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It’s good to have you here with us tonight, questers. After backtracking through some of the events from your last timeline, you’ve taken notice to a clue that may have bypassed your senses the first time around. Here, let’s take a look at our summary:


>Stay behind to listen to the Mayor organize the Town and bring order to the panicked citizens
>Go to talk to Ms. Cheerilee
>—Leg plunges through the school path into some kind of void—
>**Acquire Signed Permission Slips from Ms. Cheerilee**
>**Return home, deliver School’s Cancelled notice to Mary**
>Gather equipment; restore previous loadouts from the previous run
>—Drop your friends’ School’s Cancelled notices off in your room for additional inventory space—
>Decide to deliver the Bouquet of Flowers to Zecora
>Test Scootaloo’s patience by reading your letter and immediately going back inside to create a response
>Get teased once back outside
>Head to the edge of the Everfree Forest. Random Encounter at 3: rolled a 4.
>**Deliver the Bouquet of Flowers to Zecora; obtain Wake-Me-Up Dust as a reward**
>—Make sure friends eat; frees up an inventory slot so that Scootaloo can carry the new Wake-Me-Up Dust item—

As your friends toss back the last of their apple cores, Raisin follows a gut instinct to turn her head toward the window on the opposite side of the hut. Her suspicions of a stalker are confirmed as a shiny silver helmet ducks out of sight. The little golem mulls over her options carefully as her friends ask for her direction…

This is, of course, where you come in. There are many leads to follow with the knowledge you’ve obtained in the previous run through. A mysterious dragon resides up the mountains overlooking Sweet Apple Acres… the schoolhouse seems to be situated over a tunnel system now… It would seem that two different though apparent directions have emerged from your curiosity and exploration.

What kind of perils will Raisin face tonight? Luckily, her fate rests in your trustworthy hands. Good luck, Questers!



No Xs



File: 1350871722969.png (18.04 KB, 488x457, raisin blush stone.png)


Haha time for grapes.


File: 1350871782002.png (68.97 KB, 696x700, 48473892927.png)


Time and Inventory check.


Remember that when our hoof made that hole in the ground someone remarked that it smelled like old pond water. The tunnels my be at least partially flooded, or just muddy enough that Raisin will get stuck in them.




Raisin: Hayseed, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope, Reinforced Shoes, Royal Medallion (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (tied to us)

Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3), Love Letter

Scootaloo: CMC Cape, Fireworks x1, Stompstarter, Wake-Me-Up Dust, Bag of Sneezing Powder

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Saw, Nails, Lamp Oil

You estimate that it's approximately 11:30AM. Noon is fast approaching as the sun reaches it's glorious golden apex in the mysterious Everfree Forest sky… the clouds race about, unguided, casting eerie shadows upon the already shady hollow.



True. But, we have the rope too. We can use it to lower a CMC down to investigate.



I was just thinking about this, could it possibly mean that the tunnels are connected to Froggy Bottom Bog ?



So we got the dust?

Maybe we should head back to town then.


File: 1350872083924.jpg (221.76 KB, 689x602, get a load of this grot.jpg)

>trusting the CMC with anything ever




Should probably lower a lamp down there. I bet it's too dark to see.



We know that the tunnels have some connection with the diamond dog lair.

Who knows where else the snake burrowed.


They might not be connected. The dogs may have dug into them.



We have a full inventory though.



Applebloom had a lamp in her shed, right? It would also let us return the love letter so she isn't grounded.



Swap Lamp with L.S.'s letter. Problem solved.



Even so, we need to investigate down there. Maybe we can block them off and avoid the whole hostage situation.



Eh, why not?


>Go fetch that Lamp
A plan of action emerges. Where might you go to find such an incredibly important piece of equipment?

>Apple Family Toolshed?



Oh shi-

Okay. To SAA then?


Think before we leave. Does our own family have a lamp, or maybe something better because we are so rich?




But maybe we should enter the house so Applebloom can replace the letter while we "have lunch"



Yes please.



I'm cool with it.



Let's find somewhere to ditch the love letter before we go there.



We probably do. But, we can put AJ's love letter back. Even if we left it at our house, she would still probably suspect Applebloom.


File: 1350873281981.png (206.61 KB, 1200x700, current itesms.png)


Yeah, we should try to put the letter back

what are we trying to do here? last sunday the plan was to shoot the firework down the hole so see how far it goes.




Also it seems like people want to get AB's lamp from her shed. Makes sense if we end up going down there I guess.


You return your gaze from the lonely window across the hut to the knickknacks spread on Zecora's medicine desk. She pores over the cauldron, carefully adding the petals and stems to the brew as your brain boils over a plan of action.

"Alright… I've got a plan." You turn to your teams as they crunch down the last bits of their early afternoon snack.

"Are we gonna go an' unmask my sister's creepy stalker?" Applebloom asks with some excitement. "…or yers?" You see Sweetie Belle crack a soft grin.

"N-no. We can investigate those leads later." You trot over to huddle with your party members. "I discovered what I think could be a tunnel leading under the school. Scootaloo, you remember when I said I kinda fell through the school path?"

"Oh, right! That smelly hole in the ground." Scootaloo nods.

"I think that might be a good place to look for clues as to why the schoolhouse sunk. It might connect to something that your sister's creepy stalker guy is doing." You look right at Applebloom. She simply nods. "First thing we're going to need is a Lamp. Let's raid the Sweet Apple Acres toolshed for one!"

Applebloom has some hesitation. "Uh… ah, heck. Applejack wouldn't mind if we jus' borrowed somethin'. Let's go!" Your group bumps hooves in the center of the huddle before heading to the door.

You shake your saddlebags to help redistribute the weight evenly, then say your goodbyes to Zecora. She quickly waves as she tends to the cauldron, carefully mixing it with her new batch of ingredients.

The forest seems a little brighter now that the sun is almost directly above the trees. Still, you can't shake the feeling of something lurking not too far off in the distant trees…

Rolling for Random Encounter: Doom Number 3

GAME INFO: Your vineyards contain several Lanterns, but these are for the workers. They're spread out in the field connected to a simple network of oil pipes. On their own, they'd be practically worthless.

Unless, of course, you somehow could haul around a large supply of oil. They consume large quantities of oil while in operation, but the expense for owning this massive lamps is one your father happily welcomes; it allows the vineyard to begin operations very, very early in the morning.

Roll #0 2 = 2



We can do that too, just to see if we need to bother with tying the lamp to the rope in the first place.

I'm still a bit wary, since there's no way we can raise and lower ourselves. The CMC sure, but not a 500 lb stone filly.


