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Raisin Quest 4: On Our Last Legs... FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378281[Last 50 Posts]

I welcome you all once again, questers, to Raisin’s last stand. With an army of dogs wedged between her and a happy ending, it’ll be up to you guys to guide her as effectively as possible to ensure she gets home safely. Let’s take a look at the summary of our last session so as to reduce the possibility of any fatal mistakes:

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378282

File: 1364177069203.gif (20.47 KB, 421x316, herewego.gif)

>Agree to exit the volcano with Rover so long as you don’t have to ride out in a cage and your friends will be safe
>Allow Rocky to carry you
>–As you ascend, notice that large supply crates are falling into the volcano—
>–Decide that best action is to yell when crates are incoming–
>xXx Warning helps the smaller dogs ahead, but Rocky is too large to evade the crates; gets hit twice and loses his grip on the wall xXx
>xXx Dig hooves into wall and bite onto Rocky’s chain; he’s able to regain his grip on the wall, but ends up accidentally shearing your rear legs off xXx
>Ascend to top of volcano, noticing a swarm of Royal Guards fighting the Diamond Dogs
>** Have Rocky go back to fetch your missing legs **
>–Notice an incoming massive storm cloud–
>Go to friends, freeing Applebloom as soon as you can
>Two Diamond Dog guards approach your position
>xXx 12:00pm Noon, Day 2: hear an explosion out near Ponyville xXx
>–Guards become distracted by the distant blast–
>xXx Surrender to the distracted guards xXx
>Rocky brings back your legs in a giant boulder, then joins in the fight against the pegasi. One of the guards joins him.
>** Use Applebloom as a distraction while you disarm the single remaining guard **
>–Break the Crystal Spear Tip off; gain Crystal Tip–
>Free Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, telling them to run to safety
>**Rescue your legs from the crystal boulder**
>** Signal the guards to help your friends **
>xXx Storm cloud reaches the volcano top, blocking sunlight from entering xXx
>** CMC are airlifted out of the area by the guards; they promise to come back for you **
>Hide in a nearby supply crate; a Diamond Dog hides behind it, trying to evade the snakes
>– Dog is struck by lightning, but is mysteriously surrounded by a blue aura. He remains unharmed –
>Invite dog over, but he’s too scared to move; give up on him
>A Boulder Snake tears through your box, attacking the cowering Diamond Dog
>Crawl towards snake, discovering that the Diamond Dog is surviving the Boulder Snake’s onslaught
>xXx Sacrifice self to Boulder Snake xXx

Standing next to the recently vanquished queen of the Boulder Snakes, Raisin snaps back into reality just a few hours before her untimely demise. Patting down Hayseed to loose a few embers from her scarlet mane, Raisin looks about the Grand Chamber. Her friends, tired and exhausted from an epic battle and a long, long night of adventure, look about the sunlit crimson chamber without a clue as to what’s in store for them yet.

As Raisin listens to the curious crackle of crystals cracking off the roof of the chamber, she realizes that she has only moments left to search for the True Soul Amulet before the dogs arrive once again.

Scootaloo knocks on the side of Keszeem’s stone scales, taken aback by how quickly she went from a killer snake to a solidified pile of rock. “So… now that she’s out of the way… how are we going to get out of here?”

“Wait, we can’t leave yet!” Applebloom protests. “We gotta go find Raisin’s amulet! It’s gotta be around here somewhere…”

As before, you have 4 friends and 5 possible locations to search. You must choose a location to skip searching so that you can attempt to find the True Soul Amulet before the dogs arrive in the chamber.

Raisin: Hayseed, Spool of Rope (Frayed)(Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Empty Satchel

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape

Anonymous 378285

File: 1364177130346.png (38.34 KB, 500x600, time to die.png)


Thus it begins.

Anonymous 378287


>Amulet in location 4

Wherever that was.

Anonymous 378288


How about we go where it is, and stuff it deep inside our bag?

Anonymous 378291


Skip location 5.

Anonymous 378292


Let's get in the cage this time. We gotta get out of here quickly.

Anonymous 378294


We can stuff it in Scoots's empty satchel, maybe they won't look in both.

Anonymous 378295


No, stick to the plan. We just do what we did last time, except take the amulet from the cowering dog and tumble off the mountain when the lightning blasts us.

Krabb 378297

File: 1364177496867.png (86.18 KB, 1388x456, puple rock grave.png)

oh boy here we go, I can't trust you guys to not give up without me, can I?

Keeping the world safe, and getting the CMC out alive is more important than being normal again.

Maybe we should take the cage this time.

but we aren't getting out, those blue crystals explode.

Anonymous 378298


I think we should give it to Applebloom, otherwise a different dog could end up with it.

Anonymous 378300

Skip location 2

Anonymous 378301



>ever not being a self absorbed faggot

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378302

GAME INFO: Which filly do you wish to see take the amulet and attempt to hide it in their saddlebags?

>Amulet is in location 4

Whichever filly is sent to this location will be the one that obtains it.

Krabb 378303


okay you got me, hindsight is 20/20.


crazy idea, what if we ate the damn thing?

Anonymous 378304


It's got to be possible to do both. We just have to stop the stormcloud from covering the mountain.

But if that still happens I agree. Fuck the dogs, they can get vored for all I care.

Anonymous 378305


Yeah. Is her digestive track an empty stone chute, or has her throat been replaced by a solid stone wall?

Anonymous 378306

She can tuck it under her wing

Anonymous 378308

File: 1364177780073.png (238.07 KB, 1269x855, Scootaloo (133).png)


Maybe if she was a big pony, but her little girly wings are too small.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378309

GAME INFO: Unfortunately for little Raisin, she cannot consume anything. While she doesn't need to breathe any air or eat food anymore, this also means that you cannot use what would have been her stone stomach as a safe deposit box.

A creative idea, though.

Anonymous 378310


Stick it in her mouth anyway. How big is it.

If anyone asks, she decided this would be a great time to start her miming career.

Krabb 378311


so i guess she talks via golem magic.

lets try and hide it then.

the other CMC are using their capes as bandages, lets tie her cape to her like a bandage, but with the amulet underneath.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378312

GAME INFO: While the True Soul Amulet looked diminutive on Queen Keszeem, it's still quite a sizable piece of jewelry. If you were to hold it in your mouth, quite a bit of it would stick out. You figure that you wouldn't be too worried about dropping it, however, as your bite grip seems incredibly strong.

Anonymous 378313


Yeah, maybe like a splint of some sort.

Anonymous 378314

Why don't we just wear it?
Rover won't be able to refuse letting us have it if we already have it.
And we can always threaten to sap him if he tries anyways.

Anonymous 378315


Yeah, just put it on ourselves. Either we turn back to normal, which is good, or he takes it anyway like last time.

Anonymous 378316

File: 1364178246825.png (119.22 KB, 561x504, 16383032.png)


He have just yank it off us like we id with Keszeem. He already knows it's powerful from watching the fight.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378317

GAME INFO: The True Soul Amulet currently does not have a necklace looped through it's eyelet to allow you to wear it as it would normally be worn. How do you wish to equip it?

Krabb 378318


I wish we knew more about how this thing works, it seemed to just activate to save people for unknown reasons.

I think we should hide it, but eaither way, Raisn is the one going to spot 4 to grab it.

Anonymous 378319


I dunno, tuck it under our arm I guess.

How did the cobra queen use it to unstone her servant back in the town?

Anonymous 378320

Hence the "threaten to sap him."
It could also help to point out the guards converging on our position. With luck he'll be less inclined to argue under time pressure.

Anonymous 378322


Gosh she's a cutey. I'd let her give me a snakey hug if she was a bit less of a bitch.


Yeah. Raisin is a tough gal.

Anonymous 378323

Stuff it inside Hayseed.
We can't use her again this quest anyways.

Anonymous 378324


Does she even have a little zipper to put in more fluff? It also might kind of be pretty noticeable.

Anonymous 378325

We can just open a torn seam.
Our dad can patch her back up later.

Krabb 378326


Its not like we could use her again this quest, a little damage wouldnt hurt.

would the amulet even fit in hayseed?

Anonymous 378327

File: 1364178735216.png (15.36 KB, 488x457, spitty raisin doll.png)


Fine, but only if it looks like it would fit inside okay without being too obvious. No sense in hurting her, she's a pretty doll.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378328

"Hold on… I think I might know where it is. You guys stay here a for a second…"

You gallop passed Scootaloo, Applebloom, and an exhausted Sweetie Belle, heading straight for the 4th location. They turn their heads to watch you bat away at some debris littering the ground.

"Did ya see it fall off her durin' the fight?" Applebloom trots over to help you dig, brushing away some of the shattered crystals from the area.

"Yeah.. I.. uh… saw something shiny go flying this way. Now, it's just a guess, but…"

In just a few moments, you see the glint of silver and a wonderful blue crystal peeking up from under some loose rock. You push it to the side, lifting the beautiful talisman up from the walkway. Applebloom grins and shakes her head.

"Ah can't believe you kept track of that while runnin' away. That's amazin'!" She looks back to Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.

"Yeah… I thought for sure the adrenaline pumping through her would have made it impossibl… oh wait." Scootaloo looks away. "Man, it must be cool being a golem. You don't have to worry about stuff like that, I guess.."

"I'd rather be able to, honestly…" You look into the mesmerizing jewel set in silver. A rush of relief overtakes you. If you could cry right now, you're sure tears would come streaming down your cheeks. Your ticket back to mortality and normalcy rests safely in hooves.

Up above, you can still see the glimmer of crystal raining down into the room.

Looking over Hayseed and back up to the dogs, you are vexed with a troubling decision. You know that if the dogs see your amulet, they're sure to take it. Rover might not even offer to let you leave if he knows you have it…

"…sorry, girl… I promise I'll get us both fixed up when we get home…"

You nibble at Hayseed's back gently, opening up a small hole in her backside. She'll be a little distended from holding onto the amulet, but it should keep it safe from the immediate sight of the Diamond Dogs. Gently, you are able to fit the entirety of the amulet into Hayseed, though she seems to take it's shape quite readily. She's nearly busting at the seams with the amulet inside her.

"Raisin…?" Scootaloo raises her brow. "Did you just… you just broke your doll?"

Suddenly, the dogs drop down from the ceiling onto the walkways leading to the Heart of the Mountain. Rover and his burly lackey plop down nearest to you.

"Raisin! I thought for sure that snake was going to grind you to dust!" Rover smiles. "What a fight!"

Anonymous 378329


"Yeah yeah thanks. You wanted me to get into a cage now?"

Anonymous 378330


Slip the doll back into our bags and tell Rover that it's time to hold up his part of the deal, blah blah.

Anonymous 378331


No, no cage. We go up with Rocky. He's sweet.

Anonymous 378332


Tell him to stay away from the tunnels, there are nasty snakes waiting to strike.

Also tell him it would be in everyone's best interest to skedaddle because we "remember" a weather report saying it was going to rain today and block out the sun.

Krabb 378333


we could make another stink, and not kick the wall this time.

also, casually put hayseed back in our saddlebags.

Anonymous 378334


Yeah, but what else could we do to protect Rocky while he's climbing?

Anonymous 378335

"No time! We need to get out of here! There's no way that explosion went unnoticed by the ponies! You! Slab Bulkhead! Can you carry me up?"

Anonymous 378336


Hey, there's no "–" for going in the cage or not. I bet it's flimsy and doesn't even matter

Anonymous 378337


Wasn't his name Rick Hardcheese?

Anonymous 378338


YES. Remind them flat out that Boulder Snakes turn to stone in sunlight, so be extra careful.

Anonymous 378339

I could've sworn it was Gristle McThornBody.

Krabb 378340


if we do spend less time arguing, we might make it up before the ponies start dropping crates, and we should really tell them about the snakes before the storm happens.


It's made out of the crystals that killed us on our first life.

Anonymous 378341


Dirk Abshuge

Anonymous 378342

But how would we get out of the cage?

Anonymous 378343


Yeah. No nonsense. Be assertive. Raisin's a strong independent grape filly who don't need no man.

Krabb 378344


that's why I'm saying don't go in it.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378345

Rover sees you holding Hayseed in your hooves. As you would expect, the dimwitted dog ignores the fact your doll is shaped like a saucer as you casually place her back in your saddlebags. He grins, then looks to the Heart of the Mountain. A gritty cackle escapes his smile. "Well, it looks like you've almost held up all of your end of the bargain…"

"Well… almost. Actually, I couldn't lure all the snakes out into the chamber before we flooded it with sunlight…" You look over to the doorways. A pair of glowing, greenish yellow slits glare back. "…we might have a bit of a problem still…"

Rover sees that the room is surrounded with snakes. His expression immediately goes from smug to fear. He looks up at the walls, watching his dig dog teams carry supplies down into the chamber. "Dogs! Stop!"

He turns to you. "You failed me! You said you'd get rid of ALL the snakes!"

"Yeah, well change of plans. This room is safe, but only until night… or a big storm arrives. When the light goes out, the snakes will be able to come out."

Rover looks a bit nervous. He looks to Rocky and the crystal cage that was prepared for you, then up to the dogs still clinging to the Chamber walls. You see three Diamond Dogs hunched over your friends, ready to grab them. They must have stopped when Rover gave them the order. The CMC look too tired to immediately notice them.

"B…but…" Rover doesn't look as confident as usual. "You're still my property! Even though you failed, you're still mine!" He points Rocky over to you. "As punishment, you don't get any treasures! Not one! None!"

"Hey! That's not fair!" Applebloom objects.

Rocky stands in front of you, but he looks hesitant to lay his paws on you at all. He opens a paw, then quivers, putting his arm down. "Can you empty bags?"

Anonymous 378346


Tell him that he did have this neat little gold thing earlier, but we threw it during the fight. He still might be able to find it if he looks around though.

Anonymous 378347

"Do we really have time for this?! Ponies are definitely coming to investigate that explosion! You can frisk us when we're safe!"

Anonymous 378348


"That giant jewel is worth it's weight in gold. In fact, it's worth even MORE than that. You have one day to lift it out of here before the snakes can escape. Must we play around?"

Anonymous 378349


Yeah. If they haven't noticed, they're really close to Canterlot, full of bored guard ponies who are desperate for a little excitement to put their training to the test.

Krabb 378350


It would probably be best if you don't get it in is head.


"fine, no shiny objects for us, but we should really get out of here first."

Anonymous 378351


Oh god, I can just imagine a guard pony lounging on some balcony and seeing the explosion, thinking "Hot dog, finally some action. TO ARMS!"

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378352

"To be fair, the only thing I was after was that big jewel over there…" You point toward the Heart of the Mountain.

"What?! Really?" Scootaloo's face twists up. "I thought we came down here fo-" Applebloom hits Scootaloo's side.

"Oomph!" The little pegasus rubs her ribs.

Rover shakes his paws. "I wouldn't let you keep it anyways! That's mine!"

"Hey, I'm not going to argue about it. I failed, so you can keep it… I won't protest." You stop for a moment, turning to your side for dramatic effect. "…you know, there was a giant explosion here earlier… and we're pretty close to Canterlot right now… don't you think we should get up above before some guards arrive?"

Rover glares down at you. "…I think you're hiding treasure in those bags…"

"You can frisk us for loot when we're at the top. We won't fight… right girls?"

The CMC look back and forth to one another. "Uh… yeah… I guess?"

Rover points to the dogs behind your friends, then down. The dogs gently pick up your friends in their paws. Rover then nudges Rocky nervously. "Fine. Get in the cage, pony, then we'll take your treasures outside." He looks back at the Heart, then at the doorways. "…we'll be coming back later! Dogs, mush!"

The other workers begin hauling the supply boxes back out of the volcano, whimpering under the weight of the massive boxes they have to carry back up.

Anonymous 378355

Krabb 378357


wait, are they hauling the boxes away? the same ones that were going to fall on us?

protest the cage

Anonymous 378358


Oh boy, this again. Just be gentle, but firm. Why not let that handsome dog carry us up?

Anonymous 378360

"Look, I didn't fight not getting any treasure, and I'm willing to go with you. But I draw the line at the cage. Your big friend looks like he'd have no trouble carrying me though."

Anonymous 378361


>"Ain't nothing in this bag but old rope. You can have it when we get up top."

Anonymous 378362

File: 1364181229112.png (197.79 KB, 820x974, sad applebloom.png)


Give them the filly eyes.

Krabb 378368

File: 1364181391880.png (67.01 KB, 628x654, inflation.png)


we could always start whining

Anonymous 378369


Probably. Should tell them to be careful and not put any boxes by the rim of the volcano opening. After all, it does great pretty unstable. Never know when the edge might crumble under weight…

Anonymous 378370


That doll is 2fat.

When we get home she needs to get liposuction.

Anonymous 378373


IF we make it home

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378377

GAME INFO: Last time, the dig dogs were unaware of the snakes surrounding the Grand Chamber. Rover had them bring down some fort building supplies so that he could secure the location. Knowing of the impending danger surrounding the chambers, Rover has merely ordered a temporary fall back while they focus their efforts on securing the volcano.

You look down at the cage, then over to Rover. "Seriously?"

"Yes seriously! GET IN!" The Diamond Dog stamps his foot and throws a single claw toward the small, blue crystalline prison. The cramped cage looks like it can barely accommodate a rabbit, much less a filly.

"Look, I didn't fight not getting any treasure, and I'm willing to go with you. But I draw the line at the cage. Your big friend looks like he'd have no trouble carrying me though."

Rocky nods. "I can carry. Can you hold on?"

"What?! No! You get in the cage, pony!" Rover jumps as he hears the sound of mechanical sputtering echo in from up above.

"See? We're sitting ducks down here! That's probably the guards right now!"

Scootaloo looks over to Sweetie Belle in amazement, then to Applebloom. "Reinforcements? Did she plan this entire thing?!" An excited giggle escapes Scootaloo's mouth.

"QUIET!" Rover snaps. He points at you, jumping up and down in place. "Rocky! Grab her and stuff her inside! We don't have any time!"

Rocky reaches down, then hesitates. "She killed biggest snake…" His paw shakes for a moment, then rests on the ground.

"Why not just let your handsome friend here carry me up?" You lean up against Rocky's arm. Though you know it won't give, it still surprises you just how strong the dog really is. He doesn't so much as budge under your full weight.

Rover grits his teeth, then throws his arms up in the air. "FINE! Ride him, grab her, I don't care!" Rover directs the other three dogs toward the hole up in the chamber roof. "Don't let her get away! Bring the cage with you!" He snarls at Rocky.

"Can climb?" The big Diamond Dog watches as you quickly scuttle up his arm, then wrap around it tight. He chuckles to himself, then grabs the crystal cage laying on the ground. His lumbering frame makes it's way over to the wall as he begins to climb behind the other Diamond Dogs.

As before, they all seem to be moving pretty slowly. The crimson crystals must be climbed with care if they have any hope of making it out. Carrying your friends at the same time only adds to the difficulty of safely traversing the wall.

The mechanical sputtering grows louder as you see a few shadows wisp over the volcano entrance. It seems the pegasi have already begun their attack.

"Quickly! Climb, dogs, climb!" Rover shouts as he picks up his pace, taking the lead.

"We're saved!" Scootaloo cries out.

If those crates do begin to fall down into the chamber again, it might be a good idea to have a plan in place to deal with them…

Anonymous 378378


Beyond warning them to expect crates to fall, what else can be done?

Anonymous 378379


Use us as a shield? We'd be able to protect Rocky's back but it would still be a tremendous impact.

Krabb 378380


a box is gonna come crashing down, the amulet is gonna activate and give away everything.

Anonymous 378381


Could we use the rope in any way? get it really with a lasso to hook around another crystal and swing when a crate fell towards us?

Anonymous 378382

Maybe we could have Rocky swat the crate aside?

Anonymous 378383


Yeah, but the alternative is losing our legs.

Would that even work? I mean, Rocky would physically be fine, but he's probably lose his grip because he's still experiencing a tremendous impulse of force.

Anonymous 378384


We could say that we took Keszeem's innate power when we defeated her.


Anonymous 378385


Does it even matter at this point? Once we get topside there's no stopping us. They'd be too distracted by the battle to try negotiating.

Anonymous 378386


Do we even know how to activate it? Would slipping Hayseed under Rocky's arm do anything?

Anonymous 378387


They have crystal spears up there, plus our squishy frens aren't nearly as resistant to damage as we are.

Anonymous 378389

I'm assuming it works just by being on our person.
That dog was protected in our last life and it was in his pocket.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378390

>Warn of incoming crates
>Have Rocky use Raisin as a shield
>Use Rope as a way to swing from the wall

A couple options have popped up this time. Any one of these options you guys feel more confident about than others?

Anonymous 378391


It's magic. If it just protected the body the boulder snake would have been able to swallow that dog last time and he would have passed through, unharmed physically but scarred emotionally.

Krabb 378392


If we do any swinging, it should be with Rocky's chains, and not our near broken rope.

Anonymous 378393


Yeah, but what defines on person when you have one individual carrying another? Does the protection work for both or just one even though there's contact?

Anonymous 378394


Yeah, the crystal would probably cut our rope anyway.

Anonymous 378395


Warning didn't do anything last time, using us as a shield doesn't make sense physically.

Gotta go with option C, cap'n.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378396

GAME INFO: How will you use Rocky's chain to swing from the wall to avoid the crates? How will the chain be anchored?

Anonymous 378397


I vote the soul amulet idea. It's the only thing that doesn't require a vast leap in logic to work.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378399

Allow me to update the list of ideas:
>Warn of incoming crates
>Have Rocky use Raisin as a shield
>Use Rope as a way to swing from the wall
>Slip Hayseed under Rocky's arm/armor

Anonymous 378400


Aren't there big crystals everywhere in the chamber?

Anonymous 378402


Fuuuck, I change my mind. Go with the shield.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378403

GAME INFO: Fragile crimson crystals line the walls all the way to the opening at the chamber's top. There are quite a few massive ones, but you've noticed that the dogs tend to steer clear of these giant vitreous gems. They may not be able to get a good grip on them, you figure.

Anonymous 378404



If lassoing a pig crystal and swinging isn't a good idea, slip Hayseed under Rocky's arm and pray the amulet activates.

