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Last time on The Darkest Days the party started their quest to find Lena, the missing daughter of Mayor Krell. Visiting the school, the party managed to talk to one of Lena's friends who informed them of a colt she hung out with before disappearing. Who this colt is and where the filly had disappeared to however, is still unknown.

Everyone but Reelio is right outside the school building. It's starting to get darker outside, a day has passed.


>Wink Wink banner third time in a row
It's a sign

"Where's that Griffon gone to?"


"Hatching some idea, I hope."
Look for the gryphon. Do I hear the shouting?

Rolled 9 = 9


No idea."


Why yes, yes you do. There's an open window through which you can hear the shouting quite well.


I take my leave of the school and rejoin the party. "They didn't know anything sadly. Where do you think we should look?"


"Taverns are sources of information. Or we could visit the docks."


I guess I found him!
Haul his ass to safety before it's too late!


"The taven sound like a good idea."


"The docks sounds like a fine place to start, I gues-"
"What are you doing? Unhoof me this instant!" I complain but don't really resist.


"At least it's near."
I start walking to the tavern.


"Yeah, maybe once we are far enough from suspectful teutonic educators!"
Go back to the others.
"A colt in a tavern! Why didn't I think of that!?"


ooc: thanks
"Its not my fault! I was merely trying to.. " I look down and sigh. "Well, at least in the tavern is close.."


"Don't beat yourself over it! That's just those stuck up mules doing what they do best, not listening!"
Get a move for the tavern, if Banner-Basher is still going there.


"Alright, lets go then."
I go to the tavern..


File: 1350403395316.jpg (283.36 KB, 1000x624, artworkTavern.jpg)


The party retraces their steps and quickly find the same tavern they passed by earlier. Even though the door and windows are closed, you can still hear the sound of talking and music coming from the inside. As you open the door and walk inside, your nose immediately picks up the smell of booze and other odors typical for your average tavern.

Inside you can see a bunch of ponies sitting at the bar itself, talking loudly to each other and only interrupting their train of thought for the occasional swig of their pint of beer.

A lone pony is sitting at one of the tables in the corner of the room, reading an old tattered map.

You also see three other people sitting at another table. One of them, a unicorn, is wearing a blindfold and seems to be talking to a unicorn filly. The third one appears to be a Diamond dog clad in very intimidating heavy iron armor and is sharpening a huge waraxe while seemingly listening to the two ponies chatting away.


I breathe in deep and bellow off the top of my lungs:


"Oh my is that a little filly?"


poke with an hoof Reelio and Uriah
"Hey, what do you make of that?"
Point them to the table with the filly, unicorn and dog.

Also, check again dat flank on the waiter..

Rolled 1 = 1


rolling for the good word

Rolled 3 = 3


"I don't know who this pony is! Honest!"
Backpedal away from the crazy.


"Maybe one of you should talk to them, I don't seem to have much tact."

I try to over hear the filly, unicorn, and diamond dog.

Rolled 3 = 3


"It does seem to be. Not sure what they are doing here though. "


"Nah you'll do great! Just make a comment about how beutiful the sky is tonight to that blind chick, or whine about the cold of the tunnels with that dog over there!"


Before you can even complete this sentence, somepony hurls a large wooden mug at your face, giving you a black eye and drenching your coat in beer.

"Halt die Klappe!"

You like what you see.

You really like what you see.

You decide to give that flank a loud and lewd-sounding smack as she approaches the party to ask if they want to order anything.

Needless to say, she is less than pleased and punches you on the nose!

"If you're here für troublemachen zen you are at ze wrong address!"

The waitress is yelling too loudly for you to discern what they are talking about.

They've stopped talking and are looking at the party now anyway. Two of them are, at least.


Monk agility, deny the punch

"My, what a mistake, I thought you were some kind of statue, for how perfect you were!"
yeah she'll totally believe that.

Rolled 6 = 6


I turn to the waitress
"uh, Wine. Some fine wine, if you will."


I step forward thinking I can't do much worse. "Hello there, What brings you to this tavern?"

To the waitress I pat her on the shoulder and whisper "Please calm down, my friend didn't mean what he did.."

Rolled 1 = 1


Inspect the eye
"It doesnt look so bad."



"Fancy stranger, why ask?"


You easily block the punch she throws at you. She's still slightly red in a mixture of anger and embarrassment.

"No funny business, you hear me?"

"Rotwein öder Wei-"

The mare is interrupted as you punch her on the shoulder.


Very hard.

She collapses on the ground, whimpering in pain and clutching her hurting shoulder.

The mare wearing the blindfold gets up from her seat and draws her sword.

"What is going on here!? Am I going to have to start arresting dissidents!?"

The dog continues his business, as if nothing is happening.


"Reelio why?"
Heal the mare.

Rolled 4 = 4


"Step out of the way, I'm a licenced medic! Was…"
I heal her and help her up.
"Rotwein, bitte."

Rolled 4 + 2 = 6


"Oh I'd nev.."
"What the hay is in that featherbrain of yours!"
Try to help the mare.
"Just curious, your seems a funny bunch."

Rolled 1 = 1



I look down at my claws and close them into a fist "I-I need a drink.."

I sit down next to the diamond dog. "So, how are you doing?"


Seems like >>155553 has it under control. He gets the mare back on her hooves just in time for >>155554 to push her to the ground again as he trips over his own hooves and falls on top of the poor mare.

"Verpiss Dich! Get off of me you Schwein!"

The dog grumbles something inaudible but doesn't acknowledge your existence any further.

In the meantime the blindfolded mare is still standing on the same exact spot, as if awaiting an answer before deciding what to do.


File: 1350405294066.jpg (34.89 KB, 600x700, blaze1.jpg)


"Blimey! what are you doing you Tosser?!" I stand up being alarmed


"Some.. Help, maybe?"
Try to move away from her, and back on my feet.

Rolled 10 = 10


I turn to the blinded mare
"Nothing is wrong! Or well there is but there are no criminals here!"
And then try to help the barmaid up and sitting on a chair and heal her again.
"Entschuldigung für meine freunde, fraulein!"

Rolled 2 + 2 = 4


"Guys pls stop."

"What are you doing here little girl?"


"Hey don't look at me! I'm just the middlepony here!"


"What's you name little one?" I say in a gentle voice.
I give up on talking to the Diamond dog and look at the waitress, is she okay?

Rolled 3 = 3


I give this… fellow a dignified stare. "I assume you are friendly enough to approach me with little provocation on my part. Greetings fellow traveler. My name is Blaze." I extend a hoof.


Shake her hoof.
"You shouldnt be here, this is not a place for little fillies."


'twas but an act! You swiftly get back on your hooves, pulling the mare back up on her hooves. She still seems a little angry, but at least you didn't fuck up even more, right?

"Oh.. okay then!"

The mare returns to her seat quietly, the diamond silently shaking his head at her

She's more than okay. She's quite the looker… for a pony that is.


I sigh.
"That wine…can wait if you'd prefer a bit of rest."
I give a curt bow to the waitress and study the room.
After a while, I decide to head to the blinded mare.
I knock on the table to make sure she knows someone's there before speaking:
"So, are you a member of the city watch?"


"Hey, I eyeballed her first!"
Yeah, she didn't hear me, right?
"Yeah what the spooky girl said, this place can be strange, for fillies. Where are your parents? We can help you find them if you're lost."


"Spooky? Whats that suppose to mean?"


"Blaze, what a fine name! How are you Blaze? You certainly are young to be here, but it is a strange time, fillies and colts seem to be running all over on their own. Are you on an adventure?"

Rolled 5 = 5


*sigh* "I've just said it did'nt I? Anyway, so far I've been lost around these parts of the country. I have little idea what to do from now on if you ask me. Quite charming isnt it?"


"Shh, you'll scare the little girl!"


The mare shrugs and simply heads back to the bar.

You head over to the table where the dog and the mare are sitting, the dog still sharpening his axe undisturbed, and knock on it, causing the mare to startle.

"Oh no. I'm not from around here you see, just your run-of-the-mill inquisitor on a business trip!"


Me scared, the nerve.

"I doubt I can call this adventure. I have little money and nothing to do and with some drivels approaching me and aski… you know what I like you." I give this fellow a wide and warm smile.


"I think so."
This filly sure is weird.

"At least im not trying to molest the waitress."


"An inquisitor? How wonderful, a fellow protector of the faith!"
I sit down to the table.
"Have you se- heard anything of the mayor's missing daughter?"


"That was an accident. And you know what, I bet she'd have been the one to jump me, if champion over there hadn't knocked her out!"
"At least you trust random stranger easily, off to a good start in a city where lil fillies go missing!"


"I dont think trusting strangers is a good thing in this place."


"These guys are pretty serious business, we should be careful not to start anything with them." I whisper to the three of you.


"Oh? Missing daughters? I know there's been ponies gone missing before around here… What do you know?"


Strike a theatrical pose
"What is irony, my fair lady?"
Turn to the three
"Hey, are you baddies out to kill innocents?"


"What is irony?"


"Not much. Just that she was acting weird before she disappeared, that she was seen with an unknown colt and that most of her family died."


Bugger, then why approach me in the first place.

"Oh my, sorry on my part. Looks like its me and this tavern and table and these food then, that is until I ran out of money and kicked out and forced into something that I dont like."

"Missing daughters, just what I need. More news about missing fillies. What has the world come too now."


The mare nods understandingly, before slamming her hoof on the table in a very loud manner

"Don't worry, I already know what must have happened to her! You're in luck! I am a very clever pony!"


"You know what happened?" I leaned closer. "Please tell us, or we can go to a more private setting if you prefer.."


I slap him.
Her if it's her.
"Grown-ups are talking! Go back to trying to kill the barmaid!"
"Really? Tell me!"


She smiles triumphantly, obviously quite pleased with herself

"Yes, privacy is needed, we can talk on the road! If you want to have a drink then do so now, I'll wait until you are ready."


"The crunchy fiber to life, if you ask me."
"Do I hear a poor me in there?"
"I.. see?"


I rub my cheek. "Hey, that was uncalled for."
ooc: it is a male griffon


I gather my robes.
"Well, I guess wine can wait."
Then I look over to where the rest of the party is:
"We're leaving, finish your drinks!"


"Well I…. its not like… " I look away.


"Right then, how conveniently quick! Varro! Blaze! We're leaving guys!"

