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Raisin Quest 4: Dealing With Dogs FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372434[Last 50 Posts]

Greetings, questers, and welcome to another night of Raisin’s epic adventure. With the Boulder Queen now a solid piece of rock thanks to the sun, Raisin and her friends now have to find a way to deal with the Diamond Dogs. Victory may not be as assured as you may have hoped…

Let’s start off with the summary:

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372436

>Have Applebloom use your bag of Bits to distract Keszeem. Applebloom narrowly avoids being eaten.
>–Race in to attack the Heart of the Mountain; Keszeem smashes you into the wall—
>Pull self out of wall, watch as Applebloom and Scootaloo sneak around the room
>–Launch your Royal Medallion at Keszeem’s crystal, striking it with the little ornament—
>**Keszeem reveals her plans and the nature of the gem you were trying to destroy, confident that she’ll be able to kill you soon after**
>Keszeem goes in for a strike; you sidestep into a gentle flow of magma
>**Grab onto Keszeem’s necklace**
>–Bite the chain, inflicting no discernable damage–
>xXx Keszeem roughs you up by smashing you into the walls; begin noticing slight damage xXx
>Break a scale on Keszeem’s body closer to the True Soul Amulet. Keszeem continues battering you; damage is apparent
>**Kick Keszeem’s amulet, then drop off of her, catching a walkway**
>xXx Immediately climb back up onto walkway. Half of tail is clipped off by Keszeem’s thrashing about xXx
>In a last ditch effort, Keszeem attempts to start the eruption early by going after the Heart of the Mountain
>**Use an excellent one liner and stomp her tail; she coils up and burns under the sunlight, turning to stone**
>Split up groups to quickly locate the True Soul Amulet before the Diamond Dogs arrive Location 4 contained the True Soul Amulet

Just as Raisin and her brave friends Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle begin to breathe a little easier after their momentous victory, Rover and his Diamond Dog crew enter into the artificial volcano to ensure Raisin lives up to her end of their deal. Not wanting to sacrifice the True Soul Amulet to Raisin, Rover claims that the disputed treasure is ‘too good’ to give to her.

With the deal quickly disintegrating, you, the questers, have to help Raisin out of this mess. Remember, we’re still questing, so your victory is not assured in any way. Don’t get too comfortable, my friends.

…"Let's get them to the mines!" Rover bumps the bigger dog. "Grab our new prize pony. Make sure she gets put into a nice cage…"

The bigger dog gently sets the cage down on the ground and opens up the front door. The crystalline prison looks terribly cramped for a filly. His massive paw gently waves you toward the cage.

"Come?" The big dog asks you hesitantly.

Raisin: Hayseed, Spool of Rope (Frayed)(Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Empty Satchel

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape

Anonymous 372438

Fuck Rover

Anonymous 372439


So is the cage made of crystal? Doesn't seem that sturdy.

Anonymous 372440

File: 1363573382910.jpg (55.62 KB, 600x450, snakes.jpg)


Just play along for now, we're surrounded by dozen of silly snakeys

Anonymous 372441


This isn't an LPS quest, silly filly!


So how many were there again?

Anonymous 372443


how many dogs are there

are they wearing their armor

and how do we plan on getting the CMC out of here

Anonymous 372444


It's probably just the opposite

Still, they can't keep us caged forever. I mean, they can't really stop us, they're not armed.

Anonymous 372445



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372446

GAME INFO: The cage appears to be almost entirely constructed of a brilliant blue crystal. It looks very familiar, much like the crystals that were fired into your sides during your second aggressive run-in with the dogs.

GAME INFO: At this point in time, there are Diamond Dogs all over the Grand Chambers. Many of them are climbing back and forth between the opening and the main floor, carrying in fort building supplies of some sort. Rover has 2 bodyguards with him, one being the giant burly dog holding the cage. He has a long, giant set of chains draped over his shoulders.

All of the dogs are armored, but none of them appear to have any significant armament. They must have run out of spears when they were tossing them at you back in the magma chamber.

Anonymous 372447

File: 1363573641747.jpg (65.24 KB, 570x420, lps-character-zoe_570x420.jpg)


Littlest Pet Shop.

Anonymous 372448


Can we see if there are boulder snakes in EVERY exit to the room?

Anonymous 372449


We saved and still have one life, let's just get in the cage.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372450

GAME INFO: From this vantage, you're not sure if there are Boulder Snakes in every single one of the tunnel entrances, but you know at least one entrance will have a solidified snake inside.

You assume that the snakes are watching from the shadows. They're probably waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Anonymous 372451


That might just lead us deeper

Besides, the real goal is the true soul thingy.

Krabb 372452


well, if they aren't letting us take our amulet, maybe we can get them to do SOMETHING for us.

we did save them from the snakes.

maybe we could talk them into getting the CMC out, and they could get help.

Anonymous 372453


>"Sure, just let me get some treasure from that dark tunnel over there. Yep, totally safe and unguarded…"

Anonymous 372454


Yeah. Are the dogs that were with us in this party? Sweetie can flash them the filly eyes.

Anonymous 372456


They probably have more spears.

Could always kick Rover in the shin and bolt. We know the way back.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372457

GAME INFO: The three Dig Dogs that helped you blow open the volcano are nowhere to be seen at the moment. The main dogs confronting you right now are Rover, his burly sidekick, and an unnamed lackey.

Anonymous 372458


The whole problem is GETTING out in the first place. The diamond dogs will take us to safety, but they'll trap us. On the other hand, if we fight back here, they might not lift us out at all.

Krabb 372459


isn't the way back is full of giant snakes?

we kinda need them to help us

Anonymous 372460


But the way back is filled with snakes. We COULD try another passage, but that might not lead out at all.

Anonymous 372461


We can suplex them!

Anonymous 372463



fine. But we aren't getting in that cage.

Anonymous 372464


No pls.

What we CAN suplex are the diamond dogs when they take us back to their nice, safe lair.

Anonymous 372465


Seconding not getting in the cage. We submit, but we aren't getting in the cage.

Anonymous 372466


NO SUPLEXING! Raisin is a sweet filly and doesn't watch ponefessional wrestling.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372467

It seems like you guys have come up with a few ideas…

>Go with the Diamond Dogs willingly so that they'll carry you out of the volcano, but no cage

>Kick Rover in the shin and go down one of the Boulder Snake tunnels

Among other things, like bartering for your friends' safe return to the surface or trying to trick the dogs.

Krabb 372468


if we go with the dogs, what exactly happens to the cmc?

we should avoid the snakes at all cost

Anonymous 372469


Well, rescuing the CMC will be trivial. Besides, we aren't really in a bargaining position. They either lift us out or wait until the sun sets.

Anonymous 372470


Yeah. We'll submit, but the CMC go free.

Anonymous 372471


>Go with the Diamond Dogs willingly so that they'll carry you out of the volcano, but no cage

M-maybe if we're lucky someone will fly by and n-notice…

Anonymous 372473


How will that even work? What's stopping them from just tricking us?

Anonymous 372475


I wonder where we even are, how far away from civilization.

Can't be that far, the trip wasn't that long, all things considered.

Anonymous 372476


It took the whole night, probably far from where we started.

Anonymous 372478


Hopefully we might be able to at least see Ponyville.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372479

Huffing, you kick up some rock from the path. Rover and his other lackey back up behind the burly dog, but then laugh as they realize your frustration.

"You see? There is no other way, pony!" Rover peeks around the arm of the burly dog before standing in view of you again.

"I'll submit, but only if you agree that my friends go free… and I don't have to ride out of here in that cage."

"No deal! You're my little pony and I say you go in the cage!" Rover points at the shiny crystal set of bars. The big dogs eyes are still set on you, unwavering.

"I can carry." The big dog rests his arm on the ground. "Can you hold on tight?"

"Wh… No! She goes in the cage!" Rover abjects.

"C'mon!" Scootaloo kicks in the paws of the dog restraining her. "Just let her ride up without a cage! What's the big deal?!"

You can hear some sputtering up from the beautiful, bright blue hole in the ceiling. A dog howls down, making Rover's ears twitch about. He doesn't immediately say anything.

