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Raisin Quest 4: Into the Crystal Caverns FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 322848[Last 50 Posts]

Greetings, Raisin Questers, and welcome to a possibly calamitous session for Raisin, her CMC friends, and their little trio of questionably loyal Diamond Dogs. Before we begin, let’s run through a summary of last session’s main events to see where we’re at, shall we?

Anonymous 322852

File: 1359343087435.png (76.78 KB, 800x700, tumblr_m3fqpiXwfX1rqzv4yo3.png)

O-oh my~

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 322853

>Take the sturdy rock path along the wall in the magma chamber
>Notice that a group of Diamond Dog guards are watching you and your friends from across the room
>Ask them some questions, receive no replies
>xXx Taunt the Diamond Dogs by blowing raspberries from a distance xXx
>** Walk out onto thinner bridge with Reinforced Boots equipped**
>Diamond Dogs launch spears at you and the CMC on your way to the next safe spot; your team avoids the spears and potential heatstroke during the first roll
>xXx Raisin is impaled with a Crystal Tipped Spear during the second roll xXx
>–Sprint and dash to cross a gap. Reinforced Shoes explode–
>Make it to safe spot, remove Crystal Tipped Spear, receive Group Hug
>**Let CMC travel across the next stone bridge first**
>Raisin and CMC are able to dodge explosive tipped spears and make it to a blue, glowing cave entrance
>Rover sees Raisin from across the lake. Initiate conversation
>–After much debate, Raisin convinces the Diamond Dogs that she can defeat the Boulder Snakes with their help. She tells them the leader has abundant treasures. For the price of taking a single treasure, she agrees to become Diamond Dog property… –
>Raisin receives 3 Expert Dig Dogs
>Venture into Blue Crystal Caverns
>Explore up a ramp to an orange lit room; discover a central hub of some sort
>**Discover that the blue pulsating crystals in this room have the ability to let Sweetie Belle temporarily use high level magic**

Standing in the midst of the path, Raisin, Applebloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and three armored Diamond Dogs let their eyes wander about the beautiful, glowing blue crystal caverns they’ve headed into. Knowing that certain peril lies in any direction forward, our team must swallow their fear and bravely press into the unknown if they ever hope to stop the Boulder Snakes from somehow causing a massive volcanic eruption.

With a path into a grand, central hub to their right, a dark, blue crystal lined path directly ahead and an obscured platform over a pit of deadly sharp blue crystal spikes, our heroes must make their next few actions with utmost caution.

The team hears a gurgling rumble from the lava lit chamber on the right.

“W…what was that?” Applebloom cranes her head around the side of a massive crystal, looking up at the doorway.

Anonymous 322854

Take inventory and buckle up.

Anonymous 322855


We tried to collect the crystal dust but it dissolves in our pouch, right?

Anonymous 322858

We need to hide.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 322859

Why not just collect a full crystal?

Anonymous 322861




Are there any loose crystals laying around? Maybe some small chunks sticking out that look like they could easily be broken off?

Anonymous 322863


Could, but they'd sharp. We'd need to get it, if we can snap off a small one from the wall.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 322866

Raisin: Hayseed, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3) (Box has sustained mild water damage), Royal Medallion, Can of ‘Grease’, Reinforced Boots (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope, Lamp (Equipped)

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Stompstarter, Empty Satchel

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Nails, Lamp Oil (1 refill remaining)

GAME INFO: The ground looks peppered with the fragments of many smaller blue crystals. They appear to have been shattered and laid so that their tips nearly all point directly forward.

The ones on the ground are much smaller than the one Sweetie Belle touched to use a light spell for only a few seconds. They easily crunch under the hooves of your friends without harm.

Anonymous 322867


What about ones jutting out from the wall? Are any bigger than the ffragments that we could snap off and take with us?

Anonymous 322869


Should we send one of the CMC to investigate what going on the magma chamber?

Anonymous 322870


Tell Sweetie Belle to put as many of the bigger fragments in her pouch as one inventory slot have hold.

Anonymous 322872


If collecting the dust was out of the question, then I suppose we have to make due with the smaller bits.

Anonymous 322874


Probably a bad idea. We should meet the challenge together. We've come too far to lose a party member.

Anonymous 322875


Sure, send Scoots. She is the braverest.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 322876

GAME INFO: As your eyes trace up the walls, you notice that the crystals seem to scale dramatically in size. The ones within your immediate reach vary from hoof sized to head sized. Above these, they are the size of a filly and greater.

GAME INFO: Sweetie Belle can hold precisely one Large Blue Crystal or 3 Small Blue Crystals in a single inventory slot.

Anonymous 322877


I wonder if Sweetie can maybe hold a charge?

Anonymous 322878


Might as well try the large blue crystal. The smaller ones probably won't do jack shit.

Anonymous 322879


Might be worth a shot, I guess. When we're ready she can just touch a huge crystal and we can be off for the finar battarr.

Anonymous 322880


So one bigger small or three smaller spells.

Shiiiiiiit Idunno.

Anonymous 322882


Smaller charges. We need versatility.

Anonymous 322883


I vote bigger crystal. It's to be used in a pinch. The smaller ones might not even phase the serpents.

Anonymous 322884


We can test this out now. While we collect crystals, tell Sweetie to touch one of the pillars and see if she can feel the magic store in her and not dissipate when she stops touching it.

Anonymous 322885


Smaller crystals.

Anonymous 322886


ADD 1x Large Crystal to ITEM SLOT 4

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 322888

>Try to charge Sweetie up on the bigger crystals in the immediate area

>Collect small crystals

>Collect Big Crystals

Quite a split going on here with the votes. This will be a pretty major decision, so consider your options carefully. 3 smaller spells or one large one? Charge Sweetie up on a large crystal?

Choose wisely, questers.

Anonymous 322889



Can't we collect a large crystal and charge Sweetie up? The large crystal occupies an inventory slot and touching one to charge would take like ten seconds.

Anonymous 322890


Smaller crystals.

Anonymous 322892


There's no guarantee that her skill would let those spells be worth a damn. Better go all out.

Anonymous 322893


Yeah, I vote smaller crystals but we can collect some AND charge, right?

Anonymous 322894


>Collect Big Crystal

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 322895

Charge her up and get a big crystal.

Anonymous 322896


Unless the charge might make her feel sick.

Ask her how she feels right now.

Anonymous 322897


Seconding. There's got to be a reason why we can do both.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 322899

GAME INFO: You are completely unsure of whether or not Sweetie Belle can 'hold a charge' from these mysterious blue crystals. Quite honestly, you had no idea that crystals could even give unicorns a magical boost until you entered this cavern.

As your group ducks behind a massive blue crystal and looks up to the gurgling, lava lit door up the ramp, you can't help but notice Sweetie Belle's head spinning in subtle circles.

"Hey… are you okay? How do you feel?"

