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Welcome to another potentially panic ridden evening of Raisin Quest! Last time, we sent our beloved stone filly backwards in time in an attempt to offer Equestria recourse to certain calamity. Her actions may very well directly affect the fate of every pony living in Equestria. Let’s get our summary down first and go from there, shall we?


>Attempt to cross a narrow bridge over a canyon; center of the bridge collapses under your excessive weight
>Scootaloo reports that a large divide in the path ahead renders the trail unnavigable
>Carefully backpedal your way to safety
>—Call in a Pegasus flying overhead to help Scootaloo back across the bridge—
>**Cut down a tree to bridge the gaps ahead**
>—Pegasi that helped you earlier are trying to get you to go back to town—
>**Flash your badge of honor, the Royal Medallion, to get the Pegasi to help you build the makeshift tree bridges**
>—Choose to cut down longer, thinner tree to span the larger gap ahead—
>**Send the CMC across the tree bridges first; everypony makes it to the other side safely 3/20 chance of slipping and falling off **
>Explore the path, find a safe way down the side of the mountain
>—Send the CMC across the longer, thinner tree. Each of them make it across safely Had to roll better than a 10; each CMC had a different positive DM (+4 Scoots, +2 Applebloom, +1 Sweetie Belle w/Grappling Hook as a tether
>xXx The bridge’s structural integrity fails under Raisin’s incredible weight Poor Raisin had a DM of -5 and she rolled a 4, giving her a result of -1. Raisin shatters from weakness caused by the crystals embedded in her body xXx
>Use working foreleg to hug Hayseed
>GAME LOADED: Savestate 1 Day 1: Raisin’s Room, 9:15AM
>Admire yourself in the mirror to help boost your self-confidence
>Hug Hayseed, GAME SAVED Savestate 1 has been erased
>Write a letter to your Mysterious Friend
>Equip Saddlebags, keep the Bouquet of Flowers and Twisted Iron Rod inside
>—Sit down to eat breakfast with your mom; discuss a few thing before heading out—
>Run into congregation in Town Square

Repeating her steps with ever so slight alterations, Raisin finds herself back in Town Square, admiring a veritable sea of legs belonging to the pastel colored residents of Ponyville. She listens with the three of her friends as the Mayor tries to bring peace and order to the bewildered ponies gathered around the mysterious Boulder Snake Statue.

With a slew of information at her disposal, Raisin can use her knowledge of near future events to alter the course of history once again. It is up to you, questers, to help her along her journey. How are things going to be different this time around?

As always, I wish you all the best of luck. Let’s see what happens!


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Alright, so what's going on now? What's the party?



yeah that



Welp, not really much to do here. Listen for a bit and then head to the school for the "surprise."



Raisin, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo I believe.


Raisin: Hayseed, Letter to Mysterious Friend, Bouquet of Flowers, Twisted Iron Rod

Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Apples x5

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10

Scootaloo: CMC Cape, Fireworks, Stompstarter

It is currently 9:45AM. The sun is up and the land is bathed in glorious golden sunlight. The Town Square is aflutter with rumor and theory as to the origin of the new Boulder Snake statue that mysteriously appeared here overnight.



Take everypony to the school, then head home and redistribute inventory.



Seems good.


Ah, the drawfag's here!


Listen for a while.

Especially since I wasn't here for the beginning



this seems good.






You listen as the Mayor tries to calm everypony down and help them get organized. "Listen! Right now, we're still assessing damages all around town. If your house or property has been harmed in any way, please form a line over on the left of Town Hall. Everypony else, please remain calm and try to go about your day! Everything is under control!"

The Mayor continues to speak, encouraging the populace to try and ignore the statue dilemma while Twilight conducts research on it.

"This sounds pretty serious…" Applebloom comments. "…you girls thinkin' what Ah'm thinkin'?"

As the other CMC begin to nod, you hear the town clock toll far off in the distance.

"That we're gonna be incredibly late for class?!" Sweetie Belle squeaks. "I had no idea what time it was!"

Scootaloo and Applebloom panic. "There's no way we're gonna it in time! We're all gonna be tardy!" Applebloom leads the way down the dirt path toward the schoolhouse. Sweetie Belle follows close behind.

"What are you waiting for, Raisin!? Mush!" Scootaloo taps her hoof against your head, then directs it forward. You can't really feel her weight on you anyways, so letting her ride hasn't really bothered you. Besides, she keeps the local airborne devils from wanting to land on you.

"…alright, let's get to class."

Your thunderous hooves tear up the road, attracting the attention of several ponies as you gallop passed. Your hooves shake the ground… you realize how great it feels to be able to move unhindered again.

Within a few minutes, you come upon a familiar scene. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle are already talking with a saddened Cheerilee. As was the case last time, the schoolhouse has fallen into the ground.

"Whoa… what happened here?" Scootaloo leans over your head, looking at the odd scene.
Had a power out; sorry bout the delay



"Oh no Ms Cheerilee, looks like we get the day off? Darn, you know how much I love school."



Listen to hey explanation then prepare for a day of ADVENTURE(tm).



listen to her, and ask for a note or something to show the maid when we get back

she was suspicious of us last time



"Yeah, yeah, cya later bye!"

Return to our house to divy up items.



Listen than head back to our house to gear up.

Also make sure to check under the doormat when we get back to our house.



Seconding the note.

We should also ask her if she's sure the school didn't collapse into a tunnel that might lead somewhere. After all, what with that strange snake around, who knows what other creature might be lurking underground. Better send a request for some guard duty just to be safe.


