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After a pretty stormy weekend past, we’re back on track to see Raisin along in her perilous adventure. It’s been about 2 weeks, so let’s pore over that summary and see where our story has landed the brave little golem and her friends thus far:


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>Decide to visit Sweet Apple Acres in search of Applejack’s oil burning Lamp
>—Address Applejack upon visiting the house—
>**Let Applejack know that school was cancelled for the day**
>Investigate Toolshed in search of Lamp; find out that it’s locked
>Remember that there was a perfectly good Lamp sitting inside of the Clubhouse
>**Return Applejack’s Love Letter to her room**
>Obtained Lamp from Clubhouse
>Run to the schoolhouse to continue your investigation
>Discover construction worker making analysis of the sunken schoolhouse
>Decide to investigate Suspicious Hole in the side of the Schoolhouse first
>—Convince construction worker that you and your friends are part of the Royal Junior Architects Program for Gifted Fillies™—
>—Construction worker checks the hole you punched into the ground, runs off to warn construction crew—
>Yell to friends that the schoolhouse isn’t stable; discover that Scootaloo has already jumped inside and cannot get out
>Throw Applebloom your Spool of Rope to fish Scootaloo out of the Schoolhouse
>—Try to approach schoolhouse, fall through unstable ground despite your best efforts to maintain weight distribution—
>Tell Applebloom to lower the lit Lamp into the hole so that you can see
>xXx Ask Sweetie Belle to go ahead and fetch Twilight to ‘rescue’ you xXx
>Explore a bit further into the tunnel beyond the schoolhouse; hear a low, loud noise in the far distance
>Twilight teleports you out of the Cave System
>—Convince Twilight that the Schoolhouse could warrant a breakthrough in the scientific pony community concerning Boulder Snakes—
>Open up the schoolhouse; discover that it is currently dark and empty

Three small fillies, a golem, and a very curious purple mare explore the vicinity around the peculiar site of a sunken schoolhouse. Underground in a shallow tunnel system, the 5 of them tread a little water as Twilight Sparkle conducts research on the damage to the stone foundation of the schoolhouse. As she chisels away at a large variety of samples, her protective side prevents Raisin or her friends from going any further into the tunnel system while she’s busy. A low, howling sound booms from deeper within the Earth, calling up the tunnel like a great roar. Who knows what dangers lay hidden just beyond the schoolhouse…

I suppose that’s up for you to find out, isn’t it? Once again, you’ll assume the role of Raisin, our beloved cursed golem filly, as she and her friends try to unravel the cause behind all the recent happenings around Ponyville.

As always, I wish you the best of luck.


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Do I even need to say it?



Time and inventory check.



We have our lamp, right? We could check the interior of the schoolhouse.



Jr maybe you should just make this standard whenever the night starts.





If Twilight won't let us roam about, then why not? I mean, she won't stay with us all day and we'll just "promise" not to climb back down the hole.


Raisin: Hayseed (wet and slightly annoyed), Stompstarter (waterlogged), Reinforced Shoes, Royal Medallion (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (tied to us)

Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3)

Scootaloo: CMC Cape, Fireworks x1, Stompstarter, Wake-Me-Up Dust, Bag of Sneezing Powder

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Nails, Lamp Oil

It is currently around 3:30PM. The sunlight isn't shining directly into the hole, but you can see the blue sky far up above through the pony shaped hole in the ground. You can't help but smirk when you see the silhouette of your body through the hole up above leading back to Ponyville.

GAME INFO: The Lamp, along with the Spool of Rope, is currently sitting at the top of the hole leading into the Underground Tunnels.


File: 1352085224927.gif (2.68 MB, 512x512, shepard shocked.gif)


>mfw I read that as Spool of Rape

I've been generaling too much lately.



hmm, maybe we could get them to lower the lamp down with the rope

they'd have to light it first



Ask Twilight to pop us back up and get the lamp.



How dark is it down here? Does the sunlight give us enough light to maybe look inside the schoolhouse to see if any baddies have taken residence there?



Aren't the CMC down with us?



What would a spool of rape even look like?



This seems like the most reasonable option. doesn't she need light too?


GAME INFO: The tunnels are incredibly dark. Without the aid of Twilight's magical lighting, you'd be unable to see your own hooves in front of your face.

The light coming from above only illuminates a small bit of the tunnel directly under it, though it grows dimmer as the sun passes by overhead.

GAME INFO: The CMC, along with Twilight, are all down inside of the tunnels with you at this present moment. Twilight is investigating the schoolhouse while the CMC are nearly bored senseless… only put on edge by the thunderous noise originating from deep within the caves.



I guess we have to >>185800



The rope wasn't tied to anything, right? I guess cutie mark crusaders rope climbers yay is out of the question.



Pay attention to the tunnels and ask Twilight to pop one of the CMC back up to get the lamp. If we get it then we'd sink into the mud and get it all wet.



Good point. Get one of the CMC to do it.



Maybe we can say that Sweetie is scared or something and would really like some extra light.


File: 1352085798483.png (82.38 KB, 530x495, RAISINHORS WITH COLORS.png)


yeah, we need that lamp.

couldnt twi just magic it down or something?


As Twilight pores over the scarred up base of the schoolhouse, she reaches further and further under the most likely unstable building to collect more 'interesting' samples. You see Applebloom and Scootaloo starting up a small splash war near the schoolhouse. Sweetie Belle looks a little nervous.

"Hey, Twilight… we left our Lamp and Rope up top by the hole. Could you warp… uh… Sweetie Belle up there quick so she can bring it down?"

Twilight deftly knocks off a bit of the stone foundation with her magic chisel. As she seals the test tube, she looks your way. "Oh, don't worry, Raisin. I'm only going to be collecting a few more samples here. As soon as I get the last of my testtubes filled, we'll be on our way out of here."

You get a little closer to her, minding the schoolhouse. "Well, I only ask because Sweetie looks a bit scared. It's REALLY dark down here… besides, if we had it, you wouldn't have to exert as much energy powering your magic light."

Twilight searches the underside of the schoolhouse quick. "…oh, alright… hold on." The purple mare stretches up out of the water, rolling her head back. Collecting all of these samples must be a real pain in the neck.

She looks up at the entrance of the hole, spotting the lamp barely peeking up over the side. "Oh, hold on…" In a few moments, the Lamp attached to the Spool of Rope drifts down into the hole, offering a significant amount of light. You can see the tunnel walls again.

Upon closer inspection, you see that the walls are covered in jagged gemstones. The water that passed through here must have washed them out of the soil. It's quite a marvelous display.

