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The city and ponies of Lübuck have seen better times; having suffered from a recent outbreak of the plague, many ponies have died and the city’s population has diminished to barely half of its former size. The city’s mayor, Statthalter Krell, has suffered during these times just as much as his people have, having lost his wife as well as all but one of his children. Now by a cruel turn of fate, his daughter Lena has gone missing mysteriously as well. Desperate to find the only member of his family left alive, Krell has gathered a group of adventurers, sellswords and warriors at his mansion just outside the city. You find yourself sitting in what seems to be the tearoom of the mansion. The weather outside is rather dark and dreary and you are content to be inside this warm and rather luxurious estate. Your origin, motive and relationships with the rest of this group is up to you.

A maid walks into the room carrying a silver tray filled with cups and a teapot, setting it on the table.

“Gutenmorgen esteemed guests, please help yourself to a cup of tea! Herr Krell vill be here shortly.”

After lighting the fireplace she turns and leaves again, leaving you once more alone in the room.


"Thank you."
Take one one the cups.


I take a cup but set it down on a table, instead turning to the window and praying to the sky.
"May the glorious sun shine upon the city today."
Rolling to pray

Rolled 7 = 7


"My, what a luxurious welcome.."
Look around, take a cup of tea and sit.


You pour yourself a cup of tea. Smells like rose hip tea… how lovely!

Your prayers aren't met by any form of change in weather. Looks like the Sun doesn't want to bother breaking through the gray and murky layer of clouds today.

Quite luxurious indeed. You notice several paintings hanging from the wall depicting various different ponies and even a diamond dog. Warm light fills the room thanks to the fireplace, putting on a great contrast with the depressingly cold weather outside. It all feels quite homely and cozy.


I slump and take my cup of tea and sip it.


"Its a shame we cant see the sun…"


"Hike a pegasus and get above the clouds. How hard can it be?"


You take in a small sip of the sweet liquid, savoring its exquisite taste for a moment before swallowing it.


"I dont know, im not a pegasus."


"She will shine before the day is through!"


"Stop one on the street and ask, I bet you'll find some gentlestallion ready to fly you up."


"I hope so."

"That sound rude if you ask me."


"Sounded good enough in my head.."


Just as the group starts to wonder why the lord is taking so long a stallion walks into the room. He appears to be middle-aged and looks very tired, depressed even. He isn't even wearing any expensive looking clothing, instead opting for going about unclothed. Not that this is strange at all, you are ponies after all.

"Guten morgen herren adventurers… My name is Krell, ze mayor of this fair city."


"Hi my name is Alesa."


I give a curt bow.
"I am known as Uriah."


I get up
"Golden Hoof, ready to help!"


He looks each one of you over and nods sagely.

"You no doubt know vhy I have requested your aid?"

He sighs, turning to motion at one of the paintings of the wall. The painting depicts a filly dressed in a frilly dress, not looking particularly pleased with her garment.

"Mein Tochter, Lena. this was made just last year when…"

The stallion tears up, averting his gaze to the ground.


"Im sorry to hear that sir."


"We will do everything in our power to help you!"


Pat an hoof against my chest
"Worry not, we'll have her home for dinner!"


"No… Zere is no point in being sorry. Mein liebling Lena… she is ze only child I have left. But now she has gone missing. I haven't seen her in days…"


"I promise you we are going to find her."


"She'll be fine, I'm sure of it."


He swallows, then sighing deeply as he turns around to face you again.

"I vill be honest when I say that I have no idea vhere she could have gone. She has never been quite ze same after her mother and siblings died…"

He frowns, as if he recalls something

"Especially ze last week before she disappeared… She became very defensive and sequestered for some reason."


"May we investigate her room?"


"Yeah Uriah is right we should investigate her room."


"We should investigate her ro.."

"Yup, what those two said. Smart girls!"


I look at him with a deranged look.
"I'm sorry, child, did you just call me a mare?"


Look at he..r.. HIM!
"Whoa! I.. There was the cloak in the way and.. Yeah, you were better in my imagination."



File: 1349801793318.jpg (38.57 KB, 617x300, Amberley Castle room.jpg)

He nods silently, motioning you to follow him as he leaves the room and heads upstairs, walking through the hallway before stopping at one of the doors and opening it up.

"Go ahead, take your time. I haven't touched anything myself."

The room has a large bed, a small wooden desk with a couple of paper and books on it, several chairs, several paintings and a large oak closet.


I check what the books are about.


"Now if I were a filly, where would I hide something?"
Tap a hoof to my face, in a questioning way.
"But of course!"
Look under the bed!

Rolled 10 = 10


Inspect the desk.

Rolled 2 = 2


A dictionary lies open next to a sheet of untouched paper. Aside from that there are a few books with various fairy tales in them as well as a book tagged as diary with a small bronze lock on it.

