreading l-lies out of s-spite and simple m-minded fear of the u-unknow is what they c-can do…"

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Of course…"


"N-No! Not at all!"
Clear my throat and try to sound convincing '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I- I guess…"


"You are not from around then? Do you know any local ponies?"

Roll #0 3 = 3


lounge on Boulder
"'ey Solly"


"H- Huh? D- did you c- call me?"


"Yea, I did."
lean over
"When are we getting our gold? You seem to know her"


You don't.

The empress rolls her eyes.

"Equestrians are simply thick and simpleminded sometimes, but I'll be damned if they can't come in handy. They've proven their military prowess before…"

"She's a skilled mare and good at what she does, I don't think there's need to worry about her."

"Well, I know I am."

"Oh, don't be so negative. You did well."

She drinks another glass. Damn, that mare is like a bottomless pit!

"In fact, you did so admirably well that I think you deserve some rewards. I may not have endless resources but still. All of you, tell me what you want and I'll see if it's possible for me to give!"

"I was not born here, no. I do know some ponies from around here. Why do you ask?"


"Yes, yes nothing to worry about, any news you want to sharw with us?"


>you did so admirably well that I think you deserve some rewards. I may not have endless resources but still. All of you, tell me what you want and I'll see if it's possible for me to give


I read that but Im asking if she have another mission


"I w-want a permit… so I w-won't be b-bothered about m-my craft ever a-again… and I w-want to go to P-Pegasa…and m-maybe visit the A-Archives too before t-that…."


"Your army and your kingdom, but some gold and a little extra on the side would be nice"


"It's just that my attention is turned away from my worship by my social hurdles. I had hoped visiting the shrine would have helped. I am sorry to bother you and distract you from your meditation."


"I- I don't really w- want anything…"


"Well.. ahem. I haven't been with your knights for long…I doubt I deserve anything"


>and a litle extra steel on the side


"Well, the Oddomanes are growing more restless. That's for sure."

She walks over to the stack of reports and flips through them again, reading off what they're about.

"Pirate raids on the Whoves Islands… Lordblade killed in Trotopolis… Tensions between Tilhoven and Pegasa… Major accident in Eenhoorn… Outbreak of a deadly disease in Trotaia… All kinds of fun stuff."

"A permit? Why would you need a permit when you are a knight? You can do whatever the hell you want! You want to go stir shit in Pegasa? Go ahead! You want to go delve into the Archives? Go ahead!"

She laughs.

"Fair enough, I think we can arrange that."

"You are of no bother to me, Falkmar. It's always a pleasure to converse with fellow warriors. Now… what is it that is troubling you so?"

She throws her hooves in the air
"Bullshit! What is it with you ponies being such milkdrinkers? I'm throwing you a bone here and you all look like you're about to piss yourselves!"

"Why are you so boring? Come on! You want to fight with me?"
She picks up her warhammer excitedly. Some of the guards are suppressing their laughter.


"Ooh! Ooh! If I beat you can I get their spoils?"

Roll #0 5 = 5




"I… I wasn't really here when the others got their b-badges…"

Glance worriedly towards Sol when she mentions the fight.

Thanks for running it. It was fun.


"I-it's a mare I've been seeing. I'm very keen on her but after taking her to one of my adventures she seemed…reclusive."


"H- Huh?! A- A fight? Like… r- right now?"


"Ah… She is not one that is brave of heart then, I suppose? Or perhaps not willing to face the horrors of this world."

She nods

"Yes, right now. Like I said, there's nothing strange about a monarch testing out those who serve her, right?"


"I- I guess n- not…"
I eye my sword cautiously.
"D- do y- you want me t- to grab a t- training sword?"


"She is a healer. I think she's seen enough suffering for one life time. But she had to kill when a bandit attacked her. She seemed shaken but not that affected when we spoke. I had hoped she would have gotten over it."
I prance about nervously.
"I-I'm not sure I should be talking about things like these…"


She clops her hooves together, prompting one of guards to come over and hoof you a training sword and shield.

"Unless you want a warhammer like mine, that should do."

"Ah, a pacifist that forced to kill in self-defense? She must be feeling guilty in that case. And ponies don't always show their internal struggle to the outside world until it is too much for them to bear anymore. How has she been acting lately?"


"I- I've… I haven't fought w- with a hammer in a l- long t- time, so I- I'd prefer the sword a- and shield… i- if that's alright with y- you? I- I could fight w- with a hammer t- too!"


"She is normally cheery and excitable, but once we got back to the city, she appeared depressed. She wouldn't speak to me, nor anyone else."


"S-Sol… a-are you sure about this?"

Try to not look too worried

Roll #1 7 = 7


"If you prefer the sword and shield, fine by me!"

She backs up a little and takes on a ready fighting stance

"You have the initiative, Dame Sol. Come at me. And don't hold back, you hear me?"

"Hmmm… Well I suppose that is only normal. She is most likely trying to come to terms with her deed by removing herself from whatever reminds her of what she did for a while."


I nod, and set my things on the nearby ground and equip the training equipment.
"I- I'll be fine… I- I'm sure i- it's j- just a friendly fight!"

I turn, face her, take a few deep breaths and charge to strike!

Roll #0 9 = 9



Roll #1 6 = 6


Your speed and strength take her by complete surprise, not allowing her to even try and counter your attack.

You bring your sword down on her chest, making her stagger back for a moment. She mutters some curses as she recovers herself and charges at you!