The mare gets up, as does the dog and pays for the drinks and meals they've had, after which she leaves through the door with the dog in tow. It seems like night has fallen.


I nod and get up.
"Come along my fair mare.." I offer my claw to the blind folded mare.


"Where are we going?"


"Well, we are going where the road leads us." I smile.


I follow her.



"Hey don't look so down, it was a joke! You really gotta lighten up! What you plan on doing now?"


"Po-e-tic. Let's hit the road."



The party is now walking down the street, towards one of the citygates.

"We are going to go pay a visit to Herr Grimmwalt. He lives just outside of town in a large, tattered old mansion. And HE is the cause of this little filly's disappearance! What was her name, did you say?"


"Elna. The mayor's daughter. I mentioned she was the mayor's daughter, didn't I?"


"Hrrmmpph.. I rather not stay more than a day here. If you and your friends would be so kind to accompany me it would be delightful so to speak." I then hop down my chair and follow

"Who is this Grimwalt that you speak of?


"Of course we can."


"Back down a minute. How can you be so sure?"
"Yeah, sure."
chuckle at that. She thinks she's the leader, 2cute.


I speak to Golden Hoof and Alesa.
"Are we picking up fillies now? We're on a mission!"


"Do you suggest we leave her here, to get spun around by those ruffians? It's damage control."


"Im sorry but I cant let her stay here, what if they… Abuse her?


"Uhhh, right! Well, I'm not from around here you see. Ich bin not a germane! Either way, doesn't matter. She's not the only one who has disappeared, but she is the first important pony I heard of that disappeared. Usually it's just old and lonely ponies that nopony will miss that'll disappear. Or criminals! They mysteriously disappear as well, never to be found again…"

"He's a VAMPIRE!"

"I am a professional! Inquisitors have noses for this kind of stuff. And tools, that too."

She takes out a set of bronze weighing scales out of her bag.

"Like this!"


I try to amaze this individual with my repertoire of skills. Lets start with a simple teleportation spell. I teleport into his shoulder/back and sat there.

"Pahh… no worries chap, while I lack experience I do know my way into the arcane arts as you see."

Rolled 1 = 1


Waiting for the telefrag…
"Unconventional for killing a vampire, I must say.


Oh no.


"I'd have sworn you were a merchant, with that. And I'd rather not beat an innocent pony to death, if you catch my drift.."


You are lucky this is your first roll

You fuck up, whether because of pressure to perform well or inexperience is not known. What is known is that you are now on top of a building a little ahead of the party. The roof you are standing on is quite slippery and doesn't allow for much grip.

Roll to not slip and fall to the ground

"Not for killing him! This allows me to find baddies!"

"It's an enchanted all seeing eye!"

She moves the scales up to you. They light up in a bright yellow light for a moment before they go back to normal

"You don't even care about the law! You bad, bad pony!"


I shout to Blaze:
And then turn to the inquisitor.
"Uh, won't your…impairment hinder that?"


My eyes widen and I try to fly up and rescue her. "Blaze, hold on to something!"

Rolled 2 = 2


"Oh this is not right!"

Rolled 1 = 1


"Eh, law is written by ponies who waste their days sitting around, I can do better."
Run to catch her.

Rolled 3 = 3


I slap my hoof to my face.
At least try to soften the fall with my Telekinesis.

Rolled 5 = 5


"Hey, I'm still a fully functional pony!"

You slip and do a backflip in the air, falling to the ground.

Rolling to see if Justicia can catch you with her telekinesis

You sanic your way over to the filly in danger in an attempt to catch her. You forget to use your air brakes however and instead crash right through one of the windows in said building. You end up landing in a bedroom where two ponies are busy with very intimate activities. You recognize one of them as the teacher that yelled at you earlier. The mare he's with shrieks and runs out of the room.


You slip in a puddle of water and fall over facefirst into the muddy ground

You can't seem to get a grip on her

Rolled 8 = 8


She can, though only barely. She softens the blow enough for you not to splatter onto the street in a bloody pulp. You still sprained one of your legs pretty badly though and you are really dirty and soaking wet right now.


"Off to a great start! Now excuse me, I have to save our residential gryphon once again!"
Jump through the window the gryphon crashed into, and drag him outside!

Rolled 9 = 9


"I didn't mean to insult. I have faith in you as I have faith in the sun and the moon."
I heal her ankle.
"Are you sure you're big enough to join us?"

Rolled 8 + 2 = 10


"Oh, I'm so sorry to interrupt, I'll pay for your window later.. " I leave out the broken window and rejoin the others.
please don't make me roll again…


"I… I'm sorry, I…. I just want to show something…. wicked." I look away in shame and started to shake, realizing the trouble that I caused."


You completely heal the sprained leg, it's like nothing ever happened! You even manage to clean her up a little so she doesn't look like a tramp.

"Blaze, don't do crazy things like that!"

You are in luck, as >>155717 leaps into the room out of nowhere and drags you back outside before the teacher pony can even utter another word.


"Teachers, leave the kids alone!"
"And that's two you own me."
Go back to the rest of the band.


"So, what's this about a vampire?"
"Oh, there you are saving my tail feathers again. I'll have to find a way to thank you properly."


"Oh dont feel bad, you are just a filly."
Pat her head.


"Let's see what we can do once we are back at the inn. I heard they make some real good ale in this town.."


"Indeed, we'll just hope to get a different waitress, that one is probably not too fond of us."
"Ah. you're still learning at least your youth is an excuse for your mistakes. My mistakes aren't so easy to excuse.."


"There is no need to cry, child."
"Let's move on!"


"But with the next one, coordinated efforts! Is the key to success!"
"Behind you banner-basher."


I slap him with my banner.


Monk agility!


File: 1350417272151.jpg (33.43 KB, 600x700, blaze2.jpg)

"Well, being a filly is no excuse for such rash actions of mine. THe fire of youth is still aflame and it consumes my better judgement. Apologies." I dusted myself and bowed to my betters. Underneath I am still ashamed and angry at myself for such humiliation.

"Wait, have we already finished what we should be supposed to be doing here if I may ask?" I look at Golden.


"You sure are a weird one."


"I always hear that one." I look at him, not surprised by the least.



"Uh right…"

The mare stops for a moment, as if she's trying to recall where she was going with this.

"Right! The vampire! Herr Grimmwalt is a member of the city council, though he always works through representatives. He rarely leaves his mansion, few ponies have ever seen him. But I figured out why! He's a vampire and abducts ponies to feast on their blood! It all makes sense."


"Yeah, the filly is tooootally the weird one here!"


"Yes, teamwork is the key!" I give goldy a pat on the back. "thanks again pal."
I stare blankly at this, theory that what is probably just an old lady is a vampire. "Are you… Do you have any proof?"




"Right! Better get at him then!"



"Oh blimey! A vampire you said, I mean how did you come to such conclusion."


The mare seems totally oblivious that you are referring to her and doesn't retort this.

The mare doesn't see you reaction and keeps smiling as she continues

"Yes! My magic scales and research have led me to this conclusion! Like I said, I'm a professional! For instance, he's never been seen walking in daylight! And… he lives in what is said to be a very creepy mansion!"


I sigh and say. "Well, lets look into some other leads first. Maybe we should try the dock."


"And where did you get those scales again?"


"We have no time! We must rid this city of the vampire at once! Such is the will of the inquisition!"
I wave my banner in the wind.


>10 pm


"That… does not make an individual a vampire…. " I look at her with skepticism

"So I assume on what this lady is telling us, you chaps are finding a missing filly."


I roll my eyes at this. "Can't you put that thing away for a moment? There isn't even any real evidence that he did anything wrong or has anything to do with the filly."
"Precisely" I nod proudly at the filly.


"Yes, that would be the plan. Should be the plan. Could be. Maybe."
Look at the blind Inquisitor, then back at the party
"Yeah, do we really go with her?"


"Of course! Not following an inquisitor is an act of heresy! HERESY!"


"You shush, banner dude. You are almost as blind as her."


I use terrify on him.

Rolled 2 = 2


"What? No! This is the right lead! I just know it!"

"During my travels! They helped me a whole lot! Really!"

"Just trust me, okay! Please!"


"Hey, if anyone is blind here its me, I didn't see that window at all." I step in between them.

Rolled 10 = 10


"Can I inspect you scales?"



ooc: I'm looking at those scales next time.


Oh damn son, you step in between them like nopony has ever done before. There is no way to get around you or for those two to attack each other seeing as you are blocking their entire view.

"Uhhh, sure. Just don't damage them!"

Using her telekinesis, she hoofs the weighing scales over to you.


I pace about.


"Hey bud don't get so fired up, I'm cool over here!"
Turn to Jucticia
"My apologies miss, maybe I've been too hard on you."
Well let's see if this dude is really a vampire, shall we?



Wait for this.


I nod. "Well, if it would put that ladies' mind at ease I suppose it alright.."
I examine the scales, are they magical at all?

Rolled 4 = 4


File: 1350583091048.jpg (34.84 KB, 600x700, blaze3.jpg)

"You guys are really taking this vampire bollocks seriously? Sounds dodgy to me."


They are enchanted for sure, though you can't make out the nature of said enchantment

She turns to you as she hears your voice

"Too hard on me? Oh no, not at all! Don't worry about it, I understand. Shall we?"

The diamond dog starts walking again and Justicia, hearing his footsteps, follows suit.


I follow them closely.


"Go where the fate sends you! If there's something fishy about this pony, we'll find out."
"Uhm.. Sure. But if I may ask, who's your companion?"
Follow them.


Follow him.


"not at all, but the mare seems to have her heart set on it."
I follow and give back her scales. "There certainly is something to these scales, I'll follow your lead miss Justicia." I bow slight to her as well.


"Ugghh… Oh well." I followed Justicia.

"Dont you guys look at me if this all ends up as some kind of misunderstanding of sort."

"Oh…. I dont have any…" I dare not meet her eyes.


"Ugghh… Oh well." I followed Justicia.

"Dont you guys look at me if this all ends up as some kind of misunderstanding of sort."

"Oh…. I dont have any…" I dare not meet her eyes.


"Varro? Oh he's the sweetest warrior you'll ever meet, isn't that right?"

The dog grumbles something inaudibly but keeps quiet otherwise.

"See? He's lovely!"

She's blind, why would you bow to her?

The party leaves the city through one of the large citygates, the few guards that are around look at you rather confusedly. The countryside surrounding the city looks equally murky and depressing. The trees are bare, as are the fields, just like one would expect during wintertime.