Sweetie Belle volunteers to hold the lamp, letting Twilight carefully tie it around her stomach so it sits firmly upon her back.

"That's much better." Applebloom comments, looking over the walls. "It's actually real pretty down here…"



Closely inspect the gemstones



Admire the gorgeous geological display, then send the CMC into the schoolhouse. Stand watch outside.



Try not to be surprised when we realize one pair of gems are actually eyes.



So this is what the diamond dogs were after. I guess investigate the schoolhouse while Twilight it here. Be sure to grab the spool of rope and put it in our inventory.





GAME INFO: Looking over the brilliant display, you see that the gemstones are mostly covered in a thick mud. Some, however, are completely bare and glimmer as the Lamp light draws near. You figure that it's no wonder the Diamond Dogs moved in down here… it's a veritable treasure trove.



what color are they



Second. Fuck you Jr, we ain't leaving anything.



I think we should look at the foundation to see if it would be thick enough to let us walk in it without the floor collapsing.



We have our boots, right? Maybe we can wear those if the entrance doesn't require too much climbing to get to.


>Unable to grab Spool of Rope; currently tied to Sweetie Belle
While Twilight pokes and prods at the underside of the Schoolhouse for her last few samples, you wander up to Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle. They're all walking along the tunnel, admiring the shimmering display along the walls.

It takes significant effort to plow your way through the muck, but you catch up. "Guys! Guys!"

Scootaloo stops. "Hey Raisin, isn't his amazing?"

"Yes… I've never seen anything like this… but now's not the time to get lost in the tunnels. Since we've got the Lamp now, I think we should try and explore the schoolhouse a little bit. There might be something useful in there."

"Wait, Raisin… yer not just wantin' to go up in there to fetch yer Daring Do book ya left at school the other day, are ya?"

You suddenly remember that you had tucked one of your favorite editions of Daring Do inside of your desk at school. You're so far ahead in your studies that you've been sneaking in some time to reread it during class.

"Well, no… not entirely. I just wanted to see what might be in there."

"It's just the schoolhouse… what could possibly be in there?" Scootaloo looks back at the red house over her shoulder. From back here, illuminated by Twilight's horn, it looks almost ghostly.

"…what if there's some sort of… monster… hiding inside?" Sweetie Belle swallows. The CMC stare at the house in silence as Twilight seems to finally finish collecting her final sample.

GAME INFO: The gems are all sorts of brilliant colors. The entire spectrum is represented along the lower parts of the wall. A few of them strike you differently, however, as their familiar blue hue catches your attention. They look slightly sharper than the other surrounding them.

GAME INFO: You currently have your Reinforced Boots inside of your inventory. The foundation of the school would normally hold your weight easily… however, right now, it's much thinner that it usually is… and suspended in the air. There's a chance you may not be able to safely explore the inside.



"There won't be a monster. Besides, even if there was, how will any of your get your monster fighting cutie marks?"



Twilight is probably going to zap us out, just make sure that we have the rope with us so we can lower the CMC down after she leaves.



Call them wimps and equip our shoes.

Climb inside and act as a shield for our friends.


GAME INFO: Currently, Sweetie Belle has the Spool of Rope fastened around her stomach. It holds the lit oil Lamp firmly upon her back, providing a significant source of light for your party.



Shit's really getting spooky, yo.




Maybe we can tell Twilight we saw something moving in the schoolhouse.



Or maybe

>"Hey Twilight? While we're down here can I get my book from inside the schoolhouse? You can come with me and light up the inside.



Actually, this might be a good idea. Even if there's a diamond dog camping out in there, Twilight would be able to blast it with a magic missile and we wouldn't have to risk ourselves.



Ask Twilight to take a sample of the gems with a blue hue.



Eh, might be worth a shot. Worst she can do is say no.

Just be sure to tell the girls to be aware of their surroundings


As you and the CMC stare back at the schoolhouse, you can't help but feel that Twilight's light makes it look like the house is floating in midair. It's eerie to see it hanging from the ceiling just a few feet off of the top of the water… with the door just out of the reach of your friends.

As Twilight seals up her last test tube sample, a brilliant idea runs through your head. You lead the CMC slightly closer to the schoolhouse, though they seem hesitant to follow.

"Are you girls ready to go back up top? Or did you want to research the gemstone deposits a bit longer?" Twilight latches her saddlebag shut.

"Actually Twilight… um… you know, since we're down here… I kind of left my favorite book inside of the schoolhouse…"

Scootaloo laughs. "Ha! Knew that's what you were after!"

"C'mon, it's the best one in the series… the water down here isn't going to be good for it at all…"

Twilight is surprisingly quick to agree. "Now that you mention it, the damp air down here isn't good for any of the books trapped inside the schoolhouse…"

"So you'll help me get it out of there?"

The unicorn rounds the corner of the building, then opens the front door with her magic. Her horn illuminates the hallway completely, revealing the building to be completely abandoned. "I'll do more than that. Stand back…"

As her horn's magic flares up, you see a mass of books heading out of the front door and up towards the hole in the ceiling of the tunnel. They fly out in a single file line, exiting the dark, muggy cave to the calm sunlight above. As the last book comes out of the front door, Twilight is sure to let you see the cover. She was able to find your Daring Do #16 tucked away inside the classroom.

"Whew… thank you so much, Twilight…"

She lifts it out of the hole, placing it just out of view. "Thanks for reminding me about the books… they could get moldy after just a few days of being down here."

"They're just books." Scootaloo shrugs. Twilight looks slightly annoyed at Scoots, but you can tell she's very thankful for you having brought them to her attention.

"Are you girls ready to leave?" She asks.

From what you can tell from water level, the schoolhouse appears to be completely empty. It's eerily silent inside.



>"Um, when you cast the spell, I think I saw something moving inside. We should check it out!"



I guess we should just go then, make sure we have everything and loop around when Twilight takes off.



Is the entrance low enough so that one of the CMC could reach if they climbed on each others backs?



Eh, why not?


GAME INFO: If the CMC were able to stand on one another's back, they would be able to reach the doorstep leading into the schoolhouse. You figure it would only take a single filly to give the other a leg up to reach the door.

Of course, being sunk into the mud as deep as you are, you're unable to offer them a leg up yourself.



oh why not

lets make sure we don't miss anything in there



There's something in that goddamn schoolhouse I can feel it.


If not this then we just lower the CMC down and cannonball ourself through the hole.



Inb4 there actually is a diamond dog inside and Twilight gets beat up.


