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Raisin Quest Revival FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 300885

Raisin Quest 4: The Equestrian Depths

Our little golem filly and her Cutie Mark Crusading friends have not so stealthily maneuvered their way through a Diamond Dog outpost at the end of a tunnel under their beloved schoolhouse. Facing a furnace of molten rock and extreme heat, our fillies stand with spears to their backs and a tight path ahead.


Alright, let's get this show back on the road. We're going to change things up a bit from our usual routine, though. This time, I'll let you guys ask questions and organize before we jump straight into adventuring.

I'll get the summary composed simultaneously. Let's get Raisin back into the saddle and on her way.

Anonymous 300887

>tfw new grape

Tis a wondrous feel.

Anonymous 300888


inb4 ded

Anonymous 300891



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 300892

GAME INFO: In case you're interested in catching up in the story while I create a summary, you can look through our last questing session over here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/28501521/GeneralArchive/RaisinQuest/Webpages/Raisin%20Quest%204%20Log%2014.html
Another big thanks to Sent for holding onto these.

Anonymous 300894



Anonymous 300895

Damn Raisin we gotta pump your speed stat.

Anonymous 300896


Have patience, faget.

Anonymous 300897



FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 300898

>**Cover the Lamp to maintain stealth as guards pass by**
>Decide to head right into the mine
>Hide behind Supply Crate and analyze the room
>—Take a can of putrid smelling ‘grease’ from the supply crate—
>Maneuver through the room, stopping behind each pillar to evade detection Stomach Grumbles could alert a nearby Diamond Dog – 1/20 chance. Fails each time it’s rolled
>Narrowly avoid detection as Rex retires to the Barracks
>Continue through the room, stopping before the Residence. Raisin notices that the room is glowing blue…
>Take the path that Rex took into the Residence Hall
>Look for table scraps so that the CMC can stop being hungry; find a bunch of apple cores
>Sweetie Belle knocks a plate off the table as you retrieve the cores; Dogs don’t take notice
>CMC try eating the cores, but cannot stomach them well. Sweetie makes her distaste vocal, attracting the attention of the dogs. They think rats are invading the mess hall
>Run into the west tunnel. Your boots give off a thunderous report. The dogs now think that a Boulder Snake is trying to breach their outpost, sending them into high alert.
>Stop at a barricade. Use your awesome golem strength to knock it down.
>Diamond Dogs are intimidated and confused by Raisin, so they keep their distance

Following all the events up to now, Raisin and her fellow crusaders are out on a ledge several meters above a broiling hot furnace of molten rock. They seem to be handling the heat alright… for now. A look of fear hangs on their faces as they stare down the tunnel they came from, their eyes meeting a gaggle of twinkling green emeralds backlit with a ghostly blue light. The sounds of boiling magma echoes into the expanse of the massive chamber ahead.

I think we can begin from here. Feel free to ask questions about your surroundings or collaborate some ideas before heading out.

Anonymous 300899

Raisin: Throw Sweetie into the lava

Anonymous 300900


Take inventory

Anonymous 300901


Back away cautiously. Be mindful that nobody steps off into the lava.

Anonymous 300902



We could fight, or run.

Anonymous 300903


Shit nigger I completely forgot.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 300904

Raisin: Hayseed, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3) (Box has sustained mild water damage), Royal Medallion, Can of ‘Grease’, Reinforced Boots (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope, Lamp (Equipped)

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Stompstarter, Wake-Me-Up Dust (Ruined by Water)

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Nails, Lamp Oil (1 refill remaining)

Anonymous 300905


How close to the magma does the path lead? Mind telling us the rules for heat stroke?

Anonymous 300906


It's not running away, it's a tactical retreat.

Anonymous 300907


We don't have water so we're fucked either way.

Anonymous 300908


How waterlogged is the dynamite? Could we use it to cool the meatbag's heads?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 300911

GAME INFO: Atop this ledge, you are quite a few meters away from the surface of the rolling lava lake below. If you had to guess, the lava is about a house in height below you, so it's quite the fall.

The path on the right that leads around the outside of the chamber is about level with your platform, though it slowly descends down towards the lava. It also disappears behind a column of rock in the distance, so you cannot completely see where it's going to take you.

As for heat stroke, you'd have to spend some time in this room or dangle one of your party members near the lava for a few turns. There will be a roll performed if there is a situation where the heat could potentially cause a loss of consciousness.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 300913

GAME INFO: The Dynamite is, thankfully, still completely functional and dry. The box it was stored in, however, is still quite damp from the underground river.

Anonymous 300914


Continue on the right path, keep checking behind us to make sure the diamond dogs aren't pursuing.

Anonymous 300916


Well, do we really have a choice on where to go? Follow the path.

Anonymous 300917


Throw Sweetie Belle in the lava.

Anonymous 300919


We should probably pay more attention in the forward direction: this area was barricaded from the other side. Something nasty is in here.

Anonymous 300920


No p-pls

Anonymous 300924


But also take a moment to practice our filly eyes in case >>300919 is right and we have to defeat something with the power of cute.

Anonymous 300927


Applebloom take point, we guard the rear, and the pack mules in between?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 300930

Seeing that your options are quite limited at the moment, you stomach your fear and take notice to the thin, sturdy path on your right. Between the wavering crystal tipped spears down the tunnel you came from, the dangerous little outcrop of rocks looks inviting.

"What are we going to do, Raisin?" Sweetie Belle shakes by your side.

"There… there's a path forward over by that wall."

Scootaloo carefully shuffles over near the path, then looks down into the torrents of lava swirling down beneath, gurgling like some monstrous beast. "C-can't you just… can't you charge back through those guys?"

"Did you hear that? Stand in formation!" The Diamond Dogs behind you seem to be within earshot of your plans. You can hear them slowly moving forward, shuffling about in their armor.

"No… we're going forward. Just stick close and follow me."

You shimmy out onto to the path, not taking care to test the walkway before letting your full weight rest on it. The thought crosses your mind as you begin to traverse the stony path.

"Raisin, Ah'm not sure 'bout this…" Applebloom takes the rear, watching for the Diamond Dogs.

As you continue on down the path, you see that the platform you were just on is now occupied by 3 Diamond Dogs, each keeping their spears at the ready. They watch as you stop along a wide part of the path, gathering your bearings.

You notice that the path ahead breaks away from the wall, becoming more narrow as it descends toward the lava. It doesn't look particularly stable, not like the rest of the path behind you. Large stalactites hang from the ceiling over the path. Far below, near the surface of the lava, you see the path twist behind another column, obscuring your view of the rest of the path.

"Where are we even going?" Sweetie Belle asks, pushing herself up against the wall. Some rocks spill off the path, plopping into the furnace below.

Anonymous 300931


We have to keep going. Have us go last in case the path might break and we have to do a leap of faith.

Anonymous 300932


Tell everyone to move slowly keep balance.

Anonymous 300933


Throw Sweetie Belle into the lava.

Anonymous 300935


Do the dogs have arrows? If not then blow a raspberry at thembefore continuing.

Anonymous 300936


Tell them sorry for breaking their barricade and I don't suppose they'd feel like telling us what's down here?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 300937

GAME INFO: The Diamond Dogs do not have arrows. They stand at alert, staring your troupe down.

Anonymous 300938


If anyone gets tossed into the lava, it's Scootaloo. Nobody likes her.


Fuck it why not.

Anonymous 300939


We can try this, but do >>300935 if they're snarky.

Anonymous 300940

But Scootaloo is our marefriend.

Anonymous 300941

Lead the way.

Anonymous 300942


Ten bucks says one of the giant snakes pops out of the lava and gobbles little Raisin up.

Anonymous 300944


Call them good boys too. Maybe if we were closer we could butter them up by scratching their ears.

Butt alas.