File: 1350270213203.png (144.88 KB, 1000x700, made this even though the firs…)


ADVENTURE™ is my favorite brand of adventure.



Yeah, this might be good. Best way to stop the hostage situation is to prevent it in the first place.


"Yeah, that's really weird. Let's ask Ms. Cheerilee what's going on."

You start a gentle trot up the schoolhouse path. As you begin to approach her, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle, you feel your right foreleg plunge through the ground. You pull it out, seeing that it has left a hole.

"Huh…" You shake your hoof, letting some mud slip off of it. You can hear Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Ms. Cheerilee just fine from here. No need to go any further, you figure.

"Oh, girls… I'm terribly sorry, but I'm afraid that school's cancelled today." Cheerilee seems very down. "I can't open the front doors, so we can't run class." Given her character, you know she would run classes even if the world was ending.

"What happened?" Applebloom asks, staring at the dilapidated structure.

"Well, apparently, the foundation of the school just up and vanished last night… that's what the construction workers are saying, at least." She points to the corner of the building. It looks like a large, circular chunk is missing.

Scootaloo jumps off your back. She does a little dance on the pathway in front of you. "Schooooooooool's cancelllllllleeeeddd~~~~ yeaahh!!!!" She moonwalks and flaps her little wings to barely keep herself hovering above the ground.

"It sure is, Scoots. It sure is."



>Raisin's the only filly awesome enough for eyebrows

I am Randall Goldstein, eyebrow specialist, and I approve this picture.


META INFO: Man I love these inventory summaries


File: 1350270581351.png (148.06 KB, 1000x700, now with eyebrows.png)


i try

adfasdfsdfl;j;lkasdf fixed


GAME INFO: Any actions you wish to take before collecting an official 'School's Cancelled' note from Ms. Cheerilee?



Be sure to get a note.



Investigate the missing chunk. Maybe we can show them that there's a tunnel underneath.



ask her if she's seen any strange young pegauses running around

then get the note



Ask her when the construction workers plan to arrive. Or, if they're already there, when they'll be leaving.






I support both of these. However, make them not so creepy and don't pass off the pegasus as a colt. He's a young adult.


From this distance, you wave over to Ms. Cheerilee. "Ms. Cheerilee! Can we get a note for our parents telling them that classes are cancelled?! They'll never believe us without one!" Applebloom and Sweetie Belle nod in agreement.

She smiles. "Sure! But come on over, Raisin! No need to shout!"

You look down at the hole in the path, then back up to her. "Uh…"

"What's wrong, Raisin?" Scootaloo stops her celebration dance. "Afraid she's going to give you a homework assignment as well?"

"Well, for starters, I actually like homework… and number two…" You point down at the path. "I think there might be something wrong with the road here…"

Scootaloo looks down into the pitch black spot. "…that wasn't there yesterday, was it?"

"No, my hoof broke through the path just a few seconds ago. That's why I stopped."

The orange pegasus moves her face up close to it, then peers inside. She breathes in deep. "Bleugh… smells like pond water…"

While hanging out near the path, Ms. Cheerilee has made her way on over. "I know you're disappointed that classes are cancelled today, but there's simply nothing I can do…" She looks down. "My favorite Blackboard and Chalk are stuck inside the school… and there's just no way in."

Applebloom is quietly giggling to herself over the notion of you sincerely feeling miserable about missing out on class for a day.

"It's alright, Ms. Cheerilee."

"Hey, I was just wondering… do you know when the construction workers are going to be helping to fix up the school?

Ms. Cheerilee nods. "They should be back here after they're done with some of the more damaged homes in Ponyville." She rubs a hoof on her chin. "I just wonder what could have caused so much destruction… Twilight should know more about that soon enough."

GAME INFO: How do you wish to get closer to the school?



Fuck those fillies knowledge is power.



wait nasty pond water

what? i dont remember noticing anything like this before

i think we should take a look at it



Maybe it would be a good idea to come back in a bit. I have a bad feeling that we'll fall down somewhere and won't be able to get back up.

Head home.



How sturdy is the ground outside of the path ?




As much as I want to prepare, I don't know if the Diamond Dogs are already under the school or still need to move in.


"Oh… one more thing. Have you seen a pegasus around our age running around? Maybe with a helmet on?"

The CMC look at you in confusion.

Ms. Cheerilee shakes her head. "Well, there's a lot of pegasi around your age in Ponyville… I've seen many running about since school has been temporarily closed for the day…" She pulls out a little quill and a piece of parchment from her saddlebags, then looks down at you. "Oh, um… my desk is also trapped inside of the school…"

"Yes, you can use me as a table."

"Thank you, Raisin!" Ms. Cheerilee puts a little stack of parchment on your back and begins making a few 'School's Cancelled' letters. Your stony skin makes for a great writing surface. Again, you hear your friends giggling.



Look inside the hole, maybe angle ourselves so we can see the sunlight shining through it.



Did we have a lamp in our room? We might want to come back with one and lower it with our rope.


GAME INFO: You're unsure. When you were here just yesterday night (previous run), after the Diamond Dogs had barricaded the school, the path was perfectly stable. All the ground around the path was also stable.

You do not have foreknowledge of any safe spots that you could tread around the school.




not sure how good idea it would be but…what if we told the CMC about our ability to gain knowledge from alternate failed realities



Maybe it would be best to go home, deliver the flowers, and then come back.


