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Raisin Quest 4: A Pit of Lava-Proof Snakes FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335165[Last 50 Posts]

Welcome, questers, to the end. Venturing far and deep into the depths of Equestria, through a Diamond Dog outpost, and through a strange, dark tunnel, you have made it to the Boulder Snake Chambers. Do you have what it takes to stop this menace from covering Equestria in plumes of ash?

Let’s find out… after the summary, of course.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335168

>**Take a Large Blue Crystal off of the wall in the Crystal Cavern**
>Walk up ramp to listen in on the sounds occurring in the lava chamber
>**Tuck back behind the door in preparation for the arrival of another Boulder Snake into the room**
>Hear the voice of the Red Cobra as she punishes one of her subjects; look into room to try and guess where the snakes headed
>–Decide to head down Dark Crystal Pathway—
>xXx Light your Lamp xXx
>Approach a strange, deep hole in the path with an odd looking substance moving around down below
>–Take the path around the side of the hole—
>Notice that something is very subtly moving on the wall; Tell Applebloom to stop and hold back
>xXx Moving Crystal boops the Lamp into the pit xXx
>**Make sure everyone passes the rope around and secures themselves**
>Continue moving forward in the darkness
>xXx Diamond Dog bumps into the Moving Crystal, gets their Dig Team and Sweetie Belle booped into the pit xXx
>Pull Diamond Dog up, Scootaloo falls off of the path ahead
>Get everyone back onto the path, then continue forward very carefully
>xXx Accidentally smack a Diamond Dog’s paw that was on your chest. He bops you on the head. xXx
>–Step onto thin path toward the light at the end of the tunnel. It begins cracking…–

After maneuvering through an unnaturally dark tunnel inhabited by some abominable, light hating crystals, Raisin and her tired team reach the entrance to a mighty chamber. They are greeted by the presence of many, many Boulder Snakes across an expanse of gurgling magma. As the snakes seem to expand the chamber, Raisin discusses her plans to bring this place down atop the Boulder Snakes heads.

Ahead of the daring team lies two paths… one leading left, the other leading right. The Snakes don’t seem to have noticed the team yet. Thankfully, the crudely cut paths offer some cover.

Raisin: Hayseed, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3) (Box has sustained mild water damage), Royal Medallion, Can of ‘Grease’, Twisted Iron Rod (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Stompstarter, Empty Satchel

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Nails, Large Blue Crystal

Anonymous 335169


Anonymous 335170

File: 1359947895827.png (38.34 KB, 500x600, time to die.png)


Pray to God

Anonymous 335171


Right is always right!

Anonymous 335172


Can we get some more descriptions on either path? Like sound or shit?

Anonymous 335173


Yeah, it seems like it's a toss up, or does that really matter?

Do they lead to the same place?

Anonymous 335174


I vote left. Deal with it you bitch.

Anonymous 335176

Please not tonight.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335177

GAME INFO: Because the chamber is so massive, any sound being made seems to resonate across the entire expanse. From the light and signature sounds of gurgling lava, you're rather positive the floor of the chamber is filled with magma.

In the far distance, you can hear some scraping of rock. It sounds like it's being hit with a pickaxe, but it's just the snakes hammering away into a wall. They seem too distracted with their work to take notice to your party entering the chamber across the way.

Currently, you're too far back into the entrance to see down either path.

Anonymous 335178



Anonymous 335179


I guess it doesn't matter then. Count my vote as free.

Anonymous 335180


1 = left
2 = right


Roll #1 2 = 2

Anonymous 335181


I stand resolute in my affirmation to go left.

Anonymous 335182

>any sound being made seems to resonate across the entire expanse
The simple act of Raisin walking will screw us.

Where is that map?

Anonymous 335185


Do we still have the reinforced boots equipped? Don't they still muffle sound even though they're broken?

Anonymous 335189


I think so. what's the alternative though? We can't be carried.

Anonymous 335190


Inb4 scripted capture

Anonymous 335192

File: 1359948819450.jpg (52.19 KB, 335x248, Graveler.jpg)

Curl into a ball and roll around?

Anonymous 335193

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335194

File: 1359948841918.png (23.41 KB, 823x739, BoulderSnakeChamberFirstLook.P…)

GAME INFO: We'll be going right; let's address the other info questions first

GAME INFO: Here is the map showing the initial look into the Magma Chamber. Your group is standing right in the entrance down at the bottom of the screen, just beyond the shadowy corridor.

GAME INFO: The Reinforced Boots were destroyed while you were trying to outrun Diamond Dog spears across the first magma chamber you ran into. There was one dangling on your right forehoof, but it will not provide any sound dampening.

Anonymous 335195


Fuck it, worth a shot.

At least we get silly points before we die.

Anonymous 335196

Joking around is fun and all, but a joke is all that was. Let's not do anything stupid.

Anonymous 335197



What's the diamond dog's inventory? They got vests or something we can wrap around our hooves?

Anonymous 335198

Tell the others to wait here while we scout ahead. Time our steps with the noises that the Boulder Snakes are making and walking forwards, then peak around the corners up ahead so we can see both paths.

Anonymous 335199


He had a point though. If there was a big decision, there would be clear differences in the descriptions of directions. Moving silently is this room's big challenge probably

Anonymous 335200


We can use the CMC capes and the empty sack to walk if we wrapped them around our hooves.

Anonymous 335201

Jr has taken joke/shitposter suggestions in the past.

Anonymous 335203


Speaking of the diamond dogs, I have an idea. They can probably be tricked into letting us go if we defeat the snakes with our sack of bits. Bride them into telling the others we fell in lava or some shit.

Anonymous 335204


Let me cast a vote not to roll then, just to be sure. I still vote for the CMC cape idea to muffle our steps.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335209

You take in the grand view of the Boulder Snakes massive chamber, watching some snakes across the room head left to chip away at a wall. You can hear them clinking away against the hard chamber walls.

"Well… where to, Raisin?" Applebloom stands by your side. "We're right behind ya'."

Taking a look either way, you decide that your best bet is to head right. Since the snakes don't appear to be heading that way across the chamber, it looks like the safest option.

"We're going to go right… Dig Dogs, I'll need you to tell me when you think we're at a point where the ceiling is thinnest."

The dog that's been taking measurements gives you an affirmative nod.

"What'll happen if the snakes catch us, though?" Sweetie Belle gulps.

"…They won't. Let's just keep quiet and move carefully…"

Scootaloo sighs. "We're all gonna die." The group follows your lead up to the split in the path.

>To Roll
>Not To Roll

Peeking your head out around the corner, you check both ways to ensure the coast is clear. Oddly enough, either direction seems to be free of any Boulder Snakes. Noticing that your hooves have been making a bit of noise, you get a sudden idea. You curl your stony body up into a ball as tight as you possibly can.

"What are ya doin?" Applebloom watches as you squeeze your legs together.

With a sturdy lean forward, your ball like shape starts to slowly roll forward. It's not as loud or as distinctive as a set of stony hooves trotting into the noisy chamber, but it still makes a little noise.

After about 4 rolls, your head starts to feel spinny. You carefully uncurl your body on the path, your eyes still spinning a little.

"Whooaa…" You can feel your eyes spinning around in your head.

"I didn't know you could do that!" You hear Scootaloo whisper shout just a little ways behind.

"Raisin! Get down! They'll see you!" Sweetie Belle whisper shouts over to you. Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle have crouched down behind some coverage with the Diamond Dogs, all of them standing in awkward positions to vaguely mimic the shape of their cover.

Anonymous 335214

Anonymous 335215


Get into as much cover as possible and stay still. Camouflage niggaz.

Anonymous 335216


Take Sweetie's advice and get down.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335218

GAME INFO: The Diamond Dogs are wearing full sets of Dig Dog armor. They're equipped with iron chestplates, helmets, and shoulder guards. You know that one of them has jammed food under his chestplate for safekeeping.

Anonymous 335220


Take a moment to shake away our dizziness and hide awkwardly behind a comically oddly shaped rock.

Anonymous 335221


>Raisin used Rollout!

>It's not very effective…

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335222

You shake your head in an attempt to get your eyes back in focus. They rattle around for a moment before the room comes back into view. There's a clear line of sight between you and the Boulder Snakes across the room, though their sides are facing you.

Hastily looking for a spot to hide, you spot an hourglass shaped stalactite. You zip to it, trying your best to keep hidden behind it. Your tail pokes out a little, but you manage to stretch your limbs out enough to keep hidden.

As the snakes across the room smash their teeth into the granite walls, you see a Boulder Snake emerge from a tunnel down the path behind your group. They immediately turn left and slither away from your group, heading into another tunnel. You can almost see the blood freeze in the Diamond Dogs' veins.

"Phew… that was close…"

Looking ahead, you see a few turnoffs. The first one is glowing orange, much like this chamber. Further down, you can see the beginning of a turn off, but not into the room.

Scootaloo leans her head out wearing a look of intense fear. She keeps the look as she shrugs at you, looking for direction.

Anonymous 335225


Beckon her and the others over, move into the glowing turnoff when it's safe.

Anonymous 335226


The glowing chamber is probably another magma chamber.

Did any boulder snakes come out of these that we saw?

Anonymous 335227


FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335228

GAME INFO: You haven't seen any Boulder Snakes come out of these rooms, this being your first time seeing their entrances, but from across the chamber you saw Boulder Snakes going through entrances much like this one.