Anonymous 300945



Me rikee

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 300950

You look back into the eyes of the Diamond Dogs staring you down. They look on curiously, though remain silent. As your friends collect themselves, you call back to them.

"Hey! Hey Diamond Dogs!" You wave your forelegs about. Suddenly, you hear a clink on your head. Scootaloo's hooves motion you down.

"Raisin? What are you doing? Those dumb dogs were ready to run us through!" Scootaloo whispers into your ear.

"Relax. I'm going to try and get some information out of them."

"Sorry for breaking your barricade and all… I can buy you a new one if you'd like…?"

The only response is that of your echo and the gurgle of the fiery cauldron below. You try again.

"Um… do you know what's down this way?"

You see one of the dogs just nod while another shakes his head. They don't seem very vocal.

>Blow a raspberry and continue?

Anonymous 300953

"…Well, see ya."
Let's get out of here.

Anonymous 300954


"It totally isn't a huge nasty beast, right?"

Anonymous 300956


Continue bravely onwards.

Still blow the raspberry.

Anonymous 300957


Stick our tongue out, but only at a safe distance.

Anonymous 300958


Cmon Raisin, we didn't dump your points into CHA for nothing.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 300961

As the silence hangs in the air, you decide that the dogs just aren't going to give you any information.

"It's pointless, Raisin. They're so dumb they probably can't understand us." Scootaloo stares back at the dogs.

"Ah well, worth a shot. Let's give 'em a lil' Cutie Mark Crusader sendoff, shall we?" Applebloom stands up, breathing a little harder in the heat of the cavern.

"All right."

In unison, you, Scootaloo, and Applebloom stick your tongues out at the Diamond Dogs standing watch on the ledge. You blow and shake your heads back and forth. As you do this, you realize that you can't seem to make any noise this way. Try as you might, blowing air passed your tongue does nothing.

Sweetie Belle gets up, but doesn't join in. "Uh… guys? I don't think we should…"

The dogs snarl, but don't budge. One voice quietly utters "The nerve!" as you and the CMC make their way to the little bridge. You let your friends go first to avoid collapsing the bridge ahead.

"Careful… go slow and keep your balance… I'm sure there's an end to this path up ahead…"

As you step out onto the bridge, you see a spear sail over the CMC's heads. They squeak and freeze in place. The Diamond Dogs didn't like your sendoff, it seems… They laugh among themselves.

With your boots equipped, it seems that your weight is distributed well enough that you don't go falling straight through the thin rock bridge.

Anonymous 300963


Fuck everything.

Anonymous 300964


New plan: don't be like asses.

Anonymous 300965


Continue across the bridge. Tell the others to stay close.

Anonymous 300966



Anonymous 300969


Proceed into the dark unknown carefully. Do not be distracted with memories of the sun or Mom's warm, soft voice.

Anonymous 300970


Continue across and go around that column ahead before a spear hits its mark.

Anonymous 300971


N-no pls.


Your friends shake in place. Scootaloo calls out across the cavern to the Diamond Dogs on the platform. "We're sorry! We're sorry!"

Another spear comes flying across the room, embedding itself into a stone column near the walkway. The CMC shriek again, much to the amusement of the dogs. One of them calls out, "20 bits says you can't hit the orange winged rat!"

The situation seems to have gotten considerably more difficult. "Alright, so that wasn't the best idea. If we stop moving, they're sure to hit us. Keep going, guys…"

Slowly, Applebloom and Scootaloo pick up and start lightly tapping their way across the bridge.

Sweetie Belle keeps shaking her head back and forth, panting a little louder. "It's too hot in here, Raisin…"

Another spear comes careening over your heads, but continues on and falls into the boiling lava. A plop is followed by a burst as the magma turns the weapon into ash.

Things aren't looking good… between the heat and the spears, you pray that nothing goes wrong before you can round the column. A safe spot near the lava is just up ahead…

Time to Roll
1st Roll - Heatstroke on Sweetie Belle. 1/20 chance, 17 is the Doom Number
2nd Roll - Spear hits a party member. 1/15 chance, 8 is the Doom Number
3rd Roll - If the Spear hits, who does it get?
1 = Sweetie Belle
2 = Applebloom
3 = Raisin
4 = Scootaloo

'r2 1d4'

Doing multiple rolls for the first time, bear with me here…

Roll #0 13 = 13

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 1 = 1

Anonymous 300976

Anonymous 300978

Get to the safe spot

Anonymous 300979


Haha, Sweetie is shit. Should just save time by tossing her in the lava.

Anonymous 300981


Preferably as quick as safely possible.


What seems an eternity later, Applebloom finally touches her hoof onto a little outcropping of rock behind a column. "Quick! Get over here!"

Another spear sails through the air, though falls short of the bridge by a large margin. You hear a dog groan as the other tease him. Sweetie Belle moves a little slower across the bridge in front of you, but moves nonetheless.

A spear narrowly misses Scootaloo. She drops down and hugs the path to avoid it, shrieking in terror. The dogs burst into laughter, barking and howling as your friend scrambles to her legs. She jumps up and glides ahead.

Scootaloo gets to the safety of the platform. Both her and Applebloom hug the column, using it as a shield between them and the irate dogs.

"Almost there, Sweetie.. just keep going…"

Suddenly, you hear a clink from above. One of the spears hits a stalactite, chopping off a good portion of it. It falls right over top you and Sweetie Belle.

"Watch out!" You push your friend up ahead, letting the rocky spike drive it's way through the bridge, creating a small gap.

Sweetie Belle flips around. "Raisin!" Her voice cracks as she reaches back.

Applebloom and Scootaloo look about, digging through their inventories for something to help you with. Before you is a small gap. You might be able to jump it if you can get a little bit of speed, though there could be another way to cross… The Diamond Dogs don't ease up, a small one reeling back with another long spear in paw…

Time to Roll
1st Roll - Heatstroke on Applebloom. 1/20 chance, 4 is the Doom Number
2nd Roll - Spear hits a party member. 1/15 chance, 11 is the Doom Number
3rd Roll - If the Spear hits, who does it get?
1 = Sweetie Belle
2 = Raisin

'r2 1d2'

Roll #0 11 = 11

Roll #1 11 = 11 / Roll #2 2 = 2

Anonymous 300991

Anonymous 300993


Fuck, at least we get it.

Anonymous 300996


We have to jump.

Anonymous 300998


Capes and rope could help us if we weren't stoned. We might just have to make a leap of faith.

Anonymous 300999


Let our rotund butt take the brunt of the blow.

Anonymous 301001


Tell the others to get to safety. We can't have stabby pones onboard this expedition.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301006

As you stand in place, you suddenly hear a distinct crack at your side followed by a loud pack of barking. You slide a bit toward the edge, but manage to correct your footing before careening over into the boiling pit. The little dog shoots his meaty arms up into the air as he's tossed several small bags of gems. Looking to your side, you see the long end of a spear sticking out where your ribs would typically be.

"RAISIN!" Sweetie Belle rushes over to the little gap in the bridge. "Noo!!"

You wave her ahead. "No no no! I'm fine! Run ahead, get behind that column!" Another spear comes flying by, taking a lock of Sweetie's mane with it. The dogs cheer again as she turns and sprints.

The dogs quiet down again as they look onward. "Hey! That one should be dead! Is it really made of rock!?" They ready another stack of spears. "Hit it again!"

Anonymous 301008


We could have them throw the rope to us and pull us while we jump so we have more force moving in the direction.

Anonymous 301011

Anonymous 301014


Make a running jump, shoes be damned.

Anonymous 301015

Jump, fool!

Anonymous 301017


That would take too much time. Just leap over the gap and get behind the stone column so we can pull this spear out.

