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Mysterious climate and tectonic changes have been terrorizing the Hestur Archipelago for some time now. These unnaturally violent disasters have not only been increasing in strength, but also occur more frequently by the moment. Some ponies think this to be some sort of a punishment from the Gods, others think an ancient dragon is responsible or even a powerful disciple of destruction. Despite the efforts by several local governments to investigate these strange happenings, none of these wild theories have been proven right so far. You are one of several chosen warriors, scholars or adventurers that have been summoned by the council of Port-o-bella and are waiting for them to receive you and your fellow peers.

The waiting room you are in is part of the city hall; it is a large square room with plenty of chairs by the walls and two guards standing by the bronze doors leading to the meeting room. It's very tidy in here too, the marble floor is polished and is almost as reflecting as a mirror. The large windows offer you a great view on the city from the tall building, you can even see some of the larger ships lying in the harbour from here! The nice servant mare that led you to this room when you arrived informed you the council is currently in meeting but will receive you soon enough to discuss the reason for your summoning.

Feel free to use this time to introduce yourselves to the rest.


I look around tempatively, only to shrink back onto my seat before even raising my head.
Yeah, let's just look outside.


pull my hood farther over my head and make a few glances outside the window.
"why can't these things happen at night? Honestly I'd kill to have an official meeting at night…"


I do a little dance to entertain everypony

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


"No… Sister, please…"
Oh god the embarassement!


So this is what being an adventurer is like! How exciting!
I turn to everyone.
"Hi! I'm Helping Hooves, nice to meet you all!"
Blush deeply.
"O- Oh my… that was, um, a very nice dance!"


i don't even know what to think about this, what should I think RNG?

Roll #0 2 = 2


Rolling not to be… excited

Roll #0 4 = 4


I try to heep a reply
"N-nice to meet you, I'm Sou.."


"Oh gracious moon why now of all times"
pull out my robe and contain myself
"Why ever would I do that?"


Oh they're entertained alright. The two guards are completely encaptured by your most interesting performance.

You might want to keep in mind that things go differently outside of the tribe.

That's kinda hot. Oh man, look at that smooth body and the way she moves it.

Why is it so warm in here all of the sudden?


"I don't know, you were just so surprised, I thought I had made you upset…"


is the servant mare still there? if so then go over and ask her how much long we'll have to wait


Oh, they like it
I thought it was a bit too much
Well keep dancing and entertaining!

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"My, my, what's going on here?"


Bury my head between my hooves
"Please… Stop that…"


"Oh, let her have her fun. Or is it my fun?"
I chuckle.


"It's nothing murderous on my part. your performance was a little… interesting, to say the least"


Try not to stare too much.
"Oh… um, your very fit and healthy, miss… very fit and healthy."

Roll #0 9 = 9


It was not me, it was Sands, the sister.


"C'mon, join in da fun!"


You guys can RP, but don't expect my responses to be quick.

Nope. Just the two guards drooling and watching Southern Sands dance.

You manage to avert your gaze from the spectacular sight somewhat.


"You like fun, don't you?"

We never do


"But we don't even know these ponies! This is rude!"


like i'll care to remember


"Come, why don't you let her enjoy herself? Are you by chance related?"


"Hi, good to meet you. I'm scaeva"


"I believe I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Shaky, pleased to meet you."

Bow and kiss her hoof.
"You're not a regular pegasus, are you?"


"Let her have her fun! I don't think anyone has a problem with it."


"Ya I do, stranger!"
Dance dance dance!

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


"I'm very glad to see that you do, sweetheart."


"Oh this is so embarassing…"
Roll not to blush furiously.
"She is my sister, Sands."
"P-pleased to meet you, I'm Southern Seas, from one of the far off islands."
"But look, she's distracting the guards!"


flutter my leathery wings, '1d10' to try not to drop any of my throwing knives
"Yes I am quite uncommon, thanks for noticing"
"Right, yes. Pleasure to make your acquaintance"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Pleased to meet you both, I am Shaky. And don't be embarassed, at least she does what she does well!"

"It would be rather hard to not notice, my dear."


Widen my eyes
"What… What are those?"
"Oh you think so?"
I look back at Sands
"She always loved to dance…"
Give a big smile while watching her.