Anonymous 378405

>Slip Hayseed under Rocky's arm/armor
That seems like it's just begging for us to lose her.
If we were to do that we'd have to make damn sure that we grabbed her back upon reaching the surface.

Anonymous 378406


How big are the supply crates anyways?

Krabb 378407


i think our best bet is to warn him

if he starts to lose grip, we can try something other than getting blown in half

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378408

GAME INFO: The Diamond Dogs are no jokers when it comes to lugging around supplies. The supply crates you saw back at their fort were about as tall as a pony and as long as two. They're certainly big enough to cause some problems.

Anonymous 378409


Yeah, but none of the other options are good.

The only moderately good one is using us as a shield, but Rocky's pretty big compared to us, we wouldn't be able to protect him. Besides, the impact would still cause a downward impulse.

Anonymous 378411


I say warn him, and if it looks like he can't move in time, shove Hayseed in his mouth or something.

Anonymous 378413


It's our good luck charm. Maybe if he passes up as close as he can against the wall, the box might only just clip him.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378414

GAME INFO: There's still quite a split here. If I'm not mistaken, however, putting Hayseed into Rocky's inventory temporarily seems to be the most popular answer.

>Give Hayseed to Rocky?

Anonymous 378415


But pones carry things with their mouth, which would mean ~

Anonymous 378416


Do it only if he can't move out of the way in time.

Anonymous 378418

>Rocky runs off with Hayseed

Krabb 378419

File: 1364183854929.png (94.7 KB, 628x840, best fren.png)

i don't think we should. it seems pointless, the boxes would come down on both of us. it's just gonna make us lose hayseed and the amulet.

Rocky can get us up this time, they pushed away the boxes right?

Anonymous 378420


I still think the shield idea is the "correct" choice, but it makes no sense if you know even basic physics.

Anonymous 378422

Maybe we can tell Rocky to brace himself rather than having him try to dodge?

Anonymous 378423


Yeah, falling things tend to fall away from walls, especially vertical surfaces like the one we're climbing on.

Krabb 378424


rocky could take a hit, it broke his armor, but he could.

i say we just warn him that boxes might be coming down, and that we'll give him a heads up.

Anonymous 378426


Fine, just tell him to brace himself. If we lose our legs, we can still win.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378427

GAME INFO: The Dig Dogs which were originally carrying supplies down into the volcano have moved all of their supply crates back up to the top of the volcano. You have no idea where they may have set these supplies, which range from crudely cut timbers to massive crates.

It's anyone's guess where those supplies are resting right now.

GAME INFO: You'd figure this would be a constant if you were climbing a sheer face, but climbing up a tube, objects with enough horizontal motion tend to bounce around a bit on their way down.

Anonymous 378428


So the chamber does have a slight incline to it? Damn.

Krabb 378429


well, last time we only lost them because we kicked the wall

Anonymous 378431


Fine. One more vote for warn and brace.

Maybe offer to climb onto his should so our tiny body can at least protect his head.

Anonymous 378432

Can someone explain to me why we want to give Hayseed to Rocky?

Krabb 378433


I think he's already wearing a helmet if i remember correctly

Anonymous 378434


In the hopes that the true soul amulet would activate and protect him, somehow.

It was a longshot.

Anonymous 378437

It would protect him, sure, but what about us? Is he carrying our friends too?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378438

File: 1364184520372.png (13.81 KB, 465x432, gahsp.png)

>Warn Rocky of impending crates

We'll be going with this decision. Let's see how this pans out…

Anonymous 378440


W-well, I was going off YOUR drawing

Anonymous 378441

inb4 ded

Anonymous 378442

I've got a bad feel about this, Scoob…

Krabb 378443

File: 1364184896432.png (45.09 KB, 556x492, dorks.png)


Yeah well

helmets are for dorks

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378444

The Diamond Dogs claws patter against the glassy wall of red. Hanging onto Rocky's arm, you watch as he punches through the crystals and trail the dogs ahead. In the back of your mind, you worry about the possibility of more crates tumbling down into the volcano… you're not sure how to go about handling it. Warning your aggressive canine teammates of incoming danger still seems like the best way to mitigate losses or damage.

You can hear the gemstone gatling guns puttering away up above. The lightning quick whooshes of several guards whistle on by overhead. You can see them knocking a few dogs down into the very top of the crater. The dogs quickly grab onto the walls and climb back up, only temporarily distracting them from the battle raging on the mountain's top.

"Faster! Faster! Climb faster, dogs! Mush!" Rover picks up his speed, desperate to get up above and lead his forces.

"What in Equestria is goin' on up there? Sounds like a battle!" Applebloom's muffled voice calls out up above.

"The cavalry has arrived! We're gonna be saved!" Scootaloo smugly sings from her dog's arms. You hear her get a bonk on the head as they continue climbing.

Your fears are suddenly realized as a crate careens down the edge of the opening and into the volcano. You grab on tight to Rocky.


The dogs stop for a minute, then look up. Rover just narrowly dodges a crate to the back as he hugs the wall.

As the crate continues down, it misses the rest of the team and smashes into the lava pool several stories below. You breathe a sigh of relief out of habit before looking back up.

Several timbers begin rolling into the top of the volcano unexpectedly. They bounce and smash into the walls on their way down.

"BRACE YOURSELVES! DOGS, STOP!!" Rover shouts from above. All of the dogs hug the wall, but Rocky can't seem to get any closer than he is now. He looks forward, digging his claws into the walls…

One of the timbers smashes into one of the dogs above, breaking against his chestplate. He slides a few feet down, dangling Scootaloo from her tail as he tries to hold onto the wall with one paw. Another timber tumbles down and smashes into Rocky's helmet.

He appears as though he didn't even notice it.

"Ahhh!!! HELP!!!" Scootaloo kicks her legs about as a few more logs tumble down from up above.

Anonymous 378445


Can we reach our rope? Grab one end and swing the other so she can grab onto it with her teeth.

Anonymous 378446

Anonymous 378447


A simpler option, though, would be to yell for the diamond dog holding Scootaloo to hold her tighter.

Anonymous 378448


Where is she in relation to us? The other dog holding her might try to grab on too.

Anonymous 378449



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378450

META INFO: There's no song that could possibly fit better here. 10/10, anon, you made my night.

Anonymous 378451

The rope is frayed. Scoots would have to flap her wings if she doesn't want it to snap under the strain of her weight.

Anonymous 378452


Rocky should be able to take it. Getting hit with a log didn't even phase him.

Anonymous 378453

This is a good question.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378454

GAME INFO: The Dog holding onto Scootaloo's tail is just a few feet above you. Because of the timber's impact against his back, he lost a few feet of distance. Right now, he's struggling to regain his grip on the wall, dangling by one of his massive paws.

If you were a little taller and a bit further to the right, you'd be able to touch her hooves if you stood up on your rearlegs.

GAME INFO: You can reach the rope equipped to your side, but you'd have to loosen up your grip on Rocky. Just one leg would allow you to be able to reach back for it.

Anonymous 378455

Is she within Rocky's reach?

Anonymous 378456


We could dig our hooves into the crystals just a little bit to hang on while he reached for her.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378457

GAME INFO: Rocky would have to climb just a slight bit higher and reach up, but he'd have to sacrifice his hold on the wall to do so.

Anonymous 378458



Rope. If we fall we don't have bones to break at least

Anonymous 378459

Does anyone remember how this went last time?

Are things still falling down?

Anonymous 378460


Last time we fucked up and tumbled off Rocky, grabbed for his chain, and slammed into the wall of crystal, cracking off both hind legs.

So falling off Rocky is probably a bad idea.

Anonymous 378461

Use the rope.
And tell Scoots to beat her wings FAST.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378462

GAME INFO: Several large timbers are still careening down into the volcano. The falling building supplies weren't an issue last time because they had all been quickly moved down into the Grand Chambers in an effort to build a fort as soon as possible.

Anonymous 378463


Yes there are. Just read the post entirely.

Anonymous 378464


Yeah, reduce the weight if only by a little.

Anonymous 378465

Yell for Scootaloo to flap her wings as hard as she can. Maybe she will even be able to rise enough to grab onto the dog's back.

Anonymous 378466

I wonder if this is a situation that will fix itself if we don't touch it.

Anonymous 378467


If that was the case, Jr wouldn't have put it in.

Everything's always an uphill battle, but I guess that's what makes it fun.

Anonymous 378468

He throws one of those at us every now and then.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378469

Looking up to the panic in your pegasus friends' eyes, you think quick. Knowing that you still have your frayed Rope equipped around your saddlebags, you loosen up your grip on Rocky and untie one end of the rope.

"Scoots! Catch! Flap those little wings as hard as you ca-"

Another timber impacts the wall close by, breaking off a sizable chunk of crystals. You see a supply crate follow it down into the chasm.

"STOP KNOCKING THINGS DOWN YOU STUPID MUTTS!" Rover roars at the top of his lungs toward the sky.

As the last of the logs tumble into the volcano, you throw the end of the rope up to Scootaloo. She catches it in her mouth, then beats her wings as hard as she can. The dog holding her keeps a tight grip on her tail as she barely hovers up into the air.

"Dog! Let go! Get back on the wall!" You call up. "I've got Scootaloo!"

Rocky gets hit by another timber. It shakes him a little, but his helmet protects him from the impact. The dog above lets Scootaloo go. She drifts down, squealing in fear through the rope in her teeth. You immediately start pulling her in, letting her dangle underneath Rocky for a few moments.

Just as the dog gets his paws back on the wall, he gets hit by another timber. He loses his grip and starts plummeting. Rocky pulls his arm out of the wall and catches the dog in his massive paw.

"Pony okay? Dog okay?" Rocky asks. He seems intent on not moving his head too much to look.

Looking down his arm, you see a couple of stars spinning around the dog's head. He looks dazed. Scootaloo keeps her wings flapping, dangling by the other end of the rope in your mouth.

Anonymous 378470


>"Yeah, just keep climbing. Hold on, Scoots!"

Anonymous 378471


Give him a nod and hold on tight to the rope.

Krabb 378472


that rope is almost broken, it probably cant support her for long.

then again, it is a light Pegasus filly.

Anonymous 378473


On second thought, I'm retarded. Talking in this situation would be bad

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378474

GAME INFO: How will Rocky climb with his other paw dedicated to holding onto the dazed Diamond Dog?

Anonymous 378475

"They'll be alright. Just get us out of here!"
Have Scootaloo climb onto Rocky and hold on for dear life.

Anonymous 378476


Just give an "MMHHHMMM"

Don't talk. That would cause us to let go of the rope.

Anonymous 378477

Can Scoots climb up to where we are? If so then tell her to do so with our Filly Blink Code.

Anonymous 378478


How the fuck is he holding on now though?

Krabb 378479


i guess we wait for him to undaze and resume climbing.

Anonymous 378480

>"Dog! Let go! Get back on the wall!" You call up. "I've got Scootaloo!"
Are you sure we are holding it with our mouth?

Jr, can we get an assessment of what our hooves and mouth are doing?

Anonymous 378481


Could we climb onto Rocky's back and hold on by his shoulders?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378482

GAME INFO: One of his paws are jammed into the crystalline wall. The other is holding a dazed Diamond Dog. His feet are kicked into the wall's surface as well, giving him a little extra support.

Currently, Rocky is unable to continue climbing safely.

GAME INFO: The rope is currently between your teeth. Your hooves are wrapped around Rocky's arm as tight as you can hold on.

Anonymous 378483

Pull Scoots up so she can grab onto Rocky.

Anonymous 378484


He just has pretty fillies crawling all over him


Anonymous 378485


Sounds good, but it might cause us to lose grip.

Anonymous 378486

Can Scoots buzz or swing her way over to the dazed dog and then climb from him to the one we are on?

Anonymous 378487

Anonymous 378488

You probably can't answer that, can you?

Anonymous 378489


The real trick is freeing one arm. The dazed dog can't do anything, so we need to free the arm we're holding on to.

Anonymous 378490

Cartoon character dazes never last all that long.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378491

GAME INFO: You could, potentially, pull Scootaloo up onto Rocky, but probably not directly up into the paw he's using to hold onto the dazed dog.

GAME INFO: You are currently not taking up any space in Rocky's paws. You have your forelegs and rearlegs wrapped around his massive forearm as tight as you can hold. You're not impeding his ability to climb. Think of yourself as an extremely bulky but pretty pony armlet.

In order to progress, you'll have to find a way to get Rocky back into a climbing mode again. Remember, supply crates are still falling into the volcano

Anonymous 378492


I guess move for the shoulder then. Or wherever we can grab. Not around the neck though, that would choke him.

Anonymous 378493


Take a brief respite to acknowledge being a piece of pretty jewelry.

Anonymous 378494

Where is the fray in the rope?
What if Scootaloo were to swing/buzz over to the dazed dog and wrap the rope around it?

What if we called out for help from the other dogs?

Anonymous 378495


Just nod and go "Mmmhhmm" then. Or whatever it's called.

Anonymous 378496


try to shimmy up his arm then, the closer we are to his shoulder the less torque we'll exert and the easier it',ll be for Rocky to pivot his arm.

Anonymous 378497

Have him sling the dazed diamond dog over his shoulder.

Anonymous 378498

That might work, or have him pull the dog up and Scootaloo could help us tie him to our dog's back.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378499

Though the situation is nerve-wracking, you take a brief pause to realize that you've essentially become a piece of Diamond Dog jewelry. Your glossy though slightly chipped coat must look marvelous against Rocky's course gray fur. The thought of him equipping you out of style rather than necessity brings a subtle smile to your face.

As another crate whips passed Rocky, you snap back into reality.

GAME INFO: Scootaloo cannot gain any upward movement regardless of how fast and hard she buzzes her little pegasus wings. She's struggling to simple dangle from the end of her rope right now.

GAME INFO: Again, you are not impeding Rocky's ability to climb the wall. The dazed dog residing in his paw, however, is.

>Sling dazed dog over shoulder
Shall we go with this option?

Anonymous 378500


But how can we talk at all? Maybe by worming our front leg around the rope a few time and "gripping" with the hoof, but that would make our own position unstable.

Anonymous 378501

Let's do it.
We need to get out of this death-trap pronto.

Anonymous 378502


Yeah, sure.

Anonymous 378503

Krabb 378504

File: 1364188480343.png (150.28 KB, 840x700, juggle.png)


sounds good.

i hope rocky can handle all this.

Anonymous 378505


I guess, but Try to communicate as good as possible without letting go of the rope.

Anonymous 378506

This. This right here.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378507

Narrowly avoided dropping Scootaloo by speaking. Close call, questers…

You loosen one hoof up from around Rocky's arm and pull Scootaloo up. When she's in grabbing distance, you reach down and offer her your hoof. She desperately grips onto your rocky leg and lifts herself up, wrapping her legs around your back.

"Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank…" She drones on for a little bit, her trembling hooves clacking against your coat. She shrieks as a crate explodes on the wall across the chasm.

You keep the Frayed Rope nearby, bundling it up under your chin. "Rocky! Throw him over your shoulder! He's completely dazed!"

"Ok." Rocky reaches back, lifting you and Scootaloo up into the air. Scootaloo tucks her head down against your neck, still trembling. You're not sure if you've ever seen her this scared before…

With the other Diamond Dog slumped over his shoulder, Rocky starts climbing back up the crystalline wall. A loose board flies down and whacks him on the helmet, breaking away harmlessly.

"Always wear helmet." He mumbles, keeping his eyes forward.

"Hurry up! The pegasi are attacking!" Rover shouts down. "Get them into the cages! We can't lose our prize!"

A pegasus slams into his side, sending him away from the opening. In a few short moments, you're back up in the daylight, still wrapped around Rocky's arm. He keeps his eyes skyward as he gently sets you down. He takes the Diamond Dog off his back and lays him on the ground.

"Stay." He points at you.

Finally out of the caverns and back into the light, deja vu overtakes you as the same pegasi seem to fly the exact same attack patterns over the mountain top. In the distance, you can see a massive black storm cloud being pushed your way. Scootaloo still hugs your back tight with a near death grip, refusing to let go. Your frayed rope rests at your hooves.

To the right, you see Rover scrambling toward one of the gemstone cannons, trying his best to dodge another barrage of swarming pegasus guards.

Anonymous 378508


Alright, now to book it, somehow…

Anonymous 378509


>"Hey Rover, you know what I said about the snakes being able to come out if a storm blocked the sun?"

Anonymous 378510


Where are AB and Sweetie?

Krabb 378511


okay we're at the top and have our legs, the amulet, and we aren't in a cage.

where are the CMC? can we book it too the Pegasi?

Anonymous 378512

Regroup with the CMC and try to get the attention of the pegasi. If any dogs try to stop us tell them that if we don't stop the cloud all the snakes will be able to slither up here and eat us.

Anonymous 378513

Where are Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle?

Anonymous 378514


Yeah. Even though warning them will probably hurt us in the long run no fatalities.

Anonymous 378515


rip Vore Dog 3/17/2012-3/17/2012 never 5get. ;_;7

Krabb 378516


Yeah, its bad for the dogs if the rain happens

dogs cant fly

but we have to safely get to the pegasai first.

Anonymous 378517

Wave and shout and try to get the guards' attention.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378518

"Applebloom! Sweetie Belle!" You call out into the chaos.

Scootaloo suddenly seems to realize you're back on solid ground. She slowly lets go, her legs nearly buckling as she touches down. "I can't believe we made it out…" She looks up, then around the area. "Applebloom! Sweetie Belle! Where are you guys?!"

"Over here! Watch out!" You see three Diamond Dogs armed with spears sitting near the cages. Two more are behind them, building some sort of palisade structure out of the fort building supplies left around the volcano top.

"Hey! You guys!"

The dogs slash at the air as a pegasus guard swoops down overhead. He does a double take as you call out. One of the dogs starts approaching with a spear pointed your way.

"There's no time to waste trying to build stuff over here! We've gotta release my friends and leave before that storm arrives!"

The dogs don't seem interested in listening.

"All the Boulder Snakes down below are going to come out if the sun gets blocked out by the storm!"

Scootaloo looks back to the storm, then over to the volcano. "Are you KIDDING me?!"

The dogs look back and forth to each other. The one advancing toward you stops, but he doesn't seem interested in letting you any closer.

"We've gotta stop that storm from getting here! These guys aren't the smartest or the nicest dogs I've ever met, but they saved us!" Scootaloo's hooves shuffle in place. "What do we do?!"

"Hold on…"

You look about. The Diamond Dogs are once again manning their stations, firing up at the pegasi guards swooping in. The cloud continues to steadily move at a snails pace toward the mountain. The thunder rolls out of it as a torrential wall of rain begins to fall out of it.

Anonymous 378519


Where's Rover? Isn't he the leader? He saw personally that sunlight was the only thing keeping the snakes at bay.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378520

GAME INFO: Rover is currently manning one of the gemstone cannons, firing up at the pegasi swarming the volcano top. He barks orders as the dogs assemble and try to defend the mountain from the invading royal guards.

Anonymous 378521


Maybe try to trick them? Pretend to point out a guard flying toward them and kick them in the shins when they turn to look?

Anonymous 378522

Keep trying to get the attention of the pegasi while we run towards Rover's position.

Anonymous 378523


Call out to Rover then. He's got to have some authority.

Anonymous 378524

Why are you wanting to antagonize them?

Anonymous 378525


Yeah, especially any stray ones going in for dive bombs.

Krabb 378526


The only dog that will probably listen to us is rocky.

We could try the guards pushing the cloud, they recognized us last time. tell them to cut that cloud shit out.

Anonymous 378527


Honestly fuck the diamond dogs. I just want to see Raisin safe and sound. This has gone on far too long to end on a whimper.

Anonymous 378528


Yeah, if Rocky can't do anything, then Rover.

Tell Scootaloo to follow us closely so it's less likely that she just yanked up and caged herself.

Anonymous 378529


But she is nice filly who doesn't like to see things get hurt if she can help it.

Krabb 378530


We cant let down our pal rocky

We should yell sorry when we make our break for it. He did tell us to stay.

Anonymous 378531

>Let's stick our tongues out at the diamond dogs, guys
Good idea, buddy.

Anonymous 378532



Anonymous 378533


I-it's because we wanted to h-help…

Anonymous 378534

Try to get the guards' attention and get them to stop moving the raincloud.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378535

Looking about, you see Rover firing up at the pegasi with everything he's got. For being a furious, short tempered dog, he maintains an incredible ferocity as he tries to shoot down the armored flyers. Judging by the red crystals flying out of the guns, it seems as though the dogs only had enough of their razor sharp blue crystals for spear tips.

You figure he's not much of a listener. Rocky will listen, but the big lunk doesn't seem to pull much authority with the other dogs. Narrowing your options down, you figure that the guards are your best bet.

"Scoots, I've got it. Let's try to get the guards' attention. They can stop the cloud before it gets here."

A few stray gemstones whizz by your head. Scootaloo immediately ducks to avoid the crossfire.

"And just how are we supposed to do that?! I can barely hear you talking and you're standing right next to me!" The barking dogs seem to be drowning out most of the other sounds. A few crystals smash into your stone coat, bursting into glassy shrapnel.

"We've gotta wave or something. If we can signal them, maybe we can tell them to stop the storm."

"Won't the Diamond Dogs try to shoot them if they land?" Scootaloo stays curled into a ball.

>How do you wish to flag them down?

Anonymous 378536

Reflect light off the royal insignia.
We still have that, right?

Krabb 378537



we could wave our cape in the air, maybe?

Anonymous 378538


Flag them with our crusader cape. Move a bit away from where the cannons are pointing though.

Anonymous 378539

File: 1364191023364.png (94.55 KB, 1000x700, final fight 4.png)


Pff, no

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378540

GAME INFO: The Royal Medallion is still jammed into the lower Grand Chamber walls. It's reflective shine would probably gain their attention quickly, but it's currently out of reach.

Raisin: Hayseed + True Soul Amulet, Spool of Rope (Frayed)(Equipped)

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Empty Satchel

Anonymous 378541


Whatever happened to our CMC cape? We had one, right?

Anonymous 378542

let's try that

Anonymous 378543

What if we charged into the base of his tower, and then the other towers while Scootaloo waved her cape to try and attract the guards?

Anonymous 378544


The blue shard-tipped spears can still fuck us up.

