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It is a bright, cheerful day as you find yourselves filing into the main building of the Canterlot Mage Academy, one of the most prestigious schools this side of Fillydelphia. From the front door you can see the vaunted towers of learning, as well as the occasional pegasus student flapping about what you might guess to be the dorms.
As you enter the main building, you notice a set of several tables, each having a fairly-sized line to them. It's registration day, so you should probably find yourselves a spot in line.


Lines are such a plebeian thing.
I'm here first anyway, no?


I can handle lines. They're easy to keep track of.


Find a line and queue up.
Check the surroundings with a smile.


Sadly, you decided to be fashionably late, which means you're precisely on time. The line is already at least 10 ponies long in any case.


The board of directors will hear from my parents!
Grumble and get in line.


And fall into line you do. It moves slowly, but steadily. Through the peculiar magic of waiting, it always seems as if the other lines are moving faster…


Line up.


I'm patient!
Wait where I am!


I do wonder what they have on the other side of Fillydelphia that outshines this.
Oh well.
First on the right is always the right call.


Patience is a virtue.


Screw this, I'm gonna toy around with-
Well, what are those in line just before and after me like?


As is getting in line immediately. You approach the desk.
A rather bored-looking pegasus hoofs you a clipboard and a quill.
"Just fill out your name, relevant skills, why you joined the academy, and then read and sign the medical disclaimer."
So you do.
Only three ponies until you hit the desk.
The pony in front of you is a small, peasant-looking unicorn. Mousey, poor-looking, and well beneath your usual notice.
The pony behind you is a smartly-dressed, almost foppish, earth pony. His outfit's got nothing on yours, though.


No mares? Such a shame.


Keep glancing about with a smile.
How's the ceiling look?


Read the medical disclaimer when I get to the desk.


How quaint. I'm sure one of them will give me their place if I ask nicely~

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Uh… could you do it for me, sir?"


Very tall, almost domed. You can see a pegasus janitor polishing a chandelier.
It's standard stuff. Age, gender, previous health complications, Mage Academy staff is not responsible for any deaths or dismemberment that may occur during periods of self-study or on sponsored excursions, that sort of stuff. There's a footnote concerning pregnancy, but that text is pretty small.
No dice. You get to be patient.
He just rolls his eyes.
"Why? It's not like your hoof's broken or anything."


This line sure takes long!

Roll #1 5 = 5


I can read small print.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Any pillars and stuff!
Are they anything like the buildings in Cloudsdale?


I suppose it would, but that's probably because you've never had to wait for anything before. You think that mousey little unicorn in front of you might be a mare, but it could just be a trick of the light.
Not without a magnifying glass, it looks like.
There are pillars, but compared to buildings made of cloudstuff, they're not really a match.


"I can't read anything that's on there. And I can't write the answers either with a quill."


A shame. Perhaps next time I shall pick a more persuasive guise.
Well, best make the best of this standing around time.
…am I being watched?


He looks at you for a moment.
"Hang on."
You can hear him rifling through a few sheets of paper before he sets them on the table.
"You wouldn't happen to be Justicia, would you?"


Look at the pony.
"What's this about pregnancy? I can't sign this if I can't read it!"

Fill the rest of the forms. Name… M-I-D-A-S…I'm good at healing and alchemy…joined to meet new ponies and to better smite my enemies…


"I would!"


Lean on… Hir?!
"Hey, this is some nice weather we are habing, uh?"


That's nice.
Keep glancing around.


Nope. Most of the ponies are more concerned with the interior of the building, or are just staring ahead at the line.
"Oh, that. Basically it's a deterrent for any ponies who want to do a little too much self-exploration with a partner. It just means that any foals sired or born during their parents' school time belong to the Mage Academy. I think there's also something in there about how a lot of the classes are dangerous for pregnant mares, and shouldn't be part of them."
"That explains it. Since you're here on a scholarship, I can just give you your room key and send you on ahead."
Suiting action to word, he hoofs over a small key.
"You're in the Star Dorm, room 1313."
The peon grunts a little, before trying to shuffle out from under your weight. '1d10'
Looks like the line's moving again, and you're up. You're given a small clipboard with a few forms to fill out.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Can't quite get away.


I gulp and sign the medical form.
"That seems somewhat harsh."


Fill up my name and personal stuff and…
They are not asking for talents or anything like that, are they?


Now, when nobody is looking, lets try to add a set of wings to this form for the sake of making an impressive first appearance.
Surely much fun will be had were anyone to point out I seem to be an alicorn.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Pick up the key with my telekinesis.
"Thank you! You're so kind."
Step out of line and… uh…
"… Which direction is the Star Dorm?"


"It's a surprisingly effective deterrent."
There is a small box for them, but it doesn't look like they'll be too angry if you leave it blank…
Oh you get a pair of wings, alright. Only, they aren't really feathery. Or big. Or even in the right spot. You seem to have bat wings on your nose.
"You just go out that door there on the right side of the room, and it'll be the building with the star statue in front of it. Room 1313 is the 313th room on the first floor. The numbers are slightly raised, so you should be able to feel them."


…leave it blank then.
And sigh when I have to write pegasus, if that is asked too.
So, was that all with the forms?


Trot off and try to find my room in one go.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I talk in a sarcastic voice.
"Have many drop-out pairs?"
Hoof the filled forms over.
"So what now?"


What's wrong with this guy, he should be honored I'm talking to him!
"So, what's that you want to do around here?"


…lets just hope nobody pays any mind to them.
Let the droop down like a mustache as I await for the power to force another transformation to come to me.


There's the medical release form, and then that's about it.
Well, it sure doesn't take one try. After a lot of bumped ponies, a small potted plant and almost running into the doors of the dorm, you manage to find the right hallway.
"Foals conceived are also claimed, since the ambient magic of the academy might have done something to them. So once they're determined as healthy, they usually get returned. It's a health thing. Now, you get a key and go to your dorm room. You'll be in 1313, in the Star Dorm."
"I j0just want to study magic. It's what u-unicorns do, right?"
Does anyone notice? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Nah, looks like you're in the clear.


I don't have any sicknesses at least!
Fill it out!


"Ah yes. Almost duty of our noble breed!
But you are kinda small, don't look like much.
What's wrong with that?"


Okay, now let's try to find room 1313. Make sure to memorize my surroundings to make it easier next time.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I trot over to Star Dorm and find the room 1313.
"Why couldn't I get like 777 or something?"
Walk in and look around. Are there ponies here? How many beds per room?


Lets try that little feat again. Father always did say to give up after but one mistake is the path of a fool

Roll #1 2 = 2


And it's filled. Turn it in?
"I-I've always been small…"
The unicorn looks a little nervous, and tries to move forward with the line. '1d10'
You think you almost got it. Maybe it's just the new layout that's confusing?
There's a pony who seems to have a few bumps and a small scrape, and she seems to be fretting about something. There is a small communal space, and then two siderooms, each with two single-occupant beds.
Your batstache flaps a little noncommittally, but other than that, nothing happens.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Of course it is! But I'll get used to it soon enough.
Keep feeling for the right place.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Well third time's the charm is a common saying as well.
Lets just try to keep serious and nonchalant and get rid of these soon.


No, the poor unicorn ends up sprawled out on the floor, out of the line. So far out of the line, in fact, she, and it did turn out to be a she, ends up barreling through another line.
Not quite yet. It's only the first day, though, and you think you may have passed it…


I tap her (Justicia?) on the back.
"Hi! Are you lost?"


Turn it in then, yes!


Walk backwards the way I came and keep feeling.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Would you look at that…
"The poor thing must have been confused..
Oh well.
She will have the occasion to apologize later."
Move on!


It does seem to be her, and-
She's touching your face.
Your form turned in, you get your room key, number 1313, and are sent on your way.
Only one pony between you and your registration desk. Wonder if they'll notice?
You're at the desk, and are hoofed a clipboard and about a half-dozen forms to fill out.



Oh hush you, Name.
Best just revert back to the normal unicorn shape then if this Alicorn ruse is to no avail

Roll #1 9 = 9


Okay, start trotting towards the dorm.
Let's find that room!


I smile.
"You have a really soft face!"


I scrunch my snout back into shape.
"Thank you. Are you my roommate?"


I love forms, with their boring formalities.
But not really.
"Can't you just write down I'm here and be fone with it?"
Glance over the documents.


"I have no idea. Is room 1313 around?"


"I think we're in it. There's this main room and then two side rooms which all have two beds."
I pull her with me to a side room and throw my luggage on the bed.


And you do it perfectly.
Roll for interesting things.
"No. Now get writing."



Roll #1 5 = 5


Nah, nothing interesting. You find your way there and see two other mares.


Are they unicorns?
Wave at them.


Get a feel of the room around me, then levitate my own luggage on the other bed.
"I'm Justicia, so nice to meet you!"


What are the fields?


"My name's Midia."
I offer my hoof to her.
I try to wave my other hoof and fall face first into the floor.


Name, race, special talents, medical history, previous complications, a little something in tiny text, and a medical release form.


Well my turn should be soon. Time to forgo the shenanigans for now and get this over with.



"Are you allright?"
Help her up!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Turn to the direction of the voice.
"… Hello?"

"Huh? Are you okay?"


Get up on my hooves on my own
"I'm fine! Totally meant to do that!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your turn is now.
"Hey there."
This earth pony seems to be rather cheerful for someone doing deskwork. He hoofs you a clipboard and quill.
"Just ask if you've got any questions about anything on there."
Just like you totally meant to overbalance and tumble tail over teakettle on top of your new pegasus friend.




Get up.
"My name's Midia! Are you one of our roommates?"


I jump up in surprise.
"What's happening?"

"Are you okay?"


An unicorn up close!
Get up as well.
"I am!
My name is Lira Qinuty!"

"We sort of just fell over, don't worry!"


Lets see what's on this thing…
Perhaps I could slip in some amusing answers?

Roll #1 7 = 7



Ginger Star
Unicorn pureblood
Being perfect
A gentlestallion doesn't talk about this kind of stuff.
Nothing I couldn't solve with money.

Try to read the tiny text.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I had a moment of inagility! Unagility? Nothing serious!"


Well, there's that fine print about how the academy gets to keep any children the students have during their stay. And asking for talents is such an open-ended thing! You could put just about anything down there. And really, what's gender to a shapeshifter?
The text reads as follows:
The signer of this form allows that any and all progeny conceived or born during their tenure as students to the academy are to be turned over to the Academy for study and potential foster homes. Attending courses while pregnant is discouraged, due to the uncertain nature of ambient magic on unborn foals.


Having kids?
Not ever again!
I've learnt my lesson after being put in detention for a whole week!
That was dreadful.
Sign everything and turn it in.


Turn to the newer voice.
"I'm Justicia! Who are you?"


"Lira Qinuty!
Will we be roommates?"


Once you turn it in, you get a key to the Sun Dorm, room 321.


"Yeah! There are more beds on that side of the room!"


I so do hope it's good enough for my rank and status.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Oh boy…
Arisia, Child of Oberon
High susceptibility to Alteration
Lifetime sufferer of chronic polyformosis and side-effects thereof


"I think so, this is room 1313."
Start unpacking my stuff with telekinesis as we speak. Not like I need to look anyway.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Well, I guess I put my stuff down on one of the beds, then just look at the unicorns with a smile.


It's… so common. The bedsheets are obviously less than 1000-threadcount, and compared to your voluminous pillows at home, these are practically rocks! And what's with the other bed? They don't honestly expect you to share, do they?
And do you sign off on everything else?
For not knowing the shape of the room too well, you're oddly good at making things go where they're supposed to. They're even on the same side of the room!


I get to unpacking my stuff.
"So where'd you come from?"


Oh please.
This form could sign off on its firstborn child and not blink an eye.
…I wonder if I should go change into a stallion and queue up again~


I'm sure it's just a mistake and they forgot to put the two beds together.
Do it myself, with my TK.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You certainly could. Until then, you're given a key to room 1312, in the Star Dorm.
They appear to be pretty heavy, for commoner beds.


"Cloudsdale, and you?"


Better stash that on me for now, get out of sight, and try to grow a pair so I can get one for the stallion form as well

Roll #1 6 = 6


Never be it said…
I giv-

Roll #1 2 = 2


Yeah, whatever.
Not worth the sweat.
Take the other pillow and put both on top of each other, let's test this.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I'm from Gloomy Shades, myself."


I cock my head.
"Where's that?"


It's not very impressive, but with a little tuck here, a squaring of the jaw there, and another inch, along with a sudden weight in the nethers, You're back in line as someone completely different.
No matter how many of these rocks you pile together, they just can't turn into the silken softness of your home pillows. And these sheets! Ugh!


"Are there many unicorns there?"


I shall have to find a servant then! This cannot stand!

Roll #1 8 = 8


I should spend more time in this shape. Maybe one day I'd get used to it that way…
Anyway, how soon can I re-fill my form?


You go into the… common area, and notice a new arrival. It's that earth pony from earlier.
Well, the line's got a few new faces, but for the most fun, you should probably try a different line. Maybe one of the leftward ones?


Well Nasse is gone.
"So… ah! What kind of magic do you use?"


Near him with an impatient doing.
Hey you.
Know where I can find the servants?"


He looks at you for a moment, then shakes his head.
"There are none. Didn't you read the pamphlet before you applied?"


I-I'm late!

Surely the haven't closed the registration tables yet, have they?


"I was too busy for this! I had somepony else read it to me!"


That he is
I scratch the back of my neck.
"Well… I'm not really good at it yet… I accidentally found out I can do spells, but they are not very interesting."


No, they're still going strong. Pick a line and get to waiting.
A smirk passes over his face.
"Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here, we're not only expected to clean up after ourselves, they'll want us to…"
He pauses for dramatic effect.


Well, always good to sample both sides, as the saying goes.
…I'm sure that's a saying somewhere.


Raise a brow.
"Okay, I get it, you got scammed.
I will just bring one of my servants from the palace."


Go to the shortest line.


"Oh… that's fine."
I smile.
"I'm sure they are really interesting! What do you want to learn here in the academy?"


Into the line you go.
He shakes his head again.
"You really didn't read the pamphlet. There aren't any servants allowed."
You fall in line behind a stallion, wearing slightly effeminate clothing.


"I don't know!
I thought I'd come here and see if I can pick something up that I'm good at… so, I don't know yet, but I am excited about it! And you?"


Is there anything worthy of fun here, or should I just bide my time?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"But why, that's just stupid."


Just stay quiet… hopefully no one will talk to me.

I wish I had a book…


I nod with a happy smile.
"Really excited! Everypony seems so nice here so far."


Well, you could always talk with the other ponies in line. Make a friend, maybe?
"It's to make certain we're the ones doing our own work, and not the servants doing it for us. You came to learn how to cast spells, right? What good is it to have a servant learn how to cast them for you?"
The line moves pretty slowly for only having a half-dozen ponies in it.


"I don't see how doing menial work is akin to magic!"


My hooves heart.

This line is too long.

Do I hear music coming from somewhere?

I wish I was at home tending my garden.


He just shrugs.
"Well, you either deal with it or drop out, I suppose."
He heads into the other room that joins the common area.
I dunno, do you hear music?


"They do, yes!
And what about your magic?"


How quaint.
Are any of them cute?

Roll #1 7 = 7


You're the storyteller here. Do I?


What an irreverant mudpony.
Time to fix this then.
Back to my room.