"My thanks to you for being so polite on the manner at hoof."
bow a little
"Right, yes. Does anyone know the reason for our being here?"


"Of course she does! I bet you can dance just as well, can't you?"

"Money, obviously."


"Relax, bat-lady! Come and dance with me!"

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


Tsk Tsk, little show off.

The guards still don't mind though, they're still fixated on your great moves.

Your throwing knives stay firmly attached


"Wings, my dear. These are wings. And thank you for noticing them, might I add."
"I.. would rather not. Thank you."


"I can dance 'till the night if dey won't have us soon!"

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


"Oh come on, you were asked to! You can't refuse such a nice mare when asked to dance, can you?"

Word in your Ear

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"That… That's not funny! I can't dance!"
Spaghetti roll
"They are so beutiful! I never saw a pony fly before leaving the island!"

Roll #0 10 = 10


I touch off of the ground.
"You didn't have any pegasi?
And I'm sure you can dance, you just have to give it a try!"


"Certainly not the response I was expecting. Thank you"
roll my eyes
Join Southern Sands in dancing

Roll #0 10 = 10


Stare in awe.
"Oh no, and very few unicorns too! Sister is one of the only on the island, everypony was sad when we had to leave!"


"Oh my~… That's quite a grand performance!"

"Why, I would be sad if I saw two beautiful mares like yourselves leave my community as well."


"whew… I'm sure that's quite enough of a performance, for now at least."
stop dancing


"Oh… Oh my!"
How much taken am I from his words?
"You dance even better than sister!"
Must be the wings!

Roll #0 1 - 1 = 0


"Ain't nopony around here who's gonna beat Southern Sands at dancin'!"

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"That it was."

"Oh dear, that's something."
Watch in awe.


Watch in awe! She's really talented!


"Oh not again… Sister!"


"I never said anything about beating you at dancing. Only about joining in the, festivities"


"Ssshhh, why don't you try enjoying it as well?"


"It be about time dey let us in!"


Let's end this clusterfuck. Everyone repost your sheets in the meta without perks and flaws, we'll do without for the time being.

The guards standing by the door are sweating profusely, obviously having a hard time keeping up their composure. They quickly regain their feeting however as the double bronze doors swing open and another servant mare walks in.

She looks around bewildered at the scene, but manages to keep a hold of herself.

"Ladies and gentlecolts, the… council is ready to meet you now."


"Because I…"
Yeah, I guess I should
"Mhph! Just watch me!"
dance it off!
Would Special Whatever Forever give us a bonus to dancing together?
"These ponies have too many papers to read before they can decide!"

Roll #0 1 = 1


"About time. Thank you love."
head in and sit somewhere where there's less sunlight


Stop whatever very embarassing thing I'm doing and move inside the council hall.


"Good, good."
Walk inside.


"And I thought you said never to do it in public!"
I move in and take a seat near the bat pony.


Blush furiously and whisper to her.
"But that very nice pony asked so many times!"
Yeah I should calm down.


Move inside the council hall!


She cocks an eyebrow and leads the group inside.

This room is much more spacious than the one you were just in. Richly decorated too with paintings, exotic flowers and statues to the side in fact. The room is also filled with rows and rows of wooden benches for ponies to sit on, though none of them are currently occupied. In the front of the room there is a small stage with a desk on it.

Behind the desk sit three ponies, namely a unicorn mare, a pegasus stallion and a earth pony stallion. Probably symbolic that all three pony races are represented in the council. The unicorn mare is filing one of her hooves, while the earth pony stallion just stares at the ceiling looking thoroughly bored. The pegasus however rises from his seat and speaks up in a very loud and authoritative sounding voice.

"Greetings! My name is Sky Simmer. Welcome to the town hall of Port-o-Belle!"


I take a sip of my rum and wait for him to continue.


I bow before them slightly.
"Shaky, at your service!"


I try a bow

Roll #0 4 = 4


wait for him to continue, look the servant over a little

Roll #0 8 = 8



"You no doubt know why you have been summoned before the council of our fair city?"

The unicorn mare rolls her eyes

"Must you be so loud? I can't even hear what I'm thinking anymore."

The mare smiles proudly, obviously appreciating the gesture.

