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After a small Raisin Quest hiatus, we’re back on track and ready to rock with our heroes as they descend into the pitch black depths of the Underground Tunnel system. Who knows what horrifically fatal disasters could await them? Before we delve any further, let’s review a summary from our last quest to get all of you guys up to speed:


Haha, time for death.


>Ask Twilight to fetch your Lamp and Spool of Rope
>Ask Twilight to save your copy of Daring Do #16 from inside the schoolhouse; she saves all of the books from the dilapidated structure
>Tell Twilight you saw something inside the schoolhouse. She goes inside to investigate
>—Wait for Twilight to return—
>Teleported to surface, asked to accompany Twilight in researching the Boulder Snake samples
>—Lie to Twilight so that you and the CMC can stay in the area—
>Pretend to walk toward Whitetail Woods, but double back to re-enter the Underground Tunnels
>RANDOM ENCOUNTER: You spot a Griffon eating tree branches
>Raisin equips Fireworks and some other supplies
>xXx Deploy Raging Rooster firework extremely close to the schoolhouse xXx
>xXx Cannot light the firework; you forgot your Stompstater xXx
>Signal Scootaloo over to help you light it
>** Griffin has been chased off; currently on fire **
>xXx Schoolhouse is on fire xXx
>Get team into the tunnels before the Pegasi arrive to douse the schoolhouse
>xXx Jump directly into water with your current inventory; Sneezing Powder ruined xXx
>Rush passed the schoolhouse to avoid detection
>Set up Lamp and prepare to light it with the Stompstarter
>xXx Scootaloo accidentally injures herself in the darkness xXx (Random chance, 1/10)
>xXx Applebloom accidentally injures herself in the darkness xXx (Random chance, 1/10)
>Sweetie Belle successfully lights the Lamp; you carry the slightly injured fillies on your back

Spelunking through a dark, dank network of Underground Tunnels, Raisin and her 3 friends find themselves at an impasse. Having traversed a dry path along the tunnel wall, the fillies encounter a small expanse of water that will surely claim their oil Lamp’s flame if they get it waterlogged. Raisin and Scootaloo explored ahead a little ways to discover the path forks ahead… how will our heroes proceed through the tunnels? What lies in store for them?

That’s up for you to decide tonight. Remember, Raisin and her friends are counting on you to lead them to victory and save Equestria. Good luck, Questers!

Raisin: Hayseed, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3) (Box has sustained mild water damage), Reinforced Boots, Sneezing Powder (Ruined by Water), Royal Medallion (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (Equipped),

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Stompstarter, Wake-Me-Up Dust

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Nails, Lamp Oil, Lamp (Equipped)
You estimate that it’s nearly 6:30PM. You’ve only been in the cave for about 30 minutes and it was nearly supper time when you began your expedition into the Underground Tunnels. With only the faint light of Sweetie Belle’s lamp behind you back across the watery path you just traversed and a dimly illuminated fork in the road ahead, you’ll have to count on your best guesses to keep time semi-accurately.





All those XxXs

We fucked huh?


File: 1353294584788.png (68.97 KB, 696x700, 48473892927.png)


GAME INFO: xXx's simply mean that the situation was handled less than optimally. The last two xXx's weren't really even your fault, but just an extremely uncommon stroke of bad luck. The chances of having two party members injured in that scene was 1/100.



Ask everyone if they're hungry

Also >>206305 he posted it, dumbfuck.






Yeah, let's check on everyone's statuses.



How did we do this last time? Carry two fillies on our backs?



I bet it's one of those puzzles where you can't leave two certain ones alone and have to get all three across.



Yeah. Carry the two injured fillies, the top one holding the lantern above water, and leave Sweetie Belle to swim across on her own.



Except it's nothing like that at all.



Sounds extremely dangerous, but the alternative is throwing it across.

Do it.



Sounds like a good plan. Besides, oil is hydrophobic. Even if we get the lantern wet a little, we should be able to dry it off with a cape and refill it.



Do it faget.

Even though I bet this is totally not the right way to go



But then we'd lose all the oil in the lantern we currently have.


As you drip dry in the dim light across the expanse of water from Sweetie Belle, you realize that it's nearly around dinner time. Though you don't feel hunger, you've always been considerate of your friends. In fact, you almost seem to think about it moreso than you would if you still possessed the urge to sate an appetite.

You look back at Sweetie Belle and Applebloom. "Hey… I know we're exploring right now… but are you guys hungry or anything? Your wounds are bothering you, are they?"

Sweetie Belle rubs her tummy. "Um… I don't really feel THAT hungry right now…"

Applebloom shakes her head. "Ah feel fine… hoof's hurtin' a bit, but Ah'm alright."

Scootaloo just drip dries from your back. "I just want to explore. I'm good."

With your back to the fork in the tunnel, you can hear rushing water behind you. You're not sure which tunnel it is coming from because of the reverberation. The low ceiling above the watery path here makes it impossible to see too far down the path you came from.

"Alright… let's get going then. I'm going to come back across with Scootaloo. Applebloom!"

She nods. "Yeah?"

"You jump on top of Scootaloo and carry the Lamp above the water. That way we can get it across without it getting wet."

"Roger, Raisin!" Applebloom takes the Lamp from Sweetie Belle's mouth.

"Uh.. what about me?" Sweetie Belle cinches up her saddlebags.

"You should be able to swim across just fine. The current doesn't look bad here…"

After you discuss the plan briefly, you dive back into the watery trail and make your way back over to Sweetie Belle and Applebloom. Scootaloo pulls in tight, holding her breath. You follow the Lamp light back across the small, watery path. It still feels amazing to 'breathe' while under the water… like this is all some sort of weird dream.

In a matter of moments, you make your way back up on dry land.




Well we don't have to worry about food at least.



inb4 the lamp is soaked


As you emerge from the water, Scootaloo draws in a deep gasp of air. "You think you could move a LITTLE faster next time? I almost ran out of air!"