Anonymous 372481


No cage. Tell the dog who wants to carry us up that we like him and he's handsome.

Anonymous 372483


>"I can either go up peacefully, or you can try to force me in that cage. Mind you, ponies kick hard, and stone is a lot stronger than regular ol' hooves."

Krabb 372484

File: 1363575268426.png (76.66 KB, 928x452, cage.png)


Well, he didn't object to letting our friends go.

Anonymous 372485


Ask Rover what his friend said.

Anonymous 372488


He probably doesn't care, they'd be more trouble than they're worth. Fillies aren't strong.

Krabb 372489


if we remind them how strong we are, there's no way we're leaving uncaged.

Anonymous 372492


>those shoulders

Oh my god his arms are dislocated.

Anonymous 372493


Maybe a firm stomp on the ground.

But don't get too mad, always keep the peaceful option open.

Krabb 372495

File: 1363575538645.png (29.8 KB, 177x200, rover.png)


who needs arms anyway

Anonymous 372496

So how long until the GM railroads a death to build TENSION because there was a save recently?

Anonymous 372498

File: 1363575592297.png (13.94 KB, 700x700, saffron.png)


Goddamn gorilla arms.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372500

"You look a little… worried, Rover."

You can hear some more mechanical sputtering echo down from the top of the mountain. Some more howls echo down from the dogs at the top. The piercing sounds seem to come from a mile away, as if from the sky itself.

"N-nothing. They're getting tired of waiting! Get in the cage!" Rover stamps his foot on the ground and points to the little cell.

Anonymous 372502


>"No Rover, I'll go up, I'll slave away in the mines, whatever you ask, but I won't be caged like some mindless animal."

Anonymous 372503


Someone has to be coming. Maybe we can stall for a bit?

Krabb 372505


make sure he's bringing our friends along

and he's worried so we should stall longer

Anonymous 372508


Yeah, can't leave the fillies around. But, it seems like they want that huge jewel, so they'll probably be there all day trying to get as much as they can.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372516

"No Rover, I'll go up, I'll slave away in the mines, whatever you ask, but I won't be caged like some mindless animal."

He balls up his fists and shakes a little. "GET. IN. THE. CAGE!"


Applebloom laughs. "Show 'em who's boss!"

"Quiet!" Rover points a claw at her. "You three are going to be working right alongside her!"

"Not if she doesn't go in your dumb little cage." Scootaloo taunts.

"You! No rations for a week!" Rover grits his teeth, then looks back up to the hole in the ceiling. He doesn't seem to be calming down.

"Can't you just let us go?" Sweetie Belle asks, still slightly delirious.

"No! Nopony gets away!" Rover looks to the lackey on his left, then to the burly dog on his right. "Rocky! Pick her up and put her in the cage! Now!"

The burly dog looks back to Rover, then down to you. He looks confused. "She killed biggest snake…" His paw lifts up for a moment, opening up toward you. He quickly sets it back down, then pushes the cage to the side. "Can I carry you?"

The mechanical sputtering up near the top of the hole continues on. The dogs seem to be getting a bit noisier over time with most of the supply runners staying up top. The room is slowly becoming emptier.

Anonymous 372519


Elect to be carried.

Anonymous 372521


Thank the big lug, but stand firm.

Krabb 372522


say yes

we need to at least get out of here before things get even more hairy

Anonymous 372523


Goddamn, they're stripping the crystals off the walls that quickly? It's been what, 5 minutes?

Also >>372519

Anonymous 372524


Maybe give him a nice little nuzzle.

Anonymous 372526



Anonymous 372527


But what if he carries us, then throws us into the cage?

Anonymous 372528


No, bad. You sleep outside for a week.

Anonymous 372531


Eh, it's a risk.

Either way we just need to get out of here.

Anonymous 372532


True, but do you have any better ideas?

Anonymous 372533


Could always get them to tie a rope around us and lift us out that way.

Anonymous 372535


Still involves getting tied up, which is just as bad as being in a cage.

Krabb 372536

File: 1363577364750.png (30.08 KB, 358x290, raisin lewd.png)



Then at least we tried. id rather have to break out of cage than fight more snakes.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372542

You look over at Rover smugly, then back to Rocky. "Yes, you may. Thank you, Rocky."

Rover stomps, then growls. "Fine! Carry her!"

His massive arm looks like a tree… you only hope it isn't as frail as one. You give it a tap with your forehoof, noticing that it doesn't move at all. He slides it forward, making it easier to climb on to. "Can climb?"

"Yes… just making sure it's not going to break."

"Am strong. Climb." Rocky watches as you worm your way up his arm, climbing as carefully as you can. Amazingly, not only does his arm support your weight, but he has no problem moving it around.

"Hang on tight." He crouches over again, letting his arms support his massive upper body.

"Uh… you can still climb with me on your arm like this, right?"

"Lifted bigger things than pony before." He nods.

"…put her in the cage!" Rover yells once more.

"She fine." Rocky shakes his giant arm around, waving you through the with almost no effort. "Easier to climb."

Suddenly, a giant box falls down from the top of the volcano, flying passed you and smashing into the lava. Rover watches as some fiery, molten rock flies back up. Your friends shriek as the dogs use them as shields, though the spatters are nowhere near them.

"Diamond Dogs! Up!" Rover points to the hole in the ceiling, then runs at the wall. You see the dogs holding your friends move toward the wall, then begin to climb. Rocky sets out, his tremendous frame unimpeded by your weight.

As you ascend toward the hole, you see a few supply crates fall in. They fly passed your new party with incredible speed, smashing into the lava far below.

"W-what if one of those hits us?" Sweetie Belle asks.

"Then we die! Keep climbing!" Rover shouts.

Looking up Rocky's arm, you can't help but feel as though something is going to be falling your way very shortly. You try to think of a way to mitigate the threat as the dogs climb closer and closer to the sky…

Anonymous 372544



Aim to catch?

Anonymous 372546


There's got to be some conflict up there. I dunno, try swinging?

Anonymous 372549


We have a hammer, rope and an empty satchel. How big are these crates again?

Krabb 372550


so what, boxes of supplies are flying down at us?

how big are they, and can we really do much while being carried?

Anonymous 372551


Tie hammer to rope, use as some sort of crude grappling hook.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372552

GAME INFO: The Diamond Dogs are no jokers when it comes to lugging around supplies. The supply crates you saw back at their fort were about as tall as a pony and as long as two. They're certainly big enough to cause some problems.

Anonymous 372553


Why are we even climbing then? Why not just slide down the rope and wait until they get their shit together?

Anonymous 372554


MacGyver Pls

Anonymous 372555


So, what's Celestia going to say when we tell her we lost her shiny medal?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372556

GAME INFO: The dogs are traversing the crystalline walls themselves. The nature of these walls causes the dogs to climb a little slower so as to avoid harming themselves.

Currently, there are no ropes to use beyond the one attached to your saddlebags.

Anonymous 372557


What Celestia doesn't know won't hurt her, or us.

Anonymous 372558


Oh, pff

Any big crystals to camp under then?

Krabb 372559


I guess we're just kinda stuck then

keep an eye out for boxes coming down at us or our friends i suppose.

I'm not really sure what we could do here

Anonymous 372560


Yeah. Aside from moving out of the way, you can't stop a huge box from knocking you down.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372562

GAME INFO: The Diamond Dogs seem to be climbing around and away from the largest crystals as they provide no meaningful support for their paws. It may be possible to camp beneath one of the fragile crystals if you were able to find a good spot for your team to hunker down.

Anonymous 372564



I vote just looking up while Rocky climbs and yelling out if we see a box coming down.

Anonymous 372566


I guess.

We have an extra life so I don't really care either way

Anonymous 372570

Can we tell Rocky to climb ahead of the others and use us as a shield for the crates? We should be able to take the blow.
inb4 we can't

Anonymous 372572


Pretty much the only thing we can do at this point.



Roll #1 20 = 20

Anonymous 372574


>implying we'll be able to stop it.

Unless Rocky is strong as fuck we'll fall down too. Momentum is conserved in all collisions.

