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Your adventure has taken you deep within a newly discovered Underground Tunnel network. In this pitch black expanse, your Lamp provides you with limited reprieve from the muggy, stale darkness engulfing your party. Let’s see where we last left our beloved Golem and her slightly wounded friends, shall we?


>Check party’s hunger levels; they tell you they feel fine
>Carry Applebloom and Scootaloo across on your back, Applebloom holding the Lamp above the water
>Make it to the other side safely
>xXx Sweetie Belle is grabbed by the current xXx
>Immediately rush out to get her
>** Use Applebloom to guarantee Sweetie Belle is secure **
>Proceed along the path to the fork in the road
>Proceed across the sturdy bridge and into the left tunnel
>Throw soaked Sneezing Powder towards the light
>Investigate a light in the distance, find a massive gemstone filled watery cavern
>—Discover a Diamond Dog repelling down the waterfall cliffside; asks for a Waterproof Boom-Boom Stick—
>**Impersonate a Diamond Dog**
>—Tell him you don’t have any explosives—
>Give him a Drill from the Tool Barrel
>Tell the Diamond Dog you’ll go look for some
>Peek down to see that he’s alone. Sweetie Belle says he looks creepy.
>’Borrow’ a Jagged Pickaxe from the Tool Barrel
>Double back and go down the other tunnel
>Avoid going into a dark, descending hole where all the water seems to be pouring down
>Continue ahead, encounter a barricade covered in razor sharp Blue Crystals
>Notice that the door is unlocked with the lock and key unlatched; walk straight through
>Sneak passed a sleeping Diamond Dog hiding behind some boxes near the entrance

Huddling around their dancing Lamp flame, the CMC peer ahead into a dark hallway. A ghostly light seems to hover in from the right along with the muddled whispers of a couple of voices. Scared though determined, Raisin reassures her friends that this path will take them to the Boulder Snakes… somehow. The team swallows hard as they peak over a box, watching the dim glow in the distance grow brighter.

“What is that? More dogs? How many of those things are down here?” Scootaloo whispers, her head lowered next to yours.

Raisin: Hayseed, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3) (Box has sustained mild water damage), Reinforced Boots (Equipped), Royal Medallion (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope, Lamp (Equipped)

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Stompstarter, Wake-Me-Up Dust (Ruined by Water)

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Nails, Lamp Oil (1 refill remaining)

You'd estimate that it's probably around 9PM or so… though you can't be sure. It's been a few hours since you've seen the sun or the night sky.






Time to die.



So, should we really keep going? I don't think going down here is a good idea.



Keep low to the ground. Proceed silently.



Hide until the glow passes.


Says you. We have an extra life.



Can we tell from how many voices are talking?



Are we in a good hiding spot? Seconding if yes, move to another if no.


GAME INFO: From here, it sounds like it's just a pair of voices. The sound of the rushing water behind you is faint, but still presents enough of a roar to obfuscate the conversation.

GAME INFO: Currently, you have a large supply box to your left side and a series of stone pillars to your front. From here, you should be relatively well hidden…


Can we estimate how long our supply of oil is going to last us and how long it took us to get to this point.
Have any of us given any thought as to how we are getting out of these tunnels?

We have a last life. We need to use this one to gather information and still have very little information about that thing that lives in the hills and loves Applejack.



Presumably the opposite direction from the schoolhouse leads to an opening.


GAME INFO: At a glance, it looks like there's still quite a bit of oil left in your Lamp. You'd approximate there's at least 2 hours worth of oil left to burn.



True, but >>229438 may have a point. We burned the school, so the diamond dogs will have a hard time establishing a fortress.

Maybe if we can't find anything else down here soon, then yeah, we might want to go back and up the mountain.


And how long did it take us to get to where we are now? Can you draw us a map of where we are? Maps are useful.



Then let's hide for a while until the glow passes, before moving on.



Yeah, a sketch would be nice.

speaking of sketches Krabb isn't playing, again.

>tfw we will never have a draw slave to sketch Raisin's silly exploits





Do we have anything to shroud our lantern with? That will be a useful ability if we are trying to be sneaky.



I agreement.



Oh shit, yeah. Cover it under us as best we can without breaking it.


File: 1354505366409.png (12.39 KB, 884x608, (CURRENT LOCATION).PNG)

GAME INFO: Absolutely. I came prepared with an area map tonight, so as you explore, it can be readily updated.

Behind you is the barricade and the water slide dropoff area. The Red circle is the sleeping Diamond Dog. The colored circles are you and your crew. Ahead, there is a light coming out of the right hand tunnel with some voices preceding it.





We might crush it though. Aren't the CMC cloaks made with gold cloth? How flammable is gold cloth.



Huh, so it doesn't seem too big I know you just plan on filling in the map as we go along, ha!



It shouldn't matte




Let the glow pass, then shimmy into where they came from.


The lining is made with gold silk. Outside's probably cotton so it should be decently safe.



Do this then >>229459

Also, are our quiet shoes are equipped, right?



AWWW yeah done with my homework just in time for grapes.

Lemme catch up.


As the voices seem to draw nearer, you keep your eyes focused on the approaching light ahead. "I don't know, Scootaloo, but I don't plan on finding out anytime soon. Applebloom, pass the Lamp over here."

Applebloom walks over to you and sets the Lamp by your side. You try to cover the panes of glass up as best as you can, keeping your eyes centered on the distant glow. You're not completely able to cover the light, however, as some escapes around your hooves.