Anonymous 301018


Do I even need to say anything?>>301014

Anonymous 301020


Maybe we should leave it in. Removing gems last life when we got blasted in the face wasn't a good idea.

Anonymous 301024


We were also peppered with so many our structural integrity was annihilated. This is just one piercing.

Anonymous 301027

If we run with the shoes the shoes will explode and destroy the bridge, I think.

If we run without the shoes we might break the bridge with our weight, I think.

We are fucked because of the person that decided to be an ass.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301029

As you watch the Diamond Dogs ready another volley of deadly sharp spears, you realize that your only option is a leap of faith. You figure the gap can be crossed if you make a running jump, though it's going to be close.

"Is she going to…?" Applebloom sees that look in your eyes. She swallows hard as you give her a little nod, your eyes separated for a moment by a passing spear.

The dogs groan as you take a few steps back. You draw a deep breath to calm yourself, then make a run for the gap. As you pound into the bridge, you feel your shoes strain and crack around your hooves. With one last kick, three of your shoes burst into pieces in midair, filling the cavern with a vociferous boom. One of the dogs weakly tosses his spear as the sound deafens the boisterous group temporarily.

Your hooves dig in hard when they land on the other side of the gap. The weight distribution that made the bridge traversable is now quickly crumbling under your step. You continue running, jumping at the last moment before the column. The way out seems to have completely eroded under your heavy hooves.

Immediately, your friends yank on the spear lodged in your side. With some straining, Scootaloo is able to pull it out. The blue crystal tip doesn't appear to be dulled in the slightest. She gives it a toss, then throws her hooves around your neck. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle do the same as the four of you hide behind the column.

"What was that?!" A shrill voice calls from afar. Another answers, "Sounded like boom boom!"

With that, you hear several of them start laughing. "Oh! Oh! Get the boom-boom sticks!"

Anonymous 301031


If I recall a bunch of people agreed with me.

But that's okay because Raisin is a very silly hors.

Anonymous 301035


Ahahaha, are there other stone columns around?

Anonymous 301038


She's gonna be a ded hors soon, faget.

Anonymous 301042


Describe the path ahead of us. How long until we round a bend that will protect us from the shots?

Anonymous 301045

Faggots with ideas like yours make these quests nearly impossible. Winning is hard enough when the only one trying to kill or inconvenience Raisin is Jr.

Anonymous 301046


Check on our shoes, de-equip them if they've broken and the path is solid from here on out.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301049

GAME INFO: The next part of the path leads up around the wall ahead, which is protected by your current column for the most part, then across one more bridge interwoven with columns on either side. At the end, you see the entrance to a very bright blue cavern. Everything is close to the searing lava.

The blue cavern entrance has a massive U-shaped indentation in the rock leading down into it.

Anonymous 301052


Y'all are taking things way too seriously. The point of quests is to have >fun.

Anonymous 301056


What's the penalty for walking in broken shoes, again?

Anonymous 301057

We lost three shoes. Leave the last one on and follow behind the others.


Lots of us have invested a lot of time into these quests. Losing because someone decides to join and start fucking around isn't fun.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301061

GAME INFO: 3 out of 4 of your shoes have met their fate in a stunning, stress induced explosion. One shoe on your right forehoof is crumbling, but hasn't been blown to pieces yet. You can see your hoof through the shoe. You see the twisted, woven steel rods inside that are supposed to be keeping the shoe held together.

Anonymous 301064


So that translates into how much cover? Enough to run to every 5 seconds?

Anonymous 301067


Too bad we didn't choose the feat to let us roll from cover to cover.

We're not close to a levelup, eh?

Anonymous 301070


We have to keep moving and put as much distance between us and the diamond dogs before they find their shotties.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301071

GAME INFO: To give a rough approximation, you'll have 3 seconds of cover compared to 8 seconds of danger while traversing this last bridge.

GAME INFO: Raisin doesn't typically grind her experience points, so unfortunately she's stuck at level 27 with many, many points to go until her next level up.

Anonymous 301075


We gotta go quickly. We can run out first to draw any potshots. If we move now they won't be as accurate than if we were closer.

Anonymous 301076


Then let's move out and hope we don't find a Balrog.

Anonymous 301081


Might as well, even though I bet the shrapnel pierces right through whatever stone cover there is anyways

Anonymous 301085

Remember that Raisin shouldn't be running.

Anonymous 301088


"Walking fast" then.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301101

You and your friends sit together in a group hug for a few moments. Scootaloo relaxes for a moment as you hear the Diamond Dogs quiet down. It sounds like they're leaving…

"Huh… you're still pretty chilly…" She hangs on, trying to cool off on your body. You gently push her back.

"We can rest in a moment. Sitting in a little rock platform next to magma isn't the best time to relax."

Applebloom finds it a bit difficult to pull herself away from your back, but sets back down on the hot rock flooring. "Alright… Raisin… Ah don't know what yet gettin' us into, but we trust ya."

Sweetie Belle sits up. "I think those guys left…" She peeks around the column. Almost immediately, she pulls herself around the side. A spear drives its way into the remnants of the stone bridge you came from. "…I guess not." She looks at the you, Applebloom, and Scootaloo with slight disgust.

"C'mon, how were we supposed to know they'd start chucking spears at us?" Scootaloo shrugs.

You usher your friends along the stone path up ahead, keeping close behind them. You figure that you can act as a shield if any stray spears happen to make their way passed the column.

Suddenly, a cacophony of laughter comes from the Diamond Dogs across the room. "We got the Boom-Boom Sticks!" The sound of a crate hitting the stone floor echoes in the room. You can barely see them pulling out some red sticks and tying them to the spears.

"We've gotta go fast, guys…"

Ahead is another thin, stony bridge. Beyond that is the safety of an intensely blue lit cave. Even from here, you can see the walls shimmering with a spectacular, comforting glow. How shall you proceed?

Anonymous 301106


How thin? Thin as the one we just crossed?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301107

GAME INFO: The path appears to have the same relative thickness as the previous bridge. It should, theoretically, have the same stability.

Anonymous 301108


Wait until the diamond dogs are about to start throwing, then run so the diamond dogs don't have a chance to lead their shots.

Anonymous 301109

Keep going and try to break the will of the diamond dogs.
"You dogs know what happens if you drop a spear, right?"
"What if a fuse burns too fast, dogs?"

Anonymous 301110


We're ded.

Have the others run first, then I guess we have to get lucky on our rolls.

Anonymous 301111

No running while we have that shoe on.

Anonymous 301113


They're probably very experienced with dynamite. Look on the bright side though, I thought they were going to get their gem cannons.

Anonymous 301114


The CMC can run, we can walk with haste.

Anonymous 301117

It's either that or we can try convincing them that we are some sort of earth spirit, and that if they kill us their gems will dissolve.

Anonymous 301119


No more taunting. That's what got us into this mess. That IS what got us into this mess, right? Or would they have attacked regardless?

Anonymous 301120


That's a massive longshot. Do they even have deities?

Anonymous 301123

Except that's not taunting. What that is is trying to break their will to use dynamite by scaring them.

It's better than trusting the RNG to not explode a filly.

Anonymous 301130


Fuck it, fine, but just do it while we're moving.

Anonymous 301134


True. Why not?


Your friends gulp as they hear the dogs return. "They're still getting ready… we can make a break for it while they're messing around!" Scootaloo keeps an eye on them and her destination.

"Scootaloo's right. Guys, run. Run. Run!"

You nudge Sweetie Belle along. She slows for a moment, making sure that you're close behind.

As Scootaloo touches the bridge, you hear the dogs scrambling to ready their spears. With the distinct strike of flint against steel, their dynamite laden spear sizzles as it traverses the chamber. You notice that the spear doesn't make it all the way, landing next to the old safe spot you and your friends were on. As soon as it touches the magma, it goes off ferociously. The column that kept you safe cracks in half and plunges into the lake, sending a calm ripple across the surface. The CMC don't take any time waiting for the next spear to make it's way through the room.