Wanting to be as thorough as possible, you lean in close to Twilight, pretending to want to keep your concern as quiet as possible.

"Uh.. Um, when you cast the spell, I think I saw something moving inside. Should we check it out?"

Twilight looks a bit surprised. "Really? You saw something?"

"Yeah… it was moving around when you almost had all the books out. I swear!"

Twilight opens the schoolhouse door up again with her hoof. Standing up on her rearlegs, she calls inside. "Hello? Anypony in there?"

Applebloom shakes her head. "Twilight! What if there's a monster in there?!"

A few moments of the thunderous rushing noise down the tunnel past the schoolhouse rumbles on.

"…I don't see anything, Raisin…"

"Help Scootaloo up into there. I think we should make sure…"

Scootaloo looks a little scared. "What? Why me? No way I'm going in there…"

Twilight sighs. "Hold on, I'll look… keep an eye out on the schoolhouse. Tell me if it starts… moving… or something."

The mare climbs up inside to get a better look around. She promptly turns off into one of the rooms, looking around for the 'monster' you saw.

You're currently standing outside of the front of the schoolhouse.


File: 1352089405131.jpg (152.91 KB, 760x596, Raisin Quest players debate ov…)


Guys pls.



Maybe there really isn't a baddy inside there.

I guess let her finish up and teleport us out. Anything to get her out of our hair.



The sounds only came from one direction, right?



GAME INFO: Currently, the only sound you hear is a loud rushing noise from behind the schoolhouse. You know that the schoolhouse is actually blocking most of the noise out; when you were on the other side of it, the sound was significantly louder. You know that the sound is only coming from this direction.



god dammit that's so perfect, we are stuck overthinking everything with no direction

i guess we should just sit tight and hope they report back, i wouldn't risk going in unless we have to.



Sneaking out might be a bad idea. I support >>185862

We don't want Twilight to drag us home because she thinks we'll recklessly endangering ourselves which we are



Oh god, it's beautiful. Especially the friendship bit.



True. Alright, sit tight I guess. Start formulating an excuse in our heads that would have us wandering in the direction opposite of town then so we don't have to walk far to be out of Twilight's sight.


Scootaloo's face suddenly bursts with wonderment. "Raisin, you clever cucumber!" She whispers excitedly.

"Uh… huh?"

"We can totally lose her and explore the tunnels now! It's perfect!" She's already standing atop your back with her muddy hooves, ready to go.

Applebloom nods. "Hey! We totally could!"

"Uh… well, no, that's not the plan… she'll probably chase us through the tunnels if we just sneak off. Let's get her to go home and climb back down here when she's gone."

Scootaloo suddenly drops down into the water. "Ugh… fine…"

After a few minutes, Twilight trots out of the front door, hopping down into the murky water. "Well, I scoured the entire building." She tilts her head to the side, revealing a small mouse clinging desperately to her mane. "I found this little guy, but nothing else."

"Well… it was worth a look, right?" As you say this, Scootaloo groans to herself.

In the blink of an eye, you find yourself bathed in blinding sunlight. Your friends complain as the light hurts their dark adjusted eyes.

"I've got a lot of experiments to run on these new samples. I'll let you know what I find out…" Twilight looks giddy. "I'm the very first mare to get a chance to study real live Boulder Snake bites! This is incredible!"

She stares at you and the CMC. The four of you are reluctant to leave. She looks about awkwardly for a moment.

"After you!"

She shakes her head. "Raisin, please. Come on, girls, we've got science to do."

The mouse in Twilight's mane jumps down to safety, then scurries off into a nearby bush.



Make up an excuse.


GAME INFO: Do you have a specific excuse that you wish to supply to Twilight?



"Well, Twilight, as much as we love doing science, we were kind of planning on going to [insert close landmark here] to try and get out [insert appropriate activity here] cutie marks. We just made a little detour to the schoolhouse to see if anything changed."




Roll #0 2 = 2




Is Whitetail near here?



uuuuuuuuuh what's our charisma modifier?

I bet it's really high because we're a cute little filly and we totally didn't run off when we had the chance.



The woods

Tree climbing



Jr pls.



Let's also aim for a bonus of resisting the shifty-eyes.


What have we done so far to keep the work crew from being taken hostage by the diamond dogs?



Did we tell the Mayor about sending over some guards, I forget.



We haven't, yet.

Gotta meet them at the source. Do or die, faggots.


Ask her if the howling sounded like some sort of underground monster, or dog.


Not wanting to abandon the newly discovered tunnels just yet, you think up an excuse quick. Twilight lifts up the pile of books she rescued from the schoolhouse, preparing to escort them and your friends back to town. She lays down your copy of Daring Do #16 by your hooves. You leave it on the safety of the road; your saddlebags are still soaked and you don't want to risk damaging the cover.

"Well, Twilight, as much as we love doing science, we were kind of planning on going to Whitetail Woods to try and get our tree climbing Cutie Marks. We just made a little detour to the schoolhouse to see if anything changed."

Applebloom chimes in. "Oh yeah! That's why we brought the rope with us! We were gonna try climbing up the tallest trees we could find!"

Sweetie Belle agrees. "What she said!"

Twilight looks a little worried. "Whitetail Woods?" She pauses for a moment, looking further down the trail leading from the schoolhouse. "Well, I guess that makes sense… you sure you don't want to help me test some of these samples out, Raisin? We could be making history with this research…" The books hover in the air behind her.

"Well, maybe after we're done climbing trees…"

Twilight stops. "Uh… you know, as much as I hate to bring it up… aren't you a little too heavy to cli…"

You immediately dish out the sad filly eyes. Though she remains suspicious, she cannot resist the vitreous shine of your stony spheres.

"…alright… you girls play safely, okay? Don't go down into that tunnel; there's no telling what the schoolhouse plans on doing… it could fall at any moment." Twilight warns. "I will be checking back here later, got it?"

You and the CMC all give confirmation simultaneously.

Twilight looks back over her shoulder hesitantly as the books follow her back down the trail into town. You and the CMC are very slowly trotting down toward the Whitetail Bridge. After Twilight disappears out of sight, the group stops and forms into a huddle.

Scootaloo smiles. "Okay, what's the plan?"

GAME INFO: One construction worker noted the smaller hole you made in the ground and suspected the river might have rushed through the tunnels at some point. He warned that it could happen again soon, then ran off to tell the construction workers. You haven't seen them since.




I guess go back and lower the CMC down to go exploring.



Is the torch still lit? Put it out and walk back. Be sure to look out for Twilight.



Sounds like a plan.