Roll #1 4 = 4


I raise my shield to block, and try to counterattack! '1d10'

Roll #0 4 = 4

Roll #1 10 = 10


"G-Go Sol! Y-You are b-better!"

Try to cheer loud enough that it's audible.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I sit down by the altar.
"Cross! She said she was going too one of her colleagues. Maybe he would know."
I slam my head on the altar.
"I have no business with matters like these…"


You duck under her slow blow and bash her in the face with your shield, knocking out one of her teeth. Once again, she staggers back a little, spitting blood on the floor and glowers at you dangerously.

"I'll make you pay for that."

She charges in again, and tries to crush you using her hammer. '1d10'

"Perhaps she just needs some time on her own. Not all ponies are cut out for the life of an adventurer."

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I- Gah! I'm sorry!"
Block her attack!

Roll #0 9 = 9


"My previous life has made me worry for the ones I love…"
I slam my head on the altar.
"I will go see the Empress, then. The rest of my party is already there."


You once again skillfully block her attack and shove her backwards.

"GodDAMN you!"

She charges in angrily again, yelling as she tries to strike you with her hammer. '1d10'

"You are acquainted with Empress Lavinia then? Hmmm… no matter. Fare-thee-well Falkmar, Paladin of the Moon. I wish you the best of luck with your problems. I'm sure we'll meet again soon."

Roll #1 7 = 7


Keep watching.


"I- I'm j- j- just fighting l- like you asked m- me too!"
Block her attack again!

Roll #0 2 = 2


She brings down her warhammer on your training shield, cracking it in half, and deals you a heavy blow to the chest, knocking the wind out of you and sending you tumbling over the floor.


The Empress beats on her chest a few times and circles around you.

"Come on, get up knight. Show me your stuff."


Grit my teeth and get up, then strike her! '1d10'

Roll #0 5 = 5

Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 10 = 10


She easily dodges your swing and kicks you in the stomach. Hard. You collapse on the floor again.

"Come on now! Get the hell up! Show me your endurance! Show me that you are worthy of your title or just a bag of stuttering shit!"


"B- Bag of st- stuttering… hey!"
Get up and strike her again! '1d10'

Roll #0 5 = 5

Roll #1 4 = 4


You shakily get back up as Lavinia keeps circling around you.

"That's right. A scared, little, milkdrinking, craven, pathetic excuse for a knight. ATTACK ME! MAKE YOUR DAMN MOVE ALREADY YOU WEAKLING!"


I slam her! Charge at her and SLAM HER!

Roll #0 6 = 6



Roll #1 2 = 2


You recover quicker than she expected and slam into her, sending her skidding over the marble floor. She gets back up again fairly quickly, not even bothering picking up her warhammer anymore and charges at you with a loud yell. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Charge at her in return and tackle her, then pin her to the ground!

Roll #0 2 = 2


The two of you crash into eachother, starting a struggle. After a bit of effort, you manage to get on top of her and try to pin her down. In return, she attempts to headbutt you. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I headbutt her back!
"I- I… I am n- not a p- pathetic excuse for a kn- knight!"

Roll #0 5 = 5


Neither of you manage to reach each other. Lavinia spits you in your face.

"Like hell you are. Look at you, you're about to shit yourself!"

She tries to kick you off of her '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Dodge her kick and headbutt the bitch!

Roll #0 10 = 10


"I… d- don't ever insult m- me like th- that."


She fails to get you off of her using her legs. In return for her efforts, you headbutt her in the face full force.

She stays dazed for a while, blinking her eyes as she tries to get her bearings. Then, out of nowhere, she spits you in the face again. The mixture of blood and saliva getting in your eyes. She then tries to knee you in the stomach in an attempt to get you off of her. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Dodge the kick and punch her in the stomach!



Roll #0 7 = 7


You fail to dodge the heavy blow in your stomach, which is hard enough to send you flying through the air.

You land on your back, the Empress looming above you. She raises her hoof, clearly intent on bringing it down on your face. Instead however, she lowers it again and pulls you back to your hooves with a smile.

"Well done, Sol. I'm damn impressed by your strength and willpower. You really gave me a run for my money here."


I accept her hoof and stand back on my own hooves, smiling as well.
"Y- You too… you're a- a really g- good fighter, Empress."
And secret roll.

Roll #0 2 = 2


…also blushing heavily.

Roll #0 5 = 5


Come out from under the table and inch closer.
"S-Sol? A-Are you okay? You d-didn't get too hurt, d-did you?"


She pats you on the back, seemingly ignore dat blush.

"But you're better. And that pleases me greatly. Where did a mare like yourself learn how to fight like that anyway?"


"N- No… I'm okay."
I smile at him.
"I- You were a- about to beat me… I'm n- not a better fighter."
I rub my bruises and wince.
"I- I learned from m- my father. What a- about you?"


"Oh… o-okay…I'll ju-just leave you with the E-Empress now… b-but, we'll n-need to…uh… I'd l-like to talk with you afterwards…"

Back away to my corner.


Nope, wait, I leave instead.


"O- Okay… seeya Zivur!"


"I learned from my mother. And Tyrone as well. That stallion has enough muscle to tear a pony in half with his bare hooves if he tried."

She wipes some sweat off of her brow and motions at your disheveled state.

"You look like shit. Hell, almost as bad as I do!"

She laughs and moves up to you, whispering in your ear.

"Why don't we go clean ourselves up? Take a nice warm shower together~?"