Anonymous 335231


Tell Scootaloo to stop being a scaredy pony. We totally got this.

Also, we should hit for the unlit turnoff. The goal is to move into the heart of the base (or whatever the fuck this would be called).

Anonymous 335232


Glowy one definitely leads to another chamber.

I bet that's where the other path from the crystal chamber led to.

Anonymous 335235


But we also need to find a spot to detonate the ceiling.

Anonymous 335236


But we also need to find the queen or the leader and shank her magic doohicky for us.

Anonymous 335238

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335240

File: 1359951076717.png (28 KB, 823x739, BoulderSnakeChamberFull.PNG)

GAME INFO: The green line shows your party's progress thus far. The glowing orange chamber is the one nearest to the second green spot representing Raisin's position. The first green spot represents the current location of the rest of your party.

Anonymous 335241


I swear this plan is bupkus. Even if all goes well, we freeze the queen and maybe a few other snakes. It seems like there are at least dozens, and it's highly unlikely we'll get them all in the same room.

Anonymous 335242


God fucking dammit, how are we supposed to choose between a bunch of identical pathways?

Anonymous 335243


So when you mean dark turnoff, do you mean the entrance beyond the first glowing one, or just down that fork?

Anonymous 335244

We will have taken out a large number and made ourself a safeish area.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335246

GAME INFO: You are unsure if the next turnoff is dark or not. You cannot see into the next turnoff from your current location.

Anonymous 335247


Uuuh, maybe go for dark turnoff then.

Anonymous 335248



Anonymous 335250


Is there more cover along the path?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335252

GAME INFO: The cover along the path is spaced out and a little sparse, though there should be enough to jump from one position to the next. While moving, you'll be out in the open. There's a slight chance you may be spotted.

Anonymous 335253


I still vote for the unknown path. That other one is too close and would probably send us back the way we came.

Anonymous 335254


Does walking on your tippy-toes reduce sound?

Anonymous 335255

Can you update the map to show us how the cover is in the spots we can see?

Anonymous 335256



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335257

GAME INFO: Unfortunately for Raisin, tippy-hoofing only slightly reduces noise. Rock on rock still produces quite a bit of sound, so she's unable to remain super stealthy.

If your friends move on their tippy-hooves, however, their sound will be reduced to almost absolute silence.

Anonymous 335258

Which tunnel are we trying to go to?

Anonymous 335259


So the thing that would produce the least noise would be rolling out and then on tippy hooves?

Do it.

Anonymous 335260


We should clarify this one. Would the unknown turnoff be the one beyond the lit turnoff?

Anonymous 335262


This image seems very silly.

I wish Krabb was still around to draw it for us. That was nice.

Anonymous 335264


Be sure to get a good look at what the boulder snakes are doing, I doubt rolling does anything good for our perception.


With a gentle beckoning of your forehoof, you direct your friends to your position. They shiver slightly from the close encounter, but seem eager to move.

Applebloom and Scootaloo take the lead, tippy-hoofing their way across the open space. The capes wrapped on their hooves seem to be helping reduce some of their noise as well, though the fiery cauldron below roars far too loudly to pick out their hoofsteps. They hide behind some stalagmites whose silhouettes are oddly pony shaped. The Diamond Dogs carry Sweetie Belle over to a very thin stalactite with a wide top. Standing atop one another's shoulders, they're all able to squeeze behind it.

Keeping still for a few moments, you look ahead to the next crop of rocks. You have an odd feeling about the tunnel ahead, however…

A Snake emerges from the glowing orange tunnel, Doom Number 1

Roll #0 3 = 3

Anonymous 335266

Anonymous 335267

Continue as planned.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335268

The odd feeling passes as you tuck yourself into a ball once again. Scrunching up as tight as you can, you dive forward and roll. Strangely, this motion feels slightly natural… beyond the dizziness it induces. You uncurl with a set of spinning eyes again, your hooves wandering as you walk toward the rocks ahead.

Quickly, your team keeps low and heads toward your position. Slightly behind, they look to you for the next call. Sweetie's big, emerald eyes peek over one of the Diamond Dog's helmets. She tilts her head to the right twice, pointing toward the door.

Looking at the door, you see an orange glow rolling out. The sound of boiling magma echoes from the little chamber. Up ahead, you see another turnoff. From this angle, it's hard to determine whether or not it's glowing.

Far up ahead, you see a Boulder Snake emerge from a tunnel and head left to help the other Boulder Snakes tunnel at the opposite end of the room.

Anonymous 335270

Map please.

Anonymous 335273


So it seems like the end of the room is where most of the excavation is being done.

Anonymous 335274


seconding. there are a lot of rooms and just quick dots on the map every post would help tremendously.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335276

File: 1359952649935.png (28.49 KB, 823x739, BoulderSnakeChamberFull.PNG)

GAME INFO: Map rules are the same as before. Both green dots represent your party positions, yourself being the dot in the lead.

Anonymous 335277


Goddammit, another magma chamber. I bet there are a ton of these.

I don't know how risky moving to the next one will be though.

Anonymous 335279

Can we look into the lava chamber ahead of us while staying in cover?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335281

GAME INFO: You cannot fully see into the next turnoff. You're also unable to determine if there is any light escaping from it.

Anonymous 335282


We'd be getting dangerously close to the top left snake if we advance more.


Anonymous 335284


I vote we try this glowing chamber. If there's nothing, we head back.

Anonymous 335285

File: 1359952920377.png (34.07 KB, 823x739, raisin map.png)

Can we look into this one while in cover? It doesn't have to be the cover we are currently in.

Anonymous 335286

Advance to the next turnoff.

Anonymous 335288


Alright, so we need to probably move to the path were the other snake came from. It might be the hive or wherever the base is.

Anonymous 335289


We move to the next one, no further.

It's too risky otherwise.

Just be sure to move in the same fashion as we just did.

Anonymous 335290


There was a random roll for a snake coming out the other one, so probably not. It's probably just random.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335292

GAME INFO: Stretching your neck out, you can just barely see into the room. In an interesting twist, you see what appears to be a giant, partially glowing boulder held back by two stone columns criss-crossing one another. Behind it, you see that the ceiling is glowing orange. You cannot see any lava directly, but you can definitely hear it.

Anonymous 335293


Huh, weird.

Anonymous 335294



Anonymous 335295

You guys think we should take the gang in there to check it out?

Anonymous 335297


eeeeeeeeh sure.

Anonymous 335298

That looks interesting and plot-relevant. Let's check it out.

Anonymous 335299


Looks like a stopper of some sort.

Could we possibly take cover INSIDE the turnoff?

Anonymous 335301

I think it's part of how they plan to cause the eruption. They dump that stone, and several others like it, into the lava pit at the center and BOOM!

Anonymous 335302

I bet LS would have given us instructions on precisely where to go

Anonymous 335303

Anonymous 335305


We skipped a lot at the start of the second life. Some dragon or something on a mountain who wrote love letters to Applejack.


"…okay, I have to see what this thing is."

You nod back to Sweetie Belle, then tippy-hoof straight into the room. You can faintly hear the clamoring of your party behind you as they enter the cramped little alcove.

"Yeesh… it's burning hot in here…" Scootaloo pants. "At least it's a little bit of cover from those dumb snakes."

"Did ya'll see them back there? It looked like they were eatin' the wall…" Applebloom's expression twists up. You watch as a sweat droplet rolls off her muzzle.

You look about the room, though there isn't too much to see. There's an open ceiling beyond the boulder that's covered with dripping magma. You watch as some very small spatters shoot up and attach to the ceiling. The columns in front of the boulder look rather stable… and are have quite a few engravings. They look very sophisticated.

Your friends stick to the walls, keeping far away from the pool of molten rock beyond the boulder. They still look panic ridden.

You suddenly feel a bit scared yourself. An odd feeling overwhelms you…

A Snake emerges from a tunnel ahead. Doom Number 15

Roll #0 13 = 13

Anonymous 335307


I wonder what happened to that skittish pegasus who gave us hints.

Anonymous 335308


Shiiiiiit too close.

Anonymous 335309

Oh, him. I've got no idea how we were supposed to get to him.


FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335310

GAME INFO: Sliiiight spoiler, but he couldn't figure out a way passed the Diamond Dogs back at their outpost. Since the dogs are on high alert after your trespass, their security became too tight to sneak through.

Anonymous 335312


Hmm, so there's nothing beyond? It's just a small chamber?

Anonymous 335313


Eh, he needed to chillax anyways.

Anonymous 335314


If we win this time you're spilling the beans on the alt paths unless you plan on recycling them

Anonymous 335315


If there's nothing here, then I guess we advance again.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335316

GAME INFO: You cannot see anything beyond this chamber. It simply looks like a boulder in the wall held back by two columns with clear evidence of magma boiling up behind it.

Anonymous 335317


Is it just some boulder? Does it look weird in any way? Small crystals poking out maybe?

Anonymous 335318

Can we see an illustration?

Anonymous 335319

So where did that snake we saw come from?

Anonymous 335320


Dude, if Jr draws every little thing things will go slower than they already are.

Anonymous 335321


Probably from the magma. They can probably swim through the stuff like water.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335322

GAME INFO: The boulder itself is a smoothly rounded chunk of granite. It glows slightly orange, probably from the heat behind it. The most interesting thing about the boulder is the two columns holding it in place. They are adorned with small carvings of snakes.