Anonymous 372575



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372592

As your group nears the midway point of the volcano's shaft, you crane your head back to see a supply crate bounce off of the wall and fall your way.


The dogs ahead of you scramble off to the sides, narrowly dodging the projectile. It smashes into the wall just above Rocky, then bounces off into the chamber. As it flies down, it clips his helmet, taking it down into the fiery chasm with it. Rocky stops for a moment, his eyes staring straight forward.

Holding onto the wall with the arm you're on, he uses the other to pat his head, checking for injury. Amazingly, he seems to be completely fine. He simply nods, then keeps climbing.

"Always wear helmet." He shouts. The other dogs laugh as they continue the climb.

Looking back up, another poorly time crate rolls straight down from the lip of the volcano and heads straight for your team.


Your warning sees most of the dogs squish your friends up against the crystal walls and their chestplates.

"Oww!! OW OW OW!!" Applebloom shouts as the crate passes.

Rocky seems to be a bit too big to completely miss the crate. Though he pulls up against the wall tight, the crate strikes the back of his chestplate.

"Umph!!" He grunts as the crate bounces off his back. You can hear the wall scrape up in his claws. Suddenly, you see the world flail for a moment as he tries to get his grip back. He feels as though he's just inches from being able to grab the wall again…

Anonymous 372596


Grab him!

Anonymous 372597


Wrap our hooves around a crystal and bite his clothes to hang on.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372598

GAME INFO: You are currently wrapped around one of his arms.

In what way do you wish to grab him?
Like this?

Krabb 372599

File: 1363579931509.png (79.42 KB, 476x607, rocky.png)


try to shift our weight towards the wall

and call out to applebloom if we manage to get back on the wall

Anonymous 372601


Wherever won't hurt him, so maybe around his armor.

Anonymous 372602


Yeah, and check with the dogs carrying the other two CMC as well.

Anonymous 372603


Just don't grip so hard, little stone filly teeth might be able to bite through metal, especially if it's probably old and rusted.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372615

>Shift Weight

>Grab Wall, then Grab Rocky

As the Dog struggles to regain his grip on the wall, you quickly unwrap yourself from his arms and smash your rearlegs into the crystalline walls. You reach down to bite onto a piece of his armor, but only manage to catch his chain. In a moment, he falls backwards into the grand chasm.

Seeing you embedded into a wall, he reaches out to grab the chain. As the length almost instantly becomes taut, you feel a great tug on your legs. With a crackling explosion of rock, you're pulled free from the wall.

You see Rocky use the little bit of swing he got from the chain to grab back onto the wall. He keeps one end of the chain in his paw as you fall passed him. Clenching onto the chunk of metal as hard as you can, you head face first into the cauldron of magma below.

The chain gives you a vicious snap as you suddenly orient back towards the sky, bouncing about at the very end of the links. You fly back up in spurts as Rocky pulls you back up. Another crate whizzes by you as he gets wraps the chain up around his shoulders.

"Always bring chains." Rocky says, setting you down on his arm. "Can still hold on?"

Suddenly, you realize that your back legs are missing. You've just become a two legged golem.

"Stop messing around! Get back up here!" Rover calls down.

"Sweetie Belle! Scootaloo! Are you two alright!?"

"We're okay! We smell like dogs, but we're okay!" Scootaloo calls down.

"Smell like dogs? How's that bad?!" Rover bonks Scootaloo on the head from above with his foot.

"Oof! Hey, stop that!" Scoots quiets down as your team gets nearer to the top. As Rover climbs over the edge, you hear him start shouting.

"They're here! Keep the cannons firing! Don't let them near the gem!"

Looking up from around Rocky's arm, you can see some pegasi far off pushing a nasty looking storm cloud your way. The bolts of lightning stretching off of it look foreboding.

A pegasus wearing a full set of royal armor swoops in. The Diamond Dogs just barely evade him as he smashes another supply crate into the volcano.

Anonymous 372617

Anonymous 372618


>no legs

So, reload? At this point we can't tun back to normal anymore.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372619

GAME INFO: You technically still have both of your forelegs. The lower part of both of your rearlegs have been sheered off unevenly.

Krabb 372620


damn that sucks

what happened to our legs? are they still in the wall?

also yell at those stupid ass Pegasi dropping death bombs at us

Anonymous 372622


Let's wait for now.


Just get up on solid land first. Tell the CMC not to freak out.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372623

GAME INFO: If you backtracked a little bit, you may still find your little filly legs stuck in the wall.

Anonymous 372625


>"Uuuh, Rocky, can you, um, get my legs?"

Krabb 372626


then can we get our friend rocky to grab our legs?

we wouldn't be much of a workhorse without them

Anonymous 372629


Yeah, use that as a justification. Slap some concrete, and hopefully when we turn back to normal there will only be massive scarring at best.

Anonymous 372630


He should probably set us up safe, then grab our legs. Trying to carry us and the legs AND climb at the same time might be a bit too much.

Anonymous 372631


Yeah, if we're near the top.

Can't really help much against the diamond dogs anyway.

Anonymous 372632


>"I will defeat you!"

>"Just as soon as a crawl over their, your ass is grass!"

Krabb 372633


he might not want to what with the royal guard being dicks

speaking of them, maybe we should tell them we are here so they stop trying to kill us

Anonymous 372635


Eh, everything will get sorted out as soon as the cannons stop firing. What can they do, throw us in the dungeon for years without trial? Y-yeah.

Krabb 372637


I mean so the royal guards can come save us, and the CMC from the dogs

what are you on about dungeons, are you talking about the dogs?

Anonymous 372638

Unrelated fun fact: Saint Patrick is a saint because he drove all the snakes from Ireland.

He'd get along with little Raisin.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372640


"Uuuh, Rocky, can you, um, get my legs?"

He looks down at you on his arm, then looks back into the volcano. He looks about the outer edge of the opening, then down to you.

"I can't be a proper workhorse without legs, you know…"

"I get legs for you." He lays his arm down on the ground, then lets you off. A pegasus guard slams into his side, bouncing backwards and landing on the bit of land near you. His head spins. Rocky sneers at the guard, then walks back to the volcano's opening.

"Rocky! No! Bad!" Rover yells at him. Nearly descending, the Diamond Dog looks up at his leader.

"Sorry. Need workhorse legs." He begins climbing back down into the volcano.

"What? Workhorse leee…" Rover looks back to you. You sit on the ground as you would normally with your forelegs tucked under your chest, but he immediately sees your lack of rearlegs.

"What!? When did that happen?!" He jumps up and down. "You're useless without your legs!"

"Hey, relax. Rocky's going to get them back for me."

"They're not attached to your body anymore, idiot!" Rover ducks to avoid an incoming member of the royal guard. He races over to a man one of the gemstone cannons haphazardly setup on the mountain top.

"Pfff, it's fine. All we need is some concrete and I'll be good to go."

"Raisin! Your legs!" Applebloom calls from a small wooden cage. It seems as though the dogs have already caged them up.

The black storm cloud looms in the distance. Though the scene is chaotic, the view from up here is absolutely stunning. You can see a familiar windmill off in the distance… scanning the horizon, you see Ponyville a good distance away. You're closer to Canterlot now than Ponyville… probably all a part of Keszeem's plan.

Seeing the sun between a flurry of guard ponies flying far above, you realize that it's nearly high noon. It feels great to see the sun again… you can only hope you'll be able to feel it soon.

Anonymous 372641


I'm just saying that when a battle is "over," soldiers typically formally arrest the enemy combatants who have surrendered or are too weak to fight back. They are held until it's decided what will be done with them.

Anonymous 372642


Look around. How many cannons are around? More importantly, how fragile do they look?

Anonymous 372643



Applebloom, you should be able to kick them apart with your earth pony retard strength. For shame.

Keep an eye on the CMC, and Rover.

Anonymous 372644


Crawl over to the wooden cages and wait for Rocky to get back before busting them open.

Anonymous 372646


He's a good doggy, let's ask for a pardon if he gets captured.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372647

GAME INFO: There are 4 cannons on the mountain's top, two of them concentrated on each side facing toward each settlement. They look as though they can easily pivot to reach the guards flying overhead.