"Oh! We can't let them see us! Hold on…" Sweetie Belle squeaks. She pulls off her slightly damp cloak and pushes it over the Lamp between your hooves. The light is all but completely drowned out.

"Thanks, Sweetie Belle."

Suddenly, two lanky figures emerge from the right side of the distant tunnel. The CMC all instinctively duck down and stay low to the ground. You keep your head up, watching as the dogs turn your way. One holds up the his lamp and looks towards the entrance for a brief moment, then continues along.

"I hate guard duty! Nothing here! Barricades stop snakes, so what's the point?"

The other replies. "Its stupid! Pointless!"

"Rover is stupid! Nothing down here!" Their conversation fades as they round the other wall, heading down the left passageway.

"Raisin! Didja see 'em? Didja see where they went off to?" Applebloom looks around blindly in the dark.

GAME INFO: Your Reinforced Boots are currently equipped.



"They went down the left passage! Now's our chance!"

Move into where they came from.



Listen for a moment to make sure they weren't accompanied by a lollygagger.



Go down



Go down the r






Do this, and listen for when they're gone so we can uncover the lamp.


Seconding this.
Someone could alert them to our presence.


GAME INFO: Beyond the sound of the two dogs complaining about their jobs, you cannot hear much. The rushing water to your back drowns out any other sound you might otherwise be able to hear. The snoring Diamond Dog to your left behind the other crate isn't helping either.


Make sure that we don't go too fast and end up wrecking our boots.


>The rushing water to your back drowns out any other sound you might otherwise be able to hear. The snoring Diamond Dog to your left behind the other crate isn't helping either.
Well fuck.
Keep the lantern hidden I guess and go down the right path.



Uncover the lantern then and go right. Tell Sweetie to carry her cape in her mouth so she can cover it quickly.



Yeah. Move silently. Don't run unless we're spotted.


"Now's our chance, girls. Follow me!"

As you start moving forward, you notice that Applebloom and Sweetie Belle aren't following. Their glowing eyes hover in the air, looking around.

"Where ya'll at? Ah can't see anything!" Applebloom whispers.

Sweetie Belle bumps heads with her. "Ooof!"

"C'mon, over here."

Applebloom stumbles closer to you as you wait for them to catch up. Sweetie Belle catches up in a few moments.

"Stay close and stay quiet."

You begin to lead the group deeper into the cavernous entrance. Staying on the tips of your hooves and near to the ground, you move as stealthily as you and your friends possibly can. Your Boots are helping out tremendously; with them on, your hooves sound like heavy shoes instead of thunderous crashes on the rocky cavern floor.

With the Lamp in your mouth, you approach the tunnel at the far end of the cavern. Looking left, you see the two Diamond Dogs heading towards a barricade. Through the barricade, you see a bright orange glow. To your right, you see some glimmering lights. You can clearly hear some clinking sounds and movement.

"Huh… Sweetie Belle, Applebloom… you guys here?"

The two fillies bump into each other as Applebloom bumps into your tail. "Owww… yeah, we're here…"

Scootaloo looks back and forth. "Uh… what do we do if neither direction looks good?"


We get a map update.



the glimmering lights are probably gems.




I was just about to say the same. Dat autoupdate.


>You can clearly hear some clinking sounds and movement
That's from the right tunnel, right?



>tfw I'm typing something

>tfw someone else says something similar
>tfw I just x out the reply box rather than finish

I'm 2slow


File: 1354507230384.png (14.67 KB, 884x608, (CURRENT LOCATION).PNG)

GAME INFO: Here's your current location. Indeed, it is down the right that you hear some distant clinking. The rushing water sound to your rear seems to have completely stopped at this point.



Go towards the glittering. Maybe there are some slaves we can rescue.


The area to the right is probably a mine filled with miners.

Can we see if the barricade to the right is facing towards us or away from us?




Uuuh, this doesn't sound good.

Here's hoping it's not the snakes burrowing down the tunnels.


GAME INFO: The barricade that the two Diamond Dog guards are standing next to looks like a normal wooden barricade. You cannot see any Blue Crystals on it.


GAME INFO: For clarity, it's outside of your hearing range. It was faint beyond the barricade, but you can no longer hear it.



Eh, even so, we should probably head towards the mine. Better than attacking a barricade head on.



We can probably get away with low light by telling the CMC to bite only each other's tails, with Sweetie in front.



Oh shit.


This works I guess.



But what about Sweetie and us? We're not colorful so we she can see us even less than they can each other.



She doesn't have an injured hoof, so she can rest one of her forelegs on our butt while we lead.



Wholly nonsexually, of course?






Of course not, there's nothing sexual about filly butts. Get your mind out of the gutter.


Entirely sexually.


Keeping your eyes on the Dogs to the left, you formulate a plan at the fork in the path.

"Hey, Sweetie Belle.."

"U-uhm… y-yeah?" Her voice cracks.

"Walk alongside me. Applebloom, you grab onto her tail. We're gonna ninja sneak into this mine."

"Raisin, you've gotta be completely nuts. C-can't you hear the dogs up ahead?" Scootaloo protests.

"What's the matter? You're not scared NOW, are you?"

Scootaloo takes immediate offense. "Me? Scared? You know you're talking to the one and only Scootaloo, right Raisin?" She points a hoof forward. "Full steam ahead!"