Tell the others that we think there might be something ahead so they should stay behind us.



how are we going to investigate that lead in Canterlot? Canterlot is not only far away, it's also a big place

should we write a letter to Celestia asking if she knows anything? y'know, at some point in the future



It might be worth writing a letter, but after we get some info. Just telling her about the boulder snake last time didn't really do much.



wait what lead in canterlot


Jr do you know what time we heard the noise

i remember hearing a noise



Canterlot had an X on it from the map in the beginning.

Also, what sound? Jr's rerolling the random encounters.


I think we should tell her about the amulet and the pegasus trying to help us

for some reason the fact that he didn't make any noise when he flew makes me think he's some sort of supernatural entity, rather than an actual pony



It was loud noise, when "something" happened

we were at zecoras i think, and it came from town or …something

ugh i might have to dig up the archive here


In a few minutes, the forest entrance comes into view. The sunlight pours down, welcoming you back into the normal world of Equestria. High up above, you see a few Pegasi collecting a group of clouds together… that must be for the storm that's going to happen tonight.

You pass by Fluttershy's cottage. This time, she's outside tending to a small group of squirrels. You're not sure from here, but it looks like she's trying to teach them how to sing. You pray she's considering replacing her ghastly bird choir with this one. They may not sound the best, but anything beats the shrill tweeting of a bird, you figure. You hurry past the cottage.

"Every time we pass Fluttershy's house, you always get so jumpy." Scootaloo sits upright on your back. "You're not still scared of b-"

"It's a long story." You interrupt her as you near the edge of Town. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle lag a little bit behind. From the sounds of it, they're playing with a new theory; this one involves Discord, Luna, and the Boulder Snakes. You catch bits and pieces, but the whole thing sounds ridiculous.

Quickly, you bypass the group of adults waiting in line to report the damages on their house and take to the dirt road. It's a bit of a hike out to the Apple family farm, but before long, you're passing under the trademark sign welcoming you to Sweet Apple Acres.

"Phew! Alright! That took forever…" Scootaloo stretches out before hopping off your back to have a look around. "Soo… where's the toolshed? We're looking for a Lamp, right?"

>Decide your next course of action



Proceed to Apple Toolshed.


GAME INFO: You may be mentioning that massive explosion that happened during the last playthrough. That explosion occurred at precisely 12PM on the second day.

The other noise you heard was in the woods when you were traveling out to Zecora's by yourself to fetch Applebloom. It sounded like a little 'clunk' against one of the trees, like a pebble hitting wet bark.



Enter the house and tell Applebloom to put the letter back.



Go inside for "a snack" while Applebloom replaces the letter.

Then retrieve lamp from toolshed.


What was the encounter?



He rolled for a 3, got a 2.

No encounter until the next chance.


GAME INFO: A random encounter has not occurred during this run.



Be sure to scout ahead and make sure AJ is in the orchard.



Oh right, the explosion.

i guess lets go to the toolshed




We should probably deposit the letter so we have a spare inventory slot for the lamp.



we could just stash it somewhere

as long as its not on applebloom we should be good

hell raisin could eat it






Do we have a stony esophagus or it filled up?


As you approach the front door of the house, Applebloom runs up ahead. "Wait! Hold on, Raisin. We got wood floors, remember?"

You stop, realizing that your incredible weight would easily overcome the load bearing weight of the wooden planks. "Oh, yeah. Sorry, I was lost in thought."

"Soo… we're going inside, then?" Sweetie Belle asks.

"Yeah… I had a feeling that Applejack might get a little ticked if she found out Applebloom took one of her Love Letters. You should probably return that before she finds out it was missing."

Applebloom hesitates. "B..but… it's our only lead on this 'LS' guy… we might need it to figure out w-"

"We can grab it later if we need it. If you get grounded, we won't be able to do anything."

The filly bounces her head back and forth for a moment, then slowly nods. "Ahh… alright. Ah really don't wanna get grounded…"

Applebloom cracks the door open. She gasps. "Raisin… Raisin, my sister's makin' lunch right now…"

"That's fine! Let's just go grab that Lamp then." Scootaloo starts walking to the side of the house. "It's back here, right?"

In the distance, you can see a wagon parked out in front of the Sweet Apple Acres barn. It's full to the top with a fresh batch of Apples.



Well, we could just say hi. After all, if AB goes upstairs and puts the letter back, AJ won't know.



Alright, about face and go to the toolshed.



How likely is it that Applejack will miss the letter ?



Ugh. Go get the lamp and hang out a bit until we see Applejack go back to work.



She noticed it was gone by late afternoon last life.


GAME INFO: On your last run, Applejack had discovered the letter was missing when it fell out of Applebloom's backpack. Applebloom was dragged back home because she was 'skipping school' and hadn't reported back home at all since she left in the morning.



Then maybe it would be a good idea to check in right now.



Then double about face. We are sneaky pones.



You crazy son.




I agree, lets tell AJ about the school collapsing, and ask her if she has a lamp.




Too bad we left the permission slips back at our house, right?






yeah, but i think we could emphasize how the entire school sinking into the ground would be a really terrible fake excuse.


>Sneak out to toolshed

>Go and say hi to Applejack

A bit of a split, my friends. What's it gonna be?


Have them go in while we hang out outside by the closest window.



Have the other CMC say hi to Applejack.




I say we talk to AJ

We had almost zero adult help last life




I hope this doesn't horrifically backfire.



worst case would probably be AJ taking AB away


"Wait, Scoots… Applejack probably doesn't know that the letter is missing yet. This could be a good time to let her know that School's Cancelled so she doesn't get suspicious of us sneaking around in the back yard."

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom nod. "Huh… sure, why not? After we do, Ah can run upstairs and drop the letter off! Perfect!" Applebloom smiles.

With a plan set, you watch as Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle walk into the farmhouse. You stand near the window. As you peak over the sill, Granny Smith looks up and waves to you.

"What in the hay are you three doin' here durin' school? Ya'll know yer gonna git into a tonna trouble with Ms. Cheerilee, right?" Applejack doesn't sound mad more than curious.

"School's cancelled! Apparently, the whole schoolhouse kind of sunk into the ground." Scootaloo comments.

"Sunk into the ground?" AJ doesn't sound convinced.

"It's true! Ms. Cheerilee said that it's going to need to be completely repaired before she can run classes again!" Sweetie Belle adds.

"So, we figured since school is cancelled an' all, we'd just go crusadin' together today." Applebloom gestures to the window you're sitting at. "Raisin's right outside if ya don't believe us…"

Applejack looks at you. You make sure to wave.