I blush even brighter, and shift my weight between legs.
"I- I… I c- could go for a shower I- I guess…"

Roll #0 4 = 4


She smiles and gently leads you along, walking out of the throne room.

"Yeah, you're all sweaty and bloody. I'll ask my court doctor for some healing spells for the both of us afterwards."


"Y- You are too… s- sweaty and b- bloody I mean."
I follow after her.
"R- Really sweaty…"


You soon reach the empresses personal quarters, her guards standing at attention in the hallway.

"Dismissed, all of you. Get back to your posts."

The guards bow and leave to take their designated posts. The empress opens one of the doors and walks in. As you follow her inside you find yourself in a very exquisite looking bathroom. The materials used to decorate it alone must have cost a fortune.

"Not bad, is it? My ancestors were pretty damn picky about their living space."


I gasp.
"I- It's amazing! I… I- I've never even s- seen a r- room so expensive before!"
I gaze in amazement at the rest of the room, eyes briefly settling on the Empress before going back to looking around.


"Thought you'd like it."
She smiles slyly as she sees you averting your gaze from her and walks up to you.
"Now… let's finally take a nice warm shower to relax after that battle of ours."


"R- Right…"
I blush again.
"U- Um… d- do you want t- to go first or should I- I?"


She chuckles
"Come on now, what a waste of water that would be. We should share! I'm a very generous mare~"
She's brushing her flank against yours pretty hard as she motions to the shower in front of the both of you.


"Y- Yeah… a shower b- between… friends d- doesn't sound too b- bad…"
I walk into the shower, waiting for her to enter as well.


She enters besides you and turns on the showerhead, spraying the both of you with nice warm water and washing away the blood and sweat on your bodies. Lavinia lets out a happy sigh as her mane gets soaked with water, after which she looks at you with half-lidded eyes and a sultry smile on her lips.

"Mmmm… isn't this nice and cozy~? Bless Earth pony technology and its applications."

She's getting awfully close to you considering the size of the shower. Her constant flankbrushing not getting any better either…


"I- It is really n- nice…"
I bite my lip as I look at her.

Roll #0 2 = 2


…and pull her towards me into a kiss.


I wait around by the entrance to the throne room.


me and Commander Boulder sit with him



Her eyes widen momentarily as your lips touch, quickly recovering from the surprise she returns the kiss in all her glory, exploring your mouth with her own tongue. She breaks up the kiss about a minute or so and licks her lips.

"Oh my~ feel feisty now, are we~?"

She slowly pushes you with your back onto the floor and moves up on top of you, kissing you on the neck.

Two guards walk out and take positions on each side of the door without saying a word.


"Hey! Hey guard! What has four legs and can loose each one of them if I don't get that fucking payment I was promised earlier in gold and silver parts?"


"I'm just here for security m'am, your business with her majesty is none of my concern."


"Pretty lousy security, I bet I can suck you and your friend off faster that it would take to impale you with my dick!"
try not to bust out laughing

Roll #0 8 = 8


"I- I… E- Empress…"
I sigh and nervously stroke her back with my hooves.


The two give each other a look and shrug.

"Duly noted, m'am."


"Hmph…. Yo, Guardilocks! Where do you think I can sell this?"
show himthe voulge
"I know, a smith but where the fuck are those?"


"Just call me Lavinia, sweetie~"

She lays down a trail of kisses, going lower and lower… and lower… until she reaches her price. She looks at it for a moment, blushing slightly herself now, and gets to work.


Roll #1 5 = 5


fade to black pls

Roll #0 2 = 2


Of course

But first. '2d10'

Roll #1 2, 1 = 3



Roll #0 1, 1 = 2


The Empress is much more experienced than that, RNG.

Or not?


You sure as hell aren't. She's going to be doing all the work

Roll #1 10, 9 = 19


B- But… ;_;

Roll #0 5, 3 = 8





The two of you finish washing yourselves up and dry each other off.

"Well, at least you had fun."


"Sorry… I- I can make it up! I- I swear! I… I- I really had fun, a- and you got nothing in r- return…"


She ruffles your mane with a msile

"Don't worry about it, I'll let it slip because you're such a cutie."

She moves up and whispers in your ear.

"Your tiny moans and gasps were more than enough of a reward for me~"


I blush, then give her a quick peck on the cheek and then try to mimic something she did, and nibble on her ear, then whisper to her,
"A- Are you sure?…"


"Well, if you're feeling bold I sure as hell wont stop you from trying again. But don't feel compelled to do so. You're a little inexperienced with this kind of stuff after all."


"I- I know… b- but you showed m- me such a w- wonderful time a- and… I w- want to!"
I pull her into a kiss and try to guide her to the bed, pulling us onto it and then horsesex

Roll #0 7, 5 = 12


Well that sure was much better than before. Looks like somepony has been paying attention! You kindly return the favor to Lavinia, which she fully and audibly appreciates. After the deed is over, the two of you lie huddled together in the empress' bed. Lavinia is softly caressing your mane as she looks you deep in the eyes.

"You look tired… but so damn pretty~"


I blush and cuddle up to her.
"Y- You look r- really pretty too…"


She chuckles and kisses you on the nose

"You're much prettier, sweetie."


I shake my head and return the gesture.
"N- Nuh-uh."
And I'm out now. Seeya man.


Im here


give me all the corpses


Lavinia is so much better of a lay than Zivur ever will be


Lavinia chuckles and pulls you closer, giving you a hug.
"By imperial decree, I declare you, Lady Sol, to be prettier than I am."