"Oh… uh… sorry about that."

Applebloom carries the Lamp in her mouth and climbs up on top of Scootaloo, pancaking her between the two of you. She breathes a little more shallow, but she sounds okay. "Let's get across quickly this time…" Scootaloo draws in a few deep breaths of muggy cavern air.

You hear Sweetie gulp as she adjusts her saddlebags again. "Sweetie Belle, you follow close behind, alright?"

She simply nods. Your hooves go into the water as you descend to the murky, muddy bottom once again. Two deep breaths are drawn in from your friends as the water moves in around them. The Lamp is just barely above the water's surface…

Lamp gets dunked while you're going across: Doom Number 13

Roll #0 21 = 21




rolling d100? 1% chance is pretty small no matter how you cut it.



Continue as planned.


You make sure to move a bit quicker this time, knowing that Scootaloo probably couldn't get as deep as a breath now that Applebloom's up on her back. Your hooves lift and trot with relative ease… much like they used to when you were still a normal pony. The light above you is incredibly helpful; this time, you're able to at least see the ground beneath your hooves.

A strained gasp is the first sound you hear as you exit the watery trespass. Scootaloo shakes her mane and coughs. "Let's not do that again, please…"

Applebloom hops down and sets the Lamp on dry ground. "Hey! We made it!"

You breathe a sigh of relief out of habit. Quickly, you turn around, hearing some splashing in the water.

"Uhh… Guys? GUYS?!" Sweetie Belle paddles as hard as she can towards your group, but she doesn't seem to be getting any closer. She's slowly drifting into the center of the tunnel. The water is clearly moving.


GAME INFO: This time, it was a 25 sided dice. There was a 4% chance of the Lamp becoming waterlogged.



How far out is she?

Didn't you say there wasn't a strong current?



Throw out a CMC cape for her to grab.



Dump Scootaloo and Applebloom

Give Scootaloo lamp

Let Applebloom ride us and let Sweetie grab onto her before moving back to shore.






Too slow. Do >>206373

Sweetie better not die. She's the one who least deserves it.



Seconding. Keep an eye on her so we don't lose her in the darkness.



Rather than dumping, she should be dropped off gently so it doesn't accidentally break the lamp.


Ded Sweetie

Ded Marshmallow

Ded Raisin



Well, yeah, of course.


Watching the little white filly slowly drift into the deeper, darker water, you quickly roll Scootaloo off of your back. She plops down on the ground safely. "Applebloom! Hop on!" Without hesitation, she saddles up on your back, dumping her Saddlebags on the dry land.

You jump into the water to get nearer to Sweetie Belle. Applebloom stands up on your back, her head just barely poking above the water. Ahead, you nearly take a step into much deeper wate. Thankfully, Sweetie Belle is still within grabbing distance. Applebloom lunges a hoof forward and grabs onto her saddlebags.

"Sweetie Belle! Push yourself this way!" Applebloom shouts over the roar of the distance falling water.

You look up, watching Sweetie legs kick away from the deeper water and closer to the dry path. You back up and let Applebloom pull the little filly to the safety of dry land.

Gasping and shaking, Sweetie Belle lays on the ground, soaked and slightly drained. "I… can't believe… I almost…"

"It's alright. We're across now." You're not entirely sure that's a plus right now…

"So… now what?" Scootaloo looks down the fork in the tunnel paths. "There's two paths…"

Looking around, you see that the path continues ahead. There's a small bridge over the water that would allow you to reach the other tunnel. Water flowing down the center of the tunnel seems to go down both paths, but a lot more goes down the left tunnel.



Listen down both tunnels.



Shine the lantern down both paths and see if we can see anything.



If there's a bridge, then there's someone who built and used it.

Go left.



Is the bridge in good condition,? Cross it if yes, keep down our path if no.



And now we reach an impasse. Why are we even down here?


GAME INFO: It's almost impossible to distinguish the intensity of the roaring water between the two tunnels. You see that it seems to flow slightly faster down the left tunnel.

GAME INFO: Holding the lantern up, you see that the path ahead leads further into the darkness. You cannot see the end of the Right tunnel. On the left, you see that the walls are covered with gemstones. Squinting hard, you think you see something glowing far ahead down the left tunnel.

GAME INFO: The bridge is made of pretty solid timbers. It looks very… new. The wood couldn't have been felled more than just a few hours ago. The large, square beams are held together by several very heavy looking metal braces.



So it would be impossible to destroy?

Was thinking destroying the bridge might be the solution to stopping the diamond dogs.



I say we go left. The right path probably leads to the Diamond Dogs if the left path hasn't been stripmined yet.


GAME INFO: Given proper 'motivation', the bridge could probably be dislodged. Breaking it could be difficult, but certainly not impossible.



We could destroy it with our dynamite, maybe. However, it would only be a temporary solution if it looks only a few hours old.



It would probably cause a lot of noise though. Let's go down the left path for now. Worst comes to worse they won't expect a back attack if the left path is a dead end.



>We find snake that will nom us one way, diamond dogs who will capture us the other.




Yeah, I agree. Hopefully that glowing thing isn't some kind of trap it probably is


Holding the Lamp up high with your hoof, you spot the wooden bridge ahead. "Look at that… you guys see that bridge?"

"Yeah… looks pretty new…" Scootaloo limps towards the bridge, leading the rest of the group on over. Sweetie Belle huffs and puffs a little distance behind, but she catches up as the Crusaders analyze it.

"Who do ya think built this? The construction workers?" Applebloom taps it a few times. "Feels really sturdy. Raisin, you try it quick." She moves to the side to let you in close.

You give the bridge two solid strikes. It doesn't budge or creak at all. "Huh… no kidding. That is sturdy."

Scootaloo hangs on to your back. "You sure? I mean… are we going to actually go across that thing?"

Looking below, you see the black waters eerily lurching down the right tunnel and flowing a bit faster down the left. The Lamp's light cannot see through to the bottom.