"Ah know Raisin wouldn't be skippin'… shoot, Ms. Cheerilee really did cancel school…" She tilts her head. "That's never happened before."

The CMC and Applejack head outside. AJ is nibbling on a freshly picked apple. "Ya'll just came to check in then, right?"

"Well, we actually need a Lamp…" Scootaloo looks toward the house.

"It'd be really helpful."

Applejack tosses the rest of the apple into her mouth. "Uh… a Lamp… Ah don't know where Ah put that darn thing…" She shrugs, reaching for another apple. "If you girls find it, ya'll can borrow it fer the day. Jus' make sure ya bring it back."



and then we spring another DARING RESCUE(tm)!




lets check the barn and the toolshed i suppose

and AB should go stash the letter back where it belongs



"Oh, we'll bring it back."




"…Provided we don't get horribly maimed by monster lurking in the dark unknown."




Sounds like a plan.


>Where would you like to begin your search for Applejack's lost Lamp?


Where was it last time?


GAME INFO: You're not sure if the Lamp you were using last time belonged to Applejack or not. Applebloom had found it.



Err, in the toolshed? We found it last time.



Lets check the barn, you wouldnt have shoved a cart in front of it if we didn't need to get in here.

raisin should be strong enough to move it

AB should put the letter back






Uuuh, shit.

I guess the toolshed, where else would it be?



Yeah, let's look in the barn first.



Or we can, you know, just ask AJ to move it out of the way.

Besides, doesn't the barn have a back entrance?


Do we not know where she had found it?
Why not ask her to look where she thinks it might be?




Or we can do barreling off into shenanigans.


You decide to begin your search for the missing Lamp inside the the toolshed. Turning to your group, you begin walking around the side of the house to the backyard. "Let's check the toolshed. Where else would Applejack keep a Lamp?"

"Uh… you'd be surprised. My sister's known fer leavin' her tools around…" Applebloom comments.

As you round the corner, you see Winona happily rolling around in the grass. She perks up when she sees you and the CMC approach. She barks a few times and wags her tail, wanting to play. Applebloom throws a stick for her while you, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle approach the shed. To your disappointment, a large Padlock inhibits entrance to the small shed.

"Oh drat… I forgot about this thing."

Scootaloo punches the lock a few times, trying to get it off of the door. "Wow, this thing's really on here good…"

The sun beats down overhead. Across the fields behind the house, you can see the fresh spring flowers starting to come into bloom. They look like they need some water… it's probably why the pegasus ponies arranged to have that deluge tonight.




Alright, check the barn.



Ask Applebloom where she keeps the key. Surely she'll know.



This seems like the most logical course of action.

Or we could kick the flimsy door open



this, she should know

unless its a combination lock or something



Seconding. If she doesn't know, then check barn.


You turn around. Applebloom is playing fetch with Winona.

"Hey, Applebloom! You know where the key is to this thing?"

"Huh?" She gives the stick another toss before trotting over to the door. "Oh, shoot. Ah forgot my sister keeps this thing locked up now." She kicks at the ground. "Ah think she put a bunch of really 'dangerous' tools in here… like the Pickaxe, Saw, Shovel… jus' some odds an' ends. The Lamp might be in there, though…"

"So… do you know where Applejack keeps the key?"

"Uh… no, not really. If Ah had to guess, it's probably up in her dresser."


Yes…let our fleshy minions do all the running.


Go ask Applejack for the key while Applebloom goes looking for the lamp in the clubhouse.



Eh, go to the barn then.

Someone should look up the archive. I would, but I'm too lazy



Did we have a lamp there last time JR?

Shit, might just want to grab that one.



We should send Sweetie or Scootaloo, if we go inside the house we'll wreck the floor.



I'd vote against multitasking because it ALWAYS leads to unforeseen consequences.


Then let's all go to the clubhouse. That's where it was last time.


"Hmm.. alright…" You pause for a moment. "Do you think Applejack would let us into the shed to check for the Lamp?"

"Ah dunno… maybe…" Applebloom rubs a hoof on her chin.

Scootaloo's expression perks up. "Oh! I have an idea! You're super strong, right?"

You nod, already seeing where Scootaloo's going with this.

"Why don't you just crush the lock with your hooves? I bet you totally could!" She grinds her hooves into one another.

"I think Applejack would probably get upset if I destroyed her Padlock, Scoots…" You look at Applebloom. "While we go ask AJ for the key, why don't you check the clubhouse really quick? Didn't we have one in there?"

Applebloom squints for a moment, lost in thought. Sweetie Belle jumps up. "Oh! Right! We do, remember? It's hanging up in the main room!"

"…well… huh. Okay, so, no need to go around looking for Applejack's Lamp then, right?"

The other three fillies agree.

>Any actions you wish to make before heading out?



Yeah. If it's there then why not?



lets not break the lock

if there's a lamp in the clubhouse, then we dont really need AJ's



Proceed to clubhouse

Get lamp



we DID put the letter back, right?



Make sure we did this.



Maybe we can finally get to the exciting parts.



I dont know if we should, AJ's in the house.

we should just hang on to it for now

and leave it in the clubhouse or something


File: 1350878590348.png (13.81 KB, 465x432, gaspraisinpone.png)

I have no idea what's going on.


The four of you laugh to yourselves. "Alright! We've got a Lamp at the clubhouse, so let's go grab it!" You lead the way, your hooves sinking into the soft, fertile soil of the Apple Family's backyard. You hear a couple clinks on your back as your little orange pegasus friend hitches a ride.

Before you leave the farm for the orchard, you stop Applebloom. "Get that letter back inside. We really can't keep that thing with us. If you got caught with it, you'd be in serious trouble."

"Right…" Reluctantly, Applebloom heads toward the house. "Meet ya at the clubhouse?"

You just nod, heading towards the leafy green apple orchard. You can see Big Mac bucking a small group of trees; it looks like he's helping Applejack with a small harvest.

Within a few minutes, your group comes upon your base of operations. You opt to wait outside while Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle enter to find a Lamp. You kick back on the soft soil and let your weight pull you into the ground a little ways. You watch as the sun very slowly travels through the sky, enjoying every ray of brilliant sunshine. You're certain that the beams warm your stony skin…

"Alright! We got it!" Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle come on down the ramp. In the distance, Applebloom approaches.

"Okay, Ah hid the letter back in Applejack's room. She'll never suspect a thing!" Applebloom giggles. "Are we ready to go to the school?"




lets inspect that hole

and the sunken clubhouse



You betcha.



adventure ho!



Let's hope we're not too late.


