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Raisin Quest 4: A Terrible Misunderstanding FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364284[Last 50 Posts]

Welcome, Raisin Questers, to the beginning of the end. Victory or utter defeat lies within inches of your grasp. It may take some cunning and wit, but our favorite little golem pony has a chance to save her friends, herself, and all of Equestria from a fiery fate. Are you ready?

Let’s go over the summary just to be sure:

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364286

>Move the stack of Marble Slabs toward the incomplete bridge with the Diamond Dog’s help
>–Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle enthusiastically jump under the slab with you to help push–
>**Warn your friends that the top slab could crush them when the bottom slab falls into place**
>Fetch a third slab to help safely push the first one into place; Room is filled with thunderous crash (3/4)
>Climb atop the third slab to kick the topmost slab down into place; Room is filled with thunderous crash (4/4)
>xXx Repeated crashes has alerted a Boulder Snake xXx
>Scramble for a hiding place behind the last Marble Slab in the Slab pile
>** Bring the torch, bury it in an attempt to snuff it out. Use Golem Strength to push it deeper into the ground until the flame dies out completely **
>–Slowly poke head above slab, noticing the snake doesn’t seem to detect you–
>–Throw a Box of Nails into the red crystal chasm for a distraction–
>**Have the Dig Dogs burrow a little ways under the Marble Slab to hide your team**
>–Stay out of the hole so that it can be buried properly–
>**Remain perfectly still while the Boulder Snake silently lurks about the room**
>**Boulder Snake begins eating the Marble Slab; you remain perfectly still**
>Boulder Snake is bopped out of the room by a co-worker
>–Bridge has been haphazardly completed by the curious Snake–
>Applebloom ties a rope around herself and around you to shimmy across a partially fallen slab 1/25 chance that the slab gives way and careens into the chasm, Doom Number 17, rolled a 15
>Sweetie Belle ties the rope around herself and tries to shimmy across… 1/25 chance the slab slips and falls into the crystalline abyss, Doom Number 2, rolled a 2
>–The slab gives and crashes into the crystals below, causing a thunderous sound to echo about the room…–
>Scootaloo is launched across, sliding to a stop on the other side. The Diamond Dogs are able to jump across and scale the rocky wall.

As Raisin affixes the rope about her midsection and prepares to be lifted to the other side of this horrible, crystal filled bridge room, she hears the distinctive hiss of a pair of Boulder Snakes heading toward her team. Meeting them eye to eye as she’s hoisted up, the little stone golem pulls herself onto the rocky ledge and stands in front of a set of towering crystal doors. Gurgling magma pops and hisses far down the magnificent hallway as the distant, glowing eyes across the room track the group’s movement.

With imminent danger on your tails and unknown peril dead ahead, it’ll be up to you, the Questers, do guide Raisin to her fate. Will she and her friends survive the next challenge in store for them?

Time to find out. Good luck, Questers.

Raisin: Hayseed, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3) (Box has sustained mild water damage), Royal Medallion, Spool of Rope (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Stompstarter

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Stompstarter, Empty Satchel

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Large Blue Crystal

Anonymous 364287

File: 1362798366694.png (76.78 KB, 800x700, tumblr_m3fqpiXwfX1rqzv4yo3.png)

My body is ready

Anonymous 364288

The plot thickens!

Keep an eye on those snakes

Anonymous 364289


Is the door the only thing around? Somehow I think going through the front door would be a bad idea.

Anonymous 364290


Go bravely forth into the dark unknown.

Anonymous 364291


Might as well. We've already lost the element of surprise.

Anonymous 364292


Yeah, weren't there three doors on that little map?

Anonymous 364295


But we can still find someplace where the diamond dogs can dig and blow a whole in the ceiling. Even if we are captured we could still win if they turned to stone.

Anonymous 364296


Wasn't there also a path off to the side?

Anonymous 364298


That's stupid.

Anonymous 364301


But that assumes they won't nom us as soon as they get the chance. We don't even know if there's even a throne room where they all hang out.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364302

GAME INFO: Turning to look toward the massive, towering crystal doors, you see that they must be at least 2 ponies thick. You think it'd be hard to fit a piece of paper between the bottom of the door and the floor it's suppose to glide over in order to close. They appear to be beautifully engineered, though they certainly don't look very practical.

Just around the sides of right door, you see a fascinating, massive set of gears.

GAME INFO: On either side of the main entrance, you see two significantly smaller doors. They are filled with perfect blackness, making it impossible to see where they may lead.

All my quick reply posts look 'automated'. Anyone else having this problem?

Anonymous 364304


Probably locked, and we have a couple of baddies bearing down on us.


Anonymous 364306

I haven't been here since the first death months ago when we fell off that cliff

How fucked is Raisin currently?

Anonymous 364307



Also go to the right door. Right is always right!

Anonymous 364308


Ask the diamond dogs if they think they could open the door. Also ask them how fast.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364309

GAME INFO: The front doors are currently open, though appear completely immobile. Inside the main hallway, you can see a spectacular mechanism attached to the right wall.

Anonymous 364310


Infiltrated big baddie HQ, got past a few puzzles, got a couple of them chasing us right into the final boss probably. Shit's bad, yo.

Anonymous 364311

>All my quick reply posts look 'automated'
Yes, yes I am. Hadn't thought to try unchecking the quick reply box until you mentioned it, so I was stuck without a way to post.

What's the time?

Anonymous 364312


Wait, so the doors are open? What can we see past them then?

Anonymous 364314


In that case, get everyone inside and try to figure out the mechanism. It's probably what closes the door.

Anonymous 364315


How big is it? Does it look like little tiny pones could operate it? How big are boulder snakes anyway?

Anonymous 364319

File: 1362799346539.png (82.15 KB, 1000x700, krabb snake.png)


About this big right?

Anonymous 364320

I still think we should try another entrance.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364321

GAME INFO: You've been down in the caves for quite some time. Many hours have passed since you first dove into the opening near the schoolhouse. You're not completely sure what time it is, but by the look on your friends' faces, it appears as though you've been awake all night. It could very well be morning by now.

GAME INFO: Beyond the massive doors, you can see down a very long, opulent hallway. The architecture down this way looks much like the hallway you used to enter the bridge room, though the columns down here are made of beautiful, glassy red crystal.

At the far end, you can see the alluring glow of hot, orange magma. It hisses and broils in the distant chamber.

GAME INFO: That would be a good rough estimate. The Boulder Snakes are absolutely massive. The mechanism on the right wall just beyond the doors also appears massive. It looks as though it was engineered to somehow be operated by these giant, rock eating monsters, though without closer inspection, you have no way of telling how to operate it.

Anonymous 364322


Maybe if we didn't get unlucky as fuck and weren't detected, but right now we need to get safe.

Anonymous 364323


Go bravely into the dark unknown.

Anonymous 364324


We have to risk it. Better to have a chance of losing our pursuers than not have any chance at all.