"I've got a spell or three… but I'm going to work on expanding beyond that!"


Well, the earth pony mare behind you seems a little withdrawn, but it's that shy kind of cute that you'd love to tease. And that stallion two lines over looks like he might be fun to mess around with…
Well, you're the one with the ears to hear. I can't hear music for you.
And do what?


The most proud and the most cowardly are always the best for a trickster to toy with.
Lets try to be subtle. Stretch a little. Try to accidentally slip a little view for the mare while keeping a serious face.


"Any…uh… schools? That's the word for types of magic, right?"


Stretch out the pillows so much I can actually make good use of them.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Fine! I do. I hear sweet violins.


"I uh… I know some divine magic like a spellbreaker. I really wanted to join the paladin academy! But… they denied me."


Am I at the front of the line yet?


I gasp sightly.
"Oh… I'm sorry… why did they do that?"


Roll to keep your face serious.
Through sheer force of will you unbind the pillows into their individual threads, remake them in a pillow large enough for your purposes, and then restuff them. You even manage to beat the common hardness out of the bed.
In your head, perhaps. However, roll to see what your eyes can see in front of you.
Almost. One more to go.


Shall never be said an unicorn can't have what belongs to him by divine right.
Now, onto having a short beauty sleep.

Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 10 = 10


"They think blind ponies don't make for good paladins."
I take out my sword and swing it through the air.
"But look! I even have a sword! That's like… paladin-ish, right?"


This is serious business.
There is nothing to smile, snicker, blush or nicker suggestively about.

Roll #1 7 = 7


The thoughts of not having any servants, being expected to work, and generally having to deal with these absurd conditions prevent you from even falling asleep.
You see everything that that stallion in front of you is trying to quite obviously show off. How lewd.
Poker-faced, as is proper.


I shall then go and find one of those "pamphlets" the mud pony talked about!

Roll #1 9 = 9


The perfect setup.
Now, a straight-faced, straight laced turn of face, and lets catch her trying to have a look.


And lets see how well that goes

Roll #1 5 = 5


Jerk his robe does stealthily so he doesn't notice but I don't have to see.

Slight of hoof '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


I giggle.
"Yes it is!
I don't really like weapons though. My mother insisted I bring one but I didn't even try it out.
And what did you mean blind?"


"Oh, what kind of weapon do you have? A sword too?"


There's one right on the table. How convenient.
You turn around a little too fast, betraying your intentions.
However, you manage to arrange the cloth so well, if he ever stretches like that again it won't flap open. Undetected, to boot.


Carrying all of my stuff, I stop and stood there in front of the mage academy and ask one of the guards.
"Sir, where should I head too?"


"Good day."
No smiles. Keep it serious.
Walk backwards if the line moves.

Roll #1 3 = 3


…ok just a bit of a grin.
This form was always so hard to keep composure in…


Give him a flat look.


"New student? Head into the main building for registration. They'll give you your dorm key."
Well, it does move, and there's a gap large enough for a pony to cut in front of you now.



I should check what's the first thing to do once I settle into the room.


And so I will cut in front. I'm have master thief, surely I can shortcut. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


A perfectly serious step backwards.
Time is money, and money holds no value to one who has time to spare. I'll make that a saying later.
This day of deceptions begins poorly indeed.
Let us wait then, as one must.

Roll #1 5 = 5


It's like you were never behind him in the first place.
Skipping the part of the pamphlet that mentioned all those nasty things like the accommodations and lack of servants, you flip to the "settling in" section.
"Welcome to the Canterlot Mage Academy! Here you'll be learning to harness the vast cosmic forces of the universe in a safe, and supervised, environment. To settle into your room, just walk on in, set your things down on one side of the double room, and say hello to your roommate. You'll be sharing the next three years with them."
You practically skip back, but she's not playing today. Perhaps some other time.


"Ah yes thank you sir." I then try to carry my stuff.
"Ah perhaps can you help me carry these?"


"Is it something like a sub-servant?"


To the pits of Tartarus with this then.
Let us just stand around, in line, and try not to collapse out of sheer boredom. Good things will come of this. In time.

Roll #1 5 = 5


A-am I at the front yet?


"Sorry miss, we're not technically allowed to leave our posts while on duty. But once you get inside, some of the students should be more than willing to help."
Who knows?
You wobble from boredom, but you don't collapse.
You are! Congrats. The unicorn at the desk floats you a clipboard, with several forms you need to fill out.


Shake my head.
"No, just some dagger.
I told you, I didn't really try it out yet."


Well whatever that is, he's not here yet!
Let's leave and have a look around in the meanwhile.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Ah thank you for your time." I bow before carrying my luggage to the registration area and wait for my turn.



All of this seems pretty normal… Fill it out '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Can I see it? Was it a gift from your mother?"


Once the desk is free, lets fill this one out exactly the same as the first one.
After all, even a trickster should not be a liar~


You wander along the halls of the Sun dorm for a while, and the stench of the common masses is almost too much for you sensitive noble nose. You're convinced that the soaps they use, if they use any at all, are all cheap, and don't have real flowers in them at all. Eventually you work your way outside, where you can see the four towers of the school, one for each school of magic taught here, as well as the dorms that make the academy one rather large pentagon.
You do fine, until you hit the medical form. Then the text starts getting smaller and smaller…
The unicorn just floats you a key. Sun Dorm, room 321.


What's in the middle of the pentagon and what are the 4 schools of magic? Read that off the pamphlet.


"Not really a gift, I didn't want it, but she gave it to me anyway… but sure."
Dig the dagger out of my bags and show it to her.
And fidget a bit.
"So… are you… uh, are you really blind?"



"T-there wasn't so much medical agreement information on the pamphlet… sorry… What does all this say?"


so 321 and 1312… best keep that in mind.
Now then. While still in this shape, might as well make the most of it. Lets go see what 321 had to offer.


Feel the blade with my magic to get a sense of its shape and form.
"Yup! Can't see a thing with my eyes."



"In the middle of the grounds is the Academy Seal, the foundation stone around which the Academy was built. It was lain by the master Stonemason Con Crete, and carved by the artisan Platinum Bran. Walking over the seal before graduation is usually considered to bring bad luck by the students, so it's become a tradition to march over the seal once they've graduated, in order to show that no matter the luck they've got, they'll step over it just as easily.
The four towers house each school of magic that is allowed to be taught: Arcane magic, Divine magic, Nature magic, and to an extent certain Necromantic magics.

You fall into line, and it's not long until you're given your own clipboard with forms to fill out.
The unicorn looks a little bored.
"Oh, right, the medical release thing. Basically what it says is that the school isn't responsible for what you get up to in your off-time, but any kids that are conceived or given birth to during your stay at the academy belong to the academy until they're either certain that the ambient magic floating around doesn't hurt them, or they can be studied due to some unusual thing that cropped up due to their exposure to so much magic."


"So you are using your magic to see?"


You walk on up to 321, and find an Earth pony in one of the side rooms unpacking.
The other room is empty, though there is a rather large, comfortable pillow there. Only one bed has a pillow though…


I must be at the front of the line by now?


"T-that sounds a little bit like slavery. S-sorry!"


Oh. Interesting.
Does this place have a garden of its own?


Looks like I finally made it to school! Wipe off as much mud and dirt off e as I can.


"Hmmm… S.. now.. fields." I then jot my name and everything necessary for the form before passing it to the registrar pony.
"Will this do?"


"Yup! I've been using it all my life! One of the ponies who worked here liked it, so he allowed me to sign up after all."


So you are. As a matter of fact, you've got your clipboard and forms. Fill them out, and return them for a key.
According to the pamphlet, it actually has several. They're tended to by the Nature students.
Considering most of the roads were paved, there's only so much dirt you've got on you.
He'll look it over, nod, and then float you a key.
"Room 1313, Star Dorm. Of to the right, has a big statue of a star in front. Can't miss it."


Look at her with wide eyes.
"Whoa… you are so talented then!"


I read all the fine print.
"So, uh, what happens if a foal is normal? Do the parents get it back when they graduate?"


Best unpack my male-specific items here, to not arouse suspicion.
…and just a few select items from the other lot~ to do just that.
And put it on the side with the big pillow.
Once that is done, if I still have time, lets go see how our roommate is doing.


"Ah yes thank you." I smile back as I grab the key through TK and began to carry my luggage.
Now time to find room1313

Roll #1 8 = 8



"Well I had to find some way to find my way around without help! I'm an independent pony!"
Float the dagger back over to her bags.
"Mom brought somepony in when I was just a little filly to help me learn. That's how I got to know this spell."


Good enough.
Lets go back to my room.


"Probably. It's served as a pretty good deterrent that only two or three couples over the past thirty years have dared to risk it. Plus you have to consider whether or not the parents actually stay together after they graduate."
He's got a little grimace as he tests the bed, eventually just decides to deal with it and sit on the edge. He gives you a short once-over as you enter.
"Oh, are you another one? Name's Flax Field, nice to meet you."
It really wasn't hard to find at all! There are even three other mares in there, chatting away.
"It does, doesn't it? But any foals that end up getting kept are raised well, and are treated pretty much as wards of the Princesses. So it's not all bad, plus they're free to do whatever once they're old enough."
And back you go. You hear that lesser mudnoble talking to another pony.


Oh, yay! Paved roads!

Go over to registration.


Well, I don't intend on getting knocked up, so even if this policy is ridiculous and draconian and probably wouldn't hold up in court, I am going to sign it anyway.


"Good point."
I sign everything I need to.


"So you learned spells ever since you were small?"


What race is the newcomer?

Jump onto bed and keep reading about the rest of the academy, see if there's anything I've missed.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Arisia. Good day.
Might I inquire as to what you meant by another one?"


Ah so this is the Stardorm. Do we have separate rooms or is this one big room with beds on it?
I try to avery my gaze at the mare's, what are they talking about by the way?


"Just one! And I didn't really master it until I was… seven years old."


And over you go. The lines are moving pretty quick, once they got into the swing of thing. You've got a clipboard and some forms to sign in short order.
Forms signed, you're each handed your keys.
1312 for Macaron, and 321 for Chrome.
"Well, it's more than just the two of us in these rooms, you know. They were made for four ponies, two in each room. The one who decided to claim the other room is a snooty-noble type, so don't expect to get along too well with him."
Looks to be a unicorn.
And you're about to read when you realize, to your dismay, that your pillow has been moved in your absence. Somepony has been in your room and touched your stuff!
They're just chatting. The rooms are set up with two beds in each, and are joined by a small common area with a couch and table. Nothing fancy. They seem to be introducing themselves to each other.


"But at least you are good at it!"

Do I notice the newcomer?

Roll #1 9 = 9


I remember to write my form form that I am very good at telekinesis.
I float all of my things behind me and walk to my room.


"I'm sure we will all find ways of getting along.
Is he the one who picked the bed with no pillow?"


Must be this misterious roommate thing I've read about!
Move the pillow again!
Then, full of indignation, greet the newcomer.

"I say, did you see how lowly this place is?"


"Practice makes perfect!"
I puff up my chest proudly.


Sure do.
You enter to find three other occupants. An earth pony, and two unicorns.
"Not exactly…"
Flax cuts short when you enter.


Stone cold expression. Keep a flat tone. This must be noble.
"Truly, sir. A shame, really."


I wave at you.

"Is it your talent?"


Oh, finally somepony that understands my ordeal.
"We are not even allowed to bring our own servants!
Do they expect me to…"
"Tide my own room?"


Alright head to my room and put down my luggage.
After that, try my best to speak to them.

Roll #1 10 = 10



How did I not notice?


Okay, up to 1312…

Knock, knock…

Shake my head so my mane falls over my face… I'm nervous.


I go find a bed that isn't taken and set my things down next to it.


Well, what do I need to fill in?
Pretty glad I know how to read and write!


"I'm Justicia, nice to meet you!"


Why knock, when you've got a key?
Room 1313's door is wide open, though, and you hear quite a bit of chatter. No one seems to answer, though.
Well, do you set your things on the pillowless bed, or the one that's surrounded by three other guys?
Standard forms. Name, gender, race, that sort of thing. Plus a few medical release forms and waivers of responsibility.


"Perhaps I could, sir."


I look around to see which bed has extra pillows.


I didn't want to catch anypony offguard…

Unlock it and wander in. Anypony home?


Blink a few times.
"Oh, you are this… Roommate thing I've read about?
Never would have expected an unicorn to be the one!"


"Its nice to meet you Justicia. My name is Snow Fields."
"Pardon my curiosity but are you yourself new in this academy?"


They don't have extra pillows, but the one with what looks like two ponies worth of stuff on it has a really big one. Feels pretty soft.
Looks like you're the first one in room 1312.


Forging Light!
Medical History: Uuuuhhhh, I got chicken pox once
Sign everything that doesn't look suspicious


"Did one of you merge a bunch of pillows into a really big pillow?"


The only thing that looks kinda suspicious is the tiny print on the waivers.


"Race matters little.
But I feel we may well reach a most beneficial contract."
"Was it a bad thing to do?"


"Yup! We're all first years here, right?"


I'll go ahead and relock the door… pick out the bed by the window and set up my pots…

Unpack all my stuff. Do any roomies show up before I depart for the librarium?


"It was the only way to make it work!"
"Sounds perfect. Shall we formalize?"


"It's kind of like stealing."

"I'm going to need my pillows back."


"On the condition that you are mindful of my possible quirks and absences.
But then, to one of your status and stature that should come as a second nature."
"Please. Have mine, if it quells your mood."


"And this is why we have to find the servants and gather more pillows! The service here is terrible!"
I shall just ignore your absences?
I do enjoy a playful companion, if that's what you mean!"


…eh? Read it.


No, but they're probably still being processed.


"The pamphlets said there are no servants. Not for us, at least. The school must have living servants or magical constructs to take care of repairs and other things."

"Oh. Thanks."
I levitate your pillows over to my bed.


Squinting a little, you can make out that it says that any children born or conceived during a student's stay at the academy is claimed by the academy until they're certain that it has not suffered any ill effects of ambient magics, and that it will go to a proper home.


"Somepony must be taking care of the pillows and stockpiles!"


"Well I myself am new here." I smile.
"As roommates I think a hoofshake is in order?" I offer my hoof.


"I have conditions at times require me to be absent. Sometimes for extended periods.
Please consider it."
Take a lingering glance at my bare bed, and try to fake some semblance of downplayed mourning

Roll #1 7 = 7



I completely ignore your downplayed mourning if I notice it at all.


"Well then, I do believe we have to introduce ourselves!
I am Ginger Star, unicorn of the Star family."
Take off my hat and give a very short bow.


"I'm chrome Crescent, just a unicorn."


I take her hoof and shake it.
"Yes! Definitely!"




Sing it and finish up.


"Arisia. Child to Oberon of the woods."


You get hoofed a key to room 321, in the Sun dorm.


"Just an unicorn?
Ours is a noble breed my friend, we should be proud of that!"
"Of… The woods?
Never heard of him."


Oh, yay!

Go to my dorm. Maybe they even have mattresses inside!


Okay, I'll head down to the library… on the way do I see the campus greenhouse? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Uhhmm.. so thanks." I smile


They've got more than that, they've got… four other ponies?


Am I already in the bunk?


"So what kind of magic do you want to practice?"


Not in the bunk, but you can see the other four after you walk into the room.


"I guess."


"You shouldn't have. Father ill likes attention."