"Yeah… I think we should try this way first… you lead the way, Applebloom."

With slight uncertainty, Applebloom picks up the Lamp and heads across the bridge. Sweetie Belle follows her close behind. Scootaloo just hangs on tight to your back. "If it starts breaking or something, I'll bail…"

To your astonishment, the bridge holds your weight without so much as a single creak or moan from the wood. It's one of the first wood structures you've been able to stand on since you became a golem.

You stare down the tunnel. Slightly closer now, you can definitely see a glimmering orange glow from the end. It shimmers off of the gemstones along the dark tunnel walls.

"Whoa… Raisin, hold up… there's something down there…" Applebloom instinctively ducks down, looking at the dim light ahead. You cannot hear anything moving over the sound of the roaring waters. They get much louder in this direction.



Ask her what she sees.


Keep the patsy Scootaloo to investigate.



Take it slow. be cautious. Pay attention all around, above, to the sides. Don't know if there's a crack with some nasty waiting to pop out.


QUICK ACTION: "Applebloom, do you see anything else? Something moving?"

She crouches, silently looking down the tunnel. Sweetie Belle crouches alongside her. With the roar of the water, sight seems to be the only reliable method of determining if there's something down this way.

"Ah… ah'm not sure… that glowy thing looks like it's movin'…" She remains in place.

Looking ahead, you see that the orange glimmer flickers and dances against the gemstones.



Awww shit.

It's probably some sort of monster.



Toss the sleeping powder to see if it's waiting to snatch whatever gets close.



Seconding. Give it a good toss in the direction of the glowing thing.


Raisin: Hayseed, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3) (Box has sustained mild water damage), Reinforced Boots, Sneezing Powder (Ruined by Water), Royal Medallion (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (Equipped),

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope, Lamp (Equipped)

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Stompstarter, Wake-Me-Up Dust (Ruined by Water)

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Nails, Lamp Oil



I guess that's the best choice, since it's ruined. If it does eat things, we can toss a stick of dynamite.



>sneezing powder.

Eh, same difference.



I see where this is going. Take a quick glance at the CMC to see if the glowing thing has a hypnotic effect that will make them walk towards it. Also a glance behind us to make sure nobody's sneaking up on us would be good.





Being ever cautious and wary of your friends' mortality, you decide not to take any chances. Reaching under Scootaloo's wrapped foreleg and into your saddlebags, you withdraw a sopping wet sack of Sneezing Powder.

"Wh- Raisin, what's that?" Sweetie Belle look at the dripping bag with confusion.

"Uh.. I think it used to be the Sneezing Powder…" You whisper back.

Reeling your foreleg back, you give the pouch a healthy toss. It goes flying, slapping into the distant cave wall with a loud, wet plop. You stand still, crouched beside Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and the slightly waning light of the oil Lamp.

There is nothing but the sound of the rushing water in the air.

"Hmm… what the hay is that thing?"

You steal a glance to the rear. Nothing seems to be lurching upon you or your companions at the moment. It's pitch back down the path behind you.



Approach cautiously.



Have us take point and get closer slowly until we can better see it.



Let's go back. This shit is 2spooky.



Be brave. M-maybe it's an item.



Seconding. Diamond Dogs are not as strong as a giant snake.



Diamond Dogs are game over from what was suggested in the previous life though.



Gotta confront them eventually. Part of the mission is avoiding the hostage situation.


With a little uncertainty, you decide to take the lead. You grab the Lamp by the holding ring and approach very slowly. The Lamp's fire looks like it's running on fumes, sporadically gasping for life.

You approach a slight bend in the tunnel. "Be careful, Raisin!" Applebloom calls ahead.

"Don't worry, I'm right on top of you." Scootaloo drops her head close to the side of yours, trying to keep as low of a profile as possible. "Just go slow… there's no telling what that thing is…"

You stay silent as your eyes are affixed to the orange reflection dancing on the faces of the gemstones poking out of the walls. As you round the bend, you can see the glimmer much clearer.

Sneaking a little closer to the distant glimmer, you can finally make out what it is. Atop a tall post, you see a torch jammed into the end. The fire dances back and forth. Near it is what looks like a Grappling Hook jammed between a couple of rocks, but you're not entirely sure. A large oak barrel sits next to the rocks.

"Is this… what is that up there, Raisin?"

"I don't know…"



Oh boy, we found a satanic cult.



>add GRAPPLING HOOK to inventory



We should refill the lamp. How much oil do we have left?


GAME INFO: You are currently too far away to potentially claim this item.

GAME INFO: Sweetie Belle has a Lamp Oil Flask that can refill the lamp at least 2 more times. Currently, looking at the oil reservoir on the Lamp, it's barely got a few drops sloshing around.



Check what's in the barrel.

Also >>206495 if the lamp doesn't have a handy slot to pour more oil, snuff the lamp out before refilling it and relighting. Use the light from the torch to see when refilling.



Let's refill the lamp.



So does it look like a campsite? how many diverging paths are there from the torch area?



Refill lantern,gather the party and slowly approach the grappling hook and barrel. Be ready to jump back into hiding if we see movement.



How much time does each refill give?



Pay specific attention to any bits of food that might be lying around. That's the best way to see if someone has been there recently.


Can we relight the lamp from the torch if we extinguish it, or is it too high up?


Seeing as your fire is beginning to die out, you backtrack a little ways to wave Sweetie Belle in a bit closer. "It's not a monster, at least." You keep your voice down all the same.

Sweetie Belle sneaks up close to you. "Y-you sure?"

"Positive. It's just a torch, see?" You point over to the dancing fire upon the cloth wrapped torch.

"Whew…" Sweetie sighs. "What did you need me up here for?"

"You still got that extra Lamp Oil, right?"