Anonymous 364325

Hah, me too. Finally got around to catching up in time for this session, a couple of things I noted:
Those blue magic gems are totally the malecite that LS was working with and had Zecora refine for him.

The Ruby snake was in town at about midnight to destone a snake, then headed back through the tunnels underneath the schoolhouse.
-Magma pool: Appeared after queen came that way, perhaps the queen traveling leaves magma behind her somehow? The other tunnels didn't seem to be the result of magma tunnelling, and in fact had scratches on their sides.

If we can get ourselves destoned before we have to face the dogs, we should be able to bargain for our freedom since a non-rock filly can't pull carts; if Sweetie goes free we can get her to trade her gems for our freedom, or else we might be able to get SpeedyHelmet to send word out for someone to come trade for us. If we can't destone ourselves though, we might just have to escape somehow.

Anonymous 364326


>barely close doors in time

>"phew, that was close"
>turn around
>dozens of them just looking at us for crashing their party


Anonymous 364327

Also, here's the session where we saw the Ruby Snake, in case people want to read up in preparation for an upcoming encounter.

Anonymous 364328


Do the snakes also look as adorably dopey too?

Anonymous 364329


I agreement, just have the diamond dogs and AB look at it to try and figure out how it works in time to close the doors.

Anonymous 364331


I was going to draw a boulder snake for the MLPG draws thing when it asked for magical beasts, but I didn't know what they should look like

Anonymous 364335


What if what if, if Raisin wins, she finds a boulder snake egg and it hatches and thinks she's its mama?

Anonymous 364347


That's stupid, but cute.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364350

As you look back to the entrance at the far end of the room, you see two pairs of glowing eyes staring back. They simply blink, unwavering and stationary. It fills your stony gut with a horrid feeling.

"S-s-snakes!" Scootaloo pops up as she notices what you've been staring at. Sweetie Belle and Applebloom gasp as they catch sight of the snakes for themselves.

One of the snakes hiss in retort. "Dare you not enter that hallway…"

You tap Applebloom, then motion back toward the doors. "We're going through there. Make sure nopony gets left behind…"

"Roger, Raisin…" Applebloom follows your lead, directing the team back toward the doors.

As your brave team all slowly move toward the hallway, the Snakes instantly spring into action. As one races toward the last marble slab, the other starts climbing up the wall and into the stalactites overhead.

"Run!" Scootaloo bolts into the hallway with the Diamond Dogs close behind her. In a matter of moments, your team has made it through the doors, though the Boulder Snakes are quickly closing the distance.

GAME INFO: Many of the Boulder Snakes appear to have a serious demeanor to them, though you haven't seen too many up close yet. There's bound to be a goofy looking one around here somewhere.

Anonymous 364351


Scramble towards the mechanism and start pulling levels until something works.

Anonymous 364352


Tell Applebloom to try to make sense of the gear setup and pray that it's what closes the doors.

Anonymous 364356


>"Dare we do!"

Wiggle our tushy at them.

Anonymous 364358


Eh, I just think snakes look cute with their big heads and eyes. I would hug one if they promised to not squeeze too tightly

Anonymous 364360


No pls, the last time that happened we got our butt stabbed.

What's the status on that anyways, Jr?

Anonymous 364364


What if it isn't

Anonymous 364367


It was worth it.

Anonymous 364371


I bet we were supposed to stand still

Anonymous 364373


Then we run fast like sanic and pray the death is quick.

Anonymous 364375


Guys pls. We can joke around once we're safe.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364376

Looking over the mechanism, Applebloom is able to quickly determine that the set of gears are attached to some sort of crank. The crank wheel is too massive for you or the Diamond Dogs to operate, but it looks like it's used to wind up a chain. A stopping pin appears to be keeping the wheel from unwinding.

She guesses it could somehow be related to opening or closing the doors, but she's not sure.

GAME INFO: You took a spear to the side, but until now, you never really thought back on it. As the Snakes slither closer, you feel your side to discover that the hole is still there. It doesn't feel as though it's cracking at all, thankfully.

Anonymous 364379


Could we use the rope to lasso the crank and pull the wheel, or is it too high?

Anonymous 364380


How big is the stopper? Could Scootaloo get thrown up there and maybe dislodge it?

Anonymous 364382


Picture please.

Anonymous 364384


The crank isn't the problem, the stopping thingy is. We gotta pull it out. Might try lassoing that, though.

Anonymous 364386


Could just dislodge it from an impact from her thick skull.

Anonymous 364389


It might be bigger than her though. Plus those pegasus bones are probably thin and fragile like bird bones.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364395

GAME INFO: The crank part of the wheel could potentially be lasso'd, but there may be no way to actually turn it. Considering it's massive size, it appears to have been specifically engineered for use by the Boulder Snakes.

GAME INFO: The stopping pin is pretty close to the ground. The small tooth keeps the massive crank gear in place.

Anonymous 364398


Close enough to dislodge ourselves? We can try that.

Anonymous 364400


Wrap the rope around the tooth and pull, just like when you have a toothache.

Anonymous 364404



Anonymous 364405


Wait, a tooth, like a fang? You would think that these snakes would be sophisticated enough to make a little wedge or some sort of latch.

Anonymous 364410


Pff. This is probably the hint.

inb4 ded[/spoiler

Anonymous 364419



Anonymous 364421


Raisin isn't fat she's just big boned.

Anonymous 364423

Big boned, or big stoned?

Anonymous 364428


She's a good filly and stays away from drugs.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364430

"Wait! Don't run ahead! We've gotta shut this thing!"

Scootaloo cranks her head back, then slides to a stop. Her hooves shuffle in place as she and the Diamond Dogs look for a place to hide. "Hurry!"

Thinking in a panic, you look over the gears again, noticing a giant metal pick on a spring jamming into the base of the gear. It looks like a stopping pin of some sort.

"Applebloom! Help me lasso that thing! We've gotta pull it out!" You hoof her over one end of the rope, tying the other around your waist. She quickly ties a lasso and tries to get it to spin, but struggles.

"Ah wish Applejack were here…" She panics to get the rope into a steady circle.

The snake slithering through the stalactites nears the door. He lets out a chilling hiss as he looks for a way to climb down. You can almost hear him chuckling to himself.

Finally, Applebloom throws the lasso end toward the stopping pin. It loops around the arm and cinches up as she gives it a steady pull. "Whoa! Ah did it!" She shouts. "Look! Ah actually managed ta…"

The Boulder Snake lands on the stony platform outside the door. His head smacks down hard, leaving him dizzy for a second.

"Pull! Pull it!" Applebloom hits your flank a few times out of sheer panic. You lean forward just a bit, giving the rope a steady pull. You can hear it flaying apart under the stress.

Anonymous 364433




Anonymous 364436


Snakes stop being so silly. Also keep pulling.

Anonymous 364438


Is it that close to the ground?