Well, uh.. guess I won't be alone, then!

Go over to my room. Meet some new pons!


"I would weigh my options. but I would like spells that will not fail me. How about you?"



The earth pony, who's sitting while the others are standing, waves hello.
"How do they expect a fifth pony to fit in here?"


"You don't sound too sure, Chrome Crescent of…?"
"Was he a proud mage too?"


"Uh… probably arcane and divine magic! I already know a few spells…"


"While versed in magic, father would curse any who would dare call him that.
My being here could be seen as a sort of rebellion against him and his ways by some."


"Hello! I dunno… They gave me the key to this room."


Shudder for an instant.
"Refusing your own heritage?"
Raise a brow at him.


"Oh, I… well I am new to spells and such. Well telekenesis is a gift given to us unicorns but beyond that I am lost."


I shrug.

"Are you sure you have the right room?"


"A mistake this early? That's not a good sign for our future here."


Nope, you pass by the Arcane tower, and hear a rather loud bang, but no gardens. The library itself is actually the fifth point of the five-sided school, and looms over you. Once inside, you see stairs going up, and down.
"That's odd…"
Flax checks his own key.
"Oh, well, that explains it. They gave me room 322's key and said 321. Since the door was open, I didn't realize there was anything wrong."
Gathering up his stuff, he'll start working his way out of the room.
"Nice to meet you all."


Ah… that's a lot of books! Where is the librarian?


I wave goodbye.


"I said, by some.
I did not say if those among the some would be ill of mind."
"A new arrival, I see."


He could be up, he could be down. Or he could be right behind you.
"Looking for something, miss?"


"That's fine! We're here to learn. So where are you from?"


"Oh, the islands! Father has a residence there."
"I say… What a terrible organization, around here."
"This hardly matters when you yourself deny your blood!"


"Ah! I-I came to get books to prepare for the first day of classes, but I forgot to… do I have to register first, or are there required classes for first years? They didn't tell us anything in the pamphlet or registration desk, and my roommates aren't here…"


"No, you're thinking of the wrong place. Bridleburg is a town on the plains."


"Perhaps I misjudged your mental aptitude sir."


"It escapes me."


"Yeah, uh, hello! Guess I'm staying with you guys now."

What's the room like?



"My town is near the Snowborders, how about you?"


I shake out my pillow and lie down on my bed with my pamphlets. What is on the agenda for the first day here?


"I see you like to think much of yourself."


"Not too greatly sir. But degrading oneself rarely proves to lead to desired results."
Bow a little.


"Oh, from up North? That's neat! I'm from Filly."


"Filly? Where is that?" I tilt my head.


The librarian smile a little at you. He looks well-past middle-aged, but hasn't been struck terrible by any gray hairs or the other failings of old age.
"You already registered when you picked up your keys. As for classes, they don't get talked about until tomorrow, after everyone's settled in. There will be a bit of an assembly out on the yard, and each dorm will be presented with uniforms according to their year and dorm. After that, there will be books outlining a few rules, what classes are available, and what things you should avoid doing if you want to stay in one piece during your school years."
He'll gesture up the stairs.
"Shame that your roommates haven't shown up yet, but the library is here to be used regardless. Glad someone is showing a little initiative."



"Fillydelphia! East of Canterlot, near the coast."


"Be that so.
I do live my life similarly.
But enough talk, let's see what the day brings us, shall we?"
So what we gotta do?


"Very well, sir."
Look around a bit
"Please excuse me. There is a thing I need to go take care of in private."
Exit the room and find some privacy


First day is just settling in, registering at the front desk, and finding your rooms. Each dorm has their own kitchen and dining area, so dinner is up to each dorm. The kitchens can be used by students under special request, and with staff supervision.
Well, there's arranging things, and there's also poking around campus more.


It's pretty busy, being the first day. Roll for it.


"Very well."
Nod as he leaves.
I shall.
There are four towers teaching arcane matters, are there?
To them, I go!


Hmm? Looks like everyone's leaving the room.

No one pays any attention to me. Did I-did I not clean myself up properly?


Hide in a bathroom or closet or behind some curtains if all else fails

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Fillydelphia.. I am sorry if I am not familiar of the place haha. Perhaps one day you might bring me there to see it."


Well, which first? Arcane, Divine, Nature, or Necro?
Doesn't look like anything is empty, and you surprise a few colts by peeking in on them in the restrooms. You might have to leave the dorm first.


I scratch my head.
"I don't really know what the best sights of it would be. I could never really look around. But I'm sure it's nice!"


"Either of you know how to cook?"


Blink a few times.
Don't tell me we have to do that too!"


"Uhhhh… well, a little…."

I do know how to make some grass taste okay, but they probably don't want to hear that


"I see, most cities do have one I heard." I smile.
"Up north is just too dreary and cold, my town is mostly an outpost for soldiers. Thats why I plan to buy a house in the city, or a farm on its outskirts one day."


"We need permission and supervision to eat in the kitchen."

"A little?"


Oh what is a stallion to do in a time of need for no eyes upon him?
Fine then. Perhaps there is a bush or a quiet corner outside.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Uhhh.. nevermind. Not really at all."


"This is nonsense! I say, I've been babooned!"


You find a nicely-sized hedge. Perfect for nefarious ambushes or changing shape… so long as no one comes up behind you.


"You know what you'll do when you graduate already? Wow! I have no idea what I'll do yet!"


"I can boil rice and…well, I can boil rice."



If they do, they're in for the show of their lives.
Gone gone the shape of man
Become a mare if I can

Roll #1 1 = 1


"huh? I don't remember them advertising cooks here."


"Ever went a bit too heavy on the wine?
That's what it means.
I must have been truly hammered to even consider this place!"
"And I don't remember anypony telling me I should have been learning how to cook too!"


Alright, all you've got to do is just… tuck a little there, squint a little here and… what was that pop? Upon examination, it seems that you've rendered yourself completely genderless.


"You drink? Aren't we a bit young for that?"


"You can never be too young to enjoy the pleasures of life!
What do you even do if you don't drink?"


This was not what I aimed for!
Lets try to get at least something back there. I don't want to look weird

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Well… that is just one of my dreams. As for what I will use my magic for, I have no idea." I shrug.




"Well I hope you can fulfill that dream!"


You struggle with it for a bit, and then with a rather loud squelching noise, you find yourself once again in possession of marebits.


How dull.
Never dived off the high rocks of Canterlot castle?
Went flying through the plains of Cloudsdale?
Experienced more…
Exotic pleasures in the remote islands?"


I shake my head.


"Oh but you should! Life is nothing without it!
Indeed, I don't know how I'd even bear to stay alive through such dull days!"


"I hope I do in due time,"
"I also hope you yourself find the right track."


I shrug and lie down on my bed.

I check the pamphlets. Are the dorms divided between sex?


Sigh and leave shaking my head.
Is anypony following me?
Because I'd rather being alone…

Roll #1 1 = 1


For the most part, though the Cloud Dorm has about a 50/50 mix. The rooms themselves, however, are almost never mixed, in order to discourage fraternization.
You can barely move through the crowd of commoners that flood the hallways.


Shrudder at the idea.
Are there any cute mares at least?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Ah, you were missed so my precious vault of secrets.
Now then. I had a second key to use…


"Well, I'm going to go start exploring the area a little so I don't bump into things!"
Be off. Let's explore and map out the area!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Once you get outside? They're everywhere. And there's a really nice one coming out from behind that hedge…
You sure did.
The hallways are wide enough so that you don't bump into anyone, and you think you may even be able to remember your way back. Once you get outside, you realize just how open this place actually is.


I put the pamphlets away and go looking for the library.


"Be careful out there, I got to get my things in order before I explore the campus."

Put my luggage in my room, what does it look like? Is my bed comfy?


Oh my~
Venture into magic can wait.
Approach the lady.

"What a great day of joy and merriment, isn't it?"


"Is it? I hardly had time to notice."


It's serviceable. Pretty firm, but springy enough that it's not like sitting on a rock.


It's the fifth point, right at the north end of the academy. You see an older unicorn talking with what looks to be another student.


Good… room is good.
Are there any adults around? I want to ask about the different classes!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Ah, well, we can figure something out! "

Never had the time.


"Why, can't you feel it in the air? Makes for such a joyful occasion.
But enough of this, you seem quite lost.
Allow me to help!"


Within your range of sight? Probably not. But after a little wandering, you find yourself at the library, where there's another two students and an older unicorn.


Approach the older unicorn.


"I was looking for my room."
Show him the key


He turns to face you.
"Ah, hello. You must be Justicia, the scholarship student. What can I do for you?"


Eye it with a grin.
"Let me see what I can do."
Off to the dorms!
Follow the key's number and get there!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I'm just curious about the classes. Do I need to sign up somewhere?"


Hmmm… perhaps lets go around the campus and see whats in store. What does the community look like?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"How quaint. Are you a servant of the school by chance, then?"


Well, so much for that.


Am I really sharing a room with that guy?

Oh, well. Find some ponies to talk with.


"Why no, I am one of noble descent! True unicorn of canterlot!
But for a lost mare like you, I can spare some of my precious time."


I try to ignore the openness and find the library.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You meander a bit, trying to milk the time for all it's worth. You're a dashing noble, why wouldn't she love being by your side as long as possible?
Eventually you reach the Star Dorm, which is predominantly female.
"That will all be explained tomorrow, at the assembly. Today is just a day to settle in and get to know your roommates."
The grounds are pretty bare, actually, outside of the gatherings near the entrance to each dorm. Looks like ponies are making friends.
Roll if you've got nowhere special in mind.


"Oh… what's your name? Are you a teacher?"
I cock my head.


Oh yes~
My future hunting ground.


It's pretty easy to find. There are a few students and an older unicorn in the doorway.
He chuckles a little.
"Oh, I'm just the librarian. My name's Persimmon."


"You certainly act subservient enough.
Very well. We shall allow you to escort us to the room.
Lead on."


I go inside and take a look around.


Squeezing past the others, you find yourself at a spiraling stairwell. Up or down?




"Oh! Uh… do you have books written in braille?"


"Such demeanor…
You must have some noble blood in you yourself, lady…?"


"Do you consider yourself having earned to know our name? Is our visage not charity enough?"


So far the rest have scattered to explore.
He thinks for a moment.
"Not too many, but I think we've got a spell that reads books to you, somewhere… I think you can set it to your own voice, or similar. Now where did I leave it…"


Hmmm.. same as in my village.
Perhaps go around, see what I might see or meet in the school grounds.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Oooh, I should get to work right now in the library, or maybe make something but this place is soooo nice, maybe I'll eat, oh, luxury.!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Set it to my own voice? Like… me reading to me!?"


I must have stayed back to pretty up my bed, pack out my clothes… wait, did we get a uniform yet?


"Ah, thank you… Do you have any suggestions for gardening and plant magic?"


You spend a little time looking at the other dorms, the towers, the library with a few ponies, some of which you know, in front of it… Over near the Nature tower you see quite a number of birds.
So which is it?
He nods.
"That's the gist of it. If I could just remember where I put the blasted book for it…"


"If I wanted to steal a gaze at your beauty, I'd have done so in complete silence, from the back of the scene.
But now, ponies saw us walk together. It'd be unforgivable if I wasn't even able to grace those who will ask with the name of such a perfect visage."



"You have a tongue of silver.
Polished to a sheen, yet cold, hard and poisonous.
Perhaps if you were to ask nicely…"


Will we get uniforms?
Let's go out and… uh, do I see anypony in uniform?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I could come back tomorrow! No rush!"


Nature tower? Oh my!
Go and check it out, anything I can see? Can I go and pet the birds?


"Then, by the godnesses' grace, I beg of you.
Tell me your name, virtuous lady.
Allow me to sing your praise everywhere I go."



"Those are mostly part of the nature classes' reading lists, but I'm sure we've got something in the botanical or agricultural sections."
You spiral down for a few dozen steps, and find yourself at a door.
Right outside the dormitory, actually. It seems to be an older student mare relaxing next to the doorway.
He chuckles a little.
"It's nice that you're enthusiastic about it, though. It so rarely gets used, and it should have someone read it once in a while."
Once you go inside, you see a hustling, bustling number of students, small mammals, and birds going hither and yon in preparation for the beginning of classes. One bird spots you, and then flies off to a rather frazzled-looking older mare. After a moment, she comes up to you.
"Yes, what can I help you with?"


"Is there a place I can see the lists?"


I don't know! Let's have providence decide.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Walk up to her.
Is she an unicorn?
I hope I'm not interrupting anything, but could you tell me where could I get my uniform?"


"Ah… Oh! I didnt know there is a class on going. Sorry for my intrusion." I bow my head.


I nod.
"It sounds fun! I'll leave you to it, I need to explore further!"
Trot off. Let's explore!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Would you ask for it on your knees?"


"Would you like the sight of a stallion on his knees?"


"They get hoofed out tomorrow, after the assembly. Relax."
You are suddenly beset by a bowel-rumbling hunger. The kitchens demand your presence. Or that flowerbed there.
She looks at you for a second and then shrugs.
"Nah, I was just waiting on my roommate. You're a first-year, right? Don't get uniforms until tomorrow."
She shakes her head.
"No, no class yet. First year, yes? Yes. What did you need?"
Nothing really draws your attention, but that could be due to an increase in hoof-traffic that might be bothering your senses.


"A-alright. Maybe my roommates have arrived. Thanks for your help…"

Wander back to my room. Anything catch my eye on my way? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Nod at the first year thing.
"So…what do we have to do today?"


I open the door.


Uh oh… I need to be able to see where I'm walking. See if I can find someplace with less ponies.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I'm hungry! But, but… can I really go to the kitchens?

Let's see!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Oh nothing, I was just looking at the birds and such, quite entertaining if you ask me." I smile.
"Oh my, sorry if I didnt introduce myself. My name's Snowfield." I bow.


Would you dare try?"


Nope. Nothing really draws your attention.
"Settle in, meet your roomies, and get comfortable. After this it's three years of grueling magical experimentation, and a whole lot of explosions."
Seems it's locked. Maybe they didn't want anyone down here on the first day?
You do indeed. There's practically nopony here. As a matter of fact, you're right back in front of Star Dorm! Seems that pegasus is here talking with an older student.
Sure you can. They're not locked, and the sound of talking and the smell of food smack you in the face as soon as you open the door.
The mare pauses for a moment, her ears flicking to and fro. Then she nods and smiles a little at you.
"My name's Spirit Flower. I'm one of the busier nature teachers here, as you can see, and these little fellows can only carry so much at once. I'm sure they'd love to meet you."
As if on cue, a trio of squirrels and one very fat bluejay come up to say hello.


Are there any signs of what might be behind it?

Roll #1 4 = 4





Shake my head slowly.
"Alas, there are moments when a stallion has to say no.
But I am not yelding quite yet.
One day my misterious mare, one day I will learn of your name, and I'm sure it will be as fair as you are."


"Oh, hi Justicia!"


Anyone in my room? Or in the dorms nearby?


"I am pleased to see you are not entirely without dignity. There are few things as useless as a spineless stallion.
So perhaps we can make a game of this.
My name begins with an A, and ends with the very same."


"Ah! How cute!" I lifted one of them using one of my hooves.
"Are you the only care taker, does no one help you out?"