The dogs by the barricade turn their heads back your way and hold up their Lamp. Before they get a chance to make an approach, you begin moving into the right tunnel.

It's rather dark ahead, but a faint blue glow hangs in the darkness. You can see some orange flames flickering against the cave walls ahead. There are definitely some sort of tools at work down here…

"W-what is that?" Sweetie Belle whispers.

"I don't know…"

You reach another cavern. Roundabout you, there are Diamond Dogs chinking away at the walls, pulling gemstones out of them. Each one seems to have a lantern hung up next to their location, giving them just enough light to see where they're digging. Many stone pillars litter the area, making the cavern feel like a catacombs.

Directly ahead is a large supply box. You can faintly make it out against a strange blue glow that hangs around in the shadows.



So there's no slave pones around? Good.


File: 1354508292744.gif (37.27 KB, 212x337, map.gif)


GAME INFO: You would have no idea of knowing for certain. The room has not been surveyed completely and cannot be from the entrance.




Are there any exits around?



N-no pls. Pone should not be slave.



Well then we have to survey time. Raisin is Neutral Good and cannot pass up the chance to save a pony from servitude.

Go further in, still hugging the wall.


File: 1354508491429.png (16.46 KB, 884x608, (CURRENT LOCATION).PNG)

GAME INFO: Map update.


Please. We are Lawful Evil.



Can we shimmy behind a pillar? How big are they anyways?


Wouldn't Raisin be more chaotic good with her previous blatant disregard of authority?

Should we advance into the room?



>Not being true nuetral

Shiggy Diggy.



Yeah. Fuck tha police.

Also >>229623


GAME INFO: The pillars are all fairly large in size. It would be relatively easy to hide your group behind most of them.

GAME INFO: Currently, you cannot see any exits ahead that lead out of this mining area.



Go behind the supply box.

That is the light brown thing not in the water, right?


GAME INFO: You are correct. Light brown on this map represents wooden structures. In this case, it represents the supply box.



Moving into the water would probably make noise, so go behind the other thing right below it.



Seconding moving behind that.


The Diamond Dogs are coming back so we should put a pillar or something between us and the tunnel we came through. It might also be a good idea to shroud our light again.



Our light is still shrouded, right?


You decide it best to get behind some cover. Carefully, you proceed along the back wall until you're next to the giant supply crate. Closeby, an exhausted Diamond Dog buries his Jagged Pickaxe into the wall, chipping out more dirt and rock.

The CMC stay as far away from him as they can. "R-raisin.. uh…" Applebloom points towards the Diamond Dog.

"Shhh… hold on a second…"

You take a moment to survey the room as best as you can. Looking straight out, you see a little puddle of water near a distant miner. He pulls something from the wall and holds it up to the torch. It's some sort of blue rock, but certainly not a gemstone of any sort. With a displeased grunt, he tosses it into the puddle. The stone appears to glow as it sinks deeper and deeper into the little collection of water you thought was a puddle until the light disappears completely.

To the right, you see what looks like a minecart on a set of rails. One Diamond Dog walks around to each of the miners, collecting small piles of gems from them and taking them over to the cart. You cannot quite see across the room, but it looks like there may be another passage ahead.

GAME INFO: The Lamp is still covered with the cape.




Jr if you need to roll, you can just type '1d10' in the body of your post

Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1354509418789.png (99.65 KB, 900x532, trixie hi.png)


Is the supply crate open? Take a peek inside. Like this.



Can we move behind a nearby pillar away from where everyone is looking?

Also, make sure everyone is with is. Just to be sure.



Take a gander back behind us to make sure that the dogs at the barricade aren't coming back.



How close is the supply box to the water? You pick make it look like it's right next to it and we'd have to go south to get around.


We should have had Rarity make us a Diamond Dog costume before coming down here.



Hindsight is always 20/20



After all, Nightmare Night is only 3 months away!


File: 1354509820342.png (18.91 KB, 884x608, (CURRENT LOCATION).PNG)

GAME INFO: Don't worry; the rolls are coming soon. As several questers know already, they can be quite painful.

GAME INFO: Peeking over the crate with this exact expression, you see that it is full of Railroad Spikes, Iron Hammers, a jar full of 'Grease', and some Torch Sticks.

GAME INFO: The box is precariously close to the water's edge. To get around it, you'd have to squeeze between it and the nearby pillar.



Might as well second, just to make sure.



Our inventory is full, right?


Raisin: Hayseed, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3) (Box has sustained mild water damage), Reinforced Boots (Equipped), Royal Medallion (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope, Lamp (Equipped)

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Stompstarter, Wake-Me-Up Dust (Ruined by Water)

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Nails, Lamp Oil (1 refill remaining)


>with this exact expression

Also, how difficult would that be to squeeze around it?




I guess sneak around the Northern pillars, taking a moment to wait for the moving dog to turn away from you.



Does that mean we can hold two more items in our bag while we have our other stuff equipped?



…Put medal back into bag, so light doesn't glint off it and give us away.


GAME INFO: There's a good distance between the box, the pillar, and the water. It's nearly wide enough to allow two Diamond Dogs standing side by side to pass through it easily.



Oh fuck. Do this.



Put medallion away while grabbing some grease.


…Damn, and I was just about to WRECK IT…
GAME INFO: You quietly unequip your Royal Medallion, tucking it away in an empty (though still slightly damp) saddlebag pouch.


File: 1354510342625.png (26.25 KB, 884x608, map2.png)


This seem good? stopping at each pillar and moving around only when the walking dog is turned away.