The two of you are still in the palace, though the throne room as well as the empress' quarters are completely sealed off by her guards.


Go check the archives.


"O- Oh yeah? W- Well… by… drat, I- I can't beat an imperial decree…"
I return her hug.
"M- Maybe I can form a s- secret opposition… o- or lobby for them t- to… u- uninstate it? R- Repeal it? Wh- Whatever that w- word is!"


Go to the archives as I planned.


You both decide to leave the palace, heading over to the Imperial archives instead like a cute couple. The archives are still as majestic as the first time you saw them. Large pillars surround the building, supporting the massive marble roof adorned with various statues of ponies and other creatures.

As before, two guards stand at the entrance.
"Halt. State your business, citizens."

"By the gods your adorable…"
She rolls you onto your back, still lying on top of you.
"Somepony as young and good looking has no business being such a strong warrior. Tell me sweetheart, why is it that you travel? What brought you here in the first place? I don't believe you are native from these lands, right?"


"I ju-just want to look for some b-books… the E-Empress said I c-can…"


"Knight Dusk, we are here by orders of the empress."
Show him the amulet.


I blush from her compliments.
"N- No… I'm Equestrian. I- I travel to help p- ponies. A- And… this is j- just where I e- ended up, I g- guess."


"Hmph, that's a wild claim to make, how about some identi-"

The guards both look at you, then at each other.
"Very well, you are free to enter. Enjoy your stay, knights."

As you walk in through the door, you enter a large lobby. The white marble floor and extensive decorations make it look quite impressive, looks like a lot of money was poured into building this place. An earth pony stallion sits at the reception desk, reading something.

She softly kisses you on the forehead
"Well, you've certainly helped me out, Equestrian. You alone make the open borders agreement between the two nations worth it~"


Walk up to the reception desk.
"Um… e-excuse me… c-can you tell me w-where can I f-find some books a-about the C-Crow's Head Society or the h-history of Pegasa?"


Walk up to his desk.
"Do you have books about healing spells?"


I giggle and kiss her on the nose.
"I- I'm okay with that."


The stallion looks up from his own book, cocking an eyebrow
"That's oddly specific. Might want to check the History section. I think row HN8 might be the place for those subjects."

"Magic section for that. Rows MS5 and MS6."

She gets off of you and stands up, looking your entire body over with a smile and motions to the door.
"We should get back to the throne room, I don't want ponies to think we're secretly plotting evil plans in here together or something."


"Thank you, t-thanks…"

Look for the row he mentioned in the History section.


Go to the magic section.


I give her a small look of disappointment, and reluctantly get up.
"Aww… I guess w- we should though."
I walk over to her and give her a hug and a kiss.
"I- It was fun!"


You leave the lobby, going through yet another large set of doors and enter the archives proper. The place is absolutely massive. Row after row after row after row of huge bookshelves filled to the brim with books. There must be millions of them in here! Looks like these ponies really like to read and write stuff. The place is lit up by magical crystals built into the floor and ceiling, whom emit quite a lot of light.
After a bit of walking you both get to the appropriate sections.

She happily returns the kiss, smiling
"It was, we should definitely do this again some time~"
She moves up and whispers in your ear
"Maybe we can use some special toys and equipment next time as well."


"S-So many books! A-All this wisdom stored h-here! Th-This place must have what I a-am looking for!"

Look for books regarding the CHS and Pegasa!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Impressive but not as much as the library of canterlot."
Look for books about healing spell.

Roll #0 10 = 10


I blush and tilt my head at her.
"T- Toys a- and equipment? What d- do you mean?"




multitasking ahoy!
[Pegasa: Bastion of ponies]
This book looks old as heck

[The ABC of Healing Magic: Everything you need to know about healing and mending]

She simply laughs
"Adorable. So adorably innocent."

You have left Maana at the shrine and went back at the palace. Refer to >>242062


Immerse myself in reading!
What does it say?
Gotta leave in 8 minutes


Read the book.


"H- Huh? I- I mean it! I- I have time i- if you want to show me… w- whatever you're t- talking about."
I continue tilting my head at her and giving her a confused look.


I approach one of the guards.
"uh…May I see the Empress?"
I show them my knight's badge


[ - and as earth ponies slowly began to leave the Old Lands and started settling in this New Land, the need for a new home became urgent. Out of all the outposts in Trotantium, Pegasa became the most prosperous of them. As the population grew in all the other outposts, so did the competition for domination over these lands - ]

The book details the workings and execution of healing magic. You are certain that a thorough reading and studying of it will help you how to cast spells like these yourself.

Lavinia shakes her head smilingly
She turns and walks over to a large wooden chest in a corner of the room, unlocking it and picking something out of it. Hoofing it over to you.

Yup, that's a rubber horsedick alright.

He shakes shake his head firmly
"Her majesty specifically ordered us to not let anypony disturb her while she tends to her guest."


This works like the enchant weapons book right?


"oh. Oooooh. Th- those kinds of… t- toys."
I blush maddeningly bright.


Keep reading!

This was from phone, really gone now


Yeah, it does. Will take you longer though because of no Scholar

She also fishes out a black strap out of the chest, walking back over to you and taking the rubber device off of your hooves, attaching it to the strap instead.
"These kind of toys indeed. For when there isn't a stallion around and you still feel so very empty~"

[- Lavinia, a mare who had become rich in just a few years thanks to her successful trading business, used her massive wealth to recruit Equestrian and zebra mercenaries, then seized Pegasa and announced it to be the capital of the Trotantine Merchant Republic -]


Lets roll and im going to check the book out.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Might I inquire as to who this guest is? My party said they'd come here, to talk to the Empress."