The bases of the cannons look flimsy at best. They look as though they were set up in haste as a way to defend the mountain top after it was blown open. Using a set of gears and two wooden supports, the cannons are able to cover a wide range of motion.

Currently, they are firing out a hailstorm of loose rocks into the air. Several pegasi have been downed already, but their comrades carry them off to safety.

Krabb 372648


yell at the pegasai to not let him get to those cannons.

maybe a USE THOSE CANNONS BEFORE THEY DO shout or something

if the dogs get to those cannons, things will be bad

Anonymous 372649


Is anyone armed besides the cannons? What to keep us from busting free the other fillies and having everyone run up and deliver a solid buck?

Anonymous 372650


Aren't they already being manned by dogs?

Anonymous 372651


Still leaves one cannon at least, unless we can suddenly drag ourselves over there at sanic speeds.

Krabb 372652


i guess they are, i just assumed because rover was running to one.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372654

GAME INFO: Between the cannons and the other Diamond Dogs scrambling about the volcano's opening, you see that they are not very well equipped to deal with this scenario. Many of them have spears, but they are unable to reach the pegasi flying above them. They wave the colorful tipped spears around in a vain attempt to scare the armored guards away.

GAME INFO: With Rover on the last cannon, all of them are currently firing up into the air. The guards seem to be coordinating themselves to ram the cannon operators down the mountainside.

Several Diamond Dogs are now set up around each cannon, pointing their spears at any guard that draws close.

Anonymous 372655


So I guess the CMC would get skewered then. Not a fun idea.

Anonymous 372657


>Crystal spears

Honestly, what can they do to us now? Poor little Raisin is fucked up.

Anonymous 372660


Just wait for Rocky to get back with our legs, no matter who wins, we need them.

Anonymous 372662


Might chip her front legs off until Raisin can only wiggle her niblets.

Anonymous 372663


Then WE get to be a boulder snake!

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372664

Anything that you wish to do during the battle?

Or shall you simply wait until Rocky comes back with your rearlegs?

Anonymous 372666


Free the CMC. We need manpower.

Anonymous 372668


Wait until he gets back. We don't want to do anything that would result in him immediately tossing Raisin's legs back down the volcano.

Krabb 372669


i say we wait till our legs are on solid ground

Anonymous 372670


Start dragging ourselves over to the wooden cages, keep an eye on Rover. We need to get the medallion. Fuck everything else.

Anonymous 372672



Anonymous 372673


>Rover starts bolting

>"Come back here! Surely I can catch you with this blazing fast 2 mph crawl!"

Krabb 372681

File: 1363584166802.png (32.27 KB, 463x383, costed me an arm and a leg.png)


well, if we manage to free them maybe we could make a break for it

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372682

While Celestia's Royal Guards swarm about and keep the Diamond Dogs distracted, you head toward Applebloom's call, seeing a small collection of wooden cages and some crates.

"Don't worry about my legs… Rocky went back to get them for me."

"Ya'll actually got 'im ta do that for ya?" Applebloom shakes her head. "Ah bet yer special talent is charm or somethin'."

"Raisin! Get us out of here!" Scootaloo rattles the lock on her cage. "They're all made of wood, so a good kick would probab… oh." Scootaloo notices that you're missing your legs. "…well, uh… huh…."

"I can't believe we made it out of there…" Sweetie Belle's voice is nearly lost over the sound of the gemstone cannons firing up into the air. The Pegasus guard captain yells out some orders from high above as you watch them mostly fall back to the approaching storm cloud.

"Did you guys see where the True Soul Amulet went?"

Applebloom nods. "That dog that took it away from me still has it!"

"Where's he at?"

She shakes her head. "Ah… um.. Ah think he's at one of the cannons? Ah didn't see where he ran off to.."

"Applebloom! Raisin needs that to change back to normal! You're bad memory is going to spoil her dreams!" Scootaloo groans from the other cage.

"Ah really don't know… he ran around behind the cages when all the other dogs grabbed their spears…" She sighs.

You see two Diamond Dogs approaching you. They keep their spears pointed skywards to the fleeing pegasi guards.

Anonymous 372683


We can still use our front hooves, right? We can break the bars by pushing them apart.

Krabb 372685


we should try this

Anonymous 372686


Wait, wasn't Rover the dog that had the amulet or was it another one?

Anyways, pound on the locks with our hooves before the two diamond dogs drag us away.

Anonymous 372687



Anonymous 372689


Just make sure to tell them to stand back in case splinters go flying.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372692

As the dogs slowly wander your way, you crawl as fast as you can up to the cages.

"Stand back…"

Applebloom scoots as far back into her cage as she can. With a swift, blunt strike of your forelegs, you stomp on the front of the cage. Your strength still seems in perfect condition as the front of the cage bursts into pieces.

"Ah'm free!" Applebloom darts out. The Diamond Dogs look down, pointing their spears towards you and Applebloom. They simply growl.

"Uh… now what?" Applebloom backs away from the spear tip coming toward her throat…


You hear the faint echo of an explosion far off in the distance, somewhere around Ponyville. It's faint, but your ears still seem to catch it. The dogs standing in front of you turn their heads to look where it came from.

Anonymous 372694



what did we miss now?

Anonymous 372695


Tell the CMC to stick together, wait for our legs.

Anonymous 372697


Wait, so that explosion WASN'T related to the bolulder snakes?

Oh god, this quest is an abortion. It's been a wonder that Raisin's survived at all, though not in one piece any more.

Krabb 372700


CMC should run

preferably in the direction of the guards

Anonymous 372701


They might be able to help with the cannons though since we're slow as fuck.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372703

GAME INFO: If you were around for the last run through, you may recall that a certain mountaintop laboratory was blown up near Sweet Apple Acres at approximately 12:00PM.

GAME INFO: Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are still caged.

Anonymous 372704


Yeah, they can't really do much against spears. They just need to get to cover, hopefully away from where the cannons can fire.

Anonymous 372705


Free them then.

Anonymous 372706


I think I missed that night, meh.

But yeah, free Scootaloo and Sweetie.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372707

GAME INFO: There are two distracted Diamond Dogs holding spears to you and Applebloom's throat at the moment. Moving may force them to take action.

Krabb 372710


I thought they were all in the same cage.

by the way, if we're cut in half, do we still have our saddlebags?

Anonymous 372711


They're that close?

Anonymous 372712


Oh shit yeah, we need our savegame doll.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372713

GAME INFO: Thankfully, you still have most of your lower half intact. You only lost a good portion of your rearlegs, but your rump and tail still seem to be in good order. Your saddlebags have taken some major damage, but they are otherwise still surviving.

>"Uh… now what?" Applebloom backs away from the spear tip coming toward her throat…

Indeed they are.

Anonymous 372714


>"Play it cool"

Krabb 372715


could we stomp on their feet and tell Applebloom to run?

Anonymous 372717


We might be able to slap the spear pointed at us away. We'll get stabbed probably but it might distract the one threatening AB.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372719

GAME INFO: Currently, you and Applebloom have rolled onto your backs. Without your precious rearlegs, you'd only be able to shake your sheered off stubs at them.

Anonymous 372721


Maybe it would be best to just surrender and lay down until they get distracted. Don't want Applebloom to become kebab.

Krabb 372725


yeah, put our hooves up until a guard comes flying by or something

we dont want to risk AB getting stabbed

and i'm out for the night, good luck

Anonymous 372726



Anonymous 372727

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372729

You try to lay as still as possible while the dogs hold their spears up to your necks. They stare off toward Ponyville for a few moments longer, then redirect their attention to the two of you. You raise your hooves up in surrender, Applebloom quickly doing the same. The Diamond Dogs nudge the two of you back toward the cages.

"Looks like they still got us…" Applebloom says, keeping her hooves high up in the air. One of the Diamond Dogs taps his friend, then runs off to fight an injured pegasus guard. The other stays with his spear pointed your way.

"Just you wait until that storm cloud gets here!" Scootaloo boasts. "Cloudsdale lightning is the strongest there is! It'll zap you mutts down in one strike!"

The dog smacks the side of Scootaloo's cage with his spear, rattling it around a bit. He keeps the tip pointed at you and Applebloom.