Anonymous 378545

Have they formed up around the bases yet? If so then do whatever it was that got their attention last time and tell why they have to stop the cloud.

Anonymous 378546


Last time we were able to hail them after knocking out the two guards and freeing the CMC, right?

Krabb 378547


yeah we managed to flag them down and then not tell them to get rid of the cloud.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378548

Looking at the muddy little rag wrapped around Scootaloo's bandaged hoof, you get a clever idea.

"Scootaloo… the back of the CMC capes have that really shiny gold silk on them, right?"

Scootaloo slowly starts nodding. "I've got it! Say no more!" She hastily starts unwrapping the bandage from her hoof. Another squadron of pegasi fly by too fast to get a good look at anything other than their targets. Some more crystals come flying your way.

"WHA!" Scoots hugs the ground tighter. "T-think you can wave it around?"

A few stray crystals nick your saddlebags and break on your coat. "Uh… I could, probably."

You take the cape up in your hooves. Leaning back on your rearlegs, you wave the golden side of the muddy cape around as best as you can toward the storm cloud.

"Hey!!! Down here! Help us out! Stop pushing the storm cloud!" You know they can't hear you, but you shout as loud as you can anyways. Scootaloo crawls over to a nearby rock to use as cover from the gemstones being hurled about.

You see a small squad of guards break off from behind the cloud and head toward you. "It worked! Raisin, you did it!" Scootaloo calls out from behind a rock.

The Diamond Dogs fire at the guards as they swoop overhead. You swear that one of them nods at you just as he goes over your head. It seems that they know you're here, at least… though the dogs are much better organized this time around.

"They can't land! We need to move somewhere else!" Scootaloo pops up for just a moment.

The cloud still approaches, however slowly. The guards that flew over you make a round trip back to the storm cloud. You can see Diamond Dogs running all about, scrambling to rescue the supply crates before they get knocked down into the volcano. Many of the dogs are helping to build up fortifications.

Mood Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYeK1jmQwHE

Anonymous 378550


Is there higher ground?

Anonymous 378551

What we need to do is free Apples and Sweets, then run with the CMC until we are out of range of the cannons but still seeable by the pegasi.

Anonymous 378552


Check back, are the cages still being guarded?

Anonymous 378553

Move further away from the dogs and try signaling them again.

Anonymous 378554

And after all that we start waving our capes and tell them the short version of why that raincloud needs to be stopped and pulled back, and that a flyer needs to be sent to tell Celestia she needs to keep the sun in the sky for as long as she can.

If we don't free Sweets and Apples the dogs will finish their fortification and take them hostage, causing more problems for us.

Anonymous 378555


Maybe near the edge of the mountaintop so they could at least have some over over the edge.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378556

GAME INFO: It seems like most of the mountain top has been leveled. While the dogs were watching you fight, they were probably already preparing the area for the cannon platforms. Some larger loose rocks litter the area, but a good portion has been mostly leveled.

GAME INFO: The guards are scattered about the cage area, helping their friends build up the makeshift wall. One of them has taken to the wooden scaffold in an attempt to jab at the passing pegasi.

Anonymous 378557


Maybe we should take this moment to smash open the cages and get to the edge of the mountaintop where there's less action.

Anonymous 378558

We can worry about freeing our friends once we've stopped the raincloud. If that thing makes it over the opening we're gonna have a bunch of dead dogs and some very angry boulder-snakes on our hooves.

Anonymous 378559


Yeah, right now gallop to the edge of the mountaintop and signal there.

Anonymous 378560

We can free our friends on the way to the edge of the mountain.

Tell one of the guards to run and get tell Rover that he has to focus on keeping the cloud away or else the snakes will be able to get us. If neither of the guards are willing to leave ask them if they are so scared of two little fillies that neither of them want to be left alone. After one is gone we can neutralize the other, nonlethally, and free our friends. Once they are free we run while waving our capes to an area where some large rocks will provide cover from the towers.

Krabb 378561


we're likely to get speared

we need to stop the rain, id prefer to not let the snakes out, we cant let them have the heart of the mountain jewel at the end of the day.

Maybe we can get rocky to stop rover, or at least get rover to shoot at the raincloud bearers.

Anonymous 378562


Yeah, they're smart. They might not be as organized but they sure know how to use the heart for some bad shit.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378563

"Hold on! Stay put! I'll try signaling them again!"

As you gallop over to the far edge of the mountain top, you see the cage guard dogs with spears immediately start pursuing you. You get to the edge of the mountaintop and begin to signal once again, noticing that the pegasi that just saw you are returning around the edge of the storm cloud.

"C'mon…" You look to the side, seeing two dogs charging you with their spears. They must think you're trying to escape.

"Raisin! Watch out!" Scootaloo calls over from the rock. You see a Diamond Dog sneaking around her back, keeping his eyes to the swarming pegasi above.

GAME INFO: Rocky is over on the other side of the volcano near Rover. He's throwing one end of his chain up into the air at the pegasi in an attempt to hit them. It's amazing to see how the end of the massive chain almost travels straight up into the air.

You thank Celestia that the guards are expert flyers. They seem to break away from the chain's path at the last minute each time.

Anonymous 378564

Keep signaling.
"Back off! I'm trying to save you here!"

Anonymous 378565


Tell her to watch out behind her and turn to face the pursuing guards.

Anonymous 378566

Fatroll to the side and warn her about the diamond dog sneaky up on her. If it is safe to do so keep on signalling them with the shiny side of the cloak.

Anonymous 378567

Alert Scoots to the dog sneaking up behind her.

Anonymous 378568


Just keep waving. Hopefully some guards will be able to dive bomb two measly diamond dogs.

Krabb 378569


looks like action time

got to save scoots, charge at the one sneaking around her. she's got nowhere to go but out in the open.

maybe he will listen if we knock him to the ground.

Anonymous 378570

Remember that Scoots told us to watch out.

Anonymous 378571


Yeah, she should have come with us, once we get moving, there will be no stopping us. The rape train has no breaks.

Anonymous 378572



Fuck, brakes. I can't be getting tired already.

Anonymous 378573


Oh fuck. Look around to see if someone's sneaking up on us.

Anonymous 378574

inb4 ded

Anonymous 378575


Just a quick peek. If there's some baddie sneaking, kick him in the shin.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378576

"Back off! I'm trying to save you here!"

The guards keep running toward you with their spears out. They begin to slow as they approach, but one of the dogs trips and falls. The spear lunges forward.

Though you may be slow and heavily armored, you fatroll backwards, narrowly dodging the accidental plunge. The dog gets up, plucking his spear up out of the rock. He gets backhanded by the other as they try to guide you away from the mountain's edge.

You wave the little cape up in the air a few more times, but one of the guards deftly cuts the cape in half. He grunts, then jabs near you, taking care not to stab you.

"Scootaloo! Behind you!"

Reacting in just a fraction of a second, Scootaloo jumps forward away from the rock. The Diamond Dog sneaking up on her promptly falls flat on his face. Scootaloo runs your way with a look of sheer panic on her face. The guards pointing their spears at you turn for a brief moment to keep an eye on the small pegasus coming toward them.

Anonymous 378577


Take advatage of this moment of vulnerability to grab the shaft ~ of one of the spears with our teeth and yank it out of their hand.

Anonymous 378578

Bowl them over and smash their spears. After that wave our shiny cape halves around while Scootaloo waves her shiny cape. If She has no cape then give her half of ours.

Anonymous 378579




Anonymous 378580

Swipe their spears out of their paws.
And get Scoots to work on signaling the guards.

Anonymous 378581



Shin kicking is 2mean

Anonymous 378582


Fine, faget


Krabb 378583


i'm not opposed to shin kicking because its mean, these dogs deserve to be kicked around a little.

but we might need these dogs to warn rover about the cloud, so save the shin kicking for later.

Break the spears

Anonymous 378584


Yeah, can't do much without their precious pointy sticks.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378585

Seizing an opportunity to take advantage of their temporary shift of attention, you leap forward and chomp off the end of one of the spears. Turning to your side, you yank the other one from the Diamond Dog's paws and crush the tip off in your mouth.

The dogs immediately react. The one still holding the spear shaft jabs you in the face, though the stick doesn't seem to do anything to your impervious skin. He looks down, realizing the spear tip has been chewed off. The other backs away, putting his paws out in front of him. They look unsure of themselves without their weapons.

You gallop toward Scootaloo, then throw her half of your cape. "We've gotta flag them down here. The cannons are way over there on the other side… they should have a chance to land."

The Diamond Dog that was trying to nab Scootaloo runs at the two of you brandishing his spear. Suddenly, he's bowled over by a small pack of guards. 4 Royal Guards swoop in and land, galloping over to a small cluster of rocks. A hailstorm of gemstones immediately starts pouring in.

The unarmed and dazed dogs pick up and run down the side of the mountain. You know there are a ton more guards around here, but that's 3 you won't have to worry about.

One of the Royal Guards takes his helmet off. "…Raisin!?" He blinks. "What in Equestria are you two doing up here?!"

Anonymous 378586

Am… am I on time for Raisin quest!? PRAISE CELESTIA!

Anonymous 378587


Tell him that the cloud has to stop. If sunlight is blocked, then these creatures called boulder snakes will run (err, slither) wild. They turn to stone in sunlight and without it everyone will be fucked.

Krabb 378588




Anonymous 378589

"No time! You need to stop that rain-cloud! There's a bunch of boulder-snakes down that hole that are being repelled by the sun's light, and if that cloud goes over it they'll swarm out and kill everyone!"

Anonymous 378590

"Fly back and tell the guards pushing the raincloud to pull it back. Please trust us and remember that we have saved Equestria twice. If the cloud comes near the hole we will all die. We can answer any question you have once all of us are safe."

Anonymous 378591

He recognizes us! Quickly, order him to pull the thunderhead back! or take us to the guards pushing the thunderhead so WE can order them to stop

Anonymous 378592


It's Sundays at 10 PM EST. Has been for a pretty long time now. It's fairly regular.


>"Your job, again"

Anonymous 378593

No need to antagonize him.

Anonymous 378594


Yeah That can wait until after everything's said and done

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378595

Looking over to the ominous black lightning cloud drenching the base of the mountain, you start waving your hooves around like mad.

"No time! Stop that storm cloud! Now!"

The guards look at one another. "Wh… why? That cloud is our ticket to stopping all these crazy dogs from-"

>12:00pm, Day 2

Suddenly, you hear a massive but distant explosion happen out toward Ponyville. The roar of the blast echoes like rolling thunder, but it's quite a bit more dry and distinct. The empty pop leaves a small, orange fireball lit up against the beautiful blue sky.

"Another?! How many mountains have these dogs rigged up with explosives?!" The guards look to the distance, then duck to avoid another hailstorm of gemstones.

"Hey! Pay attention!" Scootaloo bonks one of the guards. "We just snuck through a hoard of giant angry snakes down below and if that cloud parks over the entrance, they're all going to come up and gobble us!"

"What?! Giant snakes?! What is…"

You cover his mouth. "STOP. THAT. CLOUD!"

Two of the guards salute, then bolt off toward the looming black mass. They're chased with a barrage of crystals, one of them getting his wing clipped. He glides down the mountainside. The one guard next to you shakes his head. "I don't know what your plan is, but there's no way we can get that cloud to just 'stop'."

"Why not?!"

"Do you see how big it is? We'd have to push it from the other side to get it to stop before it's over the mountain." He puts his helmet back on as another volley of crystals splashes against the rocks to his back. "And with the dogs firing on us, that'll be impossible."

"Hey! The guards left! Let us out!" Applebloom shouts from the cages.

"How many of you are there?!" The guard looks over to the small cages but hesitates as the gemstone cannons keep them pinned down.

Anonymous 378596


Tell him just us four. Let's go rescue AB and Sweetie.

Anonymous 378597

Tell them that we will get the dogs to stop firing on the guards that try to push the cloud away. After than have Scoots break our friends out while we run to the towers and try to get Rover's attention.

Anonymous 378598



Time to pray that stacking Charisma worked.

Krabb 378599



the dogs would be stupid enough to shoot at the ponies keeping them from dying.

We should rescue AB and Sweetie.

Anonymous 378600


No, we should be the ones to break open the cages, so that the CMC can use us as moving cover to get to where the guards can fly them to safety.

Anonymous 378601

Bust their cages and then run like a madpony.

Anonymous 378602

well, we could recover the amulet from Raisin now. I'm pretty sure the amulet protects the user from most things, as well as curing stoneyness. I'm thinking we could get the guard to divebomb and throw us on Rover's cannon, some intimidation could help us convince him to co-operate. nobody likes being eaten by giant rock snakes

Anonymous 378603

File: 1364195273346.jpg (61.96 KB, 590x335, lanius.jpg)


I'm getting flashbacks.

Anonymous 378604

**Hayseed, not Raisin

Anonymous 378605

The guards will free our friends.
We need to get over to Rover and convince him to make the cannons stop firing.

Krabb 378606


cant the possible destoneification wait till we aren't being bombarded by pointy crystals?

We dont really know how the amulet works.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378607

>Save the CMC
>Run out to try and convince Rover to cease firing on the pegasi

Anonymous 378608


We're very heavy, I bet a typical guard would have a hard time flying.

Also, the rules for the amulet are foggy at best, there's not telling if he'd be protected too.

Anonymous 378609



There is no rescue if we don't stop the cloud now.

Anonymous 378610

go for Rover
yell to the guards to get our friends to safety

Anonymous 378611

If they are unguarded we can do both. Smash the cages on the way to Rover then convince him to let the guards push the clouds away.

We should give the guard the amulet so he can stay whole and tell the other guards the plan. Tell him that the amulet will turn us back to normal so he better not lose it, and he better not try to use it on us unless we ask him to.

Krabb 378612


Rover, and tell the guards to try to free our friends while we try to get up to him.

also we should tell them we will signal them with the gold side of the cape when it's okay to push the cloud.

Anonymous 378613


No, WE hold it. we cannot risk losing it for some bullshit reason. Besides, if the plan fails and the snakes do get loose, we'll need it to live.

Krabb 378614


there's no way we should give up our amulet

that things makes magic anti death shields

Anonymous 378615

Then we tell the guard to dive down the side of the mountain and circle around outside of the cannon's range.

Anonymous 378616

If we rescue the CMC the dogs will try to stop us, and the snakes will come out before we can get clear, everyone dies.
We need to A) force Rover to Ceasefire, and B) get the guards to clear the clouds.
The guards will obey us if we order them, so we just need to convice Rover to call ceasefire.

Anonymous 378617


We just need to convince Rover that the guards realize that they made a mistake and only want a ceasefire just long enough to move the cloud. Besides, it would give the diamond dogs more time to set up and would mean they wouldn't be rained on, plus the whole boulder snakes gobbling errybody.

Anonymous 378618

Well if it DOES de-stonificate us, at least it'll give us a magic anti-death barrier. That's almost as god as being an immortal golem

Anonymous 378619

Yeah, it would give them time to build fortification to keep the snakes in the hole after the sun sets and get that big gem out of the hole. After that we can work on making a more permanent ceasefire.

Anonymous 378620




Roll #1 11 = 11

Anonymous 378621



Anonymous 378622

this is why we don't leave our fate to the RNG gods if we can help it

Anonymous 378623


But it is exciting

Anonymous 378624

I wonder if we could get Princess Celestia here to blast the snakes with Sunlight. She's good at that.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378625

"It's the entire Ponyville Cutie Mark Crusader team, so just four of us. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle are still caged up over there." As you finish, some more gemstones pelt the rock you're all hiding behind. Looking up, you see a ton of pegasi pull up off of the cloud. A proverbial swarm lifts off, though the cloud keeps on gliding forward.

"We should get them and get off this volcano ASAP. If what you say is true, then I don't want any of us to be around when those giant snakes start coming out." The guard looks over to the cages, sizing them up. "We can probably lift them, cage and all, on out of here…" As one of the guards tries to lift you up in vain, you brush off his hooves.

"Save my friends. I'm going to find a way to stop the Diamond Dogs from firing on you guys long enough to push that cloud the other way."

"What?! How?!" The guard shakes his head. "You can't possibly-"

"I can get down the mountain on my own. Just save my friends and push that cloud away when I start waving my cape around again." You stare at him directly in the eyes. "Trust me."

Looking up to the cloud, to the cages, then listening as the gemstones sputter up into the air toward his fellow royal guards, the pegasus breathes in deep. He takes his helmet off and puts it on top of your head. "I've heard some stories about you, Raisin. We've got your back if things don't work out like you expect them to."

With a quick nod, the guard dashes out and grabs a cage. The other puts his helmet on Scootaloo and throws her on his back, getting ready to dive for Sweetie Belle's cage when the gemstones clear up. "We'll be waiting for your signal."

You gulp, then dip your head around the rock. The only cannon firing your way is the one that Rover's manning.

"Stupid dog…"

The other three cannons fire up into the sky, trying to shoot down the decreasing number of pegasi swooping in to attack their cannons. You dash out from behind the rocks, taking a few gemstones to the face before Rover realizes that you're not a guard.

"Stupid pony! Rocky! Grab her!" Rover keeps firing your way, trying to hit the guard that just grabbed Sweetie Belle's cage. Rocky starts walking over from around the other side of the volcano entrance. He approaches with a guilty look on his face as if ready to follow the order.

"Rover! Listen! The pegasi want to move that cloud away! Stop firing at them!"

"Ha!" Rover laughs, keeping up the assault. The pegasus carrying Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle starts to glide down to the ground, one of his wings not flapping quite right. "Hurry up and grab her!"

Anonymous 378626

"If you don't let them move that cloud, it's going to block the sunlight and the boulder-snakes are going to be able to get out! You KNOW how dangerous those things are! THINK of a second!"

Anonymous 378627


>"Do you want to die? Do you? That's what will happen if you don't let the guards move the stormcloud out of the way. It's going to block the sunlight and all those giant snakes in the cavern will come out. There's dozens of them. Your cannons might take out a few, but it'll be an utter travesty"

Anonymous 378628

Plead with Rocky, Rover's plan will only lead to the snakes attacking and killing tonnes of dogs. he's a nice dog, he wouldn't want that… would he..? *Filly Soulful Gaze*

Anonymous 378629

Yell that if the cloud covers the hole dozens of Boulder Snakes are going to come out and eat every living thing on the mountains. If they stop shooting at the guards the guards can pull the clouds back, and we can tell the guards how the diamond dogs help saved Equestria from a Boulder Snake attack. Celestia will certainly want to reward him and the rest of the pack.

Anonymous 378630

>for a second
herp I can spelling

Anonymous 378631


Also say that if you stop for just a moment, they can fortify positions and get a breather. They can fight for all we care, but someone has to take the heart of the mountain, doesn't matter if the diamond dogs have it, just as long as the snakes don't get it.

Krabb 378633

File: 1364196865331.png (218 KB, 1000x700, never finishing this ever.png)



tell rocky if that cloud blocks out the sun, all those snakes are coming back.

maybe the big guy could knock some sense into rover.

Anonymous 378634


Anonymous 378635

Because Rover never laughs at danger and says "We have reserves"… nooooo~ never

Anonymous 378636

even he's afraid of boulder-snakes.

Anonymous 378637


Too much work?

[spoiler Do it anyway, fgt[/s]

Anonymous 378638

Him not being put in immediate danger and the chance of a reward should hopefully get through his skull.

Anonymous 378639

Isn't that pretty much what we thought last time?

Anonymous 378640


Hey, we have the amulet. If he doesn't listen, we just throw ourselves off the mountain. Once we get a running start, there's no stopping us.

Anonymous 378641

no-one dies, not even nasty cruel doggies

Anonymous 378642

You mean the reward where he could screw us out of our end of the deal and get an even bigger reward? In this one he get to not be eaten by a snake and gets a reward from Celestia.

If we do that the snakes eventually push the gem into the lava.

Anonymous 378643


Well, there's got to be another way, last quest was winnable even though the snakes got loose.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378644

"If you don't let them move that cloud, it's going to block the sunlight and the boulder-snakes are going to be able to get out! You KNOW how dangerous those things are! THINK for a second!"

Rover directs the other cannon operators to aim for the cloud. "If we shoot them all down, we can stop the cloud! Keep firing!"

"No you can't! They're not even pushing it anymore!"

Rocky stands by your side. He doesn't grab you, but instead acts as a sort of chaperon. Rover seems determined to stop the pegasi his own way.

"Rocky, please… if you guys don't stop firing now…"

The storm cloud travels a bit slower, but still moves over the mountaintop. The lightning is nearly close enough to touch down.

"…all of you guys are going to get gobbled up by the Boulder Snakes. The Pegasi made a mistake by bringing that cloud over here and they want to fix it. They're going to push it away! Don't you understand?!"

Rocky looks up at the cloud, then over to the cannons firing at it. It takes him a minute, but he seems to reason through your argument.

"How help?" He half whispers.

"What are you doing?! Grab my little pony and put her in a cage! Keep our prize safe!" Rover shakes his clenched paw at Rocky, then fires at some pegasi swooping in. They guards seem to be trying to draw the cannon fire away from the storm cloud.

Anonymous 378645

What was the exact situation back at the school house, it was pretty similar to this.

Anonymous 378646

How many cannons are shooting at t pegasi?

Anonymous 378647

"I don't know…break the cannons or something!"

Anonymous 378648

Whisper to Rocky that he has to stop Rover from firing the cannon, even if that means climbing up there and grabbing him. We will knock down any other towers that shoot at the cloud.

Anonymous 378649

We are the messiah pone, never say we don't know!

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378650

GAME INFO: Like last time, there are a total of 4 cannons firing up at the pegasi with Rover directing the other operators as to where they should be firing. The dogs seem a lot more coordinated than they were last time. Rover getting to the surface faster has helped them organize better.

Anonymous 378651


>"Rocky, you're reasonable. You have to try to convince your comrades to stop firing. I know you're not on the best terms with the law, and that's okay, but you saw those things in the tunnels. They'll devour your friends if we don't have a temporary ceasefire."

Anonymous 378652

Then just break the cannons!
The operators aren't going to listen to Rocky, but he can probably smash them up good.

Anonymous 378653

The cannons, that is. Not the operators.