I swear to god if we die now…

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364440

GAME INFO: The pin looks to be near enough to the ground to allow this action to occur. The giant pick digs into the massive crank gear from underneath.

Anonymous 364444




Anonymous 364446


Give it a solid kick then and do our best not to hit any of the actual gears.

Anonymous 364448


And now we're out a rope because we should have had a picture

Anonymous 364451


Eh, whatevs. We might not need the rope anymore.

Anonymous 364454


Quads deem the truth!

Anonymous 364460


But if your leg gets caught and crunched, we wont be able to turn back to normal without having a bloody stump.

Anonymous 364466


We will get augmented then.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364468

As the snake just outside the doors shakes off his daze, you can hear Sweetie Belle mumbling something in fear. Listening as the frail rope seems to be tearing itself apart, you bolt toward the mechanism.

"R-Raisin!?" Applebloom looks back to you, towards the door, then bolts to Scootaloo. You gallop as fast as you can to the gears, spin around, then give the pin a sturdy kick. Instantly, you hear the twang of steel and a creaking inside of the wall. You're hit by something as you go flying down the hallway a good distance. You hear Scootaloo shriek "incoming Raisin!" before you slam into the crystalline floor of the grand hallway.

A cacophonous roar churns out near the mechanism. You can see the stopping pin laying out on the floor, bent at a sharp angle where you kicked it. The gears spin uncontrollably as the doors begin to close. The last thing you see on the other side is the panicked expression of the Boulder Snake that nearly made his way into the room.

You see your friends blown back a little as the door slams shut. The gears on the wall promptly become dislodged, getting pulled up into the wall a ways before stopping.

"Raisin! Ya did it!" Applebloom jumps up. "Are you okay?"

"I think so…?"

"…no going back now, huh?" Scootaloo shakes her mane.

You check your leg, seeing a little chunk of rock missing. The pin must have clipped you as the mechanism was failing. "Probably not, no."

You take a few moments to let the team recuperate. Faintly, you think you can hear the Boulder Snakes pounding on the other side of the door. Behind you is a massive hallway leading toward a glowing orange light… further in, you swear you can see another light hovering in the distance.

"What is that?" Sweetie Belle asks from the safety of one of the Diamond Dogs' arms.

Anonymous 364474



Well, we might be stone for a little while longer until it regenerates.

Anonymous 364480


Approach cautiously.

Anonymous 364483


Do they look like eyes? Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364492

GAME INFO: It appears to be one singular light. It's extraordinarily brilliant and stands out from the orange light flooding the hallway. You're not sure what it could possibly be…

Anonymous 364493


Ask the diamond dogs how deep are we right now?


But if we don't turn back to normal as soon as we get the little medallion the diamond dogs are going to want to crack us open like a geode.

Anonymous 364494


Oh my~

Anonymous 364497


Sounds like instant death

Anonymous 364500


Approach EXTREMELY cautiously.

Anonymous 364502

Anonymous 364510


Good point. Forgot about that.

Jr, how big in the missing chunk?

Anonymous 364512


>"I don't know Sweetie, but let's find out! I mean, it's not like we have anywhere to go but forward!"

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364520

Looking up in this massive corridor gives you a sense of vertigo. The ceiling is incredibly high up.

"Hey… just in case we have to do something quick… do you dogs know how deep we are?"

Surprisingly, you see the dogs nearly drooling as they look forward at the distant light. One points toward it and starts chuckling. Another is slowly shaking his head back and forth in disbelief.

"Uh… boys?"

They seem to be marveling at the distant light, already starting to lead the way. They look back, motioning you to follow them.

"…alright… I have a terrible feeling about this, but alright."

"I think they know what it is…?" Sweetie Belle looks over the Diamond Dog's shoulder and back to you, Scootaloo, and Applebloom.

GAME INFO: The chunk missing from the back of your leg is relatively small. It looks like a small pie slice was cracked out of your left rearleg, though it isn't impeding your movement at all.

Anonymous 364522


Probably gold, lots and lots of gold.

Anonymous 364525


Well, if they want to lead the way, so be it. Always good to have meatshields.

Anonymous 364530


It's probably cursed somehow. Should be fun to watch no seriously, we should probably try to hold them back and us take the lead

Anonymous 364535


Call them back and remind them they can have all the gold they want, but only after we take care of the snakes.

Anonymous 364540


What if it turns thieves into gold?


Anonymous 364543


Yeah. If they trigger a trap we'll probably be caught too.

Anonymous 364544


If Raisin got turned to stone, would she just be a golden golem?

Anonymous 364548


Fuck, if she got turned to gold.

Anonymous 364551



Anonymous 364554

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364556

"Wait! Stop a second, guys."

The Diamond Dogs slowly move forward, but have their heads turned to listen.

"Call me paranoid, but this really doesn't look like something we want to just wander toward with our jaws hanging open. What if that thing's cursed?"

One of them stops. He taps the others.

"But Raisin… where else is there to go?" Applebloom looks about. "We're kinda locked in here, what with the door opener all busted up…"

"I-I don't know… what if Raisin's right, though?" Sweetie Belle looks ahead. "It looks too… pretty to be safe." She squints at the bright light at the end of the hallway.

Anonymous 364559


>"You're right, we have to go forward, but let's just do it one step at a time, okay?"

Anonymous 364561


Let us take the lead. We are the brave leader. if anyone triggers the lethal trap it's us

Anonymous 364565



Anonymous 364570


It's not dark it's actually quite bright and well lit.

Anonymous 364572


Roll for detect trap!


Roll #1 10 = 10

Anonymous 364574


We will, just hold your horses

Anonymous 364579


SB pls

Anonymous 364581



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364593

You bravely step around the Diamond Dogs, taking the lead. The light is certainly alluring amidst the orange glow. Bright and almost blinding, it almost feels reassuring, like the nearly forgotten feeling of warm sunshine on a Summer's day.

"You're right, Sweetie. Let's be cautious about how we approach this thing…"

You lead your brave team down the crimson crystal path, looking up toward each archway as you pass underneath. Besides the patter of hooves and claws against the vitreous path, the only other sounds you hear are the increasingly frequent bursts of magma boiling up ahead.

"What do you think they keep down here?" Scootaloo wonders.

"Nothing good, judgin' by them big doors back there…" Applebloom figures.

As you approach the last few arches, you see that the room opens up magnificently. The entire chamber is made of a gorgeous ruby colored crystal. The dogs tremble excitedly as the begin taking up small handfuls of loose gems along the path.

The source of the blinding light finally becomes clear. A humongous, pulsating gem sits loosely secured by some stone supports in the center of the massive chamber. It precariously hangs above a gigantic pool of lava, probably the biggest collection you've seen since you entered the caves. Magma seems to be pooling in from a few spots down below.

"Wh-what is this place? What is that?" Sweetie Belle scrunches up her face in confusion.