So that makes 1 pouch free, right?

Get some railroad spikes, or just one if it counts as one item.




I'm a bit unsettled with the last pillar. It's pretty close to the mining dog.



Eh, why not. Just tell the girls what the plan is and to stay close.

Jr pls



Ain't nothing that can be solved with a little lubricant~~~~~



The line of light seems to bisect the pillar.

I vote for the same place, but not stopping behind it and shimmying to the final pillar.



Eh, just be sure to grab it when nobody's looking.



Seconding communication. This is going to have to be smooth.


Before leaving the side of the Supplies Crate, you reach in and grab the large tin can full of 'grease'. It smells absolutely foul… you're actually not completely sure what this stuff even is.

You watch as the collecting dog makes his way around one of the far pillars.

"Raisin? Raisin?!" Sweetie Belle taps you gently. "Uh… Raisin!?" She's staring back the way you came. You can see a distant glow begin to approach.

"Oh boy… alright Crusaders, we've gotta hustle through here…"

Scootaloo gulps. "I'm listening… what's the plan?"

"Well, you just hold on tight. Applebloom, Sweetie Belle…" The little white unicorn is still staring back toward the glowing light. "Sweetie Belle?"

"Y-y-yeah?" She shivers slightly.

"You and Applebloom just follow me close. We're going to stop behind this first pillar and get around the back of the next. We're gonna move kinda quick, so keep up."

"Okay.." Unsure of themselves, they give you a nod. As the dog passes his patrol spot again behind a few pillars, you signal the CMC to follow.

Keeping your eyes on the moving dog, you make your way to the first pillar. You stop for a moment, keeping an eye and an ear out for the dog. You're not quite sure why, but the entire room seems to very dimly glow with blue light… It's incredibly strange considering how dark the rooms previous were…

Stomach grumbles, 20 sided dice: Doom Number 17

Roll #0 3 = 3




Goddamn. Fucking meatbags and their need to eat.


As the dog rounds the pillar, you can hear him speaking with the miner. "Rex, go to bunks! Tired dogs don't dig fast!"

Woozy, the dog replies. "Yes." He seems completely out of it. You have no idea how long he must have been working.

Quickly, you sprint to the next pillar with the CMC close behind. You can hear Applebloom and Sweetie breathing pretty nervously. Scootaloo has an extremely firm grip around your neck. You find yourself actually slightly thankful that you don't have to breathe.

You sit behind the pillar for just a moment as the CMC collects themselves. The tired dog, Rex, is approaching your position.


Stomach grumbles, 20 sided dice: Doom Number 12

Roll #0 14 = 14



oh pls oh pls


>Continue to next pillar?
>Modify travel plan?







Is it possible to move AROUND the pillar so that it's blocking us and the wandering dog?






GAME INFO: Currently, you are behind the 2nd pillar marked on the golden path. Rex is coming by, but he has not passed yet.

Roll #0 13 = 13


This sounds good.






This if possible, but if not, then continue. It's better to be seen by the sleepy dog and the awake patrolling one.


Actually yeah, this instead.


Just make sure you don't get spotted by the patrolling dog in the process.


GAME INFO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e7DjukRrRM

Noticing the approach of the impending dog, you tap Applebloom on the shoulder and shimmy around the pillar, making sure your entire group is out of his line of sight. His massive hands drag on the floor, scraping his Jagged Pickaxe along the way. It produces a fairly loud grating noise.

Breathing a little harder, the CMC wait as the dog goes ahead of you. Carrying a Torch, you see him disappear into the area you plan to go through. Along the way, you can see 3 distinct passages in the distance.


You stay put as the patrolling dog comes around the pillar in front of you. Quickly, you shimmy back around the pillar to avoid being seen.

"Raisin, are you sure about this?" Applebloom shivers as the collecting dog goes to another one of the miners…

Stomach grumbles, 20 sided dice: Doom Number 7

Roll #0 14 = 14



Can we see which passage he went into? That's probably the sleeping hall and probably packed.



"No, but it's too late to go back now."

Continue to the last pillar. Make sure everyone is with us.



Make the final shimmy and take a breather. We gotta find a kitchen and fast.

Here's hoping the dogs aren't exclusively carnivores.



Will we have to steal with the stomach growls every turn now?


Map update?



What else can we do?


File: 1354513043471.png (19.18 KB, 884x608, (CURRENT LOCATION).PNG)

GAME INFO: Indeed you may. Map updated.

You quickly take this opportunity to scoot over to the last pillar. As you move, you look behind to make sure your team follows. Sweetie Belle stays put for a moment.

"Sweetie!" You whisper shout.

She immediately takes notice that she's the only one left behind her pillar and darts over to yours. When the group is gathered, the four of you lean against the stony column for a moment.

"Whew…" Applebloom sighs.

Looking ahead, you see three distinct passages with Rex down the center. It looks like he's turning off to the right as his light fades into the blue, dimly lit darkness.

"Where to, then?" Scootaloo asks. You can nearly hear her heart pounding.

Stomach Grumbles, 20 sided dice: Doom Number 8

Roll #0 14 = 14


GAME INFO: For clarification, you're at the yellow X now. Sorry for any confusion caused.



Right's out of the question

Left is unknown

Center is residence.



Is the dog on the right sleeping?


We need to find food.
Residence would be our best bet.