Anonymous 378654

We need Rocky to Usurp Rover as pack leader

Anonymous 378655

The cannons are for killing boulder snakes, if we keep them around they could be useful later

Anonymous 378656


Yeah. The dogs obviously appreciate strength in a leader. Rover is a coward and narrowminded. Just stop him for a little bit, we really don't have to break the cannons ourselves, but we will because we don't want to see what happens otherwise.

Anonymous 378657

If the pegasi stop the cloud we won't NEED them later.

Anonymous 378658

what we need to do… is play the diplomancer, we've already bent an ear… all we need to do, is give a little… shove~!

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378659

GAME INFO: If you were to break the cannons, how would you go about doing so? Rocky would probably need some pretty good instructions and encouragement to follow such a socially risky decision.

Anonymous 378660

Just have Rocky pull Rover out of the gunner's seat.

Anonymous 378661


Can't just lift the barrels and hold them under his arms or some shit. What kind of cannons are these?

Anonymous 378662

Have him bend the barrels downward so they can't fire.

Anonymous 378663

I think breaking the cannons isn't the best idea, it'll probably take too long.
Not to mention that he only had what, a few hours and he already set up 4 guard towers? Anything we broke they probably have replacement parts

Anonymous 378664

Or could we knock down the platforms that the guns are on? They are on platforms, right?

Anonymous 378665

Then have him yell that the snakes are coming and have all the cannons turn to lock on the hole opening.

Anonymous 378666

That's clever, they are rather paranoid about the snakes

Anonymous 378667


On second thought, let's try this first

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378668

GAME INFO: The cannons are much like the one you saw way back at the schoolhouse. It's a small mounted gun, though these are on slightly elevated bases/platforms. It looks like they were able to set them up completely this time as opposed to your first run of this area.

The gun barrel itself is a charred metal pipe attached to what looks like an old oak barrel. You assume this is where they keep the ridiculous amounts of red gemstone ammunition handy for the gun to use.

>Have Rocky bend the gun barrels so they can't fire properly

>Trick the dogs into firing at the volcano hole

Tentatively going with this decision. Confirm?

Krabb 378669

I say we try to convince him smash the cannons

That would kill 2 birds with one stone

Break the platforms or something

Anonymous 378670

Firing down at the snakes would also kill 2 birds with one stone

Krabb 378671


Seems like a pointless trick that would keep them distracted for about maybe 10 seconds

Anonymous 378672

Hold on. Could the platforms be smashed and could Rover pick up a gun and fire it with any degree of accuracy?

Anonymous 378673

Oh, what happens if they shoot down into the hole and hit the Heart of the Mountain?

Anonymous 378674

As badass as that sounds, I don't think it'd be practical, unless he fired said cannon at the other cannons.

Anonymous 378675

artifact of doom destroyed, happyfuntimes for all to be had?

Krabb 378676


Shooting at what? There's no snakes in there. They are hiding from the sun.

Worst case, the gunshots knock the heart into the lava.

Anonymous 378677

Wasn't destroying it wwhat triggered the volcanic eruption?

Anonymous 378678

well I was being kinda sarcastic, I'm still madly in love with my idea of Rocky taking over the pack and us adding having a pack of diamond dogs as friends to our achievement list

Anonymous 378679


Don't destroy the heart, it'll release of ton of energy probably.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378680

"Wait… do you hear that?" You look up to Rocky, then back down toward the volcano entrance.

"No." He bluntly answers, turning around to face what you're looking at.

"Rover! It's too late!" You call out to the tower. He keeps firing up at the clouds, but you can clearly see his ear perked in your direction. "The Boulder Snakes must have found a way to counter the sunlight! They're coming up!"

"No they're not." Rocky looks confused, but his soft deep voice doesn't reach Rover through all the barking.

"Are they!? Rocky?! Are the Snakes coming!?" Rover keeps the guns pointed up and shooting, but turns his head to Rocky. Though you try to nudge his side, the painfully honest dog shakes his head.

"A liar! I'm beginning to hate you more, pony!" Rover laughs as he continues his assault. "They're breaking up! We're winning, dogs!"

The cloud is still unmanned and heading your way. The rain just begins to wet the outermost edge of the volcano.

"…drats. C'mon, Rocky, that was our chance to save everyone."

He looks at you for a minute with a look of sincere confusion. "There's no snakes coming."

Anonymous 378681


Goddamn it Rocky.

Anonymous 378682

Dang flabbit Rocky, everypony's supposed to unite in fear of a common enemy! It's a time honored Equestrian Tradition!

Anonymous 378683


>"I know Rocky, I was just pretending so that we could redirect the cannon fire without making them angry at you."

Anonymous 378684

"I know, Rocky. It was a trick."
Smash the platform Rover is on for good measure, then run like hell.

Anonymous 378685

Great job lying without explaining what were were even trying to do to Rocky, guys.

Now violence is our only option.

Anonymous 378686

Quick! Think of horrible nightmare fuel, and fall asleep, have a nightmare, and plead for Princess Luna to come save the day!

Anonymous 378687


Tell Rocky that we really don't want to see him or his friends get eaten, so we'll have to dismantle the cannons. Either he can do it since he can disable them in a way that they can be fixed later, or we smash them to bits. The cloud has to be stopped. Anything after that the dogs can do whatever they please.

Anonymous 378688

I think it's a bit late for that. The cloud is almost over the hole.
We have to leg it.

Krabb 378689


and the best option

lets smash some shit for once.

tell rocky that it was a trick to try and save the dogs. but it didnt work, so we have to stop rover from hurting the guards another way.

Anonymous 378690

"Are they!? Rocky?! Are the Snakes coming!?" Rover keeps the guns pointed up and shooting, but turns his head to Rocky. Though you try to nudge his side, the painfully honest dog shakes his head.

"A liar! I'm beginning to hate you more, pony!" Rover laughs as he continues his assault. "They're breaking up! We're winning, dogs!"

Rover REALLY trusts Rocky!
We just need to get Rocky in on it and he'll convince Rover

Anonymous 378691


I think Rocky's already convinced, he just needs to do something that won't get him ostracized from his little pack.

Anonymous 378692

I forgot we don't sleep.

It'd probably only work for Scootaloo anyways

Anonymous 378693

You think that will still work?

Anonymous 378694

Well the only reason he didn't believe us was that Rocky said "no"

Anonymous 378695

Why not just knock Rover out and steal his gunner seat?
The other dogs will listen if Rocky bellows out "SNAAAAAAAKES!"

Anonymous 378696


Trying that twice in a row would be a waste of time. We HAVE to dismantle the cannons now.

Anonymous 378697

Well then, whisper to him why we want Rover and the others to stop shooting, then have him check the hole and tell him that the snakes are coming.

Krabb 378698


i doubt it will work now

why are we so focused on getting all the dogs to point at an empty hole again?

I'm still not seeing the point to this snake trickery, what is it accomplishing?

Anonymous 378699

Cmon, we already faced down the queen, we just need to do something suitably badass (I still think a bomb designed to kill a dragon would have killed a dragon. Rainbow Dash managed to hurt that one when she kicked it)

Anonymous 378700

Just have Rocky pick us up and run away as fast as his legs will carry him.

The rest of the dogs can deal with the snakes.

Anonymous 378701

Stop them from firing at the cloud while not requiring us to run around busily tackling down the cannons.

Anonymous 378702


We don't even know what the fuck is that all about. We sequence broke.

I wonder how the timid pegasus with the bad spelling is up to, anyways.

Anonymous 378703

He knew about the snakes before anypony else.

He needed a friend, we should have been there for him.

Krabb 378704


yeah but do you really think they are gonna point at an empty hole the entire goddamn time?

its gonna be an obvious trick about 10 seconds in.

Anonymous 378705


I can just imagine going home and having a stack of letters underneath the doormat.

Anonymous 378706

Iunno, trying to keep casualties low, it seemed like something that'd fly in the show

Anonymous 378707


Yeah, it would be silly, but it wouldn't be enough time.

Anonymous 378708

maybe we could buy time with… a Song?

Anonymous 378709

We've already run OUT of time anyways. Rover said it himself, the pegasi have broken up.

Anonymous 378710

If only we had Sweetiebelle… she's the only CMC that can sing…

Anonymous 378711


"When I was just a little filly…"

I bet Raisin has a horrible singing voice

Anonymous 378712

[Spoilers] Gravelly [/Spoilers]

Anonymous 378713

dammit epic fail

Krabb 378714


that's because we didn't signal them yet.

they went to go get our friends

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378715

"I know Rocky, I was just pretending so that we could redirect the cannon fire without making them angry at you."

He looks at you with a raised brow. "Pre… tending?"


You look up, watching the cloud loom ever closer to the hole. The dogs barking has gone from a battlecry to a quiet murmur. The gemstone cannons keep firing, but the persistent cloud stays steady on it's course. The royal guards are swooping around the clouds but keeping their distance.

Seeing no other way to stop the cannons from firing, you make a break for Rover's cannon platform. Your hooves smash into the stone loudly, scaring some of the guards in your path. When they see it's you, they reel back their spears and begin jabbing.

You rush through the flurry, but manage to get clipped a few times. Another chunk of your mane has been sliced off by the dogs. You swear that they got one of your legs, but you simply cannot feel it. Your hooves still hit the mountaintop rock with the next stride.

Suddenly, you hear an absolutely monstrous sound erupt from behind you. The noise is startling enough to turn your head. You see Rocky baring his teeth as he addresses the other dogs.

"Stop. Don't hurt pony."

You continue running without hesitation, throwing yourself into Rover's cannon platform.

"What the?! Rocky! I told you to…" The leader of the Diamond Dogs stops talking as his cannon platform begins to slide down the side of the mountain with you on it. The sound of the cannon fire seems to have temporarily stopped.

"…well.. uh… I guess that's one way to do it…"

"You idiot! You moron!" Rover clutches onto the pilot seat of his cannon, his claws digging into the wooden seat. You can almost see the color rushing from the fur around his face. "We're gonna die!!!"

You begin to accelerate rapidly as you slide down the mountainside, the frail chunk of rock and cannon beneath you quickly eroding away on the mountainside.

Anonymous 378716


Srubbing Bubbles pls go

Anonymous 378717


Well, that's nice.

Check our damage and make sure we still have our doll.

Anonymous 378718

Aw dammit, we lost another leg. We lose more legs that way…
We are going DOWN the mountain side, not INTO it right?

Anonymous 378719


Wait, so the cannons where mounted on the side of the mountaintop and not in the center? That would have been nice to now.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378720

GAME INFO: You are currently barreling down the side of the mountain with increasing speed. Rover hangs on for dear life.

Anonymous 378721

"Oh, shut up you stupid mutt."
Jump to safety before you accelerate too much.

Anonymous 378722


We still have our cape? Try waving it around.

Anonymous 378723

Yell for Rover to hold on to us with one paw and yell for Rocky to throw one end of the chain at us. After Rover hopefully grabs us and the chain start waving our cape around.

Anonymous 378724


[s]It's going to come down to a decision to give them the amulet to live or holding onto it and dooming them while assuring our survival.

Anonymous 378725

Wave Cape, grab Rover, running jump off the back side of the platform while it's still picking up speed

Krabb 378726


how the hell did we get up a mountain tall enough to kill us that fast? honestly i have no idea how the area was set up.

oh hell why not.

Anonymous 378727

Maybe the guards will come save us so we don't even have to leap of faith off this thing

Anonymous 378728


Well, the previous area was in a vast volcanic chamber, and we blew the top off and climbed out that way.

Anonymous 378729

Can they even lift us?

Anonymous 378730

well… one can't, maybe two

Anonymous 378731

On a more Sobering note, we might weigh a little less now…

Anonymous 378732


They can lift the dogs to safety. We can pretty much tank anything as long as we have the amulet. Even if we shatter, we can glue ourself back together with concrete R-right?

Krabb 378733

File: 1364200300283.png (64.26 KB, 569x455, dog.png)


yeah, i'm sure the guards will just be able to catch an extremely heavy pony made of solid rock flying down a mountain.

Anonymous 378734

If we have to we can use the True Soul amulet. If it can keep others whole, maybe it can make us whole?

Anonymous 378735

amulet didn't tank for SHIT, we could use hayseed as a shield, but Woe unto any who use hayseed as a shield. Maybe if we hug her, she'll protect us…

Anonymous 378736

File: 1364200413416.jpg (161.16 KB, 1280x720, dead-space-two_00.jpg)


>make us whole

Anonymous 378737

>Whacks with a rolled up newspaper, Bad!

Krabb 378738


dont we need somebody nearby who loves us or something?

I don't think rover is willing

unless hayseed would work, as silly as that sounds.

Anonymous 378739


In the last quest Raisin could fall down a whole ravine without so much as a scratch.

The damage probably made us a little more fragile, but even if we let gravity take it's course we'd still be "alive"

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378740

Not losing a moment's time watching the base of the mountain quickly approach, you grab your golden cape half and hold it above your head. The wind throws it around with reckless abandon.

"Stupid pony! All you had to do was get into the cage!" Rover looks terrified.

"And all you had to do was stop firing your blasted cannons into the sky! The pegasi were ready to push the cloud the other way!"

"They were going to TAKE MY GEM!" Rover grits his teeth.

You hope that the pegasi have seen your signal. Looking back up, it's hard to tell if the cloud is still moving or not.

While the mountainside rushes by, you take just a moment to reach back to your mane. The spot where it was chopped off seems to still be there… your leg felt like it was severed, but appears fine.

"Hey, did you see a blue aura around me while I was getting stabbed?"

Rover looks at you dumbfounded. "SHUT UP!!"

Anonymous 378741


Maybe to unstone, but the passive protection definitely works no matter what.

Anonymous 378742

But then there'll be little Raisin pieces all over the place, Dad's gonna have a HELL of a job gluing that back together

Anonymous 378743

Grab onto Rover so he'll be protected as well.
"You're lucky I'm such a nice kid."

Anonymous 378744

Don't shut up, keep talking, make him never want to see us again.

Krabb 378745


oh shit

the amulet protected us didn't it?

well, we have no choice, we have to save his stupid ass. as much as he will hate it

hug rover.

Anonymous 378746

And that, because we're nice

Anonymous 378747


It's be a bonding experience.

Plus is the head is knocked off clean, it'll be a great Nightmare Night gag if that's anytime soon.

Anonymous 378748


Yeah, and tell Rocky to hold the both of us. They have to trust us.

Anonymous 378749

Although it'll still FEEL like he was ground into fine paste by the ground… And again, we're not sure if huggin him would extend the protection to him, what if we just got doggie blood all over ourselves?

Anonymous 378750


Not too tightly.

Okay, maybe a little tight.

Anonymous 378751

It would wash off.

Anonymous 378752

I think Rocky got left behind at the top of the mountain.

Anonymous 378753


We could just not act and they get messed up regardless.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378754

Raisin may only have enough time to complete one more full action before the platform smashes into the base of the mountain… choose it carefully.

>Hug Rover, hoping that the amulet protects him

Anonymous 378755

Silly puppy~ Gem are for Ponies!
>pick up Rover and carry him to safety!

Anonymous 378756


Can we hug them both?

Rocky deserves it more than Rover.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378757

GAME INFO: Rocky is still safely situated atop the mountain.

Anonymous 378758

Are us and Rover the only ones on the platform?

Anonymous 378759

Well, this could basically end one of two ways… Either the magic of love and tolerance extends the shield to protect rover, and we get Good End 0 fatalities.
or this explodes in Raisins face and rover basically explodes in her hooves.

Anonymous 378760

>Are you suuuure?


Do it.

Anonymous 378761

Hug the dog and hope the amulet protects us both.

Anonymous 378762

If he dies, he had it coming.

Anonymous 378763


We have to save them somehow. Can't give it to one, the other would just get messed up too. Have Rocky have us both, he's got big arms.

Krabb 378764


that's all we got, hug him.

if he asks, say its the curse of the golem, and then i'm not allowed to die.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378765

GAME INFO: Rover and Raisin are the only ones on the platform.

Anonymous 378766

His only fault was being a slaver, tyrant, kidnapping little fillies, planning to enslave one to rip the gold out of her flesh, and being an un-cooperative chronic backstabber… Hugs~!

Anonymous 378767


Stick Hayseed in his gaping mouth and hold on.

Anonymous 378768


Oh, that makes things really simple. Hand him the amulet and hold on. Don't want him to run off with it.

Anonymous 378769

Keep hayseed on our person. If we get smashed it will probably take a long, long time to become whole again.

Anonymous 378770


Pfff, that's just silly enough to work.

Anonymous 378771

You meen the hayseed with our Get out of petrification free card, most shiny piece of loot to date, and the only reason we went INTO the mountain? We're altruistic, but you don't give the mugger your blinged out 40 carat rocket launcher of ultimate power

Anonymous 378772

File: 1364201312625.png (77.74 KB, 438x485, 1336000934722.png)


Lawful Stupid, nigs

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378773

>Shove Hayseed into Rover's mouth and hang on
>Give the big mutt a hug and hope the amulet protects him too

Anonymous 378774

>Give the big mutt a hug and hope the amulet protects him too

Anonymous 378775

Shove Hayseed in his mouth.
He needs the protection more than we do. Golems recombine. Diamond dogs don't.

Anonymous 378776

Oh, and try to land so that he is on top of us.

Anonymous 378777

Option A I can see Rover running off with our macguffin.
Option B just has a slightly higher chance of keeping Rover alive.

Anonymous 378778


Well, if it worked just through contact, the snake trying to eat the dog would have been protected too.

But shove it in his paws and hold tight, trapping it. I'm afraid he'll toss it randomly out of spite.

Krabb 378779


i vote hug

I'm not giving him my doll.

Anonymous 378780

Golems recombine slowly. What's the point of surviving if we don't come back until our friends are old and grey?

Anonymous 378781

not all golems recombine

Anonymous 378782

Hold on, what about a third option?

Stick Hayseed between both of us and sandwich it there with a tight hug.

Anonymous 378783


True soul seems to work retroactively too.

Besides, with some unicorn magic we can superheat the ends of the broken bits and glue them back on.

Anonymous 378784

Actually I think I like that option.

Anonymous 378785


Yeah. we can even hug him extra tight because the amulet will keep him alive.

Anonymous 378786

My thinking was that it would count as both of us holding it.

Anonymous 378787

Feels much safer! This or just the hug, Rover has been a more persistant threat than the cobra queen.
Plus we can't let him keep the heart of the mountain or he'll do something STUPID with it.

Krabb 378788


eh, why not

but if the damn thing worked from inside our saddlebags and inside a doll, it probably means you just need to be near it.

this would give everything away to rover about not taking any loot.

Anonymous 378789


Without his leadership the diamond dogs will be pretty disorganized. It'll be easy to cleanup.

But we beg for a pardon for Rocky. He's a sweetie.

Anonymous 378790

Like he'd really be able to take it from us when we can shin-kick him into oblivion.

Krabb 378791


yeah, but i don't wanna lose the thing when we land.

what if he grabs it first?

shin kicks stop working

Anonymous 378792


Man, screw him, 1 v 1 fgt.

Anonymous 378793


We can still hold onto him. It doesn't give super strength.

Anonymous 378794

we can hold on pretty tight

Krabb 378795


yeah i guess

okay, break out the doll and do a group hug with hayseed.

Anonymous 378796

Rover doesn't have a weapon, we can take him even with the amulet. Not that he knows Hayseed is the amulet.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378797


>Hayseed Sandwich

>Jam Hayseed in between the two of you and hug tight
Here we go, niggas

Not sure on the inner workings of the True Soul Amulet's magic, you come up with a cunning last minute plan. As the ground rushes to meet your unstable platform, you reach into your saddlebags to take out Hayseed. The pocket doesn't initially want to come loose, so you tear the whole thing off.

"What are you doing?!" Rover's knuckles tremble against the seat as a bump sends the platform flying into the air.

You push the severed pocket up against Rover, then wrap your forelegs around his waist, squeezing him as tight as you can. He's instantly surrounded by a blue aura.

"GGRRKK!! GAAAHHKKK!! SSSSSS…SSSSsss..SSSSSTOP!" He can barely breathe, but he doesn't seem to be in any overwhelming pain. You swear your can see his ribs riding overtop of your forelegs, but the blue aura is all you needed to see.

"We're going down together!"

He continues gasping, unable to answer. As you land on the platform, it blows apart. In an instant, you're now bodysurfing on Rover as you continue down the mountain. It looks like he's feeling every bump as you coast toward a ravine.

"H-h-h-o-o-o-w-w?" He manages to spit something out as the two of you go flying off the end of the mountain, heading at terminal velocity into the side of a ravine.

Almost instantly, everything goes black. You don't feel like you're moving anymore, but you also don't know if you're even alive. Your legs refuse to budge.

"GRRKK… L…" You can hear some muffled gasps.

Anonymous 378798


Keep holding on.

Anonymous 378799

"You alright, stupid dog?"

Anonymous 378800


Is that it?

D-did we win?

Anonymous 378801

Keep holding on and try to pen our eyes.

Anonymous 378802

>"A-are we buried?"

Anonymous 378803


Well, look on the bright side, we were never really alive in the first place.

Anonymous 378804

W-we totally were! We remember it and everything! It has to be true…

Anonymous 378805


Yeah, just keep trying to move.

Krabb 378806


try to get a bearing of our surroundings

and don't let that stupid dog take hayseed.

Anonymous 378807

File: 1364202532390.png (15.21 KB, 650x650, 1363570885547.png)


>"It's hard, though. So long ago…"

Anonymous 378808

>Raisin…. Raisin, awaken… wake up~

Anonymous 378809

Okay, after a few moments of existential confusion…

Let's finish this thing

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378810

As you attempt to speak, you feel as though your jaw is being restricted. Trying to move any of your limbs, you lift your head up. You immediately notice some restriction, but it moves.

"KAGHHHGHPPMMH!!" Rover seems to still be alive, though he doesn't sound like he's having too much fun. You keep kicking around, trying to see if you can free yourself.

Kicking your rearlegs and shuffling about, you start to feel the rock around you give. Rover continues to struggle, though he's making no headway.

In a matter of moments, you start to pull backwards. You can feel yourself moving right along with Rover, though you can't see the blue glow. It takes a few minutes, but you manage to back yourself out of the hole you were in. You fall almost 40 feet, you assume, before you hit some grassy ground. Rover is still making his muffled shouts. Almost immediately, you feel your face pull out of Rover's chest.