File: 1350879135717.png (65.16 KB, 793x559, raisin medal.png)




You roll up onto your hooves, adjusting your saddlebags once more. "Now that we've got some light, yeah, we're ready!" You motion toward the dirt road. "Let's go!"

Your group travels in a tight running pack. Scootaloo stands on your back, letting the wind glide through her wings. Your thunderous hooves deaden the comparatively quiet rhythm of your two friends running by your sides. After hopping the fence, you leave a dusty, gravel filled cloud of smog in your wake.

As you dart through town towards the schoolhouse, you see Derpy leaving the Post Office, probably heading for home. A few voices fade into the distance as some older ponies ask you where you're going.

You stomp along the road to school. It seems like a very refreshing run to your friends. For you, it's an effortless journey. While Sweetie Belle and Applebloom huff and puff, you just slide to a stop, spraying up a stream of dirt and rocks.

It's odd… typically, the schoolhouse didn't leave you with an impending feeling of danger…

Random Encounter Roll: Doom Number 3

Roll #0 2 = 2


File: 1350879400957.png (81.63 KB, 1000x700, what the hell are we even doin…)







Haha, good thing Raisin stacked luck during character creation.

Proceed to the hole.



So remind us, how many holes were there again?

The place is empty, right? No guards or construction pones around?



do you have to call them doom numbers

cant we use a nicer term, like hamburger numbers?

what does the sunken school house look like, how deep in the ground is it?



>tfw 2 drawfags now.

Also, 1 decides if my vote goes to the hole on the path or 2 for the hole at the base of the schoolhouse

Roll #0 2 = 2


File: 1350879622874.gif (31.68 KB, 540x443, raisinsmugEH.gif)

Which hole?




Oooooh shit art fight.

Also we should probably tie the lamp to our rope so we can lower it down when the time comes.


GAME INFO: Currently, there is only one hole in the ground; it's right along the path up to the sunken schoolhouse. It's nearly the exact dimensions of your hoof. Considering you're the one that put it there, it hardly surprises you.

You'd estimate the schoolhouse has sunken a few feet. The door is no longer visible… it must be completely underground. The roof is closer to the ground, but you'd probably need to stack a few ponies up to reach it.

Hamburger numbers sound too delicious and is much too tame. I need some edgy… doom numbers feels good.


META INFO: Oh man, YES! God I'm loving these.


META INFO: Meant to pop this one in there; I love how hopeless poor Raisin looks there.



I guess investigate that one then.



well this sounds extremely dangerous, the hole is probably where there isn't solid ground under it

i guess lets lead the way and inspect the hole



Didn't you say there was also a hole near the corner of the schoolhouse?



We can always have Scootaloo take point. She's the lightest pone and her figure is the envy of her peers.


Yeah, wasn't that there?



Tie lamp to rope, insert lamp oil into lamp, fire firework down hole to see how deep it is.


You remain vigilant and scan the area for signs of danger, but it seems like your gut feeling was just acting up this time. The schoolhouse appears to be pretty safe.

Your group begins to make their approach up to the hole in the ground. You can hear some noises coming from around the backside of the schoolhouse. Some mumbling follows the shrill recoil of a tape measure.

"Hmm… we might have company. Let's take a closer look here…" You bring your face down close to the hole. The afternoon sun peers down inside, though it's hard to see anything without putting your head over the hole and blocking out the light.

GAME INFO: Yes, indeed I did and yes it is. That hole isn't into the ground, per se; it is in the exposed corner of the schoolhouse.


Make the hole a bit bigger.



Light one of Scoot's fireworks and fire it in to see how deep it is.



i agree, we should see how far it goes



Oh shi, gotta work fast.


Tap the edges until it's big enough to lower the lantern in.


Or we could light the lantern, tie it to the long rope we have, and lower that down so we don't waste our firework.



yeah, but who knows whats down there

id rather just burn the expendable firework than possibly lose a light source



Also, how long is our rope again?

Gotta check if we can lower the meatbags down safely. We can just take the fall, but getting back up would be another matter entirely.


Then widen the hole so more sunlight can get through and don't lower anything down.



We could see if the exposed corner of the schoolhouse might lead down into the tunnels somehow.


File: 1350880608079.jpg (118.84 KB, 299x301, Hk47portrait.jpg)


Is this you?



that could just make us fall

maybe we should just ignore the hole and check out the schoolhouse before we drop any explosives anywhere






I second this notion, even if it risks getting caught and told to scram.


File: 1350881037253.png (26.95 KB, 899x443, scootsbigrocket.png)

You gonna light this puppy, or what?



>"Light my fire, Raisin-chan"


It seems we're having a change of heart.

>widen the hole to allow more sunlight and the Lamp to pass through

>Check out schoolhouse first

GAME INFO: The Spool of Rope has approximately 20ft of rope available for usage.



…Schoolhouse. Let's at least check if there's a way underground that doesn't involve falling.


File: 1350881197430.png (78.24 KB, 1000x700, what could have been.png)


I dont think we are


school house



20 ft, assuming it'll take a good 3 ft to tie a knot safely around the waist, leaves 17ft to descend.

Schoolhouse. Fuck it.


File: 1350881302270.jpg (37.31 KB, 640x481, YES.jpg)


why don't we just jump in

get the drop on whoever's in there



Eh, through the firework down anyway. The flash of light will give us a snapshot of the tunnel and might scare off some ghoulies waiting to munch on our friends.




Just don't forget to light it first.


>widen the hole to allow more sunlight and the Lamp to pass through


Looking back into the hole, you have no idea how deep it could possibly go. Not wanting to risk falling into an inescapable pit, you back away from the hole and look back toward the Schoolhouse.

"There's a big hole in the side of the schoolhouse, right? Maybe we could see if that leads into the tunnels."

"Maybe, sure." Applebloom starts heading out toward the back of the schoolhouse. As you begin to move, your foreleg plunges into the ground below. Though you're nowhere near the path, it seems as though the tunnel extends quite a ways to the right of the schoolhouse.

"Huh… I don't know where I might be able to get across here… the ground keeps sinking in."

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle traverse the school grounds easily. "It's alright. We can investigate the schoolhouse and come on back, right?"

You see a construction worker peak his head around the side of the building. "Uh… School's cancelled today. We've gotta get it out of the ground before you can get back to class."



"Aww shucks, looks like we have to totally walk away and not rush inside the moment you're not looking."


META INFO: >peak
It's not even 1am yet.


Ask him if there is any way for us to get closer without falling through the ground and into the tunnel. Point at our medal and tell him it's important.