Across the room, you spot a doorway. Through it, you can see something moving, though the distance makes it unclear as to what it could be.

Anonymous 364597


>"Probably something horrifically bad. Let's blow it up!"

Anonymous 364601


Ask the diamond dogs how deep this chamber is under the surface.

Anonymous 364607

The source of the blinding light finally becomes clear. A humongous, pulsating gem sits loosely secured by some stone supports in the center of the massive chamber. It precariously hangs above a gigantic pool of lava, probably the biggest collection you've seen since you entered the caves. Magma seems to be pooling in from a few spots down below.

How are the supports arranged, how far down is the surface of the pool?

Anonymous 364608


How big is the something moving? Also, there's a walkway around the edge of the room, right?

Anonymous 364609


Look for any hiding spots.

Anonymous 364611


Seconding. I think this might be it.

Anonymous 364613

>Across the room, you spot a doorway.
So on the other side side of the magma pool? How much of the chamber does the pool take up?

Anonymous 364619

Seconded, is there a walkway, or a way down? Also, is the doorway across the way on the same level as us?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364636

You straight up, seeing the cavern roof far, far off into the distance. The entire way up is lined with crystals, but judging by how the Diamond Dogs seem to be chipping them off of the walls, they look rather frail.

"Hey, Dogs… how far beneath the surface do you think this room is?"

The Dogs all look up, noticing that the ceiling seems to ascend up forever. Instead of taking the usual measurement, he just nods. He looks over at you, then holds his paws apart. It looks like he could fit two ponies between them.

"That's how thick the ceiling is here?!"

He shrugs half-heartedly.

"So, you're just guessing then?"

He nods.

GAME INFO: The supports come from a ring pathway around the edge of the pool, all becoming more narrow as they near the pulsing gem. They appear to be thick enough to traverse. The magma pool appears to be at least 30 feet below you.

Several small doorways line the walls of the circular chamber room, but judging by their semi-molten appearance, they're being used to transport magma into the room.

Anonymous 364638


Hmm. Ask them if they think they could dig up through the walls and use our dynamite to blow open the room.

Anonymous 364640


Wait, so they dark moving thing wasn't glowing, right? I can't be magma then.

Anonymous 364641


fuck, ceiling, not room.

Anonymous 364642


Whatever we do, knocking the gem into magma is probably a bad idea.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364643

GAME INFO: The figure in the doorway across the chamber doesn't appear to be glowing, but it can move. You're not sure what it is, but it does appear to have some size to it.

Anonymous 364648


I guess if that's the plan, then sure. We still have the quarter-sticks. Here's hoping they're strong enough.

Anonymous 364654


There's also the large crystal we have, but I doubt that's an explosive.

Anonymous 364657


If that's the plan then the diamond dogs should move quick. We'll probably have to buy some time talking. A battle of wits!

Anonymous 364658

I swear to christ you guys are going to die here and it's going to be so goddamn hilarious.

Anonymous 364664


Might want to get that ready. Tell Sweetie that if things get hairy, she needs to touch the crystal and try to cast magic missile, but ONLY if we say so.

Anonymous 364669


No, we are clever pones.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364672

Looking at the pulsating gem and the gigantic collection of magma below, you figure that this must be it. This is volcano chamber the Red Snake mentioned way back when she was reviving one of her subjects during the midnight storm. You carefully reach into your saddlebags to find your quarter sticks…

"Oop.. wrong pocket…" Your hoof gently brushes up against Hayseed's mane. You know it's her by how she moves in the pocket. You wish you could feel her soft little mane brush up against your hoof again. Carefully, you close the pocket back up, then tap the others until you hear the hollow sound of the wooden Quarter Sticks box.

"Hey.." You hoof the box over to one of the Diamond Dogs. He opens it up, looking at the sticks. "Bring the roof down, would you?"

He nods, then points to one of his comrades with the torch and shrugs.

"Oh, right… only one of you has a way to light them up…"

Scootaloo looks over and sees you handing the Diamond Dogs the quarter sticks. "Whoa… things are about to get really serious…"

>How are the dogs going to light up all the Quarter Sticks?

Anonymous 364673


>tfw it'll probably just be a fizzy sparkler

>tfw it'll be completely underwhelming

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364674

Anonymous 364676


Don't they have a stompstarter?

Anonymous 364678


Give them a firestarter.

Anonymous 364680


Give them AB's stompstarter.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364681

Raisin: Hayseed, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3) (Currently Giving to Diamond Dogs), Royal Medallion, Spool of Rope (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Stompstarter

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Stompstarter, Empty Satchel

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Large Blue Crystal

Anonymous 364684


They might need kindling. Better give them the empty satchel too. Cloth is pretty flammable.

Anonymous 364688

File: 1362808377812.jpg (34.37 KB, 400x421, colgate squiggle.jpg)



Inflammable means easy to light, fgt.

Anonymous 364695

You all are expecting this plan to work, but it won't. It'll backfire in the most hilarious way possible.

Anonymous 364702



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364703

"Wait, hold on… Scootaloo, you've still got a Stompstarter on you, right?"

"I think so…" She reaches into her saddlebags. "Something has been digging into my side for the past couple hours…" She withdraws a shiny red Stompstarter from one of her pockets and hoofs it over to you.

You give it to one of the Diamond Dogs. "Here… Applebloom? You have one too, right?"

"Yeah, hold on…" She reaches into her Saddlebag to pull out a slightly used one. She carries it in her mouth over to the last dog. He holds it in his paw and cleverly uses his thumb to strike it.

The main dog hands each one a stick, then turns toward you. He holds out a paw, giving you a serious look.


He shakes his arm up and down, then rests it in front of your face again.

META INFO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=nO3Wfenv4Mo#t=7s

Anonymous 364706


Uhh, give him a hoofshake?

Anonymous 364710

When did we lose the sapphires?

Anonymous 364711


"Somehow I think that you don't entirely have faith in me, but thanks, I guess."

Anonymous 364714


Didn't we use them to bribe the diamond dog leader to give us meatshields?

Anonymous 364718


"It's been a pleasure working with you too. Girls, get behind me"

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364721

You rest your stony hoof on his paw. He wraps his fingers around it and gives it a firm shake, though strains to move it without your help.

"Somehow I think that you don't entirely have faith in me, but thanks, I guess."

He grins and shakes his head, then lets go of your hoof. He points at you with a smirk, then backs up toward his team. They immediately start climbing up the walls, fanning out across the dome like chamber ceiling. You notice them moving a bit more carefully as they ascend, taking care not to slip on their way up.

"I hope this works…"

"What? Ya mean you're not sure?" Applebloom looks slightly worried.

GAME INFO: Sweetie Belle let that one Diamond Dog carry her around for quite a while…

Anonymous 364723

Nope, the deal there was that the three dogs'd help us in return for all the treasure, and that we could keep one treasure in return for becoming DD property. No sapphires involved.

Dang it Jr.