"…oh.. that's why I couldn't see."

Rover is pounding into your back with his paws. He looks absolutely furious. Ignoring him for a moment, you look back up the mountainside. The cloud appears to have stopped right at the edge, though you cannot see any pegasi from all the way down here. Around you there are two sheer cliff faces. Running between them is a healthy river and cascading trail of waterfalls. They seem to lead out to a small town.

"I hope they're all okay up there…"

Rover is still pounding into your back in a futile attempt to loosen your grip.

Anonymous 378811


Eww, gross.

Anonymous 378812

Make sure the area is safe then let go and grab our ouch/hayseed/amulet/thing.

It's just a filly and her dog, man.

Anonymous 378813


>"Just so you know. I could have chosen to not save you."

Anonymous 378814

Okay, we seem to be alright, let's get off Rovar and reclaim Hayseed, Rover can't hurt us, we'll just keep him under our custody.
>Make a witty joke about the dog getting in a cage

Anonymous 378815

Okay, we seem to be alright, let's get off Rover and reclaim Hayseed, Rover can't hurt us, we'll just keep him under our custody.
>Make a witty joke about the dog getting in a cage

Anonymous 378816


Grab the doll, go down the road, return triumphantly.

Anonymous 378817


leldouble post

Anonymous 378818


Check our damage. Hopefully the aura protected us too.

Krabb 378819


Take hayseed back

oh god its 4am, i'm out.

never give up

trust your instincts.

Anonymous 378820

Release him and secure Hayseed.
"You're welcome."

Anonymous 378821


Yeah, it's late.

The only thing left at this point are wacky shenanigans and bickering on the way back.

Anonymous 378822

File: 1364203301778.png (4.71 KB, 70x52, raisinbutt.png)


I'm going to go to bed too.

Looks like no quest picnic until next week.

But now, I think it'll just be a recolor if you guys stick with golem form.

Anonymous 378823


Don't be so sure.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378824

You let go of the dog. Immediately, he falls down on his knees, gasping for air. You reach down and pick up Hayseed, however torn and slightly rotund she may be.

Rover doesn't talk for a few moments, instead focusing on drawing in a few breaths of fresh air. He holds up a claw signaling for you to wait, but quickly makes a shoving gesture toward you.

"Get… get away from me…" He manages to shout between breaths.

"Oh, come now. I didn't have any other options. I couldn't just watch you go kersplat."

He stumbles up to his feet, then grabs at one of the stone walls. Looking back, he draws a few more breaths, then prepares to climb. He looks more confused and angry than anything else.

"You're welcome!" You simply wave, glad to see the dog still alive. As much as you didn't care for Rover or his backstabbing shenanigans, a part of you feels as though you'd miss the dumb mutt if you knew he had died.

>Stop Rover

>Head down the waterfalls to the distant town Skip ahead?

META INFO: You've become a better pilot.

Night Krabbs! Thanks for the draws!

Anonymous 378825

If the guards and the dogs did what we expect, then things should have turned out alright.
I hope Rocky got the rest of the dogs to stand down

Anonymous 378826


>"Hey Rover, remember, the snakes come out at night. Better work fast if you want the jewel!"

Are there any stray pegasi around?

Anonymous 378827

>Skip ahead
That phrase fills me with fear. Can we hear the screams of the dying or any cannon fire from the top of the mountain?

Anonymous 378828


Yeah, maybe hang around for a little while. I mean, it's going to take Rover a while to climb back up, anyways.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378829

GAME INFO: From this far down the mountain, you cannot hear any of the dogs up above. The storm cloud cracks off some thunder intermittently.

Anonymous 378830

Skip ahead.
I think we've earned our reprieve from danger.

Anonymous 378831


Eh, why not. The CMC are safe, we have the amulet, doesn't really matter who wins up there. Out of sight, out of mind.

Anonymous 378832

Do you think… we've earned our reward yet? Maybe find the nearest pegasind sent a message to Princess Celestia, we DO have vital info

Anonymous 378833

I cannot emphasize how much of a bad idea I think that skipping ahead would be. The only way I could go for it would be if Jr promised us he wouldn't screw us in some way, shape, or form.

We should ask Rover to show his thanks for us by sending a pegasus down the mountain to speak with us.

Anonymous 378834

We've saved Equestria THREE times now.
We've earned our damn reward.
Oh would you relax already? We won, man.

Anonymous 378835

He would not comply

Krabb 378836

Don't you guys dare skip ahead

It's a trap

Anonymous 378838


Krabb pls.

You have a problem.

Anonymous 378839

Anonymous 378840


Should we stop him? What good would that do? Just hold on for him for hours until we're found?

Anonymous 378841

But it is a trap. Ask Rover to send us down a pegasus and Rockey.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378842

GAME INFO: Would you guys be opposed to running a quick follow up session sometime tomorrow? I can't imagine spending more than a few hours tying up a few loose ends and maybe answering some followup questions

I only ask because I don't want to rush the very last juicy details in an effort to conserve time.

Anonymous 378843


He hates our guts. He'll go out of his way to NOT do that.


works for me
see you then, I'm crashing

Anonymous 378845


Yeah, especially since now I'm paranoid.

Anonymous 378846

We could try reverse psychology, tell him we're deathly afraid the guards will find us. (hide the helmet)

Anonymous 378847


I can barely stay awake. Next week then?

Will it be a real epilogue or one where we survive by the skin of our teeth again?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378848

META INFO: I figured as much. You guys are getting better at sniffing out the ace up my sleeves.

Anonymous 378849

Epilogue tomorrow? amg you drive me to ponies Jr

Anonymous 378850

We need to stop now. It is late.

Krabb 378851


Would be good for me, I don't wanna rush anything and I'm parinoid

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378853

GAME INFO: Either we could just do a quick followup tomorrow… maybe around the same time, 10:00PM EST? We could possibly run it earlier.

I know you guys are eager to see how Raisin's adventure ends and to make some last minute, very important decisions.

Want me to drop into the thread and do a roll call/check tomorrow? See if everyone's around?

Anonymous 378854


Tomorrow's good, as long as it doesn't go ridiculously late.

Anonymous 378855


Whatever's good.

Spring break nig.

Anonymous 378856

I can't be here tomorrow.

Krabb 378857


The earlier the better, for me at least. The only reason I'm still here this late is because I'm snowed in.

Anonymous 378858

Oh and don't forget AFTER ROVER IS GONE, to come to the sudden realization that in our questing frenzy we have mutilated poor poor hayseed of OUR OWN VOLITION!
>Break into hysterical sadness
>cry LOTS

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 378859

GAME INFO: I don't plan on it taking THAT long… though I've never, ever been good at telling time during these quests.

META INFO: Sweet hotness. We'll meet tomorrow, questers. Congratulations so far!

Anonymous 378860

File: 1364204780679.png (63.9 KB, 238x274, scootasad.png)


>so far

Anonymous 378861

I'm "that guy who always complains about never showing up for raisin quest on time"

Anonymous 378862

I think we did good this time around, better than when we gave up.

Anonymous 378865

I just can't go to sleep without figuring out another point about raisin quest, if Rover gets back to the dogs, he'll rally them against the guards; for his sake, and the sake of all the diamond dogs we should keep him under our guard.

Also, He might go around lying and telling everypony He BEAT Raisin. That can't stand.

Raisin Quest 4: Loose Ends FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379384

File: 1364263785111.png (1.12 KB, 79x69, RaisinSpriteShaded.PNG)

Welcome, questers, to a continuation of the epilogue session. Due to time constraints last night, we agreed to bump this session out an extra day. Let’s look over a summary of last night’s events, then get down to business:

>Have Raisin go to the amulet’s exact location

>** Hide the amulet inside of Hayseed **
>– Tell Rover about the Boulder Snakes; he orders his pack to retreat out of the volcano –
>Hint to Rover that the Canterlot Royal Guard are probably on their way to investigate the mountaintop explosion
>– Refuse to enter the cage; Rocky offers to carry you up the volcano shaft on his arm –
>– Decide to act as an early warning system for falling crates –
>Fort building timbers begin falling into volcano, hitting the dog holding Scootaloo
>** Use Rope to rescue Scootaloo before the Diamond Dog is hit with more falling supplies **
>Sling dazed dog over Rocky’s shoulder, then proceed to exit the volcano
>Search for Applebloom and Sweetie Belle, discovering that they have been caged
>** Use Scoots’ CMC Cape to flag down the guards **
>Guards cannot land due to the gemstone cannons
>Run to edge of mountaintop; chased by dogs
>fatroll out of the way of an incoming spear and warn Scoots of a Diamond Dog trying to sneak up on her
>Meet up with a small squadron of Royal Guards
>xXx 12:00PM, Day 2; Explosion is heard out toward Ponyville xXx
>** Warn them of the Boulder Snakes. Tell them to push the cloud back **
>Guard tells you that gemstone cannons will prevent them from pushing the cloud away
>Royal Guards rescue your friends as you try to convince Rover to back down
>xXx Rover is impervious to your Charisma stacking; ignores your pleas xXx
>xXx Rocky’s painfully honest nature ruins your attempted deception xXx
>–Plow into Rover’s gun platform, sending it sliding off of the mountaintop—
>**Wave your cape around to signal the Royal Guards to push the cloud away**
>–Use the True Soul Amulet and a death grip bear hug to save Rover’s life—

After crawling out of a ravine wall, Raisin and Rover drop down into the bottom of a river carved ravine. Staring down a small series of cascading waterfalls, Raisin thinks that she sees civilization just a few miles out. Knowing that her friends are safe and that she’s in possession of the True Soul Amulet, the golem filly feels giddy as she contemplates getting her old body back.

The leader of the Diamond Dogs shakily digs his claws into the ravine wall, ready to get back to his pack. Humiliated and utterly defeated, he forgets the deal he made with Raisin in an attempt to gain as much distance between him and her as possible. He grumbles as he looks up the steep mountain, preparing to climb his way back to the top.

Raisin: Hayseed + True Soul Amulet, Spool of Rope (Frayed)(Equipped), Royal Guard Helmet (Equipped)

Anonymous 379387


Stop Rover. Grab his vest and tug.

Anonymous 379388


>using a necrod thread

Well, this is weird, but since this is the sub it's slow as shit anyways.

Look around to see if any guard pegasi are flying down looking to investigate the crash.

Anonymous 379389


That sprite is cute. Did you make it?

Also >>379387 since apparently things aren't quite over yet.

Anonymous 379390

It seems like we're supposed to let Rover go, as he's been "utterly defeated" But Niegh I say! Hold him in custody!

Anonymous 379391

Get back to civilization.
I've had enough of rock snakes and idiot dogs.

Anonymous 379392



It's nEIgh, fgt.

But yeah. Still, I want to know what the deal with the explosion is.

Anonymous 379393

For bonus points do your filly impression of a royal guard!

Anonymous 379394

Seriously?! WHY?!

Anonymous 379395


Because if it mattered then the GM wouldn't have given us an explicit choice.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379396

GAME INFO: Looking up the side of the mountain, you cannot immediately see any Royal Guard pegasi nearby. You can see some little dots flying around the black storm cloud far up above. Lightning still seems to touch down every few seconds… you can tell it's a storm manufactured in Cloudsdale.

META INFO: Indeed I did. Was bouncing around the idea of a Raisin game with a friend of mine a few months back. Didn't go anywhere, but I just found this artwork today.

Anonymous 379397


>Raisin vidya

Oh god I would play, so hard.

In fact, these little games got me into King's Quest.

Anonymous 379398

File: 1364264572152.png (76.79 KB, 312x265, hnng2.png)


>King's Quest

Mah nigga

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379399

Though you have your amulet and your friends are safe, a fit of nagging paranoia lingers in the back of your mind. You don't trust Rover to simply return to his pack and call it a day. Maybe it's something to do with the Heart of the Mountain… maybe it's just your gut feeling, but letting him go doesn't feel right.

"Wait a second… Rover, get back here!" You turn around and start marching over to the wall he's beginning to climb. He doesn't so much as look your way as he attempts to get a good grip on the stony surface. He just manages to hoist himself up a few feet before you tug on his tail, bringing him back down to the ground.

"…What?! WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" He stews in his anger, opting to just lie down. From the ride down the mountain to being pried out of the ravine wall, the dog seems all but exhausted.

Anonymous 379400


"Stop, right there, criminal scum. You've violated the law!"

Anonymous 379401

"That big gem in the mountain is off-limits. You can't have it. Nobody can. It's dangerous."

Anonymous 379402


Ask him what he even intends to do with the heart of the mountain. It's one of the most powerful things in all of Equestria.

Anonymous 379403

Explain why it is dangerous too.

Anonymous 379404

Nopony breaks the law on MY watch! (except me)
I'm confiscating your stolen goods!

Anonymous 379405


Does he even have anything on him at this point?

Anonymous 379406

Again: No antagonizing.

Anonymous 379407


I know it's a long shot, but ask him if he was the one to make that other mountaintop explode at noon.

Anonymous 379408


Honestly, what can he even do at this point? He's all alone and doesn't even have a blue spear.


Meh, sure. Doubt it though.

Anonymous 379409

Oh, well, if we want to be a good little filly, then arresting him is a little out of our authority, we totally still could, but maybe we can just ask him
Pat him on the head, and let him go? (to get arrested by the guards)

Anonymous 379410

Steal our doll.

I'm not taking any chances with that damn medallion after all the shit we went through to get it.

Anonymous 379411


The guards are still fighting up above, without a solid leader the dogs will probably break and lose the battle, hopefully.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379412

"Stop right there, criminal scum. You've violated the law!" You're not entirely sure where that came from, but it seemed like the most appropriate thing to say two seconds ago.

"…What law?! I don't care about your stupid law!" Rover swats at you lazily, managing to bruise the back of his paw on your granite face. He winces and rubs his paw.

"You know which one… I assume. I'm confiscating your stolen goods!" Being in a position of authority through sheer strength, you decide to frisk his vest for any valuables. It doesn't feel quite right to do this to somepony as defeated as Rover, but your paranoia demands it. As you pat his pockets down, you notice that he doesn't seem to be resisting at all.

You find a Small Diamond in his front right pocket. He doesn't seem to be carrying anything else. Do you wish to take it from him?

>Next action: tell him that the Heart of the Mountain is extremely dangerous and something that isn't to be trifled with?

Anonymous 379413

"What's this gem?"
Also warning him about the Heart of the Mountain could be a bad move.
He'd probably use it to hold Equestria hostage or something.

Anonymous 379414


Hmm, nah. Let him have it


FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379415

>Next Action: Ask him about the other exploding mountaintop
Sorry about that; I forgot to change this action before posting

Anonymous 379417

Na let him have his diamond. it probably have sentimental value, and you can find those things dime a dozen all over the place

Anonymous 379418

Leave the gem and ask him about the mountaintop.

Anonymous 379419


You could say they are a diamond dozen

Anonymous 379420


Yeah, maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea to tell him how dangerous the heart is.

Anonymous 379421

Anonymous 379425


Hopefully the diamond dogs won't get the heart at all if the guards win the battle.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379426

You decide against stealing his Diamond. It probably means a lot to him… and you certainly don't want him hunting you down later to look for it. You close his vest pocket and back off.

"S-sorry… I thought you might have stolen something from one of my friends."

Rover just grunts. He doesn't seem interested in keeping you as company.

"Do you know anything about that other explosion that just happened? Did your dogs do that?"

He lifts himself up off the ground slowly, then begins climbing again.

"Is that a no, then?"

He doesn't respond. You see him reach up for another solid rock and get his feet off the ground.

Beyond Rover's claws digging into the rock, the only other sounds in this peaceful ravine are the river water tumbling over the edge of this plateau. A more ominous sound seems to linger in the distance, though you're unsure if it's just a figment of your imagination.

Anonymous 379427

"Wait…do you hear that?"

Anonymous 379428


Ominous sound? Like what?

Anonymous 379431


Yeah. Start looking for cover too. Hopefully the longer we keep Rover down the more ground the guards will gain on the mountaintop.

Anonymous 379432

Tell Rover that we think we can feel the Boulder Snakes tunneling towards us. If he gives us any questioning looks tell him its golem magic. We need to both get out of here, and we need to stick together in case the Snakes find us.

Anonymous 379433

Our midichlorians are warning us!

Anonymous 379434


Maybe if he doesn't believe us the first time around. Which he probably won't.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379435

GAME INFO: You're not sure, but you could have sworn that you heard the screech of a blue jay off in the distance. The thought of such a horrible fowl anywhere near you makes you feel squeamish. You only hope that you don't have to deal with any avian nuisances after all the rigorous adventuring you've just been through.

Anonymous 379436


Anonymous 379438

OH CELESTIA, RIGHT, That's why we don't go outside alone!
You-you're only following Rover because you don't trust him! B-baka

Anonymous 379439

Oh god dammit Jr.

Anonymous 379440


Something disturbed it, and it's pretty easy to find something in a ravine. Grab Rover's tail again and pull him into cover. Even if it's nothing he doesn't need to be up there leading the dogs.

Anonymous 379442

I think you might be taking this situation a little too seriously.

Anonymous 379443

Tell Rover that there is something in the valley with us. We kept him alive while sliding down the mountain, so he should stick with us if he doesn't want to take any chances.

Anonymous 379445

Can we go into town now, please?

Anonymous 379446


Yeah. Ponies have this thing called "kindness." It's a silly thing that compels them to protect even utter assholes from serious harm.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379452

Wary of the fact that you're outside again… alone… with birds prowling the skies… you decide that it would be in your best interest to somehow keep Rover with you for the time being. Besides, there could be far more dangerous things than birds lurking just up above…

"Wait! Wait a moment!" You reach up, just barely getting a grip on his tail. He comes falling down, this time on his back.

"Pleeeheeeheeheeaase stooooopp…" The frustrated dog whines.

"Just… wait a minute. I thought I heard something up there."

"Why do you care? Just let me go." Rover doesn't look like he's ready to climb a mountain anyhow, you figure.

"I didn't just save your life to watch you go and throw it away senselessly. If you run into a monster on the way back up, you're gonna get gobbled."

He gets back up on his feet, though hesitates to try climbing back up the wall. "I. Don't. Care. Leave me alone."

"I do care and I will leave you alone… just follow me for a ways until we're out of this ravine. I think it'd be safer for you to clim-"

Suddenly, a little blue blur flies passed the ravine above. Instinctively, you slam yourself up against the ravine wall, trying your best to avoid being seen by it. Rover stares at you, puzzled. He doesn't say a word.

Anonymous 379453


Look in the direction where the bird was flying.

Anonymous 379457

>Wish you were underground again

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379458

What color was that little pegasi-guard pen-pal of ours, again?

Anonymous 379461

Look in the direction that the bird came from.

Anonymous 379464


Yeah, we need a nice, safe stone castle. That way we can just bide our time, make evil..uh I mean good plans.

Anonymous 379465


Hey, it's been a while, Hiro.

Also Yeah, look where the bird was coming from and duck into cover.

Anonymous 379467



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379468

GAME INFO: The creature seems to have flown from the direction of the mountain you were on over the ravine. It's more than likely heading over to the other mountain side you're currently wedged between. You don't know why, but you certainly aren't interested in finding out, either.

The storm raging far up above might have scared it.

GAME INFO: From what you can recall, you think that the pegasus that was stalking you earlier was a dark blue. Whatever just flew by was far too small to be the pegasus, however…

Anonymous 379470


Just chill then. Hold Rover until someone comes down and investigates.

Anonymous 379471

Can we see any way that might lead us up and out of the ravine? What shape are our saddlebags in?

Anonymous 379474

If we're done harassing dogs and getting scared by birds, can we maybe return to civilization now?

We're just wasting time at this point.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379478

GAME INFO: There is a clear direction out of the ravine just up ahead. Following the river water, you can see it ends at a dropoff just ahead. It cascades down a few drops, but the river seems to continue on towards a nearby village.

Your saddlebags are slightly torn, now missing a pocket. You ripped the one off containing Hayseed in order to save Rover's life. You've since deposited your amulet stuffed doll into another pocket.

GAME INFO: How do you wish to return to civilization?

Anonymous 379479


We're still not entirely done yet. The world is still in danger until the heart is secured and airlifted out of reach of the snakes.

Shouldn't be a problem as long as the royal guard defeats the diamond dogs on the mountain.

Anonymous 379481

a pegasi can probably get to the guards faster than we can get up the mountain, head back to civ. Rover is boring

Anonymous 379482


But if Rover climbs back up the mountain, he'll be able to unite organize the dogs and give them a fighting chance against the royal guard.

Anonymous 379484

Grab Rover and drag him down the riverside.
"Come on. You're walking me home. It's the least you could do after I saved your hide."

Anonymous 379485


I could compromise.

Anonymous 379486

Why don't we ask Rover where he's going first

Anonymous 379487


Sure, fine, whatever.

Anonymous 379488

Like he'd give us a straight answer.

Anonymous 379489


I guess, but it's pretty obvious he wants to get the heart and will do anything he can to get it.

Anonymous 379490

C'mon what if plays the "I just want to go home now" card?

Anonymous 379492

Anonymous 379493


He had his chance to listen to us and Rocky.

Anonymous 379495

Well so do we.
And unless we want to take a tumble over several cliffs we can't get home without him.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379499

The weary dog looks confused as your eyes scan the narrow view of the sky above. Slowly, he reaches back to the wall. You know he's in a yank to leave, but so are you.

"Hold it." You grab his paw, then begin walking to the edge of the waterfall. He digs his feet into the ground in a futile effort to resist your pull.

"LET GO, STUPID PONY!" He yanks on his arm, trying to free it from your grasp.

"Come on. You're walking me home. It's the least you could do after I saved your hide."

"I'm not going ANYWHERE with you!!" He presses his feet up against the back of your head, trying to use the extra leverage to pull his arm free. Your grip refuses to give him even an inch of play. "You're not taking my gemstone away!"

"Yeah, that's what I thought you were going back up there for." You reach the edge, seeing a sheer drop off onto another plateau below. The water must fall down at least 2-3 houses down. It pounds into a small bowl of water before continuing off the end of the next plateau.