She shakes her head back and forth. You see that her eyes lag a little bit. "Me? I'm feeling… dizzy…"

The room up the ramp erupts with noise again.

"…but… I'll be honest… I think it's just because I'm a little scared." She crouches up next to Applebloom and the cowering Diamond Dogs.

Anonymous 322901


Well shit.

I guess collect a large crystal.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 322902

Let's grab a decent-sized crystal just in case, then put some distance between ourselves and the creepy glowy room of death.

Anonymous 322903


I still think she should touch the big crystal, just to find out. Science is good.

Anonymous 322904


I change my vote to medium sized crystal in pouch and move to investigate the magma chamber.

Anonymous 322905

If it makes her dizzy, we'd better not risk overusing it. Having a crystal to use in case of an emergency would be good though.

Anonymous 322906


Still vote 3 small chunks. Sweetie won't be able to harm the snakes and will probably only be able to help by moving small stuff with telekinesis.

Anonymous 322908


Same. Frontal assaults never work.

Anonymous 322909


But how do we know the small chunks will be enough for even that?

Anonymous 322912

If sunlight harms the boulder snakes, then a light spell would probably be able to stun them at least, if not outright destroy them.

Anonymous 322913



Anonymous 322915


But that requires a lot of energy probably, which is why we need to carry a medium sized crystal.

Anonymous 322917


Jesus christ stop the presses.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 322921

As your team keeps their eyes locked on the disturbing sounds from the room ahead, you scan the walls for a decently sized crystal to bring along with you. The orange light flickers against the pulsating blue, vitreous rocks. If you didn't feel like you were in very immediate danger, the display would be quite pleasing.

"Whoa… hey, we're not going up there, are we?" Scootaloo seems to have taken up a defensive position atop your back.

"No… I don't think so." You gently tap one of the larger crystals on the wall, trying your best to make a clean break. The first one shatters despite your best efforts. "I'm going to bring one of these with us. I think having some magic, even a single use spell, could save our tails up ahead."

Scootaloo gulps. "So… we really are walking into a death trap, huh?"

"…not as long as I'm in charge we're not."

With another clink, you manage to chip off a sizely chunk of the glowing blue crystal. The broken end dances with little bolts of purple lightning before settling down. Dust begins to fall from the crystal.

You approach your group once more. As you sit down next to Sweetie Belle, you suddenly hear a voice faintly echo from the room ahead. It's too faint and distorted to make out clearly.

"Is that… is someone in there?" Applebloom steps out from behind the crystal.

Anonymous 322926


Welp, put the gem in Sweetie's spare inventory slot and tell her to use it when we tell her to.

Anonymous 322927


Go bravely into the dark unknown.

Anonymous 322929


Slowly peek into the magma chamber.

Be a sneaky pone and walk on our tippy toes.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 322932

Pocket the crystal chunk and try to get a clearer listen on the voice.

Anonymous 322934


Give the large crystal to Sweetie and take point.

Anonymous 322936


Yes, while we approach listen as well as we can.

Anonymous 322937


Tell everyone to listen. Maybe the diamond dogs have better hearing.

Anonymous 322940


I would say to give an inspirational speech, but time is of the essence.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 322947

GAME INFO: There are 2 immediate paths available with a potential third one across a ravine filled with sharp, dangerous looking blue crystals.

"Here, Sweetie… hold onto this."

The light headed filly cranks her head back as you deposit the beautiful, glowing chunk of glassy crystal into her saddlebag. "Alright, Raisin… I hope… it helps us…" She stammers slightly amidst the quietly whimpering Dig Dogs around her.

You pass Applebloom as you venture up the slope. "You two gonna see who it is?"

You swallow hard, then nod. Scootaloo lays down on your back, then tightens her hooves around your neck. "Keep your ears open…"

Slowly and quietly, you tippy-hoof up to the doorway. The voice begins to become a bit clearer… it sounds vaguely familiar.

"That fool isssssssss going to get chamber duty for the nexxxxxxxxxt ccccentury!" A cackle of laughter bellows around the massive, stone chamber.

You carefully peek into the doorway, seeing a glowing trail of hot, molten stone leading into one of the massive doorways far below. The lava in the center of the room recollects and falls into the bowl like shape in the center.

"W-w-wh-what was that?" Scootaloo whispers.

As the lava seems to settle, it begins to rise again.

Anonymous 322950


Can we see any of the serpents?

Anonymous 322951



Anonymous 322952


Let's continue to watch to see if is does that for each doorway.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 322953

>As the lava seems to settle, it begins to rise again.
Hide. Another snake is coming out.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 322954

GAME INFO: Looking down below, you cannot immediately see any of the Boulder Snakes. You do spot some molten trails leading into one of the grand doorways.

Anonymous 322957

no pls


Maybe we should go down the dark path if none of the serpents are in here.

Anonymous 322958


Yes, get everyone into cover and peek out as inconspicuously as possible.

Anonymous 322959


Truly a sophisticated plan. While your strategic prowess amazes me, maybe we should wait a bit to assess what exactly is going on here.

Anonymous 322964


Does it look like there's lava leading to other doors or just the one?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 322970

You pull away from the door a little. Immediately, you hear a blast in the next room followed by a loud, grinding noise. After a few seconds, you hear a soft gurgle followed by a single, quiet voice.

"I'm sssssssoo sssssorry, my Queen… I only wanted to pleasssssse Your Grace…"

"Silence. You shall take upon yourself the burden of preparing the new chamber room during the feast."

The second voice is strong and feminine… and vaguely familiar. It's answered with a hiss and followed by a much louder, more shrill one.

GAME INFO: From your last observation, the lava trails only seemed to lead into a single doorway. The others still appear to be cold and dark.

Anonymous 322971


Has the lava stopped rising?

Anonymous 322972


>"F-feast? I just hope I won't end up as the main course"

Gulp to calm our nerves.

Anonymous 322973


Well, at least we know where to go now.

Still tempted to check out the dark tunnel.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 322974

Wait for the voices to pass.

Anonymous 322975


Wait until things die down, then slowly peek into the main chamber.

Anonymous 322978


Dark tunnel probably leads to the main chamber.

But yeah, maybe we should check it out if things down settle in here.

Anonymous 322979


Probably the path of the snakes goes into the main chamber seeing as how the archways are built FOR them.

That dark path seems more appealing if the snakes aren't here.

Anonymous 322980


Ask the Diamond Dogs how thick they think the top of the chamber is? Do they think they know where we are?

Anonymous 322981


Might be a good idea, but I doubt they're like dwarves.

Anonymous 322982


Sure, but only a whisper when we're sure nobody's around.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 322983

You can hear Scootaloo breathing a bit more shallow into your ear. The voices continue.

"Move, foolish worm." The Queen's voice is much quieter as she speaks. You can hear the lava crackling as it seems to roll upon cold stone. Following the crackle, a slightly louder grinding almost immediately fades into a silence.