GAME INFO: The oil Lamp atop Sweetie Belle's back is still lit. Though it burns on, the sunshine offers more than enough light to overpower the little flame.



Will putting it out count as using up the oil inside the lamp? I'm just worried about her tripping and accidentally starting a fire, drawing attention to us.








Why are we putting it out? What are we doing now?



We're outside

in the sun

we put it out to save our oil



I guess people want to head back to the hole and people are paranoid because Jr's a dick and might screw us over with the lamp.


So we are putting out the lamp

so that we can go back into the dark?



>implying Nigger Faggot didn't mention anything about the lamp for a reason.

We know your tricks, Jr.


"Let's get back to the hole. I'll lower you guys down with the Spool of Rope, then just jump on in."

Applebloom nods. "Alrighty… sounds good to me."

Your little group keeps an eye out for Twilight down the lonely little road. There doesn't seem to be any sign of the purple mare in the immediate vicinity.

You blow into the oil Lamp on Sweetie's back, realizing that you do not breathe air. A little annoyed, you ask Applebloom to extinguish the flame for you.

"Wait a minute… but aren't we goin' right back down into the tunnels?" She tilts her head.

"Yeah, we're gonna need all the light we can get! Remember how dark it was down there?!" Scootaloo points out.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Just extinguish it quick so it doesn't catch any attention while we're going back down. We can light it up once we're all inside the tunnels."

"Alright… ah guess…" Applebloom gives the oil Lamp a little puff. The fire fizzles out, letting a small smoke trail rise up out of the Lamp as the wick cools.

It doesn't take long to find the hole once again. The schoolhouse seems to have gained an ominous atmosphere while you were away…

Random Encounter Roll: Doom Number 3

Roll #0 3 = 3



No pls


Oh shi-


File: 1352092458777.png (3.94 KB, 160x168, raisinworried-(n1320555872000)…)



oh i didnt know we were going back in the dark




Fuck, I bet we're going to fall down again.

Let's hope Sweetie doesn't tumble down with us.



What do you want to do?

Just say what you want and put it to a vote.



Where do you think we were off to then, dingus?


As you draw closer to the schoolhouse once again, you hear an odd noise emanating from around the side of the building. It sounds like something breathing heavily with a raspy throat. Oddly enough, it sounds like it's eating through a pile of twigs.

"Wh-what the… what is that? You girls hear that?" You whisper quietly, keeping an eye out toward the side of the building. The only thing you see is the tip of a lion tail poking out, flinching as the crunching noises continue. You and the CMC don't seem to have startled it yet…

"Oh no… is that… what is that, Raisin?" Sweetie Belle whispers.

"…I might have an idea…"

"Mind sharing?" Scootaloo crouches atop your back, peeking over the top of the bush.

You stare at the little tail twitching by the corner of the schoolhouse. Whatever it is, it's sitting down eating something.



Pls don't be eating a pone.



Where is the hole in relation to it?


What is our plan to capture the gryphon?



Ask Scootaloo if she can see anything.



oh, this is the mangy griffon from earlier raisin should lead here, he scratches.


I DONT KNOW, we have zero leads and we just left the flooded tunnels, i figured we were done.



We don't have our apples anymore.

We do have the sneezing powder though.



Seconding whatever we do, Raisin goes first.


Oh shit, something exciting for once.


GAME INFO: Looking ahead, you can see the submerged schoolhouse and the path leading up to where the door is supposed to be. Along the path, you see where you first popped a hole into the ground, then your silhouette just off to the side of the path. Just ahead of your tunnel entrance is the side of the building. From this angle, only the creature's feline tail is visible. It seems to be eating something at the moment.



Good point. Maybe we can avoid him entirely, though.



Maybe we can scare it away with a stick of dynamite.


How will that help.

I've got the feeling he will make life easier for us.



Maybe the fireworks would be more appropriate.

What kind was it Jr? A roman candle or one that is bright and loud?



IF it's the griffin from last round, it's feral until we feed it something. We don't have our apples anymore.



Can we see any pegasi flying around? Dynamite will be very loud.



That's a big if. It could be something else.


GAME INFO: You're not entirely sure what kind of Fireworks Scootaloo carries with her, but knowing the filly, you suspect that it's going to be something very bright and very loud, like a really powerful fountain firework. When you detonated it inside of a small magma pool last time, it simply exploded, releasing all of it's energy instantly.

GAME INFO: Looking above, you can't see any Pegasi within the immediate vicinity. Most of them are organizing clouds nearer to Ponyville, getting ready for the evening storm.


Should we do some inventory rearranging?

We can hold the stompstarter, sneezing powder, dynamite, and the fireworks all on one filly, and that will give us a little of everything.



Do we have anything else that could be good?

Can we get an inventory check?



Ask Scootaloo what kind of firework she brought with her.



Yeah, this would probably be good.



Scroll up, numbnuts.


Raisin: Hayseed, Stompstarter, Reinforced Shoes, Royal Medallion (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (tied to us)

Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3)

Scootaloo: CMC Cape, Fireworks x1, Stompstarter, Wake-Me-Up Dust, Bag of Sneezing Powder

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Nails, Lamp Oil, Spool of Rope + Lamp (equipped)


Can we lure it to Applejack's and have it eat apples?



It would probably take too long. What's the time again?



Maybe as a last ditch idea if nothing else works.


What else did we have planned for today?



Maybe we can try swinging the iron rod at it to injure it.



We need to investigate the tunnels before the diamond dogs set up.

Unless you have an idea on how to deal with the hostages.



Swap our items for the dynamite, fireworks and sneezing powder.

Ask Scootaloo what kind it is.


"Scootaloo, what kind of Firework did you bring along with you?"

"Thinking about using it as a distraction?" She smirks. "It's a Raging Rooster… you know, like the one I touched off during recess that one time?"

You remember how extremely loud the thing was. It shoots up a brilliant shower of red and green sparks, ending with an explosive retort.

"Alright… I'll consider it then…"

GAME INFO: Sweet Apple Acres is through town and down the road towards your house. It is a significant distance away.

GAME INFO: It is currently 4:45PM. It's a little later into the afternoon, but the sun still glows on strong against the beautiful blue sky.



I mean specifically, throwing in magma is a lot different than lighting its fuse as intended.


>implying Jr would ever give us a chance to complete any of our plans
Save the gryphon. Get him to eat apples.



Shiiiiiiiit I guess that might be good.



Equip boots, sneak up a fair distance behind the griffin, light firework, hustle to the opposite side of the schoolhouse.



All of these. Tell the CMC to stay well hidden.