You find nothing that Uriah didn't find.

You find a book on herbcraft hidden between two small boxes filled with toys. You briefly wonder why a filly would need a book on herbs and potions.


"Well now, she likes to study it seems!"
Show the book to the others.


What page is the dictionary open from?
I turn to the lord.
"I'm afraid we'll have to break into your daughter's diary if we're going to find any leads."


"Isnt she a little girl? Thats kinda weird."


"Let's see if she has taken any annotation."
Look through the book.

Rolled 4 = 4


Krell frowns upon hearing this

"I… I didn't know my Lena studied herbalism… she never mentioned anything about it, at least…"

The dictionary lies open on the P section

"I… I don't dare do that myself. She would never forgive me."

She hasn't marked any pages whatsoever it seems.


"If you don't mind, I- or we -don't have such qualms."
Are there any herb-related words on the pages?
Rolling to check.

Rolled 2 = 2


"Maybe she is outside looking for plants."


Take the book with me.
"We'll study this later."
Read the latest entries of the diary.


I meant on the dictionary's pages by the way


Not that you can see

"Perhaps… though what could she possibly hope to find that isn't available in one of the most important trading ports in the world?"

This diary appears to be on the old side. The very last page has an entry from 2 months ago.


"Was she even using this anymore?"
When has the plague started?
Look for another diary, or possible notes scattered around the room
"Then we'll just have to search the whole forest!"

Rolled 9 = 9


"What does the last diary entry say, anyway?"
I search into the closet.

Rolled 6 = 6


"Dunno, let me read it aloud.."
Well now, I do just that!


"I don't know… like I said, I don't dare look into her writings."

There are no other diaries. You realize she may have took her newer diary with her, or just stopped writing in diaries alltogether.

Today was a weird day. Mom and I went to the city to visit my auntie and drink tea. We had to wear weird masks because ponies are getting sick and are dying which is really sad. Herta says ponies are getting sick because of zebras but I don't know if that's true. I played with a colt and another filly I've never seen before while mommy and auntie were talking. It was nice.

You find everything that is to be expected in a filly's closet. Including pretty dresses and gowns.


"I don't know what I was expecting to find here…"
I turn to the mayor.
"You said your filly might find all the herbs she needs in the city?"

Rolled 1 = 1


"Maybe a big garden."


"Well that's just plain wrong! Everypony knows zebras are not that bad! This filly sounds nice!"
Turn to the mayor
"Did she ever talk again about those two younglings she met?"
"The city park?"


"I guess."


"Don't be silly, this is a huge port town! A center of trade!"


Stop trying to put on that little dress.

You are clearly too big to fit, you weirdo.

"I suppose she could… but wy would she just disappear like that? It's been five days now…"

"It's the first time I even heard about those two kids, must have been two random street urchins or something. Her… my wife got sick shortly after the date of that entry… then her brother… then her sister."

The stallion goes quiet for a moment as he recalls everything.

"Maybe… maybe you could go to her school… talk to other fillies and colts that she talked to."


"It's possible she was kidnapped from the docks when trying to acquire herbs…for whatever she needed them for. We'll try her school first. She might have opened to her friends."


"Now, don't galopp to the worst conclusion!"
Stay silent a moment
"But yeah, we should hurry to her school. Just in case."


"Oh goodness… my poor, poor little Lena…"

"She went to the Katharineum school in ze city itself, it used be be a church but they turned it into a school a few decades ago."


"One of the purposes of the church is to teach."
I give another curt bow. "We should head out."
I go and get my banner from the hat rack.


"Do they teach flag-waving too?"
"Well then, we should head off."


"Thank you, I promise I will reward you handsomely if you can find out what happened to my daughter."

The maid hoofs you over your stuff and bows as she opens up the front door for you.



"A pilgrim asks for naught but a roof to sleep under and a piece of food for supper. Blessings of the sun and the moon be upon you."
I head out into town.


"Ain't no need old man, I do this for the city! Sure, the city might just need some help.."

Head off to the school



The party leaves the mansion behind and walks down the paved pathway running down the hill where the mansion is perched on. It's drizzling slightly outside as the party enters the city. The streets are rather empty, and not just because of the murky weather. The city has a bit of a gloomy atmosphere surrounding it, it's almost unsettling to you.

The party can see the school building at the end of the street and passes by what you assume to be a tavern, one of the few places you've seen so far where laughing and singing can be heard.


Peek inside the tavern before moving on towards the school.
Roll to see how nice I look I got at that one mare.
Yes, you know which one, the one serving the tables.

Rolled 7 = 7


Ignore the tavern and keep going to the school.