GAME INFO: Glimpsing into the hole from several angles, all you can see is darkness. It looks like there's a bit of a void here; you're not sure how deep it goes or what may be inside.


Maybe we should send the other CMC to investigate whether or not there is a tunnel.



i say we leave it alone for now

and head home to reorganize inventories



Yeah. Send Scootafilly. She's the lightest. Just tell her to peer down and see if she sees any baddies with torches running around underground.



we could have scoots shoot a firework down there

and look if we see anything


>3 for head home, reorganize inventories
>3 for investigate hole/school for more information

What ever shall we do, questers? It's only 10:15AM right now, so don't feel too crunched or stressed for time…



That might work,

Jr, what kind of fireworks are they? The flashy streaming kind of the ones that just make a loud bang? Would it produce a lot of light?



Eh, fuck it, investigate.

But I agree with only sending Scootaloo. We might fall through the ground and be stuck.



I think we should head home, we can come back after we deliver the flowers.


GAME INFO: Scootaloo's fireworks typically produce an excess of light and sound. They're certainly attention-getters.

When last used, the firework was simultaneously detonated when tossed into a magma pool. You reckon that the massive flash and report it produced was because the entire device was detonated all at once.



This is still my vote. The flowers will only take an hour since we won't be arguing over inventory.



Yeah, your right, I change my vote to investigate later.



>Two vote switches on the opposite direction.

Pls guys.




1 means my vote stays on investigate
2 means my vote changes to go home.

Rolled 2 = 2


You take one last look at the curious, small hoof sized hole you punched into the path. Ms. Cheerilee finishes up the last letter, hoofing it up to you. "Sorry, I tried putting it inside of one of your pouches, but it looks like your inventory is full up. Make sure your parents see this so you don't get in trouble for not being in school today." Ms. Cheerilee gives you a smile.

"Soo… if you're not running classes today, then what are you going to do?" Scootaloo asks.

"Oh, me? I'm going to catch up on grading some papers back at home. I'll be able to get all of your report cards out by tomorrow!" She seems to have chippered up a bit. Scootaloo suddenly looks concerned.

"Alright. We've got some exploring to do. Cutie Mark Crusaders, go!" You strike a pose and point back towards town. You figure that the hole isn't worth investigating at the moment; these flowers need to get delivered so you can get your reward from Zecora.

"Alright!" Scootaloo's hooves clink up on your stony back. "Lead the way, Raisin!"

Applebloom and Sweetie Belle make sure to run ahead of you so that they don't get caught in your wake. The dust cloud you throw up isn't anything that anypony would want to breathe in.

As your hooves boom through Town Square, you see that the Mayor has organized most of the ponies into a long line up to Town Hall. You quickly bypass the intimidating looking serpent statue in the square, much to the dismay of your friends.

"Wait! There's only a few ponies around! Dontcha want to investigate it?" Applebloom contends.

Scootaloo rests her head on your slightly pointy mane. "Just look at that thing… you think that caused all the destruction in town?"

You pass the menacing statue. The last frozen instance of agony prevails upon its countenance. Coiled up in a writhing mass, the catatonic Boulder Snake remains motionless next to the partially eaten fountain statue. Behind him, scaffolding and a busy team of repair workers climb up the sides of several damaged buildings, trying to put them back together as best as they can manage.

In just a few minutes, your dust cloud washes away with the wind as you stand outside the front of your house. Mary Annette, your maid, is watering a few of the ivy plants around the entrance. Behind you, the trusty mailmare canters down the road in blissful servitude to the town's mail service.

"Okay, so… like ah was gonna tell Raisin this mornin', Applejack got this really creepy letter from a stranger the other day… Ah think it could have somethin' to do with the school sinkin' into the ground!" Applebloom connects a few dots haphazardly in her head.

Sweetie Belle looks puzzled. "Wait… what? You think some creepy pony that's writing your sister letters made the school fall into the ground?"


As the CMC start to try and pull things together, you ponder your next action carefully.



Wait a sec, what happened to the letter? We didn't automatically just leave on the ground back there?

Rolled 2 = 2



Hand letter to maid, go up to room.



Check under the doormat for a letter.



GAME INFO: Ms. Cheerilee hoofed it up to you. After striking your pose, it was put into your only available inventory slot; your mouth.

Any inventory beyond your current equipment load would be automatically deposited on the ground.



Seconding this. Just carry it in our mouth and spit it on the floor of our room when we get up there.



Then give the letter to the maid, then check for a response from our secret admirer~


File: 1350274448687.png (70.28 KB, 1000x700, inventory slots.png)


>two letters cant fit in the same size pocket as a bent iron bar



Also beckon the CMC to follow so they're not confuzzled.


As Mary tends to some of the ivy plants, she's unable to speak with you while holding her Watering Can, but her furrowed brows tell you she's concerned. Unable to speak yourself, you grasp just the top of the letter and unfurl it, revealing the large 'School's Cancelled' notice signed by Ms. Cheerilee. Without a second thought, Mary nods her head. She sets the Watering Can down on the top of her ladder. "Okay, vell, if iz cancelled… do you vish for me to let your parents know, Master Raisin?"

You nod, setting the letter down by her ladder. Mary picks her watering can up and continues watering the flowerbox above the front entrance.

You look up, noticing that Mary is watching you. You're not sure if you should check for your secret letter at this point in time. You cannot visibly see the letter beneath the doormat.

"What do ya think, Raisin? That Cil guy has to be the one controlling the stone snakes, he jus has to!" Applebloom seems to have created a conspiracy theory while your back was turned. Derpy passes on by, heading down to the Sweet Apple Acres farmhouse.