You see Rocky climbing back out of the volcano top carrying what appears to be a massive crimson crystal boulder. He heads your way, then steps up next to the guard.

"Here you go." He drops the chunk of rock by the guard. "Legs in front, easy to pull out with little forelegs." He turns around and starts walking toward Rover, leaving you with the guard.

"W-wait! Raisin! Go call him back over!" Applebloom waves her hooves around in the air.

The storm cloud is nearly over the volcano. It's cool shadow looms slowly over to the mountainside. The dogs are firing everything they have up into the cloud, hoping to hit some of the pegasi pushing it.

Anonymous 372732


Something tells me that storm cloud won't be anything good. Tell everyone to stay low.

Anonymous 372733


>"Excuse me, could I please get my legs?"

Anonymous 372734


Grab the tip when the diamond dog is pointing it at us, try to wrestle it out of his grip.

Anonymous 372736


Yeah, but s-surely it's not a lethal sh-shock, r-right?

Anonymous 372738


We'd need to tell Applebloom to kick him in the shin, hooves aren't really good for gripping hard.

Anonymous 372741


Well, not for us, at least

It better not destroy the medallion.

Anonymous 372743



Anonymous 372744


It will. You didn't think he'd be so happy that we saved and not do anything with it?

Anonymous 372747


What are the shafts of the spears made of? Metal or wood?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372750

As the Diamond Dog hovers the spear tip toward you and Applebloom, you nudge Applebloom.


She sits silent for a minute, then suddenly shakes her head. The Diamond Dog looks slightly confused. "A-are ya sure?"

Quickly, you reach out and grab for the spear. Pulling it toward the side of your head, you let it fall passed you and toward Scootaloo's cage. She immediately backs up into it to avoid the spear tip. "Hey! Watch it!"

Applebloom runs ahead and bucks the Diamond Dog in the shins, sending him toppling over. He lets go of the spear as he rubs his legs in pain. He yelps.

You pick up the Crystal Spear in your forelegs. The Diamond Dog guard looks like he's about to get back up.

The shadow of the storm cloud touches the mountain's base. The guards are trying to draw as much cannon fire as possible, flying over the volcano top and attempting to get the drop on the cannon operators. They don't seem to immediately notice you and your friends, focusing too hard on dodging the spears and rocks coming their way.

GAME INFO: Holding the spear in your hooves, you can see that it's made of a hardwood of some kind… probably oak.

Anonymous 372753


Snap it and go about freeing Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. They need to get out of there.

Anonymous 372754


Bite the crystal tip off and tell Applebloom to run to safety.

Anonymous 372755


>"Give him another kick, AB!"

Then >>372754

Anonymous 372756


You don't want fricasseed filly?

Anonymous 372758


No kick, just have her run before another dog notices.

Anonymous 372759


Keep the tip in our mouth, make Raisin look like a little badass.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372763

"Give him another kick, AB!"

"Uh.. roger!" She gives the Diamond Dog another kick, this time to the face. He tenses up for a moment, then lets out a sigh. A few stars swirl over his head as he lays still.

You take the spear up in your hooves, biting the end off. Though your stony teeth may not have been able to get through solid metal, they seem to glide through the oak shaft without a hitch. The Crystal Tip falls off onto the ground.

"Applebloom! We need to get out of here!"

"Ah'm with ya on that!" She looks about, running up to Sweetie Belle's cage and giving it a kick while you bust Scootaloo's.

The little orange pegasus immediately jumps out and gives you a hug. "Thank you thank you thank you…" She lets go, then watches as you bust open Sweetie's cage. The little white filly looks like she's barely got enough energy to walk. She looks pretty weak, probably from the malecite usage and a lack of sleep.

"C'mon, Sweetie… we gotta leave."

"Alright… I can make it…" She stumbles up to her hooves, then walks out of her cage.

"You three need to get to safety." You turn about, then pick up the Crystal Tip in your mouth, You slide it to one side. "I've gotta save my legs."

The CMC nod, then run away from the caged area. The cloud's shadow begins to crawl across the top of the volcano, the lightning booming up above. One arc touches down, turning one of the Diamond Dogs into a temporary lamp-post. His coat turns to soot as he collapses from the blast.

"Oh man… I've gotta move fast…"

Most of the guards have withdrawn from the area. They're mostly up in the clouds, though the Diamond Dogs stand their ground by the cannons. Rover and Rocky are backing away from the approaching storm.

Anonymous 372764


Get our legs first, before a lightning block blasts them into smithereens.

Anonymous 372766


I feel bad about Rocky, he was nice

Anonymous 372767


Confront Rover. We have to get the medallion back he's the one who has it, right?

Anonymous 372770


Maybe we can tell him to run while he can.


Rocks don't conduct electricity.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372772

GAME INFO: You're not sure which Diamond Dog has your medallion at this point in time. Applebloom saw that the dog that took it was wearing it around his neck, but there's a chance that it has been relocated since.

To the best of your ability and your eyesight, you are unable to see if any of the dogs are wearing it. They could have stashed it in their armor or somewhere else.

Anonymous 372773


But crystals, which are made of ions, do. Those crystals will explode from the heat and turn our legs into dust.

Get the legs.

Anonymous 372774



Fine, pry our legs out and try to drag them as far from the crystal boulder as possible.

Anonymous 372776


Probably best not to risk it then. Get the legs.

Anonymous 372781


Gold conducts electricity, right?

I hope we don't get zapped.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372783

You quickly crawl about the boulder, looking for the ends of your legs. Beneath the crimson crystals, you see a set of nearly symmetrical granite circles staring you in the face.

"There you are…"

You give the giant chunk of crystal and rock a hard punch. A lot of the crystals break away, but your legs seem to be embedded in the rock pretty deep. While you think of ways to compliment yourself on exerting such strength so quickly to save Rocky, you wind up another punch to try and break them free.

Another lightning bolt touches down, this time blowing up one of the cannons. Looking over to the cloud, you can see a veil of rain pouring down onto the dogs. It's the most torrential storm you've ever seen exit a single cloud…

Using the Crystal Tip, you poke about the rock to carve your legs out. Hitting a seam, the big boulder seems to bust away a bit, letting your polished legs slide out. Though free, you have no way of reattaching them at the moment. That doesn't matter, though, as you give them a kiss.

"We haven't been apart long, but boy did I miss you two…"

You see the CMC off a little ways, looking down the side of the mountain. They can't seem to find a safe way down.

"Raisin! Raisin! What are we gonna do!?" Scootaloo's voice is nearly drowned out by the storm cloud. It moves closer to the crater, almost completely blotting out the sun.

The Diamond Dogs are finally beginning to retreat. Rover is waving his arms about, pointing back into the volcano. You can't hear him from this distance over the storm cloud, but he looks intent on holding this position.

Anonymous 372785


Drag our legs to a save distance before the crystal boulder get struck by lightning.

Anonymous 372786


Try fitting them back on where they fractured from our main body. Maybe it'll regenerate fast.

Worth a shot at least.

Anonymous 372787


didn't we try that already? We need to find the diamond dog with the medallion.

Anonymous 372788


But who has it?

Anonymous 372789


How about we take our legs under a foreleg and drag towards where the diamond dogs are falling back?

Oh god this is an abortion

Anonymous 372790


One of them has to have it, and we NEED it to turn back to normal.

Anonymous 372792


We don't HAVE to turn back to normal. Golem form is pretty useful

Anonymous 372793


Fuck you.

Anonymous 372794

File: 1363589301502.jpg (101.81 KB, 300x473, what.jpg)


Grape filly should be purple.

Anonymous 372795


Hahah, no.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372796

Things seem to be getting pretty hectic for Raisin… a deadly storm is on the approach.

>Grab legs and head toward volcano entrance?

Are there any other options you could try?

Anonymous 372797


Get out.

We go out in a blaze of glory or emerge totally triumphant.

Follow the dogs. Well, as fast as we can drag ourselves.

Anonymous 372798


Well, the main priority is to get the medallion now. The CMC are off to the side, away from all the fighting. They're safe.

Anonymous 372799


God, I was just saiyan.