>friends in charge of being punctual

Keep reading more!


This is some advanced stuff, even the intro is difficult to understand! You'll get the hang of it eventually.

"One of your companions. Lady Sol. The rest of your group has dispersed, I'm afraid I do not know where they are."


"One day…"
Go back to the throne room and look for the others.


"I- I- I- th- that's, erm… c- creative! Yeah… c- creative!"
I continue blushing.


"Are you sure I couldn't meet them? I wish to talk to both."


[- With Pegasa under her control, Lavinia saw opportunity to use her mercenary army to expand her territory even further. Before long she had taken over other towns like Trotopolis, Fillyatra and Dramas already, eliminating those in with enough power to be a threat to her and replacing them with close relatives and those who helped out with her cause. -]

The throne room is locked and guarded. Falkmar and some others of the part are waiting around outside.

She chuckles.
"Wait till you see the enchantments on this thing~"

She shakes his head firmly.
"Afraid not. The Empress made it very clear that she did not wished to be disturbed."


"Falkmar, whats going on?"


"E- Enchantments? What k- kind of e- enchantments?"


"Rubber is just rubber. But this thing is built to have the same qualities as the real deal does."
She licks her lips
"Including the reward that comes out~"


Word of Power
"Sol's in there with the empress."

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Maybe shes going to promote her."


"R- Reward? O- Oh yeah… r- right! Th- that, uh…"
I look away.
"I- I'veneverbeenwithastallion!"


The guard stands her ground.
"I only take orders from Empress Lavinia, Knight."

"Hm, I figured as much… what about mares, am I your first one~?"
She puts the toy back in the chest.


"U- Uh… n- no? W- Well, w- we never r- really… d- did that much, but w- we were still… um, t- together, a f- few times. D- Does that still count?"
I awkward shuffle my hooves.
Do I hear anything from the door? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10




You somehow manage to hear Falkmars loud voice from several rooms away.
"Awww, that's cute. Tell me about her~"

"Do you even understand what it means to ignore an order from the Empress? No means no, end of the discussion."


"M- Maybe another time… I- I think Falkmar w- wants to see y- you about something."


She frowns
"What? How do you know that?"


"I- I just heard his v- voice a- and… n- nevermind!"
I give her an apologetic look.


Her expression softens immediately
"Oh don't worry about him in that case he'll just have to wait his turn. I'm all yours for now sweetie~"


I sigh.
Do I have any coin on me?


Some, yes


"O- Okay…"
Better not disobey an Empress, I guess.
"W- Well… d- do you still w- want to know a- about… m- my old girlfriend?"


I go to the merchant's quarter and try to find a jeweler or something.


"See you fuckers in a few. Got some stuff to sell, beer to drink and a few clams I want to bump off too!"
head out and find a place I can sell this Voulge. ooh! ooh! did loot anymore bodies from the siege? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


hey get back here name!


"Of course I do~ I'm interested to hear."

You enter the first one you find. The owner, an old unicorn stallion, approaches you to greet you.
"Welcome, welcome! How may I assist you on this lovely day?"

You visit a blacksmith and sell the voulge as well as all the other trinkets you managed to carry with you from up north.


I show him my bits.
"Do you have some jewelry shaped like a crescent? Anything would do."


"W- Well… I m- met her when I w- was in school. I- It was a mare's only p- private boarding school… s- so there weren't t- too many opportunities t- to meet stallions, y- you know?… A- And… I g- guess we both j- just bonded because w- we were teased b- by the other st- students. M- Me for my stuttering a- and her for… l- liking other mares, I- I guess. I n- never really saw m- much a problem with it…"
I sigh as I reminisce over past events.


"Fucking peasant spears! Only good use they have is breaking ground and praying whoever is attacking you is full o' fear! Thanks Hammer Slammer I hope if I come back to sell you'll still be here!"
now try to find Ambrosia!

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Oh, but of course! One moment!"
He hurries off, walking into a back room. A minute or two later he appears again, carrying a small box in a telekinetic field.
"I have a silver and a golden pendant shaped as a crescent. A horn ring with small crescents carved in it and a leg band with crescent shaped sapphire decorations on it."

She nods understandingly, smiling at you all the while
"Was she pretty? I mean she can't have been prettier than you were, right?"

The smith grumbles something as he gets to moving around all these new wares you sold him.

You leave and start looking around in the area where you saw her walking towards earlier. Eventually you find her in one of the taverns, sitting alone at one of the tables and looking mildly drunk, taking regular swigs from her mug of ale. She hasn't noticed you yet.


give Commander Boulder a hoofful of gold to get drunk off. then head over and sit next to her, get something light


"I- I thought she was… she h- had these r- really soft wings… they w- were so warm when we c- cuddled… Felt j- just like a blanket."
A smile comes to my face as I remember.


"Uh, that leg band, please."
I pay for it and head to the Equestrian not Red Cross HQ


I return to the area outside the throne room.
"Guards, where is the Empress? I need to speak with her about a prisoner."


He gives you a thankful nod and heads off to the bar.

Ambrosia narrows her eyes dangerously as she sees you, glowering even more as you settle down next to her.

"The fuck are you doing here?"

"Wings are pretty nice, aren't they? That all sounds really cute. What happened to her?"