GAME INFO: Refering back to the latest map, you can see that the Boulder Snake came from a tunnel two turnoffs ahead. He is the red X with a trail of red dashes behind it.

Anonymous 335323

Are you in some sort of hurry?
We need time to plan anyways.

Anonymous 335325

See if you can take a closer look at those engravings.

Maybe it tells a story, like hieroglyphics.

Anonymous 335326

Anonymous 335327


So a bunch of them are coming out of that path.

Look like that's where we need to go.

Anonymous 335329

Is the boulder standing in the middle of the room or pressed against the wall?

Anonymous 335330


EXAMINE columns

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335331

GAME INFO: The carvings seem to wrap around the entire surface of the bold, white columns. The carvings mostly look like long, stylized snakes, but you see a differnt figure that's repeated down the face. It looks like a cobra's hood.

At the column's base, you see a mountain. The last cobra on the column seems to be emerging from the top of it.

GAME INFO: From your lowly perspective, it looks like the boulder is pressed into the wall. The wall doesn't rise all the way to the ceiling, however, leaving the area behind it open topped. This is where you suspect a reservoir of magma to reside.

Anonymous 335332

>There's an open ceiling beyond the boulder that's covered with dripping magma. You watch as some very small spatters shoot up and attach to the ceiling.

Anonymous 335333


There's a small opening near the ceiling where magma is bubbling over and striking the ceiling.

Anonymous 335334

Let's make sure the coast is clear and move to the next tunnel doing everything we have been doing to stay in cover and muffle our sounds.

Anonymous 335335


I guess we move closer towards where the snakes are coming from.

Anonymous 335336


M-maybe we can investigate the next alcove instead? Perhaps it won't be the same thing.

I'm just leery about marching headfirst into the place with all the bad guys

Anonymous 335337

We'll see what's in it when we move up to it. If it doesn't look like there's anything important inside, we'll just move on to the next one.


File: 1359955362893.png (28.83 KB, 823x739, BoulderSnakeChamberFull.PNG)

Seeing as your team appears to be nearly fainting from the heat of this room, you decide it best to head out immediately.

"Alright… I don't know exactly what these rooms are all about, but they can't be good."

Applebloom looks the boulder and the columns over carefully. "It looks like that boulder would pop out of place if those columns were moved…"

"…the lava would spill out?" Sweetie Belle stands on one of the Dig Dog's arms. "We'd be toast!"

You nod. "Right. Let's get out of here…"

You peek out of the room, then head forward to the nearby crop of rocks. The snakes seem to be making steady progress across the room, though they keep switching out workers. Another snake appears to be heading down one of the tunnels in the distance. You wait a moment for him to disappear, then curl up into a ball.

With a quick couple of rolls, you nearly bump into a stalagmite poking up out of the floor. Shaking a few pebbles around in your head, you brace the column and slide down until you're out of view. This cropping of rocks seems to be much shorter than the rest.

Your team tippy-hooves closer, then lies on the ground near you. To the right, you see that this tunnel does not appear to have any light inside of it.

You pray that a snake doesn't pop out of any of the rooms ahead…

They DO! Doom Number is 7

Roll #0 1 = 1

Anonymous 335339



Anonymous 335340

Investigate the darkened tunnel.

Anonymous 335341



Anonymous 335342


Go into the dark turnoff. How dark is it? Too dark to see?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335343

You turn around and point toward the tunnel, mouthing the words 'this way' to your group. Laying flat on the path, they crawl their way over to the tunnel entrance. You head inside first with your team close behind.

"Sure is dark down this way…" Applebloom looks down this tunnel. It seems to go on for quite a distance.

"Too bad we don't have the Lamp anymore…" Scootaloo kicks her bandaged hoof down at the ground. You notice that the path looks to be laid with marble bricks.


Looking just ahead, you see that brick laid path continues far into the darkness.

"Anything's better than being back in that other room…" Sweetie's eyelids blink slowly. She looks exhausted. You can see the dogs looking about the nearly pitch black hallway. Their green eyes stand out as they look onward with puzzled expressions.

Anonymous 335345


>"Can you guys see down there?"

Anonymous 335346

Ask if they can describe what they see.

Anonymous 335347


Ask Sweetie if she needs to rest on our back for a while. It has to be getting extremely late. Also ask the Dig Dogs if they have darkvision.

Anonymous 335350


>*bark bark bark!*

Anonymous 335352

Or at least have them lead us around down here.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335354

"Can you guys see down there?"

They nod in unison. One steps forward, then sniffs at the air. His ears droop as he takes a few steps back. He whimpers slightly, continuing to look down the hallway.

"…what do you see? C'mon, throw us a bone here!" Scootaloo stares up at the three. They seem to ignore her, keeping their eyes forward.

Anonymous 335355




Oh you.

Anonymous 335356


Maybe we shouldn't stay here. I have a feeling that something spooky is going to pop out?

Anonymous 335357

Tell them to whine twice if they see something dangerous, and once if they see something useful.

Anonymous 335358


I'm getting chills.

Let's move on.

Anonymous 335359


>"Hold up one finger if you think a snake is coming, two if you see a trap, three if you don't see anything but have a bad feeling"

Anonymous 335361


What if it's not a snake, but a snake skeleton?

Anonymous 335362




Jesus christ I almost had a fucking heart attack.

Anonymous 335363

Can we see their fingers in this darkness?

Anonymous 335365


Maybe taps on our head?

Oh wait.

Maybe taps on Scootahead?

Anonymous 335367



But we should ask how tired everyone is. Don't want anyone collapsing while sneaking.

Anonymous 335368

We can have the dogs carry them if we need to.

Anonymous 335370


>Diamond Dogs carrying sleeping fillies cradled in their arms.

This would be too cute. If, you know, we weren't in mortal peril.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335371

You feel unsure of the path ahead, but looking back into the Boulder Snake infested room, you decide it'd be better to explore this way than back the way you came.

"…lead the way, boys…"

The dogs swallow hard.

"If you guys see something… uh… hold up one finger if you think a snake is coming, two if you see a trap, three if you don't see anything but have a bad feeling."

All three of the dogs hold up three fingers, then continue moving ahead very slowly. Their heads look all about while their ears fidget.

"I'm with them… Raisin, what are we even doing down here?" Sweetie Belle frowns.

"We're saving Equestria from those snakes… and trying to get the treasure, of course!" You say the last part a little louder so the Diamond Dogs hear you. They nod while looking about.

As you get further in, it becomes nearly impossible to see anything. Your hooves make a lovely sound on the marble bricks… it reminds you of the doorstep back at home.

"Can.. can ya guys see anythin'?" Applebloom stays close by your side.


Behind you, a Boulder Snake passes by the tunnel entrance. She has a cool, uncaring look as she slithers by. You feel your stony stomach tense up before the beast vanishes.

GAME INFO: Currently, it would seem as though one of the Diamond Dogs has taken a liking to Sweetie Belle. He's been carrying her since you entered the Boulder Snake chamber.

Anonymous 335374


That's 3kawaii

Maybe it was best that we didn't go to the next tunnel.

Anonymous 335375

Should we have one of the dogs spark the stompstarter so we can get a momentary glimpse of our surroundings?

Anonymous 335376


We've got to be getting closer.

Goddamn, if we only had a light.

Anonymous 335377


Nah, that would expose us.

Anonymous 335378


Bravely venture forth into the dark unknown.

Anonymous 335379


As opposed to the clacking on the marble floor?

Anonymous 335381


Do the other CMC's hooves make as loud a noise?

I vote to wrap our hooves with their capes to muffle the sound.

Anonymous 335383


Maybe we can void the marble by walking on the side of the tunnel?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335384

GAME INFO: While your hooves are by far louder than Applebloom's or Scootaloo's, you're all making a bit of noise in this seemingly resonant tunnel.

Anonymous 335385


God, what if this is the wrong way?

Anonymous 335387


Goddamn it. Can't we move slowly, making sure to gentle set our hooves down when we step?

Anonymous 335388


As opposed to the tunnel beyond? Then one where we KNOW a snake comes out almost every turn?

Anonymous 335389

What if it's not?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335390

GAME INFO: You guys seem a little panicked. I think if this corridor wasn't as dark, you wouldn't be feeling quite as terrified.

Anonymous 335391


Actually, it's probably best we don't have light, otherwise we'd stick out like a sore thumb.

Unless of course the snakes already have darkvision.

Anonymous 335392



Anonymous 335395

Hey, we picked up that can of weird grease back at the Diamond Dog hideout, right?

Maybe we can burn that for light using the stompstarter, if it's flammable.

Just don't light the whole can or it might blow up.

Anonymous 335396


Where would we put it though? We don't have our lamp. Can't just spread it on the floor to light.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335397

Raisin: Hayseed, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3) (Box has sustained mild water damage), Royal Medallion, Can of ‘Grease’, Twisted Iron Rod (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Stompstarter, Empty Satchel

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Nails, Large Blue Crystal

Anonymous 335398







Anonymous 335399


>Large crystal


Anonymous 335400

Y'see, THIS nigga has the right idea.

Anonymous 335401


Oh yeah, Sweetie belle has that crystal, huh? Too bad she's asleep.