Nope, it's a pretty solid wooden door.
"Oh yeah, it's half the fun, y'know? Arcane college always has a blast with the fresh students. Only half of them actually hit the targets, though."
Not yet, but the pegasus and unicorn from next door are talking in front of the dorm.
It chitters at you, but otherwise behaves well.
Flower looks a little distant for a moment.
"Some of the other nature teachers… aren't suited for animal work. Too taxing on them, and they don't like just anyone."
#PAUSE, but you may continue faffing amongst yourselves.


"Who's this pony?"

I cock my head curiously at that.


Think about it a bit.
Angelic Vista?"


"That sounds… nice?"

"Oh, I just met her!
I thought we were supposed to get our uniforms today…"
Fidget a bit.



Go in!


"Uniforms? Like the paladins have them?"
I brighten up considerably.


"Perhaps you can earn a hint, if you know how to please me."


"Yes, I saw some of the students here wear them, but it turns out we'll only get ours tomorrow."


"Oh… well that's fine! I can wait! … A little."


"How to please a Lady…
Well I know many one way, but nothing that well mixes with such a crowd…"
Sigh and shake my head.
Perhaps we could. If only I had an instrument with me!"


"Are you excited about it too?
Me too!"


"There exist no instrument greater than the voice of a pony.
And if you insist on privacy… there are no eyes behind the hedge."


"I honestly can't wait to get this year started! Just think of all the things they'll teach us here."


"I don't even know what to choose from, I bet they have a lot of magic to teach!"


"Guess we'll have to wait for tomorrow to decide… we're going to have to be patient."


"My, what a fervant little mind you have.
But what of your room, after making it so far…"


"That higher year said today is for making friends anyway."
Smile at her


"Well, if you so insist.
You were a quaint servant, for what short while you lasted. But I guess I shall get to unpacking then…"


Not like I can see you smile!
"Oh… well you're one of my roommates, we'll all be great friends right?"


That doesn't mean I can't smile!
"If you want to be friends, I'd be happy to be your friend!"


Smiling is forbidden, ableist scum.
"Oh… well that was easy!"
I laugh.


I giggle as well.


"I hope next time we meet, it will be as peers.
I bid you farewell, Lady of Mistery."


"Perhaps a day will come when you prove yourself worthy of such a status."

Now then, are any of my roommates in my room, or shall I enjoy life alone?


"So why did you sign up? I don't suppose the paladin academy denied your entry as well?"


I'm here for a while, figuring out my space.


I sort of just want to uh… You know, learn magic."


I cock my head.
"You really don't know yet? Don't you have any preferences? Maybe… arcane magic? Or divine magic like me!"


"Not really…
And that sound nice, but I don't think I'd be very good at it."


"Hmmm… what else is there? Conjuration? Illusion? Elemental? Earth? … Wait!"
Softly tug at her wings with my telekinesis.
"You're a pegasus! So… cloud magic? Weather magic?"


Frown and pull my wings closer.
"I don't know about that…
I mean I sort of know a magic like that already, but I don't really like it."


I cock my head.
"What do you mean?"


"Clouds and weather magic and… that stuff."


"Why not? It sounds so much fun! … I think."


"It's so… boring!
When I was smaller the school always brought us to trips to the cloud factories, and how this and that weather is made, and all they taught us was weather, but I read all these books about what unicorns can do with their magic and that even fillies of my age could lift things with their minds!


"Well… I guess it has its uses yeah… But flying! That must be exciting! You can go around so quickly!"


"I'm never in a hurry to go anywhere.
And the flight camps… it was like a chore to do, not fun!"


"Oh… well that's a shame…"
I scratch my head.
"I guess I should be happy to be a unicorn or… I'd never be able to find my way around."


So what does it feel like?
Being a unicorn I mean?"


"Uh… it feels… good?"
I shrug.
"I don't think it feels that different from other ponies. Not that I know how it feels to be a pegasus or earth pony."


"It must be great!"


"But… you'll be able to learn magic too now! And you know how to fly all the same!"


"Yeah, that's why I'm excited to be here!"


"I'm really happy for you, being able to do what you always dreamed of…"


Frown a bit, but then smile.
"Don't worry, by the time you are done with your studies here, I bet those paladins will say 'Hey, I wish I could be as good at stuff as she is!'"


I smile a little.


"You just need to start to learn more magic, and you won't even remember that place, trust me!"


I nod determinedly
"Yeah! I'll work hard here!"


"We'll be the best mages ever!"


I laugh.


"I wish it was tomorrow already!
How do you think our uniforms will look?"


"Uh… robes maybe? I don't know! Don't all the famous mages wear robes?"


"I don't know… maybe we only get robes once we are at a higher level of magic?"


"Maybe… we'll have to wait and see!"


"That mare told me there'll be a lot of explosions though…"


"Huh? Explosions? Why?"


"She said that's half the fun."


"Those must be spells for battle she's talking about! That's so exciting!"


"I don't know, battles sound awfully dangerous…"


"But paladins fight all the time!"
I wave a hoof through the air, as if I'm wielding a sword.
"For the good of the realm! For the innocent! For justice! They fight for it all!"


"But aren't you afraid of getting hurt?"


"… Nope!"


"That's so brave!
I couldn't imagine myself in a fight like that."


"Well… I never fought anypony myself… but I bet I'd be great at it!"


"Couldn't you try, like, reasoning first?"


"Of course! I don't want to fight anypony who isn't bad!"


"And what if you tried talking it through with them too?"


"I would! But… I don't think it always works out that way."


"I mean… do you think a lot of ponies give other ponies a chance to talk?"


"Uh… I don't know. But! If they want to face justice, that's great! If not… I guess they have to be fought?"
I scrunch up.
"It's hard stuff! I'm sure my book of law has the answers though."


"You have a whole book on laws?"


I nod proudly.
"Yup! It's really big too!"


"And you read all of it?"


I nod.
"Of course! But… I already forgot some parts that were in it."


"No wonder!
Uh… are there any laws against magic?"


"Well you can't hurt innocent ponies with magic… and summoning ancient evils is really illegal as well."


"Ancient evils?"


I shrug.
"That's what it said in the book."


Fidget with my front hooves.
"What counts as hurting ponies?"


I cock my head.
"You know like… using a fireball spell on someone! … or something."


"Yeah, but, I mean…"
Look around, inch closer, and lower my voice.
"I might know a spell that is sort of hurting…"


I tilt my head slightly.
"I know a spell that can hurt ponies too… but it only triggers if they attack me first! What about yours?"


"It sort of… um… makes others weak."




Look down in shame.


Scratch my head.
"… I don't get it."


"You know…"


I just scrunch up.
"I don't! So it's a spell that makes somepony weak? For how long?"


"I don't know… they usually can't even really get up if you cast it on them."
Keep looking at the ground.
"I'm not very proud of it."


I 'look' at her in amazement.
"You've gotten the chance to use it already?"


Bite my lip.


"Oh… what happened?"


"I accidentally cast it on ponies I didn't mean to…
It wasn't on purpose! And I didn't even know I could do magic like that!"


"Oh… well… everyone makes mistakes sometimes! I bump into things and other ponies all the time!"


"Yeah, but at least they can get up on their own after that…"


"As long as you don't do it on purpose…"


"Oh, no, no, I would never do that!
Unless some really bad ponies who couldn't be argued with would try to hurt my friends or family maybe…"


"That's fine!"


"Uhuh… I have really weird magic I don't really understand, you know."


"I'm sure the teachers will explain more about it! Don't you worry!"


"I sure hope so!
That and more…"


"Well… I should get back to exploring now! Later!"




I'm here, straightening up my bed.


Just one?
"Good day. It seems we will be roommates."



Give a tentative nod.

"I, uh… put up some pots by the windows… for plants, but you can use them too, if you need…

Er – that is, if you're studying plant magic. Or if you just to grow stuff, that's okay too! Um… sorry, my name is Macaron…"


Are you in 1312? I know Dsty, DM, and me are here, but I don't know the last one.


Are you a mare?
"Arisia. Truth be told, I know little about plants."


"Oh… that's okay, though. I mean… t-there are other disciplines. They teach a lot here. I didn't mean to be presumptuous…"


"Well we all must base our image of others on something. Besides, it is often good to learn of things one knows little about, if time permits.
I, myself, came here seeking answers to the mysteries of alteration."


"L-like opening locks?"


"The art of changing the form of things from one to another."


"That sounds pretty difficult… do you know anything about that kind of magic? I don't…"


"I know a few things, but have much to learn."


"That sounds pretty exciting… Are there… jobs for… alterers?"


I would imagine. Surely the vain and superficial would love access to services of removing unwanted features or enhancing desired ones.
Or perhaps there is business in turning apples into oranges for those who prefer one over the other."


"Oh… that sounds nice…"


"I'm sure my wording made it sound less nice.
Care to tell me of plants as I unpack?"


"Oh, I don't know anything about them, to be honest. I just garden perennials, but my father said I have to make myself useful to the family business, so he sent me here… But I am looking forward to learning about them, so I brought these pots…"


"So you are simply here to please your father?"


Frown a little, "W-well, I mean, I said I do want to learn about plant magic, and they do teach that here…"


"I did not mean it in offense. I simply thought about inquiring after your motivations."
Lets unpack some of my extra clothing and move it to any available closet space.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Oh… Well, uh, your parents sent you here too, right? Unless you're… ah – you're not an orphan are you?"


Oh dear.
These are all male clothes.
Silly me, I must have mixed up my bags…
"Oh no. I came here on my own volition, even if father Oberon was not too pleased of it."


That sure is weird but I'm not going to comment on it. You're probably just a FTM pre-op. No wonder you're so interested in shapeshifting!

"Oh… I guess I thought you needed permission or something from your parents… But your father will probably miss you…"


Lets just… put those back in the bag.
I'll need to get the other bag back later…
"Wrong bag…
…as for father… well, we'll see once i return."


"Does he not like magic…?"


"He thinks all he needs is where he is, and that if it's enough for him it should be enough for anyone."


"Oh, I see… but I'm sure he's glad you're getting an education…"


"We will see as I return. For now, I'm just happy to be out of those woods."


"Oh, the woods? That sounds rough…"


"Well, it wasn't like we were caveponies. But our home was very secluded, and we rarely had visitors.
Not that that stopped me from visiting others."


The time is early afternoon. Registration has continued at a fair pace, and more and more students fill out the school's population.
Those who have already registered are already exploring the campus, and those who haven't are in line to receive their keys.
NPCS activated.


Before scouting further for beauties or great locations to take said beauties, I shall…
Slip away from the crowd and go to the necromancy tower.


I seem to have mixed up my luggage. I need to fix this issue at some point.


"Alright, most of my paperwork should have already gone through, just need to get my room assigned. I wonder who I'll be spending many of my days with?"
Try to contain the anticipation and the wonder.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Oh boy, oh boy.
I wonder… would there be any other students around that have studied the divine?


So you do. Judging by the fact everyone seems to avoid the southeast tower, that has to be it.
You sure do! Just imagine if someone found your ladyclothes in the Sun dorm.
All that's left is signing the medical release from and responsibility waiver, and you've got your room key.


Well, there's an entire tower devoted to divine magics, after all. It's one of the selling points of the school.


I'm smarter. Better.
Let's walk in. Unseen.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Ahaha yes! Go find this tower!


Filling out the work study papers earlier, I already know what's going on and I'm just putting down another hoof signature.

"Come on, lady luck, show me what you have in store for me!"


Time to leave the mare dorm with my bag, find some peace and quiet, and assume my other shape

Finding some privacy

Roll #1 2 = 2


Well, no one's really looking, and your definition of stealth amounts to basically an exaggerated swagger, as if daring anyone to question your presence.
Roll to navigate the new wave of students.
The stallion at the desk doesn't seem too enthused at being called "lady luck," but nonetheless hoofs over a key.
"Room number is 1312, Star Dorm."
Where did all these students come from, anyway? Hardly a moment's peace as new arrivals hustle and bustle about, exploring as much of their new school as they can. Eventually you find a shallow nook between buildings, but it looks like it might be a squeeze if you want to duck in there.


Surely, nothing could go wrong.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Yeah, they better.
They better believe I'm here and I can.
Now, let's start looking around.
What is this place like?


But my other form is bigger than this! I don't want to get stuck!
Is there still safe space behind that old hedge?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Sorry, sorry, I was talking about something else."

Let's head over there and see how high I can jump with all this energy as I head there.


Roll #1 1 = 1


Wake up screaming

Roll #1 4 = 4



Unfortunately, it seems everything went wrong. The first step has you bowled over by a rather energetic earth pony who wasn't looking where she was going, which disrupted your vision even further. What's worse, she didn't even apologize, or seem to notice she'd knocked you over. You are currently Blind, and must roll to regain sight.
Dim. A little gloomy. Some heavy drapes over the windows, and it smells a bit musty, like a room long-closed.
Looks like there's a small gaggle of gossiping girls there now, already eying a few of the male students.
You jump pretty high, actually. High enough to straddle the back of the colt standing in the next line, who's now looking at you incredibly confused.
It's still the first day.


"Ladies, would you mind? I need to change."


Where am I?


"Um, uh, thanks for catching me! Goodbye!"
Take off at full speed towards my room [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1


Okay. Don't panic.
Get up and try to regain my bearings.

Roll #1 7 = 7


The whole tower is just a single room?
Can I notice anypony?


They look at you a little oddly.
"Change? Outside?"
"Behind a hedge no less! In plain view of the Sun dorm!"
"How scandalous~!"
Last you remember is introducing yourself to your roommates. You're currently in your room.
Going over his head probably wasn't the best way to dismount, especially not when you landed fairly heavily on the floor. Still, you recover what little dignity you may have left, and scoot off towards the Star Dorm.
And, like magic, your magilocation spell returns your limited vision.
Of course it isn't. You've only just walked into the first floor.




Forget what I did and check out the room. Did anyone else get here before I did, or am I still alone?



Roll #1 4 = 4


"Not in the way you assume. Get your collective mind out of the gutter, please.
But if you would allow me the chance, perhaps I can introduce you to someone nice later."


Now let's find our way to that tower carefully…

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Oh my! How cute." I sit down on my fours and try to grab one.
"Busier? Didnt the other caretakers help you?"


It seems they left, though you're sorta yelling at a jenny who just found her way into the hallway. And everyone else who's moving into their dormrooms.
Room 1312 seems to already have two occupants, and they're in one room. The other room, which has two beds, is still free.
You're startled when a zebra comes up behind you.
"A new student here, is that all? With ego large and sense quite small."
They titter a bit.
"Su~re you will."
But, they disperse. The hedge is free, though with constant traffic to and from the dorm, you won't have much time to change.
Feeling your way along walls and staying well away from large groups of ponies, you find yourself at… the southeast tower?
"Other caretakers…"
The animals dodge your grabby hooves, and then climb up on you, with the bluejay perching on your head.
"Well, they couldn't quite keep up. It's hectic, you know. And sometimes animals don't really take to certain ponies…"


Uh? Is this right?
Is there anyone around?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Ooh! Ooh! Where am I?


Jump back.
"What in the world do you think you are doing going around scaring ponies like that!"


The desired result has been achieved.
Yet alas the show goes on
Time to become a stallion

Roll #1 7 = 7


Guess I'll take the other room. Is there a window bed? More for me then if I 'm the only one there.

Try not to cry. [1d10]

Check out the map and schedule, are there any clubs and when will they begin to recruit?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Dont really take? What do you pfffhahaha! What are they doing?" I roll over and try to play with those who climbs over me."