"Oh yeah! You want to refill the Lamp?" Sweetie withdraws the fluted bottle, hoofing it over to you. Setting the Lamp down carefully, you uncork the Lamp reservoir and the flask, carefully topping off the Lamp. The Oil Lamp Flask looks like it could refill the Lamp to full at least one more time…

Applebloom limps her way up to the rest of the group. "Whaddya find?"

"A torch and a barrel. No monsters yet, though." Scootaloo fills her in while you pick the Lamp up in your mouth again.

GAME INFO: It looks like the torch has been jammed into the ground, but it's not providing much light. Beyond it is a dip in the path, but you cannot tell from this distance. There are no other apparent paths around the torch. The path you're on looks like the only way over to it.

GAME INFO: The Lamp gets about 3 hours of light per refill, so roughly 12 actions before needing a refill.



So is the site a dead end?




Approach the site and get the grappling hook and peek inside the barrels.



Approach quietly on our tippy-toes.



Approach the area around the torch, tossing the sneezing powder into the water. Don't want to leave anything that might tip us off.


GAME INFO: The torch is far too high off the ground to safely be able to relight your Lamp off of. Whatever put this here was certainly taller than a pony…



Good idea.


Would the torch go out if we kicked the post over?
Has Sweetie learned enough magic to levitate it down to our level?



Based anon


Keep it with us. You never know when soggy powder might be useful.



Yeah, until we swap it out for the grappling hook.


Investigate the grappling hook. Bring the lamp if it is too dark to see very well.


Your party stands still for a moment as the Lamp wick begins to soak up the new supply of oil. As the light brightens, you can see a little further down the path, but the distant torch is still too far off to properly investigate.

"Alright girls… follow my lead…"

You begin to tippy-toe down the path, though you're rather positive it's making much more noise than if you would walk normally. The sound of the rushing water grows more vociferous as you near the torch. You spot the little wet pouch you tossed earlier, giving it a kick into the water. It disappears from view almost instantly. "Can't leave a trail…"

As you near the torch, you finally see the area beyond it.

"Whoa…" Scootaloo whispers near your ear.

Beyond the torch is a rather large cavern. The ceiling is adorned with loose gemstones, some periodically falling down into the water below. You see that the water ends here, spilling off of a large drop and into an underground lake looking area. The entire area looks relatively fresh as if it were unearthed just recently.

When you near the torch, you hear something over the side of the cliff. A raspy voice 'Hmmm's and 'Haww's down passed the Grappling Hook. Your light seems to have caught the creature's attention.

"Ah! You're back! You got Waterproof Boom-Boom Stick, yes?"

Your party freezes.




So it's climbing up the grappling hook?



>Putting on our best Diamond Dog voice

"Uh, no, boss said to make do without."


GAME INFO: The creature seems to be hanging from the Grappling Hook. From what you can determine, he is not moving at all right now. He hasn't seen you, either.



Are there any rocks nearby? One that we can hide behind?



If that grappling hook starts moving, you bet your ass we should unhook it from whatever it's help onto.


How badly would a screaming statue scare a diamond dog?


GAME INFO: There are several rocks around the cliff's edge, but the path is so narrow it wouldn't be feasible to hide behind them. The Oak Barrel is pretty large, however. There is enough space between the Barrel and the wall to hide a single filly.


Try to imitate the voice and style of speaking and tell it that the tunnels are starting to flood.



We can't really pull off the voice, but we can give it a shot while moving towards the grappling hook.



What about INSIDE the barrel? Does it look big enough to hold two fillies?



What we should do is pull off a weeping angel thing where we're motionless whenever he's looking at us, and moving when he's looking away. It'll scare the diamond dog real good until he runs and gets his buddies


GAME INFO: The Oak Barrel is pretty large. You cannot see inside it currently, but with a leg up, you could probably fit all of your friends inside of it.




Confrontation would just be disastrous. Unhook the grappling hook.


What are our options?

1. Stay quiet and hide
2. Run
3. Mimic his voice and try to get away
4. Unhook the grappling hook

Did I miss any?



As cool as this would be, we really should try hiding. Snuff out the lamp and hope that the barrel is empty. Hide in between the barrel and the wall.


GAME INFO: These choices look accurate, Anon.



I vote option 1. We don't know what kind of tools he has or how many other dogs are below with him.


We also don't know what is inside the barrel.



3 and 1. Act stupid and say "Oooh, that's what I needed to get" while hiding until he comes up.



If it's full then we have no choice but to confront him.


That might make him come up. What if we told him that the tunnels were too flooded to do anything?


Then we just kick the diamond dog off the cliff when he comes up.


Your friends' wide eyed panicked expressions work up your own anxiety. You motion for them to get behind you as you tap your chest.

"Ergh HMM! Ug-guh… Ummm… Boss said we out of Wetproof Boom-Booms."

He doesn't respond for a moment. "Barbs? Is that you? Where's Rex?"

"Uh.. Rex… he… fell into water. Got a cold."

The Diamond Dog laughs heartily. "Hah! What a pup!" He slides down the rope a little ways. "Do we have normal Boom-Boom Stick in Tool Barrel?"

Sweetie Belle peeks her head over the top of the barrel, standing upon Applebloom's back. She makes sure to make some noise as if she's actually searching for something. She looks at you, still panicking and shaking her head.




Uuuh, is there?


>She looks at you, still panicking and shaking her head.



If yes, toss it down to him

If no, tell him that we'll go back and steal one from another dog.



"Uuuh, yes. Come up so me give."

Then give him a kick in the face.


I think we should keep our answer simple. Why would we be stealing when they are working as a group?



Whisper to Sweetie if the barrel is empty then to climb in.



We get the glory of doing our job and make another look bad.

But yeah, I'm paranoid.


Are there any maids nearby?



Bad anon.



Take a moment to meditate about a maid to calm our nerves.


GAME INFO: Deep inside this Underground Tunnel network, you're rather positive that there couldn't be any maids located within the vicinity of the waterfall cavern.

What an odd thought to have crossed your mind…



We don't want to kill the guy. Let's just hide the fillies in the barrel, and then have him tell us everything he knows or else we unhook the grapple and watch him fall.