"My, my. Ponies that know their place. How very nice to see."

The pegasus looks at the mare, annoyed by her interruption.

"Ahem, right. No doubt you have all noticed the strange weather phenomenons lately?"

She's tapping her hoof quietly on the ground, obviously eager to leave soon.


Do a salute.
"Helping Hooves, reporting for duty!"


I whisper to anyone nearby
"Dat mare obviously thinks she's better dan she is."


"They would be hard to miss."


smile, then turn back
"Of course"
"And what would you do about it?"


Shake my head up and down vigorously
"Our Island has almost been destroyed by now!"
"But she is important! She is the leader around here, so many ponies must think she's good!"


"Is that what you wanted us for? To investigate them? Ooh! Do you think it might be an evil wizard making them?"


He nods firmly

"Indeed. They are hurting every layer of society. Damaging our economy, damaging our infrastructure and damaging society!"

He slams his hoof on the desk, startling the unicorn mare quite a bit, who scorns at him in return.


The mare rolls her eyes

"Oh please, that's what the peasant rabble seems to believe this day. But I think it's simply nonsense!"


I purse my lips.
"A coconut fallen on the chief's head ain't the same as a destroyed island!"
I shrug.
"I'd leave for home if I could but I can't."


"Then pray tell, what causes it?"


"So you know what is it!"
"There is no home to go back to, if we don't help! And I never asked you to come!"


I just idly look over the room for anything interesting.

Roll #0 6 = 6


I ruffle her mane.
"Aw don't be like dat! It's an adventure!"

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Right. well what do you know about the problem then? How do we fit in to your plans?"
quietly try to seduce the unicorn mare with my eyes

Roll #0 4 = 4


"…If that's nonsense then what else are we supposed to do about it?"


She huffs indignantly, swaying her mane

"Obviously a bunch of pegasi scoundrels must be behind this!"

Sky Simmer groans and turns to her

"I already told you, THIS IS NOT OUR WORK!"
"Well it is your job to keep the weather in check."
"We can't! This is out of our hooves! Why wont you just listen!"
"Oh that's easy, denying responsibility…"

The earth pony stallion, having kept his mouth shut so far sighs and motions the both of the to remain silent. To which they quickly comply.

"My dearest ponies, the truth of the matter is that we do not know what the cause of all this is. Which is why we summoned you here. To try and succeed where we, the council, has failed."

She looks at you quite disdainfully

"What… are you? Some kind of a hideous creature? Don't look at me like that, it's creepy!"


"But… You have not even an idea what this is? I thought you would know! You are the big heads!"
Roll not to cry.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"I suppose you have some sort of lead? And a generous offer for a reward?"


"Toldcha she didn't know 'er place."
"Now now, It'll be alright, we'll save our Island!"
Talk in Island pony so no one else understands
Rolling to comfort

Roll #0 10 = 10


I scrunch my face, thinking for a moment.
"How are we supposed to find out though? None of us are weather researchers or have even studied it!
…I think, at least."


"Sisteeer! The Island is done for! We are finished!"


what a damn shame
to the unicorn, raise an eyebrow
"If I was, then your incompetent guards would've done something about my presence now wouldn't they?"
to the earth pony
"I see. Well given your knowledge on where you failed, where should we look first to ensure our success?"


"Don't worry dear, we'll do what we can to prevent it and if we can't… I'll be more than ready to take you under my care."


"No, no, we'll do fine. We'll find the cause and save everypony! I knew from the start these cityponies were no good!"
I thought we were talking our own language here.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Yes, a true shame"



You tear up a little. The stallion looks at you sympathetically.

"We are in the same pickle here as you are."

"Personally, we have no leads, but we can lead you to somepony else who might have leads… that makes sense right? Right. As for rewards, don't you worry, you will be richly compensated for your efforts. We are quite the wealthy city."

"That will become clear soon enough my dear."

The mares scrunches is disdain

"Are you talking about me, you uncivilized wastrel!?"

"We've already sent out other investigators to find out what is causing this. None of them have turned up with any logical explanation."


>The mares scrunches is disdain
The mare scrunches her face in disdain


I nod with a smile.
"Perfect! Now if you'd tell us where to go so we can collect our money as soon as possible…"


"And what if I am, ya highness?"