In the distance you can see a large mansion perched on top of a hill, similar to the one where the mayor lives. It's getting very late and hard to see where you walk, though neither of your two guides seem to have much trouble with that.


I light the torch at the end of my banner for light.


Because I am gentleman, and its habit, but it does seem a little silly.

I look around for clues as we get closer. Maybe something outside screams 'vampire attack;'?

Roll #0 1 = 1


Light my horn and follow.


"A cozy place dont you think, reminds me of the houses back at the city where my grandmom live?" I nudged at Alesia.

"Would an extra source of light be necessary ladies and gents?" I ready my lantern,


"I think we are good for now, save your oil."


File: 1350757935744.jpg (1.75 MB, 1680x1050, 1349744304573.jpg)

The inquisitor mare has a suspiciously pale coat…

She must be a vampire herself! It all makes sense now!

After a bit of a walk, following the path up to the mansion, the party reaches the gates to the garden in front of the mansion. Strangely enough, they are wide open. The mansion itself is very impressive looking, though appears to be in a certain state of disrepair. You can barely see any lights through the windows, making the mansion look rather creepy.

"Haus Grimmwalt! Here we are!"


File: 1350757949777.jpg (34.9 KB, 600x700, blaze4.jpg)


I put my lantern back to where it belongs and then turn my attention to our guides. "So where are we staying for the night?"


"This sure is spooky…"

"No idea."


I wait for the inquisitor.


Weird. "Alright, lets talk to him then.."


Try to spook her.
"Yeah! Haunted masion!"

Roll #0 6 = 6


The inquisitor mistakenly walks and falls over straight into a bush instead of to the door.

The dog knight sighs and fishes her out with a single one of his large paws.

"Uhhh… Minor miscalculation on my part."

You make her jump slightly, if only in surprise rather than scariness.


Try to resist this.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Golden hoof pls."


Try not to laugh.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I sit and wait attentively as the rest of the adults speak with each other.


I giggle a bit and walk in close to the Inquisitor. "Just lean on me if you feel you are going to tumble lady.."


"Should I open the door for you?"


"No, no I'm fine!"
The mare staggers off to someplace else, far away from the actual door.

The diamond dog shakes his head silently and knocks heavily on the door a few times, after which he collects the inquisitor and leads her to the door.

After a short while, the large wooden door creaks open as the knocking is answered. A old and skinny stallion dressed as a butler opens it up.

"Verehrte Gäste, sie werden erwartet."

He motions you to come in.

You snort at the reaction of the mare.

That's kind of a jerk move man


I blink.
I follow, keeping close to the inquisitor.


"Okay, I'm gonna need a translator here. Bannerpony, what did that guy just say?"


Punch him on the pony shoulder.

Roll #0 4 = 4


I followed Uriah as he enters the mansion, keeping close watch to my items.


"They were waiting for us…"


Monk agility!
"Now, don't take it personal! You were just too cute spooked!"
"Creep-o-meter ticking!"


I follow trying wondering why she is having so much trouble all the sudden. "What is he saying? Why are you having trouble all of the sudden Lady Inquisitor?"


You try to punch him, but the slick bastard dodges out of the way >>161219

The party follows the stallion inside the mansion. The large entrance hall you are in is dimly lit with a couple of candles as well as a chandelier. Everything seems rather dusty and uncleaned in here. There are quite a few cobwebs around and the dust in the air makes your nose tickle.

"Entschuldigung für den Schlamassel…"

"Schlawhattel? Sir? Can you speak English? My name is Justicia and I want to have an audience with Herr Grimmwalt."

The stallion doesn't bother to respond and instead opens up one of the doors in the room and walks through without looking back.

She huffs a little annoyingly.

"I don't have any trouble, I'm doing ju-"

This is as far as the mare gets with her response as all of you are suddenly enveloped in a very bright light and a very high pitched screech can be heard, making your eyes and ears hurt like hell.

Everyone roll

Roll #0 2, 6 = 8


"Donner und blitzen!"

Roll #0 5 = 5


Gotta protect these ponies!

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Blimey!" I try to cover my eyes

Roll #0 3 = 3



Roll #1 4 = 4


Look away.


Roll #0 7 = 7


The two of you suddenly notice the floor under your hooves has disappeared and you fall to the ground rather hard. The bright light has completely faded and you notice you are no longer in the same room as before. Furthermore, the rest of your group is nowhere to be seen.

As the light fades around you the three of you also fall down, but into a body of dark dreary water rather than the ground. It's pitchblack underwater and you can't seem to reach the ground, which makes it clear that it is quite deep.


Light my horn and look around.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Can I see the others? I mean Salty and Reelio. If so, swim towards them.
If not, look for land.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Oh goddess!"
So the inquisitor isn't with us either?
Can I see anything? Is my torch still on?

Roll #0 3 = 3


"What?" I get up and try to find something in darkness.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Help!" I try to latch to the nearest adult that is near me.

Roll #0 7 = 7


File: 1350761309930.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, tunnel.jpg)

You light your horn underwater, but the water is very murky and hard to see in. You might want to try swimming up instead.

You are underwater still and can't see shit around you.

You've lost your torch, the room is completely dark.

You hear the voice of Uriah nearby but that's about it.

You grab onto the nearest thing, a wooden barrel floating in the water. Looking around in the room, you can't see much as it is quite dark. You do see a tunnel which could be used as an exit out of this room. There's also water in it but it's less high up. There's more than enough room for a adult pony to stand.


I light my horn then.
I still have my banner with me right?


Swip up and breath.


Better swim out of here!

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Uriah? Where are the others?" Try to find a torch or something that can be lit.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"I knew there is something dodgy happenin here. Hey Alesa, Golden, if you gather near me I can try to get us out of this wethole." I shouted to my companions while holding to the log.


You do, you clutched it very closely when the light came.

Lighting your horn, you can see that you are in a rather small cell together with Reelio. There isn't much in it at all aside from a dead rat lying on the floor.

No torches here boss. Good thing Uriah has made some light.

You break the surface of the water and take a few deep breaths. Smells awful in here!

Confused and disoriented, you accidentally swim downwards instead of upwards.

Might want to get some breath soon.


Pull Golden hoof up with magic.

Roll #0 8 = 8


Get the hell out of the water already!

Roll #0 10 = 10


"I don't know. In hindsight it was very stupid to walk straight into a vampire's lair…"
I kick the rat out and check the bars.


Stick close to Uriah and try to find the others. "Good thinking."

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Yeah, I wonder if they fell near here or not?"


cling to the log.



"Hey, thanks for the lift!"
Raise an hoof at her.


You rocket out of the water and do a backflip in the air, landing quite gracefully on a very narrow walkway near the entrance of the tunnel.

Looks like he's got it under control. You climb onto the walkway yourself as well.

The celldoor is completely rusted and decayed. The moment you touch it it falls over onto the ground with a loud clang


That's creepy. "Oh, this place isn't very stable, why did we listen to that blind mare?"


"Sooo.. What evil lurks here? Show yourselves!"
Yeah they should totally surrender now!
But just in case, wait for the others.


"Hey Alesa!" I called her out. "I could try to use my magic to get us out of this stinking place."


"Are you sure?"


"She's an inquisitor! She asks us to give our lives, we don't ask questions!"
I walk out of the cell. Can I see anything in the hallway? Am I even in a hallway?


"That would be mighty helpful!"


"Well, following her with out question is what got us into this, and where is she now?" I follow Uriah.


"Gather around me and I will try to teleport ourselves up." I then try to remember how the spell works.


Get close to her.
"Not dangerous, right? Magic's freaky!"


You are.

It's a long hallway full of cells like the one you were just in. At the end of the hallway you can see a large wooden door. You can see the glow of light creeping under the door, indicating that the room behind it must be lit up.


You remember you are a little filly.

Your magic is far from completely stable. While you could indeed try to teleport out of here, a bad enough of a failure could lead to instant death for everyone involved


"Ok, if you think this is going to work."


I storm to the door and listen.
Can I hear anything behind it?


"How do we even know she was who she said she was?" I say suspiciously remembering how pale she was. "she could be a vampire too!" I see Uriah listening to the door and follow suit listening as well.. "Hear something?"


>inb4 1
I try to concentrate hard and imagine the gate of the mansion. I then execute my spell.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Hang thight.
"God am I terrified!"


"Dont be such a baby."


"Hey, magic is strange! Gone from one place, there in another? Punches are easy and direct!"


"Im sure Blaze can do this."


You put your ear against the door. You can hear some voices as well as a strange mechanical sound.

You hear the same.

The three of you gather around in a circle and hold each others' hooves. Blaze concentrates, closing her eyes and lighting her horn. After a few moments of fizzling sparkles coming from her horn, the three of you are enveloped in a bright light. Blaze feels as if something is weird though. As if an external force is redirecting her magic towards a different location.

The three of you blink back into existence. As you open your eyes and the light around you fades away, you see that you find yourself inside a long hallway with celldoors on both sides of the walls. You can also see Uriah and Reelio standing by a large wooden door at the end of the hallway.

Blaze's head and horn hurts a little, and she wonders what went wrong.


Pat her head.
"Good job Blaze! You are going to be a great mage when you grow up."


Can I see through the keyhole?
I peek through it.
"She had the air of a holy pony around her!"


No keyhole, just two rusty iron handles with which you can pull it open


"Hey you made it! And I'm alive! It's incredible!"
walk over to Uriah and Reelio
"Any idea where we are?"


"Damn it!"
I open the door.
"Did you see the inquisitor?"



"Vampires are good at lying, she didn't provide any proof except some magical scales." I gently push Uriah aside. "Let me open that for you." I pull on the handles with all my strength.

ooc: not sure if you need a roll.

Roll #0 4 = 4


I sit down and held my head with my hooves "… Ooow…" I moan.

"You owe me some cotton candies after this."


"Only water, sorry."

Inspect the door.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"After a good meal!"


"Under the mansion I would guess."


"Did what happened make any sense to you? They tell us we are expected, show us to the owner, and without a words he take and leaves!"
Look around
"And yeah, we are cast in his dungeon and all. But that was rude!"


With my head still in pain, I try to stand up. "So… any of you knows where we are?"

I still put a hoof on my horn and try to ease the pain.


File: 1350764343194.jpg (54.63 KB, 640x480, TortureRoom1.jpg)

No roll was required.