Some normal spears barely reach the bridge before the dogs make some adjustments to their trajectories. Scootaloo blazes across the bridge and hides in the entrance of the blue cavern. Ducking behind the wall, she calls back out into the room. "Run Run RUN!!"

Time to Roll
1st Roll - Heatstroke on Applebloom. 1/20 chance, 16 is the Doom Number
2nd Roll - Spear hits a party member. 1/20 chance, 9 is the Doom Number
3rd Roll - Spear was explosive! 1/10 chance, 7 is the Doom Number
4th Roll - If the Spear hits, who does it get?
1 = Raisin
2 = Sweetie Belle
3 = Applebloom

'r2 1d10'
'r3 1d3'

GAME INFO: Indeed, taunting them is what made them start tossing spears your way. Otherwise, they would have simply looked on. They could have also been slightly helpful, but let's not dwell on the past. Think forward, move forward. Learn from your mistakes.

Roll #0 15 = 15

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 7 = 7 / Roll #3 3 = 3

Anonymous 301140


>explosive spear

>no hit

Uhh okay.

Anonymous 301141


Damn those close misses.

Anonymous 301143


Jr, why do you punish us for making Raisin act silly? She's the silliest filly.

Anonymous 301144

Was it just my imagination or did you say last time we played that the dogs could be helpful if we didn't antagonize them?

Anonymous 301148


He said that anyone had the potential to be helpful, but that was before we busted down their door.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301156

An explosive laden spear brushes up under Appleblooms tail as it heads into the lava at the back of the cavern. The explosion is mostly covered up by the boiling rock, but it sends a shower of fire into the air.

"Behind a column, quick!"

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom stop behind two columns, letting the magma pour down. Some lands on the bridge between you and Sweetie Belle. You're not yet out onto the bridge, seeing as you'd collapse it pretty quick if you ran out.

Applebloom and Sweetie Belle charge the last half of the bridge, galloping through a volley of normal spears before diving into the blue cavern entrance.

"Raisin! Quick! Hurry!"

You hear the dogs groan as they realize they've missed almost all of their targets. You hear a very angry voice start shouting at the back of the room.

"What are you idiots doing!? What's going on?! Are you throwing Boom Booms into the lake?!?" The high pitched voice sounds like he's shouting himself hoarse.

A bigger dog answers him. "There's some stupid ponies going into the Snake Caves. We were just having some fun."

They seem to have temporarily stopped their onslaught.

GAME INFO: This anon is correct. Almost anyone you meet has a potential to be helpful. Raisin seems to have charm on her side, after all.

Anonymous 301159


>Snake Caves

N-no pls.

Anonymous 301162


"S-Snake Caves?"

Gulp and cautiously proceed while the volley has stopped.

Anonymous 301165


I have the sneaking suspicion that we've massively fucked up. I bet the whole point of the diamond dog raid on the town was to clear out their little fort.

Anonymous 301169


Proceed bravely onwards. Slowly though.

Anonymous 301170

>I have the sneaking suspicion that we've massively fucked up.
You think so, Sherlock?

Anonymous 301172


Walk slowly and carefully until they start lobbing bombs again. Keep an eye on them.

Anonymous 301176


Could we spot what kind of bridge it was? Depending on where it's thick we might be able to better distribute weight by walking on the edges.

Thank you engineering courses.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301183

"Raisin! C'mon!" Sweetie Belle peeks out of the cave, urging you to hurry up. You shake your nerves quick, then begin marching across the bridge.

"You morons!!! Idiots!! You could have brought the caves down on us!" You hear the dogs whimper as they're scolded. "If they're going to the Snake Caves, they're going to die anyways! Don't waste our supplies!"

"Sorry, Rover…" The dogs mutter in unison.

"Don't be sorry! Don't be stupid!" He turns around to see you slowly walking across the bridge. You stop for a moment to meet his gaze. Even through the rising heat in the cave, he seems to see you quite clearly.

"…is that… is that pony made of gold? It's covered in gold?" He squints. "Pony! Stop!"

GAME INFO: From what you remember about the bridge from your previous vantage point, the stone bridge is supported intermittently by stalagmites rising up from the lava. It seems quite unstable and is certainly thin, but the rock doesn't immediately fall apart as you pass.

Several seconds after you move, however, you notice that the bridge sags behind you.

Anonymous 301187


We have to hurry if it's sinking.

Anonymous 301191


Aww he thinks we're pretty. Carefully move towards the mouth of the cave while trying to hide our blush.

Anonymous 301192


"Why should I?"

Anonymous 301196


Diplomacy might be good. But he'll want to capture us and we don't have much time.

Anonymous 301198

Keep moving and ask him what he wants.

Anonymous 301199


It's gold, not pyrite, right Jr?

Anonymous 301203


But our heart belongs to only one, very special filly Silver Spoon

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301205

Feeling the bridge loosen under your hooves leaves a sinking feeling in your stomach. You decide to keep up your pace.

"Why should I?" You shout back.

"You're heading into the Snake Caves! You and your friends will die!" Rover shouts overtop the churning lava. Your friends gasp.

"D…die?!" Sweetie Belles trembling voice echoes ahead as you draw closer.

"He's just trying to trick us. Raisin knows where we're going." Scootaloo answers back.

"We can get you out of from that cave! We have grappling chains!" He stops for a moment as you keep moving. "I want to see you closer! Are you made of gold?! How are you so shiny?!"

You continue across the bridge, hopping over a small puddle of magma. The bridge right behind your rear hooves instantly breaks under your fall, rapidly dropping into the lava. It slows it's breaking as your pace returns to normal.

GAME INFO: Your vitreous coat contains little flecks of brilliantly lustrous gold. It's definitely an attention getter.

Anonymous 301206


You know what, fuck it. Let's try talking and being nice. There's not much her can do anyway.

Anonymous 301207


"We know! We're gonna defeat them!"

Anonymous 301210


"You could say I have a GOLDEN personality! *teehee*"

Anonymous 301213


How about we try to get some help? All the gems inside the cave except for the one trinket we need to get normal.

Anonymous 301214


SB pls go.

Anonymous 301217


Let's get to a place where it's stable first. Maybe then we can negotiate. If anything having a few meatshields might help.

Anonymous 301222


Mite b cool. They do have dynamite.

Anonymous 301231

Can you tell us if we are on solid ground before we take our next action?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301232

The bridge behind you sags a bit as you finally reach the cave entrance. From the other side, Rover shouts once again.

"Wait!! Stop right there! If you go in, you'll die!" He shouts again. The other dogs seem to have fallen completely silent.

You stop and turn around. "Yyyyeessss?"

Applebloom bangs on the back of your head and ushers you into the cave a little ways. You step around the very outside edge of the entrance, just out of the line of sight of the dogs.

"Raisin? Stop foolin' around! Those dogs just tried to shiskabob us! They ain't worth talkin' to!"

"What does he mean 'we'll die if we go in here'? Raisin?" Sweetie Belle looks frightened. Scootaloo lets tries to calm her down, sitting down near one of the beautiful, glowing blue crystals in the wall.

"Guys, the bridge is toast. This dog doesn't seem to be a complete loser… we need a way back after we explore the caves. Maybe we can reason with him?"

Rover calls out again. "Last chance! Come out where I can see you! Answer my questions!"

To your back, you see into a very circular shaped tunnel. It looks like it was rather recently created… Blue, glowing crystal adorn the wall, showering the area in a stunning blue light.

Anonymous 301234

Can we stand where he can see us without the ground collapsing beneath us?

Anonymous 301235


"We can talk here. I'm going in the caves though. They have something very dear to me and I intend to retrieve it. If you want to help, you can have everything else we find, though."