You pay up and take the leg band with you. The EPC HQ is not far thankfully, and you quickly reach it. As you pass by one of the windows you see Cross and Crescent hugging each other.

"The Empress is busy entertaining one of her guests. You will have to wait, I'm afraid."


"Who is the guest, if I might ask?"


She cocks her head to the side
"Lady Sol, one of your fellow companions, correct?"


"Correct. What sort of entertainment could possibly be more important than a prisoner that is accused of trying to kill the Empress?"


"Either to sit here, apologize and drink with you. or settle a score from long before involving a different Inquisitor and curses rung true"
take a sip of whatever
"Your call"


I knock on the door.


"Sh- we… we b- broke up. I- I'd really p- prefer not to t- talk about it…"
I break eye contact.


She shrugs
"I'm here to guard my liege, not to question her motives and actions."
She looks you over
"You were part of the group that saw Riverwatch firsthoof, aren't you? The group that let Marching Dawn die?"

She rises from her seat slightly
"Apologize? You've fucking destroyed half of my life, it's gonna take a lot more than a fucking hug and a pat on the back to make up for that!"

Cross opens up, looking a bit cross.
"Oh. It's you."
Crescent looks up from behind him
"Falkmar, hi!"

"Oh… I'm sorry. I did not mean to pry into your business like that."
She gets up, giving you a kiss on the cheek.
"Let's do something else then. Anything you want to do? Anything you want?"


I shrug.
"We were fighting an undead minotaur. Things got hairy and part of the cave collapsed on her. It was sad, but so is life."


"A- Anything?… N- No, that's q- quite alright… I- I'm fine! W- What do y- you want, Lavinia?"


"Uh…I just…thought I'd give this to Crescent since, uh, she seemed a bit…hmm, uh, mad at me when we were arriving from our adventure."
I hoof him the package.
"But it's fine, I saw I was interrupting a moment between the two of you so, I will go now."
I head off towards the shrine of the moon.


Cheapshot her with the hilt of a shortsword
get ready to end her


The guard shakes her head, then stands back at attention without saying anything more.

Lavinia laughs heartily
"I want my goddamn empire back, that's what. Get it back to its glory days where all we had to do was to shit, fuck and feast. When I didn't have to worry about hurting the feelings of some goddamn Oddomane diplomat by telling him to shove it. When we could grab Equestria by their nuts and squeeze them if we so damn pleased."
She sighs.
"We're nothing but a shadow of our former selves. A shallow reflection of our glory days. But I'm not giving up… by fire and sword, we'll take back what is rightfully ours!"
She seems to get really boisterous when talking about this kind of stuf.

He tries to take it, but Crescent is quicker. Unwrapping the gift and holding it in her hooves, she seems quite touched and pulls you back.
"That's awfully nice of you Falkmar. I wasn't mad at you though!"

She lets out a yelp as you hit her in the gut

"What the fuck are you even talking about!? What the fuck is wrong with you, you fucking devil!?"

The rest of the tavern is dead quiet, watching the confrontation from a safe distance. All except Boulder, who doesn't seem to give a fuck and drinks out a whole mug in one swig.


Am I still in the archives?



"Well, something was bothering you and you didn't seem to want my help so…I-I'm just gonna go now. To the shrine. I'll let you two continue your thing."


I find some privacy behind a pillar or something and start reading my book.
'1d10' to see how much I can get out of it this time.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Finish the rest of the book


"Let me make it simple to your worthless stretched out pussy of a thought processor: Do you want to die now or put this behind and start anew for a friendlier future?"
pull out the other shortsword and sit on her with both crossed around her neck



Roll #1 9 = 9


'W- Wow…"
I stare at her for a few moments in awe.


"I was just…"
She struggles to find the right word
"Troubled… that's all."
Cross huffs
"Should have never gone out there, Cresy. I was worried sick…"

You spend a long time trying to read the book, not able to understand even a single word of it until you suddenly realize you had it upside down.

That made you feel pretty silly. You also hear a faint laughter sound from somewhere in your head.

[- As Lavinia expanded her territory further and further, she felt that the once important Pegasa was not fit enough for what she already called an Empire, and decided to build herself a new capital city, more up north. This would later become Clopantinople. When Lavinia eventually crowned herself Empress Lavinia I, she officially moved her capital away from Pegasa. -]

She knees you in the gut, sending you flying off of her and your sword flying through the room.

"Fuck you!"

She pounces on top of you, drawing her fancy dagger and bringing it to your throat.

"You know what this is? Do you fucking know what this dagger is and what it does? Do you know how hard it is for me right now to not use it to carve a smily face on your cunt for every goddamn smile your loud, worthless stinking ass has taken from this miserable fucking world? DO YOU!?"

She clears her throat after that long tirade and settles back down.
"Yes. Wow."


I'll read the rest later.
Check out the book, and go back to the palace.

Heads and ears down, keep looking at the ground and minions close by my side.


Cheapshot her with her own dagger

Roll #0 10 = 10


"yes, yes, I'll leave you lovebirds now, sorry for intruding and taking Crescent from you, cross."


I laugh along with the voice and flip the book over.
How about now?

Roll #0 10 = 10


"W- Well… i- is there anything y- you want o- or want to do that's i- immediately achievable?"
I chuckle.



You are now back at the palace.

You manage to grab the dagger from her, stabbing her in the gut with it. Immediately - before she can even yell in pain - her body tenses and hardens up completely, turning Ambrosia solid rock within seconds.

The dagger crumbles to dust in your hoof.