Lay down and scootch ourselves across. Distribution of weight motherfucker.



haha, it worked last time

why not




"Sir we are a part of the Royal Junior Architects Program for Gifted Fillies(tm). We need to observe this strange occurence for our enrichment."



Oh lawdy.

Then >>163866



Show'em our royal bling


Or we can try not lying.



But not lying would reveal that we are grossly underqualified for this kind of work and will almost certainly be a danger to ourselves and those around us.

ESPECIALLY those around us.


File: 1350882290469.png (16.19 KB, 540x443, CHEERILEETIME.png)

Might not wanna let them go by themselves. Who knows what could happen to Raisin?


Shut up and go drink the elixir.



B-b-but we're the teacher's pet.



"Ms. Cheerilee, you're done writing those notes, why are you still rubbing my back?"


While you still have the contractor's attention, you address him with your chest puffed out. "Excuse me, sir! We're here investigating the reason for the schoolhouse sinking into the ground in the first place. We're part of the… uh… Royal Junior Architects Program for Gifted Fillies™… and we're simply trying to do a little research." Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle look about, then show the construction worker their capes. He doesn't think twice, simply nodding.

You put emphasis on the Medal by holding it up. The glimmering, vitreous gold and silver medallion has caught his attention. "Do you know where I can get across the school grounds and access that hole over there safely?"

The construction worker looks a bit puzzled. "Uh… did you try walking?"

You glower. "Yes. I'm a little… well, I'm a bit on the heavy side. I keep falling through the ground."

He gets up and starts heading towards you. Before he gets too far, he points at your friends. "Don't go in there; not yet. The building isn't stable."

He gets close, then peers down at the two holes in the ground. "What the…? Didn't see these before…" He leans in and takes a deep breath. "Aaaaand that solves that mystery."

"Wait… what?"

"Can you smell that? That nasty, muddy water smell? The river must've blasted through under here… we've got a major washout down below." He stands back up, then starts checking some marks down on his clipboard. "I'm gonna need a much bigger crew through here… there might only be a couple of boulders blocking the river off! It could be a matter of time before it opens back up and takes the school…" The burly pony starts trotting back toward Town.

"Wait! How do I…"

Before you can ask him any more questions, he's already halfway down the road.

"What did he say 'bout the school?" Applebloom calls over. You can see the CMC starting to climb inside.



She can't feel dingus.

Also back to the quest. Raisin is pure and chaste and a good little filly.



Well, that's nice.

Still doesn't change the fact that by tonight those hole will be filled with lava, making things kind of fishy.


Tell them to get out of there. The schoolhouse isn't stable and might fall into a flooded portion of the tunnels.



Tell the CMC to get out of the schoolhouse.



Yell to hold back and just take things slowly. They can enter when we get over there, somehow. At least take the rope.


File: 1350882774474.png (61.6 KB, 1000x700, OFFICAL BUSINESS.png)


well dang

yell at them cmc to get out of the schoolhouse



Maybe a bigger crew will mean the dogs might not take them hostage.

We just made things worse, didn't we?


If we try to get closer we should test the ground ahead of us with our hoof before we take a step forwards. Do this each time.


You lean back and wave your forelegs in the air. "He said the schoolhouse isn't stable! The river washed out the foundation of the school; it might open back up and wash out the rest!"

You hear Scootaloo yell from inside the schoolhouse. "WHAT?! WAIT, GET ME OUTTA HERE!"

Sweetie Belle calls over. "Scootaloo already jumped down! It's like… the hole starts over in the back corner of the classroom. It's really high up!"

You place a hoof on your face. "Alright… hold on, we'll think of something…"



Tactical scootch!



We have rope. Pass it to Applebloom and let her fish Scootapone out


Take our rope off and untie it from the piece of metal, then have Applebloom use it to pull Scootaloo out of the schoolhouse.




While slowly crawling after we've handed it off.

I still think we should investigate. Obviously these tunnels aren't ALL flooded.



Yeah, don't forget to untie the metal bit.

We can still hold it in in our inventory right?



its not tied to it, its on a spool


Well alright then. Even better.


>Using Spool instead of modified Twisted Iron Rod + Small Cut Rope
You reach into your saddlebags, securing the Spool of Rope. "Applebloom! Here, use this to pull her out!" You give it a light toss, sending it flying toward Applebloom. She reaches up and catches it.

Quickly, her and Sweetie Belle dangle an end down into the schoolhouse. "Scootaloo! Here, grab on!"

As your friends attempt to rescue Scootaloo, you see what you can do about getting a little closer. You remember a principle called 'weight distribution' from one of your physics books. You lay flat on the ground, spreading your forelegs and rearlegs as far apart as you can.

"Alright… here we go…"

Wriggling like a worm, you shimmy your way onto the soft grass of the schoolyard. With each little wriggle, you advance just slightly closer to the side of the schoolhouse. The ground doesn't give any sign that it's weak; you advance without a hitch. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle are towing Scootaloo up out of the schoolhouse as you approach.

Suddenly, without warning, you hear the ground give way. Your vision is immediately stolen; a darkness envelopes you. You splash down into water. Your hearing returns when your head barely peaks above the water line. Your hooves feel like their sunken up to the middle of your legs in thick mud.

"RAISIN!!" You hear your friends call from up above. Looking up, you see a perfectly filly shaped hole where you fell in. It looks like you plummeted from a cloud and landed on the ground with your limbs outstretched… it's rather silly.

"I'm alright! It's just… really dark down here…" You can hear your fall echoing throughout the tunnels.






Uh oh.

I hope this isn't the kind of mud you sink in.


File: 1350883885975.gif (368.07 KB, 308x230, 1346966267714.gif)


Are we able to move at all ?


>using >>163918 instead of >>163901



Who had the lamp oil?

Tell them to light it and lower it down to just above the water so we can at least see what's in our vicinity.


GAME INFO: You've apparently hit stable ground beneath the mud. Beneath your hooves, it feels a bit crunchy, like gravel or peastone.

You are able to move. The mud is rather thick, however, making it a little more difficult. Your golem strength helps you trudge through the muck.


File: 1350884035028.png (34.68 KB, 1234x446, noscoots.png)

Let's hope nothing happens to Scootaloo



Until >>163940 we should not move. Moving is what makes you sink.



Without us Scoots will kill herself.

I'm half tempted to tell her to flutter down here so we can babysit her.



Seconding. Hold the fuck still.


Remember how we got out of a similar situation last time. We need to loop the rope around us a few time and have a bunch of ponies pu

Have them run and get Twilight. She can lift us out with her magic.




don't move



…She could sit on our back and hold the lamp, if you think about it.