Anonymous 335402

We'd risk igniting the contents of our saddlebags if we did that.
Including, might I had, the three sticks of dynamite we're currently carrying.

Anonymous 335403


Wake her ass up.

Anonymous 335404


We would have died if you didn't remind us of Sweetie's light spell, huh?

Anonymous 335405

Woah woah woah, hold on there. We can't waste that crystal just so we can get some quick light. We need that to defeat the cobra. Probably.

Anonymous 335406

But then we set ourself and our stuff on fire.

Anonymous 335407


Boop Sweetie awake and cast light.

Hopefully this won't lead to certain death as we attract a whole bunch of snakes to our position.

Anonymous 335408

You can't really set a rock on fire. It would be contained to where the grease is smeared.
We'd probably have to give our saddlebags to one of the dogs though.

Anonymous 335409


Not right now, maybe if combat is inevitable.

Anonymous 335410


Jr wouldn't remind us so much unless it meant certain death otherwise.

Anonymous 335411


Another reason why we shouldn't light up the tunnel. Stealth is our best ally right now.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335412

Oh ho! An interesting fight among the questers…

>Use that odd Can of 'Grease' to make a torch, possibly using self

>Use your Large Blue Crystal to make Sweetie perform a light spell
>Stay in the pitch black darkness

Only wanted to shed a little light on the situation. Just remember that a good portion of your inventory items can only be used once, so use them wisely.

Anonymous 335413


setting ourselves on fire might not be so good

Light spell would blow out something that might rescue us

Continuing in the dark is very dangerous, according to the diamond dogs

Anonymous 335414

I'm just saying that using the grease would be a preferable alternative. It's probably not as plot-critical.

Remember that you need sunlight to kill the snakes. We use that crystal now, and we can't use a light spell on the cobra.

Anonymous 335415


>shed a little light

SB pls go.

Anonymous 335416

How much light does the crystal radiate? Can we use it as a light?

Anonymous 335417

Maybe we could try…asking the dogs what the grease really is?

Anonymous 335418


Fine, but we have to get one of the dig dogs to hold our stuff.

Anonymous 335419


They can't can't fucking talk though. That's the reason why we're debating whether it's worth it to use light or not.

Anonymous 335420


>"Hey Dig Dogs, is his stuff flammable? One bark yes, two barks no"

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335421

GAME INFO: The crystal itself glows very dimly. It would provide enough light to see something about a foot away from it.

Anonymous 335422

So phrase it like we did with the "3 fingers" question.

"Does this stuff burn? Can we use this for light?"

Simple yes/no questions. All they have to do is nod or shake.

Anonymous 335423



Anonymous 335430

Goddammit this is going to be the point we it'll be decided if we win or lose, huh?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335433

You get your gears spinning a bit, trying to come up with a way to see. You don't want to run into something as dangerous as that pitch black tunnel again without a single hint of it's existence. You think back to that Can of 'Grease' you purloined from a Diamond Dog supply crate.

"Hey…" You tap on one of the dogs ahead of you. He jumps a little, but stops. Carefully, you retrieve the little nasty can from your saddlebag. You can hear Applebloom cough twice… apparently it doesn't smell very good. "…is this stuff flammable? Does it burn? One bark ye-"

Before you can finish, the dog sniffs at the air. He barks once, then reaches down for the can. The other dogs quietly bark to one another. You hear the Twisted Iron Rod on your back fall off your side, then drag a little on the ground.

"H-hey! What are you..?"

You hear a disgusting glooping noise. Your friends are coughing lightly. With a fell crack of stone, the tunnel suddenly lights up. One of the Dig Dogs is holding your Twisted Iron Rod in both paws, barely keeping it stable. The end burns with grease.

"Alright! Finally!" Scootaloo brings her hoof down from her eyes as they adjust to the light.

You're surrounded by these beautiful marble arches, each intricately carved and chiseled with stunning detail. Each arch seems to have the same symbols on them… the light doesn't reach the end of the tunnel ahead. It appears extremely dark further on.

"At least we can finally see…" Applebloom rubs the marble bricks below her hooves. "Who do ya think made all this? Couldn't been those snakes, could it?"

Anonymous 335437



Venture forth bravely into the well-lit unknown.

Anonymous 335439


>alright the players are retarded so I'll just give them the solution

I love ya Jr but stuff like this kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Anonymous 335440


>"I don't know, but we can find out later. Maybe even get archaeology cutie marks."

Anonymous 335442


Move forward slowly, taking cover when possible among the arches.

Anonymous 335443

Examine the symbols as we walk.

Anonymous 335445


Particularly if they look similar in design to the ones we saw on the pillars holding up the boulder we just passed.

Anonymous 335446

what are you talking about?
we came up with the idea to use the grease on our own

Anonymous 335447

Alright! It worked!
Let's keep moving.

Anonymous 335448


But putting it on the twisted rod was probably far superior to putting it on our hooves.

Granted the rod option might have been brought up in the discussion, maybe.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335454

As you move through the open hallway, you notice that the symbols are much like the ones on the columns in that boulder chamber you ventured into before. The archways above the columns actually have colors on them… the same cobra design from before, but the cobras are each plated in red gemstone. They look dazzling as they pass over your heads.

"Whoa…" Scootaloo slowly steps forward, going out onto what appears to be a bridge. It's constructed of the same kind of marble that the bricks in the hallway were. Scootaloo walks over to the far edge where construction ends and stares into the massive expanse.

Looking over the chasm, you see that you've entered into a massive chamber filled with red crystals. Several glimmering doorways line the walls, but straight ahead lies an absolutely massive tunnel. It looks like the bridge leads this way… if the bridge weren't currently under construction.

"What in Equestria…"

The Diamond Dog with the Twisted Iron Torch jams an end into the ground before the bridge. He looks on with morbid curiosity. The other dogs are pointing down at the crystals, nearly drooling.

"Ah have no idea… who's buildin' all this?" Applebloom taps a stony brace on the side of the bridge.

Anonymous 335457

Map please.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335458

GAME INFO: I figured the Dogs would take notice to the grease and know exactly what to do with it. It's unlikely that they'd just let you bathe in it and light yourself on fire.

Anonymous 335460


B-b-but +30 fire damage…

Anonymous 335461

Let's collect one of those red crystals.
We know that the blue crystals supercharge Sweetie Belle. Let's find out what these do.

Anonymous 335463


Let use be the ones to collect them. They might be dangerous.

Anonymous 335465


inb4 they fill her with demonic energies and we suddenly have to save the world from an evil little filly who is in desperate need of a time out.

Anonymous 335468


>"Hey mah diggas, these crystals won't zappy zap me or my cohorts, right?"

Anonymous 335472


So is the bridge crossable or does it fall off midway?

Anonymous 335473


If the cobras were plated in red gem, I bet these crystals are used for some sort of armor.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335478

File: 1359961178777.png (33.11 KB, 1023x755, Red Crystal Chasm.PNG)

GAME INFO: The crystals are growing far below you. You'd have to either find a way down or jump down to reach them.

GAME INFO: This is a map of what you can currently see. The bridge appears to currently be under construction. You see several massive support columns jutting out from the crystals below.

Anonymous 335480

Let's go back and check out those doorways we saw.

Anonymous 335481


Goddammit. So it's a dead end unless we can cross?

Anonymous 335482


How deep is the chasm? We have a spool of rope and can lower one of the dogs to collect them. Those crystals are probably sharp and we don't want the other CMC nicking their lips and getting boo boos.

Anonymous 335484


How thick is our rope? Could it support a dog's weight even if we held the other end?

Anonymous 335485

What are those things in the bottom-left corner?

Anonymous 335488


Let's have one of the dogs stand watch on the path we came from on the off chance some baddies decide they have business here.

Anonymous 335489


If we can lower them down, sure. But we reserve one for >>335488

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335492

GAME INFO: The rope you have is standard adventuring thickness. Not too thin that it would snap under the slightest strain and not to thick that you can't get a good bite on it. It's relatively strong.

You have roughly 20ft of rope. It's not enough to reach the floor, but you'd be within reach of some of the larger crystal specimens.

GAME INFO: Looking back toward the wall, you see 4 large slabs of marble. They look like they're being gathered for construction of the bridge. One of them has a giant bite taken out of it.

Anonymous 335493



How deplorable.

Anonymous 335496

It looks like the path continues on past the slabs. See if there's anything over there.

Anonymous 335497


I don't suppose little Raisin is strong enough to push those marble slabs across the gap onto the pillars, huh?

Anonymous 335498


Wasn't that the direction we came in though?

Anonymous 335499

How would we get it all the way over to the pillar without it falling into the pit?

Anonymous 335501

I think we came from South. The slabs are Southwest.

Anonymous 335503


I'm sure the dig dogs might be able to break off a small hunk of red crystal with some tools.

What did you say they had on them again?

Anonymous 335504


Applebloom has a hammer, nig nog.

Anonymous 335505

Didn't you mention something about doors earlier?

Anonymous 335507


Depends on how long the slabs are. as long as the center of mass doesn't cross over the edge, it won't fall.

Jr, can we estimate if the marble slabs are twice as long as the distance to the first pillar?

Anonymous 335508


Oh shi-

Ask the dig dogs if they think they could break off a chunk of red crystal with the hammer if we lowered them down with the rope.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335511

GAME INFO: You've lifted some heavy things in your time, but never anything this massive. You're unsure if you'd be able to pick these up.