The two of you each grasp a handle and pull the door open. What you see inside is an image you wont soon forget. Four hooded ponies are in the process of torturing another pony, using some kind of a contraption. The rest of the room is filled with all kinds of devices that can be used for various ways of torture. The room smells foul, a mixture of the smell of vomit and death entering your nose and making you gag. The floor is dirty and bloody, as are the walls. The four ponies all turn to you at the same time the moment you open the door, hissing and screeching loud enough to make you wince. They all look very pale and have a sharp set of teeth, their eyes are bloodshot and have a feral look to them.

They all lunge at you, determined to tear you all to bloody shreds.

Roll for initiative


"It certainly was rude, Not a proper host at all." I scoff a bit. "I would guess that they were expecting someone to come check on them and this was their way of dealing with us. I also think that that mare was in on it the whole time and was waiting at the bar to pick up victims for the vampire!"


"Oh, Sweet Luna help us!"
rolling '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I flail around with my staff and scream

Roll #0 1 = 1


"No idea."

Attack the creature.



Roll #0 3 = 3


Bear Bash the nearest!
"Feel the power of my hoof!"

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


I, while smiling, calmly pointed my hoof at one of the wretch and shoot a flaming blast of death unto it.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


You are too slow to react, one of the creatures manages to get close to you and tries slashing at you with a dagger. Your armor completely protects you from said attack though, leaving you unharmed.

Your silly flailing leaves you open for attack, one of the ponies lunges at you, sinking its sharp teeth into one of your legs. You can feel how it begins to suck out your blood, might want to do something about that!

One of the four pounces you, digging its claws into your skin.

Wait what? Claws? Those look quite unnatural on a pony…

The final one of the four also lunges at you, but is met with a strong hoof smashing his face in, breaking one of his fangs and sending him tumbling backwards on the floor.

Seeing your chance, you decide to grasp it and try to finish this unfortunate pony off with a incinerating blast of fire. The pony gets burned horribly and is set on fire. It howls in pain and tries to pat the fire out.


Throw him away with magic.

Roll #0 4 = 4


I smash it's face to the floor!

Roll #0 6 = 6


Attack with my sword. "You shall fall!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"You bastard!"
Attack the one pinning Alesa on the ground. Bear Bash!

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


I try my best to make a careful shot at one the creatures as it treathens my new friends.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


Im going afk for a few minutes so im going to heal myself in the next turn.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Nope, looks like this pony likes you a lot and wants to hug you some more.

With its claws.

Into your skin.


You bash the creature in its face with your banner, looks like all that practice hitting things with it paid off! It stops sucking out blood and staggers back a little, growling dangerously. After a moment it decides to attack again, aiming for your neck this time.

You swing your sword at the pony but he jumps back a little, dodging the blow.

It then spits a dark murky cloud of… whatever that may be at you.

Roll to dodge

The pony, seeing your craving for some love as well, jumps off of Alesa and lunges at you instead, knocking you to the ground. It plunges its fangs deep into your neck and starts sucking your delicious red vitae. This new lovestory is quickly interrupted however as Blaze >>161446 continues to pretend to be a dragon and incinerates your assailant in a roaring blast of fire. It lets go of you and starts running around in an attempt to get rid of the fire.

Two ponies are on fire and slowly dying, one is very lightly wounded, the other one is in perfect health


"Cut that out!" Dodging. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Thanks squint!"
Attack the healty one! Bear Bash!

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


I take out my blunderbuss instead.
Cleave the creature charging at me and the one next to it!

Roll #0 5 = 5


File: 1350766297493.jpg (38.08 KB, 600x700, blaze7.jpg)

"Ahahahahaha!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


Heal myself.

Roll #0 4 = 4


You heal all of your wounds shut again.

You only barely manage to jump away from the dark cloud. The creature cackling sadistically at your demeanor before >>161451 comes in, trying to punch it in the face. The creature quickly dodges this however and punches him back on the snout, making him stagger back in pain.

You fumble around, trying to grab your blunderbuss but are shoved back by the charging pony instead. He grins and licks his two sharp teeth dangerously.

You maniac

One of the two has died already and gone up into dust. The other one is nearing death as well.


I blow the grin off his face!

Roll #0 6 = 6


Blind one of the wounded ponies.
"Don't attack him, we might learn something!"

Roll #0 8 = 8


Heal him.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Okay time to blast the things out of here!. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I try to calm down, oh flaming Celestia that was so funny. I mean that thing goes Fwoosh and the other is like Pgbhhtht. I think the others can handle it so I let them take down the last one.


You shoot the pony right in the face, making it screech in pain and lunge at you very angrily.

You kick up some dust into the eyes of one of the ponies, making it hiss loudly.

+2 against it for 2 turns

You fumble around a little with your moon idol but don't get any healing done whatsoever.

You miss it completely, making yourself look like a very silly bird

The other one you set on fire is now dead as well, also changing into a small heap of black dust.

2 remain, both are wounded, one is blinded.


"Celestia forgive you, for I won't!"
I hit it with my sword.

Roll #0 1 = 1


Bear bash the wounded, NOT blinded pony.


Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


Heal him again.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I pointed my hoof at one of the creatures and with wide eyes and an almost maniac like smile.


Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


No you don't.

The pony lunges and pushes you to the ground very hard, sinking its teeth into your neck and drawing a lot of blood.

>>161488 however is quick to react, and bashes the creature with enough force to send it flying through the room and crashing into a wall.

He's moving around way too much for you to focus your healing powers on.

Your spell backfires on you and lights your mane on fire.

Two remain. One is heavily wounded, the other wounded and blind. The blind one seems to be preparing some kind of a spell.


Focus one more time and heal.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Someone distract the blind one!"
I heal myself.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


"Oh crap.."
Hit the one preparating a spell! Bear Bash!

Roll #0 7 + 4 = 11


"AAHAHAHAHA!!. AAUURRGGH!! AAHHH!!!" I pull out one of my water canteens and poured it on the burning parts of my body.

Roll #0 5 = 5


Who are you healing again? Golden Hoof?
Either way, you succeed.

You heal the large wound on your neck shut.

You lunge at the unsuspecting blind pony and bash him with all your might, sending him tumbling backwards.

He's still busy preparing a spell, but is slowed down due to this distraction.

You put out your fiery mane. A large part of it is missing and there rest of it is blackened and scorched.

It also smells terrible, ewwww.


End this! Knock out this pony with bear bash!

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


Yes Golden.
Smack the blind pony head against the floor with magic.

Roll #0 9 = 9


I get up and reload my blunderbuss
If I even need to reload it, I dunno

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


Lost in thought, I smile. Remembering how a small filly like me can torch such things so easily. I then try remove some of the ashes that is still clinging to my mane, not minding the danger surrounding me.


The pony is no longer blind

You run at the spellcasting pony, intending on knocking him out, when you are intercepted by the other remaining pony and pinned to the ground.

He hisses at you with a large grin and tries to bite

You bash the pony's head into the floor a few times, making it hiss in pain

You don't
Damn nigga, you reload that gun like a true pro. +2 to your next roll when using it.

A couple strands of your mane fall off onto the ground


I shoot the creature off Golden Hoof.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


How many alive?


You shoot at the pony pinning Golden Hoof down, forcing him to break off.

Moments later, the other pony finishes its spell and disappears, along with the other one, in a cloud of smoke.

You defeated them.


"oh finally, anyone hurt'"


"Damn them!"
I look at the pony they were torturing


Rush to the tortured pony. Anything I can do for him/her?

Roll #0 3 = 3


The pony is strapped and spread out on a wooden table. His body is full of cuts and scrapes. He's wearing a blindfold and is shivering slightly.


"Can you talk?"


He seems to mumbling and repeating something over and over again.


Seeing them defeated, I then rush to my friends and begin babbling, forgetting about the details of the victims and blood everywhere.

"Hahahaha!! Did you see those tossers, I go like Pew!! and then that ugly one goes Fwoosh!! It was wicked!!"

"You could heal me ol chap, I mean IM ON FIRE!!"


"He might be in shock.. Cleric! Help his pain!"
I shout to Uriah.


"Yeah, wicked. You smell of burnt mane, by the way."


"Hehe good one."
Heal her.

Roll #0 3 = 3


I slap him with my banner
"I will heal you, child."
Heal him

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


Monk Agility!
"Be serious, damnit!"


You give her a big smooch on the head

That'll fix it!

You heal some of her burns.

She's still missing parts of her mane though



Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"Dont worry the mane will grow eventually."

Roll #0 6 = 6


Oh, right. The stallion is enveloped in a blinding white light, his wounds closing and healing in an instant.

Hes still mumbling and whispering to himself though


I listen for heresy in his words

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Damn this doesn't seem good.."
Take him out of there, undo wathever restrains are holding him.
"Stop that! You just look silly!"

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Forget the mane, you see what I did there right." I give a wide grin, waiting for my applause.


Pat her head
"Yes honey it was amazing."


It seems like he citing a certain verse from a prayerbook. Nothing heretical about that.

You get rid of the chains, but the pony keeps still and continues his whispers


"You are free, child! Rise and praise the sun and the moon for your rescue!"
The good word

Roll #0 10 = 10


Good, look around the room.

Roll #0 8 = 8


He rises alright. He jumps up, screaming very loudly and grabbing a nearby knife.

>the room is filled with all kinds of devices that can be used for various ways of torture. The room smells foul, a mixture of the smell of vomit and death entering your nose and making you gag. The floor is dirty and bloody, as are the walls.
It's a torture room, few things here are of any use. You do see a ladder leading to a trapdoor in the ceiling.


Blind the screaming pony
"Caml down son, nopony here will arm you anymore! Now, put the knife down.."

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Calm down, in the name of the Sun and the Moon! Sich beruhigen! In der name der Mond und die Sonne!"


He still has his blindfold on, he's pretty blind as it is.

He continues to flail around wildly, swinging his knife and trying to hit you


Ok, tackle him to the ground then!

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


He pin him to the ground, forcing him to drop his knife. He starts struggling and tries to bite you.


I knock him unconscious with my banner.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"I think this one lost all his sanity."


You hit him on the head quite hard, making him hiss in pain. You notice how he has a set of fangs himself.


Bear Bash, knock him unconscious damnit!

Roll #0 2 + 4 = 6


You punch the pony again. And again he hisses loudly, trashing about wildly and trying to bite you


"It is one of them! Schweinhund!"
I shoot him with my blunderbuss.