"It is good that people can find joy even at this bleak hour. But we must move on! Mind you, taverns can be good places of information. Maybe we'll visit later."
I keep walking.


You peek through the windows and manage to sneak a peek at one of the waitresses. She has a very nicely shaped butt, that's for damn sure. But to all nice things must come an end and you quickly rejoin your comrades as they head towards the school.

You press on and soon reach the large wooden doors of the former church. After pulling and ringing the bell outside a smaller door inside the door opens and a old stallion peeks out.



"Hello, we are looking for information about Lena."


"This is ze Katharineum school is it not? We are here on the behalf of the mayor."


Let them do the speaking. Look around to see how the colts and fillies of this school fare.

Rolled 3 = 3


I cocks an eyebrow


"Oh, of course. Ze mayors daughter. Come in meine freunde."

The stallion steps aside and motions you to come in.

Looks like they are all in class right at the moment. The stallion seems to be alone in this part of the building.

He closes the wooden door behind you and motions you to follow as he starts walking down a hallway.

"I vill bring you to her classroom, zey are in ze middle of a class but you may interrupt to ask some questions."




Follow him and look around.


I follow him.


File: 1349807796517.jpg (150.09 KB, 1920x1080, 1349702820506.jpg)

The long hallway is dimly lit by the occasional chandelier and candles. There are paintings on the wall here too with names under them.

After a bit of walking, the stallion stops and knocks on one of the doors. A muffled response can be heard from inside and the stallion opens up, walking in. The classroom is quite big, especially for what seems to be such a small group of students. You notice quite a few spots are unoccupied… The stallion quickly speaks up.

"Guten mittag Helena, diese Personen haben ein paar Dinge zu fragen. Ummm, sie sprechen keine Deutsch."

The teacher, a earth pony mare wearing thick glasses turns to you.

"Guten Tag? Is there a problem?"

The colts and fillies eye you with curiousity.


"We want to talk with you kids for a minute. Is about your friend, Lena."


"We are looking for ponies who knew the mayor's daughter."


I poke him with an hoof
"Don't be so stuck up, they are kids!"


Some whispers and murmuring can be heard among the students as the teacher nods absentmindedly.

"Ah… ja, natürlich. Edelweis, could you come forward bitte?"

One of the fillies gets up from her chair and shyly walks to the front of the class, not taking her eyes from the floor at any point.

The teacher motions you to do whatever business you have outside the class.


"Are you ok sweetheart?"


She nods, speaking almost inaudibly.

"Ja, fräulein."


"Please do not poke the servant of the gods."
"Do not be afraid, young one. The sun and the moon will always watch over you."
Rolling for the good word

Rolled 7 = 7


She cringes but nods all the same
"Ja, herr…"


"Sprechen sie Englisch?"


She simply nods this time, still not daring to look up

"A l-little."


"Niet to be ängstlich for! Just sagen what you know!"
tikle him
"This better?"


I hit him over the head with the banner.
"Good. These ponies don't all speak the more civilized language. Now, your teacher said you knew Lena?"


"That's rude- It's their language after all, we are guests here!"
"And also, what do you carry that stuff for? That banner hurts!


"K-knew? Did she die too?"

Her eyes tear up a little


"W-whoa hold on a minute filly, what would 'too' mean? Someone else went missing?"


"We don-"
I cough.
"She's gone missing. We hope to find her alive, but we have no idea where she's run off to. Did she speak to you about anything?"
I hit him over the head again.
"She's talking about the plague, dumkopf!"


"W-well… lots of ponies got sick not too long ago… And ponies disappear sometimes too…"

"So t-that's why she didn't come to school anymore… oh no…"


"Oh that. Your hit must have been worse than I tohught! See, you gave me amnesia!"


"What? What is it? If you know something, you must help us so we can find her!"


I lean closer to her, speaking softly
"If you care about her, would you please like to help us? Just tell us what you know."


"Um… um… um… Ich weiß nichts…"

"I-Ich verstehe Sie n-nicht."


"Do you know where she is honey?"


"Beruhige dich bitte! Lena's father is worried about her!"


Turn towards the teacher
"Could you help us please? We are losing something in translation.."


"I can talk Germaney you dolt!"
I hit him over the head with my banner again.


The filly just lowers her head and whimpers under all the pressure.


"You know, if you keep that up I'm going to ask for damages to Celestia!"


stand back


"Well I ought to-"
I just shut up when I see the filly in distress.


Wait for it.


She's sweating slightly now, but seems to be calming down.
"Um… what was the q-question again?"


"Now, did Lena tell you anything…odd to you when you last saw her? Or talk about something out of the ordinary? How was she?"


"You go this time, bald-y."


"Do you know anything about Lena?"


"W-well… she did act a little weird… B-but she lost her mommy and her brother and sister, so I understand."

