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Raisin Quest 4: Trial of by Fire FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367104[Last 50 Posts]

This is it. After quite a few delays and many long nights, Raisin’s epic adventure is finally nearing its end. With just a few actions left to determine Raisin’s fate, I sincerely hope you guys can reason your way through this penultimate test to the best outcome possible. Let’s check the recap, then we’ll start questing:

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367105

>Venture beyond the massive crystal doorway with a set of Boulder Snakes in hot pursuit
>**Use Applebloom’s Engineering instinct to get a readout on a big door operating mechanism**
>–Lasso the stopping pin on the door operating mechanism; the rope is too weak to take the strain, becoming frayed–
>Run up to and kick the stopping pin, sheering it off and destroying the mechanism. It takes a small chunk out of you, but nothing that impairs your movement
>Doors seal shut with the Boulder Snakes banging away on the other side
>Venture down the hallway toward a beautiful, bright light
>**Tell the Diamond Dogs to rig the ceiling with explosives, giving them enough equipment to light them all up simultaneously**
>– Call out to Queen Keszeem, immediately attracting her into the Grand Chambers –
>Converse with Keszeem in an attempt to buy the Diamond Dogs some time
>Try to convince her that you’re Adanemzurai’s descendant, sent here to retrieve her True Soul Amulet
>xXx Keszeem’s ancient history knowledge seems a little better than Raisin’s; she assesses that you are not a threat xXx
>– Use Malecite Crystal to cast ‘Light’ at Queen Keszeem, temporarily blinding her –
>Diamond Dogs bring the roof down

As the dust settles from the massive explosion overhead, Raisin is unpleasantly surprised to see that Queen Keszeem is not turned to stone under the early morning sunshine. Noticing the blue aura surrounding the ruby serpent, she realizes that the True Soul Amulet must be protecting her. With the Queen quickly recovering from her blindness and blasting magma all about the room, Raisin has to come up with a plan to stop the Boulder Snake matriarch… and fast.

Narrowly dodging another heated blast from the ferocious viper, Raisin carries her dazed unicorn friend upon her back to safety.

“Raisin? What’s goin’ on?” Applebloom calls back as she runs away from the lava spattering on the pathway. “Ah thought ya’ll said the sunlight would turn ‘er to stone!”

“A bad call?! Here?! Now?!” Scootaloo skids to a stop in front of the nearest doorway, watching as a fresh stream of magma begins pouring out. “Come on, Raisin! Think! You’ve never let us down before!” You swear you can hear something else further down the tunnel… it sounds like something is grinding up against the walls, heading your way.

Keszeem’s head frantically searches the far wall of the chamber. Wrapped in an ethereal shield, her blinking eyes seem to be regaining their focus. She arches up over the pulsating gem in the middle of the room, preparing to spit her molten venom at you once again. “This chamber shall be your graves!”

Anonymous 367106

Someone's coming? Can we see?

Anonymous 367108

fuck scootaloo

Anonymous 367110


Anonymous 367111

File: 1362968042575.png (38.34 KB, 500x600, time to die.png)


FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367112

GAME INFO: The roar of grinding stone echoes down one of the nearby hallways, specifically the one nearest to Scootaloo right now. At this angle, you cannot see what it could be, but it certainly sounds massive.

Anonymous 367113




FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367115

Raisin: Hayseed, Royal Medallion, Spool of Rope (Frayed)(Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Empty Satchel

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape

Anonymous 367116

I've been playing MGR too much, but I'm compelled to ask. Jr, what would the odds be of running up the the cobra queen and suplexing her with our golem strength?

Anonymous 367118


Probably other snakes coming to investigate the blast. The room is filled with light though, right?

Anonymous 367121


Okay, you said that gold coins made her cautious? Maybe we could try tossing those at her.

Anonymous 367122


okay, what exactly do we know about the True soul amulet

Anonymous 367125


We should tell everyone to stay away from the other entrances then. Don't want any snakies to quickly pop out and grab anyone before the light has an effect on them.

Anonymous 367127


It apparently stops the stoning process in addition to reversing it.

Also, how big is it? If it's big enough for her to wear, I'd assume it's large than a normal necklace.

Anonymous 367130


Might not be much choice if everyone needs to keep moving to avoid the lava spit. Maybe if the walkway around the room is wide enough.

Anonymous 367132


Since it's True Soul I'd imagine it just changes you to your natural state, whatever that is.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367133

GAME INFO: Though you no doubt have a lot more confidence in your golem strength now than you did when you first started this quest, you're not too confident that you'd be able to lift or move Keszeem. She not only appears massive, but her heavy ruby scale armor looks very dense. Judging by the one hardened scale of hers you picked up earlier in your quest, suplexing her seems to be out of the question.

GAME INFO: The roof of the room is currently missing, allowing for a refreshing dose of early morning sunlight to pour in. The crystals lining the walls reflect it all about the chamber. It's incredibly uplifting to see the sky again, even through the small hole in the ceiling.

The sunlight doesn't seem to reflect off of Keszeem, but rather it seems to be captured and deflected by the blue aura surrounding her body right now.

GAME INFO: The True Soul Amulet is ridiculously small in comparison to Keszeem. It looks as though it's a piece of pony jewelry, but it's been hung from a very large gold necklace around Keszeem's 'neck'.

Krabb 367134

File: 1362968538692.png (38.09 KB, 531x361, vore whoops wrong layer oh wel…)

How big is this room?

How big is the queen?

[s]we are so getting eaten

Anonymous 367136


How about not, until we have a plan. We'd need to get up close if we're going to snatch the amulet when she lowers her head down.

Anonymous 367138


Seems kind of comical, then. How thick is the chain?

Anonymous 367140


>The sunlight doesn't seem to reflect off of Keszeem, but rather it seems to be captured and deflected by the blue aura surrounding her body right now.


Krabb 367142


what color is it?

I have a feeling we should have snuck in and done some kind of switcharoo with our medallion.

Anonymous 367144


Or just used the magic crystal to yank it off her with telekinesis.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367145

GAME INFO: The Grand Chamber is quite possibly the biggest room you've encountered yet. a series of pathways extend at least 50 or so feet from the main path along the outskirts of the chamber, all leading to a giant pulsating gem where Keszeem is sniping from right now.

Along the walls are several doorways, each one seemingly timed to release magma at set intervals.

Keszeem herself is slightly larger than a Boulder Snake, but tiny relative to the rest of the chamber. Looking up gives you a nearly paralyzing sense of vertigo.

GAME INFO: The chain is at least an adult pony hoof wide. You're not sure how thick it is, but it looks pretty sturdy. The True Soul Amulet hangs from the very front like an ornate gemstone set in silver.

Anonymous 367146


Nah, she'll probably just push us off the edge and melt in the lava below.

Anonymous 367149


Just curious, is she would around the supports leading up to her glowing jewel? Could we run up to it, hypothetically?

Krabb 367150


wait a gem? what exactly is she doing to the gem?

Its probably important

we should destroy it

also move out of the way of this acid flying at us

Anonymous 367151

File: 1362968947905.jpg (358.88 KB, 1200x800, tumblr_m3e049FDdP1rqzv4yo1_128…)

Anonymous 367153


She protected it when the ceiling collapsed. Probably important.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367156

GAME INFO: You could theoretically take any of the sturdy stone paths leading toward the gem in the center of the room where Keszeem is positioned, though the ends of the pathways don't appear to be sturdy enough to support your extreme weight.

GAME INFO: When you first entered this room, you saw a massive, light extruding gem in the very center of the chamber. You're unsure of what it is, but she seems intent on keeping it safe. Currently, she's spitting magma at you from the center of the room.

Anonymous 367157


Thick chains then.

Now I don't feel so bad about wasting the TK at least.

Anonymous 367160


So running up and trying the pull it off probably isn't going to work. I guess the only other option is to destroy the jewel she's guarding.

Anonymous 367161


Is there a point where Keszeem's body runs alongside a support so we might be able to op onto it and run towards the center?

Anonymous 367162


We could send one of the other CMC to do it while WE distract her.

Anonymous 367165


How big is the gem and does it looks like it's firmly attached to the stone supports or just resting on them?

Anonymous 367166


That's probably a very bad idea. No sneaking potential.

Krabb 367167


It might, we do have golem strength.
we bent that metal thing like it was nothing.

We could throw change at her, and then mad dash for the gem.


Anonymous 367169


I suppose, but that might just make her more angry.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367170

GAME INFO: The amulet is attached to a small ring on the necklace. While the gold neckband itself looks incredibly thick, the amulet isn't necessarily welded to it.

GAME INFO: Keszeem's long tail seems to be coiled around one of the ends of the pathways leading to the gem. Using this and another pathway for support, she's able to get the balance she needs to fling molten rock your way.