Roll #0 8 = 8




You shoot it in the face, wounding it heavily and making it screech long and loud


"Won't you just stay down?" Bear Bash, again!

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


Finish it off with my sword!

Roll #0 10 = 10


Monk agility to deny counterattack.


You try to punch it…

But Uriah is too quick and chops his head off clean with one powerful swing. The stallion crumbles to dust in an instant, leaving only his blindfold behind.


"What the hell.."


"Filthy creatures! We must find the inquisitor and her entourage!"
I climb to the trap door.

Roll #0 4 = 4


No need to roll for that.

You climb up the trapdoor and open it slightly, looking through a crack. You see bookshelves.

A lot of them.

Looks like some kind of a library. A creepy one at that.


I get up and inspect the books. What are they about?

Roll #0 8 = 8


Follow the crazy pony who went through a trapdoor without even checking for.. well, traps!


Follow him.


You open up the trapdoor completely and enter the library. It's quite dark in here and it doesn't look very safe, but you decide to take the time to see what these books are about.

There's books about magic, necromancy, healing, nature, herbs, combat tactics, strategy, politics, animals, economy and just about every subject imaginable!


"I need a torch…"
Is there an exit?

Roll #0 1 = 1


I follow along, carefully avoiding the blood and dust.


You take a book that looks absolutely priceless and ancient. It's titled The book that grants wishes.

You set it on fire and use it as a torch. That's better!


"You know how they say, only wish you should ever ask it is nothing."
Look around. What's the layout of the room?


Well, I check for the exit.


I look around for any books that might be useful to me.

Roll #0 7 = 7


The room is rectangular and entirely filled with rows of bookshelves lined up in rows.

You see a wooden door and approach it. But as you get near a steel bolt zips right pas you, hitting one of the shelves.

"Hello there."

All knowledge is useful!



Turn to the sound
"Who's there?"


"What? Who goes there! In the name of the sun, reveal yourself!"
Trying to spot who shot that

Roll #0 7 = 7


Specifically a book about paladins.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Get ready in case something happend.


You can't quite see who was talking.

"Apologies, how very rude of me not to introduce myself. My name is Brenya."

You find a book titled Book of holy warriors - A manual for zealots and devotees alike


"Well certanly you don't want to be even more rude, and rob us of your charming presence? So please, show yourself."
Yeah, stand fucking ready. I'm a goddamn spring for how ready I am!


"Show yourself! Who dares to shoot an emissary of the gods?"
I ready my blunderbuss.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Are you ok?"


Pick up the book and turn to the new person. "Brenya? I suppose you want to tell us something then?"
Read the book while she's talking.

Roll #0 6 = 6


You feel how someone pinches you in the buttocks. But when you turn around there is nopony to be seen.

You hear a slight giggle

"I'm sorry, but I wasn't even trying to hit you. Just catching your attention."

She speaks with a slight Germane accent

"I've seen better days."


A pony appears on top of one of the shelves. She's wearing a cloak and a mask, hiding almost her entire body. All you can see are her wings, which are very pale.

It's a book about the duties of paladins, the different orders and holy organizations in the world.


"What is your purpose? What have you done to the inquisitor?"


"Are you a ghost?"


"Since you have not yet attacked us you are either someone stuck here, or someone strong enough not to fear random strangers.. So, which one are you?"
I grin at her.


"She's safe… for now. Don't worry, I'll take good care of her."

She nickers loudly

"I try to be one, yes."

"The former, I'm afraid."

She motions at the trapdoor

"Did you kill them all?"


"Of course. The faithful shall not suffer the heretic to live."
Do I still have the burning book?


You do.


"Damn, would have been fun. And yeah we did. Do you know why they were torturing one of their own?"
Lose my defensive stance.


"Can I see your ghost form?"


Just for later. On with the show.


I put the book away for later. "Well, speak up then. What do you have to tell us pale one?"


"Return the Inquisitor to us, or suffer the consequences!"


"Oh calm down, she seems harmless.. But yeah, we'd like our friend back. Our crazy friend."


"That was just somepony who wronged Herr Grimmwalt, no doubt."

She disappears from sight again, reappearing seconds later right in front of you.


"I'd like to know what in Pinkie's name you were thinking, marching into this mansion like that unprepared."

She motions at your weapons

"You don't even have silver weapons!"

"You'll see her again soon enough, calm your gonads."


"Yeah, we kinda didn't buy the whole blind inquisitor leading us to magical vampires thing. I'll recognize that was a small calculation error on our part, thou."


I wave the book and my staff angrily.
"I will see her now, witch!"




"Honestly, I was thinking it was all a misunderstanding. The only claims we heard were that he simply didn't come out very often anymore. Its not uncommon for elderly people to fall ill after all." I look her directly in the eyes. "Did you pinkie? Tell me who you are and what you mean to accomplish by being here." I say with the power of word in my voice.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


"Mmmm… Well, you're here now. And you seem to be decent in battle so you'll just have to do. But she was right you know, Grimmwakt is a vampire. And not a nice one either."

She snorts at you

"Oh alright princess, anything else you want? A massage? A cup of tea while waiting? She's not here right now. She and her companion are in a safe spot. I'll go get them once we're done here."

She giggles

"I like you."

Her eyes are hidden under the shadow of her cloak. Though this doesn't hide the fact that she feels quite intimidated by your loud voice.

"I'm bound to this mansion. To Grimmwalt. Trying to escape would lead to the same kind of treatment as that pony you saw earlier. Even with my skills there's no way to escape for me."

She takes her hood and mask off, revealing an equally pale face and a nice set of fangs sticking out of her mouth.

"I'm bound to him by blood."


I stop waving around but retain my angered expression.
"Heresy and heretics…"


"Okaaaaay. So, nnot a nice vampire, you and him are linked, we need silver weapons, that's going to be great! Suggestions, or should we just crawl through hatches until we find our way back to beign kicked in the ass?"


"I like you too, Are you hauting this place because they torture you?"


I nod believing her now. "Alright Brenya, tell guide us to where we can be most helpful then. Also.." I pause for a second. "Does Grimmwalt take foals? Some of the little ones have gone missing.."


"Hah, I guess I do my occasional share of haunting I suppose!"

"When you arrived here and were about to walk straight to Grimmwalt, I asked my companion to teleport you away to buy me some time so I could find a way to help."

She takes out a small wooden chest and hoofs it over to you.

"Take this. Inside there are five blessed silver daggers. Those will make your lives easier around here. Just… don't take them out while I'm around alright?"

"It's quite simple, I'm afraid. You have to take down Grimmwalt. I've seen him take foals, yes. They… They usually don't survive for long."

She shifts on her hooves awkwardly

"There… There is one thing I'm very reluctant to ask you for…"


"Please do."


"That is something. Now, which way to the baddie? And don't worry about asking favors, we are here for that."


I take the box of daggers.
"If only because my companions seem to trust you."


"You see… us vampires… uhhhh, you know… We need blood and stuff. And well, we don't get much of that seeing as Grimmwalt usually gets it all…"


"Go on.."


"What?! Absolutely no!"


"Nope, no deal, forget it."
Throw a table upside down if possible, for addend effect.
Then go back.
"Sigh.. How much?"

Roll #0 7 = 7



"Well, us griffons are a bit stronger than pony types. If anyone is going to donate it should be me. After all we both believe in Pinkie Pie correct?" I look to the others. "Of course if you should take too much my friends won't hesitate to end you.."


File: 1350778267118.jpg (34.84 KB, 600x700, blaze3.jpg)

"Wow, you vampire tossers are true. I cant bloody believe it. I would gladly give you my blood as long as you stay in a zoo for me to watch."

"Also Grimwalt, who's that guy?"


I look at the little filly.
"He's the damned creature of the night that owns this mansion!"


She huffs, clearly annoyed

"You just don't understand how it feels. It's a constant… craving for it. I didn't choose to become a vampire! It drives you mad, you know? Not being able to taste that sweet taste of fresh blood…"

Her mouth is watering as she recalls the taste.

"Sweet, sweet vitae of life…"

"As much as you can spare?"


"Please control your urges."


I flinch at this.
"Seriously? What if you wait until we are done with the bad pony? I kinda need my blood to fight.."

Roll #0 7 = 7


I look at the others like they're mad.
"If you're so hell-bent on giving your lives away, will do it. I am expendable in the great plan of the gods."
Oh goddess give me guidance
Praying silently

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Hey guys, we need to restrain it somehow. I mean right now." I whispered to the party.

I then look at the vampire smiling "Uhmm… miss would you like to keep steady, we could…. reward you afterwards."


"No, little one. Your tiny amount of blood would not help here."

I sigh a bit. "I would also you wait until we fend off Grimwatt and reclaim any remaining fillies. but, If you must fed do so quickly…" I extend my neck for her. "Lets get it over with."


"Look I'm all for helping the needing, but this we have to delay. Can't punh a good hoof if my blood doesn't boil!"


"I try but it's just… Gah! The craving for it is just so strong! It just eats you up from the inside!"

"Just a tiny sip would be enough! Just a drop! Please! I need this!"

She has aided you, at her own risk. It's up to you what to do here.

Her eyes widen immediately and she almost lunges at your neck like a starved pony.

Rolling to see if she can contain herself

Roll #0 5 = 5


Hold her.

Roll #0 8 = 8


Do they need help or can she stop before it's too late?

Roll #0 4 = 4


I contemplate the words I just heard.
"I may be old and weary, but…"
I just squeeze my eyes tight and extend my neck before she completely drains Reelio.


The vampire mare sucks out a substantial amount of blood, before releasing and quickly backing off.

"I'm… I'm sorry… I lost control again..."

It's a good thing you've got a lot of blood, because just from that you feel slightly weaker. The mare puts her mask back on as well as her hood, hiding her facial features once more

"Thank you… I can only hope that soon I wont have to do such atrocious acts to sustain myself anymore."

Looks like she broke off herself


I heal Reelio then.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


"I understand.." I shake it and make some herbs into a paste that I cover the bite mark with. "There is a cure then?"


'1d10' natural remedy

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Not cool, toothed lady! Now, where do we have to go to find this master of yours?"
"My money the cure comes in the shape of a good stomping!"


Keep her down with magic.

Roll #0 7 = 7



Reelio collapses on the ground, completely exhausted.

-2 to his next roll.