If only we we wearing the maid suit. then we'd have all the confidence we'd ever need!


Why not resolve this peacefully and in a way that doesn't have him come up here or figure out that we are really a pony?



Like how?




We'd need to disable the grappling hook anyways or risk a back attack.



Let's try that and see if he doesn't come up then.


Quite a plethora of potential actions, questers… there doesn't seem to be any Explosives in the Tool Barrel… what could Raisin possibly do?

> Unhook his Grappling Hook

> Continue the conversation by answering 'No'
> Tell him you'll go steal some from another dog
> Threaten him
> Other Options? Who knows?

Gonna need a consensus here. I believe most of these options all have multiple votes.


>Continue the conversation by answering 'No'



Let's dump the CMC in the barrel, then answer No.



I guess answer no. M-maybe we can peacefully resolve this.

We so ded



Do >>206645

Even if we can take him. We need to make sure the CMC are safe.




I'm just going to get some popcorn and pray that we don't die.


You look up at Sweetie Belle, signaling her to jump into the barrel. She shakes her head, then picks up a jagged Pickaxe. She looks intent on not diving into the Tool Barrel.

"Uhhhhh… Still looking!"

"Should be in box! You know, on side?"

Looking to the side of the barrel, you see an almost perfectly contoured box nailed to the side. The door is swinging open, completely empty.


Are we directly over the dog?

How high above are we?



Look inside the box then. Nod for her to keep the pickaxe out






Anon pls. You need to read.


"It's empty! Go back and see if they fell out!"



This yeah.



Until we can make another plan, let's just buy some time. Keep the pickaxe though.


"Ohhh… It's empty! Go back to see if they fell out!"

"Pah, for goodness sake… Rex dropped them when he take them back to get no-wet dipped! Stupid dog!"

You see the rope start swinging back and forth. It sounds like he's climbing back up. The CMC freeze, looking to you.

"Go back find Boom-Boom Stick. I made dry hole for Boom-Boom. Hand me Drill!" Suddenly, a paw shoots up over the Grappling Hook. It flexes open and closed a few times.



Get Sweetie to retrieve drill from the tool barrel and hand it (hoof it?) over.



Well, give him the drill.

Grab it by the end and give him the other end so that he doesn't feel us accidentally


Stomp his filthy anthro paw. Hard.



Would it really be called hoofing it when we use our mouth?




No, Raisin is a sweet filly who doesn't want to hurt a diamond dog if she doesn't have to.


She's stone cold.



>Liking Diamond Dogs

Klondike pls go.


You wave your hoof at Sweetie. She digs around the Tool Barrel and finds an exceptionally long hand crank Drill. You grab it by the drill end with your mouth and pass the smooth wooden handle to the paw. It disappears beneath the cliff.

"Good. Find Boom-Boom sticks! We make ramp!"

You hear the dog begin drilling into the rocky wall under the falling water. After about 30 seconds of waiting, it seems as though he's focused on his task once more.

"Whew…" Scootaloo sighs. "Let's get out of here…"



I agreement.

Let's try the other path.



Let's get out of here.



Maybe we should see if he's alone. Shuffle over the edge and just give a quick peek down.


Leave in an orderly fashion. Don't do anything to arouse suspicion.



You know what, maybe this wouldn't be a bad idea. Have Sweetie Belle do it though. We'd make too much noise and AB and Scoots walk with a limp.



Sweetie Belle might get scared and let out a peep, let's have Scootaloo do it. Pay attention to her walk, see if it makes any noise.


Why do we want to know if he is alone?


Before you leave, a curiosity overwhelms you. Looking at the incredible gemstone rich ceiling, you can't help but wonder why this dog is so concerned with the waterfall. You signal Sweetie over to you, then you get up close to her so that you can whisper.

"See if he's alone. Peek over the side fast?"

Sweetie looks wracked with anxiety. She shakes her head, then points down the tunnel. Scootaloo looks between the two of you silently arguing, then looks over the side. She stares for a few moments, then her head turns back up to you slowly. She's nodding slowly.

She gets up close to you to make minimal sound. "The entire lake bed is covered in gems! This place is a goldmine!" She sounds excited. You watch as another cluster of gems falls from the ceiling, plummeting into the lake.

"What about our friend there?"

"W… Oh! He's alone. He's really weird looking… I've never seen a Diamond Dog before. He's got a small vest on with a Hammer on his back. Really tall and skinny looking, kinda creepy."


Lets look for explosives.



Well, that's a relief.

Let's go back the other way.



FUN FACT: Gold is a metal and lacks any sort of crystalline structure.



I still think that maybe we should try and interrogate him.



What would we ask him? It seems now we know why the dogs are in the tunnels, and now it's just a matter of stopping them from establishing their camp.


As it turns out, you may be in for a lesson. Look up annealing, dear Anon…
>Metals have a crystalline structure. When a metal is strained and distorted mechanically, the crystals become stressed and the metal hardens. To relieve this stress, and "relax" the structure, they must be heated to a temperature somewhat below the melting point. This is called annealing. Gold alloys must be cooled slowly after annealing.

THE MORE U KNOW Fun fact for the day


File: 1353306244821.jpg (801.23 KB, 1500x1000, tmyk.jpg)



Well I'll be damned.


You will be.

Now, on to find explosives!



We won't find them here though. When we do, let's collapse this tunnel and destroy their path into the heart of civilization.



We already have 3 sticks of dynamite though.


Raisin: Hayseed, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3) (Box has sustained mild water damage), Reinforced Boots, Royal Medallion (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (Equipped),

Applebloom: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Right Forehoof), Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope, Lamp (Equipped)

Scootaloo: CMC Cape (Equipped as Bandage to Left Forehoof), Stompstarter, Wake-Me-Up Dust (Ruined by Water)

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Nails, Lamp Oil




BIG explosives. Enough to collapse the cavern and stop the diamond dog invasion.