You see a few trees on the wider expanse below. From here, you can clearly see a birds nest poking out of one.

>How do you wish to proceed?

Anonymous 379501


Well, if it was just us, we should just jump down, but Now we have a meatbag to take care of.

Could trow him onto a tree. Ain't nowhere to go but down on those.

Anonymous 379502

Latch onto him like a backpack.
"We need to get down there. Start climbing, and I won't sap you and take the gem you have in your pocket."

Anonymous 379503

Should we tell him about how dangerous the gemstone is and why he can't be allowed to have it? Maybe if he plays nice Celestia will compensate him for it.

Play nice.

Anonymous 379504

2-3 houses sounds like around 50 feet. Rover could definitely take the impact no problem, that's like twice the height of olypmpic diving boards.

Anonymous 379505


Yeah, what's so special about the diamond in his pocket?

Anonymous 379506


Waterfalls typically have rocks at their base. Besides, how can we tell the water is deep? No risks at this point.

Anonymous 379507

Do we think we could toss Rover into a tree without breaking him or it?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379508

GAME INFO: Judging by the size of the jewel, it doesn't seem to be special in any way. You're not sure why he only has the one gemstone hidden away in his vest pocket, but you assume it to have some sort of sentimental value.

Anonymous 379509


Do they even collect gems for money? It just seems like a compulsion.

Anonymous 379510

Remember how we got down the mountain?

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379511

Wait, I have an idea!
Latch onto him, take the gem out of his pocket and toss it down the side of the cliff.
"Fetch, boy!"

Anonymous 379512


>"We don't want the gemstone in your pocket. If you're talking about the heart of the mountain, it's technically mine since I, you know, defeated the previous only singe-hoofedly."

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379513

>Toss Rover into a tree down below

>Toss Rover into the river down below

>See if Rover can carry you, possibly encouraging him forward with a game of fetch

Anonymous 379514

Dick moves guys
We're not that mean, it's his Hayseed

Anonymous 379515


How far below are the trees?

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379516

What? He'll get it back.
Once we've gotten down to where we need to be.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379518

GAME INFO: While the water drops around 2-3 houses down, the trees stand about a house high. They're relatively small compared to most trees in Ponyville.

Anonymous 379519


Yeah, Don't be mean. Lawful Good, remember.

Anonymous 379521

Don't be a douche.

If we are going down then we hug him with Hayseed between us and aim for a soft looking tree or rock.

Why do we want to go down instead of up?

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379523

actually now that I think of it, if he couldn't lift us during our first life when he tried to take us away, he probably won't be able to now.
…we could always just plummet off the cliff-side. the amulet will keep us safe from harm.

Anonymous 379525


Trees not tall enough. There's no gradual slope?

Anonymous 379526

Actually, Rover might just try to escape through the trees, hug and jump, let's not try to kill him this time though…

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379529

GAME INFO: You're currently at the top of a waterfall. It seems as though you're at the beginning of a series of cascading falls. It's a sheer dropoff from here to the next plateau.

Anonymous 379531


The main thing is preventing Rover from climbing back up.

Anonymous 379533


If we give him our doll though, he's going to definitely know something is fishy. When we were sliding down, he was panicking and couldn't really analyze the situation at hand.

Anonymous 379534


Even without the amulet, Raisin can take falls like a champ.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379535

We've stopped him a few times already. Doing it again shouldn't be a problem.

Anonymous 379537

Let's tie up Rover with the rope we have, then jump into the river. We won't have to worry about the birds if we just stay in the water.

Anonymous 379538


Wed don't really have a choice though, it's the only way to keep the heart safe. We can outrun him if he tries to run off with it.

Anonymous 379539

The rope is frayed. It won't hold him for long.

Anonymous 379540


But not if we throw ourselves down and leave him up on the plateau.

Anonymous 379541

What is our current inventory?

We aren't giving him our doll. We are sandwiching the doll between us like we did last time.

Anonymous 379544


I think it worked because we shoved it and he reflexively grabbed in it his grimy paws.

Anonymous 379547

File: 1364269986524.jpg (152.91 KB, 760x596, Raisin Quest players debate ov…)

>2 hours in
>haven't moved 5 feet

It's going to be one of those nights, isn't it?

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379548

Then take him with us.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379549

Raisin: Hayseed + True Soul Amulet, Spool of Rope (Frayed)(Equipped), Royal Guard Helmet (Equipped)

Rover: Small Diamond

Anonymous 379551


Okay, sandwich the doll between us and him and tumble off until we're on level ground again.

Anonymous 379554


>short epilogue

Anonymous 379555

Is there another way down the waterfall aside from trees or jumping?

Anonymous 379557

>You push the severed pocket up against Rover, then wrap your forelegs around his waist, squeezing him as tight as you can. He's instantly surrounded by a blue aura.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379560

GAME INFO: The trees do not reach up to the edge of the waterfall you're currently on. The only way forward is straight down, it seems.

Anonymous 379562


Oh, well then just do that again. Pull him by the tail back to civilization if need be.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379565

Then go straight down.
This is taking too long.

Anonymous 379569


Yeah, but bring Rover with us via >>379557

It's your fault Jr. You shouldn't have sown the seeds of paranoia

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379582

Not seeing any other way down, you figure that the only way forward is down. Although the hesitant Diamond Dog doesn't seem terribly frail, you decide not to take any risks.

"Get ready…"

Rover begins panicking. "W-wait… No! No no! Don't! STOP!!"

With your other hoof, you reach into your saddlebags, pulling out your mishapen doll. You take a leap into the air with Rover in tow. As the two of you fall down the falls, you plop Hayseed between the two of you and squeeze Rover tightly. Again, the force of your hug causes the protective aura to almost immediately activate.

In seconds, you splash down into the water. Unfortunately, you underestimated the current. Not even your heavy stone body seems to slow in the water. Looking at Rover, he keeps his eyes tightly shut, but he looks like he's in quite a bit of pain.

The two of you tumble for a few seconds, then fall off of the next set of falls. You smash into the rocks below, then settle on the bottom of the far wider pool. Rover looks like he's having a very difficult time holding his breath. His face turns blue as you hold onto him.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379583

Let him go and wade out of the water with Hayseed.

Anonymous 379584


He still has the aura, right?

Draw him out onto shore.

Anonymous 379585


Yeah, but make sure the current didn't pull the doll free somehow.

Anonymous 379586

Why do we need Rover again?

Anonymous 379588

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379590

Presumably to keep him from trying to go back and take that big gem.

Anonymous 379592

If the current has stopped let go of Rover and put Hayseed back in our bag.

We are keeping him away from the Heart of the Mountain.

Anonymous 379595


Well, just until the Diamond Dogs at the top are defeated by the royal guard. Rover's their leader; without him they're uncoordinated and the guard can actually beat them.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379600

Seeing as he's beginning to change colors before your eyes, you carefully let go of the dog, taking care to hold onto Hayseed. Immediately, Rover paddles his way up to the surface. You look up and watch as he swims to the edge of the water.

You put Hayseed back inside of one of your saddlebag pockets, then survey the area. It's very odd being underwater at all, but much more so with so much light everywhere. It shines through in brilliant patterns against the riverbed. The bowl shaped basin looks like a crater on the moon with a single outlet leading down the river.

Rover appears to have climbed out of the water. You cannot currently see the dog.

Anonymous 379601


Pursue him and continue dragging towards civilization.

Anonymous 379603

Follow him quickly. Don't let him escape.

Anonymous 379604


Follow him out and stop him from climbing back up.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379605

Go get him.
Consider fashioning a leash out of your rope.

Anonymous 379607


Sounds kind of kinky.

But sure.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379609

that's not really what I-
oh nevermind

Anonymous 379611

Let's not unless we have to.

Anonymous 379612


Nah, Raisin is too young to find anything sexual about it.

Not until she's a young mare herself

Anonymous 379613

File: 1364271532020.png (318.81 KB, 769x432, Pinkie Pie I don't even.png)

You REALLY want us to let Rover go don't you Jr?

Anonymous 379615

Was I the only one that thought coming into contact with the amulet would turn us back to flesh, but if we dropped it we turned back into stone?

Anonymous 379617


Nah, the spell is a one time cast, otherwise the unstoned boulder snake from way back in the beginning would need to touch it at all times.

Anonymous 379618

Wasn't it already explained that it needed the tears from someone you love or something?

Anonymous 379619


That's what he wants us to think. He explicitly gave us a choice.

Anonymous 379621

Get ye dog, proceed towards town

Anonymous 379622

I don't remember that.

Anonymous 379623


It was something, not tears. Just a part of them, like a hair snippet.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379624

You immediately notice that the dog has disappeared. You run to the last place you saw him, then throw yourself out of the water. Your polished body gleams in the sunlight as your sharp sense of hearing returns.

Already you can see Rover desperately trying to make his way up the ravine wall. He looks like he's frightened.

"No! Please! Stay back!" He calls down. Unfortunately, he's still well within your reach. With a gentle tug, the lumbering dog is freed from the wall.

"You're not leaving my sight until we're back in town."

He cowers, then tries to bolt. You grab onto his leg to stop him from getting away.

"What do you want with me?! Deal's off! You're not my property anymore!" Rover recoils.

"I know that. I just don't want you scurrying back up there and causing a ruckus with the guards up top. You're not getting that gem."

He clenches his paws up, then pounds the ground. He growls in frustration, all the while trying to pull his leg free from your hoof. You proceed to drag Rover to the end of this plateau, his paws digging into the dirt behind you. Below, you finally see flat, solid land.

A robin flies up passed you.

"YyyyyeeahahaAAH!" You throw up a hoof, then remember that you have Rover with you. The bird continues flying on by, it's maleficent plans to ruin your day clearly thwarted.

Anonymous 379625


Another plateau? How far down is this one?

Anonymous 379626

And that's the other reason we need him

Anonymous 379627

"It's for your own good, Rover. That gem will get you and all the other diamond dogs burnt alive."
How far is the drop?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379628

GAME INFO: This final drop looks to be much shorter than the ones previous. From where you stand to the bushy grass below, it appear to be no more than 30 feet.

Anonymous 379629


Eh, still play it safe with the amulet.

Anonymous 379630

Try not to crush him ribs this time.

Anonymous 379631


Nah, he should probably just think it some regular jewel, if he knows it has powers he'll want it even more.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379632

"Let's goooooooo!"
Rinse and repeat the Hayseed Basejump.

Anonymous 379633

How soft does the ground look? Can we see any other way down from the plateau?

Anonymous 379634

File: 1364272532980.gif (39.46 KB, 320x293, beer.gif)


>tonight's drink of choice

Anonymous 379636

We should really make sure we don't get stuck in a crater of your own making.

Anonymous 379638


We're not THAT heavy.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379640

"Ready for the last jump?"

Rover whimpers, trying to dig away from you. Chunks of dirt come flying up into the air as you withdraw Hayseed again.

"Girl, you're just saving everyone today…" You give her a little kiss on her soaked head, then give Rover a pull. He easily flies up into the air, though desperately attempts to grab at the ground.

"No! No! Not again! Please! I'll do anything! Don't hug me! Don't touch me!" Rover pleads, but you simply give him a bear hug. The aura surround his body as the two of you drop like a brick straight into the murky little pond below.

After the splash and rush of bubbles settles down, you stand at the pond's bottom, face to face with a turtle. He stares at you through the opening in his shell. Carefully, you step around him and climb your way up to the surface.

"L-Lhhet… gg…ggo…" Rover coughs in your grip. Standing on the bank and looking ahead, you see that the river winds through the hills ahead and leads to a very familiar looking windmill. It looks like Ponyville!

"We made it! We're almost home free!" You give Rover a little tighter squeeze accidentally, triggering the amulet once again.

Rover gasps for breath.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379642

"Oops. Sorry…"
Drag him to civilization.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379643

Oh, and check for Hayseed too.
Just in case.

Anonymous 379645


Put Hayseed back in our bags and continue dragging him down the road.

Anonymous 379646

Put Hayseed back in our saddlebag. Stop hugging Rover then lead him by the paw back to town.

Anonymous 379647


Yeah, he either comes peacefully or kicking and screaming. It's his choice.

Anonymous 379648

>Girl, you're just saving everyone today…
>saving everyone
Oh you Jr.~

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379656

GAME INFO: Hayseed is still wedged between the two of you. Thinking back on it, this is the first time she's ever hugged anyone besides you.

Letting go of Rover once again, he nearly explodes out of your forelegs, running back toward the mountain. It takes only a few seconds to tackle him. Over the course of the last few traumatizing hugs he's received, Rover appears to be breaking down. He shudders under your touch.

"Oh, come on, you big baby. Let's get going."

He continuously keeps trying to dig himself away, though as you begin dragging him behind you, he almost gives up. The two of you walk through the bushy Equestrian grasslands for a while, heading straight toward town.

"Hey! There she is!" You hear a voice call down from up above. "Ah knew she was gonna be alright!"

A Royal Guard gently lands on the ground by your side. "Good eyes there, Applebloom."

"Ah only saw he because of the helmet…" She admits.

"Applebloom! Boy am I glad to see you!"

"Ah can't believe ya'll actually rode down the mountain like that!" She laughs excitedly. "What happened to that… whoa.. uhm.." She looks at the whimpering mess behind you, finally realizing who you've dragged along as company.

"Please… please help me…" Rover turns around, looking up at the guard. The guard shows no sign of mercy in his face.

"Weren't you the one leading the cannon assault against us?" The guard looks him over. "Yeah, you're the Diamond Dog leader!"

"Yes! Yes I am!" He throws his paws up. "Get me away from this wretched pony! Please! Help! Don't let her hug me again!"

Applebloom and the confused guard simply stare at you. "Uh…?"

"I saved his life. Long story short, he's ungrateful."

Rover continues whimpering to himself, realizing he's not going to receive any reprieve from your grip until you're good and ready to give him up.

"We're glad to see that you're safe and sound." The Royal Guard pats your helmet. "Applebloom here was telling us what happened down there… she said you found some sort of strange amulet?"

Anonymous 379659


>"As a matter of fact I did. I think it can finally turn me back to normal after being stoned for (however long it's been)"

Anonymous 379660


First thing's first: ask him how the battle up top is going.

Anonymous 379661


Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379662

"Yeah. The big stone cobra had it. I think it can turn me back into a normal filly again!"
"…Can I at least use it before you try to confiscate it?"

Anonymous 379663

"Yes, and it's the key to making me real again. Were you able to push the cloud away from the mountain? What happened to the big gem inside the crater? That thing needs to be handled very carefully or else something really bad will happen. What happened to the other diamond dogs?"

Anonymous 379665


Princess Celestia needs to be warned that the Boulder Snakes have the heart of the mountain over where you fought the dogs

Anonymous 379666


>"Yeah, the only thing I have here is just some rope and my doll."

Even though I'm sure it would come back to us in the end. We are on the same side

Anonymous 379667


Yeah, it needs to be lifted out before sunset at any cost.

Anonymous 379668

File: 1364274273572.jpg (8.17 KB, 211x238, images.jpg)

>What happened to the big gem inside the crater? That thing needs to be handled very carefully or else something really bad will happen.
"It belongs in a museum!"

Anonymous 379669

He patted out helmet, real guards don't pat eachother! he must be a changeling!

Anonymous 379670


Well, the Royal Gardens is sort of like a museum, that's pretty much where everything else has been stored.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379679

"Wait… hold on. How's the battle going up top?"

The guard looks at you and laughs. "The battle? That ended almost immediately after you took that dog out of the equation."

Rover tenses up, pounding the ground. "My dogs would never… they'd fight until…" He gets lost in some words, still trying to shake his leg free.

"After the dogs stopped firing, we moved the cloud away… just in time, too. The dogs didn't seem to be putting up a fight anymore, so we ordered them to disperse." He looks up to the mountaintop. "…so far, they haven't followed that order. They're adamant about staying up there."

"That's because they're after the Heart of the Mountain. You saw the giant, glowing gem inside the volcano, right?"

"Ah told them all about it… and how that big ol' snake was tryin' ta knock it into the lava." Applebloom nods.

"It's gotta get taken out of there before night time. The Boulder Snakes are sure to knock it in now that their Queen is gone. If that happens…"

"We're not entirely sure what the Heart of the Mountain is. When we find Twilight Sparkle, we're going to bring her in to investigate it…" The guard looks back down to you. "…and any other artifacts you might have found?"

"Yeah. The big stone cobra had an amulet. I think it can turn me back into a normal filly again!" You smile. The guard looks at you with great concern. "…Can I at least use it before you try to confiscate it?"

"It's far too dangerous. We have no idea what kind of curse that thing might have on it." The guard gestures a wing down to you. "Princess Celestia would know exactly what to do with it. She can check to ensure there are no hexes on it before we try it on you."

Anonymous 379684

So, warn about the Heart of the Mountain and the boulder snakes

Anonymous 379685



I guess we should. Take it out of our doll. But demand an immediate audience with the princess.

Anonymous 379686

"We already tried it out. It's what kept me and Rover alive and in one piece as we slide down the mountain, and let the queen Boulder Snake unpetrify one of the other snakes. If you take it from us wemight enver get it back. Speaking of that, it is very important that Princess Celestia not let the sun set until the Heart of the Mountain can be taken care of."

Anonymous 379688

"…Fine…but you better make sure you get that big gem out of that volcano before the sun goes down."

Anonymous 379691


Yeah. We've used it multiple times already and seen it used.

We'll hand it over, but after we try it once. Can they really take it from us?

Anonymous 379692

I guess a short delay wouldn't destroy our immortality… but the heart of the mountain needs to be protected before nightfall.
Suggest immediate contact with Princess Celestia VIA Spike to get the princess of the SUN to petrify the boulder snakes

Anonymous 379694


Oh yeah, she DOES control the sun.

Yeah, tell them about that too. The snakes come out at night, and they're huge. They can fly into the chamber and see for themselves.

Anonymous 379696


Why don't we demand to be taken to the princess ourselves? We aren't just going to hand over this thing after doing through all this trouble for it.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379698

GAME INFO: You all seem to agree on requesting an immediate audience with the Princess, but there's some indecision on whether you want to hoof your amulet over to the Royal Guard.

>Give the Royal Guard the True Soul Amulet

>Keep the True Soul Amulet

Anonymous 379700



Anonymous 379702


Just hand it over. It's always best to be cooperative and they won't lose such an important thing. They aren't THAT retarded.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379703

Let's hold onto it.
It's inside Hayseed, and like hell we're parting with HER.

Anonymous 379704


If we'll be seeing the princess right now, does it really matter? I mean, aside from the whole gen puzzle box thing, have we ever abused strange and bizarre artifacts?

Anonymous 379707

Keep it. Tell him why we think it is safe.

Anonymous 379710


We've have come way too far to risk doing ANYTHING that could lose her.

>"No. I'll hand it over to the princess herself. Here's hoping I can fit in one of your chariots!"

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379718

You stare up at the guard for a few moments as the thought of handing over the amulet cycles through your head. Considering all that you've gone through to get it, you're not very willing to immediately part with it.

"No. I'll hoof it over to the princess herself. Here's hoping I can fit in one of your chariots!"

The guard glowers down at you. "You're not being possessed right now, are you?"

"She's possessed! There's something wrong with her!" Rover shouts. "She won't let me go!"

Applebloom's not sure how to call it. She looks down into your eyes and blinks code to you, asking you if it's safe. You blink back yes, hoping that there isn't going to be some sort of misunderstanding. Your friend simply sighs.

"Ah think she's gonna be alright. We gotta tell Celestia about the Boulder Snakes and the Heart!" Applebloom nods down to you.

The guard unfolds his other wing. "We'll be keeping a close eye on you until then… we don't want a repeat of the Adanemzurai incident…" He pauses. "After all… that is why you're the way you are right now."

Thinking back on it, you realize the guard's concern is justified. "Get me a chariot. We need to talk to Celestia immediately."

"…how about this. Hoof me over your prisoner there. He has to be held accountable for leading the assault against the Royal Canterlot Guard."

"YES! Anything! Get me away from her!" Rover tries to twist around, but his leg doesn't appear to want to bend in that direction. He looks anxious to get out of your iron hold grip.

Anonymous 379720


Of course. As long as he's not dangerous anymore. He's just old baggage.

Anonymous 379721


Let him go, there's been enough foalin' around today.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379723

"Sure. He's all yours."
Release him into their custody.
"See you around, Rovie~"
Give him a wink with your eye, gutterbrain.

Anonymous 379724


>"Do you promise to be a good boy if I let you go?"

Anonymous 379725

I see nothing wrong with this. Be sure to tell the guard that without Rover's help we wouldn't have been able to stop the snakes' plot.

Anonymous 379728


Man, fuck that, he's an asshole. The only dog we pardon is Rocky. He is gentle and sweet.

Anonymous 379729

Hand over custody of your charge to this (suspiciously understanding) guard and get on your way to Princess Celestia town!

Anonymous 379741

If you listen closely you can hear the furious scribbles of one Faceless Jr. writing in a scene with Princess Celestia he didn't want

Anonymous 379745


We're getting unstoned, whether he likes it or not

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379747

You turn to look back over your shoulder at Rover. A look of hope seems to return to his face. "Do you promise to be a good boy if I let you go?"

"Yes! Please let me go!" He begs.

"Alright, sure. He's all yours." As you begin to pull him over, you feel the dog nearly shake out of your grip. "Careful. He's a frisky one."

"We'll take him to the Canterlot prisons for processing. Attacking the Royal Guard is a serious offense." The Royal Guard gives him a sour look. Rover doesn't seem to mind being in the guard's custody.

"See you around, Rovie~" You wink at him. The poor dog shivers as the guard takes him up under his foreleg. In a few moments, the guard becomes airborne, taking off back up toward the mountains.

You watch as the field grass rolls about around you. The thought that your feelings are just a few more minutes away fills your heart with joy. Finally, after all these long months, you'll finally be able to feel the breeze coasting over the fields right now. The sunshine from up above will finally feel warm again. You smile and breathe in deep, almost expecting the air to have smell already. The time passes all too quickly as your hopes return. An excited giggle escapes your lips.

You watch the sun travel a little distance in the sky until a four horse chariot pulls up in the field. It's surrounded by 16 Royal Guards. Riding in it already are your parents.