"I will show you the path. Again, I'm sorry for that."

You grab her with your magic and pin her to the floor

She doesn't even resist.


I try to heal him again.
Or at least offer him a hoof to get up.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


I was stunned, that would kill me if I was the one bitten.

"I dont know… but you are scaring me now. Is there a way to… you know. Make it go away?" I ask the now restrained vampire.


Rolling to get up.

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


Help him up.
"Yeah let's go."
Take the way out.

Roll #0 5 = 5



"Oh no"


You heal him, making him feel rejuvenated.

And with the help of Golden he gets back up on his hooves

You were healed before you tried that, thus removing the penalty

She nods sadly

"Yes, yes there is. But not before Grimmwalt is gone. And you ought to be scared of me, I'm a monster."


"We have done as you asked! Now show us the way!"


Yeah go that way.


"Thank you. I feel much better now." I pat golden hoof on the shoulder and stand on my own ..limbs. . "Now that your hunger is sated, can we continue?"


"Of course."

The mare disappears in thin air and the wooden door exiting the library opens up.

"On the prowl."


"We need to distribute these daggers."
I take the case on my telekinetic grab.


I shout to nothingness
"Can those minions down below cause vampirism?!"


"Not near her. I'd hate to have her come beg for more blood after that. We'll take them outside of the chamber."


"Okay, are we getting out or are we descending down. I thought we are finished here." I ask the party.


You take the small chest and open it up.

Inside are five ornate silver daggers with a slight golden hue to them.

You feel something sharp pinch you in the butt

"There's no need to shout you know. But no, those thralls don't spread vampirism that easily."


I grab on of the daggers, putting it in a spare sheath on my belt and proceed through the wooden door.
"Of course, I think my comrades speak too harshly of you Lady Brenya, you must not be a monster if you are helping us kill a monster.."


Take one of them.


I jump a bit from the pinch and take a dagger.
I should have ample straps to put one on.
"Let's go!"
I move through the door


Oh fine, take one.


"Wow, can I have one?" I smile.

"Hey, whats your name and how long are you nutters staying here? I mean you cant grow in such size if you have not stayed here a long time ago." I asked the vampire.


I look at her


After a bit of walking the party comes across the butler from before that let them inside. He's lying on the floor, leaning slightly against the wall

"Don't worry, I took him out while you guys were walking along earlier."

The mare appears right in front of the party again, blinking in out of seemingly nowhere. She points at a large set of doors at the end of the hallway.

"Grimmwalt's quarters. He's in there. Good luck. Be careful. All that fun stuff."


"The inquisitor! Where's the inquisitor!?"
I walk up to the door and listen in.


"Don't shout like that!"
"So you took him down already? How convenient! How suspiciously convenient!"


I hold the sliver dagger at the ready and check for traps. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I need to go fetch her and the knight. But that will only work out if there's a distraction. Which happens to be you guys believe it or not!"




Last time on The Darkest Days

The party entered the lair of Herr Grimmwalt, following the pointers of inquisitor Justicia who claimed that the noble was a vampire. As they entered the mansion, the party was teleported away to the basement. There they fought several of the lords' thralls in the torture chamber, who were pestering a frenzied vampire pony. As they found their way up again and entered the library they met with another vampire pony, who claimed to be friendly and able to help out. The party found out that she was the one responsible for teleporting them out of the deathtrap. After hoofing out several blessed silver daggers, the mare asked the party if she could take some of their blood, to which they complied. The party is now in a hallway with the vampire mare. at the end of the hallway you can see a set of double wooden doors, which the mare claims to be the private quarters of Grimmwalt.

"So to recap the plan… you guys will go in and confront Herr Grimmwalt, providing enough distraction for me to go fetch your two buddies. Once I've collected them, we'll enter the fray and help you out. That sound good?"

The mare shifts on her hooves nervously.


"Good enough. Anypony with a torture dungeon isn't a pony worth saving anyway."
Take one of the daggers, if I haven't already.



Holy shit! This is a clear example of a textbook trap if you ever saw one! That mare is so full of shit! How convenient that Justicia too has disappeared just around this time…


I look at her, trying to emulate the glare of suspicion that I saw once in the streets. "I really hope you dont double cross us you wanker."

rollan for sense motive

Roll #0 4 = 4


There's obviously something fishy going on around here.

Can't really trust damn vampires, can you?


I open the door.


"Here we go!"
Follow after him, battle stance!


"Hey wai… "


"Come on…"



"You're sure this isn't a trap?.." I follow along side cautiously.


You charge in, opening the doors in one swift motion and entering the room. The vampire mare doesn't follow you, instead disappearing again into nothingness.

The room itself is a large bedroom, with a king-sized bed in the middle of it. There are several other large wooden pieces of furniture you would expect to find in a bedroom standing about, all of them richly decorated. At one of said pieces of furniture, a dark brown desk with golden legs, an old and meek looking stallion is sitting and writing down something on a piece of parchment.

He looks up at you as you barge inside and frowns as he puts away his quill and stands up.

"Guten abend?"


Wha.. where did that vampire mare go? I wondered, I then turn my attention to the old stallion and upon hearing him speak, I get ready.

"I dont speak vampire you filly touching stallion." I stand up and put on my fighting pose.


Blind him
"ABEND SHABEND! Now you gonna answer a few questions!"

Roll #0 4 = 4


Stay behind.





Roll #0 3 = 3


"Where are the foals?!" I demand of him.


rolling for it.

Roll #0 4 = 4


His eyes widen at the mention of the word 'vampire'

"Foreigners!? But how did you get here so easily? Who are you?"

You can't find a way to blind the stallion

"You barge into my home and expect me to be answering questions? How dare you!? Filthy wastrels!"

He cackles at your sad attempt to scare him

"HA, was für Narren sind sie!?"

The stallion chants some lines in a strange language and disappears in a puff of smoke. The smokecloud quickly expands, soon filling up the entire room. From the smoke you see a large shadow coming towards you. Whatever it is, it's big and it's got large red eyes which pierce right through you, as if it is looking into your very soul.

Try to beat my roll

Roll #0 1 = 1


Attack that thing.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I shoot at it with my blunderbuss

Roll #0 6 = 6


"What is that?!"

Roll #0 7 = 7


I just smiled at it, point my hoof and fire a small jolt of flame at it.

Roll #0 8 = 8



Roll #1 6 = 6


Uriah's attempt to terrify him may have been bad, but this is just sad. Awful even. You can clearly see it's a terrible attempt at illusion magic.

As soon as you hit it it completely disappears from sight, the smoke in the room clearing up slightly as well. You hear some kind of hissing coming from somewhere inside the room but you aren't sure where. You can't see anyone, at least.

Everyone roll


"Stop that, you are just silly!"

Roll #0 8 = 8



Roll #0 4 = 4


Try to get closer to him then. "You will tell us what you've done.."

Roll #0 8 = 8


I ready myself for the worst.
"Show yourself, we heard that you're the one responsible for the disappearances happening."

Roll #0 4 = 4



Roll #0 9 = 9


The three of you have the common sense to look up at the ceiling and see the vampire walking upside down on it. His eyes are bloodshot and his fangs are clearly visible now

You look around, desperately trying to find out where the sound is coming from. Before you can figure out it's coming from above however, the vampire lunges at you and pins you to the ground whilst cackling loudly again and trying to get a clear shot at your neck.

"Oh you're going to be just delicious! I can feel it! CHILDREN! COME AND FEAST WITH ME!"

Five more pale ponies blink in out of nowhere, two of them you recognizes as the ones you fought before. They hiss dangerously and charge at you.


Tackle one of the them and try to stab it with the sliver dagger.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Stab the pony.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Tackle one of the vampires attacking Alesa, use the dagger.
Tiger Bash!

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


I wave my silver dagger around and try to terrify them

Roll #0 5 = 5


Seeing them charging, I smile and stand up then use both my hoof to cast a large flame and direct it to attack three vampires at once.

unrelenting force on three targets.

Roll #0 1 = 1


You quickly stab one of the charging ponies in the side. You can hear a hissing sound as the holy blade pierces through its skin. It lets out a blood curling howl in pain and tries to bite you.

You can't find your blade anymore and are unable to push the vampire away. And just as he is about to plunge his sharp teeth into your neck…

>Bear Bash
… comes in and plunges his dagger into the vampire instead! The vampire screams in agony and loses his grip on you, putting some distance between him and the both of you.

They don't seem all too afraid, though they decide not to attack you this turn either.

You mess up your timing somehow. Instead of setting the three thralls ablaze, you set yourself into a fiery blaze.

You fall down on the ground hurt, burned and helpless. All of your fur, your entire mane and your tail gone up in smoke.


Heal Blaze.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Verdammt Kind!"
I heal Blaze.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


Ok that's good. Not good as in the little filly got set aflame, but good as in let's attack once more!
Yeah I meant to attack, not to tackle.

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


Stab him again, lets aim for the forehead.

Roll #0 8 = 8


Amidst the tears, curses and promises to herself not to try something she has not yet mastered, I try my best to stand up despite the pain.

Roll #0 6 = 6


You heal the filly's burns the best you can at the moment. At least she's not suffering as badly as before.

You try to attack the vampire again, but his reflexes are too quick. Instead he smashes you in the face, sending you tumbling down on the ground. The stallion looms over you, a large grin on his face.

"I'll make sure to make your death even more painful now. I will make you beg for me to kill you, schweinhund!"

As the thrall tries to bit you, you see your opportunity to strike back and plunges your dagger through its eye. The holy blade makes his brain erupt, his head splattering open in a gory mess and his body falling to the ground.

You barely manage to get up, eyes full of tears of pain and regret… Then >>165589 comes over and kicks you back to the ground, stomping on your leg and breaking it.

You are still helpless and once again wounded.

4 thralls remain. And the vampire too of course.


Heal again!

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


"Not an option, flying rat!"

Roll #0 10 = 10


Heal Blaze again.

Roll #0 1 = 1


*insert scream of pain right here*.


Alright, that was effective. I try to help the filly, put something on her to heal her leg.
Natural Remedy.

Roll #0 1 = 1


Being the damn determinator that I am I try to wind myself up despite the situation at hand.

Roll #0 2 = 2


You lunge forward with lightning speed and poke him in both his eyes. He screams and falls over on his back, yelling at you.


+2 against him the next two turns

One of his thralls lunges at you.