"I should've stayed in Aktryssa…"
"Agreed, lets be on our way as soon as possible."


Oh god, the whole island, gone!
Everypony, dead!
Cry some more.
"At least I got you sister…"
With shaking voice, I try to ask
"B-but where is everything starting from?"


"What's that supposed to mean?"
I scrunch my face again, this time in confusion.


"Calm down now, or you'll attract unwanted attention!"


I stand next to her and pat her on the shoulder.
"There, there, no need to cry."


The pegasus speaks up again this time

"Your reward will be given upon completion of this task. Failure will result in no reward given at all, obviously. You are free to keep whatever you find on your travels, if you are so concerned about personal gain out of this misery."

the earth pony looks a little concerned at your crying, but decides to ignore it

"The harbor. This… quest of yours will require high mobility on the seas. Which is why we commissioned a ship for it. You will embark on this ship and travel around to find clues to solve this mystery."


"The name and condition of the ship?"


"Well we got a raft."


"A ship with these sort of weather problems? Doesn't sound like a health insurance, if you ask me!"


"The RV Wavedancer. A relatively new ship… A sloop-of-war to be exact."

He motions to the sunny weather outside

"The weather isn't constantly bad. And trust me when I say that us Bellians know how to build and steer a ship even in the worst of weather conditions."

The mare giggles

"Oh my, I am so very happy we brought these wildlings along for their advanced technology."


"Miss, don't judge from first sight. I have already seen some…skills these mares posess. But I digress. If you say the ship is safe and the money is good, we shall be on our way!"


While looking directly at the mare.
"Betcha I can turn that scornful snout of yours inside out, village idiot!"


"Good to know…"
should I? 1yes 2no '1d2'

Roll #1 2 = 2


She slams both her hooves on the table angrily

"What did you just say!?"

The earth pony turns to her and looks her in the eyes.

"Diamond Glow. Be quiet now please."

The mare backs down again, still glowering at the two tribal sisters as the earth pony speaks up.

"That will be all for now. As you can imagine we are very busy these days. I'm sure North Star will fill you in further. Don't forget: the RV Wavedancer lies at Dock 5B"


"A ship? I have always wanted to sail the seas…"
I turn to the mare.
"Hey! Stop being rude to them! They're very nice ponies you know!"


"I take my leave. Good day, ponies. oh, and to the good unicorn as well"
do a slight curtsy towards the unicorn and head out of the building. wait for the party to catch up.


I nod to the earth pony and turn to leave, winking at the mare .
"C'mon sis, les go to da port!"


"Yeah, I really should…"
Time to become small and disappear…
Yeah, I really should.
"But how can you say such horrible things?"
Tug at her
"Sister, please…"


I smile at her.
At the door, a safe distance away, I speak very clearly:
"C'mon, I was just making the slut furious!"
And I quickly exit the town hall.


Nod and follow.


"We shall go then. Until next time!"
I start walking out.

"Let's just be realistical, okay? Don't worry, I'll do my best to save your island, okay?"
I flash her a confident smile.


"We be a matriarchal society, just so ya know."


"I can save it on my own, you know! It's just those big ponies should have known! What are they there for!"
"We just got here and you start trouble!"


"It's just dat one mare. I bet she never did an honest dance or a fight in 'er life!"


The party takes their leave. As the bronze doors close behind them they can hear the trio bursting into a heated discussion again. The servant mare from before shows you the way out of the town hall. You are now back on the streets of Port-a-Belle. It's right in the afternoon and the streets are bustling with activity. Traders and merchants are selling and transporting their wares around while craftspony's are diligently working their jobs.

She doesn't even react


I- I guess being ignored is fine too…
I walk out and catch up to the rest of the party, slightly upset.
"I suppose we should go find out ship?"


I take a sip from my bottle of rum.
"ya, les do just dat."


"That's nice, I guess? Lot's of mares running around, right?"

"I'm sure you can. You seem like a strong and independent mare who can handle herself."

"That much is right… Miss… How did I not introduce myself yet? Shaky, at your service. And yes, we shall head to the port."

Go to the port.
Dock 5B.


"You bet I am!"
Snort and pick up my pace!
"Don't be silly!
I can't believe somepony could survive without dancing."
Find the boat.