GAME INFO: The pulsating gem is incredibly large. A brilliant, beautiful light pours from it's center, cascading along the red crystalline walls. It doesn't seem to be very well supported over the giant pool of magma beneath. It seems to be just resting on the pathway ends.

Anonymous 367171


But what if it explodes in our face?

Anonymous 367172



Anonymous 367175


Could maybe push it off then.

Krabb 367176


>she protecting it because it's explosive


we could push it off, but she might just get it back, this thing spits lava.

Anonymous 367179


You know what, fuck it. Do this. Have one of the CMC distract Keszeem with the coin toss, and then run up and tackle the orb.

Anonymous 367181


What I'm thinking is that her plan was to fill the chamber with magma and somehow use the jewel to make bad stuff happen.

It's stupid but paranoid.

Anonymous 367185


If we're going to do this, be ready to reach for our doll to reload in case we go falling too.

Anonymous 367187


It could cause her to reach down in an attempt to grab it, which would put the amulet in reach.

Anonymous 367188


We should hug our doll anyways to get a moment of mental clarity. After all, it gives +1 to all rolls please

Anonymous 367190


Shiiiiiit I'm still a bit wary.

Anonymous 367191


Don't do that, that'll make us save. We don't want to save right now.

Krabb 367194

File: 1362970006412.png (52.14 KB, 569x523, its always a cobra.png)


could work

why can't it just be this easy

Anonymous 367196



Anonymous 367198


Because the green snakes be keepin the purple fillies down.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367202

GAME INFO: A couple of plans and concerns seem to be emerging here… the main course of action that I'm seeing is

>Have CMC distract Keszeem with Bits

>Run up to and kick the pulsating gem

Is this what you guys wish to try?

Krabb 367203


>ruby scale armor
>made the snake green anyway

Anonymous 367205


Well, we could just try to guess where the weak spot on the support is and try to push down on it, causing it to crack while we're close enough to hop back onto the stable part.

Anonymous 367208


Do it.

Anonymous 367209


Did we drop of Sweetie belle first?

Anonymous 367211


Via process of elimination we can only do stuff to the jewel at this point, so I guess.

Still don't like it though.

Krabb 367212


I guess go for it, now or never.

oh god somebody's gonna die


FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367213

GAME INFO: Sweetie Belle is still currently up on your back. To your knowledge, her eyes are still rattling around inside her head after casting that Light spell.

Anonymous 367214



Krabb 367216


yeah lets not carry her with us

Anonymous 367218


Drop her off with the CMC then. She can ride on whoever's not throwing the coins.

Anonymous 367221


Set her on Applebloom, she can bear her with her earth pony retard strength.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367222


>Drop off Sweetie Belle with Scootaloo and Applebloom

>Have CMC distract Keszeem with Bits

Which CMC do you wish to create some sort of a distraction? And how?

>Run up to and kick the pulsating gem

Anonymous 367227


Let Applebloom toss them at her face.

Be sure to tell her to say a witty one-liner while she does it

Krabb 367229


AB, she has them.

Tell them to throw the coins at her and not to get hit by any lava.

Anonymous 367233


Applebloom teases and then tosses coins at her face.

Anonymous 367234


R-roll for good luck


Roll #1 2 = 2

Anonymous 367236


This is so going to turn out badly.

Anonymous 367239

Anonymous 367241

File: 1362970817625.png (136.25 KB, 236x320, Happy Engineer.png)


Isn't it exciting?

Anonymous 367244


>"Hey Queenie, ya like gold? Here, catch!"

Anonymous 367246



Anonymous 367250


Well the plan is already sure to strike gold

Krabb 367252


What do you mean, there's no way this couldn't work.

Whatever we do, don't give away what it is we are throwing.

Krabb 367253

File: 1362971050785.png (74.81 KB, 805x588, loose change.png)

Anonymous 367254


SB pls.

Anonymous 367256


Yeah. It'll distract her more if she has to figure out what's being thrown at her.

Anonymous 367258


More like fool's gold

Anonymous 367259


Please don't stop. These are just too silly.

Anonymous 367260



Krabb 367262


Its also probably good that we are scattering gold coins everywhere

if we manage to rip off her amulet, she might not be able to find it right away

Anonymous 367263

Anonymous 367265


She'd probably be stone if we rip it off.

Anonymous 367266


Good point. Here's hoping they don't all fall in the lava.

Krabb 367268


It might not be an instant transformation to stone

Anonymous 367269


But if we get the amulet, she will probably turn to stone and it won't matter. Our biggest priority would be to not fall into the lava ourselves or drop the amulet.

Anonymous 367271


Honestly, at this point, I wouldn't put it past Jr.

Krabb 367272


Yeah, I'm just thinking out loud

Anonymous 367278


I really hope we don't have to risk getting the amulet or play it safe and survive. I want Raisin to be back to normal again. She is 2gray.

Anonymous 367281


I hope that she'll be able to go back and forth at will, but that would be magical mary sue BS. Golem form has been pretty useful

Krabb 367284


Yeah, purple filly should be purple.

but honestly i am enjoying being a golem

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367285

Keszeem launches another volley of deadly magma toward you and your friends. Though her sense of sight is slightly impaired, her hearing seems to help her keep track of you. Narrowly dodging the blast, you lead your friends away from the molten spatter.

"Hold on… I've got something."

"Quick! What do we do?!" Scootaloo runs alongside you, trying to keep up. Keszeem's head follows your movement, though she can't stop blinking her eyes.

"Scootaloo… take Sweetie Belle. Applebloom, you still got those bits I gave to you, correct?"

Another stream of magma drips from the walls by your side. The furious ruby viper hisses from her perch by the giant pulsating gem. She bears her fangs at you, though you're sure she still cannot see.

"Uhh… yeah! Ah got 'em!" She pats her saddlebags.

"Throw them at her while I go for the gem."

She swallows hard. "Roger…"

"Trust me on this. I think we can stop her if we break that thing."

As you gallop along the outside of the chamber, Applebloom runs partway up one of the pathways leading to the pulsating gem. Keszeem's eyes dart back from you to Applebloom as she tries to read the room blindly.

"Uhhh.. Take this!" Applebloom tosses a hoof full of Bits at the monstrous snake. From your current position, Applebloom looks like she's trying to assail the Queen with a bag of seeds. Keszeem immediately reacts as the bits start clinging against her scales.

With a vicious hiss, she coils up underneath the pathways, avoiding the incoming coinage. She moves very swiftly, wrapping around Applebloom's path in just a matter of moments, taking care not to strike the gem. She opens her maw, ready to eat your beloved friend.

"EeeeeEEAAHH!" Applebloom throws the heavy bag of Bits at Keszeem, causing the snake to immediately recoil. In a hurry, Applebloom dashes back to the safety of the path by the walls.

Your stony hooves fall hard on the path as you charge at the now unprotected gem. The brilliant light itself is almost mesmerizing. With just a few feet of distance left to cover, you jump to launch yourself at the gem.

Suddenly, a long tail shoots up and slaps you out of the air. It's followed by a pained hissing.

"Raisin!!!" Scootaloo shrieks.

You fly through the chamber, twisting and tumbling through the air. In an instant, you feel yourself slam into a wall, partially embedded.

"We're through with these puerile games!" Keszeem hisses and spins about, unable to regain her bearings.

Currently, you're stuck inside of a wall on the far end of the chamber. Your rearlegs seem to be embedded into the wall a little ways. To your left and right, you see two doorways, both of them draining magma into the center of the room. Ahead, you see another stone path leading back to the gem and Keszeem's side.

Krabb 367292

Anonymous 367293


Goddamn it. Pull ourselves free.

Anonymous 367296


>bits start clinging to her scales


Anonymous 367298


Uuuuh, tell them to throw the hammer.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367301

GAME INFO: As a bit of disambiguation, a better word to have used there would have been 'clanging'. They're simply bouncing off her scales, but with a distinct 'cling' sound to them.

Krabb 367302


yeah, pull ourselves out and make a break for the gem, also you might want to get her attention away from the squishy earth ponies if things look bad for them.


I think that's just the sound they are making

Anonymous 367303


Can't be, gold is non-reactive. That's why it doesn't tarnish.


Do this.

Anonymous 367305


Goddammit, I was hoping for a case of "apples and acids".

Anonymous 367306


No , use the hammer to chip us free.

Anonymous 367307


Can she even get to us now? It seems like Keszeem is long enough to make the whole room a maze.

Anonymous 367308


If this is the case, can we get a pic when she slithers around?

Anonymous 367309

I think the doorways might be important somehow.