Maybe some for us too when we go find LS.


You can never have enough explosives.


GAME INFO: Where do you wish to go to search for massive explosives?

>Diamond Dog is currently boring holes to set non-waterproof explosives

>Sweetie is very tense
>Scootaloo is amazed by the cave
>Applebloom is carrying the Lamp

How do you wish to proceed through the tunnels?



Famous last words



Let's head back in the other direction and pray that it doesn't lead to a small army.


Go back across the bridge and cautiously travel down the other tunnel.

Don't forge the lamp.



Go back to the fork and head down the other path. As much as I would like to interrogate him, if we revealed ourselves we'd have to tie him up, which would rid us of our rope, or unhook the grapple and let him fall to his death, and we ain't no stone cold killer. We're a silly filly.



Yeah, be sure to bring the lamp and the pickaxe. put it in the inventory slot that's free from the sneezing powder.




You look over your team, then start backing away from the cliffside. "Well, now we know why they're here… let's go back down the other tunnel and see what's that way." You reach up and acquire the jagged Pickaxe from Sweetie Belle.

You hear some stomach grumbling. "Ugh… okay, let's get out of here." Sweetie Belle follows your lead. Applebloom hops ahead, leading the way back down the tunnel.

"Just need one! Hole almost ready!" You hear the Diamond Dog call from over the cliff.

"Uhh.. Okay!" You answer back.

"We're not just going to leave all those gems down there for the dogs, are we?" Scootaloo seems a bit downtrodden by the missed prospect.

As you round the bend, you see the sturdy bridge once again. To your left, you actually see a solid path that would lead you down the tunnel without having to cross back over the bridge. You'd be on the opposite side, at least.

"Back across, right?" Scootaloo lays on your back, shivering slightly. The damp air along with your cold body seems to have chilled her a bit.


Wait a second, can you draw us a map of the area? I'm confused about how many paths there are.



She still has her cape right? Maybe we can lend ours since she used her to bandage her hoof.



Go down the other path. Listen constantly for a troop of approaching diamond dogs.



I hope the other path gives us more information, it seems like we're learning nothing down here.



Speaking of info, when did the snakes unfreeze the statue in town last life?


Am I the only one who can hardly keep his eyes open right now?



Oh shi-

You know, maybe it might be a good idea not to spend too much longer down here. Hunger seems to debuff and we know the snakes come to these tunnels, so things might get real bad real fast.



I'm still going strong. West Coast master race.


File: 1353308008577.png (19.38 KB, 653x539, QuickMap.PNG)

GAME INFO: Here is a top down view of the immediate area. It's rather large. The lighter brown areas are traversable paths while the blue is the running water/cavern water.

GAME INFO: Sweetie Belle still has her cape equipped. It's slightly wet from the swim across the watery path.



It's only going on 2 AM, pussy.



You can go to bed, but I'm up for at least another couple of hours.


Down the dark and spooky path for a bit, see what we find.


Stay on this side of the river and go down the path.



From the archive, it seems like it was revived between midnight and 4 AM, roughly.


Noticing the path to your left, you decide to stay on it and head down into the other tunnel. You've at least discovered what the Diamond Dogs are here for…

"U-um.. wow, it's really dark down here…" Sweetie Belle stays close to Applebloom. AB carries the Lamp, leading the team further into the tunnel system.

"How long does this thing go on for? When did these tunnels appear? Have they always been under the school?" Scootaloo tries to reason her way through the sudden appearance of these gemstone rich passageways through the ground.

"I don't know…" Sweetie Belle nearly trips on a gemstone sitting in the middle of the path.

"Careful. Don't want to lose your footing…"

As you round the bend, you see that the water runs down a long, long slope into the ground. It's extremely dark down there as though it were a maw straight into the center of the Earth. Ahead, you see that the path expands dramatically. It's a little muddy, but it's not water logged land. The tunnel continues in this direction. It still looks relatively new.


>muddy, steeply descending tunnel
Nope. If we try we are going to slide down and won't be able to get back up.



Damn, I'm having second thoughts.



Yeah, this doesn't look good for a stone filly.



How steep is it?


GAME INFO: The slope starts out at a medium grade, then disappears into the darkness. You're not sure where it ends, but you can hear falling water down the dark, misty pit.



We have to be brave. Proceed onwards.



Damn, the Diamond Dogs had to have come from somewhere.

Fuck it, let's interrogate the one we just left.


>falling water
There's a waterfall down there.

If we go down there there will be casualties.



Maybe on a dry path, but that just makes me think that this path will make us slip into a pit.



We might have no other choice.

We bind him with the rope though, Raisin is not a murderer.


GAME INFO: Keep in mind that there are two paths to take here. Straight ahead leads deeper into the tunnels. Down below is the steep slope with running water.


What is our pickaxe made of? Can we get some sticks and maybe some coal?


Oh? There are two paths again?



Your sketch makes it look like there's three options: the path we just came from, the path we got here from the school, and the spooky path.


GAME INFO: The jagged Pickaxe seems to be made of an extremely hard, nearly black like metal… or glass. You're not sure, but the surface seems to be vitreous, shiny, and overall brilliant. Considering the dogs probably don't take good care of their equipment, the material must be exceptional.


GAME INFO: The spooky path was not explored yet, hence did not appear on your map.



Well, then take the path that doesn't descend. I can't be getting tired.



I know, but from your description, around the bend and ahead implied the same direction.


We need to search for sticks and coal.



We have a lantern, but yeah, next time we find a camp we should search for more lamp oil.


You can't leave lanterns on the walls of tunnels.


Can you update the map each time you post?



Then proceed down the muddy open path. But, now I'm thinking that the diamond dogs may have come down the opposite direction we went from the schoolhouse if both tunnels are new.


We need to head to the surface and find some trees.



Is the muddy path the one that slants downwards? We shouldn't go down that one.






No paths! Trees!



Why trees?



Maybe he means trees for 420_blazing it?