Anonymous 301236


Calm down Sweetie, tell her that we totally got this.

Anonymous 301239


We should probably only stick our head out in case he wants to threaten us by blasting our head off.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301240

GAME INFO: The cave entrance is very, very stable. The bridge outside of it, however, is deceptively weak and unstable. You reckon that it can no longer be safely traversed.

Anonymous 301242

So is that a yes or a no?

Anonymous 301245


>"Don't worry Sweetie, they don't eat meat."

Anonymous 301246


If we're going to negotiate, let's have the rest of the CMC keep watch to make sure nothing comes FROM the cave to push us into the lava.

Anonymous 301249


Mite b cool.

Anonymous 301253


Demand an apology from the dog that so tarnished our beautiful form with his spear.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301265

You look back to Sweetie, seeing a look of uncertainty plague her. "Sweetie, don't worry. No matter what's down here in these caves, I'm not going to let anything harm any of you guys."

She seems a little calmer, but understandably worried. "You don't know what's down here yet, do you?"

From the caves, you can hear the tunnels groan softly. It's eerie cry sends a visible chill up Scootaloo's spine. Her wings open up, then slowly close as the hair on her back drops.

"Uh.. keep an eye out on my back. I'll talk to dog breath over here."

The CMC nod, huddling together by Scootaloo. You hear them whispering a little as you go back to the entrance of the cave. Rover sounds delighted.

"Ah ha! You want help?" Rover seems to have a lot fewer dogs around him. You see the door to the barricade behind him is open.

"Actually, first, I want an apology. Your dogs lobbed a spear into my ribs and ruined my beautiful coat!"

Sweetie Belle almost giggles as you manage to mimic Rarity's tone in your voice. She droops her head immediately afterward.

"Sorry. Now, pony, answer me… are you made of gold? Will you stay there so we can pick you up and get a better look?"

Anonymous 301267


"No, you come over here!"

Anonymous 301269


"Apology first! Chop-chop!"

Anonymous 301271

Tell him that we've got bits of gold in us and ask him why he cares.

That's what he's wanting to do, silly.

Anonymous 301272


Seconding that apology.

Anonymous 301273

You two don't enjoy reading, do you?

Anonymous 301275


Stay mostly in cover, I bet he wants to hook us and yank us back over to them.

Anonymous 301277


It was a half hearted sorry. We demand an apology by the dog who threw the spear.

Anonymous 301278


But can he resist the filly eyes?

Anonymous 301281

Don't be antagonistic.

Anonymous 301282


Maybe we should just ignore them and hope our three sticks of dynamite is enough then. They want to chisel us open.

Anonymous 301285


We also have to show them who's boss.

Anonymous 301291


Could their grapple hooks even do that? They would need to be pretty strong.

Anonymous 301292


We've come too far to take that chance.

Anonymous 301294


Speaking of chiseling, I wonder if our heart is a giant ruby now.

Anonymous 301295

They can do whatever would screw with us the most.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301296

"No, you come over here!"

Rover's shoulders drop. "That's what I just said I was going to do, you idiot!"

You think over his words quick, then realize you've made a gaffe. "O-oh… uh… sorry…"

"I'll answer your other questions when you give me my apology!"

"I already did! Didn't you hear me?!" Rover calls back.

"That wasn't sincere!"

He covers his face. "Yes it was!"

"No it wasn't! I can tell when an apology is sincere. I'm a girl."

Glowering, the vest sporting dog looks back and forth. "Alright… I'm sorry for stupid dogs trying to kill you and your friends! Sorry!"

You shrug. "Close enough."

Rover shouts back. "Answer my first question!"

"Am I made of gold? Why do you want to know?"

He stops for a minute. "Beeeecause… uh… Oh! Because you're quite… nice looking? Yes! Pretty young ponies shouldn't end up inside of nasty Snake stomachs! Your parents would be upset if you got killed in such a gruesome way!"

"My friends are pretty too, aren't they?"

"They're not made of gold, are they?" He retorts. "…Uh, yes! They are very pretty. If you stay there, we can rescue you!"

Behind him, you see a Diamond Dog with a long spool of chain. He looks significantly more burly than the other dogs you've seen.

"We can make a deal! We'll save you and your friends if you stay with us for a little while and share… information with us!"

Anonymous 301300

"You just want to melt me down and take my gold, don't you?"
Move further into cover.

Anonymous 301301


"Oh, we don't need saving, we were just wondering if you wanted to help us defeat the snakes. If not, then…"

Anonymous 301305


"You're actually scared of those monsters? I thought the diamond dogs were tougher than that!"

We have nothing more to say. Proceed into the cave.

Anonymous 301308

Once more: Do not be antagonistic.

Anonymous 301310


Yeah, I think that we won't be able to get much help. Give them an ultimatum. Send a couple of guys to help us fight the snakes, or we're done here.

Anonymous 301314



But we really should cut our losses. Maybe tell them to give us a minute to straighten our mane while we go into the Snake Caves.

Also, how lit is it in there? Do we need a lantern or do the crystals refract enough light to see?

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301315

"You just want to melt me down and take my gold, don't you?" You duck a little back behind the cave entrance. The burly dog stands at attention with a massive hook in his paws.

"Nooooooo, no no no! Nothing like that! Just stop, hold on… don't go any further into that cave!" He looks a bit panicked. "Wait! Alright! What can I do to prove I won't?! Do you want gems? We can get you and your friends lots of gems!"

"Oh, you know, on second thought… we don't need saving, we were just wondering if you wanted to help us defeat the snakes. If not, then…"

"Defeat the… defeat the Snakes?!" Rover looks stunned. "You!? Defeat them!?" He looks like he's holding back a fit of laughter. "There's no way! They cannot be defeated! Just hurt!"

"You're actually scared of those monsters? I thought the diamond dogs were tougher than that!"

Rover puffs up his chest. "We're not scared!"

"Yes we are." The burly dog's bassy voice echoes across the cavern as he looks at Rover in confusion.

"No! We have a secret weapon! We're not scared!" Rover assures you.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301318

GAME INFO: The light is entirely blue and a little dim, but it's enough that you can see all of the tunnel walls and all of your friends.

Anonymous 301319

Tell him that his gem cannon won't work as well as he thinks it might, but if the snakes are exposed to too much sunlight they die.

Anonymous 301320


"Then give it to me. I'll blow up the snakes, get the thing I want, and you can pick up the pieces. What have you got to lose?"

Anonymous 301322


Also, ask them how deep we are beneath the surface. I think I might know the solution.

Anonymous 301328


Not really a good idea, since they can use it to threaten us if we get close.

Anonymous 301329


Do tell.

Anonymous 301332


By blowing up the ceiling with dynamite and collapsing it, letting in sunlight.

Anonymous 301338


Fuck I can't be getting tired

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301345

"I know what your secret weapon is. That Gemstone Cannon isn't going to work as well as you think it will!"

Rover jumps. "Wha-? How did you find out?!? Is that what you were snooping through our base for?!"

Applebloom sounds stunned. "…how DID ya know about that? Ah didn't see anythin' like that on our way through…"

"Raisin Sense. Don't question the Raisin Sense."

She rolls her eyes, looking deep down into the caves ahead. You can hear that eerie moan tremble in the cavern air. It's not comforting, to say the least.

Rover shouts. "Answer me, you little sneak!"

"Hey, no need for name calling. I just thought of a way to get rid of these snakes once and for all… how far below the surface are we?"

Rover looks puzzled. "Why do you want to know?!"

"Just tell me, please?"

Rover looks about, sniffs the air, then holds his wrist like he's taking his pulse. "158.68 Links."


The burly dog holds up the big chain in his paw, rattling it around.

Anonymous 301349


Not really that far down thank god, but our 3 sticks might not be enough.