Anonymous 367312


Do we have anything that won't melt in magma? I don't think we could even scoop some up in our hoof and fling it at her to do damage, since her insides are literally hot enough to melt rocks.

Anonymous 367313


What's the status on the grinding noises?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367315

Without missing a moment, you punch the wall under your stomach, breaking the crystals apart and freeing your rear end. Taking a very quick inspection, it seems that even though you were hit with a tremendous amount of force, you haven't sustained any new injuries.

"You three will join your little friend soon… the eyes of my children shall find you." Keszeem hisses. Her head seems to keep snapping back and forth, searching the walls. Applebloom and Scootaloo are walking along the wall's edge on the tips of their hooves, trying to keep the noise down.

Suddenly, you hear a howl from one of the tunnels. With a horrible creaking noise, it ceases in just a few moments. Keszeem's head snaps over to the tunnel.

"No! Stay back! The sun's poison fills this Chamber!"

Anonymous 367317


We have the rope and the medallion.

But, I think the big idea was that she hurt herself batting us away. Maybe if we go up to her side and kick her, we might be able to break a rib or two.

Anonymous 367320


Even if we do win, there will be no way we can combat the reinforcements.

Anonymous 367322




Krabb 367324

File: 1362972777794.png (75.4 KB, 1000x700, groucho glasses.png)


Lets smash that gem


What, no kill the queen become the queen rule?

Anonymous 367326


That's kind of cold. We're supposed to be the hero.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367328

META INFO: God these are all brilliant. Glad you can draw for us tonight

Anonymous 367329


Krabb p-pls

Anonymous 367333




Snakes only have ribs up to their "tail". JR, where on the body is the side near us?

Anonymous 367335


That flew out the window when things started to turn for the worse.

Anonymous 367337


I agree but at this point I really, REALLY want her to live.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367342

GAME INFO: From this vantage, you can see Keszeem at a nearly perfect profile. She's in the famous 'S' shape that most smaller vipers make, though her head snaps back and forth rapidly.

Her tail is coiled up on the pathway to the right, but the main part of her body sits on this path between you and the gem.

Anonymous 367346


Kick her then.

Krabb 367347


>on the path

can we get through to the gem without touching her?

we should try to do that

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367350

GAME INFO: She is nearly 50 feet away from your current position. Do you wish to run down the pathway and attempt to kick her side?

Krabb 367352


she launched us with the end of her tail, we cant fight her directly.

Anonymous 367354


Like, blocking or just on one side? If we try to rush she might just push us off, but if we attack she'll definitely rage at us.

Anonymous 367357


Yeah, just try to be a little sneakier then. She might think we're ded.

Anonymous 367360


But it did hurt her to knock us away.

I'm just saiyan.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367361

GAME INFO: You can still see the gem in the center of the room, but her body is covering part of it up.

Krabb 367364


I say we smash into the gem as hard as we can

at least we might go out with a bang

Anonymous 367365


>Guys neither action would work are you are fucking retarded it's easy

That's all I'm reading.

Anonymous 367367


I wish Raisin was a saiyan. Then she could fly and have pretty hair.

Anonymous 367370


True, but you can't really mask the sound of rock striking rock.

Besides, snakes are sensitive to vibrations in the ground.

Anonymous 367373


>implying being a saiyan gives you pretty hair

What are you, gay?

Anonymous 367377


I think sneaking up and trying to casually tip it over would be the best.

Krabb 367382


if we can just knock it into the lava, that might be best.

Anonymous 367384


I guess, if she thinks we're at least out of commission.

AAAAAAA what to do?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367387

GAME INFO: You guys seem to be at a bit of a standstill. Rushing the gem didn't seem to work out too well… what options do you have available to you right now?

Anonymous 367390



Krabb 367391


sneak up to the gem, push into lava

Anonymous 367396


1.) Rush the gem: probably bad choice

2.) Sneak up on gem: probably leaves us vulnerable and the snakes in the tunnels might be able to see us anyways and alert Keszeem

3.) Taunt her to distract her from gobbling the CMC

4.) Throw the royal medallion at her

Anonymous 367401


I vote for this. She doesn't know we can move.

Anonymous 367403


The royal medallion is made out of gold, right?

Anonymous 367407


She was focused on the CMC, but >>367370 makes me paranoid. It's always tough to differentiate what real life facts apply to a fantasy world and which don't.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367408

GAME INFO: The beautiful royal medallion is a gold and silver pendant that bears the mark of the regal sisters, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. The highly reflective surface may come of as flashy, but it certainly gets you some attention when you wear it around town.

Anonymous 367409

File: 1362974333700.png (65.16 KB, 793x559, raisin medal.png)


Bluff and say that we're a royal agent and that her plans are foiled anyways as soon as the army gets here

Anonymous 367411


No pls. We've done enough bluffing for one day.

Anonymous 367413


Don't we have the rope?

Is it still tied into a lasso?

Krabb 367414


The army couldn't handle a handful of diamond dogs, why would they be able to handle a giant lava snake queen?

Anonymous 367415


They can't. It's just to take her off guard even more.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367416

Raisin: Hayseed, Royal Medallion, Spool of Rope (Frayed)(Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Empty Satchel

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape

Anonymous 367418


The rope isn't nearly big enough to reach, let alone wrap around the gem. Plus it's almost to the point of breaking.

Anonymous 367422


Calling out to AB or Scoots will alert her to us, gold doesn't seem to have an intrinsic effect, and >>367418

Still vote for sneaking.

Anonymous 367425


It's got to be a part of the solution. There are too many hints.

Anonymous 367428


What hints?

Anonymous 367429

Maybe we could try throwing something at the gem? I don't know what else there is to do besides sneaking.

Krabb 367434


I still say we go for sneaking and pushing and or smashing

Anonymous 367435


Maybe. I just feel like there's so many other things we can do other than just throwing stuff and praying that it works.

Anonymous 367437


You know what, fuck it. Throw royal medallion at gem.

Anonymous 367440


Sounds better than getting knocked into lava while sneaking. Sure.

Anonymous 367441

File: 1362975026750.jpg (152.91 KB, 760x596, Raisin Quest players debate ov…)

Anonymous 367444




Krabb 367445

File: 1362975177142.png (94.55 KB, 1000x700, what is wrong with you.png)


you guys are crazy

Anonymous 367449


This whole thing is crazy. If it doesn't work, we try sneaking again. I just doubt the same solution works twice in a row.

Anonymous 367450


ur mom is crazy

Krabb 367453


well, last time it was a mad dash while she was distracted

but whatever, just sayin i vote sneak.

Anonymous 367454


I agree, I still have some reservations about it.

Anonymous 367455





FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367463

Reaching around your saddlebags for any items you have left, you withdraw your shiny gift from Princess Celestia. You look at the emblem for a moment, remembering when you were first rewarded with it after defeating King Tezel and Queen Adanemzurai. You can't think of much else to do at this point, though…

Reaching back, you wind up for the hardest pitch you can possibly throw.

"My Queen! This way! They're over here!" A voice calls out from one of the doorways. Applebloom and Scootaloo's hooves scramble in the air as they run away from the door.

You watch for a moment as your medallion goes flying through the air like a bullet. In an instant, it plinks the giant gemstone in the center of the room. You launched the medallion with enough force that it strikes the gem, reflects, and embeds itself into the upper walls of the chamber.

Keszeem immediately panics, coiling up around the fluctuating light of the pulsing gem. "You fool! You miserable fool! Have you no idea what this is?! Is the Heart not why you came to these Chambers?"

She looks about, remaining coiled around the gem. She cannot determine where the medallion came from. She's not blinking as much, but instead squinting across the room.

"…the Heart?" You whisper to yourself. Above, you can see the ribbon of your medallion hanging off the medal implanted into the upper walls. Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle are just on the other side of a magma flow near you. Applebloom and Scootaloo both look terrified, trembling fearfully.

Anonymous 367464

File: 1362975626515.jpg (26.77 KB, 246x235, applejack disapproval.jpg)


>Let's do the same thing again

>Surely it will turn out different

Anonymous 367466



Anonymous 367467


I regret everything.

Anonymous 367469


>"Not really, to be honest I just saw you sneaking around Ponyville and wanted to know what was up."

Anonymous 367470


>coils around it

Great. Now we're completely boned. gg

Krabb 367471


Well, we're super positive the gem is important now

Anonymous 367474


I-I'm sorry, Appajakku-chan

Roll for commit sudoku


Roll #1 18 = 18

Anonymous 367477


We already knew that. Why else would it be in the final area?

Anonymous 367478

Try to talk to her. I want to know what this gem actually does.

Anonymous 367480


>not 20

You die without honor.