GAME INFO: The dog on the right is sharing his light with the other miner. He's also digging with just his paws. From what you can tell, he's not very happy.



I vote we head for residence, but only far enough to see if the path branches. If not, then the mess hall might be located elsewhere.



Go left. The less time we spend here, the better. 1/20 chance isn't that big.



Don't go there then.


Not very happy?
…If we really wanna be ballsy we could try and convert him to our side, but this being >Raisin Quest I have a feeling that might not work.
So residence, I guess.



>we will never go 1 on 1 with a dog so we can kick him in the face.



Go left. Maybe there's a master chamber or something that we can blow up and collapse this whole operation.


I wish that had a chance of working. A diamond dog friend would be fun.


>there will never be a Diamond Dog member of the CMC
life is cruel



>Diamond Puppy

Oh god, all those arguments about baby orcs are coming back to me.



We need food. No matter how icky.




Ded grapes




Seeing as your friends are practically starving but remaining tight lipped, you figure it to be in their best interests to find them some food.

"Let's go straight. I bet we can find a ton of supplies down that way."

"But isn't that where the other D-diamond D-d-dog just went?" Sweetie Belle stutters.

"He's going back to the bunks or whatever. There's probably a ton of food and stuff that way."

"Food?" Scootaloo perks up. "I'm with Raisin… as long as we don't end up becoming food."

Walking through the eerie glow of the dim, blue light, you notice that the Lamp you're carrying is no longer producing light… from under the cape, you see that the flame has died. "Drats…" The CMC seem to have acclimated slightly to the darkness, but the weird blue glow seems to help guide them through.

The next room opens up into a slightly larger cavern. You see a set of messy tables with stone plates and bowls strewn about. A torch hangs from one of the columns in the distance, though the blue glow of this room is significantly brighter than in the room previous.

You hear a door shut on the right. Across the room, you can hear some speaking.

"Spears! I win!"

A few groans echo throughout the cavern as the clinking of gems begins to calm down.



Look around for food like cabbage.



Any pillars or rocks in this room to hide behind? Or will the tables provide good cover?


check for leftovers



Can we see from the light? How many are at the table? Wait to see if they're done playing or go for another game.



Ask Scootaloo to take a whiff and see if she can smell food.


Map update before we do anything please.



Why not all the CMC?


File: 1354514448911.png (20.26 KB, 884x608, (CURRENT LOCATION).PNG)

GAME INFO: You are currently standing in the entrance of the room. It's not immediately clear what kind of food is out on the table or if there is any at all.

Near the table, you see a cauldron over a set of charred logs.


Seconding the 'smell for food' suggestion.
…Though, there might be too much water in here to smell anything clearly.


Have the CMC investigate the nearby bowls and warn them to stay quiet when they do so.



We can move behind the pillar, then send move by ourselves to the table and investigate.



Keep an eye on that path just to the right of where we are. Listen for footsteps and for torchlight, just in case someone is coming down.



One should be enough. As ditzy as Sweetie is, she's the only one without a limp right now. I vote to send her.


Looking about the room, you try to remain quiet and calm as the rambunctious group of Diamond Dogs on the other side play some sort of weird game with their hands.

"Hey, can you guys smell anything edible?"

Scootaloo shakes her head. "Be glad you can't smell at all, Raisin.. it's nasty in here."

Applebloom nods. "You remember how wet dog smells? It's like that and garbage." She whispers as the dogs erupt into laughter. You hear one get hit and whimper.

You hear the door on the right open again. A glow bursts into the cavern.

"Keep it down you mutts! We're sleeping!"



Cool, so that's the sleeping hall, but there's still the path down to the right.


Maybe Raisin and Sweetie could go while AB and Scoots keep tabs on the opening near their pillar. we use the table for as much cover as possible and let Sweetie see if any leftovers are edible. They way we'll be there to stop her is she has a retard moment.



Keep still until the door shuts again and the light subsides.


Wait for the door to shut then tell them they need to eat something. If their stomachs rumble and give us away we are all goners.



Yeah. Surely the dogs have some sort of lettuce or bread around. Just tell them to hold their nose if the smell is bad.



Probably the best option.


You keep still in the entrance, waiting for the new light source to die out. The loud dogs bark at him a few times as the door slams shut. With another burst of laughter, you hear one dog shout "Club beats shield! I win!" Another round of groans erupt before a temporary calm sets in.

"I'm really scared right now." Sweetie Belle barely speaks audibly.

As soon as the noise starts back up again, you move the group behind the nearby pillar. The odd blue glow in the room lets the four of you see one another clearly in the dark.

"Okay… you guys need to eat something."

"What's up with you an eatin' anyhow? Ya'll know we're hungry before even we do…" Applebloom shakes her head. "We don't need to eat all the time, ya know." Her stomach makes a slight gurgle as she covers it up.

"You see? That right there. You guys need to eat something so that doesn't happen. If it does while we're sneaking, the dogs will find us for sure."

The three hungry crusaders look to one another. "She's right, guys. There has to be something we can eat down here." Scootaloo cranes her head over to the table.

"Hold on; Scootaloo, Applebloom, you two wait here and watch that tunnel…" You point to the nearby tunnel opening. "We'll check to see if there's any food we can take."

"Wait, why you? You can't even smell. What if you grab something rotten?" Scootaloo's stomach grumbles quietly.

"Just stay here. We'll be back in just a minute here… Sweetie, follow me close."