Let's lower the lamp down first, then tell them to go get her.


We can hold the lamp in our mouth, right ?


Lower the lamp into the water? Good idea.



Our head barely reaches above water. The only thing that would work would be to balance it on our head, and that will only end in failure.


You call up to the hole. "At least we know there's a bottom!" You can hear a collective sigh of relief echo into the tunnel. "Can you guys lower that Lamp down in here? I want to see where this tunnel goes!"

"Roger, Raisin!" Sweetie Belle calls down.

"We can't even see you! Where are you at?" Scootaloo calls down.

"I haven't moved! You really can't see down here?" You wave your hoof up into the muggy air. Pulling it from the mud was a little difficult. The clayish, muddy mixture splashes into the water.

"How much water is down there?!" Applebloom calls.

"It's up to my chin, but I'm a little sunk into the mud. It's not very deep!"

The Lamp starts lowering down into the hole. Suddenly, you're extremely thankful that you threw that rope to Applebloom. The ceiling must be 3-4 ponies above the waterline… it's a little fall. As the light enters, you see a cavernous wall extend around a bend, then end in darkness. That must lead toward the river… behind you, you can see the red painted outer walls of the schoolhouse. Amazingly, the door is just above the waterline; you're not sure what's holding the building in place at this point. It must be stuck on the walls.

You can also see the damage done right under the door. The stone foundation seems to have been scraped or shredded off…



Carefully inspect the school foundation.



Well, at least we have a possible way up.

Tell them to get Twilight.




Tell them to pull up the lamp and also tell them about the schoolhouse entrance down here.



Keep an ear out for things wading through the water. We might need to dive down to not be seen.


GAME INFO: Upon closer inspection, you see that the shredded rock reminds you of teeth marks. The jagged appearance makes it appear as though the foundation was literally eaten off of the building. Great care must have been taken not to puncture the floor, however… it seems odd such a violent action could occur without seeing the entire floor of the schoolhouse missing.



Maybe the schoolhouse was a deliberate target then?


Or maybe the thing that ate the foundation eats rocks?







It's been too long since I could say that



No pls.

I want to believe little Raisin won't be gobbled.


Looking around the washed out cavern walls and thick, muddy water, you call back up to the hole. "I don't think there's anything else we can do down here! The tunnel goes toward the river and behind the schoolhouse… the water makes it hard to move!"

"You don't see anything else?!" Scootaloo calls down. She can see you now that the Lamp has been lowered. "This place is massive! You didn't miss anything?"

"There's literally nothing down here but mud, water, and tunnel! I don't know what else I can do!" You take another look around, seeing nothing but silty water slowly settling out. "Can one of you guys go and get Twilight?! She can lift me out of here!"

"On it! Hold the Lamp, Scootaloo!" Sweetie Belle passes the lamp rope over to Scootaloo before disappearing.

It's honestly a little creepy down here. It sounds like the entire tunnel is slowly breathing… an eerie, low sound hangs in the air. Looking about, you see the land rise out of the murky water beyond the schoolhouse on either side of the tunnel.

"Do ya need anything from up here, Raisin!?" Applebloom calls down.



Uh oh.


"Applebloom, go with Sweetie Belle to make sure Rarity doesn't grab her!"



Tell Scootaloo to start lighting fireworks and scramble for the schoolhouse.

Pray that we get lucky on the rolls for supporting our weight.



Quarter sticks might come in handy if we want to cause a cave in.


File: 1350885856080.png (23.59 KB, 899x443, theplotfannyjoke.png)

That is just awful, anon.



No pls.


>Looking about, you see the land rise out of the murky water beyond the schoolhouse on either side of the tunnel.
what, like something is coming up?
maybe we should hide in the schoolhouse…



Yes, please clarify.

Because if it's the silhouette of a massive stone snake, things are not looking up.


File: 1350886014764.jpg (55.38 KB, 262x244, get the fuck out.jpg)



I guess start checking things out, as far as we can see.


GAME INFO: From your vantage, it looks like it's simply the ground. The Lamp being where it is makes it just faintly visible beyond the schoolhouse. Wet, muddy ground lines either side of the tunnel with a channel of water stretching down the center.


Please do this before our next action, Jr.



Would we be able to climb up on to this ground ?


File: 1350886192256.gif (Spoiler Image, 376.6 KB, 200x200, awwwyeaah.gif)

GAME INFO: From your vantage, it looks like it's simply the ground. The Lamp being where it is makes it just faintly visible beyond the schoolhouse. Wet, muddy ground lines either side of the tunnel with a channel of water stretching down the center.

META INFO: see pic



Oh ok.

I guess walk up them and shake ourselves dry. Can't have our minerals dissolving in water.


we should use those ground lines to investigate further into the tunnel


>dupe posts

GAME INFO: Though the ground is probably muddy and unable to fully support your weight, you could definitely climb up onto it. It is very dimly lit beyond the schoolhouse, however, so it may be incredibly difficult to see much this way.



Get on the drier ground, at least it wouldn't be as soft as waterlogged dirt.



Could you give us a quick sketch?



The question though, is which way to go.

Maybe we should try to investigate the ground and see if there's a pattern.


We should hold still until Sweetie Belle and Applebloom come back with Twilight.



We can investigate the area in sight. It's not like a maze where we can get lost.


File: 1350886909163.png (22.48 KB, 767x567, cave.PNG)

Looking at the higher ground, you begin to trudge on through the deep mud around your legs. It takes a little effort, but you're able to at least start moving. The water becomes a storm of mud and sand particles once more.

"Hey! Where are you going?!" Scootaloo calls down.

"I see some dry land down here! I'm just gonna check it out before Twilight arrives!"

"…be careful!" Applebloom calls down.

You pass by the side of the schoolhouse, hugging the muddy wall at your side. It's a bit of a tight squeeze, but you're able to get around the school on this side. Continuing forward, you start to climb the muddy ground up along the sides of the tunnel. It's a struggle, but you finally emerge above the waterline.

"Alright…" You look into the darkness, seeing nothing. That low, reverberating noise seems to echo from much further down this tunnel; the schoolhouse must have been blocking a significant amount of the noise. It's quite a bit louder now.

Though slightly disturbing considering you cannot see anything, the noise seems to remain at a great distance.

Here is a rough idea of what the tunnel ahead looks like. Dirt rises from either side with a wide water channel running down the center.


when they do get here though, I don't think we should just leave
we need to investigate if we're gonna figure out how to fix all this



What does this "noise" sound like?