"I'm her best f-friend… or was until she started hating me…"




"Now, why would she hate you?"


"W-well… after her mommy died she stopped talking to me… And t-then she started hanging out with this boy and when I asked if we could play together she got a-angry at me and told me to go away. I t-t-thought she didn't want to come to school anymore because she hated me…"


"Oh, I'm sure that wasn't the case at all. But who was this boy? Did you know him?"


"Oh im sorry."
Hug the filly
"Do you know whos the boy?"


Lean close
"Now now, it's not that. She just ran because she was confused. She'll need you when she comes back, to remember her life is good even without a mother, if you have friends!"


She shakes her head sadly

"No, I n-never met him before."

"I guess…"


Stand back up
"Now, where did you see her with this colt?"


"Ach…do you know anyone who might know that boy?"



"Child how can you blame yourself for such a thing? Its not your fault at all. " I look at the others and try to hold back a tear at this sad story.


Again, she shakes her head

"I-I don't even know where he lives."

"Outside of school once or twice… she snuck out of s-school once too to go play with h-him I think."


I sigh deep and long.
"Can you recognize her?"


"You are truly a good filly."

Do I have anything to thank her? Chocolate, a doll or something?

Rolled 7 = 7


"HIM! Can you give us anything to recognize him about?"


"Lena? O-of course I can, we were friends for a long time."


"You should take it easy on her, she's just a child.."


"Relax Uri."


"Like Banner-head knows the meaning of relax!"


You give the filly a apple, which she seems quite thankful for and starts nibbling on immediately.

"O-oh… well he had a gray coat and a black mane… and blue eyes, that too."


"Could you see if he was a zebra or an unicorn or pegasus?"


I chuckle a bit. "Well, she seems pretty happy with your apple, good job."


I make a grin and strike a gallant pose
"Spreading love and friendship, one pony at a time!"
Roll for heroic effect!

Rolled 8 = 8


"Oh, right… um… I think he was a unicorn, but he had a small horn."

You stand up on your hindlegs, looking all heroic and shit, your mane flowing in a mysterious wind that sweeps through the hallway.

The filly looks up for probably the first time and smiles a little


Cool voice now.
"Gray. Blue eyes. Little horn. Count on us." Fly out of the window!

Rolled 1 = 1


I look impressed. "You are doing Pinkie's work.."
I give the filly a hug, being careful not to scratch her with my griffon talons, letting my wings cover her for a second. "Everything is going to get better for you, we'll get your friend back."


I bow to the filly
"Thank you for your help. I can offer you but my blessings. And this."
I give her a small trinket from my clothing. A crescent that can be worn as a necklace.
"It will protect you in the darkest nights. Now get back to class, education is important!"


Overconfident in your coolness, you run full speed towards the nearest window but trip and hit a closet next to it instead. The closet falls over with a loud crash, the contents scattered all over the floor now. In the entire hallway, heads of teachers pop out of their classrooms to see what the noise is about.

She seems a little bewildered at all of this but seems content with it nonetheless.


Stand back up and look around clueless, then shout
"We Don't Need No Education!"
Storm away!


I leave the filly with a little pat on the head, and follow Golden hoof.


I walk past the teachers mumbling "We don't know him… we don't know him… we don't know him…"
Once outside.
"We need to find this colt. Or clues about him. Do we even need to go to the trade port anymore?"


You leave the school building in a hurry. The stallion from before staying behind to angrily clean up the mess.


"Why, you don't want to go there? " I look around for any clue where a couple of foals would run off to play.

Rolled 5 = 5


"Okay, we need to find the colt, he must be nearby!"
Look for a playground or something

Rolled 7 = 7


In a big city like this? You honestly don't know where to even start.


"if we have no clues leading there, I don't see a reason."


I nod slowly, "Well, where do you think we should go then?"


"I haven't got a clue. I doubt the foals were just 'playing' if that colt has something to do with Lena's disappearance."


"Outside of school when the kids will leave. Maybe that little colt is part of something bigger."


"Ah, Maybe the teachers have a clue! I'm going to go back and ask them.." I head back into the school and try to find a teacher..


You head back inside the school and approach one of the teachers who seems to be having a break. He seems rather annoyed at your interruption.

"Ja? Was ist los, herr greif?"


"Sorry to interrupt, But I really did to ask you something.." I look him in eyes "Is there anywhere that the foals like to play, like a cliff, or a cave. Somewhere one of them might go missing while pretending to be 'adventuring'? Its really important that you help me, for the good of everyone."

using word of power on him..

Rolled 2 + 2 = 4


He glares at you with the intensity of a thousand raging suns

"Was ist your problem? You want to go seek out little ponies when they're all alone?"

He stands up and glowers at you threateningly



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