You very slowly crane your head around the side of the doorway. You can see two distinct trails heading into two separate doorways. On one of the doors, it appears as though lava has been spattered all over it. The speckled orange magma simmers on the colder wall.

Scootaloo shivers on your back. "…are… those…B..Boulder Snakes?"

You take a deep breath and exhale, trying to calm yourself. "Yep."

As you turn, you notice that Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and your Diamond Dogs have appeared just behind you. "…how big are they?"

"I… didn't see. They're going to be huge, though."

"And ya'll got a plan to beat them silly?" Applebloom looks at you with certain worry.

"Sure do." You turn to the Dig Dogs. "Dogs, do you know how deep we are?"

One of the dogs looks up at the ceiling, sniffs the air, then holds his wrist as if taking his pulse. He turns his armor plated arm over, then scratches out some weird symbols on it. After what looks like some serious thinking, he nods, then shows you a number.

"…172… what is that? 172 what?"

The second symbol next to the numbers looks like an oblong, rectangular '0'.

Anonymous 322987


>"Lengths? Shit.

172 of anything doesn't bode well.

Anonymous 322990


So the fresh magma is on the new door?

Anonymous 322991


The dark path is looking more and more appealing. Maybe it's a secret path.

Anonymous 322993


I meant the one back in the crystal chamber.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 322995

GAME INFO: Looking down below, you can clearly see one fresh magma trail heading into the door that the others previously led down. The other trail leads down the door that has been spattered in lava. Oddly, the trail ends right at the entrance of the door.

Anonymous 322999


So there are now three doors with magma leading to them? Has the lava in the center come to rest?

Anonymous 323001




Anonymous 323003



I personally vote to take the dark path in the crystal chamber. We go down the wrong path and we fucked.

Anonymous 323006


Cautiously approach. Can't sit here sitting on our butts while the world comes to ruin.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323008

GAME INFO: Only two doorways have lava trails leading down them. The previous trails from the first two snakes have cooled. One of the fresh trails leads down the same doorway while the other leads into a doorway with magma spattered all about it.

Only two doorways seem to have been used since you've arrived at the observation area you're currently situated at.

The lava is still moving about, but seems to be collecting into the center of the bowl shaped lava pit.

Anonymous 323009


Why not? Sitting on our butt is safe. After all, Raisin butt is a top tier butt. It would be a shame to waste it.

Anonymous 323011


Just curious, how many doors in total are there and do any of them look different from the others?

Anonymous 323012

So, what's it going to be?
The dark path in the crystal chamber?
The path the two magma trails lead down?
Or the door spattered with lava?

Anonymous 323014



Anonymous 323015


Freshly splattered lava. We go to meet our destiny, for better or worse.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323016

GAME INFO: Looking down into the room, you can see at least 20 massive arches lining the wall across the chamber. You cannot see if there are any under you. The chamber is quite massive with a dome ceiling. It looks to resemble an old, nearly depleted magma chamber.

Anonymous 323018


Dark crystal path.

it wasn't snake sized, right?

Anonymous 323019


Goddammit. Those are probably paths to other chambers or other mundane shit then.

Dark crystal path.

Anonymous 323020


I'm not going to make a decision. This shit is 2intense.

Anonymous 323021


I vote we watch a bit more to see if there are other snakes.

Can't we determine what directions the voices came from?

Anonymous 323026

I vote the path with the spattered lava.

Anonymous 323028


I could get behind this is we had something we could see with.

How much time does our lamp have left to burn?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323031

GAME INFO: The darker path the led deeper into the crystal chambers didn't look like it was custom tailored to fit Boulder Snakes, but it's certainly wide enough to accommodate them.

Anonymous 323033


Well fuck.

Anonymous 323038


Go through the fresh magma tunnel then. Turn point and have Sweetie prepared to blast a snake with light if one catches us off guard.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323039

GAME INFO: Currently, your Lamp is empty and requires a refill to light. The darker path in the crystal chamber does have some crystal growth along the way, but it's nowhere near as dense as it is in this area.

Anonymous 323043


I still think it's our best bet. This place is certainly well traversed and the crystals would be shattered if the snakes used it often.

Anonymous 323045


Why not have the diamond dogs act as bait?

Anonymous 323049


Refill lamp, light, and go down crystal path.

Heaven or Hell, let's rock.

Anonymous 323054



I'm just so paranoid of fucking dying, but it would be typical that the spookiest path is the safest

Anonymous 323071


Because they're stupid and will panic like animals.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323074

Considering the Diamond Dog's measurements and the fact the chamber below seems pretty active with Boulder Snake activity, you look down from atop your bluff and back down into the blue, crystal strewn chamber.

"Alright… I think our safest bet is to just push forward and head deeper into the cavern."

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo stand by your sides and look down into the dark tunnel. You can hear both of them gulp.

"Are you sure about this, Raisin?" Sweetie squeaks.

"Trust me. If we can navigate through here and find a shallow spot in the ceiling, we can take these guys out once and for all."

You turn to your Dig Dogs. They seem to have calmed down a little bit, but they remain as stoic as ever. "Let me know if the ceiling gets any thinner along the path ahead, alright?"

The dog that previously took the measurement nods.

You lead your group down the slope and back onto the main path. As you start drawing closer to the darkness, you can see the color of the crystal on the ground fade into a stony gray.

Applebloom sets the Lamp down while Sweetie refills it. The little unicorn takes Applebloom's Stompstarter and gets the small, flickering flame lit.

>Have Applebloom take the lead with the Lamp?

Anonymous 323076

Anonymous 323078


Go ahead, seal our fate. We have a second life, and as much as I'd like to finish, we can always take the other path next time.

Anonymous 323079


No, have us take the lamp in our mouth. This is our adventure. No fatalities except our own.

Anonymous 323080


Go bravely into the abyss. Meet our destiny, and all that it entails.

Anonymous 323081


Seconding this.

Anonymous 323084



But we don't have Artorias's ring.

Anonymous 323086


No, if we want to get a bad end, I want to see ded filly. Go full bad end or none at all.

Anonymous 323088


But you assume that we won't win! Be confident! This has to be the right path.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323100

You let Applebloom go ahead and take the lead. She carries the little Lamp by the ring and bravely walks forward. You follow close behind, admiring the dark, nearly pitch black stone that covers the walls.

"It's kinda hard to see anything… what is this stuff?" Scootaloo looks about at the void like stone. The light doesn't seem to reflect off of it easily. Only a few spots reflect the light, giving the tunnel a faint resemblance of a clear night sky.

"I have no idea… there seems to be a ton of weird stuff down here."

As your team traverses the black corridor, your hoof kicks up against a pebble. The little stone tumbles off into the darkness. You can hear it bounce a little ways, then suddenly stop.

"WOMPH! HMMF! STMMPH!" Applebloom mumbles around the ring in her mouth.