"Mom? Dad?!" It's a rather unexpected surprise.

"Raisin! Sweetheart!" Your mother wraps her forelegs around you. You think you can hear her crying, though she tries to stifle her tears. "We heard explosions! We thought we lost you!"

Your dad looks down at you. It's hard to read his face clearly… his brows are furrowed. He doesn't speak for a few moments while your mother holds your head in her hooves.

"What happened to you?! You're all chipped up!" Your mom tries to brush your polished coat with a hoof as if she can buff out the rough spots.

"It's fine… I'm not hurt." You look up to your dad. "I'm sorry I left without saying anything…"

"Raisin…" Your dad stands in the chariot for a moment. "…I'm just so happy to see you again."

A more elegantly dressed guard ushers you into the chariot with your mom and dad. "Please, get inside, Raisin. We have important business to discuss with the Princess."

>Anything you'd like to say or do before heading to Canterlot?

Anonymous 379749

I think it's more this was supposed to be a thing we didn't turn to Princess Celestia for help with. But we've got the clout now, she'll listen to us.
My only regret, is poor poor hayseed…
Then again she's been through worse right?

Anonymous 379750

File: 1364277838834.jpg (269.76 KB, 1920x1200, 1287558908057.jpg)

Did the guard really just take Rover back up to the other diamond dogs?

Anonymous 379751


Not really, ride out.

Anonymous 379754


On the way we can tell them all about our wonderful adventure and how much fun we had being seconds away from death more times than we could count.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379755

"I better get my cutie-mark in saving the world once I'm a normal filly again. I've DEFINITELY earned it by now."

Let's go.

Anonymous 379757

Alright, guys. There is something we need to do and I can't think of what it is.

Anonymous 379758


She can be patched up.

Besides, We'd need to meet with her anyways if we handed over the amulet. The guards would have been pretty wary if we did anything.

Anonymous 379759

Oh! Perfect!


>"Dad, Mom, I… I did something horrible to poor poor Hayseed! *Display Hayseed*

>"I stuck an ancient magical artifact in her Back!"

Anonymous 379761


>special talent is world saving

>barely get by with 3 lives

It's probably something boring, like dollmaking. Doesn't mean she can't still adventure though.

Anonymous 379762

Being an incredibly wealthy filly with maids is her special talent

Anonymous 379765

File: 1364278325898.png (440.5 KB, 1364x1300, 1336005695361.png)


Awww yeah

Anonymous 379767

Oh, we need to have a sturdy chain be combined with our amulet so we can wear it as a necklace. We also need Hayseed patched up.

Anonymous 379771

I thought the amulet would be like a torc or something

Anonymous 379780

Find out if LS is okay?
Figure out just who the hell that blue pegasus guy is?
A and B?

Anonymous 379781


How would anyone else know that?

Anonymous 379784

You never know.

Anonymous 379786

These are important. Have some guards fly over to the exploded area and recon it. Say that the explosion was an attempt to assassinate someone, but all we know about that someone is that he is in love with Applejack, probabbly is not a pony, and might be hostile if he is bothered but will otherwise leave them alone.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379789

Without a second thought, you hop into the chariot. A certain thrill courses through your mind as it takes off into the air. You're happy that this chariot ride isn't going to end up with you being held prisoner at the Canterlot castle… or so you hope, at least.

You regale your parents with the version of your story that led you to the chariot you're riding in now. Your dad shakes his head as you mention nearly getting speared by the Diamond Dogs after teasing them.

"…and then, just at the last moment, I tucked her between me and Rover and we slid down the mountain together! We got stuck in the ravine, but I eventually got us out. We had to fall a ways more down the mountain, but I finally got down, talked to one of the guards and Applebloom, and here I am! Safe and sound!"

Your mother's face is completely white. She looks like she's about to pass out. Your father, on the other hoof, looks proud. He holds it in, seeing that your mom isn't taking your story very lightly.

"Grapefruit… can you promise us that you're not going to go on anymore death defying adventures?" He gives you that sideways look… he actually looks pretty serious about it.

"Well, as long as Equestria stays out of danger, yeah. I just want to become a normal filly again."

"…normal? You found a way to do that?" Your dad looks like he wasn't informed at all.

"Well… yeah. That's partly what this meeting with Celestia is about. The other half is telling her about the Heart of the Mountain. We can't let the sun go down or else the Boulder Snakes are going to trigger a huge eruption!"

He shakes his head back and forth, weighing the situation. He grows a little quiet, probably overwhelmed with everything he just heard.

In a matter of minutes, your chariot sets down in the Royal Canterlot docking balcony. The massive banners and archways are much more welcoming this time than they were the last. As you lead your parents toward the throne room, a voice pipes up from behind.

"Raisin!" Scootaloo jumps up. "I can't believe you finally made it!"

Sweetie Belle gives you a beaming smile. "I don't know what happened after the light spell… stuff… but I'm just so glad we're altogether here…" She still seems a little dizzy.

Applebloom pats you on the back and removes your helmet. "Sure took a while to find a chariot big enough for ya." She laughs. "They had ta dig this one outta storage! Ah watched!"

The guards lead you over to the throne room doors on the left. Your friends and parents are ushered back into the hallway.

"We'll be right here, Raisin! Good luck!" Your mom calls from behind.

With a gentle closing, you enter into the hallowed Throne room again. A wave of deja vu hits you as you're once again face to face with the ruler of all of Equestria.

"Raisin Merlot… please, come forward." Princess Celestia calls to you in a soothing voice.

Anonymous 379793

Go forwards and bow.

Anonymous 379794


>"Hey, it's been a while. How ya been?"

Anonymous 379796


Tell her that she normally makes the sun set around this time, but she needs to make an exception and tell her about the heart of the mountain.

Anonymous 379797


Yeah, be courteous. Mother raised us to be a good little filly.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379799

And be sure to mention the blue pegasus guy who helped you along the way. He was wearing a guard helmet, so maybe she knows something about him.

Anonymous 379800


Also tell her that her guards were trying to take away our amulet, which is why we had to meet in person. It was the only way they'd let us keep it. Something about it being cursed, but come on, we've only gone mad with power, like, once.

Anonymous 379801

Take a bow, then hit her with the heavy facts
>The Boulder Snakes are back, and they were planning on using the Heart of the Mountain to acuse eruptions all over Equestria!
>Fortunately the Cutiemark Crusaders infiltrated the Bouldersnake Tunnels, snuck into the chamber with the Heart of the mountain, stole the Truelife Amulet and petrified the Kobra Kween.

Anonymous 379806


Yeah, maybe she'd know about a dragon who goes be the alias LS and apparently has a thing for farm ponies.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379817

Looking about the room, you see several stained glass portraits of major events that happened in Equestria. It takes you by surprise to see one of the windows with your visage in it. The glass illustrates your defeat of Tezel, the golem curse put on you, and the Titanio golem being cut out of the mountain by ponies. You laugh quietly to yourself before you turn back to face the Princess. You approach slowly, then bow, taking great care not to break the silence in doing so.

"There's no need to bow, Raisin." She smiles. "I was recently informed of your encounter with the Diamond Dogs?"

"Yeah, I had a run in with them. They were kind of just… there." You take in a deep breath. "There's a much, much bigger problem that only you can solve."

"Go on…" She encourages you.

"First, I recently dethroned a Boulder Snake Queen. Her name was Keszeem… some crazy snake that was trying to set off a bunch of volcanos around Equestria by breaking some gemstone called the Heart of the Mountain."

The Princess leans forward.

"I stopped her, but I couldn't stop all of her underlings. There's an army of snakes ready to start the reaction as soon as the sun sets!"

The Princess immediately raises a hoof. You see a pony that was hiding off to the side come over. She whispers to her, then gestures for her to leave the room. "Worry not. The sun shall stay in the sky until we're sure the Heart of the Mountain is safe." She draws in a deep breath. "I was informed that you are carrying another ancient artifact?"

Anonymous 379818


>"Yes. It's really cool."

Anonymous 379822


Tell her the guards thought it would be cursed. You don't blame them, but can we at least try to use it to turn back to normal. It's been so, so long…

Anonymous 379823

Tell her that it is called the True Soul amulet and it can cure us.

Anonymous 379825

Oh Yeah! it's really cool and totally brainwashed me again! It's called the Truelife Amulet and it seems completely benevolent!
>make sure to lay on the sarcasm heavily on the brainwashing, and feel free to mention afterwards it was a joke, royalty sometimes don't get those jokes

Anonymous 379827


Tell Celestia that it supposedly cures any sort of ailment, including certain death, apparently. Rover used its power to fall down a huge ravine without so much as a scratch.

Anonymous 379829


Do we need someone who loves us? We might need to call on one of our parents.

Anonymous 379831

Well actually, Princess Celestia probably already knows what the Truelife Amulet is, these kinds of things don't just float around in pawnshops and get sold to homeless magicia-OH WAIT.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379835

"…yes. Keszeem was wearing an amulet… the True Soul Amulet."

The name immediately garners a response from Princess Celestia. "…and you were able to recover it?"

"Yes. I have it here with me right now."

The Princess gets up from her throne. She approaches you with perfect, elegant grace. "The True Soul Amulet is an ancient artifact said to have been lost countless years ago. According to legend, it was dropped into a volcano in a far away land, never to be seen again…"

"Well.. I guess the snakes must have found it. They can swim through lava."

Something feels very calming about being in Celestia's presence. Even last time when she was chastising you, you never once felt threatened to be near her. She turns a hoof toward you. "May I see it?" She asks.

You take Hayseed out of your air dried saddlebags. She's still as rotund as ever, barely able to hold onto the amulet at all. The silver circlet pokes through a few spots on her back.

>Give the amulet to Celestia?

Anonymous 379838


No, try to use it first.

Campfire 379839

First ask her to promise not to break it or do anything else until after we can use it to turn back to normal. Ask her politely.

Anonymous 379841

Put on your most Filly-serious face
>With great power comes great irresponsibility

Anonymous 379843


>"Do you promise to give it back?"

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379845

Go ahead and give it to her.

Anonymous 379846


"Please, this thing might be able to turn me back to normal. I mean, being a golem has its uses, but I want to change back, so badly."

Anonymous 379847

If we can't trust Princess Celestia with this then we can't trust NO-pony.
I just want to say something silly to make her chuckle or something

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379859

With a little reluctance, you gently reach into Hayseed's back. Carefully, you withdraw the True Soul Amulet, tapping it against your stone coat to get some of Hayseed's fluff off of it. You feel terrible for your little friend… she looks all saggy and stretched out.

"Sorry…" You whisper.

Very slowly, you lift the True Soul Amulet up and hoof it over to Princess Celestia. She looks down at your eyes, watching as you hoof it over to her willingly.

"Please, this thing might be able to turn me back to normal. I mean, being a golem has its uses, but I want to change back, so badly."

She stays focused on your eyes as you let it drop into her hoof. She smiles.

"It doesn't appear to have any curses on it. That's a relief." She lifts it up with her magic. "It should certainly have the power to change you back… though it's been such a long time since I've even heard of this relic… I honestly don't know how it works anymore."

"I've… seen it used once. I saw Keszeem revive one of her minions with it. The one in Ponyville's Town Square. She used one of her scales to somehow power it up."

Celestia lowers it back down to you. "We've tried everything else. If I had known this artifact was still intact…" She looks down to the side. "…what do you say? Shall we give it a try?"

Anonymous 379861

I wonder if Raisin will somehow get turned into an alicorn

Anonymous 379862


"I'd really like it."

Call in our parents.

Anonymous 379863

Wasn't Kazeem that snake's mother?
"Princess, I think it might work best if our parents used it on us. I think love is what makes it work."

Anonymous 379865


The Princess of Grapes

Now get back to the vineyard.

Anonymous 379866

Princess Celestia loves all her subjects!

Anonymous 379867


If she's the mother Who's the father?

Anonymous 379868

I think we deserve to act a little offended
>We DID defeat azu.. uh… what's-her-face in a contest of wills

Anonymous 379869


Yeah, but how can she snip off some her mane? It's pretty much just an aurora.

Anonymous 379871

"Lets do it!"
We are so going to rub this in Adanemzurai's face once we're normal again.

Anonymous 379872

Oh she'll be PISSED

Anonymous 379873


"Never turn back, huh?"

Anonymous 379875

Duh. That's exactly WHY I want to do it.

Anonymous 379876

Let's hope she can't curse from range

Anonymous 379879


Nah, probably best not to. No need to make anyone upset. Poor little Raisin is probably tired.

Anonymous 379880

She hasn't been able to sleep since she Got Stoned

Anonymous 379882


All the reason to sleep the rest of the day away.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379894

You smile, then draw in a deep breath. "More than anything. I want to become normal again." You look up to the gleaming amulet. "I think I'm going to need my parents for this."

"Very well." She looks up to the doors, then opens them with her magic. "You may enter now."

Your friends come barreling in, standing off to the side. Scootaloo wanders up next to you before your parents get in the room.

"Are you sure you wanna give this up?" She taps on your side. "Or is being a rock not all it's cracked up to be?"

You glower at her, then roll your eyes. "I'm getting my old body back."

Your parents enter the room followed by a small platoon of guards. Since your last exploits in Canterlot, it appears that they're not taking any chances, regardless of how minimal they may be.

"What's going to happen?" Your mother asks.

Princess Celestia gives the amulet to your mother. "Here. Take this." Your mom and dad hold up their hooves, taking the beautiful amulet in close. "According to Raisin, you'll need to activate it using a part of you."

Your mother looks around her hooves, trying to figure out what to do. "What part and how much? I'll do anything…" Your dad rests a hoof on your mom, then pulls up a part of his own mane, gesturing to one of the guards to cut it off. With a quick slice, the hair is trimmed.

The Amulet instantly responds. You approach it and your father, watching as the gem in the center glows bright. For the first time in months, a weak tingling sensation courses over your skin. You can hear your friends gasping as the guards take a step back.

You close your eyes, feeling the warmth of the amulet's light consume you. As you keep your eyes shut tight, the tingling grows. You hear the stone cracking off of your coat… for some reason, though, you feel a bit of pain over your skin. It's an almost unfamiliar feeling, though it's there…

"Whoa…" Applebloom's voice sounds distant.

You feel a set of hooves wrap around your body, squeezing you tight. The warmth of tears soak into your coat… you can feel again! The sunlight, the warmth of your parents and your friends on top of you… the sensations are almost overwhelming.

"O-oh.." Your mother recoils for a moment. She brushes your coat near your cheek… a stinging sensation. "Can we get some bandages?"

"Welp… now you're just a normal filly again…" Scootaloo shrugs. "…with a lot of cuts… wow…"

Anonymous 379895

So I wonder if Princess Celestia will give us a replacement medallion, we dropped the other one in a volcano

Anonymous 379896

Oh yeah, we should probably mention that we had to leave it embedded in the wall there.

Anonymous 379897



But we did it.

Anonymous 379898

Quick! Get the cement-I meen, bandaids!

Anonymous 379899

Touch the medallion. Maybe it will fix our cuts?

Anonymous 379900

How's our leg?
Dance as best we can
Hug everybody
Including Celestia

Mightyshockwave 379902

File: 1364283632941.png (394.58 KB, 1021x929, quest picnic final.png)


Welp, that makes it official.

Congratulations. It's been a lot of fun. Here, have some OCs. Please excuse Saffron's hands

Anonymous 379903

I think we're still touching it, probably doesn't work for mundane cuts. Unless our trueself is covered in cuts? Oh no! I hope we didn't turn Raisin into a masochist

Anonymous 379904


Revel in sweet, sweet victory. Also check on the damage. Hopefully nothing that would leave any nasty scars in our beautiful coat.

Anonymous 379905

This! We finally don't hurt ponies with hugs!

Anonymous 379907

Who's the young pegasus? Is that that Puffs character I've been hearing about of late?

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379908

Hug your parents.
Try not to cry.
Cry a lot.

Anonymous 379909

Anonymous 379911

File: 1364283797708.png (79.93 KB, 700x424, note.png)

Anonymous 379913

Saffron's head looks a bit odd. Rusty's butt is very square. Everything else is good.

Anonymous 379914

at some point we should ask about that pegasus pen-pal of ours

i wanna find out what his deal is

Anonymous 379915

File: 1364283840920.png (474.19 KB, 1280x1220, tumblr_m4ad5mPusQ1rwwlu0o1_128…)

Rape a maid in celebration.

Anonymous 379916

Worth a try, though I think contact with it just prevents change, not reverting stuff that's already done.

Anonymous 379917

Search for maids!

Anonymous 379918


Yeah Jr, you better spill the beans about him and LS unless you want to recycle it for the next adventure

Anonymous 379919

Yeah, let's write a letter to him once we're home.
I don't suppose there's anything we can do to help LS at this stage, is there?

Anonymous 379921


I wonder if the snakes were behind the bomb. They don't seem like master chemists.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379922

Write him a Get-Well-Soon card?
Set him up on a date with Applejack, perhaps?

Anonymous 379924


I wonder if he's a small dragon like Spike or a big one.

Anonymous 379925

if he's smal he's a bbq dragon kabob

Anonymous 379928

Needs a version with Raisin covered in band-aids.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379930

META INFO: Man, this is really cute. Great work, good sir. Been waiting to see this for quite some time!

You get just a little bit of room, then hop up on your rearlegs. A jarring pain makes you calm down for a moment. There seems to be a pretty large cut on the back of your right rearleg. You don't mind much, though… it's better than feeling absolute numbness.

"I'm finally back!" You stretch your hooves out and pull your loved ones in for a close hug. It feels good that they're not shivering or gasping under your forelegs anymore. You look up to Celestia with bleary eyes. You hold up your foreleg, seeing it's natural purple color… though it's speckled with small patches of fur missing. Some of the damage you incurred while a stone seems to have stayed…

You breathe in a deep, real breath of air. It's amazing… you swear that you can almost taste the air. You think about all the food you're going to eat when you get home… all the ice cream you're going to eat with your friends. Everything that you've missed out on for so long is now within grasp.

"…and so Adanemzurai's curse has finally been lifted." Celestia smiles. "The True Soul Amulet, a forgotten artifact from ages past… has been recovered." She tilts her head toward you. "…and Raisin Merlot has earned her Cutie Mark."

Anonymous 379931


Anonymous 379932


Oh man, what is it?

Anonymous 379933

Mightyshockwave 379934


Ahahahahah fuck, now I gotta edit it.

Anonymous 379936


Shit dog, we better.

D-does this mean another quest filly will take our place in the CMC?

Anonymous 379937

We're busy hugging and loving family and filly friends.
>"What is it?"

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 379938

What is it, what is it?!

Anonymous 379939

Anonymous 379940


There better not unless this the end of Raisin Quests. If you're tired of them, that's okay. They've been wonderful

Anonymous 379943

>Examine butt

Anonymous 379947

Our cutiemark better not be something scary and metal, we worked too hard on stacking charisma for that!

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379951


Immediately, you look down to your side. A confusing symbol seems to have taken residence on your flank. Your friends gather around to admire it. After a few seconds, their faces twist up in confusion.

"…what is it?" Sweetie Belle tilts her head. "…a pointy sideways '8'?"

"In front of that other symbol… what is that? Kinda looks like an hour glass… but not." Her head turns and her face scrunches. "Ah never seen anything like it…" Applebloom tries to stretch it out a little. It feels strange having pliable skin again.

Scootaloo looks it over. "Well… I'm sure Raisin knows what it means… right?"

Looking down, you swear that you've seen the symbols before, though you're not quite sure where. In an old dream, perhaps? Their exact point of reference eludes you.

Celestia doesn't say anything at first. "…I guess that explains some things." She gives you a curious smirk. "That's a very rare Cutie Mark, Raisin. You have quite a gift."

"But what does it mean?" Applebloom shrugs.

Deep down inside, you're almost certain this has something to do with your extraordinary time travel abilities. The Princess seems to know this as well, but she keeps quiet.

"I believe Raisin understands it perfectly well. It's one of infinite clarity… knowing what to do and exactly when it must be done." Celestia closes her eyes. "In other words, a natural leader."

"Oh… Ah guess that makes sense…" Applebloom scratches her chin. "Why couldn't it just be a scroll or a crown or somethin'?"

"I like it… looks pretty cool." You admire it a bit longer. The golden sideways figure 8 stands strong in front of a set of arches… almost like a reflection of an arch against water, giving it an hourglass kind of look. It's strange, but you don't question it.

I'll draw this later, I swear

Anonymous 379954



Now what?

Anonymous 379955


Sounds cool. Turn in and get XP?

Anonymous 379956

Ask if Celestia knows anything about something, maybe a dragon, that calls itself LS.

Anonymous 379957


Now ask about that other mountaintop explosion. You heard that a dragon who like apple butts lived there or something.

Anonymous 379958

Now we tie up loose ends!
We need to ask about LS, that shy pegasus colt who failed cheerilee's writing class, a reward for Rocky, a replacement pimp-medallion, and maybe… we can hunt down a maid?

Anonymous 379960

Guess that probably puts paid to the idea I had that our ability to see the future might have come from Hayseed having caught some sort of magic discharge from the destruction of the Orion Crystal.

Anonymous 379961

File: 1364285782856.jpg (167.61 KB, 800x800, 1339813631602.jpg)



Anonymous 379962

Oh, and bandaids. Lots of bandaids

Anonymous 379963

Ask about the Pegasus guy and LS

Anonymous 379964


Did she even have her doll on that one?

Anonymous 379965

Oh my god i can't believe I missed this

Anonymous 379966


Anonymous 379967

Oh. No she didn't. Nevermind!

We just got our cutiemark. We need to have a Cutie Mark Crusaders Group Hug, stat.

Anonymous 379968


But we aren't a crusader anymore. Raisin's crusade has ended.

Anonymous 379969

The crusade never ends! Not 'til we all have our cutiemarks!

Anonymous 379970



We are superior to them. Older, wiser, more mature.

Time to get a qt3.14 bf

Anonymous 379971


But isn't she one year younger?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379972

As you try to get used to all the changes you've just suddenly experienced on top of the lingering pain you're feeling, a couple of questions come to mind.

"Princess… I know this might seem kind of strange, but have you heard of a dragon that goes by the initials 'L.S'?"