Anonymous 367481


We might have to reload at this point. I really, really, really, don't want to, but I guess that this point we can only get info.

Anonymous 367484


Let's try running on her back.

Anonymous 367485



At this point I'd rather take it as game over.

Anonymous 367486


>Shadow of the Ponelossus

Anonymous 367487


Speak for yourself. Raisin is 2cute.

Anonymous 367488


Nobody is forcing you to play.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367489

What do you wish to attempt to ask Keszeem about?

Anonymous 367490



Krabb 367491


sorry, let me be more clear


but yeah, lets try go make the best of what we got.


fuck it lets be honest

Heart? I'm here for the amulet.

and to keep you from destroying ponyville

Anonymous 367492

Anonymous 367494


Let's not include the last part. Maybe she'll be more keen to explain if she thinks we're truly ignorant of what she's planning.

Anonymous 367495


Shut up and draw more grapes.

Krabb 367496



Anonymous 367497


Yeah. Even though this is code for Jr being disappoint in us for not figuring out what it does

Anonymous 367498


What is there to figure out? It's important and probably has some role in making all the volcanoes in Equestria explode.

It's not like there is some secret diary we didn't find where she explains her nefarious plan in detail.

Anonymous 367499


I bet there was

Anonymous 367503


>"Dear diary,

>"Today I have perfected my evil plan. Also Brad is soooooo hawt I just want to eat him up literally"

Krabb 367504

File: 1362976727911.png (48.39 KB, 504x549, evil plan diary.png)

Anonymous 367505

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367506

"Not really… to be honest I just saw you sneaking around Ponyville and wanted to know what was up."

Keszeem's head snaps up, though she's too tightly coiled up around the gem to face your direction. You can see her eyes narrowed down, squinting to the far right of your current position.

"This is the Heart of the Mountain. Once this chamber is complete, then we shall cease it's pulse…" She begins to reposition herself on the gem, then levels her head down closer to the pathway leading toward you. Her eyes glimmer. "…once the mountain dies, it will cause a chain of eruptions that will cover all of Equestria in pyroclastic ash!"

"But… why?"

"This blast will blot out the sun for seasons, if not years. My children will finally be safe to roam the surface and devour what remains of your world…" She very subtly moves to the platform. "…but you won't survive to see it!"

With lightning quick speed, she uncoils from the gem, slithering toward you with lightning quick speed. She charges you with her mouth open, a dim, orange light growing brighter as she approaches.

Anonymous 367509


Well shit. Knocking it into the lava would have been bad anyways.

Anonymous 367510



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367511

META INFO: >Using 'Lightning quick speed' twice in the same sentence
Sorry bout that.

Anonymous 367512



Anonymous 367513


"But then what's the true soul thing for?"

Anonymous 367515



Anonymous 367516

File: 1362977040457.gif (106.24 KB, 400x475, applejack bored.gif)


I guess.

Krabb 367517

File: 1362977098973.png (37.9 KB, 522x544, SNAKE WINK.png)





Anonymous 367519


Can we get Hayseed out, but not reload until we're certain our dodge has failed? I really REALLY don't want to go all the way back to the start.

Anonymous 367521


What if we sidestepped into the lava? Granite has a higher melting point than most rocks.

Anonymous 367522


I would hug a cobra queen nonsexually.

Krabb 367525


if we meet our demise and hayseed is in our possession, we get a reload.

we don't have to do it manually

hayseed might burn up if we sink past our saddlebags.

Anonymous 367526


But if we get eaten the bags will burn up before we melt. She can spit lava.

Krabb 367528


I'm just saying lets not reload until we are in mouth

Anonymous 367530


Fair enough.

Anonymous 367534


What were the rules again? Just to be absolutely sure.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367535

"RAISIN!" Applebloom nearly trips into the lava flow. Scootaloo grabs her tail and yanks her away as the giant Queen rushes you with incredible speed.

Noticing that her mouth is completely open, her fangs bare and ready to chomp you down, you also reason that her eyes are probably fully shut. With quick reflexes, you throw your body to the left, your hooves dragging along in the weakening magma flow.

With a violent crash, you see the Queen chomp at the wall a few times. She doesn't appear to be injured. You just narrowly missed her attack… a stroke of luck that probably won't happen again. With her vision returning, you have a sinking feeling in your gut as you watch her voraciously eat a part of the crystalline wall.

Quickly looking down, you can see your hooves starting to glow orange in the magma.

Krabb 367536



Anonymous 367538


She was aiming for us, right? So her head must be low. This is our chance.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367540

GAME INFO: As long as Hayseed survives and you meet your demise, you will be allowed to reload your game from a previous save point up to three times.

Anonymous 367542


Get out before we melt. Try and grab the amulet, since knocking over the heart of the mountain into the lava is probably bad.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367543

GAME INFO: The Queen is currently laying atop the True Soul Amulet.

Anonymous 367544


But what do you mean survive? Like, If our bags catch fire, it'll be a few seconds before she does. Would that be enough time to reload?

Anonymous 367545


Fine, reload, jeez.

Anonymous 367546


But the chain itself is close to the ground. Grab onto it.

Krabb 367547



it would be bad

we could use that.

threaten to blow the whole place sky high by pushing the crystal into the lava.

Anonymous 367549


Yeah, but what end would bargaining get us? She'd just threaten the CMC.

Anonymous 367552


Can you just be blunt and tell us if we could reload if we got nommed?

Krabb 367553


it would give us a chance to talk to her

Anonymous 367555


I guess. How far is it from our position?

At the very least get out of the lava.

Anonymous 367556


Demand the diary from her

Anonymous 367557


Jr, just curious, how low is the chain in her body? I know snakes have a hard time reaching for things on the parts of the body near their heads.

Anonymous 367559


>It's a ton

>she uses us to bat us into the lava.

Anonymous 367560


It's below her hood, so probably yes. Bad idea. Tempting though, I'll tell you that.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367562

GAME INFO: The chain is just below the start of her hood. It's tightly wrapped around her body with the True Soul Amulet almost attached to the end as though a simple trinket.

The chain is pretty wide, but at this distance you can see that the links are not as thick as you first thought.

Anonymous 367563


AAAAA grab and pull.

Anonymous 367564



Anonymous 367565


Still vote for more talking with >>367547

Krabb 367566


by the time we get out of the lava and over to it, she might be back up

and she wont miss attacking us again

where are we, in relation to the gem and her?

if we're closer to the gem, we could maybe get the cmc out with the whole "or ill kill everybody" thing

Anonymous 367567


Then again, if we grab on and she tries to eat us, she'll end up ripping the chain as she pulls us.

Anonymous 367568


Maybe a quick doodle would be useful.

Anonymous 367570


But then she just chomps us in half and eats us bit by bit.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367571

GAME INFO: You just narrowly evaded her attack. You are within a few feet of her side, particularly close to her hood.

Krabb 367572


then lets rip that shit off

grab it, bite it, ANYTHING

break that chain

Anonymous 367573


All or nothing

Do it.

Anonymous 367575


Fine. Grab the chain. Just don't come crying when >>367570 happens.

Anonymous 367576


Anything to not reload.

Anonymous 367579

File: 1362978880273.png (4.71 KB, 70x52, raisinbutt.png)

It's been nice knowing you, Purplebutt

Anonymous 367581


That's definitely a butt.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367582

As the Boulder Snake Queen begins swallowing a portion of the wall, you notice that she's already starting to rear back up. You lock eyes onto her golden necklace. Though the links are wide, it appears to only be a few inches thick. Quickly, you spring out of the magma, diving for the chain. Your hooves pound into the scales about the chain, triggering her to quickly start coiling up.

"Nhm mm mm…" Keszeem cackles through a mouthful of crystals. You manage to crack the scale just a little, tucking your forehooves under the massive, golden chain, wrapping around her tight. She simply laughs.

"We're afraid it's too late for that. There's no way you can break this chain." Regardless of her taunt, she's frantically trying to throw you off of her body.

"You go Raisin! Bust her up!" Scootaloo cheers you from down below. Being thrashed about in the air, her voice is the only thing that gives you a semblance of direction.

Pulling with all of your might, you manage to crack a few of the scales you're digging your rearhooves into. Keszeem's jaws keep snapping at the back of your head. The chain doesn't seem to be giving at all, though now you're at least off of the ground.

Hanging from the Boulder Snake's body, Keszeem is currently trying to bite at you. She has, so far, been unsuccessful.

"Get the Amulet! Rip it off 'er!" Applebloom's voice calls from where you think the ground is. You hear a distinct thunk against the snake's scales as you're sure Applebloom has just thrown her hammer at her.

Anonymous 367584



Krabb 367585




Anonymous 367586


Shimmy along to the amulet itself.