Anonymous 323104


Like, stop at in hitting a wall, or stop as in something caught it?

Anonymous 323106


Tell her to set the lamp down if she wants to talk.

Anonymous 323110


Tell everyone to stop and ask AB what she sees.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323111

GAME INFO: You're unsure. You saw the little pebble leave the small ring of light around the Lamp, heard it faintly bounce twice, then perfect silence.

Anonymous 323116


>"Applebloom, could you shine the light over here for a moment?"

Pray that our death is quick and painless

Anonymous 323118


Is there a chill running up our spine?

Anonymous 323121


Can't the diamond dogs see better in the dark?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323124

GAME INFO: You don't feel an immediate sense of danger. You feel that something is off, however, as you remember there being blue crystals scattered about the walls down here, though now none of them are visible.

You can see where the dark part of the path ends. Far up ahead, the faint glow of magma lights the area.

GAME INFO: Diamond Dogs have relatively good night vision.

Anonymous 323125


Yes, before everyone falls off down a bottomless pit.

Anonymous 323131

This is taking too long. Bad End incoming

Anonymous 323135



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323142

You stop behind Applebloom, noticing that she's clearly shaken by something. "Everyone, hold up a second…"

Scootaloo looks ahead. "What's wrong, Applebloom?"

You see her moving her head up, down, and side to side. She sets the Lamp down. "There's somethin' down there…"


You very carefully come up on Applebloom's side. There's about a foot of ledge between you and a sizely fall. Far down below, you can't see anything moving at all… until Applebloom moves the lamp.

The entire floor looks like it shifts slightly, morphing as the light moves. Faintly, you can see another shape down in the darkness. A large chestplate seems to hang from one of the walls… it looks like it used to belong to a Diamond Dog. It's the only thing that doesn't move.

"That doesn't look good…" Scootaloo gulps. "Should we… turn back?"

Sweetie Belle is surrounded by the Diamond Dog trio. She seems perfectly content being squished between the three dogs. She remains quiet, simply looking your way.

You can faintly see a path leading around the side of this pit… you think.

Anonymous 323145



Anonymous 323150


Ha, no death yet

Is there another pebble we can drop down there and pay attention to how the floor moves?

Anonymous 323154


How is it shifting? Like rippling like a liquid or squirming like maggots?

Anonymous 323156


Seconding it'll probably cause a bunch of tentacles to rise up and grab us

Anonymous 323161


Why don't we just move around the path around the pit? AB takes point since she has the lantern, we just moves really slowly and she shuffles her hooves to make sure she doesn't step off a ledge.

Anonymous 323163


Maybe we can ask the diamond dogs if they sent some guys down here to investigate and what they found, if anything.

Anonymous 323167


Let's try this first before tossing down another pebble.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323172

GAME INFO: The shifting could be best described as many, many crystals sort of tumbling about, revealing different facets before settling down and becoming nearly perfectly dark again. You can see the shifting by the movement of the 'star' patterns on the midnight black rock.

"…did you ever send any Diamond Dogs down here… by any chance?"

One of the dogs nod.

"How many?" You address the dog that nodded.

He holds up a paw, indicating three, then drops a finger, counts the two still up, and puts his third finger back up.

"…did they ever come back?"

He shakes his head, then tries to mimic a hissing noise.

Anonymous 323173


Yeah, maybe since >>323156 has me paranoid now.

Anonymous 323177


well shit.

Anonymous 323178


Something's a bit odd.

Maybe we shouldn't drop another pebble.

Anonymous 323180


I vote >>323161

Let's just see what comes of it, since I doubt a diamond dog would just fall off.

Anonymous 323181


Nothing seems like eyes, does it? Keep an eye on it while we cautiously take the path around the pit

Anonymous 323182


Is it pitch black all around us? Even above?

Anonymous 323187


Did Seath and Bed of Bullshit have a kid?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323190

GAME INFO: The only way you can tell you're still inside of a tunnel is by the faint glimmer of light against very small portions of the walls about. From the ceiling to the floor, it all seems to be covered in a substance that looks like the night sky. Light refuses to shine off most of the stone.

GAME INFO: From the ledge, you cannot immediately tell what the floor is made of or if it is, in fact, a creature of any sort. No eyes seem to distinctly stand out from the rest of the floor below.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 323193

Check the path leading around the side of the pit.

Anonymous 323194


Move cautiously around the path then. Tell AB to move slowly and follow closely.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323207

Looking to the right of the pit, you see a path that seems to lead around whatever this pitfall area seems to be. "No Scootaloo… we can't just go back. We can take that path over there around the pit…"

Applebloom picks up the Lamp, watching as the substance down below tumbles to follow her light. She looks at you with certain fear before slowly marching ahead.

"Alright… everyone, just keep close and move slow. We're almost out of here…"

You feel Scootaloo pull herself against you. The burly Diamond Dogs have to press their backs into the wall in order to shimmy across.

As you and your team begin to slide along the thin path along the outside of the pit, you think you see a crystal moving on the wall ahead. It moves very slowly, but appears to follow the Lamp light. Applebloom doesn't seem to notice it.

A chill runs up your spine.

Anonymous 323214


Tell Applebloom to set the lamp down and scooch back.

Anonymous 323216


Uh oh.

Anonymous 323217


How big of a crystal?

Anonymous 323218


>"Hey Applebloom, don't be scared, but there's a little crystal on the wall scurrying towards you"

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 323219

Get back.

Anonymous 323220


Tell her to move back, but be ready to grab the lamp if it start moving.

Anonymous 323223


I've watched The Mummy too many times to not see where this is going.

Drop the lamp and back off.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323224

GAME INFO: The crystal doesn't appear to be large. You just noticed that the light is hitting it kind of funny, not like the rest of the wall. It might be moving…

If it is, the movement is so subtle that Applebloom isn't seeing it. Most of your team has their heads down, trying to mind their step.

Anonymous 323228


>"Everyone stop. Applebloom, set the lamp down and take a few steps back. Remain calm, it's probably nothing."

Anonymous 323229


Yep, definitely scarabs.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 323233

please be wrong please be wrong please be wrong

Anonymous 323234



Look around.

Worst case scenario we see if Sweetie can make a light burst to overload their senses.

Anonymous 323251


Seconding Sweetie readying her crystal.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323253

You've come to trust the feeling in your gut after so much adventuring. "Applebloom… stop. Stop…"

Her slow trot comes to a complete halt. You feel your team sliding up into you.

"Hey! Everyone, stop a second…" You keep your eyes fixed ahead. The crystal appears to still be moving, but you're not completely sure.

"What's wrong?" Sweetie Belle stands between the shaky dogs.

"Set the Lamp down for a second… everyone, just back up a few steps…"

Applebloom sets it down, then quivers as she steps back. "W-what? Ah knew we shouldn'ta went this way… whaddya see, Rai…" She starts moving back faster. Her tail smashes into your face.