GAME INFO: There doesn't immediately appear to be anything beyond the marble slabs. You see some scarring down the sides of the walls. Looking up, you see a relatively small hole in the ceiling.

GAME INFO: The Dig Dogs don't seem equipped for anything more than a quick dig. They are covered in armor. You know that one of them has stashed a rolled up piece of meat in his armor.

GAME INFO: There are several doors across the room lining the walls, the most notable of these being the massive one the bridge leads toward.

Anonymous 335512


>inb4 they destabilize the whole chamber and make everything explode.

Anonymous 335513



How barbaric!

Anonymous 335514


We still have the hammer, it should be enough to chip off a chunk from the larger crystals.

Anonymous 335515


Crystals don't work like that, numbnuts.

Anonymous 335516


Eh, why not? Might come in handy. We have a spare inventory slot for it, right?

Just as long as we post a guard to watch for snakes.

Anonymous 335517

>You see some scarring down the sides of the walls. Looking up, you see a relatively small hole in the ceiling.
>suddenly remember the snake from last session
>"You shall take upon yourself the burden of preparing the new chamber room during the feast."

Anonymous 335518

Can we get to any of those doors or are they all on the other side of the chasm?

Anonymous 335519



Looks like we might be the appetizers if that's the case.

Anonymous 335521


Wait a sec

If the dig dogs are so proficient at digging, whats preventing them from digging into the walls, around the pit, and then out on the other side?

Anonymous 335523


Ask the dogs how thick the ceiling is here.

Anonymous 335524

That would probably take awhile.

Anonymous 335525


They might eat us, but since they only eat rocks, they'll l-let our fleshy friends go, r-right?

Anonymous 335529


Then how tall is the ceiling hole? maybe we can do the old grapple hook trick with the rope and the twisted bar.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335531

Looking down into the expanse of red crystals, you figure that they could have some interesting properties, much like the glowing blue crystals you found earlier.

"If I lowered one of you guys down on a rope, do you think you could grab a chunk of crystal for us?"

One of the dogs seems emphatic, though the dog whose paw you hit give the other a light backhand. One of them looks at you, then makes a hissing noise, shrugging his shoulders.

"So… wait a minute, you don't want to grab them because of the snakes?"

He nods.

"Not even a little sample?"

He shakes his head.

"Why not?" Applebloom asks. "What if they give Sweetie Belle like… super powers?"

The same dog rolls his eyes. He pats Applebloom on the head.

"Do we need to get across here?" Sweetie Belle yawns and stretches in one of the Diamond Dogs arms.

Anonymous 335535


1.) The iron rod is still on fire, and would have to be put out to not set the rope on fire, eliminating our light source

2.) Even if we did that the rope probably isn't strong enough to pull us up.

Anonymous 335537


Well, they're the gem experts, I'll trust their judgment.

Anonymous 335538


Call them buttheads and to do it anyways.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335539

GAME INFO: All of the doors are located on the opposite side of the chasm. Currently, you do not have any direct route to them.

GAME INFO: Looking over the slabs, you'd estimate that they're barely long enough to reach between the part of the bridge you're on and the column ahead.

GAME INFO: The hole is quite a distance up. The ceiling is domed from what you can tell, much like the previous Boulder Snake chamber.

Anonymous 335540


>"Yeah Sweetie, I don't suppose you have any ideas? Anything might help at this point."

Anonymous 335541


So what you're saying is dead end?

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 335543

No, don't think like that.
This is just another puzzle to be solved.

We have the chasm we need to cross, and the slabs with which to make the bridge. Now all we need is to figure out a way to set them up.

Anonymous 335545


No, they'll slowly slither around our petrified friends, trapping them in a circle before contracting ever so slowly. They'll be trapped as the snake in question takes great pleasure in slowly crushing them to death.

Anonymous 335547


No pls.

Anonymous 335548

We could always supercharge sweetie with a blue crystal and have her make the bridge for us.

Anonymous 335549

But then how will we deal with the snake?

Anonymous 335550


Could we push them? We can't carry them, but maybe slide them?

Anonymous 335551


There's no guarantee of that. It took a mega crystal for just a simple light spell, the one we have might give a few seconds of weak telekinesis, if that.

Anonymous 335552

We can't carry it alone.
If we got the 3 diamond dogs to help us, maybe we could lift one.

Anonymous 335554


They'd still far into the pit before reaching the first pillar, even if we had everyone sit on the edge. Marble is very dense compare to organic matter; the center of mass would only move maybe a few inches.

Anonymous 335557


Lift it and throw it? Even the 4 of us would be too weak for that. Even so, the slab can't reach the center pillar unless it is placed there perfectly.

Anonymous 335558

Really? I remember reading that the crystal supercharged Sweetie during one of Jr's recaps. Does that mean all it did was make light?

Anonymous 335560


Well then what do you suggest?

Anonymous 335561

How big are those slabs compared to us?

Anonymous 335562


She cast the spell and then the power faded, right?

Or am I just a forgetful faggot?

Anonymous 335564


As far as I can tell that's the only solution available at the moment.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335565

GAME INFO: The slabs are quite massive. They're long enough to potentially span the gap between the bridge and the next column. They're also cut pretty thick. They appear to be nearly as thick as you are tall on all fours.

The size appears intimidating. You're unsure if you'd be able to pick something like this up.

Anonymous 335567

Raisin: Hayseed, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3) (Box has sustained mild water damage), Royal Medallion

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Stompstarter, Empty Satchel

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Nails, Large Blue Crystal


Anonymous 335569


But can we slide it? You known, just pressing up against it and pushing? No lifting at all?

Anonymous 335570


Are they currently horizontal or vertical?

Anonymous 335571

If we put more weight on the end closest to us as we push it further into the gap, we can alter the slab's center of gravity. Possibly enough for us to hold it up.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335572

GAME INFO: The slabs are currently laying flat on the ground.

Anonymous 335573

I'm stumped.

Anonymous 335575

Could we maybe use another slab as a weight?

Anonymous 335576


Even so, we couldn't move the center of mass far enough towards our side. In order for it to not fall, the center of mass would have to stay on our ledge, which Jr makes it seem would have to be at the very end of the marble slab.

Anonymous 335577


…Yes we could, if we could lift them.

It's worth a shot. We might not be able to on our own, but with the dig dogs, maybe?

Anonymous 335578

>unsure if we can move it

Make grapes go and try to lift one. Can she move these things or not?

Anonymous 335579

We might as well try this.

Anonymous 335581

File: 1359964025107.jpg (13.31 KB, 423x119, dominoes.jpg)


Oooh shit, I know what you're talking about.

Anonymous 335582


Combine our strength.

Anonymous 335583


How many slabs are there though? Only 3?

Anonymous 335585

We'd have to do that three times though. And each time we'd have to leave a slab behind to be the bridge.

How many slabs are there, anyways?

Anonymous 335586


Even if we did, how do we get one to fall in place? Seems like upsetting the equilibrium would cause the whole thing to tumblr into the abyss.

Anonymous 335587

File: 1359964340045.png (76.79 KB, 312x265, hnng2.png)


>tumblr into the abyss

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335589

Looking back toward the wall, you see a pile of marble slabs.


You trot over to the little stack, noticing their incredibly massive size. A Diamond Dog keeps an eye on you as you size up the slab.

Gently pushing on it, the slab seems content with staying in place. You pump your forelegs a few times as if you needed to stretch them, then you start pushing into one of the slabs. At first it doesn't move at all. Your rearlegs start to scrape up the rocky floor.

You rear up, then slam into the slab. To your surprise, it slides a few inches. The dog watching you picks his jaw up off the floor.

"What was that?" Scootaloo cranes her head back from the abyss, looking your way. "Did you… did you MOVE that thing?"

"..I think so?"

GAME INFO: There are 4 slabs in total. One of them has a chunk eaten out of it.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 335590

Wait. I have an idea.

First we place the slab at the edge of the chasm.
Then we hoist it to an upright position, possibly with the rope and the help of our diamond-dog companions.

Then we tip it over and let it simply fall into place.

Anonymous 335591


>missing chunk.

This indicates it has lower mass. Which is important somehow.

Anonymous 335593

If it took that much effort to move a slab a few inches I think we will end up pulverizing them before we move them into place. Plus, we have no way of lifting them.

Anonymous 335594


That might work, but it would create such a loud crash that it would attract everyone to our position.

Anonymous 335595


A chunk eaten, like, off to one end? In the center? How big a chunk? Would it still be crossable?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335597

GAME INFO: One of the corners appears to have been chomped off. It could certainly support your weight…

Anonymous 335598

>All this physics

Science was not my forte.

Anonymous 335599

What if we kicked it to get it moving and then starting pushing into it? Maybe it'll keep moving?

Anonymous 335601


That means the center of mass is shifted towards one end.

We could TRY pushing it over, get everyone to sit on the end we're pushing from and push from the whole end.

Anonymous 335603


Once you get it moving, it's easier to keep it moving. Kinetic friction is less than static friction.

Anonymous 335606


But then there's the problem of lifting the other slabs and pushing them over the chomped slab IF it works. Or does it look like these slabs would "fit" into place roughly level with the ground?