"Oh yeah! That's the creep that was sendin' my sister Applejack all those weird letters!" Applebloom nods. "We gotta take care of him too!"

Princess Celestia looks down, then shuts her eyes. She thinks for a few moments, then looks up to you and your friends. "A dragon, you said?"

"Yeah… some weird dragon that was living out near Ponyville on a mountain… we think. That's what Derpy told us."

She goes silent. "There was an explosion out there earlier today… If he was on that mountain…"


A slight silence hangs in the air.

You sit still for only a few moments, then reach out. Celestia's nose looks incredibly squishy. You must sate this curiosity.


The guards immediately react, dropping their razor sharp spears off near your head. Your dad lifts up his foreleg to deflect a few, though Celestia just laughs. The Royal Guards ease up a little with their spears. "What in Equestria?"

"Raisin!" Your dad's voice sounds stern. "Mind your manners. You know better than to treat the Princess like that."

"It's fine, Mr. Merlot." Celestia assures him. You still feel kind of bad about it, but it seems to have lightened the mood a little. You also found out that Celestia's nose is almost silky smooth… and quite squishy.

A nurse enters the room, wary of the tense guards surrounding you. She starts rubbing some cold lotion on your cuts, soothing them instantly. As the pain dulls, you suddenly begin to feel incredibly tired.

Anonymous 379973



No fatalities…

Anonymous 379974


Go home, sleep, que questions.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379975

GAME INFO: Indeed, Raisin is approximately one year younger than Applebloom. She's used to be a full year behind her in her studies, though she spent all of her nights as a golem studying every book she could get a hold of. She's several years ahead of her peers.

Anonymous 379976

but what about the pegasus guy?

Anonymous 379977


>"Sorry Princess, I couldn't contain myself."

Shame about LS though. Meh, he was a creeper.

Anonymous 379978

we tried…

Anonymous 379979

Ask more about LS. What was he doing? Why do someone want him dead?

Anonymous 379980


Didn't she send someone to investigate? Seems like it's a pretty big disturbance.

Anonymous 379981

I've never been sadder to have been right D:

Anonymous 379982


Oh come on, dragons are tough. Dem scales.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379983

GAME INFO: Celestia would likely not know these very specific details. The GM, however, probably does. I can take these questions after we call an official end to RQ4

You can't help but feel as though you missed something major. "Do you know why he was out there? Any investigative reports on the lab?"

Celestia's shakes her head gently. "I'm afraid we simply don't know enough yet." She turns to look out of the window over the Royal Gardens. "We found a large amount of a rare, deep Earth crystal around the explosion…"

"Was it blue, by any chance?"

"Yes; Malecite, to be specific. It's a crystal that seems to glow with special magical properties." She shakes her head. "We have no idea what a dragon would want with that kind of material, however, so it only adds pieces to the puzzle. It's going to be a while before we figure out what he was really doing up there…"

"What? 'sides bein' a creep?" Applebloom protests.

"Applebloom! He just got blown up!" Sweetie Belle bumps her. "He might've been creepy, but have some respect."

Raisin's parents look up to Celestia, then hoof her the True Soul Amulet.

"Thank you for helping us bring her back." Your mother bows.

"Don't thank me… Raisin did this all on her own. Without her help, Equestria would have been in grave danger."

Anonymous 379984

"Well, not ALL on my own."
Mention your pen-pal friend.

Anonymous 379985


Alright, everything is spic and span. Time to roll out.

Anonymous 379986

Right, why don't we have a trot around the palace for a bit! We need to go a'maid huntin'

Anonymous 379987

oh, and your actual friends, or something

Anonymous 379988


Yeah. We haven't been assigned a secret bodyguard or something right?

Anonymous 379989

>signal AB, Scoots and Sweetie
It was a group effort By…
The Cutiemark Crusaders! (Yay~)

Anonymous 379990

And Rocky and the diamond dogs that were sent with us.

Anonymous 379991

Thank the girls for sticking with us through the worst of it and helping us get our cutie mark!

Anonymous 379992


"Dad, I want ice cream. Lots of it. Can I eat until I get sick?"

Anonymous 379993

Worry about weather or not we're still a CMC

Anonymous 379994


Yeah, ask for a pardon for the big dopey one with the chain.

Anonymous 379995

We should hold an emergancy CMC meeting. This has never happened before, a crusader getting their Cutiemark

Anonymous 379996

Seconding this

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 379997

"Wait.. it wasn't all just me, Your Highness…"

You signal over to your friends. Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle, all just exhausted as you are, rush over.

"It was a group effort by the…"

"CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS! YAY!" Your voices shout out in unison. All but Celestia seem to wince as you nearly blow out their eardrums.

"…wait…" You look down at your Cutie Mark. It feels empowering to finally have one… but your friends still don't have theirs. "…I'm still a Cutie Mark Crusader, right?"

Your friends look down at the Cutie Mark, then up to you. They smile and nod. "Of course you are!" Scootaloo gives you a small nuzzle.

"Just because ya'll got yer Cutie Mark doesn't mean you get kicked outta the club!" Applebloom smiles.

"You still have to help us earn ours!" Sweetie Belle adds.

The four of you join together for a group hug. As you do, you see several pegasi fly in overhead. The Princess takes notice of them as they wave their forelegs around, but seems to dismiss them.

"Of course; through the magic of friendship, there is no challenge that you cannot overcome." Celestia adds.

You bow once again to the Princess. She addresses your entourage once again as she prepares to dismiss you. "Cutie Mark Crusaders… The Merlot Family… it has been an honor to have you here today."


"Just one teensy tiny last minute thing."

"Yes, Raisin?" Celestia retains her elegant grace.

"There were a few Diamond Dogs that helped us. Without them, there would have been no way we could have made it through." You pause for a second. "There were three dogs… they kind of looked the same… uh… but there's also a really, really big one named Rocky. He's a real sweetheart… can you give them pardon?"

Celestia looks at you, then nods. "I'll see what I can do."

The guards usher you and your friends out of the room. As you leave, everything begins to hit you like a freight train. Hunger, sleep deprivation, thirst… it feels like they've all suddenly snuck up on you.

"Dad, I want ice cream. Lots of it. Can I eat until I get sick?"

He simply nods. "You bet. Cones, sprinkles, toppings… the works."

Anonymous 379998


Go home, have sweet little pony dreams for the first time in months.

Anonymous 379999

Hey, we're a flesh filly again now…
Can we sleep on our dad's back?

Anonymous 380000


So, The End?

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 380001


Anonymous 380002


Aaaaaaaaaaaa I gotta bed. 3 AM is my limit. I will read the Q&A in the morning.

Anonymous 380003

>Fix hayseed
>Fix'er Fix'er Fix'er Fix'er Fix'er Fix'er Fix'er Fix'er Fix'er Fix'er Fix'er Fix'er Fix'er Fix'er Fix'er Fix'er

Raisin Quest 4 FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 380004

SUMMARY: It's been several long months of questing. Watching an entire season of pone go by along with a bunch of upsets and delays, Raisin has finally become a living, happy purple filly again with a Cutie Mark, to boot. She's had to survive a lot to make it this far. Even after nearly giving up, you guys found a way through.

Congratulations, questers! It's been a hell of an experience writing this story and factoring your decisions into the questline I originally designed. It's been a team effort to get through this adventure; thanks for playing!

And yes, since she's still around, there's always potential to use Raisin for a future quest… though I'll admit, I probably will never run a quest that lasts this long ever again. Short quests; GO!

Anonymous 380005


Neutral end. rip LS ;_;7


Yeah, this is nice, but Scootaloo wouldn't be able to ride on our back anymore.

Anonymous 380006

so who the hell was our pen-pal?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 380007

GAME INFO: Technically speaking, Raisin is still a pretty strong filly. Scootaloo, being a pegasus, is rather light, so she could still carry her around.

Scootaloo would be more of a burden now that Raisin doesn't have her incredible golem strength, but carrying her is still possible.

Anonymous 380008


It's been amazing.

Also this quest would have been short if you didn't throw a challenge every two seconds

Anonymous 380009

Whoo! Thanks for running it for us and keeping it all together for all these runs.

Q&A time?

Anonymous 380010


Man, what was the deal with that entire branch? What advantage would it have given us in the final fight? It seems like other than knowing what the heart was specifically, the final fight didn't require any huge knowledge of secrets.

Anonymous 380011


Thanks Jr, it's been fun, but I'll admit, it'll be nice having Sunday evenings free again.

Also, I can't wait for "Clean Raisin's Room" Quest she dies from chocking to death on a dust bunny

Anonymous 380012

Is LS ded?
What was he researching?
Who exploded him and why?
Who is the blue pegasus?
Why would dropping the Heart into the lava trigger a chain reaction like that?
Why was there a magma pool outside the school when the original tunnel had been carved out, rather than melted?
What did Sweetie want to tell us about at the start of the quest?

Anonymous 380013


Was altered a bit to save time.

Anonymous 380014

Great job with another exciting tense Raisin Quest Jr!
Can you give brief overviews of some of our more critical decisions?

Anonymous 380015

>What did Sweetie want to tell us about at the start of the quest?
She wanted to know if we wanted to be special someponies

Anonymous 380016


Yeah, like, how would things have ended if on the second life we took the amulet and tumbled down the mountain?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 380017

GAME INFO: Your pen-pal was a shy pegasus colt named 'Valor', a son of one of the local patrolmen around Ponyville. He's always been fascinated by adventures and envies Raisin for the one's she's already been on.

He wears a silver guard helmet mostly to conceal his identity. Along with wearing a pair of Wrapped Cloth Shoes, he was able to maintain nearly perfect levels of silent stealth. His bursts of agility is still one of his greatest attributes.

He knew that Raisin was looking for a way to become normal again after overhearing a CMC meeting. Being resourceful, he tried his best to find as much information as he could from anywhere he could. His stealth allowed him to sneak into areas of medium/high security with ease.

A bit of a weirdo, but he had his heart in the right place. His crippling shyness is what prevented you from recognizing him from school; the two of you haven't ever been properly introduced.

I had originally designed him in to help give you hints. If you were creative enough, you could convince him to temporarily join your team.

GAME INFO: Indeed, the quest COULD have been really short, but I think it would have been too easy. Honestly, as it stands, it could be severely shortened by streamlining some of the initial events, but for what it means, I think everything worked out pretty good.

answering next questions… hold on

Anonymous 380018


Yeah, what was that about?

Anonymous 380019

Was there any reason you called Mary Annette that other than to trigger our paranoia?

Anonymous 380020


Call her what?

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 380021

aw, now I'm sad we never got to meet him formally
he sounds like a cute little guy. he would have made a nice addition to the team. plus, shipping fuel.

Anonymous 380022

Mary Annette = marionette = puppet

Anonymous 380023



Pirate Quest confirmed

Anonymous 380024

…can he and Raisin still be pen-pals after the adventure is over?

Anonymous 380025



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 380026

GAME INFO: L.S., or Lightning Stormski, is a prominent researcher of a branch of science called 'anti-physics', or magic. He believed that he found a way to quantify magic and study it in a scientific sense.

He originally came to Ponyville for two reasons: 1, he was being pressured by rival scientists to give up his research, and 2, he found large concentrations of Malecite in the distant mountain ranges here. In an effort to continue his research and evade his colleagues, he built up his laboratory here.

Dr. Stormski also knew about some troubling seismic activity around the area; this was being caused by the Boulder Snakes tunneling through Malecite deposits. He was in the middle of developing technology to help him explore these deep underground disturbances.

Among several tools he developed were a 'Blinkpac', a device that allows for local teleportation of living and non-living materials with a small dice roll chance of critically failing, sending you into a subspace dimension and a Malecite Cannon, which was essentially a mining laser with a slight chance of causing microscopic black holes.

Over the course of the time he spent in Ponyville, he befriended only a single pegasus, Derpy. He used her to order supplies and send some mail, mostly to those that could help him chemically refine Malecite Zecora. He eventually developed a bit of a thing for Applejack… his fascination was quite a creepy one, as he invented a bunch of headcanon for her based on observations of her working in the Apple Orchards.

In his quest line, if you looked at his research table, you would have been able to find matching parchment for the Love Letter Applebloom was carrying. If you pressed this, he would've asked for your help to set him up on a date with AJ at around 12:00PM on Day 2. If the date occurred, he would have discovered that he has almost nothing in common with her, but he'd have been happy to have met her.

In the canon of the current turn of events, Dr. Stormski has been assassinated by one of his rivals. Most of his research, including his devices, have been lost.

Anonymous 380027


So he is dead?

Wow, that's kind of sad.

Anonymous 380028

How were we supposed to get to him?

Anonymous 380029


So the teleporter would have save a lot of time on the chasm crossing puzzle, but would would the malecite cannon have done? Give us the option to go in guns blazing?

Anonymous 380030

Sounds like we passed up our Disc One Nuke and just went into the final boss fight mare mode.

Anonymous 380031


What if she's actually a changeling spy?

Anonymous 380032

If I'd realised we wouldn't have been coming back out of that hole until the next day, I would have had speedyblue deliver a message for us.
RIP creepdragon

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 380033

File: 1364290479599.png (146.49 KB, 975x820, Sweetie Belle 32.png)


Anonymous 380034

how long did we have before the actual eruption would have happened?

Anonymous 380035


Isn't this the first NPC death in a "final" life? Not counting villains.

Anonymous 380036

So was he a unicorn?

Anonymous 380037

I wanted to save everyone.
Derpy will be so sad…

Anonymous 380038


Who said he was a dragon, again?

Anonymous 380039

Yep… Although we were really not involved in his life, pretty much at all.
Alas, sidequests.

Anonymous 380040

Derpy accidentally alluded to the fact, though she refused to say so outright.

Anonymous 380041

Derpy, more or less.
She isn't a very good liar.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 380042

>Who exploded him and why?
If we do a later quest, I don't want you guys to know who might have done this. They may still be relevant if I decide to use them.

>Why would dropping the Heart into the lava trigger a chain reaction like that?

The Heart of the Mountain is essentially the mountain's soul. The Boulder Snakes found this and knew that destroying it would cause a violent reaction. Because Keszeem was linking a bunch of magma chambers together across the entire mountain range, the triggering of just the one would be enough to set off all of the others.

All of the volcanoes, of course, are purely artificial. The Boulder Snakes were building these.

>Why was there a magma pool outside the school when the original tunnel had been carved out, rather than melted?

Keszeem can spit magma. She encountered a small pack of Diamond Dogs that threatened her and her minions.

The Diamond Dogs were able to escape.

>What did Sweetie want to tell us about at the start of the quest?

"You'll never guess what I just heard! Applebloom's sister, Applejack? She's been getting love letters from a secret somepony!"

Something along those lines. She had heard the gossip from Rarity before you had heard it from Applebloom.

GAME INFO: Mary Annette is still a pretty interesting maid pony. I'll leave her story alone for now. Her name was very specifically chosen to match her special talent.

GAME INFO: Most certainly. He probably won't ever talk to her directly anytime soon, but there's no reason they can't be friends.

GAME INFO: His lab was accessible via a mountain trail. It's the same one you actually fell off of and died on for your first life, but before the explosion, it would have been mostly in tact. Much more than it was during your attempted run of it.

GAME INFO: Actually, funny thing is, I wanted to seemingly give you this McGuffin to doom you later. If you hadn't tested it out on the red crystals at all before encountering Keszeem, you would have seen that the red crystals reflect most forms of magic. Firing it inside of the volcano's Grand Chamber would have been guaranteed death.

GAME INFO: Day 3, 10:00PM. If you had done all of the possible questlines, you would have arrived at Keszeem's chambers around 4-5PM, optimal time. I can never be sure on these things, though… I wanted it to be a very dramatic, climactic fight.

Continuing answers, please hold…

Anonymous 380043

Actually, if we take random deaths that occured that we could have potentially stopped. I'm sure there were random encounters in the everfree forest set up, and the Golem King didn't have issues with pasteing random ponies

Anonymous 380044


Yeah, but still…

Bleh, it just leaves a bad taste.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 380045

What about that griffon guy who we saved on our first life? What use was he?

Anonymous 380046

That was RQ3 wasn't it?

Anonymous 380047

> Actually, funny thing is, I wanted to seemingly give you this McGuffin to doom you later. If you hadn't tested it out on the red crystals at all before encountering Keszeem, you would have seen that the red crystals reflect most forms of magic. Firing it inside of the volcano's Grand Chamber would have been guaranteed death.

Man, fuck you with a rake.

Anonymous 380048

He had the ability to build a trap to catch anything, if we gathered the material.

Harry didn't die after we chased him off with a firework, did he?

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 380049

Nah, it was this one. I remember someone coming up with the idea to have him make a boulder-snake trap, or something.

Anonymous 380050


What's Mary's cutie mark again?

Anonymous 380051

Ah, right, I remember now, he got a firecracker to the FAAACE

Anonymous 380052

at least I think that's what we attempted, we hit the schoolhouse

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 380053

GAME INFO: Harry the Griffon, an outcast thief from the Griffin Empire, was set up as a random encountered NPC during this quest. Essentially, he was put in place to act as nothing but a flying character for you to take advantage of. Though he couldn't lift you, he would be able to fly across/up great distances. He could also rescue your friends if they fell or got stuck somewhere. He wouldn't be too extremely useful in the snake tunnels; he's quite wary around fire.

He's also an expert trap maker. He could have probably stolen some equipment from the Diamond Dogs to fashion at least a temporary snare for the Boulder Snakes. The success of his trap would have been left up to a 1/20 dice roll.

His biggest weakness, however, would kick in if you asked him to fetch something for you. Being greedy, he would have simply flown off with it or denied having it on his persons.

GAME INFO: It would have been punishment for relying too heavily on any one piece of equipment to be your catch-all answer to the challenges presented. You gotta admit, that'd be one hell of a teeth-grinder, wouldn't it?

GAME INFO: Harry didn't die after having his tail set ablaze. The hungry griffin promptly sought out a water source to put out the flame. In the canon of the current turn of events, he's come down from his odd high on Wrathberries, though he'll still quite actively practice thievery.

Anonymous 380054

File: 1364291638778.jpg (263.73 KB, 1280x1024, mary annette.jpg)




Anonymous 380055

Did we miss anything in the diamond dog cave base?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 380056

GAME INFO: Mary's cutie mark is an odd one. You were never quite able to figure it out, but it looks like a wooden 'X' with a green swirl behind it.

GAME INFO: I may or may not have turned this old idea into a new character. Mary Annette in RQ would have far better colors than the ones I picked here.

FUN FACT: That's the first pony anything that I ever drew.

Anonymous 380057


But isn't she brown and beige?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 380058

File: 1364291805346.png (29.57 KB, 884x608, DiamondDogOutpostMap(CURRENT L…)

GAME INFO: This is the full version of the map I drew for the Diamond Dog fort. I had actually thrown a pantry in there for you guys to get some real food…

Anonymous 380059


Man, all these questions really make me realize just how long this has been going on.

Did you plan all this from the start, or did you make a skeleton as first and just molded finer details like specific challenges as we progressed?

Anonymous 380060

Was there a better way into the tunnel snake caves? Tunnel Snakes RULE!

Anonymous 380061



FYI I'm going to shamelessly steal the framework for this adventure and modify it to work with my DnD group, just like I did with the last Raisin.

Anonymous 380062


Man, speaking of snakes, poor little Raisin has an ever growing list of phobias. First birds, now this. How will she pick out a pet that won't terrify her?

Anonymous 380063

we've have more than one bad experience with birds… remember that bloody hawk golem?

Anonymous 380064


She can have a pet rock.

Anonymous 380065

A rock? really? Not enough evil rock constructs for you?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 380066

GAME INFO: I had most of this quest planned out from the word go. A lot of the quest was juggled around inside my head, but some of the more specific challenges had to wait until I had user input to work with. Using that, I would remold the quest each week or 2, trying to stay as close to my original vision as possible.

It was a hell of thing organizing all of this. 90% of all the details had to be recalled from memory, which made things kinda complex though I eventually learned that, "hey, why don't I just write down the inventory instead of trying to recall it every time someone asks?". Thankfully, Sent came up with that Archive later on, so I was able to use that if I got hazy.

GAME INFO: The Diamond Dog tunnels were going to be the easiest route into the Boulder Snake chambers. L.S. would have suggested another route I was still framing out which would have required using the Malecite Cannon, but that way would have been quite a bit more involved. You'd have ended up tunneling into some old Boulder Snake tunnels leading to the new ones, potentially tunneling into some magma chambers or detonating some Malecite. I had a few traps planned already.

The Diamond Dog fort was the most straightforward and the one I hinted at the most.

GAME INFO: And feel free! I'd actually love to hear how your game pans out using the framework I developed.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 380067

GAME INFO: Also, most of the post details, like environment descriptions and feelings, were all written by the seat of my pants, hence some are more detailed than others. Dialogue is also all usually made up on the spot beyond plot specific points.

Anonymous 380068


They actually loved RQ3, and to be honest it played out pretty similarly, except they just slaughtered the guards when they tried to take the golden box away instead of doing the whole castle branch.

Anonymous 380069


Also, the Tezel fight was standard fare, but still…

Anonymous 380070

>slaughtering royal guards
what kind of unprofessional adventurers…

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 380071

GAME INFO: Raisin is far more afraid of birds than she ever will be of Snakes.

As for why, I'm going to leave that as one of the great mysteries of Raisin Quest for now.

META INFO: Pfff! Seriously? I hope you punished them appropriately for taking such drastic action. There'd be some serious repercussions to doing that as Raisin.

You kept the "slowly descending into madness mechanic", right?

Anonymous 380072

the what?

Anonymous 380073


Eh, they were starved for combat at that point. It's kind of hard to balance an adventure based on choice with a party of 2 fighters, a warlock, and a sorcerer.

Anonymous 380074


EEeeeh I kept the whole "mind-altering" thing, but they caught onto that shit real fast, wrapped it in cloth, and handed that shit off to the guy with the highest will modifier.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 380075

GAME INFO: Using the Adanemzurai would slowly eat away at your ability to control your own thoughts and actions. As time went on, if you continued to use the dark Queen's power, you'd eventually succumb to her will.

Anonymous 380076

Speaking of, we need to go taunt her

Anonymous 380077

I hope Raisin wasn't victim of pigeon poop bukkake

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