Anonymous 364728


Fucking thieves.

Turn our attention to the moving mass in the tunnel.

Anonymous 364735


"Don't worry Applebloom, have I ever got us into something we couldn't get out of She doesn't remember failed lives, right?"

Anonymous 364743


You all realize even if we get the snake queen, there's still probably several dozen others still as dangerous.

Anonymous 364751



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364754

GAME INFO: Turning toward the doorway at the far end of the room, you can still see a figure moving about. It looks like the crystals themselves are slowly swaying, but it's still quite hard to tell.

Squinting harder, you can see what appears to be the outline of a cobra hood…

"Don't worry Applebloom. Have I ever got us into something we couldn't get out of?"

She pauses for a few moments, then nods. "Well, we've been in some close scrapes, but you always figured us a way out. Ah trust ya…"

"I'm not sure I do… but you haven't failed us yet." Scootaloo bumps your chest with her bandaged hoof. "I really don't know how we're going to get out of here, though."

Sweetie Belle stares up at the giant, pulsating gem, slightly mesmerized. "Why did the snakes hide this thing so deep underground? What is it?"

You see magma start to trickle in from a doorway on the side of the room, pouring into the cauldron below. It gurgles and broils as it helps fill the pool.

Anonymous 364755


So the thing isn't approaching? Maybe we should call out for it.

Anonymous 364757

File: 1362809804781.gif (1.13 MB, 257x192, 337291116.gif)

Oh man.

Anonymous 364760


Call out to the snake queen when the dogs get near the top of the ceiling. She has to be out in the open when the sunlight pours in.

Anonymous 364761


"Something bad Sweetie. Hey, maybe when all this is said and done, let's go get some ice cream? My treat!"

Anonymous 364763

File: 1362810119053.png (38.34 KB, 500x600, time to die.png)


We're going to blow up the ceiling and it's still going to be night and it's going to be so hilarious. Almost as hilarious Pank getting squished last adventure.

Anonymous 364768




Roll #1 16 = 16

Anonymous 364778

inb4 ded

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364782

You watch as the Diamond Dogs climb toward the ceiling. It looks like they're climbing into a sky covered in crimson glass. Though they move slowly, you can tell they'll make it to the top soon.

Oddly, you think you can hear humming resonating in the chamber. Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle can all hear it too.

"Hey! Snake lady!"

"Raisin!? What are yo-" Scootaloo's wings flutter as she's interrupted.

"Hmm?" You see the distant snake spin around gracefully. Her brilliant ruby coat glistens in the beaming light. Your friends cover their eyes. "It would appear my unnannounced guests have finally…" She slithers into the room. "My, what a strange assortment we have before us… we were expecting more of those foolish mutts to have wandered in passed the guards."

She slithers out onto one of the pathways leading to the beautiful, pulsating gem in the center of the chamber. She opens her hood up, casting the blinding light toward you and your friends.

"Welcome." Her soft voice echoes throughout the chamber, quickly diminished by the churning lava below.

Anonymous 364786


Tell everyone not to look at the hood.

Anonymous 364788


"Uuuh, hi"

Anonymous 364789


Oh shi-

Anonymous 364792


Alright, she's in, now to just bide some time and hope the plan works.

Introduce ourselves. After all, mother taught us to always be polite.

Anonymous 364794


Sweetie can, she's too dumb to be hypnotized even if that is the case.

Anonymous 364796



Anonymous 364800


Tell her we at least deserve a monologue before dying horribly for making it this far.

Anonymous 364802

Anonymous 364804

Don't forget we've got an ace in the hole with Sweetie, in case we need it.

Anonymous 364807



Anonymous 364809


Yeah, but let's save that for the very worst case scenario. It's probably not that powerful anyways.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364817

"Hello, shiny, red… snake… My name is Raisin Merlot." You have to keep a hoof raised over your eyes to keep from being blinded by the snake's light.

"I'm Scootaloo…"

"I'm Sweetie Belle…"

"And Ah'm Applebloom…"

Your friends are wincing at the light, unable to look up.

"It appears that you have some manners beneath that puerile disrespect of yours." The calm in her voice is alluring, but doesn't bring you any peace. "We are Queen Keszeem, ruler of the mighty Boulder Snake race. What brings you… ponies… to our Grand Chambers?"

You can hear her moving, but cannot see her. She doesn't sound as though she's moving toward you, but instead to the right.

"Would you mind killing the lights? I'm starting to get a headache!" Scootaloo shouts.

"We'll get to the killing of things in but a moment… how did you four brave adventurers get in here through the main gate?" She keeps a disturbingly calm demeanor to her voice.

Anonymous 364819


"I beat up everyone! They were no match for my magic charms."

Anonymous 364821


Start walking to the left, try and keep her on the opposite side of the room.

Anonymous 364822


Tell her that we just walked in. Snakes don't have good eyesight.

Anonymous 364824


I'm sorely tempted to suggest that we're the reincarnation of the Golem Queen from the last adventure and that we've come to propose an alliance.

Anonymous 364826


Yeah, even though she's probably far faster than we can walk.


What was her name again?

Anonymous 364827


Pff. Would Snakelady even know who she is?

Anonymous 364828


Anonymous 364831


That was the name of the box, but was it the name of the queen. Goddamn Jr and your funny names

Anonymous 364832

It was the first one.

Anonymous 364837

I believed it was. She certainly responded to the name, and Tezel called her by it.

Anonymous 364838


Then, as queen of the golems, we demand that we work out some agreement that won't kill all our future slaves.

Anonymous 364839

Yeah, checked, it was her name.
>Hint 3:
>The crown that Tezel wears is cursed. It represents a haughty king that used to rule alongside his queen, Adanemzurai.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364843

Before you answer, you tap the ground. You bow your head low, then whisper to your friends, "She's moving. We should do the same… back this way, to the left…"

As you begin to back away, you hear a very sudden crackling ripple up the walls. In what seems an instant, Keszeem seems to have moved behind you. "We see your lack of confidence in the hallways… you four actually ventured in here by yourselves?"

She opens her hood again, casting a blinding light down on your team. The walls seem to be just as reflective as her scales.

"Hey, you might want to keep your distance."

"We shall. It's such a curiosity imagining how you four sleuths not only evaded my children, but managed to cross the Gardens without a bridge." She forces your team to start backing up down the path she was just on.

"Obviously, you must know how by now." You make sure your friends stay behind you, then put your hooves down. Keszeem moves a little closer, then stops. "I am a descendent of Queen Adanemzurai, the cursed… golem queen. Of the east. And I'm incredibly gifted with magic."

Your friends shake in place.

"Praise be!" Scootaloo squeaks, raising a hoof half-heartedly, trying to give more credit to your witty story.

"It's not oft we have a golem for company… the daughter of Queen Adanemzurai, no less? We're honored to make your acquaintance." She keeps the light shining brightly upon your team. "Those three are your escorts, are they not? One of them must be holding your magical crown for you, then?"