Anonymous 335607


Plus we can get the diamond dogs to help.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335609

GAME INFO: If you were to push one of these slabs and get it into place, there would only be a few inches of marble sticking up over the edge of the bridge.

>Try sliding a slab onto the bridge?

Anonymous 335610

We have four slabs, right?
And it looks like you only need three to cross the chasm.
So why don't we try sliding one slab over first? If it doesn't work and it falls into the chasm, we'll still have 3 slabs.

Anonymous 335611

Alright, fuck this.

I can calculate if this is going to work if I have measurements. Measure the length of the slab, the size of the chunk removed, and the distance to the first pillar with the rope.

Anonymous 335612


But if it falls it'll shatter the red crystals and make a loud crash.

There is no room for mistakes here.

Anonymous 335613


I think you might be overthinking it.

Anonymous 335614

Jr, just how powerful does the large crystal make Sweetie Belle?

Anonymous 335616


Fuck it. Slide off the side with the bitten chunk from it, have everyone sit on the side that we're pushing from, but have them sitting at the edge and tell them if they feel it start to tip to hop off immediately.

Anonymous 335617


This doesn't sit well with me at all.

Anonymous 335619

If we push the slab, we risk it tumbling off the edge.
If we push it over, it'll make a shitton of noise.

This is a regular Catch-22.

Anonymous 335621


Without making measurements I'm very iffy about this. I can't vote for sliding without trying the magic first. There's just way too much potential for things to go wrong.

Anonymous 335625


We have to try magic. If we waste it and Sweetie can't move the slabs to make a bridge, then too bad.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335626

GAME INFO: The Large Blue Crystal should temporarily give Sweetie Belle the ability to cast magic. You're not sure what kind of spells she may be able to cast.

Anonymous 335629

File: 1359965691090.png (20.71 KB, 531x574, 1336005256089.png)

>Raisin will never finish her adventure


Anonymous 335630

Just cast magic? That's all?

Anonymous 335631

Tell her to look at the slabs and think as HARD as she can about them moving over onto the pillars.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335632

>Push dat slab

>Use dat magic crystal thingamabob

Things may not go as expected with either option. There may be another available option as well.

GAME INFO: The crystals in the crystal caverns did the exact same thing. You then asked Sweetie Belle to perform a light spell, which she was able to perform successfully although it left her feeling lightheaded

Anonymous 335633


The whole thing is that the power level is unknown.

Damned if you do and damned if you don't. We're already sequence breaking so probably even the slightest mistake with resources probably means death and doing the whole thing all over again.

Anonymous 335634


What the fuck is the other option? Leave?

Anonymous 335636


Ask the diggers how long it would take if they dug through the wall and bypassed the pit.

Anonymous 335637

Ask the dogs if they have any ideas that could help us build this bridge.

Anonymous 335638


How big are the large crystals? Does it look like someone could climb over them and hop from crystal to crystal to the other side?

Anonymous 335640




Anonymous 335642


Anonymous 335643


That's stupid but thanks for making me paranoid, asshat

Anonymous 335644

>DM asks "Are you suuuuure?"

Anonymous 335645






Anonymous 335649

FYI: We've spent 2 hours on this single room.

Anonymous 335650

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335651

Stumped as to what you can do to get across, you walk up to the Diamond Dog that was watching you.

"How long would it take to dig a path around this room over to the doors on the other side?"

He looks over to the other dogs, then across the chasm. He walks up to one of the walls, then scrapes at it with his claws. He holds up three fingers, then taps punches his paw five times.

"…so… how long?"

He palms his face, then stretches his arms straight up. He slowly lowers one arm, but keeps it outstretched like clock hands. He forms a 90 degree angle.

"3 hours? Maybe?"

"What? 3 hours?" Scootaloo groans. "I don't want to be down here a minute longer than I have to."

GAME INFO: …have we really? Do you guys need a hint or something to get this thing moving forward? I can point out a quick and dirty way that'll probably hurt you in the long run, but it'll work.

Anonymous 335653


Fine. I just don't see what other method is possible.

Anonymous 335654

I am completely stumped, but I don't want a hint if you are going to charge us anything for it.

Anonymous 335655


No no hints. We win or die by our ability.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335657

GAME INFO: Hints come at a severe cost.

Anonymous 335659


Do we lose time in game for taking so long? Also fuck hints. We still have another life if things go wrong

Anonymous 335660


Anonymous 335661

No hints.

Anonymous 335664

Can you draw us a cross-section of the room?

Anonymous 335665


You know us Jr, you know that even with a hint we're too stupid to do the right thing.

Can you just list ALL the important features of the room?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335666

GAME INFO: I can do that as I have done earlier, certainly.

>4 giant marble slabs

>3 support pillars
>Pit of pointy crystals below
>Gigantic door across the chasm

Those are the things that you have looked for thus far.

Anonymous 335667


Wait a sec, there are only two pillars in the drawing. Which one is correct?

Anonymous 335668


And the hole in the ceiling, but I guess that's not important.

Anonymous 335669

>Those are the things that you have looked for thus far.
Maybe…we should take a closer look at the other things in this room.
Is there anything off to the right?

Anonymous 335670


Let's look around then. Take a moment to clear our mind and go through the entire room, left to right.

Anonymous 335671

Should we stop here for the night and tackle this problem with fresh minds next week? I know that some of us, myself included, have class tomorrow.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335672

GAME INFO: Sorry, I was counting the one directly under the bridge as well. My bad on that.

Anonymous 335673

Let's look around a little more first. There's something we're missing here.

Anonymous 335675

Hey, the bridge wouldn't happen to be movable, would it?
If it's made from the same slabs, maybe we could push it a little further into the chasm to shorten the distance to the next pillar?

Anonymous 335676


Look first and then break maybe when all our clues are up.

We'll never get past this room. We'll talk and talk and talk on what we should do for hours before taking a blind risk. It's Canterlot Castle all over again

Anonymous 335678


Only by a tiny amount. We still have to be able to step onto the bridge to push the slab.

Anonymous 335679

Jr hinted at another possibility. We'll find it.

Anonymous 335680


Your optimism is refreshing.

Anonymous 335682

Refusal to give up is what kept us alive up to now.
It's what saved us when Pinkie Pie died and Raisin had lost her mind.

No matter how bad shit gets, there's always a way out. Even if it's hard to find, it's there. You can't even give up your search for that way out.

Anonymous 335684

Ever. Can't ever. Not even.

Anonymous 335685

That's why we are suggesting to look around the area a bit more first.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335686

GAME INFO: To the right of the room, you see a large platform of solid granite. It looks like it's been worn in a bit by the snakes. The gap from the bridge to the platform appears to be pretty wide. A small strip of land follows the wall behind the bridge and off to the right, but ends abruptly.

GAME INFO: Starting from the left back wall of the room, you see a small pile of 4 large marble slabs. One of them appears to have a chunk missing from it.

Moving to the right, there appears to be nothing but the chasm below. Some of the crystals by the farthest column appear to have been crushed flat or shattered. The path below winds up against one of the walls and disappears behind some much larger crystals.

Directly ahead, you see two support columns and a trio of doors. Dead center lies an extraordinarily massive tunnel.

Up above, the cavernous ceiling dons a large amount of very massive stalactites. They give the chamber a creepy, spiky feeling.

GAME INFO: While the bridge appears to be secured into the rock, you suppose that there may be a way to get it to move. With the proper motivation, it could probably be dislodged from it's stony anchor.

Anonymous 335687


Or is there really nothing?

That center of mass thing would be a brilliant puzzle, though

Anonymous 335688

Take a closer look at the platform. Does it lead somewhere?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335689

GAME INFO: The wide platform directly connects to the strip of land by the three doors. Refer to >>335478 for the quick diagram.

Anonymous 335690


I can just feel the "Goddamn it's right there you fucking retards are you fucking blind?" from this post.

Anonymous 335691

Can you update the map with everything new we saw?

>Up above, the cavernous ceiling dons a large amount of very massive stalactites. They give the chamber a creepy, spiky feeling.

If we push one of those slabs off the edge the shockwave will cause those things to fall on us.

Anonymous 335692

>The path below winds up against one of the walls and disappears behind some much larger crystals.
There's a path below?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335693

GAME INFO: The crushed crystals appear to form a wide path far below. You're not certain where it leads.

Anonymous 335694


Is it possible to climb down from the bigger crystals onto the lower path maybe?

Anonymous 335695


There have got to be crystal snakes down there. Maybe not all the red crystals, but some of them are camouflaged.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335696

GAME INFO: The crushed crystals are at the far end of the chasm near the second column. You cannot reach it from your current position.

Directly below, the large crystals appear to jut out from the floor. There doesn't seem to be a direct route over to the crushed crystal path from here.

Anonymous 335697


There has go to be a solution beyond that though. The big tunnel probably leads straight to the room we need to blow up.

Anonymous 335698


P-pls Jr, don't give us game over because Raisin suddenly gets nommed from behind from thinking too much.

Anonymous 335699

Are any of the things you recently told us about not shown on the map? It's really helpful to be able to look and see where we are.

Anonymous 335701

It's fucking 2 AM

I am way too tired for this shit. I'm out. Good fucking luck.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335703

GAME INFO: All of this information is on the current map… well, beyond the view of the ceiling.

Anonymous 335704

And you said the ceiling was a dome? Does it look like there is anything hanging from the ceiling?