Unfortunately, >>450827 manages to jump into you. So yes, there are folk around.
Registration desk. You've got a clipboard full of forms and the time to read and sign them before you get your room key.
The zebra just smiles toothily at you, his teeth yellowed and almost pointed.
"Old Zeb just likes to have a little fun. The face you ponies make when your hearts run!"
Schwoop and ker-schlong, you're now a dude.
There is indeed, a bed near the window. And you successfully manage to keep your composure over the embarrassments of the first day. And while you have a map, schedules haven't really been issued aside from the one saying that class information will be relayed on the second day after the assembly.
The jay takes flight again as you roll around, and the squirrels practically have you at their mercy.
After a moment, Spirit flower will make a few "Tch" noises, and the four critters head back next to her, before quieting down and behaving.
"Sometimes they're a bit naughty, and become more than some ponies can deal with."


Now to go back to my other room, and switch out the bags.
And lets do it all in one trip, like a man

Roll #1 1 = 1


Let's put my stuff away and then try to find the kitchens, since that's where I'll be spending a good chunk of my time.


Name: Morning Blossom
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female~

What other forms are there? I should probably read them first

right? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Shoot a glare at 'Old Zeb' and turn around.
What did I bump into?
Oh. A fair unicorn.
"Mylady, forgive my actions.
This zebra here caught me by surprise!"


"Uh? Hello?"

"Oh! Zebra? Is this the tower with all the divine magic stuff?"


"No, not exactly.
Are you having troubles finding it?
I'd be honored to be your chaperone, my fair lady."


"Oh, that would be so nice of you!"


"Naughty you mean? Well they are playful if you ask me." I smile as I stand up and regain my composure.

"If you'd like, I can help you with taking care of them." I ask all the while brushing off some dust on me.


"But of course.
And I'm sure you will honor me with your name, as a reward?"
Take her hoof into mine and firmly plant myself at her side.


"I'm Justicia!"


"Did you SEE that!?"
"I know, Cherry! She turned into a he!"
"How do you think he… she… it? How do you think it did that?"
Looks like you had an audience. Those three mares apparently decided to peek.
Well, each dorm has its own, and you find yours fairly easily after asking for directions and following your nose. Seems they're getting ready to prepare dinner.
Medical release forms, responsibility waivers, something in really tiny text, standard forms covering their bases.
He just smiles at you.
"No, little blind one, that is not this tower. This tower teaches a darker power."
She smiles a little.
"While that would be appreciated, you're going to have your hooves full being a first year. And it doesn't get any easier from there."


"Honored, Lady Justicia.
Such a noble name well suits such a noble creature."

Let's start walking for the Holy Tower.


"Awww.. if thats the case, then perhaps I can still visit if things gets stressful." I give her bambi eyes.


Sign the release forms, waivers, and standard forms to start

read the tiny text '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Well now.
Time to… minimize damage.
Lets go have a little chat with them


"Oh… Sorry for interrupting then!"

I giggle a bit.
"I'm not a noble!"
Let him lead me.
"What's your name?"


"Those don't work on me, dear. Far too many animals have tried that one. But I wouldn't turn you away if you wanted to work."
Heck naw, that shit's tiny. It's probably not important anyway, otherwise they would have made it bigger!
"So is this who you were going to 'introduce' us to?"
"How weird~"
"I dunno, she makes a pretty cute guy…"
The other two shush the third.
He wave as you go.


"Perhaps. Why, were you hoping for more?"


"But you are!
In your doing, in your speaking, in the very fact you were born it is told that you are a noble visage!
My name is no matter right now, when such a beauty happears before me."
To the tower of… Blearhg.


"Oh, curse this tiny text! Excuse me? Excuse me!"

Look around for another mare who can help me '1d10'

"Excuse me, can you help read this for me? I do not have a reading glass to have brought."

Roll #1 4 = 4


I scrunch in confusion.
"But… names are important!"


"And so are you.
By not telling you mine, I hope, you will think about me more.
And every moment on the mind of such a lovely lady is a moment in the Sister's embrace."


"Ah thank you!" I giggle then stare at the animals.
"Truth be told, I like to have one as a pet but my parents wont allow me to have one."


"So… what do I call you then? I can't really look for you if I don't know your name."


"Well, we weren't expecting a pony that can change shapes."
"And even then there's only one of you, so that doesn't help the other two of us."
"Yeah. We thought you knew some guys…"
Yup. Northwest tower, very clean-looking.
No mare, but the pegasus stallion at the desk can help.
"Oh, that. That's basically just saying that any kids conceived or born while their parents are students at the academy get turned over to the academy to make certain there aren't any ill effects from all the ambient magic around. Discourages some ponies from messing around too much."
She shakes her head.
"They aren't just pets, you know. They're…"
She trails off for a moment.
"Oh, right. Busy busy… I'm afraid we'll have to have this talk another time, dear. Seems I'm needed in the back. They're having trouble with the bears again."
And off she goes.


"Oh my, what a conundrum indeed!"
Giggle softly and keep walking.


"Ah, here we are. And I'm afraid it's time for me to bid you goodbye."


"O-oh dear no! Thank you for telling this information."

quickly sign everything off and give it back to him

"Is this being all?"


"Okay then… Thanks!"
Head inside.


Nod weakly and turn around with a smile.



"Well I suppose I could indulge you on the details, but I have actual business to attend to.
Unless you lot think you can be a bit of help to me. Then I could tell you about the genuine noble I know."


"Hmmm… " I just look at her as she heads off.
Go back to my room and see whats happening.


He looks it over, and nods.
"Yep, that's it. Here's your key. Room is 1312, Star Dorm."
It smells kinda like medicine in here, but it's quiet aside from the occasional student that passes by. There are a few chairs and low couches along the walls, and a strange pillar in the middle of the tower. It looks like there's a door there, and no stairs anywhere.
You're back. Zeb's gone.
They seem to think it over for a second.
"A noble?"
"Do you think he… she's lying?"
"I'm willing to chance it."
They all nod to each other.
"Okay, that works. Where do you want to bring him?"
Not much. Midia's still there, though the door is shut.


Hmmm… Can I go 'see' if there's anyone behind the door? Better yet, are there any adults around?


"I can inform him that a group of fine and eager mares desire to meet him.
But first, I have some luggage to carry."


"Hello? Creepy zebra? Anypony?"


"Oh, thank you!"

Heft my stuff and trot into the halls.

…navigate to my room '1d10'

"Star dorm… 1312… star dorm… 1312… stardom…"

Roll #1 3 = 3


There's a larger pony behind a desk on the far end of the tower, who looks to be reading a book.
You would assume he's a teacher.
"Leave out the eager part. If he thinks we're desperate, he just won't come."
"And why tell us about your luggage? Shouldn't it already be up in your room?"
Silence. Roll.
You get lost a little, turned around some more, and almost walk into the Moon dorm before you find your way to room 1312. It seems there is three ponies-worth of belongings here, so you're the last one to arrive.


Midia? Hmmm.
Can I see the school grounds from this floor on the windows? What can I see by the way?


Such games.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Oh boy!
Approach him.


"I'm still in the process of moving it.
The observant of you may have noticed I was carrying a bag.
Now, I must be off."
Be off

Roll #1 10 = 10


Huff at being late, then head to the last bed that's left and throw my stuff on it.

Is anyone here? I really don't know


It seems these windows are facing out, over Canterlot. Or at least they would be, if there wasn't a wide buffer zone around the school, just in case a student pulls off something they shouldn't.
You see a goat drift from behind one of the drapes to settle down in a chair that you are quite certain wasn't there before you left.
He looks up from his book.
"Can I help you? Or are you another in the long line of students who end up somehow injuring themselves on the first day?"
You're off like a champ. If there was a stepping off competition, you'd surely have one first place. Your offing has left the three mares confused, speechless, and slightly aroused. Or it would, if that's what turning and walking away could do.
In the room, there are none but you. Perhaps they're out exploring the school?
Knight's offline, DM's, moving his stuff, and Wf's offline.


Perhaps, and I should make use of this time to finish packing my stuff! '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Leave the goat to her/his machinations.
I want to find the place with all the juicy items.
And that one where they keep the bones.

Roll #1 8 = 8


This form has the most toned ass a stallion has ever sported. Turning away sharply could impregnate a weaker mare.
Rolling for ass quality '1d10'

Anyway, take my bag of manly man clothes to the room, and retrieve my bag of frilly panties and revealing dresses.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Huh? No! … Well I almost got hurt, but I'm fine. Is this the… divine tower?"


Note to self, remember to transform ass.
Anyway, lets haul that other bag out and not drop anything

Roll #1 3 = 3


Well, it was already packed, but now it's unpacked, neatly folded, and arranged tastefully in the room.
What you find is a locked door, a half-dozen archaic runes, and one locked grate that goes down into the tower's depths.
Nope. Boney butts. You probably should have focused a bit more on that end than the face.
He turns back to his book.
"Yes. Where all the students come to be treated for scrapes, cuts, bruises, missing limbs, all that fun stuff. And where they learn to channel the might of the divine."
Well, you can almost shove everything back in, but in true luggage fashion, once you got everything out it doesn't want to go back in. This is going to take '1d3' trips.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Books. Look for books.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"So uh… you guys are like the paladins of the academy?"
I smile up at him expectantly.


Hopefully it isn't anywhere else but my space. I'd hate to be rude on the first day.

Now! Head out and start looking for mares to befriend! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Sure nothing horrid will happen.
Not on the first trip '1d10'
Or the second '1d10'
Or even the third '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 2 = 2


Father was wise in becoming a hermit of the woods.


Perhaps go on the roof top and see whats in there. Explore a little.


also rollian

Roll #1 6 = 6


Nope, no books. Though, as you try and open the locked wooden door, a crossbow bolt flies past you and thuds into the door.
"Wouldn't poke around the tower in front of a teacher, fancypants. Tends to lead to rather sudden expulsions."
If you could see more clearly, you'd see the almost palpable disgust on his faces.
"Paladins! Bah! Bunch of zealots. Think that if you believe hard enough and hit things enough all the problems go away."
He'll shake his head.
"No, we aren't the 'paladins' of the academy. We're better."
Well, you don't find a mare, but you collide head-to-head with >>450885, knocking you both silly.
The door to the roof is currently locked, and has a small sign dangling from it: #Roof access. No students allowed on roof.


Gulp down and keep staring at the door.
"I thought the school was open to students."



rub my head

"Sorry fellow student! I did not mean to offend!"

Help gather up his(?) stuff for him '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I wince and back away.
"Oh… Uh… Okay!"
Run away!


"No worries… It's just a lot to carry. You have my thanks."


"The school is. But the towers are only open to the students taking the right classes, while they're with their teachers. Helps cut down on 'problem' students doing things they shouldn't."
Roll not to run into anyone on your way out.


"Locked. Hmmmm… "
Go around and try to see how the community is on the academy. See if there is anyone I can interact with"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Where is your room? I will help carry this stuff, again sorry."


Go to someplace where they teach the arcane instead!

Roll #1 3 = 3


There are ponies just about everywhere. Most are already in groups and talking with each other, but there are a few floating around by themselves.


Turn around slowly.
"Very well then.
Sir, I require you to be my teacher."


"These are not for me. I'm taking them to the Star Dorm. 1312."


"Oh, how fortuitous! That is where I too am staying. Whose are they?"


Try to greet one of them, lets see if they are cultured and stuff.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I believe her name was Arisia.
…might I be so forward as to ask you to take them the rest of the way? I'm running behind schedule and, well, it might seem off for one such as myself to be lurking around those rooms."


"Oh of course, of course!"

take the rest of his stuff

"Goodbye Mister…?"


It's not quite a clean getaway, and you manage to jostle a plant, nearly trip on the door frame, and almost bump into another student who's coming into the divine tower. Eventually you make your way to the northeast tower, the Arcane tower.
The goat's gone. Chair is as well, for some reason. The voice, however, is still there.
"Listen, greenhorn, you don't get much say in the matter. And until you sign up for classes, you have no teachers. So my advice to you is to drop whatever you think might be a good idea right now, and wait."
The moment you enter his field of vision, he breaks into a snaggle-toothed grin.
"Well gaw-lee, ain't you a pretty mare? I knew comin' to this school'd do wonders fer my popularity!"


"How insolent!
Nopony has the right to tell me what to do and when to do it!"


And you are?"


I better be memorizing these routes somewhat…
… Any teachers here?


"Morning Blossom! Nice to meet you Arisia!"

Drop that stuff in our dorms, uh

did my other roommates have the courtesy to leave their names by their bunks?


You feel a sudden weight on your back.
"I'm no pony. So I guess that means I can tell you what to do and when to do it."
One or two. Plus a pegasus pushing a book cart.
Nah. If you had to guess, though, it's probably the bed with the bags of colt underclothing and such.


Why would I guess…. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


And off i go after pleasant introductions
To tuck away the extra and once more become a pretty mare
I just spent the first part of the session hauling those out, what are you doing?

Roll #1 7 = 7


Step back a little and smile, that was a surprise I might say.
"Ah.. eh I… hello, nice to meet you ahaha."


Obviously just a mix-up with the baggage for two ponies with the same name. Happens all the time.


Eyes wide and in anger, I will try to buck the weight off.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Nah, couldn't be.

Gently put the stuff by all those bags, just in case the other Arisia doesn't really stay there.

Now head back out of the room and look for friends to make! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I'm not going to bother the pegasus if he's busy. Approach one of the others instead.


Missing things. So I guess it's the bed with nothing by it.
And you're once more dickless.
This guy doesn't quite seem to care about personal space, and gets almost in your face.
"Nice to meetcha! Name's Cauliflower, what's yours?"
He grabs you by the hoof and shakes vigorously.
There is a mare being accosted by a very loud farmer.
The unicorn at the desk will look up, and stare at you a moment.
"Ah, you must be Judicia. You're… shorter than I thought."

Roll #1 1 = 1


The goat is sent tumbling away, the only thing saving him from landing facefirst on the floor being his goaty agility. It was still a bad spill, though.
"Attacking your betters? You've got discipline problems, greenhorn."


I tilt my head to the side.
"What do you mean, shorter?"


Now nice and dickless, it's time to head on back to my room and FINALLY unpack my stuff.
My actual stuff.


"Y-you jumped on top of me! And how can you call yourself my better?
I am the unicorn here!"


Trot over there

"Hello miss! Hello mister! How are you two doing today?"


"Ah… ahaha.. ah yes I'm Snowfields. Its nice to meet you." I give a forced grin as I step back a little again.


"Ah, right, Justicia. Things get a bit jumbled, I suppose."
He smiles a little.
"Nothing you need concern yourself about, though. What can I do for you?"
The room is now adorned with your things, odds and ends, and knick-knacks.
"I'm your better because the moment you walked into the school doors, your status and race amount for nothing. All that matters in here is your talent, and your effort. And so far I don't think you've got either in you."
"Snowfields? That's a right purdy name! Why, I think it'd-"
Cauliflower is cut off as Morning Blossom intervenes.
"Another mare? And a real beaut to boot! I knew comin' to this school was a good thing!"


"I'm just exploring and getting to know where everything is! Uh… who are you exactly?"


"Oh yeah?
Just let me show you, you ruffian!
I am a master of control!
And all I learnt I did alone!"


"Aha, yes. What is your joining here for? Magic, of course, but I'm going to learn about healing. You?"