Anonymous 301351


How long are the links, roughly? Can we estimate?

Anonymous 301354


"Last chance, if you're not going to join us, then we're done here."

Anonymous 301356

Ask him what part of the snake caves are closest to the surface.

Anonymous 301358


Does the platform we're on extend with a little lip around the edges of the cave? I case we have to get out of the way for some raisin

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301359

GAME INFO: From this distance, you're unable to tell. You've never been good with determining the exact size of objects. You're more of a researcher than a hands on engineer.

Anonymous 301362


Raisin in the sciencest filly

Anonymous 301364


Seconding, and then we leave.

Anonymous 301367


I doubt that they've been far enough inside to tell but it mite b cool.

Anonymous 301369

No, tell him that if he wants to defeat the snakes he needs to dig through the surface and meet us there.

Anonymous 301371


Yes. This is even better than the dynamite one. Promise him the snake's riches except for one trinket of our choosing.

Anonymous 301372


Fffffffffuuuuuck yeah.

Anonymous 301375


O-okay ;_;

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301384

"Do you know what part of the Snake Caves are closest to the surface?"

Rover laughs. "None! It only goes deeper and deeper and deeper! Snakes like heat and magma!" He suddenly stops. "But that doesn't matter! Do you want to be rescued or not!?"

"Actually, Rover, and I'm sorry to say this, but we don't want to be 'rescued'…"

Suddenly, a little twinkle of genius rattles around in your mind.

"Me and my friends are going into this cave no matter what. We know for a fact that the caves ahead are littered with treasure… that's why we snuck through your base."

"T-treasure? The Snakes keep treasure?" A few more Diamond Dogs seem to come out of nowhere, crowding the little platform across the lake.

"Yes! However, I'm only looking for one little trinket. We also know how to defeat the Snakes so we can take it all back safely!"

The dogs start to bark. Rover silences them.

Scootaloo taps on your tail. Your friends are all behind you, sporting looks from confused to upset. "Raisin? Are you lyin' or… how do you know all this?"

"Raisin Sense. Again, trust me. I think I might have figured out a way to survive these caves."

Applebloom stops. "Wait… ya'll didn't have a plan comin' down here?!"

"If we can keep all of the treasure…" Rover calls over. "…and you defeat all of the snakes, then dogs will help!"

"Do you even know if the Snakes have treasure? You didn't sound very confident when you were talking about it…"

You look back to your friends and a collection of dogs across the way.

>How do you answer?

Anonymous 301389


"All the treasure except one. It's just a worthless personal item. But that's like throwing out a truckload of diamonds because you don't get a tiny discolored one."

Anonymous 301393

Shush our friends and tel the dogs that the snakes die if they are exposed to too much sunlight. If they help us kill the snakes not only will they get to keep all but one piece of treasure, they can expand into the snake caves. All they have to do is get a large area of the cave ready to be blasted open and exposed to the sky.

Anonymous 301395


"No, not all the treasure. Everything except for my personal item. Everything else is yours except for that one. Promise it!"

Anonymous 301397


Ask them if they have anything that makes a ton of light, like burning powder or a magic lantern.

Anonymous 301400


Something tells me that they're going to betray us.

Anonymous 301402


Well duuurr

Anonymous 301405


Ya think? Point is we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. We can handle a bunch of dumb canines easily once we get the serpents out of the way.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301408

You look over your friends sincerely. "I know this sounds like I'm just making a bunch of stuff up, but you guys gotta trust me on this. If we can get these guys to help u-"

"They just tried to kill us a few minutes ago! With spears!" Scootaloo protests.

"And dynamite!" Sweetie Belle adds.

"Look, okay, I know they're not the most trustworthy sort, but I also know the caves ahead are full of those giant snakes like the one we saw in town. I also do know, for a fact, that sunlight turns them into stone, just like the one in Town Square."

"What about the treasure? How d'ya know what kinda treasure they're keepin'?" Applebloom asks.

"Well… uh…"

"Well?!" Rover calls from across the way. "Help for all the Treasure!?"

You call back. "No no! I said all but one trinket! One trinket of my choosing!"

Rover fidgets. "You keep the trinket, but we keep you afterwards. Deal?"

Anonymous 301411


"You really think I'm that pretty?"

Anonymous 301414


"Okay, but you do realize it's fool's gold on my skin, right?"

Anonymous 301415

"You keep me?! No way! I've got a home to get to once this is over, you know!"

Anonymous 301416

"…No deal"

Anonymous 301417

"Nope. You can agree to our terms or you can sit here underground until the snakes decide to flood your tunnel with lava."

Anonymous 301422


"In fact, help me get home and you'll be heroes. There will be gold medals and food, lots of food! In addition to the treasure down there."

Anonymous 301425


Try and dissuade them with this. We're worthless granite and pyrite. Unless you count being the prettiest filly in the world as wealth.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301444

"You really think I'm that pretty?" You answer back with your hooves under your chin. The response was actually rather unexpected on your part… you're not even sure where it came from.

Rover stops for a moment. "If I say yes, will you agree?"

You recollect yourself, standing upright again. You clear your throat quick. "Okay, if you say yes, then sure… but you do realize it's fool's gold on my skin, right?"

"What?! Really? You're lying! I know that shiny shine from anywhere! That's gold!"

"Yeah… fools gold!"

"It's real! I can see it! You can't trick me!" Rover squints. The sound of boiling lava cuts the silence hanging in the air as he tries to stare through the heat distortion in the room.

"…so, you think I'm pretty right?"

Rover rolls his eyes. "Deal or no?! We have gems to mine! We can get treasure later if we want to!" You see him order several pickaxe wielding dogs off of the little platform and back through the barricade.

"But what if we take it all before you can get around to collecting it?"

He jumps up and down. "Last chance! You want our help?!"

Anonymous 301450


No. He's more trouble than he's worth.

Anonymous 301453


Fuck him we'll prove our superiority our own way.

Anonymous 301454


…Fine. We get the trinket but he'll get us.

Besides, he probably won't want us when we use the medallion to turn back to normal.

Anonymous 301455


We need his help.

Anonymous 301457


Agree to the deal. We can handle him after we take care of the snakes.

Anonymous 301458


We need to get back to our parents for it to work though right?

Anonymous 301459

No deal. We're not surviving the snake tunnels just to get a game over by being captured by diamond dogs

Anonymous 301461


Anonymous 301466


Oh man what's it gonna be

Anonymous 301467


Fine. We go on without him change on vote to no deal.

Anonymous 301468

Why not just make it part of the deal that we won't lead them to the treasure if they don't let us go?
We could go in there first, change back to normal, then leave and point them to it.

Anonymous 301470

File: 1358151731771.jpg (126.64 KB, 1024x768, raisin vs diamond dogs.jpg)

Anonymous 301471

I vote deal then.

Anonymous 301472


That's already the point. They want it ALL. Besides, we need to get back to the surface. The madallion requires the tears of someone who loves us of some magic bullshit.

Remember kids, never trust a mage.

Anonymous 301473

>The madallion requires the tears of someone who loves us
…Our friends?
Love isn't just between family or lovers.

Anonymous 301475



Anonymous 301478


Anon pls.


True, plus we already are traveling with our lover Sweetie Belle

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301480

We had deal going for quite a while, and it's still tied as I'm typing this, so let's go with deal.
"…I think we can knock out a deal here. You hold up to your end of the bargain and I'm good to go." You strike a pose you saw in one of Sweetie's big sisters fashion magazines.

"What?! You agree, right?" Rover calls over. You see the burly Diamond Dog begin swinging the massive chain in his paws.

"Yes, but only if you tell me I'm pretty."

The other Diamond Dogs chuckle. Rover jumps up in frustration. "QuuuiieeEETTTT!!!" He turns, then nods. "Yes!"