Anonymous 372800



Call to the guards?

Anonymous 372801


Can we get an update on the battlefield?

Anonymous 372802


Aren't they behind the cloud, besides, the lightning strikes are probably too loud.

Anonymous 372803


Worth a shot, I guess.

Anonymous 372804


I say try to reattach legs.

Anonymous 372805


Fine jeez

It's probably a waste of time but now I'm paranoid it MIGHT work

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372806

GAME INFO: You're a distance away from where the Diamond Dogs have staged their cannons. Right now, the storm cloud overhead is slowly being pushed over the top of the volcano. It produces a deluge of rain and lightning as it forces the Diamond Dogs to begin their retreat back into the volcano. Rover doesn't want to give up that giant gemstone you helped fetch for him.

You're currently sitting next to a Diamond Dog guard, a crystal boulder, some smashed cages, and a supply crate. The CMC are on the other side of the cages, looking for a way down the side of the mountain.

Anonymous 372807


What's in the supply crate? Anything of use?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372808

GAME INFO: You have not checked the supply crate yet. It's a bit too tall to simply look down into, so you'd have to lean up against the side to see inside.

Anonymous 372809


Examine supply crate since going back to the volcano is apparently a bad decision.

Anonymous 372810


Try to get some guard's attention, at least to point them over to the CMC.

Anonymous 372811


Yeah, if we can. Maybe one can carry us around since we must be significantly lighter now.

Anonymous 372812


If we can even call out to one. I guess wave and stuff, but I still say we need to make a break for at least one of the dogs before they all scatter and fortify the chamber.

Anonymous 372813


>Flail around like an injured seal! That's surely get their attention!

Anonymous 372814


>Golem Raisin will never have an undersea adventure

Sh-shoo be doo…

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372815

You love having your smooth, polished legs back. Seeing as they sheered off so evenly, a vague thought crawls into the back of your mind. You know that, given some time, you'll fully regenerate, but perhaps your legs will regenerate quickly if introduced to the parts that broke off.

Popping both legs onto their respective nubs, you balance on the recently sheered legs. Closing your eyes and saying a quick prayer, you lift one of your stubs. The loose leg beneath falls over.

"Drat. I was sure that'd do something…"

Watching as the pitch black storm cloud advances, you try shouting and waving up to the guards.


The CMC look to you, then back to the cloud, joining in.

"HELP!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP! STOP THE STORMCLOUD!!" Your friends shout and wave. Scootaloo takes the CMC cape off of her hoof and waves the golden side back and forth in the air.

To your surprise, two Royal Guards come flying from around the side of the cloud.

"We're saved!" Scootaloo shouts triumphantly.

The cloud covers a good portion of the entrance to the volcano, dropping a torrent of water inside. The lightning seems to strike at a few of the larger boulders about the top. A dark shadow looms overhead…

As the rain begins to come down over you, the Royal Guards swoop in. "What on Earth? Raisin?!" They look over to the CMC rushing your way. "…your friends? What are you fillies doing here?!!"

Anonymous 372816


>"Oh, you know, just saving the world, again…"

Tell them to get the CMC to a safe place and we need to get a magic item back from the diamond dogs.

Anonymous 372817


Well, technically, they're fucked either way. It's the royal guards or the boulder snakes.

Anonymous 372818


Tell them the diamond dogs stole this magic item that's very powerful and the guards need to get inside the volcano before it's fortified.

Anonymous 372819


Oh yeah.

Anonymous 372820


Oh shit, the stormcloud will block off the sunlight and let the boulder snakes run free

Anonymous 372821


Yeah, but also warn them of the boulder snakes in the tunnels and that we need to get the magic medallion back or else they'll be able to do evil things (tm) with it.

Anonymous 372822



Anonymous 372823

File: 1363591144364.png (200.66 KB, 469x476, pinkie astonished 2.png)




Anonymous 372824




Roll #1 9 = 9

Anonymous 372825


Ded dogs

Ded guards

Vore fetishists everywhere cum

Gotta dig through snake shit to find the medallion.

Anonymous 372826


They'll probably digest it. It's not that tough. They eat rocks and metal for a living.

Anonymous 372827

We also should tell them to take our legs somewhere safe so we can reattach them later.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372828

"Oh, you know, just saving the world… again…"

The guards look confused. "Saving the world? From Diamond Dogs?" The other guard begins ushering your friends over to him, spreading his wings out to protect them from the rain. "These dogs open fired on our patrol investigating an explosion… part of a series, considering the other we just heard back in Ponyville."

"No, not from the Diamond Dogs… I'll explain later. You've gotta get my friends to safety."

"Just your friends? We're not leaving you here; it's not safe with the stormcloud up above and the dogs below." He shakes his head. "You're going to have to come with us.

"No, you don't understand! There's a medallion those dogs have that'll turn me back to normal! I have to g-"

ding ding ding
Suddenly, you notice a ton of drenched dogs scraping their way up out of the hole. They're barking and yelping, trying desperately to run away.

"Oh no… no no no…" You look on in horror.

A snake erupts out of the volcano, bashing several of the Diamond Dogs straight up into the air. They fly into the storm clouds as the other dogs simply sprint from the crater.

"Sweet Celestia! What in Equestria is that!?" The guard protecting your friends picks up Sweetie Belle and Applebloom in his hooves. "We've gotta get out of here! Now!"

The guard you were speaking with picks up Applebloom. "Run! Run! You can make it down the mountain! Do whatever you can!" He lifts off. "We'll come back for you!"

He flies away.

"No!! Come back! Move your cloud!" You kick the rocks. "Darn it!"

You see a Diamond Dog about 40 feet away trip and fall. One of the Boulder Snakes swallows him whole in one gulp, then slithers around the open top for more. Across the ways, you see Rocky swinging his chain around, trying to fend off the snakes. Rover is nowhere to be seen.

The guards above have pulled back from the cloud. They appear to be herding the Diamond Dogs as best as they can down the mountain.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372829

GAME INFO: >Double Appleblooms
Of course one of them picked up Scootaloo. Sorry about that.

Anonymous 372830


Ded dogs

Ded Rocky


Anonymous 372831

You see a Diamond Dog about 40 feet away trip and fall. One of the Boulder Snakes swallows him whole in one gulp, then slithers around the open top for more.

That's kind of dark, don't you think?

Did we really fuck up?

Anonymous 372832


Hobble into the nearest patch of sunlight.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372833

GAME INFO: Unfortunately, at this point, most of the volcano top is under the shadow of the stormcloud. The nearest sunlight is a little distance down the mountain.

Anonymous 372834



Pray that death is swift when they hunt us down for stoning their queen

Anonymous 372835


Uhh, get inside a supply crate then.

Anonymous 372836


Hide in the supply box.

Anonymous 372837


Wasn't it too big?

What about other cover?

Should have got inside the cage after all.

Anonymous 372838


No, if we were in the cage, we would be screwed anyways and totally helpless.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372839

Looking through the torrential rain, you see the supply box just a few feet in front of you. Crawling over, you carry yourself and your legs. Fortunately, it seems as though the top was left open.

You're unable to stand and look inside, so you simply climb in. Your weight nearly tears the side of the box off, loosening the nails securing the side on. You land in a small pile of crimson crystals.

"Those dogs sure worked fast…"

It's hard to see much inside the quickly flooding crate, but you see an assortment of crystals and some armor. The water obscures your view of most of the items in here.

Anonymous 372840


Just chill. Remain motionless. The snakes didn't see us before.

Anonymous 372841


Let me guess, the medallion's in here?

Anonymous 372842


Keep our head down and hope one of the snakes doesn't want to wash down diamond dog with some tasty crystals.

I kind of want to reload for that one dog. No fatalities, remember?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372843

GAME INFO: You have no way of knowing the box's contents. Among the red crystals you saw, you're only sure that a chestplate is currently underwater with you.

Anonymous 372844


Searching would probably make noise and create a lot of movement. Just keep our head low.

Anonymous 372845



>in the supposedly easy-as-shit epilogue




Anonymous 372846


Yeah. We're boned against an army of them.