Lovely. This will finally make for a nice beginning to a stay here.
Now. Lets find someone who knows what is taught where

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Ah hello, whats your name?" I smile back.

"Ahaha.. ah yes my parents really took the time to think about it."


"I am Morning Blossom, and yours miss?"


"Well… I just want to know how I will fare with magic." I look down a bit and avoid her gaze.

Then look back up.
"My name's Snowfield, nice to meet you." I grin.


"Oh I am sure we will learn to harness magic very good. Nice to meet you Snowfield!"

Give her a hug! '1d10'

"Is nice to make friends here!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


"My name's Cassan, one of the instructors for the Arcane courses."
The goat just shakes his head at you.
"Well, aren't you king shit of turd mountain. Every student out there has either learned things on their own, or is coming here to learn things they wouldn't be able to learn elsewhere."
The goat stalks around you a little, and you notice he's wearing an eyepatch.
"So why in Celestia's name would I care about you specifically?"
"Well, I just came here to learn how to be a wizard, like in the stories! You know, flyin' and throwing lightning bolts and turnin' wood inta gold."
He'll start to drift off once he notices he's been tuned out, leaving with a "shucks."


"Ah yes. yes." I try to hug her back the best I could.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Oooh… what kind of spells do you teach?"


Twich my eye nervously, about to burst.
You should be honored to be at the service of somepony as noble and important as me!"



"Ohhhhh, I have not read wizard books before. So wh- "

shrug as he leaves

Good hug

"Aha, my apologies. I haven't friends with me here."


"Oh, this and that. The class lists you all get tomorrow will list teachers as well."
"Nothing noble about a loudmouthed braggart who can't even wipe his own arse without a servant to help him."
There are new students everywhere. There are also the five towers. Which do you want to go to?


"Ah! Where are you…. " I just stare at him as he leaves us. Poor boy.

"Ah I myself am meeting new ponies in this school. I am quite new myself." I smile.
"You said you're a healer?" I tilt my head. "I thought mages only uses spells that shoot blue magic thingies to put down targets."


"Says the goat who couldn't stand on his own hooves!"


It would benefit me to find out where and when one can study alterations many aspects. Such as polymorphing.


I nod.
"Okay, I can't wait to learn more then!"
I pause for a moment.
"Um… Why does that pony in the tower of divine magic hate paladins so much?"


"Eh- well I do not heal like Sisters of the Field, that is too advanced.

I try to keep ponies from getting sick!"

Beam as I say this

"But you and that other pony should study together, maybe you can learn that too."


"Oh thats very nice of you. If I got a cold perhaps I might come and find you if that is fine ahaha," I put a hoof on my chin.

"Well, perhaps I will meet him later. Its too unceremonious of him leaving us like that." I giggle.


The goat just snorts at you.
"You're going to have to deal with a lot worse than just a goat on your back by the end of this, fussbudget. As far as I care, I pity any teacher your inflict yourself on."
Then the library is probably your choice.
Cassan chuckles a little.
"There's a little bit of school rivalry between the two academies. It's why you got snapped up, really. When you got turned away by the Paladin academy, and we heard about your as yet unique magical sight, well, we couldn't just let you get away. And if we end up helping you become something amazing along the way, then it's a big raspberry to those humorless paladins that will make them regret ever turning you away. It's win-win, really."


"Any teacher worth his salt would be honored to have me!"


What a queer place to store information on lesson plans.
To the info desk!


"Hahaha- yes is fine!"

"It is of course. Do you know of other ponies to make friends with?"


"Oh… I didn't know the two academies disliked each other that much! I think I'll just stick to arcane magic then."


"I do know someone named Justicia, she's my roommate. Though I dont know where she is right now." I look around to see if she is near where we are.


"You keep thinking that. Now get out of the tower."
Once you head up the stairs from the entrance, you enter the first library floor. There's a unicorn mare working the desk at the moment, and a little ways away you can see a half-dozen books floating above the shelves as they're sorted. Since her horn isn't lit up, you can tell the mare isn't alone in the library.
"I'm sure we'll be glad to have you. How are you getting along, by the way? Making friends?"


"Sure! The ponies I've met so far are all really friendly! … Even if one of them didn't want to tell me his name. I don't know why!"


"Best to make friends with roomates first! Lets go!"

tug her along and look / ask-around for this 'Justicia' '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


head struck high, leave.
Now, I need too…
Look for those I am forced to share my bed with.
We have to come to an understanding about taking mares to the roo-
Check around for mares anyway.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Oh, he'll probably come around. Make lots of friends, okay? This school isn't only about learning how to cast spells, after all."
Not many ponies caught her name, but your description matches one of the ponies who was seen in the Arcane tower.
You're too distracted by the indignity of being ridden like some common mud pony at a foal folk fair. You're convinced this outfit will have to be burned to remove the shame completely.


"Come Snowfield! She is in the Arcane tower! Probably!"

Head there and start looking around for he-

ok ASK around for her! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Excuse me, is this where one may inquire about specific classes?"


I nod excitedly
"Okay! I will work really hard with the chance I've been given! I wont waste it!"


"Ah yes yes." I follow.


She's right there at the desk, chatting with an older unicorn. He's probably part of the staff.
"Well, sure. I'll even answer. The classes are listed in a handbook that the faculty gives out after the assembly tomorrow. If you're looking for something on a specific class that you might want to get a jump on, then we should be able to point you in the right direction as well, assuming you provide which school and discipline the class is for."
"It looks like you've got a few friends looking for you already."
He'll gesture towards Snow Fields and Morning Blossom.


I wave at Justicia.


Trot up next to her and wait until her conversation is finished

can I spy her physique without detection? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I turn around to face the two.


From her? Probably only because she's blind. From everyone else? You're staring hard.


"The horror!"
Wait, did that goat say anything about actually having to sign up for classes?


"Hello Miss Justicia! I am Morning Blossom, a friend of your friend Snowfield!"


Roll #1 10 = 10


"I'm interested in Alteration. Shapeshifting. Polymorphosis. The like."


"Justicia, I loved for you to meet someone I met. Her name is Morning blossom."

"Ah yes she is." I just scratch my head as to why she stare at Justicia hard a minute there.


"Oh! So nice to meet you! I didn't see you before, are you also settled in our room?"


"I… well I'm settled in with an Arisia, but I do not know who else. I am in Star Dorm 1312, are you as well?"


Yep. That means you'll have to pay attention. And be present when the class selection comes up. And have to share class space with commoners!
Picking up a piece of dropped paper on the floor, you make it the oldest trick in the book. No one ever questions that one.
'That's a mix of arcane and nature magic, then. For shapeshifting courses, you'd have to speak with the staff at the Nature tower, while the polymorph courses are hoofled by the Arcane tower. Of course, they both get their books from the library here, so you might as well poke around to see what you can find. Though, one word of warning. After the last few times that books went missing due to sticky-hooved students, they've been mass-enchanted to be impossible to take out of here unless they're stamped with a return date. Not that I'd point hooves or anything, just telling you in case you wanted to read outside instead of at a window."


I shake my head.
"Room 1313, so we're neighbors! I bet we're going to come across each other a lot!"



"I understand, good to have neighbors as friends too!"

pull her into a hug '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"And for how long periods may one take these books?"


I really do hope they bathe.
Is there a main building here at least?


I nod at this.
"I agree, and Ms Blossom is an adept healer just in case one of us catches a cold." I smile.


"Haha yes I will heal your cold!"


Whoa there!
I laugh.
"Ponies really are friendly here in Canterlot."


"Usually they're allowed out for two weeks, and then you have to renew them. Otherwise they've got a failsafe that winks them back here."
That would be the main entrance, where you registered.


Go there and ask about
"Classes, those things were you…"


Well, I suppose rules are rules.
Where might I find the material?"


"Oh I am not from Canterlot, but I am eager to make friends. Come! We should make friends with other ponies!"


"Ahaha.. ah yes they are." I smile.


"Ah I agree."


I scratch my head.
"I really should be exploring more… so I know where to go and stuff!"


You just get a deadpan look.
"What, did you think this would be easy?"
She hums a small moment.
"I think Catty may have taken most of the advanced books to the Arcane tower so they're ready for classes, but there should still be a few beginner books on the shelves…"
She'll look past you at the floating mess of books.
"Well, they should be, so long as our head librarian hasn't sorted them elsewhere."


"Oh… yes, that is a good thing to do as well."

"Should find out where others are too. That way we don't get lost. Haha, I got lost finding my room!"


"Easy and hard are things commoners invented to feel better about failing.
There is just succeding or failing."


"Shall I go and see?"
What are the odds of landing anything useful?

Roll #1 5 = 5


The deskpony will just roll his eyes.
"Oh, you're one of those. But, yes, classes are things that require work.
About 50/50.
"Go ahead, just be careful about any flying books."


"Never be said I stand back from a challange.
Give me all that's needed!"


"Will do. And thank you."
Carefully '1d10' search for useful '1d10' material

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 9 = 9


"Well, see you later when we get back to our rooms!"

Next up, let's see if there's shamanistic stuff in the academy!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Well I myself do tend to forget the number of my room so you and me are in the same boat." I scratch my head.


"Fine. You'll get them tomorrow, along with everyone else. After the assembly."
You get smacked by a few scrolls and more than one tome, but you end up finding "The Complete Beginner's Guide to Alteration."
There's the nature tower, and you recall Persimmon, the nice old guy from the library, saying that there was a few sections in there about it.


Wave as I leave

"That is true. So! Do you want to go look for places you want to study first? Or me?


Ooooh, another tower? Go visit it!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Perfect. Lets check it out.


Be taken aback by this.
"With… The others?"


"Well I.. err what?" I give her a mild puzzled look.


You meander a little, but you find your way to the tower. Inside it's bustling so fast your magilocation sight can barely keep up.
As in read or actually check out?
"Yes. The other students. After the assembly that all the students attend. It's when you get your uniform, and the class list. Then you sign up for classes."


"You first or me?"


"Oh, silly- hahahahahah! Where do you want to look for study? You want to study to make better magic right?"


Oh shit. Okay.
Uh… "Hello?"


As in check out.
I have two weeks to copy it anyway.
"This one, please.
And if I may, which way to the Arcane tower?"


Open my mouth wide and almost cry out.
I will not!

I say!
I will not wear an… Uniform!"
Recompose myself and dust off the chest of my precious outfit.


Stand there for a moment before snapping out of it.
"I ahh… well yes perhaps we can check… the study of offensive magic perhaps." I smile.



Actually, we just came from the Arcane tower right? Yea head back there!


"Oh! I didnt know!" I put a hoof on my snout before I follow.


Alright, now
Any tasks for the students?


One thing disengages from the chaos, and comes up to greet you.
"Can I help you?"
She stamps the book with large rubber stamp, leaving a faintly glowing rune on the cover.
"There we go. Two weeks. As for the Arcane tower, that's the northeast tower. So you just take a left going out of the library."
The deskpony just rolls his eyes and makes a sort-of off-hoof gesture.
"You don't wear the uniform, you walk around naked. I'd advise the uniform, though, since they're designed to withstand a lot of punishment that'll happen during classes."
And you're back at the tower.


Fuming, turn around and go back to my room.


My ears perk up as they catch the voice.
"Yes! Uh… It's a little hard to navigate this place but… this is where nature's magic is practiced right? Are you a teacher?"


I look at Morning Blossom.
"Uhhmm.. So who am I to meet here? Have you met the professor that will teach us?"


"Excuse me miss librarian! Can you help my friend with knowing books to learn about offensive magics? Or if there are classes on it?"


"I don't know, but we should find out soon!"


Or if not, am I back at the kitchen?


It's still only the first day, and dinner is coming up. Speaking of which, when last we left off you were in the kitchen area.
And so you fumed. Fume fume fumed like only a noble could fume.
The pony nods.
"Yeah, I'm one. Name's Shale."
The stallion at the desk in the Arcane tower looks at you a little funny.
"I think you've got us confused with the library. As for classes, the booklets with the class information get passed out tomorrow, after the assembly. Today is just for settling in and making friends."


"Thank you kindly. Should I return these or just let them return themselves?"


"Oh! Oh my… we're so sorry." I bow down.



What do I see as I enter the kitchen? Am I even allowed in?


"Foo… Sorry sir."

turn to Snowfield
"Tomorrow I guess, want to look for a map to this place? Or make more friends?"


"I'm Justicia! So this place… it's filled with plants and animals?"


"Ah I am game to explore!" I smile back.
"So far I've tried to go to the rooftop but its locked."


"Either or, though the librarian does enjoy seeing that ponies return the books themselves. When they pop back into the depository, he just starts going on about how they probably let it fall behind the bed or didn't read it at all."
You can get into the dining area just fine, but the kitchen itself? You're hustled out as soon as they notice you're in there. Whatever they're cooking smells pretty good, though.
Shale nods again.
"Yep. It's a mess, but here's where the learning happens."


I need an outlet.
Which means, I need a vagina.
Off to look for that strange mare with a blindfold over her eyes.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Hahaha, the rooftop? Who were you wanting to find up there?"

Head into the common areas where there's plenty of maresponies to befriend!


"I.. errr I was just exploring and want to see the area on a vantage point." I scratch my head confused a bit.

Follow her to the common area's.
"Well they sure are flocking up here."


"It must really look great! What kind of… nature magic do you teach?"


Nope. Just dudes, dudes, and more dudes.
"A few practical things."


"That works too I guess, but is better to find a map of the school instead. Or ask knowing ponies about it."



Roll #1 10 = 10


"Very well. Thank you."
Now, to the Arcane tower!


I don't like dudes.
I like mares.
Stop looking at dudes and look for mares.

Roll #1 4 = 4




"Alright, perhaps that could work. Lets go ask some of the staff or guards about the area shall we?" I smile as we go and find someone who could give us direction about the academy.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Nevermind that, then.

Go to the library, and start looking up the schools of magic they have.

I want magic that works with machines. To turn into machines anypony can use, to build things better than anything. For that, I must… decide what I will study here.


It's practically a garden for the number of "flowers" that are here. You'd have to rate the majority of them at least a 9, while the rest don't go below a 6. Maybe that farmer was onto something when he said it was a good idea to come here.
You pass Snow Field and Morning Blossom on your way there. Upon entering, there's a unicorn mare at the desk now, talking with a stallion who seems to be on his way out.
Try as you might, there is no tail to chase inside the Sun Dorm. Unless you're into dudes. You've been checking out a lot of them.
"How to care for the land, and how to receive the care the land gives back."
The place is packed, walls covered with books, and even some just sorta floating around, moving from place to place. There's a unicorn mare sitting at the librarian's desk.



Roll #1 7 = 7


As soon as I can, inquire regarding applying for Alteration classes.


"Oh! So that includes healing and stuff? That sounds neat!"


Oh my~

"Hm? W-well should we be pushing so much to know about the school? We'll be here for 2 more years, lets spend this time to make some friends while we have the time to"

Head over to a small group of mares
"Excuse me? Hello, I am Morning Blossom. Would it be rude to ask for some help? My friend and I have gotten lost before and.. everyone needs some friends in this school."

Compassion '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"Ah, it never hurts knowing more people." I smile back as I head over and stick close.



Which one? Star, Moon, or Cloud?
The male unicorn leaves shortly, and the mare remains at the desk.
"Well, I don't teach tinctures and potions, that's Brier. Besides, you won't be ready for my classes until second year at least."
They look you over for a moment, before all of them turn to face the two of you.
"Hi there. I'm Gilded Lily, nice to meet you. Where were you headed?"