"Yes what?"

"Yes, you're pretty!" The distance obscures him a little bit, but you're sure he's blushing.

"Great! We have a deal then! We'll show you how to help us defeat the snakes, you get me and all the treasure besides my trinket, and we'll be on our merry ways!"

The giant hook comes flying across the room. As it slams into the side of the cave entrance, you hear your friends recoil in fear.

"Raisin?! What are you doing?! Do you even know what you agreed to?!" Scootaloo shakes her head. "There's no way they're going to let us leave!"

"Relax. We need these guys to help us with the snakes. Once the snakes are out of the picture, I can take care of them if the deal goes sour."

Applebloom shakes her head. "Ah got a bad feelin' bout' this…"

You kick the hook into the rock a bit to make sure it's stable. You see Rover point to a couple of dogs. "Go Dig Dogs! Mush!" As the burly dog keeps the chain taught, the dig team climbs their way across the magma chamber and into the entrance of the blue cave. The CMC back up as they fill the entrance.

The dogs don't seem to be the brightest of the bunch. They pant in and hang their head in place, their helmets covering up their eyes for the most part. They look down at you, then reach out with a paw. Your shiny coat seems to draw their attention.

"Alright.. so… you're the dig team, right?"

The one in front nods.

"…just follow us, then. Keep my friends safe or the deals off, you hear?"

He nods again, then the team goes over to the CMC. They walk out in front of them, leaving a gap between them so that you can take the lead.


Anonymous 301481


Go bravely forth into the dark unknown.

Anonymous 301482


They're in the middle? Okay. Better to have that so they don't surround us.

Cautiously move forward.

Anonymous 301483


So only two diamond dogs, right?

Tell the CMC to keep a lookout from behind. You know so we can replan if "reinforcements" come.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301484

GAME INFO: Sorry for my ambiguity. There are actually 3 dogs in total.

Anonymous 301485


Are they armed with spears?

Anonymous 301486


Take point and go as far as we can until we need to light a lantern to see.

Anonymous 301487


We don't we take new inventory with our three new redshirts.

Anonymous 301488

Now that we have our muscle, let's get a move on.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301489

GAME INFO: The dig team are not armed. Their paws are rather massive, however, making them their primary means of defense. They do wear a pretty hefty set of what you believe to be steel plated armor. It amazes you that they don't get exhausted wearing such hefty equipment.

Though you cannot smell them, the looks of disgust and mild coughing from your friends tells you that they probably don't carry a very pleasant aroma.

Anonymous 301490


If only we remembered to bring dog treats. We could have easily won them to our side completely with those and belly rubs.

Anonymous 301491


Ten bucks says they're carrying crystal daggers in their armor, but we don't really have many other options, do we? Continue into the cave. Hug the walls to give us the tacticool advantage.

Anonymous 301492

Why not try sweet talking them to our side?
If they really aren't that bright it probably shouldn't be too hard.

Anonymous 301493

can we venture onwards a bit first?
we need to start making some headway

Anonymous 301494


Maybe, but we can't make it too obvious. The others might hear us and if we go deeper into the cave talking might rob us of the element of surprise.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301495

With your new dig team between you and your friends, you begin to lead the way deeper into the tunnels. From behind, you hear Rover shouting.

"Dig Dogs! Come back when you've dug!"

The Dig Team collectively bark. The sound is startling. Over the pounding of their armor, you can hear one of your friends' stomachs gurgle.

"Oooohhh… we should have cut them a deal to get some carrots or something…" Scootaloo complains.

"Oh jeez… I'm sorry guys. I forgot that we didn't find any food back in the fort…" You look at one of the Dig Dogs. "Do you guys even have food back there?"

He nods.

You walk backwards and look over your dig team. "Just hang in there, guys. I think we're nearly done down here…"

One of the dogs reaches up under his armor plating, pulling out a something wrapped in a chunk of bread. He offers it to Scootaloo. She takes a whiff of it and coughs.

"Blech! Ugh… n-no, thank you…"

You come up to a small, open clearing. The crystals get bigger and brighter as you delver further into the cave. That eerie sound seems to resonate far deeper into the cave system.. it's ghostly, in a way, especially with this light.

Looking up to the right, you see a path leading into another hole. A brilliant orange glow pours out of it. To the left, you see a small sea of sharp, sharp blue crystals. Straight ahead, you see the cavern descend further. The blue crystals seem to get bigger in this direction.

"This place is… beautiful…" Sweetie Belle watches as some twinkling dust falls off the crystals on the ceiling.

Anonymous 301496


"Be careful Sweetie. Those things look awfully sharp."

Anonymous 301497


Fuck, forgot about the hunger. Go deeper in before they get too hungry.

Anonymous 301498


The orange glow is probably for magma, the sharp crystals will shred our little filly hoofsies up.

Down it is.

Anonymous 301499

can we get a map?

Anonymous 301500


Let's check out the orange area first. Maybe we can find a good spot where the dig team can dig.

Anonymous 301501


Follow the right path.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301502

"Be careful Sweetie. Those things look awfully sharp."

She taps the side of one, letting it ring forth a chilling, high note. "C sharp, maybe…" Applebloom rolls her eyes.

You take notice as some of the dust lands on Sweetie Belle's horn. For just a brief moment, it looks like a magical glow surrounds it.

Anonymous 301503


On second thought, yeah. The probably can't dig straight up. Maybe if we find a good spot we can give them our dynamite so they can place the explosives to make a huge hole or maybe bring stalactites down or some shit.

Anonymous 301504


"Hey Sweetie, try casting a spell."

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301505

GAME INFO: This is a possibility. Give me a few minutes and I can render a bastardized version of the room for you.

Anonymous 301506

Try collecting some dust and sprinkling it on Sweetie's horn.

Anonymous 301507



Anonymous 301508


Vote this over >>301504

She might accidentally do something like send a pulse through the whole crystal network causing them to explode and shred us with shrapnel.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301509

File: 1358153998957.png (17.69 KB, 720x575, quickmap.PNG)

GAME INFO: This is a very rough idea of what your current surroundings look like. To the left, a small valley filled with sharp, pointy, knife like crystals. There may be a ledge on the other side. To the right and up, a path that leads to an orange, glowing doorway. Straight ahead, there seems to be a continuation to the path around the bend.>>301499

Anonymous 301511


I wish you were autistic enough to draw all your environments. They seem so cool looking and you're talented enough to make them work

Anonymous 301512

Send one of the dogs to scout the path straight ahead while we check out the orange path to the right.

Anonymous 301513


Still vote orange path.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301514

META INFO: I actually know I could paint this scene and make it look really baller. In my head, it looks really cool, especially with the blue light everywhere.

Anonymous 301515

a fully-illustrated RQ WOULD be pretty cool…

Anonymous 301516


It should probably be vice versa; they aren't smart and might alert the snakes. The downward path leads to the main chamber, straight from Rover's mouth.

Anonymous 301517


No, we have got to stick together. The moment we split up is the moment we lose control of the party.

Anonymous 301518

there is such a thing as being too cautious

Anonymous 301519


Not with Raisin there isn't. She can't die. She's a qt3.14

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301522

>How would you go about collecting/storing the twinkling dust?

"So… this entire cave is filled with snakes as big as the statue in Town Square?" Scootaloo asks aloud while inspecting the pulsating blue gems sticking out of the walls.

"That's what I hear… I was actually unsure of how to find this place, to tell you the truth…"

"Well, we found it. And now that we owe the Diamond Dogs, there ain't no goin' back til we… defeat them." Applebloom sounds downtrodden.

"Hey, don't worry. With these guys, we can totally pull an end all on the Boulder Snakes. All we need is some planning and one hole up to the surface."