The little filly tags along behind you, following your cold granite tail in the soft blue glow of the cavern. As you approach the lit table, the Diamond Dogs start shouting again. "Shield beats Spear! I win!"

Searching the table, you see that most of the plates have been licked clean. There's a basket of apple cores left on the table.

"Ehh…. maybe?"

Sweetie Belle's face scrunches up. "Eugh…"

Stomach gurgles, 20 sided dice. Doom Number: 19


GAME INFO: >fail to roll on post

Roll #0 1 = 1


Better than nothing.



Tell Sweetie that it's better than nothing. Tell her to cover her nose and take the basket back to the others.



Check the fire. Is there anything cooking?



Are apple cores toxic? They don't look moldy, do they?



>taste bad

>cover the nose


It helps.



FUN FACT: The brain uses both smell and tongue to assess "taste", which is why things taste off when you have a cold. Your brain is only getting half of its usual information about the food.



GAME INFO: The fire that was heating the cauldron appears to have died out a while ago. They must have eaten dinner several hours before you arrived.

Seeing the apple cores on the table, you figure it's the only food that's even potentially edible.

"It's gonna have to do. Hold your nose if you have to."

Sweetie Belle looks disgusted. She picks the little basket up off of the table and sets it on her back, knocking a plate off of the table. As it hits the floor, you freeze up.

The Diamond Dogs don't seem to have taken notice. One speaks up, though he's behind the column. "What was that?!"

"Miners, idiot! Don't try to cheat!" You hear a quick slap followed by a whimper.

Sweetie finally breathes again, steadily trotting the little basket back to her friends. You follow close behind as the two of you get back behind the column.

Applebloom and Scootaloo look equally disappointed. "Ughh… I think I lost my appetite…"

"C'mon, guys. It's all I could find on short notice. You have to eat something…"

Applebloom looks at Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, then picks up one of the apple cores. She chomps into it with a look of utter disgust. "Ugghh… ohhh… that was gross. No more, please…" She rubs her hoof against her tongue.

Sweetie Belle looks into the basket with perfect disgust. "Do I have to?"

"Just one. You need to eat something."

She picks up an apple core that looks relatively less brown than the others. She chomps into it, but immediately spits it back out. "Gross gross gross! Blech! There was a big wad of spit on it! Ewwwwewww!"

You cover her mouth quickly. Scootaloo and Applebloom follow suit, placing their hooves over her face. The game across the room has suddenly grown dead quiet.

Sweetie Belle whimpers softly.


Quietly leave the room with them and the bucket of apples.


Time to go.



Tell them that if they eat this one time you'll buy them so many sweets that they'll get sick!



Can we see what's off to the west?

Also keep an eye on the path near our potion.


GAME INFO: While keeping perfectly still, you look out toward the west most part of the cavern. Though the blue glow is most prominent in the room, you see a faint but steady orange light down the tunnel. Nearby the entrance of the tunnel, you see a sign, though you cannot read it at this distance.



Wait until the table starts getting loud before moving.




How about if we peer down the path to the east then? Not the one with the door, the unknown one.


GAME INFO: Taking a look to the east path, you see a few dancing flames along the wall. It seems to lead back into the mining area, though you're not sure.



We really don't have any other choice


I think that leads back down to the dog digging with its paws.


>Raisin missed quads.




Then I guess we have to risk going west. Wait until the table gets loud and move.


META INFO:>implying
>Dubs and quads



Oh yeah.



But what if the quiet means that they're focused on the other players?



Precisely, they're focused. When they're loud they'll talking to the others. It's easy for the one near the wall to be looking intensely and the dog across from him and catch up shifting in the distance.





You stay perfectly still, your hoof covering Sweetie's mouth still. Her hooves come up around Applebloom and you, pulling the group in tight. She whimpers nervously. You hear one of the dogs stand up.

Your group remains perfectly still behind the column in a tight group hug.

"If they catch us.. I just want you guys to know you're the best friends I've ever had…" Scootaloo whispers almost inaudibly. You can hear the distant plinks of the miners pickaxes hit the cavern walls.

After what seems an eternity, you see a dog pass by your column and continue into the mining area. He walks slowly, sniffing at the air. From the other side of the room, you hear the other dogs huff and growl. "Who cares! Nothing down here!"

The table slowly starts working its way back into its game. Your group only relaxes slightly.

"We've got to move… over there to the west tunnel. Now."

As you get up to move, you carefully peek over around the column. One set of green eyes flickers up, holding its gaze on the tunnel leading into the mining area.

"Uh… hold on… one's looking our way…"

In the other room, you can just barely hear some dog shouting. "You dumb mutts! There's rats crawling around the tables! Find them!"




time to move.



Game over.

Move quickly into the passage to our right. Only go far enough to get out of sight from the living area.



He didn't say the dogs from this room, but the ones from the other. Still. We need to be fast.



When you say other room, do you mean the mining room or the unexplored western room?



>tunnel to the mining area

>right where he's looking



GAME INFO: For clarity, I mean that the shouting dog was heard from the Mining Room.



Yeah, my bad. Can we get a bit of clarification?



Which we're pinned between.

Fuck, go down whatever path back to the mining room that we don't hear footsteps from.



Push the basket with the apples back around the pillar and towards the base of the tables. Maybe they'll give up if they saw it just fell.



Or wherever the diamond dog WASN'T staring


Map update please? Can we get one with every post?



Too risky, but we should leave the food here if the CMC won't eat it, growling be damned.