She begins slithering toward you again.

Anonymous 364845


"Pff, we don't need the crown anymore. Our top magicians have created a magical link to it that's always active. We actually dumped it in a ditch. You'd be amazed how often people tend to look for important things in the most heavily guarded chambers."

Anonymous 364847


Just keep backing up, maintain eye contact.

Anonymous 364849




Roll #1 19 = 19

Anonymous 364853


"I'm certain you won't harm me. After all, If I don't report back soon, we'll have our mountain sized pet stomp around this region and collapse all your tunnels"

Anonymous 364854



Anonymous 364855


Back up and above all else refrain from scrunching. Scrunching is a sign of weakness."

Anonymous 364857


"It's hidden well, unless your fancy schmancy glowing rock over there."

Anonymous 364858


We can still flash her the filly eyes, right?

Anonymous 364860

Maybe we should ask her, you know, about the thing that turns stone to flesh again?

Anonymous 364861

File: 1362813548022.png (197.79 KB, 820x974, sad applebloom.png)


Counteract her light with the sadface? Mite b cool.

Anonymous 364862



Anonymous 364865


It's probably in the treasure chamber, but I guess if we can goad her into getting it.

After all, it would just be so awful if we we turned into an ugly mortal again. Just awful.

Anonymous 364868


"We require the magic trinket our spies reported you using earlier in the settlement above. It is a severe threat to my kingdom. In exchange for this we will ally with you."

Or something.

Anonymous 364871


It is unbecoming of a fair lady like ourself.

Anonymous 364878

You faggots are going to lose so hard. Even if you win, you have all the other snakes to deal with.

Anonymous 364881



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364882

"Pff, we don't need the crown anymore. Our top magicians have created a magical link to it that's always active. We actually dumped it in a ditch. You'd be amazed how often people tend to look for important things in the most heavily guarded chambers."

"We're certain you have. We are fortunate to have asked, seeing as we cannot risk challenging a magical foe."

"Oh?" Sweetie Belle squeaks.

"It is the only weakness of the Boulder Snakes. Surely, you can find justification to our hesitation in attacking an unknown foe?"

"Queen Keszeem… I must be honest with you. We've come looking for a treasure called the True Soul Amulet. My mother's spies reported that you have it?"

"You mean this?" She closes her hood. For a moment, you can actually see. A very sinister smile greets you. Underneath, around where her neck would be, you see a familiar amulet."

"Yes… it poses a great danger to my kingdom. We would like to secure it and… take it back to the Queen."

"Perhaps we can make an arrangement…" She opens her hood back up, continuing her advance. From behind, you hear one of the doorways gurgle. Magma begins to drain out into the main chamber pool. Applebloom shrieks as her tail nearly catches fire.

"Mind the doors. We're currently preparing the Grand Chambers for renovation." Keszeem doesn't stop moving toward you.

Anonymous 364885

File: 1362814348817.png (17.51 KB, 488x457, spitty dafty bigok.png)


>mfw this is actually kind of working

Anonymous 364886


"Yeah Ap-slave, mind your tail. B-but it's not like it wouldn't be easy yo replace you, o-of course"

Anonymous 364889


Don't look up. Don't look up. As much as we want to look up, don't.

Anonymous 364890


"What do you have in mind? If it is within my power I can accommodate it"

Anonymous 364891


The dogs are taking their sweet ass time, huh?

Anonymous 364892



Anonymous 364895


That won't be the only thing killing us soon~

Anonymous 364897





Anonymous 364898



Anonymous 364899

File: 1362814919652.gif (20.47 KB, 421x316, raisin love.gif)

Anonymous 364900

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364903

"What do you have in mind? If it is within my power I can accommodate it…"

"It's well within your power, Princess Raisin." You hear her hiss. "You see, we've always had a lingering curiosity."

"Oh yeah? Why don't we just stop moving and talk about it for a moment?" She doesn't stop.

"Raisin! Raisin stop!" Applebloom sounds panicked. You can see the magma behind you with a small turn of your head.

"But you see, the answer is only a few moments away." She lunges forward, snapping her jaws near your head. Your friends all shriek in terror. "We've been ever so curious as to how stone ponies would taste on our refined palette."


She snaps again, though this time Sweetie Belle shouts. "My mane! "

You watch Keszeem rear up tall. "Clearly, you lack any magical powers whatsoever. Queen Adanemzurai was barren, so you are not her of her lineage. Your friends are but normal children… and judging by your interest in my amulet, you must have been cursed with your delectable form." She hisses. "Please, do stop us if we're wrong."

You hear some distant barking echo from the ceiling. Keszeem simply looks up for a moment, then arches back for another strike.

Anonymous 364905


Tell Sweetie that now would be a good time to try to magic missile her way into buying us a few moments to tell the dogs to blow the ceiling up.

Anonymous 364906


Anonymous 364907


"Sorry, but I'm not into vore"

Yell "NOW!" at the diamond dogs.

Anonymous 364908

Anonymous 364909



Anonymous 364911


Use light, we know she can cast it and darkvision makes you more sensitive to bright light right in your face.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364913

>How do you wish to use your Bits?

Anonymous 364914


Tell Kezseem that we defeated the mighty Adanemzurai the same way we're going to defeat her, by exploiting her one weakness.

Anonymous 364916


Toss in face!

Anonymous 364918


Tell the Dogs that they'll get coins if they blow up the dynamite right now!

Anonymous 364919


Yeah, that makes sense. Better not risk it after going through all of this.

Anonymous 364921


But tell Sweetie to use the crystal and the dogs to blow up the ceiling before that. Gotta use our little horsie mouth.

Anonymous 364922

You're all missing the true final test

We must come up with a cheesy one liner

Anonymous 364925


"You know what they say about snakes,they're stone cold blooded"

Anonymous 364927


That sucks, try again.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364928

>Option 1:

>Option 2: Use up your crystal to try and buy some time

GAME INFO: This is mandatory. Something witty will surely add insult to injury regardless of the action you choose or even if you die

Anonymous 364932


Can't we do both? Tell Sweetie to use the crystal to light up and then toss the bag of coins at the queen while she's blinded?

Anonymous 364933




Anonymous 364934

It's like video games, two stuns don't stack.

Light first. Next turn when her sight recovers, coins.

Anonymous 364936


"I thought you were a majestic foe, but it looks like you're just another snake in the grass."

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364937

GAME INFO: You could do one action after the other, but as it stands, Keszeem is just about to lunge at you and your teammates. You only have time for one action before she attacks.

Anonymous 364938



Anonymous 364939


Light then. Tell Sweetie to focus the light beams on her eyes. Hopefully her glowy hood is just some ability she has and not some light resistance thing.

Anonymous 364940


Eeeeeeeh better, but still could use work.

Anonymous 364941

Use the coins to distract her. I think we should save the crystal for when we have absolutely no options left.