"Back up back up back up" Applebloom seems to have noticed the moving crystal as well.

Scootaloo shakes her head. "What in Celestia's name is that?"

The Crystal comes up alongside the Lamp, then stops. In a moment, you see the floor and wall next to the Lamp rise up fast, then flatten out into it's previous shape. The Lamp jumps into the air and falls down into the center of the pitfall.

Applebloom shrieks, backing up against you and crouching down.

The last bit of light you see is the Lamp exploding on what looks like a set of obsidian spikes. The cavern is now completely pitch black… you cannot see one another. The pitfall makes an awful sloshing sound as the light fades away.

The moving crystal begins glowing blue, then slides up out of the way. The light is very faint, not allowing you to see the path ahead.

Scootaloo grabs onto you tighter. Applebloom doesn't move.

Anonymous 323257


Well shit.

Anonymous 323259


And now we're out a lantern. Goddammit. Should we head back?

Anonymous 323265


Before we decide what we're going to do, we need to decide if we're going to head back or move forward.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 323266

Yes. Back to a better-lit room.

Take the glowing crystal chunk out of our saddlebags to use as a light source.

Anonymous 323268

The path appears to be booby-trapped to launch anyone who tries to cross it into the spiked pit.

Odds are we can't go this way.

Anonymous 323270


Yeah, this is way too risky. Maybe if we could see the path ahead so we could try running forward.

Light spell and go back.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323271

GAME INFO: Behind you, in the distance, you can see the glimmer of the blue crystal cavern. Ahead of you, there is the distinct orange glow of magma. Up there, you see what appears to be a path leading up and out of the area, though it's impossible to tell where it might lead.

Anonymous 323275


But we can't see the path directly ahead of us, right?

There's no way of telling if it zig zags or if there's a gap.

Anonymous 323279


Ffffffuck it run across!

Anonymous 323281


I don't suppose we could use a map?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323284

GAME INFO: The path around this pitfall seems to end just a short ways up ahead, but you're not sure what could be beyond that. It's a short distance through the pitch blackness to the magma lit path at the end.

GAME INFO: Give me a second… there won't be much data, but it could help.

Anonymous 323289


Goddammit we need to cross here to win, right?

Be a brave pony. Tiptoe forward and be prepared to run if we see another crystal moving.

Anonymous 323293


So the moving crystal has stopped? Or can we not see?

Maybe it's just attracted to light.

Anonymous 323301


If that's the case maybe we shouldn't have Sweetie cast the light just yet.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323318

File: 1359356459312.png (14.29 KB, 823x739, TheDarkTunnel.PNG)

GAME INFO: The moving crystal has begun to glow blue. It has moved up the wall and currently appears to be staying out of the way. It's no longer moving.

GAME INFO: This map may not be completely informative, but it could help you better visualize the area. The yellow line represents how you have navigated into this tunnel. The red X marks where you are currently; just ahead of this position, the Lamp was launched into the pitfall below.

The large gray outline represents the pitfall… as you remember it when it was lit. The orange at the top represents the forward direction while the blue represents the crystal cavern you came from.

The gray stone along the path shows where you kicked a rock and heard it disappear into the darkness.

Anonymous 323321


Okay, that's closer than I thought.

Still a bit iffy.

Anonymous 323325


Maybe we can do an experiment. Let's keep hugging the wall and slowly pass AB and see if the crystal reacts to just us moving. If it does we jump back and go through the magma chamber

Anonymous 323326

Lead the way, slowly.
If the light starts to come towards you, make a run for it.

Anonymous 323327


So there's a wall on one side? I though the path was open on both sides.

Anonymous 323329





Anonymous 323331

Ooh, good idea.

Anonymous 323336


Isn't the path circular though?

There isn't enough light to tie it around us and even if there was, One of the fillies would have to go first because we are so heavy that we'd pull everyone down with us.

Anonymous 323338


Ooooh shiiiiiiiit.

Anonymous 323341


They can grab it with their teeth. Also, we have 3 diamond dogs with hands. They can go first and just hold on tight if it tries to topple them.

Anonymous 323343


But they're heavy too.

Maybe they can tie a simple knot without needing light. Ask them.

Also, ask one of the CMC if they'd be willing to try to go if they had a rope wrapped around them or in their mouth, prferably Scootaloo since she's the lightest and can at least buzz her wings to further reduce the weight.

Anonymous 323345

The crystal chunk we broke off earlier was glowing. We could use it for light.

Anonymous 323349


But said light has a high chance of attracting the moving crystal and launching us all off to certain death.

Anonymous 323351


FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323352

"Applebloom…" You carefully step around the filly as she hugs the ground. "…I'll take a few steps ahead. Stay close, but give me some room to jump back if I need to…"

Scootaloo taps on your neck. "Are you nuts?! Didn't you just see what happened to the Lamp?"

"Well, yeah… I think the crystal thing hates light. We should be able to get by it now that the light is gone…"

Scootaloo hangs on tight. "You better be right."

Once you get in front of Applebloom, you stare up at the blue crystal on the wall. "Applebloom, go ahead and pass the rope around. Me and Scootaloo are going to go ahead…"

"Ya better get ready to jump back…" You can hear her uncoiling the rope as you take a few steps forward.

The blue crystal doesn't seem to react to your presence. Looking straight up underneath it, you see something almost fleshy connected to it.

"Where are you Raisin?" You hear Applebloom call out to you as if you're in the pitfall. Looking about, you cannot see much of anything, but the orange glow ahead seems to be a bit closer.

Anonymous 323353


If they express doubts, we move back to the crystal rooms and tie things there. According to the map, we can hug the right wall and we'd get back to where we were.

Anonymous 323355


How long is the rope?

Maybe we should have everyone grab onto it.

Anonymous 323356

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323358

GAME INFO: In this current run, the Spool of Rope has not been damaged in the slightest. From your last measurement of the rope, it should be roughly 20 feet in length.

Anonymous 323360


Tell Scootaloo to feel ahead until she can feel Applebloom's scruffy tail and take the rope from her mouth, then feel up ahead until she finds us.

Anonymous 323361


Seconding asking questions about the knot. Also ask if the diamond dogs have enough darkvision to see here. They might be better qualified to hold our rope.

Anonymous 323364

File: 1359357564201.jpg (96.68 KB, 960x932, applederp.jpg)


Who are you callin' scruffy?

Anonymous 323368


Oh yeah, it got shredded in life 1, right.

Things were so simple back then.

Anonymous 323373


How big was the ledge? If the diamond dogs had to press against the wall, maybe it's too narrow for two fillies.

Oh god the suspense

Anonymous 323375



Anonymous 323377


>Bet your mane is

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323378

GAME INFO: Currently, you are ahead of Applebloom.

You turn back, now nearly around the odd pitfall. "I'm up here. I think it's safe… have you tied the rope around yourselves?"