Star, just like my name.
Such a name can't hold ill will."


"Good day. I'm here to inquire as to when and how I may sign up to study the arts of Alteration."


"Oh… that's okay! I look forward to it! I'll do my best!"
Is it a he or a she?


"Hi Lily, my name's Snow Fields." I smile and bow.


"Hello Gilded Lily, I was going with my friend to help her find a map of the schule so we don't get lost again. We are both in the Star Dorm, which are you in?"


Go to the unicorn mare.

'Excuse me, ma'am, but might I know a book that could introduce me to different schools of magic? "


Well, the place is flocking with fine fillies.
The mare looks you over for a moment, and then smiles.
"Well, well. Was wondering when you'd get here, changing one. I'm afraid signing up for Rosalyn's classes will have to wait until the class pamphlets go out tomorrow night."
From the sound of his voice, it's a he.
Introductions go around. There's Pearl, Platinum Chain, Ruby Circlet, and of course, Gilded Lily.
"Well, I'm from Star too, though Platinum is from Moon and Ruby is from Cloud. Pearl still needs to move into Sun."
And then they'll look between each other.
"As for maps, they probably hoof those out when you sign up for classes, so you don't get lost."
Pearl pipes in:
"I saw a reeeeeally big map in the main building after we registered. It had all sorts of words on it."
"Which one? Arcane, Divine, Natural, or Necromantic?"



#The ride never ends


"Ah a really big map, perhaps I could visit it sometimes." I grin back.


"Well, isn't that convenient. Are you all friends before coming here? What will you think to study more on?"


Pearl grins at you.
"Well, silly, it's right in the main building! I think they'll even let you copy it down if you're really bad with directions."
They all look at each other.
"We never knew each other before coming here."
"Nope, we sure didn't! But we got along pretty well."
Platinum Chain speaks up.
"I'm personally going to be taking a few of the arcane arts. I hear that their selection is among the best in all of Canterlot."
Ruby Circlet pipes in.
"And I'm going to take healing magic courses! I've always wanted to help other ponies, and the healers here are really talented. And it's a great alternative to just joining a convent."
She'll roll her eyes at that, and Pearl will speak next.
"I'm gonna take some of the nature courses. I've always liked small animals, so I was hoping I'd be able to get to know them better that way."
Finally, Lily speaks.
"And I'm also going to be attending the arcane courses."


Has my other roomie shown up?


Introduce myself to some of the workers.
"Hello, most of us met when I was filling out the paperwork, but once again, I hope I'm not a burden to you in my time here."


It looks like the other three ponies sharing your suite have indeed shown up and dropped off their gear before heading out.
An earth pony mare comes up to you, then looks you over.
"Eh, you're not gonna be a burden. Many hooves make light work, but you stay in your station while things are cooking! Too many chefs in one spot spoil the meal. Name's Loven Spoonful, I'm the head chef for this dorm."


"Das is se'r goot! Oh, I also am going into the healing course, so we might be hanging out more Ruby!" Smile at her

"But is great to meet you all, I hope to hang out with you more later on!"


"Oh!" I cover my snout in embarrassment.
"If that is so, I may try to acquire one later. Thank you for informing me." I bow a little in return.

I then look at Platinum Chain.
"Arcane arts? Is that the casting of spells meant for offense?" I tilt my head a little.


"Thank you for taking me in to your kitchen, but what will be my station? It looks like you're already getting ready for tonight, and I'd like to help."


She smiles back.
And they all chime in echoing your sentiment about meeting again.
Platinum thinks a moment.
"Well, there's more to it than just casting fireballs or hurting things. Arcane magic can do more than just that."
She thinks a moment.
"Well, since you're just starting out, you can wash up and help Spud peel the potatoes. After that's done, then we might need you to fetch and carry things for the other chefs."


"Yes Ma'am!"

Let's go meet this Spud fellow with a big, happy grin.

"Hello, my new pal in potato peeling!"


"Ah! I am quite new to magic and its varieties. The only ones I've seen are the different spell bolts and magic used by the soldiers and mercenaries in our town." I smile


"I will hope to see you all tomorrow! But excuse me, I want to go meet my other maybe classmates."

Hug each of them and be off to another group!

"Hello? I was wondering if you could tell me your names? I am Morning Blossom."
Compassion '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Well, uh…

Maybe I can learn more about each. Detect important items (Master Thief)!


Roll #1 10 = 10


I was in the library?


Maybe I should clarify that I want to look through their stuff.


The brown stallion turns to meet you, a pair of potatoes over his eyes.
"Eyes to meet you."
Smiling a little at his own terrible humor, the spuds fall away to reveal his own, slightly brownish eyes.
"Name's Spud. I guess you're the new gal they've got helping? Coffee?"
"Well, there's a whole lot more than that here!"
Pearl cuts in.
"I don't even hardly know what I'll pick when we finally get the class lists!"
This group is a bit of a mix, 2 stallions and three mares.
"Hey there."
Introductions go around. The stallions are Iron Clasp and Starcatcher. The mares are Peony, Dandelion, and Honeysuckle.
I gathered. And you gathered that One of your roommates is a jenny due to the cut of her clothing, as well as her poorly stashed copy of Jacks Weekly tucked into a cookbook. Another is obviously a unicorn, due to the bottle of horn polish and she seems to be some sort of lady-type, due to her sewing kit. The last of your roomies is a bit of an oddball, as it seems she's got some very unisex clothing in her stuff.
Probably. You see BDN's character, but he's in stasis lock.


"I'm Poitou, nice to meet ya."

"I've never really tried it, but I guess this is a good a chance as any. Sure, give me a cup!"


"Is goot to meet you all, If you don't mind me asking. What are you looking to join? I want into the Healing stuffs to help others."


I look around to see what subjects they have.


"Nah, nah, your name. Poy toe Coffee? Did I get it right?"
You get a sundry list of classes. Clasp is planning on going for Arcane, as is Starcatcher. Peony is going for nature, while Dandelion and Honeysuckle are shooting for the arcane courses.
They've got a bit of everything. Roll twice.


"Ah is that so? I didnt know I didnt know." I smile back.
"If that is the case then I will check it out if they gave the list haha.."

Look around, is Cauliflower around? Where is he?


Poor lad's long gone. He knew when he wasn't wanted, eventually.



Roll #1 10, 3 = 13


"All this interest in arcane studies, I might join a class to see what is all the interest in it.

Uhm, is this arcane magic able to make gold from bark?"


Perhaps I'll find him later.
"If you will excuse me Platinum, perhaps I will go and get a map before it slips my mind." I smile.


Realize he's right in a couple of ways and blank out for a bit.

"Sort of, yes, maybe. It does mean coffee and a few other things, but it's pronounced in Caballo. So it sounds like you are talking about a little cafe where you can get coffee and tea, but pronounced deeper."


You dodge the first line of books that float by rather masterfully, though you stare a bit too long and get hit by the second. It seems someone is magically rearranging the library, and they can't quite see you.
A few of them laugh.
"If it could, then there'd be no trees left with any bark on them!"
They bid you farewell, and you find your way to the main building. The large map is up against one of the walls, since they had to move it to make room for the registration desks.
He'll blink a moment.
"Ohhh. Well, here, catch!"
He tosses you a potato. Roll.


"Ow!" I bend my glasses back into shape with my magic.


Hmmm… is there a smaller version of the map as give aways just as they said?


"Wait, I'm not ready!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


A head will pop out from behind the shelves three rows away.
"Oh! Oh dear, are you alright there? Terribly sorry, I just get so caught up in work, and we're going to be so busy once the year starts again…"
It seems to be a middle-aged unicorn stallion. You'd guess he must be the librarian.
Matter of fact, there are a few copies.
"Look ready to me."
You catch the tater with practiced ease.
"Now, you just grab your peeler, and then skin the potato over the muck bucket here. I calls it a muck bucket because by the end of the day, it's full of potato skins that feel kinda mucky."


"Alright, let's see if I can still pull of this trick I used to help me get through my early classes and all those clubs."

Call out my Bloodborn. [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


"It's fine. I'm looking around so I can learn the layout of my new home."


Slightly blush at this mistake
"Oh- haha, mein apologetin. A friend of mine reads books and that was in one of them."


Go grab some an put in my bag.
Now… hmmm perhaps lets try to find Cauliflower and have a proper introduction, our meeting has left a particular bad note on my mind.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Nipping the side of your leg with the peeler, you let the blood flow out into a minion, who awaits your orders.
He looks a little confused.
"Home? Wasn't aware any first years had applied for library assistant positions…"
"It's fine."
"That's what we came here to learn, right? What parts of those old stories are true and what aren't?"
He's over by the nature tower. Looks like he's petting a squirrel.


Stupid stupid stupid, that wasn't funny.
"Um, I meant I'd be spending most of my time reading."


"Start helping Spud peel the potatoes while I clean the blade. It's fine to go slow, we don't need to cut ourselves accidentally trying to rush it."

Rolling for peeling speed.
Bloodborn: [1d10]
Poitou: [1d10] Does her cooking bonus apply to preparation?

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 4 = 4


"That is very true. You are all very nice, I do hope we can be friends."
Compassion '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Eh… lets hope he doesnt have the same outburst as before. Approach him slowly.
"Hey…. " I give him a smile.


He nods.
"Ah, that makes a bit more sense. So, what did you plan on starting with?"
He'll raise an eyebrow at the bloodborn, but just continue peeling as it gets to work, keeping the potatoes blood-free. Which is good, because otherwise it would really be a health hazard.
And yes, your talent applies to foodprep as well/ You manage to keep up with them.
Maaaaybe trying to seal your friendship to the mares with a full-on french kiss was a bit strong. As it is, they seem to want nothing to do with you after this, and leave hastily.
He looks up at you.
"Oh. Hey there. Sorry 'bout earlier, I jus' kinda came on a bit too strong…"


"Let's keep it a secret that I can be in two places at once, okay? Otherwise, we might get assigned more work."

Have both of us give him a wink and keep peeling.


A bit! Oh my goodness that's putting it lightly, glance around '1d10' to make sure this didn't cause too much of a scene before hurriedly rushing back to my room!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"You might not want to show that off too often, anyway. Might get snatched up by the necromancy teachers. Creepy sort, they are."
He shudders a little, and keeps peeling.
Looks like quite a few ponies were staring. You get a few wolf-whistles from some passing colts, and the mares put a little more haste in their step while studiously avoiding eye contact. Well, some of them, anyway. A few others are staring at you a little appraisingly.


Maybe later!

Maybe later but first make haste to my room!

'1d10' for extra speed!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Ah yes indeed, I was taken back by such enthusiasm." I scratch my mane, I then look at the squirrel he was petting.
"So you too are fond of animals are you?"


I shrug.
"It depends on what my classes are. Umm, is there a fiction section?"


You're gone in an almost comical cloud of dust. You're back at the room.
He nods.
"I am a farmer, after all. If there's anythin' I know, it's critters and the land. Mares… ain't so much on my list of things I'm good with."
He thinks a moment, and then point towards the back row.
"Starting there, and going about three rows. Please put things back in order after you've finished, the students usually leave things in such chaos…"


Everything's put away, right? Of course, of course.

throw myself on the bed and bury my head in the pillow

"Augh.. I just want dis ta'g to be over vith now!"


"Ah, I understand. I myself have seen my fair share of boys blundering in front of mare's, so as mare's blundering in front of colts. Its fine…. Cauliflower, right?" I offer a hoof shake.


He gives a sorta gap-toothed grin, and nods.
And he takes your hoof, and gives it a simple up-and-down shake.
"I don't think I ever did catch yer name, though…"


I go over there.


"Snow Fields, a pleasure to have a new friend." I bow.


No problem.
"Aw, you don't need ta bow 'round me, Snow. I'm just a farmer. And thanks for sayin' I'm a friend."
#Paused until later


#Academy online, finish your first day


Verily, I know not where my mind was.


Well… I'll just stay in my room until my room mates come back…



"It seems my skills are known to you.
How, exactly?"


It was on the tails of mares.
Done. You're in your room.
You're still outside Star Dorm. There's a foppish unicorn colt eying the place like a bear eying a pond full of fat salmon.
She smiles at you.
"Would you believe that we've been expecting you, daughterson of Oberon? My brother and I, at least, though we wouldn't know what form you'd pick to meet us."


Why is he doing that?


"I had intentions of picking something less subtle, but it would have been pointless.
If shapeshifters are well known to you, pray, tell me of the course and what I should expect from it."


Off to know more distinguished ladies of little care.
Eyes on the most beautiful one, for a start.

Roll #1 8 = 8


One can only imagine.
She idly flips through a small notebook on the desk.
"The course is fairly standard, as it's just focusing your abilities of change outward, instead of in. And, of course, learning to make those changes responsibly. I'm afraid it's forbidden to change other students by surprise after the last time, where a rather promising student was turned into a mouse while walking near a cat."
You see a positively stunning pegasus mare, who happens to be looking at you, next to this complete uggo who must be a second year.


Mantain eye contact with the pegasus and smirk slightly.


Blink and then look around.
Maybe he is lost?


She looks positively clueless. Trot up to her.
"Say, I am completely lost. Would you be so kind to point me to the Sun dorm?"


I knew it!
Why else would he be here?
"Uh, sorry, I haven't been there yet!"


Hang up my head and shake it slowly, in defeat.
"It's been all morning, you know. I've even been so foolish to brave the dark tower looking for it!"


Let's see… I know the unisex roommate. That must be Arisia.

What about the other two. Do they have names on their luggage? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Doesn't look like it.


I think I was speaking to one of the teachers.


"Why would the male dorm be in a dark tower?"
Tilt my head, but then smile.
"If you are really so desperate though, we could try and find it!"


Shale, yes. The Nature tower is fairly chaotic, and you'd more or less finished.


Smile warmly back-
"I knew such a bautiful creature wouldn't let me down.
Shall we?"
Offer her a hoof.


Alright, I didn't exactly remember if that was the case. I'm pretty much ready for the next day, I got a good feel of where everything is. I'll go find my buddy Lira.


"Of course!"
Smile obliviously and start walking.
Is the male dorm, like, across the female dorm?

Roll #1 1 = 1


Left all alone to my thoughts…

Pa would want me to start picking out valuables from the other girls' things, or finding a fence around town…

Actually, that's not a bad idea…

I wonder if there are any places on campus where I could find fences or restricted goods. Leave my room and wander campus a bit, especially shadier areas. Use my sense of where I would hide if I was doing those activities to sniff out possible alcoves for fences and dealers.

Master Thief '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


If it is, you certainly got lost looking for it. You ended up caught in a gaggle of students, who end up pushing you into Ginger, almost uncomfortably so.
Well, you do find a fence. Unfortunately it's the more traditional form of fence, and is around a garden.



Roll #1 1 = 1


Find the teacher of Pyromancy.


Laugh awkwardly, and make some distance again.
"Hehe, sorry… It must be around here somewhere."


"Ah! Indeed, it has to…
Perchance, are you hurt? Did those ruffians harm you?"


What is with all these rude students? You get pushed, shoved, knocked about and deposited in a nearby shrubbery. You are Blind until you regain your balance.
Where do you start looking? Library, Arcane tower, or other?


Walk out of the dorm and try to find a map of the place.