File: 1354519133908.png (23.6 KB, 884x608, (CURRENT LOCATION).PNG)

You draw in a deep breath, then exhale slowly. The CMC copy you on your second breath; they know that you don't breathe if you don't have to. Taking another look up around the column, you see that the vigilant Diamond Dog is now intensely interested in the game again.

"Now's our chance. Quickly, run…"

You gulp and take off into the main room. While your friends have relatively quiet strides, your hooves still hit the rocky floor pretty hard. Your boots are clearly taking the strain from your sprint as they crack a little. They give off a thunderous report as they stress from your running.

The Diamond Dogs stop playing again as you hide inside the entrance of the west tunnel. "They're getting in! They're breaking in!" Suddenly, you hear all of the dogs at the table stand up in unison.

The CMC just clear the glowing entrance as the dogs fan out into the room. Two of them head down the tunnel that was off to the right of the column. You hear some shouts.

"Baby snake! Baby snake! Wake up! Baby snake in the fort!"

"Check the supply room! Get the Pickaxes! Get the Spears!"

"You two! Find Ralph! Protect the main gate! Seal the track tunnel!"

You slow to a trot as your friends speed off up ahead in the glowing orange tunnel. The walls don't glow, but instead a great orange glow pours in from the window of the barricade up ahead.

"W-What do we do? Raisin! Raisin, hurry!" Sweetie Belle calls out.

Ahead of you is a gate.


GAME INFO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXTpW0tSv9A something to set the mood



Shit. This was pointless.

We should have never come here.



Check for boots. See how obliterated they are.


How high is it? Could we throw our friends over, then attempt to leap it?

Or should we just go barreling through?



De-equip boots. Just leave them here if they're broken. We have a full inventory, right?



Also, how study is it? Is it flimsy wood or thick work and steel?


GAME INFO: The Reinforced Boots are cracked, but still quite functional. They fit slightly looser, but they're not going to fall off. Though a bit expensive, it's not the first pair you've destroyed.

GAME INFO: The gate has a door. It is level with the ground beyond the gate.



>mystery sign


Who's ready for Cutie Mark Crusader Lava Swimmers yay?



If we run, would we still make a lot of noise?



Jr, at this point I would have thought that you assumed us more intelligent than to think a closed gate wouldn't be locked.



Alright: Quick test

Does the door look like it can be open from this side?

It's how you tell if the was meant to keep others out or something in


especially with that sign


No more running with our shoes on.




But quickly. 10 bucks says they were keeping a snake down there.


GAME INFO: If you run again as you are, your boots will literally explode. The sound is vociferous, like a cannon going off.

Running without the boots is also very noisy.

GAME INFO: Judging by this side, you're not sure what the barricade is made of. It has the same reinforcements as the other barricade, except this one has a closed door. You notice that there is a padlock around the latch.

The door is hinged so that it would open out into the brilliantly orange room ahead.


>If you run again as you are, your boots will literally explode
An even better reason not to run.

That would kill the CMC.



So it's locked from this side. This means bad times are on the other side.

Peer through the cracks. Can we see some sort of nasty beast?



Silly, don't you know that in cartoons explosions only makes your face black?



Tell the others to keep watch while we look.



Do this. If we can't see anything, we might have to bust down the door.


GAME INFO: Getting up close to the door, you see that there's a gigantic lake of molten rock off a cliff to the right. Ahead, there is a solid looking platform. You can't see much else this way, though the platform is pitted with small craters. To your extreme right, you think you see the platform wrap around to the side and over the magma, but you cannot see passed a stony column.


We gonna stop soon?



But this is the exciting part!





You can go to bed but I'll keep playing.


I agree with him. I don't know about the rest of you but finals are coming up soon.



no pls I'm at the edge of my seat even though I'm just lurking and don't contribute because I'm stupid


Time to charge headfirst out of the frying pan…


GAME INFO: We can stop soon. Let's go an action or two more and call it good for the night. You guys are making pretty good headway right now.



>wrap around

Oh yeah, it's one of the snakes.

Take a look back and see if the diamond dogs are coming this way.



Oh, I guess that's okay. You got one tomorrow? As much as I love Raisin, I can totally empathize.



You can post. It's fun! If you idea is dumb then people won't vote for it. Majority rules.



Let's try and head back if possible. At least see if it's clear enough to go back to the sign to see what's really in there.



That and I kind of just like the story

[s]I do the same thing for Renne. I'm such a faggot.[/spoiler[


the diamond dogs are definitely coming to secure the gate.



If they are, then we might be able to buy some time by threatening to release whatever is in there. Our stony hoofs should be able to break a simple padlock.


I have a week long death march of studying, working, and working on essays and research projects.



Me too. Good thing Raisin is only once a week then.


Hearing the Diamond Dogs scrambling around and barking down the tunnel you came from, you decide that the only way out is forward.

"Stand back!"

The CMC take your word of warning and huddle up behind you. With a solid kick, you feel the entire barricade shutter in the walls. It slides forward a few inches.

"Whoa…" Scootaloo stares onwards in amazement.

"They're attacking! Brace the tunnel!" A dog shouts from behind your group.

"Hurry up, Raisin! They're coming!" Applebloom looks between you and the barricade several times.

You rear up again, kicking your front legs forward. With a mighty stomp, the barricade stutters a foot forward and hangs in empty space, standing up on it's own. It's no longer lodged in the tunnel.