"We're carryin' it in our teeth… should be fine, right?" You can hear her put the rope back into her mouth.

"Yeah, should be alright… hey dogs? Can you see anything in the dark?"

The trio simply barks.

"…is that a yes or a no?"

GAME INFO: The Diamond Dogs are very top heavy and wide. The path is just narrow enough for a filly to walk down without having to shove themselves into the wall.

Anonymous 323381

Alright, let's move.
Get clear of the pitfall and wait for the others.

Anonymous 323384


Tell Scootaloo to feel her way to the front and for everyone to hold it hard in their teeth or hands for the diamond dogs. Once Scoots gets to the front, give have her grab the rope, move behind her, and grab it with our teeth and be prepared to bite hard if it starts to move quickly and we hear a muffled scream.

Anonymous 323386


Overly specific much?

Anonymous 323389


I'm ready. Scoots goes first and we follow one by one only once she gets to the path of the path illuminated by the orange light.

Anonymous 323392


Better safe than sorry nigga.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323402

The glowing crystal above your head doesn't appear to be moving around whatsoever. You tremble a little, relieved that your theory proved itself correct.

"Alright, Scoots… everything looks safe ahead. Jump down and grab the rope by Applebloom. I'll jump in right behind ya…"

"What? You want me to lead the way?" She asks in wonderment. "You serious?"

"Well… yeah, it should be safe…"

"Maybe if I were made of solid granite I'd say yeah, but…" To say the least, she doesn't sound emphatic about your plan.

"Trust me on this. If you have the rope and I'm right behind you, there's no way you can fall into anything. I've got your back. If I were to fall with the rope attached to me… well, that would be bad news." You blindly slide up next to her worried eyes hanging in the dark. "See what I'm sayin'?"

She groans. "You owe me big… you know I- Applebloom and Sweetie Belle are terrified down here."

In a few moments, she hops off your back, then returns with the end of a rope. She jumps up ahead of you, avoiding contact with the blue crystal above. You hear it jitter when she gets near it.

"Okay… press onward, Scoots…"

As your team marches ahead, you can feel them all moving in a solid train. With a few pairs of blue lights ahead on either side of the starry cavern, the orange light feels as welcoming as a sunrise.

Suddenly, you hear the dogs whine as the tunnel shifts. The rope becomes taught behind you.

"Raisin! Help!!" Sweetie Belle calls out between the scared whimpers of the Dig Dogs.

Anonymous 323405

"Did you slip?!"
Pull her back up.
We need to get to safety NOW.

Anonymous 323406


Oh shit.

>"Hang on!"

Anonymous 323408


Pull on the rope. Look around and see if the crystal has moved.

Anonymous 323411


Tell everyone to hang on tight and pull. We have golem strength. Pull in the direction of the lit surface, beyond the crystal trap.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323412

You begin pulling on the rope, hoisting your small unicorn friend up out of the hole. You assume the Diamond Dogs must be hanging on as well… the end of the rope has quite a bit of weight.

Suddenly, you hear Scootaloo call out from your side. "Wh-whoa! Stop! There's ano-"

With the scuffle of loose rocks, you feel Scootaloo's end of the rope tighten up as well. She shrieks from behind the rope between her teeth.

Taking a fast look up, you see the blue glowing crystal has disappeared. After a second, a blue glow begins to reappear on the dark wall.

Anonymous 323413


This. We nee to identify if someone just slipped or if the trap has triggered.

Also, ask who fell. Obviously not Sweetie if she can talk.

Anonymous 323416


Goddammit, hold on and pull.

Anonymous 323417


Where's Applebloom?

Anonymous 323418

PULL. PULL DAMMIT! And then make tracks for the safe zone!

We're not letting this stupid fucking trap beat us.

Anonymous 323420


Shit, it follows us. We have to pull everyone up and rush through. We have to pray that it just doesn't get US. Everyone else we can pull up.

Anonymous 323421


How high are the crystals?

Would it be outside the realm of possibility to maybe break them with a well placed kick?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323425

You continue hoisting up on Sweetie Belle's side. With a few steps, you feel your end of the rope slacken back up. A small plop is heard as some shuffling hooves head your way. Suddenly, you feel something bump into you, then climb up on your back. A set of hooves wrap around your neck.

You pull up on Scootaloo's side, hearing her still panicking down in the pit. From behind you, Applebloom keeps tugging on the rope to try and help you, though to no avail. A couple sets of legs run up next to you. In a few seconds, Scootaloo's screams intensify, then die out.

"Wh… ugh…" Scootaloo sounds like she's talking with her nose plugged up. "Thank you… dog?"

A bark rings out.

Everyone sounds as though their safe at the moment… the orange glow ahead beckons for the presence of your weary team.

Anonymous 323427


Don't rush too fast, maybe if we start seeing other crystal pop up.

Maybe Scoots moved too fast or accidentally bumped the wall.

Anonymous 323431


Proceed slowly until we reach the light path.

Hiro!J02Ujjg4Nw 323432

Go. Don't stop until you're safe.

Anonymous 323434




Anonymous 323437


Not too slowly though. Dilly-dallying gets us killed.

Move at a brick pace while ready to clamp down on the rope and don;'t let it go until we're kissing the ground at the end.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323441

"We've gotta get over there… it's so close." Your hooves start pattering against the stony, pitch black floor below. Suddenly, you hear something hit your chest. It attempts to push you back, but cannot move you.

You can hear one of the dogs growling softly as he tries to direct your head to the right.

Sweetie Belle remains silent on your back.

"What's goin' on? Raisin, why ain't we movin'?" Applebloom's hooves kick around, searching for the rope again. "Everyone got the rope?"

"No… and put me down, already." You hear a set of hooves clink against the ground.

Anonymous 323444

See what the dog is trying to show you.
If we need to we could probably just march right through that thing's attempt to hold us back. It doesn't look like it was meant to work on stone golems.

Anonymous 323445


Just Make sure everyone has the rope. Is there a crystal above us?

Anonymous 323446


Look to the right, prepare for a 10% chance of imminent death.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323451

GAME INFO: There don't appear to be any crystals hovering about this immediate area. To the right, however, there appears to be another glowing blue crystal poking out of the wall.

Anonymous 323453

Try smacking it with your hoof.

Anonymous 323454


So it's triggering.

I wonder what would happen if we smashed it. Is it reachable?

Anonymous 323457


Make sure everyone has the rope and step back to make the trap reset, then try sneaking by.

Anonymous 323460


Let's wait until the ground recedes, just in case smashing the crystal causes the ground to lock up and be impassible.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323461

GAME INFO: The crystal could probably be reached if you stood up on your back hooves and punched it. It's almost head level with the Diamond Dogs… you'd estimate. It's impossible to see in this darkness.

Anonymous 323468


Is the ground pressing from below us or from the side of us?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323470

GAME INFO: The ground doesn't appear to be pushing up against you at the moment. Due to the nonexistent light levels, you cannot determine what is trying to push you back.