"Helping Hooves."
I smile at him, then follow him to the dock.


"I wanna visit one of 'em taverns before I run outta rum. But les' check out that tub first."


"What you want a tavern for, if we got the boat?"


File: 1352321757902.png (84.36 KB, 600x429, 12379168851153642943papapishu_…)

The party decides to head straight to the harbor in search of the ship. After some looking and asking around they find it at its designated dock. The ship has two masts and is quite small compared to some of the other ships in port. Yet it is undeniably sturdy and good looking as well. On the back of the ship you can neatly see its name, The Wavedancer, engraved in the wood. Several ponies are walking around on the main deck, carrying around stuff. The dock too has ponies walking on it, most of them pulling crates aboard the ship. One of the ponies stands out however, a unicorn mare wearing a very neat and tidy dark blue naval uniform and hat. She appears to be talking to a younger colt.


A ship! I'm really going to be sailing the seas on a ship!
I do a joyous little squee and remove a journal from my saddlebag, writing in it as I walk closer to it.


"Dem sailorbois talked about song and dance and booze!"
I trot over to the blue mare.
"Ahoy dere!"


I fly over there and hover next to her.
"Why good day to you miss, quite a nice uniform you've got there. I suppose you have something you do with this ship?"


"What's booze?"
"Ah! Wavedancer! You are gonna love this boat sis!"
What's the discussion about?


"Have any of you ever sailed before? I've never been on a boat before!"


"We sail for a living! Everypony from our Island can sail!"


"Hm? Uh yes, I'm captain North Star, commanding officer of this vessel."

She gestures at The Wavedancer

She seems a little confused by your appearance

"Uh… hello? Do I know you ponies perchance?"

Looks like the colt was saying goodbyes to the mare. He is eyeing you all curiously

"Uh… Who are you ponies exactly?"


"We're the team that the council hired to investigate the mysterious weather patterns!"
I give North Star a salute.


"We be the hired goons ta find out what's wrong with the air. I be the leader of this group. Chill."


"Me neither, but it's about time I try! There needs to be a first time for everything, you know."

I touch down next to her, take her hoof in mine and kiss it.
"Pleasure to meet you. I am Shaky, and we are here with these ponies to investigate the trouble with the weather, send by the Council."


"Hi there young one! Looking for something?"


"…But there's only a few of us. We don't really need a leader you know."


Here eyes widen for a moment


She eyes you all over, one for one

"I mean… Seriously?"

"Uh… n-no, just saying goodbye to my big sis."

He averts his eyes to the ground


"…You are?"

"What seems to be the problem?"


"Oh, she's the big mare over there? I know how it is to leave family behind, c'mon, tell me about her."
Give him a smile.
"Indeed she is! Sis is the best leader of the Island!"


I nod furiously.
"I hope you be more understanding than de mare at de city hall."
I talk to the colt
"Hiya lil' stallion, can you do this?"
I wink atop the the closest mast and back quickly

Roll #0 3 = 3


"If you say so… but we are not on your islands anymore. Are you sure you know what you are doing?"


She sighs

"Nevermind. As I said, my name is North Star. If you are indeed the group sent by the council… then I'll be acting as liaison as well as adviser during the course of this mission. You tell me where to go, and I'll find the quickest way to get us there safely."

"Um… S-she's really nice and stuff. And… and…"

He whispers in your ear

"She can be really serious s-sometimes but she's not really like that. I think it's for her job or something…"

You just stand there, doing nothing

The colt blinks his eyes a few times in confusion



…Ignored again.
I frown for a few seconds.
"What's wrong with our party? We're all very capable adventurers you know!
…I think."


"Don' be frowning, it's just natural to have a leader!"
"Look closely now."
I snort some flames from my nostrils
[Dragon's breath]

Roll #0 5 = 5


A little bit of smoke comes out of your nose, but nothing more

"T-that's… nice?"

"Nevermind that."


"But I wasn't… nevermind . Oh! I can do tricks too!"
Try to wink to the top of the mast and back!

Roll #0 10 = 10


"You might be born with wing, but we are born with boats!"
Grin at him.
"Well that won't last long, will it?" I look over to Sands with a smile, just to see her harmlessy puff some smoke out of her mouth.
"You could really get hurt with that!"
"Adventurers! I like that name!"