Sounds like a good idea. Forgot about the boots. They do muffle sound, right?


I still think we should maybe go into town and buy some food.



If we really are going to do this warn the girls that there is a gryphon over there and that it sounds like it is eating the mouse. It's probably a good idea if they hide.


GAME INFO: The boots help to muffle sound and distribute your weight a little more evenly, giving you better traction on soft surfaces. They do not in any way make you magically lighter, however. Running in the Reinforced Shoes causes them to wear excessively fast until they break.



Which is why we don't run, just walk fast once we've lit the fuse.



We need to get close enough to the griffin so it'll be startled by the noise.


Raisin: Hayseed, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3), Bag of Sneezing Powder, Fireworks x1



I still say we should lure him to the orchard so he can eat apples.



File: 1352094486637.png (64.62 KB, 594x555, raisin let's rock.png)



inb4 this goes horribly, horribly wrong.


You formulate a cunning plan to scare the griffin away. "Alright, so here's what we're going to do…"

Raisin: Hayseed, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3), Fireworks x1, Sneezing Powder, Reinforced Shoes (Equipped), Royal Medallion (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Stompstarter

Scootaloo: CMC Cape, Stompstarter, Wake-Me-Up Dust

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Nails, Lamp Oil, Spool of Rope + Lamp (equipped)

"Alright… now what?" Applebloom helps you get the last of your supplies exchanged, tucking the Box of Quarter Sticks neatly into one of your pockets.

"I'm going to ignite this Raging Rooster right next to the creep. That'll send him running."

Scootaloo nods. "There's no way he'll stick around to listen to it! That thing's deafening!" She whispers excitedly.

"Lastly… you guys just stay in hiding here. Don't jump out and don't make a sound. If something looks like it's going wrong, don't worry; I've got a plan here. Just sit tight and don't alert that… thing's attention, got it?"

"Right." The CMC quietly bump hooves with you as they nestle into the bush a bit better. They keep down low. "Cutie Mark Crusader Creature Startlers yay!"

Very cautiously, you step up and out of the bushes, taking a hard left to the opposite side of the schoolhouse. The creature seems to be crunching something in it's mouth still… the shaking of leaves follows with each bite. As you get closer, you can hear it whining, like it's not enjoying its meal.

As you approach the opposite side of the school, you feel your hoof break through the ground.


You wait and listen. The creature seems to preoccupied to notice the sound. The CMC remain dead silent, watching your every move.







Eating a timberwolf? Kind of odd. That griffin is so silly

Carefully remove our leg. We might have to lay it here.



Fuck. Pull out our hoof and approach a bit closer.



We might just have to. If we fall down then that's a max of 2 fillies we can take with us.



I second this. The shoes probably saved us there. It's too risky to get any closer.



What do you mean? Scootaloo can hold it and she can flutter down. She can't fly but her descent would be slowed, plus she would be landing in water.


I'm sitting this one out. Fuck pressure.


Keeping your cool, you realize that the seemingly safe ground ahead cannot be traversed. You're not even sure if the ground you're standing on is exactly safe, either… Your incredible weight will surely pull you through the ground and into the tunnels if you go any further.

"Hmm… looks like this is as far as I can go…"

You cannot see the creature at all, but you see a large pile of fresh tree branches resting by the back corner of the school, close to the hole in the schoolhouse. A strange fruit grows on the branches. As you observe, you see a branch go behind the side of the building to the griffin. The terrifying crunching sound continues.

"…is he eating… a tree?"

You shake your head. Quietly, you reach into your saddlebags and withdraw the Firework. You set it on the ground, close to the schoolhouse.

You stare at the fuse, hoping that Celestia will direct enough solar rays to it that it will spontaneously ignite. You currently do not have anything in your inventory that will light the fuse.

"…you've got to be kidding me…"

The griffin continues to munch on the tree branches. You swear that you hear Scootaloo slapping her hoof into her forehead.



Wait what?

Didn't we have a stompstarter?



Goddamn it.




Fuck, I'm getting tired.

Why did we not swap out Hayseed? I thought the other posts said we did.



Beckon Scootaloo to come closer then.


Can we not swap out Hayseed then?





This is the prefect sign that we should stop now. This was a stupid mistake we made because we are getting tired and losing our focus.







Fuck that it's only 1 AM.


GAME INFO: Hayseed is considered a very important item, but she can be swapped out. 3 items were mentioned for the final inventory, so I swapped out the three items of lesser significance. Because a 4th item was not specified, I opted to leave Hayseed in your inventory.

GAME INFO: Do not worry, Questers. It was a subtle slip. Anyone could have made such a mistake.

How many can bounce back from it? That's a good question.




>Not being glorious west coast master race.



I guess >>185992

We should stay out here to tank in case the griffin notices us. If it's just Scootaloo she'd get beat up.



Good point. I guess go with this.


Never swap out Hayseed.

This was a rookie mistake. We need to stop soon.



Maybe we can let her come closer, then have us back away slowly, then have her light it and run? It would save our boots.



But we can't really tell her unless we talk, and that'll give us away.


Looking down at the unlit Firework then back to the bushes, you sharply strike your hoof in the air twice, then motion towards yourself. With a slight glower, you see Scootaloo pop out of the bushes. She tiptoes over the grass, fluttering her wings lightly in an attempt to lessen her impact on the ground. Her eyes are glued on the fidgeting tail of the nearby griffin.

You hear it stop eating for a moment, followed by two hissing noises. It continues eating the branch.

In a few moments, Scootaloo is face to face with you. "I thought you said you had a plan?" She whispers very quietly. You nod, then reach into her saddlebags. Carefully, you withdraw her trusty Stompstarter, then set it on the ground next to the Firework.

"Alright… now that it's set…"

>Tell Scootaloo to get back to the bushes, light it, and back away

>Tell Scootaloo to light it while you back away, then have her run


Guys we should really lure him back to Sweet Apple Acres so he can eat food. All this is doing is wasting time and endangering lives.



The latter.



>Tell Scootaloo to light it while you back away, then have her run

But very quietly



The second option. Lets see if we can at least keep our booties intact.



Move our mouth close to her ear And maybe just let our lips touch it for a brief moment when we're finished


The first option. Take off our boots and store them in our saddlebags before lighting it though.



Bad anon. Raisin hoers is not for little lesbian.


"…okay, now… the ground is unstable here. I need you to light this when I'm clear…"

"What?! Are you serious?!" Scootaloo whisper shouts.