"Uh… hold on. Let's get our supplies first and do some investigating before we come up with any more theories…"

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle agree. Applebloom looks convinced that she was on to something as she follows the group into the Merlot Residence Foyer.

"Oh man, I love your new house!" Scootaloo smiles and stares up to the vaulted ceiling. The extravagance of your house has always mesmerized your friends… to you, it's just home.

Without wasting too much time, you walk down the hall and take a right into your room. As the group funnels in, they admire your wall of adventuring equipment. Scootaloo is already poring over the Saw.

"Sooooo… next question: who gets what?" She picks the Saw up off it's place on the wall, promptly proceeding to balance it on her nose.

GAME INFO: Memory allocation, my good man. These are both unique items with unique item IDs. If they could both fit in the same pocket, they'd both contain the exact same data, rendering one of the letters a worthless dupe of the other.






oh god

what is all there


GAME INFO: For your convenience…
>Since your last major adventure, you’ve taken to collecting adventuring supplies. Along the wall by your dresser are a myriad of tools hanging up. You’ve got a Spool of Rope, a Stompstarter, some Glass Vials, a very secure Firework Chest with Quarter Sticks of Dynamite, some Lamp Oil, a Hammer, a Saw, a Box of Nails, a Bag of Sneezing Powder, a large Satchel with a Money Symbol on the front, a Treasure Chest, and a Pack of Bubblegum.



Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Reinforced Shoes, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3), Love Letter (Cannot carry with current equipment loadout)

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Saw, Nails, Lamp Oil

Scootaloo: CMC Cape, Fireworks x1, Stompstarter, Apples x5, Bag of Sneezing Powder

Raisin: Hayseed, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Royal Medallion (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (tied to us)



I'm not going to argue for 3 hours again.

I'll go with that.


GAME INFO: Additionally…
>On the dresser, you’ve got your Royal Medallion hung up. It’s very beautiful and very shiny. Depending on the day, it can make for a very alluring accessory.
>Reinforced Boots

>2 votes for previous loadout



We should probably swap our reinforced shoes so they're on our person (pony?)

I say we carry them and give AB our moneybag and bits.



Relish in the fact that we have our lucky stompstarter in our possession again.

Also, check underneath the doormat, ffs.



go with previous loadout

take the medallion

wear the shoes






Let's save the shoes for when we actually need to use stealth. They'll wear out if we wear them while adventuring.



Good idea. She has money sense. She'll keep them safe she'll lose it all

Also >>154126 the goal is to not break the shoes.



they only break if we run



Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3), Love Letter, Ms. Cheerilee’s Permission Slip (unable to carry with current equipment loadout)

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Saw, Nails, Lamp Oil, Ms. Cheerilee’s Permission Slip (unable to carry with current equipment loadout)

Scootaloo: CMC Cape, Fireworks x1, Stompstarter, Apples x5, Bag of Sneezing Powder, Ms. Cheerilee’s Permission Slip (unable to carry with current equipment loadout)

Raisin: Hayseed, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope, Reinforced Shoes, Royal Medallion (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (tied to us)

3 party members are currently overburdened.



the CMC can drop their slips



Drop the slips and check the doormat for a response.



Jr pls. Are the slips really necessary?

Have the CMC store them in our dresser or something. Also look for the letter. We need to open communication again.



Can we have our parents let the families of the other CMC know that school is canceled ?



i think news of the school sinking into the ground will travel fast enough on its own

it wasnt a problem before


You remember how long it took to organize your inventories last time… your friends had a very difficult time figuring out who would be carrying what. Suddenly, you remember the equipment loadout you went with last time. In an effort to get organized and back out adventuring as soon as possible, you pull all of the tools off the wall and start spreading them into little piles.

"W-whoa… what are you doing, Raisin?" Sweetie Belle watches as you quickly assemble little piles with a few items in each.

"Well, to be honest, I was thinking about who should get what when we were on our way down the road. Just… uh… drop your permission slips for now and this will work out swimmingly."

"Um… but what should I tell Rarity?" Sweetie Belle tilts her head. "She'll never believe me if I say Ms. Cheerilee just cancelled school…"

"Don't worry. I'll have Mary or my parents let everypony know school's cancelled today. We're not gonna get in trouble."

"Well, if ya say so… Ah don't know what Applejack would do if she thought ah was skippin' school…" Applebloom gulps.

"…well, no need to worry about that. She's right down the road, right? I'll have Mary catch her up in a jiffy." You pause, going back down to the equipment piles. "Applebloom, this pile is for you…"

Applebloom looks at the stuffed money satchel. "Whoa! Now THAT'S what ah call an allowance!"

Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3), Love Letter

"Sweetie Belle, take these…"

She looks over all the tools. "Alright… I can fit these in here…" She scrunches her nose up when she smells the Lamp Oil.

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Saw, Nails, Lamp Oil

"…and Scootaloo… this one's for you."

She looks a little let down. "What? Why do I have to lug around all the boring stuff? I mean, Apples? Really?"

Applebloom pipes up. "Hey! Apples aren't boring! Besides, it's important one of us brings food along!"

"Whatever… fine, alright. At least I get to keep my Fireworks…"

Scootaloo: CMC Cape, Fireworks x1, Stompstarter, Apples x5, Bag of Sneezing Powder

Finally, you pick up the last pile for yourself…

Raisin: Hayseed, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope, Reinforced Shoes, Royal Medallion (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (tied to us)

Your team fixes their saddlebags and adjusts to the new weight they're hauling.