Shame, they'll probably just take the heart of the mountain somewhere else and just continue their evil plans.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372847

Laying down on your back in the water, you try to remain as quiet as possible. You look about underwater, thankful that you don't need to draw any breath. The water is disturbingly peaceful as it dulls the storm overhead, the barking dogs, and the terrifying hisses of the boulder snakes.

Suddenly, you hear something thud up against the back of the box. Through the water, you can hear some whimpering.

Anonymous 372848


N-no pls

This is bad.

Anonymous 372849


Stay down until it's mostly quiet.

Anonymous 372850


Peek up. Make sure we have our doll.

Anonymous 372851


Yeah, just keep hidden until things quiet down. Maybe take a small peek to get an idea of what's going on.

Anonymous 372852


>stay quiet

>take a peek


Anonymous 372853


Uuuuh, stay down, peek when it's quiet, is what I meant.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372854

The sudden thump is jarring. Curious, you very slowly pick your head up out of the water. Looking over the side of the box, you see a Diamond Dog shivering up against the back. He whimpers quietly as he hides.

You can still hear the snakes rampaging about under the storm. They take caution not to stray too far out from under the storm's shadow. The occasional lightning bolt lets you see shadows of where they are… thankfully, still a distance out.

Suddenly, you see an arc of lighting touch down near you, arcing to the metal helmet of the dog behind the box. He jumps, but is surrounded by a blue aura. He backs away from the box, unable to see you. Crouching, then laying down, he starts to crawl away. He sounds terrified.

You can't see anything beyond the nearby dog in the rain right now.

Anonymous 372855


No pls…

Invite him in. We can't just leave him like that.

Anonymous 372856


Stay down, fuck him, let him be snake chow.

Anonymous 372857


Lawful Good

Whisper to him that if he's quiet and holds still he can hide with us. Tell him to ditched the helmet and armor though.

Anonymous 372858


Damn son, 2edgy.

Anonymous 372859


We're so dead. It's not even really a question at this point.

The problem is, how do we prevent this from happening next time? Having no legs definitely hurt, but the cage might fuck us even harder if it's too tough to break.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372860

You tap on the side of the box to get his attention. "Hey… you… get back over here."

He curls up into a shaking ball.

"I'm not a snake. We have to stay hidden until the storm goes away. Ditch the armor."

He doesn't respond immediately, too scared to move. He's a few feet away from the box.

Anonymous 372861



Anonymous 372862


Well, we tried.

They burn to death in the molten insides of the snake.

Anonymous 372863


Look behind us to make sure he isn't staring at a snake looming comically just outside our vision.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372864

GAME INFO: Looking back over your shoulder, you don't see any snakes sneaking up on your backside. You cannot see the snakes at all, so you're unsure if any are around.

Anonymous 372865


No plssssss….


Yeah, just to make sure. But then get down immediately afterwards.

Anonymous 372866


Just get down then. The storm can't last forever.

Anonymous 372867


Why can't the God-Empress come down from on high and solve all our problems while we cower like the little bitch we are?

Anonymous 372868


She won't be able to revive the dogs that got swallowed, and maybe some unlucky guards too. They're dead, forever.

Anonymous 372869

File: 1363594539544.gif (1.26 MB, 900x507, sad dash tears only.gif)


No, stop, I can't take it.

Anonymous 372870


So edgy, be careful not to cut your wrists.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372871

You give up on the big dog shivering in the rain and decide to get back down inside your box. You figure that you can't risk keeping yourself exposed for the Boulder Snakes to munch on you.

Laying back down in the water, you try to focus on getting through this. Amulet or not, you saved Equestria… your friends are safe and you're as alive as you have been. You hug your legs close, happy to know you're only a concrete patch job away from being whole again.

You see the lightning flash above. Surely, even a Cloudsdale storm can't last forever.

Suddenly, your box bursts apart. You're thrown a good distance through the rain, landing near the edge of the mountaintop. One of the snakes must have come over to investigate…

You cannot see anything for a few moments. A faint, blue light seems to wave through the air, followed by some yelping. It calms down after a few seconds, then turns to barking.

"What the…?"

You can see crystals scattered about in the rain. Your legs are tucked under your forelegs, still close by your side.

Anonymous 372872


Goddammit, should have tossed out that metal armor.

Anonymous 372873


>Near the edge of the mountaintop


Anonymous 372874


Just fucking kill us already and get it done and over with.

Anonymous 372875


We might shatter though.

Get out Hayseed and hold onto her. Don't reload, just have her out in case our saddlebags go flying somewhere.

Anonymous 372876



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372877

GAME INFO: Trying to throw you guys a bone here, but, I mean, if you absolutely want death over victory, you're going to have to find a way to kill yourselves.

Anonymous 372878


Well, we COULD escape, but we need to find the medallion first.

Anonymous 372879


I bet the dog had the medallion.

The fucker.

Anonymous 372880

File: 1363595396869.png (48.39 KB, 504x549, final fight diary.png)


Fuck the medallion. The snakes have the heart now. It essentially undid the whole final boss fight. They're smart. They probably have the queen's diary with all her evil plans.

Anonymous 372881

File: 1363595437295.gif (2 MB, 177x238, 1938282903.gif)



Anonymous 372882



Drag ourselves towards the barking. I guess we need to try.

Anonymous 372883


Yeah. I'd vote for reloading anyways if the medallion was lost.

Anonymous 372884


I might get some canon Raisin vore after all

Anonymous 372885


Yo nigga, stop that shit.

Anonymous 372886

File: 1363595831203.png (27.67 KB, 388x440, keszeem sad.png)



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372887

Realizing that you've seen that same blue aura around Keszeem, you begin to crawl toward the waving blue light. You're only able to use one foreleg, however, as the other holds onto your rearlegs.

As you draw close, you see the snake trying it's best to chomp the dog, but a blue glow resists the snake. The gorilla armed dog has resorted to punching the snake on the nose repeatedly.

"Hey! Down here!"

The Boulder Snake bashes the dog into the ground, but the blue aura intensifies as he's jammed into the ground. It looks like every bone in his body was broken, but he's fine as he's lifted back up into the storm.

>Get the snake's attention?

Anonymous 372888


No. Just crawl towards them and try to catch the diamond dog when he's down for a moment.

Anonymous 372889


>blue aura

Oh, so it wasn't lightning.

Anonymous 372890


Oh man we are so boned. Sure, why not.

Anonymous 372891


I WAS him. Why god why.

Anonymous 372892


Call out to the diamond dog, get him to come here and maybe carry us to safety.

Anonymous 372893


Ain't now way he can run fast enough.

The solution was to get the amulet from him, let the lightning explode the box, tumble down the mountain to safety.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372894

>Crawl toward the snakes

>Call out to the Diamond Dog

These are the only options I'm seeing right now. Do keep in mind the Diamond Dog with the blue protective aura about him is currently being flailed around in the air by a depressed snake that just lost it's mother.

Anonymous 372895


Crawl towards the snake, take the loss, reload, do it right next week.

Anonymous 372896


The only way we have hope now is getting the medallion, so I guess drag ourselves towards the snake.

Anonymous 372897


How far around is he getting shoved around? The snake has got to get bored after a while.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372898

GAME INFO: The snake currently has the dog clamped as tight as it can in it's jaws. It doesn't seem to fully realize what's going on and why the Diamond Dog seems impervious to the beating it's taking.

Anonymous 372899


So what, just chill?

Anonymous 372900


It can't swallow?

Anonymous 372901


But that still doesn't solve the problem of the heart or the diamond dogs getting nomed.

Gotta get that no-fatalities trophy.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372902

GAME INFO: The blue aura surrounding the Diamond Dog seems to be preventing it from being swallowed. You're not quite sure how it works, but the True Soul Amulet seems to be preventing the dog from sustaining fatal harm through trauma/disconfiguration.

Anonymous 372903


The only way would be to get up on the surface super fast, which would mean going into the cage probably. Wish we found out if we could shatter it or not with a kick.

Anonymous 372904


Well, then we really have no choice.

>"Um, Mr. Snake, can you stop hurting my friend?"

Anonymous 372905


I can just imagine little Raisin crawling up to the snake in such a sorry state, with sad eyes, knowing what's going to come next.