You run around her in circles, panicking and apologizing profusely

One of the vampire thralls sees this as a opportunity to strike and charges at you.

You try to fix her leg by putting it back into place. Instead, you tug a little too hard. The bone is now sticking out of a large bleeding wound, blood pouring out of it.

As you try to help her using a mixture of strong herbs, the filly suddenly starts shaking and twisting around violently. Looks like she's suffering from a serious seizure now.

You are just crying your heart out at this point. You feel your strength slowly ebbing away… Your thoughts wandering to home, to your parents, your friends and the rest of your family. You feel a pool of wetness forming around you too as you have all these thoughts.

Don't fuck up next turn.


I swind around and hit him with the butt of my blunderbuss as hard as I can

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Oh, I'm so sorry little one!" I mix up something else. IT just has to work!

Roll #0 4 = 4


I decided to lie on the ground for the moment and concentrate on keeping awake, trying to remind myself what my mom told me to keep on living despite the pain.

RNG pls ;_;

Roll #0 5 = 5


Heal her

Roll #0 4 = 4


Thrall, meet knife! Bear bash!

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


You plunge your dagger into the blinded vampire's neck this time. The blessed metal searing its flesh and making it howl in a mixture of agony and rage.


The thrall easily dodges your blow and bites down on your leg.

Clearly, it doesn't. Nothing changes. You manage to do exactly nothing. Nada. Nichts. Null. Naught. Niets.

At least you managed to shield the filly from that thrall. You know, the one that just bit down his fangs into your flank.

Before you can try to heal the unfortunate filly, you are pushed to the ground by another thrall, who tries to bite down on your neck.

Yes, you do think back of your mom. Will you ever be able to see her again? Speak to her again? Hug her? Tell her that you love her? You aren't certain. There's a nagging feeling in the back of your head. Regret, maybe. Regret that your short life might already end here. So much potential, wasted because of bad luck and recklessness.

"Hang on, little one."

You feel the sensation of two teeth sinking deep into your throat. Something stirs within you. Something… alien to you. The feeling of inevitable death starts ebbing away and is replaced by a tiny bit of renewed strength. Roll a d10


Justicia barges into the room, her voice loud enough to be heard over the sound of battle.

Varro charges in, hacking off the head of the thrall attacking Alesa with his impressive battleaxe in one swift motion. Both head and body turn to dust and he helps her up, grumbling something that she can't quite catch.


I try to crush it's body under my weight!

Roll #0 9 = 9


I try to open my eyes and see what is happening.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Keep crying!"
Again, Bear Bash Also, +4 becuase blind and CM.

Roll #0 9 + 4 = 13


Stab the trhall with my silver dagger.

Roll #0 10 = 10


Lets get the vampire off of my flank then. Slice it with my sword. (Using blast.)

Roll #0 4 = 4


You bodyslam the thrall, making it hiss in pain and lose grip on your leg

You lose consciousness. Roll to wake up.

You take out your dagger and stab him again on a different spot this time. The vampire now screaming things you can't quite understand. He slumps down, clearly heavily wounded now.

The thrall attacking you was killed by Varro, as said in the last post. You instead stab the one Uriah has pinned down, penetrating its eye and making it writhe in pain. Varro charges in again and beheads the creature, finishing it off.

It lets go of your butt and jumps back as you swing your sword at it. Hissing at you annoyingly.

1 thrall and the vampire remaining.

Justicia is with Blaze's unconscious form



Roll #0 1 = 1


Aaaaand "Finishing touches now!"
Is he still blinded? Bear Bash!

Roll #0 10 + 4 = 14


I stab it with the silver dagger.

Roll #0 8 = 8


Ignore it and try to do something for the filly again. Natural Remedy one more time!

Roll #0 5 = 5


Heal Blaze.

Roll #0 6 = 6


You are plagued by horrible nightmares and visions of things you can't quite make out, but frighten you unlike anything else in this world.

The two of you charge at the vampire, blessed silver daggers drawn, and gang up on him. Stabbing him in every spot possible as fast as you possibly can. The vampire lets out a blood curling roar, yelling out every possible form of insult towards you. Eventually, it ends. The vampire goes silent and in one instant turns from solid form into dust.

It is ded.

The remaining thrall, looking wide-eyed at his master dissipating in front of him, falls to his knees.

"I yield! I yield! Have mercy! I was controlled by him!"

It seems to have no effect whatsoever on the filly. Something strange is going on.


I look concerned. "we'll figure this out Blaze.." , then use power of word on the thrall. "Do you know where he takes the foals? Has he taken any recently!"

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


I point my blunderbuss at him.
"Say your prayers, schweinhund!"

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Not yet! HE has to fix Blaze."


"Fix? You mean she's not.."


"Of course not!"


"She seems alive anyway.."


I try to remember cakes, tea's and good memories of my mother. Focusing on things that are in no way related to nightmares or such/

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Thanks the laughing one!"
get near the filly and see how she's faring.


He nearly pisses himself as your thundering voice addresses him
"I-I-I don't know! I mean… we just pick random ponies from the street and suck them empty, then burn them! I swear! No fillies at all recently, the little fuckers don't hold enough blood!"

Brenya blinks into existence again, standing next to Blaze and picking her up carefully.

"Glücklose kind… Don't worry, everything will be alright."

She then gestures over at the thrall and snarls

"His mouth speaks lies, he knew fully well what he was doing! Show no mercy to the likes of him…"

Justicia draws her sword and points it at the thrall

"You will face justice! Judgment will be hard!"

Nope, only nightmares. You let out a whimper for everyone to hear though.


Try to heal her again.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Stop Justicia.
"He's unarmed and surrendered!"

Roll #0 5 = 5


"If you won't help us, then so be it." I nod to the others to finish him off. and try to awaken Blaze with some smelling salts..

Roll #0 10 = 10


This place scares me to no end, there are only few things that scare me but this place can whip up some bloody scenery. Hoping that I am not in Tartarus I try to open my eyes.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I shoot his head off.

Roll #0 5 = 5


It has no effect whatsoever. Brenya shakes her head at you.

"That wont affect her at this point. She needs blood now."

That does though! Her eyes flutter open again.

And though her eyes are open, she herself cannot see anything. Her body feels all weird and wrong to her.

"He'll face his punishment! One way or the other!"

Doesn't seem like she's making a move on him.


"Not while surrendered and unarmed after a fight he lost! He is a defeated pony, let his kind give him the punishment he deserves!"

Turn to Brenya
"You mean she is like you?"


I turn to Brenya

Roll #0 2 = 2



Roll #0 7 = 7


As you yell out, you break into a coughing fit, interrupting your action.

Justicia huffs and falls back on her flank, crossing her front legs and pouting


The mare bites her underlip and avoids your gaze. You can clearly see traces of blood on her fangs.

"I had to."


Rolling not to lose it

Roll #0 10 = 10




"Hell you didn't!"
Applekick her in the jaw.
"Did you even ask for her permission? You violated her! Changed what she was! Hell, you are a vampire yourslef, you should know!"

Roll #0 10 = 10


Surprisingly calmly, I point my blunderbuss at the vampire.
"Celestiadamn creature!"


Nah, you cool man. Still, what she did was highly questionable.

"She was dying! She was about to slip away! It was the quickest and only way!"

You kick the mare firmly against her jaw, sending her flying and crashing into a piece of furniture.

"Please… I never wanted this. I didn't want to let her die! I didn't even drink her blood!"

The thrall or the mare?





"Hey, where are am I? Why is it so dark, are you there guys?" I raise my hoof in there and try to feel if there is something solid to hold on too.


"I've had enough of this. You can turn others into vampires, then. And you need blood to survive."
Ready my blade
"For the good of this city, leave and never return. And take that monster with you."
Point at the defeated vampire pony.


>That does though! Her eyes flutter open again.
>And though her eyes are open, she herself cannot see anything. Her body feels all weird and wrong to her.

The mare doesn't even bother reacting to your insult. Instead, she just looks down to the ground sadly

"She can be fixed! It wont be easy but she can be fixed!"

You find the wooden floor


"Yes, by killing the vampire who caused it!"


Okay you can do this. This is not happening, I am not blind.

"Please, anyone… please help… " I try to reach out with my hoof in the dark.


"When did you become a vampire expert?"
Catch her.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"That's… one way, yes…"

She looks over at you quite sadly, but doesn't dare to move


"Wait a minute. If we killed the old hag, why didn't you and the other return to normal?"


"There's more to it than that. I need to collect the dust and perform a ritual with it."



Help her t get up.


"But if you go back to normal, so should Blaze, right?"




She nods weakly

"Sort of. Though that'll require a wholly different ritual seeing as I wouldn't drop any dust."

"I-I just wanted to help…"


"Then get to it, already! What will you need?"


File: 1351021033277.jpg (28.59 KB, 600x700, blazevamp.jpg)

"Thanks, hey who are you?" I am still puzzled by whats happening. Is this a dream? Whats with all the talks that I am hearing.


"I don't know. I'd need to visit some people. It would take some time."


I look over to the inquisitor for guidance.


She's sitting on her flank, legs crossed and pouting. Varro is standing over at the thrall, glaring at it dangerously


"Make it quick. A filly is suffering for what you did."
Smile at her
"Don't worry, everything will be allright."


I shoot the thrall.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Well go now!"


"Oh… alright." I rest my head on whoever helps me up and try to hug him/her.


The mare quickly goes and collects some dust, putting some of it in her pouch.

She looks back at the party.

"I will be swift… though I do not know when I will be back. Don't worry, I'll find you wherever you are."

And with that, the mare disappears into nothingness again, leaving you behind in the bedroom.

The thrall screams as he dodges out of the way


Varro grabs him and shoves him to the ground, then pinning him under one of his hindlegs.

Justicia's ears perk up, looks like she's back to earth

"What's happening?"


Stop him
"Don't! We- I don't kill who can't fight back. And that pony has already been defeated! Let him be!"


"Yes, let me be! I am innocent! A slave!"


I spit on the floor.
"It is a vampire. It only deserves death!"


My ears perk up with all the racket happening around me.

"What is that? Why is everyone shouting?" I whispered to the one that I am hugging at the moment.

I also try to use my other senses, try to feel whats around me, smell what I can smell and hear what I can hear.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Oh for the love of the Laughing one, shut up. Nopony would be so naive to believe you!"


"But nopony deserves to be put down like a rabid dog! He'll earn his salvation or die trying."