"Alright! I think that just about does it."



Now can we go check under the doormat? Might as well also tell the maid to let the parents of the other CMC know.



we should check the doormat




Someone has to carry the flowers.

We should carry the flowers in our mouth.



we should

they are poisonous to anybody else



Tell the CMC that we need to deliver some flowers to Zecora and grab them with our mouth.

Also check under the doormat.



This, under no circumstances is anybody besides us allowed to touch the flowers.



Seconding telling everyone what we're doing because I know you're anal about that.



You look at the one item you left out of your bags. The small, beautiful bouquet of Everfree Forest flowers sits on the floor, unclaimed. Knowing that at least one of them is slightly toxic, you opt to pick it up with your mouth.

With your mouth full, you feel ready to begin your adventuring shenanigans.

"So, where to, Raisin?" Applebloom follows you over to your bedroom door. The other CMC are close behind.

You sit down on the rug leading into your room and spit the Bouquet of Flowers into your hoof. "First off, let's get this Bouquet of Flowers we picked for Zecora delivered. I think she's going to be able to help us with our investigation." You mentally shrug, knowing that the zebra has very little knowledge on the Boulder Snakes or LS. You do know she's going to be giving you a reward, however…

"Alright, that sounds like a good place to start. Zecora always knows bout creatures an snakes and stuff!" Applebloom marches proudly behind you.

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle follow suit. They don't seem to have any objections towards your current objective. You pop the flowers back into your mouth before heading out into the hallway. As your friends exit the room, you shut the door behind them.

You crack open the front doors and step back out into the beautiful early spring day. The sun seems to be well below its apex… it's probably 10:45 or so, you figure. Looking around, you don't immediately see Mary anywhere in sight.

"Oh! Ah almost forgot! Raisin, did you get a chance to look over that creepy Love Letter my sister got?" Applebloom is already reaching for the weird Love Letter in her saddlebags. Quickly, you reach under the mat. Your hoof grips the corner of a little piece of parchment… your mysterious friend seems to have responded already.

"…or… maybe we could read the creepy Love Letters you've been getting?" Applebloom snickers as you withdraw the letter. You're not able to speak with the Bouquet of Flowers in your mouth. You'd have otherwise clarified that you are not receiving any such letters.

"We don't have time to read that sappy thing again! We've gotta get on over to Zecora's!" Scootaloo protests, already starting to lead the way down the road.



Spit out the flowers temporarily. Tell Scootaloo to carry the response back to our room and grab the flowers again.



Read the letter.



read letter



Spit out the flowers and tell Scootaloo to come back here. There will be plenty of ADVENTURE(tm) later.



Seconding reading the letter back in our room. We can at least humor AB

Also the nuances of this action to ensure that you don't "bridge any gaps" creatively.



Yell at Scootaloo, but do it quickly. We don't want that fucking wind blowing shit away while we try to catch up on her ass her sweet tight orange filly ass


You spit out the Bouquet of Flowers and set them on the doormat next to your new Mysterious Letter. "Wait! Scoots, come back quick! There'll be plenty of time for Adventure™ in a few minutes. We should really look at all of our evidence quick before we ask Zecora about anything."

She sighs. "Can't we look over it all when we get to Zecora's Hut?"

"Just get back here quick." You arch a brow at Applebloom. "…and as I was going to say earlier, I'm NOT receiving any Love Letters. They're just letters. From a friend. A friend that I don't know."

"Suuuuuuuure…" She nods in sarcastic agreement.

You carefully open up the little envelope. It takes a lot of skill, but your experience with handling books and other fragile paper documents allows you to open the envelope with ease. Clearing your throat out of habit, you fetch the attention of your friends.

“Dear Raisin,” The letter immediately starts off with a mess of ink. It seems like he was having trouble explaining what the X’s meant. Finally, you see one word that stands out. “Ideas. I thought that ma- perhaps Cant-Can-Canterlo-Canterlot might h-ha-of-have some informat-info, bu–“ It looks like the inkwell he was using spilled on the parchment. A little patch of the paper in the bottom right corner looks like it was untouched, though the words are all scribbled in really tight against each other. “Map for rer-reference. I am fr- a friend. And Yes!” The ‘yes’ is only assumed; the letters are almost stacked onto one another. He did, however, take up some valuable space below the 'yes' to put in nearly legible 'X's and 'O's.

“Ugh… why didn’t he just start over when he drenched this thing in ink?”

“That didn’t sound very mushy…” Applebloom peeks over your shoulder. “Just who are ya’ll talkin’ to anyhow?”

“That’s the thing. I really don’t know.”

Applebloom puts her letter down next to yours. "Well… one things fer sure… they weren't written by the same pony… this 'LS' guy writes all fancy."


didn't Applejack ground Applebloom because she noticed AB had her letter?
we should have her return it as soon as we can


GAME INFO: You are correct. The Love Letter fell out of Applebloom's saddlebags when she was taken back home, much to Applejack's ire.



Should we write them another letter, perhaps asking if they know what is going on under the school ?



We should probably leave another letter.

Grab the flowers and return back up to our room. We can also read AB's letter to make her happy.



I second this action, but after we get our business at the hut done.



leave a letter that just says "WRITE SLOWER"



"Dear Secret Admirer,

Thanks for responding so quickly. I'm heading to a friend in Everfree now, be back soon. You know anything about the collapse of the schoolhouse? If, hypothetically, bad guys invaded and set up a base there, are they linked to the boulder snake that mysteriously showed up?"