"What the hell!?"
"Did she just turn to stone?"

They both look at you quizzically

Ah, much better! You make great progress, starting to learn a lot about the art of lying and bluffing.

She brings you in for another kiss.
"I wouldn't mind spending more time with you, gorgeous~ I could make you my personal bodyguard alongside with Tyrone, that way we could live side by side with each other forever~"


Try to find Sol.

If I can't just read more from my book while searching for her.



Have this too because why not

Roll #1 3 = 3


I speak in a deadpan voice.
"I saw the two of you cuddling from the window."


I chuckle again.
"I- I'm not quite sure I- I'm really c- cut out for bodyguard w- word… a- and besides, I- I need t- to be out there! To t- travel and fight a- and save p- ponies! To m- make sure that good t- triumphs over evil! A- And that… that… I- I'm getting t- too into this, aren't I?"
I awkwardly chuckle.


"….I'm sorry Ambrosia."
get up
"Commander! Finish up and get over here! We have a statue to bury and an Empress to get rewarded from!"
bury th statue somewhere, or SOMETHING

Roll #0 3 = 3


I didn't intend the dice to be there. but whatever


The Empress' guards stop you from entering her throne room and personal quarters.

Cross blinks a few times in bewilderment
Crescent just giggles
"Falkmar please, Cross is my brother!"

She smiles at you warmly
"Of course not. I don't blame you for wanting to be free. Just know that my offer will always stand for you. A cute mare like you deserves no less."

The entire tavern doesn't dare to move or speak anymore as you and Boulder pick up the statue and toss it in the river outside.


I think im with Zivur now in the throne room.


Correction, you are outside the throne room in the large hallway


"uh….Um…s-sorry…. I d-don't want to bother the E-Empres… I w-was just looking f-for somepony…"


I blush red and turn away.


Ok go look for the others.


lean against Commander Boulder
"It better not have been my fucking idea to toss it there Commander."
how far in the damn river is it?

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Th- thank you!"
I give her another hug.
"R- Really… th- thank you. For e- everything."


You dropped it at the edge. It sunk pretty deep though.

"Who would that be?"

Zivur, Allegro and Falkmar are at the palace
You can only assume Sol is with the empress
You don't know where Falkmar or Tasia are though.

Cross looks at Crescent, who shrugs.
"Look, my sister and I should get back to work now."

She hugs you back
"No, thank you Sol."


i'm out for now

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Zebra! Is Sol still busy with the empress?"


I gulp loudly.
"A…a m-mare…"


I look at him, then down to the ground.
"I d-don't know w-where she is…"


"Yes. I will…uh… I guess…to the palace…"
I walk to the palace.


"They told me earlier she was inside with her."


"A- Anyways… d- didn't you say you had t- to return to y- your duties about a- an hour ago?"
I chuckle.


"S-she was?"


"S-she was? I d-don't know…"


"You know mares, they are probably talking about dresses and that kind of stuff."


"O-Or how…how to a-abuse…"
Stop mid-sentence.
Try to supress bad memories.

Roll #1 9 = 9


The guard cocks an eyebrow
"There's a lot of mares around here buddy, might wanna specify."

You meet back with Dusk and Falkmar

Lavinia sighs
"Yeah, good point. It's been fun Sol, I really enjoyed myself with you. You are something else."
She pulls you in for one last sweet kiss
"Now… Back to work…"
She opens up to door of her bedroom and walks out, back to the throne room.
"Dismissed guards."
The present guards bow and open up the main door to the hallway. The party can now enter again.


"I-It's one s-specific mare…"


"I- It has been fun!"
I return her kiss with pleasure, and walk out with her.
"O- Oh, hey Zivur! A- And Dusk! What a- are you two d- doing here?"


"H-Hey Sol! I… I ju-just wanted t-to talk a bit l-later…"


"Just looking for you."


"W- Why not n- now?"
"Why w- were you looking for m- me?"


"I-It's a bit… pr-p-"
Gulp again.


"No reason, just checking on you."


"O- Oh, okay."
"Do y- you want to g- go somewhere p- private then? I- I don't have anything e- else to do…"


She walks over to the large table and starts flipping through reports again.

"By the way, all of you, I'd like for you to stay in the capital for a few days. There are some things that need to get done and I'd like to have you ponies around."


"Anything in particular your highness?"


"I-I'm not m-much help…but I c-can I guess…"

"O-Only if it's n-not trouble…"


"For starters, I need to decide what to do with that traitorous Ducatia. I haven't decided if I just want to lock her up in the darkest dungeon for the rest of her miserable life, to banish her or to just execute her."


"I- I think Falkmar or E- Erumal wanted t- to talk to you a- about that, a- actually."
"I- It isn't, r- really!"
I smile at him.


"D-Death is not a punishment, it's i-inevitable…"

I smile back slightly.
"T-Thank you…."


"Your guards find the evidence in her house?"


"That's very helpful."

"No, nothing. I doubt she would be stupid enough to let evidence lie around in her mansion anyway. Would be a big damn help if Pick actually reported in her own findings…"


"W- Well… I- I'm, um, not m- much good for a- affairs like these… m- may I be dismissed?"


"Maybe something happened to her…"


"Thank you, t-thanks…"


She waves a hoof
"Of course, don't let my ramblings hold you up any longer."

"I would hope not. I'm not worried though, I trust her enough. She is probably undercover and unable to send any messages."


I give her an appreciative smile and walk out, gesturing for Zivur to follow.
"S- So… w- what did you w- want to talk about?"