Anonymous 367587

Anonymous 367589


Latch onto that motherfucker.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367590

GAME INFO: For clarity, what do you wish to bite on to?

Krabb 367592

File: 1362979196781.png (68.25 KB, 1000x700, BRUSH YOUR TEETH.png)


the chain

Anonymous 367593


The chain itself.

Anonymous 367596

This. Rip that fucking thing off of her

Anonymous 367597


We're not near the amulet itself, right? Can we get an estimate on how far it is?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367600

GAME INFO: The True Soul Amulet is a little ways to your right. It's just currently out of reach.

Anonymous 367602


Is it in reach for a kick?

Krabb 367604


bite down as hard as we can, just to be sure if we can break it or not.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367606

GAME INFO: If you were to loosen your grip slightly and swing, you may be able to give the amulet a kick. You may not be able to hold on if you attempt this and miss, however.

Anonymous 367608


And to keep us on. If we can just hold in tight enough, the struggle might be enough to break the chain.

Krabb 367609


kicking it might not help much

we do have an almost broken rope

can we use that somehow

Anonymous 367610


Oh hell naw.

Anonymous 367612


This is our punishment, huh? Poor decisions means the true soul amulet will fall into the lava when this chain breaks, isn't it?

Anonymous 367613

Can we move at all? Would this be possible?

Anonymous 367615


Nevermind then, just bite the chain and try pulling while holding on with all our might.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367620

GAME INFO: The scales about Keszeem's neck are pressed too tightly against the chain. You were only able to grab on by busting up the scale under your forehooves.

Anonymous 367624


Bite and pull then.

Anonymous 367627


Anonymous 367628

inb4 ded

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367634

In the excitement of the tussle, you decide to try and break the chain from around Keszeem's neck with your teeth. Though the chains are a bit thick, you manage to gnash your teeth into it.

Your bite doesn't seem to be doing much to the chain, no more than pulling on it did.

Keszeem lets out a nasty hiss. She gives up on trying to bite your head. Directing her side toward the chamber walls, she slams into the crimson glass as hard as she can. You keep your forelegs tucked around the chain, letting her continuously slam you into the wall and pull you back out. As she continues for a bit, you see a few chips of your mane fly off.

The Queen coils up again, this time trying to bash you with her tail. "At least die with some dignity!"

You can hear Applebloom and Scootaloo screaming from the distance.

Anonymous 367635


Damn, poor little Raisin's getting fucked up.

Anonymous 367637


"NO U!"

Anonymous 367638


Well, we're above the walkway, right? Could try the kick now, at least we won't drop into magma.

Anonymous 367640


>"Don't wrorry guys, I have this totally *POUND* under *POUND* control! *POUND POUND POUND*"

Anonymous 367642


I guess we could. I was hoping she would try to shake us off our pull us with her teeth.

Anonymous 367645


If we win, I'm going to miss golem mode

Krabb 367646

File: 1362980549237.png (57.28 KB, 857x498, more than tension is killing m…)



well, biting isn't working.

yell at AB and Scoots, maybe they can get to the gem and we can try the threatening thing

Anonymous 367648


Yeah. The supports will definitely hold them. But it's going to be risky.

Anonymous 367651

Break the scales under her chain so we can shimmy over to the amulet. I'm not dying here, not now.

Anonymous 367654


All we need to go is give it a good kick and hope it comes off.

Does it look like it's made of crystal, though? We don't want to break it and render it unusable on ourselves.

Anonymous 367657


Sure, but we break and shimmy as far as we can.

Krabb 367660


snakes get thinner from the head to the tail right?

if we can break the scales enough, we might make the chain loose on her body.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367661

GAME INFO: The True Soul Amulet looks like a beautiful blue gemstone set in a silver circlet. It doesn't look particularly fragile.

Anonymous 367664

File: 1362981038035.jpg (838.2 KB, 1000x750, Python_Regius_Pastel.jpg)


The main body is definitely thicker than the neck.

Anonymous 367667


Continue smashing scales until the amulet is within kicking reach then.

Krabb 367671


dang, i am not an expert at snake anatomy

Anonymous 367673


Is that true for cobras though?

Anonymous 367676

File: 1362981249699.jpg (35.13 KB, 500x375, Cobra_commander.jpg)



Anonymous 367677

File: 1362981295136.jpg (32.13 KB, 448x336, cobra1.jpg)


Cobras seem to have a pretty consistent body thickness until their tail.

Anonymous 367681


Cobra Commander x Keszeem OTP

Krabb 367686

File: 1362981427043.png (37.02 KB, 582x522, does this amulet make my neck …)


what's important is how it works for fictional snake monsters

Anonymous 367691


Now's not the time for waifuing the villain.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367693

As Keszeem desperately tries to throw you off of her body, you jump up and kick at her scales as hard as you can. The first kick cracks the scale nearer to the amulet. Immediately, Keszeem tries to swat you with her tail.

"You little cur!" The first strike sends you slamming against the other scales.


You get back up and slam the scale again, shattering it this time. You get struck once more, sending you and the slightly looser chain a little to the left. Another chunk of stone pulls off your body, though you're not sure where from. You take your chance to shimmy closer to the amulet.

The Queen knows what you're trying to do. She cocks her head back a little, looking straight up. You can see some magma beginning to pour down the sides of her mouth.

GAME INFO: Keszeem's body maintains a relatively consistent size from the widest part of the neck to the tail, tapering down significantly toward the end of her body.

Anonymous 367697


Oh goddammit. Is the amulet within kicking reach at least?

Anonymous 367701




FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367704

GAME INFO: The True Soul Amulet is slightly closer. You'd still have to risk loosening your grip to get a good swinging kick at it.

You'll also have to decide at which part of the amulet you wish to aim your kick if you attempt it.

Anonymous 367705


How much more time do we need? Lava won't melt us instantly.

Anonymous 367708


The point where the amulet is attached to the bigger chain.

Krabb 367710


oh man

if that magma heats up the chain, we might be able to break it.

shimmy away from the magma, and be ready to bite into it.

Anonymous 367711


Magma is the molten material beneath Earth's crust. This material consists of rock, gases, and mineral crystals. The temperature of the magma can be as high as 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. The pressure is also very high since the magma supports the weight of Earth's crust.

Lava is the molten rock that comes out of a volcano or from a fissure in Earth's surface. A fissure is a crack. The molten rock comes from the underground magma. Lava is thus magma that has broken through Earth's surface

Anonymous 367713


YES! Do this. Fucking physics!

Anonymous 367715


Oh god, we're going to end up missing half our face, huh?

Anonymous 367717


So what would that make this? Lava still?

Krabb 367719

File: 1362982006788.png (27.67 KB, 388x440, i just wanted to kill everyone…)



Anonymous 367720


We're already fucked up. We can regenerate slowly by pouring cement into the busted bits, right?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367723

We've reached a critical turning point.

>Attempt to break the amulet free of the main necklace with one well-placed, risky kick

>See if the magma heats up the chain, then attempt to bite it off again

What say you, Questers?

Anonymous 367727


M-maybe she has a good identical twin sister locked up in a dungeon? One who can give big snakey hugs and won't squeeze tight

Anonymous 367729


Does it count as dying if our head is destroyed?

Krabb 367730


i vote the magma plan, i don't wanna fall off

Anonymous 367735


Aaaaaaa kick. She probably made the chain strong enough to withstand lava.

Anonymous 367737


If we fall right now, would we fall into lava?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367738

GAME INFO: It's hard to define death for a golem. Most of the time, a golem can regenerate itself very slowly, even from a state of almost complete destruction.

Being completely melted might be the closest to death you can get. You'd be perpetually unable to pull yourself together.

GAME INFO: Currently, if you fell, you'd just be able to catch the side of the walkway. It'd be a close call.

Anonymous 367741


Well, if the lava heated us up before, it's sure to melt us now.


Krabb 367742

File: 1362982471296.png (24.03 KB, 255x424, oh god lava and or magma.png)


oh god

we could probably try the kick if the lava doesn't work though

Anonymous 367743


Even if it melted us in two?

Anonymous 367745


If we fall, it's death anyway. Kick the spot where the amulet is attached to the necklace.

Anonymous 367747


Good point.

Did we ever see her swim through lava though?

Anonymous 367748


KICK THE AMULET and cry because she probably won't even turn to stone if we take it off her

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367749

>3 for kick

>1 for magma

>Typing next segment, please wait…

Anonymous 367756



Anonymous 367757

I think we should have dodge during the last post and let her hit herself with her tail.

Anonymous 367758


FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367762

Watching the magma pour from the sides of Keszeem's mouth, you know it's only a matter of time until it reaches you. She slaps with her tail again, taking off another few chips of granite.