P.S. Do you like me?
[] Yes
[] Maybe



This should be a P.S. to whatever we write.



Sounds good to me.



Be sure to grab those fucking flowers. We can toss the other letter we just got in the garbage.

Nothing will blow away on my watch.



Second this letter with >>154226
as a P.P.S.

Can rocks blush?


Reading over the cryptic letter one more time, you contemplate heading back inside to write another letter.

"Alright, really quickly here… I think I should write a response to my mysterious friend here…"

Scootaloo groans. "Really? We're all packed up and ready to go and you want to go back inside to write a letter?" She glowers at you. "…can't it wait until AFTER we get back from Zecora's?"

Applebloom chimes in. "Ah'm with Scootaloo on this one. What if we learned somethin' really important from Zecora? Ya'll could ask yer friend better questions…" She looks over the letter with you once more. "…are those 'hugs' and 'kisses' down on the bott-"

"No! It's just X's and O's, nothing more, nothing less. Just some letters. I don't know why they put them on there. They must really like those letters for some reason. Maybe it's code? I don't know."

You crumple up the letter so that she's unable to read it again. She lurches a brow up. "Yeah, code… code for 'Ah looooooove you, Raisin~"

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom giggle at you. Scootaloo, on the other hoof, just stands there. She doesn't want any of this letter writing stuff. "Can we just get out of here already? We're wasting a valuable day off here!"

Embarrassed, you pick up the Bouquet of Flowers in your mouth once more. You are unable to carry the Crumpled Mysterious Friend letter with you. Do you still wish to go inside and write your friend a letter?



Yes. Write >>154229

We're exploiting this gravy train like no tomorrow.



write the letter, let them laugh




Write the letter



Just tell Scootaloo to throw the crumpled letter in the garbage and go upstairs to write >>154237



>Drop flowers, tell Scootaloo to throw the crumpled letter in the garbage, pick up flowers, write letter

ftfy. I can't wait to get these letters out of our mouth





Yes please.



I bet they've never even held hooves with a colt well, neither have we since they have cooties


Brushing off Applebloom's derision, you open up the front door. Before you forget, you turn around and spit the flowers out into your hooves. "Uh… Scootaloo? Can you make sure that letter gets to the garbage?"

She glowers at you. "Don't you have a maid for that?"

"Please?" You pick the Bouquet of Flowers back up and try to manage the most pathetic look you can muster.

She rolls her eyes, then fetches the wadded up letter before Applebloom does. She walks it over to the Mary's cleaning cart and spits it out into her dustbin. "There." Scootaloo looks a bit annoyed. As she goes back outside, you can hear her voice through the door.

"Hey, let's just start walking to town. Raisin can catch up with us down the road. I don't want to wait here while she writes a letter to some weirdo."

"Wait, we can just let her write a letter quick. She's a really fast writer…" Sweetie Belle argues. You can hear the CMC discussing their options faintly as you think of a letter to write.

You run through the house initially, but slow to a brisk canter when you see Mary polishing the staircase banister. You know she'll flip if you charge through the house. Looking up the stairs as you pass alongside them, you see a look of contentment spread across her face as she scrubs the mahogany to a vitreous sheen.

Speedwalking as fast as you can manage, you get back to your room and scoot your stone chair up to your reinforced, sturdy desk. Quickly, you pull out a piece of parchment and begin writing…

"Dear Secret Admirer,

Thanks for responding so quickly. I'm heading to a friend in Everfree now, be back soon. You know anything about the collapse of the schoolhouse? If, hypothetically, bad guys invaded and set up a base there, are they linked to the boulder snake that mysteriously showed up?"


You look over the letter for a moment, then get an idea. You follow your gut instinct, unsure of whether or not this is the best thing to include in the letter, considering how much Applebloom has teased you already.

"…might as well. I've got to know…"

"P.S. Do you like me?
[] Yes
[] Maybe"

You look at your work one last time. "Hmmm…"

"P.P.S. Please write slower, thanks!"

You blow on the ink to help it dry faster, but remember that you don't breathe. You pick the letter up and shake it in the air, hoping it speeds up the drying time. You're unsure of yourself, especially the last two segments you tacked on, but you roll the parchment up, ready to deliver it to the doorstep…

Unfortunately, you currently have no way to carry it to the door. How will it be transported?



Goddammit. Can't we, like, balance the flowers on our back or something?



Leave flowers in room

take letter

place under mat

return to room

retrieve flowers

return to CMC and head out.



If the CMC leave us I'm going to be so pissed.

Better speedwalk back with the letter in our mouth. If they're gone we're fucked.



Let's just hurry so we can get to the exciting part. If the CMC are still there tell them to fucking wait for 2 minutes so we can go back up and grab the flowers.


GAME INFO: Currently, the Bouquet of Flowers are equipped to your mouth. Your inventory slots are full, unable to accept any additional equipment.



You and your goddamn equipment slots.

Fine, do >>154266



I guess this is the penalty for trying to metagame too much.


You get a bit flustered. You look at your letter and the Bouquet of Flowers in your mouth. You spit the flowers out and fetch your letter quick, bolting out of your bedroom. You gallop down the carpeted portion, but slow to a trot when you come in view of the stairs. Thankfully, whatever that rug is made out of, it absorbs almost all of the noise you generate running on it. You open up the front door, greeted by the faces of your friends.

"See? I told you she was a really fast writer!" Sweetie Belle smiles. Applebloom and Scootaloo are impressed.