We need trees to get wood, and wood to get sticks.


Seeing the water drop off into a seemingly bottomless pit, you decide it best to stay on course and continue deeper into the tunnel system.

"Where do you think all that water's going?" Scootaloo looks into the menacing pit as a the dark vapors boil over the sides of the hole.

"I honestly have no idea… probably nowhere good."

Applebloom gives an excited hum as she stamps out some ground up above. It appears to be almost completely dry.

"Thank goodness… I was getting tired of all the muggy-ness down here." Sweetie Belle kicks her hoof into the dry ground a few times. Scootaloo doesn't say anything, keeping her eyes forward.

As you continue, you see suddenly come across a giant wooden palisade. It takes up the entire width of the tunnel. Along the face, it is completely covered with some menacing, sharp blue gemstones. They jut out from the surface, pointing straight at you. A set of gates seems to invalidate the security of the structure; the doors are wide open with the key still in the lock.

"Huh… this looks pretty new." Applebloom remarks after setting the Lamp down. "Why in Equestria would they build such a big ol' gate in the middle of this 'ere tunnel?"

"I… I don't know."

The sight is rather baffling. You have no doubt in your mind that the dogs must have built this thing not too long ago. Beyond the gates, you can see the walls are mostly fitted with torch holders, though no torches have been placed yet. A lot of construction tools and materials are strewn about near the gate.

"This place gives me the creeps…" Scootaloo looks onwards, rubbing her hoof.


Punch the palisade until it breaks and turns into stacks of wooden planks.



Hmm. A makeshift fort maybe?



We're not playing Minecraft Sweetie Belle.


We're in a mine and have a pickaxe, aren't we?


Let's turn around and leave. If we keep going someone is going to get captured.



So it's dark and deserted from where we can see inside?

Look at the top of the palisade. It's the best way to know if it's made for keeping things out or prisoners in.



What should we do though?



Let's go inside a bit, but if we don't find anything, then maybe we should.


GAME INFO: The palisade looks like it has been skillfully lodged into the floor and ceiling of the tunnel. It extends from wall to wall, covered in a layer of sharp, menacing blue crystals. They all face in the direction you just came from.

Beyond the gate, you see that the tunnel continues. Metal torch holders line the walls, though none of them are occupied. A collection of tools sits near the entrance. They look like they were simply dropped off.


Sharp blue crystals mean nothing to our granite hooves. Punch it until it breaks.



I guess let's go in and look around for a bit, maybe find some way to destroy it.



Look at the entrance. If it looks like there's no gate than can fall down and trap us, go inside. Have us take point and tell the CMC to stay very close.



We already found our gems can fracture and weaken our body.

That's how we died on the first life.


>Sharp blue crystals mean nothing to our granite hooves. Punch it until it breaks.
Yeah, I think it's time for us to stop for the night.
Don't you remember what happened in our last life?

Why do we want to destroy it?



I think he's just fucking around. All his suggestions have related to Minecraft.



We want to destroy it because Diamond Dogs are big meanies.


That would get us caught and waste this life, landing us with only one life left.

So far these tunnels have been a pointless waste of time.


Fine. Be a coward.

Lets grab the key, walk through the gate, and break the walls down from the non-pointy side.



Let's explore a little before doing anything on the other side




Establishing pone superiority.



Not only that, GOLEM superiority.

The fleshies will come to accept us as their master in time.


badadviceanon pls go



But seriously, let's just go in and explore for a little while.


Says the guy who wants to explore a cave network without torches.


We have a lamp and there aren't any torches here.


Seeing as there's nothing menacing around the entrance, you tap Applebloom. "Alright… be really careful. There's no telling what lies ahead…"

You can nearly feel the tension in the air as your team passes through the open gate. The sound back here isn't that of the roaring waterfall, but of occasional rocks falling. They fall in a rhythmic pattern…

"Is this where those Diamond Dogs live?" Scootaloo asks.

"Could be… they definitely built all this."

As you get through the gate, you immediately see a Diamond Dog huddled up on the left with a small Hammer. Near him, there's a box of jagged looking nails. It looks like he was hanging up the torch holders. Right now, he's silently sleeping behind a few barrels. His breathing is like a whisper.

"Shhh…" You motion to your friends to continue along very silently. They tippy-toe passed the Dog, but your hooves seem to always make noise no matter what you do. You stop as your friends sneak passed successfully.

Your friends duck out of sight behind a big box, leaning around to get a clear line of sight to you. As you try to make a step further in, you see the dog tense up. He murmurs something, then gets back to dozing.


Lets smash his head in and take his hammer and nails.

Just to be safe.


Put our boots on before continuing.



Wait until we catch the rhythm of the falling rocks, then match it up with our steps.



Diamond dogs have to eat so…

Lets search for eggs.


Carefully, you withdraw your Reinforced Boots from your inventory and equip them. You listen for the fall of the rocks, marching in place to time your hoofsteps. Your hooves make almost no sound as they gracefully flatten against the hard packed soil.

You march passed the Diamond Dog, not so much as disturbing his slumber. Your friends very carefully sneak out from behind the box, though one of their stomachs grumble. Applebloom puts a hoof over her belly as the team freezes and stares at the Diamond Dog.

He doesn't so much as flinch.

Your team head deeper into the area, looking at a ton of new construction in the surrounding area. You can hear dogs not too far off in the distance.

"Oh… Raisin, why are we down here again?" Sweetie Belle shivers as she stares down the dark tunnel.

"We've gotta find out where that Boulder Snake came from. I have a bad feeling about those things…" You look about, noticing that there are quite a few patches of wall that have been haphazardly dug out. Not a single gem remains on any of the walls through here.

"And you think the snakes came from down here?" Scootaloo looks about in confusion.

"Well, these are obviously new tunnels. They had to have come from somewhere down here, right?"

At the end of the tunnel, you think you see a T-Split that leads into a pathway. A glowing light is passing through it…



Fuuuck, we're getting way too risky.