Anonymous 323471



I vote smash.

Anonymous 323478

Wreck it.

Anonymous 323481


Wreck-It Raisin.

Be macho and pound our hoof against our chest first.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323486

Unsure of whatever this thing pressing into your chest happens to be, you assume that it must be hostile. You lift your leg up and give it a pound against your chest. Suddenly, you hear one of the dogs yelp loudly in pain.

"Oh… uh… it was one of your hands?"

The dog continues yelping. You're quite sure he's jumping up and down in place.

"What happened? Raisin? What did you do?"

You hear a loud ting of armor against your head, followed by a low, angry growl.

Anonymous 323487


M-maybe we should see if it recedes first.

Or maybe just a light tap?

Anonymous 323489


Goddamn Jr.

Why do have to punish us for being silly? It helps lighten the mood.

Anonymous 323490


Smash the crystal, goddammit.

Anonymous 323491

Smash the crystal.

Anonymous 323496


Wait a second, was this a dog grabbing us from behind?

Please clarify. Ask the dog to let us go.

Anonymous 323498


Say sorry and ask Scootaloo if the crystal triggered while she just walked in front of it.

Anonymous 323500


Shit, hold on, let's wait and talk before smashing.

Anonymous 323502

he stopped us because he saw the crystal
we need to get rid of it before it launches us off. we could pull our friends up, but I doubt they'll be able to do the same to us.

Anonymous 323503


At least apologize first.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323505

GAME INFO: You only felt something offer resistance to your step as it hit your chest. Another dog was trying to move your head to look in the direction of a blue crystal to the right.

In retrospect, the dog holding onto your chest may have been trying to prevent you from tripping a trap or falling into the same pit Scootaloo was just pulled out of.

Anonymous 323511


Well, still say sorry.

Do >>323498 maybe Scootaloo accidentally touched the crystal and it's possible we can still sneak by.

It's just the more I think the more smashing the crystal seems like it would tilt us all off the path.

Anonymous 323513


>"Well, if that's the case, I'm sorry, thank you. I owe you a favor. Now, let's see if one of the other fillies can walk past the trap without triggering it."

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323530

"Hey… look, I said I was sorry. I thought the floor or something was trying to push us off into the hole."

The dog snarls a bit in response, then sighs.

Looking about the crystal near where Scootaloo fell off, you can see a sudden drop in the path. It seems to take a quick left away from the way beyond the blue crystal. Though it's hard to see, it looks like there's solid ground just beyond it.

"Scootaloo… did you happen to bump into this crystal? The one ahead of us?"

"No… I don't think so, at least. The path just stopped, but I slipped off the edge."

>Try to avoid the crystal and maneuver onto the walkway?

Anonymous 323533


Wait, the path just stops?

Don't fucking tell me we came all this way for nothing.

Anonymous 323536


>"So, you mean there's a bit of a gap?"

Anonymous 323537

Send someone lighter first. If the crystal springs a trap, we can pull them back up.

Anonymous 323539


Yes, make Scoots go first again to see if anything triggers, then us.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323542

GAME INFO: For clarification, the path diverges and takes a sudden sharp left near the crystal. Directly ahead is where Scootaloo fell off.

Anonymous 323545


Well, she'd leading the way.

Tell everyone that the path ahead turns left and to hold on extra tight and be careful.

Anonymous 323549


Oh Scootaloo, such a patsy.

Anonymous 323551


Yes, communicate, or else we just have everyone fall again.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323562

"Sorry to do this to you again… but…"

"Yeah, yeah… I get it. I'm the trap bait. Somepony's gotta do it, right?" Scootaloo pops up and flutters onto your back. She lands on Sweetie with a small squeak. "Oh… sorry Sweetie Belle…"

The little unicorn grabs onto you tighter. "I-it's fine…"

With the end of the rope in her mouth, Scootaloo deftly continues onto the narrow bridge ahead. It's nearly impossible to see. You hear her hooves slip a few times as she crosses. With the orange light just ahead, you feel a wave of anxiety wash over you.

"Hey! I think I made it!" Scootaloo's hooves tap against what you think is solid stone.

"Alright… hang on, we're comin'. Guys, just follow the rope. There's a sharp turn left up ahead…"

As you begin shuffling onto the pathway, you can feel it crack slightly.

Anonymous 323564

Keep moving. Shuffle your hooves to avoid any unnecessary thumping.
Don't stop until you're clear. If it collapses on someone behind us we can still pull them to safety.

Anonymous 323566


Oh goddammit.

It's just a fucking neverending uphill battle with you, huh?

Anonymous 323570


Wait, I just checked and we have our reinforced boots equipped.

Weren't the rules that they still supported weight but were loud?

Anonymous 323571


Tell everyone to hang on tight and follow the rope. We gotta run.

Anonymous 323574

If we run the whole path could collapse under us.

Anonymous 323576


Yes, if we get across first, we can pull the others up.

Let's just hope the floor isn't less that 20 feet down.

Anonymous 323578


Walk at a brisk pace then, but don't dawdle.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323600

GAME INFO: Checking back, I realize that I've made a bit of a gaffe with the last inventory update. The boots were destroyed during the last session when you guys had to leap across a hole in a bridge when the Diamond Dogs were chucking spears at you.

That's a pretty big error, though… sorry bout that.

You freeze up a little when you hear the cracking. Immediately, you switch your light walking to a shuffle as you try to coast across the bridge as quickly as possible. You can feel your team being tugged a little as they follow.

"Ya shufflin' up ahead, Raisin?" Applebloom asks. Your hooves scrape up the rock pretty aggressively, but at least it keeps your weight constant.

In a matter of moments, you can hear Scootaloo tapping your side. "Alright! We haven't fallen through the floor, so the ground is definitely solid here. C'mon over, quick!"

Sweetie Belle hops off of your back. "Whew… let's get out of here…"

You begin winding the rope up as Applebloom makes it across. As the three dogs begin crossing the bridge, you see the blue crystal behind them disappear. As they get nearly half-way across the bridge, you can see the wall near the crystal jut out. The rope grows taught for a moment, but then slack as the trailing dog scratches his way up onto the platform.

"Are ya okay?" Applebloom calls out from your side, refusing to go back into the darkness without the aid of the rope.

A small bark fills the cavern as the dogs make their way over the bridge.

Immediately, your team begins walking toward the orange glow ahead. As they near it, it looks as though they simply pop out of the shadows. Scootaloo covers her eyes as the bright light covers your team once again.

"What's it look like?"

"Uhm… Ah'm not sure we're any safer…" Applebloom crouches down. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle follow suite. Turning to the right, you can see that the end of the tunnel opens up into an absolutely massive magma chamber.

You can see Boulder Snakes moving along paths carved into the walls, much like the one you're on.

"So… you said you knew how to beat these things?" Scootaloo looks over the expanse of passageways before your team.