Yeah, but once we get Twily we'll have a portable lightsource that won't go out when she gets wet~~~~~~


GAME INFO: The noise is like a constant, low reverberation. It does not fluctuate in intensity. It sounds like it's a great distance off… if you were to best describe it, it sounds like wind rushing through leafy trees, except it's far deeper in pitch.



Noise is probably running water.

Maybe we should just lay low until we can transport the whole party down here.


definitely something worth further scrutiny


but isn't the river in the opposite direction?



Yeah, definitely water rushing.

That or a giant snake burrowing through the Earth.

Keep listening for it. we might have to try our luck climbing up the schoolhouse if it gets close.


No, it's the river.



It probably means water flowing into more pits and tunnels.



Good point.


>Any actions you wish to take? Or are you going to wait for Twilight to arrive?





Investigate the foundations of the schoolhouse, maybe peer inside and see if it's mostly intact.



Let's wait. We can't really do much if we can't see anything.


I can see your father in you, Jr.

If you know what I mean.




Wait, but be extremely attentive to any noises.


have we actually looked INSIDE the schoolhouse yet?



We probably should, not that we'll find anything probably.


When you're up on dryer land, you realize that there's not much to see. The dim light of the Lamp hangs beyond the schoolhouse nearest to the hole you fell into. Though the eerie reverberation plays on you in this darkness, you decide to sit tight.

"Raisin! Are ya still there?!" Applebloom's voice echoes beyond the schoolhouse. It's hard to hear her.

"I'm here!!" You shout back as loud as you can.

There is no response. After a few moments, she calls down again. "Raisin! Are you okay down there?!"

"Great… she can't hear me."

"If you can hear me, Twilight is on her way! She should be here any minute now!! Hang in there!!" She calls down again. It still sounds very faint despite the fact you know she's yelling as loud as she can.

There's a certain air of peace down here. Beyond the foreboding rumble in the distance, it's otherwise perfectly still. You curl up in the mud.

A few more minutes burn on by before a familiar voice calls down from the hole. "Hello?! Raisin! Where are you!?"

"Over here!!!" You shout toward the schoolhouse.

Suddenly, you hear a burst. Beyond the schoolhouse, you can hear the water being tread. "Yeeuahgh…" Twilight splashes in the water. "You're not trapped over there, are you?!" She calls around the schoolhouse. Her big, purple eyes seem illuminated in the dark, but she cannot seem to spot you.

"Over here, Twilight!"

"Ohmygoodness!" Twilight jumps. "Okay… phew, you startled me. It's really hard to see you against the wall in the dark…" Her horn brightens up the area. "C'mon, let's get you out of here."

META INFO: Oh you clever rapscallion, you


I still think we should investigate these tunnels more before we leave
if the snakes have been through here and the diamond dogs block our ability to enter the tunnels on day 2, then there must be something within them



Ask Twilight to help us explore a bit further into the tunnel.



"Well, actually…maybe…we can, you know, investigate this obviously sinister tunnel while your here?"



Ask her to help us get to the bottom of this, and to maybe teleport the other CMC down here.



Give her the filly eyes.



If we can persuade her, make her teleport them on the dry land on the side of the tunnel so the fireworks don't get wet.



Not to mention they fill up with lava eventually.



Shit, yeah.


Jr, will Twilight teleporting them require a roll?



Uuuh, what would failure entail?

Rendering them a gurgling mass of organs?


As Twilight approaches, you notice that she's not sinking into the mud at all. The ground seems to easily support her weight, though she kicks up some loose dirt while walking. You feel slightly self conscious about your weight again.

"Twilight! Thank goodness you're here!" You look at her glowing horn. "We just discovered this HUUUGE cave system! We think whatever made the-"

Suddenly, you're bathed in the daylight.

"-se tunnels is responsible for…" You stop as you realize the two of you have been teleported out of the tunnels. Twilight looks up toward the schoolhouse.

"Wh… How in Equestria did I miss that on my way here?" She approaches the schoolhouse, noticing that it's been plunged several feet into the ground. "…is THAT what that was down there…" She looks slightly embarrassed for not having made this realization down below or up above. "I must have just been too worried to get a clear visual…" She rubs a hoof against her chin.

The CMC look relieved. You notice that you're back towards the road, safely away from the whole you scooted into.

"Twilight! No, no, no! I didn't want you to teleport me out! We've got to explore those caves!"

She starts to walk a circle around the schoolhouse. "Just how does something like this even happen?" She stops when she sees the whole in the back of the school. "Judging by all the water down below, it looks like the river ran through under the school…"

"Twilight!" You try to get her attention. She finally snaps out of her spell.

"Oh! I'm sorry… this is just…" She stops, nudging one of the loose boards on the side of the building. It falls off. "…fascinating."

"Twilight, do you think you could help us explore the caves? I think that thing in the Town Square made them."

"You mean that snake statue? The Boulder Snake statue?" Twilight tilts her head your way.

The CMC look mystified. "Boulder Snake?"

"Yes. That statue in Town Square is an incredibly rare creature called a Boulder Snake. We've only ever seen just a hooful of statues in recorded history…" She paces a little closer to the group. "…but this is the first time ever that we've seen a statue this close to civilization, much less inside of a town." She looks down into the hole again. "…I don't think it could have made a tunnel THIS big on it's own, though… if it even moves underground. I just don't have enough research to put the two together."


META INFO: >whole instead of hole
That was terrible



"Well since you're here already, imagine the science that we can do by investigating below!"



Give her a gentle boop on the butt to make her listen to us.

Failing that, jump right back in.



"There's evidence of it. It eats rocks, right? The rocky foundation of the school looks eaten away. I can show you if you'd like."



Or, you know, we can just point to our medal and ask her to trust us.



I support offering to show her evidence. It's the language of scientists.


File: 1350890179483.png (23.45 KB, 552x443, outsideinsweetie.png)

You'd be better off not knowing.



Oh wow.



N-no Sweetie. Y-you're a pretty filly.


You remember that the bottom of the schoolhouse looked like it was physically eaten off of the building. "Twilight, I think I can prove a few things about those Boulder Snakes."

You seem to have her full attention. "Oh? I'm listening…"

"When I was down below, I saw that the underside of the school had been scored away.. like it was torn off with giant teeth. I think the foundation of the school was eaten away by the Boulder Snake in town."

Scootaloo looks excited. "No way!"

"Yes way… I think we could find out where that creature came from if we follow the tunnels behind the school." You appeal to Twilight's scientific side again. "The very least that will happen is you get to help better define a rare species."