Anonymous 335705


I'd be willing to stop too. I bet it's something obvious, give people some time to mull over it.

Anonymous 335706

Same here.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335707

GAME INFO: There are a variety of very large stalactites hanging down from the ceiling. They give the room a very menacing appeal… as though the sharp, crimson crystals down below didn't.

Anonymous 335708

If we let the slabs drop down, we could use them to crush the crystals down below and clear the way to the path down below.
It'd make noise though.
Just a thought.

Anonymous 335711


Let me guess, the stalactites are sleeping stone beasts too?

Anonymous 335712

Use quartersticks to knock stalactites loose and create an impromptu bridge…?
No, no that's stupid…

Anonymous 335713


If we're going to do that might as well try the pushing slab idea first.

Anonymous 335714

And using magic powered by the blue crystal could react violently with the red crystals.

Anonymous 335715


Besides, we need the dynamite for blowing up the ceiling and letting light in.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335718

GAME INFO: Well, it's sad that we didn't get to see the final boss tonight. I was hoping this room wouldn't be such a trip up…

We could keep running if there are any questers willing to stay up and try to best this room. Any of the questers leaving opposed to this idea?

Anonymous 335719

I am opposed.

Anonymous 335720


Sure, but I have to go to bed.

At least we're close to the end

Anonymous 335721


Doesn't matter, I don't think I'll be of much help anyways.

It's your own fault for making them difficult. You can't say that you honestly expected schmucks from 4chan to be the most brilliant of the bunch

Anonymous 335724


I don't have classes tomorrow, so I can stay up, but then there's the problem of taking an action when it's like, 2 people.

Anonymous 335725

I can keep going.
I want to figure this shit out.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335728

GAME INFO: Quite so. It vaguely reminds me of the Tezel scenario in RQ3. I'm curious to see how the players deal with our big bad this time around.

GAME INFO: Funny enough, you guys already solved the puzzle, but the debate has been raging for almost 2 solid hours. There's a few solutions to the puzzle, but Raisin Quest is about creative problem solving. Hell, if you surprise me with a creative solution, I'll roll with it.

GAME INFO: Let's continue, then. If not just for information gathering and question asking, any step forward is progress being made. I shall run as long as you guys wish.

Anonymous 335729

>you guys already solved the puzzle
Fuuuuuuuuck, which solution was the right one?!

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335731

GAME INFO: I'm not telling~~

Anonymous 335732


Why in the fuck.

Anonymous 335734


Alright, so it's either the physics solution or the magic solution.

The trick is, which one? I vote physics. It's the only one that's actually a solution and not a cop out like the telekinesis.

Anonymous 335735

Okay, let's review what we've come up with so far.

Plan #1: Push the slabs across the gaps to form the bridge. Put weight on the slabs to shift their center of gravity. Do this three times to reach the other side. If a slab falls into the chasm, noise will inevitably be created.

Plan #2: Use the large blue crystal to supercharge Sweetie Belle and attempt to have her use a levitation spell on the slabs. Runs the risk of not working and potentially using up the item we need to defeat the boss.

Plan #3: Hoist the slabs upright and let them fall into place. Sure to create a lot of noise.

Plan #4: Use the slabs to crush the crystals and get to the path down below. Again, lots of noise.

Anonymous 335736


Plan #4 happens is Plan #1 fails by it's nature. How again are we supposed to hoist the marble slabs up?

Anonymous 335737

Well, we haven't really tried lifting a slab with the help of our diamond-dog friends yet.

Anonymous 335738


But they're like, 20 ft long, right? There's no way we could lift it up and over. I was thinking you might be referring to some sort of pulley system with the stalactites.

Anonymous 335739

There is a bit of the first column, the one that should be right at the edge of the road, showing right? I don't want to get something pushed all the way over there only for it to fall off.

>Plan #1
Might work. Might end with disaster if we use our friends to weigh it down and it doesn't work.

>Plan #2

Might fail and use op our boss item, and the magic could cause a bad reaction to occur with the red crystals.

>Plan #3
This seems like our best idea.

>Plan #4

Last resort.

Anonymous 335740

Yeah, even they probably wouldn't be able to do it…

I think we should try the physics solution.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335741

GAME INFO: The slabs are just long enough to cross the gaps between the bridge and the next column. At max, they're around 10 ft across.

Anonymous 335743

…Y'know, maybe we COULD lift them.
Can we ask the diamond dogs to try? If it doesn't work it doesn't work.

Anonymous 335744

Lift them how? Push them all the way to the end of the road and then flip them over longways?

Anonymous 335745

The only issue is the noise it would make.

Anonymous 335746


I agree. Slide the chewed slab over withe the bitten end protruding off the edge, with everyone sitting on the edge and ready to jump off if it starts tilting.

The question is, should only us 3 have the power to decide, especially when it seems to be 2 v 1? If we get fucked everyone else who's already gone to bed will be hella angry

Anonymous 335747


Too much noise. That would be the same as letting them crash into the abyss. Better to take a risk than settle for a certainty.

Anonymous 335748


>sitting on the edge we're pushing from, the whole edge to shift center of gravity as much as possible.

Fuck, I am tired.

Anonymous 335749

If the stone slabs are just barely long enough to make it from one gap to the other, then I don't think we'd be able to slide it all the way over even if we did put something on one end. Once we got to a certain point there'd be a ridiculous amount of force pulling the slab down. We'd have to put something HUGE on the other end to balance it out.

Anonymous 335750

Why are we using the chewed slab?

Anonymous 335751

Hey, I have an idea.

Why don't we wake Sweetie up, and tell her to be ready to touch the large crystal and try to use telekinesis of the slab if it starts falling over?

Anonymous 335752


To see if it works in theory. The chewed slab already has a shifted center of mass, but if that won't work then there's no hope for an unchewed slab.

Anonymous 335753

You think she'd be able to use it fast enough?

Anonymous 335755


Probably not. You're right, it was stupid. I'm just grasping at straws here.

Anonymous 335756

And how do we pull it back once we test the theory?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335759

After hearing the Diamond Dogs estimate for digging around the outside of the chamber, you turn your head back toward the pile of marble slabs.

"There has got to be a way to use these…"

Applebloom looks across the columns, then back to the marble slabs. She keeps contorting her face, trying to keep track of all the measurements in her head. "Ah just don't know… Raisin, do ya'll have any idea how we're gonna get across this?"

You approach the marble slabs again. Seeing as you were able to budge one with a solid slam, you think that you may be able to move these over to the bridge with the Diamond Dogs' help.

"Boys! Get over here an' help me out!" You tap on the slab. "Let's try to move this over to the bridge!"

Scootaloo nods her head. "You sure you can move that thing more than a couple inches? You did kick it pretty hard…"

Readying yourself, you direct the Diamond Dogs to your side of the slab. They brace themselves, ready to push.


This time, you buck the slab as hard as you can. The Diamond Dogs stumble as the slab unexpectedly moves quite a few feet out. The dogs catch the slab while it's still sliding. You quickly turn to join them. Amazingly, the slab begins to move, however slowly.

Your kick resonates in the massive chamber as an eerie howl. Though vociferous, it dies out after a few seconds.

Applebloom grabs Scootaloo and moves off of the bridge. Once the slab is in a straight line to the columns ahead, you let the Diamond Dogs take a break. You notice that the slab has a slightly easier time moving on the marble bricks.

"…So… uh… how do we get this thing over the gap?" Applebloom hops atop the slab, looking down at the panting team of dogs.

Anonymous 335760


We don't. Presumeably we slide the other slabs over it, test the center of mass idea.

Fuck, we need to cross three chasms, not two.

I don't know. I just don't know.

Anonymous 335761


I don't know, Applebloom I just don't know.

Anonymous 335763

Well guys, this was your idea.

Please tell me at least one of you thought father ahead than this.

Anonymous 335765

>You notice that the slab has a slightly easier time moving on the marble bricks.
This is new information.
There has to be a way we can use this.

Anonymous 335766


I regret everything.

Fuck it, see if the digger dogs and make the slab stand vertically.

Anonymous 335767

Back it up some, then push it forwards and hope the momentum carries it far enough across the gap?

Anonymous 335768


See if we can stack another slab on top of it.

Anonymous 335769

The extra height could cause it to fall into place rather than just fall right off the edge…
That could actually work.

Anonymous 335771

File: 1359970710564.png (8.61 KB, 826x397, raisin diagram.png)


No, like this.

This should be able to prevent the mass from falling as we push it over the edge.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335772

>Attempt to stack another slab atop this one
Worth a shot, right?

Anonymous 335773

How do we get it up there? We can't lift it and the dogs probably aren't strong enough.

Anonymous 335774

They don't have to lift the whole thing. Just one side.

Anonymous 335775


Anonymous 335776


If the diamond dogs can't lift it, then there's no way Plan#3 can be done without a pulley system and we'd be forced to do plan #1 regardless.

Anonymous 335777

How do we keep the second slab from falling on us and crushing us?

Anonymous 335779

We could try >>335767

Anonymous 335780


The second slab's center of mass would be slightly but securely over the edge we're pushing from. Unless it slides (which is won't since marble isn't THAT slippery), then it'll stay secure while we push.

Anonymous 335781


You'd need to be very precise about the slab's speed, plus it would need to be going fast enough to cross to the other pillar without tilting enough to miss the mark.