"Wh-what the…? How did ponies get down here?!" To your rear, you see 3 Diamond Dogs armed with long, crystal tipped spears. They keep their distance when they see the barricade has bee stomped out of the way.

"C'mon… hurry!" Sweetie Belle huddles up right behind you.

With one last kick, the barricade grinds and groans, tumbling off of the cliff and into the lake of magma down below. The dogs behind you don't so much as move. With their spears raised, they simply fill the tunnel.

You and the CMC head out onto the stony platform, getting a view of the massive expanse of molten, fiery rock that floods the massive cavern below. It churns and bubbles. To the right of the platform, you see a walking path leading around the edge of the cavern.

The dogs remain silent, standing guard in the tunnel.



Ded pones

We hardly knew ye.


"Well, see ya."
Head down the tunnel.


I can't wait to quit. Once I have enough money to finish building my computer and buying Christmas presents I'm handing in my two weeks.

And that's how our second life was wasted.


Down the path.




Scan for alternate exits and monsters.



Tell the CMC to hug the wall as best they can while we take point.



Watch, the path is going to be the body of one of those serpents


GAME INFO: This could be a great spot to stop, I think. Several questers sound like they've got real life stuff ahead of them, so I don't want to hold them up from a good night's sleep.

Things are definitely heating up for our little group of fillies, aren't they?

We're at an exciting point in our journey… I hope you guys enjoyed this session.

I will be here for a bit to answer questions, including any about the current room you're in. If you'd like to look around, I'll let you take in the room from your current standing.


Is the path to the right the only path there is?



Are we fucked?



Yeah, or does the path lead back to the barricade we passed near the entrance? Your description makes it sound like it goes down further into the chamber.


Only if we fall on one of those crystals in a bad way.



Do you even need to ask at this point?


Is there maybe a lower platform/path that we can jump to?


GAME INFO: Upon the platform you are currently standing, there is another barricade, though it's covered in sharp, Blue Crystals. Ahead of you, the cliffside looks as though it's been partially eroded into a pipe shape. The path on the right leads further into the cavern, disappearing from sight around a large crop of stone columns.

GAME INFO: Absolutely not. You've traversed a dangerous area and discovered a new one. It's going to be hella dangerous, but you're not fucked in any way, no.

GAME INFO: Looking over the side of the cliff, there doesn't appear to be any other platforms to jump down to… not that you'd want to land on any stony platform suspended by a little bit of rock over a boiling cauldron of magma.



How hot it is in here? Will thirst and heat exhaustion be an issue for our comrades?



So there's a purpose down here? There's some knowledge or item to be gained?

That's comforting, at least. And here I thought we were just pussying around.



Now they will be, fucker.


If those blue crystals are harmful to the snakes…
Then maybe we should take one of the smaller ones, in the event that we need to use it as a weapon.



So if the snakes eat rocks, they'll probably crush the other fillies or push them into lava. If we get a game over, can we go first so we don't have to see ded filly?



Shiiiiiiiiit nigga yeah.


GAME INFO: It's still relatively cool up on the platform, though every step closer to the path increases the heat your team feels.

Unless you travel extremely close to the lava, setting fire/heat exhaustion won't be too great an issue.

GAME INFO: To instill confidence in you, this was a planned direction for the story. There very well might be something direly important deep down inside of these caves…

GAME INFO: From what you gathered in your last life, the Blue Crystals can slice through granite with relative ease. They're very thin and very lethal, apparently.

GAME INFO: All depends on the situations you guys get in. Who knows if you'll even die down here?



>who knows you'll even die down here

If the fucking diamond dogs had a reason to keep things in, then something dangerous is lurking in here.


Will we ever find a friendly Diamond Dog? M- Maybe even a Diamond Pup who will join us in our shenanigans?


…and into the fire.

See you next time.



…we never did confirm there were no slaves, right?

A sad, dirty little filly could be locked in a cage still, missing her parents and dreaming about cupcakes

Oh well.



But if diamond dogs are considered Evil-aligned creatures, then wouldn't it be a moral imperative to not trust it no matter how nice it seems?


GAME INFO: The Diamond Dogs aren't necessarily evil. They're driven towards their own motivations, that being the attainment of massive quantities of gemstones for whatever reason. Unless they see some feasible benefit to enslaving a pony or gaining something somehow, they'll don't necessarily have to be mindless, bloodthirsty monsters.

GAME INFO: Don't worry. If they were holding a small cupcake loving filly, she would have been clearly audible somewhere inside of the Diamond Dog fort. A hint would have been given so you'd at least know she was here.

That precious cupcake loving filly is back at home with her parents right now, in bed at a decent hour and hoping that the storm outside doesn't get too crazy tonight because she's kinda scared of thunder.



Diamond Dogs are still meanie pants.


S- So does that mean we might find a little
Diamond Pup that we play with and make an unofficial Cutie Mark Crusader and make him a little cape and everything?




But then he steals our stuff when nobody's looking


GAME INFO: Not going to get into any specifics on that one. You could even find an adult Diamond Dog that would probably be your friend in a totally 'adult-best friend that isn't creepy' kinda way, even though he might look kinda creepy



Good thing Raisin has maxed charisma, right?


GAME INFO: Sometimes it boils down to the roll of a dice but honestly, as long as you're not a jerk to a new character, they'll probably see that you're acting genuinely nice and trust you




>dexterous DD hands to help us
We are going to be fucking unstoppable yo

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