"It's now or never, Raisin…"

As Keszeem's tail pulls back, you immediately give yourself a little slack. Holding on as best as you can with the ends of your forehooves, you swing forward and slam a hoof into the top of the amulet.

Almost immediately, you see Keszeem contort her body out of reflex. The lava from her mouth spatters about as she begins coiling again. It sounds as though she's trying to say something, but the lava seems to be muffling her words.

"Raisin! Raisin, drop down! Now!!" Applebloom calls up.

You try to throw yourself off of the cobra as far as you can, though just barely manage to catch the edge of the walkway. Suddenly, you hear Keszeem hissing wildly. A smoke begins to rise off of her scales as the blue aura seems to evaporate.

You're barely holding onto the walkway, but with Keszeem flailing above, she'd almost certainly knock you into the magma below.

Krabb 367763

File: 1362983288614.gif (65.65 KB, 626x599, loading.gif)

Anonymous 367765

Anonymous 367767


Hang on and stay low.

Anonymous 367768

Do we make a suggestion or is there another post coming up?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367770

GAME INFO: You must make an intervention here in order to continue the storyline.

Krabb 367771




Anonymous 367773


That easy? I'm surprised there wasn't a roll.


A gif, how fancy~

Anonymous 367774


Where is it even? Don't tell me we knocked it into the lava

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367775

GAME INFO: You cannot see where the amulet has landed… or, for that matter, if it has fallen off of Keszeem at all. You're unsure of it's location.

Anonymous 367776



Krabb 367777


shit, well

make sure the CMC are under the sunlight.

Anonymous 367779


Wherever it is, it's not protecting her anymore. We just have to survive until she turns to stone completely.

Anonymous 367780



Anonymous 367781


Don't you dare fucking jinx it, you fucking faggot.

Anonymous 367783

How would that work? Aren't they on the same level as the magma?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367784

Go with this action?

Anonymous 367786


They need to stand by the walls. They'll survive even less than we would falling into the lava.

Krabb 367787


I say we make sure we are in the sunlight

we don't want her attacking us again

Anonymous 367788



Pull up and lay down on the ledge.

Anonymous 367789

Could we throw ourselves off the walkway and land on solid ground?

Anonymous 367790

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367792

GAME INFO: You are currently holding onto the edge of the walkway. Directly below is a gigantic cauldron of broiling lava.

Krabb 367793


lets pull ourselves up

Anonymous 367794


Get on the walkway. Crawl into the brightest spots. Right now the slightest bump will make us tumble, but on the walkway there's a chance.

Anonymous 367796

How far away from her are we right now?

I'm afraid I don't have a very good mental picture of the area.

Anonymous 367799

If we pull ourselves up do we run or stomp as hard as we can to try and dig out hooves in the walkway?

Anonymous 367800


Yeah, do this too. But most importantly stay low.

Anonymous 367802


Also good.

Anonymous 367803

And more importantly: Is that possible and would it break the walkway?

Anonymous 367804


The walkway is probably pretty thick, but yeah, it would be nice to make sure.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367806

Quickly recovering your will, you take a chance and attempt to climb back up onto the walkway. With Keszeem flailing right before you, you keep low and try to crawl away. As you continue crawling, her smoldering tail clips your flank. It sends you flying a little distance into the Chamber wall. Looking down to your tail, you notice that half of it has been knocked clean off.

"Well.. at least that grows back…"

The furious snake burns in the sunlight filled chamber. She thrashes against the trail, then coils up and turns around, facing you.

"We shall not let our legacy die here!" She yells into the room. You can see her scales already beginning to turn into lifeless stone. While she's still able to move, you see her turn toward the Heart of the Mountain, then start moving towards it. She's not as fast now as she was with the protection of the amulet, but she's on a crash course with the heart.

"Noo!!" Scootaloo shouts from across the room.

Anonymous 367807




Anonymous 367808



Anonymous 367809


Shit. Run up to the heart and try rolling it down one of the supports.

Anonymous 367810


How big is the gem again?

Anonymous 367812

Charge into her side and hit her as hard as we can to try and divert her course.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367813

GAME INFO: Your rope is only 20 feet long, barely able to fit around the circumference of the gem.

GAME INFO: The gem is about half of the size of Keszeem. You're unsure of how heavy such a beautiful, pulsating stone might be.

Anonymous 367814


Run to the heart and try to get between her and it as quick as possible.

Krabb 367815

File: 1362984752599.png (32.25 KB, 450x486, rock and roll.png)


We have to stall her

she was hurt by slapping us with her tail right?

we could charge at her

Anonymous 367816



Then we have to try rolling it away. Her'e hoping Raisin plays a lot of Marble Madness.

Anonymous 367817

We're a fast thing when we've got room to move, and she's slowed as she starts to petrify. Use our golem strength to smash her tail into the ground like a tent peg.

"Legacy? You haven't even got any legs!"

Anonymous 367819





Krabb 367820


i agree with this

smash her tail into the ground

Anonymous 367822


Maybe kick her head. Or, is there a part of her that's only partially on the walkway? Maybe try pushing her off and hope it throw off her balance.

Anonymous 367823


Isn't she long enough to reach to the heart without even fully stretching out?

Anonymous 367825


On second thought, let's hear this first.

Krabb 367826


if she's long enough, then maybe we should just body slam her

Anonymous 367828

This is something we need to know before acting.

Anonymous 367829


Gotta abuse them physics.

Anonymous 367831


But isn't she coiled around one of the supports? Seems like she would be pretty stable.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367832

GAME INFO: The paths leading to the Heart of the Mountain are nearly 50 feet in length from the outside path. Keszeem is nearly 30-35 feet in length, you'd approximate, as she takes up a good portion of any of the arms connected to the Heart.

Krabb 367833


then lets smash her tail in


Anonymous 367834


Hmm, still, we probably wouldn't be able to pin her tail. He was able to move just fine while we were hanging onto her.

Anonymous 367836


I disagree about the tail smash but agree with the one liner

Anonymous 367838


Please let this work please let this work please let this work.

Anonymous 367839

File: 1362985732053.png (231.67 KB, 1291x1371, Wheel of Time.png)

Is the area shaped something like this?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367840

Gathering the last bit of courage you can muster, you set a course to intercept that gargantuan Boulder Snake before she destroys the Heart.

"Legacy? You haven't even got any legs!"

Your forehoof slams down onto the end of her tail with a tremendous amount of force. With a terrible hiss, the Queen bunches up into a coil under the direct light of the sun above. Smoldering and steaming, you watch the stone begin to fully overtake her body.

"H–-o––––w?" As the stone wrinkles up and cracks around her monstrous fangs, Queen Keszeem's crunched up body petrifies along the path. The last of her words fade into the ambient sound of lava gurgling in the cauldron below.

An eerie silence fills the chamber.

"W… we did it. You did it… Raisin… you actually did it…" Scootaloo softly speaks from the other end of the room. "We're gonna be okay!" She pops up, fluttering her wings around Sweetie Belle as she manages to sleep through the victory.

You stand by the coiled up mass of stone, watching as the last bit of smoke escapes from the statue's mouth. You can see Boulder Snakes far down the tunnels surrounding the room.

"…until night falls."

The Boulder Snakes look terribly angry. You can hear them hissing in the distance.

Anonymous 367841

Krabb 367842

File: 1362985777239.png (37.55 KB, 1000x284, in the ground.png)


you guys are probably right

i don't think we could pin her down given our size

and if we smashed it into the support, she might take the whole thing with her.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367843

GAME INFO: This is a good approximation. The room could easily be described as a wheel with spokes leading to the center.

Anonymous 367844


Victory Now to find out this mess

Anonymous 367845

Look for that Amulet.

Anonymous 367846


First thing's first. Find the amulet.

Krabb 367847


haha, or not.

oh god now what do we do

find the amulet, stay in the sun.

Anonymous 367848


Get the amulet, pluck out one of Scoots's feathers or whatever it needs to turn us back to normal. At least now we can die happy.

Anonymous 367849

What happened to the diamond dogs?

Anonymous 367851

Except I'm pretty sure there's no platform in the middle; each spoke thins out as it reaches the centre and ends, and the gem is balanced between all the points.

Anonymous 367852


They hightailed the fuck out of there when they blew up the ceiling because bad shit was going down.

They'll probably come later to claim us though.

Anonymous 367854

The orders they were given by the leader were "Dig, and come back". We haven't seen them since the "dug" the hole with explosives, so presumeably they skedaddled.

Anonymous 367856

I sweat to christ if the amulet fell into the lava I'm going to be pissed.