"I was told you'll know of more clues of where we need to go?"

I give a small clap.


I sigh and take a swig from my bottle of rum.
"Ya, wen will we be leaving?"
"Oh come on sis, I do this in my shows all the time!"

Roll #0 7 = 7


"And I have to patch you up half the time!"
Give her a scornful look.
"But it's great when it works!"


Oh you show off

You wink in and out of existence, ending up balancing very gracefully on top of the mast. Some of the ponies stop their tasks to look at your amazing feat of magic.

"Did you see that!"
"Whoa! Imagine how much quicker I could my job that way!"
"Unicorns are way cool!"

"I-It wont?"

"Not personally. But I do know of somepony who could help… unfortunately he doesn't live in Port-a-Belle, so we'll need to travel there by ship first."

"As soon a-"
The mare interrupts herself as a griffon appears on the dock with a zebra in tow. The zebra is carrying a large wooden chest which is obviously much too large and heavy for him to carry.

"Come on Cotton! Chop Chop! Work those little legs!"

The griffon walks past the party taking large steps - and ignoring you all completely - and shakes North Stars' hoof.

"Miss Captain, a pleasure to meet you! Talon Silverwing, famed explorer! Though I'm sure you knew that already!"

"Right… mister Silverwing. Good morning."


I frown.
"Who da heck does this oversized pigeon think he be?"

Roll #0 4 = 4


"A pleasent day to you all."
I turn back to North Star.
"So, who is this pony we are looking for and where can we find him?"


Wink back down and take the chest from the zebra.
"Isn't that a bit too heavy for him to lift?…"

Roll #0 10 = 10


"With Sands around she'll have fun, wanting or not.
Don't worry, we'll keep her safe!"
Turn to the captain and the new arrival
"You are a famous explorer? You have seen this all somwhere already for sure, haven't you?"


He turns to you with a wide smile, or at least as much as a griffon can smile

"Ooooh, what's this? I see you brought some animals for entertainment? Good! Very good! She can even speak a little! Cute!"

She turns her attention back to you
"Uh… right. The pony we're looking for is Earl Gray. He's a information broker that should have some leads we can use."

You quickly wink back to the ground, right next to the zebra, and easily lift the chest into the air as if it takes you no effort. The ponies around you all let out a impressed 'Oooooh'

The zebra slumps back on his flank, mouth wide open in shock.

"Oh my! Two of them? It's a shame they speak with such a dreadful accent… I can't understand you dear!"

He pats you on the head.

What a jackass


I frown and walk over to him, tapping him on the shoulder.
"Animals?! Why, I never! That is very rude of you, mister Silverwing!"


I chuckle.
"Look at the kettle calling the pot back."

Turn to North Star again.
"Where does he live? And when will your ship will be in such condition that we can set sail?"


"Ughawage bugga bugga!"
Make a face.

"Hey Sis, what's your fix for this?"
Point at the captain.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"It seems we have a troublemaker on board…"
I cast mirror image to tap him on the shoulder from behind, then to crouch down.

Roll #0 1 = 1


He chuckles

"Oh it's not like they understand. I've seen this kind of things before, they have very small brains."

"He lives in Golden Landing, a city about two days away from here by ship…"

She smiles

"Our ship can do that in a day and a half though. We'll leave as soon as we have everypony aboard and all our supplies have arrived. We want to make sure we have enough so we don't have to buy anything in Golden Landing…"


Your mirror image doesn't feel like complying to you and punches you on the snout whilst yelling.


The griffon is laughing heartily

"Oh my! These are quite the jokers!"


I speak in my clearest ponglish voice.
"Excuse me sir, it seems your beak is on the wrong side of your face. Allow me to correct it."
I then sock him in the face as hard as I can.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Small brains, why-!"
I smack him right in his stupid gryphon face and give him an intimidating glare!
"I will NOT hear one more word of this! These ponies are just as equal as we are, and just as intelligent!"

Roll #0 8 = 8


He tries to dodge it

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Oh you are funny."
"Did she say somthing wrong?"


"That's good to hear, you seem very proud of your ship."

I facehoof at the others.
"Just… ignore them. I assure you this group will be right once we set to work."