Sweetie Belle bumps her horn into a crystal as she turns. An aura glows around it for a split second. "But.. Raisin.. isn't the sun only out during the day?"

You stop for a moment. "Uh… oh man. That could be a big problem. Your dig team looks slightly worried… you think. "We'll worry about that in a second. I bet it's nearly morning anyhow."

You lead the way up the orange, lit path. As you approach the door, you see that telltale heat distortion warping the entrance of the door. Another magma chamber…

Peeking around the side of the door, you immediately notice that this one is quite different. Most of the chamber floor is solid ground, but there's a single circle of lava in the center of the floor. All around the walls, you see what appears to be crudely carved entrances.

"What in Equestria…?"

Anonymous 301523


"Welcome to Grand Central Station"

Anonymous 301525


Anything else of interest in the room? Look towards the ceiling. Are we in a volcano?

Anonymous 301526

Let's not go into the big glowing snake-hub.
I think we should experiment a bit more with the reaction of the crystals to Sweetie's horn.

Anonymous 301528


Yeah. We can come back later, but we should >>301522

Anonymous 301530


Can't we try to sweep the dust on the ground into a pile and sprinkle it on Sweetie's horn with our mouth?

Anonymous 301531

Why not just ask one of the dogs to scoop some up? They have hands.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301532

GAME INFO: The entrances about the walls are fairly large. You'd guess that they're nearly the size of the tunnel you entered the clearing from. The pool in the center looks like it's in the center of a bowl, possibly to allow for the collection of magma. You're not quite sure.

Looking up at the ceiling, the hollow dome makes it almost feel as though it was an old magma chamber. Considering that it's nearly empty all but for the puddle in the center, it must have been re-purposed.

GAME INFO: From what you could tell, there didn't appear to be a dusty layer coating the tunnel floor as you walked in.

Anonymous 301533


We can pour out our pouch of ruined wake me dust and put the dust in the empty sack.

Anonymous 301534


Ooh shit. Time to experiment.

Anonymous 301535


Oh yeeeeah.

Let's see if we can turn Sweetie Belle into a living zappy gun pew pew.

Anonymous 301536

Try having Sweetie touch one of the crystals with her horn.

Anonymous 301537


>Alright Sweetie, if at any time you feel your brain turning to mush, tap your hoof three times. Trust me, I got a B+ in science class. I'm certified to do this.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301540

Returning back to the main room, you and your entourage walk back down the little pathway up to the old magma chamber.

"What was in there? Just a bunch of lava?" Applebloom asks.

"Nah… it was really weird, like a big hub for all the tunnels or something. I think we should look around a bit more before heading in there, but it's definitely important."

You promptly reach your hoof into Scootaloo's saddlebag. "Oh! Good idea, Raisin. I was starting to feel pretty tired…" She yawns when she realizes how long she's been awake. You pull out the ruined Wake-Me-Up Dust.

"Sorry, Scoots… but I think this stuff got ruined by the river when we first got in here."

The pegasus drops her head and groans. You flip the little satchel over, taking care not to rip the bag with your awesome strength. You turn it over, letting a briquette of yellow mash sloth out onto the cool blue cavern floor. It meets the ground with a plop.

Holding the bag up in the air, you try to catch a few of the falling dust particles drifting down from the ceiling.

"Uh… Raisin? Whatcha doin' now?" Applebloom watches as you sway to keep balance.

"I noticed Sweetie Belle's horn lit up with this stuff touched her. I was thinking that it might be some sort of magic stone, what with the whole blue 'glowing forever' thing and all…"

Sweetie Belle looks up at her horn and tries to catch a mote of dust on it. To her astonishment, her horn flickers green for just a moment. "Omigosh! Did you guys see that?!" Her sleepiness and worry seem to have been replaced with excitement as she tries to catch a few more.

For some reason, the bag isn't holding any of the dust particles. Looking inside of it, all you can see is the disgusting leftovers of the Wake-Me-Up Dust.

Anonymous 301542

Have her touch one of the crystals directly.

Anonymous 301543


It probably decays fast.

Anonymous 301544


Tell her to be really careful and ask her if she's tried practicing levitation or any of those beginner spells. We wouldn't know because mother always said never trust them shady mage types.

Anonymous 301545


First with her hoof, then with her horn if she doesn't feel anything.


Nonsense Raisin is an enlightened filly and not racist at all.

Anonymous 301546


Try catching some on our hoof to test >>301543

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301547

Realizing that your dust collection efforts are in vain, you turn to the crystals themselves. "Hey… Sweetie Belle?"

"Yes? Omigosh, this is soo cool!" Another little dust particle touches her horn. She squeals in delight.

"Try touching one of those crystals with your horn and… try to make some light. Magic light."

Scootaloo and Applebloom stand aside. The Dig Dogs simply surround you like a small team of bodyguards. With utmost curiosity, the small white filly very delicately touches her horn to one of the crystal on the wall. Immediately, you see a magic ball of light stem forth from the tip of her horn.

"I'm doing magic! Guys, look! Look!" She giggles as the light fills the room with a brilliant, white glow. As she lights the room, you can't help but notice the pulsating blue hue of the crystal fade to black. In a matter of moments, the small crystal she held her horn against crumbles to dust.

"Whoa… that was cool…" Sweetie looks a little dizzy as she shakes her head. "I wanna try another one…"

You hear a gurgling noise from the orange lit chamber up the ramp. Your team freezes. The Dig Dogs growl, keeping their eyes up on the doorway.

Anonymous 301549


Alright, when in doubt she can pop something if there's a crystal nearby.

Investigate the magma room.

Anonymous 301550


Peek into the magma room.

Anonymous 301551


Time to die.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301552

GAME INFO: Taking a quick check. I know you guys haven't Raisin'd in a bit, but how's your Quest Levels? Still feeling like pushing on or do you wanna save the more than likely grand finale for next week?

Anonymous 301554


Oooh shiiit.

Yeah, I'm tired.

Anonymous 301556


Yeah, doesn't seem like we have many people left.

Anonymous 301558


I hope I can make it. I go back to uni next week.

Anonymous 301559


>grand finale

>fail colossally

>have to redo everything because we're on our second life

As much as I want to finish, I'm still curious about what the deal with LS is. I think we sequence broke.

Anonymous 301560


It's good to be back. These little games are hella fun.

Anonymous 301561

Next week sounds good.

Anonymous 301562

How-Fucked-Are-We Report, please.

Anonymous 301563


>completely skipped LS

Probably very.

FaceIessJr!derpv/fTOE 301564

META INFO: Yeah, I was just noticing that it was 5AM and figured you guys were probably starting to get a bit weary from all the adventuring.

Also, my apologies for the huge delay between this session and the last. You know this time of the year, though. Stuff gets busy as hell. Holidays and universitys starting back up can really put a damper on a quest.

GAME INFO: In a way, yes. LS isn't 100% required to beat the game, but his mini-quest thing may have been extremely helpful, especially with regards to information about the Boulder Snakes.

GAME INFO: You guys actually pulled something that I didn't completely anticipate. I had written down the idea to let you use Diamond Dogs for help in the Quest, but…

Well, don't wanna spoil anything or give you too much certainty. Even the deal you've cracked with them is going to probably cost you later on. It's a good balance, though. Should be fun to see how this plays out.

Anonymous 301565


Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. A-after all, defeating the snakes should give us enough XP to choose the "Diamond Dog Allies" feat, r-right?

Anonymous 301566


Coolio. Maybe if we win or get the dreaded game over you can tell us what the whole LS thing was about.

Anonymous 301567

We still have a spare life. We can go back and do the LS sidequest if worse comes to worst.

Anonymous 301569


I hope we win. This game has been going on for quite a while now.

If only people weren't afraid of saving mid quest.

Anonymous 301571

I hope we get our old body back.

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