Krabb 367858


we shoulda got their names

Anonymous 367860

They only communicated in barks, remember? We couldn't, without getting the leader to shout them out to us before we left.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367861

Trotting off of the walkway, you sigh in relief. Applebloom and Scootaloo run to meet you halfway back.

"Ah can't believe it! That was insane!" They throw their hooves around your neck, then back off for a moment. "Whoa… ah hope we none of that's permanent…" She winces as she looks over your body.

Sweetie blinks a few times, shaking her head. "W…wha?" She looks you in the eyes. "Di… did we die?"

Suddenly, an exciting thought crosses your mind. "The amulet! Did you guys see where the amulet went?!"

They start back toward the walkway. The path seems strewn with shattered gemstones and debris from the flailing Boulder Snake queen. "I don't know?" Scootaloo shrugs.

You see some crystals fall from up above.

Anonymous 367862

Can we get our medallion back any way? We could use it to reflect the sunlight at those snakes jockeying at the doorway to scare them off.

Krabb 367863


I think that thing is lodged in the ceiling

Anonymous 367864

How big and sharp are these crystals?

Anonymous 367865


Wait, so now the chamber is collapsing.

It's just a fucking uphill battle huh?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367866

GAME INFO: The crystals falling down appear to be small shards. They easily shatter against the ground.

Anonymous 367868


Look up. It was blue, right? Should stand out against red crystals.

Anonymous 367869

Let's search while the CMC help us. We might not have much time before the crystals get big.

Anonymous 367870


Yeah, tell them we're looking for a silver disc with a blue jewel in the center.

But if they do get big where could we go anyways? We're surrounded.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367871

GAME INFO: The medallion is still lodged into the upper wall across the Grand Chamber. You're not sure how to reach it without a ladder or a set of wings.

Anonymous 367872

Call out, perhaps there's someone up there knocking stuff down.

Oh duh, good thinking. Look for something silver and blue glittering in the light over where we were when we knocked the amulet off her.

Anonymous 367874

We find the amulet, turn back to normal, the mane six show up to investigate the explosion, Twlight teleports us out, Rasin becomes a princes, everyone laughs, credits roll.

Anonymous 367875


Could we reach it with the rope? Maybe lasso an outcropping crystal while Scootaloo climbs and prys it free?

Anonymous 367876

What are the available exits, and where are the snakes?
Were those lava flows coming from entrances in the sides of the lava pit, or on the same level as us?

Anonymous 367878

File: 1362986894984.png (20.71 KB, 531x574, 1336005256089.png)


But earth ponies can't become princesses…

Anonymous 367879


Yeah, how tall is it?

Anonymous 367880


Too bad the snakes are smart enough to continue the plan even without their leader

Anonymous 367881

>Call out, perhaps there's someone up there knocking stuff down.
This would be a god thing to do while we search. There is also a massive hole in the ceiling so falling crystals should be able to hit us under it.

Anonymous 367883

It's not exactly important right now, I don't think.

Anonymous 367884


Yeah, how hard is it to look up?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367885

"It's a blue gem in a silver case… it should stand out against the rocks and other crystals."

"So… once we find it, you're going to change back to normal? Don't you like being an unstoppable tank?" Scootaloo brushes some loose granite chips off of your coat.

"Let's just find this thing quick. I have a bad feeling about staying here too long."

Looking up, you see a few sets of armor crawling down the walls. They seem to be trying to enter the room as stealthily as possible. One of them is particularly burly, carrying a cage with him.

"…yeah… that's not good…"

Looking about, there are 5 places you suspect the amulet to be. You may not have enough time to search every spot. With 4 party members, you'll have to pick which of the 5 spots to skip investigation.

Anonymous 367887



Anonymous 367888

Aw man, guess it's the dogs. And one ready to put us up on display in a cage.

So uh, what are the spots?

Anonymous 367889


Pff, like a cage could hold us. But without any hints, isn't why not just randomly roll?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367890

GAME INFO: The spots shall be labeled 1-5. You must select a number that you wish to skip investigating.

Anonymous 367892


Roll #1 5 = 5

Krabb 367893

File: 1362987312216.png (22.33 KB, 540x197, rock snake.png)



wait what? is the sun going down?

things are just getting worse.

also, do we want to transform into a normal filly with chunks of rock missing? that wouldnt translate to chunks of flesh would it?


anyway, i gots to skedaddle, hope this goes well.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Anonymous 367895


It's mostly cleanup anyways

Please draw more snakey waifus

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367896

META INFO: Night Krabbs. It was awesome having you do some sketches up for the battle scene.

Anonymous 367897

I think it's just time before the dogs arrive to capture us.

Anonymous 367898

Fuck it


Roll #1 4 = 4

Anonymous 367899

>also, do we want to transform into a normal filly with chunks of rock missing? that wouldnt translate to chunks of flesh would it?
Probably. We could have one of the others hold it for us.

Anonymous 367900




Roll #1 5 = 5

Anonymous 367902


Once we get out of here, we can probably just pour concrete into the holes or something.

Anonymous 367903

What is the obvious solution we are missing?
Is it Saving here?

>Probably not

Anonymous 367904


Guess I'll vote 5 too.

Anonymous 367905

>Saving here
Y'know, that kind of doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Hey Jr Anonymous 367906

Seriously though, before you post the action, Jr, can we decide on whether or not to save?

Anonymous 367908


I wouldn't mind a save. We beat the big bad. I think we've passed the toughest challenge in the whole adventure.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367909

GAME INFO: If you wish, you may make a savepoint here. You still have 1 life left, so you'd be able to load precisely once.

Save the game?

Anonymous 367910

What are our other save points?
How many boulder snakes do we have to smoke to earn another Save?

Anonymous 367911

In fact, it sounds like a brilliant idea. Changes our 80% chance of success to a 100% (Or 96% if Jr insists on rerolling the item's position), stops us from having to reset. Only thing left to do is avoid/recover from DD imprisonment.

Anonymous 367913


Sure. So sense in going all the way back to the beginning just for failing one last cleanup challenge.

Anonymous 367915


How much XP did we get anyway?

Put it all in the maid stat

Anonymous 367917

's first question. Doesn't change much, but just want to know what other saves we have lying around beside the groundhog day one that we're about to overwrite.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367918

Finally! I was wondering when you guys would start to abuse the save/load system during these adventures
Taking another look up, with the prospect of becoming a normal filly again just moments away, you reach into your saddlebags. Gently, you retrieve Hayseed from your pocket. She looks a bit flattened from the constant slamming she endured with you during your fight with Keszeem, but she fluffs up nicely.

You take a look at Keszeem, the Diamond Dogs climbing down, and then at the smiling faces of your friends. Now seems like a great moment to reflect on your memories…

Though you can't feel Hayseed's mane against your cheek, you can remember how soft the yarn felt against your coat. Of all things, it reminds you of a Winter day just a few months back. You remember letting your friends pack a bunch of snow around your stony body while you chased them around as the 'abominable snow pony'. The silly excursion brings a smile to your face…


SAVE 1: Raisin's Bedroom, Day 1, 9:00AM
SAVE 2: Ponyville Town Square, Day 1, 6:15PM

Anonymous 367919

We can save and search at the same time, right?

Anonymous 367920

Let's get our search on.

Krabb 367922


Wait, so the queen about to destroy equstria when the sun goes down isn't a problem, but the dogs who's lives we saved and had a deal with are?

Lets not save

I'm out for reals now

Anonymous 367923


Alright, let's look for the amulet.

Also the reluctance to avoid using the save/load system comes from never knowing if we missed a crucial item or something

I blame the comb in adventure 1

Anonymous 367924

I think she is stone until the amulet make her normal again.

Krabb 367926


Oh right, she had to revive that minion

Anonymous 367928

Anonymous 367929

Did you see the way the dogs looked at the heart? By my estimation there's at least another six hours before the snakes can get in, plenty of time for the dogs to set up base in here to keep the snakes from taking their new treasure.
We've saved Equestria, all that's left to do is to save ourself.

Anonymous 367935

I vote that once we've found the amulet, we give it to AB or Scoots (and get them to hide it in their bags as best as possible - in Scoot's empty satchel?) and get the dogs to take the rest of the CMC out, and submit to being captured. The CMC'll tell our story, someone'll come to trade for us, we'll get time to reform our injuries as a golem, and can return to normal once we're better, rather than missing chunks out of our legs and butt.

Anonymous 367937


That fucking comb.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367938

>Skip spot 5

"Scootaloo, you and Sweetie Belle search over there. Me and Applebloom will cover these two spots along the walkway. It's gotta be around here somewhere…"

"You sure you don't need another moment or two with your doll?" Scootaloo arches a brow.

"I just turned a giant snake queen to stone. I think I earned a moment with Hayseed."