"Hey whose side are you on?"


I stand closer to her and whisper.
"Your side, cutie pie, but you can't just do that to the griffon like what your sister did. Try to be sneaky about it."


… and fails miserably. You punch him square on the beak, sending him tumbling backwards.

And then you slap him a few times more while he is down.

"C-Cotton! Captain! I'm being violated by these monsters! Do something!"

North Star just stares indifferently at the whole scene while Cotton the zebra helps the griffon back up, who points at the party accusingly

"You… you ruffians! Do you have ANY idea who I am!?"

"She's fast, agile and sturdy. That's all I ask for in a ship. She may not look like much, but I'm damn happy with it."


"A very stupid gryphon!"
Look at him scornfully.


"You be a mutineer who just called his commander an animal!"
I snort some fire out of my nostrils
"Now if ya have some trouble with your betters, ya better pack your packs and go back to da town square ta eat bread crumbs!"

Roll #0 1 = 1


"That's right. And I could try to help too!"

"And she's pretty as well, just like it's captain."


"Well he does need a lesson!"


Heal her if she's wounded.
Natural Remedy.



Roll #1 5 = 5


"A very, very rude gryphon!"
I huff and turn my back to him, pointing my snout up in disgust.
And I leave now.


He snarls at you

"You stay quiet!"

You only manage to snort out a big chunk of snot out of your nose

"Gah! Uncouth mare!"

North star cocks an eyebrow as you mention commander

She just chuckles slightly

"Alright then."


"What did you say now?"
Magic Bolt, aimed at his feets! Make that fucker dance!

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


"We'll think of something, what do you say?"

"No, this is exactly what you shouldn't do, remember?!"


I straight out breathe fire, but try not to hit anything
Well the Griffon maybe

Roll #0 6 = 6


"But he insults me! And my sister!"


"Around where we come from, colts like you don't tell mares what ta do!"


He screams and takes to the air, flying onto the ship deck and taking shelter behind a crate.


The zebra seems a little unsure as to what to do.

You snort out fire this time. North Star's eyes widen as she see this

"No! Are you crazy!?"


"Calm your teats, I'm trying to help you both!"


I turn to the zebra
"And this is the famous adventurer?"
"C'mon sis, he's trying to be helpful!"


I quickly stop.
"What be you talkin' about? Who is dis clown?"
I point at the Griffon.


The zebra nods silently and walks over to his master, who begins whispering in his ear while glancing over to the party occasionally

"What? No, it's just that you can't just snort out fire at random near the ship! The sails or the wood could catch fire! Or even worse, the gunpowder!"


"I know better than da spout fire at the ship! But who is de pigeon?"
I look him over.
"He seems like the scheming type."


I tap my hooves on the ground.
"Ladies, please. If you would calm down now, we have a task at hoof, and I'd like to be paid in this decade. Save your energy for later!"


"Really? His face looks so innocent!"
"I saw better adventure spirit in the young fillies back home."
"Yeah right! Captain, we good to go?"


"He's another passenger. Mister… Talon Silverwing. He is supposed to be some kind of a important explorer. Though to be fair I have not heard of him."

"Yes, yes just… let me say goodbye in peace first."

She gestures over to the colt, who seems apprehensive about all this.

In the meantime, another mare dressed in white robes arrives at the dock and heads over to the ship. She's carrying a lot of writing scrolls and appears deep in thought as she walks, not paying attention to her surroundings at all.


It's like I'm having to leave the island all over again!
That's unfair!
Look away, do I notice anything? Like, that strange white dressed mare?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Hey there, that's a lot of paper!"


"I be sorry, of course."
I walk to the deck of the ship and check on the mare dressed in white. And I keep an eye on that pigeon.


after catching up to the party I come upon this bullshit
"What madness is going on!?"


I nod to her and leave her do her thing.

"Calm down, it's fine now."


"I will when I find out what, went on, in my absence"


You had her sighted the moment she got near the dock. Aside from her robes, she's also carrying a crescent-shaped pendant around her neck.

She doesn't even seem hear you, and just enters onto the deck of the ship.

The griffon is still talking quietly to the zebra

She turns to the colt and hugs him tightly, whispering something to him


I point at the pigeon.
"We gave dat bird the treatment that arrogant mare at de hall shoulda gotten."