I follow her.
"Uh.. s-something I've b-been wanting t-to say…since… D-Draken…"


"Yes, that make sense…"


"Y- Yes? What's th- that?"


She smiles slyly
"You seem awfully interested in my spymaster Dusk."


"I-In those caves…and t-that fort….I s-saw you getting h-hurt… and that….ju-just seeing that…it hurt m-me… and I…I n-never really cared like a-anyone like that before… a-and… I n-never felt l-like this…."


Look away
"Nothing to worry about your higness."


She chuckles
"Pick isn't easily approachable and a tad bit paranoid, but when you get closer to her she can really open up to you."


"Huh? W- What are you s- saying?…"


"Yes she is a special. Anyway we should wait with Ducatia, keep her in the prision for a while."


I stop walking and wait for her to stop as well, then lower my head and flap my ears down.
"Y-You know about…h…he…h-her… r-right?"


"Y- yeah… I do."
I grit my teeth in anger at the thought of her.
"A- And… she's a- an evil, evil m- mare and y- you didn't deserve o- one bit of what h- happened to you."
I slowly approach him.
"Th- Though… where a- are you g- going with that?"


"I suppose it wont hurt to keep her where she is for now. I just hope nopony tries to set her free or something."
She sighs and gets back to her reports. After a few moments she looks up to you again.
"Say, you are Equestrian too right? And you studied under that princess Luna?"


"Yes I was one of her researchers."


"You knew her personally then?"


I keep looking at the ground before me.
"W-Well…I know that s-she is w-waiting for me…on the o-other side sh-s-she's waiting patiently t-to make my afterlife a n-nightmare…"
Lower my voice slightly.
"…b-but…but that's w-why I don't want to d-die…and not only t-that I don't want to die, b-but I want to l-live. L-Live forever…"
Look up to Sol, in her eyes.
"…l-live forever w-with you. B-Because I k-know you can p-protect me…and b-because… I h-have never felt l-like this…. l-like this towards a-anyone before…"


"Of course."


"How… what is she like exactly?"


I meet his eyes, confused.
"L- Live forever?… W- What are y- you saying?"


"Well she was a nice and regal, always studying magic and artifacts."


"From what I hear from my sources she is growing continuously restless. Frustrated even."


"W-What I was s-saying is…um…t-that for the r-rest of my l-life.. h-how few or m-many years t-that might be… I w-want to…"
Take a deep breath and gulp, then look down again.
"I want to be…t-to be with y-you…"


"Yes definitely, there is something wrong with her. Why do you ask?"


"Y- You want t- to be with m- me? Zivur, y- you're no- oh…"
My eyes widen as I realize what he means and I blush.
"Y- You really… m- mean it?"


Keep staring at my hooves.
"Y-Yes, yes… I… I mean it.. and…I.. I think I am… in…in lo-…l-…l-love with you…"


"Well, let's be fair… our two nations have never been the best of friends. My great, great, great grandmother nearly even declared war on Equestria at one point. A situation that was defused quickly but still points out there is a certain distrust towards each other. Now I'm no fool, but while I don't buy any of that demigodess crap it still worries me if one of the alicorns grows restless and angry."


My jaw drops for a few moments, but I stay silent, only pulling him into a gentle hug.


I hug her back and close my eyes, just enjoying the warm and safe embrace.


"Crap? You know dont nothing empress."


"I- I… I love y- you too, Zivur."
I hug him a bit tighter.


"I know enough that those two princesses are nothing but frauds…"


My heart starts to beat a bit faster.
"Y-You are ju-just…so p-pretty…and n-nice…and gentle…like n-no mare I ever k-know before…and…I ju-just…just…"

Take a deep breath again to inhale the scent of her mane, and keep close to her.

"I w-want us t-to be like t-this for a-all eternity…"


"The facts are in front of you empress you should be careful when dealing with them and trust me they are not frauds."


I say nothing, merely continuing to hug him and softly rub his back.
And I should probably go and study now. Seeya everyone.


Hugs and cuddles!
Good to have that settled, I'm getting tired too


"I try to avoid dealing with them personally. My husband takes care of that. Maybe I'm just jaded, but I simply don't trust those princesses…"


"You are the empress, you should talk with them at least once you highness or at least with Princess Celestia."


"Perhaps one day. Though as for now I do not want to leave my country. I hold it too dearly to me."

We can pause any time you want by the way


"Thats an excellent idea right now."
We can stop now if you want to.


She laughs
"Now? Just pop in at Canterlot without notice and have a chat with the alicorns?"


I laugh
"I mean not leaving your country right now your highness, you should focus on solving your problems."


"There's always problems going on these days. Our fair empire isn't quite as peaceful as your Equestria is."


"For now. Do you mind if I ask what were you doing with Sol?"


She cocks an eyebrow
"With Sol? I merely offered her to take a shower in my private quarters. After that we had a nice chat about some things. A very nice and lovely mare, she is."


"Oh I know I just wanted to know if everything was ok. Its so nice of you offer her your private bathroom.""


She chuckles and bites on her lower lip


I laugh
"Not at all, im just happy you are taking care of her."


"I take good care of those who show loyalty and dedication. That includes the rest of your group as well."
She winks at you.


"Oh im sure Erumal would love that."


"Mmhm, maybe so. Just know that if you need anything, I'll be here."
She gets back to her reports


"Im ok you highness, excuse me."
We can stop now Groves-kun

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