The thrall crawls away pathetically from the Diamond Dog and starts kissing your hooves

"Please! Have mercy on a poor soul! I was but a humble servant!"

"I am not evil! I hated the master! Please!"


I kick it away from my hooves and look at the inquisitor.
"What do you wish to be done?"


"Shut up I said!" Kick him.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Dont worry sweetie everything is ok."


After meditating on the situation. I think of something. "Say, can vampires feed off each other with no ill effects?"


He wails dramatically


Justicia stomps her hoof on the ground angrily, her face a little red in anger

"He needs to be brought to court then! I'm putting him under arrest!"

You kick him in the face, knocking out a few teeth, including one of his fangs. He whimpers and covers up his face

"I am innocent! Please! Don't kill me! They'll give me the death penalty sir!"


"Well… is that so…. Alright then." I put my head on whoever I am hugging now shoulder andd try to get some needed rest.



Turn to Justicia
"And what good would that do? He won't help anyone, and his death won't save ponies."


I step forward and repeat the same question as before. "If you want to put yourself a step toward being forgiven, answer me this. Can you give blood to the filly without negative side effects? "


"You should take a nap."


"She doesn't need a nap she needs food.."


She turns to the sound of your voice

"Justice! He is a murderer, a villain, a… a danger for society! He needs to be brought before court for judgment!"

The stallion holds on to your hoof

"Please! I'll… I'll be your servant, master! Spare my life and I'll serve you!"

He looks over to you momentarily


>pushing enter before post is done

"What negative side effects? Blood is all she needs now!"


"Are you going to feed her?"



"Enough of this. The law doesn't always know what's best." I pick up the thrall and hold him in front of the filly in a secure hold. "Are you willing to donate to her then? Can you look at her, knowing what you caused, and not try to make up for it by offering your own blood?"


"She needs fresh blood! Living blood! Like yours!"

The inquisitor takes her leave without saying another word, the dog following her without question.


"Wha… whats happening?" Surprised by being handled, I try to move around and see if I can get away from the rough handling.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Okay start talking, vampires 101, what do we need to know?"


I keep holding him. "Well, I already donated today.." I look around to the others.
ooc: not holding you.
"This is the one who caused your turning to be necessary, I'm showing him just what he did. Don't worry, he can't get away from me."
"Answer that, what does this filly need to know now that she's one of you?"


"Sunlight is bad! Silver is bad! Divine magic is bad! Moon is good! Blood is good!"

You notice a slight aura forming around his horn


I follow the inquisitor.


my bad, I am getting a little groggy because of asian time
"Wha… what are talking about?"


"Hey, what are you doing!" squeeze him a little bit to make remember I'm still there.
"Blaze.. You're a vampire now.. You need blood, maybe some lessons on how not to kill, and a cure.." I say with heart felt emotions in my voice.


Tap on his horn, this should stop him.
"No funky business."

Roll #0 4 = 4



Before you get the chance to flick his horn. He smiles quite toothily

"Goodbye, fools."

And with a puff of smoke, the stallion disappears into nothingness


"Yeah right, no third chance for him, if we cross his path again."
Turn to Blaze
"How are you feeling?"


"…. no….. no… " I cover my ears, then slowly try to feel my teeth using my lips to confirm my suspicion.


"Alright." I check myself over, would it be safe to let Blaze feed off me now?


She's a little pony, she probably doesn't need much blood.

Still, someone else should probably give it, just to be safe.

You feel two little fangs. Seems like it's true


>10:33 pm



Last time on the Darkest Days

The party confronted and fought the vampire known as Herr Grimmwalt. Despite their eventual victory against this beast, it came at a price. Blaze, having almost died, was bitten by Brenya and turned into a vampire. Now undead, blind and furless, the unfortunate filly can do nothing but wait for Brenya to bring her a cure for her vampirism. The party is currently standing in the bedroom of the deceased vampire, still not any closer to finding Lena.

Uriah is with Justicia and Varro. Justicia is looking for evidence around the mansion.

Being a vampire, Blaze can no longer bear being in sunlight. She also needs blood to feed on instead of food. She is still in her early stages of transformation, so not a full vampire yet. Luckily for the party, it's just past midnight and dark outside.


I help her in finding the evidence
"Perhaps in the library?"

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Good idea."


"So.. I heard coats are in this year, Blaze!"


"The library is all fine and well of an idea, but someone still needs to feed to blaze.."


You find a large pile of decaying corpses what used to be a storage room. They all look horrifyingly skinny.


"I think I found the victims…"
I pray for their souls and step out of the room.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I kept silence, still shocked as to why this is happening to me, until…
"Wanker…. "


I check over blaze, how far is she turned? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Hey I didn't mean it for bad or anything.. Ah, I'll just shut up."


Well that sure helped a lot. Really saved the day there with those prayers.

"Aha! I knew it!"

Justicia grabs one of the corpses with her magic, and starts dragging it along.

"I'm going to go present this evidence to the Mayor!"

After a few steps she turns to you.

"Oh, what about his daughter? Any sign of her?"


Not that far, she was only bitten less than a hour ago. Her two small fangs are what gives it away the most. She also appears quite pale and weak, probably due to the lack of blood.


"Not here, miss I-know-for-certain. And something tells me this is the wrong lead."


"No, I do not think so."

Roll #0 3 = 3


I approach blaze gently. "Hey, how are you holding up? Are you hungry?"


I look up to Reelio and put a hoof under my chin. Now that the subject has been asked, I wonder. Am I really a vampire? Do I thirst for mortal blood?

Roll #0 10 = 10


Her exact reaction to this is hard to tell due to the blindfold she's wearing

"Wrong lead? But it all adds up! Vampire needs blood, filly disappears! Do you have any other leads?"


>Being a vampire, Blaze can no longer bear being in sunlight. She also needs blood to feed on instead of food. She is still in her early stages of transformation, so not a full vampire yet. Luckily for the party, it's just past midnight and dark outside.



"I'm afraid not. She was studying herbs shortly before disappearing and she was seen with an odd colt at school; we haven't got anything out of these leads."


"No, please. I can manage." I said to Reelio.


"Well, lets take you to the library and see if there is something we can do to ease your suffering.." I put blaze on my back and carry her to the library. I look for any book on vampires. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I.. thanks." I close my eyes and try to rest on her shoulder


"Hmmm… an odd colt you say? I'd ask you to describe him but it's not like I'd be able to sport him either."

You can call on that 10 you rolled later if needed

Looks like the old vampire had quite the collection. You find a book a book on vampires and other creatures of the night right away!




"Alright, this should help us know something.." look for anything that can help ease the hunger, or maybe feeding instructions so that blaze doesn't kill the donor.



Roll #1 8 = 8


"I must say I'm clueless. We were going to check the trading port next in case she wanted to acquire herbs."


Vampires have a neverending lust for blood. They long for it at all times.
It makes them stronger.
More powerful.
Stro- You know what I mean by now.
Blaze being a small filly means that her hunger shouldn't be as big as a adult vampire. She is also less powerful because of this. Drinking blood does speed up the transformation process, so be careful. Not enough blood will render her weak, more desperate and possibly aggressive and delusional.


I glare at the book for telling me the truth. "Well, Blaze, we have to feed you or you will grow much weaker.. delusional it says. So.. just take a bite from your Big Bro Reelio, it won't hurt me, really!" '1d10' to sound convincing.

Roll #1 6 = 6



"Trade hasn't exactly been going very well lately. But it's a possibility."

She rubs the back of her neck, thinking quietly for a moment.

"I'm not sure… maybe you could ask around the city if anypony has seen her? Have you tried that?"


I look at her in disbelief.
"No, I.. I will never do that." I said in disgust.


"Fine, its still night time, what if we go find someone bad for you to feed on?"


"Stop right there, I'd give her my own blood if I must, but let's not turn the filly into a murderer!"


While I'm at it check the book for vampire hypnosis, maybe Blaze has some kind of hypnotic voice now?



Roll #1 8 = 8


"Well, that's all fine and well, but if don't hurry she will be too weak get the blood on her own.."


You sound certain enough of your case

As stated before, the more blood she drinks the more powerful she gets. Right now she is weak and feeble, barely able to stand on her own.


"Maybe we can all give her a little blood?"


"Not like she'll need it for long! As soon as Brenya is done she'll go back to normal."


"No.. No… please. What should I do? Is it alright? Is it safe?" I said as I cover my eyes trying to control myself.


"It's what I've been saying till now!"


"You have to eat."

"Sorry I was a little distracted."


"Maybe, if we each give her a little it won't be as bad as it was on me to feed the vamp mare earlier.."
"How long will that be? Poor blaze has to eat something or she's start to get delusional and aggressive.."
"What would you say to each of us giving you a little blood Blaze?" I say sweetly.


I approach both of them slowly, still not used to the idea of drinking blood.

"Uhhmm… where, how? I mean where should I start?"


"Right here."
Extend my hoof
"If you have a blade and a glass, get to it. Just, don't open a big scar if you can."


"No, not exactly."


"Well, if it is for the best…" I approach Golden try to locate a soft spot on her arms.

I then try to slowly and softly bite her arm.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"No wait! Don't bite! You wouldn't want to make me a vampire too!"
move the hoof away.
Monk agility even!
also, male.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You dont have to roll for monkey agility.


Try help out. "Blaze, that's enough!" '1d10'


It was in case groves didn't consider monk agility enough


Disregard >>171811 then

You quickly scurry away from the vampire filly before she manages to bite you.


"Easy Blaze, just a small bite."


"Wha? I thought you want me to try biting?" I said surprised as Golden suddenly pulls his hoof of me.


"No bites! I told you, use a blade and a glass!"


I take this moment to tap on my silver dagger. "We all have a knife of our own." '1d10' to find a glass

Roll #1 1 = 1


I levitate my saddle bag, grab one of my dagger and approach GOlden.
"So… should I do it?" I ask him.


"Yeah, go on."


You accidentally cut yourself with your dagger, creating a small wound with some blood seeping out of it.

Blaze, roll to contain your bloodlust.


I levitate my dagger and with a glass cup in one hoof, I slowly try to make a small incision for the blood to flow to the glass. All the while restraining myself to just go for it and dive on his bare arm.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Brace for pain

Roll #1 3 = 3


disregard the leviation and glass in one hoof part.


should I roll a new one?

Roll #0 9 = 9


[Paused due to annoying headache and shitty DMing as a result]

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