I take a sip of my rum and start dancing.

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


"Hey miss, calm down a peg or two! Nothing big, we got to meet the bird over there!"
Motion to the gryphon and his zebra assistant
"Turns out he can't dance! Oh, and we about to leave!"
Wait for the captain to finish, then talk with her
"What about that strange one?"


"ugh, anyone else smart enough to tell me to calm down will be dropped into the water with an anchor strapped around their neck! Why the hell were you trying to force others do bend to your will?"


She breaks the hug with the colt.

"You'll bring lots of cool stuff right? Like treasure!"

She smiles and ruffles his mane

"Of course I will. Don't you worry about me."

The colt hugs her one last time and then runs off, after which the captain turns back to you.

"Strange o-"

"HEY! No lollygagging while there is work to be done! You there, stop gawking at the dancing mare and GET BACK TO WORK!"


"You were saying?"


She stares at the working ponies on deck a few moments longer before turning back to you.

"Uh… strange one? Who are you talking about?"


I just turn around to Sands
"What's everypony's problem today?!"
"The one in white, with all the scrolls and the pendant!"


I dance off the ship and talk to the captain.
"Hey, I'll go checkin' them taverns in de town. Which be the nearest one? I'll be back before ya set sail! When do ya set sail?"

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


"No' enough rum, probably."


"Uh… Oh right! Lady Wysteria! She's uh…"

She looks over to the deck and tries to spot her, but the mare has disappeared already.

"She's a researcher and a priestess, another passenger I was expecting. She's alright… for a foreigner."

"Wait, wait what!? The ship is almost ready to leave already, I'd like to get this assignment going already so we can fix this damn weather."


"May I come aboard your vessel?"


"Oh? And she is from?"


"Oooooh! Will she help us too?"


I sigh.
"Bah, fine, I'll entertain the crew then."


"Sister, there's a moment when you should really stop dancing!"


She looks a bit taken aback

"Oh.. hello, I don't think I've introduced. Captain North Star, commanding officer of the Wavedancer."

She reaches out a hoof with a slight bit of reluctance, clearly not familiar with bat ponies

"She's from Canterlot, Equestria. Typical citypony, but still…"

"Yes, that's why she's he-"

"Miss, could you please stop distracting my crew!?"


"And next ya are gonna ask me to stop drinking too, huh? Fine!"
I go below deck.


"I've realized that, thank you dear."
seeing as she's not the most welcoming, lightly shaker her hoof
"Well? Maaay I?"


"Sounds like the perfect pony!"
Research, that I understand! Go below deck and look for her.


You both enter the ship and go below deck, this part of the ship is full of hammocks for the crew to sleep in. There's baggage all around, mostly bags full of clothing and personal items belonging to the crew. There is a door that leads to the aft of the ship, where among other rooms is the captains' quarters.

"Uh… may… you… what?"

She seems confused


"Almost like home!"
I hop on a hammock and start snoring.


give her an incredulous look then change to a seductive tone
"May I sleep with you tonight~? no? Well then I'll be along with these kind ponies"
fluff my tail in her face and then follow the group

Roll #0 9 = 9


Look for the mare

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Oh dear! Ain't this just grand!"

I chuckle.


You hop in the nearest hammock you see, pretty comfy. Though it's a shame it's rather cramped belowdecks

She stares after you leave, mouth wide open and just a slight bit aroused.

You join the rest belowdeck

She's not here, that's for sure.


Well, getting lost on a ship is a new one. Keep looking.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"I'm glad you found this amusing"
grab a comfy looking hammock and get… well comfy!


Nope, she's not hiding in that wooden barrel either.

Maybe you should check out the Aft of the ship.


I turn back to the captain more.
"Some ponies, huh?"


You jump in and get comfortable in the hammock right next to Southern Sand. Not bad.

She takes of her hat and scratches her mane

"Yes… Yes indeed. I only hope they'll be up to the task. I'm not sure how much longer we can bear these disasters…"


Speak in a comforting tone.
"Don't worry, my dearest, we shall do everything to set thing right, and I assure you we'll succeed."


She puts her hat back on, grinning confidently

"Of course we will, I have a reputation to uphold."


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