The mare has a look of wonderment in her eyes. "Alright, alright. As long as we do this safely…"

"Should we all go down together?" Sweetie Belle asks. "The water's not too deep, right?"

In a flash of light, you find yourself sinking into some mud once again. "Ughh…" Looking around, you see that your friends only have water running up to the middle of their leg. They look a little worried as you sink, but you bottom out against the rocky terrain below with your head just above the water.

Twilight starts to take the lead, illuminating the dark cavern with her brilliantly glowing horn. "All right, girls… just stay close to me. If we're going to do some research, then let's be safe about it…"

She walks all of about 5 feet before crouching near the schoolhouse. Just as you described, she notices the scar patterns against the rock. She looks uneasy.

META INFO: jesus christ how horrifying
You look great, Sweetie.



What's wrong ?



Their bags are still dry, right?



Humor Twilight and pretend to engage in scientific research!



Maybe we should look inside the schoolhouse, in case some nasty it taking refuge in there.


GAME INFO: Your friends' saddlebags are well above the water line. Your saddlebags, however, are well submerged.



Uhh, what was our inventory again?



I'm guessing our stompstarter and dust are ruined.


Raisin: Hayseed, Stompstarter, Reinforced Shoes, Royal Medallion (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (tied to us)



Eh, might as well.




Honor her noble sacrifice by giving a moment of silence.



Scootaloo has a stompstarter at least, and I think Sweetie has the dust?


You walk over to join your friends, looking straight up at the welcoming door of the schoolhouse.

"Hey… Scootaloo, can you reach up there and look inside?"

The orange pegasus looks up at the door. "Yeah, sure."

"Just be careful; don't go inside. We have no idea how stable the schoolhouse is right now." Twilight says this all the while illuminating the underside of the schoolhouse. "…fascinating… these marks match the theorized bite of the Boulder Snake in town… they're almost perfect size to belong to it…" She pulls out a testtube from her saddlebags and starts delicately chinking away at some of the stone.

Scootaloo carefully opens the door into the schoolhouse. Inside, it is incredibly dark.

"Uh… I don't see anything…" She looks about. "It's actually really creepy in there…"

"Yeah…" Sweetie Belle takes a few steps back and away from the schoolhouse.

"Wait, where's the Lamp?" Applebloom looks about, noticing that your team has taken a dependency on Twilight's magic to provide light.

"It must be up above, still…"

"Don't worry, girls. We can just use my magic to light up the caves." She puts one test tube away and pulls out another. "I just need a few samples to analyze back in my lab…"

You suddenly remember that Hayseed is inside of your completely submerged saddlebags. You feel terrible that she's getting all soaked… you assure yourself that she understands her temporary discomfort is for a greater cause.

Further down the tunnel, that loud noise continues to echo throughout the entirety of the tunnel system.

"W-what is that, anyways?" Scootaloo carefully shuts the schoolhouse door before asking.

"I'm not sure…" Twilight successfully collects another sample of rock from under the schoolhouse. "I think you're right about this whole rock eating thing, Raisin…" She looks at you with worry.



"Well, like a true scientist we should investigate this unknown phenomenon!"

Proceed in the direction of the noise.



Can't Twilight pop up, grab the lamp, and pop back down again?


Ask Twlight how close this is to any lava flows, and if any of the mountains nearby are dormant volcanoes.



Seconding. We don't want to be roasted pones if lava suddenly comes flowing through.



"Yeah, that's interesting Twilight. Hey, just asking, there aren't magma chambers under the surrounding coutnryside, right?"



Or we can just have her shine some light in there. It's a one-room schoolhouse, at least on the first floor.



"Well, like any true scientist, we should investigate this unknown phenomenon!" You start moving toward the side of the schoolhouse, going past Twilight. Suddenly, you find yourself in front of the schoolhouse again.

"Hold on… don't go wandering off just yet. We need to study this a bit more. We could figure out a LOT about our voracious friend in Town Square with this damage sample… I just wish I could find a saliva sample…" She looks all about, picking and choosing carefully what spots she collects samples from. "I just have a few more to get…"

You look at Applebloom. "So… the Lamp's up above, right?"

"Yeah, along with your Rope…" She looks up toward the little patch of daylight amidst the blackened cavern ceiling. You still can't believe the hole looks like an exact outline of your body.

"Uh, Twilight? We left a few supplies topside. Do you think you could warp them down here?"

She puts another testtube into her saddlebags. "Oh, don't worry. We'll be going back up together as sooon as I finish collecting these last few samples…"

"But.. aren't we going to explore the caves?"

"We can do that in a little bit… maybe after I run a few experiments. We have to find out more about these Boulder Snakes."

You look down at her rock sample collecting. Scootaloo starts kicking at the water. You approach Twilight, trying to get her attention. She's fixated on getting more samples.

"Yeah, that's interesting Twilight. Hey, just asking, there aren't magma chambers under the surrounding coutnryside, right?"

She doesn't look away. "There are a lot of magma chambers underground… very deep underground." She pulls out yet another testtube. "Most of them are probably close to mountain ranges or volcanoes, though… we don't have to worry about running into any right here…"

"What about further into the tunnel?"

"I doubt it runs THAT deep." She crawls a little ways under the school reaching for another sample. "We don't have to worry about magma or lava or anything like that… but there's probably going to be more… snakes…."


Are we stopping anytime soon?




Looks like we'll be hoofing it with only the CMC then.



Eh, I could stop. It is kind of late and >Sunday night quests.


GAME INFO: I didn't even realize how late it was getting. I feel wide awake.

Whenever you guys want to stop, just let me know. I could honestly run all night, I bet.



Tell her about the noise, what if it's something that needs to be checked out right now ?



Even though we're probably about to die, at least we finally have direction again.

Next Sunday?



I want to continue, but I have to get up in the morning. If everyone else wants to play, then I have no problem, but I'd be calling it regardless. I love late night quests, but I think there are only 3-4 of us left. People tend to drop like flies on Sunday.


GAME INFO: Alright, I think we've made some pretty good progress tonight. A mishap ended up giving us a little guidance, it seems… at least there's a new lead to jump right into for our next session, right?

We'll probably be doing the next quest on Sunday. I'll still post up something on Friday, though; you never know when inspiration will strike. If I'm feeling really skippy on Friday, we'll give it a go. You guys are usually around in the general ~9:30pm-ish EST, right?



I generally am.



Yeah, sure.

I'd be down for it.

Too bad Leth and Hiro don't play anymore



Okie dokie.

But I wouldn't mind skipping a session if you wanted to continue working on that Raisin pic, I can't wait to see some high quality grape filly



I usually am

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