The creature on the other side of the schoolhouse stops eating. You cover Scootaloo's mouth and wait a few moments. Some odd noises emanate from the other side of the school; terrifying, nasty avian clicks and squeals. You tremble a little bit, but relax as the crunching of the branches continues. Scootaloo shivers after you let go, chilled by your cold exterior.

"…fine." She mouths the word.

As you back away from the firework, the griffin seems content with eating the gnarled branches it found. You duck behind the bushes with the other Crusaders. Scootaloo nods towards you, then gives the Stompstarter a kick. Her dry Stompstarter shoots up a stream of orange sparks, easily igniting the fuse. The griffin immediately takes notice to the sound.

Scootaloo runs back to the bushes with her Stompstarter in mouth. The Firework fizzles and burns next to the schoolhouse… the griffin rounds the back corner of the building, screeching at the Firework.

Suddenly, it begins erupting a brilliant stream of red and green sparks. The sound is absolutely deafening; all of Ponyville can probably hear it. The griffin doesn't seem to be enjoying it too much. He screams and clutches his ears. A few moments later, his claws start swiping at the little explosive.

The firework tips, sending the sparks into the side of the wooden schoolhouse. In a matter of moments, it explodes, causing the side of the schoolhouse to catch fire. The griffin has also caught fire; he yelps and rolls before taking off into the air. He flies toward Whitetail Woods, his tail leaving a smoldering smoke trail.

"Uh oh…"

The fire begins to climb up the side of the building. It's still small at the moment.


inb4 ded Scoots.



>Griffin gone

>schoolhouse on fire.







Fucking fire.

How far is the hole from the schoolhouse?



Quick, go to our old hole, tie the rope around the CMC and lower them down one by one while we jump down once they're all down.


GAME INFO: The hole is a good distance from the schoolhouse. When you were trying to reach the open corner of the schoolhouse earlier, you didn't make it too far across the school grounds before plummeting into the Underground Tunnel.


Good job guys. Attract the attention and have them follow us. Tell them someone got hurt and they need to follow us so we can take them to him.



Well, this might fix the diamond dog problem at least.

Should we still go down there?


*Attract the attention of some pegasi when they get here and have them follow us.



Let's go back there and >>186019 then.



They still might come up for the games and nab someone else if they got too close to the hole.



De-equip heavy shoes though, add to inventory.



Oh fuck, yeah.

Then we can be snappy.



Let's not. After all we don't want to get grounded.


So how do we help the gryphon? The only reason I'm still awake is because I'm afraid things will get screwed up even more than they already are.



We do it after the quest. We're on a time limit.



Eh, why not.


While the little fire starts climbing up the side of the schoolhouse, you search the ground for the entrance into the Underground Tunnels. It doesn't take you long to spot the pony shaped hole a distance away from the schoolhouse.

"Quick… we need to get back into the tunnels!"

Sweetie Belle watches the orange flames lick up the side of the school. "B-but what about the fire?"

"The pegasi will definitely see it. That's why we need to get going right now." You make your way toward the hole, taking your boots off along the way. You pop them into your inventory quick.

As you get nearer to the hole, your hoof jams through the soft, thin ground, nearly sending your face first down through the Earth. Your friends draw close from behind as they keep on eye on the slowly growing fire above the school. Some black smoke is tumbling up into the sky as the flames start hitting the roof.



Carefully move towards the hole, testing the ground along the way.

Tell the CMC to start tying the rope around one of them so we can lower them.


I'm too tired for this and the suddenly huge firework. Try not to kill our friends.



Let's hope Scootaloo doesn't have an arsonist cutie mark.



Yeah, probably this.

Who has the rope? Maybe that first.



Check to make sure we didn't leave the lamp back in the hiding spot. Don't want to have to deal with that mess.



Jr pls.


Sweetie Belle is already untying the rope from around her waist as Scootaloo and Applebloom catch up. They both grab onto your rearlegs and try to pull you back up, though your other legs are all on solid ground.

"Thanks, guys…" You turn quick. "Sweetie Belle, just undo enough rope so that I can lower you down. We'll have to move quick, but I think I can safely lower you guys down there before the Pegasi arrive."

"Alright, Raisin… sounds like a plan." Applebloom helps Sweetie Belle untie herself. Scootaloo looks down into the hole. "I'll just hover down. Get Applebloom and Sweetie Belle down here safely!"

Quickly, the little pegasus jumps into the hole. Her wings beat like mad as they try to slow her descent. She lands with a little splash, but calls up, "I'm good! Send her down!"

Quickly, you begin lowering Sweetie Belle down into the hole. In a matter of seconds, the rope becomes loose. Scootaloo calls up, "She's free! Send Applebloom down… quick!"

Looking up, you can see a couple of gray storm clouds heading this way. They'll be here in a matter of seconds.

META INFO: >Implying I'd tip you off to one of my nefarious schemes
You're going to hate me in a second.



No pls




Send AB down and jump down after her.



After telling her to move out of the way, of course.



Jr plsssssssssss



It'll probably be her or us.

If push comes to shove, she'll need to take the hit. Can't do much adventuring in jail.



Is the tunnel big enough for pegasi to fly well in?


Not losing your cool, you direct the rope hanging into the hole to Applebloom. "Just slide down!" She looks up to the storm clouds, then back to the hole. Risking it, she wraps her hooves around the rope and slides down into the dark cavern.

The pegasi up above haven't come out from around their clouds yet, but you know they're about to kick the rainwaters out.

"Look out below!"

You hear your friends splash out of the way, then quickly dive into the hole. You're not sure if your voice caught the attention of the pegasi, but as the darkness overwhelms your senses once again, you feel somewhat safe. The storm clouds block out the last traces of natural sunlight as you smash into the muddy tunnel floor, letting the water rush over your body.

"Let's get beyond the schoolhouse, quick…" You speak with a softer tone so that your voice doesn't travel too far. You can hear some hooves pattering against the ground above.

You and your party slog through the murky water, yourself trailing the others as you squeeze between the tunnel wall and the schoolhouse. The thunderous noise deeper down in the tunnels is accompanied by the heavy downpour of rain towards the tunnel entrance.

"Hello? Is anypony down here?!" An unfamiliar voice calls down.

"Move move move…" Applebloom motions you towards her as you drag your unstoppable golem body through a few feet of mud and water. Your group clears the schoolhouse, though is now in perfect pitch black darkness. Their eyes hang in the blackness, somehow illuminated in comparison to the surroundings. They seem to acknowledge this fact by being able to make eye contact with one another.

"That was close…" Scootaloo comments.