"That WAS fast. Alright… I thought that was going to ta-" Scootaloo stops as you dart back inside. "Oh ponyfeathers…"

You trot in the Foyer, giving Mary a nice smile. She smiles back, carrying her Polish Rag in her mouth and her Can of Wood Polish in her Maid Uniform. You barrel down the hallway as fast as your legs will carry you, sliding to a halt by your door. Your momentum was great enough to slide the extremely long carpet a few extra feet down the hall towards the Swimming Pool.

Grabbing the Bouquet of Flowers, you dart back out to the Foyer. Mary seems to be on her way to do something in the Kitchen as you open the front door. You see Applebloom drop the doormat. An uncontrollable grin spreads across her face.

"Oh! You ready to go now?" She smirks.

You arch a brow.

"What? We were just… you know, waiting for you. We're ready to go now!" Sweetie Belle and Applebloom are both wearing the same goofy grins.

Scootaloo just rolls her eyes. "Alright, finally…" Scootaloo jumps up on your back, putting her hooves on top of your head. "Set course for town! Mush, Raisin, mush!"

The group starts heading down the road back to town. Sweetie Belle and Applebloom are lagging behind, whispering excitedly. It's a beautiful afternoon as you head back towards Ponyville… even down the road as far as you are, you can just barely make out the silhouette of the Boulder Snake statue by the water fountain.



Alright, set out for Zecora's hut.



Now can we finally deliver the flowers?




You're rerolling random encounters, right?



It's 11 AM right? No need to stop for lunch.

Besides, we have apples. Let's hope we don't need to use them again.



>get an unlucky roll

>all the CMC get eaten by a carnivorous plant, down another life.

No pls.


As you get closer to town, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle start to calm down. When the Boulder Snake statue comes up, the group gets quiet.

"Where do ya'll think this thing came from?" Applebloom looks over the imposing figure. "Looks like it's made of granite… kinda like you, Raisin…"

"Whatever it is, I'm just glad it's made of stone… and not moving." Sweetie Belle hurries along passed it.

Your group eagerly trots onwards through town and towards the path to Fluttershy's cottage. As you start going down the road, the distinct sounds of avians shrieking into the sky. You feel protected with your friends about you. Still, the calls incite a very specific fear within you… in just a matter of minutes, the clucking of Fluttershy's chickens fades away as the chirping of insects becomes greater toward the forest entrance.

"Alright… let's get headed inside… Zecora's just up the way…"

Random Encounter Number: 3
4 Sided Dice

Rolled 2 = 2



Looks like we'll need to be aware of our surroundings.

+1 to perception for expecting horrible, horrible fates?




And so the fillies avoid being a snack for another day or few hours


As you begin your journey through the forest, you look around to make sure that you've got your bearings straight.

"I've always wondered why that zebra chooses to live all the way out here…" Scootaloo ponders. "…I mean, it's a pretty cool place to live, but it's really far out of town."

"Cool? Don't you mean dangerous?" Sweetie Belle keeps pivoting her head. "I would never want to live all the way out here…"

The light pours through the canopy above. It's always weird crusading out here… the clouds above make you think that somepony is always nearby, able to help you. Just a simple call could fetch their attention… but there's nopony up there. The clouds just move by their own will. At the same time, even realizing this, you can't help but constantly feel as though you're surrounded. There's always something nearby…

Random Everfree Encounter: 1
Flipping a coin…

Rolled 1 = 1





GAME INFO: Ach, hold on. Got confused for a second there… supposed to roll that one when you're trying to leave back to town. Wouldn't make sense since I just rolled when you were entering.

Slightly tired, don't mind the roll.






I thought it was revenge for being too confident. Thank God





I guess continue to the hut?


In a matter of minutes, you see Zecora's Hut fade through the forest fog and into view.

You let out a little sigh behind your flowers, thankful you didn't run into any monsters on your way through. You can't help but think back for a moment, wondering where that weird griffin might be hiding. Last time you were through here, he jumped you before you were able to reach the Hut.

"Let's get those flowers dropped off fer Zecora!" Applebloom leads the way up to the door. She knocks on the front, sniffing the air. "Whoa… she must be workin' on somethin' strong…" In a matter of moments, the door gently swings open. Zecora stands in the entrance, welcoming your entourage inside. Every step you take makes the old wooden house creak from stress. You're thankful Zecora doesn't have a basement…

The Zebra sees the little Bouquet of Flowers in your mouth. As she leans down to grab them, she suddenly stops. As she did last time, she recognizes the Midnight Widow among several other extraordinary subjects.

"Now I know this cannot be, but did you pick all these in the Everfree?"

"Yes… all of them." You remain honest about it.

She scolds you, saying that several of the species that you picked are located in incredibly dangerous areas of the forest. She typically hires experienced adventurers to find them for her.

Regardless of the imminent danger your troupe put themselves in, she's incredibly thankful that you went out of your way to find all of the species for her.

"That's what we're here for! Cutie Mark Crusader Flower Pickers!" Applebloom leads a small cheer.

"…but we still didn't get our Cutie Marks for it… not even when we went the extra mile…" You all hang your heads low.

"I was sure that would've done it too…"

In an effort to cheer you all up, Zecora decides that your bravery deserves a reward. You may choose one of these three items to bring along with you on your journey:

>Sleeping Powder

>Bang Powder
>Wake-Me-Up Dust



Second I guess.

There's really not much to do otherwise until we get to her house.