Anonymous 364943


"When it comes to fighting, you snakes don't have a leg to stand on!"

Anonymous 364944


We were supposed to spend the coins, so I don't think that's a solution. The crystal itself was given to us in late game and it's highly likely this was one of its uses.

But if the light doesn't work that well, I guess we can pretend our bag of bits is some sort of magic dust or something.

Anonymous 364945



Anonymous 364947

File: 1362816854980.jpg (576.37 KB, 1200x1000, windbreaker.jpg)


Wow, I'm surprised just how cold blooded you are.

Anonymous 364948


Probably the best so far but not snake themed enough.

Anonymous 364949


It becomes a matter of determining which one works and which one is snake oil

Anonymous 364952



Roll #1 19 = 19

Anonymous 364953


Anonymous 364954


>25 minutes since last GM post.

Either it's absolute victory or crushing defeat.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364955

>Inside a room flooded with light
>Light is intense enough to cause partial blindness
>Use one-time open ended magic spell item to cast Light on bad guy
I got a good laugh outta that

Knowing the dogs are already taking down the ceiling, you know that a split second distraction will be just enough delay to save yourselves. Keszeem coils into an 'S', ready to lunge.

"Sweetie! Light! Eyes! Now!"

Fumbling, Sweetie reaches for the Large Blue Crystal. Quickly, she slaps it into her horn. In an explosive burst of brilliant light, you can feel Keszeem miss her lunge and slide up against the wall.

"Magic?!" She hisses. "…Malecite?!" Her calm voice has turned furious.

Your team runs away from the side of Keszeem's tail. She lunged herself into the magma flow, throwing up some globs of molten rock. A moment later, you hear an explosion roar through the cavern. Large slabs of rock come falling down into the room, crashing all about the pulsating gem in the center.

"NO!!" Keszeem bolts towards the center of the room down one of the pathways. She covers the gem with her hood, blinking furiously. A few rocks pummel her as you and your team move away from the little magma flow.

After the smoke clears, you see the natural morning sunlight flood into the room. The crystals in the upper chamber reflect light all the way down, filling the room with a welcoming glow. It feels good to see the blue skies again….

Keszeem appears to be fine. A blue aura surrounds her as she continues blinking her eyes.

"You will not leave this room alive! We will find you!" She scans the walls with a malevolent, angry sneer. She cocks her head back, then spits magma toward where she last was.

Anonymous 364956


Wait, so light doesn't turn her to stone?

Anonymous 364957

Anonymous 364958

Anonymous 364959



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364960

GAME INFO: Keszeem appears to be surrounded by a blue aura. It doesn't look natural to her. As far as you know, sunlight is lethal to Boulder Snakes, though she doesn't appear to be turning to stone.

Anonymous 364961



This wouldn't have happened if you all would have come up with a good one-liner

Anonymous 364962


Man I still defend the use of light. Sweetie pone wouldn't know the first thing about any sort of magic missile.

Anonymous 364963

Make sure Sweetie doesn't collapse and fall into the lava or anything. The smaller dust left her a mite woozy, who knows how a full crystal's left her.

Is Keszeem keeping her gem in shadow?

Anonymous 364964


Well, keep moving, stay away from her head.

Also get Sweetie, she's probably really tired after suing that spell.

Anonymous 364965


I bet we could have dropped it into the lava and killed her that way.

Anonymous 364966


That's probably how she would trigger all the eruptions. The chamber needed to be filled with magma for a reason.

Anonymous 364967


10 bucks says how to dispel the blue aura is what LS was going to tell us.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364968

Searching about the room in a fit of rage, Keszeem still seems to be slightly blind from the light spell. You just noticed that Sweetie's eyes are spinning around in her head; she looks like she's about to collapse.

"Woo… wooo…. are… are we dead?" Sweetie blinks hard, then shakes her mane.

"You will be soon!" Keszeem shouts from the center of the room. She fires another stream of magma in your general direction.

Anonymous 364969

She knows of malecite and was pretty angry about it being brought here; I wonder if it would have reacted with her crystal.

I also wonder if her crystal is what's keeping her shield up; perhaps we need to seperate her from it?

Anonymous 364970


She can rest on our back, tell everyone to keep moving and stay away from Keszeem's head.

Anonymous 364971


I'll be blunt. Did wasting the magic spell make the game unwinnable?

Anonymous 364972


What do we have?

We used our dynamite, our spell, and maybe our money.

Anonymous 364973


We still have a hammer. That's got to count for something.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364974

Raisin: Hayseed, Royal Medallion, Spool of Rope (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Empty Satchel

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape

Anonymous 364975


Where are the diamond dogs now? They OK?

Anonymous 364976


The rope is flayed right? Even if it wasn't, I doubt it would hold enough to lasso her and pull her into the lava enough for sunlight to strike the gem.

Anonymous 364977


So close…so close…

Anonymous 364978


>use the Royal Medallion to shine light in her eyes again

Truly a great idea huh guys?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364979

>Rover: "Dig Dogs! Come back when you've dug!"
As per Rover's orders, the Dogs are probably already on their way back to the Diamond Dog fort.

Anonymous 364980


W-well, at least we're the o-only fatality.


Anonymous 364981


Well, pocket sand if our next option. I was really hoping the sunlight thing would work.

Anonymous 364982

All the supports are thick and sturdy, right?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364983

GAME INFO: The supports leading to the giant pulsating gem in the center of the room are rather sturdy paths. Judging from the profile view you've seen of a few of them, they look like they'd support you almost all the way out to the gem itself. The last few feet would probably give way under your weight.

Anonymous 364984


Maybe you can spout some one liners. That tends to help in seemingly hopeless situations.

Anonymous 364985


>Rope could be used to secure us from falling into the lava

>since it's frayed it'll snap when we fall anyway.

Anonymous 364986


Wait, so the supports just out from the walkway around the room and not above?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364987

GAME INFO: The walkways are the supports for the gem in the center of the room. They hold the gem precariously over the cauldron of boiling magma below.

Anonymous 364988


If they do then our victory will have to be a pyrrhic one. We'll need to have Scoots and AB distract Keszeem and try to stomp on of the supports free.

Anonymous 364989


Then we really have no other choice, do we?

Anonymous 364990


But dropping the gem into the magma will probably cause catastrophe.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364991

META INFO: I have an odd feeling that you guys don't understand why Keszeem seems to be protected from the sunshine at the moment.

Anonymous 364992


We don't have to stomp the supports free, just get close enough to deliver a good kick to the magic shield, maybe it disrupt it.

Anonymous 364993


It obviously has something to do with the crystal, but outright destroying it is risky.

Anonymous 364994


No shit we're clueless. She could have a spell, she could have a magic trinket, the crystal is obviously important but it seems like she's protecting it rather than vice versa.

Anonymous 364995


Jr, how big was the crystal again and how much is it being covered by her? Like, just casually in her shadow or is Keszeem hunkered down over it.