"Chill, girl! I was just teasin…" Scootaloo rolls her eyes. "Well, we can take our time looking around. I mean, it's not as if those snakes are going to… what's with that look, Raisin? I said I was just joking…" Scootaloo's face twists up.

"No, it's not that… just jump over there quick and see if you can find it. I really want to find it. Fast."

Searching for just a few moments in spots 1, 2, 3, and 4, you suddenly hear Applebloom shout out. "Hey! Ah think Ah found it!"

She holds the True Soul Amulet above her head. Amazingly, the jewelry seems to have withstood all of the beatings you and Keszeem put it through. Not even it's form can be altered, it seems…

Suddenly, the dogs drop down from the ceiling onto the walkways leading to the Heart of the Mountain. Rover and his burly lackey plop down nearest to you.

"Raisin! I thought for sure that snake was going to grind you to dust!" Rover smiles. "What a fight!"

"…you mean you just stood up there watching?"

Rover shrugs. "We only caught the tail end of it. Dig Dogs were too slow."

The burly dog stares into the air for a few moments, then shakes his head. "We watched everything."

Rover glowers, but continues. He looks to the Heart of the Mountain and giggles greedily to himself. "It looks like you've almost held up all of your end of the bargain…"

"Hey! Let us go!" Scootaloo kicks hopelessly in the paws of one of the Diamond Dogs. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle seem to be in a similar situation. One of the dogs takes the True Soul Amulet from Applebloom, holding it up to the light.

"You might be a little cut up, but you're Diamond Dog property now!" He smiles. "I couldn't be happier!"

Anonymous 367939


Yes, this is probably safe so they don't take it.

But >trading for us

Nigga we pry those cage bars open and unstoppable tank charge out of there.

Anonymous 367940


Do they still have crystal spears?

Anonymous 367941

Take the amulet from Applebloom and ask if he still wants us.

Anonymous 367944


>"And you hold yours. One magic rock filly in exchange for lifting my comrades out of here"

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367945

GAME INFO: Applebloom is no longer in possession of the amulet.

GAME INFO: The Diamond Dogs appear to have entered the chamber mostly unarmed. They are armored, but not armed.

The Burly dog as a long length of chain draped over his shoulders that could potentially be used as a weapon. Beyond that, the only other threats are the Dig Dog claws.

Anonymous 367946


Tell them if they want to get the heart, they'll need to work fast. Come nightfall all those snakes in the tunnels will come out and won't be too happy.

Anonymous 367948


If they aren't armed, all we need to do is get lifted out and then demand it. He can't stop us from taking it.

Anonymous 367949

This. Didn't we also have a deal to keep one piece of loot?

Anonymous 367951


They won't respect that now that they know it's worth something. Besides, at this point they probably won't even rescue us, just leave us for the snakes.

Anonymous 367952

Something tells me that an angry golem isn't something they want.

Anonymous 367953


An angry golem who cares for the well-being of her friends. Besides, we can't get out of here on our own which makes me question what the solution was if recruiting the dig dogs wasn't intended at first

Anonymous 367955

I've noticed that lots of players only think of the next move, and not the one after that.

Anonymous 367958


With CYOA like this with a lot of people playing, the lowest common denominator is god. When it gets late like this with a few players remaining, I've noticed it usually gets better in terms of discussion.

Anonymous 367963


Holy shit it is late.

Maybe one more action and Imma call it quits. That fight was pretty exciting.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367966

"And you hold yours. One magic rock filly and a trinket in exchange for lifting my comrades out of here."

Rover rolls his eyes. "Ugh, yes. Did you find nothing on your way in here?"

"Oh no, I found what I was looking for. Your dog over there is holding it." You tilt your head over to the dog holding the True Soul Amulet.

Rover looks torn. "That is a nice treasure… too nice." He grumbles. "Would you exchange it for some precious gems? Maybe something else at the fort?"

You stare him down. "No. I want that amulet."

"That treasure is too nice!" He crosses his arms. "Since you're my property, I say you can't have it! Pick something else!"

"Hey! We had a deal!"

"Man… I knew we shouldn't have trusted these mutts…" Scootaloo scowls from the paws of one of the dogs.

"Who are you calling mutts?!" Rover stomps. "Come to think of it, your friends owe us for the supplies they stole!"

"Oh come on… really? I net you the Boulder Snake's biggest gemstone and you're going to botch on our deal like this?"

"I never shook on anything." Rover grins. "…and for the record, I think you're a very ugly pony."

You sneer at him. Some more dogs begin climbing down into the room carrying lumber and crates.

"Let's get them to the mines!" Rover bumps the bigger dog. "Grab our new prize pony. Make sure she gets put into a nice cage…"

Anonymous 367967



Such an insult will not go reprimanded.

Anonymous 367968


Just play along for now. As soon as we're out of this hole we can fight back.

Anonymous 367969

Tell him that if he doesn't stick to his deal we will knock the giant gem into the lava, and that the giant gem will cause the volcano we are in to erupt.

If we lose, everyone loses.

Anonymous 367971


>"Oh no, you're going to take us away from the ravenous angry snake monsters. whatever shall I do?"

Alright, I must to sleep. Feel better now that the worst is behind us

Anonymous 367972


Yeah, I'm ready to stop too.


Let's just play along right now. The next goal is to get out of here.

Anonymous 367973

I'm getting tired too.

Anonymous 367976

Yeah, I'm pretty much done for the day, too. One stressful fight a session's enough for me.

Anonymous 367978


Still surprised there's 4 people around even this late.

People love this little grape.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367979

GAME INFO: Do you guys want to run a prologue session next week, perhaps? Or maybe sometime later this week?

Heck, this could even be an ending unto itself, but I think you guys probably want a little more of the story/see Raisin all the way back to her normal self if you choose to do so. Out of the frying pan and into a slightly cooler one.

Anonymous 367980



You don't seriously intend to segway right into the next adventure do you?

Anonymous 367982


Next Sunday is good, or Friday, whatever.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367983

Nope, just as a way to wrap this one up completely. I don't think I'm going to run an official Raisin Quest again for a little while gotta cool down after this one

Might do a quick side-story where she gets ice cream with the CMC, but otherwise, we're probably good to go after this one's 100% complete.

Anonymous 367986


Oh, so you meant epilogue.

Yeah, we've come this far not to see it through all the way.

Anonymous 367987

Are you implying this is the end?

MSW 367989


>Ice-Cream Quest

>Raisin is lactose intolerant and kicks the bucket

I also want a definitive change back so I can finally post Quest picnic. Even though the big bad is ded it still feels like jumping the gun until she turns back all the way

Anonymous 367991

Next weekend's best for me.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 367994

META INFO: Ah, yes, yes. Epilogue is the right term I wanted to use here. You can tell it's late when I'm fucking up simple terms like that.

META INFO: Sorry about making ya wait on releasing it. At least we know Raisin actually managed to survive being nearly crushed to death/melted by the big bad.

Anonymous 367995


>jumping the gun

Especially if FacelessJr's implying something about the golem status.

Anonymous 367998


So I'm curious, now that it's over, how would we have won without the diamond dogs blowing a hole in the ceiling?

Anonymous 367999

Random game question, what happens if Raisin eats something?
Can she hork it up again later?

Anonymous 368001


So next Sunday? Great. More excuse to back oatmeal raisin cookies I sweat to god I'm going to get so fat

Anonymous 368002


Considering a stone trachea isn't really flexible, probably yes but she's had a hard time getting it up in one piece unless it's tiny.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 368007

GAME INFO: As a golem, Raisin doesn't have the ability to eat at all. She cannot swallow or consume anything in her current form. While this means that she'll never suffer from hunger, thirst, or a lack of air, she'll also never experience the more pleasant sensations of living while she's made of stone.

GAME INFO: Since you had the quarter sticks and they hadn't been damaged by the water, there was still a possibility you could have found a way to use them to bring down the roof. The Diamond Dogs made it easier, sure, but Raisin can throw shit pretty far, so tying a stick to a large rock and tossing it up at the ceiling could've been enough to bring it down.

You'd have to use up all three, but it was an option for bringing in some sunshine, given your current inventories.

Creativity is always a major factor in the quest. I knew you guys were heading into the Malecite Cavern, so you were probably going to stop and get a hoof full of McGuffins that gave you the ability to use precisely one common spell. There were a few ways to get around some obstacles, but the Diamond Dogs gave you a more 'guaranteed' direct way to open up the roof.

When we're 100% finished, I'll reveal a little bit more about the way I planned to do things. It may or may not involve LS.

Anonymous 368015

Speaking of whom, we have to get SpeedyHelmet to warn him about the incoming mailbomb if we escape in time.

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