Anonymous 372906


Aaah, my heart.

Anonymous 372907


It was going so well, too…

I guess overconfidence and tiredness does that.

Anonymous 372908

Anonymous 372909


I cry evertim

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372910

You crawl up to the thrashing Boulder Snake, watching it vainly attempt to kill the dog trapped in it's jaws. With only one foreleg free to do anything, the crawl is slow, but the snake doesn't seem to be stopping.

The amulet is right there. The dog that stole it was right in your grasp… it burns you up inside that you didn't recognize the blue aura sooner than you did. With a one track mind, you approach the snake.

"Um… Mr. Snake? Can you stop hurting my friend there?"

The Snake stops thrashing about as wildly. You can see it's beaming eyes scanning about the ground, though it doesn't completely stop.

"Please, no more. Let him go…"

The Snake looks down at the dog. "Awh yoph 'eggin fph mephy?" At this point, the dog has stopped his assault on the Boulder Snake's nostrils. He too looks about curiously.

"Can you please let him go? He has something very dear to me… he doesn't deserve to be harmed…"

The Snake finally locates your soft voice. She spits out the Diamond Dog in her mouth, letting the soaking bundle of fur roll against the mountaintop. He stumbles for a moment, then takes off running toward the mountainside's edge.

"Issssss that… you're… you're the one that sssssssssssslayed mother…"

The Boulder Snake positions it's body around yours, then hisses menacingly. "It'ssssssss you… The Rock Pony… Raisssssssssin…"

In an instant, the massive Boulder Snake strikes. It's startling how fast the world turns black around you… you can hear the ground beneath your hooves lift up. As you're squeezed down the beast's mouth, a horrifying orange glow welcomes you.

Anonymous 372911


Grab onto Hayseed, and try to remember the good times before the orange glow consumes us.

Anonymous 372912


Well, I guess this was inevitable.

Anonymous 372913


Try not to think of how icky this is, and reload.

Anonymous 372914


Close our eyes so we don't see any charred diamond dogs that would scar a sweet little filly for life.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372915

GAME INFO: The game was still winnable right up to the point where you guys completely gave up.

For shame. I'm half-tempted to lay Raisin to rest after that poor performance.

Anonymous 372916


No please…

Anonymous 372917





Anonymous 372918


It was Hell on Earth, the moment we would have got out of that submerged box and made a break for it we would have been snake chow. Maybe if we had our legs, but Can can only hobble so fast.

Anonymous 372919


Come on, we know what to do. Was the game still winnable up the that last point? How? All we could do is wait. We had the rope and that was it. Good luck lassoing with only two legs.

Anonymous 372920

File: 1363598493161.png (4.71 KB, 70x52, raisinbutt.png)


But Jr, the butt.

Also don't blame me, I was kind of turned off when the dogs started dying. Death that isn't ours just seems to feel so awkward in pone quests, even one as filled with danger as Raisin.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372921

GAME INFO: Indeed. If you had some guts, you may have been able to stun the snake with a solid punch to the side. Something like this would have probably made it flinch in pain and drop your dog.

You could have thrown one of your heavy legs up at the snakes face. Your forelegs had enough power in them to embed your Royal Medallion into solid rock from nearly 50 ft across a room.

There were some options, though I think because that dog died earlier, some of you were already dead set on reloading.

We can still do that. I don't mind running this again next week. Would you guys like to reload at this point?

Anonymous 372922



Anonymous 372923


Yeah, what choice do we have

I'll vote to get in the cage

Anonymous 372924


Okay, so we do punch the snake, or throw the legs up at it. What next? The diamond dog would have scurried off, and the angry snake would have just gobbled us anyways.

Anonymous 372925


Yes. Reload. Last life, heaven or hell.

Just curious, if we did take the coward's way out and throw ourselves down the mountain when we had the chance, would you have been just as disappointed and kept Raisin a golem 5ever?

Anonymous 372926


I think it's because when people start dying it's the point where "you messed up, enjoy the bad end," like it was in Quest 2 and 3.

Anonymous 372927


A leg might have KO'd it, but punching would not have worked logically. You need some force behind the blow, so it would be tough lying from a prone position.

Anonymous 372928


Who died in the second one?

Anonymous 372929


Don't forget Scootastone from the very first one.

Anonymous 372930


Didn't Dash get zapped to smithereens?

Anonymous 372931


There's probably an alternative to getting up their fast. We might not even need too, as long as we get the attention of a guard before they bring in the raincloud.

Anonymous 372932


Dunno, It's been a while. I just kind of skimmed it because I'm a casual and started mostly coming regularly halfway through the third quest.

Anonymous 372933


>guards ever taking us seriously

Maybe for a natural 20 on the bluff roll

Also, it's been a while since we've left our fate to the good ol' RNG, or is that just hidden now?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372934

GAME INFO: I'd originally written up some hypotheticals here, but if we're going to be re-running this part, then I'm not going to be dropping any spoilers. You guys should know what you need to do this time.

Struggling to move your forelegs in the beast's thick esophagus, you desperately search for your beloved Hayseed. Tearing open the pocket she's in, you bring her and most of the pocket up to your chest, taking her in a tight embrace. You close your eyes, trying to spare yourself the thought of your impending doom. Perhaps, you figure, there is some way to get out off of this volcano alive…

Your mind wanders off as you suddenly feel freed. A blackness, cool and comforting, envelopes you. Instead of being in the nasty throat of some sun hating being, you feel as though you're drifting through the air, like a pegasus.

As you open your eyes, you see a fire, calm and controlled. You and your parents are roasting marshmallows at a camping trip you had when you were just a baby. Curled up in your mothers hooves, you can barely hold the stick over the little blazing fire. It's chilly out this night, but the fire seems to make everything feel alright. You can see Hayseed tucked into your blanket right beside you, her soft clean mane pressed into your cheek…

Suddenly, all of your sense vanish. Your eyes close once again, opening slowly as you pull Hayseed away from your chest.

You're back inside the sunlit Grand Chambers standing beside Keszeem's smoldering statue. You remember that you had given Hayseed a hug just before searching the a few places for the True Soul Amulet.

"Whoa… uh… thing's getting a little too hot for your doll there?" Scootaloo speaks up, slightly concerned.

Looking down, you can see Hayseed's mane smoldering slightly. A fine smoke trail lingers up from it. You pat her down quick, making sure no embers remain in her mane. Carefully, you place her back in your saddlebag pocket.

"Must be the molten rock all over the place. I knew it was a good idea to check her quick."

GAME INFO: In the second quest, Raisin would normally die as soon as they angered Cilepharus or told him what they knew. Death happened swiftly, though even with several ponies crystallized, you guys didn't give up.

GAME INFO: I've opted to using it less as compared to regular decision-oriented questing. I think leaving supremely huge decision outcomes up to the fate of a dice makes players feel kinda cheated.

That's not to say it won't still be used, but it's going to be used less.

Anonymous 372935


Alright, I guess that's that then. Here's hoping we don't mess up up next week, so come so far and to lose so swiftly…

Anonymous 372936


Round 3 nigs

No fatalities achievement is worth 10-billion gamerscore. We gun get it.

Anonymous 372937


It was sobering, to say they least.

Meh, what happens happens. Hopefully next week will be the true epilogue.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 372938

GAME INFO: As always, I'm rootin' for you guys. Keep your creativity up and your minds sharp. That's not an award easily doled out.

GAME INFO: We'll meet next week. I wasn't sure if we were going to need all three lives or not, but I suppose it came in handy.

9:30PM EST, Next Sunday; I'll drop in the thread and see if you guys are around.

Here's to hoping you're able to survive the epilogue.

Anonymous 373231

We already failed a No death run, because we never stopped the mail-bomb, sad but true

Anonymous 373232

I wish crate-boarding down the volcano was suggested. It would have been coolOr is it hot? and badass!
I never manage to show up for the raisin quests D:

Anonymous 373233

LS is a goddamn dragon. I doubt the mailbomb killed him, just injured him and destroyed his laboratory (locking us out of some useful equipment and making it much harder to get information out of him, no doubt).

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