We have the pickaxe, maybe we should just leave.



Hide as best we can behind what's present and wait for the light to pass. Listen.


Lets search for food.

Alternatively, we could eat the sleeping diamond dog.



We have to be a brave pony. There's a reason why the tunnels are new unless the snakes burrow in the opposite direction from where we came


GAME INFO: Hmm… it's getting a bit late and very tense. Do you guys want to call it quits for the night?


We need to leave. These tunnels are a dead end.

I bet they are new because the diamond dogs dug them.




We burned down the schoolhouse, so the diamond dogs don't have a fort anymore. The repairponies won't have anything to work on, so they can't be ambushed and captured.



I guess.

Oh god I don't know what to do



Your choice. I'm good with either way.



But they can put up rough fortifications in an hour's span. Besides, the only other option we have is searching for LS on that mountain, and that didn't work so well.



Speaking of time, I bet little Raisin doesn't have an approximation on the current time, right?


GAME INFO: There seems to be some concerns about direction choice right now. I'd like to just say that this IS a direction that I had planned for you guys.

How you interpret that is up to you. I don't want to ruin any fun times ahead, so I'll go ahead and just leave it at that.

GAME INFO: Currently, it's about 8:30PM…ish. It may be slightly later or earlier, but you're not 100% sure.


There was another direction we could have explored in when we first came down here, right?



I guess I could stop. I'm a bit tempted to ask if we're warmer or colder from the ultimate solution.


GAME INFO: The other direction you could have explored upon entering the caves led toward the river. Knowing this, you opted to go behind the schoolhouse instead.



We must press on. Undecidedness kills.



We know that being caught is game over though.

Sometime I think that maybe we should just send the CMC back and press on ourselves. We can plough back out if need be.


GAME INFO: For the sake of organization and planning on you guys' parts, I'll say we stop here for the night.

I'll let you guys ask me some questions if you wish, but only questions that don't lead to any spoilers.



It didn't work because we didn't try the other path. I bet there's a challenge down there and our bridge would have probably only allowed us to skip it.



This shit is way 2spooky.



You've definitely made this quest more complicated than the last one. I'll give you that. Back then events pointed out WHERE to go, the big challenge was overcoming obstacles.


File: 1353313065877.jpg (152.91 KB, 760x596, Raisin Quest players debate ov…)


>implying this shit didn't happen last time.

It always happens. Always.



I need a motivator. What kind of bad end would the CMC endure if they got captured?



N-no pls…


Well, this one has had opportunities rise and fall with player decisions. A lot of it has boiled down to players not wanting to explore areas or do certain things because it's perceived as too dangerous. Raisin is nearly immortal, after all; she doesn't really need to fear death as much as she did in the previous quests, hence why I've made things a bit more difficult.

I was actually expected a lot more push on her new physical strengths, but perhaps not yet.

The CMC can fall in numerous ways. They could be anywhere from incapacitated to killed by the environment or by some baddies. Hopefully, you guys won't get your filly friends killed off.




I think the big problem is that people are more reluctant (myself included) to see the CMC get offed. At least with Raisin it's ded and game over, but for anyone else we kind of have to just move on and deal with the consequences.







Yeah. Pone should not ded. I wouldn't mind risking not having the right item than putting the fillies in a situation where they get killed.



Do you ever find yourself frustrated with our ability to not see the solution to a really easy dilemma?


I guess that's the point.


Am I the only one not having fun?



Fuk you nigga this shit is tense.



It's kind of frustrating making so little progress, but I bet it'll pick up again once we find out what's up with these tunnels and get out.


Nah, I actually really like to see how I can pick your brains for actions and solutions to the problems presented. Sometimes, the answer might seem obvious, but sometimes I get one that I completely didn't expect. That's what makes the quests fun to run; not even I can anticipate where the story is going or what turns are made along the way. It's a really cool form of creative writing that you can't really experience anywhere else.

The tension getting to you? I'll admit, we haven't had any good cute fillies relaxing in a bit, but neither have we had a really good Raisin Quest-esque anxiety-attack inducing adventure/sneak around scene in a while.

There'll be reprieve during our story, believe you me.


I can't remember having fun in this one or in the third Raisin quest. The only reason I stick around is because I don't want Raisin to end up dead or worse.



Nobody is forcing you to play.


Raisin is.


Hey, Anon. I'm actually really curious about this; what made Raisin Quest I and II the most fun for you personally?



What can I say? I'm a glutton for bad ends. They give me a sick sense of glee.

I fact, I wouldn't mind it if we got a freebie quest to see just bad ends.


The first one had a great mix of lightheartedness and tense decision making. It was also simple enough to not take forever. Screwing us out of the prize at the very end wasn't fun, but it fit with the Kings Quest vibe you were wanting if I am remembering correctly so that's no real complaint.

The second one had it's good parts and it's bad parts, and the good parts were great while the bad parts were terrible. The fight with Cil at the end was the most fun I have had in any of the Raisin quests. Investigating Cil and trying to avoid drawing his attention was also fun. Having adults join us and actually be competent was great. The worst part of it, and the worst part out of all these quests, was when we tried to cross the street to investigate what we would later find out was Zecora, and then the part that came after that. It seemed like you were trying to beat us down instead of simply making the quest hard.



I'm a glutton for bad ends. They give me a sick sense of glee.

I wouldn't mind it if we got a freebie quest to see just bad ends.



>that feel when impersonation goes wrong.

I thought he left. Now I feel bad Still wouldn't mind a freebie quest


Another thing that takes away from the fun is players giving bad suggestions just for shits and giggles.


I could run a freebie Quest sometime probably. I had plans to do other throwaway quests where there's absolutely no penalty for dying, but I haven't had the time.

We'll see about some questing shenanigans though. Could be fun.


File: 1353315719437.png (22.4 KB, 644x502, raisin_hayseed.png)

Don't Give up, Raisin pone!

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