Ahead, you hear the thunderous roar of the tunnels. Behind you, a voice calls down into the tunnels over the sound of a rainstorm.


GAME INFO: The tunnel would allow for a pegasus to easily fly above the surface of the water. They would have difficulty exiting the tunnels, however, as the hole you made is roughly the size of a filly.



Haha, close one.

Let's put some more distance between us and the hole before resting.



Light the lamp and continue moving on one of the dry sides of the tunnel.



We have the lamp right? Please tell us we have the lamp.


GAME INFO: You are currently submerged in water. Kicking the Stompstarter here would cause it to become waterlogged.

Raisin: Hayseed, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3) (Box is suffering minor water damage), Reinforced Boots, Sneezing Powder (Ruined by Water), Royal Medallion (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (Equipped),

Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope

Scootaloo: CMC Cape, Stompstarter, Wake-Me-Up Dust

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Nails, Lamp Oil, Lamp




Have Scootaloo light it. She has a dry stompstarter.



Move towards the sides of the tunnel and light it. Those were dry right?



Ah, semantics.

Also, mind telling us how much time we have roughly in terms of lamp oil?



We should also probably keep to the side for when we run into whatever is lurking in the tunnel.


Moving deeper into the tunnels, you tap Applebloom's flank. "This way. There's dry land over here."

She jumps and gasps as your cold hoof gives her a tap. "Raisin! Whew… you scared me." You briefly remember that you had the same effect on Twilight. This must have something to do with you eyes not showing up in the dark like everyone elses.

The group follows you until you reach a small ridge leading out of the water. You're thankful that you're not trudging up a few feet of thick, nasty mud anymore. You drip along with your three friends, trying to crowd onto the narrow strips of land.

"I can't see anything!" Scootaloo tries to talk over the sound of the roar deeper into the tunnel.

"Sweetie Belle, you still have the Lamp on you, right?"

"Yes… I made sure to put it in my saddlebags after I untied the rope." She reaches into her bags. "I can't see…"

Sweetie drops the Lamp: Doom Number 6

GAME INFO: Looking at Sweetie Belle's Lamp Oil, you assume that you have enough oil left for two full refills. They should last you, at the very least, 5-6 hours.

Roll #0 1 = 1



I bet it's one of those snakes and poor little Raisin is gunna get gobbled up.



5-6 hours is good. We should just see where it leads first and if we solved the whole diamond dog problem by burning down the schoolhouse.



Maybe we should recommend Applebloom carrying the lamp, not to be mean, but she's a brave pony who won't drop it at the first sign of danger.


Sweetie Belle pulls the lamp out, setting it down on the dry land. "Alright… here it is!" She takes a few moments to reach around the little oil lamp, opening up the case to allow ignition. "I think it's open…"

Scootaloo reaches into her saddlebags. "Alright, stand back, I'll give it a light…"

Scootaloo kicks and misses the Stompstarter, injuring her hoof: Doom Number 4

Roll #0 4 = 4




Goddamn it.



Call Scootaloo a dingus and have Applebloom do it.



How about instead we give her a shoulder to cry on and let her ride on our back until she's feeling better?



This idea is brilliant and d'aww worthy



That too.


It will bring us one step closer to being her girlfriend~


As Scootaloo kicks for the Stompstarter, you hear a metallic clink. She falls down. "YEeeeoWch! Ow ow ow! Ohhhh owwww ow ow ow ow…"

"Did ya miss it?" Applebloom comments. "Hold on, lemme get this…" Applebloom reaches around in the dark to position it close to her and the lamp.

You hear a couple of clinks against your stony skin. "I'm just going to chill up here for a second…" Scootaloo sounds like she clipped herself on the little bugger.

"Yeah, that's fine…"

"…but seriously, Scoots, you dingus. How'd you miss that?"

"What?! How was I suppose to know I'd accidentally kick the side of it? I can't see anything down here!" Scootaloo sounds offended.

"It's got that huge platform for a reason, you know…"

She taps her good hoof against your mane. "I'd like to see you hit it in complete pitch black dark, Ms. Bird Bath."

You stop taunting Scootaloo. "Hey, alright… I'm sorry… just relax up there. I'll carry you around for a bit."

Sweetie Belle's eyes give you a look, wondering why you changed your tone so fast.

Applebloom winds up for a kick…

Applebloom does the exact same thing: Doom Number 9

Roll #0 9 = 9



She is our girlfriend by which I mean a friend who is a girl because colts have cooties except Rumble, he's cute but only a little


god dammit



Looks like we'll be carrying two fillies then.



Jr pls




It's all up to you Sweetie Belle. Don't mess it up.



10 bucks says she'll mess it up too.



Truly all is lost.


In a few seconds, you hear the Stompstarter jump off the ground along with a similar clink. "AHHH! Yeoowwch!!" Applebloom winces and shakes her hoof in the air. "Gosh darn it, that smarts…"

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, Ah'm fine… shoot! Darn it!" She kicks the ground, wincing again when she does so with her injured hoof.

"Told you it was hard…" Scootaloo says.

"Ah didn't think Ah'd miss it so bad… this thing is just unlucky, that's what's goin' on." She rubs her hoof in the darkness, trying to ease the pain.

Sweetie Belle picks the Stompstarter up off the ground. "Uh, hold on. I'll give it a kick…"

Sweetie ALSO injures a hoof on this accursed Stompstarter: Doom Number 3

Roll #0 7 = 7



Well, at least we have that.



Thank god.



Offer to carry Scootaloo and Applebloom so the pain subsides faster, and proceed slowly down the tunnel.


With a solid clink, you hear the Stompstarter sputter up a small storm of sparks. The grinding wheel chisels away at the flint as a cascading shower of sparks lights up the cave for a brief moment. In a matter of seconds, the Lamp flutters and comes to life. A flame keeps the area well lit. You see that Applebloom is holding her front right hoof between her legs, trying to keep pressure on it.

"Aw, finally. Good work, Sweetie Belle." Scootaloo compliments from atop your back.

"Behold, we have light!" Sweetie Belle squeaks. "…how are you guys doing? You didn't get super hurt on this thing, did you?"

Looking down at the Stompstarter, you can see a shaving of hoof along with a tiny dabble of blood on the other side. You pick it up, handing it up to Scootaloo.

"Thanks…" The pegasus carefully tucks it into her bags.

"Hey, Applebloom… we can still explore. I'll give you a lift."

"B-but… nah, Ah can…" She shakes her hoof a little more. It has a tiny bit of red on it.

"You can just climb on top of Scootaloo. I can carry both of you no problem."