>"…but we still didn't get our Cutie Marks for it… not even when we went the extra mile…" Scootaloo points out. You all hang your heads low.
There we go.



…Fuck, we don't have space.



The wake-me-up dust seemed useful last time, if we didn't go and get fucked by the cannon.


GAME INFO: This is indeed a problem. The CMC are going to have to figure out how to manage the item into their inventories. Some creativity may be required.



Can we get an inventory check again? Should probably leave a "gift" for Zecora.


Raisin: Hayseed, Stompstarter, Spool of Rope, Reinforced Shoes, Royal Medallion (Equipped), Twisted Iron Rod (tied to us)

Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Money Bag + 100 Bits, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3), Love Letter

Scootaloo: CMC Cape, Fireworks x1, Stompstarter, Apples x5, Bag of Sneezing Powder

Sweetie Belle: CMC Cape, Baby Blue Sapphires x10, Saw, Nails, Lamp Oil



My vote goes to Wake-Me-Up Dust



We can always swap out AJ's love letter.

Ask Applebloom if AJ keeps the letters or would she not mind if one happened to get "misplaced"?



AJ would probably know it was Applebloom and ground her anyways.

I vote nails. They didn't do shit last life.



Could always eat the apples.

Ask the CMc if they're hungry.



This might be best. We were out the apples in the last life and we have dosh for food.


Ah! Three solutions to our inventory dilemma… but could any of them have a major impact on the progression of the story? You never know what you may need or what only serves as a 1 time convenience…

Looks like Apples is getting the vote. Any objections? It's certainly a functional and creative way to free up an inventory slot.



I guess. It's getting to be lunch time anyways, right?



Yeah, sure. I mean, it's not like we're going to run into any pH14 goops or anything.


GAME INFO: The time is currently 11:15AM.




Maybe toss one or two to Zecora. Must be a nice change from collard greens.



You look over the three colorful satchels of dust. Knowing the effectiveness of the Wake-Me-Up Dust, you decide to take it once more. "That one looks good…" You pick it up off of Zecora's desk, placing it on the floor in the middle of the CMC.

"Wake-Me-Up Dust, huh? I'm guessing it helps you… wake up?" Scootaloo picks it up by the drawstrings. "Sounds good to me."

"Who's going to carry it, though?" Sweetie Belle asks.

You spin Scootaloo around quick and reach into her saddlebags, withdrawing a small cluster of Apples. You deftly pluck the little pouch of Wake-Me-Up Dust from Scootaloo's hoof, placing it in the now freed up inventory slot.

"It's almost lunch time… you guys should just snack on these quick." You pull one out of the pile and toss it up to Zecora. Out of pure reflex, she catches it with her teeth. She smiles, chomping into it as she gets back to work on her bubbling cauldron.

"Sounds good to me!" Applebloom pulls two apples out of the pile. The remaining two apples rest on the floor for a mere moment before Scootaloo grabs one. The last Apple stares Sweetie Belle in the face, but she hesitates to grab it.

"It's okay, you can have i-" Sweetie Belle stops. "Oh… uh…"

"Go on, eat up! It's fine."

A little embarrassed for having forgot that you don't need to eat, she reaches down and picks the apple up. After taking a bite, Scootaloo throws the last bit of apple core into her mouth. "It must be cool not having to eat… I mean, you never get hungry or anything anymore, right?"

You think about the question for a moment. "Nope. I guess not."

As your friends finish their afternoon snack, you ponder your next course of action. At the same time, you can't help but feel there's somepony just outside the Hut watching you…



Don't panic. Try to subtly turn to look out the window without jerking our head.


Feel peace and serenity.

Take a moment to meditate under the eye of our watchful guardian.



Look towards the nearest window, try to get a glimpse of our friend.

Don't blab about it like last time.



Act like we're just turning to one of our friends to chat, look out the corner of our eye

I might have to call it after this next action. >Sunday night quests



Yeah, I'm getting tired too. People seem to be dropping.

But yeah, tease us with what the pegasus looks like.


You resist the urge to snap your head in any one direction. Very naturally, you get up and stretch, walking back over towards the desk. Your gut feeling tells you that a pair of eyes are staring you down, but you're not sure from where. You spy through the window nearest the desk, but there doesn't seem to be anypony there.

As you glance over the little collection of knickknacks Zecora has amassed over her years of journeying throughout Equestria, you look out of the very corner of your eye to the window across the Hut. A panicked blue face dips out of sight beneath the opposite window, followed by a silver dome.

"…thought so."

Applebloom finishes her last apple. "Did that ever hit the spot!" She gets back up on her hooves, then looks your way. "Flowers delivered… check. Lunch… check. What's next, Raisin?"

Do you guys wish to end this session with a slight chance to pick up on Friday [s]with a greater chance of picking up next Sunday?[/s]



Yeah. I'm cool with stopping.



Either one is fine for me, I loves me some grape filly.



This does seem like a good stopping point.

Besides, I think next up is exploring the schoolhouse, and we need the drawfag here to draw all the high-larious mistakes we're bound to make.



I'm fine with stopping



Sunday would be nicer for me because I'll be flying home for the weekend. The one time when I WANT it to be Sunday.


META INFO: Alrighty, next Friday/Sunday it is. I always hold out hope for Fridays, but those end up being ridiculously busy for me. Never know, though; could get a calm week coming up.

And yeah, it'd be neat to have Krabb's interpretation of the upcoming schoolhouse exploration. A lot of pone is gonna go down possibly literally.

Love running these quests with you guys. Catch ya'll next week!




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