The end of this path seems to turn onto one of the main paths. You should be able to travel left or right.

Anonymous 323604


Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Take a moment to revel in our little victory though.

Anonymous 323607


Phew. Made it.

Now to die in the next 2 turns.

Anonymous 323609


How many are there and which path has the most cover?

Anonymous 323611

See where the left and right paths lead to.
Map please.

Anonymous 323615


Can we get a better description of the chamber? Is it carved like the last one or more natural?

Also ask the dogs how thick the ceiling is here.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323623

GAME INFO: From this distance, you currently count 7 Boulder Snakes traveling along path on the other side of the chamber. They seem like they're focusing on carving some new tunnels on the west part of the cavern. You can't see it with any detail, but it looks like they're moving the rock by chomping into it and spitting it into the magma far, far down below.

The tunnels, even the one you're sitting in, looks like it was crudely made only recently.

The path ahead seems to offer some cover in either direction. Rocks that jut out from the side of the hastily created path seem as though they should keep you hidden from view.

"…how thick is the ceiling in this chamber?"

One of the dogs rubs his paw. He gives you a scowl, then looks up at the chamber ceiling. Sniffing the air and taking his pulse, he starts carving some numbers into his armor using one of his unkempt claws. His head pulls back in astonishment as he redoes his calculation.

He flips the armor piece toward you.

"…55? I don't know how deep that is, but it's a lot, lot less than in the previous few rooms. Are you certain?"

He shrugs.

Anonymous 323626


Show him our dynamite and ask him if a couple of these could collapse the ceiling if they dig up and into it.

Anonymous 323627



Jesus Christ.


Anonymous 323628


Go right, can't go wrong with right!

Anonymous 323630

Take the left path.

Anonymous 323631


I suppose we have reached an impass.

Anonymous 323632


Might as well go left.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323639

File: 1359365569261.png (23.41 KB, 823x739, BoulderSnakeChamberFirstLook.P…)

GAME INFO: Here's a quick overview of the area from your current vantage. Your team is on bottom next to the dark tunnel. Across the lake of lava, you can see the Boulder Snakes slithering about.

You look up, then rub your chin. "Do you think you boys could dig up through that and set some Boom-Boom Sticks?"

One of the dogs nod.

"Would it bring the ceiling down?"

"You plan on blowing this place up!?" Scootaloo looks at you with astonishment. "…that's awesome!"

"But… how's that gonna stop a buncha rock eatin' snakes? Can't they just nibble their way out?" Applebloom inquires.

"All we gotta do is make a skylight. As soon as the sun pours in, the snakes will all freeze up."

"And three sticks of dynamite is going to bring THAT roof down?" Sweetie Belle looks up at the massive dome.

You look over at the dogs. "…will it?"

They shrug.

Anonymous 323640


It's worth a shot.

But maybe not right now. We have to get the queen at least.

Anonymous 323642


Jesus christ we're sitting ducks.

Anonymous 323644

how the hell are we going to sneak past all THAT?!

Anonymous 323645


That isn't even all of them. Who knows how many there are.

This is too much. The cavern left me exhausted. So much for finishing up0 tonight. It seems like we have so much left, and we probably won't even make it.

Anonymous 323647


Yeah, I have class in 7 hours.

It was fun Jr but I'd be willing to call it for tonight.

Anonymous 323648

Don't give up so easily. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Anonymous 323649

Anonymous 323653


It's just that we spent a whole night just on one fucking room, not to mention we face doing it all AGAIN if we die.

Anonymous 323655

File: 1359365928513.jpg (167.61 KB, 800x800, 1339813631602.jpg)



Anonymous 323657


…Holy shit, I guess you're right.

But hey, it was >fun.

Anonymous 323659

if we die we can try a different route, with whatever it is we were supposed to get from LS
we may stop for tonight, but don't get discouraged by a few snakes
if we had to jump through some extra hoops to take this path, I'm willing to bet there's some sort of benefit to taking the extra risk

Anonymous 323660


I swear to god these adventures have made me care about the well being of a purple imaginary horse much more than I normally should.

Anonymous 323661

we've seen her suffer so many cruel fates that we can't help but want her to live

Anonymous 323662


I just wish things went to like adventure 1 or 2 where they were sort and sweet and didn't drag on for half a year at a time. I've been skipping a bunch because I just can't be arsed to play every sunday evening.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323664

GAME INFO: Hey, I'm willing to stop here for tonight. I think I hit you guys pretty hard with the creepy dark ass cavern place… hope I got you panicked.

If you want, we could run the next session a bit earlier than next Sunday. I know you guys could probably get this quest finished up in one more session pending you don't get yourselves killed. Either way, there's a boss fight coming up really soon here.

Whaddya say? Wanna do something during the week or just wait until next Sunday?

GAME INFO: And yes, I did make that room particularly nerve-wracking because of the route it's opened up to you.

GAME INFO: And we'll probably do a super short quest one of these nights after RQ4… pending she survives.

Anonymous 323665


Technically she'd died only twice, right? All other reloads were because we failed or were about to die.

Anonymous 323666

personally I like the sense of adventure that longer quests have
though short quests are also fun

Anonymous 323667


Sunday is best. It's kind of a routine. Besides, when it's not Sunday you tend to postpone more than usual.

Anonymous 323668


S-she'll survive, r-right?

Anonymous 323670


>Boss battle

You mean the one we skipped getting the item or knowledge how to beat?

Anonymous 323671

I'm fine with running a session earlier than usual.
>And yes, I did make that room particularly nerve-wracking because of the route it's opened up to you.

Anonymous 323674

Theory: boulder-snakes are weak to sunlight. Use the crystal fragment we brought with us to supercharge Sweetie Belle and have her cast a bigass light spell to obliterate the cobra.
Then we swipe the medallion to turn us back into a filly and run like Hell.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 323675

GAME INFO: Point taken. Weekdays almost never work for me, so let's not even fuck around with that.

Next Sunday.

GAME INFO: Will she?

GAME INFO: Oh, I've seen you guys pull through worse. You'll be fine… maybe. Probably.

Anonymous 323676


Sunday would probably be best, unless you wanted Friday or Saturday. How early are you talking about? Progress comes VERY slow, I doubt an hour would make much of a difference unless you fast tracked things a bit, which is bad to ruin the experience this far in.

Anonymous 323682


In restrospect you told us directly how to beat Tezel the first time around and we still messed that up. It was literally "Insert the square thingy into the square slot." We are not clever ponies.

Plus you tend to punish us when we try to be silly fillies to make things not so grimderp

Anonymous 323685


She better or else my pic with her telling tales of her latest victory to the other quest OCs will have to be discarded.

Anonymous 323686


It's psychology: in groups people tend to follow the lowest common denominator.

Anonymous 323687


Shiit, post it.

Anonymous 323688


I haven't even finished the sketch yet

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