Anonymous 335783

I think the physics solution is the correct one.
We have four slabs, but there are three gaps we have to cross.
The extra slab could be there so we can weigh down the other three while we're pushing them across.

Anonymous 335784

We've been on this for three or four hours now. A creative solution is just what we need.

Anonymous 335785


But does little Raisin have THAT much control over the force in her kicks?

Anonymous 335786

>The extra slab
That would be the bitten one, which is the one we already pushed.

Anonymous 335787

The extra slab isn't any particular one. It's just the one that ends up not being used to make the bridge. We can use any of them.

Anonymous 335788


It's best that we use it first though, since it wouldn't have enough weight to balance the other slabs enough.

Anonymous 335789

What I am suggesting is that we push one back a ways, then push it forwards as fast as we can until it reaches the edge.

Anonymous 335790

But isn't the bitten one shorter?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335791

You ponder Applebloom's question for a moment, then look back to the other 3 slabs stacked behind you.

"All we need is another slab."

"Huh?" She hops off the slab. "Another one?"

"We can use a second slab to counterbalance the first… if we can stack them at all, that is…"

You head back over to the pile with the Diamond Dogs dragging behind. They don't look enthusiastic about moving another giant marble slab, but you direct them into position. "C'mon, only a few more after this. We've gotta get across to solve our snake problem."

They whine quietly, then brace themselves against the slab. You rear up and give the slab another extremely hard buck. It slides nearly as far as the first before the Diamond Dogs lay their shoulders into it. With your help, the massive slab starts sliding across the rough ground.

The noise, again, reverberates throughout the room. Though loud, you don't hear any response.

As it approaches the first slab, you move over to one end of the slab. Jamming your hooves into the ground, you grab the lip of the marble slab and put your all into lifting it. Straining as hard as you can, you feel your hooves sink into the rocky floor below. After a couple of second, the marble slab amazingly lifts off the ground a couple of inches.

The dogs shake their head in disbelief. "Woooo! Go Raisin, go!" Scootaloo cheers you on as the slab rises. Immediately, the dogs reach under the slab and help you lift. Though they don't help too much, it lets you re-position your hooves so you can get a better standing. Finally, you're able to stand up on your hind legs and hold the slab over your head. It just barely clears the first slab. With a gentle slide, you let the second pillar land on the first.

Panting, the dogs bark in approval.

Anonymous 335792



Anonymous 335793

I don't think that would work.
There's no delay for gravity. It'd start tipping into the pit the moment its center of gravity passed over the gap.
Putting another slab on top of this one could rectify that problem by giving it some space to fall.

Anonymous 335795


Now to do it two more times.

At least until the noise is so loud enough that something investigates.

Anonymous 335796

Jr, is the bitten slab any shorter than the other slabs?

Anonymous 335798

Does the slab move as smoothly over the other slab as it does over the marble bricks?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335799

GAME INFO: The bitten slab simply has a chunk removed from it's top right corner. A hungry Boulder Snake seems to have carelessly vandalized some of the building materials… It's not any short, but it does have a corner missing.

Anonymous 335800


Now push the slab and pray that it comes to rest on the second pillar.

Anonymous 335802


How big of a corner? Over halfway in? Otherwise the other slabs won't fall off when pushed over it.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335803

GAME INFO: The marble slabs are cut very smoothly on all sides. Against one another, they should glide with minimal friction. They aren't polished, but they aren't freshly cut, rough pieces either.

Anonymous 335809

File: 1359971990389.png (15.32 KB, 878x528, idonteven.png)

Like this?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335810

File: 1359972058387.png (5.91 KB, 751x247, BittenSlab.PNG)

GAME INFO: The bitten slab kind of reminds you of an ice cream sandwich that got ravenously chomped into fresh out of the package. A chunk is certainly missing off of the top half.

Anonymous 335811


No, the bottom one slides onto the second pillar.

Anonymous 335812


The top slab hangs over Raisin, not over the edge.

Anonymous 335814

Well crap. This could make things difficult. The worst part is that we are committed to using this slab now.

Anonymous 335817


Well fuck. I guess we just try to position the center of the slabs a bit to the left when moving them across that one.

Anonymous 335828

File: 1359972513979.png (23.58 KB, 878x528, erk.png)

I dunno, man…

Anonymous 335830

We just have to make sure it's positioned correctly. Applebloom should be able to look at it and tell us when it's inn the right spot.

Anonymous 335833


The bottom one will happen as long as the top slab is positioned right at the edge of the bottom slab.

Trust me, they make you do these kinds of problems over and over physics courses.

Anonymous 335834

Let's do it.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335835

>Get slab positioning right, then get pushin'

We'll go with this.

Anonymous 335836


[s]Technically we could shift the center even further left by lifting a third slab on top of the system, but we barely lifted the second slab as it was.

Anonymous 335838

Is it too late to get rid of the bitten slab?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335842

GAME INFO: It is entirely possible to shift the bitten slab out of your stack, though it will require that you fetch a fresh slab from the stack to the left of the room. You'll also have to knock the second slab off the bitten slab in order to do so.

Anonymous 335843

Here goes something…

Anonymous 335846


We should use it first. Otherwise it wouldn't be massive enough to balance the system if it was ever used as a top slab. The physics only holds if the two slabs are of equal weight or the top slab is heavier than the bottom slab.

Anonymous 335847

What I'm worried about is it being too weak to support the other slabs.

Anonymous 335852


Oh, it'll definitely support the other slabs. The missing chunk it's THAT big. While the other slabs pass over it, most the the weight will be distributed to the solid portions.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335855

GAME INFO: Hold up. If you guys are worried about this next part, we could hold off on taking the plunge/securing a makeshift bridge until next week. It's 5AM over here probably late where you guys are. You managed to get more anything done in 35 minutes than we did with a full crew in 2 hours, which is pretty awesome.

Could continue if you guys are feeling bold.

Anonymous 335858

It's 4:30 AM. Please stop.

Anonymous 335859

Do it.

Anonymous 335863


That because there's fewer people to argue with, fewer people to convince.

Personally, I thought the plan would be to simply repeat things, except now pushing off the edge of the bitten slab and only the third pillar, then again to the other side of the chasm. This uses all 4 slabs, and leads me to assume it's the correct solution.

Anonymous 335865


Also fewer people to call on fallacies or propose new ideas.

I would say yes, but I feel that it would be robbing them if we made a mistake that affected the rest of the players, especially how several were vocal about going to bed and were iffy on wanting us to continue.

Anonymous 335866

We only need to use three slabs. That's what is making me think using the bitten slab is a bad idea.

Anonymous 335867

Fair point.
I'm willing to call it for tonight.

Anonymous 335869


We use three slabs to make the bridge, and the 4th one is used to balance the third slab while we slide it into position from the second pillar to the other edge of the chasm

Anonymous 335871


How about finish this action is there are no rolls involved, postpone if there are?

Anonymous 335872

Right. I think we were supposed to use the bitten one as the final weight.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335873

GAME INFO: I was thinking at least one of you guys were getting a little loopy I know I am, holy moly

GAME INFO: And this too. I don't anyone to get upset if something goes bonkers.

I had fun, hope you guys did. I know I said this would be the final session, but I'm usually horrible at calling which session truly is the final one.

Same time next week?

Anonymous 335874

>but I'm usually horrible at calling which session truly is the final one.
See? Told ya.
See you next week.

Anonymous 335876


The bitten one as a final weight wouldn't be able to balance a whole one underneath. It's just not massive enough. You'd need to move it so far to the left that it would tilt and crush Raisin.

Anonymous 335878


Yeah, sure.

Anonymous 335879

>It's just not massive enough
What makes you say that? I doubt one corner missing would affect it's ability to act as a balance.

Anonymous 335881


>Next session is final session!

>Spend the whole night talking about how to beat the boss

>Next session is really final!

>Plan is shit, backfires, ded, restart all the way from the beginning.

The third life would be even longer than the second life, since now we know to follow on LS immediately and not skip him.

Anonymous 335885


It has lower weight than the thing it's attempting to balance. But hey, too late now I guess.

Anonymous 335889

I'd rather beat the boss this time through, but I wouldn't mind taking that third life if it comes down to it.
It doesn't feel too much like going through the motions when we take such different paths each time we rewind.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 335893

>RQ3 End Area again
Well, at least you don't have thousands of lives at stake and a madman willing to run out and take them when you break his fancy gramophone.

You also arrived at the end area an in game day early, which didn't happen in RQ3. Perhaps this is a good sign? Sequence breaking doesn't mean you're automatically DQ'd for good ending. I like the idea that RQ4 was designed well enough that sequence breaking stands as a viable option… though I'll admit I could've probably made the story itself slightly more to the point and less complex. I think that really got people worried in the beginning.

I may run a fun afterquest for Raisin that involves some non-life threatening situation, though it will have a good story. Maybe something dramatic, but it will be fun/lighthearted.

Anonymous 335897

The next serious raisin quest needs to be shorter. Base it off Raisin Quest 1.

Anonymous 343118

Aw, but Raisin quest 1 didn't have the fate of Equestria in the balance at all! … Unless that orb that sunk into the ground after the acid trap is what caused the stone snakes to come back, in which case I guess this is partially Raisin's fault!

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