Anonymous 364996


We can maybe reflect some light with our royal medallion onto it.

Anonymous 364997


Fine, fuck it, I don't care anymore. Anything is better than walking straight up to the big bad magma spitting snake.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 364998

GAME INFO: As soon as the debris started falling into the room, she covered the gem with her body. Now that she's raging mad and searching for you and your friends while he sight's returning, she's leaning up a bit. She's not laying on the crystal anymore.

Anonymous 364999


Oh, so you were serious?

Anonymous 365000


We are smart fillies Watch it do absolutely nothing

Anonymous 365001


Not Rageanon but I the whole snake and gem motif gives me flashbacks to the Spirit Temple.

Anonymous 365002


Whatever we do, we just have to tell everyone to keep moving and zig zag a lot to be unpredictable.

Anonymous 365003


It's better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.

Anonymous 365004

The other idea I had was that the True Soul Amulet's keeping her from turning to stone, but I discarded that since it had needed a token of love to work before.

If that is what's up, only idea I have is having AB ride on our back while we charge out there, and try to lassoo it. Maybe have someone else make noise as a distraction? Toss the sack of bits somewhere?

Anonymous 365005


If that's the case we're boned. There's no way we can wrestle it off her. The moment we get close enough to even have a hope of grabbing it, she'll swallow us whole.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 365006

GAME INFO: When you first observed the use of the True Soul Amulet, you saw that a token of love was required to bring back someone that had already been cursed…

Anonymous 365007


But she's probably loved by her subjects in some weird way. Magic is weird.

Anonymous 365008


And what could the token of love be? She doesn't have any other things like a crown she wears, does she?

Anonymous 365009


Could the gem be it? She's obviously protecting it from the sun. If she was just blocking the falling debris she would have moved by now.

Anonymous 365010


I still vote for the light reflection with royal medallion.

Anonymous 365011

Perhaps Jr's hinting that a token is nescessary to bring someone back, but the amulet alone will prevent the transformation?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 365012

The only thing that you saw Keszeem wearing was the True Soul Amulet about her neck.

Anonymous 365013

Repeating the second question here.
Is Kaszeem's position keeping the gem in shadow even with her firing about blindly?

Anonymous 365014


Well then I hope we stacked dodge skills because there's no way we could get close enough without getting slagged by lava.

Anonymous 365015

She's still blinded, remember. So long as we can stay quiet, we might be able to get close safely. Hence why I suggested making a loud noise elsewhere, so she's looking in the wrong direction even if her sight is clear enough to spot us.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 365016

GAME INFO: While blind firing, it doesn't appear as though Keszeem is placing any special attention on covering the crystal. She seems to be leaning back a ways from it when she prepares for an attack.

"The crystals in the upper chamber reflect light all the way down, filling the room with a welcoming glow."

Anonymous 365017


You could have used the pocket sand

The explosion would have triggered and we'd have a spell to pull off the amulet.

You could have stopped it.

Anonymous 365018


She's still huge. We would need to climb up on onto her body to get to wear she's wearing the amulet.

Anonymous 365019

Oh, right, she's reared up.
…Time to test AB's lassoo skills again?

Anonymous 365020


Jr, please tell us how big she is and where the amulet is in relation to the support of the gem.

Anonymous 365021


How the fuck can you lasso a necklace? It's a close loop and the amulet is probably hanging down.

Anonymous 365023


Maybe she's low enough that we could jump up and grab it if we can get directly beneath her without looking.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 365024

GAME INFO: Keszeem is absolutely massive. She's quite a bit larger than the normal Boulder snakes you've seen. A very long, smooth golden necklace with the True Soul Amulet affixed to one end hangs just below the start of her cobra hood.

From the ground, you'd have very little chance of reaching it unless she was slithering or recovering from a lunge.

Anonymous 365025


That still would probably cause the supports to come crashing down beneath us.

Anonymous 365026


Is there any part of her body that we could hop on or something?

Anonymous 365027


Well, Wikipedia says lava typically ranges from 700*C to 1200*C, and granite melts at just about 1200*. We might be okay.

Anonymous 365028


Not if she decides to chomp us.

Anonymous 365029


We could have one of the CMC act as bait, try to goad her into a lunge.

Anonymous 365030


fuck you

Anonymous 365031


No, no fatalities. They're much too tired and weak to do that safely. I'd rather have game over than ded filly.

Anonymous 365032


Donte pls.

Anonymous 365033


>running along her back, dodging globs of molten spit

Maybe if this was MGR.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 365034

GAME INFO: There are a variety of plans coming together as to how you and your beloved comrades can make the best of the current situation at hand. Though the easy way may be out of reach (>>365017), a more adventurous route may still be available if you're brave enough.

Keep in mind you have to make sure Hayseed doesn't bite the dust before you do if you want to be able to use that last life.

I know you guys are probably all feeling dead tired right now. I'd be willing to attempt to continue/wrap up this area on Sunday at the usual time. Do you guys wanna Save/Quit so you can come up with a strategy and try it out in 2 days?

Anonymous 365035


Fuck, fine.

Anonymous 365036





Anonymous 365037


If we die I will seriously stop. As much as I love Raisin, it's just too long to go through the same things over again. These games are beginning to last, no joke, half a year at a time.

Anonymous 365038


It seems like whatever we do will boil down to a random roll, so what's the point?

Anonymous 365039

File: 1362823038120.png (76.79 KB, 312x265, hnng2.png)

I told you all. I told you all there would be spectacular failure. And it's so delicious.

Anonymous 365040


Would the pocket change seriously have worked. You'd think a giant beast would regard a sack of coins to be nothing more than a gentle brush

Anonymous 365041


fuck you

Anonymous 365042



Anonymous 365043


Jr said Save and quit.

Does that imply a save point here that would erase the one we had at the beginning?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 365044

META INFO: I hear ya. Most of the time spent, though, is usually me stalling/delaying the game a week or two. I'm really looking forward to getting this quest wrapped up, but I'm not handing out victory badges. They must be earned.

If you do guys do end up dying, we might be able to barter the last life around for some sort of a compromise. Might cut you a deal to alleviate the repetition of going through another life from the beginning…

GAME INFO: There was a reason Keszeem was taking caution to approaching you. Surprising her with a hooful of golden coins may have gotten a very unexpected reaction, especially if she didn't know what you were throwing at her.

Anonymous 365045


I know exactly what's going to happen on Sunday. 4 hours of debate, then a single action which will result in death due to a bad roll.

Anonymous 365046


If we win, I want clean our room quest. Something nice and pleasant and silly.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 365047

GAME INFO: Deal. Clean your room and get Ice Cream with Sweetie Belle quest. If you win.

Anonymous 365048


>use duster of shelf

>kicks up dust bunnies
>accidentally inhale one and choke to death

Should have stayed a golem, fgt.

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