Scootaloo jumps down quick, taking care not to step down with her own injured hoof. She picks Applebloom up and rolls her onto her back. She climbs back up your side carefully, resting her chin on your head. "Lead the way, Sweetie."

"Will do!" Sweetie Belle picks up the Lamp by the upper ring in her mouth, carrying it ahead of you.


Roll #0 9 = 9


GAME INFO: Please ignore the previous roll. It has no bearing on the current situation.



Thank God

Let's use the CMC capes as makeshift bandages. The cracked hooves will heal faster and I bet this tunnel isn't very clean.



Do we have anything that can be used as a bandage?




Brace ourselves as we go into the unknown.



>Scootaloo is in the middle of a filly sandwich

I'm jelly.


"Hey you two…" You call up to Applebloom and Scootaloo. Sweetie Belle trots ahead, but stays close.

"Yeah? What's up?" Scootaloo asks.

"Why don't you guys wrap your capes around your injured hooves? You know, like makeshift bandages."

The two are quick to pick up on this, taking their CMC capes off and wrapping it around their respectively injured hooves.

As you go a little further into the cave, you notice that the water in the center deepens dramatically, going down some sort of funnel shaped hole. A whirlpool in the middle of the path pulls water down into some pitch black hole. It looks utterly terrifying. Your group hugs the wall as they walk passed it.

"Well… I'm glad we didn't blindly stay in the water…"

The walls down this way don't seem as mineral rich. You notice that a slope in the path is pulling the water down further into the tunnels. Up ahead, the path temporarily dips down into the water. Sweetie Belle stops as she nears it.

Setting the Lamp down, she turns back to meet your eyes. "Uh… how do I get across without making the lamp go out?" She looks down at the lamp, then the small expanse of water.

Ahead, the ceiling dips right where the water covers the path. It's hard to see completely what may lie ahead of this point.



>less mineral rich.

Maybe this is the wrong way?



We're a mobile filly tower, surely AB could carry the lamp and keep it above water.


GAME INFO: Looking to your immediate surroundings, you do not see any other way to progress deeper into the tunnel system.



Does the dip look like someone could leap over it?



We can go first, test how deep the water is and how strong the current is. I doubt the whirlpool can pull us in.


GAME INFO: You'd approximate the dip in the water to be about 5 feet across… a little over a pony and a half tall. Your friends could easily swim over. You'd have to traverse the bottom, becoming completely submerged in water. The path underwater is visible through the slightly murky cave water.



Let our stuff and our passengers down and pray that there isn't a sudden drop underneath the water's surface.


GAME INFO: The odd whirlpool sighted earlier is a slight distance back. You're far enough away that its pull would have little effect on you, especially now that you're downhill from it.



Yeah, we should try this first. Don't want any nasty surprises.



Is our stuff still good? I bet the dynamite is soaked from when we jumped in.


GAME INFO: Your Box of Quarter sticks has been damaged by the water slightly. The explosives inside are still dry.

Your Sneezing Powder is completely ruined.



Let's try wading across with a filly on our backs and see if they can keep enough of their bodies above water to carry the lamp.





We still have Sweetie's cape, right? Could always have her toss it while two pones catch it with the cloth.



Meh, sure. Just be sure to put down our dynamite.



Capes catch fire, asshat.



Keep our stuff dry and keep looking up to see if it's too deep for them to make it without having to swim.


Analyzing the situation carefully, you lay down against the ground. "Alright, I'm going to try and wade across with one of you up on my back. I don't think it's that deep."

Applebloom jumps off, landing on the ground as carefully as possible. She keeps her wrapped up hoof elevated. "Ah vote Scootaloo."

The pegasus doesn't seem to protest it. "Eh, I trust you, Raisin." She lifts her head up above yours a little, peering down into the water. "It really doesn't look that bad, anyways."

You reach into your saddlebags, withdrawing your Box of Quarter Sticks. Applebloom whines. "Oh no… I forgot you had all that stuff in your bags…"

"Don't worry; the box is partially water proof. The explosives are probably fine." You set it on the ground. Scootaloo takes her saddlebags off completely. "I'd prefer to keep them dry if I can…"

Taking a look around the lower ceiling spanning the tunnel, you peer into the water, seeing the dry path ahead just within walking distance. "Alright… hang on tight, Scoots…"

Scootaloo pulls in close. "Ready."

Slowly, you descend into the cool, murky cave water along the path. As the water reaches your saddlebags, you hear Scootaloo take in a deep breath. In a few more steps, you are completely submerged. Looking up, you see the surface of the water isn't too far away; it's enough to cover up Scootaloo, however.

Underwater, you can almost 'hear' the direction of the water's flow… the source of the noise seems so clear. Looking across the watery divide, you see that the water doesn't seem to get any deeper than it is right now. Just for kicks, you take in a deep breath while walking up the slope on the other side. Like a dream from long ago, you don't choke or seize up whatsover… it feels surreal.

You exit the water, allowing Scootaloo to draw in a fresh breath of cave air. "Bleaugh… that stuff is nasty…" She shakes her mane.

Looking ahead, you see a clear fork in the path. "Welp… I guess we should get everyone else across before we tackle this…"



Ugh. How we going to get the lamp over then?






Could always just relight it. Shake it out and put more oil in. Oil floats on water.



GAME INFO: As you observed while crossing, the water's surface was not that much further away. Another filly in height above you would easily breach the water's surface.



But then we would probably lose whatever oil we have in the lamp.



Oh, okay.



GAME INFO: How are you guys faring? Still up for continued questing shenanigans?



Well I guess that helps. We can stack Scoots and AB and have AB carry everything. It might take 4 passes, but it'll let us transport all the saddlebags without getting them wet.



I can stop if you want.



Whatever is fine with you.



I was planning on going to bed in a bit.

and to think I thought we were going to get this done before S3



It's getting late, I could stop. Next Sunday as usual?


GAME INFO: Next Sunday as usual sounds good to me. I'll still do the update on Friday; this week is going to get really odd for me, so I'll make sure to let you guys know if something changes on Friday.

Things are getting pretty fun. You guys are going to like what's coming up next. There's some adventure™ in store for you.



Oh, I hope not Friday, I got the GRE and I'll miss it completely.

Oh well, I'll read the thread.




I can't wait to get horribly maimed



You drawing anything for the S3 premiere?


For the S3 premiere? Haven't given it too much thought yet. Might take some requests in the thread… but this week is gonna be kinda weird. Big stuff going down around election time.


Curses I always miss adventure time!
Also I think the archive is down

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