"No, I just walked into them while looking… you think there's a map of everything somewhere?"


"If there is, it has to be in the main building!"
To the main building we go!

Roll #1 7 = 7


We really should quantify exactly how often someone can roll Master Thief '1d10'

Keep looking for some underworld joints.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Follow his lead!


There might be one in the main building, where you signed in.
You manage to navigate your way safely there.
That necromancy tower looks pretty shady. Maybe you'll find some similar minds there?
In the future, you'll probably get one roll for any given area.


"Now, how rude of me, stealing you away without even a name."
Bow slightly.
"I am Ginger Star of the Star house of Canterlot. At your service, lady…?"
Look for a map.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Any maps around?

"Oh, I'm just Lira. Lira Qinuty."
"Of, um, Cloudsdale?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


I head to the lobby and try to find a board that has all the parts of the unseen university in it. Or a map. Or a guide.


Why would they do that!?
Get up and try to regain my bearings.

Roll #1 4 = 4


There is a rather large one moved against the wall, to make room for the desks. You'd imagine that it would normally be near the entrance or in the middle of the room so those simple-minded commoners wouldn't get lost.
You find a small pile of maps that are identical to the larger map. These must be for personal use!
You see Lira and Ginger at the large map board. Perhaps they could help?
You flail a little, but don't quite make it out of the hedges.

Roll #1 4 = 4


No one seems to help, either.


"How terrible.
So this class also handles education on polymorphing other creatures and objects, correct?"


The unfathomable realm of the sky.
You pegasi, so misterious."


Pull myself up!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Those creeps? Eh.

Well… I'll just have to try off campus.

Walk around the edge of the Mage Academy, checking out the alleys. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Pick up two maps!

"It's not that exciting, really…"
Hoof him a map with a smile.
"Here you go!"


"How quaint. Little maps."
Roll it over in my hooves.
"Now, the least I can do is accompany you back again.
Tell me about yourself, lady Lira or Cloudsdale."


She nods.
"It focuses on it, to be exact. In most cases it's simply illusion, but in the odd case, like yourself, there have been students who actually can change others."
And up you get, after grabbing a piece of the shrub in your mouth for leverage.
They are dark, despite the late afternoon sun, though not entirely uninviting. You see a hawker in a robe and wizard hat peddling his obviously counterfeit wares.


I could have just used telekinesis!
Alright, try to regain my bearings and carefully get out of here.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"If you want to.
And, um, I came here for magic, and uh…that's it?"


"Oh sure but there is magic and magic.
What is that makes you passionate about it, I wonder?"


"I have never changed anyone else in my life. Your information is faulty."


"Hey, Lira!"
I wave my hoof as I walk over the map. Check all the named parts of the university.
"Any idea where they teach you to hurl balls of fire?"


"I just always liked unicorn magic from books."


Your magilocation once again in effect, you navigate well away from the lumps of students. Where to?
She smiles a little.
"Or perhaps you just haven't done it yet."


Wave back.
"Hey! Not really?
Are we supposed to do that on day one?"


"Well unicorns are the most noble of creatures, afte-"
Stop myself as she interrupts.


"You know how to get a student excited.
So what shall I mark down on the application sheet?"


Can I find Lira?
I realize this can't be easy without true sight, but I suppose shamelessly shouting her name every so often might help.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Unicorns are pretty nice, yeah…
I didn't see any back in Cloudsdale.
Only pegasi everywhere."


Whatever. Go back to my room. Anyone here?


"I could introduce you to my friends.
A whole lot of unicorns of noble blood from tail to horn."


She giggles a little.
"Which one? Having registered as two students, you'll have to fill out two application forms."
You don't even need to, as you wander into the main building to find her along with Ginger and Midia.
Not yet. You could try exploring the rest of the school?


"no, I don't think so. I just want to see the place!"
"Who're you?"


"I have a map!"
Show her my minimap!

"That sounds nice!"


"I anticipated as much. But they won't be attending the same class.
Perhaps the other could take some studies in less known deities and mythology, if that is taught here.
Or clairvoyance."


"Hey guys! Whatcha doing?"


Look at he map.
The named parts of this university.
"Cool! Where'd you get it?"


Bow slightly and take her hoof, kissing it.
"Ginger Star of the Star family of Canterlot.
I was just beginning to make my aquaitance with Lira."
Blink a few times.
"Must be faith…"


"Hello! Not much, just wandering and making friends!"

Point a hoof where the minimaps are.
"There's a bunch of them over there!"


She smiles a little.
"The classes relating to being farsighted in both the literal and metaphorical sense are with my brother."
The map is a simple thing, since the school is roughly pentagonal in shape. The northernmost tower at the point is the Library. Clockwise, the towers are as follows: Arcane, Necromancy, Nature, and Divine. The dorms are, from the library, Moon, Star, Cloud, and Sun. The bottom of the pentagon is the main building, where you are now.


"How very fitting. Doubly so if you know the other form I enrolled here with."


"Oh I remember your voice! You're the stallion that didn't want to tell me his name."

"Sounds fun!"


"Alas, seems like the secret slipped my lips while talking to your friends."
Smile slightly.


"I'm going to visit the Arcane tower then, I guess!"
I start trotting over there.
"I see."



Tilt my head.
"Why wouldn't you tell her your name?"


She smiles again.
"So, was there anything else I could do to help you get settled?"
Trit trot trit trot. Lo, there you are.


"So… what is it?"


"I'm mortified, but a good stallion never talks about the moments he spends with a lady.
You will have to ask your friend about that."
Move forward and pick her hoof up, kissing it.
"Ginger Star of Canterlot, mylady Justicia."


"It's okay, we're roommates! You can tell!2


I giggle as he does so.
"That's so gallant!"


Explore the school? That seems like it would require talking to ponies, and I already had to talk to my roommate and the librarian today…

Besides, I can't do anything related to classes until tomorrow…


"Can I please get the names of the teachers and classes for shapeshifting/polymorphing and clairvoyance/second sight?"


"So many beauties in so little space?
Truly, a school of magic!"
"It's only natural.
A lady deserves no less."


"Do you always talk like this?"


What's the place like? Is there anything, or anypone here?


"Why yes, it's only appropriate to my lineage!
I have to uphold the family name, after all."


I giggle again.
"I'm not that ladylike! You're much more of a gentlestallion!"


Well, I guess you can get dinner and turn in early, then.
"You can."
She smiles a little.
"But they'll be in the pamphlets passed out tomorrow after the assembly."
It's a pretty nice tower, You can see two mares chatting at the front desk, though one looks like a student.


Nod at him.
He looks like he wants to go on.


"I did not expect this place to be such a mindless slave to bureaucracy. How do you even get any research or discoveries done with everything sealed behind this much red tape and slowed down to a crawl from the very get go?"


Dinner this early? Why not!

How long is the line?


and I've fallen asleep.
What did I miss


Hold her hoof up into mine.
"Please, let me be judge of that.
I can assure you, there are few mares I've had the joy to lie eyes upon with such an innate gift."
Stay quiet.
It'd impolite to brag about myself.


I walk to the desk.
"Excuse me, is this where you teach students to hurl fireballs and/or other magical projectiles?"


"You're too kind… uh… my lord?"


She laughs.
"Oh, that's just the first day. After that, it's pretty much free study and making certain you don't get yourselves killed under our watch. And that you take classes according to your year. Nothing's more dangerous than a pony with just enough magic to be so. And besides, patience is a virtue, changing one. All things have their season."
Fairly non-existent. You can see they aren't quite finished, though the smell of cooking food fills the dining area.
Just some faffery. When last you left, you had finished making up with Cauliflower.
"The arcane tower is responsible for those, yes."


Smile and blink a few times.


"Is there a dedicated pyromancy teacher here?"


"Seasons can be changed. Progress should not be stifled, regardless of it's age.
But if you wish to be such an uptight secretary, I suppose I can just sit here until tomorrow then. Time well spent."


"Such words.
Just call me Star.
Now, if you will excuse me."
Bow to her profusely.
"Thanks for the help. I shall not forget it.
Which room did you say you were in?"


"I don't think I did.
I did?"


"Okay Star!"
I look between him and Lira
"We're roomies!"


"To an extent. He does teach other classes, though."
She shakes her head.
"I suppose there's no convincing you to spend your first day making friends and exploring. Very well. The alteration teacher is Rosalyn, and the farsight teacher is my brother, Cassan."


"How unforgivable of me.
But you could."
"Good things tend to come together."


Ugh… I'm going to have to meet ponies, aren't I?

Alright, go back up to the dorms. Who is around?


I smile at him.
"So why did a farmer like you end up here in mage academy? Well besides from the.. uhmm.. popularity idea you know." I scrunched .


"Ooooh, you should meet Midia and Snowfields!"


"Thank you. This was all the information I needed.
Now, if paperwork must indeed stop me from proceeding, I suppose I will go explore."


"Two more of your roommates?"


Dsty would be, but he's offline at the moment.
There is a mare sleeping on one of the beds. Seems she came in while you were in the kitchen.
He blushes a little.
"Well, I reckon it was mostly 'cause I'd heard they'd take anypony who got the talent fer it. And I thought, well, maybe I could be more than just a farmer."
She waves.
"Have fun. And remember, there are areas that students are not allowed without supervision."


"Double 13!"


I nod with a grin.


"But of course."
Lets see if I can accurately remember what she looks like so I can take her form later

Roll #1 10 = 10


"So have you casted arcane magic before?"


"So it is…"
Point at the blindfolded mare.
Then to the pegasus.
Then count to myself.
"Midia and Snowfields, all in room 1313?"
Chuckle soflty.
"Well now, I should be on my way to my own room.
Thank you again for the help and the company, fair ladies."

Bow, and leave. Back to Sun dorm.


You memorize her down to the last hair. Imitating her, physically at least, is a DC 4.
He shakes his head.
"Nah, but I'm good with plants 'n stuff. Critters like me too, so that helps. Sometimes I can even get 'em to help, if they're in a mood to."
Boop. You are now in the Sun dorm.


"He was nice!"


The fun begins.
Now then, lets go have a chance meeting with… someone.
Walk out and see what I find

Roll #1 2 = 2


Go crash on my bed.
Room 1313.
How nice.
Now, to find the last two and make a striking good impression.
If this goes well…
Sit dreamily by the window, looking outside.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"And really gentlecolty. So much different from the stallions in fillydelphia!"


So did you have anything in mind to do?"


Seems that it's getting late, so the majority of ponies have retreated to their dorms. Dinner doesn't sound like too bad an idea. But which dorm will you eat at first?
Your eyes dance with the vision of noble debauchery and four beautiful mares… and then zero in on that lovely white and teal mare who played with you earlier.


"Ah! I see."
I then look at the squirrel that he is holding.
"So are you naturally good with animals or do you cast some spell to calm them?" I kneel down on the critter and pat its head. lightly.


I shrug.
"I explored a little already, so I dunno! I'm really itching to get started on those lessons…"


The one who wouldn't tell me her name?
Keep looking at her.
Maybe we cad to a six-some.
How do you even spell that.


"Me too!"


Well, might as well go with the gals as I have this form up.


"So… what will we do then?"


It rubs its head against your hoof.
"Dunno if it's a spell or summat, I've just always been good with 'em."
In the more vulgar terms, it's generally just called an orgy.
Into the Star dorm you go, then. Hit the room first, or go for dinner?


"Like? Who is he?"


Even if there is only a single stallion?
What is the mare doing now?


Best see who's around

Hello everyone


Seems while you were debating semantics, she's trotted off to the Star dorm.
There are two mares here at the moment. One seems out cold on her bed, and the other is poking around.

#Paused for dinner


Glance around.
"I don't know…
What did you check out so far?"


"I went to the tower of the divine! But… I got told off because they don't like paladins… uh… I also went to the arcane and the nature place! Those were fun."


I continue patting its head.
"I always like animals, though here I live, the town head wont allow animals for pets."


"They don't?"


"The teacher said something about mindless brutes who hit on things to solve problems."


"But that's not what they do… right?"


"No! Uh… Not in the stories at least!"


"What are they like in the stories?"


I wave my hooves in a excited fashion
"They fight bad ponies and things that want to hurt others and… guard the realm! They heal the sick and protect the innocent like real heroes! And they uphold the law and order in society as well! They're not afraid of anything."


"That's really nice of them!"


"That's why I wanted to become one too! To uphold order and justice and help others."


"That's how the city works, I guess. Still, nice t'see that I ain't alone in my liking of critters."



"I'm sure you can do that too as a mage!"


I nod determinedly.
"And I will. I'm going to learn how to use arcane magic!"


Time to enter my room and see if anyone here wants to talk.


So. Time to go ask around for how the lessons work.


"And I'm going to learn… um… some kind of magic!"


"Well I myself am not good with magic, nor have casted one. But the Captain of the outpost guards told my family that I have an apititude for magic so I was cart off here to learn."


"Should we go back to our rooms?"


Let's head back to our rooms!
I'm ready for day 2


Prod Wf. He and Dsty are the only ones in the room, and Dsty's not available at the moment.
Ask other students, or look at your map and take an educated guess at where you think the information would be?
He whistles appreciatively.
"I guess that means you'd be one to look out fer once classes start."


I should ask 2nd year students.
But I don't care nearly enough.
Just sleep it off like the lazy noble I am.


Is there a Macaron in the house?
If not, I'll just go be a stallion instead


I give a soft laugh.
"Ahaha… No, I dont believe I am a prodigy or anything. I am just here to learn arcane magic thats all."

"Well of course finding ways on how to apply it on real life and finding a job that will cater to what I have learned and such."


Oh well, I guess I'm alone then.
Do away with my lady clam
Take the form of a manly man

Roll #1 3 = 3


Noted as well.
He nods.
"I'm just mostly hopin' to find somethin' that'll, y'know, make me more useful to my family. And learnin' some magic might just be the way to do it."
Gone, gone the form of clam, rise again the form of… genderless stallion. Dangit.


"Hmmmm… if you like nature magic and the sort, perhaps Ms. Spirit Flower, the caretaker of this place can help you out."


He nods again.
"Yep! Talked to her just a little bit ago. Once class signups start, I think I know what I'll be pickin'. She looks like she could really use the help."


Not to self: acquire fake parts for this kind of situations.
Oh well. Time to get out of this dorm and go look for my stallion roommates.


"Well you are all set!" I smile. "She looks like a mare that can teacc anyone so easily seeing how she is very caring of the little cute things like this in the academy." I pick the one he is handling and put it on top of my head.


Well, two of them aren't in the dorm, but the "noble" is snoring uproariously.
It looks at you a little curiously from its new perch, then chitters and jumps back onto Cauliflower's head.
"Yup, and she doesn't raise her voice neither, so that'll be nice."


How adorable.
Lets try to put things where they belong before waking him up.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Indeed indeed. The first time I talked with her she is very pleasant and really do care. I think she will be one of the good teachers in here."

I then tilt my head.
"So, do you got to make any friends in here? In what dorm do you stay?"


Nope. You strain a little, but nothing comes up.
"I'll make 'em eventually. And I'm stayin' in the Cloud Dorm."


Sleeping is boring.
Do I dream of lusty mares?

Roll #1 7 = 7


I retreat to my room and masturbate furiously.


Can I join?


Just one. But it's that nameless pale mare.
Self-flagellation noted. You might want to lock the door.

Are we ready to move on to day 2, then?